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Resolutions / Hey how do I close my account?
« on: December 04, 2012, 10:02:17 PM »
How do I close my bully board account?  :'(

I always wanted characters to spawn with weapons in hand like the fire extinguisher or other weapons the character holds. How do I make the character hold the weapon but not drop it like in The Tenements? When a character gets the Uppercut from Jimmy or any upper attack from a character they drop the item their holding. Is it possible to change this and have the character spawn with the weapon and not drop it?

Bully 1 Discussion / Bully Music Comparison and Originality
« on: October 27, 2012, 01:41:55 AM »
Tom Petty- Guitar Boogie Shuffle 1999 Hamburg FightingJohnnyVincent02 Shawn Lee is awesome for doing this soundtrack and mixing it. I couldn't believe all the similarities in the soundtrack but the ending belongs to the bike ride sequence.
THE VENTURES - GUITAR BOOGIE SHUFFLE - 1999 alt. edit This is the other version.
Christmas Soundtrack for bully lol.
THE VENTURES - Jingle Bells
The Tenements Surf Riders - Pipeline (The Ventures) - Instrumental 60's Surf Music
The Cramps - Human Fly
BULLY music comparison

Bully 2 Discussion / Bully 2 - My Ideas
« on: September 09, 2012, 01:42:58 PM »
Okay I have a lot of ideas for Bully 2 and allot of mine are all great.
My mission idea's.
Chapter 1 - New Beginnings,New Rivalries
Mission 1 - Jimmy is a sophomore in bullworth academy. He is seen biking around bullworth town to deliver food items.
Scenery of the town is being shown.
The Mechanics a new clique I recently made stops him.
Edan: That's a nice bike you got their custom made?
Jimmy: Yeah I won it when I became champion of the bullworth town races.
Edan: Oh well can I test it out?
Jimmy: I don't think that is a good idea.
One of their clique members bust Jimmy in the head with a wrench and they roll out taking the bike with them.
Jimmy is on the ground.
Jimmy:Hey give me that back!
5 - Laughing
-Raining Sequence Starts-
Jimmy run's and get's on a bike.
-Music Sequence-
-Jimmy is chasing-
-Time Started-
-Jimmy is chasing Edan,Baron,Trevon, and Leo-
Jimmy get's up and goes to the bike store to borrow a bike from the store owner. The mission starts when he get's on the bike. He chases one of the clique members to the junkyard area and you have to throw eggs and stink bombs at him to slow them down.
-Jimmy get's to junkyard-
Jimmy: Give the bike back you losers!
Edan: I don't think that is happening any time soon!
Edan: Alright boy's let's give this kid a taste of a fixin!
Jimmy get's to the junk yard circle and notices the guy who stole his bike and demands he gives it back. Edan say's no and Jimmy has to fight to get his bike back. The Junk Yard area's scenery is different. The mechanics race around in circles on bikes hitting him with poles and wrenches. He uses his sling shot and other items to knock them off.
-Music Sequence High Starts-
-AI racing in circles-
Their are only 5 members in this sequence the leader is not present. He knocks 4 players out and he has one more to deal with. Edan get's off Jimmy's bike and fights him 1 on 1. He is wielding a drive click stop torque wrench as a weapon and has 10 moves in his move set.
Edan: Comeon kid let's fight!
Jimmy: Your'e dead loser!
Edan: I'm gonna brake that exhaustion to pieces!
He knocks him out and races back to the market.
-Time Sequence Starts-
-Music Sequence Starts-
Their are two options to finishing this mission if he is not their on time he loses the job and if he makes it he's good. Also Ms.Philips soundtrack is playing or something similar. In the first cut-scene the main theme for welcome to bullworth is playing or something similar this will make a great first mission if I made it. For the character's mini boss sequence the Bike Day sound play's.
Mission 2 - A Fixin For Revenge
Todd: So you guy's tried to get that nice model and failed!
Edan: He was tough we couldn't get it damn!
Todd: Alright will have to find a new way to get some new body parts how about those Greasers.
Edan: Sounds good let's steal some parts from them!
Jack: Are you guys sure that is a good idea knowing that guy Johnny is a psycho!
Todd: If he wants a fight he can get one!
Edan: Well let's get ready to go!
Scene 2
Johnny: You sayin that these mechanics steal body parts!
Johnny: No one ain't going to be takin anything from us!
Jimmy: Trust me Johnny these guys are pretty tough they have wrenches.
Johnny: If it's a body part they want their not gettin it!
-The Mechanics Arrive-
Alex: Well let's get to takin I see some nice parts here in this Auto Shop!
Edan: I'll take this one here.
Edan: Trevon keep watch and make sure no one is here.
Trevon: Alright i'll guard the door.
Johnny: Well well well look at what we got here.
Edan: Where'd you come from?!?
Johnny: I was in the car the whole time! What the hell do you think your doin to are model bikes!
Edan: Just a little remodelin haha!
Jimmy: Alright Johnny i'm here let's get these guys!
Edan: Trevon,Alex get these guys now! Hurry I am still tryin to take it apart!
Trevon: Prepare to get screwed!
Alex: That motor seems like it needs a good bufferin!
-Fight Sequence Starts-
-Jimmy and Johnny knock out Alex and Trevon-
-Edan is riding away with 3 clique members-
-Jimmy and Johnny get to the forest of bullworth-
Edan: Alright Baron and Emily cut em off!
Emily: This is gonna be to easy!
Jimmy: This isn't going to be easy!
Johnny: Sure as hell it is where gonna tear em apart!
-Fight Sequence Starts-
-Jimmy and Johnny use slingshots against The Mechanics-
-The Mechanics Set up a defense-
-They Use a super slingshot cannon with a wooden defense-
-Jimmy and Johnny knockout Emily and Baron-
-Jimmy and Johnny brake the defense and keeps following Edan-
Leo only one of the biggest Mechanics cuts them off. Leo is angry because they just knocked out his brother and sister with Slingshots.
Leo picks up Jimmy off of his bike and throws him.
Leo grabs Johnny but he does a Melee kick on him that initiates a mini boss fight with Leo-
Leo uses his fist rather than his wrench at times and he studied mixed martial arts.
Leo has 20 combo's in his move set that consists of Grappling and different Melee and running combo's like Russell but his are more stronger and he wears a metal plate on his head like The Juggernaut.
When Leo's health and stamina is at yellow he pulls out his wrench and starts spinning it in a circle he only has 6 moves with the wrench that is scripted to be right after the health hits yellow.
-Jimmy and Johnny beat Leo and Edan gets away with a brand new bike-
I will post more soon but tell me what you think. 


