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Suggestions & Feedback / BB Screen Fades After Posts/Randomly?......
« on: January 12, 2014, 09:04:27 AM »
It may just be me, but, and this only started happening literally ten minutes ago - After I made a post, the BB screen just faded away (like the background) and then all the topics and everything on BB. So I was left with nothing but the background or a blue screen. But not to worry, a simple refresh worked. I posted as a test, and it didn't fade, but just then, after just being on the main index, it randomly faded away and I once again had to refresh.

Am I the only one experiencing this?

Bully 2 Discussion / My Bully 2 Ideas
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:07:22 AM »
So, here, I shall be posting some thoughts on what I personally want for Bully 2. This will be posted on over time as I think of new thoughts. These are my thoughts for single player, not multiplayer.

Anyways, to start it off......

                               CLIQUE SELECTION -

During the course of the storyline, I personally want the player to be able to have freedom of choice. Much like RPG's, you can shape your own path and how you want to go at it during the storyline. For example, during the course of the game, you get, (similar to the "respect" system on Bully, but you can actually control it,) a respect bar.

 How you act within the game, and who you choose to help, will affect your reputation with all cliques. Do you want to join the Preps by sabotaging the Greasers and vice versa? Will you help the Jocks beat up the Nerds, help the Nerds humiliate the Jocks, or join the Townies to wreak havoc among the school? Or will you be a lone wolf and do as you please?

R* could definitely take a few lessons from Bethesda on that aspect.

                     CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION -

I'm not sure I'm exactly keen on creating how your character sounds, walks, or speaks during the beginning of the game like they do in Saints Row. As I would prefer a preemptive protagonist. For customization, the possibilities could be endless.

+ Clothing.

The first thing to come to mind. Clothing should be wide-range and unique, sunglasses, shoes, shirts, shades, all of that fancy stuff. But rather, a larger amount of such. And, after you, say, buy the apparel in a store, I think there should be (perhaps an award for upgrading?....) an option to customize the clothes itself. Like adding insignia on it, logos, distinctive patterns, etc. Much like they do in those WWE games.

+ Weapons

Weapons should definitely have an option to be upgraded and customize to the player's wishes. Say you have a slingshot and you level up, some options should be to increase the power, the aim, and the actual design itself. Want to colour it red? You can. Want to change how it looks? You can. Want to put some sort of insignia on it? YES YOU CAN!

+ Safe Houses.

Fo' shizzle. I think this should definitely be added. Just as long as you have the right amount of cash, that is. Examples of this could be to paint the room to a colour, change the bed, etc. And, on a larger scale, completely renovate the place completely. 'Upgrading' it into a more modern, luxurious safe house would be a lot of fun. They do this in Saints Row. Where it gives you a whole list of options and how you can make the place look, (if you have the right amount of teh $$$)

Bully 1 Discussion / Jimmy Hopkins Speaks! (Interview)
« on: August 31, 2013, 08:50:52 AM »
An article I came across today, interview with the voice actor of Jimmy, Gerry Rosenthal.

TGL caught up with Gerry to talk about all things Bully, how he landed the role of Jimmy, what it was like working with Rockstar and why he’d love to work on a Bully sequel further down the road.

TheGamingLiberty: Hi Gerry, a HUGE TGL welcome to you. Can you start off by telling us a little about yourself, where you’re from and what it is that you do?

Gerry Rosenthal: Thanks for having me! I’m a musician and actor living in Jersey City, New Jersey, about a mile outside of New York City. I actually make my living mostly as a musician now, teaching private guitar/bass/piano lessons during the week and playing gigs with a bunch of different bands on the weekends.

TGL: You’ve quite a few TV credits to your name appearing in everything from Delivery to Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. How did you find your way onto TV? Did you always see yourself breaking into the acting circuit?

