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Suggestions & Feedback / Video embeds
« on: March 30, 2022, 08:03:34 PM »
Still dead on this site after like, six years.
Is there any hope this'll be fixed lol

Bully 1 Discussion / Bully was released 15 years ago on this date
« on: October 17, 2021, 12:10:34 PM »
The game itself could attend classes with Jimmy Hopkins now :')

That's also 15 years without a sequel, but hey, there's still hope ;) Check it out:
- Duke Nukem Forever was released 15 years after Duke Nukem 3D
- Same gap with Pilotwings 64 and Pilotwings Resort
- Killer Instinct 2 and Killer Instinct had a 17 gap~
- Shenmue II and Shenmue III was 18 years, and still leaves off on a cliffhanger, oof
- The Kid Icarus series took 21 years to get another game
- Pokemon Snap just got another game, 22 years after the first one came out
- Streets of Rage 3 and 4 had a 26 year gap... that's nearly as old as I am 😬

Point being? Could be worse haha.

As a side note, it's pretty incredible how we still manage to have a modding community after all this time. Shout out to the modders~

Bully 1 Discussion / Bully Bootlegs
« on: September 20, 2018, 06:00:41 AM »
On Android, anyway.

Guys who needs Bully 2 when we have all of these?!
It's 6am what am I doing with my life

This bottom picture has eight Jimmy's + one bootleg Jim I'm dead

Also there's more and the screenshots are golden but I'm lazy but I had to share because bootlegs are my jam

Bully 1 Discussion / CHARACTER HEIGHTS
« on: September 23, 2016, 01:57:27 PM »
Have I talked about this before?? ... eh whatever.

I've tried to analyse this before and come up with some believable numbers after comparing the characters to each other and drawing clues from the real world:
Short (Jimmy, etc.): 5'4/5'5 (162.5/165cm)
Average (Trent, etc.): 5'8 (172.5cm)
Tall (Norton, etc): 6'2 (188cm)

(I forgot where I placed Petey, I haven't played in a long time now but 4'11 (150cm) sounds okay, right??)

Now the problem was adults. They're really tall. Taller than the tall students who were already pretty tall. Pining all of them at around 6'7 (200.6cm), maybe even an inch or two more, and then seeing that Russell was even taller than that...? Sure it's not impossible in the real world but... yikes. This is too much.

The only way to make the adult heights more believable was to bring them down to 6'2 or so (and even then that's pushing it as too tall), but then that causes all the students to be shorter, thus causing Petey to be "unrealistically" short.

I don't even wanna look into where the young students come into all of this. I don't even know how old they are to start comparing to Real Life. Why are these kids in the game aaaaa so dumb.

I know it's a video game. But knowing that it does take place in the states, and looking at the numbers of the average height in real-world America, these numbers are insane. Maybe in fictional Bullworth Town/America everybody's just taller than average.

But goddamit I like logic and trying to make this game feel more realistic. So lemme ignore the fact a short squinty bald guy can beat the shit out of trained boxers without becoming winded, or he can take a bottle rocket to face numerous times and be okay, just drink some cola and he'll be better in no time.

Yeah, headcanon ftw :')
There's just no way every adult would be this damn tall, especially the women. Heights in this game are meaningless. No wonder I've accepted Bane's smol Gord and tall Duncan.

But what do you think? That I'm overthinking this? 'Cause I'll agree with y'all on that one.

Suggestions & Feedback / BB why
« on: January 12, 2016, 10:54:14 AM »
Stop with your slowness and errors and ugh, I just want to shitpost _( :⁍ 」 )_

Bullworth Experiences / Thad And The Pool Of Stupid
« on: July 11, 2015, 06:25:16 PM »
I played Bully for the first time in quite a while and had a bit of an oddity happen...

I was wreaking havoc in the gym with Jerry and once he was defeated I headed for the exit near the pool so I could go grab another buddy. I noticed a bit of green in the pool and headed down to investigate. It was Thad clutching a ruler. He just kept on walking to the corner of what would have been the deep end of the pool and got stuck there.

