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Bullworth NES Synopsis

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on: February 26, 2011, 06:41:24 AM

Editor's Note -- This thread is wholly dedicated to the Synopsis of the Bullworth Never Ending Story.  In here, you will find an outline of the events that take place during the story.  Use this as a guide to find the location of key story events.  The Outline here will be divided into the separate Chapters, with corresponding page numbers. As the story is close to finished, there will be further adjustments to this section.

Chapter 1 -- The School Bombings.
Chapter 2 -- The Great Clique War.
Chapter 3 -- The Valentine’s Bloodbath.
Chapter 4 -- The Townie Assault.
Chapter 5 -- The Bullworth Redemption.
Chapter 6 -- The Final Showdown.
Chapter 7 -- The Endless Summer.
Chapter 8 -- The Daring Rescue.
Chapter 9 -- The Binding Agreement.
Chapter 10 - The Bullworth Resolution.
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Reply #1 on: February 26, 2011, 06:46:01 AM
Chapter 1 Summary........(Page 1 - Page 11)

Tony arrives at Bullworth.
The Graffiti on the wall.
Tony meets the Bullies.
Jake and Pete introduce themselves.
The mystery boy from the past.
Tony meets Constantinos.
Some questions are answered.
Tony has his first class.
Jake shows Tony the Cliques.
Tony gets a Slingshot, learns how to use it.
Tony nails Mr. Burton in the nose.
Tony tells a little fib to avoid punishment.
Mr. Burton and Tony part ways.
Tony runs into Juri the Jock.
Karen saves Tony from a beating.
Tony goes to Gym class, beats Fatty.
Jake gives Karen the creeps.
Tony and Jake chase the Bull.
Tony goes to English class.
Jake tells Tony he wants to take over the school.
Tony finds Constantinos, punches him and then recruits him.
Jake takes Tony on his first mission.
Algie attempts a blackmail.
Jake opens his ill-gotten gains.
Tony goes to Art class.
The Cafeteria food is a no-no.
Constantinos tells some information.
Tony has an idea for a new plan.
Tony talks with Mr. Galloway.
Kurt interrupts Tony, gets stuffed in a trash can.
Tony tells Constantinos the plan, Kurt plots revenge.
Kurt meets Karen, Tony finds Nerd’s gate.
Kurt threatens Tony, later Tony meets Laurent.
Laurent teaches Tony the Parkour.
Tony beats Kurt, again stuffs him in the trash.
Tony runs his own first mission, hides stash.
Mr. Galloway councils Tony.
Jake becomes suspicious.
Algie again tries blackmail.
Tony needs a code.
Tony has a bad dream.
Karen reveals her feelings.
Kurt captures Tony, beats him.
Tony escapes, knocks over Karen.
Tony gets some Hooks.
Jake tries to run down Tony with Greaser’s car.
Jake wrecks car, escapes Prefects, hides out.
Laurent shows Tony how to Rappel.
Tony and the Preps make a deal.
The Preps buy Tony’s merchandise.
Tony has an Idea, gets flour from Edna.
Numbers discovered, but not the code.
Binoculars find the code.
Tony gets a new hiding place.
Kurt attacks Tony at the Dorm.
Melvin helps out Tony.
Tony gets some tips in Art Class.
Constantinos needs to find Tony.
Tony plays Dodgeball.
Jake in his hidey-hole.
The Nerds have a meeting.
Christy councils Karen.
Constantinous imparts valuable information.
Karen and Tony make up.
Students are allowed to go to town.
Steve teaches Laurent, Tony and Karen go for a ride.
Jake moves to a new hiding place.
Tony and Karen avoid being busted.
Karen tells Tony she knows about the Business.
Laurent gets drunk, Tony meets the Greasers.
Tony receives a Rocker threat.
Kurt leaves the Infirmary, plots revenge, allies with Peanut.
Tony and Karen make love, Jake overhears.
Tony and the Nerds make a deal.
Jake gets Trent to aid in sneak attack.
A Nerd Spud knocks out Jake, Kurt winds up in the trash again.
The Rockers and Greasers attack the Preps.
Jocks attack from behind, Nerds attack from a distance.
The battle winds down, Trent carries Jake to the Dorm.
Laurent teaches Tony how to La Roulade.
Tony gives Kurt the finger.
Jake comes to in Trent’s room, takes pills and leaves.
Kurt threatens Tony once more.
Karen tells Tony to take a rest.
Jake returns to Trent’s room, has him front the operation.
Karen spots Jake and tails him.
Steve and Tony meet, Tony makes a plan.
In Disguise, Tony attacks three Rockers who attacked him.
Kurt hits Tony with a Bottle Rocket.
The Greaser and The Rockers have it out, the Rockers flee.
Karen tells Tony of Jake’s hiding place.
Tony Investigates, steals Jake’s stash and hides it in a new spot.
Tony takes Pinky some new clothes in the Girl’s Dorm.
Karen spots Tony with Pinky’s old skirt, Tony gets busted.
Constantinos is whacked by Kurt with a baseball bat.
Tony sneaks onto the Autoshop roof, spots Trent making Jake’s deals.
Tony fires Spuds at Trent, Russell mashes Peanut and Ricky.
Greasers attack Russell, but are defeated.
Karen finds discarded skirt, beats up Pinky.
Christy councils a beat-up Pinky.
Jake discovers that his stash has been stolen.
Tony needs to find some more Spuds.
Pinky writes in her diary about Tony.
Mr. Neil investigates possible garage break-in.
Tony finds ways off-campus, spots Kurt.
Tony busted by Cops, meets Jimmy in jail.
Released, Tony finds supply of Spuds in school basement.
Kurt saves Lola, gets busted by the Cops for assault on citizen.
Lola bonds Kurt out of jail, makes plans to meet him later.
Kurt and Lola meet secretly at Bike Park, make love.
Tony goes to the Aquaberry Shop, Pinky asks Tony out.
Karen tells Tony to go on a date with Pinky.
Jake Makes plans to move to a new hideout.
Tony meets Pinky for a date at the Carnival.
Karen finds Tony and Pinky behind the Dorm.
Tony sees Karen with Kurt, stuffs Kurt in trash again.
Karen breaks up with Tony, storms off.
Tony hangs Kurt over the Dorm entrance.
Kurt agrees to an uneasy truce with Tony.
Christy councils Karen, Karen makes a decision.
Jake steals timers from the Dragon Wing, plants M-80 bomb on Algie.
Tony has an unsettling nightmare.
Tony beats up Trent and stuffs him in the trash.
Algie has a nut blown off in the explosion, in Clinic for a month.
Jake steals panties from Girl’s Dorm, plants them in Pete’s office.
Pete is suspended from his duties.
Karen plans for revenge on Pinky.
Halloween arrives, Kurt sneaks Lola onto campus.
Students abound the Bullworth campus with their costumes.
Jake plants homemade pipe bombs at seven sites around campus.
Jake tells Trent to keep everyone from entering the Dorm.
Karen bushwacks Pinky and beats her up.
First bomb explodes in the Jock’s Clubhouse, Second bomb explodes in the Gym.
Third bomb explodes in Harrington House, Fourth bomb explodes at the Autoshop.
Fifth bomb explodes in the Library, Sixth bomb explodes inside the Boy’s Dorm.
Tony saves Karen just as Seventh bomb explodes inside the Girl’s Dorm.
All the Cliques battle each other, believing the others to be responsible.
Police cars smash through the gates, halting the Clique battle.
Kurt and Lola take an unconscious Pinky to the Clinic.
Constantinos and Laurent take Tony and Karen to safety.
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Reply #2 on: February 27, 2011, 10:09:42 AM
Chapter 2 Summary........(Page 11 - Page 20)

Tony and Karen at the Chef’s French Restaurant.
A notice from Dr. Crabblesnitch.
Students return to School in the aftermath.
Trent goes to find Zoe, Makes a deal.
The Bullies are ambushed by the Townies.
Trent goes for help, strikes out at Nerd hangout.
Trent tries the Beach House, finds Pinky and Tad.
Trent finds Tony at the French Restaurant, gets Tony to come help.
Kurt watches the Bullies ride by, and Trent return alone.
Pinky and Tad have a talk after Trent’s interruption.
Tibo and Kurt see Trent riding back with Tony.
Trent and Tony arrive too late to help, and are outnumbered.
Tony and Trent return to the Restaurant, Tony has an idea.
Laurant brings the Jocks to the rescue.
Kurt and the Rockers sneak into the back of Zoe’s house, find her being raped.
The Rockers attack the Townies to stop the rape.
Rockers are outnumbered, Jocks arrive and defeat the Townies.
Tony get some chocolates for Officer Williams.
Jake turns up in the high mountains, makes a new plan.
The Clique leaders get some mysterious letters.
Jake goes for a new base of operations at the Carnival.
Zoe plots revenge on Big Darrell the rapist and the Townies who helped him.
Pinky tries to put the make on Tony, Tony plays matchmaker for Officer Williams.
Kurt and the Rockers leave Blue Skies, move to abandoned Movie Theater in Bullworth Town.
Dr. Crabblesnitch gives Tony Pete’s mediator job.
Tony searches for Laurent, talks to a Prefect, gets special status.
Angie and Christy at temporary lodging at the In-And-Out Motel.
Jake gets the Carnival job in the Souvenir Tent.
Campus re-opens to students, Comic store owner arrested for attack on Algie.
The Clique leaders meet on the beach at the invitation of a mysterious stranger.
The Stranger reveals that terrorists are behind the bombings, and proposes a plan.
Tony checks the new repairs around campus.
Trent steals some weapons from the Nerd’s lair.
Zoe and Trent lay the trap for Big Darrell.
Zoe and Trent take down Big Darrell, Zoe blows his nuts off with M-80s.
Dr. Crabblesnitch puts up the Rockers in the old Hattrick Manor.
Zoe and Trent take down Otto and Leon, Trent convinces Zoe to return to Bullworth.
Tony finds Pete waiting in his room, promises to help clear his name.
Jake, the Mysterious Stranger, is open for business at the Carnival under name of Ace Adams.
Mr. Luntz, the school janitor, sees all, hears all, and knows all.
Tony sees Mr. Luntz, and Mr. Luntz tells a story, Tony gets a key.
Tony gets some sleuthing advice from Officer Williams.
Tony checks out Pete’s office, takes some documents, and finds an I.D. card.
Zoe returns to School, Tony tries to make sense of all the evidence and the missing file.
Algie again tries to blackmail Tony and fails.
Tony meets Pete and demands answers about missing file.
Pete relates that the contents reveal the Harrington family’s history with the Mob.
Pete tells Tony that the Harringtons own the school and the towns.
Tony finds that the Harrington file contains very dangerous information.
Pete relates that Jimmy gave him the file before he was arrested.
Pete tells Tony he buried the file in a lockbox at a place where it won’t be found.
Tony finds Trent, asks if Jake talked to him on night of bombings.
Algie plots revenge for attack that blew his nut off at the Dragon’s Wing.
Pete is re-instated as Mediator, asks Tony to be his assistant.
Tony accepts, has Constantinos and Laurent assist him.
Algie makes plans for ‘The Trap Of Love’.
Lola and the Rockers receive some mail.
A little glimpse into Mandy’s past.
Tony, Constantinos, and Laurent go to the bike shop.
Jake hangs around with a drunk Crystal at the Carnival, finds new weapons.
