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Can anyone do a mobile bully respect mod?

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on: January 09, 2019, 07:59:14 PM
The mods on mobile r limited so i was just wondering if daboss and deadpoolxyz (or anyone else) could make a port of the faction selector mod for mobile. It still works on mobile but the mod menu doesnt show up. Thats not really a big thing... im not asking for a mod menu. You know how in the mod when u open the game up you get a random character from only three cliques and the respect u have would be the respect of that clique. So far when u open the mod up there are only five cliques u get, greasers, preppies, nerds, jocks and townies. I would really like it if someone would add the bullies and non cliques... or maybe even cops, prefects, teachers and adults

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