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Reply #15 on: May 14, 2014, 01:10:29 PM
The door opened slowly, and Ricky motioned for the two to come in, which they did. Ricky then quickly shut the door and relocked it.

“Who’s this guy?” Ricky asked
“You don’t need to know that, what you need to know is that Pinky doesn’t work for you anymore.” Kurt said angrily

Ricky wasn’t about to let his best girl be taken away by some punk, so he advanced on Kurt, but Kurt grabbed him by the throat and threw him to the ground. Ricky got up and threw a wild kick at Kurt, which connected, but didn’t do much. Kurt knocked down Ricky with a hard uppercut, and it appeared that he was going to stay down.  But as he turned his back to Ricky and started to unlock the door, Ricky got back up, and proceeded to knock Kurt out with a hard punch to the back of the head.  Pinky screamed then and slapped Ricky as hard as she could, and he was dazed. Pinky quickly grabbed a nearby lamp and smashed Ricky in the face with it, and it shattered. Ricky fell on his back, holding his bloodied face. Pinky started kicking him in the groin hard, with the pointy tip of her high heel shoe connecting with his softies, he begged for her to stop, and she kicked him hard one last time, which caused him to scream like a little girl. She helped up Kurt, and unlocked the doors, and they walked out, leaving Ricky crying on the floor.
Laurent had finished his patrol, and made his way home in his very nice car. He was living much better than his friends, as he had a penthouse in the high class area of Middle Park East. He parked in the spot reserved for him, and walked in the lobby with the guard greeting him. He walked in the elevator, and pressed the button to go to the 20th floor, which was where his penthouse was. After about a minute of waiting, the elevator arrived and opened, and he went in his beautiful penthouse. He walked to the bedroom, and changed out of his uniform, and into a normal outfit. He came out and saw dinner was ready and his wife was waiting.  At first, he didn’t even notice her, instead looking at the tasty meal she had laid out.

Nina was a very great lawyer, and very serious about her job, and also her looks. She had over 20 pairs of high heels, and her wardrobe was completely full of the latest skirts and blouses. She spent over 15 minutes every morning just preparing her makeup, even though everyone and Laurent agreed she was beautiful naturally. They enjoyed a lovely dinner together, and afterwards, Nina was dragging Laurent to the bedroom while unbuttoning her blouse.

Karen had been on shopping, as she got her paycheck today. She got home around 11 PM, and noticed that Tony’s car wasn’t there, which was odd, as he was home after 10:30 most of the time. She parked her car in the driveway, which was a midnight blue Benefactor Feltzer, a beautiful sports car. She went inside, and put her clothes away, and when she came out of the bedroom, she saw Tony dozing off on the couch in the darkened living room with an empty beer in his hand. She instantly knew something was wrong, since his car was gone and Tony had always greeted her when she came home.

“Tony, is everything alright?” Karen asked nervously, shaking him awake.

Tony sighed, as he knew this was going to be hard to explain. He started telling the entire story, Constantinos being beaten half to death, the shootout, and his car being blown up.  Karen’s eyes widened, and she gave Tony a hug, being very glad that he wasn’t shot and killed. But she also had something she really needed to tell Tony.

“Tony, I… I got something I need to tell you” Karen said nervously.

“What is it?” Tony asked, starting to get nervous himself.

“Well… I’m…umm…I’m pregnant” She finally said.

There was silence for just a bit, before it finally sunk in to Tony that he would be a father.

“That’s great!” Tony yelled, happily hugging Karen tightly. Tony led Karen to the bedroom, forgetting about his problems for at least the rest of the evening.
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Reply #16 on: May 19, 2014, 10:58:44 AM
The next morning, at 8:30, an alarm clock went off, and a large chubby hand searched the area for it, then found it, and shut it off.  The overweight man got up out of his bed, and he grabbed a pair of boxers from his closet.  He went to his bathroom, removed his current boxers, and took a quick shower.  Afterwards he went to his bedroom and picked out an outfit.  He then walked out of his room and towards the kitchen.  He was very hungry, and smelled something cooking.  There he saw his wife, who was beautiful in his eyes, while unattractive to most.  She had made them both breakfast, a very large plate of egg, cheese, and bacon croissant sandwiches, with the croissants baked and crispy.