GR: When I was about 6 years old, my mother took me into New York City to audition for an acting agent, and they liked me enough to send me out on some auditions. I acted in several commercials as a child, and beginning in high school, I started to audition for more TV and movie roles. Up until high school it was more of a chore, something that my parents more or less dragged me to, but beginning around 9th grade the bug bit me hard and I knew I wanted to be an actor. I studied History and Political Science at Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ, but my whole plan was to move to NYC after graduating college and pound the pavement looking for acting work. However, like most kids who have just graduated college, I immediately moved back in with my parents! I’ve been playing guitar and piano since I was 7 years old and always played with different groups for fun in college, so within 6 months of moving home I was playing in about 4 different bands in the New Brunswick NJ music scene. It happened slowly, but over the last 8 years my focus gradually shifted more and more towards music, to the point where that’s how I make my living today. I still go on acting auditions, but music is my life at this point.

TGL: So it’s fair to say that music takes up a lot of your time these days? We’ve seen the YouTube videos….

GR: Yep! Like I said I make my living as a musician these days, it’s a full-time gig.

TGL: So how did you first get involved in the Bully project with Rockstar? Had you ever done any voice over work before?

GR: I have always auditioned for voice-over work and Bully was just one more audition that particular week. I had never done a voice for a video game before, so I remember getting the audition and thinking “Wow, this would be a cool thing to do!”

TGL: What can you remember from your audition? What were the team at Rockstar looking for when it came to the character of Jimmy Hopkins?

GR: I remember the audition went pretty quickly. They had me read some of Jimmy’s lines, and I remember it was a longer monologue, not dialogue with another character. I don’t even think there was a call-back, they just called my agent a week later and said I had the part. It’s funny, when I finally got to the studio to record the part I asked the producers why they liked my voice for the role of Jimmy. They said my natural voice sounded like a tough 15 year old, even though I was 25 at the time! I guess I’ve always had a naturally high voice…

TGL: So, how, in your opinion, would you describe the character of Jimmy?

GR: Well you know he’s clearly a jerk, but a jerk with heart! Overall, I think he tries to do the right thing, even if that means knocking a few people out of the way to do it.

TGL: Was it a fun process recording the voice? How long did you work on the project?

GR: There we’re about 98 “cut-scenes,” which are the scenes that open up after the player completes a mission. Each scene was about 2-3 pages, so we’re talking over 200 pages of dialogue. It probably took between 60-70 hours to record the whole thing. Typically the sessions we’re four hours, and I did about 16 of them over the course of several months.

TGL: What did you make of the controversy that surrounded the release of the game?

GR: I actually wasn’t really too aware of the controversy to be honest. I don’t play video games, or even own a gaming system, so I’m not tapped into the world of gaming at all. From what I understand there was an outcry against the game because of the title “Bully” or something to that effect – as if it promoted bullying – which honestly it didn’t really at all. Jimmy is more or less the little guy, trying to stand up to all the bullies around him…

TGL: Have you worked on any other games or TV projects since Bully?

GR: I’ve done a few other voice-over commercials, but no other video games or TV shows.

TGL: It was suggested in 2009 by the music composer on the game, Shawn Lee, that he was about to begin work on a sequel to Bully. Nothing has been heard since. Do you know anything about this sequel or have you ever heard anything about it?

GR: I don’t know anything about a sequel, but man would I take that gig in a second! It was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. My guess would be if they made a sequel though, it would be set at the college Jimmy goes to (if he could even get into college) and since he would be older he would therefore have a lower voice. That means they would probably cast a different actor with a lower voice to play the part. Although now that I’m 31 maybe my voice sounds like a tough 20-year old!

TGL: I take it therefore, if given the opportunity, you would return to voice Jimmy again?

GR: Absolutely!

TGL: What’s next for you Gerry? Any projects in the pipeline?

GR: I’m still auditioning for acting jobs a few times a month. I play constantly with my own original band called Big Wake. You can check us out at We just put out our self-titled debut album this past August; it’s available for download on iTunes through a link on our website. I also play with a Beatles cover band called Hey Bulldog–, and a wedding band called The Jersey Joint– We have lots of audio and video recordings up on our websites so feel free to check it out!

TGL: And finally, we have to ask, have you actually ever sat down and played through Bully?

