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Author Topic: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers and OOB Exploration. [Now 80% stickier!]  (Read 147602 times)

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Non Evil Markers (maybe).
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2010, 12:52:19 PM »
 :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

*must stop referencing Ocarina of Time* What about the Unicorn Fountain? *cough*

Anyway. I've had some interesting new findings. One of which could be a clue to the hidden interiors bit.

I've been playing through the game again, mainly to find how I can break it ever so slightly to find hidden stuff.

I've found that, During Winter, Blue Skies Industrial Area is covered in snow.
Although I don't think that's too odd, I've a theory that the snow bit is just a mask or something applied over the normal textures, not alternate textures for snow time.
Also during winter, Townies & Orderlies have winter outfits.
Townies isn't odd, As the Wii Version has a mission where you snowball them and they have said outfits.
Orderlies is though, I don't recall any time where be able to see them in winter outfits.

Also, If you enter the Asylum, If you go to the door where you exit with Johnny later in the game, It leads you into a back area of the Asylum. I don't recall this area in the normal game.
Some things aren't fully solid, And the door you came through seems to be floating in mid-air. No entrance marker for the door either.
So you're trapped there.

Now for some new info about the Junkyard.
To clarify, Props are things that spawn only for certain missions or only after certain missions. They can be things like the School's Roof or Halloween Decorations.
Originally I thought the Hunkyard was a Prop. Seeing how the area it should be is so large yet so empty.
It's not though, It's happens to be an interior. Probably the largest interior in the game.
Likely one of the furthest too.

There are some interesting things for this area, If you fly upto the area where Petey is it's solid and by the crane he would go to, There will be the option "Use".
It does nothing. If you let Petey get in the Crane, The "Use" option will be gone. Interesting.
The switch box by the crane will also become breakable for some reason.

Around the Junkyard and some parts of the path leading to it are wooden area that raise up, You can walk on these for some reason. Odd.
Although those bits area odd, Let's get to something abit stranger.

Since this is an interior, They wanted to make you think you're still in the normal game world. So in the distance you can see the buildings of New Coventry.
Normally things like that are really low-def up close and turn out to be flat.
It's not true with this. The exact opposite.
Over there is a small portion of New Coventry. It's almost fully solid and even has map data portraying the roads you can see. There are even those large orange traffic things in area that you can't normally see from the normal Junkyard area.
One corner of the area shows some Gray on the Mini-Map. This usually means you're entering a valid interior.

.. Lemme clarify. Interior's appear to be located very high above and to the far south of the normal game exterior.
Thus if you leave an interior, You'll typically see all green, because you are outside the map and that's what's outside Bullworth. Sorry if that doesn't make complete sense, It's a little hard to describe.
Gray on the map usually surrounds the White bits that represents the area you're in.
So this Gray block on the map should be another nearby interior, It probably is. But entering turns it all green.
Exploration of this isn't recommended without more details of the Interior world.

That's all really for that Junkyard.
Now, Where the Junkyard "should" be in the exterior world is just a large flat area without any solidity. Dull.
However, Now it gets rather interesting.. There is a completely black triangle marker beneath it.
This is the second known(to my knowledge) exterior marker in the game world. The first being under the School's main entrance.
This is an interesting find, Before the mission "Rumble", I believed exterior marker's to signify that Props would appear near by at a later time.
The "Rumble" mission jossed that theory. Or did it?
This marker is completely black, I theorize that perhaps that it's supposed to represent that the Prop's for that area was removed? *shrugs*
Ah, If only we could ask R*. Haha.

Now for the theory about Hidden Interiors.
It was discovered kinda strangely, I was in the Observatory fighting Earnest and saw the Comic store interior was near by(checking of map said so), Apparently so were the Vale's Barber shop.
I thought it might be fun to fly to the Observatory by going Barber -> Comic -> Observatory. This exploration ended quickly.
As I headed to the Comic Store, I saw.. A Red Marker. It was just floating there.
Red Markers, as you should know, represent Clique Challenges. Thus this one was for the Nerd Challenge(*shudders*).
Flying to the marker showed that I could start the "Nerd Challenge". I did so and.. I was warped to the Comic Store. Camera moved a little stiffly would jump around once in a while.
After a few seconds, subtitles came up and the Nerd Challenge was starting.
Very interesting.
I ended the Mission and went back to the Barber store and flew back to the marker and started the mission again.
This time, in the period of time that I could control Jimmy, I left the store.
I could run around for a small period of time and then controls locked up.
Game still ran, But Jimmy was frozen there.
I believe this to be that it was trying do things relevant to the Comic Store, And being in the exterior area it didn't have access to those pieces. So it just waited until it could. Which it never would.

