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The Bullworth Never Ending Story

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Reply #30 on: December 04, 2009, 10:23:39 PM
"Tony, please get to work !", said Ms. Philips, interrupting Tony’s revere.  He had been daydreaming for most of the period.  "You don't want to come in after class…Do you ?" she said in a sexy voice.

"That depends", Tony smarted off. "What will we be doing ?"

Tony was wishing that maybe he hadn't said that, but he was sure she had heard that one before.  Just then, the bell saved him.  He stormed out the door to avoid detention.  Once he got out, a group of students were giving him hell for ‘putting the moves’ on the Art Teacher.

"Smooth move." Jake laughed.  "Nobody's ever had the guts to do what you just did."

"Yeah, whatever." Said Tony. "Let's just get back to business."

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Reply #31 on: December 05, 2009, 07:57:52 AM
“I knew I wasn't wrong by choosing you, Tony-boy !”, Jake exclaimed as they walked the halls.  “You are a perfect partner, thinking right, and walking right, not like all these chazzers in Bullworth.”

"I want to know where this ‘business’ will lead us to.", Tony said seriously.

"You wanna talk about this, don't you ?  Come on to the Cafeteria then, I'll explain to you our first step.", Jake said, and the two boys headed down the hall.

In the Cafeteria, Tony started to grab a plate to get something to eat, but his arm was stopped by Jake.

"Do NOT eat anything from Edna. I don't want my partner dead, it won't help me.", Jake said with some amusement.

"But I have to eat something...", Tony protested.

Jake had already walked away, and threw him an apple and a banana from a basket on the table he had chosen.  "Here's what you get, Tony."

"OK, thank you, that's better than nothing...", Tony remarked snidely.

Jake ignored that. "Alright, let's talk business."

"My ears are open.", Tony said, flopping into a seat.

"You will be my Dealer.  For this you'll have to keep up with English class, that could be useful to learn how to deal.", Jake instructed.

"Right." said Tony, remembering the worksheet ‘The Words That Hurt.’

"Okay. Now the targets of our plan”, Jake went on, The Nerds, the Jocks, and the Non-Clique students."

"What about the Preps ?", Tony inquired, Taking a bite of the apple.

"The gates of the Academy are usually closed, so they’ve been receiving boxes from their parents with Aquaberry sweaters in them somehow.  We can't deal with them right now.", Jake said offhandedly.  But Tony would soon have other ideas about that.

After speaking for fifteen minutes, the boys finished and left the Cafeteria. Tony decided to take a break in his room.  On the way to the Boy’s Dorm, he fingered the two bucks he received from Jake for pulling the fire alarm, and saw Constantinos smoking against a wall.  When he arrived at his side, Constantinos took the cigarette and flicked it on the ground.

"Hello, my ‘Ears‘", Tony said.

"Oh, Boss…Tony, Hello !", Constantinos replied.

"Have you got news today ?" muttered Tony, taking the two bucks out of his pocket and shaking it before the boy's eyes.

"Yes, I have..." answered Constantinos.
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Reply #32 on: December 06, 2009, 12:54:59 AM
"Algie's been talking up a storm about himself," said Constantinos. "Says he's gonna be real big around here. Heh, he's already a big fat-ass. Can't get any bigger."

"Anything specific ?" asked Tony.

"About him ? No”, replied Constantinos.

"Good," said Tony. “Anything else ?”

"Like what ?" asked Constantinos.

"Ask that to the Washingtons," replied Tony, waving the two dollars. "What else have you heard ?"

"Beatrice's cold sores are acting up again”, Constantinos ventured.

Tony frowned. "Something useful, please ?"

"Okay," pleaded Constantinos. "I heard the Care Packages are coming in today."

"The What ?" asked Tony.

"Packages the Preps get from their Parents”, explained Constantinos. "They keep them in the School Basement now, after some students broke in the School Store and stole some things last year."

"Hmm…How do you know this ?" asked Tony.

"You're not the only person I've made deals with," said Constantinos, who gestured towards the Janitor, Mr. Luntz, who was out sweeping the walks. Tony looked at the Janitor, whom he hadn’t noticed before. But his mind was thinking. 

