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Author Topic: What We Would Like To See In Bully 2  (Read 243684 times)

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Re: What We Would Like To See In Bully 2
« Reply #1035 on: July 04, 2016, 05:23:34 PM »
If it's really going to come which is a 50/50 chance we'll I,d probably be overloading this forums.
I don't to be rude or break anyone's heart over BB.
I think IF BULLY ever has a chance to get released or announced, it's going to be 10%.
Think realistic for once, I'm probably going to get hate for this but Bully look's like it's going to officially die soon.

inb4 "fuck off lol bully i cool am ranting 4 bully"

but OT:

fight styles
ability to join CliQUE?!!!?

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Re: What We Would Like To See In Bully 2
« Reply #1036 on: July 07, 2016, 02:28:06 AM »
I want Blood come out of mouth of students instead of puke
Blood on ground in which Ants will be swimming

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Re: What We Would Like To See In Bully 2
« Reply #1037 on: July 17, 2016, 08:36:16 PM »
It would be cool to see the ability of hitting on teachers(as weird as some people may find it). Also if It's supposedly "Senior year" would be funny if jimmy could illegally buy alchohol and get drunk at party's which various students have. With proms and partys this could make intense fight scenes imo.

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Re: What We Would Like To See In Bully 2
« Reply #1038 on: July 23, 2016, 08:10:26 AM »
What Im thinking about Bully 2 - more controversial :P

Hey I know its all about the school and stuff, and original Bully was controversial enough. But still ... Rockstar MO is still basically "make the game more controversial" :P
So my dreamy Bully 2 would include bloody fightings, bribery, violence, more violence, even more violence, violence with girls, friendship traitors, and maybe even sexual assault ... All that with a lil bit of new characters (mostly new villains I believe), and the motto "dog eats dog" becomes real !

Yeah, I know its not gonna happen :P But still it would be a hell cool game.

What Im really thinking about is:

- dont make the city so big, original Bully got it quite right, basically the opposite of GTA V - small map, but with loads things to do and visit, while GTA V gives us giant map with some places you actually dont have to visit never ever
- dont focus on graphics and stuff like that, I prefer even less realism that we got in Bully and earlier GTA games, and while most of casual gamers demands better and better graphics, then its easy to lose it
- much stuff in original Bully was good enough, but it could be improved. Like the classes - you could pass them all in first chapter, and later focus on missions only, every chapter should give an opportunity to finish only 2-3 courses, to give a better view for a school year in general. Also the chapters werent designed properly IMHO (very long chapter 1 where we discover the school, meet new people, and very short chapter 5, Rockstar did the same stuff with GTA SA if you think about it carefully)
- thing about weapons is always interesting, I think we should at least give an opportunity to use firearms, for a grand finale of the game
- about the soundtrack I was talking earlier - Shawn Lee did a great job, but for Bully 2 I'd prefer Mac De Marco to deal with the music, to give even more dizziness into the school
- the length of the game ... this is always difficult, because original Bully was quite a long game, but still shorter than GTA SA. On the other hand GTA III can be completed in 2 hours. Sometimes tough its better to let it go, than make a long and pointless tasks like drivin half of the map to take a picture and go back
- and of course the new plot would be needed too, but this is a different story. Earlier I was thinking about giving an opportunity to the main character of choosing the path, while Jimmy was cool most of the game, and werent bullying kids (unless we told him so in free roam), we could choose the "being bully" missions instead of "being cool". But this isnt Rockstar style, and more like True Crime, where you are a cop, but can also shoot people for fun.

Those are my ideas for the game, hope you enjoy the general concept