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To Live and Die in Liberty

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on: March 24, 2012, 09:45:32 AM
READ FIRST:  This is a story about Tony and his friends after becoming adults and leaving Bullworth. Many characters have began lives for themselves in Liberty City. Please note that I have no problem allowing others to contribute, but all I ask is that you have read all the posts in the story up to the most recent post, and that you don't include anything too outrageous in the story that could drastically alter where it's going. For example, if the story is talking about Tony doing some detective work, please do not pick up by saying "a gang of circus clowns entered the room and shot him".

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Reply #1 on: March 24, 2012, 10:01:42 AM
Chapter ONE

     Leaves swirled around the gutter on the side of the road. A man in a police uniform was walking down a gritty South Bohan street while carrying his hat in his hand. It had been a long day at the precinct and he wanted nothing better than to get home and have some time to sit, relax, and see his woman. It was quite a change from what he was used to, growing up in a small town. Now he was living in the big city, in a rough part of town. He adapted quickly though, as he had always been a tough kid, always ready for any altercation he should find himself in. The man had a buzz cut, completely visible without his hat on his head. He hadn't changed a whole lot since growing up. He still had that orange hair, that face full of freckles, and a few noticeable scars. The only different thing about him other than his size was the lack of a stud earring he used to have when he was in school. To this day he can't figure out why he ever had that thing, it was an eye sore. The policeman continued walking, only about a block from his apartment now. He passed a couple of homeless guys stnading on the sidewalk, screaming things about aliens and flocks of sheep to anyone who cared to listen to them.

     At last, the man reached the steps to his apartment. Reaching out, he turned the key in the lock and opened the door. Once inside, he climbed the stairs to the second floor where his apartment was. It was a crappy little place. There was trash on the floor in the hallway, a few rats making an appearance here and there. It was about the best he could afford on his budget. He wasted no time opening his door and once inside yelled "Babe, I'm home!". A young red-headed woman came striding into the living room and wrapped her arms around the cop. "What you been up to officer?", she cooed. The officer then reached into his pocket and pulled out a little baggie filled with a chunky white substance. "I got this for us, from the evidence locker. I don't think they'll miss it.", he said mischeavously. The red headed woman gave him a hint of a grin and said "Honey, I think maybe we should get off that stuff, I mean, one of these days we're going to regret this." The cop just smiled sheepishly before retiring to his bedroom to change back into his civilian clothes.

     One more thing hadn't changed. This man still carried over a bad habit of drug use, primarily cocaine, from his days in high school.


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Reply #2 on: March 24, 2012, 10:34:16 PM
     Across town in a dark office, lit only by a desk lamp, another man sat at his desk with his head in one hand and a pencil and paper in another. He was desperately trying to figure out his thoughts and get a lead on the latest suspect in Liberty City. The name plate on his desk read "Mr. Anthony Calderone-Detective". He was Liberty's best detective. Very new to his job, only on the position for about a year, but he was damn good. Not a single criminal slipped by his deductions. His wife was a good part of that, she had been behind him, supporting him to take this job since their high school days when they worked as a team to uncover the wrong doings of fellow students. It was after the unraveling of a particularly dangerous student that his wife, then his girlfriend, had persuaded Tony to enter the criminal justice career. Now, for the matter at hand. Tony's latest case involved a mysterious stranger urinating on a gentleman waiting to board the C train at the Garnet Street subway station. "How the hell could someone urinate on another person? Especially for seemingly no reason?", Tony thought. "What is this world coming to?"

     As Tony continued to ponder, the door to his office opened and a tall, skinny, dark-haired man strolled in holding a file. This man wore the standard LCPD uniform, but his was adorned with a few extra badges, one of which indicating that he was a deputy and a name tag that read "Brakus". "Hey Boss", he said in a snide manner, "I got you this file, maybe it will help you out on this case."  Tony smiled and took it from him, placing it on his desk. "So, you think I can get this one?", asked Tony. "Yeah, I'm sure of it, you've always been a great detective", Dep. Brakus replied. "I dunno....I think this one is going to be a pisser", joked Tony as he turned back to his work. "No shit Sherlock", joked Brakus as he grinned and left the room. Tony couldn't help but crack a big smile at the exchange in jokes. His friendship with Brakus went back several years, but back then he knew him as Constantinos.


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Reply #3 on: March 24, 2012, 10:59:48 PM
     Tony decided to pack it in for the night. This was going to be a tough case and it wasn't even worth it in his opinion. Why spend so much work on such a lame case. It was his civic duty however, so he decided he would have to just grin and bear it. On his way out of the station, a fellow police officer came up behind Tony and gave him a friendly slap on the back. "Hey, mon ami! You want to go get drinks tonight? It appears you could use some time to unwind.", said Tony's friend. "Sorry Laurent, maybe this weekend. I promised Karen I'd be home by seven to have a nice quiet dinner with her.", Tony replied. "Oh, well, that is fine. Maybe this weekend. Have a good night Tony, and try not to work too hard!", Laurent said as he went to find his car. Laurent had been another friend of Tony's in high school. Although he was from France at the time, since school his English had improved ten-fold. Tony almost couldn't believe how Americanized he had become. There was a part of Tony that almost felt sad to see the old French Laurent fading. It was what made Laurent who he was. Tony at last came to his car in the lot, a shiny red "Washinton". He loved that car, it's amazing shape, it's new car smell. He climbed inside and prepared to make his daily evening commute from the upper east side of Algonquin over the Humboldt River to his home in Broker. A romantic dinner with his lovely wife, Karen awited him.

     It took Tony nearly a half hour, but he finally pulled into his small driveway in front of his home in the Rotterdam Hill neighborhood of Broker. IT was a nice home, a brownstone rowhouse in a nice middle class area that was quickly becoming popular with young professionals such as himself. Tony walked in the door though the orange glow of the sunset, hanging his bag and uniform up by the door in the front hall. He barely walked another two steps before Karen jumped all over him, showering him in kisses and squeezing him tightly. "Any luck with the case, babe?", she asked lovingly. "No, not really", Tony sighed. "Well, that's too bad. I made us some nice dinner though! Chicken, pepper and onions, your favorite!", Karen said happily as she led Tony into the dining room. The couple sat at the table, talking about their days, in front of the large rear window, watching the sun set over the Algonquin Bridge and sky line.