GR: The good folks at Rockstar were nice enough to send me a copy of the game when it came out, but since I don’t own a gaming system I couldn’t really play it. I played it a few times at a friend’s house but I don’t think I made it farther than the first mission! It was definitely a trip hearing my own voice talking to the other characters during the in-game dialogue. But overall I’m pretty bad at video games. The last gaming system I owned was the original Nintendo, if you can believe it. The original Super Mario and Duck Hunt were the best. I can also beat Contra, but in order to do it I need to enter the special code to get 30 lives!

Bully 2 Discussion / What Year Do You Think Bully 2 Will Be Released?
« on: August 03, 2013, 09:50:36 AM »
Choose one of the options, and specify which 'Month' you think it'd be released in if you'd be kind enough to do so.  :euro:

Shadows Of Bullworth / ***Shadows of Bullworth***
« on: July 14, 2013, 11:18:28 AM »

Please Read This Topic Before Continuing. Rules/Guidlines/Updates Are All Located There.

There will be no posting in this topic besides from the two people doing the story, which are, Mohammed, and c00ld0c26.

Special Thanks to Evolution the former head writer of the story, and the late Chuck for major editing and fixing of posts, may you rest in peace.

Chapter 1
Welcome Home!

Shadows Of Bullworth / *Shadows Of Bullworth FanFic Parameters*
« on: July 11, 2013, 08:06:47 AM »
Shadows of Bullworth FanFic Parameters

A Little Info -

The 'Shadows of Bullworth,' FanFiction is currently being written by C00ld0c and Mohammed.
 The two man group will be using ideas and conjoining them with each other for the best possible outcome.

Some Rules/Updates/Guidelines -

Some of you may have been expecting an outline of rules, like, for example, "Please Read The Entire Story Before Posting," but the reason why those rules are not here is because those types of rules are not needed here. Reasons for this will be explained down below.

This FanFiction will ONLY be open to 2 people, which of the following are, Mohammed, and c00ld0c26. I understand this may come as a surprise to some people, but the 'Bully RP' is no longer a "Role-Play" by any-means and we will not be allowing any random person to join in and post. This is a STORY, an ORGANIZED one. NOT what it previously was. Mohammed and c00ld0c, have got a (at least in their eyes,) stable plot that they wish not to be interrupted by someone who wishes to post things like - "herro, iz anybodeh herez? I are new studant at bullzworzth! Halp!!"
The reason the old 'RP' collapsed was because it was a totally disorganized WRECK with NO leadership WHATSOEVER, and THAT'S why the old RP fell down to its knees and died. Mohammed, and later c00ld0c, agreed to hand majority of the leadership to someone who could at least get it back on its feet again. And since then, we've been in multiple chats and have gotten an organized story and lot's of other cool sauce. Which is why we're starting a total reboot of the stories plot, and inputting all these 'rules'/updates. It is no longer an RP, and is an organized story. Otherwise known as, 'NES, Part 2.' :P   

......... For now, and most likely for the whole duration of the FanFic, it will only be open for Mohammed, and c00ld0c26. This may seem 'cruel' but this is just the way it is. Mohammed, c00ld0c26 and will be the only posting people in this FanFiction.

So please do NOT post in the actual topic for the story without previous consent from c00ld0c26/i]. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your post being deleted and the offender being horsewhipped. BEWARE!!!

I will be be updating you all of the new rules/updates that a few of you may not know or be aware of.

'Shadows of Bullworth,' Written By Mohammed and c00ld0c26.

Plot Ideas Thought Up By Evolution, Mohammed, c00ld0c26.

New Clique Members Thought Up By c00d0c26 & Evolution.

Summary (soon to be,) By Mohammed.

Major editing Help From ChuckX.

Note : First 12 posts were written (Evo's posts) by Evolution, Posts by c00ld0c and Mo in those 12 were edited by Evolution, yet written by them.

More Information on the Main Characters/Cliques/Plot will be added here.

Special Thanks :

1. Evolution - Former head writer and contributor to the story.
2. The late Chuck, for editing and fixing a lot of the mistakes made. May you rest in peace.