Two new boys, Eddie and Geoff, arrive at Bullworth.
Kurt makes plans against the Preps, first they must obtain weapons.
Lola lures the Bullies into the Hole, where they are trapped.
Algie bushwhacks the Bullies in the Hole.
Kurt buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Tony and his friends go to Steve’s new bike shop.
Trent and Zoe search for the missing Bullies.
Mandy sets up Gloria with Damon.
The Rockers Band are invited to play in the School Auditorium.
The Rockers play a concert, Lola receives new instructions.
Lola lures the Jocks to the Observatory, where they are trapped.
Algie bushwhacks the Jocks at the grounds of the Observatory.
Benny and Tibo create a diversion at the Concert, Kurt slips away.
A fight breaks out in the Auditorium, Eddie tries out his Slingshot.
Kurt snookers the Prefects into going to the Auditorium.
Trent buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Geoff gets beaten up by Norton and Lucky at the Bike Park.
Kurt confronts Dr. Crabblesnitch.
Algie considers his next moves.
Mandy finds the Jocks, Gets help from Laurent and Tony.
The Riot in the Auditorium winds down as Kurt gets what he came for.
Ted buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Derby demands Tony bring him new clothing supplies.
During cleanup of Auditorium, pellets from Air Rifle are discovered.
Lola lures Preps to the old Shower House, where they are trapped.
Algie bushwhacks the Preps inside the old Shower House.
Tony makes a deal with the Greasers for a little back-up.
Derby, Biff, and Pinky meet Tony and Constantinos in Bullworth Vale.
The Greasers arrive and bushwhack Derby and Biff.
Tony escorts an upset Pinky to Harrington Mansion, Lola spots them.
Pinky seduces Tony and they make love.
Tony leaves in the morning with huge feelings of guilt.
The beaten Perps are rescued from the Shower House.
Pete and Tony talk about the bushwhack attacks on the Cliques.
Algie breaks into the Girl’s Dorm and leaves a message for Angie.
A furious Derby plots revenge, Pinky breaks up with Derby.
Derby buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Tony has a conference with the Greasers.
Angie takes a clue to the Nerds from Piff The Skull, with a riddle.
The Nerds decipher the riddle, are led to the Old Bullworth Theater.
Angie and the Nerds enter the back of the Old Theater, and are locked in.
Algie bushwhacks the Nerds on the stage of the Old Bullworth Theater.
Algie releases Angie, then makes his escape from the Old Theater.
Returning to the Dragon’s Wing, Algie has an old score to settle with Lola.
Tony suspects Lola, confers with Peanut, both go looking for Lola.
Lola receives fake message that Townies will vandalize Greaser’s classic car.
Lola tells Greasers of message, Greasers and Lola go to Oil Spill where car is being housed.
Greasers and Lola enter Oil Spill Gas Station where they are trapped.
Algie bushwhacks the Greasers and Lola inside the Oil Spill Gas Station.
Angie brings Cops to rescue Nerds, Tony, Peanut & Constantinos find Angie in Cop car.
Tony escorts Angie back to Girl’s Dorm where she kisses him, Peanut finds Greasers missing.
Greasers are found the next morning, Pete tells Tony and Peanut, Tony suspects the Rockers.
Peanut buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Pinky goes to Carnival alone, spots Peanut leaving and follows him.
Tony finds Lola in the Clinic, Lola tells Tony about ‘Piff the Skull’.
Algie goes to see Melvin in Clinic, Melvin sends Algie to buy weapons.
Tony, Karen, Constantinos and Laurent interview Clique members for clues.
Algie buys weapons from Jake aka Ace Adams, including an Air Rifle.
Tony forces Trent to reveal the truth, Trent tells Tony about Ace Adams.
Donald blames Tony for attacks, Donald hides and attacks Tony with Slingshot.
Tony believes Sheldon attacked him, Tony knocks Sheldon down.
Donald then accuses Tony of harming little kids, Tony is taken to Crabblesnitch.
Tony is given detention duty after Dr. Crabblesnitch refuses to believe his story.
Pete looks over a stolen file, A large winter storm is forecast to be coming to Bullworth.
Tony pays Troy to throw eggs at Prefect Karl, Tony decides to bunk in New Coventry.
Jake sends unsigned challenge notes to all the Cliques in order to incite a riot.
Tony finds Lola at flophouse, Lola asks Tony for help, Lola seduces Tony and they make love.
Rockers return to Hattrick Manor, Tony takes Lola to the French Restaurant to see the Chef.
Tony asks the Chef to take Lola to outside Bus Station, Jake gets ready for the night’s action.
The Chef drives Tony and Lola out of the towns to nearest Bus Station in a rising snowstorm.
Tony bids goodbye to Lola, Lola buys one-way ticket to Detroit to re-unite with Johnny Vincent.
Laurent and Constantinos bring Pete some interesting information.
Jake arrives at the school and takes up vantage spot on Autoshop roof.
Rockers appear armed making their way to the school parking lot.
The Cliques move out at the appointed hour and engage each other in a huge Battle Royale.
Noise of the battle alerts Crabblesnitch and the Prefects, Tony returns in a blizzard.
Floodlights are set up on the balcony, the Cliques continue to fire on each other.
Pete appears and halts the fighting by firing a 357 Magnum in the air.
Tony makes it back to the school, Pete bitches out the Cliques through a Bullhorn.
Algie wrestles Air Rifle from Melvin and takes shots at Tony and his friends.
Pete reveals to all that Algie was the Clique bushwacker, Algie aims rifle at Pete.
Melvin shoots Algie in head with Spud gun, Algie pitches forward knocked out.
Pete forces Cliques to disarm, Pete has Tony to get wheelbarrow for Cliques to dump weapons.
Pete tells Cliques that the ‘Terrorists’ story is a fake and exposes Ace Adams.
Jake attempts to take aim on Pete, Cliques dump all their weapons in wheelbarrow.
Tony, Laurent, and Max take all the weapons to school basement and throw them in the furnace.
Jake shoots Pete in the eye with the Air Rifle, Pete collapses onto pavement gravely wounded.
The rifle recoil makes Jake slide off the roof, Jake falls on dumpster injuring his ankle.
Jake limps around Autoshop, Jake shoots lock off of garage door, steals Mr. Neil’s Go-Kart.
Jake knocks down some Rockers and escapes through the parking lot on the Go-Kart.
Tony reaches Pete. Before he passes out Pete leaves a clue, Faraway bell heralds Christmas.
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Reply #3 on: March 03, 2011, 11:02:15 AM
Chapter 3 Summary........(Page 20 - Page 29)

It’s Christmas at Bullworth, Tony has a plan.
At the Jail, Constantinos pulls some distractions.
Meeting Jimmy Hopkins, Tony gets the cell door open.
Jake hiding out at the In-and-Out Motel.
Decisions are made about Pete and Algie.
Jimmy, Tony, and Constantinos escape to the Police Station roof.
Jimmy, Tony, and Constantinos hide out in the In-and-Out Motel.
Dr. Crabblesnitch is bitched out by Mr. Harrington.
Chief Carcer makes an unexpected call.
Jake spots the trio, Jimmy tells the story of last summer.
Altering Identity, Jake makes a new plan aka Leo Cash.
Tony fills in Jimmy, Jimmy reveals he has a hideout.
The Rockers try to get it together, Kurt makes a plan.
Jake at the bank with the safety-deposit box.
Jimmy and Tony on the rail line, Into the tunnel.
At the cave hideout, Jimmy shows Tony a Wonder Weapon.
The Rockers trespass the Carnival, Ace Adams is long gone.
In the night a Helicopter whisks away Pete, Algie sent to Happy Volts.
Jake rents a house, Jimmy’s stash is still secure, Tony re-gains Mediator job.
Nerds have the upper hand, Tony and Karen at the Jock’s New Year party.
Mr. Luntz returns to Bullworth, A look into the mysterious Mr. Luntz’s past.
New Boy Nick Penty comes to Bullworth, Melvin stuffed into the trash.
Tony makes the Clique rounds, Nick kicks Trent’s ass, Nick and Tony meet.
Nick and Tony play poker, Damon challenges Nick to a Hole Fight.
Nick and Damon fight in the Hole, Nick wins.
The Nerds have a meeting at the Observatory, Nerds have secret weapon.
Damon and Gloria have a night out, Damon is busted and sent to Happy Volts.
Jake plots to obtain necessary supplies from the Dragon’s Wing.
Tony and Jimmy talk about secret files.
Tony agrees to help a distraught Gloria.
Nick arranges a date, Constantinos seeks Nick’s help.
Tony seeks Jimmy’ help, The boys make a rescue plan.
Jimmy takes out the Orderly Guards with some well-placed Spuds.
Nick and Jimmy into the Nuthouse, Damon is rescued, Algie escapes.
Jake plans to stir up trouble, The Gay-Boys are a target.
Townie boys Jerry and Otto get some queer photos.
Compromising pictures on the wall, Jerry leaves a turd.
Cornelius is exposed, Wade gives Cornelius a Swirly.
Trent and Kirby are outed, Bullies and Nerds blame each other.
Jake steals Walkie Talkies for the next phase of his plan.
Algie gets a new identity, goes to the Carnival and gets a job.
Tony builds a wall chart of possible discovery.
Damon thanks Nick, The Jocks accept Nick as one of them.
Karen opens padlocks, Tony shows Karen the chart and other things.
Christy and Pinky discuss Nick and Tony.
Algie starts his new job, Meets Paris the Fat Bearded Woman.
Kurt tells Tibo about his Beach House plan.
Tony and Jimmy review secret files in the cave, Ms. Danvers has plans.
Rockers invade the Beach House, hold Tad and Pinky at Spudpoint.
Kurt beats Tad senseless, Kidnaps a naked Pinky.
Pinky held prisoner, Kurt makes plan to hold her as hostage for weapons.
Tony finds secret balcony door, Takes an interesting picture.
Rockers steal a Go-Kart, Pinky is bagged and transported.
Pinky held by Kurt in Blue Skies, Tibo brings some supplies.
Nick works out on the Football Field with the Jocks.
Tad is rescued, Preps find the Beach House trashed and Pinky missing.
Tony develops an incriminating photo, Hides it away for future use.
Fatty hears Lucky pissing and taking a dump in the urinal.
Mr. Luntz has a hell of a clean-up job to do.
Dr. Crabblesnitch informs all students they now need a ‘Bathroom Pass.’
Norton and Biff in Hole Fight, Derby challenges Nick.
Thad sparks a Nerd-Bully Clique fight in the halls.
Tad comes to and tells of Pinky’s abduction.
Derby seeks council from his Father, Is told to give up weapons in exchange for her release.
Kurt outlines conditions, Preps forced to give over weapons to the Rockers.
Kurt stashes weapons, Returns to Blue Skies to prepare Pinky for release.
Pinky seduces Kurt and they make love.
Kurt escorts Pinky back to Bullworth and sets her free.
Jake sneaks onto campus and plants Walkie Talkies as listening devices.
Derby vows to take over the weapons trade at the school.
Kirby is humiliated in the shower room, Is busted after a naked chase.
Tad has a revelation that he must become more altruistic.
Ray brings Tony some valuable information.
Laurent talks to Nick about his upcoming fight.
Jake listens in, Nerds argue over trading weapons for protection.
Townie boys Jerry and Otto get more queer photos.