“Look who it is, my main squeeze!” The overweight woman said in her deep voice.

“Morning honey” The man said as he sat down, and grabbed several sandwiches. They talked and ate for about 10 minutes, before the man was ready to begin his work.  He grabbed one last sandwich and eagerly headed towards his computer.  Today, this was going to be some of his finest work.  He booted it up, and the login screen came up.  He then typed the username in, which was “rhughes93”, and he pressed his TAB key, then he typed in his password, “Batman”

His desktop loaded up, and he opened up a blank document on his word program, and began typing. This went on for about 20 minutes.  The sound of loud typing, and quiet munching was all that was heard in the room.  He finally finished the document, then made sure there were no spelling errors, and published it to Liberty Tree, the main source of news on the internet. He decided to check out his work.

The story read.......
                                    The Lost MC at it again?

Yesterday in Actor, Alderney, the Lost Motorcycle Club and LCPD were engaged in a gunfight, which went on for quite a while, until a N.O.O.S.E. team was called in for backup, that’s when the Lost fled from the scene, and were able to escape. Three bikers were killed in the shootout, no names were found for them.

Officer Max Mactavish was killed.  Mactavish was a great man, very popular in the LCPD, and was a family man.  He will be missed by many.  One member of the Lost MC was wounded, but would live. His name has not been revealed yet, and he will be in the hospital for quite some time.

He was satisfied with his work, he picked up his phone, and started a message. “Thanks for the info, it made a nice article” and he scrolled through his contacts, and tapped on “Laurent”

He logged out of his computer and turned it off, then headed outside, he needed so see someone.
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Reply #17 on: May 20, 2014, 09:33:30 AM
The young man slowly woke up, staring at a blank white ceiling.  He was in excruciating pain, but couldn’t move, or speak.  He heard a familiar continuous annoying beeping sound, and by that he knew he was in a hospital.  He could just barely examine his surroundings with his eyes, and he heard a nurse come in.  She came into his field of vision and just stared at him. Then she walked to the door and stuck her head out

“Doctor, he’s awake.  What do you want me to do ?” She asked, in her light voice

Constantinos heard someone say “Put him back to sleep, he’s probably experiencing the worst pain he ever felt in his life”

The Nurse walked over to the other side of the room, and Constantinos was able to see part of her with his eyes, he saw she was looking for something.  Soon she came back over, and stuck a needle into his arm, injecting him with some substance.  He didn’t even feel the needle piercing his skin, as the pain in his head and stomach were all he felt.  His pain started to slowly go away, and his eyes fluttered shut soon afterwards.

Meanwhile, the fat man Ray Huges had arrived at his destination.  He got out of his car, which was a green Vapid Stanier, a fine car which is used by the LCPD as cruisers, and were are also used as Yellow Cabs in the cities and towns. He looked at the big sign on the building, which said.......


He walked towards the entrance, and was greeted by the bouncer on his way in.   He made his way to the manager’s office, and found the manager checking something on his computer.

“Hey Earnest, you know why I’m here right ?” Ray asked

“This is the third time this week Ray!  You’re going to have to pay much better than last time!”  Earnest Jones said with an annoyed tone as he took his eyes off of his computer screen to look at Ray.

“Don’t worry about that, money isn’t a problem” Ray said as he put down a wad of money on Earnest’s desk.  Earnest grabbed it up and counted it, and then got up from his chair.  He then opened a well hidden trap door in the corner of his office, which led to a set of stairs.  He motioned for Ray to follow and they walked down there, alighting in a large hallway.

“End of the hall, to the right” Earnest said briefly.

“Awesome! Thank you so much!” Ray exclaimed excitedly.

“This is the last time this week....Unless you want to pay double”, Earnest said as he walked back up the stairs.  Ray made his way down to the room Earnest told him to go to, and entered, finding what he was looking for.

It was a lady dressed as Catwoman, with a whip and everything.

