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Title: The Bullworth Never Ending Story
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                            THE BULLWORTH NEVER ENDING STORY
                                                          {{ CHAPTER 1 }}

                                                       The School Bombings

Tony Calderone had been waiting for an hour next to the great gates of his new School.  He had read the sign over it about a hundred times -- BULLWORTH ACADEMY.   How will it be ?  His Mother had just left him here alone, only with a bag, an apple and his black tie.  He had been listening to music on his bed as his Mother had came in and just said, "I’ve found a fantastic school for you, Tony !  Look at the brochure, you'll sure have a great career if you go there !".  On the moment he had agreed.  But now.….He was stressed.  He was looking at a little graffiti on the wall as a woman came walking towards him.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Fresh Meat Is DEAD Meat"  That's what the graffiti read.

"You must be Tony Calderone",  crooned the woman, who was wearing a dark, tight outfit. "I am Miss Danvers. Welcome to Bullworth Academy !  I'm sure you'll fit in quite comfortably here."  She led him through the Gates onto the School Campus.

A tall, ugly boy in a white shirt with acne and blonde hair smiled as he gestured menacingly at Tony, just as he passed the quad. Two other boys in white shirts slapped their fists into their palms behind him, wearing the same hideous smiles.

"Come along, now. You don't want to keep Dr. Crabblesnitch waiting. He's an amazing man”, Miss Danvers continued, walking swiftly towards the large School building.

Miss Danvers made no effort to slow down for Tony, galloping off to kiss the ass of her beloved Principal.  Climbing the steps and entering the School, he found himself in a grand hall.  Ahead, Miss Danvers was ascending another flight of steps that led to the School Office.  When Tony caught up, he was directed to an another Office in back of that, through double doors. 
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony arrived in the Office. There the Headmaster was waiting for him.  His Scholarship Record was open on the Headmaster’s desk, and  it wasn't bad at all.  The Headmaster, who was named Dr. Crabblesnitch, was saying that Bullworth was made for him, a great quality Student.  The interview was a short one.  Tony, after having thanked him, left the Headmaster’s Office, and was directed to his lodgings and given instructions and a class schedule by Miss Danvers.  Feeling good, he made his way to the Boy’s Dorm.

The Three boys were waiting for him, with the blonde one in lead.  They lurched from the shadow of the Boys' Dorm and into Tony's path.  The blond one went up to him, and put out his hand.  "Welcome to Bullworth !  I'm Trent.", the boy said.

"Thank you, my name's Tony, I'm.…."  Tony couldn't finish his sentence as Trent was literally crushing his hand. Tony just had to throw his foot into the Bully's knee just to get free.  As Trent fell down, holding his leg, the two other boys began to push him.

"What are you going to do ? Huh ?", said one.
"Oh, a black tie, I was just looking for one !", the other one said.
"Leave Me Alone !!!" screamed Tony.

He tried to punch the nearest one, but the Bully avoided it, grabbed him, and shoved him up against the wall.  "You think you're tough, new kid ?"

And then he threw Tony to the ground.  The two boys began to kick him, joined by Trent, who had just got up. The apple came out of Tony's pocket. Trent took it, ate a piece of it, and spat everything out on Tony's new uniform.  "As I said, Welcome to Bullworth !"

The three boys laughed and went away. Tony let his head drop to the ground. He didn't want to get up.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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As he laid there moaning and coughing, another student in a school uniform came up and offered him a hand. "Hey, you're the new kid.  My name’s Jake.  If you think that was bad, I'll have to show you the rest of this dump."

As the two of them walked into the dorm another student approached them.  Shyly, he introduced himself. "Hello, I’m Pete !"

“Shut Up, Ho-Mo !”, Jake spat out.

“You better watch it, Jake !” Pete retorted before walking off.

It didn’t seem as if Jake and Pete really liked each other, considering their arguing.

As Jake had Tony explore the Dorm, they literally ran into a HUGE bully named Russell.  Before Russell could say a word, Tony and Jake made a break for Tony’s new room.

After they were done panting, Jake told Tony he should put his new uniform on. Jake, however, just stood there.

"Listen, I gotta change," Said Tony, "Would you mind fucking leaving ?”

"Listen", said Jake, "If your gonna talk like that in this School, you’ll get the shit beat out of you like you did earlier, only harder.  Think about that for a while."

As Jake went out the door, Pete came back in.  "Hey, sorry about Jake. I know he can be a jerk sometimes.  But you can’t just put up with him like that."

"Yeah, I realized that. Thanks.“, Tony said.  “But I gotta get changed and my stuff unpacked…See you.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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As Tony was putting on his uniform he overheard some of those dickwads in the white shirts talking out in the hall.

"Hey, I think that new kid is a fruitcake", one said
"You mean pound cake ?", the other joked.
"No, I think he’s a weakling like everyone else around here", the first said.
"Well, I don’t know about that, remember the New Kid last year ?”, the second said,  “I still have bruises."
"You mean that fag Gary ?", the first asked.
"Naw, you know, the one after him”, the second answered.
"Ohh... You mean Jim…", the first started.
"Shut up , We were never supposed to mention him again !", the second warned.
"Oh yeah…sorry”, the first relented.

As the conversation drifted off, Tony thought to himself, Who the Hell is Jim.... and why can’t they mention him ?
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The alarm clock bell rang, signaling the upcoming morning class, and Tony groaned.  The previous evening had done nothing but reveal to him that Bullworth Academy was actually a cesspool of society rejects, with fighting going on in the hallway outside his room far into the night.  As he came awake, the fighting resumed.  Tony was beginning to regret ever having come to this place, which was nothing like the brochure.   

Two students passed his open doorway.  One of them was actually kind of a shrimp, with a childish face, but his Bullworth athletic sweater on him said otherwise.  The other guy was large and hulking, with a Letterman jacket.  It was that guy who stopped briefly in front of Tony's door to shake his fist at him, although by then, Tony had his back turned.

Tony scrambled through his belongings and finally salvaged his now crumpled schedule and a clean new textbook.  He read: {Period 1: Mathematics}

As he half-assed his way into the School building to what was going to be his first class in this hellhole, a Student stopped right in front of him.  Tony considered taking the textbook he had been issued him and smacking it on the prick's head, but soon realized that this Student didn't seem like he wanted to annihilate him anytime soon.

"Going to Math Class ?" asked the guy, who was wearing a dark green sweater.  A black cloud of misery seemed to shroud him, and Tony could understand why in a place that seemed as horrible as Bullworth.

"Yeah, I am", Tony answered.  "I'm Tony Calderone, new here."

"I'm Constantinos.  Good luck with Mr. Hattrick," sighed the black-haired student.  "Wish me luck in gym.  I'll need it."

"Umm...Ok, whatever", Tony said. "I gotta go off this way", he said, pointing down the hall.

"OK, see you", Constantinos answered morosely, and headed off.

As the gloomy Student wandered away, Tony watched him.  Even this kid seemed a little off.  Not that this School wasn't already weird enough.

Tony approached the stairs to the second floor, deep in thought.  He had managed to make one friend, if you could call it that.  Well, maybe two, if Jake counted.

Suddenly, he was face up on the floor.  The overhead lights burned in Tony's pupils, and he shielded his eyes from any more agony.  At first, he thought someone had struck him out of nowhere.

But in reality, a student had slid down the railing and accidentally landed on him.  As he uncovered his eyes, a face loomed over him.  It was Jake, grinning.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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As Jake went to help him up, Tony asked him about what the Bullies were talking about earlier.  Jake told him all he knew about the person who had the dorm room before him. Tony was surprised to know that the person before him ended up “King of the School“.

Pete, who had been close by and overheard, walked over and said, "His name's Jimmy.   He used to be a good friend of mine, and he went to Prison for an accessory to Murder on an old rival named Gary.  He really didn't do it, but they arrested him anyway.  That's why the Bullies never mention his name.  It kills them to think that one of their old buddies committed murder.  If your wondering, that's why Russell is 10 times more aggressive than the other Bullies…..He wasn't able to face the facts."

"Is that why the bullies are aggressive toward me ?", Tony asked,  "Because I'm in that room that was last used by Jimmy ?"

"Probably so." answered Pete with a shrug.  “That room hasn’t been used since, until now.”

Tony hadn't noticed before that Pete was a bit older than the other Students.  He then asked Pete why that was, and Pete's reply was, "I sorta run this place."

Tony was surprised but he didn't ask any more questions about that.  Instead, he asked who had murdered Gary if Jimmy didn't kill him.

Pete replied, "It might've been one of Jimmy's other friends, Edgar that killed him....But, funny thing was, he was found dead too."

"Hmmm....But wait", Tony asked. "What happened to Jimmy ?"

"He was sent to Prison.  They tried him as an Adult", Pete said.

Tony mulled that over for awhile.  Looking around, he asked why the Bullies seemed older than some of the other kids.

Jake piped up and laughed, "Cause they’re all to dumb to pass !"

Tony was FULL of questions but he decided to stop there, as he had to go before he was late to class.

"Hey !", cautioned Pete as Tony left, "Try not to mention Jimmy’s name too much, Ok ?"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony marched through School, thinking deeply about what Jake said.  Who was this Jimmy, and what made him so important ?   Looking at this dump, everyone was probably paranoid and out to get each other.  Or maybe that was his own paranoid thinking.

He made his way to the Mathematics room, ruled by one Mr. Hattrick. 

"I hope you all have your Brains today !" barked the rather fat man at the front of the room.  Mr. Hattrick was the kind of teacher that put on an expression that fried the souls of all who entered.  He glared at Tony, and he suddenly felt like bolting out.

"You must be young Tony," growled Hattrick.  "Your seat is over there.  You better remember it, or you'll be standing for the rest of the semester !"

His seat was the most ghetto-ass desk he had ever seen.  The carvings left on its surface were too obscene to even describe, and about thirty pieces of multicolored gum fed off its bottom.  Students briefly peered up at him as he descended down the row, all of them giving him the look that said, "You poor, poor bastard"

Tony slowly balanced himself on the beaten up chair, afraid that the desk might fall apart at any moment.  One particular carving caught his eye among the armies of crude teenage imagination.   A deeply carved scribble, as if someone had taken a hunting knife and scratched the word out in fury.  Below it was the classic proclamation of, "...wuz here."  He wasn't quite sure, but the beginning of the scribbled-out word looked like it started with a 'J'.

"I can't believe he got hired back in," whispered a Student in a blue, diamond patterned vest to another who was dressed the same way.  Actually, now that Tony had a chance to look around, he noticed everyone was dressed like someone else.  This wasn't too strange in a Uniform School, was it ?

"Yeah, my older brother told me about him.  From what he said, we weren‘t going to be able to buy any more test answers", said the other in a strange, English-sounding accent.  "I would pay for that Jim--"

"Shhh!  Don't say his name out loud !", the first boy interrupted.

"Superstitious, are we?", the second boy smirked.

"No, but it’s a not a good idea", the first boy replied.  "Trust me, even money can't keep Russell and his boys back..."

"Why Are You Boys Talking !!!" screamed Hattrick.  The shockwave of his voice made everyone twitch in their seats.  The two, argyle-printed boys sank in their seats as Hattrick glared them down.

"You two, to the Principal's Office !" he yelled.  The two Students in front of Tony drew out of their seats, hands raised up as if Hattrick had a gun.  They slowly, but frantically, made their way out the door.  Tony could've sworn he heard one of them say, "I'll call my lawyer for this..."

The class was silent with fear.

"Now then," growled Hattrick.  "Time to learn Students.  The homework is written on the board.  Be advised I will NOT read it for you !!"

{Pg. 327, #3-67}. Tony read off the board.   Great, thought Tony
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The class bell rang. All the Students ran out as if the classroom was filled with poison.  Tony saw the two boys that were thrown out by Mr. Hattrick hanging out near the School Clothing Store. They probably didn't even go to the Principal.

"So, Tony... You liked Math Class ?" asked Jake.

"In fact”, Tony said, “I never even heard what the Teacher was talking about.  But tell me, I heard one of the two boys that got thrown out there saying that he were going to call his Lawyer. Was he serious ?"

"Ha-Haaa” laughed Jake, “I think it's time for you to discover all Cliques from this dump !  Come with me...".
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake sped off without warning, leaving Tony to haul his ass as he tried to catch up.  After almost falling down the stairs on his first day of School, Tony had managed to catch up to Jake who was standing at the entrance of a large, sunlit room.  The Cafeteria.

"Well, Tony-boy, this is your School !", crowed Jake with a grin on his face.  "You better learn all the Cliques and where they hang out.  Trust me, it's for your own good."

He pointed towards a table of Students wearing garish, green sweaters.  They were playing some sort of game, and by the looks of it, the new version of G&G.  He watched a particularly fat one get excited over the new light up, electronic D-20 Notepad.  Across from him sat a hideously underweight kid, with filthy hair and horn-rimmed glasses.

"Those are the Nerds," explained Jake.  "They're the outcasts of this place.  Smart, but they can be douchebags sometimes.  However, they're the easiest 'prey' here, as you will see."  A large Jock had smacked the skinny Nerd on the back of the head as he sauntered off towards the people dressed like him.

"Their turf is the Library", Jake continued.  That’s where they mostly hang out, along with the old Observatory.”

Tony took a good look at them and noticed the fat one had A 'Plumber's Crack'.  He cringed.

"And those are the Preps", Jake said, pointing to another table.  "Their brains are made of money.  Oh, and they're massively inbred.  They like to hang out at Harrington House.  You'll find out where that is later, but I'll warn you that they have a dog named Chester on their side lawn.  A hungry dog."

Tony noticed that the Preps wore the same sweaters as the boys who got kicked out of Hattrick's class.  No wonder.

"Those are the Greasers", indicated Jake, pointing to yet another table.  "They're all poor, but they're tough.  Best not to mess with them now.  They inhabit the Auto Shop."

"They exist ?" asked Tony, who observed their greasy hair and leather jackets.  One of them had a rat-tail brush and was happily running it through his hair.  Another one opened his mouth, and Tony swore he sounded like a particular 50's star.

Jake shrugged, and moved to the next Clique.

"And what every School needs...the Jocks," said Jake.  "They're all on the Football Team, and I swear the big ones are taking Steroids.  None too smart either, but the Teachers always treat them better than everyone else.  They have their own Clubhouse, but you'll find them mostly on the Football Field and in the Gym"

Indeed, some were giants compared to the other Students.  Most of them were wearing Varsity Jackets.  A particularly scary one looked up and glared over at him.

"So," grinned Jake.  "What do you think?"
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"Are you nuts ??  Do you even have to ask ?" Replied Tony in a loud voice."Im gonna be stuck in this craphole that you call a School for an entire year, and you're asking me what do I think ?"

"Yep. But if I were you, I would definitely join Gym Class, you know, you could use an ounce of muscle." Jake said jokingly.

“Yeah, whatever", said Tony

"Here." said Jake while handing Tony some kind of object.

"What is it ?" said Tony, looking at the strange contraption.

"Are you kidding me ?“ Jake said, surprised. “You've never seen a Slingshot before ?"

"Well…I have, but I've never used one", Tony said, embarrassed.

"Oh Jesus, you've never used a Slingshot ?  Well, we better go take a target practice. Let’s start at the Football Field.  I hear the Football Team has practice today", Jake said.

"I wanna know how you know this stuff ?", asked Tony.

"Nothing escapes my attention", Jake grinned evilly.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake was a hell of a runner, and yet again, Tony struggled to catch up to him as they made their way all around the School and past the Fountain.  Jake made a gigantic leap down the stairs and onto the Football Field, and Tony imitated him.  The Jocks would've pulverized them for being on their turf if they weren't being drilled by the coach at the moment.

"Climb up that tree and wait for practice," advised Jake.  "I'll be sitting on the Bleachers.  Oh, and don't forget the Coach while you're at it !"

"Are you sure about this ?" asked Tony, who had the worn-looking Slingshot in his hand.

"Don't be a girl," crowed Jake.  "You'll just have to do this one thing, and then we'll go to Galloway's class."

"Aren't we going to be late ?", Tony asked.

"Not to worry," explained Jake.  "Attendance is kind of....Lax around here.  Besides, ever since Jim… I mean that guy left, the poor bastard's been back on the bottle."

"Whatever, man", said Tony, and he off towards a tree.

Tony clawed his way up the tall tree and carefully sat himself on a jutting branch.  The top of the branch was smoothed over, as if someone had sat on it many times before.

Then there came the "Bullworth Bullhorns", spreading out on the Football Field in hilariously predictable formations.  Tony looked over at Jake, who was staring intently from the Bleachers, and realized what Jake wanted him to do.

Carefully, Tony loaded up a stray Acorn against the launcher pad, pulled back, and let go.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The shot nailed one of the jocks right between the eyes. "Damn I'm good" exclaimed Tony.

"Lucky shot !!" Yelled Jake from the Bleachers.

Tony did not let up. He continued to drop the Jocks one at a time until only Mr. Burton was standing there. Tony pulled back on last time... WHACK!!! right at the nose.  Tony jumped with excitement and fell right out of the tree.  At the same time Mr. Burton and about four Prefects came running at him.  Before Tony could get up, he was already being surrounded by Prefects and one ANGRY Gym Teacher. Before the the Prefects laid a hand on him he heard a low, old mans voice. "Stop!!" Tony looked behind him and saw the man behind the Prefects.  It was the Headmaster, Dr. Crabblesnitch.  Behind him was Pete.

The Headmaster said "Peter and I were just talking about you, Boy.  Come with me to my Office."

Tony was worried as hell, but when he got to the Principal’s Office, he saw Pete walk in the doors behind him and he didn’t feel quite as worried anymore.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"So, Tony, how was you first day here since we saw each other ?", Dr. Crabblesnich asked.

"Umm…To be honest, sir..." Tony started.

"You liked it ?“ Crabblesnitch interrupted. “Aha, I was sure you were going to feel comfortable here.  But can you tell me what you were doing in that tree ?"

"I...Uh… Wanted to look how the Bullhorns trained, to maybe join them..." lied Tony.

"Oh, fantastic ! Another student to join our Sport Team !  I knew that you were going to integrate yourself well !", the Headmaster exclaimed, then called,  "Oh, Mr. BURTON ?"

"Yes, Dr. Crabblesnitch ?" asked the fat Gym Teacher, who had just arrived at the Office.

"You must have been wrong. This boy is a Pearl !”, Dr. Crabblesnitch said loudly. “Please allow him to join your Wrestling Class so that he could learn to become a Bullhorn !  And you, Tony, remember for next time, that climbing up the trees is forbidden.  Any more offenses and you will have to see the Punishment Prefect.  That is all. "

Mr. Burton frowned. He wanted this little prick to be punished, not integrated. Well, he thought, I know the Jocks are gonna make him pay anyway. I just have to look elsewhere during that time.

"Yes, Sir, it's a pleasure to get a new member !" he said, with a false smile.

Tony walked with a silent Mr. Burton to the gym.  He was lucky that Dr. Crabblesnitch seemed so naive.  But he thought Coach Burton wasn’t so sure.  And now, he had to do Wrestling for the first time of his whole life. Against Gorillas. Great.

As they arrived at the Gym, the voice of the Gym Teacher took him out of his thoughts.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Look boy", said Mr.Burton."I Don't like you but...the Head says I have to."

"Yeah, about that...I was really talking more about Football when I said joining the Bullhorns", said Tony.

Coach Burton chuckled under his breath.” Kid, you ain't nowhere near getting a spot on the Football Team."

"Well then, If its alright with you I’d rather just not get into sports. The only reason I mentioned joining the Bullhorns was really just an excuse.", said Tony.

"Kid, I wouldn’t care if you got hit by a semi-truck right now. I don't really want you here”, Coach Burton hissed.

"Well then, see you later then Fatass !.",exclaimed Tony, turning around and walking the other way.

"Hey, you little piece of crap ! I'm not gonna take that from you.  You'd best get a better attitude or get outta this School !", Coach Burton screeched.

"Whatever.....", replied Tony, and took off on a run.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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On his way out of the gym, Tony ran into someone.  Or rather, it was more like someone ran into Tony.

For the second time today, Tony was knocked over.  He looked up to see a large, hulking figure looming over him. The tall student was wearing a Letterman jacket and the standard gym pants.  He had a scar that Tony could see even past his dark skin, close cut black hair, and an expression that made nerds whimper.

"Watch where ya goin', new kid," growled the figure.

"Yeah, whatever," said Tony, lifting himself off the ground. "Nice scar."

"Are you trying to mock me?!" The jock snapped. "Cause I know da cure for that !" He slammed his gigantic fist against the palm of his other hand.

"You're the one with the scar !", snipped Tony, who had been ready to bolt before the Jock suddenly grabbed him.

"That's it, you asked for it !" The jock gripped at Tony's collar, although Tony wasn't going to run off now.  This would be so much easier if Jake were here, but Tony had a feeling that Jake already knew about it. After all --"Nothing escapes my attention."

Damn. But before the behemoth could land a blow on Tony, a girl with strawberry blonde hair ran up to them.

"Juri, the Coach wants to see you," she said.  Juri grunted, and then unlatched Tony from his grips.  For now.

The linebacker charged through the double doors of the gym, bringing in a gust as he left. Tony straightened out the bends in his new collar, which now had holes in it.

"You're lucky," said the girl. "Any farther and Juri would've torn you up."                                                                                       

She had short, boyishly cut coffered hair. Telling by the way she was dressed, Tony guessed she was a Jock girl.

"No shit," said Tony. "Everyone's psycho around here."

"The Jocks weren't always like this," she explained. "Do you know about Lance Jackson?"

"No”, Tony said. “I’m new here.”

"He was an underclassman here last year.  He wanted to be quarterback..." She smiled, although almost sadly.

"So what ?", said Tony, not understanding.

"He never made it," continued the Jock girl. "Lance was found in a alley over in Bullworth Town, beaten so badly that he may never walk again.  They never found who did it. He was Bo Jackson’s younger brother. Lance looked up to him. All the Jocks were real protective of him. He was so kind, too. Hated fighting, used to read a lot..."  The girl put on a sad face.

"Hey, I'm sorry," said Tony. "Listen, I'm Tony....Tony Calderone"

"I'm Karen," said the Jock girl. "Karen Johnson."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Look, I can't explain to you now, but I guess I have to make the Wrestling class, and I've never Wrestled from my whole life !"

"Hey, take it easy, Tony !", consoled Karen.  "You know, even Nerds attempt this class, to get the minimum muscle allowed in Bullworth.  You'll see, it's easy to beat them.  I love wrestling !"

"Oh, okay, so it's cool then. I’ll go change for Gym class”, Tony said.

"I'll wait for you !" Karen smiled.

Tony, while changing in the locker room, heard someone talking in the next box. The voice was literally crying, sometimes calling his mum. Tony thought it could be one of those Nerds that he learned about.  As he arrived in the main Gym, many students were forming a circle around what they called "The Ring". As they saw him, a group of girls in blue dresses twittered, "Here he is ! The New kid !"

Included in them was Karen.  As he looked at her, she made a wink.  Tony went into ‘The Ring’ and waited for his opponent to come.  Mr. Burton was looking at the scene from the bleachers.  Now every student was looking at the stairs, and there came a very fat guy in wrestling suit, the same as Tony.  All began to call his name, "Fatty ! Fatty ! Fatty !"

The fat kid became  beet red.  He knew it was ironic.  Tony remembered, as he had watched wrestling on TV when he was younger, that this "Fatty" reminded him of one wrestler….Big Show, maybe ?  Fatty smiled at him, a horrible smile saying, Please, don't hurt me.....

"Okay, you little Roaches, let's begin ! I'll give you moves to execute during this match." screamed Coach Burton.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Coach Burton glared at Tony, although Tony was busy looking at Karen for reassurance. Karen simply smiled and nodded at him, so Tony faced forward. The hippo in front of him was already soaked with his own nervous sweat, and Tony could swear something foul had just released into the air.

"Grab him," growled Burton. Already, the Cheerleader girls in the short blue dresses seemed to be dancing in formation.  Students gestured as if they were expecting something exciting to happen.

"Go boys, GO!" intoned Burton.

Tony lunged out and gripped the straps of Fatty's wrestling suit, wincing at the wetness, before driving his head into Fatty's.  A sense of dizziness cut into him, and when his vision cleared, he found Fatty lying helpless on the floor.

"Another crushing blow for Fatty !" squealed the giant boy. The students cheered as if Tony had won some epic battle, and Tony could hear Karen cheering his name.

Fatty struggled to haul himself onto his bulky feet, before backing away from Tony.  A pang of dizziness laid into he back of Tony's head, but he continued forward.

"Hit him !" screamed one of the Cheerleaders. "Hit Him ! Hit Him !"  The other students watching cheered in response. Tony was sure that if they all had weapons, they would be waving them in the air like some kind of psycho horde of murderers.  Out the corner of his eye, Tony could see Jake sitting contently on the bleachers, smiling.

Tony rushed forward and delivered a blow to Fatty's face, which shocked the Giant kid.

"More !" screamed a student bystander. "More !"

Fatty seemed to be running away, trying to back out of the ring until a student stepped forward and shoved him back in.  Tony raised his fists, one after the other, and struck Fatty two times in the face.  He heard something crack, and blood started to squirt in trickles down Fatty's wrestling uniform.

He looked at Burton, who simply smiled contently.  The Cheerleaders continued to cheer, and Karen gave him a big smile and a brief thumbs up.  In the bleachers, Jake continued to smile, although it took on a morbid quality in it.  The bystanders roared in anticipation.

Fatty looked broken.

Canis canem edit.…..Dog eat dog.

Tony gripped Fatty's moist uniform, and with an unknown strength, dragged him forward. He delivered two strikes to his opponent's puffy cheeks, and then finished him with a devastating knee to the face.  Fatty collapsed on his back, obviously injured.

The students exploded in fits of insanity.

"That's enough !”, growled Burton. He looked less pissed. "Maybe you're not so useless after all !"

As the students exited out of the gym, Tony looked down at his knuckles. Blood.

"Good job, there," crowed Jake. "I see you're getting used to the place."

"I guess," said Tony, continuing to marvel at the stains of red on his knuckles.

"You were great out there, Tony," said Karen, who ran up to the two. Tony continued to stare at his knuckles, comparing the spots.

"Oh !", said Jake, startled. "Who's this ?"
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: --Peter-- on November 19, 2009, 07:23:46 PM
"Hey, Tony, im talking to you !  I said who’s this ??" said Jake in a stern voice.

Broken out of the trance of staring at his bloody knuckles Tony replied,
"Oh….This is Karen. She saved my face today."

"Well, Hello, Karen.", Jake said with a grim smirk.

"Hey there", Karen said uncomfortably.

"Well, I gotta go, Tony.  I got biology. Today were gona dissect Pig dicks." Jake said jokingly before speeding off.

"That kid is strange, I always feel like he’s staring at me when we pass each other in the hallways”, said an uncomfortable Karen.

"Who, Jake ?  He seems pretty cool”, mused Tony.

"Whatever”, Karen said, and changed the subject. "So , anyway I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone named Tony before."

"Well, my Mom tells me that I’m named after my father, Anthony Calderone, but I never met met him….He used to live in Liberty City."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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As Tony finished speaking, a person dressed in a Bull outfit appeared.  In fact, it could have been anyone in that Bull suit.  The Bull had a little object in his hand.  As he lit fire to it, Tony knew it was a Firecracker that was going to explode near one of them.

BLAM !!!!!!

 Shielding Karen, Tony didn't run to avoid the blow of the weapon, nor he didn't hesitate as he saw his mugger escaping in direction of the library.

“Karen, I’ll see you later !” Tony shouted, as he raced after his attacker. By the fountain, he saw Jake, and called, "Jake, come help me take this Jerk !!"

And the two boys ran after the Bull, who was slowed down by his suit. Tony remembered the guy he talked with before math class, the one with a dark cloud over the head.  But why should it be him ?  Jake advised Tony to take out his slingshot, but it was ineffective, as they were on the run.  He definitely had to use his fists...and his head.  As they arrived at the Library, they saw the figure bolt inside.  Racing right behind, they finally caught up and trapped the Bull against a wall.  He was desperately looking for an escape.  Seeing he didn’t have any, he started to act like a real Bull and made out as if he was going to charge right on the two boys.  By chance, Jake had some stuff on him.  He took out a small package that Tony couldn't identify.  As the bull charged on them, he just avoided him and threw the package.  And Tony realized what it was as the figure stopped and began swatting at himself . "Itching powder, right ?"

"Yep, my friend. Now he hasn't got much choice, he has to take this off”, Jake laughed.

Jake was right.  The person was frantically scratching and couldn't keep the suit on much longer.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake and Tony watched in morbid anticipation, waiting for the jerk to take the head off so they could pummel him.

"What are you doing?!", came a sudden voice.

An ancient-looking woman had sauntered up to them. Tony and Jake peered around, and it looked like they had taken the library hostage. Books and papers lay abandoned on the floor. One of the chess tables was knocked over, and the pieces rolled all over the place. Two skinny Nerds peered up from behind a study table.  A smelly, wet trail on the floor led to a couch with a particularly large Nerd shaking behind it.  Behind the couch next to him was a kid who was wearing that blue, diamond-patterned sweater.

The guy in the Bull suit continued to scratch wildly, cursing under his breath.

"You three are getting in big trouble for this !" growled Ms. Carvin, the Librarian. "How dare you come into my library and destroy my beautiful books ?!"

Jake couldn't help but smile, but Tony wasn't too happy.  But before Ms. Carvin could attempt anything else, the guy in the Bull suit let out a frustrated grunt and charged his way through the library, exclaiming loudly when he bumped his hip on the side of a table on his way out.

Jake tried to speed off after him, but Ms. Carvin's wrinkly arm had slung out and grabbed his ear.  He yelped in surprise and kneed her in the privates.  What came out of her mouth then was too obscene to relate.

The old woman groaned and shook her fist at them as the two ran off.  By the time Tony and Jake had exited the library, the guy wearing the bull suit was long gone.

"Whoa," said Tony, as he and Jake continued to run as Prefects trailed after them, "Just...Whoa."

"No one touches me," muttered Jake. "No one."

"So, where are we headed to next ?" asked Tony.  The two Prefects that were chasing them had hunched over to catch their breath.

"English class, I guess," said Jake.

Tony looked at his watch. "We're forty minutes late."

"Doesn't matter," said Jake, with a smirk. "It's not like the drunk bastard will notice anyway."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Sorry, sir, we..." Tony said, then stopped, seeing that there were only five students in the classroom.

"…Are a bit late, I know”, the Teacher, whose name was Mr. Galloway, said.  “Go take a seat and finish these assignments."

The two boys took two free tables and started to work.

"This one is more cool than Hattrick !" Tony Exclaimed.

"You see ?  But no one likes his class.  All think it's useless...", Jake began.

"Why are we here then ?", questioned Tony.

"Because in fact, it's NOT useless. Look at your sheet." Jake pointed to the paper.

The worksheet was titled "The Words That Hurt". While working on it, Tony wondered if it could be useful to calm down the Bullies.…It was clear that this class was more useful that just learning grammar.  The teacher, named Mr. Galloway, walked between the tables, a cup in the hand.  As he arrived near Tony, he looked attentively at his work.

"Good one, I never thought about that…”  Mr. Galloway seemed to be lost in thought for the moment.  Then he said,  “I think you have finished, you may go now.  Try not to be late next time !"

"Thank you, sir !", Exclaimed Tony, getting up.

Jake hadn't finished yet.  He gave Tony a little paper on which he had written two words.


Tony exited the class and looked over at the red handle on the wall. He was wondering what would happen if he got caught.  But his plan was perfect.  Just hide in the nearest locker after doing it, and wait for Jake.  His hand grabbed the handle, and pulled.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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As he was running to the nearest locker one of the Prefects managed to see him squeezing into the only open locker.  After only about 3 seconds, the Prefect pulled him out and held him against the wall.  At about the same time Jake came sprinting out of the English room and shot the Prefect in the back of the head with his own Slingshot and knocked him out.  Tony and Jake took off.

Tony asked him how he had knocked out the Prefect with only one shot.  Jake replied, "This is about 3 times more powerful than your little peashooter that you call a Slingshot."

Tony had noticed that it had a scope, and was twice the size of his. "Where did you get that from ?" asked Tony.

"I stole it from one of the Nerds." said Jake. "Here…I'll let you take this one…You'll need it more than me."

Tony was puzzled.  He had no idea why Jake said that he would need it more than him. But before he had a chance to ask why, Jake said, "I'll be doing all of the planning, and you'll be doing the dirty work."

"What do you mean?" asked Tony

"Oh”, said Jake, “I haven’t told you how we’re going to take over the School ?"

"No." said Tony. "But….I don’t want to take over the School."


"WOW….Quit freaking out man !!”, Tony cringed.

"Sorry”, Jake said, shaking his head and quickly calming down.  “I forgot to take my Meds.  I just get overexcited."

"Whatever, its cool”, Tony said, relived.

"So are you coming or not ?", Jake urged.

"Yeah, I‘ll be along”, Tony said, a spark of doubt raising in his mind.  Was Jake some kind of Psycho ?  “Something I gotta do.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Free of Jake, Tony ran everywhere. He had to find HIM.  Jake wants him to do the dirty work ? OK.  But no one has said that he couldn't do his own business.  He bumped into many students, without finding the one he was looking for. The Fire Alarm continued to ring, but finally, he found him.  He was like Tony had last seen him, milling about aimlessly, a cloud of misery over his head.

"Hey, I remember you !  How was Math Class ?", The Student greeted.

Tony didn't answer. He grabbed Constantinos, and whispered in his ear. "I know it was you. Time to pay now."

"Hey, what are you talking about ?" Gurgled Constantinos.

"Don't play innocent with me”, Tony growled, and drove his fist to his victim's stomach. As he stood up, Constantinos decided to fight. Tony thought it was time to prove that gym class wasn't useless.  After avoiding the unsure fists of his opponent, he made a perfect headbutt, finishing him. But Tony didn't let him hit the ground.  He shoved him to the wall.

"OK, Tony, let me explain to you !”, Constantinos wailed.

"Oh, you remember having done something now ?", hissed Tony.

"Wait, I didn't have the choice... It was the Jocks... You know…”, Constantinos trailed off.

"They made you ?", Tony asked, understanding.

"Yes...", Constantinos said, miserably.

"Hmm…“ Tony paused.  “Maybe we can make a sort of deal together. What about if you keep me informed of what people plan and say ?"

"Will I get paid... ?", Constantinos said, weakly.

"Maybe, if you do a good job”, Tony replied.  “We got a deal ?”

The other boy nodded.  At that, Tony let Constantinos fall against the wall. He had ‘Ears’ now.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony wasn't the last student to make it out of the building.  Apparently, some students didn't even leave at all.  Fire Drills were performed at least six times a week, even if the authority figures didn't want them to.  There was no fire, and the chances of a fire actually happening at Bullworth School was pretty rare. It wasn’t like anybody really cared anyway.  Getting all the students out of the building took so long that the School Classes were over by the time everyone was out. Tony was tired.

He went back to the Boy’s Dorm, ditched his uniform, and slumped onto his bed.  Out of his open eye, he could see Hattrick's long-ass homework assignment.  He thought about the way Hattrick had chewed out those two boys on the first day of school.

"Screw it," was all he muttered, before drifting off to sleep.


"Hey, Wake Up !!!"  Someone shook him.  It was Jake.

"I got something amazing planned, and YOU'RE a part of it," spouted Jake. When Tony opened his eyes, the alarm clock read 5:27. In the morning.  He had slept a long, long time.

"C'mon," urged Jake. "We gotta hurry up if we're gonna do this right. Hurry up ! Oh, this is going to be GREAT."

Tony noticed something odd about Jake.  Jake was already pretty disturbing before, but there was something about the way he moved that made him seem really Psycho now.  His uniform, which Jake was still wearing even at such a time, was even more messed up than it usually was.  His hair stuck out at random spots, and Jake's eyes seemed to react to everything.  He fidgeted as he paced back and forth.

"Do you know what time it is ?" asked Tony. "You look like you need some sleep."

"Yeah, it's time to get up off your ass and follow me," commanded Jake. "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you better not miss it !"

Tony thought about laying his head back onto his pillow, but after realizing Jake was crazy enough to literally drag him off, he got up and slid back into his own uniform.

"Follow me !" called Jake, as he sped out the doors. "This is going to be FUN !"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake was now walking in the Quad towards the School.  Tony took this opportunity to ask him about his plan.  Jake’s answered, "Well, have you ever seen the School Store ?"

Tony remembered the two Preps hanging out near it. "Yes, but I don't know anything about it. What do you have in mind ?"

"I discovered that the people who like to sleep much miss a lot of things...", Jake said absently.

"Tell me, what's the thing with the Store ?", Tony persisted.

"OK, Tony boy, let me explain it to you, Jake said, suddenly focused.  “Many students have to buy some stuff to wear, especially the Jocks and Non-Clique students. But where does that stuff come from ?  The answer is simple. They buy it every month, at quarter to six, before everyone wakes up. I found this out during my nights without sleep."

"So…What ?", asked Tony.

"So, if we steal the stock”, Jake continued, “We have the opportunity to sell it for twice the price !"

"OK”, Tony said, “I understand now... But how are we going to get it ?"

"The Prefect that has to move the stock has some Nerds as ‘employees‘, Jake said.  “If we waste the Prefect, the ‘Nerd Slaves’ won't do anything to stop us. That's the plan."

They arrived by the basement stairs at the West side of the school.

"Go hide in that Trashcan ! Jake whispered.  “I'll take this one over here."

"IN the trashcan ?", Tony said doubtfully.

"Don't be a girl”, Jake snickered, “No one throw their Bananas in there, if you know what I mean."

Tony took out his new slingshot, then hid in the trashcan.  In a few minutes, He saw that Prefect that almost busted him after he had pulled the fire alarm, and behind him, three Nerds with long packets in the hands.  When he saw Jake jumping out of his trashcan with an M-80 firecracker, so did Tony.  He used his new powerful Slingshot to shoot the Prefect in the head, while Jake was throwing his M-80 the feet of the Prefect. In just seconds, the Prefect was lying on the ground.  The Nerds didn't know what to do, and stopped dead.  Jake promised them nothing would happen. He even paid them two bucks each, so that they wouldn’t say anything.  His plan worked perfectly.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Hurry up," urged Jake, as he hauled a box full of clothing past the Parking Lot.

"What for ?" asked Tony, who was also balancing two large boxes against his chest.

"Listen up", crowed Jake. "We're gonna hide the boxes.  No one knows about our little business plan, but they will soon enough."

"Then how are we supposed to sell them ?" asked Tony.

"You'll see soon enough," said Jake. "Now haul your ass."

Tony and Jake edged around through the Quad. Their eyes darted around, watching for people who could potentially rat them out.  At last, Tony and Jake made it to the back of the Boys' Dorm.  Jake pulled some bricks from the back of the dorm, and a massive hole formed. The inside of it had an abandoned spidered webs.  Pipes stuck through the top of the secret compartment, and everything was covered in dust.  Tony could hear Rats.

"How did you find this ?" asked Tony.

"Isn't it amazing ?" boasted Jake. "I spent a whole month after I came here carving those bricks out of the wall.  Now hurry up and toss the boxes in there."

Tony didn't even have to be asked, for he was already placing the boxes hastily into the secret space. Green sweaters, blue sweaters, Letterman jackets, extra gym uniforms, and even a jockstrap spilled from the edges of the boxes.

"This is our first step towards power, Tony-boy," said Jake. "You can bet that we'll have some people willing to offer their services for a small cut of the goods."

Tony continued to pile the boxes in. "For some reason, I feel like a Drug Lord", he joked.

"Good," said a smiling Jake. His smile dropped into a sneer as he looked up. "Aw, Shit."

Tony peered up and saw a person standing in the distance between the back wall and the Dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Both Jake and Tony began to run at the shadowy figure. It appeared to be a Nerd, and the two boys slapped their fists into their palms in a gesture of intimidation.  Tony recognized him as the fat Nerd that wet himself in the library, as they was chasing the Bull.

"Wait, Wait, Wait !" said the fat kid with an unsure voice, and he showed them the object he had in the hand.  It was made of what looked like a large chewing-gum pack, many electric wires, and some stuff taped a bit everywhere.  "This is a Transmitter !  I tied it into the Fire Alarm.  If you touch me, I'll have to use it, and everyone will see what you've done !"

The two boys stopped. Tony was sure it was bluff, but Jake whispered him not to underestimate the Nerds.  Out loud, he spoke, "OK, what do you exactly want from us ?"

"I want a percentage from your little business”, the figure said. “And some new pants when I ask you for them.  Mine get dirty very fast, because of my.…Sweat."

"And if we don't want to ?", challenged Jake.

"Then I'll tell Dr. Crabblesnitch what I know about it”, the fat kid said. “Two bucks wasn't enough."

"All right”, Jake said.  “We'll throw a percentage of our profits in the Trashcan near the Library, when you ask for it"

The nerd, named Algernon and known as ‘Algie’, nodded, then looked right and left, and then started to run away, a hand on his stomach like had had to pee.

"Don't worry, Tony, every business works like this, especially in Bullworth”, Jake said. “You always have to pay for your secrets, everyone depends on it from everyone else.   Now get let’s get some sleep, tomorrow morning is Art Class….Oops, I mean, today is Art Class !"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake went over and pulled out the boxes after Algie left.  “That fat shit saw the hiding place”, Jake grumbled.  “Let’s take these back to your Dorm room and get this crap unpacked.”

Tony was worried that someone might be hanging around the front of the Dorm, but as they snuck back around the front, he was relieved to see no one there. Going into the Dorm, they moved quietly to Tony’s room across from the Common Area, going inside and closing the door. 

“So, how much are we gonna sell this stuff for ? Asked Tony as they unpacked the boxes.
Jake had used a razor blade to slit them open.

“I’m thinking about $20 for the shirts, and $40 for the pants”, Jake replied, laying out their booty on the bed.

“Wow, that’s crazy !”, Tony exclaimed.

That’s the point”, Jake said.  “When the School Store stocks go empty soon, those dumb kids will be forced to pay double the price.”

“Oh….I get it now”, Tony replied.  “That’s brilliant.”

“Ok, looks like this is a good haul”, Jake said, and sorted the clothing back into the boxes.  “Stash these in your Wardrobe, since it’s empty.  I’ll take care of selling these when the time is right.”

“All right, if you say so”, Tony said, but in his mind he was a bit doubtful. “I’ll get a cut, right ?”

“Sure, I’ll get that to you”, Jake said hurriedly, but Tony wondered how sincere Jake was about that.  The clothing boxes were secreted in Tony’s Wardrobe cabinet.

“Now get let’s get some sleep, tomorrow morning is Art Class….Oops, I mean, today is Art Class !", Jake chuckled as he left for his own room.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony yawned, before smacking himself on the arm to wake up as the Alarm Clock went off.  He had dozed off.  Groggy, he left the Dorm.  Jake caught up to him, and seemed just as crazy as usual, urging Tony on, as the two made their way to Art Class.

"You can sleep when we get to Art Class," called Jake. "Hurry up !."

Tony lazily sauntered his way up the stairs, trailing behind Jake as he hauled himself into the classroom.  Tony's brain might have been pretty screwed up from his broken sleep, but he could've sworn that all the other students in there were girls.  Tony realized that he and Jake were the only guys in the class.  Well, not quite…On closer look, he could see there were some drooling guys tucked away in the far corner.

He was expecting some weird, stick-like, possibly perverted guy to be leading the class. Instead, a woman dressed in a well-fitting turtleneck and a tight leather skirt made her way around lonely easels and took a stand in front of the class.

"Hello Class," said the woman. "My name is Ms. Phillips, and I am your Art Teacher. Welcome to the Amazing World of Art !"

Tony peered at the group of guys in the corner, whose eyes were all locked onto the teacher. He was pretty sure it wasn't because they wanted to learn about Art.

He stared back at Jake, who seemed to be amusing himself with some morbid thought.  Tony could tell by the evil smirk on his face. "Hey, Jake", he whispered.

"What ?" replied Jake. "Can't you see I'm busy thinking here ?"

"Why the hell are we here when we could be managing our little business ?" asked Tony.

"You've got a lot to learn, my friend," said Jake, who picked up the brush that was laid out for him. Tony copied him, eyes watching the guys in the corner. They were all still staring and gawking at Ms. Phillips, although she had already told them to pick up their brushes.

"Okay, class, I just want to see how far your skills have gotten up to this point," explained Ms. Phillips. "Let the inner self flow onto the paper. Don't be embarrassed."

Tony looked at the blank canvas in front of him. After blinking for a few times and then jolting back to reality, he had realized that he had dozed off there for a few seconds. This Art  wasn't going to be good.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Tony, please get to work !", said Ms. Philips, interrupting Tony’s revere.  He had been daydreaming for most of the period.  "You don't want to come in after class…Do you ?" she said in a sexy voice.

"That depends", Tony smarted off. "What will we be doing ?"

Tony was wishing that maybe he hadn't said that, but he was sure she had heard that one before.  Just then, the bell saved him.  He stormed out the door to avoid detention.  Once he got out, a group of students were giving him hell for ‘putting the moves’ on the Art Teacher.

"Smooth move." Jake laughed.  "Nobody's ever had the guts to do what you just did."

"Yeah, whatever." Said Tony. "Let's just get back to business."

Title: The Never Ending Story
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“I knew I wasn't wrong by choosing you, Tony-boy !”, Jake exclaimed as they walked the halls.  “You are a perfect partner, thinking right, and walking right, not like all these chazzers in Bullworth.”

"I want to know where this ‘business’ will lead us to.", Tony said seriously.

"You wanna talk about this, don't you ?  Come on to the Cafeteria then, I'll explain to you our first step.", Jake said, and the two boys headed down the hall.

In the Cafeteria, Tony started to grab a plate to get something to eat, but his arm was stopped by Jake.

"Do NOT eat anything from Edna. I don't want my partner dead, it won't help me.", Jake said with some amusement.

"But I have to eat something...", Tony protested.

Jake had already walked away, and threw him an apple and a banana from a basket on the table he had chosen.  "Here's what you get, Tony."

"OK, thank you, that's better than nothing...", Tony remarked snidely.

Jake ignored that. "Alright, let's talk business."

"My ears are open.", Tony said, flopping into a seat.

"You will be my Dealer.  For this you'll have to keep up with English class, that could be useful to learn how to deal.", Jake instructed.

"Right." said Tony, remembering the worksheet ‘The Words That Hurt.’

"Okay. Now the targets of our plan”, Jake went on, The Nerds, the Jocks, and the Non-Clique students."

"What about the Preps ?", Tony inquired, Taking a bite of the apple.

"The gates of the Academy are usually closed, so they’ve been receiving boxes from their parents with Aquaberry sweaters in them somehow.  We can't deal with them right now.", Jake said offhandedly.  But Tony would soon have other ideas about that.

After speaking for fifteen minutes, the boys finished and left the Cafeteria. Tony decided to take a break in his room.  On the way to the Boy’s Dorm, he fingered the two bucks he received from Jake for pulling the fire alarm, and saw Constantinos smoking against a wall.  When he arrived at his side, Constantinos took the cigarette and flicked it on the ground.

"Hello, my ‘Ears‘", Tony said.

"Oh, Boss…Tony, Hello !", Constantinos replied.

"Have you got news today ?" muttered Tony, taking the two bucks out of his pocket and shaking it before the boy's eyes.

"Yes, I have..." answered Constantinos.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Algie's been talking up a storm about himself," said Constantinos. "Says he's gonna be real big around here. Heh, he's already a big fat-ass. Can't get any bigger."

"Anything specific ?" asked Tony.

"About him ? No”, replied Constantinos.

"Good," said Tony. “Anything else ?”

"Like what ?" asked Constantinos.

"Ask that to the Washingtons," replied Tony, waving the two dollars. "What else have you heard ?"

"Beatrice's cold sores are acting up again”, Constantinos ventured.

Tony frowned. "Something useful, please ?"

"Okay," pleaded Constantinos. "I heard the Care Packages are coming in today."

"The What ?" asked Tony.

"Packages the Preps get from their Parents”, explained Constantinos. "They keep them in the School Basement now, after some students broke in the School Store and stole some things last year."

"Hmm…How do you know this ?" asked Tony.

"You're not the only person I've made deals with," said Constantinos, who gestured towards the Janitor, Mr. Luntz, who was out sweeping the walks. Tony looked at the Janitor, whom he hadn’t noticed before. But his mind was thinking. 

Maybe Jake was wrong about the Preps, Tony thought, He’s either keeping things to himself, or he doesn’t know.  The Care Packages would have the Preppies' sweaters in them, not to mention other precious things that were rare in this kind of place. Tony’s mind seized on the possibilities.  Hell, I can deal with the Preppies...and every other student in this school.

Tony smiled, although he knew that sneaking out with all those packages from the School Basement and remaining unseen was going to be difficult at a place like Bullworth.  But considering the future profits…..It was worth it.

"Constantinos," said Tony, "I've got a hell of a deal for you, but it's gonna involve you and me, and possibly some hired help….."

"Oh yeah ?" asked Constantinos. “What’s in it for me ?”
"Much more as you can imagine, you just...", Tony began.

Just then, the School Bells rang.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Hell, Already ?”, Tony bitched. “I didn't even have time to take a rest.….Look, I'm late for Gym Class….Wait for me by the English room door, two hours.  Do Not Be Late.  Remember that time is money..."

"OK, see you there, good luck !", called Constantinos as Tony hustled off.

Tony ran as fast as possible to the Gym.  On the way, a Prefect saw him and began to run after him, but Tony was definitely faster.  As he pushed open the doors, he saw that the Wrestling Ring was ready, and so was Fatty.  All turned to see him, and Coach Burton told Tony to go change quickly.  After changing, he got into the Ring, and had the same sensations as before, again looking at Fatty.

"All right, you little Roaches, I know you been waiting for this moment all day !  But headbutts are for little girls.  I want to see what you call tackling !", yelled Coach Burton.

Fatty was already afraid. Tony didn't loose any time. He grabbed his opponent, punched him to make him dizzy, and then stepped back and waited for Coach Burton's instructions.

"Okay, just place your leg behind his, and push with your shoulder on his chest to make him fall”, Mr. Burton instructed.

Tony found it incredibly easy to do.  After standing on his opponent, he gave him three punches, and felt the sensation he had before, but tried not to make Fatty bleed.

"Time for your knee to meet his Nuts !", Coach Burton called.

Tony thought that Coach Burton was really crude-speaking for a Teacher.  He hesitated some, but finally decided to do it.  His knee flew in the air, and landed were it had to. Fatty yelped a scream of pain, and couldn't stand up after Tony released him, falling over.

"I get the feeling you maybe aren't useless, Calderone”, Coach Burton grinned.  “Just don't be late tomorrow. If you chose to take Gym class, you have to show up on time !"

Tony left the Gym after changing, and found Karen outside.

"Hey, Tony, what's up ?", she said brightly.

"Wow, nothing special today, what about you ?", Tony replied.

"I've heard that the School Store was going to close”, Karen confided.

"What ?  Why is that ?" Tony asked, as if he didn't know.

"I don't know... “, Karen shook her head.  Then, she said, “Hey, you want to hang out a bit ?"

"I have to go meet up with the English Teacher, you can come with me if you want", Tony said hopefully.

"All right, it's better than nothing !" said the jock girl with a smile.

On the way, Tony had the opportunity to ask Karen about her life, and learned that she landed in Bullworth from the same way as him, because of a brochure, many years ago.  They arrived before Mr. Galloway's door. Tony took hold of Karen‘s hand, and kept it a bit.

"Well.…Gotta go in…I’ll see you later ?", he asked.

"Sure !“ Karen replied, “It was good to hang out with you, Tony !"

As the beautiful girl went away, Tony knocked on the door.  A weird answer came out of the room, but he decided to go in.  There he saw Mr. Galloway, the head between his two hands, reading a newspaper on his desk.

"Oh, I remember you !“, Mr. Galloway said, looking up. “You're Tony, aren't you ?"

"Yes, I am”, Tony answered. “Tony Calderone.”

"Well, Tony…What do you want ?", Mr. Galloway said, laying aside the newspaper.

"I was asking myself if...Um”, Tony began, “You maybe could teach me some things..."

"Tell me, what do you exactly want to learn ?", Mr. Galloway inquired.

"Just how to use arguments…know how to convince someone…in facts.", Tony said vaguely, searching for a way to convey what he meant.

The English Teacher almost couldn't believe it.  A student asked him for extra information ?  Incredible.  "Look, I don’t usually tutor….But I can make an exception, because you seem to have a future in our beautiful language.  Meet me at the Library, in the morning before classes.  I'll teach you everything you want to know !"

"Thank you very much, sir !", Tony said, and took his leave.

As Tony came out of the room, Constantinos was waiting for him. "As I see, you didn't forget me."

"I'm here to hear you plan, Boss”, Constantinos said, as the two boys exited the rear of the school, onto the back Quad.

Tony felt oddly destabilized as the boy called him ‘Boss‘. But he quickly started to expose his plan.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on December 22, 2009, 10:35:10 PM
As they was talking, another new kid, named Kurt, ran up to them. “Hey There !”

Angered by the interruption, Tony turned on the newbie.  “Who the hell are you, and whadda you want ?”

“Well, I’m Kurt…I…I…Just wanted to get in on whatever you guys are talking about….”

“This is a private conversation….Beat it”, Tony growled.

“Yeah, but…I just thought that….GLURK !!!!”, Kurt gasped as Tony’s hands wrapped around his neck.

“Not gonna tell you twice”, Tony said, “Stay outta my business”. 

Kurt gagged as Tony dragged him several feet over to a smelly Trash Bin container and roughly jammed him into it, butt first.  Kurt struggled, stuck in the Trash Bin, sputtered and started to say something else. Tony popped him with two hard hits to the face, and Kurt’s head lolled back, senseless.  There, that will shut him up.

Tony looked around. Other kids had stopped and were staring. This is not good, Tony thought, there’ll be a Prefect not far behind…He looked over at Constantinos, “Let’s get outta here…Com’on”.  They started to run.

“Where to, Boss ?” panted Constantinos.  “We need someplace private” Tony replied, increasing his speed, “I know a place…And stop calling me Boss”.

“Ok, Bo…Er, Tony, sir”, a nearly breathless Constantinos gasped out as they rounded the corner and beat it up the steps that led to the Library. Pointing to the right of the building, where a broken fence sat atop a wall, Tony indicated to Constantinos, “Over There”.

A fat-looking Nerd was blocking their way. “Hey, you can’t go over there !!” the fat Nerd exclaimed. Tony quickly whipped out his Slingshot and nailed the Nerd in the crotch.  “OHH…My NUT-NUTS !!!!!” the Nerd screamed as he staggered off, bent over.

“Com’on, over the wall”, Tony motioned to Constantinos.  Both quickly scaled the wall and dropped to the other side.  “So, how’d you know about this place ?” asked Constantinos, who already knew.

“Found it when I was out poking around one night after curfew” replied Tony, looking around to see if anyone was sticking their head over the wall. 

“OK, looks safe…”, Tony said, and then huddled with Constantinos.  “Now for the rest of it -- Here’s what I need you to do…..”
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: dudemann5798 on December 23, 2009, 05:48:37 PM
And as Tony revealed the plan to Costantinos, Kurt, who had extricated himself from the Trash Bin after regaining his senses, and  had run after the pair, ducking under the wall to listen.  He wasn’t able to hear much, but enough to get the gist of the plan.

Hearing the conversation come to a close, he begin to sneak  away before being discovered, muttering, "Sweet Revenge..."
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on December 24, 2009, 09:26:52 AM
“Ok, got it ?” Tony asked Constantinos…”You’re just skinny enough to make this work, and…the payoff will be a lot bigger than this panty-anty shit deals you have with anyone else”.

Constantinos nodded. “I can do that….Just find me a way into the basement”.

“Got it covered. There’s a empty locker across from the basement door. Hide in there before school closes at 7 PM. Wait till you see the Janitor unlock that door to go in to get supplies. He can’t take all the TP at once, he will have to make several trips. He won’t bother to lock the door between trips. Wait until he comes out, and heads around the corner to the bathrooms.  Sneak in then, go down below, and find those ‘Care Packages’…and, stay hidden, least until 3 AM”

“OK, Bo..Er, Tony, sir….that sounds easy” Constantinos said….”There’s certain advantages to my size”

“Great. Let’s split up….You leave first….I’ll leave in a few minutes” Tony said.


Kurt loped away from the wall, where he had been eavesdropping, and headed for the Library entrance. Still feeling a little loopy from being punched in the head, he nonetheless moved quickly and made it through the Library doors before being seen by Constantinos, who was climbing back over the wall.

I’ll get that Bastard, he thought.  Nobody stuffs me in a trash can. Nobody !!!

Hurrying down one of the bookrows, he turned round a corner and ran full tilt into a rather pretty-looking girl, spilling the books out of her hands and onto the floor.

“Ah, Damn…Sorry…Here, let me get those” Kurt said as he bent down to retrieve the girl’s books. “I wasn’t looking where I was going…Sorry”.

“Oh, don’t be silly….I wasn’t paying attention either” the girl replied, as Kurt began re-stacking the books in her arms. “I was thinking about…well, I guess, what might be my new boyfriend”, She blushed.

“Well, that’s a shame…Just my luck, a pretty lady like yourself being unavailable and all…..My name’s Kurt, by the way….Who’s the lucky fellow ?”

“Oh, I’m Karen….I was thinking about Tony….He doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend yet…But I think he will soon….He’s such a great guy”.

Kurt hid his surprise on hearing the guy’s name….The same name he had just heard that skinny kid call the guy who had mashed him in a Trash Bin just about 15 minutes earlier.

“Well, here you go….Doesn’t look like any damage” Kurt said, as the last of Karen’s books were placed in her arms.”  I’m kinda new here…Maybe we’ll be in some classes together”.

“Maybe…”  Karen said. Walking away, she looked over her shoulder and threw him a wave.  “See you Around ?”

Kurt watched Karen’s tight little butt as she walked off.

Hmmm….Boyfriend, Huh ?, Kurt thought.


Tony waited after Constantinos left for a few minutes, looking around. It had been dark when he scoped this place out, and he hadn’t paid a lot of attention to a gate set over at the far end. He went over to it now, and gave it a good look.

The gate and fence looked almost too high to climb…Besides, there were rolls of barbed wire all along the top. This was Nerd’s territory, Tony thought to himself, this whole place….He leaned down to look at the lock.

It was some kind of a keypad attached to a sliding iron bar. Looked like a code pad…..Tony peered through the gate. He saw grass, large rocks, and a trail leading down to some trees, where it disappeared into them.

Where does this go ?  He wondered….And then, What are they keeping back there ?

He straightened up. He needed a keypad code….And he resolved to keep this little find to himself. This might come in handy, and Jake was unstable…Whacked out without his Meds, so it seemed…

And Jake didn’t know everything.

Time to boogie.  He had lots of arrangements to make.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The next day, Tony was walking freely about the school, looking at everything.  Suddenly a student bumped into him, but didn't go away. He stayed there, his shoulder against Tony's.

"Hey, are you fucking gay or what ?", Tony demanded.

At this moment, he felt a pointed thing against his chest…A knife.

"Do not try to get away. Understood ?", A voice said.

Tony turned and recognized the kid….Kurt.  Now he was in trouble.

Stay calm, Tony thought.  He can't do anything here, there are students around. Just ask him.

"Okay, what do you want ?", he said.

"You see the toilets ? Go in there”, Kurt switched to Tony's back, pointing the knife against it. They entered the Boy’s John.  It was empty.

"Good…Now that we are in private, we can discuss this like adults”, Kurt said.

"Tell me, what the fuck do you want ?", Tony said angrily.

"You thought no one listened in on what you planned with that turd, Constantinos ?", revealed Kurt.

Tony was had.  "Ok, look…I'll pay you off."

"Let me see... Shoving someone into a Trash Can... Punches in the head.…That will be incredibly hard to keep your little secret”, Kurt gloated.

"I'll pay anything you want”, Tony said quietly. “Let me go, Now !”

"I hope so.…A good percentage….” Kurt broke off as someone entered the restroom.  “I'll contact you later." Kurt briefly pushed his knife harder, and then left the Bathroom very fast.

Tony shook his head. What a waste of time...

As he came out of the toilets area, he saw Karen. She saw him too. Tony began, "Hey Sweetie, what's new today ?"

"Oh, uh…“, Karen started nervously, “I'm doing well, nothing really new !"

"All right. I'm going to walk to the Football Field, you want to come with me ?", Tony asked.

"Really sorry, it's time for Art Class…“, Karen scurried off, but said over her shoulder, “I hope I see you soon, I got to talk to you, Tony."

And so Tony walked alone towards the Gym.  He was thinking about everything that had gone wrong. There were already two students that knew about the secret.  Fuck this, he had to find a place where no one could go, for private thinking.  He looked at the two high buildings that made up the Gym.

This would be perfect, but I'll never climb that,, Tony thought.

He continued to the field. Looking for a little private place, he found a way behind the bleachers.  And there he saw a kid that he had never seen.  He was dressed in a jock suit. What he was doing, though, was pretty incredible….He was running to the wall, after which he.…. Made four steps ON the wall, jumped, and grabbed the top, so that he could be on the bleachers.  Tony gaped.  How high was this wall ?  This was normally not possible !  As the kid made his way back to where he started, he saw Tony.

"Oh, uh, who are you ?" he said with a strong French accent.

"Relax, Dude, I'm Tony”, Tony told him.   “I was really fascinated by what you were doing, it's amazing !"

"I think you should already know, I come from France”, the boy said.

"So what ?", Tony said, confused.

"What I do comes from there” the boy said. “We name it the Parkour."

Inspiration hit Tony. That could be very useful to climb up the Gym Buildings !
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Could you teach it to me ?  I got money if you need it”, Tony asked eagerly.

Oui, always need money” the boy said.

Wee, Tony thought….This kid queer ? Oh well…No matter.

“Here is how” the boy said, “Your…Gravity shifts…when you run and jump…like so…” And he was off, running full speed to the wall, taking a small leap, never slowing…One, Two, Three, Four steps up the wall, grabbed the top wall, and hauled himself up.

Carefully hanging by his hands, the boy lightly dropped back to the ground.  “You try now ?  I warn you...Do Not slow down..”

Tony backed up quite a bit, and then turned on full speed. This is NUTS, he thought…I’m Gonna splat right on that wall..…Remembering at the last second to jump he did…One, Two, Three, Four steps, quickly grabbing the top of the wall before he could fall….

Carefully dropping back to the ground, Tony said, “Whoa…That’s a pretty good trick. Listen, Ten bucks be OK ?”, flashing the bill in the boy’s face.

Oui” The boy replied, “But you listen, teach no one else this…Est-ce que tu comprends ce que je dis ?”

“Err…What ?” Tony said.

“Ahh…How you say……UNDERSTAND ?”

“Oh…OK, no problem…Secret’s safe with me, Dude”, replied Tony.

“Good…I am Laurent…I new here….Want to learn other things, come see me”.

That I will, Thought Tony…That I will.


After afternoon classes were over for the day, Tony found Constantinos.

“OK, tonight’s the night….Hide in the locker before 7 PM, and sneak into the basement like we talked about…Look for those packages…They should each have some Aquaberry sweaters in them. I‘ll be waiting at the outside basement door at 3 AM…We‘ll go from there”.

“OK, Bo..Er, Tony….Got it covered", Constantinos agreed.

“See you then….", Tony paused. "Oh, try to find some rope down there while you’re at it….Lots of rope”.

“Rope ?” asked Constantinos….”What For ?”

“I got a plan”, Tony said.


Tony lay awake on his bed late into the night. Finally, checking his watch, he thought, Time To Go.  He had briefly considered getting Jake in on the plan…But the last couple of days had given him other ideas…He could hide this new stash somewhere else…So, Fuck Jake. He wasn’t getting a cut of THIS deal.

Moving down the dark hallway, Tony suddenly felt someone bump into him…Then a hand gripped his shoulder.

“Going Somewhere ?” a voice asked.

Tony knew that voice by now…It was Kurt. 

Before Kurt had time to react, Tony smashed his elbow backwards into his head, feeling something break in the other boy’s face, possibly his nose.  Kurt took a big whooping breath and prepared to scream.

Can’t Have That, Tony thought, as he turned quickly and plowed his fist into the boy’s stomach.  Robbed of air with which to scream, Kurt doubled over and started making fish-like gasping sounds…..Tony squared up and cold-cocked him right in the Jaw.  Kurt went down, unconscious.

Can’t Leave Him Here, thought Tony, as he dragged him to a nearby Trash Bin and stuffed the boy into it, for the second time. “Not so tough without your knife, are you dickwad ?” Tony muttered as he left the boy’s dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Sneaking out successfully avoiding the patrolling Prefects, Tony was scrunched down in the stairwell at the Basement door at the West side of the School.  At just a minute after 3 AM, he heard a light tapping on the other side of the door….

“Constantinos ?”  Tony whispered.

“Yeah…I found the stuff”, he heard Constantinos say.

“OK….Let’s go”, Tony said in a low voice, “before the Prefects come around again”

The doorknob clattered…Then…”I Can’t…It’s Locked”, from the other side.

Tony Groaned. A damn deadbolt. SHIT. He thought hard for a moment. Then, an idea.

“Constantinos….look for a vent nearby to the door.  “A Vent ?…Oh, OK” from the other side.

A few minutes passed. The patrolling Prefect passed by, not seeing Tony down inside the stairwell…Strolled off around the corner. Finally, Tony heard some noise from about 10 feet away, and snuck up the stairs to investigate. One of the many vent grates that circled the school was vibrating.  Tony hurried over and grabbed the vent. Together, the two boys worked the vent loose. Tony set the vent piece aside.

“I got 8 boxes here” Constantinos said in a low voice from the other side. “They’re kind of flat, so they should slide through here”.

Tony quickly stacked the boxes as constantinos passed them through. “Got some rope, too” the boy said, and passed a large coil through the vent.

“Good”, Tony said. “Can you squeeze through ?”

“Yeah, think so…Give me a hand”.  Both boys worked and finally Tony pulled Constantinos through, replacing the vent piece over the hole.

“OK, now quick, let’s grab these boxes and beat it -- Head over the wall to the Autoshop before the Prefect gets back", Tony said hurriedly,  "It’s almost time for him to come back through”.

Both boys grabbed the boxes and rope, and hurried quickly to the breech in the wall to the Autoshop, threw the loot over, and scrambled over. When Tony was sure they hadn’t been spotted, they gathered the boxes and rope once again, and ran to the path leading from the Autoshop to the Gym.


“How we gonna get by here ?’ Constantinos whispered as the waited at the head of the path leading to the fountain. “That Prefect patrols the path down to the Gym”.

Tony grabbed a few pieces of broken-off bricks laying on the ground. “Watch” he said. Waiting for the Prefect as he appeared on the pathway, he began heaving the pieces over the fountain, toward the direction of Harrington Hall.

“HALT !!! SHOW YOURSELVES”,  the Prefect yelled, as he started to run down the path to Harrington Hall. “LAWBREAKERS !!! SCUM !!!!”

“Let’s Go”, whispered Tony, and both boys scurried down the now vacant pathway to the Gym….Arriving at the lowest part of the roof overhang, Tony stopped and heaved the rope up onto the roof.

“How’re gonna get up there ?” asked Constantinos.  “Watch”, said Tony.

Tony backed up across the yard, then took off running full speed, jumping at the last second…Then, One, Two, Three, Four….Reaching out quickly and grabbing the overhang, he hauled himself up on the roof.

“WOW, what a neat trick” Constantinos said in a low voice. 

“Yeah, well, you didn’t see anything", Tony called down.  "Here, I’ll let the rope down -- start tying the rope on those boxes, and I’ll haul them up”.

Both boys worked fast, getting all the boxes up within a couple of minutes. “OK, hide in the shadows”, Tony called down. The Prefects don’t come down this far…I don’t think…Better be safe”. 

While Constantinos faded back into the shadows, Tony looked around and had found a small ladder leading to the highest part of the roof.  Checking it out, he found a perfect spot to stash his loot….A hollow spot against a low wall bordering the top. He quickly moved the boxes to the spot, and re-coiled the rope and placed it on the top of the stacked boxes. Just perfect…for now…As long as it didn’t rain on them….

Tony thought…I Have To Get That Code To The Nerd’s Gate.

Retracing his steps, Tony went to the edge of the low roof, throwing his legs over, moving down on his belly, then briefly hanging on the gutter before dropping lightly to the ground.

“OK, let’s split” Tony said, and both boys snuck back across campus, unseen, and snuck back into the dorm. As the walked down the hall to their rooms, Tony noted Kurt still stuffed in the Trash Bin, out cold.

Tony had the feeling he was going to have to keep beating the snot outta that pissant, he thought as he entered his room and locked the door behind him…If I Don’t Get Stabbed In The Back First.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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In the middle of this short night, Tony couldn't sleep anymore. What time was it ?  6:00 AM.  Tony thought about what he had to do next.  He got the stuff now, time to sell it. And then he remembered…The English teacher had said he would be at the Library before classes to teach him how to negotiate.  He got up and dressed, then left the Dorm.

Tony arrived before the Library. On his right, he saw Mr. Galloway, in a meditation posture.

"Good morning, Sir !” greeted Tony. “Uh, Sir ?"

"Oh, Uh, good morning”, answered Mr. Galloway, startled. “Who the hell are you ?"

"I'm Tony Caldrone….You remember me ?", Tony asked.

"Oh, Yes…I remember !", Mr. Galloway responded.

"Uh…Don't you ever go to sleep ?", Tony asked.

"No, since I've stopped drinking alcohol, meditating every night is the best way to keep my body clear and clean !", Mr. Galloway said enthusiastically.

"So...Er…I wanted to learn how to negotiate, you know...", Tony said.

"This is a very good choice, boy. First you have to know exactly who you're dealing with”, Mr. Galloway began counseling.  “Then it‘s just a simple matter....…"

Almost an hour later, Tony was ready. He ran quickly back to his room, locked the door as usual, and fell into bed, intending just to rest awhile before class.  His eyes drooped, and he quickly fell asleep.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony slept in late….He’d had a long night.  He could skip a few classes, most of the teachers were too preoccupied to take any kind of attendance, anyway. When he finally awoke, it was after 2 PM.  Wandering sleepily into the Common Area of the Dorm, which had a drink machine, an old arcade game console, a card table, a TV, and an old long beat-up looking couch, he noticed another boy whom he only vaguely knew as Ray sitting there watching what looked like a weather report.

From the TV, the little gay-looking weatherman was going on about sun-shiny skies and warm weather for the next few days….”But”, the little queer dork was saying, “There’s a large cold front headed down this way from the North that’s going to collide with all this hot air mass come this weekend, and there is the potential for massive thunderstorms when those two fronts meet each other…

Shit !!!  Tony thought….Those boxes of ‘merchandise’ he had stashed on the roof would get soaked, and possibly damaged…He would HAVE to find that code for the Nerd’s gate a lot sooner than he thought…But how to do that without anyone finding out that he knew ?  Well, at least he had a few more days to figure out how get that done…Maybe he could have Constantinos quietly ask around…..

Leaving the Dorm, and traveling over to the Yard, Tony heard a voice hail him.

“Hey, Tony-boy”.  It was Jake.  “Haven’t seen you around today, old buddy. Fact is, didn’t see you in your empty room last night, either….You been takin’ in the night sights all by yourself around here ?”

“I might have been poking around a little…So What ?” replied Tony.

“Whoa…What’s with the attitude, Dude ?” continued Jake. “I guess you missed all the excitement this morning, didn’t you ?”

“Excitement ?”, Tony said…”What Excitement ?”

“Why, they took a kid right out of the dorm over to the Infirmary…He was unconscious and all…Funny thing, Though…”

“What’s That ?” Tony said, in his ‘who-gives-a-shit’ voice.

“Well, when they found him, he was stuffed in a Trash Bin…Right around the corner from your room...", Jake went on with an unpleasant grin.  "You, uh…Wouldn’t know anything about that…Would’ja ?”

“No…I Wouldn’t know anything about it, Jake", Tony retorted, "And I really don’t give a shit”.

“Weell.....l“ Jake said slowly, ”Crap like that sorta brings the school Bulls in, sniffing around, you know….Might be bad for business….OUR business, if you catch my drift there, Tony-boy”.

Tony was silent.  Jake continued, “I’d hate to see our little deal around back get fucked up, you know ?  And for sure, I’d hate to be the guy that fucked it up”.

Jake turned to walk away. “Be talking to you soon, Tony-boy….Keep in touch, Eh ?”

Tony watched the other boy walk off.  He stood there a moment, and let out a sigh. Man, this place was really screwed up….And here he was, right in the thick of things now.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony came out of the dorm. As he was passing next to the Trash Bin, he heard something ringing in it. He slowly looked what the thing was, and recognized it as a Nerd-made-Walkie-Talkie.  He took it, and held it up to his ear.

"Zzzzztt…Algernon here. Meet me at the Library."

The message was short, but Tony knew what it was about.  He threw the Walkie-Talkie over the school's wall, then ran fast to meet the fat Nerd that was keeping his secret.  He remembered his early morning course with Galloway. He'll need it.

When Tony arrived at the Library, he spotted Algie over in a vacant corner of the yard.  As he approached, the Nerd boy began talking. "Okay, I want you to bring me new shorts, and five bucks, I need it as fast as possible."

"Oh, you've wet yourself ?“, Tony remarked snidely. “That's bad... I hope no one will know about this."

"That's why I need it fast !", Algie said, a touch of panic in his voice.

"Whoa, Whoa... Slow down, we've got a little time.”  Tony stood back, looking at the wet stain in the front of the enormous boy’s pants. “You know, I have many contacts in Bullworth now. All I’ve got to do got is just say a little sentence, and everyone will know about this."

"I've got contacts too ! And I can tell about your little secret !", Algie whined.

Know who you're dealing with.

"Oh yeah ?  What about the deal you've been making about you ?“ Tony asked slowly, “It would kinda screw all the effect, you know, if that got out."

"But...But…”, Algie stuttered, and then clammed up.

"All right, I'm a comprehensive person”, Tony said after a moment. “I'll bring you your shorts.  For the bucks…Eh…you'll have to wait.  It's already a great thing I'm doing just to bring you new clothes."

And Tony walked away, without hearing anything more from the Nerd.  He won this deal, and that wasn't big, but a small victory was still a victory.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Hello, my ‘Ears‘." came the voice.

Constantinos recognized this sentence. Tony was standing next to him, and his cigarette fell one time more on the ground. "Hello, Bo... Tony !"

"You've got something new ?", Tony asked, looking around.

"Nothing that could be important for you, only gossip”, Constantinos replied.

"Well, I have something to ask you”, Tony said. “You know the gate, near the library ?"

"Of course, the Nerds take it every evening”, Constantinos replied easily. “I don't know what they're doing there. Maybe their Grottos and Gremlins thing."

"Do you have the code ?" asked Tony, already searching for his last two bucks.

"No, really sorry”, Constantinos said regretfully. “You'll have to find that out yourself."


One more time, Tony came to this gate. Fuck, there's really no way to the other side. He had to spy when the nerds will come through tonight. But where could he hide ? There are only walls, no way he couldn't be seen... Then his eyes looked at the roof of the library. Of course.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony returned to the Boy’s Dorm.  He had run into Algie when leaving the Library area, and it appeared the boy was soaking wet, at least on the bottom of himself.  It appeared that a Bully had caused him to wet himself.  Algie pleaded with Tony to recover some fresh shorts from his room.  Tony agreed to do so for $5, and Algie Agreed.  What choice did he have ?

Tony went to Algie’s room at the Dorm.  Why some of the Nerds kept rooms at the Dorm still puzzled him, seeing as how much they were bullied.  But now, Tony felt a little dizzy.  He decided to lay down for a little but.  Algie could wait.

He had just meant to close his eyes for a moment, but soon fell asleep.  And then it began, like countless times before.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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It was night, and Tony went to the Library.  He stood back, and ran full speed.  At the last second, he Parkour-ed,  one, two, three, four.  Hauled himself up.  And there on the roof, was Kurt and the rest of the Rockers.....

Nobody....Ever....Screws....With....Me !!!!!!",  Kurt screamed at him, with a 'Fuck You' tone of voice.

Kurt took a run at Tony and elbowed him in the gut, and then Tony was dangling off the edge of the library, with Kurt right above him……..
He was Falling.....Falling....Falling......

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on December 30, 2009, 01:48:26 PM
Tony jerked awake….SHIT !!! What the fuck….He shook his head to clear it.

What a fucked-up dream that was….He was really letting shit get to him. That little Kurt bastard was still zonked out in the Infirmary…Sheezh…

He had just come back to the Dorm to get Algernon his shorts, and just had to take a short nap…He had felt exhausted. Now, he was sorry he had even closed his eyes.

After taking the Nerd kid his shorts, Tony headed down to the Gym. As he passed the building, he took a glance up…Nothing could be seen on the roof from down here.  Good.

Tony headed down the stairs leading down to the Football field. Reaching the bottom and turning the corner, he nearly ran smack into a huge black kid, who was a full foot taller than he was.

“Hey, little man….Whatchu doing down here ?”  The big black kid was scowling.

“Um…”  Tony looked up at the big boy’s ugly face. “I…Er…Came to see Laurent…Umm...Is he down here ?”

“Whatchu want with him ?”, the big black kid asked darkly.

“Well….He said that I should come see him”, Tony said, and held his breath.

“That so ?”  The big kid screwed up his face, and examined Tony closely.  “Well…If Laurent invited you…I guess you’re OK….He’s over there”, the big kid said, pointing to the other end of the field with a hand that seemed like a large slab of beef.

Umm…Alright…Thanks”, Tony replied, edging backwards before turning an trotting towards the end of the field.  He spotted Laurent over by the Goalpost, and ran up to him.

“Back so soon, Friend ?  Need to know something else ?” Laurent said.

“Well, yeah…I tried out that Parkour” Tony replied. “Worked really good. But what if I wanted to get up on the top of a really tall building ? Like, twice as high as those bleachers over there ?”

“Let me see ?….In the East of my country, there are huge mountains…Many men scale these…climb with ropes and hooks….That’s what you would need, friend…A long rope and a hook….With that, I can teach you how to Rappel

“Cool”, said Tony. “I’ll…Uh…Get back to you, when I get that. Thanks”.

“Farewell, for now, my friend” Laurent said, as Tony jogged away.


I’ve got rope…Where the hell can I get a hook…A Hook…Think….Think….
Of course….The Autoshop….Cars, Cars that have to be towed…Need Hooks.

Now, how do I get into the Autoshop, unseen, to look around ?
Tony considered his options…He didn’t know anything about the Greasers, who inhabited that territory. Knew very little about the Bullies and the Preps….The Nerds were afraid of him, but they were afraid of everybody…No help there…He was in, sorta, with the Jocks…Since he now knew Laurent, they seemed to let him alone…And, there was Karen….

Shit, Karen…..I’ve got to talk to Karen., Tony suddenly remembered.

He hadn’t gone to class today, and she said she wanted to talk to him later…Maybe, without letting on to her what he was up to, she might be able to tell him something.

Tony headed over to the Girl’s dorm.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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There was a group of girls in front of the dorm, and Karen was in them.  As she saw Tony, she quickly ran to him, while all other girls looked at her.

"Oh Tony, you came to see me ?", she gushed.

"Yeah. Do you want to go wander around a bit ?", Tony asked.

"Oh, yes !“, Karen replied. “So, tell me, where are you with all those plans ?"

"Oh, you know, I haven't started yet, but I need something you maybe can help me with”, said Tony, hopefully.

"I can do anything !", Karen exclaimed with confidence.

"I have stuff to pick up in the Greaser's territory, the Autoshop”, Tony went on. “Do you know if I maybe could sneak into it ?  I need this stuff for tonight."

"If they see you, you'll have a very, very bad night”. Karen said with a sad look on her face. “But maybe..."

"You've got an idea ?", Tony asked in a lowered voice.

"Something could distract them enough time for you to do your thing….", Karen said, lost in thought.

"And…What ?", Tony said after a moment.

Karen shook her head.  "Not coming up with anything. You'll have to find it yourself... Come on, forget about this for a little while, think a bit about... Me ?"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Karen was looking at Tony expectantly.

"Look, I really need to know abo.....", Tony began.

"SHUSH!" said Karen in an angry tone. "I have something to admit…. I really like you. You seem like a really nice guy that I would Love to get to know better."

"Really..." said Tony in shocked voice. "I...Um...That’s really nice of you."

"Yeah, It feels really great to know that there's someone at this school who isn't a low-lying JERK !  When I'm around you...everything just feels more comfortable." Karen said in a low voice.

"I...I know what you mean....The only difference Karen, is that...When I'm around you I feel like I have to be...I don't know...more popular….”, Tony trailed off.

"Don't feel like that !" Karen exclaimed. "To be honest with you, I'm one of the least popular girls around here.  I'm not rich, I don’t have all the nicest things. I'm just...just normal"

"Really ?”, Tony said. “You seemed to be the head of the conversation just a minute ago."

"Well...I...I don't know”, Karen said glumly. “Ever since I was dumped here at this Damn School everything changed."

She sat down on the edge of a wall and started to tear up. Tony sat next to her and put his arm around her.

"Look, its okay...I'll make sure nobody messes with you...Ok ?", Tony comforted her.

"Yeah..Okay..." she said in a sobbing voice.

Karen turned to look at Tony.  She gave him a small kiss on the cheek and then rose and walked off.

Damn, Now I've got two things to deal with…A secret mission and a love-sick girl, Tony thought.

Tony walked back to the Boy’s Dorm. He climbed up the steps and opened the door.  As soon as he stepped in, he felt a tight tug around his neck from behind, then felt a jarring pain in his arm as everything blacked out.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony slowly opened his eyes.  He was in a room.  Just before him, a boy paced up and down.  Rocker boots.  A regular noise of metallic keys.  No doubt who it was.  And then the boy saw Tony was awake.  His face loomed over him.

"Karen is MINE !", Kurt Raged, and Tony received a kick.  He coughed.

"Do you know what pain this all is for me ?  The guys from my gang already laughing at me for the Trashcan story, and now, my honor is trampled.  And you are gonna pay for that !  It's War !", Kurt hissed, and added a new kick.

Kurt took a chair, approached, and sat down, looking at Tony lying on the floor, and calmly continued his tirade. "You wake up.  All you see is the ceiling and the borders of a cylinder.  An abominable odor of trash is all around.  And then you realize where you are.  Two Prefects come for you, grabbing you with their dirty hands.  Everyone around is looking at you, laughing..."

Kurt stood up, and made slow random steps around the room. "I left you another chance, that money would have solved everything... But now, you're hanging out with this girl.… Do you think I don't see her little winks ?  Do you think I don't see her embarrassed smile ?  Do you think I don't see her wetting her little panties when you're around ?  FUCK !!!”

When Tony didn’t respond, Kurt suddenly leapt up and began kicking him.  “Anyway, Sucker, you're gonna stay here for a while..."

Tony started feeling unconscious. Everything was fading away into a blur.  All he could see was Kurt pounding him in his sides with his feet.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Suddenly, everything came back to Tony...He started breathing harder...his eye-sight was coming back...He soon realized that Kurt wasn't really that big of a guy.  If it wasn’t for the unexpected takedown he would be just fine.

Tony turned his head and looked at Kurt, staring him straight in the eyes. "You...You Son Of A Bitch !!”

"I might be a Son Of A Bitch“ Kurt said angrily, “But at least I'm not THE Bitch, like you !!"

Tony flexed his muscles, struggling to stand up.  He felt another smash in his ribs from Kurt's boots.  He fell back down, lay still, and thought for a moment.

Maybe I could out-smart Kurt, Maybe… I could take him down with my brain.

Tony felt his pocket….He remembered the M-80 Fire Crackers Jake had given him.
He gave Kurt another look in the eye, then over his shoulder. A moment of silence crept upon them...

"What’s That ?!" Tony yelled, pointing behind Kurt.

Kurt turned around, not realizing that he was being tricked.  Quickly, Tony struck the fire cracker against his pant zipper, causing it to spark.

As Kurt turned back to Tony, a inch long piece of cardboard filled with gunpowder was hurtling toward his face.  He tried desperately to move.


Tony got up and ran out of the room.  He zoomed out of the Dorm and jumped down the flight of stairs, feeling as if he were fleeing for his life. Looking back, he saw he was being chased by Kurt, blood all over his face.

Tony ran with all his might. He turned the corner to the Quad and ran smack into Karen, knocking her down, with Kurt about ten feet behind him. Not knowing who he had hit, he kept running.

Kurt had stopped to comfort Karen.  Once again she was crying, this time in a bad way.

"What The HELL Just Happened ?!?!", she screamed.

"You just got pushed down by the biggest faggot at Bullworth, that’s what happened”, Kurt said, trying to keep the smirk off his bloody face.

Karen leaned against Kurt as Tony ran into the distance.

"I Never Want To See Him Again !" Yelled Karen.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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When Tony was far enough away he stopped and dropped down on the ground near the wall by the Parking Lot.  Looking back, it was then he realized he had knocked over Karen. Thinking about what he had just done, he was horrified.  He won the girl, then lost her.  HOW COULD HE HAVE DONE THIS !  SHE WOULDN’T BELIEVE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT !!!

Tony turned around, pressing his forehead on the wall.  What was the situation ?  He was working with one person, Jake.  He had one person working for him, Constantinos.  He had one enemy, Kurt.  He had a blackmailer, Algie.  He had a business with all these people, and they with him.  The business had to be done, but he had to talk to Karen again, and to be accepted by the Jocks, too…..

At this moment a little graffiti caught his attention.  He remembered the graffiti he saw his first day... Fresh Meat Is DEAD Meat... It wasn't lying. 
What this one about ?

In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women, it read.

The whole primitive quote was signed ‘Scarface‘.  Who the hell was that ?   Tony had never heard of him.  But this graffiti had decided him.  Money first.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony started walking towards the Autoshop, away from the crowd gathering around Kurt and Karen.  Walking through the back Quad he reached the Fountain with the Statue and turned to the path on the right.  He had reached the front of the Greaser's Hangout Spot.

"AUTOSHOP".….Read the sign above the entrance gate.  He studied the area a little bit and figured out a plan.  There was a Greaser standing alone near the gate.  Tony remembered his negotiating lesson with Mr. Galloway.

"Hey, what’s you're name man ?" said Tony to the Greaser.

"What's it to you, Wise Guy ?", the kid shot back.

"Oh.…Well, you know I'm new here and I really wanna get to know everybody, is that so bad ?", Tony said nervously.

The Greaser looked at him, squinting his eyes. "The name's Steve.  I’m new too.  What about yours ?"

"Tony..." he said, looking at the Greaser cautiously.

"Oh yeah, I'se heard about you. You're the kid who beat up that little shit...Kurt...I think ?", Steve said with a smirk.

"Yeah that's me...", replied Tony, still unsure of where this was going.

"Well, you knows what….I respect that”, Steve said with a smile.

Tony let out a sigh of relief.  Another thing occurred to him now…News travels fast at this school.

"Look, I'm here to get some parts for a little project of mine." said Tony.

"Yeah, and what’s that ?", Steve looked him in the eyes.

"Well, I really shouldn't tell you.  Can you keep a secret safe for a profit ?"

"Anytime pal, ask any's of my buddies, I’m the most trusted guy here”, Steve replied.

Tony stayed silent for a moment, not really believing one bit of what Steve said. The last thing he needed was to bring another person into his plan right now.…Especially about his service, which hadn’t even started yet.  But….He had to trust someone.  And hadn’t he heard how much the Greasers hated the Preps ?

"Okay, how about 15 bucks.  Will that do ?", Tony said to Steve.

"You bets it will, that’s gonna get me a new seat for my ride...um...bike", answered the Greaser excitedly. “So…Er…What’s this all about ?”

"Okay here's the deal, me and a friend of mine are setting up this little business...You see, Prep Parents send in care packages to their kids every now and then.  Our plan is to take the packages and charge them kids big money for their items….You know….To make a little extra dough.  I've been hiding the stolen packages on the roof of the gym but, there’s an expected thunderstorm coming in a few days.” Tony paused, then went on. “That’s why I’m here. I need to get a hook for my ropes that I'm gonna use to get onto the Nerd’s area.  I would just climb the fence but those Nerds were smart enough to put Barbed -Wire at the top.  I plan to use the hook and ropes to latch on to the top of the Library and scale up the wall over the Barb-Wire fence.  Then I'll put the Care Packages somewhere in the Nerd’s lair where they wont get wet from the storm. You get me?”

"DO WHAT ?" Steve said in a puzzled tone.

Oh...Wow…I had to get stuck with the least intelligent greaser, Tony Thought.

"Here, let me break it down….I need hook to climb a big wall." said Tony.

"Well, why didn’t you just say so”, Steve said. Come on in man, we got plenty of hooks..."

Tony walked through the gate, realizing he only had to say a single sentence instead of a whole story.  Steve led him to a Garage attached to the Main Shop.

"The hooks are in there." said Steve pointing to a large red box. "Now um...Where's my money ?"

"Oh yeah.“  Tony dug into his pants and pulled out three $5 dollar bills. "Here, Steve."

"Thanks !  I'm gonna go to the Shiny Bike Shop to get me a new seat !”, Steve said, walking away.

Tony quickly started digging through the large red box, finding three hooks. He didn't know which one would fit best so he grabbed them all.  Then Tony left the Garage area and started walking towards the front gate.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Tony-Boy ?" said a familiar voice.  It was Jake.

Tony turned around to see Jake leaning up against an Autoshop wall behind him.

"Um, Uh, heya....Jake...What’s up man ?" said Tony Nervously.

"I heard you been working on our little service without me, Tony Boy”, Jake sighed.

"What makes you think that ?" said Tony.

"Oh...This little punk looking kid told me the whole the thing" said Jake.

KURT !!  I knew that kid was a squealer !!, Tony thought.

"I already murdered your little friend, Constantinous”, Jake smirked.

WHAT ?, Tony's mind raced.  Beat him badly or...literally MURDERED him ?

"I though we had a deal Tony-Boy" said Jake.

"What Deal ! There is No Deal !”, countered Tony, hotly. 

"You and me...Stealing and selling Care Packages...Sounded like a deal to me”, Jake said idlely.

"You know what, Jake ?  It wouldn’t have mattered !  I wasn’t getting any right share of it anyway !!”, hissed Tony.

"Sure you did…It just wasn’t a large one." Replied Jake in a Sarcastic tone.

"Jake ! Don’t make me Kick Your Ass !", threatened Tony.

"OH, I'M SO SCARED ! Come and get me Noob !" Taunted Jake.

Jake took off running around a fence, passing the Garage where Tony had just gotten the hooks, into a further Garage in a narrow area at the back of the Auto Shop, with Tony gaining on him.  Jake had managed to get far enough away that he could close the Garage door before Tony got in.

"NO !!!”, yelled Tony as the large metal door closed.  He started kicking and punching at the door, desperately trying to get in.

He stopped to catch his breath.  Suddenly he heard what sounded like a Starter.

"VROOMMMM!!!!" the noise built from inside the garage. The door slowly started opening, and Tony stared in at Jake inside sitting behind the wheel of the Greasers prize ‘69 Mustang Fastback.

"Oh Shit !!!!!!", yelled Tony as Jake nailed the gas.

The car was coming at Tony  There was nothing he could do, nowhere he could go.  All he could do was….JUMP !

Tony jumped onto the hood of the car.

"Get off the Damn car, Tony !!!" Yelled Jake through the windshield.

"MAKE ME !" yelled Tony.

Tony looked forward as Jake fishtailed the car around the fences, heading for the Autoshop gate.  Past that, there was still the staircase leading to the fountain. Surely the car couldn't drive up that.

SCREECH !!!!!!!!!!, went the tires as Jake cornered, nearly slamming into a dumpster.

Tony hung on for his life. Out through the Gate, the staircase was coming up fast.

SMASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The front bumper of the car slammed into the stairs sending Tony sailing. Luckily, he had a soft landing in the bushes that lined the top of wall, just missing the small spikes that bordered them.  Ho fought to regain his footing.   He wondered at why Jake had just seemed to snap all of a sudden and commit such a crazy act.

"Damn..." said Tony looking down at the car. The wreck wasn't as bad as he would have  thought.  Just a dented Fenber, a mashed Bumper, and a broken windshield.

Suddenly, Students swarmed around from out of nowhere to see what had happened.

Tony hopped down, pushing his way through the crowd to get Jake.

But when he reached inside the car to pull him out....

No one was there.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony backed away and began running with a crowd of other kids towards the Gym. He saw Prefects wrestling some boys to the ground, but couldn’t tell if any of them were Jake in all the confusion. The other kids running with him, mostly Nerds, Preps, and younger kids, took refuge in the Gym or ran on towards the Football Field.  Tony hung back in the shadows by the end of the Basketball Court until the last of the students had vanished. Taking a quick look around, and finding he was alone, Tony backed up, then ran full speed toward the lower roof of the Pool Building, next to the Gym, and using the parkour, he scaled the wall to the lower roof, then quickly located the small ladder and climbed to the top. Peeking over the wall, he could just make out the chaos over by the fountain near the Autoshop stairs where the crashed car was still sitting. It seemed that every Prefect in the place was there, still beating and subduing students. Tony slid down the small retaining wall. He couldn’t be seen up here. He needed a break….So much had happened in just so short a time, he needed to take it all in…..He needed to Think.


It had gotten dark. Tony had dozed, and awoke with a start. He was still on the Pool roof, next to the Gym.  He looked over at the retaining wall, looked to the Fountain….The area was empty.  No car crashed on the steps.  Was this just another bad dream?  Tony felt his sore ribs, and his head hurt….Feeling his injured spots, he knew it wasn’t a dream, not this time. The Greasers must have come and pulled the car back to the Autoshop, and there would be a bunch of kids in detention tomorrow. He had a sudden wild burst of laughter at that thought, which he had to cut off when his ribs reminded him they were hurt.