Maybe Jake was wrong about the Preps, Tony thought, He’s either keeping things to himself, or he doesn’t know.  The Care Packages would have the Preppies' sweaters in them, not to mention other precious things that were rare in this kind of place. Tony’s mind seized on the possibilities.  Hell, I can deal with the Preppies...and every other student in this school.

Tony smiled, although he knew that sneaking out with all those packages from the School Basement and remaining unseen was going to be difficult at a place like Bullworth.  But considering the future profits…..It was worth it.

"Constantinos," said Tony, "I've got a hell of a deal for you, but it's gonna involve you and me, and possibly some hired help….."

"Oh yeah ?" asked Constantinos. “What’s in it for me ?”
"Much more as you can imagine, you just...", Tony began.

Just then, the School Bells rang.
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Reply #33 on: December 06, 2009, 10:57:55 AM
"Hell, Already ?”, Tony bitched. “I didn't even have time to take a rest.….Look, I'm late for Gym Class….Wait for me by the English room door, two hours.  Do Not Be Late.  Remember that time is money..."

"OK, see you there, good luck !", called Constantinos as Tony hustled off.

Tony ran as fast as possible to the Gym.  On the way, a Prefect saw him and began to run after him, but Tony was definitely faster.  As he pushed open the doors, he saw that the Wrestling Ring was ready, and so was Fatty.  All turned to see him, and Coach Burton told Tony to go change quickly.  After changing, he got into the Ring, and had the same sensations as before, again looking at Fatty.

"All right, you little Roaches, I know you been waiting for this moment all day !  But headbutts are for little girls.  I want to see what you call tackling !", yelled Coach Burton.

Fatty was already afraid. Tony didn't loose any time. He grabbed his opponent, punched him to make him dizzy, and then stepped back and waited for Coach Burton's instructions.

"Okay, just place your leg behind his, and push with your shoulder on his chest to make him fall”, Mr. Burton instructed.

Tony found it incredibly easy to do.  After standing on his opponent, he gave him three punches, and felt the sensation he had before, but tried not to make Fatty bleed.

"Time for your knee to meet his Nuts !", Coach Burton called.

Tony thought that Coach Burton was really crude-speaking for a Teacher.  He hesitated some, but finally decided to do it.  His knee flew in the air, and landed were it had to. Fatty yelped a scream of pain, and couldn't stand up after Tony released him, falling over.

"I get the feeling you maybe aren't useless, Calderone”, Coach Burton grinned.  “Just don't be late tomorrow. If you chose to take Gym class, you have to show up on time !"

Tony left the Gym after changing, and found Karen outside.

"Hey, Tony, what's up ?", she said brightly.

"Wow, nothing special today, what about you ?", Tony replied.

"I've heard that the School Store was going to close”, Karen confided.

"What ?  Why is that ?" Tony asked, as if he didn't know.

"I don't know... “, Karen shook her head.  Then, she said, “Hey, you want to hang out a bit ?"

"I have to go meet up with the English Teacher, you can come with me if you want", Tony said hopefully.

"All right, it's better than nothing !" said the jock girl with a smile.

On the way, Tony had the opportunity to ask Karen about her life, and learned that she landed in Bullworth from the same way as him, because of a brochure, many years ago.  They arrived before Mr. Galloway's door. Tony took hold of Karen‘s hand, and kept it a bit.

"Well.…Gotta go in…I’ll see you later ?", he asked.

"Sure !“ Karen replied, “It was good to hang out with you, Tony !"

As the beautiful girl went away, Tony knocked on the door.  A weird answer came out of the room, but he decided to go in.  There he saw Mr. Galloway, the head between his two hands, reading a newspaper on his desk.

"Oh, I remember you !“, Mr. Galloway said, looking up. “You're Tony, aren't you ?"

"Yes, I am”, Tony answered. “Tony Calderone.”

"Well, Tony…What do you want ?", Mr. Galloway said, laying aside the newspaper.

"I was asking myself if...Um”, Tony began, “You maybe could teach me some things..."

"Tell me, what do you exactly want to learn ?", Mr. Galloway inquired.

"Just how to use arguments…know how to convince someone…in facts.", Tony said vaguely, searching for a way to convey what he meant.