“Well Mr. Detective, I think I’ll be the interrogator”, she said in a seductive voice as she swung her whip around.  She dragged Ray to the queen sized bed, and then handcuffed him.  She began smacking him with the whip using one hand while using her other hand to strip.  As Ray was whipped, he started moaning out in pleasure.
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Reply #18 on: May 29, 2014, 02:37:32 PM
Laurent and Jimmy were on patrol in Algonquin, and they were bored out of their minds. Suddenly the radio in the car went off, and a deep voice started speaking.

"Attention all units, we have a robbery in progress at the Bank of Liberty, please respond." The voice said.

"This is about to get interesting" Jimmy said.

Laurent turned his sirens on and put the pedal to the medal, they were heading towards the Bank at full speed. They made it there in record time, and parked the car in the road so they could use it as cover. There were 4 other cars, and they heard more sirens coming, Jimmy even noticed a helicopter in the distance. Laurent popped open the trunk and pulled out a Ithaca 37 shotgun, and Jimmy noticed Pete, the Chief of Police, standing with a megaphone at his car. Jimmy walked up to him, wanting to find out what exactly was going on.

"Alright, so what's the deal here?" Jimmy asked

"Low rent stickup crew, thought they could take a bank. We got them trapped in there, been trying to convince them to give up for a while now." Pete explained. All of a sudden, one of the robbers came out with a pistol.

"DON'T EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT COMING IN, WE GOT HOSTAGES AND IF YOU TRY ANYTHING THEY'RE FUCKING DEAD!" He yelled out as he fired a few shots at Pete before running back in. The shots missed, and just hit the car, but Pete and Jimmy took cover.

Suddenly a loud explosion was heard inside, and more and more cop cars showed up along with some N.O.O.S.E. teams. Suddenly the robbers came out, unloading their weapons at the officers from the entrance. They were very unprepared, one of them carrying a Beretta M9, another with a Mossberg 500 tactical, and the person who appeared to be the ringleader had a MP5, fitted with a scope. Jimmy was the first officer to return fire, and he shot the robber who warned the officers earlier in the chest, which incapacitated him and caused him to bleed out. The one with the shotgun was advancing on the officers, and Laurent got a good shot on him with his shotgun, which put him down. The ringleader took cover in the bank, and came out to fire at certain times, but eventually, he slid out a duffel bag, and his weapon, then walked outside with his hand in the air. Pete walked over to him and cuffed him, and stuck him in his car.

Laurent walked in the bank to check on everyone inside, when suddenly he saw someone clad in some kind of tight black leather outfit who appeared to be female running towards him. He raised his gun at her, but he wasn't fast enough and she jumped up and she pushed him out of the way, and Laurent gave chase to her. She was slightly faster than Laurent, but he wasn't gonna give up. Other officers tried to give chase, but quickly gave up since they couldn't keep up. She hopped on top of a dumpster in an alleyway and climbed up an emergency exit on the side of a building, and Laurent was right behind her. She got to the roof, and ran in the building through the roof exit, with Laurent still on her tail. She was a little ahead, and they were both running down flights of stairs, until Laurent heard the footsteps stop, and he was looking around where he last found her. He heard the sound of a knife being pulled out of the sheath, and the next thing he knew he was staring at the ceiling, lying on the ground. He got up, and looked to a nearby window, it was dark, and he had a throbbing headache.

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Reply #19 on: June 01, 2014, 04:48:35 AM
The next day, Ricky woke up, and sighed.  His life had gone way downhill since his high school days. Back then, he thought he had it made when he met the love of his life, a cute girl with platinum blond hair. Her name was Jessica 'Jessie' James, and they fell in love right away,  Everything seemed to go along fine, until he messed it up.  Instead of ignoring her all the time in favor of building bikes, like he did his first girlfriend Amanda, he stayed with Jessie all the time. He began thinking that she was gonna cheat or something, and over time grew jealous for no reason.  One day he crossed the line, when he was walking her to class.  That loser Gordon had been laying his eyes on her, she had looked at him, and they connected eyes.  Ricky lost it right there, and beat that kid half to death.  Scared, Jessie had left him.