Another interesting thing about that, Exiting the Comic Store made him exit the Barber.

It seems that any Mission Markers that appear inside a building may always be there, Meaning you could fly to the area and start it. This may lead to more Hidden Interior exploration.

More research will be done later tonight.

.. Oh, Before I forget.

@Steman: I tried out the Auditorium bit and did indeed see an Exit Marker at the door. Also very interesting.
If only there were a way to walk around during that bit and go up to the marker.


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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Non Evil Markers (maybe).
« Reply #16 on: June 10, 2010, 01:04:01 PM »
 This is all very interesting.  Much of what you found is stuff I have been theorizing for a long time.  So tell me, are you able to solve a mystery for me?  Inside the Boy's Dorm, tak a right down the hall (the end that has Jimmy's room).  Go all the way to the very end.  On the map there is a small piece of white that looks like a hallway or something.  What interior is that?  BTW, this was on the PS2 version if that makes any difference.

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Non Evil Markers (maybe).
« Reply #17 on: June 10, 2010, 01:21:16 PM »
Sadly, The Boy's Dorm and Comic Store are the only(of what is known so far) interiors that seem to be fully solid.
Meaning, No way to escape them.

I will however still attempt looking into the white strip you've mentioned, As I maybe be able to find it from another area.

.. Someone really should attempt mapping the interior world.
Maybe I'll try at a later time.

If only there was an X/Y/Z modifier code.
It's a cheat that allows you directly alter his position, no matter the boundaries.
With such a code, it would likely make exploring much easier.

edit: Not sure if I made it fully clear. I'm not feeling up to re-reading through my WoT. Haha.
About The Black Marker(I need a better name for these, There are at least four things called Markers now) underneath where the Junkyard should be.
It's my theory the the Junkyard was a prop, But perhaps the surrounding area was too small or something.
Something being like maybe Peds were spawning in the fight area. Wouldn't be that much fun if you try punching Johnny and a cop suddenly spawns in the path of your fist.

Although it would be kinda funny.
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #18 on: June 10, 2010, 02:20:04 PM »
Okay, I read all this, and... You're talking to me about mapping ? That is just THE job for me. Really. If you can get me an interior in a 3D file, that will just be perfect !

And for the old Chuck, what does that mean... ? New areas where Jimmy can't get busted, where you want ! I can build a shelve, a table, anything !

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #19 on: June 11, 2010, 02:37:23 PM »
excellent stuff niffumerew!, man i wish their was a jetpack mod for pc so i could try half of this stuff out, im abit confused as to where you talk about the comic store bit, but i just skim read as summets cropped up, and you said something about the interiors map being located south east to the main world and high up, i take it you mean something like SA were the interiors were all located together but not near where they should be, a look at the coords what i was going on about before could prove this but i still think the only way in is the way i mentioned, i'd love someone to find an alternate method but everything add's up to my method being the only one, ill message back soon guys, i still gotta reinstall, all the best gents.

oh and just wanted to advertise my utube page haha

2nd thing i dont think this xyz thing would work if your implying what i think you are, jese im gonna try explain this bit as best i can now, (im going on about the interiors all showing on the map but not loading) so if someone could clarify who has it for pc again its nothing big just something which proves this subject, right get to the mission where that guy gets terrored the auditorium or w/e it is, save the teleport spot, finish the mish or get killed w/e, then whereever just teleport to it, you'll spawn in the interior but will weirdly keep moving randomly??? their are 2 other interiors on the map most probably the music room and an art room, IF you fall out the walls you will die,
im sure you can edit x,y,z co-ords with a hex editor, its just sortin through the codes and working out whats what, if we could work out what bit of the code loads the selected interior we could edit it to load a inaccesable interior like the art room, biology room etc, we gotta crack this guys, the games been asking for it for months!, its just about workin out what file we gotta edit and what part of the file needs editing, THIS WILL WORK, i think i pointed out before that i messed about a bit and had the staffroom tottaly messed up, once inside their was no exit marker, and no door what so ever so you could just walk past the door onto a small solid area (not really a big find) but it also had the map bit to another interior which mike was talking about and it also shows what we allready know, that WE CAN edit the game to gain access to these interiors.
also mercury wht type of mods do you mainly do? if its anything to do with understanding the code and editing it, then your basicly the only hope to this topic, (going a bit further) but then once we gain access we gotta work out a way to get it for the console versions
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #20 on: June 12, 2010, 05:38:04 PM »
.. Lame.
I wrote up a large thing here and I closed the tab when clicking back to this.