I went up to floor level and threw some students into the pool to see if they would act stupid down there but they just headed up the ramp no problem. The jocks completely ignored Thad as well so that was funky.

Decided to try to provoke him into fighting and tried to scare him off but he wouldn't budge. So I took out the spud gun and hit him a few times for ignoring me.

But it didn't work. Thad was immune to spuds. So I threw firecrackers at his face. But he didn't even flinch. I used fists, but he just continued to stare and silently judge me. I made a grab for his ruler but Jimmy just froze. Using the grab button again played the shove animation, but there was no one to shove.

I relentlessly attacked him but nothing got him to move. It was pretty weird; never had this happen to me before. What about you?

Apologies for the crap video. Don't have screen recorder and had to use my camera, though it's very hard to hold one and play the game with one hand :) Still, I wanted to share a bit of creepy invincible Thad.

Bully 1 Discussion / So... who won the election?
« on: November 03, 2014, 11:08:19 PM »
Starting The Candidate for the first time I thought whoa, this shit sounds pretty serious. What would happen if Ted won? What about if Earnest wins?

Of course (/unfortunately), there's absolutely no choice but to help Earnest out so after failing three times, I finally help the bastard and beat the fucking mission and get a neat slingshot. Okay cool. Now to wait for voting to finish up, I guess.

So Halloween passes. Then Russell in the Hole. Then chapter 2. Then chapter 5.

What. The. Fuck. Why does this mission exist if after you complete it it's never touched upon again? There could have been a mission after it where you persuaded or forced people to vote for whomever YOU choose (not the damn game forcing you to absolutely help out Earnest, and later on, anyone else who asks for help) and then the winner could have brought something new to game (such as unique weapons or activities, with the loser's stuff being unlock when you beat the game).
But no, this bit of plot and "what could be" is dropped five minutes after it begins.

Bleh, why is this mission even a thing :|
Just to piss people off? That's what it looks like to me.

My questions for you B-B:
- Who do you think won the election?
- Would you have liked to see anything new based on who is victorious or just have it be a thing that exists but have absolutely no impact on the game? What would you have liked to see?

The obvious answer as to who the winner is is nobody since it's never stated... but if I have to choose a winner I'm just going to assume Ted won since nerds are at the bottom of the social hierarchy...

I don't think I've ever seen this discussed before so here ya go. :euro:

Suggestions & Feedback / A request for better page navigation!
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:46:23 PM »
Hiya! Sick of me posting yet I bet you are.

Could have sworn we did have this but something I just noticed is that this place doesn't have "previous page / next page" links in topics! The current links we do have just switch to a new topic. :blink:

So I thought it'd be neat if BB could get with the times and actually have this feature. It would be much better than just clicking the tiny numbers. :P Maybe we could even have a "go to page X" thing for those super long topics instead of having to click on the ellipsis a bunch of times.

I like looking through old stuff okay.

Just something that I'd like to see and wonder if I'm alone in wanting this :innocent:

EDIT: Realised the above could also apply to searching through topics, and possibly anywhere else that has multiple pages (search results, recent posts, "show posts" on profiles, messages, etc.). That'd be cool too ❤

Bully 2 Discussion / Another possible hint at Bully 2?
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:45:56 PM »
    As we mentioned in our last set of Asked & Answereds to similar questions about the future of other game franchises like Bully and L.A. Noire, we don’t always rush to make sequels but that does not mean that we won’t get to them eventually.

I'm not sure if this has been posted here already but yeah. It doesn't exactly confirm Bully 2 but at least Bully is mentioned. *le shrug*

Special shout out to Bane for finding this :D

Auditory Experiences / Dodgeball quotes
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:54:59 PM »
I'm pretty sure these are, anyway...

Just going through my files and found these written down. I don't even know if this is completed but I just want them off of my computer. :P

I don't think I ever posted them so here ya go (and if I did then ahahaha a mod can just delete this):

+ Look at me; I got the eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion!
+ You can’t hold me!
+ I thought I told you that I won’t stop!