But worst of all, a couple of weeks later, he found her talking with that same kid, and they started smooching down by the Gym.  He was ready to smash the kid's face into the pavement, but suddenly those huge roid-monkey Jocks came out of nowhere and laid him out.  She had been paying them to be her bodyguards.  He didn't understand, all the other kids were able to keep steady girlfriends. That Tony Calderone kid had a soild relationship with that girl Karen almost the entire time he was at Bullworth, and after he graduated, while Ricky couldn't even hold a girlfriend for more than a few months.  Jessica had left Bullworth not long after.

Now his "business" was going to hit rock bottom soon...He already lost his best hooker girl, and nearly lost his testicles.  And now, most of his other girls would leaving him, and he wouldn't be able to track them down.  He needed to clear his head, and he knew just what to do.  He got dressed quickly, and headed outside to his car, A Jet Black Vapid Dominator, a modern muscle car. He got in and started it up, and headed towards Fish Market South, reaching it in 25 minutes. He walked to the docks, and sat on a bench overlooking the ocean.

He just sat there, staring morosely at the water, until a woman walked past him.  She had long, blonde hair, and it was somehow very familiar to Ricky....It was platinum blond hair, and watching her dwindling figure walk away, he suddenly realized it had to be Jessica !  He had to talk to her, this was his chance at redemption.  Ricky quickly got up and started running to where he last saw her, pushing several people out of the way. After looking through the area, he finally found her, checking her phone.


The lady turned towards Ricky, and her eyes had a look of genuine fear.

"W...What are you doing here Ricky ?  How did you find me ?" Jessica James asked nervously.

"You walked right by me...Look, I'm real sorry for everything back in High School, please let me explain" Ricky begged. 

"You know,  I really can't, Ricky", she replied, "I've got to go now."

"Please, you're were everything to me, life has been unbearable without you !." Ricky said, starting to tear up

Jessica looked at the pathetic state he was in...He was long overdue for a haircut, and needed to shave.  She wavered, and then reconsidered

"Alright, fine, but this is your only chance....Just don't go crazy again", Jessica said.

"Thank you...I just want to talk", Ricky said happily.  "Let's go over there, to that Cafe."

Ricky held out his hand.  Jessica hesitated, then took it.  They walked off, talking about how their lives went after they moved to Liberty City.  Maybe, he could rebuild his lost relationship with her.  Ricky fervently promised himself he wouldn't screw up this time.
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Reply #20 on: August 26, 2014, 07:21:08 PM
Tony was just sitting in Meadows Park, staring at the large globe statue, when his phone started ringing. He checked the caller ID which read "Nick". He answered.

"Sup" Tony said

"Hey Tony, I heard how good you did in the Fight Club, and there's a fight coming up soon, it'll be two on two tag team, and I need a second man, you down?" Nick explained

"Sure, I got your back. It'll just be like old times" Tony said

"Alright, I gotta go" Nick said before hung up

Tony got up and began to walk towards his house, when suddenly a man with a mask on and a knife in his hand came out from behind a tree.

"Give me your wallet! Now!" The man demanded

Tony quickly grabbed the man and tried to wrestle the knife out of his hands, but he got overpowered and pushed to the ground. Tony quickly pulled out his gun in hopes of scaring the man even though it was empty

"Oh shit!" The man yelled. He quickly turned around and began to ran.

"Shit, I need to ask Jimmy or Laurent for some ammo, I can't have an empty gun with a crime rate like this." Tony said to himself and he got up and continued walking. He took his phone out and scrolled down his contacts until he found who he was looking for, and he called. A few moments later, he got an answer.

"Esposito Auto Repairs and Customization, how can I help you?" Said a female voice

"Can I please speak to Hal?" Tony asked.

"Sure, just a moment please" The voice answered

After about a minute of waiting, Tony heard the phone being picked up.

"Hal here, what do you need?" Hal asked

"It's Tony, I need a car, can you get me one?" Tony answered

"How much you willing to pay" Hal responded

"Isn't there a "Friend who got you married to the girl you love and gave you advice" discount?" Tony said.