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Reply #4 on: March 25, 2012, 08:07:24 PM
    Tony lay in bed, satring at the ceiling. This latest case was just such a joke to him. He realized that being a detective was not always about the glory of taking down a multi-national drug operation. That becoming great always had it's obstacles and not-so-fun moments, too. He thought back to his school days. He had been so respected those days, not that he wasn't now. He remembered the day he cracked that serious case alongside Karen, the love of his life, the very reason his life was what it turned out to be. He would get that subway pisser....even if it was the last thing he ever did.

     The next morning, Tony sat up in bed. The warm sun shining on his face, the fresh smell of coffee drifted to his nose. Walking down the stairs, he was greeted by Karen at the table. "Good Morning Honey!", she said cheerfully. Tony took a seat next to his wife and the two talked about their plans for the day. Compared to Tony, Karen's job wasn't quite as exciting, although it did have some good points. She was a real estate agent in Liberty City and loved the ability to see the insides of some of the cities finest residences....as well as the worst rat holes. Tony sipped the last of his coffee and gave his wife a kiss and walked out the door and started up the car.

     Tony pulled out of the small driveway and cruised down the street towards the Algonquin Bridge ramp, the usual route across the river to the station. Once at the west terminus of the bridge, Tony turned right onto Albany Avenue. It was to be a straight shot over to the police station which sat only two miles north on the same road. As he did everyday, Tony turned left into the parking garage and stopped his car in the spot marked with his name. It would be a busy day, he knew it. Tony was determined to get a lead on that piece of shit urinator. However, he may need to make a call over to one of his other school yard pals to squeeze out any possible information.

     Across town, in a shiny glass highrise, the phone began ringing on a beautiful oak desk. A large chubby hand reached out and grabbed the receiver, holding it to his face. "Hello?", said a high-pitched voice into the phone. "Hey there man, I was wondering if you could help me out here, I really need some leads", Tony's voice said through the speaker. "Hey Tony, how's it going? Still working on that subway case?", asked the chubby man. "Yeah everything's fine. I  got nothin' on that case though, and I was hoping someone would have come forward with something for you to publish in the last week", Tony asked. "Weellll...", the whiny voice dragged on, "I did get some information yesterday. Someone who witnessed the whole thing sent in something for the paper stating that the perp was homeless....had a scraggly beard, and constantly talked about someone leaving him, maybe a woman."  Tony grinned wide, "I knew I could count on you Ray, you've always been there to help me out".


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Reply #5 on: August 31, 2012, 01:48:55 PM
Tony decided to spend the day down at Garnet Street station to scope out the area. His buddy, Ray Hughes over at Liberty Tree newspaper had provided a decent description of the perp. Tony planted himself down on a bench on the platform and gazed around at his surroundings. The Garnet Street station was like most others in the city. It was a dark, noisy place with a brown concrete platform and yellow tiled walls. Residents of the city strolled along the platform and waited for the C train to arrive and take them to their destinations. Water dripped from the ceilings and plopped silently into buckets below. Tony reflected on how lucky he was to own a car, and avoid taking the dirty, crowded subway like many others.

As Tony sat, almost daydreaming, the loudspeaker came to life. "Now approaching, the C train!" Suddenly, a faint rumbling could be heard a distance down the tracks, coming out of the darkness that was the tunnel. Tony sat up as the sound grew louder and louder. Within a few seconds, bright headlights broke through the tunnel as the train came rumbling into the station. Blue sparks flew from the wheels as the train came to a stop and its doors opened. Tony watched each and every commuter board the train and eyed those who stepped off. Tony's attention shifted to a beautiful blonde woman as she stepped off the train. Tony felt stirring in his pants, and felt guilty about it as his mind jumped to his wife, Karen. Tony snapped out of his trance by the sound of a man grumbling and complaining. When he turned to look, he saw a scruffy looking man up against one of the support pillars. The man appeared to be homeless and dirty and he was rocking back and forth. Tony couldn't figure out what this man was doing, until he saw the dim light gleam off a puddle under the man's feet. Tony knew the man was pissing on the pole, but he was in such shock from seeing it, his mouth just hung open as he stared. All of a sudden, the man's unit must have got out of control and a stream of piss splashed up on his chest. "Look what ya did to my tie!", the pissing hobo shouted as he punched himself in the groin. Upon hearing this, Tony jumped up and took his handcuffs out of his rear pocket. "You're under arrest!", shouted Tony.

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Tony had advanced on the man when he said it, which turned about to be bad for both. The bum turned to face Tony while still pissing, and he soaked Tony's suit with urine. Tony got very aggravated and lost his cool. He grabbed the prick and knee'd him in the groin hard, than wrestled him to the ground. He was ready to bash the guy's head in when an Officer stopped him from doing so.

"Tony! What the fuck are you doing?!" Yelled a familiar voice.

Tony stopped dead in his tracks and looked to the source of the voice. There he was, a stocky guy with a freckled face and a ginger buzzcut. Tony got up and realised just how bad he smelled. Jimmy tried hard to stop from bursting out laughing as he cuffed the pisser and took him to his car. Before the hobo was dragged away he turned at Tony and yelled.


Karen's face shot up in his head and he remembered that bad time at Bullworth when those dropout losers kidnapped her and his best friend Nick's girlfriend Melody. They raped them countless times and it was a fierce battle, Nick nearly died and Tony had to kill the ringleader Omar. He never wanted that to happen again and he was already pissed off. But he was able to control his anger this time.

He got into his Washington and drove home, he walked in the door and Karen was happy and confused. She covered her nose and was taking in a breath to ask what had happened to Tony, but he stopped her.

"Please just don't ask honey, I don't wanna explain right now."

Karen rolled her eyes and continued what she was doing. Tony was very pissed off, his favorite suit stained with piss, it was damn expensive too. He saved up for it for months. He undressed and put his suit in the washer. He grabbed a casual outfit and got back in his car. He than made his way to the underground Fight Club. That place always reminded him of the Hole from his time at Bullworth for some reason.
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Tony parked his car near the fight club and got out, walking through the shady alleyway, when he was knocked down by someone. It was a hispanic person who was slightly shorter than Tony, but very muscular. He helped Tony up.

"Here's a tip, watch out for pieces of shit like me", The man said as he walked off. Tony brushed the dust off of his clothes. That guy came out of the fight club, and by the looks of it, he won the fight. He opened the door and walked down the stairs. He was stopped by the bouncer at the door.

"100 dollars to spectate, 500 to participate. Cash payment only"

"Let me through, It would be shame if I told Penty that you charged me."

