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on: August 16, 2015, 05:38:21 AM
Hey guys, so after i completed Bully i was a little sad, because i really wanted some more of that kick-ass school time fun that kinda grew on me during my experience at Bullworth. So to release all my emotions i typed up a little Bully fanfiction on what i think happens next, i just completed it now but before i wanted to post it anywhere else, i decided to see what all the awesome people at the Bully-Board community would think of my work. I accept any type of criticism, don't be afraid to tell me the truth, there's no need to honey-coat or butter up anything. I just want to know what you think of it, any ways, here it is. Enjoy!

“This is it.” Jimmy Hopkins, age 15, said with a smile.

Loud cheers were heard from the crowd surrounding the auditorium inside Bullworth Academy,  most of the cries were from parents yelling stuff such as “Great job son!” or “Maybe you’re not so useless after all!” But no one was happier than Jimmy Hopkins, even he didn’t understand why he was so happy, maybe it was because he shared one too many drinks with Mr. Galloway. Suddenly, Zoey came running towards him, “Jimmy it’s your turn to make a speech!” she said giving him a quick kiss on the lips only to be disgusted by his foul breath which reeked of alcohol. Jimmy wobbled onto the stage where the microphone is, needing help from two jocks.

 “I would...” Jimmy paused as he let out a large burp, “Whoa, excuse me, anyway i would like to thank everyone here for coming tonight.” Jimmy took another pause, this time not to burp but to reveal the big moment to everyone’s parents, “And i have to say, i have to thank all of you parents the most, your children are certainly the best minions I’ve ever had!”  Jimmy smiled menacingly as some of the parents were confused and some of them were angered while their children stood there and looked ashamed. “That’s right, i took over this dump, beat the bullies, mauled the preppies, destroyed the greaseballs, made the nerds wet themselves and demolished the jocks, your morons...or children as you like to call them, are my morons now!” Lots of parents were now angered and were prepared to run up there and give Jimmy a real good “nose cleaning” as The Principal, Crabblesnitch would say. Speaking of which, Crabblesnitch quickly pulled Jimmy out from the stage making him drop his graduation hat, “Boy, did you go through Mr.Galloway’s alcohol again?” Crabblesnitch whispered to him, “Maybe a little.” He replied with a small hiccup. Pete Kowalski quickly pulled him away and out the door before the parents could get past the prefects blocking their way. “That was fun” Jimmy said with another hiccup and a smile as Pete shook his head and sighed.

>>>>>Outside Bullworth’s Gate<<<<<

“Well Jim, you did it, you took over the school, graduated from it, and made a speech that absolutely pissed of everyone’s parents.” Pete said while having one of Jimmy’s arms around his shoulder, “Heh, hell yeah i did” Jimmy said, finally starting to sober up and started to walk by himself now.  “You know, as much as a dump that this place was, i think im gonna miss it a little bit.” Jimmy said, with Pete nodding in agreement, “Yeah, but after surviving for so long at that school, there are literally no other schools that could be a more phase me now.” Pete said, as suddenly a car drove by and slowed down next to the two boys. “Jimmy, darling!” A woman with a hoarse voice said as she pulled Jimmy in to the windows and hugged him tightly. “Mom?!?!” Jimmy yelled in shock at the sight of his mother who was supposed to be on a honeymoon. “What are you doing here?” Jimmy questioned as he pulled himself away from his mother’s tight grip. “Visiting my son on his graduation day of course!” She said as she pulled the certificate out of Jimmy’s hand and read it, “I’m so proud of you! So where is the ceremony being held?” She asked, “Uhh, Mrs. Hopkins, the ceremony was over three hours ago” Pete said, which she only finally realized even though the time was 1 A.M in the morning.  “Anyways, Where’s that fa-, i mean where’s my...step-dad?” Jimmy asked, “Oh that fatass? I dumped him after i saw him enjoying himself with the maid” His mother said, “But that’s not important, did Crabblesnitch tell you the news?” She asked in excitement. “No, what news?” Jimmy asked scratching his head. “Crabblesnitch is turning this school into a college!” She said and hugged Jimmy again. “Wait, What?!?!” Jimmy said as he released himself from her grip again, “and do you expect me to come back here and go to college?” He questioned. “Why not? Crabblesnitch and other teachers tell me that you’ve been such a heavenly boy, so maybe you won’t be expelled from as many colleges like when you were expelled from so many schools” She replied, Jimmy opened his mouth to respond, but paused and instead smiled, “You know, that sounds like a good idea.” He said. “Great! Crabblesnitch already gave me all your suitcases and things and i bought a house in Liberty City where we’ll stay until Crabblesnitch will be done re-building” She said as Jimmy got into the car, “How long is it gonna take” Jimmy asked, “He told me it’ll be atleast one year, and you, are you coming along?” She said as she turned to Pete, “What? Why do you want him to come along?” Jimmy asked, “Aren’t you two..together?” She asked. “What?! No! Just, drive!” Jimmy said as he waved to Pete, “Cya Pete, i’ll miss ya.”  Pete then waved back, “Yeah, me too.” Pete said as the car drove away and Jim got his final glance of Bullworth before they left for Liberty City.

>>>>>Hopkins Residence, Liberty City<<<<<

“Whoa, This is where you’ve been staying all this while?” Jimmy said as he put down his bags and looked over the house, the living room was gigantic with a flat screen TV, a recliner, and couch that could be adjusted into a bed, the kitchen was also spectacular, but it appeared nobody had ever used anything in here, obviously since his mother couldn’t even cook and always ordered take-out. “Yeah, i stole that fat bastard’s key and kicked him outta’ the house.” Jimmy’s mom said as she turned on the TV and kicked her heels up on the table. “ Why don’t you go explore? Before i caught him cheating on me he told me that he used to have a son who had all kinds of video games and posters and what-not’s, just don’t go into my room.” She said as she kept changing the channel, trying to find something entertaining, “Alright!” Jimmy yelled in excitement as he ran up the stairs and bolted into the first room he saw, only to have completely regretted that decision. “What the hell?!?!”  Jimmy yelled, flabbergasted at the sight, all around the area was cardboard cut-outs of muscle-y men and hunks, as well as posters.

Jimmy quickly slammed the door shut after he walked out, now understanding why his mother didn’t want him going into her room. There were two other doors, one of them was giving out a terrible smell, which he assumed was the bathroom, so he covered his nose and entered the other room. “Now this is what I’m talking about!” Jimmy said as he looked all around the room, all kinds of video games systems including a PS4, Tony Hawk pictures and all sorts of other cool stuff filled the room, it was basically every 15 year old boy’s dream room. He couldn't wait to check out all the other cool stuff was in room but he checked his watch, 11:36 P.M, “I think i’ll get to bed instead, i have the rest of the holidays to enjoy myself” Jimmy said as he kicked his shoes off, took off his jacket and leaped up onto the bed. “Heh, if i was still in Bullworth i’d be getting chased by prefects for being past curfew.” Jimmy said as he yawned and his eyes shut,  still reminiscing about Bullworth before he finally drifted off to sleep.

Well, there you go, english is not really my first language so sorry if i made a few spelling errors here and there, this is just the first chapter of what im hoping to atleast be a 30-40 chapter story.