Community Stories / Bullworth Fanfic: The Constantinos Problem
« on: April 28, 2013, 11:43:38 AM »
Basically, a 'Full on', 'in your face' kind of FanFiction... I have BIG plans for this. im not original with 'names' at all by the way,

Anyways, enjoy.

Bully 1 Discussion / Things You Would Of Changed In Bully
« on: April 27, 2013, 09:05:01 AM »
So, here is the 'Thought Provoking' Topic I promised I'd make yesterday....

Basically, explain what YOU'D do when it comes to changing around Bully. Wether it be, changing the story-lines in the game, character development, fixing up the plot-holes with logic by changing around the story that would suit better in YOUR eyes. (Logic is something Bully casually disregards in multiple aspects of the game) or how'd you change how Gary's rise to power or something along those lines, how you'd change up the story line so it'd be much better than original, and stuff along those lines. YOU GET THE POINT.

*cough coughPeach, we're expecting you cough cough*

But yeah, post up the road and away my fellow minions  :ajajaxh5:

This is going to be a very short, Comedy Fanfic I'll be working on. Crabblesnitch awakens to a very... Different world. Just how will he and the others cope? Naturally, insanity will most likely ensue in this crazy, whacked out Town of Bullworth.

NOTE - I don't usually do these kind of comedy Fanfics, but I was in the mood. Tell me what you think :P

(I'm also open to suggestions, if you have a story you want to request, I would actually be happy to try and give it a go just to test out my story writing skills... What harm could it do, eh?)

Anyways, Enjoy.

Bully 1 Discussion / Favourite Clique Leader (POLL)
« on: April 10, 2013, 04:32:43 AM »
Just another Alexo Poll  :euro:

NOTE - I didn't put Gary Smith, Petey, etc there as they do not count as Clique Leaders.

Community Stories / Drunk Teddy D (I was young, LOL)
« on: April 08, 2013, 08:01:59 AM »
So... I was on my school e-mail, and I dug back far enough to find a message I sent to my GRADE 3 teacher... I read it and I literally couldn't breathe... Tears rolled out of my eyes and I couldn't stop laughing.

I don't want any criticism or any of that shit, this was a story I made when I was 6-7 fucking years old... Decided to post it up here so it could give you guys a laugh or something... The end product of the story was actually way longer and turned into a book with pictures, words and all that fancy stuff (This was just a draft)

(I'll explain everything else later, but for now.... Indulge in this wonderful and magnificent story, that Steven Spielberg himself would get a boner at and most likely make a movie out of it)


(This was heavily influenced by 'The Simpsons', as you can tell :P)

Bully 1 Discussion / Favourite And Least Favourite Mission?
« on: April 02, 2013, 08:42:58 PM »
Sorry if there is a topic like this, but I just wanted to post this for teh lolcopters.

Anyways, as it says, your fav and least fav mission in Bully?... Why?

(Errands and small missions like Rudy or stuff like that don't count)

Post away, minions!

Bully 1 Discussion / Which Bully Clothing Would You Get?
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:49:44 PM »
Just a random Alexo Poll ©

Community Stories / Bullworth: Bryce's Downfall Fanfic
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:32:28 AM »
This is going to be a short Fanfic I'm going to be working on, I plan on finishing this story up within, let's saaayyy.... 15-20 posts. (Don't plan on making it too long of a Fanfic)

This Fanfic follows Bryce Montrose and his life in Bullworth, I already have quite a few ideas in mind, so this may get updated regularly.

As always, any comments/questions about this Fanfic?.. CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED AND ASK/COMMENT THERE. (Don't post ANYTHING in this thread, AT ALL)

Enjoy! 8)

NOTE: I'm going to be posting this on for the lolcopters, not to mention that I always wanted to sign up there but never did so... So, don't be surprised if you see it there ;)

Bully 1 Discussion / What Clique Would You Fit Into?
« on: March 09, 2013, 11:05:12 PM »

(I would put non clique in their... But uhhh... They are "Non-Clique") So....

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