"So if I go in there and ask Nick after this round he'll say he knows you?"

"He'll name me, my wife, and what were planning to name our kid when he decide it's time, now let me through", Tony said menacingly.

The guard was uncertain, but didn't want to take the risk. He let Tony through and was hoping this didn't come to bite him in the ass later on. Melody spotted Tony walking in and gave him a friendly hug. Then they cheered on Nick as he was taking on 3 people at once. Nick dodged a wild swing from one of his opponents and kicked him in the stomach and kneed him in the head, which knocked him out and disqualified him. The second tried to punch him from the side but he kicked one leg out from under him. Just as another tried to hit him, he caught the third one's fist and smashed his head into the second. They were both knocked out at the same time, and Nick was declared the winner. He got an envelope with several thousand dollars in it for the fight. He then found Melody, along with Tony, and they all waked out together. The bouncer sighed in relief when he saw Tony had walked with Mr. and Mrs. Penty.

Nick didn't want to be a cop like his friends, for someone who was caught by Nick would be prone to shout about some police brutality. He made really good money, and he had a sweet flat overlooking south Algonquin that he picked out since it was close to the fight club. Nick's place was only a few blocks away, but Nick wanted to take Tony's car since it had air conditioning, and it was damn hot in that ring. Once they arrived, they went inside and  talked about recent happenings in their lives. Tony told Nick about the hobo pissing on people and Nick burst out laughing. Melody tried her best not to do the same, since she was trying to cook. Nick stopped laughing after a while and they continued talking. Tony remembered he was going drinking with Laurent on the upcoming weekend and asked Nick if he wanted to join them. Nick agreed since he wasn't gonna have a fight for about a week and it would be nice for some re-bonding. Melody said she wanted to go too. Tony left after another 30 minutes and headed home.

Karen and Tony enjoyed another romantic dinner and kissed. Tony went to bed a little early, but had a nightmare, just about like the ones he had at Bullworth.  This one was much more violent, though.

In it, Tony saw a group of thugs butchering Nick to death with cleavers and knives and he ran to help. but was pushed down by a guy who appeared to be in his 40's and had thin dark brown hair, he also had a strong accent. He saw Constantinos being beaten to death by a group of bikers with bats and bricks. He also saw bikers beating Laurent to death with Bats, but they made it painful and whenever he screamed his French Accent would be there, and they would laugh each time. Several Street Thugs hopped out of a red SUV and kicked the living hell out of Ray, mostly in his head. After a while his screaming stopped and he went silent and limp. Then at the end Tony was beating several Mobsters trying to kill Karen but he was overpowered by the man with the accent from earlier. He was knocked down and saw the man pull out a handgun and say something in a foreign language. The man pulled the trigger and killed Karen.
At this point, Tony woke up, screaming.

Karen had been trying to wake Tony until that point, since he kept mumbling things like, "No, dont hurt him !!" and "No, get away from her !!" in his sleep. It had woken her up since he was getting louder and louder. She was startled when he started screaming, but he stopped as he came awake and saw her alive and well.

"Tony, what's going on?" Karen said nervously

"N-Nothing, just a really bad dream", Tony said groggily.

"You wanna talk about it ?", Karen asked.

"Maybe...In the morning", Tony replied fuzzily.

"Alright", Karen relented, "But just remember,  I'm here for you if you want to talk about it, and so is Nick, Melody, Laurent, Ray, and Constantinos. Just tell one of us if something is wrong"

Tony slowly fell back asleep, it had been years since he had a dream like that.  As he drifted off, he couldn't help thinking.....

Something wicked this way comes.
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Tony had awakened later in the morning, and found Karen reading the news on her Ifruit phone while eating breakfast. The Phone was a big difference from the Phones in Bullworth; when they left for Liberty City, Bullworth was still stuck with flip phones.  Everyone here had a phone that works like a computer.

"Hey babe, you wanna talk about what happened last night?" Karen asked.

"I'd rather not." Tony replied

"At least tell me why you were soaked with piss yesterday"

"Alright, I found that public pisser yesterday, and was about to cuff him. I moved in on the guy and he turned to me while still pissing and soaked me. I was ready to take the guy's head off and I would have if Jimmy didn't stop me."

"Well, I'm glad you got him, and your suit survived the incident."

Tony ate his breakfast that Karen had waiting for him and gave her a quick kiss. He put on one of his suits and headed out the door to go to work.

Meanwhile Jimmy was enjoying his day off so far when he got a call. He checked his phone and the ID read "Pete". He answered.

"How's it going Petey?"

"Not good, we need to talk ASAP. Meet me at my office." Pete said and quickly hung up. Jimmy got up from his spot and Zoe frowned when she saw he was leaving.

"Where you going honey?" She curiously asked?

"Gotta meet Pete, sounds pretty important." Jimmy said as he quickly headed out the door. He got in his car, a dark blue Dinka Blista Compact. The thing was ugly and handled like a piece of shit,  but it got you where you needed to go and it was good on gas. After about 45 minutes of driving Jimmy pulled up to the police station and walked through the doors.

Jimmy greeted one of his colleagues and made his way up the stairs to see the Chief. Pete had made Chief about a year ago when he arrested the former Chief for corruption. The former Chief, Franklin McReary, had come from an Irish Crime Family, and had used a certain hitman to take out anyone who could expose him. That hitman had also been used by many other gangs and important people, but had never been found. All they knew is that he had a thick European accent and had recently immigrated from Europe at the time. Pete had enough of Franklin's corruption, and got in contact with the one man who could put him down forever, Gerald McReary, Franklin's older brother and the former head of the McReary Crime Family. Gerald knew everything bad about Frank but never would reveal it. He had gotten a 25 year sentence for racketeering, but Pete had made a deal that would get him out much earlier.  All he had to do was tell all about his younger brother's corruption. He did, and got most of his sentence knocked off.  Brother Frank is now serving life for multiple counts of conspiracy and corruption with Pete taking his place as Chief.

Jimmy walked in and was blasted with cigarette smoke. He saw Pete's ashtray overflowing, and Pete with a stressed look on his face.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ?!" Pete yelled at Jimmy.

"Pete, please, calm down. What are you talking about ?"

"Don't bullshit me Hopkins, I'll have your badge on my mantle !  You're fucking up all kinds of cases right now. Do you know how much Cocaine you stole from the evidence locker ?  some serious time drug dealers are gonna be getting off easy, and the FBI are gonna be up MY ass because of it.  When they come asking I'm pointing the finger at YOU !  Now, get the fuck out of my office !"