More compromising pictures on the wall, Jake plugs things up.
Gord and Vance are outed, Both run and hide themselves away.
Nick prepares to fight Derby at the Glass Jaw Boxing Gym.
Zoe breaks up with Trent over him being a bi-sexual queer.
Nick and Derby fight in the Boxing Ring, Nick wins.
The Bullies kick Trent out of the Clique.
Pinky thinks some late night deep thoughts.
Mandy makes plans to put on the big Valentine’s Party.
Melvin forces Derby to agree to a weapons-for-protection deal.
Jimmy advises Tony to re-arm all of the Cliques.
Algie adjusts to the Carnival Life with Paris.
Rockers return to Hattrick Manor, Pinky moves in with Kurt.
Derby and Biff kick Gord out of the Prep Clique.
Tad released from Clinic, Goes to Spencer Estates and is joined by Parker and Justin.
Trent goes to homeless shelter, Davis and Tom battle for leadership, Jake gets an Idea.
Vance is discovered hiding and is chased to the New Coventry Junkyard by the other Greasers.
Rats drive weaponless Greasers away, Vance escapes to the Tennements.
Gord goes to stay with Tad’s faction of the Preps.
Nick hangs out with the Jocks for a few beers.
Jocks want Kirby out, Ask Mr. Burton to kick him off team.
Mr. Burton tells Ted and Laurent to hide Kirby under the Gym bleachers.
Derby gets the bad news about Pinky, Orders Biff to get her flowers at the Yum-Yum Market.
Tad uses his new karma to have Derby and friends barred from the Yum-Yum Markets.
Tony befriends Ray, Tony takes a break from pressures of mediating.
Jake finds what he’s been looking for at the Wonder Meats Warehouse.
Jake goes to the Bike Park, Forces Norton and Lucky to load up a barrel on his Go-Kart.
Mandy is busy supervising the Valentine’s Party decorations.
The Bullies ask Russell to return to be Clique Leader.
Trouble brews in the Jocks Clique between Ted and the rest over Kirby.
Trent returns to Campus, Russell thinks up scheme to sell drugs for quick cash.
Norton challenges Peanut for leadership of the Greasers, Norton beats Peanut and takes over.
Derby finds out that his faction can buy no flowers from the Yum-Yum Markets.
Pinky talks with Benny, Sees that the place could use some cleanup.
The Bullies make plans to sell the drugs on campus, Bo becomes their first customer.
Tony offers big money for a weapons contract with the Preps.
Tony begins to re-arms the Jocks, Greasers, and Bullies with weapons to archive parity.
Preps discover Bullies selling drugs, Russell refuses drugs-for-protection deal from Preps.
Troy prevents Damon from robbing him of drugs in the boy’s bathroom.
Jake fills up balloons with blood from the barrel he got at Wonder Meats.
Bryce and Chad knock out Troy and Tom and steal their drugs.
Final touches are put in place for the big Valentine’s Party.
Jake transports the blood-filled balloons to the school under cover of darkness.
Jake, Otto, Jerry, Leon, & Duncan hang blood-filled balloons in the Great Hall and Auditorium.
Billy Crane decides to open the Carnival early for Valentine’s Day.
Ray finds out some interesting information from Crystal and tells Tony.
Tony brings Zoe to the hideout cave to re-unite her with Jimmy.
Winkie returns to the Rockers after being away, The Rockers prepare to play at the Party.
Tony takes Karen to the Valentine’s Party & Dance, The school soon fills up with students.
The Rocker Band begins to play in the Auditorium with Pinky and Kurt as lead singers.
Jake approaches the school entrance, Derby jumps on the stage and sucker-punches Kurt.
Jake triggers the transmitter, setting off the incinerary fuses attached to the blood-filled balloons.
The Balloons drop, break, splatter on the students, first in the Auditorium, then in the Great Hall.
Panicked students rush the front doors, Prefects attempt to hold them back, All Hell breaks loose.
Tony & Karen, Nick & Melody flee the Auditorium, Tony has an idea how to stop tha riot.
Tony gets Bullhorn from Dr. Crabblesnitch, Tony and Karen make their way to the third floor.
Jake raises his own Bullhorn and begins speaking in an attempt to take over.
Tony finds a way out to the roof off of the third floor, throws two Volcano 5000s to the ground.
With the fighting stopped, Jake attempts to address crowd again, Jake’s Bullhorn fails.
Tony addresses students with his Bullhorn, reveals to them that they have been tricked.
An Enraged Jake shoots Tony with his Air Rifle, Tony loses balance and falls off roof.
Ray saves Tony from certain death by attempting to catch him as he falls.
Nick spots Jake as the shooter and sics the other students on him, Jake flees.
Jake collides with Trent on his way out, Jake shoots down Trent with Spud Gun.
Jake escapes in the Go-Kart, Approaching Cops give chase, Jake eludes and outruns them.
Friends gather around an Injured Tony and seriously Injured Ray as order is restored.
Tony realizes Jake was responsible as Karen cradles his head and he passes out. 
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Reply #4 on: March 03, 2011, 11:17:09 AM
Chapter 4 Summary.......(Page 29 - Page 37)

Tom & Troy rob ‘Rocket In My Pocket’ store and get away with it.
Rockers recover, Tony wakes up in clinic after falling off roof. Is in Clinic for 2 weeks.
Ray is seriously injured, will be in clinic for two months.
Melvin and Fatty talk about how weapons have been both good and evil.
Bullies hide newly acquired weapons on path between Library and Harrington House.
Peanut wins a slingshot duel with Wade in the School Foyer.
Laurent & Constantinos take over Tony’s office until he returns.
Mandy and Ted get back together after a year apart.
Zoe comes to Clinic, reveals to Karen about Jimmy, agrees to help Tony and Karen.
Vance goes to live in a hidden cave on Pirate Island.
Bif starts wooing Christy, Promises to make her the new Bullworth Queen.
Peanut fights with Davis and Tom, Norton gets knocked out by errant Spud.
Norton cons Damon into bringing Jocks to fight against Bullies without Ted’s knowledge.
Mr. Luntz returns from New York, The Mafia wars have begun.
Jake talks to Jerry and Duncan about setting up a meeting with the Townies Leader.
Christie and Pinky start having weekly meetings at Shinjo’s.
Greasers and Jocks fight the Bullies in Parking Lot, Melody is hit in guts by errant Spud.
Nick leaps onto Russell, uses him as springboard to smash Norton to the ground.
Prefects break up fight, Norton challenges Nick to fight in the Hole.
Nick and Norton fight in the Hole, Nick wins.
Peanut takes back over the Greasers, demotes Norton.
Ted threatens Jocks with loss of scholarships because of the fight, demotes Damon.
Russell demands Trent be brought back into Clique.
Trent talks to Tony in Clinic, tell all he knows about Jake.
Derby finds out All flowers and candy stocks are gone, bought up by Tad’s faction.
Bif reveals his real plan for making Christy his Girlfriend.
Omar, leader of the Townies, agrees to meet with Jake aka Leo Cash.
Trent re-joins Bullies, The Bullies attack Nerds at Library.
Trent makes Bullies move hidden weapons to a spot behind Dorm where Jake once hid.
Nerds find book in Library authored by Edward the Prefect about weapons at Bullworth.
Picture in book shows defensive Shield, Nerds decide to steal it from Preps.
Bullies attack Corneluis, beat him and steal Edward’s book from him.
Melvin, Fatty, and Cornelius enter Harrington House armed, Knock out Derby, steal shield.
Tony is released from Clinic wearing a sling because of healing injury where Jake shot him.
Tony gets Nick to challenge Russell to hole fight to stop the Bullies drug trade.
Nick and Russell fight in the Hole, Nick wins.
Russell agrees to stop selling drugs on Campus.
Bullies attack Preps at Harrington House in sneak attack, steal second Shield.
Bullies stash second Shield under Dorm. Both Bullies and Nerds are unaware there are 2 Shields.
Perfects find out about missing Shields, search Dorm but can’t find them.
Benny fixes old wideband radio, he can pick up transmissions from Jake’s hidden Walkie Talkies.
Bullies sell drugs at In-and-Out Motel to Jimmy, without recognizing him.
Tony tries to play catch with Fatty with bad results.
Algie spots Jake aka Ace Adams off carnival grounds and follows him.
Jake has meeting with Omar & Townies, they agree to help him attack Bullworth for $3 Grand.
Jake discovers Algie following him and knocks him off bike.
Algie pleads for weapons, Jake aka Leo Cash agrees to sell him some.
Derby seems to give in, has Biff the Preps to re-unite.
Nick beats up Trent for bullying Pedro.
Christy had big date with Bif, at the end they make love.
Lance Jackson, recovering from injuries from getting beaten by the Punks, returns to Bullworth.
Pinky invites Christy to the Hattrick Manor.
Nick begins training Pedro to defend himself at the Hobo Yard.
Jake sells weapons to Algie, recruits him to join attack on school with him & the Townies.
Christy meets Winkie at Hattrick house, hangs out awhile with Pinky.
Zoe and Jimmy plot to break into Harrington House.
Karen helps Tony to make some important connections.
Jake continues to train the Townies for the attack.
Tony brings Chad to the Autoshop to learn mechanics, Chad ‘pretties up’ Lucky’s bike.
Lucky goes apeshit when he sees what Chad has done to his bike.
Nick beats up Ricky for pissing on Pedro’s bed, makes him drink urine.
Greasers vow revenge on both Chad and Nick.
Tony councils Nick to no avail.
The Preps make plans to attack the Rockers.
The Rockers overhear Prep’s plans, prepare an ambush.
Jimmy and Zoe break into Harrington Mansion undetected.
Derby and the Preps walk into a trap, all are defeated.
Kurt beats Derby senseless and pisses on him.
Rockers stash unconscious Preps on Harrington lawn.
Jimmy and Zoe find information on Kurt’s past, leave Harrington mansion.
Preps are taken to the Clinic the next morning.
Jake meets Fire Chief O’Rourke with a request.
News of the Prep’s defeat at the hands of the Rockers spreads.
Mr. Harrington calls Police Chief Carver and bitches him out.
Hal has an Idea for a fight club at the school.
Winkie tells Christy of Biff’s treachery.
Tony has another unsettling nightmare.
Some Preps return to campus and sequester at Harrington House.
Christy kicks Biff in the Nuts and beats him with a book.
Tad has a talk with his Father, Mr. Spencer at the Vale Clinic.
Easter approaches, The Cliques plan their own fun.
Tony discusses Jimmy and Zoe's find about Kurt.
Jake gets Algie a message, Zeke loses a fight.
Benny gets sick, Pinky has to clean up.
The Prefects lock up the school grounds and leave.
The Cliques get their parties into swing, Tony and Karen go to the Jock's field.
Jake, Algie, Omar & the Townies gather for the attack, Break into school grounds.
Jake, Algie, and Nate sneak into the Girl's Dorm and hold them hostage.
The Townies defeat the Bullies in a surprise attack on the Boy's Dorm and hold them hostage.
The Townies and Jake Defeat the Greasers at the Autoshop, Jake threatens to blow up their classic car.
Jake has another mission, Benny realizes the girls are in trouble and goes for help.
The Townies defeat the Preps in a surprise attack at Harrington House and hold them hostage.
Tony becomes uneasy and sends Constantinos to check things out.
Otto and Floyd reach the Observatory, Man the Spud Cannon and wait for the signal to attack.