The English Teacher almost couldn't believe it.  A student asked him for extra information ?  Incredible.  "Look, I don’t usually tutor….But I can make an exception, because you seem to have a future in our beautiful language.  Meet me at the Library, in the morning before classes.  I'll teach you everything you want to know !"

"Thank you very much, sir !", Tony said, and took his leave.

As Tony came out of the room, Constantinos was waiting for him. "As I see, you didn't forget me."

"I'm here to hear you plan, Boss”, Constantinos said, as the two boys exited the rear of the school, onto the back Quad.

Tony felt oddly destabilized as the boy called him ‘Boss‘. But he quickly started to expose his plan.
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Reply #34 on: December 22, 2009, 10:35:10 PM
As they was talking, another new kid, named Kurt, ran up to them. “Hey There !”

Angered by the interruption, Tony turned on the newbie.  “Who the hell are you, and whadda you want ?”

“Well, I’m Kurt…I…I…Just wanted to get in on whatever you guys are talking about….”

“This is a private conversation….Beat it”, Tony growled.

“Yeah, but…I just thought that….GLURK !!!!”, Kurt gasped as Tony’s hands wrapped around his neck.

“Not gonna tell you twice”, Tony said, “Stay outta my business”. 

Kurt gagged as Tony dragged him several feet over to a smelly Trash Bin container and roughly jammed him into it, butt first.  Kurt struggled, stuck in the Trash Bin, sputtered and started to say something else. Tony popped him with two hard hits to the face, and Kurt’s head lolled back, senseless.  There, that will shut him up.

Tony looked around. Other kids had stopped and were staring. This is not good, Tony thought, there’ll be a Prefect not far behind…He looked over at Constantinos, “Let’s get outta here…Com’on”.  They started to run.

“Where to, Boss ?” panted Constantinos.  “We need someplace private” Tony replied, increasing his speed, “I know a place…And stop calling me Boss”.

“Ok, Bo…Er, Tony, sir”, a nearly breathless Constantinos gasped out as they rounded the corner and beat it up the steps that led to the Library. Pointing to the right of the building, where a broken fence sat atop a wall, Tony indicated to Constantinos, “Over There”.

A fat-looking Nerd was blocking their way. “Hey, you can’t go over there !!” the fat Nerd exclaimed. Tony quickly whipped out his Slingshot and nailed the Nerd in the crotch.  “OHH…My NUT-NUTS !!!!!” the Nerd screamed as he staggered off, bent over.

“Com’on, over the wall”, Tony motioned to Constantinos.  Both quickly scaled the wall and dropped to the other side.  “So, how’d you know about this place ?” asked Constantinos, who already knew.

“Found it when I was out poking around one night after curfew” replied Tony, looking around to see if anyone was sticking their head over the wall. 

“OK, looks safe…”, Tony said, and then huddled with Constantinos.  “Now for the rest of it -- Here’s what I need you to do…..”
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Reply #35 on: December 23, 2009, 05:48:37 PM
And as Tony revealed the plan to Costantinos, Kurt, who had extricated himself from the Trash Bin after regaining his senses, and  had run after the pair, ducking under the wall to listen.  He wasn’t able to hear much, but enough to get the gist of the plan.

Hearing the conversation come to a close, he begin to sneak  away before being discovered, muttering, "Sweet Revenge..."
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Reply #36 on: December 24, 2009, 09:26:52 AM
“Ok, got it ?” Tony asked Constantinos…”You’re just skinny enough to make this work, and…the payoff will be a lot bigger than this panty-anty shit deals you have with anyone else”.

Constantinos nodded. “I can do that….Just find me a way into the basement”.

“Got it covered. There’s a empty locker across from the basement door. Hide in there before school closes at 7 PM. Wait till you see the Janitor unlock that door to go in to get supplies. He can’t take all the TP at once, he will have to make several trips. He won’t bother to lock the door between trips. Wait until he comes out, and heads around the corner to the bathrooms.  Sneak in then, go down below, and find those ‘Care Packages’…and, stay hidden, least until 3 AM”

“OK, Bo..Er, Tony, sir….that sounds easy” Constantinos said….”There’s certain advantages to my size”

“Great. Let’s split up….You leave first….I’ll leave in a few minutes” Tony said.