Jimmy had a look of genuine fear, and then anger.  He walked out without saying a word and when he got in his car he just said a few words silently. "Fuck my life."

Meanwhile Tony had a fresh case to deal with. He was happy that it wasn't a case like last one, but not happy that it was a murder case. He read the file and began checking the evidence. John Doe, Caucasian, about 6 feet tall. Dark brown hair shaved off. Late 20's to early 30's. Large amount of Cocaine found in his system. Stabbed several times in the torso but survived. Killed by a gunshot wound to the chest. This was the work of 2 or more people, possibly a gang or group of muggers due to the fact his body appeared to have been looted. Not much to go on, just the shell casing from the murder weapon. While Tony was investigating he got a phone call. He was informed that the victim's name was Patrick "Packie" McReary. He had heard of the McReary family, and that Chief of Police who went down on corruption charges came from that family. He had also heard they were real fucked up, lots of them were drug addicts and the father of the family was abusive. By that time it was real late, he had to pack up and go home. He would pick up on this tomorrow.

He got in his Washington which he loved almost as much as he loved Karen, and started it up. He decided to listen to the radio, something he didn't do often. He tuned into Liberty Rock Radio and Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" started playing. He flashed a smile and enjoyed his ride home. Karen was gone having her girls night with Melody and Nina. He made himself some dinner and passed out on the couch watching TV. His dream came back to haunt him.

He was watching his friend Constantinos being beaten to death by a group of bikers, he had seen this before but this time it lasted longer. He ran up to help and someone who appeared to be the ringleader stepped up to him. He was a little shorter than Tony and had a dark blonde hair with a shaved head. He told Tony to fuck off or else he'd end up like his "Pig friend". Tony punched him dead in the face but it didn't seem to phase him. He knocked Tony to the ground and the other bikers started beating him senseless. Tony wasn't hurt, but he couldn't get off. The last words he heard before waking up was "Don't fuck with The Lost"

He woke up in a cold sweat. He made his way to the bedroom and laid down quietly so that he didn't wake up Karen, who had returned home as he slept. He felt better that he had Karen at his side, but still had trouble falling asleep. After a few minutes, he finally drifted off into a deep sleep.
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Tony had gotten up early and arrived at his office early, he wanted to crack down on this case ASAP. He did some snooping around and found a lead in the form of a prostitute. Her nickname on the the street was "The Little Pink Princess" but most people called her "Pinks". She was always around North Holland, always late. Tony well remembered someone with the word 'pink' in their name, but her last name eluded him. What was it? Tony could remember everything but her last name, she had seduced him countless times, got her ass beat by Karen several times, and had been with that lunatic Kurt and truly loved him, even though he kidnapped her for weapons. He wrote a note to remember to look for her and then looked for other possible leads.

Meanwhile Laurent and Constantinos were handling two-bit gangsters. They caught a dealer and his goons red handed, and since those street punks were only carrying knives and bats, they surrendered when the officers pulled their guns. They were all cuffed and put in the cars. Two guys were freaking out. Laurent had the dealer and one guard. Constantinos had the two guys freaking out in his car. On the way to bring them to the station, a random car came on suddenly and rammed Brakus off the road.  The car flipped several times before coming to rest. Constantinos was able to climb out of the car, but was then was beaten down by very strong Hispanic guy, who was kinda short but has a body to die for. The man freed the two suspects and began yelling at them.

"A? H?  What the fuck is wrong with you guys? Your families will kill me if I let the 5-0 bust your sorry asses. Stop hanging around with that fool Oscar Gomez and get real. Get a real fucking job, and move out of the fucking heights bro." He went on for a few more minutes. "Look, you guys are like family, but you fucking drive me insane with your bullshit."

"Thanks L, you sure can get us out of a spot", one said. "Lets get out of here and we'll talk about this somewhere else, that cop camera probably hears us."

The three got into a black four door sedan and took off.  Constantinos was dazed and had a concussion, and he couldn't tell the make and model of the. He finally called for backup and an ambulance, then sat down, trying to figure out what the fuck had just happened.

Tony hadn't been able to really get any more leads on the case, he did not want to check the records of his family after the shit he found out about Packie alone. He did find one interesting lead, he couldn't follow it though. He was a known accomplice of that Eastern European Hitman who was working in the state of Liberty City and Alderny. He was notorious for his style of killing. It was said he came from Serbia after the war there. Tony wanted to learn more about the guy, but the tales he heard sent chills down his spine.

Tired, Tony fell asleep at his desk for several hours and was woken up by his phone ringing. He found out it was a prank call and got pretty pissed, but he was thankful something woke him up. He checked the time on his computer, it said 8:30, so this "Pinks" was probably around somewhere downtown. He got up from his chair and went outside to his car and got in. He turned it on and flipped on the radio. Liberjy Rock Radio was playing, and this time the song was "Jailbreak" by Thin Lizzy. He enjoyed the ride there and didn't know what to expect from what was about to happen.

He found someone who appeared to be a Pimp, he had knew of how things worked here. Just eye the girls and the Pimp will make you choose. He pretended to look interested in plain sights, and a man dressed better than a VIP came up and stood next to Tony.

"Pick one or keep going, no window shopping." The Pimp said

"I have a special request. which one is Pinks?"

"One all the way to the left, have fun."

"Thank you" Tony said as he walked off. This "Pinks" looked very familiar. He just couldn't think about it. He made it over to her and said "You Pinks?". She replied "Yeah, you lookin for some sugar baby?". Tony's started to feel attracted to her, but then snapped out of it. "I'm Anthony Calderone, I'm a Detective, and I need to ask a few questions about Packie."

"Pinks" recognized Tony then and said "I'll let you fuck me for free baby, just like our school days, Karen doesn't need to know". Tony instantly recognized her then and there. It was Pinky from his old days at Bullworth Academy.  "Pinky, I'm not here for that, Packie was killed recently, and you're my only lead."