Tony felt his pockets. There was the hooks he had gotten from the Autoshop….Good.  Going over to the other side of the roof, he looked down on the Football Field.  There was a lone figure lurking under the scoreboard, smoking.  Laurent ?

Yes…Tony went over to the pile of boxes and grabbed the rope off the top. Descending the ladder, dropping off the overhang, he sprinted down to the Football field and out to the scoreboard.

“Ah…My Friend…You have returned” Laurent said. “I see you have rope…Do you have hook as well ?”.  Tony produced the hooks from his pocket. “I think…This one”, Laurent indicated, and taking the hook, tied it securely onto the end of the rope. “Now…Watch, and Learn”.

Laurent backed away from the scoreboard, and begin swinging the rope with the hook attached in a slow, lazy circle….Then, speeding up the rotation, letting out a little bit of rope, going faster, a little more rope, faster, more rope…Until there was several yards of rope spinning around, so fast it seemed like a blur….All at once, Laurent released the spinning rope towards the top of the scoreboard….The hook shot forward, pulling the rope after it, sailing high in the air, over the top of the scoreboard, coming to rest on the other side. Grabbing the rope coil, Laurent began pulling on the rope, hauling it back in until Tony heard the hook catch on something behind the scoreboard, and Laurent had the rope stopped, pulling it taunt.

“Now…Just the same as the Parkour, you can Rappel up to the top…Like so”, and he did just that, going hand over hand on the rope, while ‘walking’ up the side of the scoreboard, until he reached the top.  “Same way down”, he called out to Tony, and proceeded to Rappel back down.

“Wow…That’s just great”, Tony said, as he retrieved the rope and the hook…”Listen, I’m a little short of cash right now…But I have a deal going that will make lots of scratch…I’ll cut you in for a part of it…Say, Ten Percent ?”.

Laurent nodded. “I would think that fair. But Tony..” he continued, “Do not forget me. If you do, you might find that the Jocks may not be so…How you say…Friendly….to you anymore. Comprends ?”

Tony nodded. He understood, all right. Tony started to go, and stopped. “Laurent, if I could get you do something else for me ?  I accidentally ran into Karen earlier, and knocked her down.  It was an accident, I was trying to get away from someone, and never in the world would hurt her on purpose….It was just a horrible accident, I feel so bad about it…I..I..Really like her….Could you just talk to her, tell her that I’m so damn sorry…”

Laurent looked at Tony for a moment. Then…”I believe you. Oui, I will talk to her for you.”

“Oh, thanks, Dude, I would really appreciate it….And I’ll get you something extra for your trouble, I swear”. With that, Tony headed back to the Gym.

Gotta make some fast cash, He thought. Time to talk to the Preps
Title: The Never Ending Story
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All the Preps had formed in a circle in front of Harrington House, and at the center was a tall blond guy, speaking very loud. Tony decided to observe before going negotiating.

"This is unacceptable !  Our Academy told us that our packages had to come in today. What do we get ?  Nothing !  Our Parents will know about this !", he was saying.

All the Preps around him were agreeing.  Tony decided that his moment had come.  He penetrated into the circle by gently pushing some Preps. As he arrived at the center of the circle, everyone began to mumble.

"Who are you ? You aren't part of our community !", one of the Preps said.

"I'm effectively not part of your community, but I can bring you solutions” Tony began. “My name's Tony Calderone."

Tony offered his hand to the surprised leader boy before him. This one, curious, offered his. "I'm Derby, Derby Harrington. We’ll hear you out, Tony..."

"Our Academy has it’s gates closed, as we all know, and the only way to communicate with your Parents is the very well-known Care Packages.  But when they don't come, it's a pain for all of you.  These packages are impossible to steal, so what happened to them ?   Dr. Crabblesnitch is mute about this.“  Tony paused for effect.  Well before we find what has happened….I can sell you all premium quality Aquaberry shirts, even shoes if you need it."

The Preps didn't even ask where the merchandise came from.  They all wanted to buy some, already taking out their cash.  Tony promised to delivery them tonight, at 9:00 PM.   He began to feel rain... And then he remembered.  Shit, of course it was going to rain tonight !   He had to hurry up if he didn't want the sweaters to get fucked up.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Returning to the Pool Building roof, Tony opened one of the boxes. Inside were Prep sweaters, shirts, pants…and some other things, too…Expensive-looking watches, bracelets, and neck chains. Another box yielded much of the same, but a third box….Inside Tony found what could be useful to him.  Binoculars. And a small Flashlight. Good Deal.

Pulling on the Aquaberry sweater, and pocketing one of the watches, Tony closed up the boxes and climbed back off the roof. Near the Pool Building was a wall he could scale….Tony knew from some nighttime explorations that there was a path on the other side that led to Harrington House. He climbed over that wall now, took the path to a tree, which he climbed up, slithered out on a branch, and dropped down to the ground beside Harrington Hall.  Seeing no one around, he sprinted to the front doors and just walked in.

There was nobody behind the counter, so he opened another set of doors, and there before him was a huge, ornate, rather long room….At it’s end, there was a large fireplace, with two enormous recliners in front of it….Two Preps were there, reading. They glanced up, and seeing the Aquaberry sweater, resumed their reading. Tony boldly advanced the length of the room, just as if he belonged there. As he approached the Preps, they looked up again…And Stared.

“WHAT’S THIS ?” one said loudly. “Who in the devil are you ?”
“You don’t belong here”, said the other. “GET OUT !!”.

Tony held his ground, as the Preps rose and came aggressively at him.  Neither of the two were among the Preps he had met earlier outside.


Tony held up his hands to show he has no weapon. “Hold on there, my good fellows…I have something you might be interested in”.

“What are you talking about ?”, said the first one.
“Yes, and where did you get that Sweater ?”, the second one said.

Tony touched the Aquaberry sweater he was wearing. “This ?  Pretty good material, don’t you think ?  I might be persuaded to part with this…and other things…for a fair price”.

The two Preps stopped.  “Again, shit-for-brains…What are you talking about ?”

Tony looked down at the sweater he was wearing. “Well…This is a fine piece of clothing…New, in fact.  When it came into my possession, I thought of you fellows.”

“That costs over a hundred dollars…How does trash like you get something like that ?’

“I have many things…Never mind how I can get them…Just know that I’m willing to make a fair deal…On this, and other things, as well”…Tony pulled out the watch from his pocket…”Like This Here”. Tony peered closely at the two Prep boys. “Your’s is looking a mite…Tattered…..What’s the matter ?….Haven’t gotten any shipments from home lately ?”

The two Preps looked at each other, then back to Tony. “What do you want for it ?” asked the first one. “And the watch ?”, the second one said.

“Weeelll….I believe…Say, Half-Price would be and extremely generous offer, Don’t you ?”.  Tony watched as dollar signs seemed to appear in the two Prep’s eyes.

“That seems….Like a fair enough exchange, my good man. And, you can acquire more ?”, the one Prep asked.

“Yes”, said Tony. “Much More”.

The two Preps pulled out their money clips, as Tony stripped off the sweater and handed it, and the watch, over to the second Prep. In return, the first Prep handed Tony a wad of bills. “This should cover it”, he said.

Tony counted the money before stuffing it in his pocket. “Nice doing business with you fellows. I’ll be back around…Count on it”.  Tony turned and left Harrington House without looking back.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Back at the football field. Laurent was trying out new things on the tree at the corner of the field when he saw Tony coming from the distance.

"I was waiting for you”, he said, jumping down.

"Oh yeah ?  That is very good.  As you see, I kept my engagement.  Did you keep yours ?", Tony inquired.

"Ah, comment ?", Laurent asked, puzzled.

"I mean, did you talk to Karen ?", reminded Tony.

"Oui, she was trying to find Kurt”, Laurent said.  “She does not want to talk with you.… Anymore."

"Oh, I see…”, Tony said in disappointment.  “Anyway, thanks for your help. Here's the fifteen dollars you deserved.  Now look, I gotta talk to you."

"We go talk... At the top of the tree !", Laurent pointed up.

"All right, you begin !", said Tony.

And Laurent ran fast, made one…two…three steps on the old tree, then he grabbed a branch, and hauled himself up on it to sit. "Your turn now."

Tony imitated the French kid, but couldn't reach the branch.

"This shoes... Bad shoes... Nouveau riche shoes”, Laurent observed.

"I have to take the other ones... Later", said Tony laughing. He tried again, and by chance, reached the branch. He sat down next to Laurent.

"Look, some people have been attacking me these days.  It seems that they don't like new kids.  I need protection.  And I was telling myself... That you maybe need money and amusement, so.….“, Tony paused.  “What if you would be my bodyguard ?"

"Could I still... Parkour ?", Laurent asked.

"Of course, and I still need you to teach me other things !", laughed Tony.

"So... Oui, I can do that”, grinned Laurent.

Both boys jumped down from the tree, and Laurent followed Tony to Edna's kitchen, where Tony had a plan to negotiate to buy flour. He had gotten another idea to discover the Nerd code.….Fingerprints.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony crashed out on the Pool Building roof for the night. Good thing it hadn’t rained yet, only sprinkled a little bit.  But it would rain soon.
It wasn’t safe at the Dorm right now…He didn’t want to run into Jake or Kurt just yet…Not, at least, until he had some more power.

Early the next morning before 7 AM, he and Laurent made his way to the School.  There were no Students out and about at this early hour, and they saw no one.  Entering the School, they went right to the Cafeteria.  Tony was there to meet with the notorious Edna the Cook, whom he had heard stories about, something to do with ’Cat Stew’.

“AH-HA-HA, Whatchu kids need with flour….Gonna make yer own Biscuits, HAH-HAH”, the School Cafeteria Cook said.

Trying hard not to throw up from the ungodly stench back in the kitchen, Tony smiled up at Edna and said, “Oh, no ma’am…It’s for a Science Experiment”.

“AH-HAH…Well, here…I can spare this 1-pound bag…HEH ?”, she cackled.

“That’ll do just fine, Ma’am” Tony said, feeling more like barfing every second.

“HAH…Gimme Five Dollars and you gotcha self a DEAL, AH-HA-HA-HACK-HACK-HACK”. Tony just about lost it there as Edna hacked up a green-looking wad of snot-looking stuff and spit it into the pot of stew on the stove.

“OK, Here you go Ma’am” Tony gagged as he handed her the money, and grabbed the flour. Holding his stomach, he motioned to Laurent that they were getting the hell out of there.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony and Laurent laid low until the morning bell for classes rang.  Then, they quickly snuck through the School grounds, avoiding the Prefects, and made their way over to the Library.

The Library grounds were empty of students. Tony and Laurent went to the short wall, climbed over, and went over to the Nerd's Gate, where Tony showed Laurent the nine-digit keypad.

"If you don't mind me asking you, why do you have to get this code ?" Said Laurent, examining the keypad.

"Now that you're my bodyguard, you'll have to know this, and I know that you can keep a secret", Tony replied.

"Oui", Laurent nodded, waiting expectantly.

"I've got a plenty of boxes full of clothes, and this is how I get my money... We got to take it from the roof of the Gym to here....OK ?"

"And....Then What ?", Laurent asked, perplexed.

"Then, my friend, we find a place back there to hide them", Tony replied.

"Hmmm....Sounds like a plan", Laurent said, thinking it over. Laurent then took a small device from his pocket. “Give me the flour”, he said.

“What’s that thing ?”, asked Tony.

“It’s a Sifter” Laurent replied. “I stole it from the Kitchen while you were talking to the Cook”.

As Tony watched, Laurent took a small handful of flour from the bag and spread it in the Sifter. Then he lightly shook it over the Keypad. “Blow”, he said to Tony.

Tony lightly blew on the powdered surface of the keypad. It had nine numbers arranged in rows of three across and three down.  As he watched, the powder blew clear of all but three digits…1, 3, and 8.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony started punching those numbers. Nothing happened. He tried different combinations. Still nothing. Laurent, watching him, said, “You know, There’s about a thousand different ways for those numbers."

Tony looked up. “How do you know that ?”

“It’s Math, my friend…You should pay more attention in class”

Laurent leaned over, looking at the keypad closely. “I believe I have seen this kind before. The punch code is usually four numbers”.

“But there’s only three that showed up any prints”, Tony said. “How can that be ?”

“If one of the numbers is used twice”, Laurent replied.

“So, how many different combos are there then ?”, asked Tony.

Laurent sighed. “About Ten Thousand.”

“SHIT, SHIT, SHIT….How are we gonna….” Tony broke off….”We will have to actually see how somebody punches in this code….But how….” He stopped.

The Binoculars.  “We need to get the Binoculars, and the Rappel”, said Tony….”Come’on !”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Heading back down towards the Gym Area, Laurent had some questions.

"If you don't mind me asking you, why do you have to get this code ?" asked Laurent.

"Now that you're my bodyguard, you'll have to know this, and I know that you can keep a secret", Tony replied.

"Oui", Laurent nodded, waiting expectantly.

"I've got a plenty of boxes full of clothes, and this is how I get my money... We got to take it from the roof of the Pool Building to here....OK ?"

"And....Then What ?", Laurent asked, perplexed.

"Then, my friend, we find a place back there to hide them", Tony replied.

"Hmmm....Sounds like a plan", Laurent said, thinking it over.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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After hoofing it back to the Gym area, Laurent kept watch while Tony scaled the roof, and grabbed what he needed from the stash. Dropping down off the overhang, they beat it back to the Library, just missing getting busted by the black Prefect.
Arriving back, the Library grounds still deserted, Tony uncoiled the rope and began swinging the hook as he had seen Laurent do. When he got it going fast enough, he let it go in the direction of the top of the roof. As it came down, the boys could hear a barley audible ’Clang’….Laurent pulled the rope until it appeared to catch on something, and made it taunt.
“I’ll go up…You follow”, he said to Tony.

Tony watched Laurent climb the rope, and reach the top, pulling himself over. Laurent started over to the other side of the roof, then reappeared, signaling Tony to climb up.  Tony grasped the rope and started his climb. Sure was a lot harder than he thought.
I outta go to Gym Class more., Tony thought.
Reaching the top and pulling himself over, Tony sat on the roof and pulled up the rope. Then both boys headed over to the side where the gate was at, and waited.
Finally, the boys heard the bell ringing for the start of the lunch period. Almost Immediately, the grounds were covered with students coming out of the buildings.
As they watched from their high perch, Tony and Laurent saw a number of Nerds walking about the Library grounds….And one fat Nerd headed over to the wall. As they watched, the fat Nerd made his way over the wall in the most funny way they had ever seen, finally falling on his ass on the other side. As the fat Nerd got up and brushed himself off, Tony quickly took up the best vantage point and focused the binoculars on the keypad.
As Tony watched, the fat Nerd punched the top left of the pad twice, then the top right once, and the middle bottom once. With a ‘chink’ sound the gate unlocked and the Nerd swung it open and went through, closing it behind him. Another person appeared coming up the trail, dressed in a black suit of some kind, and began talking with the fat Nerd.

"No, no, no, you can't use diplomacy to do that with the Princess !", he said.

"Of course I can !", said the fat Nerd.

Tony recognized his blackmailer, Algie, as the one dressed in the ridiculous black suit. The fat kid was….Wait.…Was it... Fatty ?  It would make perfect sense.

Tony looked at Laurent, and moved his head in direction of the Gate, giving a thumbs-up.
Finally. After days and days of patience, here was the code. The gate had emitted a beep, and the lock opened.  Simple.  The two Nerds walked off down the path, and Tony was full of thoughts. They had cracked the code.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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"You were right, Laurent !", Tony gloated. "It's the 1 that is is hit twice."

"1-1-3-8 ?", Laurent gussed.

"Exactly", Tony said, smiling. "Now we have to do is shift all the merchandise."

"Merchandise ?", Laurent questioned.

"The Boxes....They contain or Merchandise", Tony said absently. "We have to be very discrete, because no one can see us with this. We may have to use parkour to get over walls and not be seen."

"How many boxes ?", Laurent asked.

"There are four full boxes now... We have to do it before rain comes", Tony said, and pulled a paper from his pocket. "Look, here's a map I've drawn recently."


The map was a rough sketch of the Bullworth campus, at least as far as Tony had been able to explore.  He continued, pointing out places on the map. "As you can guess, the way between the Gym's Pool roof and the Library will be full of students, between classes", Tony explained.  "I propose we go this way......"

With the help of his finger, Tony indicated the way.  The whole route was possible - From the Gym's Pool building, up the path and turn right at the Fountain to Harrington House, go to the Harrington side yard, and climb over two walls to get immediately to the locked gate.

"Pas de problème." said Laurent quietly.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Waiting until the class bell rang again, and the area was once more empty, Tony and Laurant scaled down the side of the building where the gate was located. Tony moved over to the keypad, and punched…Top Left, Twice…1,1...Top Right, Once…3.…Bottom Middle, Once….8.….

With a ‘ch-chink’ the bold disengaged and slid back. Tony pushed the gate open.
Turning to Laurant, he said, “Can you get the hook free ?”  Laurant nodded, and began whipping the rope back and forth until it suddenly went slack, and began falling. He ducked out of the way as the hook came tumbling down to the ground.

“Coil that up and go stash it, OK ?”, said Tony…"I’m gonna check this out".

Laurant coiled the rope and quickly left. Tony went through the gate and closed it. He had to make sure he wasn’t seen. He headed for the nearest cover.

I Wonder What’s Back Here He thought.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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After making his way through what appeared to be a long valley peppered with stones and boulders, Tony looked furtively over the stone he was behind.  He saw the two Nerds going through a short passageway that was set in a natural wall.  Waiting for a few minutes, he heard what sounded like a funny bird whistle.  He whistled in return, and Laurent understood the signal. In a minute, the boy was at his side.

"Laurent, I gotta tell you, I'm making a business that can make us rich.  But we have to hide the merchandise for this.  You didn't ask anything about what it was, and I'm grateful for that”, Tony whispered.

"Cannabis ?", Laurent guessed.

"No, No, not that…No drugs or alcohol either.  Only clothes”, Tony replied.  “You've seen that the school store doesn't have Letterman Jackets anymore ?  That's because I've got them. Got that ?"

"Oui...", Laurent said, understanding.

"Don't worry, I'll give you one if that's what you want !”, Tony grinned.
The boys continued on the way the Nerds had went, through the passage. About a hundred feet later and to the right, a fieldstone pathway led to a set of gates embedded in a long stone wall that went from another taller wall on the left to a rock face on the right.  On top of the wall was a device that appeared to be some sort of Machine Gun, mounted on a platform.   Behind it rose a large dome-like building.

“What’s this place ?” Tony wondered, peering at the structure from behind a boulder.

“This is their…Observatory”, Laurent said.  “Their…Fortress, I hear.”

The boys snuck unobserved to one of the stone pylons near the front of the gate.  Tony looked behind and to his left, past a huge boulder, at a large steel barricade topped with rolled Barb Razor Wire.  “What’s that there ?”, he asked.

‘Through there is the Football Field”, Laurent replied. “That big barricade was there when I arrived, but the Barb Wire has only been there a little while. Can’t Parkour over that now, would cut your arms and legs to pieces.”

“Tony said, “We have to bring these boxes from the Gym building to here. Any suggestions ?"

"We can use Parkour to climb these walls”, Laurent said simply. “The Pions will not see us….They never come back here."

"You mean the Prefects ?”, Tony asked.  “The dumbasses dressed in blue ?"

Laurent nodded his head. “Oui…Those Pions.”

Tony and Laurent looked around to make sure there were no Nerds spying on them. With their luck, the Nerds probably have the whole place packed with security cameras.  As they did, drops of rain began falling.

Tony studied the place for a minute. "So, if you're ready to make money, let's go !  I think I've just found a very good place here to hide those boxes"

The two boys made their way back to the Nerds gate without encountering anyone.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Back on campus, the two boys ran to the Pool building, used the Parkour, to climb the wall to the overhang, then the small ladder to the roof.  Once on top of the Building, they gathered up the boxes and started to get down. Tony could feel the rain starting to drizzle down on them.

"Hurry up, Lets GO!" yelled Tony.  They climbed down the ladder.

"Merde !" yelled Laurent as he slipped off the second to last step dropping his box on the overhang roof. It skidded off and fell to the ground, coming open. Only a few items fell out.  The boys dropped off the overhang roof to the ground.

"Over here !" said Tony as the rain started falling harder. They retrieved the contents of the spilled box, stuffed them back in, and dodging a patrolling Prefect, made their way through the Harrington House side yard and back to the Nerd’s gate.

Tony was hitting the keypad as Laurent was coming over the wall.   1...1..3...8...he dialed in the code and the door slid open.

"So, were do we hide these boxes ?" yelled Laurant sliding around in the mud as Tony led the way back to the Nerd’s Observatory.

"I got an idea, but we’ll have to get inside !", Tony replied. Winded, they finally arrived at the Observatory gates.

Parkour up the wall to the platform there”, Tony pointed, “And I’ll throw the boxes up !”

Laurent backed up, then used the Parkour to go up the wall. When he was on the platform, Tony tossed up the boxes and followed. 

“There’s steps down over here”, Laurent indicated, and they gathered up the boxes and went down, joining the fieldstone pathway that led to the imposing double doors set back in the front of the building.  Tony and Laurent both dropped the boxes onto the alcove area of the Observatory.

Laurent went towards one of the doors in front of them.  He pulled something out of his pocket which appeared to be a Lock Smith Kit.  He worked with the handle of the door and eventually got it open.

"How'd you know to do that ?" asked Tony, looking at him in a puzzled way.

"Lets just say…I've been in here a few times”, Laurent replied mysteriously, “Before the Razor Wire.”

Laurent opened the door and walked in with Tony following.  Inside was a large room with an ornate tile floor missing huge gouged out chunks where the big telescope had fallen and been smashed in a long-ago battle many years ago.  There were four huge square pillars that used to hold up the massive telescope.  The floor was further littered with the remains of what looked like a catwalk and steel bars that presumably used to hold it up.  Tony wondered briefly what the story of this place was.

At the back was a set of steps that led down to what appeared to be a basement.  Pausing at the top of the steps, Tony and Laurent listened intently for the sound of anybody there.  Hearing nothing but the rain drumming on the domed roof, both boys descended  carefully down the steps, which took a turn at the bottom and led out into a long room.  In the center was a long, rectangular table. 

“Those two must have left while we was getting the merchandise”, Tony remarked.  “That’s a stroke of good luck.”

The walls on the sides held small doors that looked like storage places.  At the end was another door.  They crossed over, opened it, and looked inside.  It appeared to be a small room, sort of like a....Janitors Closet.

"This is the Nerd’s Storage area !" said Laurent, as he peeked inside, seeing multiple shelving on either side. The place had a musty smell, as if it wasn’t used much.  A layer of dust coated the few items that were there.
"Put the boxes here, I'll use this to cover them up" said Laurent grabbing a large blue tarp out of the far corner.  Tony returned to the front of the Observatory, gathered up the boxes and brought them back downstairs, placing the boxes on a shelf at the far end of the room.  Laurent covered them with the tarp.  The boys stepped back to the doorway, and found they couldn’t even see the arrangement in the dim room.

"Well, we finally found a place to put everything !" said Tony.

"Oui….Just need to watch out how many items we store in here.  That way, it wont look suspicious", Laurent said.  Tony closed the door, and the two boys made their way out of the Observatory.  Tony and Laurent looked around to make sure there were no Nerds spying on them as they headed back to the Nerd's Gate in the rain,
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Riiinnnnnggggg !! , Went the school bell, dismissing the afternoon classes.

Tony and Laurent had stayed low until they got out of the Nerd area, and were once again at the back of the school as students came pouring out into the Quad.

"So, when exactly are we going to start this.…Service ?" asked Laurent.

"Well, I've already got those Preppies in on the deal”, Tony said, “Next, I think I should approach the Greasers.”

“Don’t forget my Jocks”, said Laurent, “They’re going to need clean clothes real soon.”

“Don’t worry, they’re on the list”, Tony said.  “Well…Um, Laurent, that’s it for now.  Here's five bucks for helping me.  I'll catch you later Ok ?”.

"Oui, see you later." said Laurent, taking the cash and walking away.


Tony started walking over towards the front gates of the school.  He looked through the iron bars holding him in.  Across the street Tony spotted what seemed to be a large crack in the wall as if someone drove straight through it, with what looked like a pathway.

He turned around and walked to the Boy’s Dorm. When he got there he walked up the stairs and opened the door.  Before stepping in he looked behind the door to make sure Kurt or Jake wasn't there waiting for him.  He went and sat down on the couch in the common room and leaned over and turned on the TV.  Once again the weather forecast was on.

"Today was a rainy one, but for the next few days it looks like nothing but SUN, SUN, SUN !", said the man in front of the large radar. Tony wanted to feel happy about it, for it would make his deals easier to transact..

"Man, I'm thirsty !" Tony said, getting up and walking towards the Beam Cola machine. He dug into his pocket, put in a dollar, and bought a Beam Cola.

Suddenly, Tony heard a SMASH !!! come from the direction of his dorm room. He ran out of the Common Area and into his room to find his window shattered into a million pieces.  Tony ran up to the window and looked out.

Suddenly he felt something pelt him near his left eye. Tony fell to the floor holding his hand over his eye.  "What the FUCK !!" he yelled, lying on the floor.  He got up a slowly looked out the window.

Sure enough, Kurt was standing right there with a slingshot in his hand.  He turned to run off, and Tony jumped out of the shattered window and chased him across the yard.  Kurt jumped over the wall which was missing a piece of fence.

When he reached the Library, Kurt ran around the side jumping over the broken wall just to see that there was a Fence with a door ...that he couldn’t get through !

Kurt started punching random numbers into the key pad as Tony climbed over the broken wall.  Kurt turned around and saw Tony.  He reached to the ground and picked up a rock and fired it out of his slingshot.  Tony ducked as the rock came hurtling towards him.

"End of the line, Little Shit !!" yelled Tony.

"Do something !! I wanna see you!!", challenged Kurt.

Suddenly everything seemed to go into slow motion for Tony. What can I do to beat the shit out of this twerp ?

Tony looked to his right as a motion caught his eye, and saw a Nerd with a green sweater coming towards him over another section of broken wall with what seemed to be some sort of gun.

Tony pointed towards Kurt and the Nerd stopped in his tracks.  He thought for a moment about what Tony was trying to show him.  He peered over the broken wall coming from Harrington House and saw Kurt standing there.

He looked back over at Tony and nodded his head.  He handed Tony the blue gun-looking weapon.  Tony read on the side "Spuds Only".

Spuds, Spuds, what were Spuds ?, Tony asked himself.  Then--  Of  course….POTATOES!!!

Tony aimed the Spud cannon at Kurt who fell on his knees dropping his slingshot on the ground.

"PLEASE NO !!!!" yelled Kurt at the top of his lungs. "NO-NO-NO-NO-NO !!!!!!"

Tony pulled the trigger of the Spud Gun and out came a potato at lightning speed.  It smacked Kurt right in the head knocking him down and out.

“Hmmm….Handy weapon”, Tony said as the Nerd boy climbed over the wall.  "So why'd you help me ? I thought all the Nerds hated me ?" asked Tony curiously.

"You don't know what I had to go through with him right before you got here", said the Nerd.  "By the way, My name's Melvin....Melvin O'Connor."

"Okay…Umm...here’s your….Spud Gun." said Tony handing him the weapon.

"Keep it, We got plenty more." said Melvin, turning down the weapon.

"Thanks !!“, Tony said.  “I’m Tony Calderone.  Guess I‘ll see you around…..Oh and uh…You didn't see Anything here !”

"Okay…Fine by me !”, Melvin said, climbing over the wall and waddling off in the direction of the Library.


The rain had stopped for a little while but Tony could feel it starting to drizzle on him again.  He went over to check on Kurt.  He isn’t going anywhere.  I've got to get inside, though, Tony thought to himself.  He climbed over the wall and headed away from the Library.  Checking the big clock on the School Tower, he saw it read 7:30 PM.

Tony was feeling tired as he walked toward his dorm. He remembered seeing Kurt laying on the ground....Out....Cold.…..IT FELT SO GOOD TO NAIL HIM WITH A POTATO !!!

Tony looked at the weapon in his hands as he was entering the dorm. "How do I get more potatoes when this runs out ?" he thought to himself.  This will sure come in handy if Jake decides to attack me again.  I’ll nail that crazy fuck too.

Tony entered his room and locked the door. He threw the Spud Gun on the bed beside him and laid down. A cool breeze was coming in where the window had been broken.

Tony lifted up the covers and crawled under.  He gently closed his achy eyes and thought about what would happen tomorrow....Anything can happen in this Shit Hole…..With that thought, Tony fell asleep.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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This time, Tony was woke up by the alarm clock. The sound felt so unpleasant that the clock finished up at the other corner of the room, what magically caused it to stop. Tony hoped that today was going to be a day without trouble.  He had a good chance - This morning was Art Class, a way to relax and become smooth.  Tony thought of Karen. What could she be doing at the moment ?  Hanging out with this punkass Kurt ?.. Kissing him ?... He shook his head.  And what about Jake ?  That Psycho was bound to attack him again, that was pretty clear after Jake had tried to run him over with a car.

Tony examined his new Weapon, the Spud Gun.  He would have to track down that Melvin kid and ask him where he got his potatoes.  Looking at the compact size of the Weapon, Tony discovered it was possible to secret it on his body, if he adjusted his clothes in a certain way.  There was only a few Spuds in it, but it might come in handy.

Tony left his room, looking around warily.  He checked in the Common Room, and watched in the halls, but there was no sign of either Kurt or Jake.  He left the Dorm and headed for the School.

Tony arrived in the classroom without encountering Kurt.  As far a Jake was concerned, He didn‘t see him either, and he wasn‘t in Art Class today.  He recognized the group of Perverts that didn't come for the love of Art over in the far corner.  Tony took a random seat, and surprisingly, next to him was a familiar face.

"Steve ? Hey Dude, remember me ?", Tony greeted the boy.

"Oh, you're the hooks guy, aren't you ? How are you ?", Steve said.

"I'm doing well, thanks. Why do you come here ?", Tony asked.

"I'm learning to dredge, Boy !" said the Greaser, waving on his seat.

"What ?", said Tony, confused.

"Are you fucking blind ?  Don't you see the splendid creature that is...", Steve started to say, but was cut off.

"You two, please concentrate on your work !!" said Ms. Phillips with a soothing, but authoritarian voice.

"Here, I’se show you." whispered Steve.

He had drawn flowers from many colors.  He got up, took the drawing, and slowly went to the ‘Splendid Creatures’ desk.  He bent over the desk, his two elbows on it.  The Teacher's face changed, she was made passionate by his simple drawing.  Steve kept smiling, looking her right in her eyes. Their discussion ended as she put her hand on his shoulder, and gently smiled.  Steve came back to his seat.

"You seen that ?  It proves that I done this good”, Steve said, while pointing at flower with his finger. "You should try this out, I think she'll like what you've done !"

Tony looked at his drawing.  Nothing special, just a landscape.  He stood up, and walked to her desk. He tried out his own technique.

"Oh, you're Tony, right ? Let me see this…”, Ms. Phillips said, gazing at his drawing.  “It's a good choice to have made this. Why ?"

Find something.  It's like negotiation, Tony thought.

"I really like the way a landscape can make us feel free, it's like a travel through a picture...", Tony said.  The more he said, the more his body began to move, and his instinct told him he was catching her interest.  She relaxed on her chair, and put her hands on her legs….Those Sexy Legs.

"I think you have a real potential, Tony.  Continue like this... I like it.", Ms. Phillips gushed.  Tony offered her his best smile before returning back to his seat.

"Youse know what I meant now ?" Steve asked.

"Oh yeah, I do !.", Tony said, feeling warmth in his loins.

"Hey, you knows Christy ?", Steve asked.

"No…Who is that ?", Tony said.

"It's a girl, her only wish was to graduate, but shes didn't, because of some obscure gossip, is what I heards...", Steve whispered.

"Okay….So what ?", Tony said.

"She be exactly like Ms. Phillips. You coulds learn a lot by talking to her, and.…Heh….Kissin’ her too !"

"Uh.…OK, thanks for the advice, man”, Tony said, suddenly pining for Karen.

"Boys and Girls, it's about time for the bell to ring…Thank you for coming today !", the Teacher said.

Tony came out of the classroom and walked in direction of the cafeteria. There he grabbed two apples, then left school and went in direction of the football field.  As predicted, the sun began to appear, and Tony wanted to eat an apple and see Laurent before starting his sports afternoon with him.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Constantinos hadn’t been “Murdered”, like Jake had proclaimed….But had been beaten up quite a bit by Jake and two Bullies that Jake had brought along.  After a night in the Infirmary with a two cracked ribs, plus bruises and lacerations to his face, he had been released once only to have to go back for a second night after the window breaking in the dorm, and was finally released that afternoon. On his last morning in the Infirmary, he watched as Kurt was brought in, again, for the second time that week. Constantinous learned by listening that he had been found unconscious once more, this time over by the Library.  Kurt has a concussion this time, and on top of his injuries from earlier in the week, as Constantinos heard the Nurse saying, would put him out of action for quite a few days.
Constantinos left the Infirmary and walked gingerly down the front steps. Locating one of the benches in front of the school, he sat for a while, and just listened to the passing conversation of the other students. In this way, he came to learn it was Kurt who had sling-shot Tony, and that Kurt had been last seen being chased by Tony. He also overheard that the administration was rumored to be looking for Tony to make him pay for at least fixing the window, but there seemed to be no evidence of any proof involving Tony in the attack on Kurt.
Getting up from the bench and heading towards the parking lot, Constantinos began following a group of Greasers. As he silently walked behind them, he learned about Jake stealing the car out of the Autoshop, and then crashing it into the wall by the steps near the fountain. The Greasers seemed pretty pissed off about the whole thing, seeing as how the vehicle was a classic car and all….Greasers treated their cars better than people, and considered them like members of their own family. That someone has damaged one of their prized vehicles made them extremely angry, and they vowed their revenge on Jake, who had been seen escaping the car by other students. It seemed that Jake had gone ’underground’ and was laying low, but the Greasers could only speculate on where he might be hiding or who may be helping him stay hidden.  One thing for sure that Constantinos understood from their rants of hate was that they were done with Jake and his ’Deals’ and they would stomp his ass on sight.
Constantinos needed to find Tony. This time, he had some valuable information to tell him….And good information paid good money.  That is, if Tony’s ’Merchandise Plan’ had gone all right.  He broke away from the group of Greasers, and began to make inquiries among to students as to Tony’s whereabouts.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"So, what's your favorite sport ?", asked Tony.  Laurent tilted the head with a quizzical look. "After Parkour, I mean", said Tony before biting into his apple.

"La balle au prisonnier", he said.  Seeing that Tony didn't get it, Laurent turned his head in direction of the great banners hanging from the roof of the gym and found the right term, "Ah, Oui !  Dodgeball !"

"Oh, I see ! Wanna play this this afternoon ?", asked Tony.

"Tony ! Tony !", a voice interrupted.

"Who is this ?" asked Laurent, seeing Constantinos running up to them.

"A... Friend”, Tony said. “Hey, Dude, take a deep breath, you didn't have to run so fast."

"I... Got... Premium... Quality... Information... For you, Tony...", panted Constantinos.

"Hey, what the Fuck ?”, Tony said cheerfully.  “No work today. No  Point.  Is that so complicated ?"

"No, No, you'll be thankful for this, I tell you !!", Constantinos said.

"You see the sun we got today ?”, Tony threw his arm up.  “Why should I waste it with gossip ?"

"I'm... Sorry... “, Constantinos said, defeated.  “I'll wait on you at the Fountain, later, then....But you need to hear this !"

"All right, catch up with you later", Tony said, but Constantinos was already walking off.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony and the Laurent entered the gym. There were three students, helped by the girls, that were taking the Wrestling Ring out.  Tony saw there was blood on it... Like always.  And he recognized Mr. Burton in the bleachers.  At his side two boys -- Steve, and a skinny boy that Tony identified as a Nerd.  He realized that a little crowd formed around him.  Coach Burton imposed the silence by saying, "The ones that came to knit, get out !   The others, let's play Dodgeball !!"

The whole crowd shouted, and Tony even heard punches on the door. And he realized that it was most of the Nerds that were thrown out after Coach Burton's announcement.

"Our two team captains today will be... Steve, and... Cornelius !"

The two came closer, down out of the bleachers. "Cornelius, you select a partner first."

Ten minutes later, the two whole teams were formed. Steve had recognized Tony, but Laurent was chosen by their opponent.  A good challenge !

"Ready ? Spread the obstacles !", Burton yelled.

Everyone began to take mats, and several massive objects from the same texture, and in five minutes the whole gym was covered with them.  Tony observed the environment. There were giant cubes, arches, trampolines.…So many places where you can hide and seek.  Coach Burton gave the ball to Steve, and whistled.  It would be hard to beat Laurent at this kind of game... Tony received the ball.  Not allowed to run anymore.  He aimed a random enemy, and threw the ball.

The ball made a right trajectory, without touching his target’s head.  The kid had the time to duck behind his arch.  Tony looked an instant at Coach Burton. He had a foolish smile, looking at this barbarian game.  Tony remembered how to use the Parkour, and climbed at the top of a cube.  One of his teammates understood his technique and decided to give him the ball.  That was the good choice, for it ended up hitting the legs of a Greaser from the other team, which caused him to fall on the ground.

The only way to win is…, Tony thought,  To hurt them so much they can't play any longer.

Tony made his way up over the objects, and over the melee.  As he thought, Laurent was using the same technique.  He received a shot on the shoulder, delivered incredibly hard... But he had to continue to the high bunker he had seen.  If he reached it, he could apply the plan he had in mind.…And the game went on.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“Oooohhhhh” Kurt groaned as he began to come back awake. His head was killing him.
What the HELL happened ?? Where the SHIT am I at ??
“Now, now…take it easy”, a voice said. "Try not to move. You’ve got a concussion”
“Keep Still”, the voice came again. "Try to rest. You’re going to be here awhile”.
Memory came slowly back. The Library. Couldn’t get through the gate. That…FUCK….Shot me with something....What the…What the HELL was it ?
Kurt felt a needle go into his arm. Darkness enveloped him once again.

Jake shivered. It was damn cold in this hole. He hadn’t had time to get a blanket before squirreling in here. Hadn’t had time, in fact, to get ANYTHING. No food, no water, and most important, his Meds. He was thirsty, hungry, and getting a bit more whacked out as the time went by in this hellhole. He was hunkered down in his hiding place, behind the re-stacked bricks in the back of the Boy’s Dorm. He had gotten into some of his stash for extra shirts and pants, but it wasn’t enough. Fall came quickly in this part of the world, and the nights got cold fast. Seeing how he was essentially in the crawl space under the dorm, he now had the Rats to deal with too.
He had heard the other Boys in the dorm through the ductwork, talking about what happened. Heard about how the Greasers were out for his blood. How the Prefects were trying to hunt him down. Heard about how some of the Bullies, the only faction over which he had any kind of real control, were turning against him. Had even heard that little shit Constantinos up in the hall briefly yesterday, and he thought he’d taken care of THAT little prick…..

He couldn’t stay here much longer. It was only a matter of time before someone came and started pulling the bricks out of the wall to get to the stash….Too many knew, that sniveling piece of stinking turd Algernon, or even Tony himself.  He would have to leave tonight, after midnight, when the coast was clear. There was another place, one that he had discovered long ago, this past Summer, when he first came here. Trouble was, it was close to the Greaser’s territory, and he hadn’t had time to be choosy when the Prefects were swarming.  He had been lucky to even get away….Or smart enough.
And that bastard Tony. What an ungrateful fucker he turned out to be. Damn. Jake had taken him under his wing, taught him the ropes, cut him in on a little piece of the action, and the Dogturd fucking asshole had gone behind his back and started running his own deals ??  What the Fuck ??  It was getting so you just couldn’t trust anybody these days.
I’ll take care of his ASS….I’ll take care of them ALL. Nobody Fucks me. NOBODY !!!!
Jake giggled with barely suppressed laughter. He’d take care of them all right. They’ll all PAY.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Nerds were having a confab in the Observatory.
“You did what ??” one of them said. “GAVE him one of our Spud Guns ??”
Melvin looked over at the Nerd who had asked the question, Donald. “Yes, I did. That kid Kurt was trying to fool with our gate, and I didn’t have the angle to shoot him…So I gave the Gun to that new Tony kid”.
“Well, did you get it back ??” Donald persisted. “You know those are the only things that we can really defend ourselves with around here ?”
“No. I let him keep it.” Melvin said calmly.
Two other Nerds, Cornelius and Fredrick (Alias Fatty), exclaimed “WHAT ?” “NO !!”
Donald, Cornelius, and Fatty all began jabbering at once. Melvin listened for a minute, then held up his hands for silence. “We have plenty more. Listen, since I took over from Earnest, have I ever steered you wrong ? This boy took care of someone trying to break in to our sanctuary, and was handing the Spud Gun back to me without threatening me or trying to beat me up and just steal it. And, he TALKED to me, just like a human being. Like an equal. So…I just told him to keep it”.
The three other Nerds began talking all at once again. “You Can’t..” --  “We can hardly defend ourselves now…” --  “I don’t think I like this…”
Again, Melvin held up his hands to quiet them. “We need all the help we can get. This Tony is a Non-Clique boy….The Bullies beat the crap out of him his first day, and he’s now got Jake and that other new Rocker kid Kurt after him…And he hasn’t really hurt us”.
“Shot me in the Nuts with a Slingshot”, grumbled Fatty. “When I told him and that Constantinos kid they couldn’t go back over the wall by the Library…Beat me at Wrestling, twice….”

Melvin asked, “Did they mess with the gate ?”. Fatty shook his head no. “But”, Fatty said, “That gate is our only access point to back here since the steel wall was put back up between here and the Football Field last year. We have to make sure no one’s back there fooling with it”.
“Since they weren’t messing with the gate, they probably just went back there so they could talk private, and you just got in the way. It happens. Look, Brothers-in-arms, let’s have some logic here. If anybody had been trying to jack the gate open, we’d be able to tell”. Melvin looked at each of the others in turn. “Look…We NEED this…Someone on our side for a change. Someone to help do battle for us. Everybody here beats us up. Here’s our chance to hire someone who can help. I think we can trust him. Com’on, what do you say ??”
The other Nerds looked at Melvin, then looked around at themselves for a moment. Then slowly, nodded their heads in reluctant agreement.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Karen lay on the bed in her dorm room she shared with Christy. She was crying.
“I just don’t know what to think”, she said, tears spilling down her cheeks. “I liked Tony, I really did, and then when he went and knocked me down like that….”
Christy was sitting in a chair near the bed. “I can’t believe he meant to hurt you, sweetie”, she said. “What was going on ?”
“I don’t know !” Karen sobbed. “He just ran into me and knocked me over, then he just…kept running !”
Christy frowned. “He was running ? Why ?”
“I don’t know !”, Karen continued crying. “Just…WHAM…and I’m down on the ground…..Then that Kurt came to help me up….He was so nice…..Picked me back up, made sure I wasn’t hurt….I think he likes me…”
Christy was still frowning. Something wasn’t right here. She wasn’t the brightest girl in the pack, but she had her share of dealing with boys. “Karen, was Kurt running, too ?”
“Well….I Don’t know….Maybe….His face was bloody….I thought maybe….Someone had hit him or something….I don’t know…I was so upset…He helped me back to the dorm….Now, he‘s in the Infirmary”.
Christy went on, “You already told me you and Tony had been talking just a while before this happened, and you told him about your feelings for him. So….Why would he do that ?”
Karen had resumed crying. “I just don’t know…It’s all so confusing….”
Christy said, “Karen, how was Tony acting ? Think….”
“Well, he was running…Now that you mention it, he…looked a little dazed…” She stopped suddenly. “Christy, he acted like he didn’t even SEE me….He just plowed right into me and kept on going….”
A light shone in Christy’s eyes. “Karen, those two boys were fighting”.
“Fighting ?” Karen said. “Fighting…over what ? Fighting over….ME ?”
Christy, who had to miss classes that forced her not to graduate because of some ugly rumors involving two boys in a similar situation last year, nodded emphatically. “Yeah, girlfriend….Fighting over YOU.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony stood at the top cube of the with a dodgeball in his hand. Another Greaser on the other team pulled his arm back and threw the ball at Tony.

Tony ducked and threw his ball as hard as he could jumping down from the cube onto the hard wooden floor, which was a lot harder than he imagined. The ball pounded the Greaser in the face and he fell back on the floor.

"Tony Watch Out!" yelled Laurent to Tony.

Tony looked in front of him to see another large rubber ball hurtling towards him.

Smack! The ball crammed tony in the face. It wasn't enough to knock him on the floor but he felt a little shooken up....Everthing suddenly got blurry...... The roar of his teammates yelling his names came to a stop. Everything went black........


"Tony, Man, Tony, Wake up" said Laurent tapping Tony's face.

Tony suddenly woke up and jolted forward.

"What the hell just happened?"asked Tony dizzily.

"You just got pinned in the face with a ball, now get up and go sit on the bleachers. Me and Steve are gonna finish this game !" yelled Laurent helping Tony up.

Tony went to sit on the bleachers and the game was back on.  Laurent grabbed the ball that had hit Tony in the face and could see a small smear of blood on it.  He looked back over at Tony and realized his nose was bleeding.

Laurent looked back at the Greaser that had hit Tony and started running full speed towards him.   He jumped up in the air and aimed the ball at the Greaser...He threw the ball and it smashed into the face of his opponent sending him flying.

There was only one more to defeat.  This Greaser looked a bit like Johnny Vincent, but he was known as ’Peanut’.   Johnny Vincent, former leader of the Greasers, had left and transferred to the ‘Hot Rod Academy’ in Detroit, Michigan.

He looked at Steve standing on the other side of him.  Peanut had the ball in his hand aiming towards him.  The only difference between Tony and Steve was that Steve knew that the ball was coming his way.  He waited for Peanut to throw the ball and then ducked, letting the ball sail over his head. The ball bounced back to him and Steve picked it up.

"Your my friend Peanut, but I gotta do this !" said Steve heaving the ball at him.  The ball quickly zoomed at Peanut, but he ducked before it could hit him.

"Oh Damn !…I thought that would hit ‘em'", said Steve backing near the wall.  He then remembered that Peanut was one of the most athletic the Greaser Clique.

"Not so easy....is it Stevey ?", said Peanut while spinning the ball in his hand.  He threw the ball at Steve delivering a hard blow to his stomach.

"OUCH!!", thought Laurent as Steve, knocked out of the game, got up and limped over to the bleachers to sit beside Tony.

"Man, I should've know Peanut was that strong.  I mean seriously...He's one of my buddies in my own my clique, we're like brothers...", Steve said to Tony, sitting down on the bleacher.

Laurent and Peanut were the last two standing.  Whoever got hit first was the loser.  Laurent picked up the filthy piece of red rubber.  He looked at Peanut and studied him carefully. 

He’s ready for me to make a frontal attack...But maybe I can trick him with a.....SIDE ATTACK  !!, thought Laurent.

Laurent moved over to the gym wall and ran up it with all his might.  He Flipped backwards and while in the air chucked the ball at Peanut who was stunned by the incredible trick.  The ball smashed into Peanut’s face.

"Como haga le gusto mi ahora !!!!", yelled Laurent to Peanut, now laying face down on the floor.  He strutted over to Tony and Steve jumping around the bleachers, now cheering his name.

"YEA, GO LAURENT !!”…“ HELL, YEAH, MAN  !!“…“THAT WAS THE BEST !!!!", they yelled to Laurent.

"Oui, it wasn't easy either...", Laurent said modestly.

"Man, lets go get showered off and grab something to drink !" said Tony.

All three boys went down to the locker room and showered off and got dressed.

"I wish they sold coffee at this damn place..." said Steve.

"Well, they got water and soda, so that'll do for now…But hey, at least by mid-term, I heard they let us off campus to wonder around town." said Tony.

"Oui, I can't wait to try that French Restaurant down in Bullworth Vale, to see if they know how to make "REAL" French tasting foods." said Laurent.

"Lets just go back to the Dorm and get some Sodas, all right Guys ?" said Tony.

"Ooookkaayyyy....", chimed  Steve and Laurent in disappointment.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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The three boys headed towards the dorm. At the fountain, Constantinos was waiting.
“Hey, Bo…um…Tony, I really gotta tell you what I heard”, he tried once again.
“Not now, not now….Can’t you see we’re headed off for some drinks ?” Said Tony.
“Yeah, but this is really important…It’s about…” Here he lowered his voice…”Kurt..and Jake”.
Tony suddenly paid attention. “OK…We need somewhere private…”. He turned to the other two boys. “Hey, guys, you go on ahead. Gotta talk to Constantinos….I’ll catch up, allright ?”.
As Laurant and Steve went off, Tony led Constantinos down the path toward Harrington House, as it was deserted for the moment.
“OK…Spill” He said to Constantinos.
Constantinos quickly told Tony of all he had learned earlier in the day. When he finished, Tony leaned against the wall, thinking. Hmmm….So, Jake’s hiding out…Wonder where….Kurt’s laid up….For how long ?……Damn, got so much to do….Have to get some more supplies out to sell to the Preps…Need to talk to the Greasers….Maybe can now do that through Steve…And I GOTTA start going to class, somebody’s bound to catch on I’ve been skipping…And…SHIT, KAREN….I gotta talk to Karen, make things right….

Tony turned back to Constantinos and asked if he knew where Karen was.
“Oh..Yeah, heard a couple of girls by the Fountain just a while ago say she was holed up in her room, crying”, Constantinos said.
“Damn”. Tony thought for a moment more. He got an Idea.
“Here’s $10 for what you’ve told me…And I need you to do something else…There’s another Fiver in it for you…..I need you to get me some flowers from over by the Library…Yeah, girls like flowers….Can you do that ?”
Constantinos took the offered money and agreed. Tony said, “I’ll meet you at the Girl’s Dorm. Go !”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony hurried to the Girl’s dorm, taking the shortcut by the school through the broken fence. Waiting over by the side door, he finally saw Constantinos, running up with the flowers.
“Thanks..here’s your $5...I’ll take those” Tony said. "Damn…I gotta sneak in, but I don’t know which room she’s in….”
“She rooms with Christy”, Constantinos said. “I know where that is…I can go in, and convince her to come out”.
Tony looked at Constantinos with a new respect. “You can ? You will ?”

“Sure B…I’ll be right back…Tony”. In a flash, Constantinos bounded up the steps and disappeared through the door.
Boy, that little kid is fast, thought Tony.
A few minutes laster, Constantinos reappeared at the door. Behind him was Karen, her eyes all puffy, red and swollen from crying. Her hair was messed up, too. She looked like crap. Tony thought she looked beautiful.
Constantinos said, “OK, Tony…This one’s on me…See you later”, and he Jogged away.
Tony got down on one knee and offered Karen the flowers as she approached. “Please listen, Karen, just listen…I didn’t mean to knock you over, it was an accident, I was running and not looking where I was going, I’m so damn sorry, so sorry, I never want to hurt you….”
Karen bent down to him. “Shhhh….Shhhh….It’s alright, Tony, It’s allright….I was just shook up, I’m not hurt….Shhhh”, She said as Tony continued his apologies. Taking his arm, she stood him up. “Are these for me ?”, she said as she took the flowers. “Tony, I just didn’t know what to think….After our talk, and then…You acted like you didn’t even see me….Tony, were you in a fight with Kurt…Over Me ?”
Tony nodded miserably. “That’s part of it….There’s something wrong with that boy…We’ve had problems since the first time we met up…He got too nosy, and I went off on him…Now, he’s after you, thinks he owns you or something…..Karen, listen, I really, really like you….I wanted to tell you that I wanted you to be my girl….”
“Oh, Tony”, Karen said, putting her arms around him and giving him a long, deep kiss. They stood that way for a moment, locked in that embrace. “Yes, Tony, I would love to be your girl”, she said. Tony felt a great relief come over him. “So, we’re OK then…I’m so glad, and so sorry about….”

Shushing him again, Karen said “It’s allright, It doesn’t matter…It’s just us now and we’re OK”. She gave him another deep kiss. When she drew away, she said, “Listen, we can’t stay here…We might get seen by one of the Matrons…Meet me behind the dorm after curfew…I’ll sneak out…OK ?”.
Tony nodded reluctantly, letting her go. She hurried back up the steps, turning to blow him a kiss before disappearing into the building as the door closed.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony headed back over to the Boy’s dorm to meet up with Laurent and Steve, who he assumed were inside. As he approached the steps, two bullies appeared and blocked his way. Friends of Jake, no doubt. He looked around. The rest of the yard was deserted.  Tony looked around him.  Near the steps was a Football..  That would be the first part of the plan.  He had to do quick before that big ape, Russell, could join them.

"Someone told us you had merchandise for us... Right ?", the blonde one said.

"You guys work for Jake ?“, Tony sniggered.  “You sure are paid a misery wage.….."

While talking crap, Tony gently made his way to the Football.  The two ugly-looking boys started coming at him, but Tony had already grabbed the ball, and sent it to the maximum power, smashing one of the Bullies right in the face.  The kid fell back immediately, falling to the asphalt groaning in pain, while his friend was still running, elbow first.  Tony avoided him, and sent his feet to the Bully's knee, a move reminded him of the way he had taken down Trent that first day.  Tony remembered his wrestling lessons.  He sent his proper knee directly in the boy's chest, and shoved him to the wall.

"Okay, I'll let you have a chance to go, if  you tell me who set me up !", Tony snarled.

"No, please, I... I didn't want to hurt you !", the Bully lied.

"It Was Jake, Wasn’t It ?", Tony yelled in the kid’s face.

"Y...Y…Yes, he paid us well...", the Bully stuttered.

"How Much ?", Tony asked gruffly.

"F...F… Five B... Bucks each...", the Bully blubbered.

"Can't you speak like an human, you Fucking Cockroach ?“, Tony growled. “You know, I could have paid you fifteen !  FIFTEEN, YOU HEAR ME ?"

"So... Sorry...", the kid said weakly.

"Go Now Before I Make You Eat The Pavement !"  Tony kneed the boy on the side of the leg, and pushed him in direction of the wall with the broken fence. The Bully tried to escape as fast as possible, limping.  He tried to climb the little wall, but couldn't, and fell on the ground. Tony kicked the Bully that received the ball in the face, to make sure he wouldn‘t be getting back up.

In the Dorm, there was a crowd before a notice on the wall. Tony made his way to the paper, and could read it.

To the Students of Bullworth ----

Last year, after a student painted a graffiti on the town hall, it was decided to build a shelter by the school's gates, where a prefect will be during the day.  If you want to visit the town, you'll have to go see him, and he'll allow you to stay two hours in the town.  Do not be late returning, or we'll have to call the local police to bring you back.

------ Dr. Crabblesnitch


Tony found Laurent and Steve hanging out near the soda machine.

"Hey, Dude, you've seen that ?  Fuck this !", began Steve.

"Two hours are not enough to appreciate the food of my country", Laurent said, disgustedly.

"Hep, Tony, don't touch your money, I'se  pay for your Beam, you deserve it after your fight !",  said Steve.

"Thank you, Bro, thank you“, Tony said, accepting the drink, thinking, Shit, that just happened !  News sure travels fast here ! 

The boys sat at the card table in the common area, talking and laughing until late into the evening.  Suddenly, Tony asked, “Hey, what time is it ?"

“About 20 minutes to curfew”, Steve said. “Why ?”

“I've got to go see Karen, I told her I would meet her after curfew." said Tony.

"I thought she hated your guts ?" asked Steve curiously.

"Well, lets just say...We made up...", Tony allowed.

"Whatever…“, Steve shook his head, grinning. “Hey Laurent, you's know much about cars ?”

"Oui, They have Motors...", Laurent joked.

"Let us sneak to the Autoshop, I gots some things to teach you.", said Steve patting Laurent's shoulder.

"Later Tony !" said Steve, Leaving the Dorm and showing Laurent the way to the Autoshop
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Okay, How am I gonna do this ?, though Tony to himself. I guess since I still got about 10 minutes till curfew, I could go hide in the small Planted area where the fence is broken, beside the Girls Dorm.  Yeah, that’s it.

Tony ran over to the Broken Fence area by the Girl’s Dorm and hung out there until curfew.  He watched Mr. Luntz drive the mower over to the Autoshop garages by the Parking Lot to put it up for the night.  He could barely make out the figures of Steve and Laurent heading through the Greaser back area. Laurent would look frustrated trying to do something with a motor, he thought with a chuckle.

"Hey !" said a voice that startled Tony  It was Karen.  She was standing on the ground behind him.

"Hey, so….What do you want to do ?" asked Tony.

“I've got a plan in mind..." said Karen.

Karen and Tony snuck around to the Parking Lot and she showed him to a large red garage door on the end.

"What’s this ?", Tony asked as Karen fiddled with the lock and then suddenly lifted the door.  Inside sat a modified Go-Kart which happened to have two seats.

"Lets go have some fun !" said Karen sitting in the passenger seat.

Tony slowly made his way to the other side of the Go-Kart and sat down.

"So…Er…How do I...Drive this thing ?" asked Tony cluelessly.

"It's easy silly, just Hold Down the clutch, Turn the ignition, and Put the shifter in Drive.", Karen smiled sweetly.  Tony felt ashamed that a girl knew more than him about cars.

"How did you know all that ?" said Tony.

"Oh....I take Shop Class...Instead of Art.", Karen said airily.

"Well, that would explain it...I take Art, but I rarely go to it anyway”, lied Tony.

Tony pushed down the pedal of the machine and they took off.  Tony made a wide sweeping turn to go out of the Parking Lot and headed down towards the access road. He had to come to a stop at the gate at the end, however.

"We're locked in", observed Tony.

"Don’t Worry Tony !" said Karen, hopping out of the Go-Kart.

She walked towards the gate and started picking at the lock with something. After a few seconds, she pushed and the gate swung open. She turned around and got back in the Go-Kart.

"What the heck did you just do ?" asked Tony.

"My Dad is a Professional Lock Picker, but now he's in jail.  I plan to try to pick him out someday”, Karen said with a straight face.

"Ooo-kay....", Tony said, not knowing weather she was putting him on or not.

Tony zoomed up the access road, then turned left and headed towards Bullworth Vale.  He got onto the straightaway and nailed the gas.

"Where...Exactly Are We...Going ?, asked Tony, with the wind beating against his face.

"Lets Go To Lookout Point Near The Beach House !", Karen said exuberantly.

"How Do I Get There ?", Tony shouted.

Karen pointed at Boardwalk in front of the long Pier leading off the road, and indicated a ramp leading down to the Beach.

As Tony dove down the ramp and onto the sand, the Go-Kart slowed down tremendously.

"This Kart doesn't exactly drive good on sand !" said Karen Jokingly.

"Yeah, I guessed that.", Tony said, making his way West on the beach. He came to and passed the Beach House and the Lighthouse that stood next to it, taking a sweeping right turn that put the Go-Cart on a wide dirt trail that wound up at an angle behind the structures. After climbing a good ways, Tony had to turn the Go-Kart left for a couple of turns, arriving a large, flat, oblong space that was filled with benches overlooking the area.

Tony and Karen got out of the Kart and walked to the railing at the edge of the Lookout. They could see all of Bullworth Vale, the Carnival, and just about the entire bay.

"Someday, I want to see what’s on that Island !", said Karen pointing out over the water.

"Yeah, me too...", Tony said, peering.  But he had other things on his mind.

Tony and Karen turned to each other and started exchanging kisses.

"You Kids ! Stop Right There !”, a gruff voice said.

A mean-looking Cop stood behind them. "It’s After Curfew...You’re BUSTED !"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake waited until almost Midnight before he started to move. He couldn’t stand it any longer in there with those Fucking Rats. He HATED those little goddam vermin-ridden sons-of-bitches. After putting on as much extra clothing as he could, he removed the bricks and crawled out from the hole in the wall, then just as quickly replacing them. He would come back here later, after he got settled into his new “Digs” for the rest.
He peeked around the corner of the Dorm. Coast Clear…He didn’t know where the Bullies he had paid to put a hurtin’ on Tony had gone….Pussys….Not worth a damn, if you wanted something done, you hadda do it yourself….Bunch of lazy pricks…He had wasted his money on them, that was for sure…..
And money was now a problem….He HAD to move the merchandise, and he HAD to sell the merchandise. But there was another problem, too…He had heard the boys in the dorm talking, heard them through the ductwork these past few nights. He knew he had lost some customers. Maybe a LOT of customers. And no sales meant no money.
All because of that fucking prick Tony. As he moved across the deserted yard, he decided
to go straight to the Girl’s dorm and take the shortcut from there to the parking lot. As he moved, his thoughts boiled with revenge. He’d get that prick, he’d get them all who were helping that prick, if it was the last thing at Bullworth he ever did. As he was thinking that, he entered the yard of the Girl’s Dorm.
A small part of his mind knew this was partly his fault. He hadn’t stayed cool when he found out Tony was running his own scam, he got all bent out of shape and went after him. STUPID, STUPID,STUPID. He knew…But his anger and feelings of betrayal had overwhelmed him…And he had gone after Tony, was gonna teach him a lesson, all right…But the whole thing had spun out of control.
Jake quietly snuck through the shortcut, and, avoiding the final remaining Prefect on his rounds, jogged across the school parking lot to where a large yellow junk bus sat. He worked on getting the door open, it hadn’t been open in some time. Finally, he got it open far enough to where he could squeeze through, and then, he forced it back closed. He rested there awhile, thinking.
The bus had been hauled here years ago, when the new bus had been put into service. At the direction of Dr. Crabblesnich, it had been moved to this spot by the Greasers, and had been disabled in a way so that it could never be moved again. The reason was that the bus had been protecting a secret. Exiting the bus through a hole cut in it’s other side, Jake came out in a roughly small triangular yard. To the left, there was another small square yard, protected by a large gate bolted from the other side.
Jake had heard the rumors of an old man who had LIVED back here, just before he came here, called by everybody as just the “Hobo”. Some even said the old fart was Dr. Crabblesnich’s father, and he was hiding him away because he was Loony Tunes. Whatever. Jake didn’t give a shit. He began stripping off the extra pants and shirts that he had brought along from the stash, and then started tying the pantlegs and the arms of the shirts together, In this fashion, he made a crude rope. He then located a large rock, and tied the end around it. Then, he threw the rock, attached to his ‘rope’ over the top of the gate, and heard it thump down on the other side. He pulled on the ‘rope’ until he felt it was tight enough and tested it…It would support his weight. He then climbed to the top, over the old barb-wire strands, and dropped to the other side, and pulled the rest of the ‘rope’ clothing over with him.
Jake had never been back here before. There were also rumors of radioactive waste stored in barrels back here, and a persistent rumor that the Hobo had one night been beamed up to a spaceship hovering over Bullworth. All that was really true was that the Hobo had disappeared, never to be seen again. A more rational Jake had always steered clear of this spot, just in case….But Jake had been off his Meds for days now, and was slowly becoming more and more psychotic. Besides, he was in a real pickle now, and needed a safe spot. And everyone avoided this spot like the plague. No one ever came back here. That was just fine with him.
Jake examined the crude bolt arrangement on the gate. It was a mite rusty, but Jake was sure he could get it open. He looked around. There were indeed barrels here, but he had no idea what was in them. He didn’t give a shit, anyway. Over toward the West end, there was a small tent…and inside was a cot. Jake made his way inside, and sat down on the cot. He had picked up a bunch of apples and stuffed them in his pockets as he had come through the shortcut. He pulled a few of them out and ate hungrily.
He looked around. No Rats. THAT was good…real good. Tomorrow night, he would move his stash over here…Then…It would be time to take back the school, and get his revenge. They’ll all Pay…Every last one…Starting with that double-dealing prick, Tony.
He lay back on the cot, exhausted, and was soon fast asleep.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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"That is Damn Right... I never knew love...", the Cop in blue said.

"I'm sure you will... One day”, purred Karen.

Tony and Karen were sitting on the sand, holding hands, while the Policeman was sitting just next to them, arms around his knees, looking at the silent waves of the Lake.  One more time, Tony had to use his persuasion skills.

"It's simple... Women don't want me... I'm just a lonely wolf...", the Cop sadly reflected.

"I'm really sorry for you, Sir.  I promise I'll help you one of this days”, said Tony.

Tony felt Karen pressing his hand harder, and rubbing very softly against him. Time to be alone.

"Now go, little kids... I have to stay here now... For a while...", The Cop said morosely.

The young couple went back to their vehicle, and went all the way back to the Parking Lot.  After they had returned the Go-Kart and exited the garage, Karen didn't want to let Tony go.  She said the bleachers were a very beautiful place at night.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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A noise woke Jake. Sounded like a mower motor. He got up, exited the tent, and climbed on one of the barrels on the other side of the yard….And peeked his head over the top of the wall to investigate.
He saw Tony and Karen coming from the garage area in the parking lot, walking swiftly towards his hiding spot, on their way to cutting through the Autoshop area. Nobody was around. Damn….If he had his weapons….He had left his Slingshot, and his other weapons under the dorm….Remembered pelting the endless Rats with it, so it must be there. Tony and Karen went right by his new hiding place without looking up, never knowing Jake was there, watching them, just a few feet away.
Jake backed away. Here had seen enough. Hmmm….Karen and Tony….He never would have seen that coming….She always acted so stuck up around him….Little Bitch. No matter…He was gonna put Tony in the hospital….If she got in the way, she would get hurt. Too Bad, So Sad. Life sucks, get used to it.

Tony and Karen made their way past the Gym and down to the backside of the bleachers by the Football Field. Karen fell into Tony’s arms. Leaning against the wall in back of the bleachers, their actions became more and more intense. Slowly, they slid down the side of the wall, and down to the ground.
Afterwards, Tony an Karen were talking, softly. Every once and a while, Karen would let a giggle escape, and then clamp a hand over her mouth. She was so happy now, happy that Tony had come back to her, and had made things right.
The conservation took a more serious tone. “Tony, what are you going to do now ?” she asked.
“I don’t know” Tony replied. “I got some deals in the works, and I’ve got to make some money…..I got a little help, I think it’ll work out”.
“Tony, you were running stolen merchandise with Jake, weren’t you ?” Karen asked.
Tony looked at her, shocked. “How did you know about….”
“Oh, don’t be so surprised. I’ve been here long enough. I know how things work at this school.” As Tony started to say something, she held up her hand. “It’s all right. We all have to do whatever it takes to survive around here”. She lowered her voice. “I had to join the Jocks, just for protection. They treat me OK, even are kinda protective of me, but sometimes, one of them wants to….well, you know…”
Tony was again shocked. “I’ll put a stop to that, right away…You bet I will” Tony said angrily. “None of them are gonna touch you, ever again”.
“Tony, please…Leave it alone, for now…I can handle them…And you need their help, don’t you ? I can help you with that…Just…Let me handle it. They’re the most powerful Clique in the School”.
Tony considered for a moment. Reluctantly, he agreed not to go after anyone yet. “But”, Tony said, “Things are gonna change around here…You can count on it.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Later, after Tony snuck Karen back to her Dorm, he snuck back to his own Dorm.  Constantinos approached him coming out of the Common Room and whispered something to him.

"Shit", Tony muttered, and headed back outside, going to the Autoshop area.   Dodging Prefects, he hunkered  at the side of the Fountain. 

"Ah, Tony !” a voice sounded.  Laurent was approaching. Tony noticed a bottle in his hands. It was just as Constantinos said.

"Tony, Tony... Tu es mon pote, hein ?", Laurent said, his words slurring.

"What the... Man, you're drunk ?", Tony asked, not really shocked.

"Qu'est-ce que tu dis ?", Laurent said drunkenly.

"C'mon, we have to get back to the Dorm”, Tony said.  “Come with me !"

"Pourquoi ? Je suis bien ici !", Laurent spewed out another phrase Tony didn’t understand.

"The Prefects are gonna see you !  Fuck, man, you get what I say ?", Tony said, looking around.

"Attrape-moi !"  Laurent sped off in direction of the Harrington House. Tony didn't lose any time. If the Prefects saw him, he'd be kicked out... Could this drunk boy still Parkour ?

Laurent crossed the Harrington side yard, and jumped over a break in the high wall.  So did Tony.  They ran in the grass, through the plants.  Laurent climbed the wall and arrived at the locked Nerd’s gate.  He hit many buttons, and after screaming a French word, started trying to climb to the roof of the library, without any rope.  In fact, he used the borders of the windows, a very dangerous technique.  But Tony was afraid for the life of his friend, so he did the same.  Arriving on the roof, he continued pursuing Laurent.  No way out... Except... Falling ?

Laurent stopped right before the end of the roof, and started to lose balance.  Tony grabbed him from the back, pivoted, then jumped and landed with the French kid on the flower beds in peat moss, breaking their fall without any injuries.

"Do you hear me ?  Fuck !!!", Tony said, exasperated.
"Tony... You are very good... But I have to sleep now”, Laurent mumbled.

"It's about time !  Now you're gonna walk right, understood ?", Tony demanded.

The two boys got back to the Dorm without trouble.  Laurent was already asleep as Tony threw him on his bed.  Steve had things to explain him tomorrow... But he'd ask him without any violence, as Steve was still his only way to access the Greasers.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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After waking up the next day, Tony decided to go see the Greasers.  There, he could ask Steve about last night's little incident with Laurent, and maybe get more in touch with the Clique.  He decided to dress with the classic green Bullworth vest and jeans.

As he arrived at the Autoshop gate, a Greaser in leather jacket was standing between the two open gates. "Hey, you, get away, there's nothing to see here."

"Relax, Dude, I came to talk to Steve.", Tony said calmly.

"Steve ?  You know him ?  I swear that if it was a lie, I'll have to beat you up”, the Greaser retorted, then turned and screamed the name of Steve.  Tony took this time to look the guy carefully in the eyes.  They were classic brown eyes, and they looked hard.  For one moment, the eyes went at the bottom, then left.  As far as Tony knew, this meant that he was thinking about something.  A minute later, Steve's face appeared behind the fence that delimited the Greaser territory.

"Hey, Tony ! You're doing well ?", Steve greeted.

"I gotta talk to you, Steve”, Tony said. “I'm sure you know what I want to talk about."

"Yeah, sure, glad you’re here !”, Steve added.

"So, may I enter, or does today, discussions between friends make themselves through the fence ?", Tony asked.

"Of course... Let him enter, Hal !", Steve called cheerfully.

Tony passed around the fence, and arrived in a zone roofed by corrugated iron, only a little over two yards high, that had been thrown together since the last time he was here.  There were several old sofas there, and Tony noticed that one of them was taken from a car.  On the right of the open room, there were draped cloths that made a sort of wall.  The whole works were attached to the building where there was the open bay that contained the Greaser’s classic car.  Around the work benches were mechanic’s tools and the big wood box where Tony had gotten the hooks.  On a steel table in front of the sofas, there was a motor attached with a cable to a huge motor-puller, sitting in the middle of a huge oil spot.  Tony sat on a pretty comfortable seat, while Steve took place on the car sofa, beside the motor.

"You want anything to drink, Tony ?", Steve asked.

"Any soda would make it”, said Tony.

Steve eased into the bay and reached around to little dirty fridge on his right.  He grabbed a cola, threw it to Tony, then grabbed another one, and threw it in the direction of the draped cloths. A hand reached through and grabbed it.  Laurent emerged from behind the cloths and sat down next to Tony.

"You guys have to explain to me something !" said Tony with a fake smile, not really surprised to see Laurent there.

"It is all my fault, Tony”, Laurent said, embarrassed. “I  had a little beer, two, three... You know...."

"You were lucky I seen you”, Tony admonished.

"Je sais... I know”, Laurent said, his face reddening

"Whatever”, Tony chuckled.  “You've learned something about motors ?"

"He’s learned a lot !" said Steve, hands still working.

"This is good..." Tony said as he drank the refreshing liquid.

"What about you ?  And this girl... Karen ?", Laurent asked with a sly look.

"What would you have done, you little perv ?", Tony joked back. The three laughed.

"OK, Steve, I'm here to meet you Greasers, to learn a bit on motors, and stuff like that”, Tony said, more at ease.

"No problem”, Steve said. “You won't be able to access our shop class for now, but you can come see me anytime."

"Thanks, man”, Tony said. “Hey, Laurent, what's going on this afternoon in the gym ? Super-Dodgeball again ?"

"Non, nothing today, I think”, Laurent said, and swirled his arm around. “I may check this out."

"You wanna stay here ?", Tony asked.

"Oui.", Laurent replied.  “For awhile.”

"OK, I'll see you after lunch sometime”, Tony said, getting up. “Don't you guys do any stupid stuff while I'm away."

"Yeah, Mmum..." mumbled Steve jokingly.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Later, after leaving his first class of the day, Tony walked down the hall, and then out of nowhere, it seemed, one of Kurt's henchmen shoved Tony.

"What the Hell, Man !?" said Tony.

"It's a warning, Douche. Don't screw with our Leader." said the Rocker.

Shit. That weasel, Kurt, is up to something, Tony thought, Well, I'm gonna nip this right quick.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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“Leader ? You don’t have a Leader, Shitbag” Tony snarled. “Hell, you weird fuckers don’t even have a Clique”
“Yeah, well we do now !”, the Rocker kid said, getting up in Tony’s face.
“STEP BACK”, Tony yelled, roughly pushing the Rocker kid into the lockers. “You better run, shit-for-brains….You DO NOT wanna be messin’ with this !!!”
Staggering back upright from the lockers, The Rocker kid, who’s name was Tibo, yelled back “You Fuckface, We Are Gonna TAKE YOU DOWN…..”
The Prefect was racing down the hall, straight at Tony and Tibo. Both boys took off in different directions, and the small crowd of kids who had gathered to watch scattered. Tony ran down the hall, took a right, ran towards the Teacher’s lounge, took another right, and ran full tilt for the Boy’s restroom, knocking down a couple of other students on the way. Just before he reached the bathroom, he dived into the rather large Trash Bin beside it.
This better work, he thought.
The Prefect came around the corner, still yelling, and came to a halt when he realized he could no longer see his prey. After a couple of minutes, he walked off.
Tony peeked over the top of the trash bin and saw the coast was clear. He had just come out of his first Chemistry class right before being accosted by the Rocker kid. He climbed out of the Trash Bin and brushed himself off.
That’s what I get for coming back to class, he thought.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Walking with Karen to his next class, Tony sensed a change in the way some of the students in the school were respecting him, giving him space. The Nerds, The Greasers, The Jocks, and even The Preps were not hassling him, and some were actually being nice. The Bullies were being just as big of shits as they always were, though.

“Meet me tonight behind the Dorm ?’, asked Karen.

“You know it babe…I’ll be there”, Tony replied as the bell rang. He ducked into Art class.


After Art class, where Tony did some more drawings while ogling Ms. Phillips, he headed down to the Football Field to find Laurant. Spotting him over by his usual spot at the bleachers, Tony approached him.

“Heya, Tony, whatcha know ?  Get in some grabs at the Art teacher this fine afternoon ?”, Laurent greeted him.

“Hello, Laurent…Um..Why are you talking like a Greaser ?”, Tony asked.

Laurant let out a long laugh. “Just practicing, my friend….Just practicing.  Some of the lingo rubbed off on Moi….Oui ?”

“I guess so”, Tony replied, smelling just a whiff of alcohol on the French boy. “Listen, I’m gonna need your lockpicking skills…I’ve got to get out some more merchandise to sell to the Preps. Meet me at the gate about 2 AM, after midnight, tomorrow night ?”

“Well, sure, or…..We could just take a shortcut over there”, he said pointing over at a large, tall steel panel-looking thing set into the wall over at the North-East side of the field.

“What are you talking about ?” Tony asked.

“Through that, you may go right to the front of the Observatory”, Laurant said. “You asked me how I knew about the place. I had already been in there. I used the Parkour to get over that, second night of school."

“What about the Razor Wire ?”, Tony said, “You said it would cut us up !”

“Not any more !”, Laurent said, pulling a pair of large wire cutters from his back pocket.  “Got these from Steve last night !”

“Well, I’ll be damned…Why didn’t you tell me this before ?”

Mon du !! You didn’t ask !!”, laughed Laurent.


“It looks like you’re coming along well, young man. I think we can release you tomorrow”, the white suited woman said.

Kurt looked up at the Infirmary Nurse whose name he didn’t remember. “That’ll be just great….I gotta lotta work to catch up on…”

As he settled back on the pillows, he thought, Yeah…A WHOLE lotta work.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The next day Kurt was released. He rallied up all the Rockers, and started talking to Tibo.  "Did you warn that dickhead ?" Kurt asked.

"Uhh...Yeah…Almost got busted though." Tibo replied.

"Alright guys. We all know the enemy here. That douche, Tony.  A 'little bird' told me he's going to be selling some merchandise to the Rich Pricks tonight." Kurt announced.

He continued, "The Greasers think rather fondly of us…Met Peanut at the Infirmary after he got beaten by a Prep.  I told him everything about what's going on tonight, and he told me him and the boys will be glad to help.  So, tonight, 2 AM...we'll be there.  Us Rockers for revenge, and the Greasers for the Preps.  It'll be like hell breaking loose, minus those wimpy Nerds, and Jocks."

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Right before curfew, Tony left the Boy’s dorm, and walked Quickly to the Girl’s dorm. He encountered one Prefect along the way, from a short distance…But as it wasn’t quite 11 PM yet, the Prefect only yelled “GO ON SCUM…YOU’RE WORTHLESS” at him, and Tony hurried faster. Arriving behind the Girl’s Dorm, he took up a spot beside a dumpster, and waited. Soon, he spotted a small dark figure coming around the corner, making their way slowly towards him.

“Tony ?” the dark figure said softly.
“Karen” Tony said in a low voice. “Over Here”.
She quickly moved towards the sound of his voice, and the came into each other’s arms.
“I missed you after classes…Where were you ?” Asked Karen.
“I hadda go talk to Derby of the Preps…We have to make a delivery to them tonight”.
“Oh, Tony, do promise me that you’ll be careful !”, fretted Karen.
“Relax -- They’re harmless…Besides, I’ve got this…” He patted the Spud Gun at his side….”for protection. And, now I have these”. He dug his hand in his other pocket, and pulled out several cylindrical objects with fuses attached to them.
“What are those ?” asked Karen, although she pretty much knew.
“Firecrackers”, said Tony. “More like M-80s though…Powerful”.
“Where did you get those ?”, Karen asked.
“I made ‘em….Learned how to in Chem class today…Sulfur and gunpowder, jam them down these hollow tubes, stick in a fuse…When the old coot wasn’t looking, I swiped me a bunch of the stuff to make them with. Took me about 2 hours to put all these together, holed up in my room tonight”.
“Tony, just be careful…I know you gotta do what you have to…..”, Karen began.
“No problem…Just a routine delivery…It’ll be fine", Tony said. Speaking of fine…Com’re Baby…”

Jake had finished moving the last of his stash over to the Hobo’s yard the night before. He was now headed back to the Boy’s Dorm to look again for his Slingshot. It had to be under there somewhere, Dammit…Suddenly, he stopped.

He heard something from around the back of the Girl’s Dorm. Quietly, he made his way over to the back corner of the building, then slowly into the darkness.

Melvin and Fatty were conferring in the Library.
“So, you asked him ?”, said Fatty.
“Yes, talked to him today, over by the Fountain. We made a deal”, Melvin said.
Fatty sighed. “So how much is this gonna cost us ?”.
“Ten dollars a day…If nothing happens.", Melvin recounted  "Twenty dollars on any day that he has to beat up anybody who hurts any one of us. Plus, we get to knock off Five dollars on any day one of us gets knocked out if he isn’t able to get there in time to protect them”.
Fatty snorted. “Sounds complicated…”
“There’s more”, Melvin went on. “If we come to his aid in a fight, then he will supply us with what we need for a week”.
“What can we do ?” asked Fatty.
Melvin patted his Spud Gun. “We have these. We can stand far away and shoot”.
“I don’t know…I guess”, Fatty said. “I have to go pee”.

Jake stood very still in the darkness, listening to the sounds of Tony and Karen making out. Finally, their rapid breathing slowed, and Tony spoke.

“I gotta go pretty soon…Round up Laurant and Constantinos and get the merchandise. We’re supposed to meet Derby and the Preps after 2 AM over by Harrington House for the delivery”.

“OK…I guess I got to let you go…For now, you bad boy….And Tony, please be careful !”, Karen said again.

“Piece of cake”, Tony said.

Delivery ? Merchandise ?  How the hell did he get stuff for the Preps ?  Jake’s paranoid mind was racing. Doesn’t Matter. Doesn’t Matter. Gotta find that Slingshot. And break into Trent’s room from the back window. That fuck still has some Firecrackers. Very quietly Jake edged back in the darkness, back around the corner, and started silently running towards the Boy’s Dorm. Looks like I can get some action sooner than I thought.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Kurt, Tibo, and the other Rockers were holed up in the back garage of the Autoshop, along with some of the Greasers.

“What’s the deal, Pinwheel ?” one of the Greasers asked.
“I’ve got Winkie up on the roof with one of those zoom cameras you guys let us use. About 2 AM, when he sees some activity over there, we go”.
“Heyyy, Oka-Doka by me, my man”, the Greaser replied.

Tony and Laurant did the Parkour over the steel wall while Constantinos stood watch. Upon reaching the Observatory, Laurant picked the lock like before, and the boys quickly went back to the closet.

“How many are they getting ?” asked Laurent.
“Two Boxes” Said Tony. “Just two boxes this time”.
The boys grabbed the boxes, silently exited the Observatory, and did the Parkour back over the wall, and met back up with Constantinos.
“You know, Tony…We should bring a few of the Jocks…Just in case there is any trouble”.
“What Trouble ? This is a done deal”, said Tony.
“I know, my friend…Still, It would make me feel better”.
“Well….Alright…But just tell them they gotta stay in the background…We don’t wanna spook the Preps”.

Jake had located his Slingshot under the Dorm at last. Now, he emerged from the wall, not even bothering to re-stack the bricks. Fuck it. He climbed onto the dumpster located under Trent’s room, and slowly eased up the window.

Climbing into the room, he heard Trent saying something in his sleep.
“Hey, wanna play shirts and skins ?”, he mumbled.

Queer bastard. Jake moved over to the bed, and grabbed Trent by the throat. Gasping for air, Trent struggled awake.
“I need all the Firecrackers you got, and I need them NOW”, Jake hissed.
“Glurk…OK, OK….”.Trent sputtered.

Hauling Trent out of bed, Jake gave him a hard kick. “Hurry UP !!”.
Trent retrieved the firecrackers from his hiding spot and handed them over to Jake.

“What’s going on ?”, asked Trent.

“Like you give a shit, you fucking pussy. I got a battle to win. You can go back to bed, like the little girl you are, or you can come and help fight. Your choice, Faggot”.

Trent, as dim as he was, still didn’t like his manhood called a chicken, so he quickly dressed and prepared to join Jake.

“All right ho-mo, let’s go”, Jake told him.

The two boys slipped out the window, and headed for the Library, to hop the wall and then take the shortcut to the path that led to the Prep’s side yard.

A little after 2 AM, the door to Harrington House opened. Through it came Darby and two of the Preps. Biff and Gord.  They went to stand by the closest pillars, waiting on Tony and the merchandise.
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Tony, Constanos, and Laurent arrived. "Do you have the merchandise?" began Derby.


Winkie spotted the activity, called down from the roof. "They're There !"

"Let's go !!",  Kurt said, as he picked up a baseball bat and led the way, "Let's Do This !!" he exclaimed.


Jake and Trent arrived in the shadow of Harrington House via the side yard from the Library.  They could see Tony, Laurent, Constantinos, and all the Preps. Slowly, they began to move forward.


Kurt and the Rockers snuck forward in the shadows along the pathway to Harrington House.

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 Tony heard a noise behind him.  Turning, he looked, and there by the Prep's side yard stood Jake and Trent.

"What the Hell,  you fag !" Said Tony. "You're harder to get rid of than gum on a shoe !"

"All right, You asked for it !!", Jake said while striking a M-80 Firecracker on his pants. Suddenly, he was blasted by a Potato Spud that seemed to be coming from behind him.  One of the Nerds had followed them over the walls from the Library.  The Spud blasted Jake right in the back of his head, knocking him out cold with the lit M-80 Firecracker in his hand.  Trent picked up the Firecracker and threw it for his life.  The Firecracker exploded in mid air, and Trent grabbed Jake by the legs and started dragging him back through the yard.

"This isn't over !" said Trent, screaming at Tony.

"OK, Fuckface" said Tony. He wanted to chase after tham, but Derby was waiting impatently for his goods. "Back to business, I guess", he muttered.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Listen to me, Tony”, Derby said, “It's all right that you got the cheapest and the only merchandise that we can have.  But I don't want this... Kind of thing to happen again."

"I didn't know anything about this, you know“, Tony said truthfully.  “I promise you that I will find out what these assholes had in mind and deal with them.”

Derby seemed satisfied with that answer.  Then, getting back to the merchandise, Tony showed the boxes.  “Now, I got two full boxes... I'm sure you will love them.  I've got very fine clothes for you, the Leader that respects his appearance, and more light clothing, for the ones who prefer to combine good-looking and good feeling !"

"Of course, we’ll take it”, said Derby, after looking it over.  “Oh, uh... Maybe you could find something for my girlfriend, Pinky... Hey, Pinky ?  Come on out here, please !"

A very fine looking dark-haired girl came out of the Harrington House. She was apparently wearing good clothes, but Derby sure wasn't thinking so.  She walked very elegantly, gave her hand to Derby and walked to Tony, acknowledging him with a nod of her head.

"You know, Pinky... This here is the young man I've talked about”, Derby said.  “OK, Tony, look at this skirt she has.  It's a bit ripped there, and there.  Could you maybe obtain something for her ?"

"Of course I can”, Tony said. “Maybe even by tomorrow night ?"

"Hmmm…But we won't be here then.  I and my friends are going to playing cards at the Glass Jaw Gym", Derby pondered.

"I'll be in the Girls Dorm !", Pinky said. "You just have to bring it to me quickly... Could you do that ?  Please... I can't stay in this ripped ugly skirt !"

"Okay, I'll make it”, Tony said, “No problem."

"Thank you.", Pinky said, giving Tony a curious look before turning and going back into Harrington House.

"Okay, Tony, we’ll take your boxes now”, Derby said. “Here's for you, I think that's the cost."

Tony looked at the money….$80 dollars, plus the $22 he had left... $102 dollars.  He had really made out good. He tucked the money in his pocket.

"We’ll see you later than…And do not forget to teach those Pricks a lesson, so that they don't do their crude antics again at our place again”, Derby said.

"Sure, I'll do it.”, Tony assured him, then turned and motioned for Laurent and Constantinos to go. 
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Hearing sudden yells behind him, Tony turned in that direction. The Rockers, followed by the Greasers,. were running down the pathway towards them, waving Melee Weapons.  The Greasers went for the Preps of Derby, Biff, and Gord, while Kurt, Tibo, and Winkie went for Tony, Laurent and Constantinos. 

Tony pulled out and raised his Spud Gun as Kurt, Tibo, and Benny charged up the steps of the Harrington House pathway, followed by the three other Rockers. Tony fired off the Spud Gun at Kurt, but this time he saw it coming, and ducked. The spud meant for Kurt instead hit Tibo in the nuts, and he fell, withering in pain. Kurt avoided the next spud shot by ducking behind a pillar. He pulled out a loose chunk of brick from the pillar and lobbed it at Tony, who ducked just a little too late as the brick smacked him in the shoulder. Tony staggered, dropping his Spud gun, and Kurt charged him from behind the pillar.

Seeing Tony in distress, Constantinos stepped in front of Tony and faced the charging Kurt, who swung the Bat in his hands and connected with Constantinos’ already injured ribs.  Constantinos fell to the ground in agony, as Kurt resumed his charge. Tony dropped to the ground and leg swept Kurt’s legs out fro under him, and he fell, dropping the Bat. Both boys hopped up and went at each other, exchanging punches. The other Rockers formed a circle around the two combatants, watching the fight.  The Jocks, who had been waiting in the shadows of the pathway to the Gym, raced up around the Fountain behind the Greasers, and started taking them out from behind.

Hearing the commotion, more Preps poured out the doors of Harrington House and joined in the fight against the attacking Cliques. The entire yard soon resembled a giant cage match, with hand-to-hand fighting going on everywhere. Laurent, having fended off an attack from a Prep, joined his fellow athletes and started pounding the outnumbered Rockers.

Spuds began raining down on the scene from the hidden Nerds, who had snuck up to the Fountain from the North.  Being quite a ways from the main fight, many of the Spuds missed their targets, bit some found their mark. The barrage continued even as the Greasers, who seemed to have the upper hand, kept fighting the Preps. Spuds that found their mark hit both groups without distinction.

Tony and Kurt kept trading punches, but Tony was a little more savvy, getting in a lot of good shots. Kurt could street fight, but had never went to Gym class. Ducking a blow, Tony grabbed Kurt by the neck, and dragged him over to a nearby Trash Bin. Kicking Kurt in the nuts, Tony picked the boy up, and for the third time, jammed him ass first into the Bin.

“You just don’t learn, do you, Fuck ?  STAY OUTTA MY BUSINESS !!”. Tony pulled a M-80 Firecracker from his pocket, lit it, and threw it into the Bin on top of the flailing Kurt.  He stepped back and ducked as the Firecracker went off..…KA=BAM !!!!…..Knocking Kurt into unconsciousness.  Tony looked around, and saw the Jocks beating the shit out of the Rockers.  Behind him, Constantinos was struggling to his feet.  Retrieving his Spud Gun, Tony went to him and helped him up. The battle still raged on.

“Come on, little man…Let’s get you outta here”. Tony said, as he grabbed Constantinos under the arms and walked him away from the yard, handing him off to a Jock named Bo, who would take him to safety at the Jock’s House.  Tony then re-joined the fight alongside Laurent.


Trent had dragged Jake from the scene, boosted him over the three walls between Harrington House and the Library. Checking the pathway in front of the Library, Trent saw a Prefect racing past, heading towards the source of the noise at Harrington House. Coast Clear. Trent picked up the unconscious Jake in a fireman carry, and carried him all the way to the Boy’s dorm, up the front steps, through the front door, and into his room.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Greasers declined to attack Tony and Laurent after seeing how he had defeated Kurt, and concentrated their attack on the Preps. The Jocks were kicking Rocker ass.  The stronger, more fight versed-Preps ran off the Greasers, and the last two Rockers stood down and ran.  As Tony punched the last one fifteen times in the shoulder on his way out, the hidden Nerds lowered their weapons while coming out of the darkness, and the four big Jocks stopped and lowered their massive fists.  The Preps retreated to the inside of Harrington House, while both other cliques faced, without knowing what to do.  Finally, a skinny Nerd named Cornelius stepped forward and gave his hand to the nearest Jock.  The tall Jock looked at his friends, smiled, and gave his hand to the Nerd.  "Good job”, he said.

All members of both cliques began congratulating each other, and Tony decided to conclude this one-night friendship.  He spoke to all, to prove them that gathering is winning.  In sign of his gratitude, he began to distribute five bucks each.  On his calculation, a $35 dollars profit wasn’t as important when compared to his benefits.  And, this could make them have better respect and a good opinion about him.  Finally, after all were dispersed by the arriving Prefects, Laurent had left with Tony.

"You did a good job too, Laurent, thanks to you”, Tony said gratefully.

"I am sure you can solve the problems we have here, and that's why I want to be your Friend”, Laurent declared.

"You deserve five bucks too”, said Tony.

"Non. You have saved my ass, I had to help you there."

"I suppose we gotta sleep now”, Tony said, still hyped up. “Have you got anything you wanna do ?"

"I could teach you something", Laurent proposed. La roulade."

"Oh yeah ?“, said Tony with curiosity. “What the hell is that ?"

"Come with me. Viens !", Laurent said, and began running. Tony followed.


They arrived at the Library.  Laurent began to talk, "As far as I remember... I was up there last night”, he said, pointing at the roof.

"You were about to fall.  In fact, we did fall.  If it wasn’t for that peat moss in the flower bed, I wouldn't want to see your legs !"

"That's the point”, Laurent said, and began to climb the window borders, as he had the other night.  When he reached the second floor, he paused.

And then Laurent jumped.

As he began to touch the ground, he bent his legs, made himself a sort of ball, and rolled perfectly as such for several yards, popping back to his feet.  The whole movement had been made in less than a second.  Laurent made his way back over and explained the whole thing to Tony.

"If you fall straight, your gravity is all vertical. If you do the roulade, it will be horizontal... That's why it works. Oui ?", he said.

"Uh, how do I do this exactly ?”, Tony asked. “I mean, with my body ?"

"Bend the legs, Roll your body... Like this... Start from your right shoulder... End in the left Kidney... Like this...", Laurent demonstrated in slow motion.

Tony approached the building from the side.  He looked up at the spot where Laurent had jumped.  How tall was it ?  Four yards ?  More ?  Tony shrugged and began to climb as Laurent had, reaching the second floor.  He remembered the lesson of the French kid, and jumped.  Bent his legs.  Rolled his body.  Heard a crack.

Fuck... My Shoulder…. Tony groaned.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony went to the Infirmary to get his shoulder checked out.  As he arrived, he noticed a familiar face slumped in a chair…Kurt.  He was semi-conscious.

“Muther..Muther…Fukkerr..” the boy slurred, seeing Tony.

Tony got his shoulder checked out, keeping a wary eye on Kurt.

“Just a Sprain”, the Nurse McRae said. “Here’s a sling. Now go on, take off….We have a lot of injured to deal with here….Damn stupid kids.”