+ Bow before me you indigent loser.
+ Deprived bastard, you'll never win!
+ Better write "prep" on your forehead, loser.

+ Eat my dust!
+ Hey, I’ll pay you to let me win.
+ Don’t worry. I won’t showboat to what I win. 

+ I'll have you know I don't lose.
+ You better be ready to cry.
+ I'm going to rub my butt on your poor face.

+ I’ll show you who’s the best: me!
+ You’re outclasses, and outmatched.
+ I don’t even need to buy my victory against the likes of you.

+ I’m better than you in every way!
+ You have no class!
+ You don’t have a chance, peon!

+ You know, I'm better than you!
+ Why are you even trying?
+ Stop pretending you have a chance!

+ You are going to be left in the dust as usual.
+ You're pretty dumb for trying this, loser.
+ I knew you were a loser, but you're stupid too, huh?

- Nobody beats me.
- This is gonna end badly for you.
- The only way not to lose is to give up now.

- You got no chance against Johnny Vincent!
- You know you’re gonna lose, kid.
- Hey, why you even gonna try?

- Why you even trying?
- I’m gonna rule you.
- I’m the best and you suck.

- You’re gonna lose, and I’m not.
- Who’s the loser? YOU!
- Oh, you better be ready!

- This is really gonna be embarrassing for you.
- You don’t stand a chance.
- That was too easy.

- Okay, hero. Let’s see what ya got.
- Look up. It’s a loser eclipse.
- I smell acne!

- You don’t got a hope in hell!
- You shouldn’t even bother, jerkwad!
- I’ll wrap this up nice and quick!

- This is gonna be easy!
- You wanna give up now?
- You know who I am, right?

- My mom says I’ll win, ha ha.
- You’re so gonna lose, mustard stain!
- I’m not afraid of you, loser brain!

- You better be ready to lose, ‘cause I’m ready to win!
- This is my time to shine, so just know that!
- Bucky doesn’t lose!

- My superior intellect will surly win.
- In the struggle of good and evil, good must surly always prevail.
- I have a good feeling about the outcome.

- I think I might beat you!
- I have a secret strat!
- I’m gonna outsmart you!

- You don’t have the brains to win!
- My plan will destroy you!
- You’re too stupid to win!

- I’m still better at chemistry!
- I ate chili today! I’m on fire!
- I’m a sexy mountain of power!

- There’s no way I’m going to win. I mean you. There’s no way YOU are going to win.
- There is no way I am going to lose!
- You can’t beat me!

- There’s only going to be one of us victorious! Me!
- You forget that I’m an expert?
- Prepare to taste the bitter fruit of loss!

- This is gonna separate the men from the wimps!
- Stand back, I’m comin’ through!
- Give up now, pipsqueak!

- Hahahaha! You’re gonna lose!
- I’m gonna destroy you!
- This is gonna end badly for you.

- You got nothin’.
- You ain’t got a chance, bitch.
- You’re gonna hurt tomorrow.

- I’m gonna kick your butt and look good doin’ it!
- Don’t feel bad! You were born a loser!
- I’m gonna finish you!

- I’m gonna totally outsmart you!
- You’re no match for my intelligence!
- You better face facts: I’m just plain better than you!

- You’re going to get worked.
- You got nothin’.
- Why are you even trying?

- Get ready to watch a real man!
- I’ll show you how to win!
- Look at how a man with a spine wins!

- You might as well just go home now!
- You suck. You suck. You suck!
- I’m gonna value every chance I get!

- So you’re ready to mess your pants?
- You’re up. It’s time to cry.
- I’ve been waiting to ruin you!

- Oh I’m reeeal nervous about this!
- So do ya wanna start cryin’ now?
- Maybe I should wear my blindfold?

- Here come Russell!
- Fear me, fear me!
- *roar*

- You think I’m gonna let you get this one? Psssh.
- Come on and try me! I know what you’re thinkin’, but you can’t deliver.
- I know your game. I got you pegged. I ain’t as tense as you think.