Kurt loped away from the wall, where he had been eavesdropping, and headed for the Library entrance. Still feeling a little loopy from being punched in the head, he nonetheless moved quickly and made it through the Library doors before being seen by Constantinos, who was climbing back over the wall.

I’ll get that Bastard, he thought.  Nobody stuffs me in a trash can. Nobody !!!

Hurrying down one of the bookrows, he turned round a corner and ran full tilt into a rather pretty-looking girl, spilling the books out of her hands and onto the floor.

“Ah, Damn…Sorry…Here, let me get those” Kurt said as he bent down to retrieve the girl’s books. “I wasn’t looking where I was going…Sorry”.

“Oh, don’t be silly….I wasn’t paying attention either” the girl replied, as Kurt began re-stacking the books in her arms. “I was thinking about…well, I guess, what might be my new boyfriend”, She blushed.

“Well, that’s a shame…Just my luck, a pretty lady like yourself being unavailable and all…..My name’s Kurt, by the way….Who’s the lucky fellow ?”

“Oh, I’m Karen….I was thinking about Tony….He doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend yet…But I think he will soon….He’s such a great guy”.

Kurt hid his surprise on hearing the guy’s name….The same name he had just heard that skinny kid call the guy who had mashed him in a Trash Bin just about 15 minutes earlier.

“Well, here you go….Doesn’t look like any damage” Kurt said, as the last of Karen’s books were placed in her arms.”  I’m kinda new here…Maybe we’ll be in some classes together”.

“Maybe…”  Karen said. Walking away, she looked over her shoulder and threw him a wave.  “See you Around ?”

Kurt watched Karen’s tight little butt as she walked off.

Hmmm….Boyfriend, Huh ?, Kurt thought.


Tony waited after Constantinos left for a few minutes, looking around. It had been dark when he scoped this place out, and he hadn’t paid a lot of attention to a gate set over at the far end. He went over to it now, and gave it a good look.

The gate and fence looked almost too high to climb…Besides, there were rolls of barbed wire all along the top. This was Nerd’s territory, Tony thought to himself, this whole place….He leaned down to look at the lock.

It was some kind of a keypad attached to a sliding iron bar. Looked like a code pad…..Tony peered through the gate. He saw grass, large rocks, and a trail leading down to some trees, where it disappeared into them.

Where does this go ?  He wondered….And then, What are they keeping back there ?

He straightened up. He needed a keypad code….And he resolved to keep this little find to himself. This might come in handy, and Jake was unstable…Whacked out without his Meds, so it seemed…

And Jake didn’t know everything.

Time to boogie.  He had lots of arrangements to make.
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Reply #37 on: December 29, 2009, 06:46:50 AM
The next day, Tony was walking freely about the school, looking at everything.  Suddenly a student bumped into him, but didn't go away. He stayed there, his shoulder against Tony's.

"Hey, are you fucking gay or what ?", Tony demanded.

At this moment, he felt a pointed thing against his chest…A knife.

"Do not try to get away. Understood ?", A voice said.

Tony turned and recognized the kid….Kurt.  Now he was in trouble.

Stay calm, Tony thought.  He can't do anything here, there are students around. Just ask him.

"Okay, what do you want ?", he said.

"You see the toilets ? Go in there”, Kurt switched to Tony's back, pointing the knife against it. They entered the Boy’s John.  It was empty.

"Good…Now that we are in private, we can discuss this like adults”, Kurt said.

"Tell me, what the fuck do you want ?", Tony said angrily.

"You thought no one listened in on what you planned with that turd, Constantinos ?", revealed Kurt.

Tony was had.  "Ok, look…I'll pay you off."

"Let me see... Shoving someone into a Trash Can... Punches in the head.…That will be incredibly hard to keep your little secret”, Kurt gloated.

"I'll pay anything you want”, Tony said quietly. “Let me go, Now !”

"I hope so.…A good percentage….” Kurt broke off as someone entered the restroom.  “I'll contact you later." Kurt briefly pushed his knife harder, and then left the Bathroom very fast.

Tony shook his head. What a waste of time...