"Alright, just come down, I'll see what I have." Hal replied, then hung up.

Tony smiled, then called a cab to take him to Hal's Autoshop. He was hoping that Hal wouldn't get him a piece of shit junker.

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The young man stared out on the City from the veranda of his newly acquired Mansion.  It was a good view for a recently- released Con.  Not that he had to do any time in the regular sense of the word, not an actual cell with a mattress-thin lumpy set of cots that had to be shared with another looser, no stinking toilet that had to be kept clean or anything, no crappy meals in a dank Prison Cafeteria where just the slightest provocation could spark a full-scale brawl over the lice-infected food, no Prison-yard interactions with burly, effeminate hulking lifers who were out to initiate him in the ways of Prison Life.  No, none of that for him.  In a sense, all that had been avoided because of the very turd he had come to Liberty City to seek revenge on, to destroy utterly his way of life as he now knew it, as he had destroyed his.

On the one hand, what he had set in motion in the Vale Valley long ago had provided him with an unexpected bonus....A lush Inheritance, enough to Invest and reap gains on, one that he had to do a lot of legal wrangling over in order to get it, sure.  But in the end, he was the only rightful heir, and those bastards couldn't deny him that.  With his newly-acquired wealth, he had been able to hire him a whole slew of smart Lawyers and finally win an early release due to his disability, inflicted on him by the Bastard whom he now sought to destroy.  He reflected that life was like a maze, with an infinite set of twists and turns, one never knows just where they will come out.  Like Ying and Yang, the power forces in the Universe align themselves, to keep all on an even keel, and propel one to his destiny.

A voice interrupted his revere.  "Boss, are you out there ?"

Jake Brown fingered the control on his electric wheelchair and turned it around.  "Out Here !", he called.

The figure of Albert 'Little Al' Manchetti emerged through the ornate French doors to the second-story veranda.  Albert was turning out to be money well spent.  Along with his own legal battles, Jake had also hired the Lawyer-sharks to work on Albert's case as well, getting him sprung by having his conviction overturned.  Not that Albert could be considered in the bright category by any means, but he had been his Orderly in the Prison Hospital for those long long 7 years Jake had been incarcerated there, and had done just about everything for him, fed him, turned him, and cleaned up his crap and piss.  A couple of years ago, Jake had begun to regain some mobility in this upper arms and then limited mobility in his hands, which made his situation slightly better and eased the burden a bit from Albert.  The Goon had always done his job well and unlike some of the other Beasts in lockup, had preformed his tasks with precision while always keeping a good attitude.  Jake had come to depend on him, and invited Albert to come along on their joint release. 

"Umm, I got the Elevator guys working on checkin' out the Elevator, and installing dat stair-lift youse ordered", Albert told him in his clipped Bronx accent.  "Dere's some Cooks, Housekeepers. and Servants commin' in this afternoon also."

Jake took a deep breath of the incredibly sweet free air.  "You're going be interviewing them, I take it ?"

"Shore enough, I'se is gonna be giving them the once-over, don't you worry none", Albert said, "I knows what you likes and don't likes."

"Good, good", Jake said, and turned his wheelchair back around. "Come take a look at this view." 

Albert walked over to the railing of the veranda.  "Whoa....Looks pretty sweet, it does."

"it sure does", Jake agreed.  "Certainly better than where we came from."

The two looked over the lush lawn of the gated Estate for several minutes.  "Al, we're going to build an Empire here", Jake said, gazing out over Liberty City.  "The biggest, baddest, Empire there ever was.  And settle old scores along the way."
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Tony arrived at Esposito Auto Repairs, exiting the last expensive Taxi ride he hoped he would have to take for awhile.  Entering the gaunt-looking building Hal used for his office area, Tony encountered the girl he had spoken to on the phone.  Her name was Rita, so it said on her name-tag, and she looked sort of Hispanic, probably Porto-Ricon, and couldn't have been more than 20.  "Where's Hal ?", Tony asked, then added, "I called earlier."