Jimmy and Zoe break into Spencer Warehouse, Zoe makes discovery of mysterious crates.
Jake sneaks into school, takes down Ms. Danvers, forces his way into Crabblesnitch's office.
Jake confronts Crabblesnitch, Forces Crabblesnitch to sign Papers, Jake reveals his True Identity.
Constantinos checks things out, Jake bushwacks Constantinos by shooting him and beats him up.
A Tornado Warning is broadcast that no one on the Bullworth Academy grounds hears.
Benny passes out and then comes to on the way to warn Kurt and Winkie.
Jimmy and Zoe come across suspicious shipping orders at Spencer Warehouse.
Omar and the Townies move into place for the attack, It begins to rain at the Football Field.
The Townies launch the attack on the Jocks, Otto and Floyd batter in the Observatory doors.
Rising winds mess up weapons fire, The Girls seek safety in the Jock’s Clubhouse.
Ted is shot and wounded by Omar with Air Rifle, Laurent disarms Omar with bold move.
Benny reaches The Golden Horseshoe and tells Kurt and Winkie that Christy is held hostage.
Ms. Danvers is able to finally free Dr. Crabblesnitch, and they call the Police for help.
Jake makes his way to the Football Field, The Townies and Jocks start to battle.
Jake’s surprising true reasons for wanting to take over the school are revealed.
Otto and Floyd battle the Nerds, Melvin takes them out with the Rubberband Ball.
Jake tries to shoot Tony, Mandy finds Ted injured, Karen, Melody & Lance barricade Clubhouse.
Nick fights Omar, Tony fights Gurney, Laurent is knocked out by Jake’s kick to the head.
Damon fights Clint, Other Jocks fight remaining Townies on the Football Field.
A Tornado roars into the Vale Valley, strikes the Carnival and Pirate Island.
Nick beats Omar, The Townies give up the fight and flee towards the Observatory.
The Nerds prepare to do battle with the Spud Cannon, Jake quits the fight and runs.
The Nerds take out the remaining Townies with the Spud Cannon, The Tornado is near.
Kurt, Tibo, and Winkie leave the Golden Horseshoe and head towards the school.
The Tornado moves past the South end of Bullworth Academy, lifts up over Blue Skies.
Jimmy and Zoe leave Spencer Warehouse, Weather Warning Siren is activated too late.
Nick, Tibo, and Winkie are on the way, Police cars smash through the gates.
Jake runs past Autoshop Garage, Ian sets off explosives in the Greasers car.
Ian is caught up in explosion, Jake escapes the school grounds, Tony and Nick follow.
Kurt, Tibo, and Winkie defeat Algie, free Christy, Matrons, and the other girls.
Nate busted by Prefect, Winkie takes Christy back to Hotel, Cops block exits.
Jake escapes by swimming to Pirate Island, Tony has a Revelation.
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Chapter 5 Summary.......(Page 37 - Page 46)

Ray is released from the Clinic, Finds and hangs posters around campus for Bike Race.
In the Cafeteria, Damon and Ricky began making fun of a pervious caper involving Algie.
Melvin takes offense at Damon and Ricky’s Nerd-Bashing, Melvin challenges Ricky.
Ricky hits Melvin with a banana, A food fight erupts, Edna hit with an apple.
Edna nails Melvin in the head with apple, The students begin fighting for real.
Ray shoves Damon, Damon bashes Ray in face with an elbow, knocking Ray out.
Tad is released from the Clinic, Laurent, Constantinos, and other students are in Clinics.
Injured Townies are all charged with crimes and taken to Clinics under arrest, Algie taken to Jail.
The Carnival and Football Field damaged by the Tornado, Vance trapped on Pirate Island.
Tony and Karen make rounds to see injured friends, Tony and Karen brainstorm.
Tony realizes the meaning of what Pete was trying to tell him about 'Grid 67'.
Tony earns the Flame Job BMX Bike for finishing his Shop classes ahead of time.
Tony finds hung posters, Tony finds Ray at the end of the food fight turned ugly.
Mr. Harrington decides how to again hide the entrance to the Towns from view.
The Jocks are introduced to their new Defensive Lineman, Bob Southby.
Tony and Nick go to Pirate Island to look for Jake and 'Grid 67' without success.
Tad returns to Bullworth Academy and takes over the Prep Clique.
Mr. Luntz returns to the School and reflects on his past and future.
Tony goes exploring along the old rail line behind the school and discovers a Go-Kart.
Jake sneaks into the Railroad tunnel in search of the Punks, Recalls his escape from Pirate Island.
Christy and Pinky talk about getting their hair done, Pedro thinks about lesbians.
Jimmy shows Tony some of the stuff he and Zoe found in the Spencer Warehouse.
Jake explores the Railroad tunnel and discovers various rooms within.
The Punks arrive stowed on an inbound train, Jake and Sid make a deal.
Algie to be returned to the Asylum, Alfred Owens gets his Comic Store back.
Tad's Father, Mr. Spencer, has a new Telescope delivered to the Nerd's Observatory.
The Jocks discover the Pool being fixed up and hear of their new Bunkhouse.
The Greasers get a new Lift and Tools, Tony gets access to the new Go-Kart.
Pinky and Christy spend a morning at the Hairdressers getting new 'Do's'.
Tony checks out the Pool, the Jock's Clubhouse, and the Observatory.
Laurent released from the Clinic, Pinky talks to Tony, Karen threatens Pinky.
Tad returns to Harrington House with new plants and more plans.
Tony plays and beats ConSumo, Fatty shows Tony the Nerd's maps.
Although none of the maps are what Tony needs, Fatty reveals to Tony his source.
Derby and Biff released from the Vale Clinic, Derby makes plans for revenge.
Damon and Bo seek more drugs, Challenge Bullies to a fight in the Graveyard.
Bullies attack Nerds at the Dragon's Wing to find out exactly where the Graveyard is.
Tony and Laurent return from Bullworth Town, encounter a nervous Damon and Bo by the Gym.
Tony goes to see Tad at Harrington House with questions and a warning.
Nick gives Tony some advice, Tony listens to Karen bitch him out over Pinky.
Tony surprises Karen unexpectedly, Tony and Karen go for a ride.
Russell and the Bullies arrive at the Graveyard and do some exploring.
Handy the Hobo gives a warning, Damon and Bo show up to fight.
The Bullies easily beat Bo and then turn on Damon, A Ghostly Figure appears.
Damon charges the Ghostly Figure and is swallowed up in a white flash of light.
Handy, Bo, Russell and the Bullies all run for their lives from the Graveyard.
Tony and Karen make future plans and other things up at the Overlook.
Officer Monson takes Russell home, Bo tells the Jocks an unbelievable story.
Laurent rounds up Nick and Ray to go help investigate the Graveyard.
Laurent and Nick find clues at the Graveyard, decide to check out the Church.
Strange chants and voices from the Church convince the boys to leave the Graveyard.
Tony and Jimmy talk about the Punks, Maps, the Church & Graveyard, and the missing Damon.
Mr. Luntz spots Bullies selling drugs in school, Bullies challenge and threaten to blackmail him.
Tony and Karen get grid map book, Mr. Luntz reveals he has knowledge of the secret file.
Karen helps Tony figure out grid coordanates and a plan for a search of Pirate Island.
The Bullies sneak attack Mr. Luntz and steal his weapons, Mr. Luntz makes a plan for revenge.
Kurt spies on Derby, Pinky is becoming exasperated and thinks of contacting Tony.
Derby reveals to Mr. Smith that he knows the truth about Jake and works out a deal.
Ray tells Tony and Nick of the Bullies selling drugs again in school, Tony has an Idea.
Tony and Nick confront the Bullies in the Parking Lot, Bob makes a surprise appearance.
The Bullies meet after their humiliation, Wade test fires stolen gun but needs more Gunpowder.
The Punks and Jake break into Spencer Warehouse to case their planned hijack of weapons.
Pete wakes up from a coma in a Boston hospital and realizes he is still in danger.
Tony, Nick, and Karen encounter Gord on Pirate Island and help rescue a trapped Vance.
Tony discovers a buried box containing the secret file in the cavern on Pirate Island.
Kurt is kidnapped off the street by men in a mysterious car after he shoots up Gord and Vance.
Pete fights to regain his memories in a hospital bed as he still pertends he is in a coma.
Mr. Luntz plants bags of drugs supposedly from the Townies in Trent's room while he sleeps.
Transporting the box with the secret file to Jimmy's cave, Karen is able to get it open.
Tony, Jimmy, Nick and Karen discuss the contents of the secret file and discover a surprise.
Kurt awakes bound to a chair in a remote location and is taunted by an unseen voice.
Kurt is water-tortured with stinking shit-filled sewer water that climbs close to an electric wire.
Tony is called out in Math Class by Mr. Hattrick and is embarrassed in front of the whole class.
Tony's bad day continues in English Class and Chemistry Class where he blows up a Beaker.
Tony seeks refuge from his bad day in the Autoshop and gets some sage advive from Mr. Neil.
Derby confronts Kurt in the remote room and taunts him, Derby then leaves Kurt to cook.
The Cliques get ready for the first bike race, The Rockers come to ask Tony for help.
The bike race starts and runs from Bullworth to Blue Skies, half the racers go down.
Mr. Luntz appears in Blue Skies, and spots a shipment from Spencer Warehouse.
Cops chase the racers, Ricky's Firecracker disables them, Casey tries a shortcut and fails.
Tony and Ricky battle it out to the finish, Ricky crashes and Tony wins the race.
Algie hears a familiar voice in Happy Volts on the way to his outdoor exercise period.
Kurt is near Heatstroke as Derby continues to torture him, Derby puts Kurt in the deep freeze.
Pete's memory returns, Pete begins to plan his escape from the Boston Hospital.
Jake and two Punks check out the rail shipment, Lance sees them and plans his revenge.
Tony and Karen celebrate Tony's win with special times up at the Lighthouse Overlook.
Ted and Constantinos are released from the Clinic, Ted vows to straighten up the Jocks.
Constantinos finds out the latest happenings from Nick and goes depressed to his room.
Ted makes Bob his new second, Mandy takes Ted behind the bleachers for some extra activity.
Hal tell Norton of his latest brilliant idea to have fun, Norton agrees to meet at the Girl’s Dorm.
Mr. Smith fears that Kurt will be killed, Derby agrees to give Kurt a break before more torture.
Hal and Norton sneak into Melody’s room at the Girl’s Dorm and are nearly caught by Gloria.
Hal and Norton next sneak into Angie’s room, Commotion in the hallway causes them to hide.
Angie strips naked while both boys watch from hiding, they unexpectedly get excited.
Unable to help himself, Hal grabs Angie’s ankle, Angie runs naked from the room screaming.
Hal and Norton sneak upstairs and find Pinky’s old room, they began rifling the drawers.
Hal and Norton go to hide once more, but find Constantinos already hiding in the wardrobe.
Constantinos makes a break for it but gets busted, Hal and Norton escape to the attic.
Hal holds off Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Carvin with miniature balls while Norton escapes.
Norton is chased by Karl the Prefect, gets away by blocking his path with a dumpster.
Hal escapes back to the Autoshop, Both Hal and Norton have some pleasant alone time.
Jake, Sid, and the Punks hijack the train carrying the crates of weapons and explosives.
The Punks meet a mysterious man who directs them to transfer the goods to a waiting Semi.