Bully 1 Discussion / Dishonorable Fight Mission
« on: August 29, 2012, 12:24:39 AM »
I think that in Derby's fight mission he is somewhat weaker during this boss fight. He talks about getting a drink before the fight so their might be reason behind this, Derby is actually drunk during this fight. His hidden action node during this boss fight is Bottle Throw so he is possibly drunk. You can grab him and knee drop him. During the last fight he is very strong. Johnny is weaker also because he fights many people in the last fight. Their unique stats are 500% normally.

Bully 1 Discussion / Create your own game character.
« on: August 23, 2012, 02:07:40 AM »
I am starting a topic on creating your own game character not just with a story and a name but actual stats and clothes the character would wear. You can also  create your own fighting style and strafe type. I am not talking about any clique in game either create your own clique name and character you can list up to nine or one your choice.
My Character
Character Description
400% Health and he has Russell's unique stats in his bracket.
Todd Tempest
Hair - Curly Fro - Winter - Head - Black Skully
Hair Color - Black
Ethnicity - Black
Build - Large - Muscular, about the size of Ted.
Shirt - White School Shirt - Winter - Black Hooded Jacket
Left Arm - Black Digital Watch
Legs -School Slacks
Feet - Skate Shoes - Black
Fighting Style - GS_Todd - Moves - Boss_Darby and P_Bif mix with faster evades and Chad/Bryce stance, he also has grapple attacks just a knee and punch to the face.
Story - He is a freshman at bullowrth academy and just enrolled in the fall. He is cool and outgoing and is from new coventry. He usually spends time with the greasers allot but doesn't follow with what they wear. He is good friends with Peanut and Norton. He is from the lower class status and is also bullied by the preps mainly but by other cliques to. The greasers aid him whenever he is in a fight and he has 100% respect with them. He thinks about joining the football team or wrestling as he states he has built for it. He doesn't fight as often as normal students but will fight if provoked. He is aggressive and has anger problems. He wants to get a scholarship and become a ceo of a vehicle creating company.