"Uh, he's out back", the girl indicated, vaguely pointing to a side door.  Tony nodded, and headed that way, exiting a door that led to a sort of pathway.  While the front of Hal's business was clean-looking enough, with his Autoshop and the Office Tony had just left, the rear area, behind a tall, coagulated steel fence, was a different matter.  Tony followed the path to an open gate, which opened up on the biggest Auto Junkyard in Liberty City.  Hundreds and Hundreds of junked cars were stacked on top of each other in rows upon rows almost as far as the eye could see. The ground was littered with old car parts and tires.  Tony picked his way through, and began calling Hal's name.  After a bit, Hal responded, yelling back "Over Here !"

Tony made his way through the rows towards the sound of Hal's voice, and found him in an open area.  Here, the cars weren't stacked on one another, waiting for the Crusher.  Rather, the were lined up in a neat row.  For the most part, they were older, tired looking nondescript cars, like Ford Tauruses and Chrysler Sebrings.  Not flashy, but dependable vehicles to fulfill their primary pourpose, to get from one place to another with a minimum of hassle.

Hal emerged from behind the row and greeted Tony.  "I'se just checkin' out what I had back here fer yuh."

"Good to see you too, Hal", Tony answered absently while looking over the line of cars, searching for something passable. "How's Angie and the Kids ?"

"Good, all good", Hal replied.  "She's got another in the oven, like a coven."

"No kidding ?", Tony replied.  "Karen does too.  Guess I'm gonna find out what the family life is all about soon enough."

"That so ?", Hal guffawed.  "I'se tells yuh, the eat a lot onced they gets bigger....A whole lots."

"Figures", Tony replied.  "Well, like I told you on the phone, I need some wheels.  This what all you got ?"

"Depends on how much you be willings to pay", Hal countered.  "How much yous got ?"

Tony named a figure, which amounted to just what he had left from his Fight Club winnings.  Hal clucked and said, "Wells, t'ain't much, but...I could let one of dese here Tarus' go fer dat, I suppose..."

But Tony's eyes were drawn to a car further down at the end of the line.  "Say, is that an old Camaro ?  How about that one ?"

"Wall, I dont's know, Daddy-o", Hal said, but Tony was already walking down to the end of the line to take a look.  Hal followed along, saying weakly, "It be a bit outta yer price range dere, dont'cha think ?"

But Tony was already survaying the car.  While the paint job wasn't so hot, the car seemed clean.  Tony popped open the hood, and saw a clean 400 CI motor.  "How's it run ?  I want to hear it."

Grudgingly, Hal produced some keys, and slipped into the Driver's seat and started it up.  The engine came to life with a sudden roar, throaty and strong.  Hal revved it a few times before shutting it off.  "It sounds perfect...I'll take it !", Tony exclaimed.

"Now, holds on", Hal said, exiting the car, "This here is, like gonna takes twice as much as what yous got there."

Tony looked down at the dirt and stuck his hands in his pockets.  "Ah, shucks, Hal...I just noticed, on my way in here, those little pools of oil and anti-freeze here and there...Tell me, has the EPA ever run an Inspection of this place ?"

"Oh, man, dont's be sayin' dat to me", Hal said.  "I thought we was pals...Aint's we ?"

"Hey, I'm just trying to buy some wheels", Tony said with an innocent look on his face.  "I don't really care about all that stuff, just looking for a deal, y'know ?"

"Man, youse killin' me, man", Hal grumbled, then sighed.  "All rights, it's a deal. I'll take what you gots fer it."

A smile lit Tony's face.  "Excellent !  Um...You DO got a clean title for this...Don't you ?"

"Aw, couse I do's", Hal returned, "You oughtta knows better dan to asks dat."

"Right, right", Tony said absently, "Sure you do.  Don't know what I was thinking there.  Com'on, let's go get this finalized up at the Office, whatta say ?"