As he came out of the toilets area, he saw Karen. She saw him too. Tony began, "Hey Sweetie, what's new today ?"

"Oh, uh…“, Karen started nervously, “I'm doing well, nothing really new !"

"All right. I'm going to walk to the Football Field, you want to come with me ?", Tony asked.

"Really sorry, it's time for Art Class…“, Karen scurried off, but said over her shoulder, “I hope I see you soon, I got to talk to you, Tony."

And so Tony walked alone towards the Gym.  He was thinking about everything that had gone wrong. There were already two students that knew about the secret.  Fuck this, he had to find a place where no one could go, for private thinking.  He looked at the two high buildings that made up the Gym.

This would be perfect, but I'll never climb that,, Tony thought.

He continued to the field. Looking for a little private place, he found a way behind the bleachers.  And there he saw a kid that he had never seen.  He was dressed in a jock suit. What he was doing, though, was pretty incredible….He was running to the wall, after which he.…. Made four steps ON the wall, jumped, and grabbed the top, so that he could be on the bleachers.  Tony gaped.  How high was this wall ?  This was normally not possible !  As the kid made his way back to where he started, he saw Tony.

"Oh, uh, who are you ?" he said with a strong French accent.

"Relax, Dude, I'm Tony”, Tony told him.   “I was really fascinated by what you were doing, it's amazing !"

"I think you should already know, I come from France”, the boy said.

"So what ?", Tony said, confused.

"What I do comes from there” the boy said. “We name it the Parkour."

Inspiration hit Tony. That could be very useful to climb up the Gym Buildings !
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Reply #38 on: December 29, 2009, 10:41:59 AM
"Could you teach it to me ?  I got money if you need it”, Tony asked eagerly.

Oui, always need money” the boy said.

Wee, Tony thought….This kid queer ? Oh well…No matter.

“Here is how” the boy said, “Your…Gravity shifts…when you run and jump…like so…” And he was off, running full speed to the wall, taking a small leap, never slowing…One, Two, Three, Four steps up the wall, grabbed the top wall, and hauled himself up.

Carefully hanging by his hands, the boy lightly dropped back to the ground.  “You try now ?  I warn you...Do Not slow down..”

Tony backed up quite a bit, and then turned on full speed. This is NUTS, he thought…I’m Gonna splat right on that wall..…Remembering at the last second to jump he did…One, Two, Three, Four steps, quickly grabbing the top of the wall before he could fall….

Carefully dropping back to the ground, Tony said, “Whoa…That’s a pretty good trick. Listen, Ten bucks be OK ?”, flashing the bill in the boy’s face.

Oui” The boy replied, “But you listen, teach no one else this…Est-ce que tu comprends ce que je dis ?”

“Err…What ?” Tony said.

“Ahh…How you say……UNDERSTAND ?”

“Oh…OK, no problem…Secret’s safe with me, Dude”, replied Tony.

“Good…I am Laurent…I new here….Want to learn other things, come see me”.

That I will, Thought Tony…That I will.


After afternoon classes were over for the day, Tony found Constantinos.

“OK, tonight’s the night….Hide in the locker before 7 PM, and sneak into the basement like we talked about…Look for those packages…They should each have some Aquaberry sweaters in them. I‘ll be waiting at the outside basement door at 3 AM…We‘ll go from there”.

“OK, Bo..Er, Tony….Got it covered", Constantinos agreed.

“See you then….", Tony paused. "Oh, try to find some rope down there while you’re at it….Lots of rope”.

“Rope ?” asked Constantinos….”What For ?”

“I got a plan”, Tony said.


Tony lay awake on his bed late into the night. Finally, checking his watch, he thought, Time To Go.  He had briefly considered getting Jake in on the plan…But the last couple of days had given him other ideas…He could hide this new stash somewhere else…So, Fuck Jake. He wasn’t getting a cut of THIS deal.

Moving down the dark hallway, Tony suddenly felt someone bump into him…Then a hand gripped his shoulder.

“Going Somewhere ?” a voice asked.

Tony knew that voice by now…It was Kurt. 

Before Kurt had time to react, Tony smashed his elbow backwards into his head, feeling something break in the other boy’s face, possibly his nose.  Kurt took a big whooping breath and prepared to scream.