Pinky demanded something. "I need something in return, so what will it be". Tony wanted to smack the bitch, though he had never hit a woman before, and never would, but he was about to. "I'll arrest you right here and now if you don't start talking." Tony threatened. Pinky was intimidated, but she wasn't giving in. "You won't do that, I know you." Tony gave her a serious look and said "You wanna try me?". It had worked, Tony put the fear of god into that girl, the last thing she needed was to be arrested. "Alright, alright, I'll tell you everything I knew about him"

"Well", Pinky related, "He was seeing me at least 3 times a week, always drunk and coked up. Not giving a shit about anyone and talking about this European guy named Nicky something. Then he stopped coming drunk and high, and that time he told me to stash a gun for him, in my purse."  Pinky had hesitated to say that, and Tony demanded she turn over the gun. He did not want this bitch to have a gun with her. Pinky reached into her purse and pulled it out. A fully loaded Glock 21 with the safety on. She said she had used it several times to scare some people into paying but never even took the safety off of it. She continued telling Tony what she knew. "The last time I saw him, he said this is probably the last time he would see me ever again, He said that if he was found dead, and the investigators came to me, to tell them to talk to Elizibeta Torrez. She'd tell them everything they need to know."  Pinky started crying and Tony felt a little bad, so he gave her a hug, and left trying to hide his woody, as he didn't want to cheat on Karen ever again. Time to talk to this girl Torrez, he had heard of her. She got put in for life for over 300 counts of cocaine dealing with some murders thrown in.
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Packie was not thinking straight when he told Pinky what he did that night, because Torrez was killed in a riot two and a half years ago when she was stabbed in the neck by a rival in Prison. There went that lead down the drain. Tony was already stressed out because of his dreams, he didn't need this. He got out of his suit at home and put on his regular clothes.  He almost forgot he was getting drinks later with Laurent, Nick, and Melody. Karen asked where he was going, and he told her that him and the guys were going drinking with Melody tagging, so Karen wanted to join. Tony allowed her to come along and they met up with the others at the place they always went to, the old bar in Hove Beach. Nick and Melody had taken a taxi since their car was still getting repaired. One of Nick's fight club rivals had trashed it and Nick put him in the hospital for 2 weeks. Laurent showed up late but in style. He had showed his friends his new car, a maroon Ubermacht Oracle. A beautiful four door Sedan with great gas mileage.

Everyone busted out their Drivers Licenses, since they still looked pretty young, and got ready for a night of fun and drinking. Drinks were on Nick the entire time, as he had won a major serious fight in the ring and was living it up. His muscles were sore but he kept knocking down drink after drink. None of them remembered anything from that night when they all woke up at Nick's house later. The place was a mess, and everyone was hung over as fuck, but they all helped clean up the house and left. Nick didn't feel good inside, but his muscles weren't so sore now. He turned on the TV and checked the news, The unattractive broadcaster began her report

"Career Criminal Patrick McReary was found dead in the North Holland area. He was stabbed several times and killed with a gunshot wound to the chest. McReary was 32 years old, and the youngest of his family. LCPD Detectives are working on the case as we speak" That last part wasn't true, as Tony wasn't even across the Algonquin bridge. The reporter went on. "It is also reported that the suspect is a man know as 'Kurt' with no known last name available. He has recently escaped the Asylum he was placed in several years ago due to being in a catatonic state. If you see him, do NOT approach him...He is known for being extremely violent. Instead, call the police right away and keep your distance."

The TV station showed a photo of what he looked like now. Karen had been listening to the news live on her phone in the car, on their way home. Overhearing while driving, Tony knew in his guts that the Kurt the news report was about was none other than Kurt Fonzerelli, the son of former crime boss Vincent Fonzerelli.  He was disappointed that the Asylum guards fucked up, but he wasn't surprised that Kurt would try to escape.  Karen felt bad for Kurt when she saw his picture, and she showed Tony the pathetic state he was in. Kurt looked terrible. His neck length peach colored hair was all messed up, and it looked like he either ate his own hair or ripped it off. No longer was he that weird kid with the weak stubble, he was now the lunatic with the strong beard. Tony sorta felt bad for Kurt, after remembering what he did to that kid.  He had beat him constantly, and made him a laughing stock. All for what, some bullshit grade school shit?  Selling school uniforms for profit. Tony started to hate his school days more and more each time he looked back at them, and the things he did to survive.  After he had saved Karen, Omar came back for a few years to haunt him in his dreams. He finally got him out of his head for good when he left Bullworth for a life worth living in Liberty City.

He dropped off Karen and decided it was time to visit someone.  Just maybe, he could snap Kurt back into reality with the help of someone. He knew where to look. He pulled out of the driveway and headed to North Holland. If anyone knew the streets there well, it was Nick. He was sure Nick knew who was who. He arrived and the guard in the lobby told him Nick was home, as he was used to Tony visiting. Tony arrived at Nick's room, and Nick asked him if he knew what had happened. Tony told him he knew both things that had broadcast on the news, he needed to talk about the second one. Nick was sure that was why Tony was here. Tony asked about the Pimps around here, and Nick had the answers.

"One Pimp runs the bitches here, in fact, he went to school with us. That greaser, what was his name? The one I made drink my piss?" Nick said, trying to remember

"Ricky. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you." Tony said

"Right, Ricky. We got over that and talk sometimes. What do you need from him exactly?" Nick asked.
"Pinky is one of his girls, I need to talk to her. I doubt you know where she is, but I know he does. Where do I find him ?." Tony explained

"Ricky hates giving out locations of his girls, but I'm sure he'll play ball if I tag along." Nick said

"Lets do it then" Tony said back to Nick

"Why do you need Pinky?  Don't tell me you want to cheat on Karen"

"Fuck you, I really feel bad for that lunatic Kurt. Maybe, just maybe if he sees her, he might snap back to reality." Tony replied

As Nick and Tony walked outside to find Ricky, Melody pulled up in their restored SUV. A yellow Mammoth Patriot. A badass SUV, it was a gas guzzler but had 2 tanks and both were huge. Nick flashed a big smile and he and Melody kissed. Melody was confused to see Nick and Tony walking when Nick had his prized SUV back, but Nick wanted the reunion drive to be a long enjoyable one. Ricky's apartment was 3 blocks away. Melody rolled her eyes and walked in the lobby to go to the penthouse.

Arriving at Ricky's building, Nick led Tony to Ricky's door and found it locked. He knew what to do. He knocked on the door in a special code...1-9-6-9.  Ricky peeked through the small hole in the door and let them in. He stopped and ask for Tony to identify himself, and he did. One could imagine smoke coming out of Ricky's head trying to remember Tony. He let them both in and Nick asked the question. "Where's Pinky staying at ?"

"You know I can't tell you that, Nick." Ricky protested.