Tony slid into the driver's seat of the Camero while Hal took the passinger seat, and they drove out of the Junkyard to the gate by the Office.  Inside, Tony gave over his money, and Hal gave him the title and a temporary tag.  Soon, Tony was off, leaving Esposito Auto Repairs, enjoying his new toy.
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Tony decided to swing by the rebuilt Hope Medical Hospital in the Pine Creek section where Constantinos was currently residing after his latest beating.  As Tony pulled into the Parking Lot, he shook his head, reflecting on just how unlucky Constantinos seemed to be.  Getting shot in the guts by Jake back at Bullworth Academy was only just the start of his misery, years ago.  Soon after that, in the Summer, Constantinos had hooked up with a skinny new girl named Tiffany and had gotten snared into her twisted Klepto World.  Both Constantinos and Tiffany were at the Battle of the Chem Plant, where Tiffany was also shot in the guts, by a Townie named Leon.  This resulted in Tiffany being taken away from the Vale Valley, and before the Summer was over, Constantinos also disappeared from Bullworth altogether, though no one much noticed it at the time.  Tony didn't know just what had happened to them until they had showed up here in Liberty City.  Constantinos, who was about the perfect Chameleon while at School, being able to sneak in and out of places with little or no notice, had fared a bit less effective at Liberty City of late. 

Tony parked his new ride and entered the Hospital.  The sheer opulence of the place amazed him.  Soaring indoor waterfalls, lush indoor gardens, and marble pillars.  No wonder health care was so high, he reflected.  When it came time for the Baby, he was going to take Karen to the less-expensive Carson General Hospital across on the Staunton Island side of Liberty City.  It took a few minutes to find out from a girl at the admittance counter, who looked like a Hooker, just what room Constantinos was in.  Armed with the room number, 316, Tony walked down a hall to a bank of elevators and got in one.  Punching the 3rd floor button, he settled back to wait.  Muzak was playing on his ride up, 'Eye Of The Tiger', in soft muted tones.  Just what he needed to hear, Tony groaned, a fight song.  He exited the elevator as it mercifully came to a stop and the doors opened.  Once in the hallway, he oriented himself, watching for room numbers as he navigated the twisty hallways.  Finally, he arrived at room 316 and went in.

Constantinos lay in a bed, his torso swathed in bandages, and he was obviously sedated. Pity, Tony wanted to ask him more about the Lost MC.  Maybe another time.  At least Constantinos was still breathing.  Tony thought that Constantinos should be assigned to be Undercover, that was where his talents lay.  Uniformed, he made too much of a target, apparently.  Tony turned, and it was then he noticed the girl sitting in a chair by the window.  This was Tiffany, he now remembered, though he hadn't seen her in many years.  Constantinos never invited others to his home, he always went out alone if he was in company of others from the Police Force, and never mentioned anything about Tiffany or his home life.  In the bustle of life, it had long become commonplace, and no one asked him about her.  Tony couldn't figure just what Constantinos saw in the girl.  She was short, skinny as a crack-whore, and had small tits.  Back at Bullworth, she had been one of the 'Reform School Girls' who were brought into the School that summer of 2008.  Tony recalled that she had gotten Constantinos in some big-time trouble for stealing a massive amount of books from the Library, and that she had seduced the poor sucker into doing her Klepto fixations by snaring him in weird sex sessions in the attic of the Girl's Dorm.  And this was even true after Constantinos had stood up in court for her, absolving her of any blame for attacking a new girl in the Laundry Room with other Reform School girls.

But after Tiffany had been shot in the guts at the Chem Plant, Constantinos had not gotten free of her.  Amid the confusion of those first days after the rescue of Karen and Melody from the clutches of the Townie Boys and the death of Omar Romero, Tony hadn't been keeping track of his friend.  He learned later that Tiffany had been airlifted from the Vale Valley, never to return.  And within a few weeks, Constantinos also disappeared, leaving behind only a cryptic note.  It wasn't until years later, when Tony came to Liberty City, that he found Constantinos here, although he was now Officer Brakus, working for the Liberty City Police.  It was still later that Constantinos happened to mention Tiffany, and Tony was astounded to learn they were still together. 