Can’t Have That, Tony thought, as he turned quickly and plowed his fist into the boy’s stomach.  Robbed of air with which to scream, Kurt doubled over and started making fish-like gasping sounds…..Tony squared up and cold-cocked him right in the Jaw.  Kurt went down, unconscious.

Can’t Leave Him Here, thought Tony, as he dragged him to a nearby Trash Bin and stuffed the boy into it, for the second time. “Not so tough without your knife, are you dickwad ?” Tony muttered as he left the boy’s dorm.
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Reply #39 on: December 29, 2009, 10:50:14 AM
Sneaking out successfully avoiding the patrolling Prefects, Tony was scrunched down in the stairwell at the Basement door at the West side of the School.  At just a minute after 3 AM, he heard a light tapping on the other side of the door….

“Constantinos ?”  Tony whispered.

“Yeah…I found the stuff”, he heard Constantinos say.

“OK….Let’s go”, Tony said in a low voice, “before the Prefects come around again”

The doorknob clattered…Then…”I Can’t…It’s Locked”, from the other side.

Tony Groaned. A damn deadbolt. SHIT. He thought hard for a moment. Then, an idea.

“Constantinos….look for a vent nearby to the door.  “A Vent ?…Oh, OK” from the other side.

A few minutes passed. The patrolling Prefect passed by, not seeing Tony down inside the stairwell…Strolled off around the corner. Finally, Tony heard some noise from about 10 feet away, and snuck up the stairs to investigate. One of the many vent grates that circled the school was vibrating.  Tony hurried over and grabbed the vent. Together, the two boys worked the vent loose. Tony set the vent piece aside.

“I got 8 boxes here” Constantinos said in a low voice from the other side. “They’re kind of flat, so they should slide through here”.

Tony quickly stacked the boxes as constantinos passed them through. “Got some rope, too” the boy said, and passed a large coil through the vent.

“Good”, Tony said. “Can you squeeze through ?”

“Yeah, think so…Give me a hand”.  Both boys worked and finally Tony pulled Constantinos through, replacing the vent piece over the hole.

“OK, now quick, let’s grab these boxes and beat it -- Head over the wall to the Autoshop before the Prefect gets back", Tony said hurriedly,  "It’s almost time for him to come back through”.

Both boys grabbed the boxes and rope, and hurried quickly to the breech in the wall to the Autoshop, threw the loot over, and scrambled over. When Tony was sure they hadn’t been spotted, they gathered the boxes and rope once again, and ran to the path leading from the Autoshop to the Gym.


“How we gonna get by here ?’ Constantinos whispered as the waited at the head of the path leading to the fountain. “That Prefect patrols the path down to the Gym”.

Tony grabbed a few pieces of broken-off bricks laying on the ground. “Watch” he said. Waiting for the Prefect as he appeared on the pathway, he began heaving the pieces over the fountain, toward the direction of Harrington Hall.

“HALT !!! SHOW YOURSELVES”,  the Prefect yelled, as he started to run down the path to Harrington Hall. “LAWBREAKERS !!! SCUM !!!!”

“Let’s Go”, whispered Tony, and both boys scurried down the now vacant pathway to the Gym….Arriving at the lowest part of the roof overhang, Tony stopped and heaved the rope up onto the roof.

“How’re gonna get up there ?” asked Constantinos.  “Watch”, said Tony.

Tony backed up across the yard, then took off running full speed, jumping at the last second…Then, One, Two, Three, Four….Reaching out quickly and grabbing the overhang, he hauled himself up on the roof.

“WOW, what a neat trick” Constantinos said in a low voice. 

“Yeah, well, you didn’t see anything", Tony called down.  "Here, I’ll let the rope down -- start tying the rope on those boxes, and I’ll haul them up”.

Both boys worked fast, getting all the boxes up within a couple of minutes. “OK, hide in the shadows”, Tony called down. The Prefects don’t come down this far…I don’t think…Better be safe”. 

