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Author Topic: Mission Topics, Please read before posting  (Read 11749 times)

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Mission Topics, Please read before posting
« on: October 18, 2006, 02:07:59 PM »
I have added every single mission for each chapter in this forum. Obviously these topics are going to contain spoilers so you have been warned before you go and read them.

The rules on spoilers are slightly more relaxed in this forum. When replying to a thread, don't post any information about what happens in the storyline after that certain mission. Just assume that the person who is viewing that certain mission is up to that exact point and no further. For example if someone is asking a question about Panty Raid in Chapter 2 then don't post a reply spoiling what happens in the next mission. If you do need to post some information of that sort then please use the (spoiler tags) or put a 'may include spoilers' in your reply post title.

Another thing, if you dont yet have the game then please don't ask questions about a mission in these topics, go to the Bully Questions forum and ask there, these topics are just for people who have the game and may need help on a particular mission or want to share with others how they completed it.

Any random or off-topic posts made in these threads will be moved or deleted, this is to keep all the information pure and not to clog up threads for users desperate to find information about certain missions.

Thanks for your cooperation guys.