Tony looked around. She was right.  More than a dozen boys were already packed in the small infirmary, with the Prefects still bringing in more, some walking, most being carried.  Tony gave Kurt the finger before leaving the Infirmary and stepping outside.

Since the Prefects were occupied with bringing the injured kids in, they didn’t seem concerned with busting anybody for curfew.  Tony headed down the steps, and started toward the Boy’s Dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake came to in Trent’s room. His head hurt something fierce. He sat up, woozy.

“Whoa, Dude…You really got hammered”, Jake heard a voice say.

“What The Fuck…Trent ??  Where the Hell…What the Hell…Oh SHIT, MY HEAD !!!”….Jake groaned, “AHHH, FUCK…FUCK….FUCK…!!!!”

Trent looked at Jake nervously…”Uhh…I brought you back here…You was knocked out…”

“NO SHIT SHERLOCK !!!  How the FUCK did you arrive at that decision, DUMBASS ??”, Jake raged.

Trent shut up, afraid to say more. Jake got shakily to his feet. Still woozy, but he cold stand…and walk. Good.

“Get me something for my head” he said to Trent.  Just about every student in Bullworth kept some kind of OTC pain reliever handy, because it really came in handy after a beating. Trent dug around in his dresser and came up with a bottle of Tylenol.

“Gimme those”, Jake said, snatching the bottle out of Trent’s hand.  Gulping down some of the pills, he jammed the bottle in his pocket. “I can’t stay here”, He said wobbling to the door. He stopped. “Listen…Thanks….For getting me outta there….I’ll be getting back to you.”  Then he was out the door and gone.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The next afternoon, after he awoke, Tony realized he had missed his classes.  He decided to go check things out anyway, as he had to see if he still had  a delivery to take care of this evening for that Prep Girl.  As Tony was walking around the Quad, he ran into Kurt.

"Look here, I'm done with this.  I was one of the toughest kids where I come from, then I agreed to get sent to this crap-bomb." Kurt said. "I already got the Greasers on my side. Those Nerds, they drove a hard bargain, but I finally struck a deal.  So, you watch your back.  I never fall behind in something like this.  This is War !!" Kurt continued, and then walked away.

Tony watched as he walked off.  What an Asshole, Tony thought.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Just then he heard a voice behind him say, "That kid is such a pest !"

It made Tony jump... But it was only Karen.

"You're a little jumpy, aren't you ?" said Karen.

"Sorry," said Tony. "That kid won't get of my ass. This is getting way too serious between us."

"Oh, don't worry. Those Rockers are weak, we don't need the Nerds…We have the only clique we need.....The Jocks."  Karen pointed down towards the Parking Lot to a Jocks-Rocker fight that had just started up. "You just relax, heal up, and let the Jocks do the fighting for now."

It seemed that the Jocks were whooping some ass.  They walked on towards the Fountain, then Tony told Karen he had some business to take care of.  Giving her a kiss, he told her he would see her later.  Karen continued on down to the Football Field, and Tony turned left, down the pathway to Harrington House.

Approaching the doors, he knocked several times, but got no response.  Tony recalled that Derby had said they were going to be at a place called the Glass Jaw this evening, which he had no Idea where that was at. 

He wasn’t sure if Derby still wanted to do business with him, seeing as how there had been a big battle here last night, partly on his account.  Neither did he know whether that Prep girl, Pinky, would actually be waiting on him to bring her a skirt this evening.  He supposed he could have Constantinos check out the Girl’s Dorm and find out if she was there.  For some reason, Tony felt that Karen shouldn’t know about him doing business with this Prep girl.  He didn’t exactly know why that was, but thought it might be that odd look the girl had given him last night.   

After a while, it became clear that nobody was going to answer his knocks.  Tony checked, and found the doors locked.  Obviously, They had already left.  He went off to find Constantinos.

It took a while to track him down, as Constantinos had been in the back room of the School Infirmary all day, as a result of last night’s battle.  Tony found him moping in front of the School.  Telling him what he needed, Tony had to encourage him with another five bucks.  With that, Constantinos agreed to find out and meet him later in the evening.  Tony then went to the Football Field to spend the remainder of the day with Karen.

Later on, after dark, Tony walked Karen back to the Girl’s Dorm, engaging in some kissing and groping around back before she went in.  Tony turned to leave as Karen entered the side door, and going around front, he saw Constantinos approaching him from the shadows on the North side of the Dorm.  In A hurried conference, Constantinos informed him that Pinky was not at the Girl’s Dorm this evening. 

They walked back to the Boy’s Dorm to take their rest.  But Tony didn't know he still had a whole load of shit coming his way in the days to come.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Trent awoke hearing a tapping at his window.  What the hell, it was after 2 AM.  He got up and opened the window.  It was Jake.  He started shoving some boxes through the window, then came climbing through himself. “What the hell took you so long ?”

“Duh…Sorry, I was sleeping…..”, Trent began to say.

“What the fuck ever….I need you to sell these for me, and collect the money.  I’ll give you a twenty-per-cent cut.  These boxes..”, Jake pointed, “are for your group, the Bullies.  And these..” He pointed again, “are for the Greasers.”

“But…But…The Greasers HATE you now, they won’t wanna buy stuff offa you…”, Trent protested.

“They’re not buying them from ME, you numb fuck”, Jake said.

“Uhhh….What’da mean ?”, said Trent.

Jake swore.  Nobody could be this stupid. “They’re buying them from YOU, fuckface….You tell them you’ve taken over my operation.  Same price as before.  You’ll be dealing with them from now on. Take Russell with you. That oughtta get you in.”

“But…” Trent said, “They’ll ask about you…What’ll I tell them….”

Jake swore again. “Tell them I disappeared.  Tell them I got locked up.  Tell them I’m Dead.  I don’t give a fuck from Hell WHAT you tell them.  Just make it good, and make them believe that I’m outta the picture.  Have you got that ??”

“Uhh…Yeah….OK, can do”, Trent said.

“Good”, Jake said, and climbing back out the window, was gone.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The weather turned chillier, as it tended to do in the Fall in New England.  Some time had gone by, but all was not well at the Bullworth Campus.

Karen couldn’t sleep.  She was worried about Tony.  Almost a week had gone by since the big fight, but there was an undercurrent of tension among the Cliques.  The Rockers were now staying with the Greasers over at the Autoshop, and the other cliques were still pissed at both Cliques for starting the big fight over at Harrington House.  Karen had been sitting, looking out the window towards the Boy’s Dorm.  Just then…She noticed a figure sneaking down the path towards the Girl’s Dorm.  Was that Tony ?….No, wrong size…

Was That….Jake ?   Karen watched as the figure cut to their left, went across the yard, and hopped up the wall at the shortcut.  Karen suddenly decided to follow whoever it was, and ran out of her room softly to the side door opening it just in time to see the figure jump off the other end of the shortcut, and head to the Parking Lot.

Rounding the wall at the Parking Lot, Karen watched as the figure made his way to the old school bus at the far end, and then go inside.  Karen considered…. If that was Jake….Could be where he had been hiding out by day ?…And at night, he would be out roaming….

Karen decided to return to the Dorm for some much-needed sleep for now.  She would tell Tony tomorrow.  By the way it was looking, if that was Jake…He wasn’t doing so well.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was woke up by Constantinos that Saturday, knocking on his door.  The miserable dude said that he had seen Steve walking everywhere nervously, almost like he was depressed.  Tony dressed up, and made his way up to the Fountain, where he saw Steve, walking around the Statue like crazy.  Tony threw on some clothes and made his way to the Fountain, where he saw Steve.  It was just as Constantinos had said, Steve was indeed circling around the edge of the Fountain, his eyes fixated on the forgotten Bullhorn Player Statue in the center.

"Ah, Tony !”, Steve greeted him in a jittery manner.

"What's up man ?“, Tony asked. “Anything wrong ?"

"Are you fucking kidding ?”, Steve whooshed. “ Don't you SEE what's happening ?"

"Er... What should be different ?", Tony said, looking around.

"You know, it all comes from the Rockers”, Steve said, resuming his aimless walk around the fountain. “They've been on our turf the last few days, and after some guys of MY Clique were paid to try to kick your ass.….I can't trust anybody."

"Okay”, Tony said. “I'll put a scare into the Rockers, while you'll talk to your Clique."

"What should I tell them ?", Steve lamented, stopping his pacing.

"Fuck ! Did you forget who you are ?  You're a Greaser, and all of your boys are Greasers, you hear me ?”, Tony said, gripping Steve’s arm.  “Any of you aren't part of this for money, any of you aren't part of this for being in a group….You all are a part of this because you THINK like Greasers !"

Steve considered this a moment. "Yeah, you're right."

"And that's why your people gather, because they're different from rich kids, because they KNOW that money doesn't buy class !“, Tony continued. “Do you really think that these Virgins Rockers are like you ?  Because they AREN'T !"

The doubt left Steve‘s face, and he smiled.  “That‘s damn straight !”, he said. 

“Just remind your Clique of who they are”, Tony said, “They’re Greasers, not somebody else’s Little Bitches.”

Steve resolutely walked to the steps that led to the Autoshop, then turned. "What are you going to do to...Um…Scare these boys ?"

"I got my little ideas... And don't forget…”, Tony said, forking his middle and index fingers towards his face, “The eyes, Chico, they never lie."

Tony sped off.  His idea was to give a lesson to these wannabe-tough-guys anonymously. And for this, he'd need a mask, and a sweat-shirt with a hood.…That's the way to do it.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony knew the one place he could find a disguise, later that night.... The Boys Locker Room underneath the Gym and the Pool Building.  After sneaking down there after-hours, he started picking the combination locks, a ridiculously easy thing to do.  Tony wasn’t above a little larceny if it served his purposes.  At first didn't find anything useful. In the seventh one he found a ski mask.   And in the tenth, he found something he had never seen before.... A Bottle Rocket Launcher.

"Damn! How do they get this shit?!" Thought Tony.

He set off to the Autoshop in his new disguise and saw a group of Rockers, standing in a corner by the entryway, smoking. "Need A Light ??!" he shouted out loud while pulling the trigger on the bottle rocket launcher.

The charged M-80s from the Launcher landed right in the middle of them and knocked them to the asphalt.

Why didn't I steal this before ?, thought Tony.

As one of them stumbled up to his feet, Tony whipped out his Spud Gun and blasted his ass.  Three bodies now lay withering on the ground.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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As Tony moved further into the Greasers turf., he saw Steve had apparently made a good job with his talk -- All the Greasers from his Clique were in back, fighting the last three Rockers.

"We need backup !”, a Rocker name Benny screamed.  “Where are these fucking smoking assholes ?"

Tony knew the backup will never come.…It would soon be lying in the Infirmary.  He patiently looked the devastating feet and fists of the Greasers raining down on the poor Rockers, and knew that couldn't resist much longer.  After the last Rocker went down, Tony took a few steps in direction of the gathered Clique, his mask still on, and screamed, "It's The End For All You Losers !!"

As the Greasers were stepping back from him, he lowered the Spud Gun and pulled his mask off.  A couple recognized him, laughing.

"All right, I see you Greasers have taken over your turf again”, grinned Tony. “That's a good thing !"

"Who are you ?", said a Greaser named Ricky.

"Some of you don't know me already. I'm Tony.", he introduced himself.

"He just helped us, by knocking out the rest of the Rockers !" said Steve.

"So, you're welcome….Wanna drink something ?" asked Norton, a black greaser.

"Yeah, come in under the shelter, so I can get to know you better”, said Peanut, the Clique’s leader.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Karen had told Tony about what she had seen at the old School Bus in the parking lot. Tony decided to check it out that evening, after confabing with the Greasers and making his peace with them. The place was right next to the Greasers’ area.  Getting the flashlight from his stash, and fully arming himself with his remaining M-80 Firecrackers, Tony left the dorm after 2 AM.  Avoiding the patrolling Prefects, Tony snuck out to the old Bus and quickly wormed his way in.  Flicking the flashlight on, he soon discovered the hole that led out the other side of the old Bus, and went through it into the first small yard. To his left, he saw a gate set into a wall.

Tony had heard stories about this place. Most were vague allusions to an old Hobo named Grant that used to live there who had been some kind of fighter, and that he had disappeared under mysterious circumstances…..Fear that his ghost or something still haunted the place. Well, fuck that. Tony wasn’t afraid of Ghosts.

Getting ready to Parkour over the gate, he noticed that it was slightly ajar. He eased it open slowly, and stepped inside. Not hearing any sounds, he cautiously shined the flashlight around. He saw some assorted junk, what looked like oil barrels, and a small tent with an empty cot inside. Walking closer, he noticed a bunch of flat boxes stacked to the side of the tent. Boxes he remembered, because he had helped steal them not so long ago.

Karen must have been right. It WAS Jake she spotted, for here was his stash. Tony already knew that it had been moved. He had checked behind the dorm right after the big fight, and had found the loose bricks and the empty space. Jake had moved the remains of his stash, and here it was.

Tony had no idea where Jake had gone, but he was going to be in for a big surprise when he returned. Tony scooped up the remaining boxes, and tied them together with a scrap piece of rope he found laying on the ground. Then, exiting the yard and the old Bus, avoiding the Prefects, made his way over to the Nerd’s gate by the Library. Punching in the code, he headed through the gate and down the trail, still carrying Jake’s stash.

Instead of heading to the Observatory, however, Tony went to an apparently abandoned tunnel a little off the trail he had found earlier in the week, after he had confronted Melvin about things he had heard about the Nerds making an outside deal with Kurt and his Rocker clique after the big fight.  Melvin had admitted that he had given in, under pressure, to Kurt’s threats of violence unless the Nerds paid him ‘protection’ money. Tony had let Melvin know that the Greasers had pretty much taken out the Rockers.

“Yeah, but how about Kurt ?”, Melvin asked. “He’s still around, threatening us and beating us up if we don’t pay. He’s scary !!”

Tony had thought for a moment. “Play along with him’, he said.

“What ? Play along ? How’s that gonna help us ?” Melvin asked.

“For being brainy, you guys are sure dumbasses”, Tony said. “You need to string him along until I can find a way to knock him down permanently”.

Melvin had reluctantly agreed, but Tony had decided then and there to move his stash somewhere else. When he found the boarded-up tunnel, he was able to remove a couple of the boards with ease and squeeze through. Seems the Nerds weren’t very good with using tools, either. What he found at the end of the short tunnel was an area that looked like the remains of an old spur rail line that had come around the outside of the school walls. There was another tunnel entrance here too, but this one was barred with banded steel plates that was riveted into the side of the hill. That would take work with some serious tools to unbar that one.

Tony had searched South and West of the area until he found a low-laying area under some rock shelving that would be a perfect hiding spot, so one night he and Laurant had gone to the observatory and removed the remaining stash from there and had taken it to the new spot Tony had found. Each time, they had replaced the loose boards at the entrance to the tunnel. He wasn’t going to trust any longer that the wishy-washy Nerds wouldn’t find his hiding place in the Observatory.

So it was here that Tony took Jake’s stash to hide. Now that Jake was robbed of his way to get any kind of control over the cliques, he would be finished as any kind of threat to Tony’s operations. And since most everyone knew Jake had gotten paranoid and crazy without his Meds, they wouldn’t be striking any new deals with him anytime soon.

Tony snickered as he grabbed a skirt out of his stash for Pinky. That deal was back on, according to Derby, set for tonight while the Preps would once again off-campus.  Now, all that remained was to bring those dumbass Bullies under control. Which meant his next target would have to be their De Facto leader, Trent.

Russell, as Tony had learned used to be the Bullies leader, but had gone to pieces when that Jimmy boy had left Bullworth. Now all Russell did was stand around going “SMASH !! DESTROY !!”, and had almost no rational mind left. The bullies still used him as their muscle, but looked to Trent for their leadership, which just showed how stupid they really were. Tony had to come up with a plan for taking them down, and getting them under his control. Tony suspected they were still helping Jake.

It would be easy to find out. Tony would just have to beat the shit out of Trent. Not a problem.

Tony headed off to the Girl's Dorm to deliver Pinky's Skirt.  Tony couldn’t help smiling.  Now there was one fine looking babe.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony walked all around the Girl's Dorm.  He was brainstorming... The main entry would be too risky.  The entry by the side too.  And then he recognized a wooden trellis on the North side of the Dorm where the plants could grow on.  It seemed to go up to a little hole at the top at the peak of the Dorm.  Tony didn't hesitate.  He put his hands on the improvised ladder, and climbed.

In the cold attic, everything was made out of wood.  Some lean pillars were supporting the ceiling, as the walls didn't seem to be in perfect state.  Most of the attic was dark, but with the help of his flashlight, he recognized a stairway.  There was no other way down, so he decided to take it, and arrived in a small room.  Before continuing, he paid some attention to the shelves on one side of the room.  There were several boxes on it, and Tony had a little time to sneak a peek in them.  The first one he saw had Eunice written on it, with a child’s writing... And it contained a box of chocolates.

Tony thought,Wait... This name tells me something... Whatever. This chocolates will surely be appreciated by this Pinky, right ?

Another box, another name. Christy. Tony recognized the name of the girl Steve talked about. It contained a small book, 50 Erotic Stories, by an unknown author... Good stuff to create gossip.  Anyway, time to deliver the stuff and beat it. Tony put the book back in the box and made his way to the door. He opened it slowly and saw a deserted corridor, so he decided to go on.  Now it was time to be smooth. He placed his ear on every door and tried to recognize the voices, or at least the expressions, from the girls he knew a bit.

"Give it back ! This is MY diary !", he heard a cow-like voice say.
"Why should I ?", a more domineering female voice said.  Tony hadn’t heard that one before, and it definitely wasn't the one that girl Pinky.

The two next doors didn't give out any sound, for the simple reason that the rooms were empty.  The next door didn't give the wanted result, either…Some child-like voice badly singing along to some song.  That meant that Pinky's room was downstairs, where there was surely some adult matron patrolling... But Tony had to do this.  He gently made his way down the winding stairs, and peeked around a corner.  He saw quite obviously there was Ms. Phillips, walking away from him past a Lounge area and towards the end of a long hallway. He snuck behind her and quickly into the nearest room, which was fortunately empty of anyone at the moment.

"Huh ?  I think I heard something moving there”, Ms. Phillips said, seemingly to herself.  Then louder, “Please undress and go to bed, girls !  I'll be right back to turn off the lights."

Tony was brainstorming again.  A place to hide, and fast.  He heard the steps coming closer and closer.  If the Teacher saw him, he'll never have access to Art class again, and will be considered as a Perv for the rest of the year.  He opened a wardrobe, jumped in, closed the small door, and waited, nearly having a heart attack.  So close.…The Art Teacher entered the room, and made a few steps in.  Seeing no one was there, she made her way back to out to the hallway.  Tony came out and waited until she was down the corridor.  Peeking out, he saw her start up the stairs.  Tony went out to the hallway and resumed listening.  Passing near the next door, he heard a familiar voice.

"Oh my god, I can't stand this skirt anymore... It's all ripped !", he heard.

No answer.  Of course.  Rich girls prefer be alone.  Tony turned the knob, and opened the door slowly.  Pinky was undressing.  Her Aquaberry vest was still on, but her old skirt was half down, at her knees, which made her tight blue panties appear.  She looked up with alarm as Tony entered, then said angrily, "Couldn't you knock at the door ?  It's the minimum of politeness, you know !"

"I didn't want to make too much noise, I'm sorry”, apologized Tony.

"Have you even got the clothing I need ?", She demanded.

"I do... Here's the premium quality skirt”, Tony offered. “Very gentle, you'll see."

"Couldn't you turn around ?”, Pinky said, then reconsidered. “Oh, no, now you've seen me like this... No matter."

She finished taking off her old skirt, threw it to Tony, and bent her nice legs to put the new one on.  With little fast movements of the hip, she pulled it up and fit exactly in it.

"Perfect !”, Pinky said, looking at Tony. “But tell me, what are you hiding behind your back ?"

"Oh, this ?”, Tony said, as he withdrew the little box. “A little present for you, a sign of respect from me....Chocolates"

Pinky took the offered Chocolates, giving him that odd, appraising look, like she had done before when he first met her.  Then she whirled around to look at herself in the mirror. 

"This is so cute !“, Pinky exclaimed. Looking at her image in the mirror, she stifled a yawn. “I would like to talk a bit more with you, but I have got to get to sleep.  For now, here's some money." She passed Tony some bills.  Their fingers touched for a moment.
"Thanks. If you need another service, don't hesitate to call me !", Tony said, and exited into the hallway after looking to see if the coast was clear.

Tony decided to go out at the first exit door he saw, the door that allowed exit to the side yard of the Dorm by the dumpster where he usually met Karen when she would sneak out to see him.  Always locked at night from the outside, the door would have provided easier access to Pinky’s room.  As he walked to the door, he unknowingly passed Karen’s room. Her door opened a crack as he passed by.

Outside, on the way back to his Dorm, he realized that he still had Pinky's old skirt in his hand.  In a reflex, he turned around to look the windows of the Girl’s Dorm, and one of them was still lit, downstairs and to the left.  Behind the glass he saw Karen, looking at him…..Disappointed.

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 12:12:23 AM
Holding Pinky's torn skirt in his hand, Tony stared back at Karen for a moment, then shouted, "NO, KAREN...NO, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK...KAREN, WAIT...!!!", as she turned and ran from the window. "AW, DAMN, DAMN, DAMN..."

Tony was suddenly grabbed in a headlock from behind and thrown violently to the ground.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT OF BED, YOU LITTLE PERV..?.....WHY AREN'T YOU ASLEEP ?" Yelled the Prefect who had just busted him. "I'VE JUST BEEN WAITING TO BEAT SOMEONE". The Prefect straddled Tony and begin raining down blows. Tony attempted to fight him off, but the Prefect had gotten the best of him, and he soon became senseless as the Prefect dragged him back to the Boy's Dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Trent on January 11, 2010, 07:24:04 AM
After been taken back to his Dorm room by the Prefect, Tony recovered his senses.  Peering out into the hall, he smelled faint tobacco smoke coming from the Common Room.  Investigating, he found an injured Constantinos, who stood there, smoking.

"Christ, Dude, are you OK ??" asked Tony, shocked.

"What does it look like ?  Do you think I'm okay ?", replied Constantinos dully.

"Crap Constantinos, I'm only wondering what happened", said Tony.

"That Bastard Kurt whacked me with a baseball bat", replied Constantinos.

Tony examined Constantinos.  Other than a large lump on his forehead and a bit of blood, Tony didn’t think he would be on the critical list anytime soon.

"Constantinos, I need your help", said Tony.

"No shit, but how can I help you when I'm like this ?" said Constantinos, simpering.

“Where's Russell ?”, Tony asked, ignoring Constantinos’ whining.  “I think I have enough money to persuade him to help me on my hunt for that asshole, Kurt.”

"I think I saw him and Trent leaving for the Autoshop", sighed Constantinos.

"Thanks”, Tony said.  “Let’s get you to your room.  Look Constantinos,  everything is messed up here... I lost Karen, I got busted by a damn Prefect, and I'm feeling like the goddam Lone Ranger”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 09:37:06 AM
Helping Constantinos to his room, Tony got the rest of the story. Constantinos had been returning to the dorm a couple of hours ago, hopping the shortcut at the wall into the dorm yard. As soon as he dropped down from the wall, he was hit from behind twice with a bat by Kurt, who said, “Take a message to your Boss....He’s Next !!”, before running off. Laying on the ground injured, Constantinos couldn’t see which way Kurt went.

Tony shook his head to clear it. He wasn’t getting any sleep tonight, it looked like. Leaving the Boy’s dorm, he headed towards the Girl’s dorm. The whole building was dark, all the inside lights were out. Tony would have to explain things to Karen later. Bypassing the dorm, he took the shortcut and headed to the parking lot. Passing by the school bus and the wall of Jake’s Hobo hideout, he entered the back of the Greaser’s territory. Moving carefully, he rounded the blind corner, and found the area empty. Moving through the back deserted garage, and still seeing no one out, he decided to climb the ladder set into the side of the building to the Autoshop roof.

Sneaking across the roof, Tony could see nearly all of the Greaser’s asphalt yard area. Four figures were standing by an old couch near the far wall. There was Peanut, who Tony knew had taken over as the Greaser’s leader after the departure of Johnny Vincent. There was another Greaser who Tony knew as Ricky.  Bigger than life, Russell was standing there also, and the fourth one there was Trent.

Trent was holding open a box, showing the Greasers the contents. Making the deal, Tony thought. He must have not gotten all of Jake’s stash. Trent closed the box, and handed it to Peanut. In turn, Peanut handed Trent a wad of money.

Raising his Spud Gun and taking careful aim, Tony fired off two quick shots in secession, hitting Trent in the nuts with both shots.  Trent fell withering to the ground, dropping the money.  The two Greasers backed away, both whipping out their Slingshots, Peanut dropping the box of clothes.  Russell suddenly bellowed,  “ARRAGH...DOUBLE CROSSERS !!!!....ATTACK !!!! DESTROY !!!!”, and reaching out with his massive hands, picked up both Peanut and Ricky, then smashed them both together before slamming them to the ground.

The door to the Autoshop burst open, and out poured the rest of the Greasers, heading quickly at Russell. They attempted to swarm him, but Russell kept swatting them, picking them off like flies. The Greasers backed up and started pelting Russell with their Slingshots with no effect. One Greaser pulled out a Firecracker, lit it and tossed it at Russell.

“BOOM !!!!” The blast just staggered Russell.  Now more enraged than ever, Russell begin picking up the downed Greasers and started throwing them into the pack of the still attacking Greasers, bowling them over.

“AUGHHHH.....RUSSELL SMASH !!!!” He bellowed.  The badly depleted Greasers retreated back to the much safer confines of the Autoshop.  Left standing alone, Russell dropped the last Greaser he had been preparing to throw on the ground, then reached down and scooped up Trent, and began lumbering back up the path toward the Fountain.

Won’t be any talking to Russell tonight, Tony thought.  He climbed back down off the roof, and, unseen, made his way back out of the Autoshop area and headed back to the Dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 10:31:45 AM
Leaving the Girl’s dorm the next morning, Karen spotted what Tony had been holding when she saw him last night laying on the ground. She reached down and picked it up.

She knew what it was. Only one girl in the dorm wore that kind of skirt. Pinky.

Karen turned and looked back toward the dorm, and spotted Pinky coming down the steps with some of the other girls. Walking quickly to her, she angrily confronted Pinky, saying, “What’s This About, Pinky ??”

“Oh, it’s nothing....Your boyfriend just brought me a new skirt”, Pinky said. “See ?” Pinky indicated the new skirt she was wearing. Karen looked down at the skirt she was holding, and noticed the small rips and tears. So, Tony had just been making a delivery ?  Still....

“Why was Tony bringing that to you at 3 in the morning ?”, Karen asked her.

“I told him I wanted it as soon as possible. I don’t know..” she smirked at Karen. “Maybe he just wanted to see me undress. I’ve got a killer bod, you know”. She continued snootily, “He’s really too handsome for you, you know. I think I’ll give him a shot. I like Bad Boys. If you don’t like it, maybe you should learn how to control your boyfriend better”.

Angrily Karen threw the ripped skirt into Pinky’s face, and reached out and grabbed the other girl by the hair. Likewise, Pinky grabbed Karen’s hair, and the two girls took to fighting. Back and forth they drug each other across the yard, but the more athletic Karen had the clear advantage. She pulled Pinky near the edge of the yard and viciously slammed her against the wall. Pinky slid down the wall in a heap.

“STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN, BITCH !!!” She yelled down at the crumpled Pinky. Giving her victim two hard kicks to the ribs, Karen backed away. For a minute she felt triumph, then....Realizing what had just happened, she suddenly became uneasy.

Oh Shit.....What Have I Done ??
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on January 11, 2010, 12:27:10 PM
The Girls Dorm only had one bathroom, divided into two open rooms - one was full of badly cleaned showers, while the other contained toilets and several sinks.  Over these sinks, there were mirrors, and in one of them, Pinky's reflection appeared.  Her hair was tousled, and she had a red mark on her right cheek.  While trying to erase it with water, she saw a figure coming up behind her back.  The nice, made-up face with red hair came over to the next sink, opened the hot water tap, and began to talk.

"Hey, Pinky, what the hell happened to you ?", Christy asked.

"You don't have to know.  Even if it's just only to start gossip”, Pinky steamed.

"Come on, I'm your friend, you know”, Christy said.  She came closer, and put her hand on Pinky's shoulder.

"You've been fighting, haven't you !?”, Christy exclaimed.

"With that... Karen”, Pinky said angrily.

"Don't tell me you've been fighting for that guy, there... Tony... ?", Christy asked.

"I wasn't.  He just... Oh, it's just none of your business”, Pinky retorted.

"Anyway, if you're attracted to that guy... I see it”, Christy observed.

"So what ?" Pinky stopped washing, took a towel, and wiped.

"So... If you can't beat that girl, your only way to take a little revenge is.….Seduce that guy !", Christy exclaimed.

"Enough with your advice, Christy, I want to go rest now." Pinky quickly exited the bathroom.

"Did he see your......", Christy had started, but end of the question was cut off by the slamming of  the door.

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 02:35:40 PM
Jake had followed Trent and Russell to their deal with the Greasers. he wanted to make sure that dumb fuck didn't screw up. He had hid in the shadows on the pathway from the Fountain, watching the deal go down. Then he watched in disbelief when all hell had broke loose. Jake couldn't tell just who had popped Trent in the nuts, but he had pretty good idea. It had to be that fuck Tony. No one else had the balls to attack someone standing right next to Russell from long range.

Jake beat it out of there before the Prefects came swarming. He couldn't afford to get caught, not just now. He had some heavy scores to settle. He would collect the cash from Trent later. Moving quickly to the Harrington House side yard, he scaled the wall to the small pathway to the library, then hopped over the other wall. He would hide out here for awhile, until the commotion died down.

All kinds of things were running through his paranoid mind. He knew he was so much worse off now, without his Meds....For how long now ?  He didn’t know. Pacing around he came to the Nerd’s gate. For the first time since he had been here, Jake stopped and really looked at the gate lock. He saw a nine-digit keypad connected to a large sliding bolt. Playing around with the numbers for awhile without success, he wondered what those weak, puny, fatass Nerds were keeping back there. Maybe...Spud Guns ?  Yeah, he could use one of those right about now.

Close to daybreak, Jake stole out of hiding, and returned unseen to his Hobo hiding place. Pushing open the gate, he headed to the small tent. The cot awaited. He was very tired. But...Wait. At the side of the tent was a limp, discarded towel...The towel that he had used to cover what remained of his stash. 

He grabbed the towel away. There was just bare ground. The stash was gone.


Tony had gotten back to the Boy's Dorm quickly. In his room, with the door cracked, he watched as Russell came in, carrying Trent to his room. Good. He closed and locked his door, and stuck a chair under it for good measure. The window had been fixed last week, so he should be safe enough. Tony fell down in bed, exhausted.

Problems...Gotta make up with Karen, explain...Just making a delivery...But watching Pinky undress...Whoa.....He found his passion stirring.

Another problem had also kinda popped up tonight....He was running out of ammo for the Spud Gun....He hated the thought of begging any more potatoes off of the Nerds...Little brainfuckers would want something in return....Where could he get more potatoes ?

Let’s see, he thought sleepily...Where was there potatoes ?  Edna used them in her “Stews” all the time....Tony never saw any piles in the small kitchen area, though...So where would she keep them.....Let’s see....A potato could last a long time in a dark place...Remembered seeing them in Bins at his Grandma’s place...Bins down in......

Then it hit him.  The Potatoes Were Stored In the School Basement !!
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Dear Diary,
Today, I had a "rendezvous" with Derby.  Once again, he came late, and I was tired of his annoying excuses.  I just threw his miserable blue roses in his face.  Our families want us to get married, but if he doesn't make any effort to get my love, it will just doesn't work.  I dream of a gentleman, someone that will really take care of me, someone different as the people that are around me everyday.  The other night, I've met Tony, pretty violent, to be honest.  But I loved his confused face, his shy mumbling, as he saw me almost undressed... He's real.  And I've got the feeling that he has ambition, the real ambition, that can lead him really high - Which is not the case of my ‘friends‘, if you understand why.  They already have money, money, money... Why should they do something ?  They just have to ask.  Tony is different.  A sort of bad boy, that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he wants.  I've heard that he was in love with that disgraceful girl Karen.  Really, I can't defeat her physically.  But I already have some ideas... Tony wants me, and I know it…..

Pinky shook her pen, tried to write more, but it was definitely empty.  Never mind !
She closed the book that was before her, hid it in her bedside table, and lay down on her bed, sighing.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on January 11, 2010, 05:05:54 PM
Mr. Neil finally got the lock to open and rolled up the Garage door.  Somebody had been fooling with it, all right.  He made a mental note to put a new lock in, maybe with a deadbolt this time.  He focused his gaze on his prize creation, the re-built Go-Kart he had so lovingly restored.

Mr. Neil was the Autoshop Teacher, but it wasn’t only cars that were his passion…It was almost anything that moved….Bikes, Karts, Mowers, Forklifts, BobCats….If it could move, Mr. Neil was the best at making it go.  Mr. Neil had been hired to teach shop because he was the best in the Vale Valley at what he did, for he was a true Motorhead.  Unlike most of the other teachers at the school, he was respected by the students he taught, mostly Greasers, and rarely had any trouble with them.  He knew all about their Cliques, and stayed out of their business when they weren’t in class.  In return, the Greasers guarded the Autoshop area zealously, keeping the place clean and driving out unwanted vandals and thieves.

Which made the apparent break-in all the more puzzling.  True, the bank of these three garage doors faced the Parking Lot, on the very edge of the Greaser territory, but still…...Mr. Neal bent to examine his Go-Kart.  He had been able to buy it from that skinflint, Billy Bob Crane, the Carnival owner, for a song, because it was beat up and the 25 HP Briggs & Stratton motor had blown a head gasket.  Mr. Neal had straightened the frame, repaired the broken suspension, and rebuilt the motor.  In fact, he had souped up the motor to such a degree that it was just about the fastest vehicle in the Vale Valley, faster than most any cars around here.  Mr. Neil saw everything in perfect order, nothing was broken.  Opening the cap off the gas tank, he saw that it was only half full.  That confirmed that someone had been running the Go-Kart, for he always topped off the tank after every one of his irregular late-night forays. 

Mr. Neil went over to retrieve a gas can from a corner of the bay.  While topping off the tank, he reflected he would never be able to find out who the culprit or culprits were, let alone prove that any student had been taking his Go-Kart for a joyride.  He resolved that the only thing he could do was to install a tamper-proof lock on the bay door to discourage any more nocturnal late-night joyrides.

Little did he know that it wasn’t any male student who lock-picked their way into a free ride on his dime…It was the best girl lock-picking artist the school had ever seen…Karen Johnson.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The word spread around School the next day….As a result of the big fight at Harrington House, the administrative ax had fallen on the new Clique.  Kurt and his Rocker buddies had been banished from the Campus, but strangely not expelled from the School itself.  They would still be allowed to ride the School Bus into school in the morning, and had to leave once classes were over for the day.  It was unknown right away just where they would be staying, but it was strongly rumored that Kurt’s violent actions had been the biggest reason for the Clique’s banishment.

But just as it was possible to sneak off Campus, it was also just as easy to sneak back on, as Tony was soon to discover.  Kurt and his Rockers were far from done being a thorn in anybody’s side, and Tony would still have to deal with Kurt, one way or another, soon.

Dr. Crabblesnich put down the phone, having completed arrangements to rent out a run-down house over in Blue Skies, the Town next to New Coventry.  It was a temporary fix to an immediate problem, and presented a way to still look after that rouge boy and his friends.  Not a perfect solution, but it would have to do.  He made a notation in Kurt’s Student File and then closed it.  Sighing, he rose and returned the file to the cabinet in his office. 
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 06:23:24 PM
Getting off campus hadn’t been easy. Once he did, Tony had followed the old Rail Spur line all around Bullworth Academy, past his new hiding spot, and to his surprise, discovered that it led out to the driveway to the parking lot. Tony now carried a Skateboard, given to him by the grateful Greasers for his help in beating the Rockers. It was a collapsible model, so handy he could fold it up and hang it off his belt. It was only good on solid surfaces, like asphalt, concrete, wood, or brick, but it gave him a new level of mobility he didn’t have before. 

Tony had been able to find out that many others went off campus, too.  The Preps, who had special privileges due to their moneyed status, were able to have the Prefects let them in and out almost at will. The Greasers had built a sort of reverse barricade over the wall behind the Autoshop to get out. The Nerds could sometimes bribe the Prefects to let them out.  They were too fat or out of shape to take the long way around, so the boarding up of the tunnel was their attempt to keep others from getting in from the outside.  The Jocks didn’t appear to leave the campus much, although with their elite status, the Lettermen among them apparently had the same privileges as the Preps.  Only the Bullies didn’t have a way off Campus, likely because they  were too dumb or worthless to bother with. And, as Tony found out, the Rockers had been thrown off Campus, but not expelled...And had wound up over here, along with the Townies, older dropouts who didn’t attend Bullworth at all.

The few Non-Clique kids, such as himself, were also left out of the pecking order. Most of the Non-Clique students were little kids, loners, losers, or ones like himself, who chose not to affiliate themselves with any Clique. There was almost no provisions made for them by the school administrators, because frankly, who gave a shit ?  Who the hell were they going to complain to ?

Tony also discovered that besides the Rockers, the Nerds hung out in the basement of a Comic Store called “The Dragon’s Wing”, run by a grown-up fat Nerd guy, the Greasers hung around a Pool Hall, and the Preps had not only their own Boxing Gym in town, but a Beach House at the base of a Lighthouse. These places had, for a brief time, been taken over by that Jimmy kid that Tony kept hearing about, but the cliques had re-claimed them after Jimmy had been locked up.

The Rockers now hung out around  New Coventry, staying around The Final Cut, and whenever they saw a Greaser they were sure to battle.  Tony had walked down there just to see if any Greasers were out and about.  There he saw Kurt, playing guitar on the street, collecting a few bucks from any by-passers. Tony laughed at the sight of this.

"Need money for a new life?" Tony insulted.  Bad idea.  Kurt came after him with the Guitar upraised.  Tony would have loved to kick his ass again, but spotted some of the other Rockers running to his aid.  Instead, he hopped on his Skate Board and rolled away, laughing.  There would be other times, of that he was sure.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Being that Tony was one who had barely seen outside of school, he decided to take a walk through Bullworth Town.  Before he had gone a block out of  New Coventry, he got chased and busted by a Cop for truancy.

"Hey, what the fuck man ! What did I do ?!", Protested Tony

"I saw you”, the Cop said harshly. “You are a truant and you left the school grounds without permission."

"This is Bull Shit !!" fumed Tony. The Cop hauled him to the Bullworth Town Jail and put him in a cell.  After a while in the Jail cell, Tony heard a voice say, "Hey kid ?  What are you in for ?"

"Truancy" said Tony "What about you ?"

"Accessory to Murder”, the boy said.

Tony looked at this kid for a minute.  Shaved head, a scar on his eye, an ear ring on his left ear.  Accessory to Murder ?  Could the rumors of the school be true ?  Could this really be…?

“Are you….”, Tony began.

"Jimmy Hopkins" said the kid.  “I’m kinda here for a hearing on my case, which will be denied, of course.”

"I've heard many things about you" said Tony "I kind of have the same situation.  How did you do it?"

"Do what ?", Jimmy asked.

"Take over the School ?", Tony ventured.

"Well, I'll first tell you that you can't do it by yourself”, Jimmy laughed. “You need the brains and the brawn.  For me I had a good friend named Pete.  He was the brain."

"Hey, I know Pete !" said Tony. "I see him now and then at the School."

"Well, you should ask him for further help”, said Jimmy as the main cellblock door buzzed open.  “I'd rather not talk about the past right now." said Jimmy, seeing the approaching Cop.

“All right, Calderone ! You’re being released”, the Officer said. “We’re transporting you back to School.  Don’t let us catch you out truant again !”

As Tony was walking out the cell door, Jimmy said, "If you got somebody that won’t leave you alone, beat them publicly."

"Thanks for the help", said Tony as he was walking out the door.

That's it, thought Tony. To get Kurt off my back, I will have to humiliate him publicly.

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 11, 2010, 11:39:35 PM
Tony had returned to the School Campus before darkness came. He had a plan to hide in the broken stall in the Boy’s bathroom on the first floor before 7 PM, and then sneak down in the basement after the School closed for the day and find those potatoes. With him, he had taken two large cloth sacks that he had swiped from the Kitchen storage area when Edna wasn’t looking.

Tony went to the School, hid out in the stall, and successfully gained the Basement after it was unlocked by Mr. Lintz, the School Janitor. Evading the patrolling Perfects, Tony had slipped in the door. There he found two different stairways leading down to the Basement. Taking the left one, he went down and wound up in the Furnace Room.  Investigating farther, Tony discovered a whole bunch of rooms, each leading to another. He finally came to a outside door, up a small ramp near an alcove that had a small bed.

This must be where the Janitor hangs out, Thought Tony. And here’s the outside door, and the vent where we passed the boxes of clothes through.....

Making his way back, he wondered how Constantinos had kept from getting lost down here. The rooms wound around like a maze, and Tony could see how easy it would be to get disoriented. Going past a wire meshed-off area, Tony noticed a few empty white boxes inside. Must have been where the Prefects had stashed the clothing, and where Constantinos had found them. That particular theft had still not been discovered, but Tony thought that it wouldn’t be long now before the Prefects began wondering why the Preps weren’t asking to get some clothes on the down low, and would come back down here looking.

Arriving back in the Furnace Room, Tony went back up the stairs.  He had to try the other set of stairs. At he started down,  he heard a noise. Sounded like glass breaking. Tony eased slowly down the stairs, and there, about 25 feet away, was Mr. Lintz. His back was to Tony, and he was busy throwing some weird-shaped glass bottles filled with green stuff at the floor, where there were several Rats scurrying around. When each glass hit the floor and broke, a plume of noxious-looking greenish smoke burst out, obscuring the area. The Rats breathing the fumes keeled over and died on the spot.

The potatoes must be down this way, Tony thought. I’ve got to take him out without being seen.

Tony raised his Spud Gun. he had never shot an adult before. He knew that one shot could usually take out a kid (except those like Russell). How many for an Adult ?  Tony checked his loads. Only three left. He hoped it would be enough.

Tony’s first shot hit Mr. Luntz in the back. He staggered forward, and began to turn around. Tony fired a second shot the hit Mr. Luntz in the temple, and he went down. Tony lowered the Spud Gun, but suddenly, Mr. Luntz began to get up. Tony raised the Gun and nailed him in the back of the head with his last potato. This time Mr. Luntz went down for good and stayed there. Tony approached the prone figure.

He heard a groan escape Mr. Luntz. “Somebody....will....pay for this...” Then he fell silent.

Tony traveled along down a long corridor. He came to a huge round sunken area, with a drain in the middle. Edging around the wall, he soon came to another corridor that took a small turn and led to an open wire-enclosed Elevator. There, piled on the floor in huge heaps, were a couple of tons of potatoes.

Tony gave the Elevator a quick once-over. there was recent weld marks on some of the metal, and it appeared to be operated from a control panel which contained a key-slot. It appeared that the Elevator had been used to transport the potatoes to the basement. Tony didn’t have much time to investigate the Elevator. Filling up both bags with as much as he could fit in them, and quickly made his way back to the stairway, passing the unconscious Janitor along the way. At the Basement door, Tony eased it open, and finding the area clear of Prefects, made his way quietly out of the School.

Tony made his way to the Nerd’s gate, and down the trail. About halfway to the Observatory, he stashed the bags behind some large rocks in a secluded area off the trail. After re-filling his Spud Gun, he then made his way back to the Boy's Dorm.

Mission Accomplished.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 12, 2010, 12:55:32 PM
Kurt had a daunting task to travel from Bullworth Town through New Coventry, where many of the Greasers hung out, to Blue Skies, where he and his group were bunking with the Townies there.  Usually, he could just steal a bike somewhere, a common thing over on the end of town, he found out. Then just ride like a Bat Out Of Hell through Greaser territory to his destination. The fastest route to take was through the Southern part of New Coventry, by the warehouses, and that was precisely where Kurt was when the incident happened that would change his future.

Riding the other way toward him was a girl dressed all in black. While Kurt watched, thinking how fine she looked, a car appeared on the curve behind her and rammed her, knocking her to the ground. Kurt immediately jumped off his bike, and ran towards the fallen girl, who was struggling to get up. Unbelievably, the car started forward, hitting her again, and knocking her to the pavement once more. Kurt grabbed a piece of wood laying by the side of the road, ran to the car, and smashed out the driver side window.

Immediately, an old fart in a black suit began to exit the vehicle. Kurt didn't give him the chance to get out. He started wailing on him with the piece of wood. after four hits to the head, the man went down, rolling around in pain. Kurt ran around to the girl and helped her up.

"Are you hurt ?....Are you alright ?" Kurt asked her.

I'm....Okay....I think..." the girl said, shakily. “What’s wrong with that...Asshole...”

“Here, let’s get you off the road....”, Kurt said.

“You...need to get out of here”, the girl said. “The cops will be coming”.

Sure enough, a cop on a motorcycle was roaring up from behind the car. Kurt went and picked up his bike, got on and started to ride the other way. But just then, a cop car came screeching down the road towards him, siren on and lights flashing. Kurt attempted to avoid him, but the cop car rammed him and knocked him off his bike.

“What’s up with this, you Fucks ? .....GET OFF !!!” Kurt screamed as the cops swarmed around and subdued him, smashing him with their nightsticks.


Much later, Kurt was released from Jail on bond. As he walked out of the Police Station, he saw the girl in black, waiting on him.

“Did you...put up my bail ?” Kurt asked her.

“Oh, Yes...It was the least I could do...And I wanted to thank you for saving me back there....That Moron was trying to run me over.  And....I need to really thank you properly...”

The girl moved forward, wrapped her arms around Kurt, and gave him a deep, wet, French kiss that seemed to go on for several minutes. She finally pulled back, breathless.

“I’m Lola”, the girl said. “I’m a Greaser Girl....But nobody pays any attention to me, now that Johnny went off to Detroit....They would have just stood there and watch me get run over, those slick bastards. But You.....”. She looked up into Kurt’s eyes, “You’re My Hero”. And with that, she planted another sexy French kiss on Kurt’s mouth.

Kurt’s head was spinning. “Well....I’m Kurt”, he said, as Lola broke the kiss. “I, uh...”

“I know who you are. I hear things, you know.  But that doesn’t matter....You saved me. And besides...” She smiled up at him, “I like Bad Boys”.

Kurt could only gape at her. Lola continued, “It’s not very private here....Meet me tonight at the Bike Park”. She giggled, “It’s in that building over by where I got hit. There’s nobody there past Midnight.....Come and meet me there, and we’ll get to know each other better....OK ?”

Kurt nodded. “Uh....Er....Yeah, I....I’d like that....Meet you there...”

“Good”, Lola said. “Here’s something to remember me by...”, and she French kissed him once more, long and deep. Breaking away, she mounted her bike. “Bye for now”, she said, and rode away.

Kurt stood there for a moment, stunned. Shook his head, and then shook it again.

WOW....Whatta Girl....Hell....Whatta Woman....!!!
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: dudemann5798 on January 12, 2010, 04:43:56 PM
Kurt arrived at the Bike Park that night. His heart was pounding.  This is gonna be fucking awesome, he thought.  He walked in and saw a Greaser.  Kurt supposed the Greaser was just there accidentally, because Lola was shouting at the Greaser "Just Get The Hell Out !" The greaser was large, kind of like a potato. His name is Hal... Kurt remembered as Lola yelled, "I'm not kidding you Fatass ! Get Out !!"

Eventually, grumbling, Hal left, and Kurt and Lola were alone.  They started making out, then Lola said, "Now for the real deal."  She pulled him behind one of the ramps.  Kurt saw what looked like a sleeping bag laid out under it.  Lola grabbed him once more and stuffed her tongue in his mouth, swirling it around.  Then she reached down and began rubbing his crotch, making his bulge there grow swiftly.

After a couple of minutes, she broke the kiss, panting.  Lola moved her hands down to Kurt’s belt, unbuckling it, then found his zipper.  Tugging his pants and his shorts downward, she cooed at the sight.  Stepping back, she quickly but carefully stripped her leather pants down over her black boots, followed by her panties.   
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: dudemann5798 on January 12, 2010, 04:52:23 PM
Kurt was starring like a boy possessed at what was revealed.  Her sweet bush was the same color as her beautiful hair.  Lola pushed him backward onto the sleeping bag, attacking his mouth with her tongue again.  The both sank down on the bag.  She put her hands on his shoulders and urged him to lay back.  She straddled him then, grabbing his bulge and guiding it to her bush.  She sank down until their pelvises touched and groaned.  Then, frantically, she began slamming up and down, her breath coming in increasingly harsh gasps.

Fuck Yes!!!!!, Kurt rejoiced, going out of his mind.  I can't wait to tell the guys about this…!!!
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on January 12, 2010, 05:32:56 PM
The Gate Checkpoint, of course, wasn't beautiful.  It was made of pieces of wood and rusty metal, and seemed to be ready to collapse at anytime.  There was a bar, like at the Toll Booth, across the Gates area.

Tony presented himself politely to the bored Prefect inside. "Hello, Sir….I would like to go out into Town now."

"You've got two hours. If you aren't back by then, I'll call the police, and you'll be in real trouble”, said Seth, the Prefect who was manning the gate that evening.

"Understood, Sir”, Tony acknowledged.

The Prefect wrote some information on a pink pass slip.  Tony took it quickly, and passed under the lowered bar.  The pass was made simply,  there was the hour one left, the hour when one had to come back, and a Bullworth Academy stamp.  He decided to follow a group of Preps that had just got out, and wound up in Old Bullworth Vale.  Well, this part of town was definitely quaint-looking.  Many of the building were old, except their ground floors, and those were filled with brightly-colored shops.  Exploring further, Tony discovered a shop named “Aquaberry“.  And suddenly he realized.… He had to price his merchandise cheaper than this Shop, or else his business will be dead.  He entered in to check things out.

The whole shop was well-lit.  There was, in the middle of the room, a counter with a nicely-dressed man standing right behind it.   Behind the Shopkeeper, there was a glass with Aquaberry written on it, and lit with a blue light, which gave a very classy effect.  The walls of the Shop were covered by dozens of shelves, where perfectly presented, was the clothing.

"Hello !  If I can help you, please tell me”, the Shopkeeper said.

"Thanks”, said Tony, But I'm just coming in to look around."

An Aquaberry sweater.…$125 dollars.  Good…Seemed the store’s prices were higher than his by a goodly amount.  Now that he was here, maybe it was time to get himself some real clothing.  He found a white shirt with the Bullworth Academy emblem that was a perfect fit, then he asked the Storekeeper about the choice of a tie.  Immediately, the Storekeeper had what he was looking for in his hand -- A black tie, with fine diagonal stripes on it.  The effect was perfect.  As Tony looked some more at the other items that interested him, a voice interrupted his shopping.

"Tony ? I'm glad to see you here !", he heard from behind.  That voice.  Tony turned around to find himself in front of the attractive body of Pinky.

"As you see, I've been shopping a bit”, Tony said, caught off guard.

"You're so cute ! That tie is absolutely adorable !", Pinky oozed.

"Thank you…What about you ?  What are you doing here ?", Tony inquired.

"Oh, I come often to this Store, to keep informed about current fashion", Pinky said.

"Oh, I see”, Tony said, looking around for a clock.  “Um…Well, I have to pay now, and get back to School."

"Wait, Tony !“, Pinky said suddenly, “Why won't we go out tonight ?  The Billy Cranes’ Carnival is open, just down the street !"

"Er…Maybe...", Tony said, stalling.

"Come on, I just want to have fun !  After all, you're with Karen...", Pinky said slyly.

"May I burn your old clothes, Sir ?", the shopkeeper said, interrupting.

Tony looked at the man, disoriented. He touched his own tie, and answered, "Um...Yeah, of course, you can."

He went outside, with Pinky following him.  "Listen, Tony. I’ll be there at nine. I hope you'll be there... Seriously."

She showed him her best smile, then put her hand on his shoulder before walking away, letting the hand wander as much as possible.  Tony stood there for a minute, then decided to go back to the School before his time was up.

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on January 13, 2010, 02:23:17 AM
Tony and Karen were sitting on the steps of the Girl’s Dorm.  Karen had understood about the delivery to Pinky, once Tony had explained it to her. But, until Tony had gone to the Auqaberry Store, neither had he understood why Pinky gave him her old skirt.  Now, he knew why.

“It seems that the Preps are so used to getting their Servants and underlings to dispose of their used clothing, that it was just a normal reaction for Pinky to throw me the one she wanted to get rid of”, Tony said.

“How did you discover this ?”, asked Karen.

“It was when the Clerk at the Auqaberry Store offered to take and burn my ‘old’ clothes...Just like that’s what’s expected of him...Same way she just threw her used skirt at me....She expected me to just take care of getting rid of it. Just like...A Servant...”

Karen reached out and took his hand. “The Preps are such jerks, anyway”.

“Yeah, well I got a new problem now....Pinky wants me to take her to the Carnival tonight”.

“WHAT ?” Karen exclaimed. “She asked you out on a DATE ?”

“Yeah”, Tony answered. “And...I don’t know what to do. If I stand her up, it’ll maybe screw up the deals I have going with the Preps.  She’s Derby’s main squeeze, everybody knows that”. Tony paused. “So what does she want with me...Except....”

Karen said angrily, “...To be her plaything. Her Boy-Toy”.

Then, it dawned on Tony.  Pinky just wanted some entertainment....Him.

Karen said suddenly, “ Do It. Take her to the Carnival”.

Tony looked at her, Shocked. “What ? Why ??”

“Because”, Karen said, “I want to know what that bitch is up to. What her game is. I can find out some of it from Christy....She pals around with her. She’ll tell me, too, or I’ll beat it out of her. Both of them may be older than me, but I can beat the crap out of either one of them.  Somehow, I will get to the bottom of this....So, Do It”.

Tony stared at Karen with a new respect.

Karen sighed. “Part of this is my fault, anyway...I shouldn’t have gone off on the Slut like I did...But, she made me mad, real mad.  I’m not going to let anybody try to come between us, Tony....Now that I’ve found you, nothing or nobody is going to take away what we have together...They’re not going to ruin our love”.

Turning, she grabbed Tony fiercely and French kissed him long and deeply. When she broke away, she said, “I’m your Girl....You’re my Man...Simple as that”.

Tony wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He would do as she said.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake sat on the cot in the small tent, rocking back and forth. He was almost all the way pariniod now.  Three weeks without his Meds.  Cobwebs infested his mind. Sometimes in a rage, sometimes catitonic, he tipped over from one to the other without knowing it, without feeling it.  In a normal world, he would be in an Asylum, locked up.

"Locked Up...In The Asylum", he said flatly, then a brief, harsh, burst of crazy laughter escaped him.

He had a plan, oh yes, a plan....A grand plan, one that would ensure his successful return.  A plan so great, he marveled at the genius of it, the pure cunning of it. He would break into the Chem Lab and steal enough Sulfur and Gunpowder to fashion several small bombs. Then, he would attach transceivers to them.  He could steal those from the Nerd’s hangout at the Dragon’s Wing by breaking in some night.  The fat fuck that ran the place had all kinds of shit like that laying around.  Then, the night before Halloween, he would hide a bomb in each Clique’s territory on the school grounds.

Jake wasn’t a killer. His plan would be to detonate each bomb in sequence, while everyone was out and about in their Halloween costumes. He would set the bombs in places that were likely to do just minimal damage. He would leave some kind of ‘evidence’ from another Clique at each bomb site, to cast suspicion and get the Cliques to go to war with each other. Then, at the height of the tension and fighting, he, Jake, would re-appear at the school, step in, and negotiate a cease-fire.

“What about Pete ?”, Jake mumbled to himself. “Isn’t he the Mediator ?”

Fuck Pete.  I’ll take care of that.  Pete is weak, a pussy.  One whack in the head would land him in the infirmary. Get him out of the picture.  Jake kept rocking back and forth, thinking.  He had come to Bullworth late last spring. Had seen Gary Smith try to take over the school.  Had witnessed his fight with Jimmy on the scaffolding along with scores of other students, and Gary’s banishment from the school to the slum housing of Blue Skies after Gary had recovered from his Injuries.  Had learned the details of the scams that Gary was running on the Townies, and the final confrontation with Edgar that lead to his being killed.  Gary may have been an organizer, but he sure wasn’t a fighter.  Jake, however, was both an organizer and a fighter.  Where Gary was weak, Jake was strong. He would figure this out, and make it happen. And no one, but no one, was gonna get in his way.

Jake knew he had to move his base of operations.  This spot had been compromised.  For reasons of their own, whoever had swiped his stash hadn’t ratted out his location.  Because of that, he felt like a sitting duck.  He had to move tonight.  He knew the perfect location.  There was a boarded-up Rail tunnel not far from here, on the other side of the wall.  It was close enough to serve his needs. Jake looked down. He would take his Weapons, and this cot, to sleep on.  He had nothing else.

Traveling Light, he thought.  A small burst of crazed laughter escaped him.  Yeah, Traveling Light. What A Gas.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on January 13, 2010, 05:22:31 PM
In Old Bullworth Vale,  before the entry into a road tunnel at the East end of town, a fancy sign announced the presence of the Billy Crane's Carnival - Even though everyone knew about it, in fact.  There were several people of the Townsfolk that were walking into the tunnel, and Tony knew to follow them.  Arriving there, he recognized a typical Carnival - A great Midway bordered by many types of games, from the Duck Fishing to the Western Shooting.  Food vendors were everywhere.  Tony paid his entry fee to an incredibly small midget guy that was, in fact, standing on a chair in the Ticket Booth.  He pushed on the metal entry gate that in response produced a creak as he entered.

Time to find this girl, now, Tony thought, looking around. Even though it had gone dark nearly two hours ago, the place was packed.  Outside of the Movie Theater and the Burger Joint, there wasn’t much to do in the isolated Vale Valley.  The Carnival was the biggest draw around.

Tony didn't have to wait long, though.  Pinky had spotted him and was running to him.  After greeting him and congratulating him for not being late, she gave him a little kiss on the cheek.  As Tony didn't show any emotion, she began to jump about nervously.

"What are we waiting for ?  Let's go have some fun !", Pinky exclaimed.

"All right”, Tony agreed. “How does this all work ?"

"You have to win tickets to trade for stuff”, Pinky said. “You'll win a Teddy Bear for me, won't you ?"

"Of course I will, Pinky”, Tony smiled.

Tony put his arm around her waist, while she put hers around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder.  They walked like this for a while down the Midway until she proposed to him that he should try the Baseball Game first.  The rules were simple enough - He had to throw a ball at moving targets, like Dodgeball.  He found it very easy, and earned three tickets. There were other games, but after wandering a while, Pinky wanted to try the Great Ferris Wheel.  They paid, and a young Carney  attendant pointed them to two seats, all ready to go.

"Are you sure you want to try it ? You look nervous." Tony asked.

"Oh, yes, sure, I like it…”, Pinky said coyly,  “If there's someone to protect me..."

Pinky sat and took the same position as before, her arm around Tony’s neck, but was pressing harder.  Tony simply laid his hand on her leg while their gondola described a slow arch up in the air.

"You know, Tony.….I really like you”, Pinky purred. “You were so cute the other night.….So real."

"I'm sorry for having disturbed you in there”, Tony said, “I was trying to avoid the Matrons.”

Pinky shook her head slowly, facing him. "No, no... It's nothing."

She smiled, and her lips went to his.  She kissed him once, then twice, before starting a deep French kiss, while caressing his back with her hands.  Tony caught a glimpse of the distant Lighthouse tower, and closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensation of her tongue against his.  She really knew how to do this.  She broke off and then her lips approached him once more, and Tony felt her body rubbing against his.  He felt…..

"All right, kids, it's over !" The Carney was staring them - The gondola has stopped and the ride was finished.  They had to get out quickly, under the staring looks of the people queuing up for the attraction.

They passed more time together, Tony playing and winning the Dunk Toss and the High Striker several times.  After Tony had eleven tickets, he decided to get something to offer to Pinky. He made his way to the Souvenir Tent.

Inside the tent, a happy guy saluted him loudly. "Hey, kid, let me see how many tickets you have !"

"Eleven, Sir !”, Tony counted them out.

"What are you looking for ?“, the Carney vendor said. “A little... Present for a girlfriend ?"

"Exactly !", Tony exclaimed, forgetting for the moment Pinky wasn’t his girlfriend.

"Hmmm... I have this Teddy Bear for ten tickets, would be perfect, I tell you !", the Carney vendor enthused.

"I’ll take it !", Tony said enthusiastically.

Tony left the Souvenir Tent and walked slowly back to Pinky, hidden behind the great bear.  “Surprise !!”, he said, laughing.

"This is sooo cute ! Thank you, Tony !”  Pinky took the Teddy Bear and stroked it.  Then she looked into Tony’s eyes and said coyly,  “Why, shouldn't we go to somewhere more.…Private ?"

"Um.…Sure”, Tony replied, his head swimming. “Why not ?"

Accept it. You have to discover what’s on her mind, Tony thought.  And after all.…You liked the kisses.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony walked Pinky back to the School after they finished at the Carnival, and Pinky drew Tony behind the Girls Dorm.  Once there, they started making out, and the action became even more hot and heavy.  The minutes ticked by in the darkness.  Just as Tony was undoing Pinky’s blouse to expose her boob, he heard a voice shout. "TONY !!!"

Tony was once again in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  It was Karen.  Abandoning Pinky, Tony ran after her as she turned and was running away with tears in her eyes.

"It wasn't what it looks like !" called Tony, futilely.

"Let me guess then.“  Karen had stopped at the steps by the side door of the Dorm. “You just somehow happened to walking around behind the Dorm at the same time as Pinky, and you just somehow happened to trip over your shoelace and your tongue went into her mouth ?"

"No !!”, Tony cried.  “What are you getting mad at me for ? You're the one that wanted me to go out with her anyway !!"

"But I didn't think you would end up exchanging spit with that Bitch behind the Dorm !!", Karen raged.

Tony didn't know what to say to that. What could he say ?

"IT’S OVER !!!" said Karen, as she stormed away with tears in her eyes.

Damn! Thought Tony Why do I end up with this shit?
Title: The Never Ending Story
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During the next day, stories of the liaison between Kurt and Lola drifted onto the School rumor mill, mostly fueled by Kurt himself after their wild and steamy night at the Bike Park.  Constantinos came and told Tony about it as he lay moping in his bed.

Tony groaned and told Constantinos to beat it. “Go away…I don’t want to hear about that.”  He didn’t even know who Lola was anyway, but he soon would.

In the evening, Tony could stand his room no longer, and decided to go outside.  Rounding onto the main pathway the led to the street, Tony cast a look to the right and saw Kurt and Karen hanging out near the Front Gates together, laughing.

Could my life get any worse ?, Tony thought dismally. 
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: T-Bone on January 14, 2010, 06:57:27 PM
"THIS.…IS.…SHIT !!" said Tony out loud, walking rapidly towards the Gates.

The two looked over and saw Tony.  Kurt quickly whipped out his Slingshot and Tony grabbed his own Slingshot and ripped it out.

"So what'll it be Tony-Bony?  You shoot me, I shoot you.", Kurt taunted.

"I'm not gonna shoot you." said Tony. "But He is."

Kurt turned around.  Tony's distraction worked.  He took quick steps, grabbed Kurt and
whacked him hard in the temple with the butt of his slingshot, knocking him senseless.  He then grabbed Kurt and stuffed him in a nearby Trash Bin, just in case.  He then turned to Karen, who was still standing there.

"Karen !" said Tony. "What were you doing with him ?!"

"He treats me right !  He doesn't cheat on me !", Karen said hotly.

"How would you know that for sure ?! You barely know him !" said Tony.

"Because he actually treats me the way a girl is supposed to be treated !”, Karen shot back.

"Karen, this kid here went and done it with Lola.", Tony said, pointing at the Trash Bin.

"Prove it." said Karen, stiffly.

Tony dug through Kurt's backpack hoping to find some evidence. He found just what he needed, a condom.  He ripped off a piece of Kurt's jacket and picked up the condom with it and showed it to Karen. “See ??”

"Well maybe he was cheating, but that doesn't make you any better”, Karen replied. “We Are Through !!"

Fuck this! thought Tony. Love blows., Thought Tony, as Karen stalked off.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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What the fuck am I gonna do with this prick wannabe Rocker? Thought Tony.

Suddenly he had a flashback to his meeting with Jimmy…. You'll have to humiliate him publicly.
Of course! How could I forget! Thought Tony. I have JUST the plan.

He dug Kurt out of the Trash Bin and dragged him down the paths to the Boy's Dorm.  Dropping the still unconscious Kurt on the steps of the Dorm, he ran to his room inside and go a piece of the poster board that he used in Art Class and the rope he had used with the hook attached.  Going back outside, he attached the poster around Kurt’s neck and wrote on it in huge letters with a magic marker he had that read…."KNOCKED OUT BY TONY.  DON'T FUCK WITH ME !!!"

He then found a ladder in the recess by the main door that Mr. Luntz had left there.  He set the ladder at the top of the steps, drug Kurt up the ladder and tied him up tightly above the door.  He made sure he had moved the ladder back to where he had found it.

My work here is done, Tony thought, checking out the scene.  Now, ff to bed.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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When Tony woke up in the morning, there were about 30 kids around the Dorm yard staring up at Kurt, laughing.

"LET ME DOWN !!!!" screamed Kurt, as Tony walked out the door.

"That depends”, Tony said, a shit-eating grin on his face. “Are you gonna leave me alone and stop fucking around with my Girlfriend ?"

"Alright !!  Alright !!  Just let me down !!" yelled Kurt.

"Well…These people seem to be having a good time." said Tony, stalling. "I don't wanna disappoint them."

"I promise…I will leave you and Karen alone !!”, Kurt begged. “Just please let me down !!"

"Well." chucked Tony. "OK….But only because you said please."

Tony retrieved the ladder and untied Kurt, letting him fall to the pavement.  Kurt sprang up and took off down the pathway towards the Front Gates.  Jimmy's advice had worked. 
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: T-Bone on January 14, 2010, 07:20:32 PM
Since it was the weekend, Karen didn’t come out of the Girl’s Dorm all day, nor was Tony in any mood to chase after her.  Karen had broken it off with him twice before already in just a month, and Tony could see a pattern developing.  He knew from asking around that he was apparently Karen’s first boyfriend, and it seemed to him that she was extremely jealous and insecure.  Well, Ok, catching him making out with another, older girl gave her right to be, he supposed…But she was the one who told him to go out with Pinky, it didn’t make any sense.  What did she think was going to happen ?

Tony sauntered slowly down to the Football Field.  He needed to vent to someone, but the only real friendship he had made in the short time he had been at Bullworth was Laurent.  At least that was something in this crummy place, anyway.  He sure hadn’t expected all this mess when he’d agreed to come to Bullworth Academy. Maybe some stuffed-shirts like the Preps, yeah….But not all these other psycho-seeming kids. 

But he was stuck.  He didn’t want to quit here and go back to Public School.  For different reasons, those Schools sucked too.  But if he didn’t stick it out here, he would have no choice.    Besides, his Mother had paid for the whole year’s tuition.  He needed to be a man and stick it out for her sake.  He didn’t want to disappoint her like his namesake Father had.

Arriving at the Football Field, he spotted Laurent up in the Bleachers, taking in the Fall sunshine.  Tony climbed up to join him.  “Hey, Larent”, he called, but without much enthusiasm.  He plopped down on the bench beside him.

“You sound rather morose”, Laurent observed.  “Is there troubles, non ?”

“You can say that”, Tony said, and launched into the story of his short relationship with Karen, from the start to yesterday.  “She’s just broke up with me again….I can’t go on like this.  There’s too much instability at this place as it is, I can’t be taking emotional Roller-Coaster rides on top of this.”

“It seems like plenty of troubles, my Friend”, Laurent agreed.

“How do you do it ?”, Tony asked, “Your people, I mean…How would you handle this ?”

Laurent laughed.  “Well, ze French are lovers, that is our reputation, as you say…But we do not take it serious until we are older”, he replied.  “I don’t worry about it, no girl here is my type….No offense to your country…But I need someone familiar.”

“Yeah, guess so”, Tony replied.  “Maybe your way is best, though….No worries.”

Oui”, Laurent replied.  “When there is someone right for me, I will know.”

“I thought Karen would be that one”, Tony said, “But maybe not…Not now, anyway.”

The two chatted on into the afternoon.  Tony began to feel a little better, just having someone to talk to.  Eventually, Laurent was able to convince Tony to throw some Footballs around.  Toward the end of the day, Tony was becoming resigned to whatever may happen.. He still had deep feelings for Karen, but would have to bear them, and possibly get over her.  He returned to his room in the Boy’s dorm after the sun went down, and fell into an early sleep.

The next day, he went to classes, steeling himself to see Karen in the halls….But she did not come to School that day, or the next.  Neither had he seen Pinky.  Tony resolved to just stay away from the Girl’s Dorm.  He had deals to make and merchandise to deliver.

Let the chips of Love fall where they may, he thought.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Christy entered the dorm room after classes and again found Karen staring out the window.

“He’s not coming back, you know...You dumped him too many times over nothing”.

“It’s not ‘nothing’...His tounge down her throat is not ‘nothing’”, Karen said, not looking away from the window.

“Well, let’s see...”, Christy said. “You dumped him for accidently running into you. You dumped him for just making a delivery. Then, you dumped him for going out with another girl that you TOLD him to go out with". Christy paused. “Just what did you expect would happen ? That she would be all ‘Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes' and just say ‘Thank-You-I-Had-A-Wonderful-Time-And-Goodnight' ?  Hell, she asked him out because you knocked the snot out of her. She did it for revenge”.

Karen turned around and stared at Christy. “How would you know that ?”

“Sweetie, I’ve known Pinky for years. That’s how she is. Her and the rest of those Preps are all the same. They think they can have whatever they want, whenever they want, just because they come from money. They’re used to getting it too....So, she can’t kick your ass, but she can steal your guy....And once you two are done for good, she will kick him to the curb, because he isn’t her type. He’s not from money”.

Karen continued staring. “So....I was set up ?  WE were set up ?”

“When you lose your guy for good, she has her revenge”, continued Christy. “And you’re just making this super-easy for her. She has plenty of experience doing this. She took Jimmy to the Carnival when he was here just to get back at Derby because she was mad at him for some stupid thing. What do you think she did with him ? Same thing. and she dumped Jimmy and went back to Derby when he got Jealous, just like she wanted. Only, Jimmy didn’t really care...He was hot for that Zoe from the slums. But Tony cares. And you’re just screwing that all up”

Karen became angry. “Why didn’t I see this....We were set up. That Bitch. That BITCH”.

“You’re new to all this. Tony is your first real boyfriend, so you just don’t know. But you just can’t keep dissing him for no good reason”. Christy sighed. “Boys that age will take what’s put in front of them. Their dicks don’t know the difference. But Tony feels for you. He has a heart. And if you break it enough times, you will lose him...For Good”.

Christy walked to the door. “And Pinky will win. She’ll get her revenge”.

Left alone, Karen considered things. Lots of things. And she came to a decision.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake had been a busy boy. Fueled by his own increasing madness, he had taken some extraordinary risks. Because he needed some clothes for himself, he had broken in to the Final Cut right under the noses of the Cops. While getting some far out clothes, he had also found a Black Ninja outfit, which would help to keep him hidden from view. He had then broken into the Chem Lab at School one night and had stolen most of the Sulfur, Gunpowder, fuses, and tubes, all the stuff used for the M-80 Firecrackers. He had also found some old short plumbing pipes and end caps in the school basement. Then, he had snuck into the Autoshop and stolen a cordless drill and bits to be able to drill holes in the caps for the fuses.

He had then gone to the Dragon's Wing under cover of darkness. He had brought a crowbar along that he had found in the School Basement, but found he didn't need it.  Someone had left the Store's Basement door unlocked, so he snuck in quietly. Nobody was in the big room, but he heard snoring coming from the small room off to the side. It was probably that fat fuck that ran the place. Jake began rummaging in the many boxes stacked around the place, looking for any kind of Walkie-Talkies he could use to trigger the bombs. What he found though, was wholly unexpected....In one of the boxes were 8 timers, with small clock-faces that could be manually set, connected with wiring to a flint-type ignition system to create a spark.

Jake was stunned at his good fortune. Seem there was more to that fatass Comic Store Owner than he, or anyone else, had expected. Maybe he fancied himself as the next Unabomber. Whatever the case, Jake grabbed the box of timers and got ready to leave. But first, he looked in the small room from where the snoring was coming from. On the bed.  To his surprise, it wasn't the grossly overweight Store Owner, but Algernon.

He had a score to settle with this little fat shit. And what better way to test out the timers, than to try one of them out on this pee-stain fuck ?  Jake dug in his pocket for a couple of M-80 Firecrackers, then twisted the fuses and attached them to the timer. Setting the timer hands for 10 minutes, he heard the device began to tick.  Sneaking into the room, he placed the small mini-bomb on the fat boy's belly.

Jake could barely keep from laughing. That'll lay him up for awhile. Teach him to fuck with ME.

Jake left the Basement of the Dragon’s Wing, and hid behind a fenced-in area beside the bank across the street. A few minutes later, he heard a satisfying BOOM coming from the Comic Store Basement. Yep, Timers Worked.

Jake had returned to his tunnel hideaway to assemble the components for his bombs. He had enough to assemble 7 pipe bombs. His plan was to set bombs at the Boy’s Dorm, the Girl’s Dorm, the Library, Harrington House, the Autoshop, the Gym, and the Jock’s House. He would be almost invisible in the crowd of other students going about at Halloween in their costumes. He would stagger the clock setting on each one as he planted them, moving from one place to another. Then get on a rooftop or climb up a tree and watch the Fireworks and resultant panic as each one went off.

Soon, he thought. Real Soon. It’s gonna be a great Halloween.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony stood up from his bed. He had a little headache, and looked around him. He felt like dizzy... He went out of his room to see what was new in the Dorm and maybe ask someone for a medication or something. As he went out of his room, he immediately found himself facing an horrible creature. The thing almost looked human, if only it had the rest of his head, and didn't look like dead, with a grey skin... A giant scar was beginning from his forehead and ending at his mouth, passing by the dead right eye, and spreading blood on the whole face. The whole creature was hanging at the end of a rope, two feet over the blood spot... Tony leaned on the nearest wall, and put his hand on his forehead. Eyes almost closed, he went out of the dorm, to access to the Infirmary. Everywhere on Bullworth Campus, the massacre had happened - skeletons, torn tendons and pieces of flesh still hanging on the bones, some bodies even not recognizable, because of the deformation of the skull and the blood, probably smashed with a very heavy object... His headache became harder. The Trashcans were full of human pieces, arms, feet. He didn't approach more, as he came in front of the steps leading to the general entry. And there, on a giant banner, with letters probably written with blood of the Innocents.......



Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony came awake with a start. Wildly, he looked around. Everything was in place. Getting out of bed and stumbling to his door, he pulled it open to see......

Just an empty hallway. No dead creature. No blood.  He ran to the front door, pulled it open, and looked out, searching.  No dead bodies. No body parts.  No torn skeletons.

Tony sagged down against the front door.  Must have been a dream....But it seemed so real...Too real.....What the hell did it mean ?

Something....Something.....Seemed wrong, terribly wrong, and yet....Nothing was wrong......

Yet....Not Yet....But maybe at Halloween........

Tony shook his head. What could happen that was so terrible like his dream ?   And who could do those horrible things ?   Kurt ?   Jake ?   Someone Else ?

Tony couldn’t shake the feeling that a bad thing was going to happen on Halloween, just a few days away. A real bad thing.

Something wicked this way comes.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony rolled groggily out of bed.  A couple of days had gone by, and it was the morning before Halloween.  And another bad dream.  Something about getting whacked in the head with a bat, and then watching Karen making out with that turd, Kurt.  Shit. Tony thought, I need a shrink. These bad dreams just seemed to plague him lately, and he just didn't know what to do about them. Maybe he was getting physco like Jake. The pressures of trying to keep too many things going was getting to him. And he missed Karen. But she had dissed him three times now, Hell, she TOLD him to go on that date with Pinky, and then snuck out there spying on him.

He didn't understand girls, and most likely never would. He had too much on his mind right now anyway.  Along with Constantinos, he had pilfered more clothing from the School Basement that had been bound for the School Store.  So now, he had deliveries to make after classes to the Preps and the Nerds, so he just had to get his shit together and get with it.
He walked into the Common Room to buy a drink from the drink machine. From behind him, he heard, "Hey, Wanna play shirts and skins ?". from that fuck Trent. Without even thinking about it, Tony turned around and clocked Trent right between the eyes that staggered the Bully backwards. Then, he followed that with a hard punch tot gut and an uppercut that put Trent on his back. As Trent staggered to got up, Tony grabbed him by the neck, dragged him over to the nearest Trash Bin, and stuffed him ass first into it. Tony briefly considered throwing a Firecracker in at Trent, but decided he didn't want to waste it on the dumb fag.

"You're lucky I got other shit to do today, you queer fuck", Tony said, and walked off. Other kids moved out of his way as he went.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony visited the Nerds at the Library with a package, and there learned about what had happened to Algie. He had been in the Clinic Hospital in town for 10 days now. His right nut had been blown clean off by a mysterious explosion in the basement of the Dragon’s Wing. No one knew what caused the explosion, or why Algernon had been so close to it. Tony sold his merchandise and moved on to Harrington House.

Entering the front of Harrington House, a Prep at the entry desk escorted him in through the inner doors to the large room to the fireplace. Then he turned and left with a small sneer. Tony stood facing Derby and Ted, who were both seated. While negotiating the price for the goods, a figure made her way down the stairs. Pinky.

Tony hadn’t seen her around since that night Karen had caught them behind the dorm together. She had been staying here, apparently, with some of the Preps. Tony figgured Karen would knock the shit out of her had she stayed in the dorm, so she had left. Pinky walked over and sat down on Derby’s lap.

Tony was seething inside. Karen had been right, Pinky had been playing him. She had made no attenpt to contact him since that night. She was just a little prick-teasing bitch. Pinky kept giving Tony little sly looks which Derby didn’t notice. Tony kept his composure by not looking at her directly, concluded his busness with the Preps and left Harrington House.

Halloween was tomorrow. The dream from earlier in the week still Haunted him.


Late last night, Jake had been busy too. Sneaking into the Girl’s Dorm, he stole a bunch of panties and other female garments.  He then entered the School, and went to Pete’s small Mediator Office on the second floor. With the black ninja suit, it was laughably easy.  Finding the door unlocked, he entered, then planted the panties and other garments in desk drawers and behind furniture, where it was out of sight. Then, sneaking down to the Main School Office, he left a crudely worded note on Ms. Danvers desk about Pete and his panties fetish, and where to find the stolen panties.  He weighed the note down with a paperweight in a place where Ms. Danvers was sure to see it first thing in the morning. Then, sneaking down to the kitchen, he stole a couple of potato sacks. He then left the school and returned back to his hiding place, unseen.

The big night was tomorrow. Jake had laughed to himself. It Was Gonna Be A Real BLAST.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Halloween morning dawned overcast and cloudy.  Going to her desk in the School Office, Ms. Danvers noticed what looked like a note held down by a paperweight on her desk. She picked up the note and read it. Her expression registered shock at what she was reading, then anger.

"OUTRAGEOUS !!!" she squealed. She ran to the Headmaster's door, and began knocking furiously. "Dr. Crabblesnich !! Dr. Crabblesnich !! It's an Emergency !!!"

Prefects were sent to search Pete's Mediator Office.  Then Pete himself was hauled out of class and brought before Dr. Crabblesnich.

"These were found hidden in your Office", Dr. Crabblesnich said, indicating the mound of panties piled on his desk. "What do you  have to say for yourself, my boy ??"

Pete looked at the pile of panties in total bewilderment.  "I...I've never seen these before....I...I mean, I've seen panties before, but not these panties....What's this all about, Sir ?"

"These were just found hidden in your office, Pete. Just how long have you had this addiction ?"

Pete sputtered,  "ADDICTION ?? ??? I don't have an addiction....I...I like girls, sure, but...I would never...."

"Well, that remains to be seen, my boy.  There will be an investigation. In the meantime, you are suspended from you duties here at the School."   Dr. Crabblesnich paused.  "I'm very disappointed in you, Pete.  But I believe you can still be saved.  Maybe some manual labor would do you a world of good, and help you control these juvenile impulses.  Go and see the Punishment Prefect. That is all.”

Pete left the Office, speechless. he had never before had to go to the Punishment Prefect.  He had done nothing wrong....This was so unfair.  Who had done this to him...And Why ??
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Karen had been making plans for Halloween.  Christy had been right.  Tony hadn't come back.   She would see him around Campus or in School, but he wouldn't talk to her, or even notice her.  She had really fucked up, and her heart longed to be with him.  She hadn't seen Pinky at the Dorm since that night either.  She heard she had moved in with the other Preps.  This was actually against school policy, but since they were the Preps, the administration looked the other way.   Well, Pinky was going to be in for a big surprise tonight.  Karen knew Pinky would be walking around tonight in her Princess Cat costume, because she was so vain, and wouldn't hide out on Halloween, believing herself to be safe from any attack.  But Karen had a little surprise in store for ‘Little-Miss-Boyfriend-Stealing-Skanky-Whore’.  She had acquired a Red Ninja outfit from her Jock friends, and would be wearing it tonight, stalking Pinky, until the time was right and she wandered off alone somewhere. Then, Pinky would be introduced to some long-overdue Bitch Justice, courtesy of herself, Karen.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Twilight approached.  The skies, overcast and cloudy all day, had turned to a dull black.  The wind was breezy, with small gusts here and there. A storm was approaching, due to arrive just before midnight.  The Prefects had already left Campus for their annual drunken party bash.  Tony had put on his costume, a Dracula outfit. He would be going around with Constantinos, who was wearing a Pirate costume.  Tony still had nagging feelings from his dream earlier in the week. He still had a strong feeling something bad was going to happen. Just to be safe, he made sure he had all of his weapons on him, fully loaded.

Kurt and Lola had snuck back onto Campus through the unguarded and unlocked front gate, and went off to hide out of sight along the near wall of the Parking Lot, waiting for the festivities to began so they could mingle, unnoticed.  Both were wearing similar outfits of Maid and a Butler. Both were wearing masks as well. Kurt thought Lola looked real sexy cute in her outfit, and was making lewd plans in his mind for later in the BMX garage with her.

Darkness was approaching. Time for Jake to go. Jake stuffed the potato bags with the timers attached to the pipe bombs, and slung them over his shoulder. He was dressed, fittingly enough, as a Hobo. That hadn’t been too hard, considering the state his clothing was now in, after a couple weeks on the lam.  With a black cloth with eye-holes in it tied around the top of his head, he would blend right in.  Jake left his hideout, and accessed the campus via the Greasers over-the-wall barricade they had set up.  This was gonna be GOOD...
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony looked at the various costumes of the students.  Some really had imagination.  There were Mad Scientists, Astronauts, Witches.…..He strolled down the pathway to the back Quad with Constantinos, who was dressed in a Skeleton Outfit.

Someone landed right behind Tony, and before he could react, he felt cold metal on his neck.  And then he realized - That wasn't metal, that was plastic.  And the hand that grabbed him wasn't really pressing.  He heard a laugh, and turned around quickly.

The person he had before him now was mid-tall.  He or she wore a hood that was part of a big white mantle, totally hiding the face in the dark.  On the chest, some used leather parts that were surely made as a Shield to avoid being hurt by blades, or at least minimize it.  The knife used to terrify him was in fact hidden in the left sleeve, and could be taken out with a simple movement of the arm.

"Tony... You recognize me ?", a voice said.

"Laurent ?“, Tony exclaimed, “Without that accent, I could never have guessed..."

"Ha-Ha-Ha ! You like it ? I am an Assassin !", Laurent cried.

"Pretty good !" Tony said, tapping the Assassin's shoulder.

The French kid joined the two boys, and they walked in direction of the Fountain, where, if Constantinos was right, there was real ambiance.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake had moved swiftly. Shortly after 7 PM, he set the first bomb down in the Jock's Clubhouse. The timers went up to 180 minutes, so Jake set the first one to the maximum time. The dumbass Jocks had left the door unlocked, and no one was there. Jake hid the softly ticking bomb in a box in an area enclosed by a wire mesh fence of sorts, he reckoned it to be for equipment storage.

Next was the Gym. Jake made his way down to the Boy’s locker area, and set the second bomb in an empty locker. He set this one a 170 minutes, to synchronize it with the first one as close as possible. Grabbing some towels from the shower area, he piled a couple on top to muffle the ticking, and stuffed the rest in one of his sacks. He then left the gym, and headed to the path to the Fountain. Other boys were in the Basketball yard, Jock boys he supposed, and milling about on the pathway to the Fountain. Jake drew no notice as he moved along toward the Fountain. Everyone was in some kind of disguise, and the sky was black with the hint of the approaching storm.

Around the Fountain was a gaggle of kids, dressed in all sorts of costumes. Jake saw a big one in a Sponge Bob suit he assumed to be Fatty the Nerd, since he was about the fattest kid in the school. Jake paused, deciding where to go first. He reasoned the Autoshop first, and then back across to Harrington House.

Jake moved carefully down the Autoshop path and waited a while in the shadows by the fenced wall area. When he had come through here a half-hour ago, the yard was empty. Now it was full of Greasers, milling around. These guys really went all out on their costumes, many making themselves up like Elvis or Fonzie. Jake’s getup was a bit out of place here, so he moved slowly, slinging his sacks over his shoulder and hiding his face as much as possible. In this manner, he passed unnoticed around the fence and headed for the garage area.

The attached garage door was open, and inside sat the car he had wrecked a month ago, all repaired except for a final paint job on the front-end.  Perfect. Because it had taken him longer to get back here, Jake set the timer to 150 minutes, put the bomb on the front seat, grabbed some shop rags to cover up the bomb, and then shut the car door.  This was going to be really funny.  If they were pissed before at the damage to their beloved car, this would make them really stinking angry.

Jake made his way back through the Greasers yard area as before, unnoticed. The Greasers were busy talking among themselves and complementing each other about their get-ups, and he made his way back to the now-crowded Fountain area unseen. Edging around the wall area, he saw over on the other side three figures who looked familiar....A tall boy in a Dracula outfit, a skinny kid dressed as a Pirate, and a mid-sized person in a white hood and leather chris-crossing his chest. He thought the Dracula one was Tony.  No time for that now...Lots of time later to take care of that. Jake headed down the path to Harrington House.

It was more Difficult here. Lots of Preps in costumes were milling around, having some sort of party. Jake edged around the South wall carefully, until he was close to the building. Just then, one of the Preps set off what looked like a Roman Candle Fountain over by the small side yard, and everybody turned to look.  Jake used the distraction to enter the front door of Harrington House.

No one was in the front hall, and slowly opening the door to the large room, Jake saw that it was likewise empty.  Crossing quickly to the chairs in front of the Fireplace, Jake removed one of the seat cushions, removed another bomb from his bag, set the timer for 130 minutes, set it on the chair, and replaced the cushion. Without knowing it, he had set the bomb into Derby’s favorite chair. Retreating quickly, Jake left Harrington House. Exiting the front door, Jake ducked down in the shadows.  The Preps were still setting off the Roman Candles. Looking at them in the reflecting light, Jake saw most of them had on Aristocratic-looking costumes.  One, a female, was dressed in a Princess Cat outfit.  That must be Pinky, he thought.  Waiting for the glare to die down from the lights, Jake hugged the side of the building, then the wall, as he moved around towards the small side yard area.  This was perhaps the most dangerous part of the mission.  His get-up was really out of place here.  Rounding the wall unnoticed into the grassy yard, he made a break through the empty side yard to the wall and quickly jumped over.

Next was the Library. Peeking over the wall, he saw a few Nerds milling about in Wizard costumes. He needed a small distraction. Digging in his pocket, he brought out an M-80 Firecracker, and heaved it in the direction of the nearest Nerd.  =BOOM !!!=  The Nerds scattered, and Jake hopped over the wall and ran for the door. On the way, Jake spotted a vial containing a greenish liquid one of them had dropped.  A Stink Bomb !   Jake scooped it up, and tossed it in the direction of the retreating Nerds. It shattered when it hit the ground, sending up clouds of green smoke.  Perfect cover. Jake held his breath, ran and entered the Library door.

Entering, he saw the place was empty. Sprinting, he went to the back area by the globe, an area he knew the Nerds liked to hang out at. Quickly pulling out a bomb, he set the timer at 120 minutes, put it under the table, and covered it with a towel.  Jake then made a fast beeline for the front door. Looking out, he could see the stupid Nerds had began throwing their own stock of Stink Bombs around, covering the area with green smoke. Squinting his eyes, and holding his breath, Jake made a run for the Pathway leading from the Library, and headed for the break in the wall leading to the Boy’s Dorm.

A few of the Bullies were milling about the yard. Jake spotted who he thought to be Trent, and ran up to him.

“Hey, Fuckface” Jake said.
“What...Who the fuck are...URK !!”, Trent choked, as Jake grabbed him around the throat.
“Shut up, you numb fuck, and listen. Tell your Clique to stay out of the Dorm tonight. Got It ?”, Jake hissed.
“Uhhh...JAKE ? Where have you been....”, Trent started to say
“Keep your voice down, you stupid shit. Just keep them out of the Dorm. Understand ??”, Jake hissed.
“Er, Ah....Sure....Nobody in the Dorm....Right”, Trent answered, confused.

With that, Jake pushed Trent away, and headed up the steps into the Dorm. Going to the Common Room, He got out a bomb, set the timer at 110 minutes, planted it in the Trash Bin, and threw a towel over it.  he wished he could have planted it in Tony’s room, but the door was locked.  Leaving the Boy’s Dorm, he headed down the steps and across the path to the Girl’s Dorm.

Entering the yard, he caught a break...No one was around.  The girls were all out and about.  Sneaking in the front door, he likewise found the area deserted.  Good Deal. He moved quickly to the small foyer area by the stairs, and planted the last bomb, setting the timer to 100 minutes. Then Jake beat a hasty retreat down the hall and out the side door.  Once outside, he crossed the yard, then took the shortcut leading over to the Parking Lot. The few kids milling around paid him no attention, and he made his way to the Old Bus, and entered through the doors.

Returning to the Hobo’s yard, it was just as he left it. Since being discovered, He doubted that whoever had found his former hiding spot would expect him to return. To be safe, he barred the gate, and moved a barrel in front of it. Then he sagged down against the wall.

He wasn’t tired...he was pumped.....Soon, Real Soon....He would have some revenge.

Let The Fireworks Begin.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Hanging around the large lot in the back of the school, Karen finally spotted her...The girl in the Princess Cat Costume.

Pinky.  The bitch was talking to some of the other costumed girls, Mandy and Christy, she supposed. Karen moved over towards them, keeping out of their direct line of sight. They were all standing near the stone veranda the flanked the rear of the School. After what seemed a very long time, the other two girls walked off, leaving Pinky alone.

Perfect. Karen snuck up to the side of Pinky, and then quickly grabbed the girl and slammed her backwards into the stone wall.  Startled, Pinky looked at her attacker, but could only see someone dressed in a red Ninja suit.  Not that she had time to look very long.  for Karen punched her hard in the gut.  Pinky doubled over, but Karen pulled her up and again slammed her hard into the stone wall, then punched her hard with a left hook to the face, followed by a roundhouse right to the head.  Knocked out, Pinky went down in a heap. 

“There, You Fucking Bitch....Payback for messing with my Tony”, she hissed.   Karen added in a couple of hard kicks before walking calmly away. Quickly looking around, she saw that no one had taken any notice.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Winds had picked up. A few scattered raindrops fell. Down by the bleachers, A small group of Jocks had gathered. Casey, Juri, Kirby, And Dan were standing around, joking and cutting up after returning from TP'ing a couple of the Prep's trees.  Good, clean, harmless fun, just like anywhere. It was shortly after 10 PM. The festivities around the Fountain and the open area behind the School were beginning to wind down.

KAWHOOMP !!!!!!  A loud noise came from the direction of the Jock's Clubhouse. Startled, all four Jocks looked in the direction of their Clubhouse. There was a bit of smoke coming from under the door.

"What the HELL was that ?" Casey exclaimed.
"Donno...Sounded like the Clubhouse" Kirby said.

The Jocks took off running towards the Clubhouse and yanked open the doors.  A bitter, acrid smell assaulted them, and smoke rolled out from the building. As the thick smoke cleared somewhat, the Jocks gaped at the damage. The Equipment Cage was ripped to pieces, boxes shattered and all manner of shredded material littered the floor. A new flat screen TV that had been brought in just this year lay shattered and twisted on the floor.

“What the Shit...Who did this ?” Shouted Dan.
Oh, Jesus...Look at our Footballs !!!” Moaned Juri.

An entire basket of Footballs lay scattered all over the floor, Deflated and looking for all the world like some of the worst dead fish ever. In any other circumstances, it would be funny, all those Balls laying around, ripped open with their guts hanging out.  But to the Jocks, it was a disaster. Without Footballs, how could they play....Football ?

The Jocks were still standing there, Stunned, when they heard the second explosion coming from the direction of the Gym.