While Constantinos faded back into the shadows, Tony looked around and had found a small ladder leading to the highest part of the roof.  Checking it out, he found a perfect spot to stash his loot….A hollow spot against a low wall bordering the top. He quickly moved the boxes to the spot, and re-coiled the rope and placed it on the top of the stacked boxes. Just perfect…for now…As long as it didn’t rain on them….

Tony thought…I Have To Get That Code To The Nerd’s Gate.

Retracing his steps, Tony went to the edge of the low roof, throwing his legs over, moving down on his belly, then briefly hanging on the gutter before dropping lightly to the ground.

“OK, let’s split” Tony said, and both boys snuck back across campus, unseen, and snuck back into the dorm. As the walked down the hall to their rooms, Tony noted Kurt still stuffed in the Trash Bin, out cold.

Tony had the feeling he was going to have to keep beating the snot outta that pissant, he thought as he entered his room and locked the door behind him…If I Don’t Get Stabbed In The Back First.
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Reply #40 on: December 29, 2009, 06:40:43 PM
In the middle of this short night, Tony couldn't sleep anymore. What time was it ?  6:00 AM.  Tony thought about what he had to do next.  He got the stuff now, time to sell it. And then he remembered…The English teacher had said he would be at the Library before classes to teach him how to negotiate.  He got up and dressed, then left the Dorm.

Tony arrived before the Library. On his right, he saw Mr. Galloway, in a meditation posture.

"Good morning, Sir !” greeted Tony. “Uh, Sir ?"

"Oh, Uh, good morning”, answered Mr. Galloway, startled. “Who the hell are you ?"

"I'm Tony Caldrone….You remember me ?", Tony asked.

"Oh, Yes…I remember !", Mr. Galloway responded.

"Uh…Don't you ever go to sleep ?", Tony asked.

"No, since I've stopped drinking alcohol, meditating every night is the best way to keep my body clear and clean !", Mr. Galloway said enthusiastically.

"So...Er…I wanted to learn how to negotiate, you know...", Tony said.

"This is a very good choice, boy. First you have to know exactly who you're dealing with”, Mr. Galloway began counseling.  “Then it‘s just a simple matter....…"

Almost an hour later, Tony was ready. He ran quickly back to his room, locked the door as usual, and fell into bed, intending just to rest awhile before class.  His eyes drooped, and he quickly fell asleep.

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Tony slept in late….He’d had a long night.  He could skip a few classes, most of the teachers were too preoccupied to take any kind of attendance, anyway. When he finally awoke, it was after 2 PM.  Wandering sleepily into the Common Area of the Dorm, which had a drink machine, an old arcade game console, a card table, a TV, and an old long beat-up looking couch, he noticed another boy whom he only vaguely knew as Ray sitting there watching what looked like a weather report.

From the TV, the little gay-looking weatherman was going on about sun-shiny skies and warm weather for the next few days….”But”, the little queer dork was saying, “There’s a large cold front headed down this way from the North that’s going to collide with all this hot air mass come this weekend, and there is the potential for massive thunderstorms when those two fronts meet each other…

Shit !!!  Tony thought….Those boxes of ‘merchandise’ he had stashed on the roof would get soaked, and possibly damaged…He would HAVE to find that code for the Nerd’s gate a lot sooner than he thought…But how to do that without anyone finding out that he knew ?  Well, at least he had a few more days to figure out how get that done…Maybe he could have Constantinos quietly ask around…..

Leaving the Dorm, and traveling over to the Yard, Tony heard a voice hail him.

“Hey, Tony-boy”.  It was Jake.  “Haven’t seen you around today, old buddy. Fact is, didn’t see you in your empty room last night, either….You been takin’ in the night sights all by yourself around here ?”

“I might have been poking around a little…So What ?” replied Tony.

“Whoa…What’s with the attitude, Dude ?” continued Jake. “I guess you missed all the excitement this morning, didn’t you ?”

“Excitement ?”, Tony said…”What Excitement ?”

“Why, they took a kid right out of the dorm over to the Infirmary…He was unconscious and all…Funny thing, Though…”

“What’s That ?” Tony said, in his ‘who-gives-a-shit’ voice.

“Well, when they found him, he was stuffed in a Trash Bin…Right around the corner from your room...", Jake went on with an unpleasant grin.  "You, uh…Wouldn’t know anything about that…Would’ja ?”

