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Bully Storyline REWRITTEN Part I

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on: September 06, 2016, 05:08:56 PM
Hi everyone, my names is Dante and I am going to be rewriting Bully's storyline. I love this game, but the plot is a little bit too rushed. So, here we go

CHAPTER I: The Arrival

In the regular game, you work your way through Bullies and you also do a few missions with Gary and Pete before the swerve at the end. Lets not do that lol. In the begginning, for this entire chapter, all we are doing are missions with Gary and Pete, separately and together. I should mention that in my Bully, every chapter has 10 main and 15 side missions, so keep that in mind. I would keep The Halloween and Big Prank here, but both of them would be longer with more pranks and comedy.  We are keeping Hobo's mission and This Is Your School since those are introductory, but we are taking Save Bucky, Candidate, That Bitch, Save Algie and Help Gary out, since most of those are related to Nerds and Bullies. Overall, this chapter would introduce you to the school, the cliques and the activities, while also establishing your friendship with Pete and Gary. The final mission would actually be the Halloween, where for the first time you bump into The Bullies and Russell knocks you out. Time wise, this chapter is a month long.


1. Welcome To Bullworth
2. This Is Your School
3. Love At First Sight (this is the errand mission for Pete, but it would be longer and also involving you flirting with Eunice again so Pete can talk to Beatrice in peace)
4. Feel The Spirit (an introductory mission to bullying with Gary, where you two would pick on three random losers in school. The objective is to embarrass that person as much as you can until they retaliate against you, so you can beat them up)
5. A Little Help
6. Petey In Needey ( Bucky is pissed off you have been hitting on Beatrice, so its up to you to embarass him in front of Dr.Wtatts)
7. Trouble Maker ( Gary, being the prick he is, gives you 5 tasks to see if you are as tough as the rumors are saying. Basically, you would pull the fire alarm, punch a prefect, ditch class, smoke outside ( yes that is a thing in my world), until you finally get caught and punished. Basically, introduction to detention and truancy)
8. Fight Club ( Gary and Pete welcome you to The Hole. In this mission, you either have the option to bet on someone or particpate yourself. Entirely up to you)
9. Big Prank ( I would add a part where you, Gary and Pete would sneak into the school to steal awesome costumes from Miss Peters hall. Then, the mission stays the same)
10. Halloween ( same, but longer with 10 pranks. In this mission, you would prank 1 member of each faction plus 3 Non Clique people. Mission ends with The Squad getting back to the dorm, where Russell is bullying Pedro. Boss fight happens where Russell obliterates you. It would be programmed so you can't really do anything to him. Pete and Gary help you get back up, and warn you who you just messed with. Jimmy, who up to this point didn't want to take over the school would change his mind and say " It's time Bullworth meets Jimmy Hopkins". And that is how Chapter I would end).

Thoughts?  :confused: :)

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Reply #1 on: September 07, 2016, 11:26:31 PM
Bully is indeed, a little bit too rushed
It would be great if there are some missions for the Non-Clique
The plot & mission for the bullies & townies is rather lacking too