Once the transfer is complete, Sid receives a briefcase full of money from the stranger.
As the Semi pulls away with the hijacked goods, the stranger is revealed to be Mr. Luntz.
Pinky devises a plan to have Tony come to her and help solve Kurt's disappearance.
Tony and Jimmy talk of the Preps, Cousins Jake and Gary, Mr. Smith, and disappearances.
Tony and Karen talk over lunch, Afterwords Tony finds a note in his locker from Pinky.
Tony heads to the Observatory to find certain clothing items, Gives the rest to Melvin.
Kurt awakes to find himself still held hostage, Gets zapped when he tries to escape.
Tony goes to the Beach House to help Pinky find Kurt, Pinky seduces Tony again.
Pete escapes from his hospital room, Pete is confronted by the Hospital Janitor.
Hal has a wet dream, Decides he just has to have Angie as his girlfriend.
Pete finds out the Hospital Janitor is really the brother of Bullworth’s Mr. Luntz.
Janitor Luntz helps Pete escape the hospital, takes and hides him out at his place.
Tony freaks out over his cheating again, Decides to lay low at the shelter for a while.
Two hooded dock workers show up at the cabin and beat the shit out of Kurt.
Mr. Luntz returns to Bullworth after seeing off the shipment through to New York.
Karen talks to Mr. Luntz, who tells her he needs to see Tony as soon as possible.
Tony decides to check out the Graveyard, while there he spots little Sheldon.
Tony watches as Sheldon activates a machine that produces the hooded Skeleton Man.
Tony gets the truth out of Sheldon about what happened the night Damon disappeared.
Coach Burton spies on the naked Cheerleaders and makes a tape of them nude.
Tony climbs the Courthouse Clock Tower,  Jimmy unexpectedly joins him there.
Tony confesses to Jimmy about having sex again with Pinky, Jimmy councils Tony.
Kurt’s beatings continue as Derby shows up and tells him Pinky has abandoned him.
Tony returns to campus, meets Karen and Constantinos, heads off to the bike races.
A broken Kurt gives up and signs the papers as Derby has demanded.
At the bike races, Hal asks Tony's advice about how to ask out a girl.
Tony wins all four Bullworth Town bike races, Re-pledges himself to Karen.
Derby takes the papers, tells a despondent Kurt he must leave town forever.
After the last bike race, Hal approaches Angie and successfully asks her out.
Tony and Karen see Mr. Luntz, and he tells them what they have to do.
Derby surreptitiously delivers Kurt's signed letters to their intended targets.
Boston Mr. Luntz spirits Pete back to Bullworth Academy at night unseen.
Bullworth Mr. Luntz welcomes his brother and Pete in the school basement.
Tony and Jimmy sneak the File from the secret cave to the school basement.
Tony and Jimmy reunite with Pete while the two Luntz brothers have a conference.
The Luntz brothers look through the File and extra stuff while the boys watch.
Boston Mr. Luntz leaves, Pete says goodbye once more to Tony and Jimmy.
Bullworth Mr. Luntz and Pete leave, head to the Bronx in New York to hide out.
Kurt is released from captivity, heads through the woods to supposed freedom.
Derby and Biff bushwhack Kurt, drag him to the Church and give him to the Monks.
Mr. Luntz takes Pete and the File to the Justice Department in Washington, DC.
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Chapter 6 Summary.......(Page 46 - Page 53)

Tony stands up to Mr. Hattrick over his leaching at Gloria, gets thrown out of class.
Tony seeks advice from Mr. Galloway, The Teacher gives him a Mission and a Revelation.
Dr. Crabblesnitch informs Mr. Harrington of Kurt’s quit letter and gets cussed out.
Tony takes Karen to the Mediator Office and tears down the wall chart, starts new one.
Derby tells his father he gave Kurt to the Monks, Mr. Harrington orders him out.
Tony gives Jimmy the mission to again photograph Mr. Hattrick selling test answers.
Hal goes on his first date with Angie, they kiss and make plans for a second date.
Tony has another violent dream and fears for the safety of Karen and his friends.
Derby and Biff hatch plans to return to class and obtain test answers from Mr. Hattrick.
Trent hits on Angie, Hal busts him with a bat, Zoe tells Eunice she should go out with Trent.
Hal treats Angie to a tour of the towns and much to drink, they wind up in the Hotel room.
Lance spots the Punks back in town, Jake and the Punks embark on their final mission.
Tony writes a composition, checks on Jimmy, and makes plans to warn to Cliques.
Hal and Angie are the talk of the school, Tony and his friends have lunch at their table.
The Punks began planting the bombs around the towns at night, along with loudspeakers.
Jake and an accomplice sneak into Bullworth Academy and plant bombs about the school.
Sid plants the biggest bomb of all on the face of the Bullworth Town Dam.
The Jocks lie in wait for the Punks at the site of the Bullworth Train Tunnel.
The Jocks enter the tunnel in search of the Punks, but find no one and get trapped.
Laurent figures out how to free the Jocks, Constantinos tells Tony what happened.
Jake listens in on the Bullworth goings on, while The Punks lay their final plans.
Tony finishes a painting, prints photos, and talks with Ms. Phillips and Mr. Galloway.
Jimmy sneaks into the Asylum on a mission to locate and free Damon, also finds Algie.
Pinky confronts Derby over Kurt's disappearance, Derby punches Pinky, Tony fights Derby.
Tony and Derby are taken to Dr. Crabblesnitch’s Office, Pinky is taken to the School Clinic.
The Bomb planted in the statue on the Bullworth Town Square explodes, showering rubble.
A moment later, the Bomb in the statue at the school fountain explodes, knocking down kids.
Simultaneously, the bomb in the statue at Happy Volts Asylum explodes, blocking the entrance.
Tony slips away form the office as Dr. Crabblesnitch calls the Police to go warn his friends.
Jimmy frees Damon and Algie from the Asylum, but they are trapped in the exercise yard.
Tony rounds up his friends except Laurent, New Explosions occur, The school is in Lockdown.
More explosions rock Bullworth Town, New Coventry, Blue Skies, and Bullworth Vale.
Chief Carcer makes a call, Tony then decides to go via the Nerd's Gate to find Laurent.
The Inmates break free of the Asylum, An explosion levels the gates and they flee.
Jimmy uses a small charge of C-4 to blow a hole in the fence, Then they run to the Gate.
Mr. Harrington takes a call while watching the imminent arrest of Bloody Vince Fonzerelli.
The Spud Cannon and platform is blown to bits just as the Nerds approach the Observatory.
Sid gets pissed at Jake for setting off an explosion at the school too early, Jake backs down.
Jimmy, Damon, & Algie escape the Asylum grounds only to encounter new obstacles.
The Chem Plant explodes, sending toxic fumes just as Jimmy, Damon & Algie find refuge.
Zoe tries to look for Jimmy but finds all ways blocked into Blue Skies, Zoe locates Tony.
New explosions take place in the Towns, The scared Townspeople begin to get angry.
Mr. Smith returns to the Vale Valley, More of family past about Gary and Jake is revealed.
The Jocks and Nerds assemble at the Football Field, Tony has a plan and gives orders.
Derby waits for Bif at the Vale Hotel, decides to go home and confront his Father.
Tony and Ted convince Tad to move the Preps, Tony tells Tad about Pinky's injury.
The rubble around the Fountain is cleared, Tony and friends go to round up stragglers.
Mr. Smith tries to get Judge Starkweather to call in some outside help but gets rebuffed.
The Vale Hotel is bombed, trapping Derby, Mr. Smith leaves the Towns to go for help.
Jimmy tells Damon what happened to him, Algie relates the reasons behind his attacks.
Almost all of the Students are ushered down to the Football Field, Tony gets an Idea.
Derby returns home and Mr. Harrington tells him all, Derby leaves the Vale Valley.
More targets in the towns are bombed as the Punks broadcast their demands.
Tony calls a meeting, Ted and others head off towards the Dorms on a mission.
Benny tells Christy of what he hears, The Rockers gather on the front porch.
Tony, Laurent, Nick, and Zoe set out on a mission to locate and rescue Jimmy.
Barred by the greenish toxic gas, Tony and the others search for Gas Masks & O2.
Tony and friends scour Blue Skies, are caught by explosion near Spencer Warehouse.
Chief Carcer begs Mr. Spencer, Bloody Vince is finally taken into custody in NYC.
Tony and friends recover and make it to the Save Warehouse with no air to spare.
Tony and friends have found Jimmy, Damon & Algie, but can’t leave the Warehouse.
More explosions rock the Vale Valley, Sid decides to blow up the power sub-station.
Mr. Smith has gone to the State Capitol and convinces the Governor to get help.
The Lights go out all over, The Arts Building is blown up as Sid delivers a message.
Resident’s homes are targeted, Billy Crane and the Carnival workers leave the towns.
Karen worries about Tony and seeks comfort, Tony realizes what Jake’s plan really is.
The Townies stage a mass break from Jail, loot shops and stores and head to Blue Skies.
Sid makes contact with Judge Starkweather, lists his demands for surrender of the Towns.
An exploratory Task Force sent by the Governor arrives and checks out the Towns.
Sid forces Judge Starkweather to finally surrender by threatening to blow up the Dam.
Jake and two Punks sneak into the School, capture Dr. Crabblesnitch and Ms. Danvers.
Tony and Friends prepare to leave the Warehouse, Sid prepares to take over Bullworth.
The National Guard arrives outside the Vale Valley and prepares to move on the Towns.
Jake and two Punks capture the Prefects and Teachers and force everyone out to the Patio.
Jake blows the charges in the Bleachers, Students are forced to disarm and go to the Patio.
In a ceremony, Jake takes over the school by way of Dr. Crabblesnitch’s forced resignation.
Tony, Jimmy, Nick, Laurent, Damon, Zoe, and Algie make their way back to the school.
The National Guard invades the Bullworth Towns at dawn to quickly restore order.
At the same time, Sid and two Punks head toward the Courthouse to seize control.
Jake gives a speech in front of the school only to be interrupted by Tony’s arrival.
Sid is almost caught by National Guard soldiers, turns and heads down to the Dam.
Jake ridicules Tony and his friends, Algie throws a Stink Bomb and is shot down.
Sid reaches the Bullworth Dam, contacts Judge Starkweather with new demands.
Trent escapes in the confusion, runs to the Boy’s Dorm where he finds the stolen gun.
Federal Agents enter the Bullworth Towns and begin to make arrests of key figures.
Jake struggles to keep the situation controlled, Tony goads Jake into a one-on-one fight.
Mr. Smith hurries down to the pathway to the Dam, gets by Frankie and heads for Sid.
Trent finds the items he needs to load the gun at the Dorm, heads back to the quad.
Tony and Jake began to fight, Lance recognizes the Punks as those who crippled him.
The Soldiers gather at the North Bridge, A detachment and a Sniper is sent to the school.
Mr. Smith runs at Sid and they fight, Both go over the edge, The Dam Bomb explodes.
The Dam holds, Sid and Mr. Smith vanish, Sean and Frankie are captured by Troops.
Jake and Tony’s fight is halted by the sound of the Dam explosion, Tony taunts Jake.
Trent shoots Kenny, Denny is in turn cut down by a Sniper, Jake blows the gate supports.
Jake escapes into the School, Tony follows, Jake blows up the furnace, Floor caves in.
Tony is pushed by the blast, Nick and Laurent are blocked from entering the school.
