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Slight Update About Lack Of Content

Al Arlington · 805

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on: February 21, 2014, 07:04:45 PM

Well, lately I've been having numerous issues with my Windows 7.
It's to the point Windows restarts as soon as I select Windows from my bootloader. No, it isn't a virus. If it was, I'd have it fixed by now. It's probably some corrupt system file or something wrong with my bootloader.

So, for the meantime I'm having to use Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Hackintosh'd (and dual booted) so I don't have all the available features I would have on Windows, at the moment. Things such as sound are a huge part for my quote ripping, obviously.

But, don't Mac's come pre-installed with iMovie or some other movie editor?
That's not the point.
My Bully files were on Windows. I cannot access these files at the moment. Secondly, I'm not on an actual Mac. I'm on a Hackintosh. (Mac OS X on unsupported hardware)
Thirdly, my Hackintosh currently has no sound and has horrible graphics support, I hope to get these fixed soon enough.

You can re-install Windows, right?
No I can't.
I don't have access to any Windows installation discs at the moment. Only reason I have Mac OS installed is because I installed it a few weeks ago

So don't expect too much content from me for the foreseeable future. :/

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Reply #1 on: February 22, 2014, 12:34:15 AM
Well, that bites.  Hopefully you can be back on track soon.  Your section will still be here waiting.