"You wanna drink piss again Ricky?  I'll piss in your wounds too when I'm done with you" Nick said with a threatening tone. Nick had put the fear of god into Ricky real easy, he gave out the address, which was several more blocks down. They left and Ricky slammed the door shut. Tony called Laurent, and in turn  found out about Constantinos.  Tony was surprised, but he had no time for that. He told Laurent that if he captured Kurt, to bring him to the auto shop in North Holland. Pinky's apartment was in the building next to it. Tony went inside Pinky's building to talk to her while Nick stood watch outside. Tony found Pinky with a sad look on her face. He could tell she had found out about Kurt and saw what he now looked like.

"Pinky, I know what will cheer you up." Tony said.

"I don't wanna fuck you, I don't wanna fuck anyone anymore. It's all my fault this happened to Kurt." Pinky said in-between sobs.

"That's not what I'm here for Pinky. Look, Kurt's gone over the deep end long ago, but I know you can fix him. I have my friends on the lookout now. We'll find him, and bring him here. You're the only one who can fix him, I know you can." Tony said, trying to cheer Pinky up and motivate her.

"Just get out of my house, and don't talk to me until you find him", Pinky said morosely.

Tony left then. Outside, he told Nick what had transpired. As he finished, Tony suddenly got a text from Jimmy.

"I think I found the crazy motherfucker you're looking for, Laurent told me about him. I'm across the bridge from Bohan, be there in a few", the message read. Tony texted back their location.

"Well fuck me, Jimmy found that son of a bitch !", Tony said in a surprised voice.

"Good going for him, I'm sure he'll get a medal", Nick said sarcastically.

They talked for awhile about what might happen. Eventually, Jimmy pulled up in his shitty car, and he pulled out a tied and gagged Kurt.

"This better be worth it Tony, I went through hell with this prick." Jimmy said as he knocked out Kurt and took out the gag. He left the ropes on and they carried him up to Pinky's room.

"One lunatic, to go." Jimmy said as he sat Kurt down on a chair and walked out, leaving a dumbstruck Pinky speechless.  Tony just Nodded to Pinky and said, "See if you can help him", and then left himself.

"Thanks Jimmy, I owe you a round of drinks." Tony said as they reached Jimmy's car.

"I'll remember that" Jimmy said back.

There was some laughter at that as Jimmy got back in his car and drove off. Nick and Tony walked back to Nick's place and they chatted for a while.  Tony got a text from Karen saying "I need you home now, ASAP." Tony rushed out the door and into his car and made it home in record time for following the rules of the road. 

Karen had found Packie's gun that he got from Pinky. "Tony, what the fuck is going on here? Why do you have a gun that's not yours, that's LOADED? Are you running some side operation for extra money?"

Tony took the gun from Karen's hand and began to explain. "That's evidence, for my current case...The victim was a big time criminal and this was his gun he gave to his favorite hooker for her to stash on his last visit."

"Oh so you're visiting hookers now?" Karen said angrily.

"It was my only lead at the time, and it got me good information on his death. He knew something was gonna happen, he probably thought the police would take him down for good, but he knew he was in trouble with some gangsters." Tony went on and on and finally Karen understood. It was part of the job. She apologized, and then Tony apologized for not keeping her informed on his cases like he normally did.  He had a habit of bringing evidence home to examine.  They walked inside and Karen prepared a nice dinner with some wine. They enjoyed themselves and went they went to the bedroom, where they locked into a deep kiss and fell on the bed.
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Tony had been examining the gun in his office. He eventually came to a conclusion that the gun had never been fired, it was brand new. Tony was wondering where people had been buying these guns, since ownership of a firearm has been illegal in Liberty City for over 10 years. Tony decided to keep the gun, in case he needed it. He didn't want to take any chances now that those dreams are back. He set the weapon aside and began to look for other leads and started looking deeper into the McReary family.

Kurt had slowly woken up, and realized he wasn't back in the Psychic Asylum. This room wasn't padded, and it had furniture. It was pretty ghetto, the fridge looked like an antique, the TV was the size of an old computer monitor, also noticed the "bed" he was on was actually a pull out couch. He was awfully thirsty, so he looked around the ugly apartment and found the sink. He stuck his mouth around the faucet like a water fountain and turned the handle, guzzling large amounts of water at a time. The water tasted nasty but he didn't care. After about a minute he was done. As he wiped the water off of his scruffy beard, Pinky had walked in and her eyes lit up. They just stood there staring at each other.

"Um....Kurt ?", she said shakily.

"Pinky ?", he replied, unbelievingly. 

They ran up to each other and hugged. The hug lasted for about 5 minutes and they did a quick, deep kiss.

You're not crazy anymore...Are you?" Pinky asked. She had untied Kurt after Jimmy and Tony had left.

"No, I'm not", Kurt replied. "I got over that whole Monk thing years ago, but....Someone was keeping me there.  I had to get out."

"How did you even get out of there?", Pink asked, wonderingly.

Kurt told the story of how he escaped the hell he was stuck in, he had to fight hard, and he severely injured a warden when he used a homemade knife and stabbed him in the gut. Kurt was surprised to see Pinky was living in a place like this, it was even worse than some of the shitholes Kurt and his gang lived in at Bullworth, before they moved into Hattrick Manor.  He wanted to ask Pinky the one thing he really needed to know.

"Where's Derby?", he asked, looking seriously into her eyes.

"Well... He....", Pinky concentrated, remembering, "From what I heard he left for England after his Father got arrested and has been there since."

"I hope that prick got ran over by a bus, that would be the fate he deserves", Kurt said harshly.  "No, he doesn't even deserve a fate like that. One day I'll track him down, and he'll pay BIG time."

"Please Kurt, just forget about him for now", Pinky begged.  "It's me and you now, Derby can go diddle himself, Let's catch up...Please?"

Pinky grabbed Kurt and they started furiously kissing each other while Pinky dragged Kurt to the bed.

Constantinos had been released from the hospital, and Laurent picked him up. Laurent had also picked up a possible lead on Tony's case, and called Tony to tell him. Tony had his phone off so Laurent left a voice message telling him to come to Actor, in Alderney.

Tony was going out to get some lunch when he checked his phone. There was one voice message from Laurent. Tony listened, and was not happy that he had to go to Alderney. He hated going there, but he had no other choice. This case was not going to be easy.