Um. Kay.

@Mike_W: It's the Girl's Dorm. Maybe.

It seems interiors aren't always where they should be, for lack of a better term.
For example, From the "Worn In" clothing store in Bullworth Town, Nothing much is visible.
However if you move ever so slightly to one side of the interior, Wham. You're suddenly in the Warehouse(from the Zoe Date).

You don't see the Warehouse from Worn in and you don't see Worn In from the Warehouse.
I think this whole bit may be related to Interior Heavens?

Anyway. I say Maybe because if you fly from an area of the Girl's Dorm, You'll be in the Boy's Dorm. And it matches up with what you asked.
However from the Boy's Dorm it doesn't really look like the Girl's Dorm.

Plus when viewing the Boy's Dorm from the Girl's Dorm, it doesn't look like the Boy's Dorm either.
Here's where it gets a little odd. If I lower myself in the Girl's Dorm, it will turn into the Boy's Dorm mini-map.
This is odd, It acts as if the Boy's Dorm has a 2nd floor. But it doesn't.
However, The mini-map does look like it could fit on the Boy's Dorm as a 2nd floor..

Grah, I explained this stuff better in the previous version of this post. :/

Um. Anyway.
@Mercury: From the recently discovered stuff about interior heaven bit, Mapping it would probably require some sorta 4D map making tech.
And I don't think any such exist, yet.

Anyway. If I can ever get this computer to recognize my SD Card, I've got a bunch(if you can call 21 a bunch) of pictures of some of these things.

edit: Gragh. I think this computer hates my SD Card.
Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.
Whenever I can get it working, Expect pictures of the Roof Access stairwell, A couple odd interactable spots and a few possible beta interiors, ah if only we could load them.

double edit: One of which bugs me, Because it makes no sense. Even less so than the already existing 4D Interior Heaven.
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #21 on: June 13, 2010, 01:54:00 PM »
haha (to above) pain in the ass when that happens,

their dusnt seem to be any boundries to my great ability in gaming, wev'e just cracked it lads!, i managed to "semi"crack this and have GAINED ACCESS to the interiors; i was INSIDE the Auditorium just then, and can CONFIRM that the floor is solid even the stairs are solid, and as i thought the door ACTUALLY WORKS and leads to the school hallways (havn't tried the top floor yet, OR any other interior for that matter) Look im sorry niff and others but it seems you DO need the pc version for this, im going to post a tut in about a day or so for the PC guys to try, Basicly its the exact process i was bangin on about, where you exit somewhere and it loads the chosen interior, for each interior you want to access you need 2 things the area code (heavons which weve reffered it to in here) and the co-ords, you change both of these and BAM your in, BUT the problem is we dont know every interior, we dont know what heavons combined to each interior, and we dont have the exact coords for each one. 

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #22 on: June 13, 2010, 05:00:18 PM »
@Auditorium bit: Fascinating.
Are the seats solid? Can you use them?

Whenever I'm able to get the computer my friend is sending me, I'm going to look around the Wii Disc.
I've been curious of how possible it would be to make an exit modifier code.

Basically, A code that makes all exits lead to a specific area.
e.g Go Boy's Dorm entrance, Press [Z], Get taken to Chem-Ex.

Theoretically, It should be fairly simple.
However, It'd need finding of the address that does what I need. That being what affects the marker to say it leads to that interior.

.. Anyway, I'll hopefully have the pictures up in around half an hourish.

edit: Also exploration of the disk to see if it'd be possible to rip the soundtrack. Scholarship Edition has a couple nifty songs that aren't in the official soundtrack.

double edit:
This album contains 21 pictures, all titled and given descriptions.
There are pictures of a few "Beta" interiors. However these pictures are just the mini-maps and location of Jimmy on the full map.
Plus Roof Access pictures.