- When I’m famous, you can say you lost to me!
- You hear those girls cheering my name?
- This is gonna be easy!

- You’re in trouble now!
- I’m gonna smash you!
- I’m the best! I’m the best!
- Troy is great!
- I’m getting a date tonight!

- Friggin' YEAH! Hahahaha!
- Wooo! WOOO! This rules!
- You’re playin’ in the big leagues now!
- This ain’t no game! This is for all the cards, pal.
- Let’s see what kinda moves you got.
- Better luck next time, sucka!
- Haha! I knew I’d school ya!

Auditory Experiences / All Mr. Smith Quotes
« on: June 10, 2013, 04:15:09 PM »
For anybody who's interested:

Mr. Smith Dialogue

Bullworth Experiences / Breaking and entering!
« on: November 06, 2012, 12:42:08 AM »
om nom nom said the house while devouring a pig on a fucking bike

Once upon a time, a pigman named Jimmy was trying to get his bike out from in between a house and a car,
when suddenly the house ate little Jimmy Urine.

Jimmy didn't give a fuck. He made himself at home and even threw a party. Eventually, he decided to take
a swim in the indoor pool filled with pink water. Unfortunately, he slipped and hit his head and awoke in
a hospital. After getting patched up, he brakes into the house again because damn that place is nice.

Soon, the pigman is told by a ghost named Jerry that a stash of hardcore drugs is hidden in the house. He finds
them and does some, and soon starts tripping balls. After witnessing strange things such as the floating head of
his black friend, Jimmy eventually passes out.

The next morning, the cops show up and arrest the pigman.

Don't do drugs, kids.

Also don't brake into houses, I guess.


I apologize for the lack of sound. It recorded out of sync so I removed it. I tried adding my own music, but the stupid program I use to edit videos was being a dick and wouldn't add the music. So I said fuck it.

I also sped up the video so ya'll wouldn't have to watch 8 minutes of this crap.

With all that said and done...

I really was trying to get the bike free and then this happened. I'm not sure if this has been discovered or not, but whatever. I didn't check if this happens with other houses, so just look at the map for the location of the house I used... although I'm sure it'll work for other similar houses.

All you gotta do is grab a bike and jump your way in between the house and the car next to it. Jump jump jump and bam, you'll be sucked into the wall. :sleep:

Starting at two minutes, the camera spazzes out. I wasn't even touching the controller. :laugh:
After waking up I found myself unable to escape so I had to blow the house up which caused cops to appear and take Jim into custody.

Auditory Experiences / Bike trick quotes
« on: July 30, 2012, 09:08:47 PM »
I need to start doing quotes again. :|


+ = Comment on successful bike trick
- = Comment on failed attempt at trick

+ I wish I was that cool!
+ Aren't you afraid you'll get hurt?
- Did you get a boo-boo?
- Did you break anything?

+ That looks dangerous!
+ Careful!
- Oh no, that must hurt!
- I knew that would happen!

+ Wow, that looks so scary.
+ You might dislocate a shoulder or fracture a knee cap, you know.
- Was that supposed to happen?
- That was not smart.

+ I can do better.
+ Whoa, nice trick.
- I would say get up and try again, but what’s the difference? You’ll always be a loser!

+ I bet I could do that.
+ That was rad, bro!
- Maybe you need to go practice.
- Hey, do you need some help or something?

+ I learned that trick in elementary school.
+ That trick is so nineties.
- You need a bike coach like I have.
- Cheap bikes mean cheap tricks.

+ One day, I’m gonna be stuntin’ too.
+ That trick might look hard, but it’s pretty easy.
- Don’t you know anything about physics? Sheesh!
- Ha ha. I bet you feel pretty dumb. I’m glad I don’t have that problem!

+ Show off.
+ You’re trying too hard!
- You deserve that!
- Nice job! Idiot!

+ I could do that.
+ Guy thinks he’s a super star!
- Ha ha ha! Probably can’t afford lessons.
- Kids today…

+ That’s cool!
+ You know who else can do that?
- Oops!
- Too bad!