The rest of the Guardsmen arrive outside the School, the Captain gives orders.
Tony recovers, assures Nick and Laurent he is Ok, Tony calls out Jake.
Jake appears outside Office, Taunts Tony, and runs for the Third Floor.
Jimmy trades verbal spars with Mr. Hattrick and Dr. Crabblesnitch.
Jake bushwacks Tony at the entrance the Third Floor with a Sledgehammer.
The Guardsmen find and open the other gate and enter the Parking Lot.
Karen struggles with the Patio door lock, Lance and Bo inspect the Punks.
Jake chases Tony to a dark bathroom, Tony escapes and bushwacks Jake.
Karen springs the Patio Door lock, Nick and Laurent enter the school.
Soldiers flood the school grounds, Jake detonates a bomb in the school.
Both Tony and Jake stunned, Karen and Melody race into the school.
Tony inspects the bomb damage, Spots Jake and gives chase after him.
The Media arrives at the Vale Valley, along with a mysterious Black Limo.
Tony reaches Jake at top of Platform, they fight, Jake falls off the edge.
Nick and Laurent rescue Tony from falling, Jake is hurt badly from fall.
Tony and his friends emerge from the school, Tony vouches for Trent.
Jake is brought out on a stretcher, final words are exchanged with Tony.
The school is declared safe, The students cheer as Tony and Karen kiss.
The front entrance is cleared, Government Agents arrive on a mission.
Dr. Crabblesnitch and Ms. Danvers are arrested and charged with crimes.
Jimmy is cleared of charges, Jimmy and Zoe agree to go to New York to testify.
As Dr. Crabblesnitch and Ms. Danvers are led off, Tony spots Mr. Luntz in the Limo.
It’s Graduation Day at Bullworth Academy for a Class of One.
Christy Martin Graduates, Plans to take a job at Bullworth.
Much is revealed in the aftermath of school’s end.
Tony and his friends talk about the future of Bullworth.
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Chapter 7 Summary.......(Page 53 - Page 60)

Tony and Karen go to an Island, talk about their future.
Johnny and Lola return to Bullworth and are greeted by the Greasers.
Beatrice returns to Bullworth and immediately attempts to seduce Nick.
The Nerds discuss making new weapons despite Fatty's objections.
The Preps hear about their own plans from Tad, Pinky gets surprised.
The Jocks wait to meet the new Coach not knowing what to expect.
Tony and Karen return to campus, Omar makes a dark threat.
Mr. Galloway has his doubts but manages to resist temptation.
The Jocks meet Coach Sanders, a most peculiar character.
Two new girls, Binky and Jimmette, arrive at Bullworth.
Tony begins to Visit the Clique leaders about weapons parity.
Tony meets Johnny Vincent for the first time, with Lola nearby.
Tony and Johnny talk weapons and come to an agreement.
Tony next meets with Ted, comes in conflict with Coach Sanders.
Tony then meets with Tad, A mute Pinky stares at him with desire.
Tad has reflections on Pinky, they make a date for the Movies.
Beatrice takes Jimmette to the Observatory to meet the Nerds.
Hal takes Angie to the Carnival, Peanut and Binky get to talk.
The Reform Girls arrive at Bullworth, Mrs. Peabody takes charge.
The Bullies crack jokes, Tony talks to Russell about Weapons.
Omar and Gurney make plans for payback on Tony and Nick.
Tony and Karen's fun at the Carnival is interrupted by a fight.
Tad and Hal fight and get busted, Tony intervenes to keep them from Jail.
Billy Bob Crane bans Tad and Hal from the Carnival, Asks about Algie.
Hal and Tad talk to Tony before leaving, Karen issues a threat.
Christy gets a little chummy with Mr. Galloway, Ms. Phillips sees.
Tony comes up with a plan to convince the Nerds to sell weapons.
Tony tell his friends of his plans, He and Karen head to the Observatory.
Johnny summons Peanut, Lucky gets an unexpected shot to the nuts.
Tony convinces the Nerds to take the Arms for Improvements deal.
A week goes by as the Townies take over the vacant Chem Plant.
The workers began making the promised fortifications for the Cliques.
The Nerds commence making new weapons, Tony has a new plan.
Tony and the gang visit Algie, give him a mission for his redemption.
Tony, Nick, and Constantinos make weapons deliveries to the Jocks.
Tony, Nick, and Constantinos then deliver weapons to Greasers & Preps.
Tony, Nick and Constantinos take weapons to the Bullies under conditions.
Mr. Galloway leads a discussion on the coming school dance in the Lounge.
Fourteen new kids, mostly girls, arrive at Bullworth Academy on a hot day.
Steve reveals some news to the Greasers, Peanut and Binky get together.
Mandy takes charge of the school dance, the Prefects are displeased.
Mr. Galloway shows the new Janitor, Mr. Riddle, around the school.
The Towns began their holiday celebrations, A festive atmosphere prevails.
Christy and Pinky meet at Shinjo's to talk about Tad and other things.
The Towns are in a holiday mood as Independence Day approaches.
As Friday evening starts, the Dance begins as the students arrive.
Tad notices the new girl Vanessa, The Dance gets into full swing.
Mr. Riddle observes, confirms, and then quickly heads off to report.
Winkie plays concert with Christy on piano while Pinky harmonizes.
Johnny, Peanut, & Hal head to the Golden Horseshoe with their Girls.
Damon and Gloria get a hotel room, while Laurent finds a Girlfriend.
Mandy is flush with success as her and Ted share a special night alone.
Trent meets his dream girl who is almost like a guy, she shows him moves.
Fatty invents a Spud Rifle, Melvin shows Jimmette the Wing's Basement.
Tad and Pinky get together after the dance, then have a big fight.
A Mystery Girl kisses Constantinos, Tiffany watches from afar.
Beatrice strikes out once again, comes up with a plan to get Nick.
Christy and Winkie discuss their future on the long walk home.
After some shared Champagne, Ms. Phillips attacks Mr. Galloway.
Tony & Karen and Nick & Melody head to the Vale Hotel and check in.
Nick and Melody share their passions in a brand new setting.
Tony and Karen discuss things, then their passions take over.
A darkly disturbing dream unlike any other haunts Tony.
Independence Day dawns in the Valley as it's population swells.
The Parade features several floats, including a Prep Float.
Tony buys Cell Phones, The Girls go shopping at Worn-In Clothes.
Tony takes a mission to the Carnival to get a report from Algie.
Tony and friends eat at Chef's, then watch the Boat Races in the bay.
Picking up extra takeout at the Burger Joint, they head for the Overlook.
A little about the topography of Eastern Old Bullworth Vale.
The Fireworks Show begins, the friends get separated in the crowd.
Melody has to go to the bathroom, Karen agrees to go along.
A errant shell starts a fire, Melody and Karen get abducted.
The Fireworks Show comes to an end, Tony & Nick search for the others.
Everyone is found except for Karen and Melody, the friends go looking.
Laurent finds a clue, while Ray finds a shoe, the girls are missing.
The people spill out onto the beach, light bonfires and party all night.
After a night of looking, Tony and Nick confide in Mandy near the pool.
Tony and Nick tell Mr. Galloway, Tony returns to his desperate dream.
Secrets of the Chem Plant revealed, Karen and Melody wake up.
Nina awakes and goes off to find Laurent, Nina talks to Mandy.
The girls raise a clamor, Omar and Gurney share an evil joke.
Nina meets Lance and Bob at the Clubhouse, Laurent consoles Nina.
Chief O'Rourke comes to a decision and makes a vow.
Tony and Nick return to the Dorm, as the word has spread.
The weekend winds down, Omar decides the time is now.
Melody and Karen are assaulted by the Townies for revenge.
Tony's disturbing dream continues, A clue to a stranger is left.
Tony and Nick go to see Mr. Riddle, Janitor makes another contact.
Constantinos checks out books, meets Tiffany by the Girl's Dorm.
Mandy makes some posters, Pinky hears some disturbing news.
Omar has plans for one Cell Phone, Melody gets moved.
The Janitor tells a new Riddle, Tony tries to puzzle the clue.
Karen discovers her captors, Omar revels a piece of his past.
Tony and his friends try to solve the mysterious riddle.
Coach Sanders does a bit of creative spying on the Jocks.
Bethany seduces Mr. Galloway in his Office and is nearly caught.
Tony allows Pinky to seduce him in exchange for information.
Constantinos steals books for Tiffany and gets his Reward.
Tony tells Nick of what he learned, and they puzzle over a code.
Nick goes to see Beatrice, gets sidetracked on a side mission.
Nick gets Damon to stand guard, recovers Beatrice's Diary.
Nick gets seduced by Beatrice to learn the meaning of the Devil Code.
Tony gathers his friends and prepares to gain access to the Church.
Tony and Nick enter the Church, discover a secret basement.
Constantinos goes to find Tiffany, discovers she was taken away.
Tony and Nick access the Church Basement and meet the Head Monk.
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Chapter 8 Summary.......(Page 60 - Page 70)

Constantinos goes to the Police Station, Reform Girls are taken to Court.
Tony and Nick are suddenly in a pew, Escape from the Church.
Constantinos tells the truth, Ms. Phillips appears as a witness.
At the Burger Joint, Tony and his friends discuss what happened.
Lola gets into an argument with Johnny, rides away on her bike.
Ms. Phillips hears Mr. Galloway mention making love with her.
Tony and Nick question Damon about his Graveyard experience.
Tony and Nick get more information from Algie about the Monks.
Omar brings an unresponsive and near-cationic Melody to Karen.
Tony tries to sleep as he tries to puzzle out what he has learned.
Tony’s Dome Dream continues, further clues are revealed.
Ms. Phillips finds the shoe Miss Jones left behind in the Head's Office.
Russell meets new girl Amber, Trent and Paige spot Constantinos.
Beatrice catches Constantinos sneaking into the Girls Dorm.
Thad invents the Super Spud Gun, Melvin and Thad go test it out.
Lola goes missing, A frantic Johnny leads the Greasers on the hunt.
Tony encounters Ms. Phillips, who seems to be acting strangely.
Constantinos gets willingly seduced by Tiffany once more.
Tony seeks out Mr. Riddle, gets more questions than answers.
Pinky beats Vanessa in a fight and leaves Harrington House.
Tony does some brainstorming, decides to hunt for Lola.
Nick goes down to the Football Field and has a revelation.
Christy tells of her strange encounter with Ms. Phillips.
Nick discovers something missed that is very important.
Tony joins the search for Lola, Winds up at a familiar place.
Constantinos steals from the Library, Meets up with Tiffany.
Nick goes all around looking for Tony, But fails to find him.
Pinky settles at her new digs, Schemes on how to get Tony.
Nick returns to the school, reveals to Mandy about Beatrice.
Tony finds Lola, Pays a seduction price for more information.
Bethany Jones goes looking, only to find Ms. Phillips waiting.
Tony returns to the Dorm, Nick tells him of the Cell Phone call.
After classes are over, Tony is told Johnny is wanting to see him.
Mandy confronts Beatrice, warns her to keep away from Nick.
Tony & Nick meet with Johnny, who wants to go to the Asylum.
Up in the Attic, Tiffany continues her quirky psychotic love affair.
Tony, Nick, and Laurent make ready for their Asylum Mission.
Tony and friends meet the Greasers, the Mission plan is hatched.