Requests Archive / Bully SE : Skins
« on: July 03, 2012, 10:50:37 AM »
Hey any skin request can be done by me I will send you the file and i'll make sure it works. Just tell me if you want the fighting style or Jimmy's normal style your choice. I will leave instructions and post if it doesn't work.
1.Download Imgtool
2.Remove the world.img and world.dir from your stream folder and make a new folder on your desktop.(AFTER YOUR DONE PUT THE WORLD.IMG AND .DIR BACK IN THE STREAM FOLDER)
3.Open your world.img with imgtool and make sure the .dir is their with it or it will crash!
4.Go to the ninja outfit and delete all the red ninja nif's and nft's
5.Add the ones I gave you!
6.Switch to the ninja outfit and your character should have the height and stat of that character.


Alpha / Beta Bully / Bully Beta Shoveling Job's
« on: June 04, 2012, 04:47:41 PM »
I was reading the post of Chuck and Algie, their are actual beta qoutes for shoveling job's. I will try and post them tonight. One I know which Peanut stated is that who told you, you can shovel on are turf! Job's were allowed and their is a plow to. I don't know if these are still in the data files but they were their. If someome could look into this a little bit more. I wonder why they removed shoveling? I think they maybe removed it to replace it with mowing the lawn.

Modding Questions/Help Archives / Hiring
« on: May 15, 2012, 05:10:10 PM »
I need help hiring more than 1 clique member for my video's is their a way to do this I want to hire Vance and Wade for a video of mine thanks if you guys knew.

Mod Showroom Archives / My Projects*(Updated)*
« on: January 16, 2012, 01:30:30 PM »
Bully SE : Triple Threat
Bully SE : 2 on 2's
Bully SE : Remant's
Bully SE : 1 on 1's
Bully SE : Battle Royal's
Bully SE : 6 New Episode Video's
Bully SE : Custom Character Spawning
Bully SE : The Bullies VS The Nerds (Movie)
Lot's more coming as soon as I get a new laptop.

Requests Archive / Can someone make some new characters for me.
« on: December 12, 2011, 10:51:04 AM »
I need 10 new characters for my Adventures of Davis and Wade. If anyone has the time thanks I can post what they wear but I cant post exactly what they look like. I know you cant send the whole damn world.img file its almost impossible. I just need the files someone modded in a folder. Thanks a bunch if anyone could do it for me. Also I don't have a computer to do this on and I don't have the time I would do it myself I don't know how to do it though.

Bully Modding Archives / Character Selector Mod(For Madman and Steman)
« on: November 29, 2011, 10:09:31 PM »
Well good thing I finally figured out NTAuthority's mod. Just like Madman and Steman the mod they created which is the betting mod which required a menu. NTAuthority used a character selector trainer menu which like the original trainer is behind the game files. He made a ped list and used it for his mod. It's kind of hard to create a trainer like this because it could have odd glitches. Besides that creating a full list for peds can be some but the thing is their height it could cause weird disordered characters but it could work. I'll post steps if you guys knew this already then great or but if not check it out  I have no computer to do this on so when you guys have time you could create it.
1.Create a list of peds.
2.Create a trainer.
3.Attach with Bullies script.
Also this can be done with interiors too since don't really care about characters or whatever junk I will try to create a mod like this when it's done I'll release.

Bully Modding Archives / Changing Interiors
« on: November 29, 2011, 01:36:58 PM »
If you haven't tried this yet then try it :D. In my early modding days I was figuring out how to spawn characters in interiors and came up with a funny method. If you change any interiors name or ped with the school it will spawn the school with no doors and you will be able to walk into any room or class room it is fun but you won't be able to exit the school. I think this is an interior glitch idk why this happens maybe someone can help me. I think that if you change the interiors name to something like the tenements it might work. I know I am sounding confusing or simple but I'll post a tut soon.

Mod Releases Archive / More Characters At Once
« on: November 23, 2011, 03:23:03 PM »
To make many characters spawn at once you must
1.Change the characters spawn mumber to 00 00 00 00 and it should spawn more than one.
2.Change every character in there faction to PRAPPY,NARDS,GREASARS, and DROPOATS.
3.Change the characters style to whatever you want.
4.Change them to grappler's
Now you have clones like gman123's mod or insanity's Derby clones.
You won't be able to spawn other clique characters.
This is only for the people that don't know please no Hypeness :D.

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