KAWHUUMP !!!!!!!  Another sound cut through the night just as Bo, Luis, and Mandy, the School’s Head Cheerleader, were walking in the direction of the Gym. Telling Mandy to stay put, the two Jocks raced into the Gym to find smoke pouring from the locker rooms downstairs.  Making their way blindly down the stairs, they saw a large figure withering on the floor between the two locker rooms. He was mumbling over and over, “Ohhhh.....Hurts...So...Good”. It was Damon.  Looking in the Boy’s locker room, Bo could see ripped open lockers located in the center of the room, with shredded books, uniforms, and athletic equipment strewn all over. One of the stall doors was bowed in, and a broken urinal was gushing a stream of water from a broken pipe. A strong smell of Sulfur and
Gunpowder hung in the air.

Dragging the injured Damon up the stairs and outside, the were met by the other Jocks running up from the Football Field. Gathering together on the Basketball Court, they all began talking rapidly among themselves.

“We’ve been attacked....Who did this ?”, said Dan
“Bet it was those Preppie Bastards”, exclaimed Kirby.
“Maybe it was the Greasers...They are real scum”, said Bo.
Dan, who was in De Facto charge right now, Said, “What are we waiting for...Let’s go get the Mother Fuckers !!!”.

And as one, they charged towards the path that led to the Fountain, with Mandy following.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The crowd of kids were thinning from around the Fountain.  A flash of lighting briefly lit up the sky. A few more sprinkles fell. Some of the kids began walking in the direction of the dorms and their other places that could provide shelter from the impending rainstorm. Up by Harrington House, the Preps had gathered, returning from other places around the campus grounds. It seemed the threat of rain had convinced them that they didn’t want to get their fancy costumes wet. Bif and Chad were talking, when off in the distance came a muffled sound. Not overhead, but from the direction of the Football Field. Looking about, they began to talk to the others gathered there, Gord, Justin, and Parker, about what the sound was they could have heard, whether it was thunder, and if they should head inside, when there came another slightly louder sound, also seeming to come from the direction of the Gym.  Just then, Derby came up the steps, looking around. “Hey, has anybody seen Pinky ?  I can’t find her....”  He was interpreted from behind by Tad, who was running in from the Fountain area. “Hey, there’s something going on down at the Gym.....”.

KABLAMM!!!!!!   An explosion rocked the innards of Harrington House. The Preps standing about outside felt a tremor shake the ground, and all of them scattered, trying to duck the unseen danger. Small tendrils of smoke came from the front doors. Darby and Tad, who had been farthest from the doors, now ran towards them, flung them open, and entered. What they saw was that the inner doors had been blown open from the concussion from the explosion. The two suits of armor on the reception side had sagged. Peering through the smoke still coming from the large room, they looked in on a scene of utter destruction. The chairs by the fireplace were in pieces, laying in smoking heaps scattered around the room. The mantle was cracked, and all the plaques and other stuff that had been hanging on the wall were laying about everywhere. The couches and chairs along both walls were damaged, and most of the tables were broken. The two suits of armor on by the door of the big room lay in collapsed heaps on the floor.

“Oh...God...Look what’s been done to my Father’s legacy !!” Derby cried.
“Those Uncouth Animals !!!” exclaimed Ted, looking around Derby at the damage.

Backing out because of the smoke, the two Preps returned to those standing outside, who started peppering them with questions. There were exclamations of indignation and revulsion as Derby and Ted related the extent of the damage they had seen inside.

“Who could have done this to our beloved house ?", asked Parker.
“It was those nasty Greasers who attacked us last week. They did this !!!”, cried Justin.
“Yes ! Those dirty, foul-smelling, backwards APES...It was them !!”, asserted Gord.
“Let’s go kick some low-life ass”, said Derby, and the Preps started towards the path to the Fountain.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Greasers were mostly hanging around now in front of the Autoshop,  Although they had broken out the costumes and Halloween Cheer Beer, they were mostly anti-social with the other cliques. They would sometimes hang around with the Bullies, which is how they started making deals with Jake, but their biggest affections were reserved for their custom bikes and their beloved car, a 1969 Mustang Fastback. They tinkered with it every day, tuning it, setting the idle, hooking it up to the scope to watch it’s firing pattern, Waxing it, cleaning off every speck of dirt that dared to settle on it’s gleaming chrome.

“Hey Shawn, what’s going on ?”, said Hal to the newest Greaser, Steve.
“Donno, my man, haven’t got a plan” replied Steve, suddenly looking toward the fountain area as he heard some kind of loud noise. What was that ?  Thunder ?  No......Most Greasers were familiar with sounds, and that definitely sounded like something else.
Vance slouched over to the two Greasers, who were now looking towards the East. “Whatcha knows, Boze....You's hear that noise coming from over.....”

KAPOWWW !!!!!!  A large explosion shattered the night from around the side garage attached to the Autoshop. Sounds of tearing metal and glass shattering followed on the heels of the blast. All the Greasers ran around to the open garage door of the Autoshop. There they beheld a terrible sight. Their prized Auto sat there in a smoking ruin, the windows shattered, the interior trashed, the driver door hanging off the side like a partly amputated limb, the roof pushed up like a balloon. The blast had knocked tools off the walls and toolboxes off the benches. Parts were scattered everywhere.

“OHH...FUCK A DUCK !!!” Cried out Ricky. “OUR CAR !!!”
“Those bastards boned our ride....Those sick FUCKS !!!” exclaimed Lucky.
“Hadda be them Preppie Pissers....Those Snobby Shitheads”, said Peanut, who had pushed through to stare unbelievably at the extensive damage. Acting as one, the Greasers picked up sticks, bats, and rocks, and swarmed around the short fence from the Autoshop area, headed to the pathway to the Fountain.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“What are you listening to, Fatty ?” asked Melvin, walking down the steps in front of the Library yard.

“I Don’t know...Thought it was thunder....But it’s coming from over there”, Fatty said, pointing to the general area of the fountain. Melvin listened.
“I Don’t hear anything”, Melvin said quizzically. 
“I heard it too”, Donald said, walking over.
“Now I hear...Yelling ? Sounds like someone yelling”, said Fatty.
“Well, whatever it is, we should get inside, before the storm comes”, said Melvin. “Com’on”.

The group of Nerds began to head for the Library front doors, as a lighting streak sliced through the sky. Opening the front door, they moved through the foyer, towards the large main room of the Library.

KABOOMM !!!!!! A huge explosion rocked the South-East corner of the Library, disintegrating the large table and the globe sitting on top of it. The force of the blast pushed over the nearest large heavy bookshelf and sent it into a domino-effect against the bookshelves in line with it, knocking them over one by one, as books fell and scattered on the floor. All the glass lamps within the range of the blast were shattered, and the tables were bowled over. The force of the concussion knocked down the entering Nerds backwards into the nerds behind them. dazed, their ears ringing, they slowly got up from the floor to survey the extensive damage.

“What...What Happened’, squeaked Bucky.  What...Look...Look at our spot....”
“Why...Did...They...Do...That”, uttered Cornelius.
“We’re under ATTACK”, cried Fatty. Whoever did that to Algie is trying to get us too !!”
“Knights ! Arm Yourselves !!”, Yelled Melvin. “Defend the Library’s Honor !!”

The Nerds staggered behind the large reception desk, and Melvin unlocked a large drawer. From inside it, he began pulling out Spud Guns and handing them out each of the Nerds.  “We know who did this....LET’S GO”.  With that, the Nerds spilled out of the Library, down the steps to the path, headed towards the place with the ever-increasing amount of noise....The Fountain.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Having left the fountain area before all the commotion started, Tony, Constantinos, and Laurant were walking down the path to the Boy’s Dorm.  For the past few minutes, they had been hearing some strange sounds, like thunder, but coming from the South. The night was nearly over, the approaching storm was almost upon them. The sky, black as coal, rolled with ugly-looking clouds. Tony still had an uneasy feeling, something was out of whack.....Something dark, wicked.....

As the boys neared the dorm, the saw a strange sight. Standing there, blocking the doors, was Trent. Most of the other Bullies were there on the steps...Davis, Ethan, Troy, Wade...And appeared to be in a heated argument with Trent.  Coming closer, Tony could hear what was being said.

“Com’on, Trent...Let us In !”, said Troy.
“Yeah, man....It’s gonna start storming real soon”, said Wade.
“Why are you tryin’ to keep us out, anyway ?, said Davis.
Stopping at the bottom of the steps with Constantinos and Laurant, Tony said, “Hey Trent, Dumbass...What’s the problem ? Why can’t anybody go.....”

KABLOOOM !!!!!!  An explosion rocked the building from the inside, pushing open the doors, and knocking Trent into the rest of the Bullies on the steps, with the whole pile of them falling backwards and rolling down the steps. Tony, Constantinos, and Laurant raced up the steps and into the smoke filled building.

Inside, the fire alarm was going off.  All the interior windows were shattered. Moving in farther to the common room through the acrid smoke, Tony glimpsed extensive damage. A Trash Bin was pulverized, the couch overturned.  The TV was shattered, laying in a melted heap on the floor. The card table and chairs were just splinters littering the whole of the floor area. There was trash everywhere. Tony motioned the other boys back towards the front door. Got to get out of this smoke......

The three boys stopped at the bottom of the steps. The Bullies had recovered and were going over the shortcut in the wall from the yard to the School like their pants were on fire.  Getting their breath back, the boys began speculating on who could have set off a bomb in the dorm and why.

Suddenly, Tony’s nightmare came back to him in full force. Pieces Of Flesh...Torn Limbs.......

And a realization. Not Just The Boy’s Dorm....The Girl’s Dorm Too.

And, after that....  Where’s Karen ? Haven’t Seen Her Tonight......

Without another word, Tony suddenly began running the path to the Girl’s Dorm.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony yanked open the door to the Girl’s Dorm, and started down the short hallway. Suddenly, a figure walked across his line of vision, headed for the Lounge area.

“HEY !! DON’T GO IN THERE !! “ Tony shouted. Startled, the figure, who was dressed in a Red Ninja costume, Turned to face him. “Whaa..”. A girl’s voice. Tony launched himself into the air, grabbing the girl and pulling her away from the lounge area. “Hey, Get Off Me !! What Do You Think You.......”

KABLOOOOOM !!!!!! The strong concussion from the blast threw the two halfway down the hall. Tony held on for all he was worth, shielding the girl as best he could. The pair landed in a heap, rolling over and over. The fire alarm began blaring loudly. Coming to a stop, Tony groggily shook his head to clear it.  Smoke was fast filling the air. Reaching over, he pulled the mask off the girl.

Karen....It was Karen.  She took a breath and groaned. Relief flooded Tony. She was alive. Just a few seconds too late, and she would have been....

They had to get out of there. Tony picked her up and headed for the door, going outside and down the steps into the windy air. Thunder crashed, lighting streaked, and a heavy rain began to beat down. The storm was here at last.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The three cliques charged toward the Fountain. They were out for revenge. They were out for blood. Running up the steps from three sides, the Preps and the Greasers went after each other, and the Jocks went after them both. Punches and fists flew. Bats and sticks were whacked against heads. Being very dark, and going into the storm, it was hard to tell who was friend or who was foe. Casey had a couple of Preps who he was bashing together. Derby was beating up Hal, who was really no match for him.  Norton had Gord by the throat and was dunking him in the filthy Fountain.  A few minutes into the fight, Spuds started sailing through the air.  The Nerds had arrived and were shooting anything that moved. Some of the combatants at the Fountain charged the Nerds, and they fell back....Only to be attacked by the Bullies, who had come up behind them.  Fatty was flattened by a single punch from Davis, and went down in a heap. Davis was immediately shot with a Spud in the head and he went down also. The nerds formed a circle and just kept on firing on everyone in sight.  For close to a half an hour the melee continued, with heads getting busted and nuts getting stomped.

Kurt and Lola had observed the fighting from a distance.  Since Kurt had been expelled of Campus, and Lola had quit school after Johnny had left, neither one of them was supposed to even be on Campus.

Kurt had watched with an amazed respect as the events unfolded.  Some diabolical mind had dreamed this up, that was for sure.  When the fighting had started, they had both moved to the base of the rear of the school building.  While watching the fight, Lola spotted a figure laying in the shadows.  She moved closer.  It looked like......

“Pinky !”, she exclaimed.  She would know the Princess Cat Costume anywhere, since Pinky always wore it to every party occasion. “Kurt, come quick !  It’s Pinky, and she’s hurt !”

Kurt came closer for a look.  It was Pinky, all right, unconscious. As he bent to examine her, Lola said, “We’ve got to get her to the Infirmary !”

“No, we can’t....We’ll get busted”, Kurt said.

“No....No, we won’t”, said Lola. “The Prefects are off-campus. This is Halloween.” She pointed towards the fighting. “That’s why they aren’t getting busted.”

Kurt looked over.  She was right.  All this going on, and not a Prefect in sight.  He was new here, and hadn’t known about the Prefect’s once-a-year drunken party bash in town.   He briefly wondered what the uptight Prefects did to let it all hang out.  Must be some show.

“Come on, let’s take her”, Lola said, bringing him back to the moment.  Lola and Pinky never were best buds, but they had plenty of time on the Cheerleading Squad together, and they shared similar vain personalities.  She couldn’t just leave Pinky there in a heap, she had to help her.

Kurt bent down and picked up Pinky, and he and Lola headed off to the Infirmary.  With all the kids running around, no one took any notice of them.  Arriving at the door to the Infirmary, Kurt said, “We should leave her here...So we don’t get spotted”.

“No, Silly”, Lola said. “We have costumes on, remember ?  The Nurse won’t know who we are.  Besides, looks like the place is going to be filling up real soon.”

Lola was right again.  All kinds of injured kids were staggering up the steps toward the Infirmary.  They wouldn’t be noticed.  Kurt looked at Lola with a new respect.  Maybe this broad wasn’t so dumb after all.

Quickly going inside, they left Pinky in the care of the Nurse.  Like Lola had said, they were barely paid any attention to.  They then left the Infirmary and headed back towards the Parking Lot just in time to see a Cop car smashing through the Side Gate, speeding towards the Fountain.

Whoops...Time to make like a tree and leave.  Kurt and Lola had slipped out the broken gate and then left Campus.

The  Police car smashed through the front gate of the school, and headed around towards the back area. A second Police car knocked the parking lot gate open and made it’s way toward the fountain area. Both cars squealed to a halt at the bottom of the steps, and Cops jumped out of both vehicles.

The kids that could still move scattered. Most ran for the now-open gates, to get off school grounds. The Jocks fell back towards the Gym area. The Greasers, Preps, and Nerds had other places off campus to run to. The Bullies just ran around, not having anyplace.  Most of them got busted.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was met by Constantinos and Laurent at the steps to the Girl’s Dorm. Grabbing him under the arms, they hustled Tony, who was still carrying Karen, towards the path. Halfway there, all of them stopped suddenly as the Cop car crashed the Front Gate, heading at high speed towards the rear of the school.  Heading out the now-open Gate, They took the couple to a safe place in Bullworth Town that Laurent somehow knew about.

From his hiding spot in the Hobo Yard, Jake heard the whole thing go down. Then watched as the cops came screaming in. This was going even better than he planed on. The cops must be tied into the fire alarm system or something. Whatever the case, the shit was in the fire now.

They’ll be begging me to come back now. I’m going to be the Ultimate Fixer.

Jake let out an insane peal of laughter that seemed to go on and on and on.

------{{ END OF CHAPTER ONE }}----------
Title: The Never Ending Story
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                             THE BULLWORTH NEVER ENDING STORY

                                                            {{ CHAPTER 2 }}

                                                        The Great Clique War

"Bonjour !", a voice said.
"What the... Laurent ?", Tony mumbled.
The voice came again.  "Non. Welcome to my restaurant !"

Tony's vision was blurred. He tried to identify the person that was standing before him, and could just catch a glimpse of an apron. A fresh odor of hot bread was escaping of the next room... A Kitchen, probably. Tony looked around him, and saw that he was lying on a dirty mattress, Karen sleeping next to him.

"How did I land there ?", Tony wondered aloud.

"Ah, it's your friend, Laurent... I know him very well, and he explained to me what happened.", the man said.

"Thanks, Sir”, Tony managed, his head swimming.

"Do you want to eat something ? I have fresh Croissants in the Kitchen, there...", the Chef, with a typical french mustache, was pointing in the direction of the next room, smiling.

"I got to return to my school, they..."., Tony began.

"You had better not now. There are policemen running everywhere in ze Towns, searching for you and some of your friends.", the Chef cautioned.

"But why ?", Tony asked, confused.  “We haven’t done anything !”

"The Academy has been asking them to find the kids that escaped... If you get caught, you' will be in real trouble.!", the Chief said, then disappeared in the next room.

Karen opened her eyes. "What the... ?", she started fuzzily.

"Shhh... Don't worry, it's me...", Tony whispered.

"Tony ? But... What are we... ?", Karen said groggily.

"I'll explain to you later", Tony told her,  "We're gonna stay here for a little while, OK ?"

The Smiling Chef reappeared, a plate between his hands, full of nice, hot Croissants.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Posted on the wall at the entrance to Bullworth Academy----------

All Students who are able must use off-Campus lodging during the time repairs are being made to the school..  Classes will resume on Monday.  Students living off-Campus may go to any of the many School Bus pick-up in Bullworth Town, Bullworth Vale, New Coventry, or Blue Skies.  Investigations are now being conducted into the incidents, and the perpetrators will be identified, caught, and punished.  The health and safety of our Students is the prime mission of this Academy.  As such, Security Patrols will be doubled for the duration of the semester, or until the School returns to normal.  As the School building itself received no damage, both Staff and Students are expected to be in regular attendance.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Pinky woke up in the School Clinic…Again.  She groaned.  Who had attacked her this time ?  All she could remember was someone dressed in some sort of red outfit.  Like the Flash, only they looked more like Spiderman.  Whatever…..Someone had ruined her night.  It wasn’t fair.  Who beats up on a Princess ?

Where the Hell had Derby been ?  Wasn’t he supposed to protecting her from all the Peons out there ?  Everyone from the School who wasn’t a Prep ?  She moaned again.  Her head hurt.  Her ribs hurt.  Her stomach hurt.  Instead of the fine Post-Halloween Party back at Harrington House, she was here…This smelly place. 

Gradually, it occurred to her, it was noisy as well.  Loud moans and groans, cursing….Why don’t they shut up ?  Can’t they see her head hurts ?  What’s wrong with these low-life Paupers ?  Pinky opened her eyes, squinting, and moved her achy head, and looked around.  Shock replaced the frown of pain on her face.

Oh, my Gawd, she thought.  Half the school must be in here.  Just what the Hell is going on now ?  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Nurse McRae, tending to the injured.  “Nurse !”, she commanded, sending a shot of fresh pain through her head.  “Come Here !” 

Nurse McRae lumbered over.  “So you’re awake”, she commented.  “Can you understand me, or do you feel sleepy ?”

Course I understand you, you dumb Cow, Pinky thought.  Aloud, she said, in a miffed tone, “Yes, I understand, and No, I’m not sleepy.”

“Good”, Nurse McRae said, “You have no broken bones, mebbe just a slight concussion….Here, take some Tylenol, you’ll be fine.”

“Great”, Pinky pouted, but she took the Tylenol and and gulped it down with the cup of water Nurse McRae offered her.

“You can go when you feel like it”, Nurse McRae said.  “Lots of real Injuries I got to attend to”. she said, turning her back and scurrying away.  Pinky sighed.  She was more important than these other Peons.  Seriously.

Pinky laid back, closed her eyes, and waited for Derby to come get her out of this stinking hell-hole.  But after an hour had gone by, it was becoming apparent that he was going to stand her up, again.  Rousing herself, with effort, she managed to sit up.  Just a little woozy for a few seconds, but she was feeling better.  She would have to show herself out.

Fuming now, she left the School Clinic, ignoring the Cops and Prefects hustling about, and headed for Harrington House.  She was burning with anger for Derby ignoring her yet again.  He hadn’t been in the Clinic, so where was he ?  Maybe, she thought, it was time to see if Tad Spencer would appreciate me more.  Time to have an Affair.

Reaching Harrington House, she was in for another unwelcome surprise this evening….It was a Crime Scene.

Suddenly though, a Knight in Shining Amour appeared to rescue her.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Monday morning dawned gray and windy. The School Bus pulled up to the Bullworth entrance with another load of Students.  Those who were uninjured were having to return to classes.  Students who were busted, and the ones in the Infirmary, had been questioned and released by the Police.  Over the weekend, the others, except those few on the lam, had also been questioned.  There had been a lot of finger-pointing between the Cliques, each blaming the other, but the Cops had found no real evidence that any individual or group had set the closely-coordinated bombs.  For now, all Students, except those in hiding, had been cleared by the Police.

The Cliques had scattered to the various Towns.  The Preps had the most places to pick from -- Their own private Gym, the Glass Jaw, their Beach House, and even Tad and Derby’s homes, all of these in the more exclusive Bullworth Vale. The Nerds were bunking out in the Basement of the Dragon’s Wing in Bullworth Town.  Since Beatrice had graduated and went off to Med School, it was just the boys now.  The Greasers had taken to staying full time at the Tennantments, and their Pool Hall, the Blue Balls Bar, in New Coventry.  The Jocks were being put up in a house in Bullworth Vale by the administration, close to the Happy Endings Retirement Home.  The smaller kids at the School were being boarded in Hattrick’s repossessed house for now.  The Rockers, since being expelled, had been squatting in a house on the main drag in Blue Skies with a junk car in front.  The Non-Clique kids had found lodging in the newly-reopened In and Out Motel in Bullworth Town.  Only the Bullies had no place to go, and hung around in the Parking Lot of the Motel.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The day after the bombings, Trent stole a bike and pedaled to Blue Skies. He was going to find Zoe, a girl who has been Jimmy’s last girlfriend during his time at Bullworth. After Jimmy’s arrest, she had quit school and returned to Blue Skies. The other girls at the school hadn’t liked her much, mainly because she was a brash, in-you-face type of girl, who could kick any other girl’s ass without even raising a sweat.

Jimmy was still revered by the Bullies. Early on in the last school year, Jimmy had beaten Russell, then the Bullies leader, in a cage-style match in the school basement arranged by that villain, Gary Smith.  Jimmy had beaten Russell, who was three times his size, then had extended friendship to Russell and the Bully clique. For that reason, in their eyes, Jimmy was one of them. Trent only hoped that Zoe could help the out because of that connection.

As he approached Zoe’s house, he saw her sitting on the porch steps. Trent parked the bike and went over to talk to her.

“Hey, um....Remember Me ?”, asked Trent.

“Uhh...Yeah...You’re .....Trent, right ?  From the school”, Zoe replied.

“Well...Er....We’re...I’m friends with Jimmy, you know...” Stuttered Trent.

“Don’t know about the ‘friends’ part”, smirked Zoe. “More like ‘Gang’."

“Er, Uh....We was friends....We all liked Jimmy, sure....”, Trent continued.

“Whatever”, Zoe said. “What do you want ?”

“Well....I...Er...We need a place to stay....For a while”, stammered Trent.

“What the hell are you coming around here for ?  You think I want a bunch of STUPID, smelly, worthless, no-brain motherfuckers like yo’all around ?  I don’t wanna be a babysitter to you dumb assholes. What’s in it for me ?” Zoe asked.

“Um, well...”, Trent said, “Maybe there’s something....Uhh, something we could help you out with....”

“I don’t know what you assholes could do for me......” Zoe stopped, and thought for a second. “Well, maybe there is something”. She looked away. “I’ve been having trouble with some of the Townie boys. One on One, I can kick their ass. But, if they gang up on me....” She looked back at Trent. “I’m the only girl here, and I won’t put out for them. It makes them sooo mad. I don’t want to get knocked up with any of their miserable children. When I don’t put out, they try to fight me. Only I’m better, so I stomp them into the ground with these”. She held up her booted foot. “But, they’re going to try to gangbang me. It’s only a matter of time.  They got a new Leader, and he wants in my pants.”  She stared hard at Trent. “You and your boys take care of them. Do that, and you can stay here. For Awhile. You guys still have Russell ?”

“Uhh..He’s been staying at his house....But we can get him, sure....Anything you want”, Trent said. “He’s not so good in the head no more, but he can still fight hard."

“Good. It’s a deal."  Zoe got up and started back into the house. “Come and see me when it’s done. We’ll talk more then. Might be some other stuff I need done”.

Zoe entered the house and shut the door. Trent picked up the bike and got on.

Time To Round Up The Boys.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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At a part of  Blue Skies in the South end was the Chem Plant complex.  The Factory had been built in the center of a real labyrinth that only the Workers or Townies knew very well.  There were walls, fences, control doors, everything made to prevent any outsiders from gaining easy entry.  It was located down the end of a dead-end street from the Power Plant, but some years ago a steel wall had been built across the road between the two, ostensibly for increased security. 

But in fact, it was the Townies favorite hangout, there being ways in through the tangled maze of narrow streets that ran Eastward from the Rail Yards and past Gloop Oil.  Here the whole Bully Clique was searching through in it, Trent pedaling slowly on his bike, the others running behind him.  Finally, Trent heard two voices, coming from around a building near the Chem Plant, and made a quick hand sign to his mates. Off in back of the building, two Townies were discussing something, one sitting on one of several crates scattered around, the other standing in front of him.  All around them there were other crates, full of coffee, sodas, and other products.  Trent turned his bike and charged, screeching his tires as he pulled up in front of the two. The rest of the Bullies came running up behind him.

"All right, you assholes are gonna respect Zoe, Now !", Trent challenged, dropping his bike.

"Ha-Ha !!  Who are you ?  Her half-time boyfriend ?", the Townie that was sitting on the crate laughed.  His head was shaved, and he started to hit his fist in his palm menacingly.

"RUSSELL !!!! ATTACK !!!!", Trent yelled.

Russell roared and charged, shoulder first.  But before he could reach the nearest Townie, a whole gang of them that had been hidden, lounging behind other crates, stood up from behind the crates and threw a rain of M-80 Firecrackers at the big Bully.  Russell fell down to the ground in a hail of explosions, while the gang of Townie boys all dressed in orange jumped out and ran in their direction.  The Bullies weren't prepared for this attack, and couldn't resist.  The Townies overwhelmed the outnumbered Bullies and started beating them down like piles of shit.  Trent turned around and tried to return to his bike, but a large, giant Townie that Trent had never seen before suddenly appeared before him and grabbed his shirt.

"Where do you think you're going ?", the giant Townie growled.

"Please, don't hurt me !", Trent begged, looking up at the twisted, ugly, face.

"You came to protect Zoe from US ?”, the giant Townie barked. “Don’t make me laugh !"

"You're Scum !", Trent said, trying to be brave, but his shaking betrayed him.

"I'll let you know, little girl, that we know everything that happens in this complex”, the giant Townie said, his stinking breath blowing in Trent’s face.

"What the... ?", Trent squeaked, not understanding.

"We knew you’d be coming thirty minutes ago”, the Townie snarled, “And now, I’m thinking we should go find Zoe !"

"Let me go, Please !", Trent begged, unable to twist free of the giant Townie’s grip.

“Some Protectors…What a Pussy you are“, the big giant Townie said, and then pushed Trent in the direction of his green BMX bike.  Trent stumbled and almost fell.  He quickly jumped on the bike, and pedaled away as hard as he could, trying to avoid the stink bombs that some of the Townie boys had unpacked from a crate and were tossing at him, laughing.  He had to find another plan, before the Townies could reach Zoe's house.

Trent rode by Zoe’s house to warn her, but didn’t see her around.  Trent got a wild idea.  He had to talk to Tony. The guy was an enemy, but surely he could help them for money, or other forms of compensation….Maybe just for the thrill of strategy ?
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Ok, so….How can I find Tony? thought Trent to himself. I haven't seen the kid since the bombs went off...Where could he be ?

Trent pedaled faster, out of Blue Skies.  Feeling more powerful as he gained speed on the BMX, he felt like he could do anything.  He saw a ramp that seemed to be for unloading trucks near a Warehouse in New Coventry.  He pedaled even faster, aligned the bike with the ramp, and Whoosh !!!!  He was in the air soaring like an Eagle. The wind was blowing through his hair...

"OH SHIT !!!!", Trent screamed.  The bike went out from under him and he landed ass-down onto the pavement.

"Ha-Ha-Ha....What a Douche…!!", exclaimed one of the Greasers watching from a group on the corner. "Need to tune that thing right before attemptin’ that, Jackass !!"

Trent got up feeling embarrassed.  He jumped back on the bike and rode towards Bullworth town.  Okay...That was stupid......

He rode into Bullworth Town thinking about where Tony could possibly be.  The Nerd hangout ?

He rode on around the corner to Dragon’s Wings Comic Store.  When he got there, he jumped off the bike leaving it partly lying in the middle of the street to get possibly smashed by a car.  He walked in the store and observed the ‘Nerdiness’ of the area.  Comic Books, Marbles, Board Games, Stink Bombs... No wonder the Nerds love it here.

"Hey Fatass !" said Trent angrily to the large store clerk.

"Who do you think your calling Fat.….Twerp ?" yelled Alfred Owens , the storekeeper, back at him.

"Oh I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings....?", Trent mocked.

"Watch your mouth, little brat !", Alfred steamed.

"Hey, Hey, I don't mean to be annoying”, Trent lied. “I was just wondering...How do I gain access to your....Um, What do you people call it….Lair."

"There’s only one way !“, the Shopkeeper grandly proclaimed. “You must beat the high score on the arcade machine...CONSUMO !!”

"Whatever, Fatass", said Trent, and just walked past him and down into the basement.

"Stupid kid." muttered Alfred Owens under his breath.

As soon as Trent had walked down the stairs, he closed the door behind him. He found a load of Nerds at the bottom, two playing Grottoes & Gremlins, one sitting at a computer playing a game, and a couple standing around chatting with each other.  Weirdos.

"Alright Sissies, Where's Tony Calderone?" yelled Trent, taking a fighting stance and blocking his face with his arms.

"Uh..Uh....We Don't know.....DONT HURT US!!!!  WE BEG YOU!!!", Fatty cried.

"Bullshit.….Where’s he at ?", demanded Trent.

"Honest, we don't know !”, another fat Nerd, Melvin, said,  “He...he's the last person we are thinking of right now !"

Trent ignored the Nerds who were starting to huddle up in fear.  He stepped across into a small room with computers in it.  He grabbed a Bottle Rocket Launcher he spotted off the wall beside him, then he got down on his knees and looked under the bed.  Nothing.  He pulled up the sheet on the bed.  It was all charred and black as if an explosion occurred there.  Once again, nothing.  There was no where else here for Tony to be.  It then occurred to him…..Maybe Tony isn't in hiding, he was just staying away from the School ?   Hell...he's probably on the lam from something.  Trent walked back into the big open room.

There were no Nerds there...No one there....They were all gone.

"Where the hell did you all go !"  He screamed at the walls. Chickenshits.

He ran back to the door he had shut leading to the stairs.  Locked.  He ran over to the other door across the room that led to the the stairs outside.  This one was Open.  He opened up the door and ran up the outside stairs and around to his bike.  It was laying flat as a pancake on he street where he left it. "Damn, That’s bad luck”, he muttered.

Well, he wasn't going to find Tony with the Nerds, but he did find all the Nerds huddled around outside near the front of the Comics Store.

"There he is...Get the foul villain !", said one of the Nerds, charging toward him with weapons extended.  Trent fired the Bottle Rocket Launcher at them and ran before they started firing back.  He ran all the way out of Bullworth Town to the road that led across the big Truss Bridge and then past the school.  He slowed, thinking.

What other place could he check, maybe...?  The Preps hangouts.

He ran on down the street, past the school, and over the smaller Bridge leading into Old Bullworth Vale. There, he stole a Mountain Racer bicycle he found leaning against a decorative wall bordering a small Plaza, when no one was looking, and started off down the street to the Beach House where the Preps had gone to hang out again after Jimmy Hopkins had left.

Man, he sure was hungry.  "I smell free food..." said Trent to himself, riding past the French Restaurant that housed Tony, Karen and Laurent.  If only he knew.....

Ignoring his hunger pangs, he rode his bike further down Vale Valley Boulevard, then tried a fancy bike stunt down the stairs leading to the beach….and then flipped over the handlebars at the end when he hit the sand.  Man, I gotta stop with this stunt riding stuff, Trent thought.

He looked at the front rim of the bike that was now all bent up from wrecking it. Trent spit out the wad of sand that was in his mouth from attempting the trick.  He got up and pushed the bike down to the Prep’s Beach House.  Puffing as he mounted the wooden stairs to the dock platform, he tried to open the Beach House door but found it locked.  He stepped back, aimed the Bottle Rocket Launcher and pulled the trigger.

KAPOW!!!!  The door blew open to an surprising sight.  Pinky was laying on the bed in the far corner, half-nude from the waist down, with another Prep kid on top of her without his shirt and pants on at all.  Looks like he had interrupted something.  What A Slut, thought Trent looking at the sight.

"Ahhh ! What the HELL !!!", screamed Pinky, jumping up, holding a sheet to her breasts to cover herself and running across into a small room.

"Would you mind....I'm trying to get laid here !", said the Prep boy.

"Yeah...Sorry...Umm...You guys seen that kid...Tony ?",asked Trent.

"NO ! What would we want with that PAUPER !" yelled the Prep boy.

"Maybe some clean clothes ?  Just wondering...",Trent mumbled, turning around and leaving out of the door of the Beach House, which he didn‘t bother closing.  He descended the wooden steps, picked up and pushed the bike across the beach, then pushed it back up the stairs.  It was so true, he thought.….The Preps really are Inbreds.  Trent hopped on the bike and rode away.  The tire made a popping sound every time he rode over the bent metal rim.  He rode back to the East.

"Ahhhh....The sweet aroma of that French Restaurant, as he rode near.  That was it, he was starving to death.  He jumped off the bike and dug some bills out of his pocket. "Eh....This will get me something”, he muttered to himself.

He went into the restaurant and then saw Tony and Karen, both sitting at a table, sharing a Croissant.  So...that’s where they were !

Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Bully-Freak on January 20, 2010, 09:33:50 PM
Trent went over to Tony's table.  "Look um...I need your help" he said urgently.

"What ?...Help you with what ? Why would I help a queer like you ?", Tony asked snarkily.

"Babe, don't be mean..." said Karen nudging Tony's shoulder.

"LOOK…..IT WAS ONE TIME…..ONE TIME !" screamed Trent.

"Yeah, Yeah, I heard about you and Kirby….Pervs", snickered Tony.

"Okay....Fuck you, Tony“, Trent said, “But seriously I need your help NOW!"

"What’s in it for me ?" asked Tony, looking for a payoff.

"I'll give you a couple bucks...I just need you to help me and my Clique to defeat those damn Townies…....", Trent said, hopping from one leg to another like he had to piss.

Tony thought for a minute. Why did Trent want HIS help ?  Fuck him.

"So you in or not?" asked Trent.

"Get lost, Dude", Tony said, and with that he got up and disappeared down into a stairwell.

Trent stood, mouth agape. Karen looked up. "I'll talk to him. Come back in a few minutes, OK ?"

Trent nodded dumbly, and left the Restaurant. He went looking for another bike, found one in front of the Prep's Gym. He stole it, ditching his damaged one, and returned to the Restaurant.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony's eyes were fixed on an invisible point. He touched Karen's hair, whose head was on his shoulder.  Thanks to the Chef of this French Restaurant, he had been informed of everything about the situation in Bullworth, and the news was that it was pretty unstable.  All the Cliques were fighting each other under cover, far away from the Prefects patrolling inside the Academy.  What did they think ?  That putting in a lot of rules in would make everyone nice ?  The door to the Basement squeaked, and the mustached face of the Chef appeared, taking Tony out of his thoughts.

"Tony ? Karen ?“, the Chef said. “There's a boy that wants to speak to you. He's dressed in white."

"That has to be Trent again", Tony grimaced. "Yeah, thanks, Sir, let him enter."

Trent took a few steps down to the Basement to come in.  He looked absolutely pathetic, with his blond hair messed up, and his Bullworth shirt covered with mud, sand, and dust.

"Tony... I need your help...", he pleaded again.

"You fucking cockroach, you've been working for Jake again, huh ?", Tony scoffed.

"Not anymore, I promise you ! I promise you !", Trent begged. "I'm not in it anymore... It's just...", Trent stumbled.

Karen had been looking up at Tony from her place on the mattress.

Tony stood up. "Ok, Ok…What's the deal ?"

"It's Zoe”, Trent said, “You probably don't know her, she was Jimmy's girlfriend..."

"So what ?", Tony said indifferently.

"She'll having trouble with the Townies, we gotta help her !", Trent agonized.

"What's in it for me ?", Tony asked again.

"I can pay you !“ Trent went on, “And anyway, these Townies are gonna bring trouble, one way or the other !"

Tony sighed. "How many are they ?"

"I counted ten, or so...", Trent guessed.

Tony took a look at Karen.  She nodded.  "All right....Let's go."

After Tony promised Karen he'll be coming back soon, the two boys left the Restaurant and jumped on Trent's stolen bike, and the Bully pedaled for two. On the road to Zoe's house, Trent explained the whole story.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Earlier, through the broken window of the dumpy house where Kurt and the other Rockers were squatting in, Kurt had watched as the Bullies came slowly down the road....Trent on a bike, and the rest following on foot, including Russell.

Where the Hell are they off to ?  Kurt wondered.

“What’cha looking at, baby ?” Lola said from the bed.
“Ahhh...Just Something”, Kurt replied.
“Come back to bed, OK ?  My cunny is itching”, Lola purred.
“In a minute.....”, Kurt said, watching the Bullies go by, heading down the road in the direction of the Chem Plant.

The Bullies were the dumbest and poorest of all the cliques at the school. From broken homes every one, they were often dumped at Bullworth by the state. The administration was more than happy to take government money for their tuition, to provide them with dorm living complete with Rats, and month-old stew with half-rancid meat served up from Edna’s kitchen. Real losers. the lot of them. ‘Wrong side of the tracks’ was a phrase made up just for them.

All except for Russell, Kurt thought, as he watched the group disappear down the street. Russell had access to his own house in the Vale, although no one ever seemed to be there. Kurt had heard Russell’s Dad was in Prison, and his Mother was a big-time alkie who was always drying out in one treatment center or another. Russell, never all that bright to begin with, had really gone around the bend over the past summer, Kurt had heard. The kids all called it the Endless Summer for some reason. Kurt didn’t know why. He hadn’t been around then.

Still gazing out the window, Kurt had been thinking about these things for about 10 minutes or so, while Lola coaxed him in the background. Suddenly, he saw Trent riding back from the way he came, riding hell bent for leather. His shirt was disheveled, and he had a wild look on his face. He zipped by the house, headed for the bridge to New Coverntry at top speed.

What the hell’s wrong with him ? Kurt thought. And where’s the rest of them ?
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"All Right, Pinks...Come on out....The Interloper is gone".

Pinky re-entered from the side door after first peeking around the door to see if, indeed, they were alone again. "Stupid little Creep", she said, as she made her way back gingerly to the bed. She was showing some bruises from her run-in with Karen.

The Prep boy was nervous. "It was one of those low-lifes from that rat-infested dorm. I hope he doesn't go mouthing off to Derby. He doesn't need to know about...us...This".

No, for certain Derby couldn't find out about this. Derby would kick his royal ass, best friends or not, for messing around with his main squeeze. He was, after all, the boxing champion. And was tougher than all the other Preps put together.

"Go put a chair under that door, would you ?  We don't want any other interruptions, now do we ?'", Pinky said sweetly.

The Prep boy did as she asked. as he returned to the bed, he said, "If I had had my pants on, I would have given that hooligan a good thrashing".

"I know you would have", Pinky said softly. "Now, come over here".

"Maybe we shouldn't be doing this. If this gets back to Derby....", The Prep boy started.

Pinky sat up. "Look, Tad....Don't worry about Derby. I can handle Derby. Besides", She said, "The Lummox wouldn't even come and get me from the Infirmary and make sure I got over here safe. Big Macho Man on Campus can't be bothered to look after his girl".  She leaned over and nuzzled his neck. "You did that for me. Protected me”. She gave him a sexy look. “You’re not going to turn down your reward, are you ?”

Tad was breathing hard. “Oh, Yes, Pinks....I’d like that.....”.

Pinky lay back on the bed and spread her legs. “Come and get it then”, she said in a sultry voice.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“Hey, KURT....You oughtta see this”, the voice from the window said.

Lola Squealed in surprise. Kurt swore. “Geesus...Don’t you ever knock, Tibo ?”.

“Uh...Sorry....But you better come take a look at this”, Tibo said, looking at the mostly naked Lola.

“Eyes back in your head, T-boy”, Kurt said. “What’s so important ?’

“Your old pal just rode by on the back of some Bully kid’s bike”, Tibo said.

“Lemme see.”  Kurt poked his head out the window. Off in the distance, heading towards the houses on the West side, was Tony, riding on the back of Trent’s bike.

What the SHIT ?  Don’t they, like, not get along with each other ? What in the hell are they up to ?

Kurt looked at Tibo. “Get the boys together. Let’s go check this out. Tell them to use stealth....We’ll be outnumbered.”  He quickly pulled on his pants over Lola’s protests. “I’ll be back soon. Stay Put”.

I’ll get to the bottom of this. Let’s Rock.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony and Trent neared front of the old-looking house.  But as they approached, they immediately stopped, seeing some Townies gathered on the porch and hearing screams coming from inside.  Trent recognized Zoe's voice... It was definitely too late.  Tony put his hand on the Bully's shoulder.

"Listen, Trent.  Sometimes you gotta know.....We're outnumbered here”, Tony said, looking towards the road by the small Clinic, where a group of Townies had left the porch and were approaching them with Weapons.
"But... Where will I live now ?"  He Glanced towards the house. "And what about...Zoe ?"

"We'll find a solution", Tony said. "Now let's get back to the Restaurant."

Eluding the Townies, Trent pedaled between several houses, and passing by an alley, they saw several of the Rocker boys gathered and heading towards the West.  Unlike the Townies, they ignored the two boys on the bike.  Some time later, Tony and Trent arrived back at the French Restaurant.  Dismounting, they went in The bell on the door tinkled as they entered.  Karen was still in the booth.

"Oh, it is you, Tony !" the Chef exclaimed, coming from the back.

"Chef... My, uh...Friend is searching for a house for tonight", Tony asked.  "Have you got any ideas ?”

"Hmmm... I remember... A friend that is working for... Erm... A Sex Shop." The mustached Chef had said the three last words in a low tone of voice.

"Trent ? What do you say ?", asked Tony.

"I'm OK... I'm up for anything", Trent replied.

"Good !" Tony said absently, lost in thought. “Now, about Zoe…”

Suddenly, Tony abruptly headed toward the door.

"Hey, where you going ?", Karen hollered.

"To see somebody", Tony said as he exited through the door. "Maybe I can get some help."

Tony bounded out to the bike, mounted it, and took off.

Karen looked over at Trent. "What's going on ?"

Trent was dithering with the Chef, who was giving him indications about the location of the shop.  Ignoring Karen, he went to the door and left.

"Hey !", Karen squealed.  She looked at the Chef, who could only spread his arms and shake his head in puzzlement.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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One by one, the beaten Bullies came to. Groaning, Moaning, and spitting blood and a few teeth from their mouths, they staggered upright, and began searching for their own. The Townies who had attacked them were nowhere in sight.

"Davis...Davis...Where you at ?", Sputtered Ethan through split lips.
"Uhhhhooohhh....Over here, man", came a voice behind a crate.
"Troy ?  Wade ?  Where you guys ?", Tom called, staggering towards the other voices.
"Back Here...Shit, my head", Troy said, helping Wade to his feet.
"What about Russell....Aww, DAMM...Russell !!!"

Russell lay in a heap by a gate, knocked out. there were multiple powder burns on his face and clothing. He was breathing, however.

"Anybody seen Trent ", Tom muttered.
"Think he went off to get help", Someone said.
"Help from where ? Nobody wants to help us", Tom said.

"You sure about that ?" said a voice coming from a rider moving up the street towards them. The bullies gathered in a semi-circle as they watched the figure approach. He then fishtailed to a stop in front of them. "What seems to be your problem, Gentlemen ?"

The Bullies looked to each other and then back at the Stranger.

"Who are YOU ?, said Ethan at last.

"Why...You should pay more attention in School...You would have seen me around, if you weren't so busy beating up innocent kids half your size."

"Them's fighting words, stranger", choked Wade.

"Looks like you have already been in a fight.  Does not look like you did so well", continued the boy.  "I am Laurent, of the Jocks. My friend Tony came to find me and ask our help, after your Trent took him back to Bullworth Town. I believe he said something about a girl in trouble ?"

"So, they sent one skinny guy", said Davis. "Some help."

"Oh, I am here to help, all right", said Laurent.

"Yeah ?", said Tom. "You and what Army ?"

Laurent turned and pointed over his shoulder. "That Army".

The Bullies looked. Riding up the street towards them was what looked like the entire Jock clique, helmets on and carrying bats and boards.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Kurt and the Rockers moved slowly out into the large littered lot behind their house. When they had cleared around an old junk rail car, Kurt again saw Trent, with Tony on the back, riding away from a group of houses and back towards the main road.  Some of those Townies were following at a distance.

What in hell were they doing back there ? Seeing Trent and Tony receding in the distance, he motioned his group ahead. Spread out, they advanced on the row of houses. When they had advanced to almost the end one, across from what appeared to be a clinic of some sort, he raised his hand to signal them to stop. He had heard something.

From inside the last house, Kurt heard what sounded like muffled screaming and harsh laughter. As he was about to move forward, the front door suddenly opened, and two of the Town Boys appeared. From the open door, Kurt could hear the screams more clearly. They were a girl’s cries....Cries of pain.

The two Townie boys took up positions on the front porch, one on each side of the now-closed door. Kurt motioned his boys to sneak around the sides of the house. They would need a distraction. Kurt stooped and picked up some large rocks, then boldly walked up to the steps of the house.

“Hey...What’s going on in there ?", He asked.
“Move it along, Sonny Boy...This doesn’t concern you” Said one of the Town Boys.
“Yeah...Why dont’cha just keep on walking, if you know what’s good for you” said the other.

The Rocker boys had scaled the fence next to the house while Kurt provided his distraction.  Picking up some boards and sticks that were littered around the yard, they moved swiftly to the rickety back porch.  When they were in position, they kicked in the door and rushed inside.

Out front, the Townie Boys had started menacingly down the front steps at Kurt.  “We told you to scram....Vamoose little boy, before you get hurt...Or we’ll make you.....”

Both the Townie Boys turned at the sudden commotion from inside, and began to run up the steps. Kurt quickly followed from behind, bringing down the rocks he held in his hands hard on the backs of their heads.  Both of the Townies went down in a heap.

The Rocker Boys broke in through to the single room to a awful sight.  On a bed was Zoe, naked except for her boots, being held down by two burly Townies, while another very large Townie with his pants down was just finishing up having his way with the squirming, screaming girl.  Standing around the bed were three other Townies. Surprised at the interruption, the Townies froze. The Rockers charged them with sticks and boards swinging.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“Which way ?” Asked Casey.
“I think I know where”, Said Tom.  He turned. “Some of you guys...Get Russell over to that empty meat slaughterhouse. He stayed there once, hiding from the Cops.  Stay with him he comes around.”  He turned to Casey. “Let’s Go !!”
"I'm coming too !", Ethan proclaimed.


Kurt continued up the steps and kicked open the door. A Townie came stumbling backward out the door from a punch.  Kurt grabbed him and swung him around, smashing him up against the side of the house, knocking him out.  The fighting spilled out of the house, Townies exiting first, then the Rockers after, pelting them with boards as they went.  The Rockers had taken them by surprise, and had gained the upper hand in the battle.  The Townies were being beaten down.

“WE NEED HELP HERE !!!” A Townie yelled out.  Almost immediately the entire lot was filled with Town boys coming out of houses and the nearby Tattoo Parlor. They rushed the Rockers, grabbing them, punching them, two and three on one.  The Rockers fought back, but were soon overwhelmed.  Kurt was grabbed by two Townies, while at third started punching him in the gut.

Suddenly, from the street, there appeared what seemed to be a dozen bikes, all being ridden by boys in helmets.  The Jocks had arrived, and rode directly into the melee, dropping their bikes and beating and slamming the Townie boys into the ground.  The Rockers who were able rejoined the fight, and soon it was the Townies who were outnumbered.  The battle raged on for a short while, until the ground was littered with what seemed to be twenty or more knocked out Townies. The remaining Townies began to run and scatter, pursued by the Jocks.

Trent pulled up and skidded on a newly-stolen bike.  Looking around, he saw at all the bodies withering on the ground, and the Jocks and Rockers chasing after the running Townies. Over by the front steps, Ethan was helping an injured Kurt to the porch. Trent dropped the bike and went over to them. “Huh...Where’s Zoe ?” He asked.

Kurt struggled to answer. “Girl...Must...Be...Inside...Still...”

Trent ran up the steps and through the open door. Looking around, he saw a naked Zoe on the bed. She was in a daze, crying. He went to her.  There was blood on the sheet.  Trent grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around her, and picked her up.  Exiting the house, he carried her down the steps.

Pausing to talk to Ethan, he said, “Tell the boys I got us a place to stay over in Bullworth Town”. Ethan nodded as Tom came up.

Zoe stirred in his arms.  “I thought you dumb fucks were gonna take care of those assholes for me.....”

“Uh...Well...They’re taken care of....Now”, Trent said.

“Little...Too...Late....”, Zoe said, groggily. Then, she passed out.

Trent carried her across the road to the Clinic, and then inside.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony looked through the dirty window.  Down the wide street, there were various colored shops, including one called the Yum-Yum Market.  Many people were passing by, an old man with a yellow tie, a guy with a shaved head, and, like everywhere, a Policeman.  Tony didn't really pay attention, but he was sure he had already seen this Cop’s face before.

Although he never much willingly talked to authority figures….Except the other night, on the beach….He and Karen had almost got busted.  Thanks to his negotiating skills, he had saved them. But Tony remembered his promise….Help him to find a woman.  He dressed with his black tie on, and went out, after kissing Karen and informing the Chef that we will be coming back for lunch.  He started off down the sidewalk, catching up to the Cop.

The Policeman didn't look very happy himself, in fact.  His back was curved, and he looked down at his feet while walking.  His life really had to be boring without a woman.

"Erm... Hello, Sir !” Tony said brightly.

"Beat it, kid !", the Cop said, without looking up.

"Don't you remember me ? The other night, on the Beach ?", Tony asked.

The Cop looked up. "Don't remind me of that night, kid... I cried a lot..."

"Now, I promised”, Tony said, “And I'm here to help you to find a woman, Sir."

Tony's last sentence provoked a smile from the older man.  He put his hand on Tony’s shoulder, and whispered in his ear, "Well, have you ever seen the woman with a pink dress, in town ? It's her."

"So, what could I do for you ?", Tony offered.

"She often hangs out in Old Bullworth Vale, near the Aquaberry shop, and... I've heard she likes chocolates”, the Cop related.

"Understood !  I've got just the Idea !”, Tony said eagerly.

"From Officer Williams !" the man said with a wink.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake sat on the boulder on a cliff high above the West end of Bullworth Vale.  He had accessed this spot through a vacant property, scaled the rocks up to this spot, a relatively easy climb if one knew just where to look.  From here, he could just about see all of the Vale, the Carnival, some of Bullworth Town and the school in the distance.  Jake was thinking, as much as it was possible for him, being whacked out and all. 

For some reason, his plan hadn’t worked out.  Before he could make his move, Cops and Prefects had flooded the Campus.  The Students had scattered, those who were able, and many went to ground outside the Academy in their own little groups.  They were being bussed in and bussed out, allowing little time for interaction among themselves. There had been no cries raised for an Ultimate Fixer.  Instead, they had whimped out and left.

Jake wasn’t giving up. He was still cunning, though, and he had a new plan.  It was simple…The way to control the Cliques was supply and demand…..Each Clique had a specialty that would be desired by the other Cliques….The Nerds could supply test answers, The Greasers could repair anything, The Jocks could supply much-needed protection in sports-related classes, The Preps could supply the finer things in life, namely editable food, which they received regular shipments of from home.  The Bullies could supply questionable protection….Well, the Bullies were a sorry lot, with no talents other than being Bullies….Didn’t matter, he could use the other Cliques to keep them in check.

Jake had been a busy boy.  The night after the bombings, he had broken into The Worn-In clothing store and had stolen some outfits.  He especially liked the “Incognito” outfit, along with the shades and hat, which made him almost unnoticeable.  He had also swiped some cash, which he used at the Yum-Yum store for some food, and at the Final Cut to have his hair colored and styled totally different.  Taken together, he looked like a wholly different person.  Which was fine with him.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Clique Leaders awoke the following morning to find envelopes slipped under their doors where they were staying in the dead of night……

Brave Knights,
Our land has been a land of peace, a long time ago. But now, Kingdoms fight for a futile victory.  We all want the old times to come back, that's why I propose to your leader to meet me on the beach West of the School and by the Bridge leading to Bullworth Vale, in one week, after School.

To all Greasers,
We all know that learning in books will never be as good as manual practice.  Some kids of this School have never touched a car, a pipe or even a Motor.  Your skills are useful for all, and war isn't a solution.  That's why I propose to your leader to meet me on the beach West of the School and by the Bridge leading to Bullworth Vale, in one week, after School.

To the strong Jocks,
The future of Bullworth is not only based on the Football team.  We never used to loose.  But if you are wasting your time by beating up little kids, you won't even be able to train.  That's why I propose to your leader to meet me on the beach West of the School and by the Bridge leading to Bullworth Vale, in one week, after School.

Dear Wealthy Boys,
Everyone knows you are superior to any other Students.  Only you can bring a little class and politeness while looking well into this school.  Why would you fight ?  It is only time wasting, time that you could use to become more known everywhere, or go shopping to buy expensive clothes.  That's why I propose to your leader to meet me on the beach West of the School and by the Bridge leading to Bullworth Vale, in one week, after School.

You dumbass, you have to be on the beach beach West of the School and by the Bridge leading to Bullworth Vale, in one week, after School.
Got that ?  If you don't come... You know what's waiting for you.


Title: The Never Ending Story
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The Ultimate Fixer.  In one week, Jake would take the first steps to regain his control over the cliques. Only this time, they would be doing the supplying.  No more raids for panty-ante small-time merchandise.  He would assume the role of middleman and arbitrator.  And they would gladly give up their precious items and talents, BEG him to take them and restore order. He laughed a long silent laugh. 

A council of Peace, to avoid the threat of War.  He knew that some in the cliques blamed those in other cliques for the bombings.  But after the ruckus died down, after they knew that each had been bombed equally, even the Girls….Well, they would be afraid. Real afraid. And Jake could use that fear.

Jake would tell them that had been bombed by Terrorists.  With a new Identity,  he would tell them he had been checking around since he had come to the Vale Valley.  Ear to the ground, going places the Cops couldn’t.  It was not just one bomber, there was a group.  He would tell them he had been in contact with them, and could guarantee their future safety in exchange for their money, goods and services.  All they had to do would be to co-operate, and let him, Jake, take care of the rest. It was brilliant.  The same plan used by governments worked for stupid adults, and would work for stupid kids as well.

Jake looked down at the Carnival from his perch on the bolder.  He would need a new base of operations in the meantime. There was a job opening at the Carnival in the Souvenir Booth. Looking different now, older, Jake would get that job. It would be the perfect spot to lay low, and to keep an eye on things. 

Jake smiled. He had always liked the Carnival. Soon, real soon, he would really become The Ultimate Fixer. And, in the deal, he could get rich…And take over the School.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Zoe had awoken in the Blue Skies Clinic the morning after the big battle to find Trent sleeping in a chair by her bed.

“Hey….HEY !!!”, she said, whacking him in the shoulder.

“Wha…Huh…”, Sputtered Trent. “Uhhh…I’m awake…awake…”

“I thought you assholes was going to protect me” Zoe said. “What the hell happened to that ? You dumb fucks get lost or something ?”

Trent struggled to sit up. “We…Uhh…Found them…Well, they bushwhacked us…Even got Russell…”

“They got Russell ?”, Zoe said, surprised. “Seesus fricking….Who saved me then ?”

Trent explained what he knew, how the Townies had lain in wait for his group, had swarmed and attacked them, how he had gotten away and went to get Tony, how that new Rocker Clique had snuck into the house somehow to battle the Townies attacking Zoe, how Tony had enlisted the help of the Jocks to show up and tip the battle against the Townies, and finishing with his carrying Zoe out of the house and over to the Clinic.

Zoe laid back in the bed after hearing Trent’s account of what happened. Then…”Who are these Rocker boys ?” I never heard of them.”

“They are...Uh…were a new group at school this year. The Preps used their influence to get them expelled off Campus after they started a brawl between the Greasers and the Preps….There’s only like six of them….They’re…Ahh…Weird….Pretty Violent."

Zoe smirked. “Like you and your guys aren’t ?"

“Well…we’re not, like…Freaks”, Trent said.

Zoe looked at Trent. “Just what are you doing here, anyway ?"

Trent looked away. “I…Um…Just wanted to see…Er, make sure that…you know, you was gonna be alright….”

Zoe considered that for a moment. “Maybe you do have some uses."

Trent was silent. After a while Zoe said, “I can’t go back to my house. Not without some weapons and protection. You get me some M-80 Firecrackers and one of those Spud Guns from the Nerds. One of those Bottle Rocket launchers too."

Trent started, “They’re going to want something for them….”

Zoe laughed. “Tell them I’ll sic Jimmy on them when he gets out of Jail if they don’t help me…Or just beat them up, and take what you need…Get this Tony friend of yours to help…I don’t really care how…Just do it.”  She paused. “I’ve got to get those bastards who did this to me. I’ve got to fix them so they can never do this again. I know who those fuckers are, Big Darrell and his gang.  I will hunt them down, one by one, if I have to.  They’re not going to get away with this, and you and your boys are going to help me.  Unless, you all are a bigger bunch of wusses than I thought. Unless, you all are just going to slink away with your tails between your legs after what those asswipes did to you. Unless, you don’t want revenge."

“Why…Uh….Sure, we want revenge !”, Trent exclaimed. “But…There’s so many of them….How’re we gonna….”

Zoe settled back in the bed. “Just leave that to me.  I know where that rapist bastard hangs out.  Know where they all sleep.  I’ll do the planning.” She smiled a rueful smile. “I learned a lot from Jimmy. That dickwad’s nuts are gonna be Toast.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on January 26, 2010, 08:43:43 AM
The owner of the Yum-Yum Market near the Chef’s restaurant was a smiling man.  He had his black hair combed back, although he didn't seem to be a Greaser or have anything in common with them. Tony took a look at the objects lying on the counter, as samples.  There was not, like the name of the market could suggest, only just food….Next to the eggs, the soda and the potatoes, there was chocolates, a bunch of flowers, and spray cans perfect for an art project, as the man said.  Tony bought the pink box of chocolates and a spray can, and paid, happy that money wouldn't be a problem for a long time.

He went out, the items in his hands.  There were more people out than this morning, and some Students were passing by, looking for another stupid joke to do. Tony walked in the direction of the heart of Old Bullworth Vale, eyes searching for his target.  But as he passed the Glass Jaw, a familiar voice from behind stopped him.

"Who do I see there ? Tony !", a voice said. He swung around to see a familiar blue Aquaberry dress.

"I don't have time for this, Pinky”, he scowled.

“Those for me ?”, purred Pinky, approaching him.

“No”, Tony replied shortly, hiding the chocolates behind his back.

"Oh, that's too bad”, pouted Pinky.  With both hands on her hips, bent to speak directly into Tony's ear, chin on his shoulder. "Just when I wanted to show you my new.…. Panties."

"I got something to do, and anyways, Karen doesn't want me to speak to you again”, Tony said, his breath coming shorter.

"Look at this... The obedient little boy”, Pinky remarked. “Do you know what she did to me last month ?"

"I don't, and I just don't care.", Said Tony, looking away.

"Listen…“, Pinky purred, “I really like you. And you know... Sometimes we have to disobey."

She took Tony's hand, and put it on her left breast. The boy felt his heart beating faster, but he didn't do anything.  Pinky continued, "I know you like this.…Your Karen doesn't have them this size, and not this soft..."

"So what ?", Tony retorted,  but squeezed Pinky’s boob without even realizing it.

"What could interest you in that Ugly Girl ?", Pinky asked disgustedly, pulling his hand off her boob.

"You're jealous, Pinky !”. Tony said, and walked away, not wanting to listen to any more words from Pinky, who followed him for a moment.  He felt his desire rising, despite himself.  After awhile, he glanced around.  He was up to the Shops area of the Vale, and couldn’t see Pinky anymore. He turned the corner, and walked North, Arriving in front of the Aquaberry Fashion Store.

He glanced around, looking for the woman  He could swear he had seen a pink dress from a distance.  He moved back South, where he had a sightline on all the pedestrian streets, and found his target immediately. The woman was queuing before the Movie Theater Cinema.  He walked rapidly towards her, approaching from behind.

"Hello there, Ma'am.", Tony said.

"Hey kid !”, the woman replied, “You're dressed pretty good for your age !"

"Oh, thanks... In fact, I'm only a Delivery Boy”, Tony admitted.

"Really ?", The woman asked. “Is that for….Me ?”

"This is for you….From the Officer Williams”, Tony said, handing her the chocolates.

"Oooh !“, the woman gushed. “This is sooo sweet !"

The naive little box had its effect, like always. Tony didn't understand why this type of thing actually worked.

"Have a good film then, ma'am”, Tony said, turning to go.

"Wait !” the woman called. “Here's for your kindness."  She gave Tony $10 dollars.
Now that this mission was over, it was time to go back to the Restaurant.

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Kurt held a council with the other Rockers.  “We have got to move. It’s not safe here”, he said.

“Where we gonna go ? Everybody hates us…”, Tibo said.

“Lola knows a place for us”, Kurt pointed at the girl sitting next to him.

“You gonna trust that slut ?”, A smaller Rocker boy named Benny said. “Just cause you’re boning her don’t count for shit. She’s a Greaser chick, and…..”
Benny was interrupted by a hard smack to the mouth from Kurt.

“Shut your fucking pie-hole !! You ever, EVER call her that again, and I’ll waste you, You got that ? GOT IT ?” Screamed Kurt at the smaller boy.

“Ok. Ok…Whatever”, Said Benny, wiping blood from his lip. “Sorry…”

“So, where is this place ?”, Tibo said after a short pause.

Lola spoke up. “It’s like, the old Movie Theater over in Bullworth Town. I used to go there with Johnny….” She trailed off. “Anyway, I know how to get in the place from the back….It’s safe…More roomier too”.

There was a general buzz of agreement from the other Rockers.

“All right then…Pack it up”, Kurt ordered, getting up. “Let’s move out”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Throughout that week, Tony was becoming a Hero. The word had spread about how he had saved Karen from the bomb in the Girl’s dorm. When the Police had questioned the Jocks, Laurant had told them how Tony had rushed into the Dorm just seconds before the blast, and how he and Constantinos had helped a shaken Tony and a semi-conscious Karen off campus.  With collaborating testimony from other witnesses at the scene that night, the Cops now considered Tony not a suspect in the bombings.  By way of answering the Jocks questions, the Cops let on that they were close to making an arrest, and that their main suspect was not a Student at the School, but an Adult outside of it.

The following day after classes, Laurent came by the Chef's Restaurant to tell Tony the news. Not only was there no suspicion on him, but he could return to classes tomorrow. And, the head of the School, Dr. Crabblesnich, wanted to see him right away.

Leaving Karen at the restaurant, Tony rode his Skateboard over to the School, falling off it a couple times.  He never could quite the hang of it.  At the main gate, he was met by two patrolling Prefects, keeping everyone out of the School Campus after class hours.  Identifying himself, Tony was let through, and told to go to the Office. Arriving at the School Office, he was met by Ms. Danvers, who showed him in to the Head’s Office.

“Well, Tony my boy….Good to see you, good to see you. Hear you’ve become something of a Hero these days”, Crabblesnitch said.

“Well, not a Hero, sir…I was just doing what I had to….”, Tony began.

“Nonsense, my boy, you did a very brave thing…That poor girl could have been seriously hurt…” He paused to shake his head. “Or worse still.  We owe you a debt of gratitude here, my boy….This is a stellar School we have here, just stellar…This kind of thing can give it a black mark, you see, but you can help change that".

Tony fidgeted in the chair. “Um..I don’t see how I can…”

“Don’t be so modest, my boy…Having you around on Campus will be an inspiration to the other students. Especially after all this unpleasantness….You’re just what the School needs.  I’m going to tell all your Teachers that they have a top-notch Student in you, just top-notch. I think you’ll find the classloads a bit easier from now on. And, I believe you’ll find the Prefects may go a little easier on things as well, where you are concerned. You’ll be a great morale-booster, Tony my boy, just great for the School.”

“Well, umm…If you say so, Sir…But I thought morale was Pete’s job around here…”

Crabblesnitch leaned back in his massive overstuffed chair and frowned. “Unfortunate business that, unfortunate….We had to suspend him for the rest of the term, at least until he gets counseling for….Well, just unfortunate, is all….” He sat forward. "But in the meantime, we can use a boy of your talents to help keep the peace here at the school.  Work with us, and you may find we can be quite generous.”

“Well, uhh,” Tony said slowly. “OK, Sir.... I wouldn’t mind helping out.”

“Excellent…Just Excellent.” Crabblesnitch said. “Oh, and that girl…Karen Johnson, is it ?  She’ll be returning back as well, I hope. I trust she has recovered from her experience ?”

“Uh, Yeah”, Tony said. “Yeah, she’s OK, was shook up a bit, but she’s allright.”

“That’s good to hear, my boy, good to hear. Then I’ll expect you both back in class tomorrow. See that you’re here. I believe you’re worth a try.” He rose from his chair. “That is all”.

Leaving the School grounds, Tony found Constantinos waiting for him by the Front Gate.

“I heard you had to go see the head”, Constantinos said. “How’d it go ?”

Tony considered. “Weird, just weird. They sacked Pete for some reason, and now Crabblesnitch wants me to, like, kinda take his place or something.” Tony shook his head. “I don’t know….Seems this place is corrupt clear up to the top….Just fucking weird.”

“So…What are you gonna do ?”, asked Constantinos.

Tony thought for a second. “I think…I’m going to play along…Least for a while.” He looked at Constantinos. “You know, I’m going to need my ears. You in ?”

“Sure thing, Bos…Tony”, Constantinos grinned. “You know I’m in.”

"Good”, Tony sighed. “All this place is like…Rusty, you know ?  Com’on with me to the Restaurant if you want, I need to see Karen."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Next day, during the Lunch hour, at the Football Field, there was, again, a fight.  Two Nerds were in the center of a circle of three Jocks, menacing them with their weapons, even though they knew that the Jocks had the advantage.  There was the Jock with a scar, Juri, who ran into Tony the early days, a black one known as Bo, and Laurent.  Before the first hit could be given, a voice shouted from above the stairs, "STAY WHERE YOU ARE !!"

The Prefect ran in direction of the group, and they immediately scattered.  He was wearing a blue coat, and on his back, the emblem of the school was printed, and around it "Bullworth Academy Security".  He ran after one of the escaping Nerds, an easy target. After getting him, his hand on his neck, he applied the routine busting move, a kind of move that is pretty effective.  He put one hand, open, on the neck of the skinny Nerd.  The second hand came under the chin, pushing vertically.  The combination made the spinal column bend inevitably, and caused the kid to fall on the ground.  This move wasn't easy to do, but anyone learning it will be sure to make an opponent powerless.

"COME BAAACK HERE !!"  This time, the Prefect had shouted in direction of Laurent.  Tony smiled.  He knew that the prefects had no knowledge of  Parkour.  Laurent easily climbed a few walls, while the Prefect looked at him, arms hanging by his side, helpless.  After a while, he turned and walked away, as if nothing had happened.

After laughing with Constantinos, Tony reminded himself that he was coming down here for Laurent, who had just run away. "Come on, Constantinos, let's go find him !"
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The 10 newly refurbished rooms at the In and Out motel was now the temporary home to a few of the Non-Clique kids…Angie, Christy, Gloria, Melody, Gordon, Ivan, Lance, Pedro…were all bunked two to a room, and Mandy, who had once been the steady girl of Ted, the Jock leader, had to share a room with Ms. Phillips, who had been assigned to watch over them.

Angie, as usual, was giggling over a boy, something Christy was getting tired of hearing about.
“What do you think of that Prep boy, Gord, Ah-hah-hah-ah-hah-ha….He’s so cute !”
“Angie, that boy’s a queer”, Christy sighed. Will this little twit ever stop yammering ?
“Really ? How do you know that ? Oh-hoo-hoo, That is sooo wild !!”
“It’s not hard to tell…When you see him kissing another boy”, Christy said.
“Well, who do you like ? Sure there’s someone, isn’t there ?”, Angie asked.

Christy was quiet for a minute. Who DID she like ? After that incident last year with those two boys who were fighting over her, she had steered clear of any relationships. She wanted to graduate this time around, so she could do whatever she wanted, all the time. But….If she could have a choice….It might be Bryce, a wrestler who hung around the Preps Glass Jaw Gym, even though he really didn't seem one of them. Strong, and quiet…In fact, she didn’t think she had ever heard him speak at all. And, just like Christy, was a loner…

“Well, who Christy ? You’re thinking of someone, I can tell”, Angie said.
“No…Nobody special”, said Christy, thinking again of Bryce. “Nobody special."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Tony ? You came back to School ?" Laurent exclaimed as the two boys found him.

"As you can see, Laurent”, Tony said, spreading his hands.

"Oui”, Laurent replied. “You have time to wander ?"

"Of course”, Tony grinned,  “And I need to meet a Prefect anyway."

Tony didn't have to wait a long time. The Prefect patrolling nearby had black hair, and seemed to be constantly frowning. He was wearing the same jacket as the Prefect at the Football Field.

"Hello there, Sir”, Tony presented himself.

"You three look suspicious !” the Prefect barked.  “Or do you want to report violence ? Vandalism ?"

"Nothing like that” Tony replied, “I just wanted to present myself.  My name's Tony Calderone."

The Prefect‘s demeanor suddenly changed. "Are you the Tony that the headmaster was talking about ?"

"Umm…I guess so”, Tony said, "Could you please bring me the names of the kids that aren’t coming back just yet ?"

“Sure thing”, the Prefect replied, and reaching into the vest pocket of his blue coat, produced a notebook.  Tony noticed a small nametag marked "Edward". Flipping the notebook open, he tore out a page and handed it to Tony. "If I can do anything else, just ask me."

The Prefect turned and walked off.  Climbing the back steps, he disappeared behind a door leading into the school. This all was too easy... Simply asking to get anything ?  Was Pete always in the same situation ?  Anyway, this list will be useful for what Tony had in mind.

Laurent and Constantinos were suitably impressed.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Jake ended his shift for the day, closing up the Carnival Souvenir Tent at 11 p.m. He had been right…This was the perfect spot to carry out his plans. After just his second day at the Carnival, he had scoped out all sorts of hiding spots for the merchandise he had in mind. Under rides, nooks and crannies in the Fun House, in the Souvenir Tent itself, even in caves around the Carnival….And was sure he could find more.

He had hired in under the name of Ace Adams, and told them he was 18. They didn’t really care. Carnivals had always been a place for the unwanted and unneeded, castoffs from society. Had a past that you wanted hidden, or just forgotten about, the Carnival was the place for you. Nobody asked questions. You could be an Ax Murderer, it didn’t make a difference. No one took notice of his strange outfit. There were all kinds of weirdos, misfits, whackos, and freaks here already. No one paid them any attention. The public didn’t really see Carnies…Except for the ones in the Freakshow Tent, that was, but even those didn’t have names…Only some grotesque image to make children squeal in fear and the adults turn away in disgust. Quickly forgotten about. This was the perfect place, all right. As much as Jake could move around the various Towns unobserved, he would be even less noticed here.

A Carnie’s life fit Jake just fine. He even briefly considered just staying there. But Jake wanted Power. He wanted Respect. And he wanted to be Feared. Controlling the School would give him all of that, and more…It would give him a start along the road to bigger and more powerful things he could control. And then, even more Power.

For this little plan he had in mind, he had a bunch of dirty, smelly Arabs a half a world away to thank. Without them, there would be no Terrorists that everyone was all so afraid of now. Even the mention of the name brought fear to the average citizen. They were everywhere, so it seemed….In your town, on your street…And now, so it seemed, ‘they’ had attacked Bullworth Academy.

Jake laughed to himself. Those idiots would swallow the story hook, line, and sinker. He wasn’t dealing with the brightest of minds here, and Jake knew himself to be superior in every way. Once they were afraid of an invisible boogyman, he could get them to do whatever he wanted. They would give over control to him…Would demand he take it. Whatever it took to allay their fear. It was classic, and had been used down throughout history to control the masses.  If only the Idiots had paid more attention in History class…

Jake smirked. There was no History Class at Bullworth. All the better for him. He finished up closing his tent. Just a few days to go….And Jake would be on his way to greatness.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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A couple of days before the weekend, an announcement was issued over the intercom to all classes….

“The School Campus, Dorms, and facilities will re-open to the students this following Monday. The construction crews had almost completed fixing the damage from the bombings, with just some trim work and painting remaining. It has also been decided by the administration to allow open un-restricted access to the towns from Bullworth Academy between the hours of 8 AM and 11 PM. The Front Gates will no longer be closed or locked at these times, but there will be increased security by the Prefects on those entering or leaving the school grounds. That Is All.”

At the end of School that day, the Students heard some more electrifying news…Alfred Owens, the Dragon’s Wing owner, had been arrested and charged with the bombings !  Police had been suspicious of him every since the explosion in the Basement of the Dragon’s Wing, where Algie had been injured, and had found pieces of what seemed to be some sort of timer.  The same types of pieces had been found at the school bombing sites.  A search warrant had been obtained, and all sorts of strange, para-military stuff had been found in the Basement, along with some porno mags.  It was evidence enough to arrest the unfortunate Alfred, who loudly protested his innocence as he was led waddling away in handcuffs.  The crises was over, and the perpetrator was in custody…Or so it seemed.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Derby paced the beach at the south end of Bullworth Vale near the bridge. He had been waiting here for two hours now. Where in the fuck was this mystery person who had summoned him to be here today ?  Seemed like someone was having a joke at his expense. If that was the case, when he caught that asshole, he would teach him a thing or two…

He squinted into the late afternoon sunlight. From down the beach, he could see a figure walking toward him. Well, at last. Now he could get down to business…
The figure came closer. Derby stared. It was…..

“What the Devil are you doing here, Ted ?”, Derby asked.
“Might ask the same of you, Derby”, the Jock boy replied.
“I was invited here, so you can get out”, Derby said, putting up his fists.
“Hold on there, Hoss…I was invited too", Ted replied. "Don’t get your panties in a bunch”.
“Well I have a note left under the door at the Beach House”, Derby retorted.
“I have one also, telling me to meet with someone here. Maybe you’re not so special after all”, Ted shot back.

The two boys stood discussing the mystery notes, and didn’t notice a third person strolling up to them.
“What’s the sass, Jackass ?  Private party, or cans anybody join ?”  Both boys looked around. It was Peanut, from the Greasers.
“We certainly don’t need filthy scum like you here”, Derby said.
“Yeah, me and the girlie was talking here…Butt out, Butthead”, Said Ted.
“Just try and makes me, you fucking reject”, Peanut said. “I have to meet somebody's here”.
“Meet somebody ?” said Derby. “Who the hell wants to meet dirty Motorheads like you ?”
“I donno…I gots at note left at the Pool Hall. What’s it to you's anyways, youse prissy shit ?”

The three began arguing heatedly, and didn’t notice another person waddling slowly over to their group.
“Hey, what’s going on here ?  Let me through…I have to meet someone”, said Melvin.
“Oh, look…It’s be one of the Bullworth ping-pong balls”, said Peanut.
“You need to find a comic-book convention somewhere”, said Derby.
“Yeah…Real men are having a talk here…Beat it”, said Ted.
“Let me through, or I’ll shoot”, Melvin said, raising his Spud Gun.

The three boys slowly spread out. “You’ll only get one of us…Then you’re gonna be toast”, Derby said.
“We will use you like an ongio-bongio”, said Ted.
“Pounds you butt like a mutt”, chimed in Peanut.
“So…It is a standoff !”, Melvin exclaimed.

“HEY !!” A shout from a figure riding up on a bike made the four boys turn. The bike skidded up close to the other boys and the rider dismounted.
It was Trent. “Don’t Shoot !! Stand Down !!”.
“Look what the skunk dragged in”, said Ted.
“No-Brains Fuckup. Youse needs to leave, like rights now”, said Peanut.
“Low-Lifes like you don’t belong here. Move on, or else”, said Derby.
“These Bullies are going to make me Sooo ANGRY”, said Melvin.
The bickering continued for a few minutes, with threats and counter-threats.

“Gentlemen, be at ease”, a voice said from the shadows underneath the bridge. “You are all supposed to be here”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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A strange-looking figure emerged from under the bridge. He was dressed in a tan trenchcoat, tan pants, black shoes, and was wearing an incognito hat with dark shades.

“Who…Who are you ?” asked Derby after a minute.
“Who I am isn’t important” the figure said. “What I can do for you is.”
The assembled boys just stood and stared. Finally, Melvin stammered, “Wha...What do you…Want with us ?”
“I’m here to help you. To stop any more bombings”, the figure said.
“There won’t be anymore of that”, Derby said.
“Yeah, da Cops arrested that weirdo Comic Store guy for thats”, said Peanut.
“He’s NOT A WIERDO !!”, Melvin shouted. “He’s a GOOD GUY !!”.
“That why he has all them smut mags in the basement ?”, jeered Trent.
“SHUDDUP !! Like you’re not a queer fag yourself !!”, screeched Melvin.
“You fucking Nerds are all a bunch of Pervs”, said Ted. ”Everybody knows that.”
“ARE NOT !! You Jocks are always touching yourselves…”, Melvin started.

“GENTELMEN, GENTELMEN !!”, The odd figure said. “This isn’t about your petty little squabbles. It’s about saving your very lives….If you’re interested.”
“Well, like frat-boy here's said, dere wonts be anymore bombs, said Peanut. “They gots the guy”.
Walking a bit closer, the shaded figure asked, “You all sure about that, are you ?”
The Clique Leaders looked at each other. “Why wouldn’t we Be ?”, asked Derby.
“Oh…I don’t know”, the strange figure said. “Just that…Ole Alfred is a very fat guy who would probably be seen waddling around Campus with a box of Dynamite…Anybody see that ?”
The boys all looked at each other again. Slowly, they shook their heads.
“Alfred is very slow.  Has Asmatha.  All those bombs went off just a few minutes apart. I happen to know they only had three-hour timers", the strange figure went on. "No way it was Alfred”.
“How would you know that ?”, asked Derby.
“I know lots of things.  I’m a Carny”, replied the strange figure.
“Bullshits…I’se never seens you's at the Carnival”, said Peanut.
“Sure you have. You just don’t pay attention. Nobody does”, the figure said.
“Well, that’s just not true. We see Carnival people all the time”, Derby said.
“Really ??” the strange figure said. “Then what are their names ?”
“We don’t know their names…”, said Melvin.
“Fine.  What do they look like, then ?  Describe them.  Any one of them” The figure said.
The five boys gathered around opened their mouths and tried to speak, but couldn’t.
“Just like I thought”, said the odd figure. “None of you can remember ANY Carnie. We’re invisible to you. You don’t see us because you don’t WANT to see us. It’s OK, though…We like it that way”.

“So, Uhhh…If it’s not Alfred that done the bombings, who was it ?”, Trent finally asked.
“Oh, that’s simple”, the mystery figure said. “It was the Terrorists”.
Each of the boys attention was suddenly focused. They had heard of these Terrorists.  They were very badass dudes who blew up all sorts of things and murdered people.
“How…How could you know that ?”, Melvin asked.
“Because I’ve been in contact with them”, the figure said.
The boys stood stunned. Looking at the stranger in the incognito hat, they begin to move toward him.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The figure pulled a Bottle Rocket Launcher from under the folds of his trenchcoat. “I wouldn’t do that”, he said. “You need to stay where you are and hear me out”. The boys stopped in their tracks. “That’s better. I’m not one of them. I just KNOW one of them. He comes to my tent in disguise. He has indicated to me they are willing to leave the school alone in return for certain…Shall we say…Compensations ?”

“So, they want…Money ?”, said Derby. “Why would they want that ?”.
“It costs a lot to run their Jihads” the figure said. “They have expenses. Point is, pay them off, and they will back off. Don’t, and….Well, better hope you all have death insurance.”
“That’s Blackmail !” Melvin said, who knew that sort of thing at Bullworth well.
“So it is. But what other choice do you have ? Next time, it just won’t be some chairs, they’ll blow up all of Harrington House, with you Preps inside…Or the Library when it’s full of you Nerds…Or the Shop when all you Greasers are there…Or the Gym while you Jocks are training for the next big game….Or the Dorms, when you dumb fucks are there, or they will blow up your women. You’re all walking targets", the figure informed them.

The boys began to look a little rattled. This was big…Bigger than they were prepared to handle. “Why us ?”, said Derby. “Why bomb Bullworth ?”
The mystery figure shrugged. “They bomb places all over the world. Might’ve picked here because of the way you all are”.
“Whadda you's means by that ?”, said Peanut.
The cloaked figure laughed with contempt. “You’re all so weak. Look at you. In the same School together, and none of you can get along with each other. None of you can trust the other. Always fighting each other. If it hadn’t been Halloween night, half of you would be in the Morgue right now. You need to be united against things like this, or you‘re toast”.
 “So, what will we do ?”, asked Ted. “Tell us what to do !”

The cloaked figure was silent for a moment. Then, he began walking slowly around the group, pointing the Bottle rocket Launcher at each clique leader in turn.
“Each group of you has things that the other groups want. Things that could improve the lives of every group, and yet…You hoard what you have, instead of sharing your goods with others.  You Preps have fine clothing, like sweaters.  You Nerds have weapons, like Spud Guns.  You Greasers have mechanical gadgets, like collapsible Skateboards.  You Jocks have all the Sporting Equipment, like Footballs and Basketballs.  And you Bullies…Well, don’t really have that much, except what you steal from others…But you could provide protection for the weak, which you choose not to do.”

He had circled around in front of the group. “What I am proposing here is Free Trade. But this will never work for any of you, for none of you can trust the others. So here is what you must do. Bring your goods and money to me, and I will be your Broker. The more goods you bring, the less money you have to bring. I will sell your goods to others in your Cliques, and add the cash to what cash you bring to pay off the Terrorists”.

“So why do you want to help us ? What’s in it for you ?”, asked Derby.
“I’ll be taking a fee for my services, don’t you worry about that”, said the stranger.
“How long we gotta do this ?”, asked Ted.
“As long as it takes….Eventually, the Terrorists will come to know that you will present a united front, and they will move on to other targets. Right now you all are just Sitting Ducks", the figure went on.  "Trust me, this will ultimately fix everything”.

He looked at the group assembled in front of him. “Well…What about it ?  Do we have a deal ?”
There was a murmur of discussion from the group. Then, one by one, the nodded their assent.
“Good”, the cloaked figure said. “Began bringing your goods and cash to my Souvenir Tent after Monday. If you don’t see me, ask around for Ace Adams. That's me. One more thing, keep this quiet from anybody else, even your cliques. This deal gets out, it will fuck everything up”.
“Whats do's I tells our people ?  They's will wonder why…” started Peanut.
“Tell them they will have better lives. Tell them what ever the hell you want. You’re the Leaders, make something up. They’re sheep anyway. Once they start seeing the benefits, they won’t be asking anything. And you’ll gain even more power over them”.

He walked into the shadow of the bridge. “See you around, Hey ?”

Jake exited the other side of the bridge, then quickly climbed up to the Promenade area above and disappeared incognito into the crowd. He was laughing loudly in his head. They bought it, the dumb fucks bought the whole thing.  Scared shitless, he could see it in their faces.  Soon, he would control the commerce of the whole school. One step closer to being the Ultimate Fixer.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on February 02, 2010, 03:52:49 PM
Only a few students didn't come back to the school.  Most of them that did come back told of rumors about the Police's interrogations that weren't really respecting of the law.  Those sort of rumors were traveling with the help of the townsfolk, always here and there gathering in little groups and discussing about what they've heard and about the events happening in the School.  One of the four Students that wasn’t coming back was Steve Bains.  Laurent explained that the other night, Steve talked to him about his desire to leave the Academy and create his own proper Bike Shop, and apparently he took his chance there.  Another was Jake... Tony hadn't seen him for quite a long time, and wondered where could he be hanging out.  Was he preparing for revenge ?   Anyway, Tony decided, he didn't do the bombings for sure.  He wasn't that hardcore to try to kill so many people during that night.  Was he ?
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on February 02, 2010, 04:45:20 PM
Tony felt it was a good time to go wandering to see how the buildings were being repaired.  The first noticeable thing, when arriving at the Fountain, was the Statue.  It represented a Bull, dressed in a Football Outfit, and over-muscled.  It held a ball in it’s right hand, preparing to toss it in direction of the Football Field.  Anyone who sat on the edge of the Fountain could read the story, written on a plaque at the bottom of the Statue. Apparently, the Statue was the first thing bought to Bullworth Academy, placed on an old water source.  After that, the football field was made below, then for the local Prep team of Bullworth.  The team needed to be boarded separately, which became the reason for, and first use of, Harrington House.  The grand Prep Hall took the name of it’s contributor, Derby’s ancestor.  The rest of the story on the plaque was covered by mold.  Today, Tony saw, one of the horns had been knocked loose, maybe because of a fragment resulting from the explosion.  A fragment that could have landed in an innocent skull, a knee, or worse... Was this a sign that the Academy was a Bull without horns, furious, but unable to hurt ?  Tony looked in direction of the Harrington House.  The contrast between the old stones and the fresh bricks clearly delimited the range of the explosion, and anyone could see that the bomb had been put in the ground floor, toward the back of the second room.  Three Preps were standing in front of the new entry, bothering the last mason, who was finishing his work quietly.  They had their hands crossed behind their backs, sometimes bending to talk in their neighbor's ear.  If the work had to be perfect there, it wasn't in the case of the Auto Shop, as Tony would see after having turned to go in that direction.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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After passing the Auto Shop’s corrugated metal doors, any trespasser faces a chain-link fence, topped with barbed wire, an extravagance from the Greasers.  The only solution is to bypass it was peeking around it to see halfway to the door leading to Shop Class, where Mr. Neil, the Teacher, spent his days.  He was presently outside by the South Garage, working desperately with two kids on the burned, distorted amount of metal and trim that was the rest of the car where the bomb had been placed.  They tried to recognize familiar pieces in this black labyrinth, and paid no attention to the Masons working on the brick walls.  After passing the Shop Class door, and going along the fence, the area covered with corrugated iron was normally was a good spot to hang out, drink a glass of soda or a beer in the late-night hours, and talk of working on a Motor.

But the normal corrugated iron roof had been totally blown up by the explosion, and there were broken pieces of the Car laying around.  The windshield had been exploded, spreading pieces of glass everywhere.  The old car seat where Lola used to get her breasts caressed by Johnny had become an ugly gob of black old foam escaping from big holes in the torn leather. 

The work on the walls of the storage building really had been done sloppily…Some bricks weren't put right, some were even broken, and the ground was angled.  The answer to the shoddy work was simple.  The Academy made the effort to provide repaired buildings as quickly as possible….But while no expense would be spared to repair the Prep’s Harrington House, that was not the case when it came to the Greaser‘s area.  Tony made his way back to the Fountain and decided to sit on the edge with his two friends who happened by before going to see the damages to the Jocks Clubhouse.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Anyone standing at the top of the stairs could see the pathetic state of the Football Field.  It was nearly cut in half, the right half burned and turned yellow. The Bullhorns now had to train on the miserable patch of green grass to the left, while the Cheerleaders were discussing girly stuff on the Bleachers, showing their nails to each other.  The Jocks Clubhouse, where the bomb had exploded, had become a kind of taller house.  It had the same length and width, but the height had been boosted, and new windows were reflecting the sun at the planned second floor.

Tony had seen enough for now.  He turned and made his way back on the pathway between the Poolhouse and Gym. On impulse, Tony entered the Gym, followed by Laurent and Constantinos.  Inside, things were sort of getting back to normal, as some Students were already pushing gigantic obstacles before them, while two kids were standing at the side of Coach Burton.  Let the Dodgeball Games begin !

Title: The Never Ending Story
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The day before the big meeting near the bridge, Trent had gone to the Dragon’s Wing to talk to the Nerds. What he found, however, was chaos. The area around the store was roped off with yellow police tape, and there were two Cop Cars parked there with their bubble lights on. Cops were carrying out items in boxes marked ‘Evidence’ and stowing them in the trunks of the Cop Cars. There were a lot of Townspeople gathered around and watching the proceedings. Trent had drifted among the people listening to their comments. In this way, he had learned about Alfred Owens getting arrested as a suspect in the bombings at the School, and that the Cops were carrying out a search and seizure of stuff in the Dragon’s Wing store and basement. The Nerds, so it seemed, had been taken at that time to the Police station for further questioning.

Shit. He was going to try to get the weapons that Zoe had asked for.  How was he going to get them now ?  Hanging around for a while longer, the usually dim-witted Trent got an idea. Getting back on his stolen bike, Trent returned to Blue Skies. He went to the docks area, and poking around, stole a crowbar when nobody was looking.  Waiting until very late at night, he returned to the Dragon’s Wing.

Dodging the Cop patrols, he crept down the back steps to the Basement. Using the crowbar, he jimmied open the lock to the steel door.  It was dark inside. Using a small lighter, Trent looked around the large room.  Most of the stuff had been taken.  The ConSumo game’s panel had even been pried off. There were empty boxes and crates scattered around the floor. Trent moved to the smaller bedroom.  There were still some things here, mostly small stuff.

Trent tried to think, which was hard for him. Where would he hide stuff, if he was a Nerd ?  He looked around and his gaze fell upon the bed. With it’s mattress still burned black from the explosion that had injured Algie, it obviously hadn’t been slept in for awhile.  Standing there, a stray thought from his childhood occurred to him. Dropping down, he looked under the bed.  Nothing.

Trent was about to get back up when he caught a flash off something in the weak light of the lighter.  Getting on his back, he squirreled under the bed, and looked.  There, up in the boxsprings, were two fully loaded Spud Guns, along with a box of some of those M-80 Firecrackers.  He pulled them from their hiding places. Bingo.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Trent had returned to Blue Skies to escort Zoe from the Clinic to her house across the road after the Clique Leader meeting by the bridge in Bullworth Vale.  He was telling her that the Bullies would be moving back into the dorms on Monday.

“So, I guess I’m on my own”, Zoe said. “That’s OK, I can handle that."

“No…No...I’ll still come over after school and stay till the morning. I can…Uh…Stand guard while you’re sleeping….Look, I got some weapons for us, like you asked."

“Good”, she said, taking her new Spud Gun. “That’ll hold them off, least till It runs out of ammo. What’s that ?”, she asked, pointing to the box Trent was carrying.
Trent showed her the box of Firecrackers. As she looked, the plan she was thinking of began to take shape in her mind. She would need the help of the big lummox Trent to help carry it out, though.

As they had entered the house, Trent said, “You know, you could come back to school. I’m sure you could get back into classes."

“What…And get blown up ?  No thanks”, Zoe remarked.

“No", Trent said with certainty.  "Ain’t gonna be any more bombings."

“Oh, Yeah ?  What do you know ?”, Zoe asked.

Trent told her of the arrest of Alfred Owens.  He didn’t say anything about Terrorists.

“Well…Still. I don’t want to go back to that shithole”, said Zoe.

“But, you can’t stay here…They’ll attack you again !” exclaimed Trent.

“Not if I put the fear of God in them”, said Zoe. “I’m gonna get that bastard Darrell.  He likes to rape ?  Well, I’m gonna fuck him up good.  And you’re going to help me”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Zoe explained that Big Darrell was a new Townie who had moved in from the big city last summer. Shorter but nearly as heavy as Russell, he was a tough guy with brains who had quickly taken over the Townies group after the departure of the unfortunate Edgar, murdered as the story went.  As the rest of the Townies were a fairly stupid lot, Darrell was able to gain power over them by way of superior intellect and brute strength. As it stood now, no Townies dared to cross him, and he had made Otto and Leon his lieutenants.  The Townies mostly still hung around the vacant lot near the Industrial Park entrance, but Darrell didn’t stay in the crappy Blue Skies housing along with the other Townie boys.  He had a part-time job at one of the complex’s Control Rooms, and he would generally bunk there in the evening, staying behind a heavy locked door at night, not trusting that he wouldn’t get bushwhacked by anyone.  Big Darrell understood that Leaders were often the targets of those who might be more ambitious, even those who might appear to be a fellow comrade.

Here was where the trap could be laid, for Darrell always made the trip alone from the Power Plant to the Control Room, not allowing the other Townies to walk with him, not even Otto or Leon, both of whom had been in line after Omar to succeed Edgar as the Townie's leader.  Having hung around the area quite a bit since her mother had abandoned the family and her drunken father had disappeared and never come back, Zoe knew the comings and goings of most all the Townies, Chem Plant workers, Dockmen, and others who lived and worked in Blue Skies, even the Cops.  And there weren’t too many places off the main streets that the Cops went, which was why they hadn’t interfered with the big fight there last week.  While the Cops were a large presence in the other towns, over in Blue Skies they were outnumbered, leaving the area with a sort of Wild West mentality.

Looking in the box with the M-80 Firecrackers, Zoe had found a 20-foot long length of fuse material, which is what gave her the Idea for her to carry out her revenge.  Heading out the next evening, Zoe laid out what she wanted Trent to do.