Using Johnny in a Straight Jacket, the boys gain entrance.
A bit of disguise and fakery leads to the cell of Clint Henry.
Parlay with Clint yields no results, Time for a different plan.
Johnny leads the group to the Morgue, Tony gets a Machine.
Tony obtains some information from Clint with Eletro-Shock.
Tony finds Horror in the Morgue, the boys escape the Asylum.
The Dome Dream returns, a new clue is left by the Horror.
Constantinos steals more books to get what he craves most.
Bethany makes plans for her next seduction of Mr. Galloway.
Tad deposits his funds to his new girl Vanessa's account.
Tony discusses clues with Mr. Riddle, gets some new advice.
Algie calls Tony to tell him about the theft of more Air Rifles.
Tony and Nick go to the Carnival to learn more about the robbery.
On the way back, Tony recalls some more of the Monk's words.
Tony and Nick take Melody's phone and turn it over to Chief O'Rourke.
Tony and Nick bike to Blue Skies, get directions to building XX-7.
The boys find building XX-7, Nick attempts to lockpick the door.
Constantinos leaves the Attic, has a horrible castrating dream.
The boys gain entry to Building XX-7, Push the Red Button.
Christy seeks help and Protection, Bethany plans to investigate.
The boys gain entry to the Industrial Area, but are stumped.
Karen is assaulted by Gurney, Desperately vows to escape.
Bethany finds nude paintings, forms a revenge & seduction plan.
Constantinos tells of the Tunnels but refuses to join the Mission.
Coach Sanders begins to groom Kirby as his next Mark.
While Pinky reflects, she sees someone coming to the Boar Inn.
Constantinos returns three books, Makes plans to steal more.
Tony and Nick begin their mission, starting from the Save Warehouse.
Pinky listens, then traps and seduces Laurent in the Boar Inn.
Constantinos steals a new load of books, gets busted by Seth.
Tony and Nick discover Tunnels under a building at the Rail Yard.
Bethany hangs nude posters of Ms. Phillips all around two towns.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels Spencer Shipping & Save Warehouse.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels Mystery Warehouse & Waste Plant.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels both buildings of Spazz Industries.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels Blue Skies Shipping & Wonder Meats.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels Old Beam Cola & Red Star Industries.
Tony & Nick explore via the Tunnels Gloop Oil & Abandoned Warehouse.
Tony & Nick reach via the Tunnels the Chem Plant, but can't get in.
Tony & Nick leave the Tunnels and bunk up at the Save Warehouse.
Ms. Phillips sees the nude posters, Constantinos brought to justice.
Tony has another Dome dream, Convinced he is on the right track.
The Boys return to school, Called to the Office by Ms. Phillips.
Bethany begins her quest for the seduction of Mr. Galloway.
A depressed Constantinos is forced to face his Voice of Reason.
Ms. Phillips sends Tony & Nick on a mission, Laurent tells all.
Tony and Nick gather the Nude Posters from the two towns.
Bethany gets Mr. Galloway Drunk and Seduces him again.
Tony and Nick Burn the Posters, Tony talks to Mr. Riddle.
Mr. Riddle asks for vital information from his secret contact.
Ms. Phillips finds Mr. Galloway drunk, has suspicions against Bethany.
Tony goes to see Pinky, discovers unwanted truths about himself.
Ms. Phillips finds out who bought the Liquor, She heads to Bethany's.
Ms. Phillips and Miss Jones fiercely fight, Both fall out of 3rd story window.
Tony ponders what he has done, full of doubt, guilt and recriminations.
Constantinos spills his guts, Agrees to show the way into Chem Plant.
Tony and Nick prepare to Smuggle Constantinos out of the Dorm.
Tony, Nick, & Constantinos access the Chem Plant roof, see Townies.
The Boys discuss what strategy they can use against the Townies.
The Administration is in disarray, Mr. Neil takes temporary charge.
The boys wake to a school in crises, Tony goes to find information.
Tony talks with Ms. Phillips in Clinic, finds out about Mr. Galloway.
Nick goes to check out the Cafeteria, finds Ray and recruits him.
Tony goes to care for Mr. Galloway, Gets threatening phone call.
Nick talks to Mandy to get the Jocks to join in on the mission.
Algie calls and tells of seeing Jerry making a call from the Carnival.
Jerry sneaks away unseen, The boys arrive and question Algie.
Pinky spots and stops Tony, Tells Tony she wants to help.
Tony finds Christy, Gets Christy to help with Mr. Galloway.
Nick threatens, but Tony negotiates with the Nerds for ammo.
Tony gets information from Mr. Riddle, gathers Spuds for weapons.
Tony informs the Bully Army of the coming attack, makes a deal.
At the Mediator's Office, Tony has a Dome dream, Gets a code.
Tony leads his forces to the top of the Chem Plant, prepares attack.
Karen and Melody escape their room, Karen looks for a way out.
Omar has thoughts, makes decisions, Spots the Girls escaping.
Karen and Melody hide in the Lab, Melody gets a huge fright.
Townies spot Tony’s forces and fire, Tony orders the the attack to start.
The recaptured girls returned below, Omar gets a frantic call from above.
The battle rages, Tony gets a call from Constanos with unexpected help.
Tiffany sneaks into the Boy’s dorm, finds Ivan, Gordon, and Trevor.
Jerry and Floyd bring up weapons and Ammo, Jerry leaves to get more.
Three Cliques arrive at the top of the Chem Plant for reinforcements.
Jerry returns below for more ammo, Omar orders the others to arm.
Behind Shields & Spuds, a way is blasted through the Townie's defense.
Tony, Nick, & Laurent get through the code doors to the elevator.
Omar loses contact with the roof, Karen verbally spars with Omar.
The Police and F.B.I. find the Tunnels, Tiffany follows Constantinos.
Tony, Nick, & Laurent attack Jerry, force him to reveal the entrance.
Constantinos arrives on Chem Plant roof, another assault is mounted.
Tony and Nick gain the First Level, Then make a shocking discovery.
The Students attack and defeat the roof Townies, Tiffany gets her way.
Otto and Leon check out levels, Tony and Nick learn a horrible truth.
A large group of Students enter the Chem Plant, take elevator down.
Tony and Nick gain the second Level, then behold a gruesome sight.
Otto and Leon report back nobody seen, Omar has some things to say.
Tony and Nick sneak into the Third Level, Tony returns above for help.
Tony gets Laurent and other Students, leads them down to the Third Level.
Omar spots Students invading, Open firing starts with casualties.
Constantinos brings Fireworks, Tony prepares to assault with Shields.
Omar schemes, A heavy barrage is exchanged, Omar demands the ransom.
Tony lies about having ransom, Decides to try a bluff, Omar threatens the Girls.
Tony's Shield line assault moves, Steel Door cutting starts, Firing resumes.
Johnny shot down by Otto, Peanut shoots Otto, Lola smashes Otto's face.
Townies enter the the Escape Tunnel with Girls, Leon and Tiffany are shot.
Tony, Nick & Laurent enter the Escape Tunnel in pursuit of Omar & Gurney.
Steel Doors cut, Federal Agents enter Third Level and disarm the Students.
Nick confronts Gurney, Nick is shot, Gurnry taken down, Melody is freed.
Constantinos comforts a shot Tiffany, Lola tends to a wounded Johnny.
Tony tracks Omar through the Tunnel to a Cabin and then to a Boat Dock.
Tony confronts Omar, When Karen diverts, Tony shoots Omar, Omar falls.
Omar can’t swim, Tony attempts rescue, Omar disappears under the water.
The Agents reach the boat, Karen is freed, Tony is questioned, Omar is done.

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Chapter 9 Summary........(Page 70 - Page 76)

A News Reporter comes on air with a breaking story.
Injured Students removed from the Chem Plant, Omar found dead.
Uninjured Students return to School, Bryce quits the Prep Clique.
Tony and Karen interviewed separately, Tony describes the events.
Pinky goes to Shinjo’s, Sees Karen being led into the Boar Inn.
Constantinos blames himself, Tiffany airlifted to a Hospital.
Johnny wakes up in Clinic, Lola is there by his side.
Melody keeps watch over an injured Nick late into the night.
Tony has a talk with Edward before going to the Courthouse.
Bryce visits Gord in the Clinic, Tells he quit the Preps.
Trent and Paige visit an injured Troy, Cheer him up.
Tony and Karen are interviewed, find out about Omar's death.
The Jocks sleep in, Mandy has fun with Ted and gloats.
Pinky wanders around looking for Bryce, returns to Boar Inn.
Pinky goes to see Gord in the Clinic, finds out about Prep split.
The Agents reveal to Tony their mission was to find the Nerve Gas.
Pinky finds Bryce, Their talk reveals Bryce's feelings.
Johnny has plans, Peanut in charge of the Greasers again.
Laurent runs into Coach Sanders, who asks about Kirby.
The Agents release Tony and Karen, they seek Mr. Galloway.
Melvin heads out, gives colorful interviews to the Press.
Tony and Karen go see Mr. Galloway, find him recovered.
Tony and Karen visit Nick in the Clinic, comfort Melody.
Nick wakes up, Tries to communicate with Melody and the others.
Mr. Galloway returns to Bullworth Academy with new confidence.
Tony and Karen go the Mediator's Office, make plans and make love.
Mr. Galloway reflects on his past and plans for his future.
Tony and Karen check in with Mr. Riddle at the School Store.
At a News Conference, things are revealed and some stories told.
Tony and Karen tell Mr. Riddle about the Chem Plant Raid.
Beatrice goes to the Clinic to see Nick and gets beat up by Melody.
Tony and Karen make the rounds of the Clinics to thank Students.
Melody tells Karen about Beatrice, Karen comes up with a plan.
Melvin and Fatty come to near-blows, Jimmette stops the fight.
Pinky finds Bryce at Beach House, They enter a relationship.
Laurent takes Nina to the restaurant, Wine makes them horny.
Peanut makes a speech, Binky goes after him later in the sack.
Karen tells of Beatrice’s obsession, Mandy vows lasting revenge.
Russell tells Trent his school days are over, Trent again Leader.
Tad rails against Bryce, argues with Biff who makes a mild threat.
Coach Sanders continues his plan to groom an unaware Kirby.
Tony pays off Melvin, offers him a secret private commission.
Time passes as Tony and Karen work on the Binding Agreement.
Johnny weighs future plans, gives leadership to Peanut again.
Gurney awakes guarded in the Blue Skies Clinic, gets rude shock.
In her room, Beatrice finds her Diary has been stolen by Mandy.
Trent takes Amber to Russell’s house, the two get cozy together.
Tony and Karen go to Bullworth Town for replacement Cell Phones.
Mandy threatens to burn Beatrice’s Diary unless she leaves forever.
Tony and Karen take a day off, wind up at the Overlook.
Constantinos prepares for his return to Bullworth Academy.
Tony goes to the Secret Cave, Meets Melvin at Observatory.
Ted and Mandy talk of future plans and of Coach Sanders.
Tony convinces the Nerds to again make weapons for everyone.
Tad broods over Prep Clique split and comes up with a plan.
Vance visits Gord at the Clinic with a grand plan for their future.
Mr. Galloway visits with Ms. Phillips at the Bullworth Clinic.
Tony tricks Trent at cards, gets him to agree to a Clique conference.
Mandy sneaks to the Art Room, makes copies of Beatrice’s Diary.