+ Whoa! Look at the daredevil!
+ I can do that!
- Shoulda put your seatbelt on!
- Ha ha, you ate it BIG time!

+ That sucks!
+ I don’t think that was particularly impressive!
- Are you okay?
- That looked painful.

+ My oh my, what a rambunctious display!
+ That looks pretty dangerous.
- Heavens, I hope they’re alright.
- You mustn’t try that again, you could kill yourself!

+ That’s cool if you’re in wussy sports.
+ I’ve seen better.
- Pain is good.
- A little blood never hurt anyone.

+ That trick sucks.
+ Hey, you call that a trick?
- Ha ha ha ha. Do you want a beating as well?
- Stop showing off then!

+ Hey, that was pretty good! … for a cripple. *laughs*
+ Hey Crew Jones. You do that for a living? For your sake I hope not.
- Maybe next time you won’t try so hard to show off.
- Ha! Figures a dunce like you would screw that up.

+ Is that the best you got?
+ Do it again. Backwards.
- Loser.
- I knew you were a loser.

+ That kicked butt.
+ That was alright. I guess.
- Ha ha ha. Awesome!
- You rock, dude.

+ Keep the excitement to a minimum.
+ Okay, too much fun being had here.
- What did you expect?
- Another showboat without a helmet.

+ That was sweet!
+ Whoa! That was excellent!
- You gotta get out of your head. SEE the trick!
- You must practice! Only a master can be perfect.

+ Hm. That was okay.
+ Nice trick, I guess.
- Well, maybe you shouldn’t try stupid bike tricks.
- That’s what happens to a show off.

+ Whoa, super cool!
+ You’re the bestest daredevil ever!
- That’s gotta hurt.
- Are you alright? Huh? Huh?

+ Impressive use of a velocipede!
+ That trick is simple physics, actually.
- Gravity, not man, is victorious.
- Improper use of leverage.

+ Oh. Like that makes you cool.
+ Very flashy indeed.
- Don’t just lie there!
- I guess you aren’t that good after all!

+ That was wicked, man! I’ve done that trick like a hundred times!
+ Whoa, pretty cool! Bet you can’t do it blindfolded, though. I can!
- Aw, too bad man. I should show the ropes sometime.
- Oh, geez! That looked like it hurt. If you need some pointers, just ask.

+ I can do that!
+ That’s alright.
- Ha ha ha!
- Don’t kill yourself there!

+ My sister can do that trick.
+ I suppose you think that’s cool.
- Hah. That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.
- You really do suck!

+ Show off!
+ Yeah, now try it blindfolded.
- Feel that pain? That’s my daily existence.
- I’m too tired to help you up.

+ I taught him that trick.
+ I can do that.
- I could give you some lessons.
- You need to lean forward more!

+ You think you’re manly doing that?
+ What stupid trick.
- Ha ha. You really hurt yourself, didn’t you?
- You look like little girl.

+ What a dumb stunt.
+ I guess it’s a cheap way to amuse yourself.
- Well, that was exceedingly stupid.
- You’re an idiot, Hopkins.

+ I wanna try that!
+ How do you do that?
- Ha ha ha! Crazy! What a wipe.
- That was a crazy crash!

+ That looks dangerous. I’d advise against repeating it in the future.
+ Oh. Good effort there, boy.
- Okay lad. That’s enough now. Why don’t you call it a day then?
- Are you alright down there?

+ Nothin’ special.
+ I could do that.
- Ha ha ha ha… now that’s funny!
- Ha ha ha ha… I wish I could rewind it and see it again.

+ That was a great athletic performance!
+ Ha ha! Nice styles there, man! Great form!
- If you weren’t such an attention hog you wouldn’t have hurt yourself just now!
- Is the thrill of landing a trick worth your horribly bruised ego?

+ Ah, come on, let’s see you try that again, huh?
+ Oh, lucky brake.
- Hey I love seeing the faces when they fall, man.
- Ha ha ha, man that was genius.

