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Author Topic: My creepy experience in bully | "Hi, I'm Sheldon!"  (Read 7606 times)

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My creepy experience in bully | "Hi, I'm Sheldon!"
« on: October 26, 2020, 08:26:32 PM »
My name is Marcus, and I’ve been a fan of Rockstar Games for as long as I can remember. Their game Bully has always been one of my favorites. I had gotten back into Bully a few months ago and played the game for multiple hours a day, I did the usual, I beat the Bullies, then the Preps, the Greasers, you guys know the rest. I had spent a lot of time getting all the collectibles, it was tough as hell, but I eventually beat the game to 100% completion with no help or guides. Not really knowing what to do next, I started exploring around the map. I searched for areas that players don’t usually return to such as the Happy Volts Asylum, the Chem-O Plant, and Harrington House, I entered the locations, but I almost forgot about one specific location. That one being the creepy ass basement of the school. I went through it, I was about to get to The Hole where you fight Russell but then I heard what sounded like an npc conversing. I couldn’t quite make it out, so I walked closer. I then heard 3 words I’ll never forget: “Hi, I’m Sheldon!” I approached The Hole to see him, he was acting as he would in the school halls. I went up to interact with him. I tried to greet him, but I could only use the bad interactions. I used a bad interaction, pushing him, but I immediately regretted it when I had gotten put into a continuous knockout loop. I restarted my Xbox and I loaded back in. everything seemed to be normal, so I just continued roaming around, doing my usual shenanigans. I wanted to get to Blue Skies, so I got on my skateboard and grabbed onto the back of a car. I had finally gotten there, but when I let go of the car I saw what seemed to be Sheldon driving the car. I had convinced myself I was seeing things, so I just moved on. I started beating up some of the Townies for fun, the cops saw what I was doing, and started chasing me. They had eventually caught up to me and I had been arrested. I got taken to jail, and decided to go to the dorm room to save. I started beating up some of the people in the dorm room and shoved one into a trashcan. I went outside after I beat up everyone, and started beating up more people. A prefect saw me and started chasing me, so I ran into the dorm room knowing they couldn’t go inside there. Somehow they managed to get inside of it, and I got busted. I had gotten taken to Dr. Crabblesnitch’s office. I had to mow the huge ass football field, but I finally managed to do it. When I had been let free from my cruel and inhumane punishment, I kept walking around. I forced myself not to get into any predicaments so I didn’t kill myself when I had to mow the whole damn field again. I was walking around, kissed a few of my ladies, minding my own business, but then I saw my boyfriend Trent, he was in a fight with Sheldon. My jaw dropped to the fucking floor when I saw that Sheldon won. He looked at me, and I almost shat myself on the spot. What I saw was so incredibly horrifying, He had super detailed blood stains all across his school uniform. I immediately got out my skateboard and started mashing the fuck out of my A button. I got into the dorm and saved as fast as I could. Seeing what Sheldon had done, I turned off the Xbox and told myself I would play tomorrow. It was getting pretty late and I was tired anyways, so I went to bed. When I woke up, I turned on my TV to see that the Xbox was on and was already loaded in Bully. “I swore I had turned it off, why was it still on?”, I asked myself. I shrugged it off, and left my dorm room. An announcement came on the intercom, Miss Danvers said that Trent was found dead in the parking lot. I had started to freak out. I went outside of the dorm to see if anything was different, at first, nothing seemed off, just npcs acting normal. I went to where I had seen Trent get murdered by Sheldon. I saw all the bullies together crying. And then I faintly heard the 3 words again. “Hi, I’m Sheldon!”. A little bit of piss left my tip right then and there. My first instinct was to turn around. THE END!