Laurent was sure the killers were affiliated with the Hispanic street gang running the streets of Bohan and North Holland, they were well known for their distribution of cocaine. They were also allies of the Lost MC, which had recently reformed in the past year. The streets of Alderney became safe when the Alderney chapter of the Lost MC disbanded, most members left after the Chapter President was arrested for breaking his parole, and they thought the Vice President who took his place ratted him out. All hell broke lose until the rogue bikers were killed. The former Chapter President, Billy Grey, was planning to rat on what was left of the gang and get out of jail easy. The rest of the bikers got together and broke into the prison, killed many of the guards, and Billy Grey was killed by a single shot to the head execution style. The attackers were never identified. The Lost MC in Alderney were over, but last year it was reformed with Johnny Klebitz as the President. He had been known for wanting peace between other gangs and although he was a very violent person, but did not like to be that way. He had been hiding after a warrant was issued for his arrest after he was caught on camera beating innocent civilians for no good reason, the old Johnny had faded away.

Constantinos was smoking a cigarette leaning on a wall, which was actually on the same street as the rebuilt Lost Clubhouse, which burned down last year. It turned out to be bad for him. A biker with a blond shaved head looked at Constantinos and told him to get lost. He made it clear that he wanted no pigs around his clubhouse. Constantinos ignored him and the biker got angry. He threw Constantinos to the ground and started kicking him. Other bikers joined in on beating the poor bastard.

Laurent was down the street looking for something in his cruiser just as Tony pulled up. Laurent and Tony greeted each other when Tony looked down the street and saw Constantinos in bad trouble. Just as in his dream, he ran as fast as he could to save his friend, with Patrick's gun hidden in his suit.

"GET OFF OF HIM NOW !!!" Tony yelled at the Bikers.

They all stopped and looked around at Tony, with bats and bricks in their hands. They all began to grin evilly and were ready to beat Tony to a pulp. But Johnny told them to stay back, he was gonna take this pig down himself.
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Tony avoided doing what he did in his dream, which was rushing the prick. Instead he let the biker swing first, he ducked under it and got a few good punches in. Laurent caught up and was ready to break up the fight, but several bikers came out of the crowd and stopped him. So he started fighting them. Meanwhile while all this fighting was going on the bikers had stopped beating Constantinos and watched the fights, Constantinos used this to call for backup.

"Officer down, need backup, multiple suspects. I repeat, Officer Brakus is down, there are multiple suspects, requesting backup" he said painfully, his torso was on fire. Whenever he took a breath in he felt a huge stab of pain.

Jimmy was walking out of the station, ready to go on patrol when he got the backup call, he yelled out for some other officers to come with him, and they were blazing towards Alderney, sirens blaring.

The biker was getting his ass handed to him by Tony, and he did not want to be beaten by some pig. He pulled out a knife and tried to stab Tony. It was a brief struggle, but Tony was able to knee him in the gut, which knocked the wind out of him. Tony then snatched the knife and stabbed him in the stomach. The biker doubled over and collapsed, bleeding profusely.

"Johnny's down, get that prick!" One of the bikers yelled. They suddenly advanced on Tony, but they were stopped when they heard sirens nearby. Suddenly 4 Police cruisers pulled up and 8 officers got out of them. They pulled out their weapons on the bikers, a few of them pulled some pistols and the others ran into their clubhouse to get the serious weaponry. Laurent and Tony quickly ran to the cop cars for cover, and they drew their weapons.

By the time Tony and Laurent reached the cars, the bikers came out with their weapons. They somehow got their hands on some serious firepower, they had AK47s, Mac 10 SMGs, and sawn-off shotguns. Constantinos was able to crawl to safety, it was very painful, but he was out of the line of fire. Nobody had actually fired any shots, Suddenly one of the bikers opened fire on the cops with a Mac 10 SMG, but missed every shot. It was on now, everyone was firing. Jimmy had taken some risks, moving from cover to cover to get closer to them, but his was pinned down. Tony had finally decided he had to shoot, so he fired several shots at the guy who had Jimmy stuck, most of them missed but one hit his stomach, he didn't go down but he focused on Tony. Which allowed Jimmy to shoot him in the leg, and he was down. They were trying not to kill. The shooting went on for about 10 more minutes, before Laurent decided enough was enough. He turned on his radio and made a request.

"This is Officer Loiselle, shots have been fired, there are many suspects, we are currently in a shootout, all suspects are armed and dangerous. Requesting a N.O.O.S.E. Team to deal with the situation." A minute went by with no response, but then he faintly heard "Request granted" through all of the shooting. After 5 more minutes of nonstop shooting, a helicopter was heard in the distance.

Several bikers looked up, the looks on their faces would have been funny if the situation wasn't so serious. It was a huge, heavily armored black helicopter, which had "N.O.O.S.E."written on it. It had machine guns mounted on the sides and room for many people. Several of the bikers had opened fire on it, then the real threat came. It was a huge van, with "N.O.O.S.E" written on both sides. It was heavily armored and even had bulletproof tires. 6 guys got out, Driver and passenger, and 4 in the back. They all had heavy body armor on, and were carrying the best weaponry in the city. M4A1 Carbines, Ithaca 37 shotguns, and P90 machine guns.

The bikers still outnumbered them, but were seriously outgunned, and they didn't have any kind of ballistic armor or vests. They all ran in the clubhouse, and snuck out the side door to get to their bikes. They were spotted speeding off, and 3 cars plus the helicopter gave chase to them. Tony, Laurent, Jimmy, and the N.O.O.S.E team examined the scene. Three dead bikers, one of them wounded badly, but he would live. One dead officer too, Officer Max Mactavish, he was a former Prefect at Bullworth academy, and he finally lived his dream. He became a Police Officer. He would have a big funeral held, he was a very popular officer in the town.

Laurent looked around, and found Constantinos, he was beaten badly, but he would survive. His concussion was aggravated from several hits to the head, he had some broken ribs, he was badly bruised. His nose was broken and he also had a nasty black eye. He would be in the hospital for quite a while.

Jimmy called for an ambulance to get the wounded biker, he would serve hard time. Tony almost forgot about Johnny, he went to where Johnny was, and found a big pool of blood, and a trail of blood leaving from it. He followed it until it stopped at the sidewalk. There were fresh skid marks on the ground, from a motorcycle. He was trying to figure out of this was Johnny's bike, or if someone picked him up. His thought was interrupted by a big explosion nearby. He ran as fast as he could to where he heard it, and saw the wreckage.