Anyway, What with these "Beta Interiors" found.

@Steman, How possible would it be to attempt visiting these interiors?
Although 1 & 2 are interesting, I find that the "Beta Interior #3" is the oddest one.

Anyway, Wouldn't it be both hilarious and awesome if a code could be made that disables whatever function that causes the Mission/Exit/Entrance markers to be hidden?
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #23 on: June 13, 2010, 05:52:36 PM »
 Nice pics man!  They should have made the PS2 version more explorable.

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #24 on: June 13, 2010, 06:44:21 PM »
hello!, im off bed in a min, ive just finished for tonight with these interiors, niff what am i meant to b lookin at with them pics mate and yes, THE INTERIORS ARE ACCESABLE!!111!! :D some of them are erroring but i managed to get into some, no the seats are not solid, their are some solid lights though, and you can jump onto the balconys, theirs also a room aswell at the back its well ace!,
its just a major shame u havnt got pc version mate, untill someone makes a wii/ps2 mod or w/e u wont have the full enjoyment :'(, anyway good night all
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #25 on: June 14, 2010, 10:56:29 AM »
Here is a list of accessable interiors with their areacode/heavons and their respected coords
would be good if we could find the music room and the places like the end mission, russels pit etc


MAIN_MAP      0      0.00, 0.00, 0.00
SCHOOLHALLWAYS      2      -632.325012, -285.636993, 8.523100            
??? (OBSELETE)   ERROR   3
CHEMISTRY CLASS      4      -596.921021, 322.786987, 36.532001
PRINCIPALS OFFICE   5      -700.955017, 201.244995, 32.653000
BIOLOGY         6      -709.780029, 312.730011, 33.379501
???      ERROR   7
JANITORS      8      -752.901001, -70.235001, 8.759220
LIBRARY         9      -774.791992, 196.037003, 90.131500
???      ERROR   10
???      ERROR   11      
???      ERROR   12
GYM         13      -630.187012, -70.771896, 67.727303
BOYS DORM      14      -501.584991, 301.246002, 32.119999
ENG OR GEOG      15      -560.408020, 315.862000, -1.950740
TRAILER (cant enter)   16      -655.908020, 81.574997, 9.991680
ART         17      -527.947021, 383.117004, 14.042800
AUTOSHOP      18      -422.721985, 368.216003, 80.844498
AUDITORIUM      19      -768.471008, 288.024994, 80.952904
CHEMICAL PLANT      20      -755.687988, 96.273102, 30.861700
???      ERROR   21
???       ERROR   22
STAFFROOM      23      -649.495972, 222.126007, 0.439980
???      ERROR   24
???      ERROR   25
GROCERYSTORE      26      -574.916992, 392.436005, 2.670250
BOXINGRING      27      -715.062012, 373.959015, 295.053986
BOXINGROOM      27      -726.921021, 381.609985, 345.053986
???      ERROR   28
BIKESHOP      29      -785.145020, 384.995003, 0.008086
COMICBOOK STORE      30      -723.096008, 36.172600, -2.328500
???      ERROR   31
PREPPIES      32      -566.291992, 133.397003, 48.464600
PREPPIES CLOTHING   33      -698.400024, 266.799988, 0.030000
POOR CLOTHING      34      -647.132019, 261.338989, 0.931481
Girls Dorm      35      -430.667999, 317.761993, -2.361660
TENFIRES ENTERANCE   36      -544.599976, -49.039600, 31.007700
FUNHOUSE SCAFFOLD   37      -723.806030, -401.364990, 12.415400
ASSYLUM         38      -713.270996, 494.204987, 2.000010
BARBERS         39      -654.849976, 129.748993, 2.989000
OBSERVATORY      40      -694.966980, 75.752701, 20.251301
???   ERROR      41
GOKART TRACK      42      -310.600006, 496.364990, 1.000010
JUNKYARD MISH      43      -676.331970, -621.603027, 3.349510
JUNKYARD CENTRE      43      -753.546997, -606.705994, 6.752230
???   ERROR      44      
CARNIVAL STRIKEOUT   45      -793.770020, 90.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 2      45      -790.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 3      45      -811.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 4      45      -831.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 5      45      -850.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 6      45      -869.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
CARNIVAL 7      45      -890.817993, 73.966797, 9.967950
HAIR SALON      46      -770.323975, 18.423700, 4.517230
???   ERROR      47
???   ERROR      48
???   ERROR      49
CARNIVAL SOUVENEERS   50      -790.598999, 54.708900, 7.278910
WIPEOUT RACETRACK   51      -88.389297, 68.735497, 26.634399
WIPEOUT RACETRACK2   52      -36.880199, 38.910599, 0.459147
WIPEOUT RACETRACK3   53      -39.788101, 62.388302, 62.154202
SPENCER SHIPPING INTER   54      -671.099976, -142.108002, -0.022696
FREAKSHOW      55      -469.709015, -77.744102, 9.061740
FREAKSHOW SKELETON   55      -455.709015, -66.744102, 9.061740
FAT HEFF      55      -440.709015, -54.744102, 9.061740   
SIAMESE   TWINS      55      -450.859009, -36.141102, 9.803410
BOXING MIDGETS      55      -463.266998, -47.828602, 9.803410
PAINTEDMAN      55      -477.042999, -38.299000, 9.803410
MERMAID         55      -486.369995, -50.406601, 9.803410
HAIRPOOR      56      -667.619995, 386.825012, 2.432060
TOWNIES HIDEOUT      57      -656.534973, 249.649002, 15.230700
???   ERROR      58
JOCKS HIDEOUT      59      -746.359009, 351.735992, 3.517150
PREPS HIDEOUT      60      -768.898010, 360.372009, 6.421100
GREACERS HIDEOUT   61      -698.974976, 347.765991, 3.355210
SKATEPARK      62      -737.765991, 646.687012, 29.102699
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #26 on: June 15, 2010, 12:34:42 PM »
Huh. Interesting.
Three things about the Principal's Office interior.