+ That’s an accident waiting to happen.
+ Whatever you do, don’t mess up.
- The nurse must love you.
- Time to call the nurse again.

+ Are you good off the bike, too?
+ Now you’re really impressing me!
- You’re not very good.
- Come back when you’re better.

+ Yeah, that was okay, I guess.
+ Ha. Oh okay. You did okay.
- Uhh… I hope you’re not hurt. *chuckles*
- I guess you’re just not as good as you thought.

+ Wow, you’re crazy.
+ Where’d you learn that?
- *laughing*
- Look at you now!

+ I bet you think you look real cool doing that.
+ Ooo, aren’t you a real daredevil.
- Well, you should have known better.
- I bet you didn’t see that coming.

+ You’re wasting your time!
+ That should be outlawed!
- Your failure is taunt-able.
- I hope that hurt!

+ That’s so cool!
+ Yay!
- Oh no!
- You shouldn’t be doing dangerous stuff like that!

+ Wowzers!
- Don’t worry. A cleric spell can heal you right up!
- Ooo, that hurts just looking at it!

+ That was alright.
+ I don’t have time for stupid tricks.
- Some tricks aren’t for kids!
- Stick to walking, asswipe!

+ I gotta learn that.
+ That’s something to learn.
- Too funny, heh heh!
- Hope you got hurt real bad.

+ Ah, that’s garbage.
+ What a lame trick.
- You’re awful!
- That sucks!

+ Not bad!
+ Impressive, I guess.
- I don’t suppose you got health insurance?
- You don’t look so cool now.

+ Like that’s something special…?
+ Excellent.
- What a loser.
- Figures he’d screw up.

+ Wow!
+ Fantastic!
- Oh no!
- Are you okay, sir?

+ That was actually pretty good!
+ You’re so dangerous!
- That looks like it hurt!
- Did you break anything?

+ That’s so cool. Can we be friends? … am I too needy?
+ Boy, howdy. That was cool.
- Wow, that must hurt.
- You see, that’s why my hobby is reading books.

+ Sweet trick! But take care of that bike or she’ll leave you! … story of my life.
+ Surprised you didn’t stab your crank, hotshot.
- Ha. Your forks are gonna be so worn!
- Are you trying to trash your bike? Learn how to ride.

+ Ha ha, do it again!
+ You made the bike go loopty loop!
- Ha ha! Crash!
- That’s what happen to Russell. No helmet.

+ How’d you do that?!
+ That’s reckless!
- I hope that hurt!
- You had that coming, moron!

+ Why are you doing that?!
+ Aren’t you scared?
- You did that wrong.
- That wasn’t very good.

+ I can do that!
+ So what?
- What a worthless kid.
- What else would you expect from a loser like him?

+ Oh, look at that!
+ I’ve seen better.
- That’s so stupid.
- I wonder if he got speared by the bicycle spokes?

+ Ah, I see the lessons I gave you paid off.
+ So, you do a trick? I can do like, eighty-nine tricks.
- You shoulda listened to my lessons.
- That didn’t hurt. Come on, get up.

+ Whoop-dee-friggin’-doo!
+ Wow, you’re Olympic material. Not.
- Ha ha. Dingus.
- Want me to get the nurse? Heh heh.

+ That’s really cool!
+ I wish I could do that!
- Are you alright?
- That looked bad!

+ Good!
+ Like it!
- You crashed!

+ Hell on wheels!
+ Check out the speed demon!
- Ha ha ha ha! Creamed!
- Nice try, daredevil!

+ That wasn’t bad, but keep trying. I’m sure you’ll mess up soon enough.
+ Pretty decent trick. I’m surprised you pulled it off.
- Ha ha! At least you got balls, Hopkins.
- Aw man, ha ha. I could watch you do that all day. *chuckles*

+ You gotta teach me how to do that!
+ Nice!
- Come on! Get back up!
- Ha ha, great wipeout!

Mission Walkthroughs / List Of Missions?
« on: June 07, 2012, 12:22:24 PM »
They're listed on the Bully wiki in order. :jajaja:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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