Tony's car was blown up, pieces of scrap metal everywhere. Tony was seriously mad, he felt like he could kill someone right now, but he needed to find out what exactly happened. Jimmy and Laurent came up behind him, and just stared at the pile of metal. Tony had examined the ground, and found bits of copper wire, and odd metal. This metal wasn't from his car, he knew what had happened. Someone had used a pipe bomb to destroy Tony's car. He knew where he wanted to go, he didn't want to go home. He asked Laurent to take him to the Liberty City Fight Club.
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Tony was extremely pissed, but he was silent the entire ride. After 25 minutes, they were there. Tony got up and kept mumbling the same word over and over which was "Fuck" as he was walking to the door, he went down the steps and was stopped by the bouncer from before.

"Hey Tony, you fighting or watching?" he asked. But Tony replied by pushing him out of the way and going through the door. He made his way to the changing room and found Nick who was on his way out. Nick was sure that Tony was here to see him, since Tony never went to fight clubs.

"Tony, what's going on? Your face is beet red." Nick said nervously, he chose his words carefully. He was stronger than Tony, but didn't want to beat up his best friend.

Tony was able to make one request in a calm voice. "I need to borrow some clothes, I don't want to ruin my suit." Nick opened up his locker. and grabbed one of his outfits. He closed and locked it and left. Tony changed into the outfit, a red tank top, black cargo pants, and black sneakers. Tony neatly folded his suit, and walked out. The clothes were a little big on Tony since Nick was more muscular.

He walked through the dark hallway and pushed open the gate. He was standing in the ring and there was fresh blood on the floor, and what appeared to be vomit. His first opponent walked in, a scrawny guy who looked familiar, and sounded familiar. He had a thick head of shaggy red hair, and some messed up teeth. The bell rung and it was time to fight. He was sure he could knock him out in one punch, but he didn't like to underestimate people. He slowly approached hi opponent, and suddenly, his opponent rushed him, throwing a flurry of wild punches. A few connected but just bounced off of Tony. The weakling tried to push the gate open to run away, but someone was holding it shut so that nobody can leave until the match is over. Tony grabbed him as he was trying to push the gate open and smashed his head into the wall, knocking him out and disqualifying him and making Tony the winner.

Next round, 2 guys, not just any ordinary guys, these were members of the Algonquin Chapter of the Angels of Death MC. They were a very powerful gang, almost as strong as the Lost MC and were very big rivals, the only difference between the two gangs is that the Angels of Death is an all white gang and discriminate against people of other races. At the start. one tried to rush Tony, and got knocked down by an uppercut, he wasn't out, but he would be down for a bit. The second one came in hard and knocked Tony to the ground with a haymaker. He started kicking Tony as the other biker joined in. He was able to roll out of the way after a bit, and kicked one of the bikers back and he got close to the small wall with the huge fence above it. The people in that area reached through and grabbed him, and held him there. They didn't have something against him, they did it to any poor bastard who got too close.

The second came up and they started exchanging blows. Tony was getting the upper hand but took a few hits to the face. He had a Small cut above his eye. Tony eventually finished the second with a hard left. He went up to the other biker, still being held by the crowd, and decided this was the time to take out all of his aggression. He started punching the biker in the head and torso. After about 5 minutes, the crowd finally let go, and the biker collapsed. Tony kicked him hard in the head which knocked him out, and Tony was the winner again. He was done by then, and changed. Then went to get his reward, he could always use a little extra spending money.

He walked through the crowd and found the guy leading the club, and he gave Tony his money in an envelope. Tony walked outside and checked the envelope. 800 bucks, in a big wad of 20 dollar bills. He whistled loudly for a nearby taxi, and it stopped. He got in and told him his address. 30 minutes later, Tony was home.

"That'll be 53.75 sir." The taxi driver told him, he took three twenty dollar bills and handed it to him, telling him to keep the change. Tony's suit looked awful. it had some tears, it was dirty, and it had lots of gunshot residue on it. He was lucky Karen was gone helping a client find a new house, she would have asked him questions and he did not want to talk. He decided to throw his suit away, and put on a new one. He just sat on his bed, thinking.
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Meanwhile Kurt was getting his hair cut and dyed by a friend of Pinky, he chose a black fauxhawk. After it was done, he took the time to shave his entire beard off, and looked like an entirely different man. He got some new outfits from Modo, which was in the area. The clothes were outdated, but Kurt didn't look too bad in them.

Kurt and Pinky had a nice dinner together in a diner, and Pinky caught Kurt up on what he missed. The Punks bombing the town, the kidnappings of Karen and Melody and the big war there. Pinky had run into some money, and she could now get her car back from the impound, so her friends didn't have to drive her, and she didn't need to take taxi cabs.

They couldn't find any available cabs, and her friends couldn't help her, and getting to the impound on foot would take a long time. Kurt had an idea though, he looked around with Pinky following and found what he wanted, a parking lot, no cameras, nobody watching. He found a cherry red Rasphody, a pretty old car, and smashed the window.

"What the fuck Kurt?" Pinky yelled

Kurt ignored her and unlocked the door, he got in, and opened the panel under the steering wheel, after about 30 seconds, he was able to hotwire the car. Pinky got in, surprised that Kurt knew how to do that. On the drive, she started asking questions.

"How do you know how to hotwire cars?" She asked curiously

"I learned it before I moved to Bullworth, but never really did it much." Kurt explained.

The rest of the ride was silent, except for Pinky giving directions, they ditched the car a block away, and made it to the impound lot. Pinky went in, gave the lady at the counter her ID, and put down the money. She walked out and led Kurt to her car, it was a brown Albany Emporer, it was okay on gas, but wasn't fast, and wasn't beautiful.

Pinky drove home with Kurt, and they walked inside, and Pinky flipped the light switch, there was a 5 second delay before the lights actually came on. Pinky checked the time, it was around 7 PM.

"I got work to do Kurt, see you." Pinky said quickly as she was heading out the door

"What work?" Kurt asked curiously

Pinky sighed. "I put out on the street" she said "That's all I can get, and I can't quit, my boss will kill me." She went on, but was stopped by Kurt.

"Who's this boss, I'll kill him." Kurt asked, now serious

"His name's Ricky, I can lead you to him, just please, don't kill him." Pinky answered nervously

She walked out the door with Kurt following. After 10 minutes of walking, they reached the door of Ricky's apartment. She lightly knocked on the door in a pattern, 1...9...6...9 while expecting the worse coming.
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