One, That seems to match up with the "Beta Interior #3" picture I took.
Well, The mini-map that is.
Two, How much of it is solid?
Three, How come the mini-map shows a lot more to the interior aside from just the office bit?
I see a small room behind you, and there is even a door there.
From what I can tell of the single picture, It looks like it even has an exit. Where does it go?
Perhaps there was to be a mission where you sneak in to the office to find something?

Now I'm starting to wonder if there is any hidden text, like almost all the GTA games.
I think I recall how the hidden text was found in San Andreas, I wonder how similar the game's file structure is..

Also. Your Biology picture is broken.
And what do you mean there is a room in the auditorium?


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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #27 on: June 15, 2010, 01:18:09 PM »
 Hidden text in GTA SA? Please do tell.

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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #28 on: June 15, 2010, 01:20:52 PM »
Oh? Huh. Maybe it's not as well known as the hidden interiors. *shrugs*

It's basically looking in the file where the subtitles come from and looking for things that seem unfamiliar.
You could try it with the PS2 game, Any computer can read those.

If you do, Feel free to post any findings.

edit: @Steman: The area where you fight Russel is available anytime after that mission.
It's part of the School Basement, Either access it from the School Hallway(by clothing shop) or the entrance used in the mission(near parking lot).
It's not terribly exciting though.
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Re: Hidden Interiors, Beta Leftovers, Markers and OOB Exploration.
« Reply #29 on: June 15, 2010, 02:34:15 PM »
hello niff, whats with the name change?, anyway mate the whole area is solid same with most other interiors,
the small room behind jimmy leads to nowhere its just a invisible room with invisible walls and an invisible floor,
room 2 and 3 im sure you know what is but the 4th one is same as the other accept you cant access it its just an invisible floor, perhaps they were going to attach it to the office bit in the school halls its the same layout,
and im sorry about the biology pic, its that bloody w/e i used imagehost is it? its a pain in the ass,
and by the auditorium bit, you cant see it in the mission but theirs a room on the 2nd balcony, i cant remember the name of what its called, a screening room i think, its just a few boxes and a few electronic equipment, also i noticed all the campaign banners etc have gone :confused:, niff about the russel area thanks for the help, but im sure its different and maybe has its own interior, i mean during the cutscene when you fight him theirs a ladder their!, but during and after the fight its not their!, its almost asif gary's pulled it up!, mate can you tell me about the last mission the rooftop one, when you used jetpack did you find anything about/nearby, id like to know where it is, also we got the music room now  :cool:, and 3 comic book stores that wern't added well half of them atleast haha.