“We have got to be in those two places to get him in the crossfire”, Zoe said.
“Uhhh…OK, think I get it…Tell me again when we get there”, said Trent.
“OK then”, Zoe said, hefting her Spud Gun. “Let’s Go”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Riding two stolen bikes unobserved in through the Industrial Park gate at 7 PM, carrying the Spud Guns and box of ammo, they found the area empty. It was early enough before the Townies started gathering at the vacant lot, so they biked over to the abandoned Meat Slaughterhouse, where they stashed the bikes and settled down to wait. Knowing that Darrell wouldn’t be coming down the road until midnight, they had a lot of time to talk.  Zoe slowly came to realize that Trent wasn’t such a bad sort after all, a bit on the dumb side, but looking past the bad jokes and bravado, was a boy who came back to her aid even though he didn’t have to, and then sat by her bed in the Clinic for hours on end just to make sure she was going to be allright.  And he hadn’t once tried to put any kind of moves on her (Even though Zoe would have beat the shit out of him had he tried).  Recovering from being assaulted, it was the best thing that any boy could do for her. She began to treat him less harshly, and they both talked of their fucked-up and shitty lives.

Shortly before midnight, they both snuck out into the Slaugterhouse’s empty lot, and hid behind the smaller building at the south end. Giving Trent final instructions, she told him what he had to do.
“…And for God’s sake, don’t miss…It’s gonna take a lot of these spuds to take him down”.

“OK, got it….I come out from behind the building when his back’s turned and shoot him”, Trent said.

“And keep shooting till he’s down”, Zoe said. “Don’t let up. If he grabs me, I’m dead meat”.  She started away, paused, and said, “I’m counting on you. Don’t let me down."

Moving quickly across the street, Zoe headed up a short ramp the led to a fenced area with a locked door set into it. On the left, marked XX-7, was the Control Building.  Zoe hid in the shadows between the building and the fence and waited. About ten minutes later, she heard footsteps coming down the narrow street, and a figure turned and began walking up the ramp.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“Hello, you rapist fuck”, Zoe said as she moved out of the shadows with the Spud Gun leveled at Big Darrell.

“Well…What’da know…It’s the little pussy that could”, smirked Darrell. “What you gonna do with that ? Gonna hurt me, little girl ?”

“I’m sure gonna try, You stinking rapist pussbag”, said Zoe, and she fired a shot that hit Darrell square in the guts.

“OHHH-AHHH !! YOU FUCKING BITCH !!! You’ll Pay For That !!!”, Darrell yelled, staggered back by the blow, but remaining on his feet. He straightened and moved towards Zoe.

“Not Today, Asswipe”, Zoe said, firing another spud a little lower that hit Darrell just above his Nuts.

“AAAAAHHHH !!!! SHIT !!!! GODDAM CUNT !!!!”. Darrell sunk down on one knee, but did not fall.
Come On Trent….NOW !!, thought Zoe.

Darrell began to rise and took a staggering step. “Your ASS is MINE, you BITCH !!!  I’m Gonna Enjoy Busting Your Asshole Cherry !!!”

SPLAT !!!!  A spud hit Darrell right between the sholder blades, knocking him forward on the ground.

“GAWWWWAAADDD…..WHAT THE FUCK….!!!!”,  Darrell Hollored. He rolled over on his back and started to sit up. “Who The FUCK Are You… YOU ARE DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, YOU HEAR, DEAD…URK !!!” Darrell choked as another spud slammed into his upper chest near his windpipe, driving him back flat once more.
“ARRRRrrrrgggguuuhhhh…..You Dirty Slut….” Gurgled Darrell, rolling over, trying to get up.

SPLAT !!!!  Still another spud hit Darrell square in the ass, knocking him flat once again.

“AHH….AHH…” Darrell panted, “I’ll…Get…Both…Of…You…..You’re….Fucked !!"

Zoe had moved closer to the downed Darrell. When he attempted to get up again, she kicked him hard in the ribs with her heavy boot. Trent could hear the sounds of ribs breaking.  “No, you demented pervert…You’re the one getting fucked tonight”, she said.

The kick had flipped him over on his back, with his legs spread. Zoe circled around, took careful aim, and fired a spud point-blank into Darrell’s Nuts.

“OOOOOOHHHHH !!! OOOOOWWWW !!!!” Darrell screamed, holding his nut sack, and slowly rolling over to protect his balls.

“Let’s end this”, Trent said, and with that, fired a last spud into the back of Darrell’s head, knocking him out.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Zoe rifled through Darrell’s pockets, and found the keys to the Contol Room. “Help me drag him inside”, she said to Trent, and together they drug the unconscious body around to the door, unlocked it, and pulled him inside Building XX-7 to the center of the floor.

Zoe looked up at Trent. “Go get the M-80s”, she said. Trent ran out.  Flipping on the lights, Zoe looked around the room.  There were many monitors here, covering much of the Industrial area.  There was also some boxes and trash laying around.  Zoe spotted a cloth bag, and went and picked it up.  Just then, Trent returned with the box of M-80 Firecrackers.

Opening the box, Zoe pulled out five M-80s, and quickly tied the fuses together. Then, she took the coil of the long fuse, and tied it to the M-80 fuses. She then stuffed the Fireworks into the bag, with the long fuse trailing out. Spotting some duct tape on a cabinet, she took that and wrapped some around the bag. Then, she set the bag in Darrell’s crotch, and taped the bag to both thighs. Rising up, she strung the long fuse back to the door.

“Gimme your lighter", Zoe said.  "This one’s all mine.”  Trent handed the lighter over, and Zoe lit the long fuse. “Let’s get outta here”, she said.

Darrell was coming to.  Through his haze, he heard a hissing noise, and smelled some acrid smoke. He kept trying to open his eyes, and finally got them open to slits.  The hissing sound was louder now. Darrell squinted, and turned his head. He was in the Control Room. His nuts ached something fierce….Felt heavy….He reached down. Something was taped to his legs. He struggled up on his elbows, and looked down, and saw the bag taped to his crotch.

What The Hell Is That…?!?

The hissing sound was very loud now, the smell choking. Through clouded eyes, Darrell saw a flash disappearing into the bag taped around his crotch.

What…OH, SHIT !!!!!  SHIT !!!!!

Zoe and Trent had retrieved their bikes from the empty Slaughterhouse. The rode out on the road, but stopped.  Trent looked at Zoe, who was watching the Control Room door.

This is one tough girl, Trent thought. I think I’m in Love.

BLAM !!  BLAM !!  BLAM !!  BLAM !!  BLAM !!

The sound came from the Control Room, and then a high, bloodcurdling scream.  Big Darrell was paid in Spades.

“Won’t be raping anybody anymore”, Zoe said softly. She turned to look at Trent with tears in her eyes. “Thanks for helping me, Trent...Thanks”. She hastily wiped her eyes. “Come On….Let’s Go”.

Together they rode from the Industrial Park and out into the night.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was having a conference with Laurent and Constantinos that night at the French Restaurant.  Karen had already settled in for the evening in the room down below.     

"All right, guys, who do you really suspect for these bombings ?" Tony asked.

"I believe the authorities", Constantinos replied. "After all, this fat guy has everything against him..."

"Well, everything is too easy over here, if you ask me", Laurent interrupted. "All is so... Prévu, I mean...Planned."

"So who could it be, Laurent ?", Tony asked, turning his attention to him.

"I don't know... But something is clear -- It wasn't a guy from any Clique", Laurent answered, "He would not have put those everywhere."

"Right, right... So, then a Non-Clique, a Townie, or an Adult ?", Tony speculated.

"I just bet it's one of the those Townies, jealous of the rich kids, or something...", Laurent said.  Neither Tony nor Laurent knew much about the Townies, being new at Bullworth Academy and the Vale Valley.  But Constantinos knew.

"It's not the Townies", he yawned. "They haven't got the brains to pull off such a coordinated attack like that.  Shit, they couldn't even finish School."

"Then who could it be ?", Tony asked again. "It couldn't have been the large, fat, nerdy Comic Store owner...Somebody would have noticed him lurking around, he'd be too big to miss !"

The discussion went on for some time afterward.  None of the boys were seriously thinking that Jake might have engineered the attacks...He was only just a boy, such as themselves, just a year older.  He had gone off the deep end, sure....But no one, to their knowledge, had seen him since the night of the big brawl in front of Harrington House.  If he had been around since then, someone would have known.  The gossip mill at the School would have told them. Jake had just...Disappeared.
Finally, Constantinos stood up, and announced that he had to get some sleep.  They could hash this over later.  None of them had yet heard anything about Terrorists.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Kurt sat in the front row of the old movie theater with Lola by his side, facing Tibo and the other Rocker members, who were stiiting on edge of the stage. He had just finished telling them of the amnesty offer he had recived from the school. They would be able to return to School outside class hours, but were not to be given Dorm space….They still had to live off-campus.

“Why are they letting us back in ?”, the Rocker boy known as Benny asked.

“From what I understand, part of it has to do with us having saved that Townie girl, and part had to do with the legal issue of the School being responsible for our welfare”, Kurt smirked. “We got some public attention for what we did, and the S chool doesn’t want to get sued….Seems they have enough negative publicity to deal with, what with all the bombing stuff."

“What if we don’t wanna go back ?”, asked Jero, another Rocker boy.

“Well then, we’d have to go 'home', where we came from….Get sent to some other shitty School, maybe….But that would break us all up.  We're already Truants, even though it was the School that expelled us…And none of us are old enough to quit."

“I almost am”, said Tibo.

“Yeah, but the rest of us want to stick together….Right ?” Kurt looked at the others.  The others nodded. There were so few of them as it was. If they had to go separate ways, they would be on their own.  Better to be outcast in a group than to be outcast alone.

“If you wanna split…”, said Kurt to Tibo.

“I didn’t say I wanted to leave…I was just sayin’….”,Tibo trailed off.

Kurt settled back in his seat. “There’ll be a time for all of us…We just need to be patient."

“We got to stay in this here shithole ?”, asked a Rocker boy who went by the name of Grungey. “No offense, Lola”, he said quickly as Kurt shot him a look.

“No…That’s the sweet part of the deal. The school is going to put us up in a house’, Kurt said.

“Not back in Blue Skies…That place sucks, and we’re outnumbered there”, said Benny.

“Nope”, said Kurt. “A house in the Vale. Used to belong to one of the Teachers.  It got forclosed on when the School fired him last year.  But they were forced to hire him back when he threatened to sue them.  Still lost the house, though…So the Bank rents it out to the School…You know which one I mean ?”

Tibo laughed. “It’s that asshole Hattrick…That is so dammed funny…Too rich”.

That decided the others. They were going to get to live the high life, at least for a while. Separate rooms. Real working toilets. An actual kitchen. The place was gated, a real fortress. And just right down the street from some of those snobby Preps.  Man, this was gonna be good.

“What about me ?”, Lola said quietly.

“”You’re coming too…Think I’d leave you behind ?”, said Kurt. “You’re gonna be my Queen, baby. I’m gonna get you some of those fancy clothes, dress you right up."

“But how ?” Lola squealed, excited at the prospect of some new clothes.

Kurt laughed. “Oh...Forgot to tell everyone….The School is gonna pay us an ALLOWANCE”.

There were yells of glee from the group. As they celebrated their unexpected good luck.  Kurt hugged Lola close to him and grinned.  This wasn’t all…Things were going to get even better. The others didn’t know it yet, but he had plans….Lots of big plans.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was walking along the School corridor after classes for the day, when he encountered Gord staring at him weirdly.  Tony frowned at him. “What the hell are you looking at, Dipshit?”, Tony said, but got no answer.  “Queer Bastard”, Tony muttered under his breath as Gord moved off.

Karen then came up to Tony. “Hey, Love, do you want to come to see ‘Sequel 2, The Movie’ ?”, Karen asked.

“Yeah sure”, replied Tony. As they walked from the School to the Cinema, Tony said, “Guess what I saw earlier on ?”

“What ?”, asked Karen.

“That Preppy guy Gord started staring at me…What a Bollix”, Tony said.

“Oh, Gord is bisexual, you got to be careful around him, he's quite strong and can pin you to the ground”, said Karen, a bit worried.

“Well, he won’t pin ME to the ground, I’ll put a knee in his nuts, and it won’t be gentle, either”, said Tony.

“But all the same, he can wrestle down ones like Trent, and he’s not weak…”, Karen said.

“Maybe Trent wanted to be wrestled down, from some of what I heard”, Tony said, laughing.
“Be Serious” Karen whacked him on the arm. “Rape is not something to joke about !”

“Who’s Joking ?”, said Tony. “I’m just saying what I heard. Trent might be a secret ‘Bi’ himself.”

“Still…You should watch out….”, Karen said, unconvinced.

“Not to worry, Babe…I can take care of myself”, Tony said as he paid for their tickets.


After seeing Karen to her Dorm after the movie, Tony pushed through doors of the Boy's Dorm.  Nothing seemed exactly like before, and they took the opportunity of rebuilding to organize the room differently.  After passing the entry, the open door leading to the Common Room was situated ahead, still across where Tony's room was before.  Inside, an older wallpaper had been put up.  It made the whole room look like a student room from the 70's, while the TV was showing a boring report about flamingos.  Facing it, a Student was sleeping on the new couch.  In the background to the left, where there wasn't enough light, the video game seemed to be talking with beeps, trying to attract the Nerds passing by.

Messing around a while in the Common Room. Tony finally went to  his room, and pushed open the door.  Inside, someone was sitting on the bed.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on February 14, 2010, 05:58:03 AM
Trent had been staying with Zoe, during the times he wasn’t at school. In his absense, Ethan had been in charge of the Bully Clique at the Sex Shop, known as 'Come Hither'.  Now, however, they were going to be moving back into the Dorms. Trent was faced with a decision…Stay with the Clique, and leave Zoe unprotected, or stay with Zoe and give up leadership of the Clique.  There was another option, however….If he could get Zoe to agree.

Both were sitting out on Zoe’s front porch, and both were armed.  Towines were avoiding the house after the incident with Darrell, but both knew it was only a matter of time until a group of them got up the courage to try to attack her again.  For that reason, Trent was trying to get Zoe to come back to School.

“I just can’t”, Zoe was saying. “Those girls suck, and everybody fights.  I’d be having to watch my back every second, just like here.  Just a bunch of lame-brains."

“Things are gonna be different now”, Trent said. “Everybody is going to get along now. There’s a….Uhh…Truce going on now."

“Well…Even so, I can’t pay the tuition now…I barely got enough to eat.  It just won’t work out”, Zoe said, watching a group of Townies milling about in the distance.

“Uhhh…Hey, maybe there’s a way…I know someone who might be able to help with that”, Trent said, hitting on a rare idea for him.

“I’ll have to think about it…..”, Zoe said. Still watching the Townies, she straightened up as she saw two of the detach from the group and head for her house. “Look”, she pointed.

Walking purposely toward the house was Otto and Leon, both with their Slingshots drawn.  Trent and Zoe trained their Spud Guns on them as they approached, and stopped in the road, a few feet from the front porch.

“What do you jerkasses want ?’, asked Zoe angrily. “You need to keep moving."

“Just stopped by to tell you, Bitch…We know you two are the ones who did Darrell”, Otto sneered.

“Yeah, and just to let you know, we’re gonna get you…Both of you, for what you done”, chipped in Leon. “Both of Darrell’s nuts blowed off, and half his Dick."

“Just payback, for what that piece of dogshit did to me”, Zoe shot back. “And maybe you two should watch your junk….You were holding me down while that vile bastard was doing that to me…”

“Yeah…We were next, you fucking whoring slut”, Otto laughed. “And we’re still going to do you…Next Time.”

“You…You DIRTY BASTARDS”, Trent yelled, as he trained his Spud Gun on them.

The two Townie boys suddenly raised their Slingshots and took aim. Zoe and Trent both fired their Spud Guns at the same instant, hitting both Otto and Leon in the guts.  Their Slingshot rocks zinged harmlessly off the house, and they both doubled up and went down.

Zoe dug a couple of M-80 Firecrackers from her pockets as she approached the downed Townie boys.  With Trent covering her, she stuffed one down each boy’s pants, lit them, and scrambled back to the porch.

KA-POW !!!!
KA-POW !!!!

As the Firecrackers blew up in their pants, both boys squealed in pain and agony, withering on the road.  Zoe and Trent quickly moved back inside the house, keeping their Spud Guns trained on the Townies in the distance, who hadn’t yet moved.

“Cover the back”, Zoe said to Trent, who moved to where he could keep the back door in sight.
“Well…Uh…What do you think now ?”, he asked Zoe.

“I think…I best get outta here…There’s just too many of them…You’re right”. She looked at Trent. “Do it. Your friend can get me back in ?”

“Sure…Um…We’ll figure out something…Got to keep you safe”, Trent said. “We‘ll leave outta here tonight, when it‘s calmed down“. Trent looked over at her intently. “You know I…Err…Really like you….”

“Well”, Zoe smiled at him, “I’m beginning to like you too…You do have your uses”.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: Mercury on February 17, 2010, 11:39:01 AM
Tony slapped his fist into his palm to scare the mysterious person sitting on the bed, but he didn't even turn around.  Coming further, Tony recognized this outfit….A pink shirt, with a dirty school uniform over it... This couldn't be anyone else than.……

"Pete ?  What the hell are you doing here ?", Tony exclaimed.

"Shhh... I'm not allowed to be here...", Pete said in a whisper.

"What do you want ?", asked Tony, perplexed.

"I...I...I need your help...", Pete said shakily, his voice beginning to crack.

And then Pete started to cry, hands covering his face. Tony shook his head slowly, and sat next to him, after shutting the door. "Okay, what's the problem ?"

"You've heard…”, Pete sobbed,  “Why I've... I've been kicked out, haven't you  heard ?"

"You mean that panties thing ?“, Tony said. “Come on, I didn't believe it a minute."

"Did you, ever ?", Pete asked, seeking reassurance.

"I really didn't. Trust me. We will find who did that”, Tony assured.

"Anyway, now I've been wandering around, without anywhere to go, or anyone to hang out with..."Pete said mournfully.

"I know how that feels, Pete", said Tony.

Pete suddenly grabbed Tony's arm, his eyes full of tears. "Tony, please find out who did that trick to me, I won't survive much longer without my home !"

"Well, you know I'm the new temporary Mediator, don't you ?  I have enough power here now to start finding this person", Tony said.

"Thank you, Tony, thank you."  Pete said, then stood up.  “I got to leave now.”, he said then, and opened the window and jumped out, landing in front the Dorm and running off.  Surprised, Tony hadn't realized until just now just how desperate Pete was.  He lay down and stared at the blinking neon that was lighting his room.  The investigation will start tomorrow, he vowed.
Title: The Never Ending Story
Post by: BloodChuckZ on February 18, 2010, 12:19:51 PM
Jake, aka Ace Adams, had been raking it in every since Monday. Clique leaders were showing up at his tent one by one with goods and cash. There was quite a pile hidden under the counter already. Jake didn’t know where they came up with all that shit, and didn’t care…That wasn’t his problem.  Some of it was undoubtly stolen, especially what Trent had brought in…Those Bullies didn’t have squat, and Jake didn’t even reconigize the stuff Trent brought.  Most of it was flannel shirts and other workingman stuff that Jake suspected had been ripped off from the Dockworkers and Construction guys.  Jake had no idea where they lived, but Trent and his boys had been around quite a bit longer than he had, so they probably did.  Jake didn’t give a shit how the stuff showed up, just that it did.

By the end of the evening Tuesday, Jake had accumulated quite a bit of cash, also…About $500 dollars.  He had told each clique leader to give out the word to the kids in their Clique to come here for their wants and needs, and to keep their big mouths shut.  Or else the Terrorists would be back.  Many of them would believe that that fatass Comic Store owner had done it, so this news would come as a shock, since Jake knew that the Clique Leaders would let that leak out to the Cliques despite the fact that he had told them to keep that quiet.  That’s exactly what Jake wanted. This would help spread a healthy dose of fear, and make it easy for the clique leaders to exercise control and enforce compliance.  Jake had no doubt that most of them would believe the new story, for kids being kids, they wouldn’t be inclined to believe anything adults said anyway.  Sure, there would be a few holdouts, but not enough to matter.

Jake smirked to himself as he thought about he had inadvertently set up Alfred as the bomber, just by setting off that charge in the back bedroom on Algie’s nuts. That hadn’t been planned, but worked out great, for it kept the Cops off his ass. They would never admit they had made a mistake in any case, for once they had closed a crime with an arrest, that was pretty much it as far as they were concerned. The little pieces of the timer they had found there were the only evidence that linked Alfred to the bombings, but that was enough for them, under pressure to make a quick arrest in the case. Jake had apparently taken the rest of the timers, but that didn’t matter either. They had their man.

Jake checked his stash as he closed up for the evening. He had the stuff in a locked location, more secure than anything he had been able to come up with at School, where he had gotten ripped off twice in just a couple months.  He had set up some M-80 Firecracker charges on his stash as booby-traps, whoever tried to bust the locks would be knocked out if they attempted to steal this stash. He also set up a tripwire across the tent entrance while he slept. Nobody was going to get in here and surprise him. That helped set his paranoid mind at ease.  He made his way back to the cot he had set up behind the counter, feeling safe to sleep for the first time in months.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Mr. Luntz was the School Janitor. He also ran the School Store. Most of the Students never ever really saw him, however…..It was almost like being Invisible. Mr. Luntz liked it that way, for Mr. Luntz was slightly crazy.

Monday through Friday, Mr. Luntz sat behind the counter at the School Store, listening to all the idiot kid conversations and muttering to himself.  Nobody else in this God-forsaken place wanted to do this job, and for good reason…..Nobody wants to clean up after a bunch of snot-nosed brats and the many messes they made.  He sometimes would go sweep in front of the School, but not often, as it was a losing effort….Paper and bits of trash were everywhere, one man couldn’t keep up….So he really didn’t try. They didn’t pay him enough to clean up after those little bastards anyway.

The Halloween Bombings hadn’t surprised him any. It had been only a matter of time before one of the little Psychos would try to blow something up.  Half these kids had so many mental problems that they should be locked up or institutionalized.  He would have thought that they would have set them off in the School building, however….Strange that, but when dealing with nutso kids, you just never knew how their twisted little evil minds worked.  Mr. Luntz didn’t believe for a second that Alfred the Comic Store Owner had done the bombings….That fat fuck got winded just walking down the street, and Luntz had never seen him on this side of the bridge, let alone at the School.  With those short 3-hour timers, there wouldn’t have been any way he could have got in to set them unseen and got back out, costume or not.  He would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

In his unique position, Mr. Luntz heard a lot. He knew who was banging who at the School, Student and Teacher alike.  He overheard their plots and plans. He knew the little fuckers had broken into the Basement and had stolen that merchandise.  He knew about the clothing scams the Prefects were running with the Students.  He knew about Mr. Galloway’s drinking, Mr. Hattrick’s cheating, Ms. Danver’s giving Crabblesnich blow jobs in his Office…All of it.  He also knew about Coach Burton’s fetish with the Panties, which is why it was strange that a bunch of them had been found in that kid’s little Office all of a sudden.  Hell, he cleaned up in there, as he had access to anywhere on the School grounds as part of his job.  He had never found anything in there like that.  And if it had been there, Mr. Luntz would have found it.  He wasn’t above rifling through the drawers and such and helping himself to whatever he could find.  And that Pete kid was clean-cut, one of the more stable kids around here. Just didn’t make sense…..

Oh Well….Time to get back to work. Mr. Luntz left the Basement area, where he bunked, and climbed the stairs to begin another shit-filled day.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The boy waiting in front of Tony was Juri, the Jock with the scar that he ran into earlier in the School Year.  He was looking nervously around him, scratching his neck.  As the tired face of Mr. Luntz appeared behind the dirty glass of the school store and asked him what he was looking for, he put his hands on the short counter.

"Uhh…A gray Bullworth T-shirt…Sir.", the Jock said haltingly.

"Wait here”, Mr. Luntz said in a bored voice with a sigh.

After a few moments, the Janitor came back from the Basement, holding a ripped shirt.  Juri made a disappointed face, but Mr. Luntz didn't leave him any choice, as there wasn't any others left.  The Jock turned and walked away, while Tony approached the counter.

"What do you need, kid ?", Mr. Luntz said shortly.

"I'm not here for any clothing...", Tony began.

"It's a School Store here, not a Tea Room”, Mr. Luntz retorted sarcastically.

"Look, you’ve heard about the panty fetish of that Peter, haven't you ?", Tony asked, looking around.

"Sure”, Mr. Luntz said.  “And you kids know everything about the thefts that happened here."

Tony put on a bland face. "What thefts ?"

"Don't play innocent with me", Mr. Luntz said, as the bell rang and the halls cleared.  The Janitor took a look at the empty hallways and pulled closed the steel roll curtains at both sides of the Store windows and bent himself over the counter, talking very slowly. "I've heard things about it, that's right.  But first, you have to tell me about what you know."

"Sir, I told you I..." Tony started to say.

"There are no innocents here.  Even new kids have blood on their hands after their first day”, Mr. Luntz said firmly. “You want to know something, you spill first.”

"Well.…“, Tony debated. “OK... Do you know who Jake is ?  He did it."

"How can you be so sure ?", Mr. Luntz asked.

"I've seen him selling stuff, your stuff, to the Jocks...", Tony replied.

"How much ?", Mr. Luntz said, with a trace of a snarl.

"I won't tell anything more before you tell me about the panties", Tony said firmly.

Mr. Luntz sat back on his seat, causing it to squeak.  He crossed his fingers and started to talk.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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“It  all started years ago”, Luntz related. “When they hired that Perv of a Gym Teacher. Panties and other girly things started disappearing from the Girl’s Locker Room.  At first, the Students were blamed.  Plenty of sexually screwed up ones here, there are…..But nobody was ever caught for it, and them girlies learned to keep their things outta the Gym Lockers.  Never thought to look at the big fat man who stays there in his Office under the Bleachers…”

Office under the Bleachers ? This was something Tony didn’t know.  In fact, now that he really thought of it, there was a lot of unaccounted space under those Bleachers in both of those Gym buildings.

“Ere for long, then them Panties and things started disappearing from the Girl’s Dorm, so if’n there were ever any suspicion that the fatass whistle-blowin’ fuck was doing the robbing, that were pretty much laid to rest….He’da be noticed if'n he were anywhere near that place. A couple ‘O times over the years, they’d catch kids in there stealing them, but them kids always claimed someone was paying them for them…Never would say who, though, no matter how much detention time they was given.”

Luntz leaned forward to the little speaker set into the glass, and continued in a low voice.

“That’s why it’s awful suspicious when all them panties showed up sudden in your wee buddy Pete’s little Office….Just all of a sudden, seems like”….. And here Luntz looked Tony dead in the eye….”Specially since I clean in there, as everywhere, and if'n all them was there like they said they was, I would’a found them first.”

“So….It wasn’t you that found them ?”. asked Tony.

“Naw….It was them Prefect boys that went over and trashed that little Office, after that hot-ass bitch Danvers found that note on her desk that morning….Morning of the same day as the Bombings.”

“Note..?”, Tony asked. “What Note ?”

“About where to find the panties, dumb shit. Ain’t you been listening ?”, Mr. Luntz said with some exasperation.

“So, umm…What happened to this note ?”, asked Tony.

“Donno…Wasn’t ever in the trash, or I woulda seen it.  Might still be in Crabblesnich’s Office.  What’s the difference ?  The thing was done, it was.  And your buddy Pete got the heat for it….But looks suspicious to me.  Like somebody wanted him out of the way”.

Luntz settled back on his stool. “That’s all I got. Now, spill about what you know.”

Looking about first to see if anyone was watching, Tony began relating what he knew about Jake, his raids on the Prefects for merchandise early on in the year, the hiding places that Jake used, and the thefts from the school basement of the Preps merchandise, carefully leaving out his and his friends part in the whole process. Luntz squinted at him as he finished.

“And, lemme guess…You wouldn’t be having anything to do with all this thievery, would’ja ?”

Tony remained silent and said nothing.

“Ahh, no matter” Luntz laughed. “I wouldn’t expect you to own up to any of it nohow.  Makes no real difference to me.  I just don’t care for you little beggars invading my space, you see…Somebody’s liable to get hurt, you know….” Here Mr. Luntz laughed harshly.  “So, I ask you again kid…What do you need ?”

“I need….To search that Office”, Tony said. “The one Pete used. Find out who set him up. That’s what I need.”

Mr. Luntz looked at Tony for a moment. Then, hauling out a huge ring of keys from his pocket, he rifled through them, detaching one.  This key he threw in metal tray in front of Tony.  “Here…Take your look around. Doubt if you will find anything…But that Pete is a stand-up kid, unlike the rest of you vermin around here.  I want that key back tomorrow, kid….Or I’ll come looking for you.”

“Thank you sir”, said Tony, scooping up the key. “I’ll get this back to you, don’t worry.”

“Ain’t worried kid.  Get it back, or I’ll take it outta your hide”, Luntz said, closing the School Store window gates.

Tony stuck the key into his pocket. Now, he just needed to get into Pete’s old Office unobserved.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The late sky was deep blue, but it was hours before curfew yet.  After getting out of School, Tony had headed in direction of Old Bullworth Vale.  While thinking about what he was going to do that night, an idea had hit him…Who was he, exactly, to be the one who was going to do an investigation ?   He didn't even know how to do it... And that's why he needed to meet someone.  He stood by the edge of the Shinjo's Chinese Restaurant and observed the townsfolk passing by.  After a while, the waited blue uniform appeared.

"Hello, Officer”, spoke Tony

"What the... Hey, I recognize you !", the Officer said.

"How are you ?  And, more importantly, how is your lady ?", Tony said with a wink.

"You've been a perfect help, son !”, Officer Williams replied,  “In fact, I was just looking for her  when you found me."

"I'm happy I could help you”, Tony said sincerely.  “But... How could I say this...Are you busy ?"

"Do you need some help from me ?”, Officer Williams asked.  “Sure, Kid…It's the least I can do !"

"In fact…’, Tony said slowly, “I need to know how to find evidence..."

"How to find evidence ?”, Officer Williams said, puzzled. “Why that ?"

"One of my friends has been a victim of a trick to get him expelled, I have to discover who did that", said Tony, “And why.”

Officer Williams put his hand to his chin, thinking.  Then he said, "Okay, come with me to the station, I'll show you something.….Just make as if you had been caught for some stupid prank."
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was hauled into the Bullworth Vale Police Station by the scruff of his neck.

“What’cha got here, Officer ? Another one ?”, The Desk Sargent said.

“Just a suspect", Officer Williams said.  "I’ll need the interrogation room for this one."

Tony was shoved into the small room, as the Officer followed and slammed the door.  “There….Sorry to be so rough….Have a seat there and lay out what you need to know.”

Tony sat, and after composing himself, related the story of how Pete had been removed from his job at Bullworth and expelled because of the note on Ms. Danvers desk and the found panties in his Office.  He said how he felt Pete was innocent because the School Janitor had never found anything in there before and how the panties had just all of a sudden turned up the morning of the bombings.

“Hmmmm”, the Officer said, stroking his chin. “Sounded like someone wanted him out of the way, for sure….What did this Pete do at the school ?”

“He was the School Mediator”, Tony said. “His job was to keep peace among the Cliques.”

“Hmmm….But when we arrived, all them kids were fighting each other, blaming each other for the bombings….”

“Exactly what Pete would have been doing, he would have been out there to try to stop that from happening, to cool down the situation.”, Tony added.

“Right…Except somebody didn’t want that to happen”, the Officer said. He sat back. This put a new light on things. Maybe Alfred, the Comic Store guy, had an accomplice. Some body inside the School ?  A Student ?

“So, I sorta need to know, what kind of evidence I would need to look for…You know, to help Pete prove he didn’t steal those panties”, Tony finished.

“Well…It’s a longshot, boy….But if you could find anything left behind in that little office by whoever set him up….Something that could give a clue….That wasn’t this Pete’s…That would be a start”, The officer said, thinking. “You say there was a note…What happened to that ?”

“I don’t know, sir…I’m gonna try to find that too”, Said Tony.

“If you do, bring it to me.  We can maybe test that, for fingerprints or DNA.  After all, who would leave a note incriminating themselves ?  Had to be a third party. Somebody who knew, because they put the panties there.”

Tony hadn’t thought of that. “Yeah, that’s right !”, He Exclaimed. “Gee, Thanks Officer !”

“No problem, kid”, the Officer said, standing and opening the door. “You best go now.”

Tony stood up and walked out the door. “You’re free to go now”, the Officer Williams said loudly. “Just keep outta trouble and keep your nose clean from now on, ya’hear ?”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Later that night found Tony hiding in a locker, waiting for the patrolling Prefects to clear away from the area around Pete’s former small Office.  When the coast was clear, Tony slipped out of the locker and made his way to the windowless Office door.  Using the key he had gotten from Mr. Luntz, he quickly unlocked the door, went inside, and closed it.   Removing his jacket, he stuffed it along the door crack by the floor.  Then he tuned on the light.

The place was in disarray.  Papers and other small items littered the floor.  Drawers were pulled out and upended both on the desk and floor.  The lone file cabinet had been gutted, it’s contents also dumped.  A small end table was knocked over.  The desk lamp lay broken on the floor.  It seemed that the Prefects had been ruthless in their zeal to uncover every bit of panties they could find.

Tony began the long task of going through the mess left behind, looking for anything he could find that could give him a clue as to how the panties wound up here.  Along the way, he learned some interesting things about the Cliques and some of their members that might prove useful later.  The more interesting and incriminating items Tony stuck in his pockets for future reference.  There was also a sheath of attached documents, each listing a Student of Bullworth Academy.  This he tucked up under his shirt.  Finally, having looked through all the papers, Tony moved the desk to look underneath. Nothing.  Then, he did the same with the filing cabinet.  Still Nothing.

Tony looked around. The only other furnishings in the little office was a easy chair over beside the door.  Tony went and moved it, too, finding a few more papers under it as well.  He scooped these up to look at them, and in doing so noticed a small piece of plastic lying near the wall that had been partly covered by the papers.  Tony picked this up also. It was a card.  Without much surprise, he saw the face staring back at him and read the name.

It was Jake’s Student I.D. Card.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony walked slowly through the amount of papers and let himself fall into the chair. He reached over to the switch, flipped it off, and began to think in the dark, playing with the plastic card.  This little object had changed everything.  It had made some hypothesis vanish, and created others... If Jake had the smallest role possible, he was only working for the so-called Terrorists.  Planting the panties, getting paid, enjoying the money.  But it couldn't be like that - Jake wanted the School, not a wage.  But no one had seen him for a while, maybe he was planning something, comfortably hidden in a safe place ?

Tony stood up, and walked in direction of the door.  Retrieving his jacket, he opened it slowly, a hand on his chest, where some of the documents were hidden.  There weren't any Prefects patrolling in this sector he could hear, so he got out.  But as he closed it, the door squeaked.

"What ? Who’s There ?”, a voice hollered.

The voice of the Prefect, from the other day on the Football Field !  Tony began to run in the opposite direction, finding his way through the hallways.  He had no time to look at the Lockers to find an open and empty one to hide in, so he headed in direction of the nearest Exit door.  After running outside, he hid in the shadows for a moment before going back to the Boy’s Dorm.  Inside, only a half of the lights were switched on, like every night after 10:00 PM.  Ahead, in the Common Room, the TV was showing an attractive woman drinking a can of soda in slow motion, with a great Beam logo at the bottom.  To the side, Constantinos was sleeping, sitting up against the couch.  Tony went to his room, sat on his bed, and took out all the papers and the sheaf of documents he had stolen, plus Jake's I.D. card, to make a debriefing.  He laid them all out on the bed, in order, and frowned as a cold shudder ran along his back.

One document was obviously missing.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Thanksgiving was fast approaching. The kids at the School liked this time of year for one major reason -- Edna was given the whole week of the holidays off, and real food was shipped into the School for the kids to eat.  It was the one time of the School year that the Cafeteria was filled up.

Each Clique still held their own place.  The uneasy truce which had settled over the School was still fresh and new, with the same tensions still under the surface. The word had leaked out about the unseen ‘Terrorists’, and had most everyone on edge.  Even with the assurances of the administration that everyone was safe with the increased security measures, most of the Students knew what that was worth.

The chatter in the room was interrupted at the sight of a familiar figure coming down the steps. With her red hair and shitkicker boots, she was immediately recognized by those who had been at the School the year before.  It was Zoe, the girl who had been Jimmy Hopkins' Girl.  She had returned to Bullworth.  Walking down the steps beside her was Trent.  They both made their way to the Bullies section and sat down.  As they did so, the talk and chatter picked up again.

Most of the girls were afraid of Zoe, and with good reason. Zoe could kick ass better than some of the tough boys, and didn’t take crap off anyone, boy or girl alike.  That she had started stomping the ass of any girl who got around Jimmy before the end of School in the spring was still fresh in their minds, especially Mandy, Christy, and Pinky. But the buzz wasn’t about that….It was about her apparent relationship with Trent.

A more unlikely pair they just couldn’t imagine. What on earth was going on there ?  There were some rumors of something that had happened with some Townies over in Blue Skies, and that a deal had been worked out for Zoe’s return to school…But none of them knew much about it.  What was apparent though, was it had something to do with Trent.

Karen, however, was glad to see Zoe. Sitting at the far table with Tony, she waved at her, and Zoe saw and waved back.  Zoe had been kind of a mentor and protector of hers, and the other younger girls.  Karen had even learned some of her moves from Zoe to protect herself. Excusing herself from Tony for a moment, she went over to talk with Zoe.

As Tony watched her go, his mind went back to what he had learned the night before. It seemed that for someone in Pete’s position, he had come across a number of things that had to be kept secret.  Incriminating stuff, against students, prefects, staff, and even teachers.  All, it seemed, except for one……

Tony frowned, trying to think.  If Jake had been the ’Panty Planter’, and it sure seemed as if he had, it seemed highly likely that he would have had enough time to do just what Tony himself had done…Go through the files in Pete’s office.  Tony had looked through every file and scrap of paper, only taking what had looked like contained adverse information on any person, plus that sheaf of Student Files.   But as he had laid it all out in the bed in the privacy of his room, he realized that there was a file missing on one prominent person at the school. 

He had searched everything in his time at the Office, so there was no sense in returning there.  Besides, he had to return the key to Mr. Luntz today.  He wouldn’t risk raising his suspicion, as Mr. Luntz always seemed highly suspicious of everybody.  If asked, he would say he didn’t find anything.  Tony also doubted the stupid-ass Prefects had even looked at any of the papers, as they had been sent there to uncover the panties hidden in the office.  If they had been after anything else, they would have just stripped the place bare.

No, only Pete alone had access to what was contained in those Files.  Pete knew enough about the Students and adults at the school to have the place shut down and maybe even send some of them to Jail if the contents of what was on those documents were made public.  Pete, however, was a squeaky-clean boy who would never divulge that type of privileged information, which was probably why he had been picked for that position, after the antics of Gary Smith had forced the administration to do something.  It seemed, though, that maybe even the administration didn’t even know the extent of the Information that Pete had collected on everybody in the short time he had been on the job.

Which made the missing document all the more mysterious.  If Jake had taken it, which Tony believed he had, then there had to be a reason.  The file on Jake himself was still there, although Jake may have left that to deflect suspicion away from him. The only reason Tony even knew he had been there is that he dropped his Student I.D. Card after picking the lock with it.  Probably hadn’t missed it since he wasn’t at School anymore as a Student.

Tony had secreted the papers in his secret hiding spot at the cave, for the time being.  He would have to find Pete and talk to him about all this.  And before he went to Dr. Crabblesnich with the evidence to clear Pete, that boy was gonna level with him, for only Pete would know what was in the missing file.

Karen came happily back to the table. She and Zoe had arranged to temporarily room together in the new Dorm arrangement.  When the new semester came in January, Karen would room with her friend Melody Adams, a girl whom Tony only knew slightly.  Karen chatted away about how glad she was that Zoe was back at School, and how well they would get along.  Tony smiled and nodded, but his mind was still on the mystery.  The bell finally rang, calling Students back to class.  Tony walked Karen to her class, kissed her goodbye, then sprinted to the School Store to return the key to Mr. Luntz.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The hallways were empty as Tony silently approached the School Store. Mr. Luntz lowered his magazine to look and see who it was, and then pushed the metal tray forward without saying a word.  Tony threw the keys in it, but kept standing before the counter, what caused the Janitor to stop reading again.

"I guess you didn't find anything.  Did you ?", Mr. Luntz said sarcastically.

"It was a real mess over there”, Tony said. “The Prefects haven't made it easy..."

"Not my problem, kid, unless I have to clean it all”, Mr. Luntz rumbled. “So ?"

"Well... You were right”, Tony lied. “There wasn't any clue.  Anyone who did that was a professional."

Mr. Luntz sighed, and turned the page of his magazine, discovering another set of photos showing ‘green’ landscapes.  Tony turned away and headed in direction of the Cafeteria, but a beeping sound right before the entryway caught his attention.  He stopped, and picked the object out of his pocket.  He already know how this worked.

"Tony ? Do you receive me ?", crackled the voice from the Walkie-Talkie.

"Fuck you, Algie”, Tony hissed into the Transceiver.  Algie had returned to School this week, a month after having his nut blown off in that mysterious attack in the Dragon Wing’s Basement side room.

"You’re going to talk better, if you don't want you little secret to be revealed”, came Algie’s voice. “Right ?"

Tony looked around him. If Algie had called at just the right moment, he had to be in sight.  After a short time, he caught a glimpse of a green sweater clumsily hidden behind a locker.

"(static)... new pants. You have one hour”, the radio crackled.

"What ? I don't give a fuck if your pants are soaked, you hear ?", Tony said, sneaking towards Algie’s hiding place.

"Don't be crude...", the radio voice started.

Tony threw the homemade Walkie-Talkie right at the locker next to the fat Nerd, and the clanging metal sound caused him to flee.  But Tony didn't even have to run, it just took two steps to grab Algie and push him to the ground.

"Your secret... Will be told... Anyway…”, Puffed Algie.

"Think a little bit.  Is there any evidence ?  Any witness ?", Tony hissed.

"I saw you.  They all will believe me !", exclaimed Algie.

"Don't be ridiculous.  Our so-called work together is over !  Do you get me ?  The only reason I don‘t kick your ass is because of what you been through lately."  With a final shake, Tony walked away, taking his time to trample on the Nerd Transmitter.

But as Tony walked away from the sniveling Nerd, it occurred to him that Algie seemed a little bit bolder as a result of his trauma.  Without knowing it, Tony, along with everyone else, would find out in a month’s time just how bold.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony was waiting at the Front Gate entry shelter, which was still manned during School hours.

"Name ?", said the Prefect.

"Tony Calderone”, he answered sullenly.

"Purpose in the town ?", the Prefect continued.

"Hey, no one cares about that, just give me that pass !", Tony growled.

"Security Matters." answered the prefect behind the counter of the shelter.

"Eating.", Tony said with resignation.

"What, don't you like in the Cafeteria ?", the Prefect queried.  “Where at ?”

"The French Restaurant.", Tony said impatiently.

"I repeat my first question…What don't you...", the Prefect began.

"Because there isn't any Thermidor Lobster with Caviar. OK ?", Tony quipped snidely.

The Prefect rolled the eyes and put the waited-for pink paper pass on the counter.  Tony took it and headed in direction of Old Bullworth Vale.  After crossing the small bridge, he made his way out to the end of the wooden dock, where he met Pete, sitting on a bench.  The now-former Mediator opened his eyes wide as he saw Tony, and quickly got up to greet him and shake his hand.

"I got news for you, Pete, and a request”, said Tony.

"I'm listening”, Pete said. “What do you need ?”

"Well, I used some finesse to get into your old Office, which allowed me to look about here and there…”, Tony began.

"How was it ?”, Pete interrupted,  “I mean…My furniture is still in one piece, isn't it ?”

"It looked allright”, Tony said, dismissively.  “But listen…Under some papers on the floor, I found this."  He threw Jake's Student I.D. card on Pete's knees.

"There's no doubt now”, Tony said. “I haven't told anyone but you."

"Ohh…I think I begin to get it...", Pete said, revelation dawning on his face.

"And listen, during my visit I took some of your documents", Tony admitted.

"Really ?  They didn‘t take them ?”, Pete said, surprised. “That information is…Sensitive."

"Wait.” Tony held up his hand. “I know that they could send half of the School to prison. But that's not the point. One of the Student Files is missing."

Pete had put his face between his hands, looking at the calm water through his fingers. Tony respected his silence, and then gently tapped on his shoulder. "Pete, come on... I need to know who this is..."

Pete sighed. “On the face of it, the file was about Derby Harrington….But…...”

Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony waited in silence.

Pete continued, “….It’s really contains information about Derby’s father, Mr. Harrington.”

“And so…That’s bad ?” asked Tony.

“What I mean is….There’s information about how the money flows at Bullworth…Payoffs, Kickbacks, Bribery, that sort of thing. All of it highly illegal.”

Now it was Tony’s turn to be surprised. “Like, woah…Real adult stuff, Huh ?”

“I should explain”, Pete went on. “Many, many years ago, Derby’s grandfather spearheaded the group of investors who had Harrington House built. The Harrington family came into their riches by means of alcohol-running during Prohibition in the 1930s, and built on that with a whole lot of other activities with the Mobsters and Gangsters of the Mafia after that.  But, since he didn’t come from ‘Old Money’, he was unable to get his son, Derby’s father, into any of the prestigious Prep Schools at the time.  Pissed off at the social elite who snubbed them, he and a few of his old rum-running buddies settled here and put up the cash to for Harrington House.  The Harrington family, though, put up the largest share, about 75%…..So that his son, and the others, could have a ‘Social Pedigree’ at a Prep School to get them into the more exclusive Colleges in the North-East.  In that way, they would in a position to compete with the power elite that really runs things in this country.”

Pete took a breath, and went on. “The Harringtons have always had dealings with the Mob since that time…They were involved in gun-running, money-laundering, protection, gambling, prostitution…You name it.  Later, in the 1960s, they were into supplying illegal drugs, arms for third-world countries, and stock market fraud through insider trading”.  Pete looked up. “The Harringtons have Millions of dollars, most of it made like that. They keep a low profile, still live here in this Bull-Shit town, never get too obvious….On the surface, they are just another rich family.  But…They have enough to own this place a hundred times over.  They run most of the things here in these Towns, only most don’t know it.  And, they really run the school.  Look at how fast they had the School repaired after the Bombings.  Kept a lot of the details out of the papers. Crabblesnitch, and the others, are all there because of the Harringtons, and take their orders from them, and get paid well to do it.”

“I…Don’t understand…What does that mean to us ?” Tony asked.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Pete got up and began to pace.  Then he stopped and faced Tony.  “Don’t you ever wonder about this School ?   Don’t you ever wonder why some kids can skip classes when they feel like it and still pass ?  Why the classwork is so easy ?  Why it doesn’t seem to matter why nobody gets a real Report Card ?  Or even really learns anything ?”

“Yeah, But…”, Tony started to say, then stopped.

“Can’t you see, it doesn’t really matter ?  The school is a front, a FAKE….Oh, it’s a 'Real School' on paper, and as far as being 'Legal' and all….But it’s just a vehicle for the Harringtons and the other rich snobs to claim a ‘Prep School Education’ for all their brats. You ever see them Prep kids fail ANYTHING ?  Get DETENTION ?  Have to answer for a single thing they do ?”

Tony considered. “Well…No, I guess not….”

“A couple of the Preps was involved in that cheating scandal last year.  Anything happen to them ?  No.  They all get a free pass, for anything.”  Pete was getting agitated now, almost shaking. “If you really want to learn anything here, you have to do it on your own.  And, in the end, they will pass you weather you are smart or dumb, it doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah, about that…If this is a School for Preps, then why are all the Misfits here ?”

“Because, the School, that is the Harringtons, get a bunch of Tax Breaks for having dis-advantaged kids like them…And like you and me…Here.  And it looks good on paper.  The Bullies, The Greasers, they’re just the by-products of these Towns.  The Nerds are the wannabe kids whose parents are looking for status. The Jocks…Well, every School needs a winning athletic program, so they’re here. They get a free pass, too. Even dye-in-the-wool troublemakers, like Jimmy Hopkins last year, make this place SEEM to be diverse and socially acceptable, at least to the government and the IRS….And that’s all that really matters, in the end.”

Tony shook his head. This was a lot to take in. “But…If all that’s so, then what about all the trouble lately ?  The Bombings ? The Terrorists ?  Why wouldn’t that bring outside attention to the  School ?”

Pete laughed harshly. “Terrorists ?  If that were true, the Feds would be swarming the place.  And the Bombings ?  The Harringtons are keeping a lid on that.”

“Yeah, but the Cops…”, Tony started to say.

“The Harringtons OWN the Cops !", Pete said.  "They OWN the Towns.  Haven’t you been hearing me ?  Who do you think owns the Industries over in Blue Skies, like the Chem Plant ? There is nothing around here they don’t have their fingers on. That’s what is in that file. That is why that file so dangerous”.

“Dangerous ?” said Tony. “How is that…”

“Because, it has details, names, places, the money involved…I don’t know how it came to be, but it exists….And it could land the Harringtons and their friends in a lot of hot water, Prison time, fines, the Feds seizing their money….If they knew that file even existed. But the Harringtons know it exists, although I don’t think they know how much is actually out there.”

Tony was thinking. “If they know…Then…”

“Then for someone to have it in their possession might mean big trouble for them….Even the knowledge of it is risky.  Look what they did to Jimmy Hopkins.”

“Jimmy ?”, Tony said. “He Knew ?”

“Where do you think I got the file from in the first place ?" revealed Pete.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Tony sat stunned. What else didn’t he know ?  Maybe…He knew too much already.  Despite that, he couldn’t help himself.  He still had to know.

“Pete…What did you do with that File ?”

Pete stood again and resumed pacing. “Jimmy gave me those papers the night before he was arrested. He had finally figured out what it was, and that someone would be after him for it.  The Harringtons had him charged with those trumped-up Accessory to Murder charges and then stuck him in Jail, thinking that he still had those papers in his possession.  But he didn’t, and they don’t know where they are.  Some of the papers had been taken from the School Office, and some had been taken from Harrington House. I think Mr. Harrington kept them in those places to avoid having them in his home, just in case. Anyway, Jimmy gave them to me and told me to get rid of them somehow, and then just clammed up after he was arrested. His old room…Your old room…was searched by the Town Clowns afterwards, but, course, they found nothing.”

Pete paused. “I took and combined them into Derby’s file to hide them at first, but at the start of the School year, I decided to put them in a place that would be real hard for someone to really find.  I got a lockbox and buried the whole File in a place away from the School.  I’m the only one who knows where it is.”

“So, why didn’t you just destroy those things in the File ?”, asked Tony.

“They’re my Insurance. Even if the Harringtons believed those papers no longer existed, they would come after anyone who even had knowledge of them, to make sure no one would go to the Feds.  Jimmy never ratted me out, as far as I know…But, I wasn’t going to take any chances.”  Pete stopped and looked at Tony. “Now that you know…HAD to know…You had best keep your trap shut.  Real tight.”

“You can bet on that”, Tony said. “I’m just here trying to survive.”  He got up. “I hope that I.D. Card helps you out.  If there’s anything else I can do…”

“I’m glad you found this”, Pete said. "It doesn’t explain why, but at least I know who.  You done good, but I’ll take care of it from here.  I trust you hid those papers well…”

Here Tony nodded. “Then”, Pete continued, “I’ll just need the file that relates to Jake.  I’ll go to Crabblesnich myself and get this all straightened out.  I’ll tell him I found this card in my Office. That I still had my key and decided to investigate.”

“Just watch your back”, Tony said.

“What really pisses me off”, Pete went on, holding up the I.D. card, “Is that that little Shit-Ass Jake set me up for being a pervert when I had nothing to do with this. I hardly even knew him.  Why target me ? This whole thing is nuts. I had a great Halloween costume picked out to wear for that night, too.”

“Well…Jake has always seemed a little whacked out….”, Tony said, remembering.

Halloween…Then the Bombings.  A picture arose in Tony’s mind suddenly, of Trent standing on the top of the steps at the Boy’s Dorm, keeping the other boys from going in….Then the explosion…

Both boys stared at each other.

“You don’t think….”, began Tony.

“That there’s a connection here ?”, Said Pete. “I…Don’t Know….”

“I gotta go”, Tony said suddenly. “Someone I gotta talk to.”
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The sky was grey over the asphalt of the Parking Lot, that supported each day the dozen feet of the Bullies.  The Clique was in circle, playing with a Soccer ball, as Tony greeted them loudly.  Half of them looked at him warily, but before they could say a word, Tony announced, "Trent, I gotta talk with you."

"Uh, all right, man”, Trent replied.

After walking away from the group of boys, Tony started. "You know, Trent, the night of the bombings..."

"Yeah ?", Trent said non-committaly.

"I remember that you kept to your boys from going in the Dorm. Why was that ?  Was there someone told you to do that ?", Tony said slowly.

"Uh, no, no, it's just...", Trent stumbled.

"What ?  Was there any reason ?", Tony pressed.

Trent looked his feet for a moment, and nodded his head silently. "Jake wanted me to do that."

"And you didn't make the fucking connection ?", Tony said, with his anger rising.

"What connection ?", Trent said, puzzled.

"Whatever”, Tony said in disgust. It was hard to believe that Trent was that dumb, but there it was.  He wasn’t getting anywhere here. “Thanks for your help, Dude. Have a nice day."

If Trent wasn't smart enough to make that connection, Tony was.  One thing was sure -- Jake knew about the planned bombings.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Algie had indeed returned to Bullworth Academy after a month of recuperation in the fancier Clinic at Old Bullworth Vale.  Since having one of his nuts blown clean off and the other damaged by a as-yet unknown assailant, an observer would think that Algie would be a bit more careful of where and how he slept.  But Algie had instead become very angry during his time in the hospital clinic, as someone might expect. Having not a clue who to direct his anger at, although he had his suspicions, Algie just got mad at everyone.  It wasn’t so much that he might never be able to get a girl pregnant (If it were even possible to find a girl willing to ever have sex with him in the first place), it was just the last straw of being picked on for years and years. 

Dark thoughts of revenge swirled about in his head.  He had had plenty of time during his painful recuperation to lay some evil plans to get back at his tormentors.  Knowing he couldn’t confront them directly due to his lack of physical ability, he would have to use his superior mental powers to devise retribution against his enemies.  He would lay traps and lure his intended victims in.  And, just like his attacker, he would stay in the shadows.  All the blame would go to the mysterious attacker who had attacked him. It was so perfect.

His first targets would be his chief tormentors….The Bullies.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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Thanksgiving had passed. Tony was leaving Chem Class on the first day back from the holiday when he was called by name. Looking around, he saw Pete walking towards him.

“Hey, Tony…I gotta talk to you", Pete said. "Can you come up to my Office ?”

“Umm…Sure”, Tony said, following Pete towards the stairs. “You get everything straightened out with the Head, then ?”

“Yeah”, Pete said. “All fixed up. That’s what I need to talk to you about.”

Tony went up the stairs with Pete and then down the hall. Stopping at the setback door, Pete produced a set of keys, and unlocked not one, but three locks set in the door that looked brand-new. Entering the small room, Pete closed and re-locked the door, and motioned Tony into the chair, now near the desk.

The place was all cleaned up from the last time Tony had been there. There was no papers scattered on the floor, the desk was clear, with all the drawers put back in, and the huge file cabinet in the corner, Tony noticed, had some extra hardware on it….Sliding bars and several tough-looking padlocks now adorned the front of it. The desk lamp had been fixed and now sat in one corner of the top of the desk.

Pete sat down behind the desk.  “I wanted to see you Tony, and let you know that I have my Mediator job back, thanks to you. I went to see Crabblesnich, and explained it all to him. Showed him that I.D. Card that was found here.”

“And he believed you, just like that ?”, Tony questioned.

“Well….I had help”, Pete said. “I didn’t go in there alone.”

“Help ? What Help ?”, Tony Asked.

“I can’t tell you that”, Pete said. Tony opened his mouth to say something, but Pete waved him to silence. “No…You got to understand, Tony…There’s things I can’t talk about. Dangerous things. Things that have to be kept quiet.”

“What do you mean ?”, Tony asked. 

Pete sighed. “Look, Crabblesnich knows that I know things. He doesn’t know how much I know, I’m quite sure, but he realizes that I know enough to cause him…And the School…A lot of trouble. Plus, I think he’s smart enough to figure out that this whole thing against me was bogus…I mean, what idiot would leave panties scattered in easy-to-find places in his work office, just as a mysterious note suddenly appears on his secretary’s desk out of nowhere ?  This was obviously a set-up, and Crabblesnich is no dummy -- He had to suspend me at first, really didn’t have a choice…But now the facts are out there, so….”  He indicated the Office with a sweep of his arm…”Here I am.”

“Yeah, But…” Tony began.

“But Nothing”, Pete said. “The last thing Crabblesnich wants is for me to turn up in a Federal Prosecutor’s Office somewhere.  I’m sure the Harringtons wouldn’t like that either.  This whole place operates on secrecy. As they used to say in the Dorm, ‘This Place Is Rotten To The Core’…They just didn’t know how right they were.”

“If that’s so…”, Tony said slowly, “Why not just…Whack you ?”

“They’re not gonna chance killing a kid, even an older kid like me…That’s too risky. Besides, they don’t think that I’m that big of a threat to them. That I know enough to really hurt them.”

“But…”, Tony said slowly, “You Do ?”

Pete didn’t say anything.

Tony slumped back in his chair. “Woah…”
Both boys sat there in silence. After a minute, Tony asked, “Why do you go along with this ?”

“Because…If this School goes down, we all go down”, Pete replied.

“Whadda Mean ?’, Tony asked. “How does that affect us ?”

“I want to get out of here”, Pete said. “I want to graduate. If the school is brought down, all of the academics will be worthless. All the Credits will be lost. Yours…Mine…Everybodys….All the classes you ever went to here won’t count. The state will pull accreditation, and every course will be tarnished. Not so bad for you maybe, you haven’t been here very long. But for me, and others like me, who have been here for years, it would totally screw our chances of ever getting into a decent College. Like I said, I want out…And I’m not gonna hang around here and be a Prefect.”

Tony sat stunned. Again, for the second time in as many weeks, he was seeing much more than maybe he should be knowing.

“There’s another thing”, Pete said. “I convinced Crabblesnich that I needed an assistant….You.”

Here Pete reached into the desk drawer, and threw a set of keys across the desk. Tony looked at him questionly.

“I could really use the help. You’re a good kid, about the only one in this place I can trust. Besides, you know too much to back out now.”  Pete paused. “Whadda Say ?”

Slowly Tony reached over and picked up the keys. “OK….I’m In”

“Good”, Pete said. “Oh, and Tony…I’m gonna need those files back. Those papers you took. You may think they’re safe, but unless you buried them….” Here Pete looked at Tony, who shook his head No, he continued….”Then they’re not safe. Anyone can find them. Look at the stuff you’ve found.”

Tony was remembering. It DID seem like hiding places eventually got discovered…He had sure come across places himself that he thought were secure…But…

“Bet you have them stashed in one of the caves around here, don’t you…”, Pete said, and here Tony just looked at him with a look of surprise…”Oh, yeah, I know about those places, and so do lots of others who have been around here awhile.  It’s only natural to want to get away and explore.  Once you’re around here for a couple or three years, you pretty much know where all those spots are.”

Tony got to thinking. Pete was right. Nowhere out there was really safe. So where was safe ?  Tony looked over at the now-heavily fortified file cabinet. For the first time he noticed that it was now also bolted to the floor. Pete pointed to the cabinet. “Nobody’s getting in there now. Short of an acetylene torch, that is. Probably the safest place in the whole School now.”

Tony agreed. “I’ll get the papers back here tonight”, he said. “I can sneak them back in without getting busted.”

“I think you’ll find that’s not a problem for you anymore”, Pete said. “Perks of the job from now on -- The Prefects have to leave us alone. All you have to tell them is you’re on School Business. They have to back off. They’re not allowed in here, either. That’s kind of funny, having something that’s off-limits to those fuckers.”

“Sounds sweet…I think I’m liking this job a whole lot more now.” Tony rose to leave. “Oh, um, Pete…Something I gotta tell you.  Remember when we talked the last time, about the Bombings ?”

Pete nodded. “What did you find out ?”

“I had just remembered something that happened that night.  Trent was keeping anyone from going in the Boy’s dorm right before the bomb in there went off. When I asked him about it, he finally let out that Jake had told him to keep everyone out that night.”

Pete leaned back. “That means Jake…Knew something…”

“Yeah, I think he was in on it somehow, or knew it was coming…..”, Tony agreed.

“And Jake’s been missing now for….What, a couple months ?”, Pete asked.

“Just about…Except for his contacts with Trent…..I’m gonna have to talk to that boy alone somewhere private. He knows something….I’ll get it outta him”, Tony said.

“Get them papers back here first. That’s most important right now”, Pete said.

“Will Do”, said Tony, heading for the door. “See you later.”

Tony exited the small office, and stood in the hallway, considering. It became clear to him that it was urgent to get those papers back into Pete’s newly-fortified file cabinet. This was now a very important mission. Thinking, Tony decided to take along Laurent and Constantinos for lookouts and backup. He couldn’t afford to take any chances on this one.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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The very next night, Tony closed the door of his new Office, after being followed in by the two boys he had brought with him.  They were carrying the successfully retrieved the papers and files from the stash in the cave. He sat in the new chair that produced a little squeaking sound, and turned the desk lamp on.  The two boys piled the lot on the floor next to the cabinet.

"Okay, guys, how do you like it here ?", Tony grinned.

"It is simply amazing !  A whole Office just for you !" Constantinos replied.

"Yeah, it looks... Hem... Great." Laurent simply said.

"Well…I have to share it with Pete, he‘s the Boss”, Tony said modestly. “Okay... Listen, I've had you guys come here because I have a deal for you."

The two boys looked at each other, and then bent themselves over the desk to listen carefully.  Tony crossed his fingers, and started to talk.  "You both have honestly, and I mean it, made this a perfect job for me. You, Constantinos, have always been here to keep me informed about everything that was said in this School. Without you, we couldn't have started this whole business, and we all would still be under the wing of that turd Jake.  And you, Laurent, you've been helping me a lot too, first off about the Parkour and then the Rappel.  And then, you've been a bodyguard at times, a guy that always kept being discreet and that knew how to keep secrets.  Anyway, now we have this  new general quarters, I wanted to... Make your work for me official."

"What do you mean by that ?" replied Constantinos after a short time.

"You will be my ears like always, and Laurent will be my bodyguard.  I'll need you to be ready at anytime and anyplace.  I'll provide you money to buy bikes so that you can go quicker.  Constantinos, I'll pay you a price for each bit of information, and Laurent, for each enemy bashed. Got it ?"

"Oui. Like a... Cogneur”, Laurent nodded.

"Sure…Uh, Yeah”. Tony said. “All right, guys ?  I'll contact you soon, make sure you hang out often near the Fountain, understood ?"

"Okay, bo... Tony”, Constantinos said, and Laurent nodded. Shaking hands, they took their leave.

When the two boys were gone, Tony went to the new water cooler that had been put in this Office and poured cold water into a plastic glass.  Since hour one in his new position, he had felt powerful and important.
Title: The Never Ending Story
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"Welcome to the Dragon's Wing !  What do you call yourself ?  I can't remember, man...", the strange new fat young man said.

Algie looked shortly at the new proprietor of his favorite and only Comic Shop.  The young man had long blond hair, and wore an eternal ‘Blue Oyster Cult’ T-Shirt  with a nametag that read “Stan.”  The guy had arrived in Bullworth Town just after Alfred was arrested for the bombings, and had somehow taken over the Comic Shop, managing to make everything look new and futuristic.  The Nerd spoke his name quickly, walked around the counter and pushed the metal door to access to the cellar.  Down there, like always, was a bunch of Nerds playing their favorite roleplay game, Grottos and Gremlins.

"Hey Algie ! Wanna play for the next round ?" Fatty asked.

"No, Uh... I have a lot of work“, demurred Algie.

"Okay then...", Fatty said, getting back to the game. “Prepare The Battlements !”

Algie took a door leading to the small room, with a desk with a computer on it, and the mattress where he had been sleeping when his nut was blown off.  He sat at the desk and opened the second drawer of the deask.  Inside, he found many photocopies of the plans of the School.  The first he pulled was a plan for the operation ‘Trojan Cow‘, an old plan to beat the Jocks that the Nerds had made successfully with Jimmy last year.  After a few looks at old pland, he finally pulled a new sheet without any writing on it, and began to think about his first way to teach the Bullies a lesson. 

At the top of the sheet, he wrote, The Trap of Love.
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Mr. Svenson, the Postman, entered the gate and then climbed the steps to the large porch and knocked on the old wooden door.  As Kurt opened it, loud, hard music came out of the communal room, and Mr. Svenson could barely hear what the kid was saying.  He decided just to give to the kid the pack of letters he had in the hands, and after a final look at the messy room, he made his way back to the street. 

Kurt slammed the door, threw the letters on the glass table, and after kneeling down, made a sign to Tibo for him to shut off the music. "What have we here... Advertising... Advertising... Oh, there's something for you, Lola", Kurt said offhandedly.

His girl looked up from her magazine, and grabbed the letter.  She hadn't received any mail in months... Maybe was it from Johnny Vincent, could it be that he was bored without her, missing her ?  Even though she had left Detroit and returned here, that would be proof of his real love. She had snatched the letter quickly in case there was a return address with Johnny’s name, but the space was left blank.

Apparently, the Rockers had received a letter from the School that was occupying all their interest, and didn’t notice.  Lola didn't care about the School anymore.  She was living the good life here, as she always had wanted.  She stood up, kicked aside two or three pizza boxes just to find her way to the stairs, and climbed up to the room she was sharing with Kurt.  She laid on the bed, and slowly opened the letter she was holding. The first thing she noticed was that $20 dollars was in it.  The second was that the letter was written with magazine letters pasted on the paper, titled "The Trap of Love", and signed ‘Piff the Skull‘.  The mysterious person promised more dollars if she followed his plan….. Make the Bullies follow her to the place indicated on the map on the other side.  That seemed pretty easy, and Lola was happy to read that ‘Piff the Skull’ found her the most attractive girl, and the only one able to do this right.  She hid the letter in a bottom drawer of the dresser and slowly went down the stairs. The boys were laughing.

"Hey, Lola !  Guess what that old fuck Crabblesnitch sent us !", hooted Kurt.
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Mandy awoke in her room on an overcast morning the first day of December. Stiffly, she streched, trying to work the kinks out of her sore muscles. Too much Cheerleading lately, no doubt. Now that the Football Games had resumed, it seemed non-stop. Oh, well, that would be over soon enough. The season was just about over.

She looked over at the sleeping girl in the next bed. Since the re-organization of the Dorms after the bombings, she had been forced to share her room.  Before, she had the room all to herself, which had suited her just fine.  Mandy wasn’t a particularly friendly girl, in fact she was rather a bitch.  Her only fun in life was bossing around those sluts on the Cheerleading squad, and that would soon be over.  She would go back to bullying the other girls, she supposed, but her main target from last year, Beatrice, was now gone.  Added to the mix now was that huge slut Zoe was back at school now.  She hated that cunt almost as much as she hated Lola, who had dropped out last School year.

She Sighed.  She would have been out of here by now if it hadn’t been for those pictures last year being plastered all over by that prevert Ernest.  Somebody had snuck into the dorm and had taken some naked shots of her in the shower and in her room here.  Or maybe it had been one of the girls ?   No one had ever found out who took the photos, but they wound up in Earnest Jones’ possession.   Mandy still felt sick every time she thought of that retard whacking off over her naked pictures.  Then for some reason, Ernest had decided to post blow-ups all over the School and over in Bullworth Town.  She had to ask for help from Jimmy Hopkins, who had gone and taken care of all the pictures by painting them over with spray paint.  But the damage was done, and she had to take some time off from School. The whole incident had eventually led to her breakup with Ted Thompson, the Jock’s Leader and Quarterback of the Football Team.  Even when she came back, though, her rep was ruined.  Everyone leered at her, Ted ignored her, and even the rest of the Jocks treated her like she was some kind of whore.  The only person she could talk to was Jimmy, who knew the truth.  Jimmy had also beat up Earnst, who was no longer at the School because of the pictures, among other things of a deviant sexual nature.  Mandy had even had a thing with Jimmy for awhile, before that supercunt Zoe has stolen him from her.

So here she was, still in this hellhole. She had missed too much time over the last School year because of the pictures, and had to come back for another year. And this sucked, for she didn’t have anybody to hang out with or even talk to.  Now, they had stuck her with a roommate, that little twerp Gloria. This girl was a little miss-know-it-all and kind of reminded her of Beatrice.  And she wouldn’t ever shut up.  That was really annoying.  And she wanted to tag along all the time. That was the pits, Mandy didn’t need a shadow.

Well, not this morning. Mandy dressed quietly and snuck out of the room, headed for class. She would figure out what to do about all this later. For now, though, she felt about as bleak as the day looked as she headed out of the dorm.
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After Tony had made sure Pete had secured the missing files the next morning, he left his Office and headed to the Fountain to find the two boys that now worked for him.  Constantinos was sitting on the edge, talking with Laurent, who was playing with a Basketball.

"Hi, Bo... Tony !", Constantious greeted him

"Here I am, guys. As I promised, we're gonna find you bikes”, Tony told them. “You both have some free time ?"

"Oui !", Laurent laughed. “Too much time on my hands !”

"OK”, Tony grinned, “Let's go then."

And the three Students walked through the School grounds, heading to the shelter. The prefect sitting inside recognized Tony, and, strangely, didn't want to argue with him like the last time.  He stamped three pink tickets and pushed them on the counter without saying a word.  Tony took them, and the three walked rapidly away.

"Do you guys know anything about bikes ?" he asked with an amused smile.

"Not really“, Constantinos answered, “But I would prefer something common... So the Greasers leave us alone."

"You've got a point there”, Tony said, “Maybe a Mountain Bike ?"

"Oui“, Laurent said, “That would be a good compromise."

After walking across the big truss bridge, they arrived at the Shiny Bike Shop.  Behind the glass was a blue bike on a wooden pedestal that was turning, with a sales tag on the seat that identified it as ‘Aquaberry Cruiser‘ with the price written next to it.  On the door were various pictures of local bike race champions that had, apparently, bought their bikes in this Shop, and they were all smiling, plastic trophies in their hands.  Inside, the Shopkeeper, Tobias Mason, dressed in red and playing on his computer, looked surprised as he saw that his new customers didn't have their hair combed back and weren't wearing leather jackets.  The only people normally coming into his shop were the Greasers, to buy advanced models of bikes or asking for advices to impress their friends.

"Uh... Hello, welcome to my shop... Take a... Look around."  It was like the guy forgot how to greet unknown customers.

"Well, Sir, we would need two bikes for twenty bucks”, Tony said.

"Sure, we have the…“, the man paused. “Wait. You meant twenty bucks each, right ?"

"No, No, for both.….That would mean ten each." Tony felt destabilized.

In less than a second, Mr. Mason lost all his tension, and began to laugh freely.
"Ha-Ha, my man, if you need bikes, you'll have to bargain a bit more, and I mean it !"

"Thank you, Sir”, Tony said disappointedly. “Well, Have a nice day."

Tony smacked his palm against his forehead.  Of course !  Why didn't he think before about Steve ?  The guy had opened his own sort-of proper shop after the bombings, Tony now remembered, as he had seen his name on the sheets of those not returning to School brought to him by the Prefect.

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Jake, aka Ace Adams, was hanging out after hours at the shooting range booth with Crystal, the Carnie who ran the game. There was a goodly supply of Alcohol always stashed under the counter that all the Carnies had access to, and both Jake and Crystal were drinking, with Crystal already well on her way to getting wasted.

“What’s it gonna be, Crystal ? We hafta go on part-time now ?” said Jake.

“Yeah…urp…..Just parrrrt-time….”, Chrystal replied drunkenly.

“Since I wasn’t here last year, I don’t know what to expect for the winter up here”, Jake went on. “So, the booths close down, right ?”

“Uhhh….Yeah….Just this and….The Dunk Tank….”, Crystal said, having trouble keeping her eyes open. “Some stuff….Stays open, ya’know….”

“So, what’ll you do ?”, Asked Jake.

“Oh…er…ahh…I can get….A Job in town….If not, Billy…..Billy Bob will take care of me…..”

I’ll just bet he does, Jake thought.  Billy Bob Crane was the Carnival owner. Not above a few fringe benefits there. Lucky Bastard.  Aloud, Jake said, “Any customers today here ?  Gotta be getting close.”

Crystal shook her head back and forth, and in the process made herself dizzy. “Whoo…Shit….No,No…Nobody today…..Fuck it, it lass day anyhow…..”

Jake had an Idea. “So what happens to those pea shooters ?”

“Pee….What…?” Crystal’s head was drooping.

“The BB Guns, that you use for the game here”, Jake said patiently.

“Ohhhh…You mean…..The Air Rifles……They’re locked up…..Under here…”

She pointed unsteadily to a spot under the counter, a place that had a couple of swing doors secured with a large padlock. Just the act of doing that seemed to exhaust her, for she slumped back on her butt against the counter. Suddenly, she leaned forward and threw up, vomiting the stale alcohol on the ground in front of her.  Jake moved over to help her before she collapsed.

“Time to get you to your cot”, Jake said, as he helped her to the back of the booth. He laid her down on the cot, and covered her with a blanket laying nearby.

“Thannnks, Ace…..You’re….a good….Guy…..”, Crystal slurred. “Close up….For me ?”

“Sure thing, Babe”, Jake said, laughing to himself. Crazy bitch just couldn’t hold her Liquor…Something he had counted on.

Crystal nodded once, then turned her head and passed out. Jake waited until he could hear her deep breathing, then pulled the blanket back.  An opportunity presented itself here, but that wasn’t quite what he was after. Jake was many things, but he was not a rapist. Digging through the girl’s pockets, he came up with a ring of keys. Returning to the front, he knelt and found the key that fit the padlock.  Opening the doors, he found a whole stash of the Air Rifles. Although old, they appeared to be in good shape. Also on the shelf was several boxes of pellets.  Jake took one of the rifles and a box of pellets, and then re-locked the cabinet.  On another open shelf nearby, he spotted the bunch of smaller padlocks used to secure the overhead drop-down panels to the front of the Arcade. Jake found a key for one of these locks on the key ring. Then, he took that key and the key for the Air Rifle cabinet off the key ring and put them in his pocket. Returning to the back, he then put the key ring back in Crystal’s pocket, and re-covered her with the blanket.

It was common knowledge around the Carnival that Crystal was an easy lay.  But the Carnies, in their strange way, protected her. As Jake was one of them now, even if only for a little while, he would do the same.  She would not even remember that he had even been here tonight, since she had been fairly well lit even before he got here.  Jake glanced toward the back door. It was secured. Jake turned and went back to the front, where he scooped up padlocks.  Grabbing the Rifle and the box of pellets, he jumped over the counter, then proceeded to lower the drop panels into place.  He locked each one with the small padlocks as he did so, using the padlock for which he now had the key to secure the far left drop panel. Concealing the Rifle and the pellets under his clothing, he made his way back to his Souvenir Tent, where he locked the Rifle and pellets in his own stash.

He could go back on a later night and swipe the rest of the Air Rifles under cover of darkness, when nobody was around. Foe now, though, his mind raced with the possibilities. A plan was forming as to where he would arm all the cliques with these weapons. He had already armed several of them with Spud Guns and Bottle Rocket Launchers, but this was far better.  Fitted with scopes, these babies could go long range. This would fit into his plans perfectly.  With all sides armed to the teeth, it would only take a spark to ignite a full-scale Clique War. When the carnage was at it’s height, he would then step up, in his persona of Ace Adams, and bring peace to all factions in his role as the Ultimate Fixer.  He would be hailed as a Hero, and would be given total respect and power over the commerence of the school.  Everyone would bow before him, even the Adults. 

Jake lay down on his cot and his thoughts drifted into a deep, deep sleep…….
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The next morning, two new kids arrived at Bullworth.  Their names were Eddie and Geoff.  They were both loners, but they grew up with each other in nearby Warwick.  Their families were high-end, but not Preps though.  Geoff was a skater, while Eddie was a metalhead.

Geoff went to the Boy's Dorm to put his stuff away, while Eddie stayed by the gate to relax and light a ciggy.

"Hey, no smoking, young man !" shouted some old bitch from behind Eddie.

"And just what are you gonna do about me ?" replied Eddie.

"I'll tell the Headmaster," threatened the dark-haired woman.

Eddie always carried his handy, dandy slingshot with him. He fired a rock and hit her in the stomach.  While she was bent over, he ran around her towards the Dorm.

"Get back here !" the woman shouted, appearing to be the Headmaster’s Secretary, Ms Danvers.

While running, Eddie turned around and started flipping her off.  He ran up the steps into the Boy's Dorm.  The hag won't get me in here. Boys need privacy. She can't come in here.

"You get out here this Instant !" she shouted.

"Fuck You !" Eddie shouted, slamming the doors.

Ha….I've been here for about 45 minutes, and I've broken about 4 of the rules. Eddie thought. Nobody will be able to stop me !!

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Kurt was looking out the second story bedroom window when Tibo found him upstairs.

“Heya Kurt….What’choo doing ?”

Kurt continued staring out the window a moment before answering.  “I’m watching those Prep Pricks over there at Harrington’s place”, he finally said.

Tibo came over to the window for a look himself. “A buncha spoiled rich fucks.  What’cha watching them for ?”

“Because, my lame friend, that’s where that asshole Derby lives, when he’s not jacking off over at their private house at the school. There is where the richest fuck in these parts lives at. And there’s all his little Prick friends. They just stand out there in front, by the Gate, and smoke ciggys and act tough.”

“I…uh…Still don’t get it…..So What ?” Tibo said.

Kurt kept his gaze on the Preps.  “Tibo, we both come up with hardly nothing…Am I Right ?”

“Well…Yeah”, Tibo answered, still not understanding.

“All the while, these rich shits, and others like them, have everything. Never a struggle, always everything there for them. And they’re just little pussy assholes. You and I are better than that, yet we have nohing.”  Kurt looked at Tibo then. “This place is the best digs we have ever been in…Ever in our lives.”

“True that”, Tibo said. “This place is killer.”

“This place is temporary”, Kurt said, and returned his gaze back out the window. “We only get to stay a few months. They…” He pointed at the Preps…”Get to stay there no matter what.”

Tibo looked out at the Preps. A sudden anger ran through him. “Yeah, that sucks.”

They both continued to stare out the window for awhile.

“There’s a guy over at the Carnival selling Weapons", Kurt said.  "We need to get some Weapons.”

Tibo now stared at Kurt. “How do you know that ?”

“What’s it matter ? I hear things. Keep my ears open. You should too.” Kurt settled his arms on the windowsill. “This Dude is selling them to all the Clique Leaders. They had some big meeting last month with him. Some deal was worked out.”

“But…You didn’t get to go ?”, Tibo said. “You’re a Clique Leader, for us….So, why not….”

“Wasn’t invited”, said Kurt. “Too small…Too new…Whatever the reason, it don’t matter.  We still need Weapons.  Those queer fucks have them.  We have to have some too.”

A small smile crept onto Tibo’s face. “What’chu planning ?”

Kurt reflected a minute. “I sit here and see these fuckers every day.  Laughing at us.  Looking down their nose at us.  I say….It’s about time we spit in their faces, bring them down a notch or two…or three.”

“We’ll need some money”, Tibo said. “How are we going….”

“Pawn some of the shit in this place.  Beat up some kids and take their lunch money.  Do some break-ins.  I don’t give a rat’s ass how, just make it happen.”

Tibo straightened up. “I’ll get the boys right on it.”

“Good”, Kurt said, returning his gaze to out of the window.  “Is Lola back yet ?”

“Um…Yeah”, Tibo said, “She’s down in the Kitchen.”

“Send her up, will’ya ?”, Kurt said absently.

“Sure thing.“, Tibo replied.  He turned and left the room.

Kurt continued staring out the window at the Preps, with malice in his eyes.
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Lola had left the house earlier without even listening to the contents of the letter sent by the School.  She needed money, and for once, she didn't really have to work for it.

It would just be a coincidence.  While flirting, the Bullies would just accidentally land in the School Basement, where something was supposed to happen, as ‘Piff the Skull’ had surely planned.  She had put on her best leather jacket, opened on a low-necked T-Shirt and a tie provocatively stuck between her breasts.  She didn't really care about the temperature slowly getting down the last few days, the most important thing was for her was to be observed.  She wanted everyone to turn around in her path and think that she was a girl that took care of herself.

She arrived at the School's Front Gates, but after thinking about it for a while, she looked to the right and decided to take the other entry, the one leading directly to the Parking Lot dedicated to the Teachers, where the Bullies liked to hang out.  She walked along the brick wall and then through the open Gates.  Pretending she was looking for something, she slowly made her way out onto the asphalt.

"Hey, you lost your way, Honey ?"  A black Bully named Ethan was standing before her, folding the arms.

"Not really, tough guy“, Lola said.  “I just... Wanted to see how you guys were doing."

"Oh yeah ?" the boy said, looking at his friends with a smile.

"Yeah. But it seems you're not interested. Oh well..." Lola said while slowly walking away.

"No, no, no, wait ! That's not what I meant !", Ethan said, catching up with her.

"Oh, really ?" Lola turned around, grabbed his shirt and approached her face to his.

"I really didn't mean it, come on !“, Ethan protested, “We just haven't seen you…Since a long time ago..."

"I don't know what to do !" Lola said with a smile, releasing his shirt and turning around again. "Maybe we could find a cool place to hang out..."

Ethan looked behind him to see the other Bullies following him.  Lola led them across the lot to East side of the School and then to the steps that led down to the door of the School Basement.

The other Bullies gathered around.  Lola looked at those familiar faces…Ethan, Tom, Davis. Wade, Troy…”Maybe…Down there ?  Johnny’s gone away, you know.  I’ve been…So Lonely…”

Lola put her arm around Ethan’s neck, and descended the steps.  The door was unlocked, and they went inside.   Slowly, room after room, the whole Clique walking around the girl made their way deeper into the Basement, and after a bunch of corridors, they arrived in a gigantic room with a bowl-like depression at the center, and a tall fence around it, known by the Students as ‘The Hole’.

"Ethan...Uhh…What we doing here ?  This is just for fighting !", Troy burbled.

"Shut up”, said Ethan, distracted. “We just call it the Hole.  Can mean other things, y‘know"

Lola pointed to the pit. “Down there is Private…And Dark.”  She giggled. “Hop on down, boys.”

One by one, they dropped down through the open gate.  As Ethan jumped down last, he turned and held up his arms to help Lola down.

“Com’on, I’ll help you down”, Ethan said, “Then we can….”

"Welcome, Gentlemen."

The last sentence had came out of a hidden loudspeaker.  The Bullies looked all around them, trying to find who was speaking.  Slowly, the fenced gate closed, and locked itself.
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Lola had cleverly led the Bullies to the pit, and had held back as the last of them hopped down into 'The Hole’.  As the fenced gate closed and locked, the loudspeaker activated once more.

Thank you, my dear…I will arrange for payment to be sent for your services.”

Lola smirked and let out a short laugh. She circled the pit, and moved off down the long hall that led to the stairs back up to the School’s main floor.

“Hey….Hey, you BITCH….Come Back Here !!!!”, exclaimed Ethan.

“Toodle-Loo, Boys…..Don’t do anything Nasty…”, Lola said with a short wave backwards as she left.

“What the Fuck, Man….”, Said Davis.
“That little Slut just locked us in here, that’s what”, Said Troy.
“What the hell for ?” Asked Tom.
“She’s just playing with us…”, Said Wade.
“Little prick-teaser….”, Began Ethan.

The voice from the loudspeaker interrupted. “I…have locked you in here….Sweet Lola was only the bait.”

“Who The HELL Are You ?  What Do You Want ?” Shouted Davis.

Justice”, The voice from the speaker said.

Without warning, a half-dozen Stink Bombs rained down on the hapless Bullies.  Gagging and choking, the didn’t even have time to pull out their Weapons before the thick green smoke rolled out of the Stink Bombs as they hit. A few seconds later, a second volley fell, creating an almost interpenetrate darkish green cloud that settled all around the ‘Hole’. The stench became unbearable, and the group of Bullies soon began vomiting.

As the smoke began to slightly clear, each of the five Bullies could be dimly seen, on their knees in puddles of their own vomit, gasping and still trying to throw up, retching horribly from the multiple hits of the Stink Bombs.  Then, the real Bombs fell.

M-80 Firecrackers, thrown from above, began to find their targets. One by one the Bullies went down.

BLAM !!!…BLAM !!!…BLAM !!!…BLAM !!!…BLAM !!!….BLAM !!!…BLAM !!!

As the Firecrackers found their marks, each of the Bullies was knocked out in turn, and fell face forward into their piles of vomit.  A heavy smell of gunpowder then hung in the air. As the fog from the explosions cleared, the Bullies could be seen, still and groaning in agony.

As soon as he judged it was safe, Algie pulled off his Gas Mask, standing on the narrow catwalk high above the pit. Rasing the wireless microphone to his mouth, he spoke into it. “Thus shall it be to all evildoers. Those who live by the sword….Shall DIE by the sword.”

Algie made his way slowly across the catwalk, then down the small ladder to the floor around the the pit. Unlocking the Gate, he climbed down into 'The Hole’, and gave each of the Bullies several kicks to the balls for good measure.  He then re-climbed his way back up, taking several attempts to do so.  Re-locking the Gate, he moved slowly around the pit and walked down the long hall to the stairs, moving slowly.  He was sweating heavily, and he reflected on how hard it was to get around when a person is missing one of their nuts. Going up the stairs, Algie left the Basement.

As darkness fell outside, the unconscious Bullies remained locked in 'The Hole’, and…for the moment….Not making any trouble at all.
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Kurt entered the Carnival Souviner Tent.

“What’cha needing today ?” Asked Jake, aka Ace Adams, from behind the counter.

“I’m…Uh…Looking for something….Special”, Kurt said, eyeing the various prizes hung up on display.

“Got your tickets ?” Said Jake, aka Ace Adams, as he closely watched the newcomer.

“Ummm….No…..Got Cash, though”, said Kurt, still looking around. “Heard you take cash….For certain items.”

“Now, where did you hear that”, Said Jake, aka Ace Adams, suspiciously.

“Just around School….Here and there”, Kurt answered, turning finally to face Jake, aka Ace Adams.  “Y’know, my Clique and me, we pick up on stuff.”

“Didn’t know you had a ‘Clique’”, said Jake, aka Ace Adams.

“Oh, yeah…We’re new this year….The Rockers ?” Said Kurt.

“Ooookkkaayy”. Jake, aka Ace Adams, replied, now vaguely remembering the weird-looking boys in the strange clothes around school, the same as this kid was wearing.

“Guess you missed having us at the big meeting last month”, Kurt went on, “Because we’re so new.”

“That I did…That I did”, said Jake, aka Ace Adams….”So, ask you again…What’cha need ?’

“Weapons”, said Kurt. “We need Weapons.”

“You do, Huh ?” said Jake, aka Ace Adams, looking at Kurt closely, sizing him up. “Some Slingshots ?  M-80 Firecrackers ?  Bottle Rocket Launcher ?  Spud Gun ?….No ?”

“I had something…More powerful in mind”, said Kurt, “If that’s possible….”

“I just might have something….”  Jake disappeared under the counter for a moment, the re-appeared with a Weapon he laid on the counter. “The latest in Air Rifle technology….Run you $250 dollars.”

Jake had managed to steal the remaining Air Rifles from the Shooting Gallery.  Since it was closed for the winter now, the thiefs would go unnoticed until spring. He was beginning to remember more about this kid, in large part that he had some kind of ongoing feud with Tony.  That was just perfect.  Time to start stiring the agitation pot anyway.

“$250 dollars ?  That’s kinda steep, ain’t it ?”,  Kurt said, taken aback at the high price.

“Isn’t many of these around”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. “Tell you what…I’ll throw in two Spud Guns and a box of 50 Pellets. How about it ?”

Kurt thought for a moment.  They needed this Weapon.  It was just right for what he had in mind. “OK…Deal”, he said, as he pulled the bills from his pocket and laid them on the counter. 

“One more thing”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. “This is private. The people I’m associated with wouldn’t take kindly to weapons information getting to become general knowledge. If fact….”  He went on to tell Kurt all about the ’Terrorists’ and relate the same fabricated story that he had originally told the other Clique Leaders. “….And that’s why everything has to be kept under wraps, Understand ?”

“Uh, yeah…Sure.”  Kurt didn’t believe a word of it. The whole thing sounded a bit to far-fetched, but he kept that opinion to himself.  He obviously was dealing with a whacked out person, straight out of fantasy land.  “I’ll…uh…Remember that”, he said, as he packed the Weapons under his coat.

“Come back if you’re needing anything else”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said, as Kurt headed towards the doorway. “Nice doing business with you.”

As Kurt exited the Souvenir Tent, he could swear he heard a low, insane giggle behind him.
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After talking with the Greasers, Tony and his two friends were directed to the so-called shop that Steve was running in New Coventry.  Of course, he wasn't legally allowed to own a trade, so he was installed in the back of an home appliances shop.  After communicating the password that Peanut had provided to the owner, he opened the backdoor to find his friend sitting on a couch.  Steve recognized them instantly, and after greeting them, listened to Tony for a moment, trying to understand what his friend exactly needed.

"This“, the Greaser said putting his hand on a bike, “Is a creation of mine."

"Hmmm….What’s special about it ?" Asked Tony.

"It looks like a Mountain Bike, but... “, Steve showed him, “With another seat at the back, and new speeds."

The three boys looked at each other, and nodded. The deal was done.

"I let them go for $15 dollars each, for two bikes. Okay, Tony ?”, Steve said.

"Ten each, maybe ?" Tony answered with a wink.

"Aww…You can't understands how much I worked for this !", Steve exclaimed.

"Twelve." Tony said, slamming twenty-four dollars on the homemade counter.

"Youse killin’ me Tony, and you knows it.", Steve said, giving in.

Tony laughed shortly, "Not when I need you, Steve !"

The Greaser opened the heavy metal door, allowing Laurent, with Tony on the back seat, to roll away, next to Constantinos.

"Hey, guys ! Keep in touch, right ?" Steve called out as they rode away.
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Trent couldn’t find his group. With the exception of Russell, who was as usual standing over in the Courtyard by the Boy’s Dorm talking to nobody in particular (“Russell Smash !! Russell Destroy !!”), the whole Clique seemed to have disappeared.  Finally, he sought out Zoe for help.

“They’re all gone ?” Asked Zoe. “Where did you see them last ?”

“Over in the big Parking Lot, yesterday after School….” Trent answered.

“Anybody else see them over there ?” Zoe went on.

“Well…uhh…“ Trent thought, remembering, “There was some other kids over there….”

“So…We need to go ask around”, Zoe said. “Co’mon, let’s go….”


Since it was lunchtime, there were a lot of kids hanging out in the Parking Lot. After asking several kids about the Bullies with no luck, they finally got their answer from one of the younger girls, Gloria, who indicated she had seen the entire group heading towards the Basement stairs by the side of the School in the early evening yesterday.  They had appeared to be following someone, a girl dressed in black.

Trent and Zoe went down the steps to the door that entered the School Basement. Trent tried the door, It was Locked.  In the Shadows by the door, Zoe spotted an Object.  She picked it up. It was a low-grade Slingshot.  The name ‘Tom’ was carved into the handle.

“They were here, all right”, Zoe said, showing the Slingshot to Trent. “He must have dropped this.”

“Oh…uhh…That’s Tom’s all right”, Trent said. “Now what….”

“I got an idea”, Zoe said. “Let’s go talk to that Janitor…What’s his name ?”

“Ohh…Mr…er…Luntz…That’s it, Mr. Luntz”, Trent said.


Approaching the School Store, Zoe said, “Just let me do the talking."

“Ohhh….Okay” Trent said, following behind. They went to the window.

“What’da you kids want ?” asked a gruff Mr. Luntz.

“We…We’re looking for some friends…They’re missing.” Zoe said.

“What do I care ?", Mr. Luntz snorted. " Does it look like I’m running a Nursery Service here ?”

“Well…No, but we need to find them…” Zoe began.

Mr. Luntz began to look put out. “I’m not a Detective Agency, either, and I really don’t give a shit. Now, get…”

“They were seen going into the Basement, and nobody’s seen them since !  Won’t you please check for us ?” Zoe said quickly.

“MY BASEMENT ?” Mr. Luntz perked up at that. “Nobody BETTER be down there. I’ll tan their hides….A month’s detention will be a walk in the park when I’m done with them.”

“So you’ll look for them ?” Zoe asked.

“Yeah, Yeah, Girlie…Tell you what, I’ll check right after my shift is over…If they’re there, they’ll wish they weren’t", Mr. Luntz said firmly.  "Now, take off…I’m sick of looking at you’alls.”

Later on, Mr. Luntz found the unfortunate Bullies, laying in their own vomit in The Hole.  Shaking his head in disgust, he went off to find Nurse McRae.
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Mandy had an Idea. She was getting real tired of having that little twerp Gloria follow her around all day, yammering away about all kinds of dumb stuff that Mandy could care less about.  Worse, Mandy had to put up with her as a roommate.  It had all been getting a bit too much.  So, Mandy was going to hook Gloria up with somebody else to bother - A Boy.

And not just any boy….The biggest, baddest of all the Jock boys….Damon West.

Since Mandy hung out with the Jock clique, she was pretty much a regular member…except she was a girl.  Trouble was, the Jocks were all about Sports and working out….Not one of them ever much went out with a girl, they were always pushing themselves to excell.  They were none too bright.  They all treated Mandy as more of a Tomboy than anything else.  They could talk to her, but not to a ‘regular’ girl.