“No…I Wouldn’t know anything about it, Jake", Tony retorted, "And I really don’t give a shit”.

“Weell.....l“ Jake said slowly, ”Crap like that sorta brings the school Bulls in, sniffing around, you know….Might be bad for business….OUR business, if you catch my drift there, Tony-boy”.

Tony was silent.  Jake continued, “I’d hate to see our little deal around back get fucked up, you know ?  And for sure, I’d hate to be the guy that fucked it up”.

Jake turned to walk away. “Be talking to you soon, Tony-boy….Keep in touch, Eh ?”

Tony watched the other boy walk off.  He stood there a moment, and let out a sigh. Man, this place was really screwed up….And here he was, right in the thick of things now.
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Tony came out of the dorm. As he was passing next to the Trash Bin, he heard something ringing in it. He slowly looked what the thing was, and recognized it as a Nerd-made-Walkie-Talkie.  He took it, and held it up to his ear.

"Zzzzztt…Algernon here. Meet me at the Library."

The message was short, but Tony knew what it was about.  He threw the Walkie-Talkie over the school's wall, then ran fast to meet the fat Nerd that was keeping his secret.  He remembered his early morning course with Galloway. He'll need it.

When Tony arrived at the Library, he spotted Algie over in a vacant corner of the yard.  As he approached, the Nerd boy began talking. "Okay, I want you to bring me new shorts, and five bucks, I need it as fast as possible."

"Oh, you've wet yourself ?“, Tony remarked snidely. “That's bad... I hope no one will know about this."

"That's why I need it fast !", Algie said, a touch of panic in his voice.

"Whoa, Whoa... Slow down, we've got a little time.”  Tony stood back, looking at the wet stain in the front of the enormous boy’s pants. “You know, I have many contacts in Bullworth now. All I’ve got to do got is just say a little sentence, and everyone will know about this."

"I've got contacts too ! And I can tell about your little secret !", Algie whined.

Know who you're dealing with.

"Oh yeah ?  What about the deal you've been making about you ?“ Tony asked slowly, “It would kinda screw all the effect, you know, if that got out."

"But...But…”, Algie stuttered, and then clammed up.

"All right, I'm a comprehensive person”, Tony said after a moment. “I'll bring you your shorts.  For the bucks…Eh…you'll have to wait.  It's already a great thing I'm doing just to bring you new clothes."

And Tony walked away, without hearing anything more from the Nerd.  He won this deal, and that wasn't big, but a small victory was still a victory.
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Reply #43 on: December 30, 2009, 07:27:22 AM
"Hello, my ‘Ears‘." came the voice.

Constantinos recognized this sentence. Tony was standing next to him, and his cigarette fell one time more on the ground. "Hello, Bo... Tony !"

"You've got something new ?", Tony asked, looking around.

"Nothing that could be important for you, only gossip”, Constantinos replied.

"Well, I have something to ask you”, Tony said. “You know the gate, near the library ?"

"Of course, the Nerds take it every evening”, Constantinos replied easily. “I don't know what they're doing there. Maybe their Grottos and Gremlins thing."

"Do you have the code ?" asked Tony, already searching for his last two bucks.

"No, really sorry”, Constantinos said regretfully. “You'll have to find that out yourself."


One more time, Tony came to this gate. Fuck, there's really no way to the other side. He had to spy when the nerds will come through tonight. But where could he hide ? There are only walls, no way he couldn't be seen... Then his eyes looked at the roof of the library. Of course.

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Tony returned to the Boy’s Dorm.  He had run into Algie when leaving the Library area, and it appeared the boy was soaking wet, at least on the bottom of himself.  It appeared that a Bully had caused him to wet himself.  Algie pleaded with Tony to recover some fresh shorts from his room.  Tony agreed to do so for $5, and Algie Agreed.  What choice did he have ?

Tony went to Algie’s room at the Dorm.  Why some of the Nerds kept rooms at the Dorm still puzzled him, seeing as how much they were bullied.  But now, Tony felt a little dizzy.  He decided to lay down for a little but.  Algie could wait.

He had just meant to close his eyes for a moment, but soon fell asleep.  And then it began, like countless times before.
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