Ricky goes for smokes, Meets new girl Jessica and makes a date.
Tony picks up Karen at the Dorm , introduced to new girl Hannah.
Angie meets Christy at Sinjo’s, proposes hiring her and Winkie.
At Football Field, Tony, Karen, and Hannah talk to Mandy.
Tony talks to Ted about meeting Jocks, Girls head upstairs.
Hannah meets Lance and Bob, Hannah falls hard for Bob.
Trent and Wade go to the Vale Clinic and pick up Troy.
Tony and Karen borrow bikes to head off to Blue Balls Bar.
Tony and Karen discover a new Radio Station in Coventry.
Mr. Martin reflects on losing the Crab Shack and working.
Tony and Karen talk to the Wolfman at Radio Station WPIG.
Nick & Melody meet Johnny & Lola in the hall at the Clinic.
Tony and Karen arrive at Blue Balls and see the changes.
Constantinos alights from his final ride and walks to Bullworth.
Tony talks to Peanut about the Agreement, Binky agrees.
Constantinos returns to the Dorm and locks himself in room.
Tony and Karen return to School and discuss things.
Ivan approaches Tony and tells of Constantinos' return.
Tad sneaks off alone over to Blue Skies at Lunchtime.
Constantinos reveals to Tony the full scope of book thefts.
Tad finds Mr. Martin at the Docks and offers him a deal.
Constantinos confesses his book thefts to Mr. Galloway.
Gurney and Otto are moved from the Clinic to the Jail.
Tony reflects on the best way to arrange a meeting with Tad.
Nick get stronger, walks the halls with Melody at the Clinic.
Tony gets Tad alone, arranges a meeting at Glass Jaw later.
Ricky reflects on his date with Jessica as he prepares for another.
Tony blackmails Tad into accepting the Binding Agreement.
Tony spends rest of the week in negotiations with the Cliques.
Constantinos serves his punishment, makes revenge plans.
Tony meets with Mr. Galloway to review the Binding Agreement.
The Auditorium is set up for the meeting, Clique Leaders arrive.
The Clique Leaders all listen and sign the Binding Agreement.
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Chapter 10 Summary........(Page 76 - Page 85)

Tony prepares to move from the Dorm to the In-And-Out Motel.
Constantinos prepares himself for an Infiltration Mission.
Preps play a new game, Biff sent to the School at night.
Pinky has doubts about Bryce and about her redemption.
The Jocks party, Mandy insures new rumors will began.
The Greasers party, Lucky sees Biff head to the School.
Tony and Karen settle at the In-And-Out, make sweet love.
Mr. Martin viciously attacks Biff inside the School.
Constantinos attacks the Soldiers arriving at the Clinic.
Another strange dream brings Tony awake at the Motel.
Constantinos bluffs his way past Soldiers inside Clinic.
Gord wakes up and longs for the dream of Pirate Bay Resort.
Constantinos tapes M-80s to Leon's belly and sets them off.
Peanut becomes curious about Binky's boot height.
Leon in agony, Constantinos makes good his escape.
Soldiers return to Clinic, Townies get dragged out. 
Constantinos steals a bike and leaves Bullworth behind.
Leon injured and burned, taken away by Helicopter.
An unconscious Biff is brought to the Clinic as Gord sees.
Tad, Vanessa, & Chad have breakfast at Harrington House.
The Nerds go to the Dragon’s Wing, wait to meet Tony.
Tony and the Greasers head to Clinic, Karen and Binky talk.
Mandy tidies up the Clubhouse after party, Kirby missing.
Bryce picks up Gord, finds out about attack on Biff.
Melody and Nick prepare to leave Clinic, Melody afraid.
Kirby showers alone while thinking about his future.
Greasers arrive at Clinic, Reporters ask Tony about Biff.
Gord tells Bryce, Justin, & Parker about attack on Biff.
Nick and Melody to the Boar Inn, Tony meets the Nerds.
Duncan and Jerry are moved from the Clinic to the Jail.
Tony delivers to the Bullies, stops harassment of new kids.
Pinky sees Tony, Karen, Nick, Melody enter the Boar Inn.
Tony delivers to the Jocks, Hannah has trouble walking.
Officers Monson and Ivanovich report attack to Chief O’Rouke.
Tony delivers to Preps, a nasty argument with Tad ensues.
Officers Monson and Ivanovich talk to Preps at the Beach House.
Tony returns to the Boar Inn, takes Karen to the Girl’s Dorm.
Gloria chatters on as she and Hannah return to the Girl’s Dorm.
Tony eats at Chef's Restaurant, takes meal to Dorm for Karen.
Tony arrives at the Blue Balls Bar as Hal is taken away by Cops.
Bryce takes Pinky to Carnival, tells her of the attack on Biff.
Tony goes to the Police Station to find answers for Hal's arrest.
Hanna crashes in Karen's Dorm, Karen in pain over old Injury.
Bryce and the breakaway Preps have a serious discussion.
Tony reports back to the Greasers, then takes Karen to Clinic.
Tad has some Monday morning missions to accomplish.
Greasers return to the Autoshop, the rumors are swirling. 
Tad goes to the Bank, In disguise he pays off Mr. Martin.
Tony and Mr. Galloway have a conversation on the Balcony.
For the first time since her rescue, Melody has sex with Nick.
Hal is acquitted at Court since the Biker Hat doesn't fit.
Preps leave Court for the Glass Jaw, Tad has an evil plan.
Tony and Laurent see APT vehicles carrying Townies away.
Jessica introduces Whitney to Norton, they go to Carnival.
Mr. Riddle makes another contact, learns of Army's departure.
Victorious Greasers head back, Stop to talk with Wolfman Jacks.
Coach Sanders returns, Team fools him with fake Workout.
Convoy takes the Townies to three separate Federal Prisons.
Preps confront the Greasers, Tad tricks Hal into fighting a Match.
Jocks put on a night scrimmage, Claire has eyes set on Dan.
Tony brainstorms alone in his Mediator’s Office to no avail.
Claire talks to Dan, Mandy and Misty go to the Gym showers.
Tony talks to Mr. Riddle about obtaining Listening Devices.
Mandy spies on Coach Sanders, The Coach drugs Kirby.
Tony obtains two ‘Bugs' from Mr. Riddle, makes plans to plant them.
Tony plants two ‘Bugs' in Harrington House, hurries to the fight.
Tad boxes Hal at the Glass Jaw Ring and decisively beats him.
Gord and Vance make plans to leave for Connecticut the next day.
Tony talks with Karen, who says every Clique should be bugged.
Tony consults with Mr. Riddle about obtaining more Listening Devices.
Tony has another dream where past and future troubles collide.
Tad’s revenge set in motion, Vanessa delivers notes to Greasers.
Lucky, Lefty, and Norton read notes from a mysterious Vanessa.
Karen guesses riddle that ‘Bugs' were planted in Spencer Shipping.
Lucky, Lefty, and Norton lured by Vanessa, attacked by the Preps.
Greasers are depressed, Jessica sees something but doesn't tell.
Preps gather, silently sneak to the Autoshop and prepare to attack.
The remaining Greasers prepare to leave the Autoshop, Preps attack.
Tony searches the Spencer Warehouse most all night to find one Bug.
Preps strike and launch attack on Greasers, Chad is taken down.
Constantinos in Boston, Tiffany comes out of her coma in the Hospital.
Preps chase the Greasers into the back lot, Ricky, Hal, & Angie are hit.
Constanos talks with Nurse Kronos, His fears about Tiffany are eased.
Preps and Peanut in standoff, Tad fights Peanut and breaks Binky’s foot.
Jessica awakes, goes to to Autoshop, finds the Greasers after the attack.
Nortom, Lucky, & Lefty arrive back at the Autoshop after escaping their bonds.
Jessica takes Binky and Angie to the Bullworth Clinic, Gets them inside.
Greasers begin their counterattack on the Preps, take out Chad first.
Tony finishes search of Warehouse, finds another Bug at the Paint Supply.
Greasers attack Preps in their sleep, knock them out and Hogtie them.
Greasers return to the Autoshop, then leave for the Blue Balls Bar.
Tony awakes and goes to the Girl's Dorm to see Karen, she can hobble.
Preps come to and discover they are Hogtied, Tad & Vanessa have argument.
Ricky and Jessica make love, Ricky gets a new-found respect from the others.
Peanut & Hal go to Clinic to see Binky & Angie, Binky wants something done.
Tony and Karen listen in, find nothing, leave for the Restaurant and Overlook.
Angie blabs, Story of the Attacks leak to the Students, Karen calls Tony.
Tony goes to the Clinic to hear the Greaser's side, also sees Ms. Phillips.
Tony decides to call Clique Council, informs Peanut, Ted, Malvin, & Trent.
Tony looks around for the Preps, something is strange at Harrington House.
Nick and Melody go to the French Restaurant, find and talk to Tony.
At the Football Field, Luis meets new girl Joan and plans for a date.
Tony returns to the School, the Preps are found and released.
Preps to the School Clinic, Tad and Vanessa to the Vale Clinic.
Tony is called out of Class for conference with Mr. Galloway.
Tony and Nick set up the Auditorium for the Clique meeting.
Clique Leaders arrive and punishment is decided for the Preps.
Tad bursts in to the Clique meeting, challenges Tony to Boxing Match.
Melody anxiously awaits Nick's return, has suspicions about Pinky.
Tony and Laurent talk, Laurent offers to show Tony evade moves.
Nick takes Tony over to the Bike Park to teach him how to Box.
Tony studies with Karen's help for the big Final Math Test.
Tony awakes with confidence, talks with Karen before the Test.
Tony takes the Math Test Final, Talks with Gloria afterwards.
Pinky watches from her window, decides to confront Bryce.
The big match at the Glass Jaw, Tony down in the 4th round.
Tony recovers and gets up. Knocks out Tad in the 5th round.
Pinky confronts Bryce and breaks up with him, Leaves the Preps.
Beatrice packs to leave, finds Mandy and asks for her Diary back.
Mandy returns Diary, but made copies, Beatrice runs from School.
Last day of Summer School, many of the Students leave for home.
Constantinos smuggles Tiffany from Hospital and out of Boston.
Another dream, Tony takes Nick over to the Church Mausoleum.
Tony remembers, relates the location of the Founder to the Head Monk.
The Head Monk heals Tony and Nick, they leave the Graveyard.
Algie calls Tony about getting Melvin to let him back in the Nerds.
 Peanut brings the foot brace Melvin made to the Clinic for Binky.
Lola has her singing debut at Blue Balls, A Promoter offers a Tour.
Tony, Karen, Nick, Melody on vacation, Karen and Melody have a talk.
Christy sees and talks to her father in front of the Crab Shack.
The Head Monk appears at the Asylum Mortuary, Recovers the Founder.
Coach Sanders lures Kirby again, Mandy contacts Ted and the Jocks.
Mr. Riddle contacts his Control and confirms delivery of package.
Ted and the Jocks arrive at the Locker Room, behold a shocking sight.
Mr. Galloway Visits Ms. Phillips in the Bullworth Town Clinic.
Ted and the Jocks shoot down Coach Sanders, Rescue Kirby.
Tony, Karen, Nick, Melody return from their Vacation.
Lola and Johnny on tour, Lola has a new song to sing.
The futures of some of the Students of Bullworth.
Tony and Karen watch arrivals for the next year.
Mr. Grant and the Aliens in Earth Orbit.
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