Mandy skipped class to avoid having Gloria tagging along as she went out looking for Damon. She spotted him about to enter the Gym just before afternoon class.

“Damon ! Hey, Damon !”, She hollered.

Damon turned at the sound of her voice. “Hey, Mandy…S’up ?”

“Got something to ask you”, Mandy said.  She went over her plan to Damon, adding at the end, “There’s some cash in it for you, also. “

“Gee, Mandy….I donno…Ask a girl out ?", Damon queried in his slow way. "I donno.....Think I’d rather fight a Gorilla…”

“You big wuss, there’s nothing to it.", Mandy told him.  "Just ask her to the movies or something…Here, I’ll tell you what to say….”

Out in front of school after last class that afternoon, Mandy, with Gloria in tow, was waiting on Damon to show up as he had promised.

“What are we waiting out here for ?  It’s cold. We need to get going. We could get hypothermia just standing around here, you know.  In fact, if the blood gets too cold, real strange things can happen to a person, you know….”  Yammer, Yammer, Yammer, Gloria went on and on.  Mandy wanted to punch her, just to shut up the incessant chattering.  Finally, she saw Damon heading up the steps.

“Hey Damon !!  Over here !!” she called, and Damon closed the distance to where the girls were standing. “Say, I want you to meet somebody. This is Gloria….Gloria, this is Damon.”

“Well, Hi There, Damon !”, Gloria said brightly.

Damon was struck speechless. He vaguely remembered seeing Gloria around school last year, when she had been an underclassman. But now….She was a GIRL…A real Girl. Although still small in stature, she looked like a model to Damon. “Uhh…What…S’up…”

“I’m SO pleased to meet you !”, Gloria said to Damon, sticking out her hand. “I’ve heard SO much about you, how you can win the big games, and how savvy you are on the Field !  Did you know that the best athletes from the area have come from Bullworth ?  And I’ll bet you are the ones who will go to the Regional Playoffs…..” Yammer, Yammer, Yammer.

Damon didn’t seem to mind the chattering.  In fact, Damon appeared to be smitten with the smaller girl, as she continued to carry on with her speech about the greatness of the Bullworth Athletics.  Mandy was a little surprised, she hadn’t thought Gloria paid attention to anything outside of her constant blabbering.  Sure didn’t know that she knew anything about the boys at this School.  Then again, Mandy tuned her out so much, it was hard to remember just what she was always yapping about.

When Gloria finally wound down, Damon was still standing there like a fish with his mouth open. Mandy poked him in the back and hissed in his ear, “Go’on…Ask Her !”

Damon started to say something, and stopped.  Then, “Ummm…Gloria ? Would’ja like to….Uhhhh…Like, Errrrr….Go to a movie or sumptim ?”

“Sure !  I’d love to go to see a movie with you.  There’s a great one playing over in Town, you know, always wanted to see it, just needed someone to go with. Hey, can we get a bite to eat over at the Shinjo’s Restaurant? I’m starving !  I know I look like a little person still, but I get hugely hungry !  In fact, I bet I can eat as much as you do !  Not saying you eat a LOT, just saying…..”

Mandy interrupted to say, “Why don’t you two go someplace warm, like the Gym ?” Get them down to Damon’s home territory, where he would more at ease. And get Gloria out of Mandy’s way for a little while.  As she watched them walk off, with Gloria yapping away at Damon, she felt a huge sense of relief.  At least for tonight, blissful Quiet.  Mandy headed for the Dorm, thinking that this all might work out better than she planned.
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As darkness was falling, the Clique was walking in a tight, organized group, like they always did.  The two boys that were leading were pushing the Townsfolk away from the sidewalk, while the others behind were carrying the Instruments and some ‘Special Stuff‘, as their Leader had told them.  They will be a bit late, but that wasn't a problem, since Crabblesnitch had been a bit fuzzy about the time.

Kurt took once again the letter from his inside pocket and read it through, thinking again about his plan. The Good Doctor wanted them to play in a little concert in the Auditorium this evening ?  No problem.  But a couple of Kurt's group would be waiting patiently, hidden and their faces covered.  On a precise signal in the third song, the mayhem will begin.  They will finally have revenge.  Of course, they'll make as if they didn't know anything about the attack…But this was more than just thrashing the Auditorium at the School. Kurt had a precious document to steal in the office….His Student Profile.

In the Parking Lot, hidden behind the brick wall, two of the Rocker boys put Halloween masks on their faces, both representing a wolf.  They made thumbs up the their friends, and snuck stealthily around front and into the School.  The others carried their Instruments to a metal door at the back of the School, kept by the Prefect, Edward Seymour.

"Are you the ‘Bucket of Oysters’ ?", Edward asked, looking them over closely.

"Yeah, we are, man !", Kurt said cheerfully.

"Come in, quick !”, Edward said.  “Everybody's waiting for you !”

"Thanks !" The Rocker boys quickly entered the school and made their way to the stage.

The Auditorium was full.  The Rockers set up their instruments, and Kurt started to talk into the microphone.……"Hello... Bullworth Academy !!!"
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Lola was bored.  As the Rockers had left her alone in the house to go and play their Concert at the school, she was left behind.  Kurt had said something about there might be some trouble, and he didn’t want her involved….Boys were always being so macho, defending their women.  Sometimes, it was sweet….Other times, like now, it was just downright stupid.  Screw them, she was going out anyway.  Checking her make-up and putting on a sexy jacket, she prepared to leave.

As she was reaching for the door knob, a sudden knock on the door startled her.

“Special Delivery !”, a voice on the other side said.

Peeking through the curtain, she saw the Mailman standing on the porch. She opened the door. “Yes ?”

“Special Delivery for Miss Lola Lombardi”, the Mailman repeated.

“I’m Lola”, she said.

“Well then, here you go, Ma’am…Have a nice day.”

The Mailman retreated back down the steps, and Lola opened the letter. Inside was Thirty dollars, and another communication from Piff The Skull.

Lola had always kept her old rickety bike, since the days when she first came to Bullworth. She rode it now, over to the School, and up the road leading to the Parking Lot. Stashing it on the trail by the stone wall before the Parking Lot entrance, she made her way down towards the Football Field on foot.

As before, there were instructions in the letter made up with pasted magazine letters, directing her to lead the group of Jocks that always gathered down at the bottom of the steps by the bleachers at night over to the Observatory.  The barrier had been removed between the two places during the renovation, so it would be an easy task to lure those boys over there.  Lola laughed to herself as she approached the steps.  Boys were so predictable.

The Jocks who hadn’t gone to the Concert were talking among themselves as Lola came down the steps to the field.

“Guess Ted’s over at the Carnival tonight. Something he hadda do”, Bo said.

“Has anybody seen Damon ?  Where the hell’s he at ?”, Dan asked.

“Ha-Ha, he’s out with a Girl !”, Kirby answered.

“No Shit ? A Girl ?", Dan exclaimed,  "Who the fuck would go out with that big Gorilla ?

“Heard it was that little Gloria", Kirby replied, sniggering.

“Ain’t she kinda young for him ?”, Casey ventured.

“Not so much anymore, I guess….Hey, Look ! It’s Lola !”, Dan pointed.

“Hello, Boys…Long time no see.” Lola said, as the Jocks gathered around her.

“Wow, Lola, where you been ?", Bo said excitedly.  "Haven’t seen you since….”

“I quit school after Johnny left", Lola explained.  "I just missed him so much.”

“Ohh, yeah, a bummer…", Luis said. "Whatchoo doing here ?”

“Oh, just wanted to see you boys again…", Lola sighed, then smiled mischievously.  "Maybe we could hang out…Or something.”

The Jocks got the Idea…Meaning some make-out sessions were in order.  Been a long time.

“Hey, we are ready !”, Juri said with his funny accent.  “I am for first !”

“Oh, you Sillies…Not HERE.”  Lola pointed up at the blazing field lights. “It’s much too bright here. We need to hang somewhere more….Private.”

“Where you got in mind, sweet one ?”, Bo asked.

“Oh, I know a place…Follow me, Boys.” Lola said with a laugh.

The gaggle of Jocks followed Lola down the bleacher rows and through the place where the barricade used to be and then to the entrance at the outer wall of the Observatory.  The sliding Iron Gates were open.  Lola stopped and pointed.  “See Boys, there are plenty of dark, private spots here…and there…and there…Enough for everybody, see ?”

As the Jock boys rushed by her to take their places at the darker spots she indicated, Lola took a couple of steps back.  Almost immediately, the sliding Iron Gates rumbled to a close and locked with a loud click.

A voice issued out of a loudspeaker mounted on the Observatory Building.

Welcome, Gentlemen.”
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The Jocks looked about at hearing the voice, then back towards the now closed and locked Gates. Lola stood, not on the inside, but on the outside of the Gates, with a cruel grin on her face.

The Loudspeaker activated once more. “Thank you, my dear. The same arrangement will be made for your services.”

Lola let out a short giggly laugh, and then turned to walk back towards the Football Field.

“Did’ja hear that ? That little slut led us into a trap !”, said Dan.
“Why she do that ?” said a stunned Casey.
“Goddam ! What the FUCK ?” exclaimed Luis.
“You BITCH !! Get back here !!!” yelled Kirby.
“Little jive-ass whore, prick-teasing CUNT !!” raged Bo.

Lola was walking away. “Should have gone to the Concert tonight, boys.  Now see what happens ?  Toodle-Loo.”  And with a backward wave, she was gone.

“What The HELL Does That Mean ?  WHAT THE HELL ?” yelled Juri.
“Hey…Isn’t this what happened to those Bully boys a couple days ago….” Kirby started to say.

The loudspeaker activated again. “I…have locked you in here….Sweet Lola is not to blame for your predicament….Only you are.”

“Oh Yeah ? Just what the Shit do you mean by that ? Whadda you want, anyway ?" Shouted Dan.

Justice”, the voice from the speaker said.

Stink Bombs began to rain down on the group of Jocks gathered around the inside of the Gates.  Coughing and choking, they scattered to the corners of the yard in front of the Observatory, pulling out their Weapons.  Another Stink Bomb volley followed, targeted to their new locations.  Casey made it to the front doors of the Observatory, only to find the way barred with a huge beam across the entrance, secured with chains.  A third volley of Stink Bombs began falling with deadly accuracy on the now-hapless Jocks.

The Jocks had short memories.  Too late they remembered about the Spud Cannon platform that was above the main Gates. There was a set of steps that led up to the top. Dan and Juri, who were closest, made their way through the thick green smoke, gagging, and began to climb the steps. The other four Jocks had fallen, and were retching their guts out.

As the two boys reached the top, the Spud Cannon activated, sending rotten spuds at a high velocity into their bodies.  Most were targeted at their crotches. Ten or more spuds slammed into them with sickening splats. Down they went, moaning in agony. The Spud Cannon was then turned on the four remaining Jocks in the yard.  Easy Targets.

Casey had managed to stagger to his feet, but to no avail….The Spud Cannon cut him down where he stood, pulverizing him with a barrage of twenty or more spuds. The Spud Cannon was then turned on the others, laying in their own vomit, one by one, aimed at their privates.


Music to the ears….What a happy sound.
The Spud Cannon finally fell silent.  Much of the smoke had cleared, to reveal the bodies of the Jock boys, knocked out and laying in puddles of their own stinking throw-up.  Algie slowly removed the gas mask from his face, and raised the cordless microphone.

“Thus shall it be to all evildoers. Those who live by the sword….Shall DIE by the sword.”

Algie descended from the platform, stopping to administer several kicks in the crotches of Dan and Juri, before limping down the stairs.  He then did likewise to the remaining Jocks on the ground, giving Casey extra kicks because he was larger.  Then, he went to the Gates, and pulled out an electronic activator, which he used to unlock the Gates.  He then opened the Gates just enough to squeeze through, then closed and re-locked them.  Algie decided to take the path that led around the school to the Library.  Safer that way.  For whatever the reason, three of the Jock clique hadn’t been there, and he didn’t want to risk getting beat up if he were to go through the Football Field.  He sighed.  Even the best-laid plans don’t always work out.

He would get them later….Along with that shit Tony and any of his fucked-up friends.
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The Auditorium was half-full, and the Students had stood up, jumping to the rhythm of the music.  Even the Security Prefects had left their job to enjoy the situation... In fact, the only people really working right this moment were the Rocker boys on the Stage and those wearing the Wolf masks. The first one, Benny, was sitting silently in the semi-darkness of the crowd, waiting for the signal.  He had his fingers crossed under his chin, looking at the girls passing by and dancing, repeating his role in his head.  In fact, he was very surprised that nobody had asked about the mask he was wearing, but it was much better if he didn't have to mess with anyone before the time had come.

The other guy wearing a Wolf mask was Tibo.  He was squatted down in a high place, what was called the side balcony.  It was a sort of recess in the side walls, where there were incredibly comfortable seats, made for Dr. Crabblesnitch and the Staff, when the students were acting in Theater programs.  Tibo had cleverly avoided the Prefect waiting by the upstairs door, and now he was waiting for the same thing as Benny, the Air Rifle that Kurt had bought at the Carnival in his right hand.

Tighten Up - Archie Bell & The Drells and Three Stooges (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agclATD-zXs#)

The band was still on the third song, and the signal came at last.  After a loud riff with the guitar, the drummer hit the cymbal, causing all Instruments to stop, except the bass that started a long solo.  The goal was clear in the plan…Allowing people to hear Benny talking, without giving the feeling of stopping the Concert.  The boy in the Wolf mask stood up, and took a baseball bat from under his seat, approaching his target, Peanut.  The Greaser was dancing, trying to impress girls with his moves.

"Hey, seriously, Greaseball, you should stop dancing.", Benny said jeeringly.

"Wot’s your problem, Mr. I'm-hiding-myself-behind-a-mask ? Huh ?", Peanut challenged.

"My problem“, Benny answered, “Is that you losers are still stuck in the fifties !"

"Ha-Ha, Yes, well said, my man !", Gord shouted, who was nearby.

A sort of little circle gathered around the two boys, but the Rocker just didn't care about that.  In fact, he counted on it.  He turned around and looked at the Prep in the blue sweater that had opened his mouth.

"And you, what the hell are you doing here ?” Benny glared.  “Shouldn't you be listening to classical music, or spending your money ?"

"Was that supposed to be an insult ?”, Gord said heatedly. “My Dad is an important lawyer, you know..."

"Oh-My-God, you seem very angry”, Benny mocked. “Your Mommy didn't prepare your orange juice this morning ?"

"Don't you think that…....", Gord began.

The rich boy's breath was cut by the powerful shot that Benny dealt to him with his bat.  A few seconds later, the little circle dissolved into a fight, everybody throwing punches to the first guy that appeared as an enemy.

Tibo aimed carefully with his Air Rifle.  He had seen his Rocker friend arguing for a moment with a people around him, and then, as it was planned, a little riot had gotten started.  His job was simple, but dangerous…Neutralize the Prefects if they tried to stop the fighters, without, of course, really hurting anyone.  A first target came immediately…One of the Prefects had seen Benny at the center of the circle, attacking against every potential enemy with the heavy Baseball Bat, and was moving in. Tibo pulled the trigger very slowly, one eye closed, and sent a metallic pellet into the knee of the Prefect, which caused him to stop and shout out in pain.  The projectile wasn't powerful enough to make too much damage other than a deep hole in the skin and muscle, but it was still powerful enough to stop anyone when fired at a strategic place, like a knee.

Kurt, seeing that the riot had started at the center of the auditorium, smiled shortly and began to walk away towards the rear of the Stage, patting Winkie’s shoulder as he passed by.
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Eddie couldn’t believe his good luck. Sitting alone in an area up in the back balcony, he had watched with interest as the fight broke out.  Next to being an extreme Metalhead, he loved a good fight.

After a rough first week, he had sort of settled in here.  On his first day, he was dragged to the Head’s Office and had to do a week’s detention hauling garbage, just because he wanted to have a smoke.  Most of these assholes were pukes, he thought….The Nerds were big pussies, and he especially hated the Preps….He had challenged one Prep who had called him a ‘Stinking Guido’ and had gotten his ass beat.  After that, he had bought a high-powered Slingshot from some weirdo vendor over at the Carnival to defend himself with.  No one was getting the best of him now.

This was a perfect opportunity.  He raised the Slingshot, sighted the head of the Prep who had beat him up, pulled back and let it fly.  The small rock went straight to it’s target, knocking the Preppie to the ground.  Ha-Ha, this was Great !

Eddie loaded the Slingshot again, and took aim.
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At the back of the Auditorium, arriving at the doors to the corridor, Kurt stopped, opened one door, and looked carefully at the other side.  Down the hall, a Prefect was patrolling, but Kurt had a plan in mind.  When he was still a real little kid, his Crack-addicted Mother wanted him to take Theater lessons, because she said that it could really help in life... Now it was going to pay what it's worth.

Kurt began running, with an fearful look on his face, and ran into the Prefect before excusing himself in an unsure voice. "Sorry Sir... But Sir... There's a fight over there at the Auditorium... We were giving the Concert, and.…. It's like a Riot that‘s started, we don't know what to do, help us, please..."

The Prefect, Karl, reacted as Kurt knew he would. "Somebody is gonna pay for that !", he shouted.  And with that, the Prefect ran towards the Auditorium, where the bass solo had ended and the guitar could be heard again.  Kurt now took back his vicious smile, finding his way to the second floor, and to the wide set of doors in the School Office.  What he was looking for was looking for was further back, he remembered.  Running to the back, he saw the metal plate on the doors that announced the presence of who’s Office was behind it, and Kurt didn't hesitate to open them violently, for whatever and whoever was in there.
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Trent had quit the Concert as soon as an asshole with a mask had started messing with the others around him.  He was woefully outnumbered in any fight that might occur. The last guy from his Clique that wasn't hurt was Russell, and Trent knew then they needed to see someone very soon.  That person was nobody else but Ace Adams, the guy that had contact with the Terrorists.  Trent left the Auditorium ahead of the fight and rounded up Russell by the Boy’s Dorm.  They both headed over to the Carnival, and found Jake, aka Ace Adams, hanging out near the Front Entry Gates.

"Hello, Trent, Hello, Russell.  How are you doing today ?" Jake, aka Ace said calmly.

"Bad…..Very bad”, moaned Russell.

"What's going on ?" asked Jake, aka Ace.

"Our Clique has been totally humiliated and destroyed !", exclaimed Trent.

"Well, that happens sometimes, though I'm not surprised to hear this.", said Jake, aka Ace.

"Why did the Terrorists do that to us ?" Implored Trent.

"The Terrorists ?….. Oh, uh, it's probably because...Um…" Jake, aka Ace Adams, was confused.  Maybe there was someone else that amused themselves by torturing the Bullies, and the Clique thought it was a plan of the Terrorists ?   Now, this was funny.  Jake could make them pay even more, but here was something that wouldn't work…The actions of the new Tormentors weren't predictable.  What if another Clique was going to be attacked next ?  The Greasers ?  The Jocks ?  The Nerds ?  The Preps ?  Was anyone even going to attacked next, or was this just some vendetta ?   Seemed he had to find out quick, and for this, he would have to ask the rest of the Bullies about it.  Jake thought fast.  "Listen, Trent. I'll be…Uh… talking to them soon, they just seem.…. Pretty unstable these last few days.", Jake said quickly as a cover.

"Really, thank you.  We didn't do anything against them, we just take the cash in each week like we can..." Trent said nervously.

"I remember that, Trent, I really do. Try not to mess with any innocent people before next week, okay ?" said Jake.

"Okay, huhh…”  Trent felt his pockets.  “Here's your cash for the Terrorists."

Jake took the money quickly and walked away. Now Trent was questioning himself about the future of his Clique with the Terrorists menacing them at any moment, Jake thought…..Interesting.
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After going several yards, thoughts suddenly clicked in Jake’s head. He turned and called the Bully boys back. “Trent…Russell….Wait up.”

As the two boys approached him, Jake, aka Ace said, “Come on back to my Tent.  I got something that just might interest you.”

The Carnival was still open for limited business during the Winter, but was deserted as Jake led the boys through the gates and back to the Souvenir Tent. At the entrance, he stopped and said, “Russell, why don’t you stand guard here at the door…If anybody tries to get in…..”

“Russell Smash !!” the big dummy said.

“That’s right…Smash”, Jake, aka Ace said, as he took Trent inside the tent. There wasn’t anybody that would be coming around, not at this late hour, but Jake didn’t want Big Russell in on the deal he was going to make with Trent.  From what he knew of Russell, the big galoot was very unstable, far more than he was, and he didn’t want him spouting off gibberish about the operation here, even if everyone knew he was a retarded Idiot.

Going back behind and underneath the counter, Jake unlocked the disguised stash cabinet where he kept the Weapons.  Hauling out one of the Air Rifles, he rose up and placed it on the counter.

“Woah…Um….What is that !?” Trent exclaimed.

“The latest in Air Rifle technology, my man. And this one has your name on it”, grinned Jake, aka Ace.

Trent lifted the weapon. “Wow…It’s light”, Trent said.

“And easy to conceal”, said Jake, aka Ace. “Accurate to 300 yards, with a muzzle velocity of 700 feet per second.”  Jake was just making shit up, but Trent seemed impressed, as Jake knew the dunbass would be.

“Ohh….How much is these ?’ asked Trent.

“$250 dollars”, said Jake, aka Ace, and Trent’s face fell.  No way he could afford that.

Watching his reaction, Jake, aka Ace quickly said, “But let’s make a deal. You already fronted some cash tonight…”  Jake reached into his pocket and counted. “About $200 dollars. Tell you what, bring me the same next week, and I’ll merge it in with your payments. How about it ?  Deal ?”

Trent’s face brightened. “Yeah…We can do that !”

“Good. You can take that with you - Here’s a box of pellets to go with it.”  Jake, aka Ace looked into Trent’s face with a serious look. “Make sure the payment is here by next week. I wouldn’t want to have somebody come looking for you. Capice ?”

“Ohh…Yeah…for sure, Ace…You know me, always been right on time, every time, with the money…” Trent said nervously.

“I know you have”, Jake, aka Ace smiled. “I know.  Now…” Here he leaned forward….”Tell me what happened to your Clique.”

Trent explained how his buddies had been lured in and then attacked by what seemed to be an invisible person. He then described their injuries, and how they were found more than a day later, locked in the pit known as 'The Hole' in the School Basement. And how they were going to be in the Infirmary for several more days, perhaps a week, before they could recover.

Jake was silent for awhile. Then he said, “Well…I’ll talk to my guys…But I don’t think the Terrorists had anything to do with this. It’s just not their style.”

“Whadda mean ?” said Trent. “There was explosives, and all….”

“Think, Trent…These guys are into blowing things up, not just people’s nuts. There’s no reason for them to just target one group….They hate everybody equally. Besides, all the cliques are paying  protection money for them NOT to attack at the school. No, it can’t be them", Jake, aka Ace finished up. “It has to be somebody else.... Another Clique, maybe.” Jake patted the Air Rifle. “That’s where this will come in handy, when you find out who it was.”

Trent slowly understood. “Woah…Man, what should we do ?”

“Lay low for awhile…You and Russell should go stay somewhere else, least till your guys get out….Then, find out which Clique is responsible. Take your revenge when they least expect it…Maybe right around the Holidays”, Jake, aka Ace finished.

“Uhh…Alright.” Trent looked even more worried now. That was good.

“You boys better be making tracks. They’re about to lock up the Gates here”, said Jake, aka Ace.

After what had happened to his buddies, Trent sure didn’t want to be locked in anywhere. He quickly left the Tent.  Jake, aka Ace Adams, leaned back on his stool in thought. Here he had been trying to come up with a way to get the Cliques at each other’s throats, and it seemed that somebody was going to help light the fuse for him. Uncontrolled, Yes….But this could just work out to his advantage, if the mysterious person went after any of the other Cliques also.

He must speed up his plans to supply every Clique leader with an Air Rifle. So far, there were now two out of the six. He would get the rest out within the week. A little over two weeks remained until Christmas. The Clique War had to be touched off at the holidays, when the Staff and most of the Prefects left the school. That would ensure nobody would be interfering.  No Cops would be showing up for kids beating the shit outta themselves.  He had overdone things the last time - He wouldn’t make that mistake again.
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This seems to be a shit Town, Geoff thought, as he made his way into New Coventry on his way to a place he had heard about.  It was supposed to be an Indoor Bike Park, located in an old factory building.  He wasn’t expecting much -- What he really needed was an Outdoor Skate Park, like back home, but this would have to do.

He finally located the building after asking directions from an old Wino.  Making out just enough of the ugly fart’s directions to understand, he found himself in a vacant asphalt lot leading to a large pull-up door with a smaller regular door to the right of it.  Dismounting his board, he opened up the smaller door and went in.

What he saw was more than he expected. There were micro-ramps, mini-ramps, wedge ramps, and quarter ramps, along with some turtle-hump ramps, street spine, grind ledge, vertwalls, fly boxes, and pyramid hip ramp, and what looked like some kind of horizontal flume over to the right. It would have to do…It was all there was in this dump of a Town.  He laid down his board and pushed off.

There was a couple of boys on bikes here, too….Going through their moves. He had hoped the place would have been deserted, with everybody attending the concert over at the school. The bikers made their way around the area, doing bunny hops, jumps, table tops, wheelies, and powerslides on their old beaters, not seeming to pay him any attention.
Geoff executed a series of ollies and kickflips before getting up enough speed to hit the quarter ramp, since there wasn’t any half-pipes here.

Focusing on what he was doing, he didn’t notice the bike rider behind him until he took a fist to the head that knocked him clean off his skateboard.  A bike skidded to a stop right in front of where he landed, and the rider dismounted. A second bike skidded to a stop a short distance away.

“Hey, New-fish fuck, whatchoo doing in our Bike Park ?”, one of them said.

Dazed by the blow, Geoff looked up to see a black kid wearing a leather jacket glaring down at him.

“Yeah, what’s your tale, Nightingale ?  This heres a private Greaser place. Invitation Only”, the second kid said, getting off his bike.

“I…uh…Just heard about this place”, Geoff said, roling over and trying to get to his feet. “I didn’t know anything about private….The door was open, and…OOOFF !!”  He was cut short by a fist to his guts. Geoff doubled over, and was grabbed by the first Greaser, then yanked up and spun around and pushed towards the second Greaser, where he was met with a hard punch to the face.  Down he went again.

“Heey, just because the door’s open don’t mean youse gets to come in, hair on the chinny-chin”, the second Greaser said. “You gots to have an invite to be here, and I ain’t never seen youse before.”

“Hey, lookit this”, the first Greaser said, picking up Geoff’s skateboard. “Fancy-Smanchy, huh ? Looks like a turd that came outta your ass”, he said, laughing loudly. “A BIG TURD !!”

“Haw-Haw-Haw !!!” the second Greaser guffawed. “A Big Turd…Haw-Haw !!”

“That’s…my board…”, Geoff said weakly, trying to get up again.

“Well, go and gets it then”, the first Greaser said, and threw it hard at the wall, where it hit and smacked with a sickening splinter. Geoff, finally getting to his feet, started toward the Skateboard, now laying in a heap by the wall by the doors, only to be tripped up by the second Greaser, who then proceeded to start kicking him in the ribs. He was then joined by the the first Greaser, and together they pummeled Geoff to the very edge of passing out.  Then, the two Greasers grabbed Geoff under the arms, one on each side, and drug him over to the big door.

With the push of a button, the big door rumbled up in it’s tracks.  The Greasers then hoisted Geoff up in the air and kicked him hard in the ass, and he went sprawling out on the pavement.

“And donts come back without no invite”, the second Greaser said.

“Take this piece shit with you”, the first Greaser said, throwing the broken skateboard after him.

The two Greasers, Norton and Lucky, laughed uproariously as they watched Geoff crawling slowly away. Still choking with laughter, they re-entered the Bike Park and rumbled the big door back down.
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"Oh…Hello, Dr. Crabblesnitch !" Kurt said with a fake smile.

"What... What are you doing here, young man ?”, Dr. Crabblesnitch said with an arched eyebrow.  “Shouldn't you be giving a Concert... ?"

"Oh, yeah, I should be..." Kurt said, slowly walking to the Principal's desk.

"Well, then you should be doing it !“, the Head said, agitated.  “Now go back there before I call Security !"

Kurt let loose a chilling laugh, before taking a seat in front of the old man. "Talking about Security... There is a riot in the Auditorium right now."

"The Security Team will stop it, and you'll be able to continue !", Dr. Crabblesnitch blustered.

"The more they try, the more they will fail. The Students already hate what you call your ‘Security Team.”, Kurt laughed snidely.

"But Respect Is Paramount !" Dr. Crabblesnitch thundered, regaining his poise.

Kurt stood up suddenly and bent over the desk.  Dr. Crabblesnitch knew would be useless to insist he leave.  The kind of Student that dared to come up to his office alone, and then challenge him in this way could become dangerous very easily.  He still remembered the incident that happened last year.  That student, Gary Smith, didn't take his meds and went crazy, trying to take over the School.   Gary had tied him to his seat at the point of a Weapon, and then total mayhem had erupted at the School.  Everybody fought, and the only thing he could do is look desperately through his window and hear fighting Students bump against his closed door.  He didn't forget that part of his experience at Bullworth Academy, even though he would give anything to make the Staff and Students forget about it.   He, and the school, needed a good reputation, and respect.  But, he also knew, he was charged with handling this particular Student with kid gloves.

"This riot can turn very dangerous, and it can be stopped too”, Kurt said calmly. “It's your choice, Dr. Crabblesnitch."

"All right, all right... “, Dr. Crabblesnitch finally said, holding his anger. “Sit down, young man, and let's talk like civilized men do."

"I guess you already know what I'm looking for, Sir..." Kurt began, “Don’t you ?”
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Algie, aka Piff The Skull, had a dilemma. He could use Lola only one more time, to lure the Preps.  She couldn’t be used on her own Clique, the Greasers, and not on the Clique she was living with, the Rockers. He would have to get someone else for those, but who ?

He had used Lola, because not so long ago he had the hots for her real bad, and had actually TALKED to her….And then found out she was playing him, all the while cheating on her boyfriend Johnny with Gord, one of the Preps, who everyone suspected was Gay.  It seemed that Lola did this quite often, which is how she got her reputation as a little slut. Since Johnny was gone, she had hooked up with a variety of boys, the latest being the new boy, Kurt.  Since she had a connection to Gord, the Preps should be the easiest to lure into a trap. But, there was also another problem…..

Where to lure them to ?  The Preps were notorious for not leaving Bullworth Vale, preferring to stay in their safe little rich part of the world. Occasionally, one would venture over to Bullworth Town, or even New Coventry, like Gord, but for the most part, they didn’t much leave the area.  Same with at School, they hung around Harringington House, and kept their own company.  He would have to lure them from where they gathered, to somewhere close….But where ?  He needed a place where he could stay hidden…..

He put the problem aside for now.  There was something else that troubled him.  He would also have to attack his own Clique…His fellow Warriors.  If everyone else was attacked except for the Nerds, the suspicion would fall on them.  And that couldn’t be allowed to happen. 

He would be gentle with them….No shots to the nuts.  And it would be pathetically easy to lure them….with almost anyone.  Even though their biggest wanna-be sex-addict, Ernest, was now gone, there was still plenty of harmone-fueled frustration in the ranks of his fellow Nerds to make this task ridiculously easy. It would be a difficult thing for him to do, but it had to be done, for their own sakes.

Besides…He had sort of cut himself off from everybody since coming back, even his friends.  He was practically living here in the basement room of the Dragon’s Wing, where he himself had been attacked by an unknown assailant. He had fixed up the old door so he could close and lock it while he slept.  He trusted no one now.  He hated to admit it, even to himself, but the possibility existed that one of his own Clique could have been responsible for his attack….After all, it had happened right here at the Comic Store, the Nerd hangout.

He lay back on the bed.  He would figure it out.  He would have his revenge.  On all of them…Even that Fuck Tony and his screwed-up friends.   

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Mandy had left the concert when Slingshot rocks came wizzing down from the balcony above.  Damn Boys ! Why did they have to ruin just everything with fighting ?  Were they all retarded ?  She pushed her way through the crowd of students and found her way to the exit doors.  She then left the school by one of the back doors.

Something else was bothering her.  Where were the Guys ?  There had not been a single Jock in attendence at the concert.  The had been looking forward to it, she knew.  The Jocks liked to Rock.  Just look at all the music that was played at their games to pump them up. Yeah, they loved it, all right….So where were they at ?

Mandy checked the Gym.  Nobody was evident in either the Pool section or the Court section.  She did hear some strange noises coming from Burton’s office under the stairs, but she ignored that….That old Perv was always in there doing God-knows-what, stuff she didn’t even want to think about.  She moved quietly past and checked the downstairs Locker Rooms.  Both were empty.

Next she left the Gym and went down the steps to the Football Field.  It too was eerily empty.  Half-jogging over to the newly-remodeled clubhouse, and looking inside, she saw that it was empty also.

Next, she checked behind the two Bleachers.  Sometimes, they would gather back there to smoke some ciggys, or anything else they could get their hands on.  There were great make-out spots back there too.  But…Nobody there.

Coming out from behind the Bleachers near the entrance to the Observatory, she spotted something laying on the walkway.  She stopped and picked it up.  It was a cap.  Casey’s cap.  Odd, he never much went anywhere without it.  Hardly ever took it off, except…..

She looked up, right through the opening that led to the Observatory.  She was thinking…Remembering…..Last Spring, when the Jock Clique, with some other Jock boys they recruited from other Schools, mounted a full-scale attack on the Observatory during a brief clique war with the Nerds.  The attack had failed, mostly due to the intervention of Jimmy Hopkins, who had held off the attacking Jocks with the large Spud Cannon mounted over the entrance. 

The whole thing had been started because of Earnest, their Clique Leader at the time.  Earnest was a seriously sex-addicted wimpy boy who had somehow gotten nude pictures of her that he tacked up all over the school grounds, and then Bullworth Town. The Jocks had come to her defense, looking for revenge on Earnest and the whole thing had escalated into a full assault on the Nerd’s stronghold. Tensions had only eased at School's end in the Summer, after Earnest had been removed and taken off to some sort of Sex-Addiction Clinic.  Still, it had led to the rupture of her relationship with Ted, and some of the Jocks.  She had wound up bringing little Karen into the Jock fold, not only to protect Karen, but to have somebody to watch her own back.

Mandy was still crouched down, with the cap in her hands, and looked to the Gates of the Observatory.  Would the Jocks have tried to take control of the Observatory again ?  And for what reason ?   There had been no trouble, not lately, at least…She straightened and walked towards the Observatory gates.  It was quiet, she could hear no sounds at all.  This seemed like a far-fetched idea, she had just seen the Nerds at the Concert, hadn’t she ?

She reached the Gates and looked through the bars….Then recoiled in shocked surprise.  There were four boys -- Casey, Luis, Kirby, and Bo -- laying unconscious in what appeared to be their own vomit. There was the unpleasant smell in the air, one that she recognized, of Stink Bombs. She peered around, but couldn’t see anyone else.  Where were the rest ?

Mandy tried to open the Gates, and couldn’t.  They were locked.  She would have to get help.  Unlike that new French boy, she didn’t know how to Parkour.  Mandy turned and began to sprint back towards the School, heading for the Infirmary.
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As Mandy entered as fast as she could into the Infirmary, the unconscious body of a Prefect was brought by two of his colleagues.  She ran to one of the nurses, Mrs. Peralta, and began to explain what she saw….The Jocks, their vomit, and the closed Gates.  But the old woman calmly told her that they had to be brought here to be healed.  She wouldn't take a step out of the Infirmary and risk getting shot with any Weapons.

Mandy left the Clinic, and headed back across the Great Hall to the Auditorium.  The first thing that she saw on entering was that there wasn't anybody on the stage.  The second thing was that the fight was even more terrible than when she left.  She quickly spotted Laurent, his back against Tony's, fighting against a bunch of Preps.  The two boys, seeing her frantic signaling there was an emergency, made their best way to get through the mass of fighters and follow her.  On their way towards the Fountain, they crossed paths with the ‘Bucket of Oysters‘ Rocker Band, Kurt leading the way with a backpack in his hand.  Tony stopped, and faced the Rocker for a long minute, after which the Kurt spit on Tony’s shoes and stalked off, his boys behind him.
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As the band suddenly vacated the stage, Tibo knew that was the signal for him to stop the riot.  Kurt, apparently, had gotten what he came for. He settled back in his dark hiding place, and took careful aim at the lead fighters, targeting their shoulder areas -- disable the arms, stop the fight. He began to squeeze off shots, one by one.

“What the Hell…” Tony said, watching the retreating Rockers.
“Com’on, Man !” Laurent shouted. “Let’s move !”  Mandy had quickly explained the situation to them, that it was urgent.  Laurent took off, with Mandy following.

Tony stared for a second at the runaway Rockers, who were moving quickly through the parking lot toward the gate, then turned and sprinted after Laurent and Mandy.

“You get it, Kurt ?” asked Benny.
“Right here, my man”, Kurt replied, patting his backpack. “Right here.”
“Why we running ?”, asked another Rocker.
“In case Crabblesnich calls the Cops…I don’t want us nowhere around”, Kurt said.
“Tibo gonna be able to stop the riot ?’ Benny asked.
“Oh, yeah”, Kurt grinned an evil smile. “No problem…He’s a Born Killer”
Damon and Gloria were returning from the movies, and met Ted at the school’s front Gates, who was returning from the Carnival.  As they entered, Ted spotted students running out the front doors of the school, scattering every which way.

“What’s happening ?”, Gloria exclaimed.

“Same shit that always happens at this dump”, Ted replied sourly.

“Gloria”, Damon said, “Go to your Dorm…Fast.”
For once, Gloria didn’t say anything. With a quick nod, she turned and ran for the Girl’s Dorm.

Ted sighed. “Let’s see what’s going on…”
The boys began running up to the School building.

Laurent, Tony, and Mandy arrived at the Observatory. As the gate was locked, the boys did the Parkour over the wall. Checking out the situation, Tony knew they would have to get the gate open somehow, to carry the boys out.
“Laurent….Go to the Auto Shop….Get a crowbar or tire iron, or something. We gotta open those gates.”

Instead of using the Parkour back over the wall, Laurent went op the steps to the Spud Cannon, intending to just jump down….And there he found Dan and Juri.  “Two more up here !”. he called down to Tony.  After checking them, he jumped down the wall and he and Mandy headed off toward the Greaser’s Autoshop.

The Riot was stopped. The lead fighters were groaning, holding their shoulders and stumbling around.  Tibo noted the Prefects returning through the Auditorium doors, and stashed the Air Rifle in a knapsack he had brought along.  Stealing out the back of the Auditorium, he left by the doors leading out to the second floor. In the confusion, he strolled down the stairs and out of the School building unobserved.

Tibo was coming out of the School as Ted and Damon were rushing in.  Tibo even stood aside and held the door open for them to enter, then continued on his way, unhurriedly down the front steps and down the walk, through the front Gates and off School grounds.

Ted and Damon raced to the Auditorium, and stopped, looking around.
“Hey…Where’s our guys ?  You see them ?” Ted asked Damon.
“No…I don’t”, Damon replied. “Maybe they didn’t come ?”
“Naw…They wanted to be here….Been talking about it all week”, Ted said, as he scanned around, not seeing one Jock boy in the auditorium. “Something’s wrong…They wouldn’t have missed this….Com’on…Lets go check the Gym…”

Laurent had found the Auto Shop empty, and had located not one, but two crowbar-looking pieces of metal to use for opening the Gates.  He and Mandy were heading back to the Observatory when he was called from behind.
“Hey, Laurent !”
Laurent turned, to see Ted and Damon running toward him.
“Glad to see you, man…Seen the guys ?” Ted asked.
“Yeah…And they are in trouble…They need help !”, Laurent said. “Come on..This way !”
All four ran down to the Observatory.

Arriving at the Observatory, Laurent passed one of the bars through the Gates to Tony, and gave the other one to Damon. Working on the gate together for a minute, the lock finally snapped with a loud clank, and Laurent and Ted pushed the Gates open.  The boys and Mandy raced inside.
“Damn…Who did this ?” Ted asked.
“Don’t know.  Mandy found them like this, and came and got us”, Tony said.
“Woah…Good going, Mandy”, Damon said.
“I couldn’t find them, and came looking for them. Then, I found Casey’s cap right outside…”, Mandy said, in sort of a daze at seeing the injured Jocks up close.

“When I find out who done this…They’re gonna pay BIG…” Ted said.
“Right now, though, we gotta get them to the Infirmary…They’re bad hurt”, said Tony.

Working in teams, the four boys carried the injured Jocks to the infirmary, two at a time, returning at the last for Casey, since he was the biggest. Carrying Casey past the Fountain, they encountered a couple of Prep boys, coming the other way.

“Hey, would you look at the Apes, carrying another Ape”, spouted off one of the Preps.
“Yuh rich fucks wanna come over here for a closer look ?” Damon said, showing them his meanest face.
“Umm…No, No…That’s quite alright…”,The Preps slid by and began running towards Harrington House.
“Fucking Cowards !!” Ted called after them.
After they had gotten the last of the injured Jock boys in the Infirmary, Ted stopped Tony outside.
“Hey, uh…Thanks a lot for what you done for us. We won’t forget this.”
“Ah, S’allright. See you around…” Tony said with a wave, and walked off to find Karen to make sure she was alright.
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The next day, Ted was at the Carnival Souvenir Tent, with Damon standing guard outside.
After relating what had happened to his Clique, Ted wanted revenge…And Weapons. He also had plenty of questions.

“What’s up with these Terror guys ? We’re paying protection money not to be attacked”, Ted said.

Jake<aka Ace Adams, replied, “You’re paying protection for THEM not to attack you. You are being attacked by someone else. The Terrorists don’t care about your piddly-little Clique, they have bigger fish to fry.”

“Oh yeah ? What fish, and who else could be attacking us ?”, Ted continued.

“Those are questions to which I have no answer. My contact doesn’t tell me everything, only what’s relavant to your situation.” Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. “Frankly, if I knew those answers, they would possibly have to kill me…Or anyone else who knew.”

“Well…”, Ted said, mollified, “We need Weapons…And plenty of ‘em.”

“How about…An Ultimate Weapon ?”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. And before Ted could answer, he ducked under the counter and then re-appeared, laying a long-barrel weapon on the counter.

“Woah….What is…That !”, Ted exclaimed.

“The best in Air Rifle Technology”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. “$250 dollars, and I’ll throw in a couple boxes of Pellets.”  Ted looked up at him. “And…Two Spud Guns. Deal ?”, Jake, aka Ace, finished.

Without a word, Ted emptied his pockets, and counted out the money. As he picked up the Weapon, Jake cautioned him, “Best to keep that under wraps…not too many of those around.”
“No need to worry about us”, Ted said, as he collected the Spud Guns and the Pellets, shoving them into his pockets. “We’ll take care of our own…guarantee that, as soon as I find out who’s responsible for putting the hits on our guys.”

And with that, Ted left the Souvenir Tent, Jake’s insane grin at his back.
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Laurent and Tony had just finished their meal at the French restaurant.  Earlier in the day, they had visited their friend Constantinos at the School Infirmary.  The poor boy had received several punches in the belly, and wouldn’t be able to walk for two or three days.  After that, they left, seeing that the Prefects were taking random students to clean up the Auditorium after the previous events, mostly Nerds.

After paying the Chef for their food, they went outside, but were interrupted by... Pinky.  "Why hello there, tough guys..."

"What the hell are you doing here, Pinky ?" Tony answered impatiently.

"Well, she's not alone."  Derby appeared, putting his hands on the girl's hip.

"So... What do you both want ?", Tony asked, still irritable.

"New clothes, of course”, Derby said.  “We want new brand clothes like you've always sold us."

"Derby, I'd really like to, but..." Tony began.

"Excuse me ?”, Derby leered,  “Are you telling me that you can't ?"

"My... Uh... Provider doesn't have anything left”, Tony lied. “Why don't you people go to the Aquaberry store ?"

"It's closed because of renovation, my ‘old friend‘”, Derby said snidely.  “I, and my fellows, are going to wait for you in Old Bullworth Vale, in front of Shinjo's Restaurant, tonight, after curfew. Come with the new clothes then.", Derby said dismissively, and then turned to leave.  Pinky adjusted her sweater, and went away with Derby after a deep look into Tony’s eyes.

Tony stood looking at the retreating pair, then motioning to Laurent, sat down silently on a nearby bench.  Laurent plopped down beside him as Tony thought.

"Merde…What are you going to do ?" the French boy finally asked.

"I got me a little plan.  Come on, get on your bike, I have to talk to the Greasers... Before tonight.”, Tony said as he got up.
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A dozen students, including one girl, Christy Martin, were cleaning up the Auditorium.  All four Security Prefects, wearing their classic jackets, were watching them, arms crossed on their chests.  They had provided large plastic bags for the trash, but as a skinny Nerd approached to throw in a small object, the nearest Prefect stopped him.
"Hey, you, give me that !"

"But it's just a...", Donald protested.

"Give me that !!"  Seth, the Prefect, a young man with a shaved head, examined the little metallic object the Nerd was about to throw in the trash.  He turned around, and called his colleague.  "Max ! Max ! Come here !"

"What's going on ?”, Max came on the run. “What's that thing ?"

"Exactly what I wanted to show you... A Pellet”, Seth told him. “A fucking Pellet !!. Go get Crabblesnitch immediately !!"

"I'm on my way."  As Max ran out of the Auditorium, Donald still stood before the Prefect, mouth opened, like a statue.  The Security Prefect pushed him violently. "Get back to work, you prick !"
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It was getting towards dark when Lola descended the steps of the old Hattrick house. She was wearing high-heeled boots, a real short leather skirt, and a low-cut blouse with a stylish leather jacket.  As always, Lola never went anywhere without her make-up on, and as she moved, she swung her hips provocatively from side to side. In her jacket pocket, she carried her latest instructions from Piff The Skull.

She didn’t know where the Rocker boys were, they had taken off for parts unknown. Kurt had only told her there had been a little trouble over at the School last night, and they needed to lay low for a little while.  It irritated her a bit that he wasn’t telling her the whole story, whatever it was.  Kurt could be secretive at times, and it seemed lately he was becoming more so.

As she opened the gate and went out into the street, she could see up in the distance a group of Prep boys gathered up the street in front of Spencer Mansion, like usual. They appeared to be smoking and talking animatedly about something.  A few appeared to be slightly injured, with evidence of bandages and such here and there. As Lola got closer, she could count five of the Preps.  She scanned as she walked, looking for Gord.  The Preps, engaged in conversation, didn’t see the approaching Lola at first.

“I say, old chap, where did Derby and Pinky get off to ?”, Parker was saying.
Another one answered, “They had to meet someone, to pick up some clothes, down by Shinjo’s, I hear.”
“What sort of clothes ?” asked Gord, “Mine are getting downright natty.”
“Aquaberry clothes, I think he said" Justin replied.  "We were going to go with them, but Derby decided to take just Biff instead. and Pinky too. Said they wouldn’t be too long.”
“Well, I hope they hurry", Tad said.  "We all need some new outfits. These are getting awfully tacky.”

“Hello, Boys……”
At the sound of a sexy female voice, their conversation stopped.  They all turned in the direction of the voice to see Lola walking towards them.  The scent of her purfume filled their nostrils.  She walked up to one of them, and stopped.

“Hello, Gord…Long time, no see….”
Gord was suddenly unable to speak. Last year, he was having a not-so-secret affair with Lola.  He would meet her in New Coventry, and take her for dates in Bullworth Town. They weren’t very careful about it, in fact were photographed holding hands and kissing right out on the street.  Gord had been struck in love, but when Johnny Vincent had found out that Gord was messing with his girl, he had been struck for real.  Johnny nearly beat the life out of him, and Gord had kept his distance every since.  It had all come out then, and the other Prep boys were outraged, but were also highly jealous of Gord for bagging that fine-looking chick, even though not a one of them had the guts to be seen out with her in public.  Even more jealous they would have been if they known Gord was bi-sexual.

“I’ve…missed you, Gordo…”, Lola said in a sensual voice. Gord’s eyes bugged out, and his jaw dropped.  Lola suddenly reached up, grabbed Gord’s neck, and pulled him in for a long sexy french kiss.

The other Preps looked on in amazement at the sight of this. None of them had actually ever seen Gord with Lola….The had just heard about it. While not being very careful about being out in public with her back then, Gord had been extremely cautious about only seeing Lola in places where the other Preps never hung out. The kiss turned Gord into a mass of jelly. All at once, he was once again a love-sick puppy dog.

“We should find a place…”, breathed Lola, when she had ended the kiss, “For us to go….Maybe your friends would like to come along…And watch.”  She stepped back. “Wouldn’t you, boys ?”

The other Prep boys stood dumbly in place, still not fully believing what they had been seeing, and now hearing.  It was a well-known secret that the Preps were a little sexually weird.  Instances of Voyeurism and Incest were rumored to run high in their social circles, and dating first cousins was considered the norm.  One by one, they nodded, and then began to nod eagerly.  Hell, Yes, they would like to watch…And maybe participate as well.

“Well, come along then, boys”, Lola said, taking Gord’s hand and beginning to walk. “I know a good place, just right up the road……”
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The whole group moved up Vale Valley Road, Lola leading a love-struck Gord in the front, the rest of the Preps following. At a turn in the road, she led them through the small short-cut to the Basketball Courts, an exclusive Preps area where only they were supposed to be allowed. To the right of the Courts sat a long, old one-story building, in front of which was a street that led to one of the Park entrances.  The building was once a showers and Locker Room for the Basketball Courts, but had long ago been sold to a private owner. The place sat empty now, but still kept a well-maintained look from the outside.

Lola led the group through the Courts and around to the front of the building. At a door set into the right side of the structure, she stopped, and produced a key from the pocket of her jacket, slid it into the deadbolt lock, and opened the door.

“Here we are, boys…Come on in”, she said, excitedly. It didn’t occur to any of the Preps to ask just where she had gotten the key to this particular building, since they had other things on their minds.  The Preps filed in, single file, through the door that Lola was holding open for them.

The Preps entered a room that had once been the Locker Room. The rest of the building, which had originally contained the showers, had been divided off into a living area, like efficiency apartment rooms, with a heavy wooden door placed between them and the old locker area, which was now empty except for the old lockers that lined the walls.  As the Preps felt around in the darkness for a light switch, Lola quickly stepped out, closing the door behind her. The Preps heard the sound of the key in the lock, ramming the deadbolt home.

“What the bloody Hell….”, said Tad.
“I say, I think that little vamp locked us in”, observed Parker.
“Locked in ?  Like common Prisoners ?”, a nervous Chad said.
“Looks like it, old chum”, said Justin.
Only Gord, still in a daze, didn’t say anything.

“Toodle-Loo, Boys”, they heard Lola say through the door. “Guess you’ll just have to make out with yourselves.”  And with a giggling laugh, she walked away from the building.

The Preps gathered about the closed, locked door in the dark.
“I say there, let us out !”, yelled Parker.
“Yes, no need for this !”, shouted Justin.
“This isn’t funny anymore !”, hollered Chad.
“What the bloody hell !”, repeated Tad.
Gord remained silent, and unbelieving.

At that moment, the lights in the old Locker Room went on.  The Preps blinked and squinted in the sudden light, which revealed a stark, empty room. Another door, the heavy wooden one, was revealed, and the Preps swarmed over to it only to find that it too was firmly locked.  At about chin level, a round, 4-inch hole had been cut through it.  The Preps peered into the hole, but could make out nothing in the darkness within the interior.

An electronic click sounded from a speaker set in the ceiling.
Welcome, gentlemen.”
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As they all looked up to the ceiling to attempt to locate the sound of the mystery voice, the Preps noticed something else….a series of beaker-shaped bottles were tied up on the ceiling, out of reach, spread out evenly around the room.  There appeared to be about 30 of them.

“Who is this ?”, called Tad.
“Why has that Tramp locked us in here ?”, Yelled Parker.
“Yes, just what is her problem ?”, chimed in Justin.
“What does that Bitch want with us ?”, yelled Chad.

The loudspeaker activated again. “ I…have brought you here….Lola was only the lure….You are the ones responsible for your fate.”

Finally shaken out of his love-sick fog, a pale Gord looked up, and spoke. “You, sir, are an evil person….Just what do you wish from us ?”

Justice”, The voice from the speaker said.

With the sound of a rope being pulled, a volley of the Stink Bombs fell from the ceiling. At once, the room became choked with greenish, billowing smoke. The Preps began hacking and coughing, trying to cover their faces.  A second volley was soon released, and then a third volley, some hitting and breaking on the heads of the hapless Preps. The green smoke, backlit by the overhead lights, gave off an errie alien glow, the smoke becoming so thick that it was impossible to see anything at all.

The Preps were kneeling over now, retching from the effects of the Stink Bombs in the enclosed room.  Soon, they were vomiting stinking puke all over their expensive clothes, and realizing that only made them throw-up even more.  The vomit was everywhere, and unable to keep their footing, they soon began to slip and fall into the puddles on the floor.

As the green smoke began to clear somewhat, the barrel of a Spud Gun appeared through the round hole in the thick wooden door.  The gun began firing at the Preps, knocking down the ones who had managed to get to their feet.  But it wasn’t Spuds coming out of the barrel of the weapon….It was Eggs.  And not just any Eggs….Hard-Boiled Eggs, the Preps favorite weapon of choice.  With the velocity of which they were being shot out of the Modified Spud Gun, they were exacting terrible results on the defenseless Preps.


Soon, one by one, all the Preps were knocked into unconsciousness.

A bolt was thrown, and the thick wooden door opened.  Algie appeared, looking for signs of movement. Seeing none, he raised the cordless microphone to his face. The loudspeaker activated once more, in a now familiar phrase……..   

“Thus shall it be to all evildoers. Those who live by the sword….Shall DIE by the sword.”

Algie went to each Prep, lying prone on the floor, and fired a volley of hard-Boiled Eggs at high speed directly into each one of their crotches, saving Gord for last. Algie fired until he was out of ammo.  For good measure, he gave each Prep several kicks to the crotch also, just for the pure hell of it.  He had considered using Firecrackers, but decided against it, not wanting to bring the Cops…This part of Bullworth Vale was heavily patrolled, and noise had to be kept to a minimum.

Algie dug a key from his oversized pants pocket, and unlocked the deadbolt on the outer door. He then backtracked, and turmed off all the lights. Then, stepping outside the building, he closed the outer door and re-locked it.  Only then did he pull off his gas-mask, and breathed in the cool night air. Waddling over towards the park area, he retrived his bike and began to peddle back to the Dragon’s Wing.

Another evening’s work complete. Three down, halfway there.  Even though his missing nut seemed to ache against the bike seat, he began to feel better.
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Earlier, Tony and Laurent had gone to the Autoshop.

"You's... Tony, right ?  Welcome here, mate”, Steve said. “You want me to call Peanut ?"

"Yeah, thanks”, Tony replied. “Good to see you."

The Greaser posted at the entry of their Greaser territory had recognized Tony as he was arriving with Laurent, and had shaken his hand automatically. He ducked around the corner for a moment, then reappeared. "Peanut can see you right now, just turn left after the... Oh, wait, you already know the place, hey ?"

Inside the Garage room of corrugated iron, Peanut was sorting bolts by size, in dirty plastic boxes. Tony sat in front of Peanut before the table, and the Greaser leader offered him his hand, keeping his eyes on the metallic pieces.  Laurent stood at the entry, making sure that nobody would interrupt the conversation.

"Hey, whats cans I do for yous ?" he said with his strong Brooklyn accent.

"Well, listen, Peanut, your Clique will be able to knock out some Preps, tonight”, Tony began.

"We do’s it everydays”, Peanut replied without looking up. “Dose rich morons donts knows how to fight."

"But you can't beat Derby and Biff at once every day, can you ?" Tony said, with a wink.

This time, the Greaser looked up, and crossed the arms, sitting back on his seat.  Tony knew as well as Peanut that Derby and his best friend Biff kept close to Harrington House or were at the Glass Jaw Boxing Gym in Old Bullworth Vale during their free time.  It was useless to try attacking at those places since both buildings were full of Preps at any given time, and any trespassing Greasers would be beaten up on the spot.  Knocking out a Clique leader meant something in Bullworth Academy.  It was the symbol of the domination of a Clique over another, or domination of a single person on a whole Clique, as had been the case with Jimmy Hopkins.

"Derby and his little boyfriend will be out tonight”, Tony advised, “At Shinjo's." Quickly, he explained the deal.  The Vale was usually off-limits to the Greasers, but Shinjo’s Restaurant was only a half-block off Vale Valley Boulevard that everyone took to get to the Carnival, a sort of free passage through the Prep area.  On bikes, they could be in and out quickly.

"HA ! You cans be sure that we’s will be there, Tony !", Peanut exclaimed.

"Don't miss the meeting, man”, said Tony, telling Peanut the time and getting up.

"I understand”, Peanut said.  “Youse be there, rights ?"

"Oh, Yes, Peanut, I will”, Tony said. “I'll distract them to let you have the time to... Do your thing !"

"Heh…Thats we will”, Peanut remarked. “Youse are a very good friend to the Greasers, Tony !"

Peanut took off his leather jacket, and searched for ten dollars. Tony simply waved his hand, indicating that this one was a freebie, and exited the Greaser territory. 

Later, Laurent indicated to him that they had only three hours before the meeting…Three hours to prepare their role.  They sat on the Bleachers inside the Gym, waiting for the curfew to come.

"Tony... We do not have... Uh, how you say... Clothes, for the Preps ?" Laurent asked.

"No, we don't, my friend.", snickered Tony.

"What are we.….?", Laurent began to ask.

"Here's the plan”, Tony confided.  “We're going to make out as if we have the stuff, but before we can show it, here come the Greasers, making a surprise attack ! You get the trick ?"

"Oui”, Laurent nodded.

"We just have to hope that we'll be able to talk long enough for the Greasers to arrive”, Tony worried, “If they see we don't have anything, we're dead."
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In the Beach House,  Derby looked through the window at the dark silent waves dying on the sand, his hands crossed behind his back.  Bif was sitting in a nearby chair, a Baseball Bat in his hands.

"These new clothes are going to be a fine present for our Clique, Derby”, Bif remarked.

"Sure, Biff, sure.  If only Tony has the clothes” Derby said strangely.

"There’s no reason for him not to have them... Is there ?", asked Bif.

"Well…No….Not really.  But just in case…"Derby pointed to the bat.

Pinky approached, and put her arms around Derby's neck. "Derby, honey, do you think he will have a new skirt for me ?"

"Sure, Pinky, he will.  I like you to look fabulous, and you know it”, Derby said absently.

"Tony likes it too..." She said with a naughty look.

"He's just a Pauper”, Derby replied, half-wondering what that meant.
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, are we ready to go ?  It's about time”, Bif said while checking the expensive clock over the counter of the Beach House.

"I know you don't like ties, Laurent, but I just want you to look serious“, Tony implored.  “Impressive !"

"This is not com... comfortable.", Gagged Laurent.

"Well, you just have to get used to it !”, Tony exclaimed.

The two boys waited, sitting on a bench near Shinjo's Restaurant.  Nobody was out in the streets right now, so they were able to see the Preps coming up from the Beach at a distance.  There were two boys, and a girl, judging by the forms of the bodies under the street lights.  The five Students met in front of the Restaurant.  As usual, Pinky used her body to try to catch the attention of Tony.

"Hey, Tony-Boy." She greeted, without paying attention to Laurent.

"Derby, I guess you have the money." Tony said, ignoring Pinky and trying to keep a professional air.

"Of course I do. May I ask you if you have our clothes ?", Derby replied.

"All is in my backpack, right here. Just what do you need ?", Inquired Tony.

"First, I need a new skirt, Tony... Look at mine.", Pinky twittered.

She stood in front of Tony, and gracefully made a U-turn for him to see.  She slowly put her right arm under Tony's neck, and whispered in his ear.

"This is the one you brought to me... Remember ?  I would love to live that night again, Tony-Boy...", she said in a voice too low for the others to hear.

"As you say, Pinky, those skirts are getting ripped very easily." Tony said loudly for the Preps to hear.

"Tell me about it, friend..." Derby said, sounding bored.

"Even Aquaberry... That kind of fabric isn't strong enough, you understand..." Tony started.

"Okay”, Derby said impatiently, “We’re happy to have you providing us new clothes.
Can we just do the deal now ?”

"Oh, you maybe don't have the time for talk…?”, Tony Paused.

"No, we don't really, so show us the sweaters, we'll just pick some of them", Derby returned.

“Wait, let's do this like Gentlemen do, OK ?", Tony showed his empty hands, palms up.

"You look suspicious, Tony." Biff said, jiggling his baseball bat on his shoulder.

"Well, well, I just wanted to show I had good manners too.", Tony grinned.

"Now, can you please...", began Derby.

Derby was interrupted by bike tires screeching.  Seven Greasers approached, circling, slapping their fists into their palms.
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“Wells. Hello, rich-scum”, Peanut said. “Nice to see you !!”

Tony pulled Pinky back by the arm as the Greasers leapt off their bikes. “This is going to be a mess….You better run.”  Tony and Laurent stepped back themselves, but watched the fight from the nearby steps by the Restaurant.  The Greasers piled on Derby first. “Now here goes some Pugilism for you !!”, Tony heard one of the Greasers gloat.

Derby was beaten rather quickly, but Bif managed to knock out two opponents.   At some point, Bif broke his bat.  However, five on one could never work for the one, and as  the rumble concluded,  he was beaten up even worse than Derby.

“Job complete, boys”, Peanut smiled. “Oh, and I thinks we  OWNS these here rich morons nows….Shoulds we make them wear leather jackets, huh, whadda think?”

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Tony and Laurent had returned from their spectator perch by the steps, with Pinky trailing along behind, a shocked look on her face.

“Good work, Peanut.  I…Er…Was expecting the whole Clique….” Tony cast looks around the street, but no other Preps were in view.  He turned to look behind him. “Pinky ?  Come here.”

Pinky walked slowly up toward the scene of the recent fight, and taking a look at Derby and Bif unconscious, began to freak out.  She started whacking at Tony with her arms and fists.

“How COULD YOU….Damn BASTARD !  He TRUSTED You !”, She raged, flailing away with her fists. “We just wanted to buy some CLOTHES...And…And…AUGGGHH !!”

Tony Grabbed her arms. “Calm Down, Pinky !  Calm Down !”

Pinky began to cry.  “Look”, Tony said, in a low voice. “We thought the whole Prep Clique was coming.  That’s what Derby threatened.  How was we supposed to know ?   Just where are the others, anyway ?”

Pinky sobbed. “Derby…Told them…Not to come…Said he could take care of it…Trusted you…”

“Then why Biff and the Bat ?  That doesn’t sound like trust  to me.  That’s the only reason I didn’t call it off.  It looked like Derby was set to rip me off.”, hissed Tony.

Pinky was still sniffling. “It was just…For his own protection…He wasn’t going to…Rob you…He has the money…”, She pointed, “In his pocket….”

Tony nodded to Laurent.  The French boy knelt and checked Derby’s pockets. “It’s here Boss.”, he said.

“OK.…Just leave it there, Laurent….No deals are going to be done tonight.”  Tony wasn’t about to mention that he in fact had no clothes to supply.

Still holding on to Pinky, Tony turned to Peanut. “You guys better make like a tree and leave, before the Cops get here. Can you take care of your guys ?”, he said, nodding at the two knocked-out Greasers on the sidewalk, Ricky and Lucky (who hadn’t been so lucky this time).

“Yeah, Daddy-O, we cans get them to the Clinic, don’t worry.” Said Peanut, then he turned and addressed Laurent. “What’s with the Zoot Suit ? Youse looks like a Penguin with a problem, Har, Har, Har.”

Laurent tugged and pulled at the collar, getting it loosened. “Not my idea”, he said. “Look, Tony, you mind if I go with the boys here, help them get their pals over to the Clinic ?”

“No problem, Laurent..…I’ll walk Pinky somewhere to call the Medics for these two”, Tony said, indicating the two unconscious Preps.

“I’m not going anywhere with you, you Bastard !!”, said Pinky, trying to shake free of Tony’s grip.

Tony grabbed a bit tighter and shook her. “Stop It !  Just Quit !”  He continued in a low voice. “I know all about you and Tad.  Should I tell the others here ?  I’m sure they would be interested….”

Pinky stopped her struggles and froze. “What ? How could you…Know ?’

“I make it my business to find out things”, Tony said. “I’ll just leave it at that.  So what’s it gonna be ?  I can spill the whole thing, or you can come along with me, and we’ll get your…Boyfriend…and his buddy some help.”

Pinky relaxed, defeated. How could Tony have known about her affair with Tad ?  “All right…Let’s just go….”

Tony nodded to the rest of the Greasers, who had already picked up Ricky and Lucky, as they mounted their bikes. “Thanks, guys…I’ll owe you one.”

“Was a Breeze, Jeeves…We hads a major good time. See's you around.”, Hal answered, and with a wave the Greasers, with Laurent following, headed off towards the Bullworth Town Clinic.
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Because of the ring of mountains all around the area where Bullworth was located, Cell Phones were useless without Towers.  In fact, there were damn few regular phones around, Tony reflected, as he walked Pinky up to Vale Valley Road by the way of a short-cut, a long set of steps leading upwards by the Scuba Shop a bit up the street. Tony kept holding her hand all the way in case she tried to take off, all the way to where the Harrington home was located.

It sure made it rather inconvenient to call anybody. All the rich folk in this section had phones, but in the poorer sections of New Coventry and Blue Skies, they were almost non-existent. Strange that in a technologically-advanced world, this place could be so backwards, but Tony knew the real reason….The Harringtons and their rich friends wanted it that way.

By controlling communications in these remote towns, the Harringtons were able to control all the commerce along with stifling any discontent that might pop up among the less-than well off.  And, as they owned the only newspaper, ‘The Vale‘, their control on the local news media was complete. Since there were no local TV or radio stations, for obvious reasons, residents had to be content with piped-in cable for their Television programming. Tony had learned something else from Pete -- There was a law expressly forbiding satelitte dishes (although a few in Blue Skies stuck up some small ones anyway).  No doubt that there was some internet access, but Tony suspected that was highly restricted as well.

Tony and Pinky arrived at the Gates of the Harrington home, only to find no one outside. Tony had expected that there would be at least a couple of Preps to maybe have to deal with, but there was not a soul there.  What was more, the Gates was standing wide open, and the house was dark. Sure, it was after midnight and well past curfew, but there was usually someone up.

Tony walked Pinky to the front door.  Pinky tried the door and found it locked. Digging in her small purse, she produced a key, and unlocked the door.

“Well, Pinky, I’ll be going now”, Tony said.

Pinky turned to Tony. Her anger at the surprise attack had dimmed, and she said coyishly, “Oh, stay, just a little while, won’t you ?  It’s awfully dark in there….”

Tony did not want to go into the house, in fact wanted to leave as soon as possible.
“I…Don’t think that’s such a good idea, Pinky”, Tony hedged. “I really better get going.”
Pinky edged up against him, brushing her pelvis against his crotch.

“Oh, Please, Tony…I don’t want to be alone….Derby’s Parents are away on another one of their ‘Business Trips’, and I don’t think anybody’s here…And I don’t want to go in this big old spooky house all alone….” Her face was close, almost touching him. “Please ?”

Tony felt a surge of emotions run through him, almost impossible to control.
“All…All Right”, he stammered. “But…Just for a little while….”
Pinky pushed open the door, and they entered the home.
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Lola had been returning back to the Hattrick House via the longer Park route when she spotted two figures making their way up the street at the slight curve.  As her instructions from Piff The Skull were clear…She wasn’t to be spotted…She went to a trellised hedge row and scampered over.  She didn’t expect to encounter anyone as she was returning back from her mission, it was late and there should have been no one around.  Now, as she crouched down behind the hedges, she was irritated.  She had ripped her nylons, and that was enough to piss off any girl.  She took a peek over the hedge to see who it was.

She had secreted herself just about right across from the Harrington home, and just down the street from where she had lured the Prep boys away in the first place.  As she watched, a girl and boy came into view, and went into the open Gates of the Mansion.  The girl, she knew, was Pinky, but the boy….He seemed familiar.  He wasn’t dressed in Prep clothes, but he was tastefully attired in some sort of suit. Still….Lola felt sure she had seen him somewhere.

As she watched, they went to the door, and soon she saw Pinky putting some moves on the boy.  He seemed reluctant at first, but finally they both entered the dark home.  Lola was curious.  Wasn’t Pinky still with Derby ?  And if not, what was she doing, bringing a strange boy to his house ?   It was something she would have to figure out later.  The coast was clear now, so she climbed back over the hedge to return to the Hattrick house, putting another tear in her nylons.
“Shit”, she muttered to herself.

Pinky found the light switch, and the front hall lights came on.
“I’ll make the call from Mr. Harrington’s office. Be right back”, she said, leaving an uncomfortable Tony waiting.  A few minutes later she returned.

“They’re going to go pick them up. They said they will probably keep them overnight.” Pinky walked back to where Tony was standing, and took his arm. “Walk me upstairs ? I don’t want to go alone.”
“Um…Pinky, I’d better go…”, Tony began.
“Don’t be silly”, she said in a low sexy voice. “It’s only some stairs…Come on…”
Tony felt his resistance drain out of him like water from a hose. Arm in arm they mounted the stairway.

“Here’s the guest room….I’ll sleep here”, Pinky said, and turned. “Tony-Boy ?”
Tony couldn’t speak.  His mouth opened, but no words would come out.  Suddenly, Pinky reached up with both hands and pulled his face forward. Opening her mouth to match his, she planted a long sexy French kiss on his lips and gums.

Tony could control himself no longer. Still locked in the deep kiss with Pinky, he shoved her backwards through the open door. Pinky dropped her hands to his belt, and undid it, then unzipped his pants and began to pull them down. Then, she pulled her dress and panties loose and dropped them to the floor. Just then, they hit the edge of the bed in the room, and both fell onto it. Pinky giggled to herself through the kissing and what followed.  She had wanted this for so long, and now she was going to have her way.

Tony awoke before dawn.  Quietly, he gathered his clothes and dressed.  He couldn’t believe what he had done.  Worse, he couldn’t believe he wanted to do it again.  He had to get out of here before Derby got out of the Clinic, or some other Prep found him there.

He took a last look at the sleeping Pinky. She lay under the sheets, a small smile playing on her lips. Those marvelous, sensual lips…..

Tony shook his head to clear it.  Conniving Bitch, she had played to his weakest part. He still could feel his hormones raging. Before he could change his mind, he left the room, went down the stairs, out the door, leaving the grounds through the back Gate. To his great relief, he saw no one. He headed back to the School and the Dorm.

He felt an immense guilt. How could he do this to Karen ?  As he dodged the Prefect and entered the Boy's Dorm, he resolved to himself that she must never know.  The sun was just breaking as he got to his room and closed the door.  He wouldn’t be going anywhere today, he thought.  His mind numb, he fell into his bed, and into a troubled sleep.
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Tony was dreaming….Karen….And Pinky.  And all of his friends.  Karen was mad, and crying.
“HOW could you...? I thought we had something” - said Karen.
“You just couldn't keep a secret, could you ?!” - said Pinky.
Several other people watched him in disgust, some laughed at him, and a couple of Preps, led by Derby, started slapping their fists in palms of the other hand, and cracking their knuckles.
“I'm gonna kill you for this, Pauper !” - Derby shouted.  Soon they started hitting him and beat him to a pulp.  Bruised and hurt, Tony saw Laurent and Peanut.
“If you come to the Autoshop once more, scumbag, I'll trash you !”- said Peanut and walked away.  Tony expected help from Laurent, but he said something in French, laughed at him and walked away too.

Tony then woke up.  Luckily it was just a dream, but guilt now burned in him more than ever.  He walked to the Drinking Fountain in the Dorm and drank some water, before going to the Common Room, sitting on the couch and turning the TV on.  There would be no going to Classes today.

Boys wouldn't even mind, and would even praise me if they knew, Tony thought to himself -- But Karen and Derby would kill me.

With that in his mind he tried to find something on TV, but feeling of guilt just couldn't leave him alone.  Switching the set off, Tony returned to his room and bed once more.

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Tony was woke up by repeated knocks on his door.  He took a brief look at his clock, and stood up quickly to open his door, but froze before touching the knob.  What if it was Karen ?   Maybe filled with anger, she maybe wouldn't even mind coming into the Boy’s Dorm to get some explanations from him.  Or maybe was it a bunch of Preps, ready to destroy him as soon as the door would be opened.

He considered the distance of his hand to the knob for a moment, but more knocks on the door decided him.  He couldn’t live in fear.

He opened the door quickly, eyes wide open, and faced..."Constantinos ?"

"I'm back, Bo... Tony !", Constantinos proclaimed.

Still nervous, Tony offered his hand to his friend, and patted him in the back, forcing a smile.  Constantinos entered in the room, sitting on the desk's chair, and they talked together about what happened during his stay in the Infirmary.  But, though Tony deliberately left out the part about Pinky, even Constantinos caught a glimpse of nervousness in his voice, something that wasn't normal.  After some more catching up and plans for the new semester,  Tony suddenly urged Constantinos to go take a walk to the Autoshop with him, to see how things were going on.

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Gord stirred into consciousness after the sun came up. He couldn’t move so good, and couldn’t stand, so he crawled to the nearest source of light he could make out, coming through a half-open door.  As he painfully pulled himself along he could make out in the shadows the still bodies of his friends.  It seemed to take forever to pull himself through the now-rancid slop on the floor. When his numbed mind realized just what he was crawling through, he had to pause to retch. Not having anything left to throw up, just strings of spittle came from his mouth.

Finally, he crawled through the open space past the door. Ahead was a long hallway, with rooms on the left side. Gord now remembered where he was…The old Shower House, which had been converted into rooms.  And those rooms had windows in the front.  Gord dragged himself to the first room and managed to push open the door, then pulled himself to the window, which was closed.

Gord looked around the furnished room, and saw a table lamp.  Moving slowly, he managed to reach the table, and grab hold of the lamp.  Pushing himself upright, he flung the lamp at the window.  Hitting the widow, both the lamp and the window shattered.

Gord fell back to the floor.  His whole body hurt, especially his groin, which felt like a mass of fire.  His head felt like he had been pummeled by Baseballs.  With his last ounces of will, he pulled himself over to the window, up on the sill, whereupon he collapsed across it, hanging half in, half out of the building.

A woman in a blue dress, Ms. Isaacs, was passing by saw the figure hanging out the window.
“EEEEEKKKK !!!!!”, she screamed, throwing up her hands. “MURDER !! MURDER !!”
She ran awkwardly toward the Park entrance, to find the Policeman who patrolled there.
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Tony and Constantinos were cutting across school grounds, heading toward the Autoshop, when they were hailed by Pete.

“Hey Tony !”, he yelled.  His face looked serious.

“What say, Pete ?”, Tony greeted him.

“I need to talk to you, up in our Office”, Pete said. “You, too”, he pointed to Constantinos. “It’s real important…In fact, urgent.”

The boys entered the school building, and made their way to Pete’s small Office on the second floor. Pete closed the door and locked it before sitting down in his chair behind the desk.

“What’s this all about, Pete ?” asked Tony.

“It’s the Preps…They were attacked last night”, Pete said.

“I, uh…Know”, began Tony slowly. ‘The Greasers…Well, they....Uhh…”

“Not the Greaser attack on Derby and Bif…Although, that too is another matter…I’m talking about the rest of the Clique.”

Tony stared at Pete, uncomprehending. “What…?”

“Five of the Prep Clique were attacked by an individual last night over inside the old Shower House by the Vale Basketball Courts. Chad, Gord, Justin, Parker, and Ted”, Pete went on. “They were hurt pretty bad. They’re in the Clinic over at Bullworth Vale.”

“Attacked by….An Individual ?  One Person ?”, asked Tony. “Who ?”

“They don’t know”, Pete said. “Their attacker stayed hidden. Dropped Stink Bombs on them to disable them, the lit into them with weapons.”

“Whoa…”, said Constantinos.

“And that’s not all”, Pete went on. “You know that the Jocks were attacked in a similar manner, night before last, over at the Observatory. Bo, Casey, Dan, Juri, Kirby, and Luis.  They’re still in the School Infirmary.

Tony had helped rescue the Jocks, and Constantinos had known about the Jock boys being brought in while he was in the Infirmary.  This was the first they were hearing of the why, however.

“And…A few nights ago, the Bullies were attacked in 'The Hole' in the School Basement, in just the same way.  Davis, Eathan, Tom, Troy, and Wade.”  Pete leaned back and allowed Tony and Constantinos to absorb the information.
“And….All of these…Just one attacker ?”, Tony wondered.

“Just the one…Dan and Juri think they might have caught a glimpse of the attacker, a large person with some sort of mask on….But their eyes were clouded by that Stink Bomb gas…No way to make any kind of positive I.D.”

“Question…”, Constantinos said. “How was it that they were at those places together ?  Those were all close to their usual hangouts, but a bit away from their areas, Huh ?”

Pete sighed and leaned back again. “That’s just it.  Seems as if they were lured there…By a girl….”

“What Girl ?”, asked Tony.

“Girl by the name of Lola”, Pete said.

“Lola ?  I don’t think I know who that is”, Tony said, thinking.

“I know her”, Constantinos said. “She used to go here, but quit after last School Year.  She’s a Greaser girl, black hair, always wears black leather outfits…You might have seen her, over in New Coventry, Tony.”

“Yeah……”, Tony said slowly. “I may have…Seen her there…Sounds familiar…”

“Well, nobody’s seen her there lately”, Pete said. “Greasers say she moved out of New Coventry a few weeks ago, and they havent seen her since.”

There was a pause for awhile, while the boys were mulling this information over.  Then Pete continued, “The shit is really going to hit the fan over this last attack. The Preps families are powerful, as I told you Tony…The first two attacks happened on School property, and could be covered up by the Administration….The Bullies, who gives a shit about them, no one would really notice…The Jocks, a little tougher to hide, but they are always getting injured anyway….And Football season is over.”  Pete Paused. “But the Preps…That attack was off School property, was in the heart of the rich fuck's Vale…Those people are gonna want answers….And now, the Cops are involved…”

Pete shook his head. “It’s a mess. I just came from Crabblesnitch’s Office. The guy was already freaked out about the little riot in the Auditorium. Then, someone found a pellet that a Prefect was apparently shot with, to prevent him from stopping it. And other kids were shot with them too. He is beside himself. He wants us to find some answers, and fast.”  Pete drew in a long breath. “I can’t help having the feeling, though, that he is holding back something that he’s not telling me.”

“Hmm...How about the Nerds ?, Asked Tony. “Stink Bombs...It has to be one of them.”

“One of them ? Pulling off attacks on whole Cliques ?”, Pete questioned.

“Ohh...Yeah”, Tony said lamely.  “Fat chance of that. What about the Bullies or Greasers ?”

“You really think one of them is bright enough to pull this off ?”, Pete questioned.

Tony slumped. “Guess not. Well, what do you want us to do ?”

“Find out what you can, keep your eyes and ears open. Ask around. There’s got to be a reason behind all of this. Report back to me anything you discover…Even something small…There’s got to be an answer to who’s behind all this.” Pete rose from his desk.

Tony and Constantinos got up to leave.  As Pete unlocked the door, he said, “It’s just a little more than a week before Christmas Break. I’ve got a bad feeling that all Hell is about to break loose.”
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Algie, aka Piff The Skull, had been hiding behind the Girl’s Dorm, waiting for an opportune time to sneak inside.  It was after 1 o’clock now, and the activity within had calmed down, as the girls had returned to classes for the afternoon.  He stole a look around the corner and saw no one. Waddling past the side steps, he peeked around the corner that gave a view of the front Courtyard area.  No one there.  He made his way back to the steps leading to the side door, and went up them as fast as his large bulk would allow.  From his pocket he withdrew a little device he had built out of some spare parts of stuff laying around in the basement of the Dragon’s Wing that he had cobbed before the Cops had made their raid. 

The device was a box-like object that had two wires snaking out of it attached to metallic strips on what resembled a Credit Card.  Since the bombings, the Girl’s Dorm had been fitted with those card-reader devices at the doors, similar to what one would find in Hotels and  Motels, for security.  It was, however, easy work for a Nerd to by-pass, given the right materials.  Algie stuck the faux card into the card reader attached to the door and flipped a small switch set into the device. After a few seconds, the little tiny LED lights in the device changed from red to green, and Algie heard the click of the door lock being released. He opened the door a few inches, and removed the faux card from the slot and stuffed the device back in his pocket.

Opening the door slowly, he saw that the hall was empty. He made his way in to the long hallway.  The room he was looking for was Angie’s room. He hoped that she has kept the same room as she had last year, the one in the South-West corner closest to the side door.  He was in luck.  Angie had indeed retained her old room, and Algie confirmed it was hers by the articles he found there.  He removed an envelope from his breast pocket, and laid it on her bed, tucking it partly under the pillow.

He made his way out of the Dorm as fast as his fat legs would allow.  As soon as he was outside, he carefully checked his escape route, and found it to be clear. He had skipped class to get this done, but wouldn’t be missed, as no one ever paid much attention to him anyway, except when they were beating him up.  He unracked his bike in front of the School, which by a miracle of some kind hadn’t been stolen, and biked his way back to the Dragon’s Wing. Upon arriving, he went to his Basement room to make preparations for tonight’s attack, which would be at the old closed Movie Theater a few blocks East in Bullworth Town.

This was one task he did not relish, to be done on his own Nerd clique buddies. But it had to be done, to throw suspicion away from their clique. He could no longer use Lola for the lure, so he had settled on Angie, as the Nerds would more likely believe what she would have to tell them…The location of the Gold G & G Card.

Many years ago, no one was sure exactly when, the first Nerds at Bullworth had peppered the school, and then the towns, with thousands of these gaming cards related to a game known as Grottos and Gremlins. There was so many that they were still being found even today, in all sorts of strange places. In Nerd hierarchy, the possession of certain G & G cards determined the standing of one in the Nerd community. Nerds used these cards in their battle strategy for the game, and the holder of  specialized cards gave the holder the command of strategy in how the game was played.  But no one had ever found the ultimate G & G card…..The High Wizard Gold Card.

If there was anything that the Nerds loved more than a possible (though not probable) chance of sex with a girl, it was Grottos and Gremlins.  That was to be the lure, for this “Trap Of Love”…..For it was the one thing that Algie knew would work on his friends.
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Derby paced up and down in the large living room of his father’s mansion. Ratther, he limped, as he was still somewhat injured from being gang-attacked the night before. In addition to some bandages here and there, he was sporting a large black eye. He was ranting about the attack on him and Biff, the attack on his fellow Preps, and what he saw as a double-cross by Tony. A heavily-bandaged Biff was on the couch, and and Pinky was sitting alone by herself in a nearby chair.

“I’m going to get those motherfuckers who did this, they’re going to pay BIG", Derby ranted. "I’m going to mash them up into the rotten pulp they are, and grind them into the ground. They won’t get away with messing with the Preps, there will be retribution, you can count on that, starting with that back-stabbing low-life Tony Junior and his little sidekick Laure-Low-Rent….I will tear them to pieces with my bare hands !!”

“This wasn’t Tony’s fault”, said Pinky quietly.

Derby spun on her. “What are you talking about, you stupid Cunt ?  He set me up !!!  Those Greasers just didn’t come out of nowhere. I went there to trade for clothes, not for blood !!”

“Then why did you bring Biff and the Bat ?  Time to do a little head-bashing and take what you want ?”, Pinky shot back. “To threaten and intimidate him while you call him ‘Friend’ ?  He has never done you any wrong, Never !!”

Derby had stopped his pacing and approached her chair. “I just brought an ounce of protection, you dumb bitch, Something you might know about if you came equipped with any brains, but I suppose you were out to lunch when those were being handed out.”

“I wish you wouldn’t talk to me like that, Derby.  I’m supposed to be your girl, and you have no right to treat me like this !”, Pinky said, very near tears.

A cold glint came into Derby’s eyes. “I’ll talk to you however I damn please, Princess, and you would do well to remember that.”  He came closer to the chair. “I am going to take that Pauper down, so far down, that he will live the rest of his life regretting the day he ever set up Darby Harrington and his friends”, he said slowly and forcefully, as if talking to a child.

Pinky had shrunk back in the chair under Darby’s wrath, but bravely went on, “Tony wasn’t responsible for the others, he was walking me here to call for help for you !”

Darby stood stock still. His face turned a violent shade of red. “You walked alone up here with him ?  Why didn’t you just go to the Cop Station right around the corner ?  Or were you too stupid to think of that ?”  He stilted his eyes. “Why are you sticking up for that low-life anyway ?  Got a thing for him ?” Darby sneered.

Pinky looked away. “So what if I do ?”

“I’ve seen the little coy come-on looks you give him….You want to fuck him, don’t you ?", Darby said in a strangely intense voice. “Then why don’t you go on, and just do it !”

“Maybe I will”, said Pinky, getting up off the chair. “Just maybe I will.”

“Yeah, you do that”, Darby said in a dangerous voice, “Just like the little tramp you are, go and have a wild time with the animals….”

“You’re no better, you know”, Pinky said, grabbing her purse on the table.

“Sure I am. I am the King here. My family OWNS this whole place.  Anyone who isn’t us are scum.  They are peons, the shit of the earth. PAUPERS !” Derby yelled.

“I guess that I’m scum too, for the way you treat me, then”, Pinky said, and headed across the room, tears flowing down her face. “I can’t take this anymore !” She stopped briefly, and said, “We are OVER !  I’m moving back to the Dorm !”  She turned and ran down the hall.

“Go ahead, you ditzy bitch !” Darby called after her. “Just be sure and tell your low-life fuckbuddies that they’re getting my sloppy seconds !!”

The slamming of the front door was the only reply.

In the ensuing silence, Bif spoke up. “I say, old chap, that was rather intense.”

“Ahhh…She’ll be back”, Darby scoffed. “Where’s she going to go ? She’ll tire of that rabble soon enough. She’s too high-maintenance for the lot of them.”

“What’ll we do about the attacks ?”, Biff asked.  Both boys had watched their fellow Preps being brought into the Infirmary as they were being released.

“I think we need to see that Weapons guy.  Just as soon as possible”, Darby said.

Biff nodded in agreement.
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Jake, aka Ace Adams, stood passively as Derby entered the Carnival Souviner Tent, leaving Biff outside to intercept any intruders.

“I’ll bet I know just what I can do for you today”, said Jake, aka Ace Adams, eyeing the messy clothes that Derby was wearing.

“I need some Weapons, good ones this time”, Derby said quickly.

“All of my Weapons are good.  Any particular Weapon you looking for ?”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, asked.

Darby leaned on the counter. “Couple of my guys were hit with Pellets the other night. Know anything about those kind of Weapons ?”

Jake, aka Ace Adams, ducked behind the counter and emerged with an Air Rifle. “How about one of these ?  Accurate to 400 yards, won’t kill, but will do serious damage.”

“Great”, Derby said. “How about Two ?  Money is not a problem.”

“Sorry, this is the last one”, Jake, aka Ace, lied. “I do have another that you might be interested in…”
And disappearing behind the counter again, came up with….

“That’s just a Spud Gun, Jackass”, Derby said, a bit angrily.

“A Modified Spud Gun”, Jake, aka Ace, said. “Just got it in a trade.  Shoots Eggs.”

Derby’s eyes lit up. “That’s the ticket ! I’ll take both of them.”

Jake laid the guns on the counter. “I was you, I’d watch who you are calling names.”
Derby drew back. Jake just stared calmly at him.

“Er…You’re right”, Derby relented. “Sorry, just had a bad night last night. My whole Clique got attacked.”

“You look it”, said Jake, aka Ace Adams. “Tell you what. I’ll throw in some Aquaberry outfits and a couple boxes of shells. On the house.”

“That would be fine”, Derby said, rather relived that his slip of the tongue hadn’t queered the deal. “I might want to buy some Bottle Rocket Launchers, also.”

The deal was finalized, with Derby paying out $700 dollars for all the Weapons.  Jake didn’t ask about the attack on the Prep Clique, he pretty much figured it was the work of the mystery phantom attacker again. He really didn’t give a shit, as long as the attacks were serving his greater purpose, which was to arm all the Cliques to the teeth.

As Derby collected his weapons and left the tent, Jake, aka Ace Adams, uttered a low, maniacal laugh.

Four down, and just Two to go.
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Tony and Constantinos continued on to the Autoshop area. They were met at the gate by an unusually quiet Hal, who waved them through without a word.  Heading around to the Shack area, they were surprised to see many of the Greaser clan there.

“You guys…Er…Taking the day off, or what ?”, asked Tony.

“We's skipping classes today…Don’t looks like we be very welcome…”, Said a dejected Peanut.

Tony looked at him in askance. ”Why ?”

We’s getting blamed for the Prep attack.  We's only beat up two guys, and everyones thinks we knocked off the whole Clique”, piped up Vance.

“So, this is a bad thing ?” asked Constantinos.

“Bad for the ways it was done. Those dudes was bushwhacked. Real cowardly like. Dat be not our style, man.  We fights on the up and up, you knows that.”, said Vance.

Tony wasn’t so sure about that, but let it pass. “I thought the whole clique would be there, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked for you guys help. Still, they had it coming. I would’ve called it off if they hadn’t showed up armed.”

“It’s not just thats”, Peanut said angrily, “Dere’s stuff going arounds that we bushwhacked those other Cliques, too.  That’s bad for our Rep.”

“I know it’s not you fellows. We don’t know who is behind it. But, I have some Ideas..”, Tony offered.

“So what’s buzzin’ cousin ? Have a sit and tells us what you know”, said Vance.
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The Note that Angie recived from Piff The Skull promised not money, but a Bunny for her efforts.  Not a real Bunny, of course, but a large stuffed Bunny, something that Angie had always dearly wanted, but hadn’t been available in these parts…Plenty of stuffed Bears, but no Bunnies.  She was to claim her reward after the task set out in the letter was complete.

Angie was becoming sort of Nerdy herself, although not fully integrated into the Nerd Clique since Beatrice had left, she was hanging out a lot with them, even making out with Thad a few times.  And, since last School year, she had gotten her braces off and her boobs had gotten a lot bigger, so slowly the Nerd boys had began to notice her.

After classes, she went to the Library, where the Nerds usually hung out in the afternoon. Going to the back corner, among the newly re-constructed area, she found the whole bunch engaged in a game of role-playing, character sheets in hand.

“Avast, Sir Knight ! Prepare for Battle !”, Melvin was saying.
“I be prepared to fight for M’lady’s honor !”, proclaimed Fatty.

“Ummm…Excuse Me ?”, interrupted Angie.

All the Nerds turned to look at her.
“Whadda you want ? We’re doing a role-play here”, Melvin said, annoyed.

“Let her talk”, Thad said, staring at Angie’s boobs, with a fixed look in his eyes.

“Um…I was told to give this to you….It says it’s from someone who used to go to Bullworth…”, Angie trailed off, handing over a piece of paper.

The Nerds crowded around Melvin. On the paper was some kind of riddle….

“Where the sandbags are hung and the walls are thin,
On the high raised place where many pretend,
Where one can be anyone, a king or a clown,
There will the High Wizard’s G&G gold be found.”

“What do you think it means ?”, asked Donald.
“Looks like a code or something”, said Bucky.
“What’s that underneath ?”, asked Cornelius.

Everybody craned to look. The word “Piff” was inscribed in Gothic script next to a drawing of a Skull. Underneath that was taped a key.
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The Nerds began talking all at once about what the meaning of the cryptic message was.

“Where are sandbags Hung ?”, said Bucky.
“At a flood site ? Like the Dam ?”, speculated Donald.
“No, No…A Dam’s walls are thick”, answered Melvin.
“But it says on a ’high raised place’”, objected Donald.
“Depends on how high”, Fatty argued.
“And you can’t ’pretend’ on a Dam”, said Thad.
“So where can ’one be anyone’?”, questioned Bucky.
Fatty looked at Melvin. “Like…An ACTOR….”
Melvin finished the thought, “…On A STAGE !”

Even though they had never been inside there, all the Nerds knew where the only Stage was….In the old Theater, over in Bullworth Town.  There had been talk, every since they had been in school, of a group trying to fix up and re-open the old Theater, but as yet, nothing had ever happened.  That might change soon, though, since the In & Out Motel close by had been revitalized, the group was back on, trying to raise funds to finance the comeback of the old Theater.

The was no question about the last line of the riddle. Every Nerd knew of the legend of the Wizard’s Gold Card. The only discussion was weather it was real or just a myth.

“Do’ya think the card can really be there ?”, wondered Cornelius.
“If it really exists at all”, snorted Fatty.
“Sure it could”, Said Donald. “Nobody’s used that place for years.”
“This whole thing might be a fake”, Fatty stubbornly persisted.
“I don’t think so…Look at the name here”, Melvin said.

He pointed to the strange name next to the Skull drawing. 

“That’s Piff….The very first G & G gamer at Bullworth. That’s written in our History Chronicles we keep at the Dragon’s Wing…Only a Nerd would know that. And the Skull…That’s what he went by.  That was his Exalted Title, for he was the undisputed Grand Master of Grottos and Gremlins.  No one has been since, for no one has held the High Wizard Gold Card”, Melvin said. “He must have hid the card there, before he left.”

“So, why this ? Why tell us now ? Like this ?”, said Fatty, still skeptical.
“Maybe….He’s sick or something….”, Melivn said. “Maybe it was just time.”
Fatty turned to Angie.  “Where did you find this ?”, he asked.
“On my bed, in my room”, replied Angie. ‘It was inside this envelope.”
“Let me see that”, Melvin said.  Angie handed him the envelope.