But that was it.  Constantinos never mentioned her again, and Tony didn't ask.  Constantinos preformed his job well enough, and was just as moody as an adult as he had been as a teen, although there was a subtle difference....Constantinos was no longer morose. He was a long way from being cheerful, that probably just wasn't in his nature anyway...But he wasn't sad either.  Tony could only think that this girl...Correction, young woman...Who sat before him now, was somehow responsible for bringing him back from his brink of madness. 

Tony approached her, and stopped.  "How is he ?", he asked.

Tiffany looked up at him.  "He'll live", she said shortly.  Her eyes held a flat look, with just a subtle hint of anger.

"I...Um...Don't know if you remember me, but...", Tony began, feeling awkward.

"I know who you are", Tiffany interrupted.  "I was on a mission with you once, in a stinky place, and almost died."  The words were spoken in a flat monotone, without apparent emotion.

"Um...Yes, I remember", Tony said.  "That was...A real hectic time..."

Tiffany continued as if Tony hadn't spoken.  "I woke up, weeks later, in a strange place...If Constantinos hadn't been there..."  She trailed off.

The silence spun out for awhile.  Tony grew uncomfortable.  All he knew of this girl was that she had some serious issues.  And that was back then, some seven years ago.  Of all he had learned in life, he knew one thing...Crazy people usually always stayed crazy.  Finally, he said, "Well, um...If he needs anything, I'll take responsibility for him...I know he hasn't got any family..."

"I'M his family", Tiffany said suddenly.  "I'm his Wife.  We're the only family each other has."

"Oh", Tony said.  He sure hadn't known that.  Neither did anyone else, as far as he knew.  "Well then...If there's anything he needs...."

"We'll be fine", Tiffany interrupted.  "Just fine."  She looked up at Tony and arched an eyebrow.  "Understand ?"

Tony now felt extremely uncomfortable.  "Of Course", he finally said.  "I'll...Uh...Check back another time...When he's awake..."

"You do that", Tiffany said in that flat, queer voice.  She looked towards the bed.  "You just do that."

Tony stood for a few seconds longer, and then gave it up.  Turning, he took a last look at Constantinos, and then left the room.  On the elevator ride back down, he ran over the encounter with Tiffany in his mind.  It seemed so eerie, he reflected.  Again, he thought about just how much he knew about Constantinos, and about how much he didn't know.  His friend was still a continuing mystery.
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He silently came back into the slummy apartment, startling Pinky.  All of a sudden, he was behind her, putting muscular arms around her.  Pinky let out a scream, trying to fight him off.

"Hey, Whoa, it's just me !", Kurt said, "Shut the fuck up, okay ?"

"Oh, Shit, you scared me !!", Pinky squealed.  "Do you have to do that ?"

"You mean, sneak around ?", Kurt laughed.  "Not for very much longer !"

Pinky calmed down.  "What do you mean ?", she questioned.

"Pack your stuff". Kurt said grandly, "W're gettin' outta this dump.  I got us a Safe House !"

Pinky just stood with her mouth open.  "Where the hell is safe around here ?  Ricky's goons are going to be after us soon, I'm surprised they haven't shown up yet.  Ricky doesn't like being made a fool of."

"That don't matter", Kurt said confidently.  "This house is in a place where he don't no power to do anything.  Over in Algonquin, by that big Park."

"Middle Park ?", Pinky asked, amazed.  "How...How'd you get..?"

Com'on, get your shit, I'll tell you on the way", Kurt said, eager to get going.  Pinky was flustered, deciding what she should take, finally deciding to toss her best clothes and stuff into a large suitcase.  Kurt didn't complain about having to carry her stuff, but did take cautions.  They left by a back alleyway, going several blocks before re-emerging briefly on the street, only to go underground to catch the Subway, heading off to their destination. 

Only on the noisy Subway did Kurt explain briefly about his Father's former empire, and the few who were still loyal to it.  "We have something else in common, besides our feelings for each other", Kurt told Pinky.  "Both of our Fathers are in Prison.  But even in Prison, great power can still be extended to to outside world, if one knows the right people.  Our way will be easier now, getting help from the Inside."

Little by little as she listened, Pinky began to understand.  For the first time in a very long time, she allowed herself hope.
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