On the front of the envelope, in large block letters, was written……


“Well…I guess it won’t hurt to check it out…..”, Fatty said, grudgingly.
“OK then….Let’s go !   Forward Knights, on our new Mission !”, Declared Melvin.
Thad turned shyly to Angie. “You want to….come along ?
Angie giggled. “Sure…I always wanted to go to the Big City with a boy !”

As they left the Library, Bucky said, “Sure wish Algie was in on this.”
Donald agreed. “Yeah, he hasn’t been quite the same since he came back.”
Cornelius said, “He just holes up in that room at the Store all the time.”
Bucky mused, “I think he really misses Alfred.  It’s sad.”

The group left the School grounds, headed towards their fate.
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The Nerds arrived at the front of the old Theater, but found all the doors securely shuttered and boarded, with no keylock visible. Melvin remembered that there was a back door, so the group trundled around to the back, and climbed the steps to the wide platform. There, near the North side, was a single door with a key slot under the door handle.

Melvin pealed the key from the paper Angie had brought them, and pushed it into the lock.  It fit in and he turned it, easily.  The door opened, and the Nerds, with Angie, filed through into the darkened backstage area of the Theater. The Back door closed behind them, and unheard by any of them, an electronic lock clinked shut.

Cornelius had brought along a small key-chain flashlight, he dug it out from a pocket now and flipped it on.  The entire group slowly made their way to the center stage area and halted. Corneluis shined the weak light around, showing ghostly shadows of old scenery backdrops and various props. Dust and little bits of trash were evident on the Stage floor, which was raised above an old Orchestra Pit.  Behind them a ways was hung a large white screen used when showing movies. Old moldering curtains framed the stage area to each side and overhead in front.

“So, where do we look ?”, said Fatty. “It could be anywhere.”
“It’s got to be hidden”, said Melvin, consulting the riddle on the paper.
“It said ‘On The High Raised Place’, that has to be the stage here“, observed Donald.
“What does a “King Or A Clown’ mean ?’ asked Bucky. “Do you think….”

A loud electronic CLINK of a switch being thrown interrupted their conversation. Overhead, four intensely bright 750-watt stage-lights came to life. In front of them, the footlights for the stage also came on, having the effect of blinding them to the seats beyond.

A voice issued out of a loudspeaker mounted over the Stage.
Welcome, Gentlemen.”

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The Nerds looked around, trying in vain to spot the source of the voice.

Melvin peered towards the seating area of the Theater, shielding his eyes against the intense light.
“Who’s out there ? Is this Piff ?”, he shouted.
“Yeah…What’s your deal ?”, said Fatty. “You gonna tell us where the card is, or what ?”

The loudspeaker activated again. “I…have brought you here….But not for the card. You are unworthy of such a valuable Talisman.”

“What does that mean ?”, cried Melvin. “Just what did you have us come here for then ?”

Justice”, The voice from the speaker said.

At once, a row of Stink Bombs that had been hanging on one of the scenery rails overhead were released, falling on the unsuspecting Nerds below. Green clouds of smoke arose from the broken containers, causing the Nerds to cough and gag.  Thad, who had been standing next to Angie near the rear of the stage, turned and pushed her toward the stage exit. “RUN !!”, he gasped. “GET OUT OF HERE !!”

Angie turned and ran to the back door that they had entered just a few minutes earlier, only to find it locked. She jiggled the handle, then began beating on uselessly on the door.  “LET ME OUT !!!”, she screamed.

A second volley of Stink Bombs dropped, closely followed by a third volley. The Nerds began to drop to the Stage floor, gasping and choking, followed soon after by vomiting from the effects of the gas.
“What..? No !”, wheezed Melvin.
“Stop ! Stop !!!”, gasped Thad.
“That’s Enough !!!!”, retched Donald.
“OK…We Give !!”, choked Corneluis.
“Arrrruuugggghh !!”, puked Bucky.
“I don’t think…I wanna be…your friend”, gagged Fatty.

The greenish smoke cast a weird glow in the powerful stagelights. As it began to clear, the Nerds began to make their way to their feet, holding their guts, slipping and sliding in their own vomit on the stage. At that instant, they heard the whistle of a Bottle Rocket Launcher, sending explosive projectiles their way.

BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!  BAM !!!

Stumbling blindly in piles of their throw-up, each Nerd was smacked multiple times with direct hits from the Bottle Rockets. Fatty, who was the closest to the front stage, was hit and fell into the Orchestra Pit, breaking his leg.  Each of the other Nerds were targeted and knocked out in turn.

The firing stopped and the Theater fell silent, save for the moans and crying coming from the back. Up in the balcony, Algie surveyed the damage. He hadn’t wanted to do this to his brave fellows, but he had little choice. They would fall under suspicion if the were the only Clique left un-attacked.  He then caught the sound of Angie’s crying.  Taking a gadget from his breast pocket, he activated the switch to unlock the back door.

Thank you for you services, my dear”, he spoke into his microphone. “You may go now.”

The door sprang open a few inches. Angie, who had been crouching low to avoid most of the gas, pushed it open, and crawled into the cold night air. After breathing deep lungfuls of air, she recovered and got to her feet, half-walking, half-stumbling out on the ramp and down the steps towards the street.

Although his heart wasn’t in it this time, he nonetheless intoned into the microphone….

“Thus shall it be to all evildoers. Those who live by the sword….Shall DIE by the sword.”

Angie would bring help fast, he knew, unlike his other victims, who he had cared less about.  So, he had to move fast, that is, as fast as he could waddle out of here. He came down from the balcony and cut across the back of the stage, pulling the huge switch that would cut off the large stagelights and footlights as he went.  He cast a look at his friends as he went by, hoping he hadn’t injured them too much. He had only shot at them enough to knock them out. Fatty falling into the pit, however, had been unforeseen.

Leaving the back door open, Algie left the Theater, and pulled off his gas mask. He then headed North on the ramp that dropped down to the alley, and then crossed the street close to the Police Station.  He saw no activity there, and passed unnoticed, as most fat people do, on his way back to the Dragon’s Wing.
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Algie knew he have to act quickly to lure his last victims, the Greasers, into their trap.  By now, he was sure, the word was out on the method of his traps.  So, he decided, he would use the lure of something the Greasers loved above all else….Their ‘69 Mustang Fastback Car.

In the past couple of months, since the bombings, the Greasers had once again began to restore their beloved automobile.  The pipe-bomb-like device that had been set off in the front seat of the vehicle had extensively damaged the interior and the wiring harness. It had also destroyed the console and dashboard, ballooned up the roof, and punched a large hole in the floorboard. Since the Autoshop lacked a lift and the necessary welding and fabrication equipment to fashion a replacement floorboard, the car had been taken to the Oil Spill Gas Station, where the new sheet metal could installed.

And, Algie decided, he would use Lola this one last time. But, in a different way. He had a score to settle with her, too….For breaking his heart by leading him on to make Johnny Vincent jealous last School Year.  She had just used him.  Well, Algie didn’t like being used, and what better way for her to get what was coming to her, along with her Clique ?
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Tony explained what he knew while the Greasers gathered around him. Constantinos added  a comment from time to time, but he was really more in the dark about the Clique attacks that Tony was.  However, Tony left out the part about Lola, preferring to speak to Peanut privately about her.  When he was finished, the Greasers had plenty of questions, but Tony could only say that Pete was investigating who the culprit was, and he would let them know whenever the mystery was solved.  For now, however, they would just have to wait.  As the Greasers dispersed, Tony put a hand on Peanut’s shoulder.

“Can I have a word with you, Peanut ?”, he said.
“Sure's man…Let’s go back in the Shop, where we's can talk private-like”, Peanut said, and led Tony and Constantinos through the Autoshop door after entering his code into the numbered reader by the door handle.

When they were inside, Tony said, “Do you know a girl named Lola ?”

“Oh, yeah, she be our main gal, man. Haven’t seen her arounds much since Johnny left, and she’s sorta a tease, if you knows what I mean, but she’s cool, man, cool”, Peanut said.

“Well, here’s the thing…There’s been talk from the attacked Cliques that she’s the one that led them into the traps”, Tony confided. “Must be why they’re thinking you dudes are behind all this.”

Peanut was stunned. “What ?  Oh, No Way, Man, No Way.  She’s a little flakey, but….You sures ?”

“No”, Tony admitted, “I’m not.  That’s why I think me and Constantinos oughtta go over to New Coventry and see if we can’t track her down, find out for sure.”

“Sounds like a plan, Stan…Youse minds if I come with you’all ?“, asked Peanut. “I know that area a whole lots better, I can get us in places you cants.”

“Excellent idea, Peanut”, Tony agreed. “That would be a big help, all right. We had better get going, though…It’s already late afternoon, and this will probably take awhile.”

On their way out, Peanut stopped to tell Vance he was leaving to check out something, and put him in charge of the clique in his absence. The three boys then left the Autoshop area, and soon after the School grounds, headed for New Coventry.

Lola was walking through the cold windy evening, having left her bike stashed on the trail near the School Parking Lot entrance.  She had received vital information from Piff the Skull earlier in the afternoon that some of the Townies planned an attack on the Oil Spill Gas Station later tonight, with the target being the Greaser’s prized automobile.   Although she had been out of touch with the boys lately, due to her time with Kurt (Who was still in hiding, along with the rest of the Rockers, in God-knows-where), she still owed it to Johnny’s memory to re-connect to the old Tennament gang who had accepted her without question and welcomed her as part of their group.   She had warn them.

Lola had drifted away from the Greasers, over the past Summer, mostly due to the departure of Johnny, who finally got tired of her games and left her to move to Detroit for a chance at a Trade School.  She discovered, a bit too late, that she really loved Johnny and shouldn’t have played him like that, luring other boys on in order to make Johnny jealous and pay more attention to her.  She was well aware of her effect on boys, how she could drive them crazy with the unspoken implication of hot, wild sex with her, and had used that tactic again and again to sooth her own insecurities about herself.  Even the past couple of weeks, working for the mysterious Piff had been a refreshing bit of fun.  But if Johnny ever came back for her, she told herself, she would stay true and stop all the little catty games that seemed so much a part and parcel of who she was.   

Lola was thinking about all these things a she entered the Greasers area by the back way from the school parking lot. As she wound her way through the maze and came around the corner of the last building, Lola reflected on how she didn’t really have any heavy feelings for Kurt, not near like she had had for Johnny.  It was, she reasoned (and rightly so), an affair of convenience for the both of them.

Her thoughts were dispelled when the Greasers caught sight of her.

“Hey, look, youse guys…It’s Lola !!”, exclaimed Ricky.
“Yeah ! Where you been hanging and banging ?”, said Lucky.
“Wowzer, we missed you girl, long time , no see-see” injected Lefty.
All the Greasers crowded around her, talking at once and exchanging hugs with her like she had been gone for years. Lola felt her heart fill with joy. This is where she belonged, right here with her old friends, ones who understood her as she understood them.

But, she had come for a reason. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Oh, boys, I’m so glad to see you too….But I got some bad news.” All the Greasers fell silent at this.

“What bad newsies, Lola-Bear ?”, said Vance.

“It’s the Townies….They’re going to trash your car at the Oil Slick tonight”, said Lola quickly.  “I just found out, and come over here to warn you boys….”

“WHAT ?” Roared Vance. “THEY WHAT ?  Oh, Fuck-A-Doodle, No WAY !!”
All the Greasers broke out in angry remarks. Someone said, “Where’s Peanut ?”
“Not here…He left me's in charge” said Vance. “LET’S GO !! Grab your bikes from the shop !  We’re gonna put a stops to this, and Kick some Townie ass !!!!”

The Greasers scattered to get their wheels. Vance turned and looked at Lola.
“Youse coming, Lola ?”

“Sure Am”, Lola replied, happy to be included once again with the boys. “Wouldn’t miss it for all the world.”
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The Greasers arrived as a group at the Oil Spill Gas Station, squealing their tires and leaping off their bikes, only to find the big bay door open and the Station seemingly deserted.  They rushed into the bay and gathered around their car, looking for any sort of mischief or damage.  It was full-on dark now, and hard to see inside the bay.  Flicking their lighters and holding fast to their Weapons, they searched the bay for anybody who may be lurking.  Finding no one, the examined their car closely, finding no evidence of further vandalism.

Hal spoke first. ‘Don’t look-a-like they gots here yet.”

Norton was still looking over the car. “We shoulds lay here and wait for them.”

Vance looked toward the outside. “Sounds like a plan, echo-man…we oughtta close down da big door and whack them when they come in…..”

As if on cue, the big heavy bay door suddenly rumbled to life and began to quickly drop down on it’s tracks.  Lola, who had been standing just inside, close to the big door, had to jump out back of the way to avoid being smashed as the heavy bay door noisily rumbled down.  Unlike before, however, she wound up on the inside instead of the outside.  As the bottom of the door hit the pavement, the sound of an electronic locking mechanism could be heard.

The Greasers stood frozen for a minute. Then Vance said, “One of youse guys just close that door ?”

“Not nones of us, Vance….The switch is over by the Office door”, Ricky said, pointing at the door with the mesh-wire glass window that led to the Office area of the Station.

“Then hows….”, Vance started to say, then broke off.

“Oh, No….NO….”, Lola suddenly moaned. “It’s a trap…It’s a TRAP !!”

In the stillness, the sound of a loudspeaker being clicked on was heard somewhere above them.
Welcome, Gentlemen.”
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The Greasers made their way in the dark to the big bay door, trying in vain to lift the heavy door, or to get the bar lock to turn.  Vance found the Office door, it was locked tight.

‘It’s no goods….”, puffed Lefty. “We can’t get it up !”
“What the Hell is the dirty deal here ?”, voiced Lucky.
“Yeah…What Gives ?”, said Norton.
“Them Damn Townies are behind dis…”, Ricky began.

The loudspeaker activated again. “I…have brought you here….Not the Townies. That was only the bait. You are all here to pay for your crimes against humanity.”

“Crimes ?  WHAT Crimes ?  We ain’t done nuttin’ to you…Who are you anyway ?”, shouted Norton.

Who I am is unimportant”, the mystery voice replied. “What is important is that you pay the penalty that is due.”

“What the HELL are you talking about ?”, shouted Vance. “What the FUCK do you want ?”

Justice”, The voice from the speaker said.

At once, the overhead bay lights came on, revealing the concrete walls of the work bay….and something else.  What appeared to be about 30 Stink Bombs were hanging from the ceiling.  As the assembled Greasers looked up at them, blinking their eyes in the sudden light, the first row of them fell and shattered, sending the Greasers running towards the back of the bay.  More rows followed, until the enclosed bay was filled with the stinking clouds of greenish foul choking stench.

“What’s…The Deal….Pinwheel…”, retched Vance.
“Shit…Gaaaww….SHIT !”, gagged Ricky.
“URRRGGHH….Bleeech….FUCK !”, sputtered Hal.
“Dammit….All to…Hell….”, choked Lefty.
“Pissass….ASSWIPE !”, coughed Lucky.
“Someone’s…Gonna…Pay…”, wheezed Norton.
“Oh-boo-hoo-hoo, boo-hoo-hoo…”, Lola was crying.

Soon the Greasers were puking their guts out all over the floor, on their car, and each other.  Some being unable to stand, they dropped to their knees and vomited the contents of their stomachs onto themselves, and when no more could come up, they gasped and retched anyway, growing weaker with each attempt.

The smoke cast a strange glow against the shop florescent lights above.  As it cleared somewhat, the Greasers tried to get to their feet, slipping and sliding in their vomit as they did so.  Looking over to the Office door with the mesh-glass, they could see only darkness beyond.

Near the Office door was a small window, equipped with the same mesh-glass and an order counter below. At the bottom of the window was an opening where the work orders could be passed from the Office area to the Shop area.  From this hole appeared the barrel of a Spud Gun, which began firing on the hapless Greasers.  The spuds shot out in the short space, targeted to each Greaser’s groin area in turn.


The Greasers were cut down where they stood.  The barrage continued until the boys nearer to the office window were knocked out.  Hal and Norton had managed to crawl for cover behind the car.  The Office door was suddenly unlocked and opened, and an arm appeared, throwing a half-dozen M-80 Firecrackers behind the vehicle.  Hal and Norton, who had been attempting to rise, went down again.  For extra good measure, more Firecrackers were thrown at the Greasers in the front of the car as well.

BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!! BLAM !!!

An acrid-smelling smoke now filled the bay. Through eyes blurred by tears and the effects of the smoke, Lola, who was off in the far corner, saw the Office door open and a figure emerge that looked like some sort of alien spaceman.  The figure moved slowly behind the car and pumped more rounds from the spud gun to the two boys behind there.  The figure returned and fired more rounds into the boys laying unconscious in the front, shooting at their nuts.  Then the figure started towards her.

Lola propped herself up weakly on her side as the figure came closer. Not a spaceman, but a very large fat person dressed in some sort of black outfit with a weird-looking mask.

“Piff…?”, Lola whispered. “Are You….Piff ?”

“Slut Prick-Teasing BITCH !”, the figure said, and leveled the Spud Gun at her.
Lola raised her arms to shield her face as two Spuds were fired into her guts at close range.
“ARRRRUUUGGGHHH !!!!”, she screamed, and then she passed out.   

Algie slowly made his way back to the office area, where he picked up the microphone.

“Thus shall it be to all evildoers. Those who live by the sword...Shall DIE by the sword !”

Algie flicked off the bay lights and plunged the Oil Spill Gas Station into darkness once more, then exited the front door, locking it.  The Oil Spill Gas Station employees would find the Greaser boys and Lola in the morning.  Algie pulled off the gas mask, and breathed in the cold air. This part was done.  He only had to avenge himself on one more target…Tony and his fucked-up friends.

He began the short walk back to the Dragon’s Wing, where he could lay his plans.
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Peanut, Tony, and Constantinos scoured New Coventry without finding a trace of Lola.  None of the people that knew her had seen her in several weeks, and none had any idea where she might have gone.  Finally, as it was getting late, the trio started making their way back to school.  Coming under the bridge that divided New Coventry from Bullworth Town, however, they spotted a bunch of Police Cars up the street, ringed around the old Bulworth Theater. Bringing their bikes to a halt, they surveyed the scene, and saw a visibly upset girl in the back of one of the Police vehicles.

“Hey, isn’t that…..?”, Tony said.
“That’s Angie !”, Constantinos exclaimed.
“Whoa…She in trouble or what ?”, Peanut said.

Tony approached an Officer, whose name was Monson, as Tony could tell from his name badge.  “Er…Pardon me, sir…What’s going on here ?”

“Buncha kids got attacked in the old theater, boy…Banged up pretty bad, like them Preppie kids was the other night…”  He narrowed his eyes and looked at Tony’s group.  “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, would’ja ?”

“Oh, No Sir”, Tony said hastily, “We’ve been over at New Coventry every since School let out.”

“So you say”, the Officer said suspiciously. “You kids look like you been up to something.”

"No, Sir, not us…We were just…Er…Looking for someone.  Say, we know that girl…She goes to our School.”  Tony pointed to Angie.

Officer Monson looked around. “Oh, you know her ?  She’s pretty upset.  Came and got us about the attack.”  The Officer looked back at Tony, sizing him up. After a minute, he said, “You boys think you can get her back to School ?  We’re gonna be tied up here awhile.”

“Sure thing, Officer, we can do that”, Tony said, eager to be away from this place.

The officer walked over and released a still visibly shaken Angie from the police car, leading her over to the group.

“You best be moving along, now”, Officer Monson said. “It’s almost curfew time.”

Tony didn’t need any further encouragement. He set Angie on the handlebars, and he and the others biked away from the scene.

The group split up at the front of the School, with Peanut and Constantinos heading towards the Parking Lot entrance and the Auroshop beyond, and Tony parking his bike and helping Angie off.  On a slow walk back to her dorm, Angie told Tony all of what had happened, including the letter from Piff the Skull that she had found earlier in the day. Reaching the top of the dorm steps, they paused and faced each other.

“Well, here you go”, said Tony.
“Thanks SO much for bringing me back”, Angie said fervently.
“Ah, shucks, that’s allright…You been a pretty brave girl through all this”, Tony replied.

Angie gazed deep into Tony’s eyes, and suddenly threw her arms around him, planting a long, deep French kiss on his surprised lips. Caught off guard, Tony automatically responded.  After a full minute, she broke the kiss, giggled shyly, and ducked in the door and was gone.  Tony looked around to see if anybody had seen them.

Man, Tony thought, I gotta stop doing this.

Peanut and Constantinos arrived back at the Autoshop area, only to find it deserted.  They looked high and low, but couldn’t find a single Greaser. 

“Where do’ya suppose those guys got off to ?”, Peanut said, exasperated.

Constantinos could only shrug his shoulders.  “Who Knows ?”

“I donts likes this one bit.  Something’s going on”, Said Peanut darkly.
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The Greasers, along with Lola, were found the next morning, as Algie correctly surmised, by the Oil Spill workers arriving to open up the station for the day’s work.  Since the Clinic two blocks away was already full with another Clique, the Nerds, the Greasers were transported to the Clinic in New Coventry to recover from their wounds.

Pete was called to Dr. Crabblesnich’s Office in the afternoon and informed about the latest attacks. The mandate to find out who was responsible was even stronger now.  Dr. Crabblesnich ordered Pete to step up the investigation.

“We’ve got to find out who is responsible for this and fast.  If this gets out, the school’s reputation will be severely damaged”, Dr. Crabblesnitch was saying.

“I’ll do my best, sir”, Pete replied.

“Do better that that.  Find me the perpetrator.  Interview that girl when she wakes up.  She knows something, I’ll wager.  I think it’s worth a try.  That is all”, Dr. Crabblesnich said with a dismissive wave.

Pete left the School Office and went to Find Tony.  He finally tracked him down at the Autoshop, along with Constantinos and Laurent, who had joined him there.  There was also a pacing Peanut, who was becoming quite frantic about his missing Clique.  All of the boys had just returned after searching the various Towns without success for the Greasers. However, they hadn’t checked the Clinics, and now as Pete informed them of the latest attack, Tony smacked his forehead in frustration.

“Ohhh…Of course, we should’ve checked them first”, he groaned.

“I didn not think of that either”, Laurent said. “My fault, too”

“No, it’s my fault…I shoulda…”Constantinos started to say.

“Who cares who’s fault ?” interjected a visibly upset Peanut. “Youse don’t gets it ?   Somebody has attacked MY guys now.  And I bets I know who.  The only ones who ain't been touched in all this, dem Rocker freaks.  I’m gonna finds them and make their asses pay…Big !”

It suddenly occurred to Tony that he hadn’t seen Kurt or the Rocker boys since the aborted Concert that had ended in a melee late last week.  That hadn’t been to class, either.  In fact, damn few kids had been going to class lately, so it wasn’t as noticeable that they had been absent.

“Look, Peanut, we’ll get them.  We just have to focus, get some evidence….”, Pete began.

“Fuck that”, Peanut retorted.  “You’all hads your chances…It’s my turns now.  I’ll find dem bastards, and gets revenge the Greaser way !”

Peanut ran from the Shop, and swiftly mounted his bike.  The rest of the boys followed him outside.

“Peanut, listen….You can’t take them all on by yourself….Let us help you”, Tony called.

“Dont's need no help !  I can handle this myself.  Dont's worry about me”, Peanut said cryptically, “I’se gonna be well armed.”  And with that, he rode off.

The boys watched him leave.  Pete turned to Tony.  “Oh, one other thing I didn’t mention…Lola was brought in injured with the rest.  When she wakes up, we should question her.  She has to know something about all this, since she was involved in luring the other Cliques to the attacks.”

Tony was stunned.  “She was attacked ?  They never attacked girls before.  This is serious.  Even Angie was let go….”  A thought came to Tony.  “Wasn’t she….Hooked up with Kurt ?”

“Believe she was, yeah”, Constantinos said.  Laurent nodded agreement.

“Shit”, Tony said.  “Should’ve connected that.”  He straightened suddenly.  “Come on boys…We got work to do.”

“You guys go on ahead”, Pete said.  “I got stuff to check out.  I think Crabblesnich is holding back something….Something he’s not telling anybody.”

Tony, Constantinos, and Laurent got on their bikes, and bidding Pete farewell, they left.  Pete stood in thought for a few minutes in the empty Autoshop lot, then made a decision….He would have to break into Crabblesnich’s Office after hours.  There were some files he needed to see.
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Pinky had moved back into the Girl’s Dorm. Since everyone else was already paired up, she had been given her own room on the second floor, at the top of the stairs.  It was alright, she had needed some alone time.  She hadn’t seen Tony since their night together, and she was worried she had pushed things too far and too fast.  She was also having second thoughts about leaving Derby.  As much as he treated her badly, he at least took care of her needs.  She reflected that she had, after all, cheated on Derby, with Tad (more than once), and now Tony, and as far as she knew Derby had never cheated on her.  She doubted that Derby would have any of the girls around here though…They were not rich.  They were all beneath his contempt.  And that was one thing Derby had in abundance more than money….Contempt.

She sighed and settled back on the bed.  Pinky was bored; there was nothing to do here.  She thought she might go over to the Carnival.  Some of the attractions were still open even though it was Winter now.  Sure beat laying around here doing nothing, driving herself crazy.  She bounced up off the bed and grabbed her fur coat, and left the Dorm.

Peanut entered the Souvenir Tent in a hurry.  “Hey, Dude-Man, I be needing something Big, and fast !”, he said.

Jake, aka Ace Adams, stood impassively behind the counter. “And, what might that be, I wonder?”, he said, a small smile playing around his mouth.

“A big power Weapon, somethings with a punch and a kick, you know what I be saying here, you follow my drift, Griff ?” Peanut said quickly.

“Slow down there fellow”, Jake, aka Ace, said, pushing his hands out. “Make me some sense.  Just what be doing with you all of a sudden ?”

“Man, my boys, dey got attacked, got mashed bad, got smashed !  I gotta get even, I gotta have protection, like right now, brown cow”, Peanut gestured animatedly.

“Ah…Then maybe, you should consider…This.”  Jake reached under the counter and brought up a weapon, which he then laid on the countertop.
“Whoa, Daddy-O, that there is just what I need”, Peanut said, his eyes lighting up. He bent a little closer and squinted.  “Just…What is that ?”

“The latest in Air Rifle technology, accurate to 400 yards”, Jake, aka Ace Adams, said. “Comes with a power scope for greater ease in correctly acquiring your target, and…”, here Jake threw two boxes on the counter…”A couple boxes of pellets, to get you started. It’s a real steal, Pinwheel”, Jake grinned, “at just $250 dollars.”

“Gots it covered”, Peanut said, digging some bills out of his pocket and he laid the money in Jake’s hand.  Scooping up the Weapon, he dry pointed it and chuckled. “Yeah…Dis is the ticket, Pickett.  Just the thing.”

“Yep”, Jake, aka Ace Adams said, “Perfect for any Rebel Without A Cause.”

Peanut looked over at Jake suddenly. “Huh ?”

Jake, aka Ace Adams, uttered a short laugh. “Nothing.  Before your time, I suppose.  Look, we’re closing up.  Winter hours, you know.  Best beat it.  Catch you next time for regular trade, Hey ?”

“Uhh…Sure”, Peanut said.  “Sure thing…Next time, yeah.”  With that, he exited the tent, in his excitement barely hearing Jake's low laughter as he was leaving.

Pinky got off the Merry-Go-Round as it slowly ground to a halt. It was nice to have the old Carousel working again, after having been down so long, in fact all last School year.  Still, riding the painted horse around and around just wasn’t getting it for her this time.  She had rode the Ferris Wheel also, the only other ride operating now, and all there was left to do was to see the Freaks at the Freakshow again.  Somehow, though, she just didn’t feel up to it, and being alone without a date made her think of the time Tony had brought her here. 

She sighed.  With the Carnival closing early these days, she would have to leave soon anyhow, so might as well be now.  As she walked slowly towards the midway, she was deep in thought about what she could do for some excitement now, anything to blot Derby and Tony from her mind.

The Midway was deserted as she made her way towards the exit.  Suddenly, a figure appeared coming from the direction of the Souvenir Tent, hurrying towards the exit.  Pinky recognized the figure as Peanut from the Greasers.  In fact, she had just seen him the other night, along with other Greasers, beating up Derby and Biff.  He was carrying something….Something that looked like a….Like a rifle ?   She squinted against the dull Carnival lights.  She couldn’t be sure….

Peanut never looked around, and quickly scampered through the Front Gates, mounted a bike, and disappeared from sight.  Pinky stood frozen.  What was he doing ?  If he had a Weapon, would he use it against Derby ?   Against…Tony ?
She resolved to move, to follow Peanut, to….Tail him, as the old time movies put it….And see what he was up to.  It would be easy on her bike, she thought.  And, most of all, it would be…Exciting.
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Tony was sitting by the bedside of Lola, whom he had tracked down at the Coventry Boulevard Clinic, where the Greasers had been taken to recover.  He had asked Karen to accompany him there, partly out of guilt for what he had done with Pinky, and to a lesser extent, kissing Angie (Although he hadn't instigated that).  He reasond it might be safer if he had Karen with him than not, to keep any of his stray emotions at bay.  He hadn't told her about him and Pinky, but it was only a matter of time....Even if Pinky kept her mouth shut, she would still use their tryst to blackmail him into doing what she wanted, anytime she wanted.  That couldn't go on forever, he knew....The truth would come out sometime.

It was a couple of hours they had been there before Lola stirred and moaned her way into consciousness.  When she looked around, bleary-eyed, the first thing she saw was the somewhat familar face of Tony along with little Karen, who she remembered from School.  As her mind tried to focus, she became aware of a pain in her tummy, and the memories came flooding back about the attack.  She suddenly rose up and let out a small scream.


"Take it easy, Lola -- You're safe now", Said Karen, going over by the bedside. Tony silently joined her there.

"Ohh...Ohh....That....That....Mainiac....Attacked Us....", Lola said in a thin, shaky voice.

Tony bent down. "What Mainac, Lola ? Who was he ?"

"Uhh....It was...Piff....Piff the....Skull...", Lola managed to get out. "He...he was...Like a big...Fat...Alien looking....THING....."

Piff The Skull ? Tony thought. What the hell was THAT ?

He bent closer. "Look, Lola, we know you were luring those boys in the other cliques into traps, that you are working with this...This Piff....Who is he ? What does he want ?  Why is he doing this ?"

"Ohhhhhhhh.....I don't know....Don't....Know....Never saw him....But the one time...Always paid me....I ....I didn't mean....For anybody to...Get.....Ohhhhhh !" Lola appeared to have a stab of pain as she grabbed her belly.

Karen laid her hand on Tony's arm. "Let's let her rest. She doesn't know anything."

Tony reluctantly straightned up. "Maybe", he frowned. "Maybe not." Still, though, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to it than Lola was letting on. He turned to Karen. "One thing I do know....Man or Monster, we got to find this 'Piff the Skull'....and fast."

Tony and Karen left the Clinic.  In the darkness, they biked past the Blue Balls Bar, headed back to Bullworth Academy.
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Pinky followed Peanut at a discrete distance while he rode from Vale Road and then connected with Main Street in Bullworth Town.  Peanut then made several stops, one of them being at the Oil Spill Gas Station.  Pinky patiently waited each time, but as the little adventure wore on, her initial excitement at the cloak-and-dagger aspect began to sour.  When Peanut rode under the bridge to New Coventry, Pinky brought her bike to a halt.  No way was she going into THAT Town, full of uncouth ruffians.  She sighed and turned her bike back towards the school, ending her short investigative adventure, still wondering about the weapon she thought she had seen.

Peanut wound up inside the Blue Balls Bar, where he got rip-roaring drunk.

Algie went to see his brother Nerds in the Bullworth Town Clinic the next Morning.  It would look suspicious if he did not do so.  He pretended not to know anything about what happened, saying that he had just heard about the attack.  He expressed surprise at the things that had happened, and seemed truly upset, especially over Fatty's broken leg.  Finally, Melvin had him come closer for a private talk.

"Listen, Algie", Melvin was saying. "There's something I need you to do."

"Anything, Esteemed Leader, you know that", Algie said. "What is it ?"

"I need you to go see a guy at the Carnival, in the Souvenir Tent", Melvin said in a low voice. "His name is Ace Adams. He has Weapons....We need more Weapons....Special Weapons......We have to be able to defend ourselves....And to take revenge.....We must have something....Powerful."  Here Melvin reached in to his pocket, wincing as he did so, and withdrew several bills.  "This should cover it....We have to have protection.....Can you do it ?"

"Sure, Brother Knight", Algie said. "I'll take care of it. You can count on me !"

For the next few days, Tony and Karen visited the Clinics and Infirmaries where the injured Clique members were being kept, asking questions and getting basically the same story....They were lured there by Lola, in the case of the Bullies, Preps, and Jocks, on the pretext of some hot playtime activity, and in the cases of the Nerds and Greasers, something that they treasured.  Each time, the attack was supposed to be in retaliation for some wrongs, real or imagined.  Each Clique related the use of a single word - "Justice."   It seemed to be the work of either a single person, or could have possibly have been the work of a group of individuals, seeing as how none of those whom Tony interviewed had actually seen their attacker.  Only Lola had gotten an actual look at the perpetrator.  But, as Tony learned, as soon as Lola had been able to stand and walk, she left the Clinic and disappeared.
Constantinos and Laurent drew the task of interviewing the Clique members who weren't attacked and were still at the School.  None of them appeared to know just who had attacked their comrades, but each was quick to blame it on one of the other Cliques.  They did not, however, interview Algie, since he wasn't at the School....In fact, they completely forgot all about him, assuming he had been attacked along with the rest of the Nerds.

Tony was sitting in the Common Room when the only other able resident Bully of the Boy's Dorm wandered in.

"Hey, wanna play...", Trent started to say.

"Can it, Trent, unless you want a fist in the face", Tony said. "I'm not in no mood for your shit."

"Whoa...No harm", Trent said, holding up his hands. He turned to leave.

Tony suddenly swiveled around. "Wait....I wanna ask you something."

Trent stopped at the doors. "Whazzat ?"

"Halloween night....When Jake had you stop anyone from entering this place", Tony said. "Why do you think he did that ?"

"Uhhh.....I donno....That is....Unless....", Trent stammered.

"Unless he had something to do with the bombings", Tony said.

"No Way !!", Trent exclaimed. "It wasn't him....It was those Terrorists !!"

"I've already heard that story, and I think it's crap", Tony's  eyes narrowed. "Just where did YOU hear that story, by the way ?"

"I, uh.....Can't tell you that....I Can't !!", Trent said fearfully.

Tony leapt up and was on Trent in a second.  "Spill it, Trent !! This is Important!!”

"I Can't !! I Can't", Trent howled. Tony knocked him to the floor and began punching him.

"Give it up !! Tell me what you know !!", Tony hissed, "Or I'll beat the life outta you !!"

"I can't tell !! I'm not supposed to !!  He said we had to keep it quiet !!", Trent hollered between blows.

"Who said ?", Tony yelled. "Who told you that ?"  Tony drew back to bust Trent a big one.

"The Carnival Guy !!!", Trent yelled back, shielding his head. "Ace Adams, the Carnival Guy !!!!!"

Tony stopped punching, and just sat there. This was news to him. Getting up, he hauled Trent up by his ears and dragged him to the couch, and threw him there.
"Tell me everything", Tony said, "And don't leave nothing out."
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Jake, aka Ace Adams, looked over the new arrival in the Souvenir Tent.  Although he was surprised to see this particular person, he kept his face impassive.  "What can I do you for, Sonny-Boy ?"

"I...I have a message....From Melvin", Algie stammered.

"Yeah ? Why ain't the fat shit here himself ?", Jake, aka Ace, asked harshly.

"He...Got Attacked....All my friends got attacked....They're in the Clinic....", Algie stumbled on.

"Ain't my problem, Fatso", Jake, aka Ace, said. "Tell him to come by when he gets all better."

"Well....That's just it....He can't.....He sent me", Algie pressed on.

"So...He sends a seriously fucked-up fatass shit like you ?", Jake, aka  Ace, sneered.

"You...You don't have to be so mean !!", sputtered Algie.

"I can be whatever I want, doughboy", Laughed Jake, aka Ace. "Now, get the hell out."

"But...But...But...We need some Weapons !!!", Algie whined.

Jake looked at Algie sharply. "You Nerdos have plenty of Weapons."

Algie stammered, "We...We need...Special Weapons !!"

Jake considered this for a moment.  Then, he reached under his counter and pulled out a Weapon. "Something like this ?"

Algie's eyes were bulging almost out of his sockets.  "What...What is that ?"

"It's an Air Rifle, you stupid fat shit.  For a Nerd, you sure are a dumbass. Melvin wants this, it's gonna run you whimps $300 dollars", Jake, aka Ace, snorted. "Up Front."

Algie dug in his pockets. "I...I got it...Right here....See ?"  He held the cash out.

"Put it on the counter", Jake, aka Ace said. Algie did so.  Jake slammed the Weapon in Algie's chest, and then threw a couple boxes of pellets on the counter.
"Here, take these too.  Extra on the house.  Now, get your fat ass outta my tent afore I change my mind", Jake, aka Ace said. "Tell your friend Melvin to just send himself next time.  I don't like dealing with underlings."

Algie quickly left the Souvenir Tent, thinking as he did so that Ace Adams seemed just like another mean-assed kid he had known, not so long ago....In fact, he had almost called Ace Adams 'Jake'.....

Laughter bubbled up in Jake's throat as Algie scampered from the tent.  All the cliques were now armed.  As soon as everyone was out if the Clinics and Infirmaries, they would be ready to go to war.

All that was needed now was the Catalyst.......
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It had been a typical cold winter morning as Donald Anderson awoke from his first good night’s sleep since the attack.  Although still hurt, Donald had slept well, but he soon remembered feeling very angry the night before.  Donald had so entranced by his dreams he had about Beatrice, his favorite girl while she had been at Bullworth, that he had a very difficult time thinking about his anger. This was not the regular anger, spawned by fear, that all Nerds carried towards many other bullying Students, this was much more personal…..He remembered about Fatty's broken leg, and the attacks on each Clique, but more specifically himself and his beloved Nerd friends.  He had walking by a group of Students who were talking with Christy, a notorious rumor-spreader, when he could have sworn he heard the name "Tony" come up in a conversation about the attacks.

This made Donald tremble with anger.  Being his normal self, he was going to jump to conclusions before getting the facts, after all, it was Christy who brought up the name in conversation.  He was just tired of himself and fellow Nerds always getting the shit end of the stick.  This time, Donald was going to make sure he would score a point for Team Nerd.  How was he to do it though ?  Donald had to think for a moment and then decided he would set Tony up.  He figured that he would need help from a Prefect, who else would stick up for a weak Nerd ?

It was now Noon.  Everyone who was back at School, those who had recovered enough from their injuries, was at Lunch break.  Students stood around talking in the Quad in front of the School.  Donald emerged from the front doors to see Tony having a few words with some of the Non-Clique Students.  Evidently, Constantinos and Laurent had gone to the Cafeteria to grab a bite to eat and Tony thought he would nose around and possibly dig up some information.  Donald cautiously walked down the stairs to position himself behind the stone railing and a younger boy named Sheldon.  Donald then picked up a good-sized stone and hurled it at Tony.

"OW !! Son-of-a-Bitch !!" yelled Tony.  Tony looked over towards the direction where the stone came from. With Donald cleverly hidden behind the railing, Sheldon looked like the prime suspect.

"Hey, you little snot !", called Tony, "You want me to kick your ass !?"  Sheldon's skin almost turned pale as he squeaked, "Please, I didn't do anything, honest !!"

"You better start telling the truth before I knock it out of you", Tony growled. "I've had a long week and I don't need any more of this crap !”

Sheldon then nodded his head in fear and gulped. "I’m going to tell on you, violence is not allowed !", and then proceeded to scamper off towards the nearest Prefect he could find.

"That's it, I've had it, kid !" Tony yelled as he then charged at Sheldon, pushing him to the ground.  Sheldon then began to scream bloody murder, causing Prefects to swarm towards the School's steps from the Front Quad.

Oh Shit ! Tony thought to himself, I shouldn't have done that !

Donald then emerged from behind the railing and announced, "Look everyone, first he attacks our friends, now he's after the little kids !"   

Now everyone turned and looked at Tony, and how could they not believe Donald ?  He was really convincing.  Tony had been mysteriously out of sight whenever these attacks happened, and to make matters worse, Tony now attacked Sheldon in plain sight.  Seemingly out of nowhere, Karl the Prefect lunged for Tony.  Tony jumped out of the way, but just then, Donald whipped out a bottle rocket launcher and fired at Tony, stopping him in his tracks as he was consumed by the noise and slight concussion from the blast.

"It's off to Crabblesnitch for you, boy !", barked Karl, getting a power hold on Tony and dragging him away.

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Tony soon found himself sitting in front of the large desk in Dr. Crabblesnich's Office. This was a first, for Tony had never been dragged to the Office by a Prefect before. Tony suddenly felt a burning rage.  What happened to his promised protection from being busted ?  More lies, he supposed, from the Headmaster he now had to face.

"So, what seems to be the issue, Tony ?" said Dr. Crabblesnitch. "Are you feeling particularly invincible today ?"

"You don't understand, sir", Tony explained. "That kid Sheldon flung a rock at me and then pretended to play innocent......"

But Tony was cut off.  "Sheldon is a good boy", Dr. Crabblesnitch said firmly. "A little annoying, but very well behaved.  How am I supposed to believe he assaulted you ?"

"But...But...", Tony stammered.

"That's enough young man, you shall not be assaulting young, defenseless children at this School !" Crabblesnitch said sternly. "I'm afraid I will have to assign you to wall cleaning duty -- rules are rules, even for a first time offender. That is all."

Tony found himself spending an hour scrubbing tags off of the walls in the School hallway.

Damn, Tony thought, Isn't this supposed to be Mr. Luntz’s job?  What do they pay him for, anyway ?

As Tony finished up, he could hear Students talking in a nearby Bathroom.  It sounded like the Students were beginning to suspect him for the recent attacks.  Of course Constantinos, Laurent, and Tony's other close friends knew this wasn't possible, but the other Students were almost brainwashed by what ever they heard from the latest gossip mill, which was running rampant in the wake of all the attacks.

That's it, Tony thought, overwhelmed.  I can't stay here at the School right now, I'll get my ass blamed for no reason at all.   I have to find a way to leave without being noticed.

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Pete closed the file and sighed.  It was worse than he thought, all right.  As Constantinos was fond of saying, this school really was rotten to the core.  The file that he had been able to swipe from Dr. Crabblesnich's Office had revealed far more than he had known before.  Maybe...Too Much.  He hadn't been able to find the file he had been looking for, that of Kurt, but instead had come across this one...Far more damaging information than he had suspected, and far more dangerous to those who knew it's contents.

He secreted the file deep within his heavily-chained and paddocked File Cabinet, and left the his office, heading out of the School building and down the main steps.  On his way to the Boy's Dorm, he noticed that quite a few of the Clique members were back, having been released in the past few days from the Clinics and Infirmaries....Most of the Bullies and the Jocks, some of the Preps, a few Greasers, and surprisingly, almost all of the Nerds, with the exception of Fatty, who had a broken leg.
A looming problem, he could tell, was the sharp increase in hostility and suspicion in the newly-returned Clique members toward the others.  Pete and his crew of Tony, Constantinos, and Laurent, had so far failed to find those responsible for the attacks on the Cliques, and the natives, as they say, were getting restless.  Already, he had seen some small fights break out here and there, on the School grounds and even a few in the hallways between classes.  The Prefects had been having a busy day, all right.......

It seemed most everyone was pissed...and scared.  The whole place was beginning to resemble a powder keg, just waiting for the spark to set it off.  All Christmas leaves had been cancelled, and the School was under lock-down, under orders from the administration, who were no doubt were taking THEIR orders from higher up.  The power elite were taking no chances that word got out about the attacks, cancelling outside access, and any through phones and computers at the School itself.  Pete suspected that the Towns around the school were facing similar restrictions.

The atmosphere has altered drastically over the past few days, Pete reflected, as he entered the dorm.  His mission was the same...To seek out and interview the Clique members who had been attacked.  He had already talked to a lot already without making much progress, but he had to keep trying.  He had already spoken to the Clique leaders, who were blaming each other for the attacks, although clearly many were out of commission by the time the final two attacks occurred.  The nagging things that didn't make sense, though, swirled in Pete's head.  A couple of those involved the Nerds, whose Clique was only attacked lightly in comparison to the others, and was the only Clique whose Leader was attacked along with the rest.  Something was quirky about that, it just didn't sit right.  Why let them off that easy ?

Pete checked the common room, and found it empty.  Someone had left the lone TV on, however, so they were nearby, Pete knew....Probably hiding out in their rooms like scared Rabbits.  Time to start knocking on the Nerd's doors.  He needed answers. Pete went down the hallway, towards the rooms.

Unnoticed as he left the Common Room, was the television, where a Weather Alert had just flashed on the screen.  Had anyone been around to see it, a large map of the area then appeared.  A Forecaster's voice could be thinly heard, also....

".....A massive winter storm has been forming during the past 24 hours just over the Canadian border, and is moving towards the Quad-State area, predicted to arrive in our area by tomorrow afternoon.  This is a very large system that is expected to spawn blizzard-like conditions, with winds in the 60-70 mile-per-hour range and perhaps as much as 30 inches of snow.  Those of you who have travel plans for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day are advised to alter or cancel those plans, for it is expected that all roads will be closed during that period if this storm develops as predicted......"
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Tony wandered back out to the Front Quad, heading towards the wide path by the Dorms, thinking of a plan.  A few minutes later, the 3:30 bell rang and Students began to filter out of the School.  Hastily trying to come up with an escape plan, he figured he would need a diversion, something to distract any Prefects away from the Front Gates and path to them.  After all, he could see the Prefect Karl was watching the Front Gates, and certainly would not trust Tony for leaving the School grounds after his little run in with Sheldon.  Just then, Tony noticed Troy standing a few feet away in the pathway leading to the Boy‘s Dorm, holding a carton of eggs.

Yes, that's perfect, thought Tony.

Tony walked up to Troy. "Hey dumbass, want to make five bucks ?"

Troy turned around and said, "Huh ?  What-do-you-mean ?"

"What I mean is, that you take those eggs you got there and chuck 'em at that stuck up prick, Karl", Tony said.

"Uhh, I was going to use these to throw at Pedro...Ha-Ha-Ha !", laughed Troy, always several bricks short of a full load.

"Fine, make it ten bucks", interjected Tony.

"Hot damn, you-got-it, man !" shouted Troy.

Tony watched as Troy jogged down the path near the School Gates. "I'm going to enjoy this" snickered Tony.

As Tony followed, keeping his distance, he heard a big ‘SPLAT !!’, followed by "I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SHOW YOU THE FORCE OF MY WILL!!!"  Tony burst out laughing as he watched Karl sprint after a frantic Troy.

The best part,  Tony thought to himself, Is the Dumbass didn't even ask for the money up front.  Tony then began to think more seriously…Here was his chance to make a break for it…It was now or never.  Tony sprinted out through the Front Gates, and spying a bicycle left on the rack,  he jumped on it and raced toward the Bullworth Town as fast as he could.

Upon reaching the Town, Tony had to make a decision...Which way would he go ?  There were many things he had to factor in, the most important being the significance of staying completely under-cover.  Regretfully, he hadn’t thought to let Karen in on his sudden decision, but maybe it was best that she didn’t know right now.  That ruled out staying at the Chef’s Restaurant over in the Vale.

The whole School was on edge and the hectic mood was starting to rub off on the Townspeople.  It was also winter, and Tony knew that he had to find some place indoors, for it got quite cold around these parts, and sleeping outside was not an option.  After spending a few moments thinking, Tony decided to head off again towards New Coventry.
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Tony hated New Coventry. The place just seemed so depressing with a clearly visible crime-ridden side to it.  Tony had rode slowly on his bike under what was known as ‘The Railroad Overpass‘.  He wanted to blend in, he didn't want to look too conspicuous.  Tony hoped that he could figure a way to lay low in to this place with no incident.  But just then, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy in a bright orange jacket pounced on Tony, knocking him off his bike.  "Give me the bike you Little Shit !", the culprit shouted a gruff voice.

"Hey, you can't rob me you Fuckin' Idiot !", Tony called after the thief.  It was too late, the mystery robber sped off on the bike, headed into the heart of the Ghetto.

Although Tony had been to New Coventry before, he didn't have the slightest idea where he was really going.  He had come here before with Peanut, and, lately, Karen.  This time, he was all alone.  Dusk was approaching, and Tony had to find some shelter quickly.  As Tony wandered about for some time until dusk came, only to find he had wandered in a circle.  Going East, again on the main drag, Coventry Boulevard,  he saw the neon lights begin to flick on, and also saw the night life in New Coventry was low-end, nothing but Night Clubs and some glitzy run-down Bars.  Walking now, Tony finally came to a depilated area of buildings known only as the ’Tennements’.  Doing his best to remain inconspicuous, Tony walked partway through the area and watched as a Hobo shuffled over to a dark gray, non-descript building on the left.  A battered sign outside indicated that it was a ‘Halfway House‘, just the sort of place that wouldn't be first on Tony's list.  However, Tony did not want to stay out in the open much longer, he had already been robbed of a bike, and he was alone and on foot in a strange and possibly dangerous area.  The Halfway House would have to do for tonight. 

Just as Tony was about to walk in, a few snowflakes began falling outside.
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Jake had thought long and hard about what he wanted to do.  In the end, the Catylst proved to be easy.  Jake just took a page from his own book....Notebook, rather.  By the light of the single bulb in the Souviner Tent, Jake composed Five identical notes.  They read.....

"Hey, you Fuckups, We got you Good this time !  You Jackoffs sure looked funny, rolling around in your own puke, and getting the shit shot outta yourselves.  In fact, it was so much fun to watch you assholes squirm that we'd like to kick your sorry limp peckers all over again !  No more bushwhacking, we wanna knock your dicks in the dirt mano-el-mano this time.  You Chickenshits meet us in the Quad in back of the School at 11 PM tonight so's we can stomp your nuts into the ground, you fucking morons.  Unless you're afraid, in which case we will come looking for you bastard whimp dickless asswipes."

Having finished, Jake folded and set those aside. Now, for the final touch....Those who he hadn't invited to the Terrorist party a couple months ago, mostly because they didn't have a place to bomb, and frankly because Jake considered them a fake Clique.  But they were going to have an invite to THIS party, all right....They might even be the ace in the hole.  Jake laughed to himself, and began to write....

"Hey, you Queer Motherfuckers, if you wanna get some cool licks on the Cliques, show up at the School Parking Lot at 11 PM tonight for some blasting action.  Bring your new Weapons and put on a good show for those worthless bastards, and claim a spot in the new world order.  Unless, of course, you pricks are really the human cockbite pussysuckers everybody says you are."

There, that should get Kurt and his queerass buddies interested in attending.  Nothing like a few vile insults to get the pain train on the right track.  Jake started snickering, then cut loose in full out belly laughter at the funny he just made. A few minutes later, still suppressing small bouts of the giggles, he rifled through his clothing stock, finally finding what he was looking for.  He stripped out of his clothes, and donned the black Ninja outfit.  He had some notes to secretly deliver tonight, it seemed.

Tony was able to get a room for the night by claiming he was homeless. He was directed to room upstairs.  As he was treading down an upstairs hallway, Tony suddenly spotted a familiar face peeking out of a door at him, a shocked look on the person's face.  The face abruptly disappeared and the door slammed. Tony took several huge steps and forced open the door before it could be locked.  As he pushed into the tiny room, he confronted the person he had seen.  It was.....

"Lola ?!?! What are you doing here ??"

"Please", Lola breathed heavily. "Don't tell anyone I'm here..."

Tony grabbed Lola by the shoulders. "I've been looking for you. You have to tell me...I have to know.....Who is this Piff ?"

"I Don't know...I told you....I never had any direct contact....He just sent mail, notes....He just paid me to lure the others....I never meant any harm, it was just in fun....."  Lola begin sobbing. "Then, that monster attacked me....My Clique...." Tony relaxed his grip, and pulled Lola close, meaning to comfort her.  As the girl continued to cry, Tony reflected that she too was probably a victim of the events that had transpired. Tony felt his feelings stirring stronger as the minutes stretched out.  Feelings of pity...Feelings of....Affection....Feelings of.....Desire.

Still upset, Lola looked up at Tony. "I need your help...I have to leave....There's somewhere I have to go....Far away...."  Lola brushed her lips close to Tony's face. "Everyone is going to hate me now....But....I like you....."

Tony's breathing was suddenly short and heavy.  His desire for this beautiful girl overtook him quickly, as he lowered his head.  As he did, Lola wrapped her arms around him and gave him a deep, sensual French kiss. Tony could control himself no longer. Lola reached for his belt buckle, and Tony grabbed onto her leather jeans. They both fell onto the bed in the tiny room, and soon were doing it like they did on the Discovery Channel.
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Jake left the Carnival grounds at Midnight, making a quick trip via bicycle to Hatrick's old house where he knew the Rockers had been staying. Seeing the box stuffed with mail, he didn't know weather the boys would even get his message, but he climbed the porch and tacked it on the door anyway. Then, it was off to Bullworth. The time was close to 1 AM.

Jake easily breached the wall into Bullworth at his favorite spot, the pile of junk behind the Greaser's Autoshop. Easily avoiding the patrolling Prefects, he placed the notes at the Auto Shop, the Boy's Dorm, the Library, Harrington House, and the Jock Clubhouse.  Basically, he would ease open the door and tack the notes on the inside where the Cliques were sure to see them if they were to leave.  Finishing quickly, he reflected that this had taken far less time to do this bit of trickery than it took to plant the bombs in the first place.  Hauling himself up the back of the Scoreboard at the Football Field, he jumped the fence and went around the back way to retrieve his bike.  He was back at the Carnival in less than two hours after he started to get a good night's sleep.  Tomorrow night was gonna be a big night.  Quite possibly, he thought, he could step in this time and save the school from itself.....And become the Ultimate Fixer.

By chance, Kurt and the Rockers did return to the Hattrick house that night, missing Jake by barely an hour.  Tibo was first to the door, and pulled the short note off the door.  Kurt unlocked the door, and the group piled in slowly, checking the house for any signs of intruders. It was, in fact, just the way they had left it....With only one exception.  Lola was gone.

"All clear, Boss", Tibo said. "And it don't look like Lola's been here in a week or more."

"To Hell with that Bitch", Kurt said. "I was getting tired of that whiny slut anyways. Turn on some lights."

The front room lights were flicked on. All appeared to be in order, just as they had left it. The Rockers had been hiding out at the Chem Plant over in Blue Skies for nearly a week and a half, doing occasional forays out at night for food and supplies.  The plant was on a month-long shutdown, due to the economy, so they pretty much had the run of the place.  But, no work meant no heat, and it had been steadily getting colder.  Even the Townies who usually hung around the place had been nowhere to be seen.  Finally, realizing Crabblesnich hadn't ratted them out to the Cops, Kurt decided to go back to the house in the Vale.  After all, he was holding the cards now....Or rather, the file.  Kurt felt confident that he could call the shots now.

"Make sure to secure our Weapons, Tibo", Kurt said.  "And Benny, check out the kitchen for some grub. I'm starving."

But Tibo was scanning the paper he had taken off the door. "Hey Boss, get a load of this...."

Kurt grabbed the paper from Tibo and read it.  His face broke into a huge smile.
"Boys, looks like we been invited to a little game somebody's running. And it seems like, we're gonna be the Stars...Again."  He passed the paper around to the others.
"Um...Boss ?", Benny spoke up. "Think this could be a trap or something ?"

"I don't think so", Kurt said, hefting the Air Rifle. "Nobody's gonna be trapping us while we got this baby along.  Shit", he smirked, "We're practically bulletproof."

He began laughing, and the others joined in. "Now, cut the shit", Kurt finally said, "Seriously....Benny, find us some food. We're running on empty here."
Tony awoke late the next morning after a restless sleep. At first, he didn't remember where he was at...Until he turned and saw Lola sleeping beside him.  Then, it all came crashing down on him.  He had done it again.  He cursed those damn puberty hormones that made him always seem to lose control.  His guilt began to rise anew.  How could he have done this again ?  What was wrong with him ?  If he was only going to let his animal instincts control him, then he sure didn't deserve a super girl like Karen.
Abruptly, he got out of the bed and got dressed.  Lola awoke as he was doing so.

"Com'on", Tony said, somewhat roughly. "Get up. We've got to get a move on."

Lola sat up on the bed.  "Where to ?", she asked in a sleepy voice.

"You need to get away from here, right ?", Tony said.  Lola nodded. "Then I just might know who could get you out. So let's go...Get dressed, and warmly...It's gonna be cold outside."
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Most students awoke late on Christmas Eve morning, since there were no classes. Each Clique in turn found the notes tacked to their doors, the Nerds finding theirs last when they gathered at the Library.  There was shock, anger, and disbelief at the start....Then, to a man, in each Clique, a call for revenge.  That all the Cliques had been attacked did not enter into their thinking....This threat was surely meant for them, and them alone...The other attacks must have been fakes !  They were hoaxes, just a ruse, for each Clique could plainly see now that they had been the target all along !

Throughout the day, they gathered in their respective places...The Bullies at the Boy's Dorm, The Nerds at the Library, The Preps at Harrington House, The Greasers at the Autoshop, The Jocks at the Gym....They posted guards in case any other Cliques might try to attack, but had to change them often...The snowfall that had accumulated overnight was now being whipped about by ever-increasing high winds, as the blizzard began to make it's presence felt. No Clique attempted to communicate with another, none were to be trusted.  Every Clique member armed up for tonight's battle.

Each Clique debated who the strange message was from.  It was certainly the work of another Clique, no one person could have carried out those attacks alone.  That had just been a foolish rumor, they could see that now.  They had been bushwhacked, victims of a carefully constructed plan....And now, their attackers were taunting them !  Daring them to show up and face them !  And saying they were gonna get their butts kicked, again ! Well, No Way, No How, No Sir !!  That wasn't gonna happen. Each Clique zeroed in on just who they thought had attacked them...No, Bushwacked them....And planned accordingly for the showdown.  Paybacks are a Bitch, and each Clique intended to be just that Bitch that did the paying.

Keeping to the alleyways and keeping out of sight, a task made easy as it was Christmas Eve, and snowing heavily, most places in the Towns were closed.  Tony got Lola over to the Vale.  He was going to see the only adult he really knew around these parts.  The only one, he thought, who just might be willing to help.
They reached the back door of the Business.  Tony knocked, as hard as his frozen hands would allow.  The door opened, and he and Lola were brought inside.

"Hello, Chef....I need your help", Tony said through chattery teeth. "This girl has to get home.  It's an emergency.  She needs a ride.  Can you get her over to a station in the next town, Warwick ?"

It was a fact that there was no stations of any kind in the Bullworth Towns.  No Bus Stations, no Train Stations, no Airports.  The entire place was ringed in by mountains, virtually cut off from the rest of the world except the road in and the road out.  And, it was so confusing as to just where that road was, exactly, that many of the town's residents didn't even know just where it was, causing them to drive around and around endlessly, looking for it.  But the Chef knew, Tony was certain.

"Oui ?", the Chef said. "But, my little friend, the Storm...She rises..."

"But...She has to leave now....Really....It's an emergency", Tony repeated, earnestly.

The Chef stood looking at the swirling snow beyond the plate-glass window.  "Mon Dieu", he muttered.  Then...."Okay, Allright...I will do....But must be quick, we must leave now. The Storm, she will rage...Come, let us go then.  I know of a....How you say.....Grey-Hound Station there."

Lola face broke into a look of relief.  "Oh, thank you, Chef, thank you...."

The Chef smiled. "A real sucker for...Damsel in Distress, that is me."

Jake was humming a tune as he packed for the evening's activities. The Carnival was completely shut down for the Holidays, and wouldn't re-open until after the first of the year.  Point in fact, he was the only one here right now. Billy-Bob, Crystal, Brandy, Dorsey, and all the rest, had lit out for warmer parts, leaving him here to mind the store.  Even the midgets were gone.  Well, so much the better for him.  "Hail, Hail, the gang's all gone", Jake whistled, and then laughed manically.  Thanks to some dumb fuck who was running a vendetta of their own, and to his notes he delivered very early this morning, there oughtta be a hell of a Battle Royale tonight down by the old Schoolyard.   And Jake was going to get a front-row seat, yessir, no two ways about THAT, better belive it, baby.  And when the time was right, he would stride in, disarm the Students, and save the day.....And those shitheads would see how wise and smart he was, would bow down before him, and beg....BEG him to take over, to save them from themselves.  Jake could almost have an orgasm just thinking about it.  Hell, he WOULD have an orgasm every day, into each and every one of those slutty bitches who went there and would gladly give it up to him, the Ultimate Fixer.  It would be just like having his own Cult, he thought, only better...He wouldn't have to make his followers drink Cyanide....Unless, of course, they really pissed him off.
Jake's laughter was crazy good as he stuffed binoculars into his backpack for better viewing tonight.

Chef's car pulled up to the Greyhound Bus Station in Warwick just as the daylight was growing dimmer. The storm swirled here too, winds howling their mournful tune.  It had taken several hours to get here, and it would take more to get back....Those mountain passes has been rough.
Tony walked Lola to the front door. The lights were on, and there was a lone woman behind the counter. Both were relived the station was still open, but Tony knew that it would take more than a piddly little blizzard to stop a Greyhound....These Buses ran through nearly all kinds of weather.

Lola faced Tony at the door. "Thank You, Tony, for helping me", she said softly.

"Aww, shucks, t'wrern't nothing", Tony said, and they both laughed.

Lola looked at Tony serious then, and said, "Tony....I saw you and Pinky at Derby's house...I was watching.  I saw you go in with her."

Tony was shocked. "Well...It wasn't...how it looked....I...I....Just walked her there...And....."

"Hush", Lola said. "It's all right....I won't tell anyone....Or about us, either.....Let's keep it....Our little secret.....Forever...."

Relief flooded Tony. "Yeah, Cause.....You know....."

"You have someone special", Lola said. "Don't you, Tony ?"

"Yes....Yes, I do....",Tony replied. "You ?"

"Oh, Yes....I didn't realize just how special until just recently", Lola said sadly. "That's where I'm really going, Tony....To make it up to him. If he'll still have me."

"Follow your heart", Tony said.

"Yes....And you should too", Lola breathed softly.

A horn blared suddenly. Chef rolled down his window. "Mon Dieu !!  Tony, we must GO !!  The Storm, she grows worse !!"

"I..uh...have to go", Tony said. "You...Take Care now.  You have enough money ?  For the ticket ?"

"Yes", Lola said with a distasteful look. "Blood money, I suppose....But I'm gonna put it to good use."

Impulsively, Lola leaned over and kissed Tony. "Get back to your lady. I've got a bus to catch."
With that, she turned, and went through the door. Tony stood there for a few seconds longer, then dashed to the waiting car.  He stopped briefly and waved, then got in.  The car pulled away, and began the long journey back to Bullworth through the storm.

Lola approached the ticket counter.
"Can I help you, dear ?" the woman behind the counter said.

Lola consulted the rate charts. "I'll take a one-way ticket", she said, and laid her money on the counter.

"Where to, dear ?", the woman said kindly.

"Detroit", Lola said. "One-way to....Detroit."
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Pete sat alone in his office, papers spread over the top of his desk, mostly notes from interviews from the Clique members that had been in the Infirmary and the Clinics in town.  Most of the information was useless, but there were a couple of things that caught Pete's attention....An unpicked-up order at the Dragon's Wing, and Tony's report of a strange Carnie fellow somehow connected with the Terrorists.  These were things that needed more investigation....And Pete was close, real close, he felt, to unraveling the clues and making sense of the whole thing.

Laurent and Constantinos returned to the Mediator's Office.  "What'ja find out ?", Pete asked.

Laurent tossed a paper on the desk. "Copy of the order form for 1 Stuffed Bunny."

Constantinos pointed to the bottom.  "Look at the name here."

Pete's eyes widened in surprise. "How....I never would have suspected.....Wow."

"Something's going on out there, Pete", Laurent said, jerking his thumb over his shoulder.

"Like what ?", Pete asked.

"The Cliques have posted Sentries", Laurent said. "Think something is brewing."

"Yeah ?", Pete looked up. "In this weather ?"

"Want us to check it out ?", Constantinos asked.

Pete waved a hand. "No...I need you guys to check out this guy."  He handed over a slip of paper.

"Like, right now ?", Laurent said. "It is getting late...Be dark soon, and is snow-storming. It's kind of far, too."

Constantinos nodded at that. “Getting’ nasty out there.”

"Look fellows", Pete said. "I'm real close to putting this all together.  All of it, tonight. This is the last of it, I promise."  He cast a pleading look at the two boys.  "I'd send Tony, but he seems to have taken a powder the past couple days."

The boys looked at each other and shrugged.  "OK....One more....But man, it sure is cold out there", Laurent said.  With that, both left the Office to try to track down one more clue.
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Jake arrived a bit early, climbing over the junk pile behind the Autoshop, then scaling the ladder to the roof, moving to the far Northern part to get the best view of the area, although the Southern portion of the Quad was obscured by trees.  Since the leaves were off, a partial view was afforded, but the winds and the swirling snow made viewing difficult at best.  Jake hauled out the binoculars out of his backpack, and laid down on the peak with his elbows over the edge, and took a look.  Not the best, he thought, but it would have to do.  Jake had also brought along three weapons of his own....A Bottle Rocket Launcher, A Spudgun, and the ever-trusty Air Rifle, which was swung over his back.  On his belt was clipped a small bullhorn from the Carnival.  He settled in to wait the arrival of the Cliques.

As the hour approached, each Clique moved out into the storm in sequence, highly bundled and highly armed.  First the Nerds moved out from the Library, followed closely by the Bullies from the Dorm. Then the Preps left Harrington House, followed by the Jocks from the Gym.  The Greasers were actually the first to arrive, for they only had to scale the break in the wall from the Autoshop.  From the area of the Parking Lot, the Rockers were the last to arrive.

Each Clique, except the Rockers, had expected to see only one other Clique arrive, but as each new Clique came into view, there was first surprise and then confusion.  The night was dark, with the high blizzard winds blowing the accumulated snow around to nearly whiteout conditions.  In the poor lighting, it was difficult to tell just who was who.  It was also hard to hear, as the high winds made a loud howling sound, first high, then low, then back high again.  Mixed in with the wind was the shouted sounds of trash talk, from the Cliques nearest each other being the only ones heard initially.
It is unclear who fired the opening salvo, but it was later agreed that it must have been the Nerds, for they alone among all the Cliques had the most enemies, being universally the group bullied by all the others.  Within seconds, the other Cliques opened fire, with Bottle Rocket Launchers, Spud Guns, Egg Cannons, M-80 Firecrackers, Stink Bombs, and Super-Slingshots.  The Battle Royale was on.

The noise of the battle over the sound of the high winds reached the Principal's Office, where Headmaster Crabblesnitch was having a romantic late Christmas Eve dinner with Miss Danvers in his Office.
"What on Earth is that noise ?", exclaimed Miss Danvers.

"Sounds like trouble.  Call the Prefects.  I'll check it out", Dr. Crabblesnich said, heading towards the secret door to the outside back Balcony.  Miss Danvers went through the double doors to the Main Office, scooping up the Intercom to alert the two remaining Prefects, as the rest had been allowed to leave for the Holidays yesterday in advance of the storm.  "Max McTavish and Karl Branting, report to the office right away", the Intercom blared throughout the empty School.

The two Prefects came on the run, and joined Dr. Crabblesnitch on the outside back Balcony.  Looking down they could just barely make out what looked like groups of Students that appeared to be firing Weapons and throwing Firecrackers and Stink Bombs at each other.  But because of the darkness and the swirling, wind driven snow, it was hard to make out any specifics in the relatively weak lighting of the back lot behind the school.

"Get the floodlights, boys", Dr. Crabblesnitch ordered, and the two Prefects scrambled to comply, running back through the Main Office to the Auditorium to get the huge stand-up lights and the extension cords to run the power.

In the small Mediator office, Laurent and Constantinos had returned with valuable information.

"That's it...That's the missing piece", Pete said. He looked up. "That's who has been doing this..."

He was cut off by the blare of the Intercom, Miss Danvers calling the Prefects. "Go find out what's going on", Pete ordered the two boys.  As they left, through the open door came the distant sounds of the battle.   Pete began unlocking the bottom drawer of the huge File Cabinet, and withdrew an object he had been hiding there for quite some time.  Pete knew what those sounds he was hearing were.  Another huge fight.  What the hell was the matter with these kids ?  Pete had had enough.  He was going to put a stop to this, and by-god, they were going to listen to him this time.

The Chef pulled up in front of the school at a half an hour before Midnight.  It had been a tough return trip, but they had made it back in one piece.  Tony said his 'Thank You's' to the Chef, and exited the car.  He had decided to return to the School and confront those who were running rumors saying that he had anything to do with the attacks.  First, though, he had to talk with Pete.

The entire place seemed empty, there were no patrolling Prefects....Which, given the howling winds and blowing snow, really wasn't unusual.  However, upon entering the Dorm, Tony also found it completely empty.  There was no one there, and many of the room doors were open.  This was disturbing, since room doors were uaually always kept shut, due in part to the simmering tensions that was a regular part of life in the Boy's Dorm.  Tony decided to go check out the School to see if Pete was there.  He had been keeping late hours there, trying to do his part to track down those responsible for the attacks.  Tony had to tell him about what he had learned from Lola, anyhow.  He headed off towards the School building.
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Though it was hard to see, the battle still raged.  From his vantage point, Jake was giddy with excitement at what he was seeing.  Though many of the targets were being missed, due to the poor light and high winds, a few hits were finding their mark, as Jake was seeing some of the kids down.  Better this way, though, that they could exhaust their ammo with minimal collateral damage.  He figured they would probably use the Air Rifles last, at the point where they would run out of most of their other ammo. Once the Cliques got close enough for some hand-to-hand, fist-to-fist fighting, the visibility would be improved enough to use the Air Rifles more effectively.  Jake guessed that the Clique leaders were the ones who would have possession of the Air Rifles, and use them to target and take down other Clique leaders.  When that happened, Jake would vacate his spot and appear with the Bullhorn to bring a halt to the fighting and "save" the School.  The Clique leaders, upon seeing  'Ace Adams' would lay down their weapons, for if anything else was sure, it was that they would not harm the conduit to the 'Terrorists' and risk inciting their anger.

Jake noticed some kind of activity on the School's back Balcony.  He trained his binoculars there, although, he didn't quite have the right angle to see just what was going on there. Then, without warning, the floodlights came on.

Laurent and Constanous had run out towards the Main Office area just in time to see Max and Carl wheeling two huge racks of floodlights into the Main Office, heading for Dr. Crabblesnich's Office.  They tried to follow, but Miss Danvers stopped them, denying them access.  Rather than trying to argue about it, the boys ran down the steps and around to the rear exit door on the Southwest side.  Going through the door, they stopped on the steps and surveyed the scene on the Quad in front of them.  It looked like a scene from some kind of horror movie, complete with swirling white smoke tinged with green from the Stink Bombs.  Over the wind they could hear shouting, cries of pain, and Weaponry....Lots of Weaponry.

As they watched, the floodlights suddenly came on.

There was a brief pause in the action, as the Students were startled by the sudden brightness....But realizing that they could now see their targets a whole lot better, they began to fight again with a renewed vigor, advancing foot by foot on their adversaries, their Rockets, Spuds, Firecrackers, Eggs, and Stink Bombs coming more fast and furious than before. As Jake had expected, the Clique leaders raised their Air Rifles and began to fire on the other Clique leaders.  Derby was to first to go down in a fuselage of Pellets.  The damage was slight, due to the heavy winter coats the combatants were wearing, but from this range the pellets packed quite a punch that was sure to leave deep bruises. Over in the Nerds group, Melvin began firing, being protected in front by a line of his fellow Nerds, including Algie, who was firing his Spud Gun non-stop at the Preps, Jocks, and Bullies with uncanny accuracy.  Soon, Trent was taken down by a combo of Pellets and Spuds.  The Rockers, who still hung back toward the Parking Lot area, rapid-fired on everybody that still moved within range, but mostly the Greasers, who were closest.  Peanut was hit with several pellets, but managed to stay on his feet, as did Ted from the Jocks.  Being off to the side, the Rockers were hardly getting hit, and gleefully kept pouring on the shooting, with Kurt shooting Pellets at his favorite targets, the Preps, long after Derby went down.

From the door behind Laurent and Constantinos, a figure came charging out, running past them down the steps and out onto the pavement.  The figure had what looked like a Bullhorn in one hand, and as he came to a stop nearly in the center of the Quad, he raised an object in his other hand, pointing it towards the sky.

BLAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The loud noise echoed off the school building.  The figure raised the bullhorn to his mouth.....

"STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Tony had checked the empty School building, going to Pete's little Office.  Nobody was around, but Tony became aware of noises seeming to come from behind the School.  Sounded like....Fighting noises.  Heading off down the stairs at a run, he scampered to one of the back doors and pushed it open just as a loud exploding noise sounded and a voice sounding like it came from a Bullhorn yelled "STOP !!!!!!!!!"

Tony burst through the opening, nearly running down his two friends standing on the steps, Laurent and Constantinos.  The noise of the battle had abruptly ceased, replaced by the low howl of the wind and the groans and sobs of what seemed to Tony to be half of the Bullworth kids.  It looked to Tony that all the Cliques were here, scattered in groupings around the Quad.  In the center of it all was Pete, with a raised bullhorn to his mouth, and pointing a smoking .357 Magnum in the air.
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Pete had lowered the Magnum to arm level, jabbing the gun at each Clique in turn as he spoke.


Each remark was punctuated by more wild jabs of the gun.  The Cliques shrank back at each jab.


Up on the Balcony, Dr. Crabblesnitch called down....."Pete, My Boy !  Stay Calm, Son !  You Need To Put The Gun Down !!"


This last was said with Pete jabbing the gun in the direction of the Balcony.  The two Prefects, who had been standing still through Pete's tirade, backed suddenly away from the railing of the Balcony, getting out of range.

Up on the Autoshop rooftop, Jake was beside himself with sudden outrage.  Just a couple of minutes ago, everything had been going according to plan, and he was preparing to ready himself to climb down and assume control of the situation.  Now this stupid numb fuck had put a monkey wrench in his carefully laid plans.  Jake thought furiously, trying to come up with a way to salvage his edge.

Tony cupped his hands, and yelled, "PETE !! Have them lay down their Weapons, and we can resolve all this !!"

Pete turned to the sound of Tony's voice.  As he did so, Algie, who had also heard Tony's voice, now saw him standing on the steps along with Constantinos and Laurent.  Tony, and his Fucked-Up Friends !!  Algie dropped his Spud Gun reached over and tore the Air Rifle out of Melvin's hands.

"Hey !!", Melvin cried. "What are you doing that for, Algie...?"  Melvin tried to reach in to take the Air Rifle back from Algie, and Algie bashed Melvin right smack in the middle of the forehead with the butt of the Rifle. Melvin was knocked back on his ass, and he sat there, stunned.  Algie then shouldered the Weapon, took a bead on the trio of boys standing on the steps, and fired a barrage of Pellets at them.  Tony was struck in the upper arm, and Constantinos had a piece of his ear ripped off.  Due to his skills of ducking faster, Laurent escaped getting hit altogether.  Pete whirled back around and faced Algie.


"Yeah, SO WHAT !!!", cried Algie.  "They ALL had it coming !!!  PEE-STAIN !!! PISSY-PANTS !!! FOUR EYES FAT SHIT !!!  Always MAKING FUN OF ME !!!  Always PUNCHING ON ME !!!  And then One of You Bastards BLEW MY NUT OFF !!!!!   I'M SO ANGRY !!!!!!!!!"

This news stunned the other Nerd boys.  They backed away from Algie, unbelievingly.  Pete spoke again....


"Is that true, Algie ?  You attacked.....Us ?  Why ?  Why ??", Bucky asked, shocked.

"It was for your OWN GOOD !", screamed Algie.  "We couldn't be the only Clique that WASN"T ATTACKED !!!  I SAVED YOU by doing that !!  Don't you UNDERSTAND ??"


"NO !!!!!", Algie screamed, pointing the Air Rifle at Pete.  "IT'S NOT !!!"  He took aim.

WHAP !!!!!!!!!!  Algie pitched forward, the Air Rifle clattering to the pavement as he fell face forward on the ground, knocked out.  Standing behind him was Melvin, who had recovered, scooped up the Spud Gun that Algie had dropped, and shot him point blank in the back of the head.  "Sorry, Brother Traitor....But that had to be done."
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There was shocked silence at this turn of events.  The winds continued their low howl from the Storm, snow swirling everywhere.  Then, slowly, an angry muttering arose from the other Cliques who had suffered the attacks.  The sound built, overriding the noise of the Storm.  The Cliques began to slowly move in the direction of the Nerds.  Pete raised both the Bullhorn and the Magnum again.


The Clique members stopped, and all looked at Pete like he was crazy.  "But...We NEED our Weapons !!", a voice spoke up.  "For Defense !!", cried another.  "'This is Unfair !!", a third voice added.

Jake had suddenly decided what he had to do.  Unslinging his Air Rifle, he adjusted the scope, and tried to take aim on Pete.  He would have to take him out.  But the tree limbs blocked a straight sight at him, and the wind kept pushing off his aim.  Jake settled in, biding his time. Sooner or later, Pete would come back into his view.  Jake knew he would have to get Pete with one shot.  A head shot, to knock him out.  To shut him up.

A voice piped up from the Jocks Clique, probably Ted's...."What if them Terrorists come back ?  We need our weapons to defend ourselves!"  There were cries of agreement at this.  Pete began laughing.....


The Clique leaders were aghast at this bit of information.  Their members started peppering the leaders at once with questions and accusations.  In the meantime, Pete waved Tony and Laurent over to where he was at.  Putting down the bullhorn (but not the Magnum), Pete conferred a brief time with them, and both boys took off, headed in the direction of the school Basement entrance.  Pete raised the Bullhorn once again, this time to the Balcony.....


Max and Karl looked over at Dr. Crabblesnitch.  The Headmaster nodded.  "Go. Let's get this over with."  The two Prefects began climbing down the trellis to the raised area, then hopped down the stone wall to the pavement.  By this time, Tony and Laurent had returned from the School Basement, hauling Mr. Luntz's oversized wheelbarrow with them.  Pete raised the bullhorn and spoke again....


Nobody moved.  Pete became very angry, and began jabbing the Magnum at them again....

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Slowly, one after another, the Cliques came forward and began tossing in their Weaponry.  Max and Karl searched each one to make sure they weren't holding back.  Up on the Autoshop roof, Jake's mind had gone ballistic. All his plans to take over the School lay in ruins. Pete had exposed his alter-ego.

That goddam little fuck blew my cover !!!!  I'm gonna waste that fucking bastard !!!  NO MORE GAMES !!!!  I'm gonna take this rat-bastard fink out for good !!!

Jake still didn't have a clear shot.  Forcing himself to remain calm, Jake resettled himself and checked through the scope again.

The Rockers were still partly out of sight.  Kurt motioned Tibo over to him.  "Here...Take These", he said, handing Tibo the Air Rifle and two Spud Guns.  "Cut back through the Parking Lot...They won't be able to see you....Go !  Meet you back at the house."  Tibo took the Weapons and snuck away at a jog.  Out of the corner of his eye, on the rooftop, Jake saw him go.

When all the Weapons had been collected, they made a huge pile in the large Wheelbarrow.  Pete had another surprise in store.  He raised the Bullhorn again.....


A huge groan went up at this from the Cliques.  Then the outcries began in earnest.



Getting the loaded wheelbarrow down the steps and through the winding corridors in the Basement wasn't easy, but they finally made it to the Furnace room, located under the Great Hall in the front of the School.  Grabbing a rag, Tony got the Furnace door open.  Flames leaped out at him.  This was a massive Furnace, as it had to be, in order to heat the whole School.  It ran nearly non-stop from late October through early April.  Max and Laurent took ahold of the Weapons and began throwing them into the fire, where they quickly began to melt down, with the Air Rifles taking the longest amount of time.

Back at the windblown Quad at the rear of the School, Pete was still talking....And walking, back and forth, side to side, as he made an impassioned plea for a new era of co-operation in a School without weapons.  Up on the Autoshop roof, Jake finally had the shot he had been waiting for.  Pete had moved far enough back to clear the trees, and Jake, very steady on the trigger, squeezed off a shot.
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POWTHUNKK !!!!!!!!

Barely heard over the sound of the wind, the Pellet sped toward it's target.  Pete had turned toward the low sound, and the Pellet hit him in the right eye, tearing through the soft tissue and breaking through the thin bone of the eye socket behind.  It's momentum slowed, it lodged itself there, a short way into Pete's brain.

Pete dropped both the Bullhorn and the Magnum, and fell to the ground.  There was a shocked gasp from the crowd.  Karl the Prefect ran over and scooped up the Magnum, and, scanning the students, began to bark out orders.

Up on the Autoshop roof, Jake had slipped from the recoil of the Air Rifle.  It was a modest recoil, but on the now slippery, snow covered roof, he began to slide off.  Jake twisted and tried to stop his slide, but to no avail.  Jake slid over the edge, but as luck would have it, fell onto the dumpster behind the building, only suffering a twisted ankle.  Recovering his senses, he rolled off the dumpster and onto the pavement.  He could stand, but was unable to run.  The gunstrap was still wrapped around his arm, and the Air Rifle was undamaged.

He had to get out of here, and fast.  Limping around the building towards the Garage Doors on the North side, he went to the first closed Garage Door.  It was locked.  Bracing himself, he emptied the round of Pellets from the Air Rifle into the lock to break it, then slammed the butt of the Rifle into the door until the locking mechanism was knocked out.  With that, the locking bars released, and he hauled up the door.

Inside, as he remembered, was the Go-Kart belonging to the Shop teacher, Mr. Neil.  Throwing himself into the seat, he hoped the battery was up and the dumb fuck had left some gas in it.  It did, and fired up after a couple of cranks.  Throwing it in gear, he mashed the gas pedal and laid rubber going out of the Garage.  Some of the Rockers who had seen him were coming over to investigate, and he ran a couple of them down while fishtailing around.
Jake fought for control on the slippery pavement, regained it, and went speeding out the Parking Lot, through the Gates and down the long drive towards the road, where he made a left turn and again laid on the gas down Vale Valley Boulevard.  Just before the tunnel, he spotted Tibo crossing the street, his back towards him.  Jake ran him down, knocking him out.  He squealed to a stop, backed up, and picked up the Air Rifle that Tibo had been carrying, and sped off towards the Carnival.  He had to get his shit and disappear, the sooner the better.  His cover was blown, and Ace Adams was dead.

As they exited the School Basement steps, Tony and Laurent saw the Go-Kart tear through the Parking Lot.  They ran back to the rear Quad of the School, followed by Max the Prefect (Who had volunteered for extra duty this holiday only because the Army and the Police hadn't yet received his application).  Max ran around the boys to help Karl restore order, which would prove to be easy, since the Cliques were now Weaponless.  As Laurent stopped to check on Constantinous, still at the steps with a bloody rag pressed to his torn ear, Tony spotted Pete laying unmoving and ran over to him.

Tony slouched down on his knees and gently lifted Pete up, resting him against his leg.

"Pete !! Pete !! Can you hear me ?  Pete ?"
Pete's head lolled around.  Tony could see a slow flow of blood and tissue oozing from his ruined eye.

"Tony ?", Pete said weakly. "Ahhh.....Island......Pirate.....Island......"

"Don't try to talk, Pete...We're gonna get you some help....Just hang on !", Tony said.

"Island....", Pete repeated.  "Grid.....67....."

Pete mumbled more, but Tony couldn't catch it. Then, Pete passed out.  From somewhere, far away, Tony could hear a bell ringing.  It was Midnight.

Christmas was here.

------{{ END OF CHAPTER TWO }}----------

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                         THE BULLWORTH NEVER ENDING STORY

                                                         {{ CHAPTER 3 }}

                                                  The Valentine’s Bloodbath

Tony awoke excited, for it was Christmas.  Tony had all sorts of fond memories of Christmas from when he was a young kid.  However, as he sat up, he soon snapped back to reality as he began to recall the events from the previous night.  Oh my god !, he suddenly thought, Where is Pete now ?

Then Tony remembered that Pete had been taken to the Clinic in Bullworth Town.  In a few days, Tony thought he could be able pay him a visit.  For the time being though, Tony thought it was best to let Pete rest up and try to recover.  His wound looked serious, they probably wouldn’t let anybody see him anyway.  Tony sat on the edge of the bed, thinking for awhile.  While Pete was gone, who would be keeping peace at the School now ?   If it was to be him that would again have to take over in Pete’s absence, what could he do to Mediate the Cliques ?  He really didn’t have a clue.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized he would need some serious help if Pete were to be out of commission for a long time.  An idea slowly took root in his mind.  It was far-fetched, but in a nutty place like the Vale Valley, it just might work. 

Tony finally got dressed and wandered into the Common Room.  There was a brightly lit Christmas Tree in the corner of the room by the Arcade Game.  Tony then noticed his best friends, Constantinos and Laurent sitting together on the couch. As he got closer, Tony saw the bandage on Constantinos' ear.

"Hey Guys, Merry Christmas", Tony said.

"Hi there", said Constantinos in his usual glum way.

"What's up with your ear ?", questioned Tony.

"Oh, I got injured in the madness last night”, Constantinos moped.  “A small piece of my ear came off, but they were able to sew it back together last night at the Infirmary.  I guess I lucked out with all the cold air last night, preserved it, they said.  Thanks for noticing.”

"Here Tony, drink up", said Laurent, trying to hand Tony a bottle. Laurent had apparently been able to get his hands on some liquor.

"No, but thanks", said Tony.  He just wanted to stay sober today.

"So, what do you want to do ?", questioned Laurent.

"Well, I know this seems strange", said Tony, "but I think we need to go find a certain someone".

"Like who ?", Constantinos said, somewhat confused.

"Someone that has experience with this School and all of the Idiots that reside here", Tony said firmly.

"You don't mean....No, you can't be thinking of.….", stammered Constantinos.

"Yes, Constantinos, I think you know exactly who I mean", Tony replied. "We need to go and get Jimmy Hopkins.”

"Are You Crazy !?!", shouted Constantinos. “He’s locked up !”

"Look, I know that sounds nuts, but I have my reasons", Tony argued.

"Yes, and what would those be, huh ?....Wait…What ?", struggled Laurent, as he was obviously beginning to show signs of being intoxicated.

"The reasons", stated Tony, "Is that the School may be calm now, but you all would be crazy to think that we have entered a time of eternal peace.  You guys know that in a few weeks, or less. things will get crazy again."

"Yeah, but why Jimmy ?", questioned Constantinos, "Isn't he like a crazy killer now ?".

"He was only been accused, far as I know, and that means nothing", Tony said. "Besides, if anyone could help us, its him.”

Tony pestered Constantinos until he finally agreed to come with him to the Towns.  Laurent was getting too drunk, so Tony thought it would be best not to drag him around.  Before leaving the Dorm, each of them had packed a backpack full of items they each thought would be of use in maybe breaking Jimmy out of Jail.

They left through the unguarded Front Gates. Tony guessed that there wasn’t much point to guard them now, considering more than half the kids were probably in the Infirmary or Clinics after last night’s Great Clique War.
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"So, where do you think he’s at ?", asked Tony, as they stood out in front of the School Gates.  “When I saw him that one time, he was in Jail over at the Vale.”

"Um, well, he may be....Uhh…", said Constantinos as he tried to think of which of the four Jails that Jimmy might be at, if he was in the Vale Valley at all right now.  Well, the Jail over at the Vale, usually he is just held there right before transferring him back to the Prison….”  Constantinos hoped he could give Tony a fake location to stall the mission he really didn't want to do.

"Cut the bullshit, Constantinos, you and I both know that you know where he is, so just spill it", Tony said forcefully.

"Ok, Ok, I think he's at the main Police Station by the Courthouse”, confessed Constantinos.  “If he has Appeals pending, that’s where he would be, if he’s here at all.”

“OK then…Let’s go”, Tony, turning towards the direction of Bullworth Town. 

"You DO understand that you can't just walk in and break him out", Constantinos warned him as they walked. "That place is really locked down".

"How would you know that?", questioned Tony.

"I…Uh.…Had a little run-in because of….Um…Some Comic Books last year", Constantinos said, as he nervously stroked the back of his head.

Tony thought for a moment. "Who guards that place anyways, which Officers ?", he asked.

Constantinos told Tony how Officer Williams and Officer Morrison were the ones who worked at this station most of the time on the weekends and Holidays. “Seeing as how it’s Christmas, they’ll be pretty lightly staffed today.”

"OK….so what do we know about these Officers ?  We need to distract them somehow", said Tony.

"I know Officer Williams is black…”, Constantinos said.  We could lure him with a giant Watermelon, and maybe some grape Soda…”

"You fucking retard, that's just a stereotype”, Tony scoffed.  “Besides, he's a Cop.  If this goes wrong, the last thing we need is to be charged with some sort of racial hate crime.”

"Anyways, about Officer Morrison, I hear that he likes music and the club scene", Constantinos continued, ignoring Tony’s outburst.

"So what do you suggest, we lure him away with some Pop Music ?", said Tony sarcastically.

"Maybe....", said Constantinos, “We’d have to be able to get by them, to the back, where the Holding Cells are, just to see if Jimmy is there.”

The boys arrived at the front of the Police Station at the North end of Town.  Tony just figured that they could try things on the spot and improvise, and motioned for Constantinos to follow him through the front doors of the Station.
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Tony and Constantinos snuck through the front doors of the Police Station.  As they made their way forward, they looked around a corner.  There was Officer Williams, standing in front of a door that Constantinos indicated led to the Cells.

"I'll be back", said Constantinos, resigned to doing this crazy thing.  "I'll distract him, go forward when the coast is clear.”

Constantinos then disappeared from sight as he carefully removed a panel set into the wall and quietly climbed up into a nearby heating duct.  A few minutes later, Tony saw something that both made him angry and fear for his life.  Constantinos had carefully opened a vent above the Officer, and then proceeded to lower a giant Watermelon on a fishing line slowly towards the floor by the Cop. "Son of a bitch, where did that bastard get that damn Melon ?", Tony whispered to himself.

Tony watched as Constantinos raised and lowered the tasty fruit on the line, pulled it up just as Officer Williams spotted it was about to grab it. Tony could not believe what he was seeing, the Cop was actually falling for this horseshit !   Just then, Tony held his breath as the line snapped and the Watermelon fell, hitting the floor with a THUD.  Miraculously, the fruit did not break, but rather began to roll down the corridor. The building was so old that the floors had settled and become uneven over the years. Tony watched as the Watermelon began to pick up speed and roll down the hall with Officer Williams in hot pursuit, going out of sight around another corridor.

When the coast was clear, Tony began to venture down the hall towards the Cell Block door.  Constantinos soon caught up with Tony and proceeded to smile a large toothy grin. "How'd I do bo-, I mean Tony ?"

"You got lucky", said Tony. In a few seconds, the pair found themselves outside the door to the Cell Block. A large sign read: “Jail Officials Only Beyond This Point"
Peering through the little window on the door, Tony spotted officer Morrison. "I suppose you know how to appropriately handle this ?", Tony said with a hint of aggravation.

"Yup, I think so", said Constantinos somewhat confidently.

Tony watched as Constantinos rummaged through his pack and pulled out a Boombox.  "Oh, Shit", Tony muttered as he slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand.

Constantinos then popped in a disk and pressed the play button. The musical stylings of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" soon filled the air. Officer Morrison began to sit up.  He could hear the catchy tune playing and began to move with the rhythm. "I wonder if it’s okay to go dancing in my uniform ?", the boys heard him asking himself.

"Quick, Tony, hide in this here Equipment Locker.  I'll walk down the hall with the Boombox and leave it in the Holding Room.  “I'll try and make it back somehow and help you", Constantinos said assuringly.  Tony squeezed inside the Locker as Constantinos took off.

As planned, Officer Morrison opened the door and began dancing down the hall in the direction of the music he so loved.  Quickly leaving the locker, Tony slipped through the open door and stepped into the Cell Block.  Tony crept down the line of  Holding Cells and spotted Jimmy Hopkins directly in front of him in a dimly lit Cell.
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"So....We meet again", said Jimmy.

"Right", said Tony, remembering their brief encounter a few months ago.

"So, whatta doing here ?", asked Jimmy.

"We come to bust you out", answered Tony.

"Really ?  How come ?", Jimmy quizzed.

"We need your help....Rather, the School needs your help.  Just consider it a Christmas Present",  Tony said absently, looking around.

"It would sure beat the shitty green sweater I got for Christmas last year", Jimmy remarked.

"How do I get the cell door open ?", asked Tony, still looking around for some keys or something.

"It's an Electronic Lock.  Look for the box with the release switches down the hall there...."  Jimmy pointed down the hall where Officer Morrison had gone.  "Only.....Get ready to run....A loud buzzer is gonna sound once you hit that release switch."

Tony felt his way along the darkened wall until he saw the large box-like Control Panel.  It was marked with the cell door numbers on it, left to right.  Shit...He had forgotten to find out the cell number.

"What cell are you in ?", Tony called back in a stage whisper.

"FOUR !", Jimmy called back, in the same kind of whispery voice.

Tony put his finger on the toggle switch marked '4' and hesitated just a bit. 

In for a penny, In for a pound.  He flipped the switch.

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Hidden safely away on this Christmas day, in the In & Out Motel, Jake stood in front of the bathroom mirror.  He had, once more, escaped undetected.  But, once more, his plans had failed, brought to ruin by the interference of others who were trying to keep him from his rightful destiny. 

After running down Tibo, he had returned one last time to the Carnival.  He had taken his Weapons stash, his clothing stash, and most importantly, his lockbox containing over $ 7,000 in cash.  His cover as Ace Adams exposed, he could no longer stay there.  Loading up those items on the Go-Cart with a bit of difficulty, due his the sprained ankle, he had half-expected that someone would soon be along soon to arrest him.  But no one showed up, no Cops, no one from the School, which made him think that there was something else at work here....If not Karma, it was secrecy, corruption, malfeasance.....Jake didn't have time to dwell on it.  These were things to figure out later.  Right now, he had to have a place to hide out.

Hooded in a heavy coat, a wrap-around scarf, and a sock hat, he made his way on the Go-Kart back through the deserted Towns,  pulling into the In & Out Motel.  He had to have some shelter from the weather.  The Desk Clerk, an Indian-looking guy, wasn't too happy about being roused to provide a room, but when Jake flashed a $100 dollar tip in addition to the room rate, he suddenly became real cooperative.  After unloading his stash, he had ditched the Go-Cart over behind some warehouses to the East.  He nearly froze his ass off limping back, but for now....For the time being, he was safe.

Looking at his image in the mirror, he knew he would have to alter his appearance once more, and take on a new persona.  Just who, he hadn't had time to decide.  Only a day ago, he had been poised to take over the School.  Now....Now he would have to start over.  Again.  But this time, no one was gonna get in his way, he vowed.  Nobody.
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 "This had better be important", said the tall, well-dressed man.  "It was a real pain getting over here in this kind of weather.  Not to mention it's a goddam Holiday."

"Sir, I apologize for having you come, but this is serious", the man in the white lab coat replied. "There was an....Incident....over at the School last night." 

"So how is that my problem ?", the first man said."That Idiot Crabblesnich should be handling it.
Why are you bothering me with this ?"

"A boy was seriously injured", Lab-coat man went on. "In fact....He's in critical condition."

The man glanced sharply at the Technician. "It wasn't Derby, was it ?"

"No, sir...It's a boy named Pete Kowalski", Lab coat man replied.

"Kowalski....Hmm....That's the boy that Old Goat was using as a Mediator, wasn't it...."  He shook his head.  "I told that fool this was a bad idea....Those little brats are animals....They don't need a Mediator, they need to be locked up.  Goddam Paupers."

"This boy sir....He needs more help than we can provide....An Operation...", Lab coat said.

"How bad off is he ?", the tall, ell-dressed man asked.

"He has a pellet in his brain, sir....He's in a coma....He could die", Lab coat answered.

The man swore. That couldn't be allowed to happen.  There would be questions....An Investigation.....Just how much did this boy know, he wondered, given the position that dunderhead Crabblesnich had afforded him ?  He couldn't afford to take any chances, not with that Hopkins kid still stonewalling about those missing documents.

To the Technician, he said, "Call Providence.  Get a Medical Transport.  A Med-Copter, if they can.  Roads are impassible right now.  I'll get you the access codes for a line out."

"What about his family ?", asked Lab coat man.

"Kowalski's an orphan...Ward of the state. Won't be any trouble there.  I'll take care of that."

"There's....One other problem, sir", Lab coat said.

"What the hell else could there be ?", the tall man said, irritably.

"There's another boy who was brought in", Lab coat continued.  "With a concussion....He will recover....But...."

"Spill it man....What is it ?" The tall man was becoming angry now.

"Uhhh...It's that Algermon boy....The one who had his....Testicle....removed a couple months ago, in that....Er....Explosion.....At the Comic-Store....", Lab coat said nervously.

"Too bad for him", the tall man said. "So why is that our problem ?'

"Seems he....Er....Engineered the attacks on the Students this past month", Lab coat answered.

"ALL of them ?", the tall man asked, unbelievingly. "By HIMSELF ?"

Lab coat nodded. "Looks that way.  He's back there now, babbling...Calling for his Mother."

The man swore again, more forcefully.  Why couldn't Crabblesnich keep his house in order ?  They were just a bunch of malcontents, for the most part.  How hard could it be ?  He cursed the day he had hired the pompous stuffed-shirt to run the Academy. A trained monkey could have done a better job.  But...He was stuck with him now.  Crabblesnitch knew far too much, and had too many contacts of his own.   

"Sir...What should I do....About the second boy ?", Lab coat asked.

A sudden thought occurred to him. "Babbling, Eh ?  A clear danger to himself, and others, I'll wager.  The boy should be....Put Away, so he can't hurt anyone else.  Call the Asylum people to come pick him up.  We'll have him committed.  I'll have Judge Starkweather sign the paperwork."

"What about the Mother ?", Lab coat asked. "We haven't notified anyone yet..."

"Don't worry about the Mother.  I'll have the Good Doctor deal with that, if it becomes necessary. In the meantime, just follow my instructions."

He strode to the phone.  Picking it up, he punched in a series of codes, then spoke into it, verifying them. He then turned to Lab Coat man.  "There.  You have a half hour access.  If there's nothing else, I'm going back home. Take care of this, Today."

"I'll get right on it, Mr. Harrington", Lab coat man said.
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In the Holding Cells, the loud buzzing cut off

“Hey Tony”, whispered Constantinos from behind.

“GAAAAHHHHH !!!!” yelped Tony.  “Don’t sneak up on me like that !!!  Shit !!”, he said holding his chest.  “About give me a heart attack.  Where’s the guards ?”

“Morrison is dancing, and Williams is eating Watermelon”, Constantinos replied. “But not for long’, he added.

“We got to run, Man”, Said Jimmy, now out of his cell.

“Where To ?”, Tony asked.

“We can’t go out the front !!”, Constantinos exclaimed.

“Naw”, Jimmy said. “Out the back.  Been in and out of here enough times, I know the way.  Flip that switch marked “R”, would’ja ?”

Tony looked and found the switch, and flicked it. There was a another Buzzing noise that sounded from the rear of the building. “That’s it….Lets go, boys !”, said Jimmy.

All three ran down the corridor toward the back. At the end, there was a turn, then a place with a steel door set in it.  The door was ajar. Through that, was another turn, then a large alcove, with two roll-up doors. 

“This is it, Boys…..Get ready”, Jimmy warned.

“Why ?  Ready for what ?, asked Tony.

“You’ll hear why”, said Jimmy, and flipped a switch in the center of the two doors.  The left door began to roll up.


An alarm went off, a rather loud one at that.  An escape alarm. The Officers wouldn’t miss that. The three boys scrambled under the door.
“Quick…”, yelled Jimmy, pointing to a ladder attached to the side of the building.  Climb Up to The Roof !!”

“The ROOF ?, Tony yelled back. “Are You NUTS ??”

“It’ll Work….Trust ME !!!, Jimmy yelled, and began to scamper up the ladder. The other two boys quickly followed.  “Lay Flat, And Keep Quiet !!”, Jimmy instructed.

Over the ringing of the alarm, the boys heard a commotion below them, then the sound of Police Cars being started up.  The cars quickly left the lot, with lights and sirens blaring, heading different directions.

“Boy, that was close !”, Tony said, and started to get up.

“Stay Down !!” Jimmy hissed, pulling Tony back down.

“What for ?”, asked Tony. “They already left !”

“Just wait, and you’ll see”, said Jimmy.

In less than a minute, the Cop Cars reappeared, passing each other and driving off again.

“They’ll keep that shit up for hours, driving in circles”, Jimmy said. “That’s how dumb they are.  We’ll be safe up here, long as we stay outta sight.”

“So, they won’t think to look up here ?”, asked Tony.

“Shit, No”, said Jimmy. “I hid up here lotsa times, and the dumb fucks never come up the ladder.  In fact, they’re so outta shape, they don’t like to climb on much of anything that’s higher than they are.”  Jimmy turned to face Tony.  “There’s all kinds of places you can get up on, to escape them, and they won’t come up to get you.  Hell”, he laughed, “You can even assault them with Weapons, if you have any, even knock them out and run. Those stupid Prefects over at the School are the same way.  I used to do it all the time.”

“Wow”, Tony said. "Learn something new about this place nearly every day.  So…How long do we have to stay here ?” he asked.

“Till it gets dark, the heat will die down”, Jimmy answered. “Then we can sneak off.”

“Dark ??” Constantinos moaned.  “Noooo…I’m cold already !”

“Suck it up, Pussy….Be a man.  Boy, you ain’t changed a bit, have you ?”, Jimmy remarked.

“I got a place to hide you out for awhile”, Tony interrupted.

“Yeah ? Where’s that ?”, inquired Jimmy.

“The In And Out Motel”, said Tony.

“That old dump ?  Shit, it’s all closed up !”, exclaimed Jimmy.

“Not any more”, Tony answered.  “They refurbished it and re-opened it last fall.”

“I’ll be dammed”, Jimmy whistled. ‘You know, I saw this old movie once…’Hide In Plain Sight’….Guess it’ll be just like that.  I’ll have to change my appearance, though.”

“We’ll help you with that, don’t worry.  Long as you can help us out at the School later ?”, said Tony, questioning.

“You help me, I help you…Is that it ?”, asked Jimmy.

“Yep”, Tony answered. “We got a deal ?”

“Deal”, Jimmy grinned.

The two boys began talking, trading on their experiences and problems at Bullworth, to pass the time.  Constantinos mostly laid there, teeth chattering, waiting on the long hours until dark.
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The time on Tony's watch was 9:00 P.M. and the sounds of the sirens faded as the police cars went off to search The Vale for a while.

"Now's our chance", said Jimmy. The three began to quietly climb down the ladder and make their way down behind the Police Station and the South over to an alley that ran behind a row of shops.

"Wait!", exclaimed Constantinos, "We need to cover our tracks somehow."

He was right, with all of the new snow they couldn't afford to leave footprints leading from the police station to the Motel, it would be too obvious. Especially when considering that the three boys were some of the only people to walk the streets today.

"Here Tony, we could use this !", Constantinos said as he pointed to the lid of a trash can.

"What the fuck do you plan on doing with that !?", questioned Jimmy.

"We could use it as a sled !", exclaimed Constantinos. Tony thought for a moment, but found Constantinos' idea to be perfect.

The three boys huddled together on the lid of the can and slid down the ramp in back of the old Theater until they reached the Parking Lot of the Motel.

"Well, here we are", said Tony.

"I'll go in and rent a room", said Constantinos. “Wait here.”

"I could get used to this", remarked Jimmy as Constantinos returned with a room key and they walked into his temporary new home.

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The Phone was ringing in the School Office.  Miss Danvers, naked except for her high heels and draped in a blanket, emerged from the Principal's Office, and scooped it up.  Listening for a moment, she said, "Of course, Sir, I'll put you through right away."

Inside the Principal's office, the Good Doctor Crabblesnitch was standing near a Space Heater gazing out the window.  Though there were two Heaters running full out, there was still a heavy chill in the air. Melting the Weapons in the Furnace had seemed to be an excellent idea at the time (even though there hadn't been time to take a more rational course), but an unforeseen result had been to plug up the gas jets with molten metal, witch when cooled somewhat, hardened and clogged up the entire works.  Ergo, no Furnace and no heat.  And nobody to fix such a thing on Christmas Day, nor for the next week, it seemed....Mr. Luntz had left for his vacation right before the blizzard for parts unknown, and wouldn't be back until after New Years.

What a Clusterfuck this year had turned out to be, The Good Doctor was thinking.  Last year, it was that maniac Gary Smith gumming up the works, and so far this school year, there had been those bombings, and now a boy had gotten shot on School grounds and nearly killed.  He still might die.  And one of the good ones, too, not even the one of the Riff-Raff that seemed so prevalent at his school now.  A public-relations nightmare if any of this ever got out to the outside world.  So far, all of it had been contained, but......

Miss Danvers poked her head back in the doors. "Doctor, You've got a call from Mr. Harrington."

"Put it through, Dear, and give me some privacy ?", Crabblesnich replied.

Miss Danvers wrapped the blanket tighter around herself and disappeared, and then the phone line buzzed.  Crabblesnich sighed and picked up the phone. "Dr. Crabblesnitch here."

"Crabblesnitch !!! Just What Kind Of MAD COW Operation Are You Running Over There ?? The Bombings And Now This ??  Are You TRYING To Fuck That School Up, Or Are You Just A Total Incompetent IDIOT ??  I'm SICK Of Having To Clean Up Your Messes !!!  You Best Get Your Shit Together, Old Man, Or You'll Be Out On Your ASS !!!  I Don't Care What Kind Of Connections You Think You Might Have, Your Career Will Be Over, You Will Be Ruined !!  When We're Done With You, You Won't Be able To Get A Job Teaching Drunks In An Alcohol Class !!!!!"

With a loud click, the line went dead.
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What a Christmas this has turned out to be, he thought, back in the Mansion. I should have stayed in New York.

He didn't have time to dwell on the matter, however, as the phone rang.  The caller I.D. identified it as Chief of Police Carcer.

"Yes", he answered,  "What is it ?"

"Hopkins has Escaped !!!", Chief Carcer said urgently.

"WHAT ?  How in HELL did that happen ?  You Morons are supposed to watch him when he's in your custody !!", he said angrily.

"We...Uh....Think he must have had some help breaking out....Somebody may have snuck into the Station, and.....", the Chief began.

"And What ?  Just waltzed back into the Cellblock and turned him loose right under your noses ?  What kind of Imbecile Officers have you got working for you anyway ?  Or are you just an Idiot yourself ?", he ranted.

"Hey, remember who you're talking to....", Chief Carcer began.

"Listen, you Fuck, it's your job to clean up this mess. That's what you get paid for.  Don't write up any arrest reports either.  Keep this on the Q.T. and not a word to anybody else, understood ?  I want Hopkins back in a cell, chained and manacled, and this time you better not screw up, or it's going to be YOUR PIG ASS on the platter, GET IT ?", he screamed.

Mr. Harrington slammed the phone down and began to curse.
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Through the blinds of his room on the South arm of the In And Out Motel, Jake watched the three boys enter a room directly opposite him on the North arm of the Motel.  Two of the boys he recognized right away.....That cheating, stealing fuck Tony, and his little pussy sidekick, Constantinos.  The third boy he didn't know, but he looked like a Townie of some sort.  Jake squinted.  It appeared that the boy was wearing an orange jail uniform, and had to be very cold with his bald head and no coat.  He also noticed that the boy seemed to have been more or less hiding until  quickly entering the room while Tony and Constantinos seemed to be casting watchful glances all around before also entering the room.

Jake moved back from the window, brooding in thought.  What were those shits up to ?


Tony told Constantinos to stand guard at the window, which he was more than happy to do, the Heater being right under the window where he could warm up from his long ordeal on the roof.  He felt like he was absolutely frozen.  Tony began to tell Jimmy of what had happened at Bullworth since his arrival just four months ago....The bombings, the attacks, his talks with Pete, the Great Clique War, and all about Jake, as much as he knew about before his disappearance.

"This Jake sounds like a real bad seed", Jimmy remarked. "Just like Gary."

Tony had heard the stories about Gary Smith.  "Yeah, same psychotic bullshit...Take over the School, control the Cliques....."

"Seems like this Jake isn't that smart", said Jimmy, "Seeing as how he tried to run you over in front of witnesses."

"He lets his anger get the better of his judgment, that's for sure", Tony reflected.  "Still......"  He shook his head.  "Tell me about what happened to you last Summer....I've heard stories....You didn't......" Tony hesitated.

"Kill anyone ?", smiled Jimmy wirily. "No....I'm a tough asshole, but I ain't no killer.  Gary Smith and Edgar Munsen were both killed by the same guy, all right....But, it wasn't me.  It was...A guy I never seen before last summer....."

Jimmy began to tell the story of how a new person had appeared among the Townies in Blue Skies about mid-summer.  He was big, strong and tough.  Somehow, he met Gary over there...Gary had Fled to Blue Skies soon after being expelled from Bullworth.  And Gary was seeking revenge.  He befriended the new guy just the way he had Jimmy.....But his plan was to have the new guy take over the Townies so he could control them from behind the scenes, and thereby have them attack the School.  Soon enough, with threats and intimidation, Gary had the new guy bully a majority of the other Townies over to his side and was attempting to take over the entire group.

Jimmy had been over in Blue Skies then, mostly staying with Zoe, his main girl that Summer.  When he had heard of a battle brewing, he had gone to see Edgar, and offered to stand with him, as Edgar had helped him save the school from Gary.  Jimmy hadn't known that Gary was involved in sparking the battle, since Gary was a master of staying out of sight and only popping up where one least expected him.  And there is where Jimmy suddenly saw him then, his gloating face close behind the big guy (Bigger than Russell ), as he was boxed into a corner with Edgar inside in the shadows of the Chem Plant, Gary's insane laughter urging the big guy on......


But something had gone horribly wrong then, very wrong for Gary.  He had grossly underestimated the big guy, perhaps thought him to be a dumb twit like he thought of everyone.  Gary always thought he was smartest of the bunch, smarter than anyone.  But this time, he had gone too far.  With an ugly smirk on his face, the big guy had turned towards Gary, then suddenly reached down and grabbed a surprised Gary by his ankles and hoisted him up like a sack of feathers.  Swinging Gary like a Baseball Bat, he had used him like a Weapon, attacking Jimmy and Edgar.  Jimmy's reflexes were quick and he managed to duck, but Edgar wasn't as lucky.  A swinging Gary's head connected with Edgar's skull with a huge crack, blood and matter spewing off the point of contact like globs of sweat off of a punched boxer.  Then the big guy had hoisted the now-limp Gary up over his head, and slammed the body at full force into Jimmy, knocking him out.

Jimmy had come to in a jail cell, charged with Accessory To Murder. 

Tony had listened to Jimmy's story in silence.  He now asked, although he was pretty sure he knew........"What was that big guy's name ?  Do you know ?"

"I never knew his real name", Jimmy said, "But Zoe told me that everybody called him....Big Darrell."
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Come the morning light, Jake was up and busy with new plans.  The first on the top of the list was a new Identity.  This wasn't going to be a problem, since while he was at the Carnival, he had learned how to dummy up passable fake I.D.s.  He searched in his bag, and pulled a number of them out from a secret concealed pouch.  Flipping through them, he selected one that he especially liked....The names of two characters from his favorite video game that he used to play, before coming to this Hellhole. 

The name on this card read "Leo Cash".  It would be perfect for what he now had to do.....Go to the Bank and rent a safety-deposit box.  He could alter his appearance later, with a new hair style, and coloring.  He had enough money on hand to last for quite a while, and he intended to rent a place in the area, but for now he needed a spot to stash all his goods.....And what better place than right under their noses ?

Jake watched through the blinds as Constantinos left the room on the other side of the motel.  Where was that little fuck going now ?  Probably on some errand for his Master, that thieving jackwipe Tony.  Then a revelation hit him.

Jake let out a soft laugh.  He understood now that he had been going about things in the wrong way.  His plans had failed because there was still unity in the Cliques.  That trust needed to be destroyed.

He had tried the Enemy Without....Now it was time for the Enemy Within.
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After Constantinos had left to bring back a change of clothing for Jimmy, the boys continued their talk from last night.  Tony related to Jimmy what he knew of the assault on Zoe, and as he did, Jimmy's face first showed shock, and then anger. 

"Who the HELL did this to her ?", he asked, hotly.  "I'll tear that asshole apart !!"

"From what little I could find out from Trent, it was that Big Darrell fuck and some of the Townies", Tony answered.

"Trent ??  What's that queer shit got to do with it ?", questioned Jimmy.

"He helped save Zoe, from what I've heard, along with the Bullies, the Jocks, and a new group known as the Rockers", Tony went on.  "She got assaulted, sure, but she could've gotten killed by them, probably would have, if all those guys hadn't helped.  And, Jimmy....You oughtta know...Trent and Zoe are together now...."

"WHAT ??  You gotta be shitting me !!", Jimmy exclaimed in amazement. "Trent....And Zoe ??"

"Yeah", Tony said.  "Everyone thinks it's kinda weird.  I gotta feeling that something happened, something that brought them together...Some secret shared...."

"Whatta mean ?", Jimmy asked.  "What kinda secret ?"

"About a week after the assault, Big Darrell disappeared.  Trent clammed up when he got to that part of the story, even though to get what I got from him, I practically had to beat it outta him", Tony reflected.  "Seems like nobody's talking, nobody knows nothing.....But Trent knows, I'm sure of it....And Zoe knows too."

"Whoa", Jimmy shook his head, laying back on the chair to take it all in.  After a while, he asked Tony to tell him more about Pete.  Tony detailed his relationship with Pete, from meeting him through his final stand in the back lot of the School on Christmas Eve night.  Jimmy had been stunned to learn of Pete's serious, near-fatal injury, and now he had some farther questions.

"Where did Pete get a Magnum ?", was Jimmy's first one.  "The Harringtons and The Spencers don't allow guns here. Even the Cops aren't allowed to carry them."

"I think Pete lifted it from Crabblesnich's office, maybe sometime earlier.  Maybe as Insurance, I don't know.....Pete knew a lot of things that maybe he shouldn't have."  When Jimmy looked at him quizzically, Tony added, "I know all about the Files, Jimmy....And about that special File, too.  The one you gave Pete for safekeeping, told him to get rid of.  Pete told me he buried it someplace, away from the School."

"He did, Huh ?", Jimmy seemed to consider for a moment. "So...Seems Pete had confidence in you....Trusted you, Huh ?"

"I sorta helped him out of a bad scrape", Tony replied, and proceeded to tell Jimmy of the Bogus charges leveled against Pete that he was a pervert, and how he had found out the truth.

"This Jake again", Jimmy said, amused.  "Seems to be good at this sort of thing, setting people up.  It's funny though....Everybody knows Pete's a straight arrow.  It's Burton who's the big pervert at that School.  That fuck once paid me to go swipe some panties from the Girl's Dorm for him."  Jimmy caught Tony giving him a funny look.  "Hey, it was good money !  I don't give a shit what that old perv does to get his rocks off.....I just did it for the cash !"

Tony laughed and shook his head.  "I can't talk....I done some strange things for money since I been at this School, too.  Kinda hard not to, if you wanna survive."

"Got that right", Jimmy said. "This is the weirdest School I ever went to, alright."

Tony checked the cheap clock on the bedside table.  "Constantinous oughtta be back soon.  We'll get you outfitted, and decide what our next move is gonna be."

"I'm not staying here", Jimmy announced.  "I gotta place to hide out at. Much safer than this."

Tony looked at him in surprise. "What, some kind of secret place ?"

Jimmy laughed. "You might say that. I found it accidentally last summer. Got to poke around every inch of this crazy place, so I thought....But if it hadn't been for banging into a wall, I woulda never found it at all."

Jimmy could see Tony had a lot of questions.  He waved a hand.  "From what you told me, Pete put a lotta trust in you.  Anybody Pete can vouch for is good enough for me.  I'll take you to it, but only you....Nobody else can know, understand ? Guess I'm staying, help you work things out...A deal's a deal.  I might as well be comfortable while I'm doing it."

"Where is this place ?" Tony asked.

"Well....You might say, it's in the Mountains", Jimmy laughed. "Like, really IN the Mountains."
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The last of the Rockers finally had returned to the Hattrick House, having just been released from the Clinic.  The most injured had been Tibo, whom Jake had run down in the street on his way back to the Carnival.  Tibo had a lot of scrapes and bruises, but had suffered no broken bones.  After carrying the other two boys to the Clinic who had been hit in the School Parking Lot, Kurt and the remaining Rockers had found Tibo laying injured in the snow and had likewise gotten him to the Clinic.  Now, they were all gathered in the living room.  Kurt was still furious at the loss of the Air Rifle, which hadn't been found anywhere in the snow around where Tibo had been hit, although the boys had spent the better part of Christmas Day looking for it.

"Somebody had to take it, we couldn't find it anywhere", Benny was saying.

"Yeah, we looked all over", Bonz said. "Poked around in every snowdrift nearby. Nothing."

Kurt Swore. "Godamm It !!  Just what coulda happened to it ?" He looked over at Tibo.

"I donno, man...I got bushwacked....I didn't even wake up till this morning", Tibo mumbled.

"It hadda be that Adams fuck", Kurt raged. "He was the one driving that Go-Kart.  I seen Him !! That shit ran you down, and stole that rifle !"  He hopped up and paced the room.

"Uh...Whatchoo gonna do, Boss ?", Benny ventured.

Kurt stopped pacing.  "We're gonna pay the 'Ace-Man' a little visit."  He looked over at Jero and Grungey.  "You boys well enough for a little excursion to the Carnival ?"

The two boys, who had been only slightly injured by the swerving Go-Kart in the School Parking Lot, nodded at once.

"OK, then....Let's ROCK !!", Kurt ordered.
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When Constantinos returned with the clothing for Jimmy, Jake was long gone, out on his errand to rent a large Safety-Deposit Box at the Bank, which was ironically across the street from the Dragon's Wing Comic Store where he had began his reign of terror.  Jake was disguised in his Incognito outfit, complete with hat, and nobody on this cold, windy day took any notice of him.

Using his fake I.D. in the name of Leo Cash, Jake was able to secure a Safety-Deposit Box with no trouble.  Left alone in the vault after the unlocking of the box, Jake dumped $6,000 in cash into the box, closed and locked it, then replaced it into it's slot in the wall.  He took note of the box number, #1477, and then left the Bank.  His next destination was the Newspaper Stand in Bullworth Vale.  There he would buy a paper and look up 'Houses For Rent' in the Classified Section.  He needed a new base of operations.
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Tony cautioned Constantinos not to talk to anyone of what they had done, and then released him to return to school, telling him to keep his ears open and he would talk to him later.   He was especially concerned about Pete and also wanted to know about what had become of Algie, who had been unmasked as the one behind the attacks on the Cliques.  Constantinos promised to find out what he could, and then left the Motel.

After Jimmy changed clothes, the two boys left the Motel.  Jimmy had had Tony pack up everything, including the discarded Jail uniform, into his backpack.  Leaving the key in the room, they left the door unlocked.  They wouldn't have need of the room anymore, and Jimmy had made sure that everything was wiped clean of prints.  Jimmy had learned quite a few things in Prison, it seemed.

Jimmy led the way towards the street.  But to Tony's surprise, they doubled back around on a pathway behind the Motel, and continued East, under the railway bridge.  Right afterwards, Jimmy pointed the way to another pathway that angled upwards.

"Ever been up on the Railroad Tracks ?", Jimmy asked.

"Er, No, I haven't", Tony confessed.  "With all that's gone on here the past few months, I just ain't had time for exploring."

"Come on, then....This will take us to where we're going without being seen."  The boys fought through the waist-high drifts upwards until they emerged at the top of the rise.  Ahead of them was a few Rail Cars parked in front of what seemed to be a large Tunnel-like structure that went into a small Mountain.  There were large doors secured across the Tunnel entrance.

"Where does that go ?", asked Tony, pointing towards the closed doors.

"Out of Town, I guess", replied Jimmy, "Although I've never seen those doors open.  They have to open somehow, otherwise they couldn't move these Rail Cars in and out of here.  I think they stay closed for a reason, and that reason is named Harrington.  Com'on, this way...."

Turning 180 degrees to the South, Jimmy led Tony onto the single track over the bridge that spanned the River.  After that, multiple rails split from the main track, continuing as far as Tony could see.  Tony soon realized that this was an Elevated Switching Yard, and a long one at that.

"It's a long walk, but we won't be seen here.  It's all automated, and I never seen anybody up here", Jimmy remarked as they set off. The walking was easy, as the wind had cleared virtually all the snow off the tracks.  The cold wind was magnified by the long, empty length of the tracks, and the boys had to draw their coats tight about themselves.  It was a good thing that Constantinos had included heavy Longshoreman sock hats in the clothing he brought over, otherwise the boys ran a real risk of frostbitten ears.

After what Tony estimated was at least a half-mile walk, he could see a giant-looking building in the distance, where all the tracks ran to.  That, Jimmy told him, was a 'Roundhouse', but with a special function....It was also a large elevator, where Rail Cars and even Engines could be moved down to street level and back.  It mostly served the Chem Plant, Gloop Oil, and the few other scattered industries at the South end of Blue Skies.  Tony assumed that was their destination, but Jimmy suddenly headed to the right towards an older spur line that appeared to cross still another branch of the River.

The spur line curved away from the main tracks on what looked like an old rickety wooden bridge.  Though it seemed solid enough, Tony had real doubts as to whether it could hold the weight of a Rail Car, let alone a Train Engine.  Upon reaching land at the other end, however, the bridge ended and abruptly dropped away to nothing.  Both boys carefully jumped down off the bridge about 10 feet to the ground.  Tony looked around.  Ahead and slightly curving to his left was the opening to a huge cavern, at least 50 feet across and 80 feet high.  The cavern seemed to extend about 500 feet, Tony noticed, before emerging into the pale winter sky once more.

"There was a lot of mining around here, about a century ago", Jimmy spoke loudly over the wind.  "These tracks used to go all the way around, behind the School and to the other side.  Here, I wanna show you something."  Jimmy led Tony about 25 feet North to what appeared to be a Walking Bridge, set close to the water.  "This goes over to Blue Skies", he said. "As you can see, it's wide enough for a Go-Kart to go through."  Here Jimmy laughed.  "If you're trying to get away from anybody, that is....It's a hell of a ride !"

Jimmy turned and led Tony towards the large cavern-like opening.  To their right, he noticed a small Tunnel. 

"That goes over to the Nerd's area, next to the School", Jimmy said.

"Whoa !", Tony exclaimed. "I think I was in that Tunnel, hiding the clothes stash !  I just never went to the end....Somebody had it boarded up."

"Yeah...They do that from time to time....Well, here we are", Jimmy indicated another Tunnel entrance, which was a bit farther up on the left.  "You still got that flashlight ?"

Tony dropped his backpack and dug around, finding the small flashlight and handing it to Jimmy. Together, the two boys entered the dark Tunnel.
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Moving down the long Tunnel, Jimmy switched on the light.  Playing the beam along the southern wall, they both traveled about a hundred feet.  Tony could see a square of light a ways up ahead, the exit, he assumed.  Suddenly, Jimmy stopped and knelt down.  "Here."

At first Tony didn't see anything.  Then he saw Jimmy pushing on a fist-sized rock sticking out a little ways about a foot off the floor.  "Crap...Must be frozen", Jimmy said, uttering a curse.  Sitting down on his ass and bracing himself against the opposite wall, he gave the rock a couple of hard kicks.  As he pulled back his leg for a third kick, a low 'CLINK' was heard.  Jimmy got to his feet, and before Tony's amazed eyes, pushed open a cleverly camouflaged secret door.  The opening revealed was small, only 4 feet high by 2 feet wide, and as Jimmy shined the light inside, Tony could see a long corridor snaking away into the darkness. 

Jimmy motioned Tony to follow, and the boys bent down and went through the hole.  Jimmy turned and indicated that Tony should close the fake door, and when he did, Jimmy shone the light on the back and showed Tony the release mechanism on the back side.  Then, they walked forward, hunched over, for a distance Tony estimated at about 60 feet.  All at once, Jimmy stood up, and Tony found he could as well.

The flashlight revealed a large chamber.  Jimmy shined the light around, and found a small Lantern on an old, sturdy-looking table.  He asked Tony for his lighter, and lit up the Lamp, which soon burned brightly.  Jimmy hung the Lantern up on a nearby hook, and said, "Welcome to Casa Jimmy."

Tony gazed around the cavern.  Besides the table with two chairs, it was furnished with a full-sized bed and a Wardrobe-sized cabinet.  There was a large Woodstove with a metal chimney rising up through the ceiling at the far end of the cavern, with stacked cordwood nearby.  Near that was an open cabinet stocked with canned food.  By the spot where they had entered the cavern were two drums marked 'Kerosene', presumably for the Lantern.  Against the wall nearby was a large metal bin, secured with chains and a combination lock.  Tony could also hear the sound of water trickling, and looking down along the left wall, saw a small running underground creek.

Tony glanced at Jimmy, amazed. "How did you ever find this place ? This is like, Super-Cool !!"

Jimmy laughed, and motioned Tony to a seat at the table.  Jimmy sat down as well.  "I was running the Go-Kart through the Tunnel one day, and it always bangs the walls, 'cause it just barely fits.  Well, it banged into that rock that controls the release latch, and the door sprung open, and I found this place !"

"Wow, this is like, the ultimate hideout !", Tony exclaimed. "A guy could hide out here...Well, like, forever if he had to.  Who made this place ?"

"I think the cavern is natural....When the miners dug these tunnels, they must've ran into it. They mined Granite in this valley, you know."

"How would you know that ?", quizzed Tony, still looking around.

"There's nothing to do in Statesville", Jimmy sighed, referring to the State Prison where he had been held on and off for the past 6 months, with brief exceptions of being transported to the Bullworth Jail for Legal Hearings contesting his case.  "So...I started reading outta the Prison Library.  Wasn't much there, but there was a history of this place....'The New Coventry Valley'....Nowdays, it's called the Vale Valley.  About a century ago, there was a big mining concern, harvesting Granite....Most of it was used to make Tombstones."

"What's in the big box over there ?", asked Tony, pointing at the large metal bin.

Jimmy hopped up and went over to the bin.  Running the combination, he undid the lock and the chains, and opened the bin.  Tony came over and looked in the bin.  Inside was every weapon that Tony was familiar with from Bullworth....Slingshots, Bottle Rocket Launchers, Spud Guns, M-80 Firecrackers, Stink Bombs.....And something he had never seen before.  "What is that ?", he asked, pointing.

Jimmy plucked a Soccer-ball sized object from the bin.  "This, my friend, is a Rubber-Band Ball", he said.  "Made from many rubberbands of a particular type, picked up around in various places all through these fine Towns.  Stretched tightly around in this ball, their tension make this a formidable weapon.  You can knock people down with this, but it's best use is inside a building, for it will bounce off nearly any surface with a force equal to that of the old-time Super-Balls."

Tony took the ball from Jimmy and gave it a bounce on the cavern floor.  It rebounded with such force that it smacked Tony in the face, knocking him on his ass.  Jimmy quickly grabbed the ball on the rebound, and stood there laughing at Tony laid out on the floor.  Tony rolled up on his elbow, holding a hand to his bleeding nose.  After a while, he began to laugh with Jimmy.

"That thing's got some kick, now !", said Tony, wiping his nose.

"Told you", said Jimmy, putting the Rubberband Ball back in the bin. He reached out and pulled Tony upright.  "It's damn cold in here...I'd better heat this place up."

Jimmy went to the Woodstove and began piling wood into it, then tore up some papers and stuffed them in underneath.  "Lemme see your lighter again."

Tony handed over his lighter, and Jimmy lit the paper on fire.  Soon enough, the dry wood caught, and in no time the fire was burning warmly. 

The boys sat back down at the table.  Tony had still more questions.

"Where's that Tunnel go to ?", Tony asked.

"Comes out at Happy Volts Asylum", Jimmy replied. "The Nuthouse.  I busted a couple of people outta there....One was a teacher, Mr. Galloway."

"No Shit ?", Tony said. "The English Teacher ? What was he there for ?"

"He's a drunk.  Went there to get dried out.  Miz Phillips had me get him out."  Jimmy mulled a bit over that.  "Don't know what she sees in that alkie, anyway.  Good pussy going to waste there."  He was silent a bit, then..."That's probably where they'll take our little fat friend Algie."

"But....He's a Juvie", Tony said. Won't they just send him home ?"

"That's not the way things work around here", Jimmy said.  "The Harringtons and Spencers would never allow that. If they don't keep him in the can, they'll ship him to the nuthouse.  If he went off whacked the way you told me, that's what'll happen."

The boys sat in silence for a few minutes, staring at the fire in the wood stove.

"Won't somebody see the smoke from that ?", Tony asked.

"There's only one place it can be seen from, and you have to really look to notice it", Jimmy said.  "Checked it out last summer.  Even so, it just looks like it comes outta the top of the mountain."

"Huh...Somebody went to a lotta trouble to fix this place up", Tony said.

"I think it was a Nerd named Piff, about 30 years ago", Jimmy said. "Dragged all this stuff in here, fixed up the fake door, all that.  I found some old papers here with that name on them when I discovered the place."

"Piff ??  Piff The Skull ?"  It was Tony's turn to be shocked. 

"Yeah, that's him....I don't know his real name....But he was some kind of Super-Nerd...Legend has it he was the one who seeded all those G&G cards all over that those weenies love so much.  He's some kind of hero those piss-pants idolize....Funny thing is, he took that name from a Comic Book.  I seen it over at the Dragon's Wing."  Here Jimmy laughed. Tony just stared at him.  Finally Jimmy stopped laughing.  "What ?", he said.

"That's the name Algie used while he was doing the attacks on the Cliques", Tony revealed.

"The Hell you say !"  At this, Jimmy burst out laughing once more.  "Seems the Nerd never strays far from the Herd." His laughter slowly dribbled away.  "Kind of hard imagining pee-stain carrying that whole thing off."

"Them little pussys are smart", Tony observed. 

"That they are", Jimmy agreed.

Tony rose to leave.  "I gotta go.  I'll be stopping by to see you, once I can get things worked out....The plans, you know.  We gotta figure out a way to unite the Cliques.  Pete was right....We'll never get anywhere as long as everyone is fighting themselves."

Jimmy sat looking up at Tony.  "I want to bring down the real criminals. The asshole pricks responsible for all this....Those Harringtons and Spencers and all their lackey friends."

"That's a tall order, Jimmy", Tony said.

"That may be....But I'll never be really free until they pay for what they done", Jimmy said, slowly.  "Pete and I knew too much, and look what's happened. Soon enough...." Here Jimmy paused....."They'll be coming after you."
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Traveling from the Hattrick House and through the downtown car tunnel, the Rockers found themselves standing before the Gates of the Carnival. 

"Uh...They're all locked up, Boss", Bonz said, rattling all four Entrance Gates.

"I can see that, Idiot", snapped Kurt.  "Let's climb over.  Tibo, you stand guard."

One by one, the boys boosted themselves over the Gates.  When everyone was over, they stood in a group and cased the Midway, which was deserted. A cold wind was blowing, and made an eerie sound, even though it was broad daylight.

"Jero, Bonz, Grungey....Check out the Rides and Booths.  See if anybody's around.  Benny, you're with me", Kurt said in a low voice.  "Keep your asses out of sight."

While the trio of boys headed up the Midway towards the Rides, Kurt went straight to the Souvenir Tent, with Benny following.  Going around to the entrance, they found the door open and the curtain pulled back, letting the cold wind blow inside.  With the exception of the four Arcade Game machines on the platform to the right and the counter straight in front of them, the place was empty. 

Kurt hopped over the counter.  Behind was evidence of a hurried exit....Drawers pulled out, cabinet doors pulled open to revel empty shelves, empty crates overturned.  Kurt swore.

"Flew the coop, Boss", Benny said.

"Looks that way....Dammit all to Hell", Kurt said as he kept looking around.  In the dim light, he spotted something on the floor.  He reached down and picked it up.  It was an I.D. card in the name of Ace Adams.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The group had re-gathered at the Front Gates.  The others had reported the Carnival completely empty of people, save for the Freakshow inhabitants, who mostly lived in their own little cubicles over in the Freakshow Exhibit.  Kurt found it strange that there weren't even any guard dogs around. 

"Take it you didn't find anything", Tibo said mildly.

"Not a damn thing...He's gone, and all the Weapons and everything else is gone", Kurt replied.

"So...Guess he got away, just vanished like a wisp on the wind", Tibo said.

"He's out there somewhere", Kurt said, fingering the I.D. card, "And I'm gonna find out where."
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Over the course of the next few days, several things happened......

In the dark windswept night, on the Bullworth Town Square, a Medical Helicopter landed. Across the street at the Clinic, a still-unconscious Pete was brought out on a stretcher and wheeled to the waiting Helicopter, where he was loaded in.  The whole operation was quick, taking just a couple of minutes, then the Helicopter lifted off.  At that instant, a transport from the Police Station came to a stop in front of the Clinic, and a shackled Algie was led out and placed in it for transportation to the Happy Volts Asylum.  Within a few minutes, the area was deserted once more, with only the snowdrifts to bear witness.



Jake succeeded in renting a house near the Happy Endings Retirement Home, paying six months in advance.  Like many old money houses in this section of the Vale, this one had a wall around the property and a Front Gate.  It also had a rather large Garage, unlike many of the other homes.  Just perfect for what Jake had in mind.  It had cost Jake plenty, but he needed a secure base of operations from which to carry out his latest plans.  With that done, Jake had retrieved the Go-Kart he had hidden, and moved his stash of clothing and weapons from the In and Out Motel, and locked them securely in the Garage, along with the stolen Go-Cart.  He would have use for all of these things in the very near future.


Jimmy remained in the hidden Cave by day, going out only at night.  As soon as possible, he was going to have his appearance altered, but in the meantime, he could disguise his nighttime ramblings due to the huge amount of clothing outfits he had stored in the wardrobe at the Cave.  He had moved the bulk of his belongings to the hidden cave shortly after he had discovered it last Summer.  And he had plenty of clothing items, more than 300.  As soon as Tony had left, Jimmy had opened the Cabinet and had cleared out all of the clothes piled on the bottom.  Jimmy felt under Wardrobe Cabinet until his fingers found the hidden switch, and pressed it.  There was a small click as a panel in the Wardrobe floor released and slid back, revealing a secret compartment.  Inside, still safe, Jimmy saw, was over $13,000 in cash.


Tony had been summoned to Crabblesnitch's Office and had been officially awarded the Mediator job.  Crabblesnitch had revealed that Pete's injury was indeed very serious, and that he wouldn't be returning to Bullworth anytime soon.  Tony's protection from the Prefects would now continue, Crabblesnitch said, as long as there was positive progress towards keeping the violence at the School under control.  But step too far out of line, he warned, and Tony would be treated just as any other Student would, with punishment.  With a wave and the usual "That is all", Tony was dismissed from the office.  Afterwards, he went down through the empty School to the small Office that used to be Pete's, but was now his.  As he sat in the chair, Tony reflected as to how he wasn't sure that he was up to all this, as he felt the weight of responsibility settle on him....Not only for the welfare of the School, but for the safety of his friends as well.  And for Karen, especially Karen above all. 


There was heated discussion in the Cliques about what they would do once School started back up after the Holidays.  Ironically, in the wake of Algie's betrayal and the events of Christmas Eve night, the Nerds were now the best-armed Clique in the school, owing to their many stashes of Weapons hidden away at the Observatory and the Dragon's Wing basement.  Never used to being top dogs in the School, the Nerds were in disagreement as to how to take advantage of their new found status, with some wanting to extract revenge for past wrongs, and others urging caution.  Similarly, there was dissension in the other Cliques, with some wanting to settle old scores and others wanting to make alliances to strengthen their positions.  Nothing was decided, and the animosity seemed to run the highest amongst the supposedly better-educated Preps, where it seemed that the disagreements would come to blows, or at the very least, a showdown in the ring at the Prep's private Boxing Gym.


Tony and Karen attended a rather subdued New Year's Eve party at the Jock's Clubhouse, along with Damon and Gloria, who was in full-gab mode.  Mandy was there too, dateless as usual, drinking Vodka Shots, her claim to being the most popular girl at Bullworth  now just a long-distant memory.  As the party disintegrated  into a drunken pit, with Jocks stumbling around, slurring their words and falling over, Tony and Karen left seeking a more private place.  They wound up in Tony's room at the Boy's Dorm, where a tipsy Karen became the aggressor, pushing Tony down on the bed and attacking him with gusto.  After an exhausting mind-blowing encounter, Karen quickly fell asleep.  As he cuddled with Karen breathing heavily beside him, Tony could hear the bells ringing in the distance, signifying  the midnight hour had arrived, and the uncertain New Year had begun.
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Mr. Luntz was cussing up a storm as he attempted to heat up the metal clogging the Furnace jets with the blowtorch.  It was hot, dirty, smelly work, and downright dangerous as well.  They might as well have stuck a large spit up his ass and roasted him, because that's just what it felt like in this enclosed space.  What a completely jackass thing to do.  Even a total turdknocker like Crabblesnitch should have known better than to melt down Weapons in the School Furnace.

"Yes, Doctor Crabblesnitch, No, Doctor Crabblesnitch, EAT SHIT AND DIE, DOCTOR CRABBLESNICTH", he muttered as he worked.  He hated this place, hated Crabblesnitch, hated the little pig-ass brats he had to constantly clean up after.  One of the little fuckers had actually snuck into the Basement last fall and bushwhacked him from behind.  Ungrateful little shits !  He would deal with them one day, all of them, and they would rue the day they had ever fucked with him.

Mr. Luntz had just gotten back to the School the previous evening, only to be summoned to Crabblesnicth's Office and told to fix this mess, before he had even gotten the chance to get unpacked.  The good Doctor had not even offered an apology for loading this bit of extra work on him, only orders and his dismissive "That Is All".  Not even treated like a human being, just a servant to be ordered around at will.  Well, that was going to change soon enough, he thought, just as soon as he was safe.  He would take them all down before he  disappeared, and they would never know what had hit them.

He had come to this shitty School, this shitty Town, because it was about the last place where certain people would have expect him to have gone.  The last place where anyone would be looking for him.  Luntz wasn't even his real name.  He had come here years ago....How many years ?.....Hard to remember now, but his time of hiding out had nearly come to an end.  His Holiday vacation to the Big Apple hadn't been a vacation at all in any real sense, for Mr. Luntz had no real family to see in the normal meaning of the word.  Instead, he had spent most of the time in a fleabag Hotel on the Lower East Side, in order to meet up with Michael "Big Mike" Tortelli, who told him of the plans for the organization to re-take power in the naked city.  The attack was to be launched on St. Valentine's Day, Big Mike told him, and it would probably take about 3 months to completely rub out those currently in control.  At that time, Luntz could return to his old life in relative safety.

But before he left, Mr. Luntz planned to tie up a few loose ends here at Bullworth.  He knew enough about the corruption here....After all, it had been his occupation before he had been forced to lay low at this shitty place.....And, more importantly, knew how Harrington and Spencer, who controlled everyone in this place, from the Cops to Crabblesnitch, could be brought down.  Mr. Luntz chuckled despite the hot, sweaty job he was doing.  They would all be in for a surprise, and that right soon.  He would see to it personally.
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Just before the first day of School back from the Christmas break, a new boy was dropped off in front of the School.  His name was Nick Penty, and had he arrived at the town of Bullworth right before Christmas with his single mother and therefore he had to be enrolled into Bullworth Academy.  He was a medium-sized short black-haired handsome 15-year-old boy.  Although something of a rabble rouser, he was muscular, well built, athletic and strong. He was also skilled in fighting sports, having reached Black Belt in Karate. He was a very good pugilist as well.

He waited around for the better part of the morning, smoking ciggys and goofing off, as he had been told somebody would be out to escort him into the School.  When no one showed up and he started to get really cold, he decided to go in on his own.

He was met at the gate by a Prefect, who yelled at him to state his business.  Nick stood square and, without flinching, shot back that he was supposed to be going to this shitty School.  The Prefect, somewhat unnerved that he failed to cower the boy, told him to go to the School Office straight ahead and get registered.  Nick walked towards the School without another word, leaving the Prefect shaking his head over another kid who would be defying authority. 

Nick came to the steps of the School, but instead of going in, decided to take a look around first. Hanging a left, Nick took the East path around the School building, checking things out.  Passing under an arch, a ways off and to his left, up some steps and through another arch, he noticed a large building, with some odd looking kids hanging about. Walking and still looking off to his left, he collided with something…A big something.

“Hey !!!  Why don’cha watch where you’re going ?”, he heard.

Nick looked at the person he had just run into.  The kid wore some kind of green clothing, and was short but very big around the waist.  So big, in fact, it looked like he was having a major zipper malfunction.  The kid had close-cropped hair and glasses….And, was that a Pocket Protector ?

“Why don’cha get outta my way, Fatass ?”, Nick said.

“You’re not very nice !”, the fat kid said. “Can‘t we just be friends ?”

Nick knew the drill, from his time at other Schools.  In one-on-one confrontations, always get the upper hand first.

“Then, don’t Fuck with me, Porky”, snarled Nick, and grabbed the overweight boy and pushed him backwards towards an open Trash Bin, whereupon he stuffed the fat kid ass first into the container.  The kid’s huge buttocks were wedged in tight, and he struggled in vain to get out.

“Just a warning -- Next time I won’t be so nice”, Nick sneered at the big kid. Then, he laughed. “That looks good on you., Fatso.”

Nick resumed his walk, keeping an eye out for people who weren’t watching where he was going.
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Tony made the rounds to the Cliques that evening, along with Constantinos.  His mission was to lay out guidelines on Clique relations in what he began calling  'The New Era Of Bullworth'.  In a now-nearly Weaponless school, one-on-one confrontations were sure to start up again.  Tony's job, as he saw it, was to try to prevent that.  Well, at least try to keep it down some. 

What he found, to really no surprise, was the heavy hostility the Cliques were still harboring for each other, and especially towards the Nerds, whom all Cliques now blamed for their recent attacks.  Tony tried to explain that the fault lay with the renegade Algie, who had on his own engineered all of the attacks, even on his own people.  Most refused to believe, however, that one fat Nerd had pulled the whole thing off by himself.  The whole thing seemed preposterous. 

And, Tony discovered, there was friction within the Cliques as well, with some of the brighter ones agreeing with what Tony was saying, while others a bit dumber were still on the track of revenge.  Tony didn't know how, at this point, he was ever going to unify the Cliques for the troubles that were sure to come.  What he needed, he thought after meeting with all the cliques (except the Preps, screw them for now), was an enforcer....Someone unbeatable in Schoolyard Combat that would garner the respect he needed to carry out his orders.  If there was one thing all the Cliques understood, to the very last person, was that.

Tomorrow was the first day back to classes, such as they were. Tony walked slowly back to the dorm in the early evening's fading light, his breath making white puffs in the January air.  And, there was a new thing to consider.....He and Karen would have to find a new place for their private time now, because for the first time since he had arrived at Bullworth himself, he was going to have a roommate.

Nick wandered into the common area of the Boy’s Dorm that evening. There was a TV, a couch, a game table, a drink machine, and an old Console Video Game. Nick checked his pockets and went to the drink machine to get some Beam Cola. As he took his first sip, a voice spoke behind him……

“Hey, new fish, wanna play shirts and skins ?”

Nick swung around. It was that bully named Trent, and he had assumed a fighting stance.

“I’m the shirt, and you’ll be skinned !!”

Trent was close. Nick quickly shoved him back. “Get OFF !!”

Trent made a move to punch Nick, but Nick easily ducked that and sunk a fist right in Trent’s guts. Trent doubled over, and Nick pushed Trent back again. As Trent began to raise up, Nick drew back his other hand, with the nearly-full Beam Cola can still in his grasp, and let fly right at Trent’s head. The can smacked him right between the eyes, and Trent went down backwards on the floor, knocked out.

Shit, what a waste of a good cola, Nick thought. He turned back to the machine to get another cola.

"Hey, Muther-Fucker, you can't do that shit to our Bud !", said a rough voice from across the room.

"Yeah, Prickwad, You're gonna pee blood tonight !" , another voice chimed in right behind him.

Nick sighed. First night, and already he was making friends.  He put his change back in his pocket and assumed a Karate stance.

"Ohhh, lookit the LaRusso faggot !  Thinks he can fight !", the first Bully said.

"Gonna show us the Crane Kick, bird boy ?  We have wimps like you for breakfast !", the second Bully gleefully exclaimed.

As the Bullies advanced on Nick, he maintained his stance.  Suddenly one lashed out with a fist.  Faster than the eye could follow, Nick jumped suddenly in the air and executed a 360-degree spin, lashing out with one leg as he did so.  His foot made hard contact with the lead Bully's head, and was knocked back over the sofa.  As the other Bully charged in, he suddenly found himself flipped over Nick's shoulder and crashed upside down into the drink machine.  Nick backed off to a safe distance and resumed his stance.  Both of the Bullies got groggily to their feet and began to advance again.

"Wade !  Davis !  That's enough ! Back Off !", a new voice said from the entrance to the common area. "Haven't you gotten your asses kicked enough times this past month ?"

Both boys stopped and turned.  Tony was standing at the doorway, arms folded.  "You boys forget what we talked about this afternoon ?"

"Aw, we wasn't doing nothing", Davis said. "Just funning around !"

"Yeah, this is new fish", Wade exclaimed. "You didn't say nothing about new fish !"

"New or not, looks like he could stomp your butts with one foot tied behind his back", Tony observed.  "Unless you fellows wanna wind up like Trent over there, I'd advise you to pack it in for the night. This ain't some stupid raw meat kid you're fooling around with here, but the problem is, you're too dumb to see that.  You'd best clear out while you can still walk."  Tony pointed to Trent, who was moaning and just starting to come back around. "Best take him with you."  Spotting the goose egg raising on Trent's forehead, he winced.  "Boy, that's gonna leave a mark."

Both Bullies glared at Nick for a moment, then went over and collected Trent off the floor.  As they walked Trent out of the common area, Davis said to Nick, "We'll deal with you later."

Tony watched them leave, walking down the hall to Trent's room.  "Boy, those jackasses never learn, no matter how many times they get the piss knocked out of them."

Nick relaxed his Karate stance. "It's been an interesting first day, no doubt."

"Heard you already stuffed Melvin in a trash bin", Tony remarked.

"Was that that fat kid's name ?", Nick asked. "I just did it because he was annoying. What was he, some kind of Geek ?"

"He's a Nerd", Tony answered. "Fact is, the head Nerd.  He complained to me about it.  I told him he's lucky he wasn't beat up."  Tony laughed, "There's a certain fellow I put in the trash a few times when I first came here.  Took him a few times to learn not to mess with me."

"So....They're not too bright here, I take it...Huh ?", Nick asked.

"No indeedy, they're not", Tony said.  After a pause, he asked, "Say, was that Karate ?"  Nick nodded.  "Where'd you learn that ?", Tony asked.

"I'm a Black Belt, 4th Dan", Nick said. "I was one of the better Students."

"Whoa...Black Belt, and so young ?  Impressive." Tony said. "What's 4th Dan ?"

"Degree", Nick said. "It means Degree.  There's 10 Dans, or degrees of Black Belt. 10th Dan is the best."

"WelL, welcome to Bullorth", Tony said, sticking out his hand. "I'm Tony Calderone, the School Mediator.  Looks like you'll be bunking with me.  They're short on rooms here."

Nick took Tony's hand and shook it. " I'm Nick Penty.  Glad to meet'cha."
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"Likewise", Tony replied..  "So, want me to show you around ?"

"Not necessary. I've already seen the school", Nick answered.  "So, we're sharing a room, you say ?  We do have two beds, don't we ?"

"Don't worry" Tony chuckled.

Nick looked around. A TV, a Poker Table...Poker Table !  In both of his old Schools, Poker Tables were absent.

"Wanna play cards ?",  Nick asked.

"Sure", Tony replied..  "They don't play Poker here too much, but why don't we ?"

They started to play Poker, and several boys gathered around them to watch the game. They weren't playing for money, but for fun. They played until 11 o'clock, when they finally turned in and went to sleep.

The first Class for Nick the next morning was Gym class.  Nick was wearing his black Aviator leather jacket, khaki pants, white trainers, as well as his new Bullworth polo shirt underneath the jacket.  He went to the Gym Locker Room and changed.  Small Futsal Goals were put in the Gym by some of the boys.

"Alright, people !", said Coach Burton. "We're gonna play a bit of that Futsal, or whatever it's called."

When teams were set, they started to play. Nick received a pass near the Goal, and kicked as hard as he could.  He scored, but before the ball entered the Goal, it hit the Goalkeeper, Damon the Jock, in the face, busting his nose.  Mr. Burton sent him to the Nurse, but before he left, Nick heard Damon telling him, "You and me. The Hole. This evening, 7 o'clock. Dig ?"

The Hole ? What the fuck is that ?, Nick thought.

Tony told him the answer to that after Gym Class when Nick sought him out to ask.

"So, The Hole is some kind of a Ring then ?" Nick asked, followed by Tony nodding his head.

"Yeah. If you want to humiliate someone in front of the whole School, you defeat him in The Hole, because the whole School is watching....Well, as many as can crowd down there, that is", Tony replied.

"Oh", Nick said, then asked,  "And, uh, aren't you supposed to be preventing fights from happening ?"

"Well, yeah…But these are allowed.  It‘s a School Tradition, Nick.  Everyone likes a good fight", Tony shrugged. "Anyway...who are you fighting ?"

"I don't know his name. He's a black guy, a tall Jock", Nick answered.

"Damon ?!" Tony asked. "He's gonna break your back !"

"Don't worry", Nick said. "I got skills."

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At 7 o'clock that evening, everyone who wanted to see the fight snuck into The Hole through the Basement side door.  Nick thought sewers stank, but was there a safer place to fight ?  No, didn't seem so, unless that Janitor showed up.  He took off his jacket and polo shirt, staying in his white tank top. Damon West was now topless, and showing that football had made him some very big muscles.

Nick took a freelance boxing stance.  Using it, he was constantly moving around and hopping, showing some impressive footwork to the Preps, who loved boxing.

The Bell was rang for the fight to start by Chad Morris, one of the Preps. 

"I'm gonna break you, New Kid !", shouted Damon. He flexed his muscles. "C'mon !!"

He ran to Nick and threw a few hooks, but quick and agile, Nick managed to evade them.  He punched Damon in the side of his torso, but because of his size Damon didn't even feel it.  Balls !!, through Nick, and one quick move was enough to make Damon bend over in pain.

Round and round in The Hole the fighters sparred, but Nick managed to somehow magically evade every punch that Damon was throwing at him.  The Preps were not the only ones that were stunned by Nick's fighting style.  It  looked like some invisible force sometimes just wouldn't let Damon's fists hit the new kid.  Nick used an moment off-guard moment to strike a few vicious punches, and soon Damon was on the ground.

Students were gawking in surprise, having just seen a new kid beat up on Damon West, one of the strongest students of Bullworth Academy.  Unknown to them, the new kid had brought years of experience with him, giving him a perfect timing.  For anyone watching the fight who knew a bit about martial arts and boxing, someone throwing a punch that is being avoided exposes a big part of his body without protection, and that was exactly the case of the powerful Jock.  Although he received punches and hits at the sides of the chest, on the torso, and sometimes in the face, Damon hadn't show any sign of pain…until now.

Damon was rolling around on the ground. The fight was over…Or was it ?  Just as Nick went to climb up the stairs to exit The Hole, he heard steps behind him and quickly turned around.  Before he could even see anything, he was hit by what felt like a hammer, which happened to be Damon's fist.  Nick fell in the dirty water.  Damon hit him in the mouth, beat him in the teeth, which puffed Nick's lips up.  Nick spit some blood out and tried to stand up.  As he tried to get on his hands and knees, Damon's winter boot dropped on Nick's back with full strength.  Nick was slammed on the floor, shouting in pain, his face in the water of the Bullworth Academy sewer.

"What's the matter, New Fish ?", asked Damon in a teasing tone. "Did I hurt you ?"

Beat him down, Damon !!” Jocks were shouting.  “Beat the Fuck out of the new kid !!”

"Will do !!", Damon responded and grabbed Nick and pulled him on his feet. Then he leaned him back, and threw him as hard as he could.  Nick was slammed into the wall of The Hole and fell down.

"You are no match for ME, Kid !" Damon shouted. "NO MATCH !!"

Nick didn't even move, but Damon kicked him in the stomach.  He then pulled him again to his feet and brought his face close to his.

"You got chin", Damon said. "I admit it. But you're still gonna die."  He pushed Nick back.  Recovering, Nick went towards Damon, staggering, but suddenly Chad, from the wooden table, rang the small bell.

DING !  "Round 1,  OVER !!"

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Tony needed to buy some time for his new friend.  He jumped in The Hole and pulled Nick up the stairs, placing him on a bench.  He took a bottle of water and cleaned blood off Nick.

"What's wrong with you ?", asked Tony.  "C'mon, you beat those guys last night and now you can't even perform a goddamn kick ?"

"Fighting a couple of wimps and fighting a Gorilla isn't the same",  Nick replied and spit out some blood between his teeth. "The Fuck is thrashing me."

"Alright. Drink some cola, rest a bit.  This is a Humiliation fight.  You lose, you gonna stay 'that new kid' for the rest of your stay in Bullworth.  If Damon loses, it's gonna be 'Hey Nicky Boy' for the rest of your stay in Bullworth.  Get it ?  Now, rest a minute or two, and you're going back in."

After drinking up the cola, Nick stood up, warmed up again and flexed his muscles.  He then climbed down The Hole.  Damon joined him a minute later.  Chad, playing the part of referee, signaled the start of round two.

"Ready ?", said Damon with an evil smile.

"Go fuck yourself, Black Boy",  said Nick. His mouth was painful, his torso was painful, but he was still quick as before and at least both of his eyes were open.

"What did you say to me ?!", Damon shouted in rage. "C'MERE !!!!!"

They went towards each other, and Damon threw a few quick punches, evaded by Nick. He then kicked Damon in the ankle, and hit his busted nose again with a punch.  Damon didn't give up though, and soon Nick was again on the ground.  He stood up again, and the two started to exchange punches and kicks, until they were both bruised and bloody.  Damon was leaning on the wall, while Nick was across in the middle of The Hole from him.

"I'm gonna kill you now", said Damon and started to move. "YOU'RE DEAD !!!!"

Nick started to run towards Damon, but as he got close, Damon threw his elbow to his chest, before performing a random, but powerful uppercut.  And then something happened….Something that happened to Nick only two times in his Dojo in Los Angeles. Something like what happens everyday, sometimes in a stupid way. The uppercut had made Nick step back. But he didn't pay attention to the water drain at the center of the Hole. He stuck his back foot in it. The ligaments supporting the bones at his left ankle were twisted inward. He fell on the ground, and tried to get up immediately, but the pain made him understand the hard reality…He just sprained his ankle.  He saw Damon approaching, breathing hard, who considered this as a little victory.  The Jock laughed, and put his foot right on Nick's twisted ankle.

"Maybe I should break your other ankle, Ha-Ha !", he said while stepping harder on the ankle, causing Nick to yelp in pain.

"You only had luck, you Roid-Monkey...", Nick spit back.

"And you had luck by breaking my nose, new kid." Damon said, as he pointed his big nose. "Now I owe you one !"

And Damon approached Nick's face, ready to stomp on the poor Nick's nose, but.....Chad again rang the bell installed on the wooden table he was sitting behind.

DING !  "Round 2,  OVER !!"

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"I can't believe this. I just can't believe this !" Tony exclaimed.

"I know, Tony..." Nick responded while slowly massaging his ankle.

"You... You just sprained your ankle !  It's all over. You'll never get another chance now..."

"Boys, sorry to interrupt you.", said a voice.  Chad, in his role of Referee, had walked over and crouched to talk to Nick, who was sitting. "Listen, uh.…Don't feel like you have to continue.  If you can't, I'll have some boys bring you to the Infirmary, that's no big deal.  But I need a decision now."

"I'll make it.  Announce the start of the round three", Nick said, looking straight ahead.

"Nick, listen, your ankle is..." Tony started
"Shut up !  I know that already !" Nick said fiercely.  "Just call the next round", Nick said between clenched teeth to Chad.

The Prep raised his hands in the air, and announced there would be a round three, to the shouts of excitement in the crowd.  Through the fence rounding The Hole, Tony could see Damon making the sign of cutting his throat with his thumb.
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Nick barely even managed to climb down the stairs with his ankle. During his time in his Karate Dojo he dealt with lots of injuries.  His injury wasn't big, he would be able to run in a week or less, but in this fight, his leg was useless. That meant he couldn't run, couldn't move quickly and couldn't use the leg against Damon.  Losing the fight meant he'd get Humiliated, and a Humiliation plus the fact that he's a new kid was a very bad sign.

"Whatsa matter, Wimp ?" asked Damon.  "Can't walk ?"

Damon went quickly to him, and performed several dangerous hooks aiming for Nick's head.  However, Nick was agile enough to evade all of Damon's punches, and he even managed to jump after Damon tried to kick Nick's injured ankle.  However, in the end, a punch hit Nick in the chest and he fell.

"Let me teach you not to kick balls in my face !" said Damon, and stepped on Nick's ankle.  After a second, he pressed it, followed by a shout of pain from Nick.

"Bastard !!" Nick shouted and kicked Damon in the balls with his right foot.  Damon screamed and grabbed his groin, and that off-guard moment Nick used to stand up and give Damon several strong right punches in his torso, and then in the head.  While Damon didn't feel the pain in the groin, anymore, he was panting, leaned  up against the wall of The Hole.  His face was bloody and his torso was painful.

"Was that all you got, new kid ?" said Damon.  He was himself dizzy now, as the new round against Nick tired him.  As much as he hated the new kid, he had to admit to himself that Nick wasn't an easy fighter to beat.  It was quite the opposite.

"It isn't", Nick responded.  He was also beaten, bloody and tired, and he didn't have his tank top anymore, as it was lying somewhere in The Hole, torn off during the fight.  "Come on if you want to see more !"

Nick now prepared.  He had his left leg slightly bent, while his right was behind.

"Alright I'm coming ! Prepare to die !!" Damon said and started to run.

His left side of the body was turned to Damon. As Damon ran and prepared to hit him, Nick used his left leg to jump, swinging his right leg towards Damon's head, resulting in a volley style mawashi geri.  Damon was hit in the jaw, and suddenly went like rubber.  For a few seconds he swayed there, then he fell backwards, unconscious.  Nick had won the fight.

DING, DING !!  "And this means that Damon is Humiliated !", Chad spoke in the announcer microphone. "The winner is.....uh…"

Chad quickly whispered to Tony. "What's his name ?"

"Nick Penty", Tony responded.

"NICK PENTY !!", Chad finished.

Tony jumped into The Hole and helped Nick get up. "You know what just happened ?  You beat Damon !   He's the Hole Runner-Up !"

"What...?"  Nick asked. His sight was spinning, and he almost fell.

"Nothing", said Tony.  "I'll explain everything about this later.  Now let's get you to the Infirmary."
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The Nerds were having a confab at the Observatory.  They hadn't gone to see the fight at the Hole.

"I call to order this meeting of the Brave Bullworth Knights Society", intoned Melvin. "First on the agenda is what we should do about our new status at Bullworth.  As you know, with most of the other Clique's Weapons destroyed, we now have the upper hand, in that we still have a large stash of Spud Guns, Bottle Rocket Launchers, Stink Bombs, and Firecrackers left in our hidden inventory.  The floor is open for suggestions on how we can capitalize on our sudden and surprise superiority."

Bucky raised his hand. "The floor recognizes Brother Bucky", said Melvin.

"Umm....How many Weapons do we have of each, and...Can we carry any right away ?", Bucky said.  "I want to shoot some Jocks."

"Well, we have plenty of Spud guns and Bottle Rocket Launchers.  Stink bombs we make with our lab down in the Dragon's Wing Basement, that's no problem....But Firecrackers....." Here Melvin paused...."Whatever we got left is it, as the Chem Lab at School got rid of all the Gunpowder...Least that's what I found out today when I checked.  And that means soon no ammo for the Launchers."

Fatty, his leg in a huge cast, grumbled, "That doesn't really give us a whole lot, besides Spud Guns.  What about Slingshots ?  A bunch of them were burned up too."

"We have some, and the other Cliques do too.  It would be dumb to think that the others didn't have a bunch of them stashed all along", Thad piped up.

"Brothers, please wait until you're called on to speak", said Melvin.  "Now, about carrying....Yes, we should each carry a Spud Gun...But only as a defensive Weapon, unless you are bushwacking someone from hiding.  If...When the others realize we have Weapons they don't, they will beat us up every chance they get, just to steal them from us."

Fatty snorted. "They won't be beating us up if they know we can shoot them in the Jabberwockies !"

"They can always catch us by surprise, or sneak up behind us", Donald interjected. "Somebody stuffed Melvin in the trash a couple days ago..."

"Brothers, Brothers", Melvin held up his hands for silence. "I'm sure that most of them will already know, or suspect, that we have Weapons anyway.....Since we are the ones who make most of them anyway. So we should all agree to carry concealed, unless we have no other choice."

Grudgingly, the others agreed.  In the days of Earnest as their Clique Leader, no such meetings were held.  Earnest just decided for the rest of them, and they had to go along with it.  Mostly because Earnest was the strongest Nerd, even though he was really just a porn-addicted wimp.  With Earnest, they felt forced to go along with his every decision, but having Melvin at least discuss things with them made them feel better about the decisions he made.

Melvin moved on. "Now, as to the business of Algie...."

"That Traitor !!", exclaimed Cornelius.
"Back-Stabbing Bushwhacker !!", added Bucky.
"Yellow-Bellied Twerp !!", said Donald.
"Chicken-Shit Buttwipe !!, threw in Thad.
"Pissy Poopy-Head", Whined Fatty, giving the worst curse a Nerd could be called, moving his full casted leg around uncomfortably.

"Brothers, Brothers !! Where is your compassion ?", implored Melvin. "Our Brother Algie suffered a great loss that turned his mind away from the true path of the Warrior ! Don't tell me that if the same happened to any of you, that you wouldn't go crazy as well ?  Can you not forgive ?"

"He is no Brother to me", Fatty said. "I'll have a limp for the rest of my life because of what he did to us."

The others voiced agreement.  "All the other Cliques are going to blame us for his attacks, that's why we need to carry those Weapons, and use them when we have to !", shouted Bucky.

There was a chorus of voices agreeing with that. "Besides, Melvin, weren't you the one who took him down after he clocked you in the head ?", asked Donald. "More than anyone, you were the first to call him Traitor !"

"Yeah, Melvin, what's up with that ?", said Bucky.  "You should know better !"

"I've had time to think it over....", Melvin began.

"We have too !", Exclaimed Bucky. "We want him to be Outcast !"

Melvin stared.  Being Outcast meant that Algie would, in effect, be tossed out of the Brotherhood.  He would be shunned from the Nerd Clique forevermore. "Isn't that a little extreme ?"

"What he did was extreme", Fatty said, patting his cast. "We vote for Banishment from the Order of the Brave Bullworth Knights Society, in perpetuity. I make a motion that he be given Outcast status."

"Second That !", Exclaimed Bucky.

"So say you all ?", Melvin said sadly. Every Nerd around the table nodded assent.   

Melvin raised his hands in surrender.  This was one topic that he clearly wasn't going to win. "OK, OK....You Brother Warriors will prevail, this time..."  He drew a deep breath.  "From this time on, let the name of Algernon Papadopoulos  be stricken from all records and works of The Brave Bullworth Knights Society, absent him from all our conversations and discussions, and expel him from his rank in Grottos & Gremlins.  His status will be Outcast forevermore.  Let the name of ALGIE never be spoken again.  So let it be written....So let it be done."

Melvin rose, signaling an end to the meeting.  As the others were filing out, Fatty asked quietly, "Do we still have our secret Weapon ?"

Melvin nodded.  Fatty was referring to the Rubberband Ball, a Weapon of immense power, enough to take out an entire Clique in close quarters.  The Nerds had began constructing it last year around this time, and had completed it over the Summer.  Oddly enough, the only other person at Bullworth who had the patience to collect just the right-sized rubber-bands and build a ball out of them had been Jimmy Hopkins.  The Nerds had never used this Weapon, but had kept it on standby, as a Weapon of last resort.  However, they had seen the damage one could do, as they witnessed Jimmy use his several times late last School year.  It was indeed an awesome Weapon. Thrown just right, It could even take out a Prefect with one hit.  The ball contained so much energy from the tightly-wrapped bands that it could bounce and ricochet for hours with the same amount of force as first applied before slowing down.  It would be a one-time use Weapon for a Nerd, as it's retrieval depended on one being agile enough to be able to catch it while it was rolling, not bouncing, and no Nerd possessed that type of physical skill.

"It's  still secure down in the Vault", Melvin told Fatty. "I checked when I got the Spud Guns out for everybody."

"Good", said Fatty. "May come a time, soon, when we have to use it."  He heaved himself up on his crutch and hobbled out after the rest of the Nerds.
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A few days had past since Damon's fight in the 'The Hole' with Nick, and his wounds were just starting to heal.  While he was still a little sore, Damon thought it would be a good idea to take Gloria out for a night on the Town.  It was a cold January afternoon and Damon stopped by at the Girl's dorm to pick up his date at 7:00 P.M. just as she requested.
"Well hello Damon, its a pleasure to see you !", Gloria exclaimed, "I'm sure we'll have a lovely time !"  Gloria and Damon then proceeded down the path towards the Quad and made the way to the School Gates.  From there, the pair took a left and walked towards the Valley's  better half, the upscale Old Bullworth Vale. 
Upon reaching the Center of town, Damon and Gloria made their way across the snow covered brick Town Square towards the new Movie Theater.  Damon couldn't think of a more romantic outing than the elaborately decorated Vale Theater.  He was sure that Gloria would have a wonderful time with him while watching that new Sci-Fi thriller that she had been yammering about ever since the Movie Poster appeared outside the Theater.
Once inside, Damon bought a large popcorn for the two to share, as well as a large drink with two straws.  "Oh Damon", said Gloria, "Thank you so much for bringing me here tonight, you know how much I've been wanting to see this movie !" 

"No problem babe, anything for you", replied Damon.  The two lovers walked down the aisle to their seats and proceeded to watch the movie together.  "I'm here for you if it gets too scary", said Damon.   As the movie went on, Damon actually began to enjoy it a lot more than he thought he would.  Normally Damon was into action-packed movies heavy on violence, but as long as he was with Gloria, he was able to enjoy a movie that didn't include Bears fighting Gorillas.

The movie turned out to be much longer than expected.  As the lovers exited the Movie Theater, a clock in Town chimed to signify the 11 O'clock hour.  "Aww shit!", thought Damon, "Curfew...."  The two took the long walk back across the short bridge and eventually to the Academy.  As they approached the Front Gates, they stopped dead in their tracks.  The glimmering flashlight from a Prefect was shining out onto the sidewalk in front of them. 

"Aww its that Mutha-Fucka, Seth", complained Damon. 

"Damon, language please!", pleaded Gloria. 

"Sorry babe", Damon apologized, "You wait here, I'm gonna try and distract him so you can sneak through".

Damon proceeded to walk through the gates pretending as though he didn't even notice Seth standing guard.  "What are you doing here!!", screeched Seth as he pointed at Damon.  Damon made a signal for Gloria to run in just as he was grabbed by Seth.  Damon didn't expect to be grabbed and instinctively socked Seth right in the face.  Big mistake.  Seth had pressed a panic button hidden in his cuff link and Max and Edward immediately began to run towards Damon. 

Out of no where, Karl came tearing around a corner and grabbed hold of Gloria.  He then began to drag her towards the Girl's Dorm.  "Damon, help me!", Gloria shouted.  This enraged Damon, no one was going to touch his girl, never mind drag her.  Damon managed to break loose from Seth and began charging towards Karl.

WHACK !!  Damon delivered a running tackle that dislodged Karl's grip on Gloria, sending him backwards onto the icy pathway. "Good Lord! I appear to have been knocked over!", said Karl with a dazed look.  Seth managed to catch up with Damon and tackled him to the ground. 

However, before the Prefect was able to administer a beating as a citation, Damon's screw came loose and in a desperate attempt to escape, Damon opened his mouth and took a large chomp near Seth's crotch.  Following the sickening crunch came a high screech of pain from Seth as his eyes rolled back in his head before passing out.  Damon rolled out of the way just as Seth's heavy body collapsed to the ground.  This had always been a disadvantage for the Prefects who always tended to crouch over their victims.  Their Junk was often in the line of danger, however, Students had never had the urge to bite another guy's balls as a last resort, even as their legs were usually pinned under the Prefect.  Damon was different though.  As the local psychologist, Mr. Bambillo tended to state, "Damon was mentally unwell."  In crazed desperation, Damon did the unthinkable.

"That's it, I'm writing you up !", shouted Edward, as he assisted Max in taking down the crazed Football Player. 

"Where are you taking him!?", Gloria asked desperately, still hanging around. 

"We're not taking him anywhere", said Max, "but the police will arrive shortly to take him off to the Looney Bin."

"No, you can't!", pleaded Gloria, "he's not insane !"

"Don't worry about him", said Edward, "he'll only be there a few days at best to be evaluated.  If it were up to me, I would keep him there for eternity.  Unfortunately I have no say." 

"Hey, get back to you're Dorm!", shouted Karl at Gloria as he regained his senses.  As Gloria walked sadly towards the Dorm, sirens and red & blue lights flashed on the street outside the Gates causing many Students to awaken and look out the windows at the shocking scene.  Damon was led to a Squad Car by Officer Williams.

"You busted me !  Enjoy it while it lasts !", Damon shouted after the Prefects as he was stuffed into the back of the Police Car. 

"You'd look a lot funnier in a wheelchair....", mumbled Edward as he took out his flashlight and walked back to resume his night post.
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Jake had been quite the busy boy since he had moved into his own place.  He had visited The Final Cut and had again altered his appearance, choosing a conservative dark haircut and a goatee. He also picked up an old style tanning lotion called Coppertone, which would slightly darken his fish-white skin.  Jake had then gone to the Aquaberry Store, where he had bought a number of new dress suits, something he didn't have in his inventory.  In this way, he could pass unnoticed as just another citizen of the Bullworth Towns.

Next he had settled on a plan.  In order to create strife within each Clique, he would have to find out things about them.  In order to find out things about them, he would have to eavesdrop.  And, in order to eavesdrop, he would have to do so electronically.  And to find the "Bugs" he needed, he would have to pay another nighttime visit to the Basement of his favorite Nerd hangout, the Dragon's Wing.  He was sure he remembered seeing a bunch of Walkie-Talkies and chargers among that mess of junk in those boxes he had been searching through when he found the timers for the bombs.  They could be easily set on different frequencies and the talk key buttons could be taped down in the 'talk' position with some good old duct tape, which was just as abundant  here as it was about anywhere in the world, it seemed.
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Early the next morning, Tony went to see Jimmy in the secret Cave.  Since the way from the School via the Library or the Observatory was still deeply snow-covered, Tony swiped a bike and went the same route on the Railroad Tracks that he and Jimmy had taken right after Christmas.  That way, there would be no trail for anybody to follow.

On this visit a few days after the fight in 'The Hole', they had talked about Pete and the Files.  Tony told Jimmy that he knew most of what Pete knew, including his knowledge about the Harrington File that Jimmy had given Pete.  At the mention of that Jimmy tensed.

"You know about that ?", Jimmy questioned. Tony nodded. "You know what's in it ?" Jimmy pursued.

Tony shook his head. "Only in general terms...I know it contains some damaging information about the Harringtons and Spencers, but exactly what it is Pete didn't say.  I never read it, because it isn't there."

"Then where is it ?" asked Jimmy intently. "What'd Pete do with it ?"

"He told me he put it in a Lockbox and buried it somewhere, off School grounds", Tony answered. "But, he wouldn't tell me where."

"Never said a word ?  Are you sure ?" Jimmy questioned closely.

"Not that I remember", Tony said. "He seemed pretty adamant that nobody else was to know. Called it his 'Insurance'."

"So, not in the other Files at all, huh ?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, right now, I don't know WHAT'S in there", Tony admitted. "I can't get the padlocks open. Pete had all the keys to them, and I don't know what's happened to the keys."

Jimmy was aghast. "WHAT ?  If those bastards who took Pete away knew that, or ever found those keys, they'll clean that file cabinet out !"  He grabbed Tony's arm. "You have GOT to get those Files out of there !"

"How ? And if I do, then....Do what with them ?" asked Tony.

Jimmy thought for a moment, which was still a slow process with him. Then...."OK, check out the Basement.  Maybe Luntz has some Bolt Cutters or something down there. Or maybe the Autoshop.  Can't find cutters, maybe just hacksaw those locks off."  Jimmy paused, thought some more. "Bring them here, I can hide them here.  We just can't leave them there.  Pete's life may be in danger if they find out he knows anything about the Harrington File, or what's in it."

"But....He buried it !" Tony exclaimed. "That's what he told me...."

"THEY don't know that !" Jimmy said. "I never cracked...Never ratted out WHERE that File went.  But, if they ever think that Pete KNEW ANYTHING.....They'll KILL him !"

"Oh, Com'on", Tony scoffed. "They can't kill a kid.  How would that look ?"

"Why Not ?" Jimmy said. "You told me yourself that he's bad off...."

"Pellet hit him in the eye", Tony said. "Maybe into his Brain...It was real bloody...."

"So Pete's helpless....In THEIR hands....", Jimmy said.

"No, that's silly", Tony countered. "He's....."

"Where ?" Jimmy said. "Just where is he ?  Tell me."

"Well", Tony began, with mounting unease, "He WAS in the Bullworth Clinic....."

"But not now ?" questioned Jimmy.

"I went to try to see him....Some rude shit in a white Lab Coat told me he'd been 'Moved'....Wouldn't tell me where....." Tony recounted.

"Then they have him", Jimmy said.

Tony shuddered. He was reminded again of just what kind of dangerous shit this all was. "So, I cut the locks...Bring the other Files out here...."

"Alone", Jimmy interjected. "Without being seen."

"Right", Tony said. "And then what ? Buy some new padlocks ?  Act like nothing happened ?"

Jimmy had to think again, for a long time. Finally, he said, "Yeah.....We'll go through all the Files....Anything harmless can go back in the cabinet.  That way, if they ever catch wise and raid your Office, there won't be anything there that's dangerous to Pete....Or you....Or me."

"Sounds like a plan", Tony said, and made ready to leave.

"Gotta be done soon...Like this weekend", Jimmy stressed. "Sooner the better."
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Tony and Constantinos were leaving the Boy’s Dorm a short time later.

"Tony... Wait, Tony !" a girls' voice said.

"What is it ? You need something ?" Tony asked.

"You know me right ?  I'm Gloria, Damon's girlfriend... They..." She started before crying.

"Who, They ?  What happened ?" Tony Questioned.

"We were out... On a date last night... We went back after curfew... The Prefects... The Balls... The Cops....They took him !!", Gloria blurted out.

"Wait... They took him ? Where to ?" This was confusing.

"Well... It's hard to explain... I think he's going to be evaluated or something... Maybe I won't see him anymore !", she cried.

"Do you know where she's talking about ?" Tony asked Constantinos.

"Yeah", Constantinos shuddered. "The Asylum."

"Is that what they said ?", Tony asked Gloria. 

She Nodded. "They said 'The Looney Bin'..."

"Constantinos, listen to me", Tony said. "Find Nick Penty, the new kid.  Tell him he has to save Damon, but for God's sake, to use his brains too.  I don't want his face on tomorrow's newspaper.  If he does it, the Jocks will be grateful, and he'll be able to get a little reputation.  Now go on, and give him a hand if he needs it."

"Understood, Boss.", Constantinos said before running off.

Tony put his hand on Gloria's shoulder. "Don't worry, Gloria.  I trust that new kid.  The job will be done. We‘ll get him out."
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Constantinos knew where Gloria meant.  There could be only one place Damon had been taken to.  The Asylum.

Constantinos spotted Nick around the back of the School, talking to a girl.....Angie ?!?

"Uh....Hey Nick....Need to talk", Constantinos said.

"Er...I'm kinda busy here...", Nick retorted.

"Um....It's really important", Constantinos implored.

Nick sighed. "Look...", he said to Angie.  "I'll have to see you later, OK ?"

"Uh-Hu-Hu-Hu.....All right !  I gotta go call my Mom....Don't forget our date !", Angie said as she walked off.

"Date ?" Constantinos asked.  "You do know that girl is kind of like....A Fluffhead, don't you ?"

"Ahh, she don't seem so bad", Nick said. "A little giggley, maybe..."

"A Little ?" Constantinos said, shaking his head.  "Anyway, we got a situation on our hands. Damon was carted off to the Loony Bin last night.  The Asylum."

"So What ?" Nick said indifferently. "That's his problem.  I don't give a shit."

"Tony says you gotta help get him out", Constantinos.  "I mean, bust him out."

"What ?" exclaimed Nick.  "I hadda beat him, now I gotta help him ?  What the Hell for ?"

"Just because you beat him, don't mean you have his loyalty", Constantinos said. "But if you help him out of this mess....Damon and his Clique will be yours to command."

Nick saw where this was going.  He was no dummy. Just the way things worked here. He sighed. "OK....What'll we do ?"

"We gotta go to Blue Skies", Constantinos said.  "Com'on...We need some wheels.

As they headed towards the front of the School, they met Tony, who told them to go on ahead and he would meet them there. He would have to round up supplies, he told them. "Just wait over there out of sight....I'll find you."  Then he turned and took off at a trot towards the direction of the Football Field.  None of the Boys had ever been inside the Asylum before, but Tony knew someone who had....Jimmy Hopkins.

Constantinos led Nick out to the front of the School.  "Good..Here's a couple of bikes...Let's go."

Nick was confused. "We hafta steal some bikes ?" 

"Sure, everybody swipes bikes", Constantinos said, getting on one.

"But...Whose are they ?" Asked Nick.

"Who knows ?", Constantinos said. "Co'mon....Let's GO."

Nick shrugged and hopped on the other bike, and the boys sped off across the big Iron Truss Bridge, heading to Blue Skies.
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Tony fought his way through the drifted snow past the Observatory, until he reached the still-boarded-up entrance to the first Tunnel.  Yanking a couple of boards away, he squeezed through, and ran the short distance through the Tunnel.  Re-orienteering, he ran to the second Tunnel, down a ways, and pushed open the secret rock.  Entering the secret narrow passage, he called Jimmy's name so he would know it was him. 

As he explained the situation to Jimmy, Tony was mentally calculating how long it would take Nick and Constantinos to get the Asylum, which he himself had never seen.  At once, Jimmy went to the Wardrobe, and begin changing into his Incognito Outfit. He also grabbed another greenish-looking Outfit that to Tony resembled Scrubs.  Then Jimmy went to his large metal bin where he stored his Weapons stash, undid the locks and chains, and pulled out four Spud Guns and two handfuls of M-80 Firecrackers, along with two Walkie-Talkies.  The Scrubs and Weapons he gave to Tony to hold, while he dug out one more item out of the box, and secured it under his trench coat.

"That gonna be necessary ?" Tony asked.

"Only if I get trapped and don't have a way out", Jimmy replied.

"Guess you're right.  Can't afford to have you busted again", said Tony.

The two boys hurried down the narrow passageway, where Jimmy closed and secured the secret door.  Then Jimmy led the way down the long Tunnel, finally emerging in the light.  Tony gave a low whistle, and Constantinos, along with Nick, emerged form their hiding spot, in what looked like a Bus Stop Kiosk, located near the big Gates to the Asylum. The boys were all sheltered in a spot that couldn't be seen by anyone inside the Asylum grounds.

"We stashed the bikes inside", Constantinos said, "But everything's all locked up. How'll we get in ?"

Jimmy spoke up. "There's two trees, close to the fence, that can be climbed. We can drop over the fence from there."

"Who's this guy ?", Nick asked, indicating Jimmy.

"This is a friend of ours from outside school, Nick", said Tony. "His name is.....Hoppy."

"Hoppy ?", Nick said.

"That's my name", said Jimmy. "Don't wear it out."

"Look, we got a plan here ?" Constantinos asked, looking at Tony and Jimmy.

"We've never been inside here", Tony said, "But HE has", pointing to Jimmy. "He has the lead."

"OK, here's what we gotta do" Jimmy said. I'm gonna climb the far tree, sit on the branch, and take out the Guards."  Here he hefted a Spud Gun.  "These are best for this, very accurate. One of you, Climb the other tree, over there, give me cover.....Who's going in with me ?"

Tony indicated Nick. "He is"

"Good....Give him those Scrubs."  To Nick, Jimmy said, "Put them on. They'll help disguise you. Not up close, mind you, but from a distance, it'll work.  Tony, after Nick and I drop down, you climb the tree and cover us.  Constantinos, you be lookout.  If anybody comes up the road, call me on this."  He handed Constantinos one of the Walkie-Talkies.  If they go in, Tony, you know what to do."

"Nail Them", said Tony.

"Right", said Jimmy.  "Pass out those Weapons."

Tony distributed the Spud Guns and Firecrackers to everyone. 

"OK...There's a big shed blocking the view over here.  Otherwise, stay low and out of sight.  We go in through the front after I take out the Guards, got it ?'  Nick nodded.  "Follow me to Cellblock C....That's probably where they'll be keeping him.  I'll Clear the way as much as possible. Keep your weapon concealed unless you absolutely have to use it.  I need to get to the Master Control Panel and unlock the doors.  When I do, get Damon out, understand ?"

"Sounds like a plan", Nick said. "I'm ready." Tony and Constantinos added assent.

"All Ready ? Good", Jimmy breathed. "Gentlemen...Welcome to Happy Volts Asylum.  Let's move out."
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The boys were in position in their respective trees, Nick in the near tree on the West side by the fence and Jimmy in the tree to the East side.  Both had slid out on branches overhanging the fence.  It was a cloudy day, but as always, Jimmy felt rather exposed in this open spot.  When he had first breached the Asylum, to convince Mr. Galloway to return to the School, he had just dropped out of the tree and snuck in.  But the next time, busting out Johnny Vincent, he had ran into problems....He had to shoot his way out after springing Johnny.  They had escaped through 'B' block, an unused section of the Asylum and the only other door to the place....Through the Morgue and then the Furnace Room.  He had stolen a Scrubs Uniform then along the way, and had to scale still another fence and beat it for the big Main Gate, firing on the Orderly Guards patrolling outside.  He had bought enough time for them to reach the small Entryway Gate beside the large Main Vehicle Gate.  Fortunately, there was a way to unlock that gate from the inside at the small Guardhouse, and they were away and gone before the Orderly Guards could recover.

Since then, Jimmy had made a game of coming back around and sneaking into the Asylum, wearing the Green Scrubs he had swiped from there.  He found he could just walk into the place, unchallenged, as long as he didn't get too close to anyone.  Once inside, he was ignored...Again, as long as he didn't get too close.  It seemed that the right kind of clothes did make the man, after all.....At least at the Happy Volts Asylum.  Over the Summer, he had snuck in lots of times, and pretty much knew every nook an cranny of the place.  He had particularly checked out the Morgue at his leisure.  They had probably laid out Edgar and Gary there, before they shipped them off to be planted in their respective graveyards, as this was the only Morgue in the Bullworth Towns, as far as he knew.

Jimmy snapped out of his reminiscing as he saw an Orderly Guard emerging from underneath the overhang by the Front Entrance Doors. That would probably be....Gregory.  Over time, Jimmy had learned all their names, even though he rarely spoke to them.  Well, today, they would be going down.  Jimmy raised his weapon and took careful aim...... 


"OH !! MY BOYS !!!", Gregory screamed as the spud hit him in the nuts. He doubled over and fell on the ground.  Jimmy aimed another shot.....


"GAWW...SHIT !!!".....That shot caught him on the shoulder and spun him around right as he started to get up.  Jimmy re-adjusted and took careful aim again.....


"GLURK...!!"......That shot hit the Orderly Guard in the head, and he went down in a heap.  Jimmy waited.  Soon enough, he spotted another Orderly Guard running towards the entryway.  Was that Theo ?  No matter, Jimmy thought.  He had heard the cries of Gregory, and had come on the run to investigate.  Jimmy took aim.....


"OH....MY BOYS !!!", Theo yelled.  Jeepers, don't these guys know any other things to yell when the get shot in the nuts ?  Apparently not, Jimmy thought, as he prepared his next shots.  Time to get this over with.....

PWTHEWPWTHEW ! SPLAT !!!!  SPLAT !!!!......The two shots in quick succession finished off the other Orderly Guard, who also went down for the count.  Jimmy hopped down from the tree, and whistled for Nick to do likewise.  As he did so, Jimmy saw Tony climbing the tree, as per plan.  Jimmy waved Nick over, and together they advanced on the Front Door.
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Once inside, the boys faced a set of double doors.  Jimmy pulled Nick close.

"Look, I'm your prisoner, see ?" Jimmy put his hands behind his back.  "Lead me in, kinda rough, and if anybody see us, that's what you tell them."

"Gotcha", Nick said, as he led Jimmy through the double doors into Block 'A'.  For effect, he grabbed Jimmy by the collar as they went.  Down through the corridors it was strangely quiet.

"Must be having shower time with the Inmates", Jimmy said. "That's luck."  The boys continued down to the end of Block 'A', where there was another set of double doors.  Through that, was still another set.  "That'll be the 'Rec Room'....There's at least three Orderlies here each shift.  Bet there is at least 2 in here....Get ready....Showtime."

They pushed through the other set of double doors, and walked unhurriedly towards the far end of the room.  There, sitting on the couch, was two other orderlies...Matt and Charlie, Jimmy thought....They were occupied with watching a TV at the far end of the room.

"Block 'C' to the right", whispered Jimmy, and Nick led him there.  Just when they had almost reached the double doors to Block 'C', a voice spoke up.

"Hey, where are you going ?"  It was one of the Orderlies.

"Prisoner here !", said Nick, and kept on walking, pushing Jimmy roughly ahead of him through the double doors.  Ahead of them lay a final set of double doors. 

Jimmy said, very low, "The Cells here are controlled by a Master Lock System.  Let's find Damon, and then do a bit of trickery on the guy at the controls."

They pealed off down the corridor, looking in each cell through the little windows.  Finally, Nick spotted him, in Cell 4.  "There he is", Nick whispered.

"Good....Now take me to the Control Room Gate. It's at the end of the Cellblock", Jimmy said.

Nick pushed Jimmy ahead just like a prisoner, and around the corner they came to a long window covered with heavy mesh wire. A locked door stood beside it.  Behind the mesh was a room with a bunch of file cabinets, a long table, and a Control Panel.