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Facts on Bully/Canis Canem Edit

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on: August 15, 2006, 11:41:20 AM
Bully: The Facts    ..... UPDATE 04.10.06

[ Normal Boxart]            [Special Addition Boxart]

Rockstar has confirmed that its controversy-riddled PS2 title Bully has received a name change -- in Europe, UK, and Australia. In these territories, the game will now be known as Canis Canem Edit, which is Latin for "Dog Eat Dog."

While this name may not exactly roll off the tongue like the original name, perhaps it will serve to deflect some of the negative press that the game has been getting throughout Europe.

Release Date:
October 17th in North America
October 27th In Europe,
European dates are invariably a decent guide to when Australia will be getting stuff. Naturally, you'll be the first to hear once we do get the Oz date.

Rating In America: Its rated Teen (T) It contains Crude Humor, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence.

Rating In Europe: TBA

Rating In Austrailia: Bully has passed classification in Australia. The game was awarded a Mature (M) rating, for moderate themes, violence and sexual references. Before being refused classification, the maximum rating a video game can receive in Australia is MA15+ so Bully seems to be flying well under the radar.

note- M does not mean its Mature in other countries, Australia has a long history of rating the games harshly...


You're not going to take it anymore!
From edgy publisher Rockstar's Vancouver development team comes this dark comedy set in the most vile and sadistic setting yet in a Rockstar videogame: the schoolyard. As a troublesome schoolboy, you'll laugh and cringe as you stand up to bullies, get picked on by teachers, play pranks on malicious kids, win or lose the girl, and ultimately learn to navigate the obstacles of the fictitious reform school, Bullworth Academy.

 Bullworth Academy Is a American Prep school, in the region of  New England, where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

About The Game:
Note-This is the info we so far know and R* can change it anytime, But there is more to come and this post will be updated Regually

The Teachers:

[Principle] Dr Crabblesnitch
He is Bullworth Academy's principal. A devout authoritarian with a pompous outlook and a self-righteous moral code, the good doctor rules his school with utmost of discipline -- giving students the impression that he loves to ramble while handing out punishments just because he can.

[Coach] Mr Burton
Mr. Burton has been a highly regarded member of the Academy for some time. Having joined Bullworth immediately following his retirement from professional football. Indispensable as a football coach, Burton spends every afternoon in practice relentlessly drilling the Bullhorns on the gridiron. Physical Education classes are crafted to whip our students in shape via rigorous essentials of sports and fitness, with particular attention paid to wrestling and dodgeball.

Dr Slawter
Dr Slawter has been instrumental in steering our biology and life sciences program towards the principle of gaining a practical knowledge of anatomy through dissection. Considered something of an amateur taxidermist himself, the single minded Dr. Slawter can often be found in the Science lab hunched over a dismembered specimen even in his free time.

Dr Watts
We offer extensive classes of practical chemistry at Bullworth Academy, instructed by the dedicated Dr. Watts. With a unique method of teaching that he devloped during the course of various self-conducted exploratory Psychopharmacology experiments, Dr. Watts is clearly a man of singular vision.

Mr Galloway
The English carriculum provides for both a solid grounding in English Language and an understanding in fine Literature. Mr. Galloway is a sensitive man who takes his subject to heart, deriving enormous satisfaction whenever he can instill a thirst for English language in the Students.

Mr Hattrick
 Known for pushing his pupils to meet impossibly high standards of achievement, Mr. Hatterick is the math teacher students love to hate and hate to love. His authoritarian Ols-fashioned approach to teaching is a true asset to the academy and our Amumni will tell you they're better for it. Mr. Hattrick's program includes a wide range of disciplines, from Algebra and trigonometry to arithmetic fundamentals and even that one with the pie charts

Miss Danvers
She's a key member of Bullworths administrative staff, Miss Danvers is dedicated, efficient and organized. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her and every task is completed with an unerring eye for detail. Her tireless work helps insure that Dr Crabblesnitch has everything he needs to run the school effectively.
Standing vigil outside the principal's office, screening calls and handling naughty boys and girls brought forth by our prefects for disciplinary action, it's all in a day's work for Miss Danvers.

Ms Phillips
Painting is a conerstone of the fine arts program here, and Ms. Philips goes above and beyond the call of duty, often sitting as a life model for her students.
Since she arrived at Bullworth, Ms. Philips has persuaded the academy to expand the fine arts curriculum to additionally include Photography. Both subjects are now students favorites, due in no small part to Ms. Philips uplifting endowment of the ability to inspire creative poise.

Mr Wiggins
History Teacher.

He's the Auto shop teacher. This decent enough guy is amased out how out of control the students really are..

The Students:

Jimmy Hopkins
So just who is Jimmy Hopkins? In short, he's a 15 year-old teen that comes from a troubled background. His mother is on the verge of marrying her fifth husband, and is Dumped at Bullworths for there year long honeymoon. Having spent most of his life taking care of himself Jimmy has a maturity that most kids his age do not. This life has made him tougher and he is not afraid to back down from a good fight, while other kids would run for the hills!..But being kicked from nealy every school there is, Jimmy knows this is his last chance of normality and to make matters worse the only school left is Bullworth Academy[ the meanest and toughest school there is, home to the countries most ill behaved and rotten kids.]

Damon West
He's a Jock and the Bullworth Bullhorns star Linebacker...This guy loves his football and the gym. He also likes picking on weaker students with glee and pompous flavour.

Edwars Seymour III

The head Prefect, and don't you just know it..He enjoys seperating the not so good from the trouble makers and keeping total order in the school.

Johnny Vincent

This throw back from the 50's is the Leader of The Greasers.. A Rebel without a cause, he loves his bikes and gang and is Paranoid about everyone. He likes to hang by the shop class. note- he is a very angry boy!

Melvin O'Connor

Nerd! yes that right this geek loves his title. He doesn't mind rule braking as its the pinnacle of Human achievement and excels in all subjects except Gym...He's also a keen Grotos and Gremlins, you'll find him in the Library with the rest of the Nerds.

Pete Kowalski

This dude loves his game and has the highest score on "Future Racer" [beat that!] He likes art and his parents sent him away for some quiet time...

Tad Smith Althorp Smith

Top Preppie and keeper of Harington house.
[It was built by his Gran Da Da to keep his family in the customs they are used to] He's the schools biggest Snob and a Good Shadow Boxer and a true class act...Also expect to find him at his Beach house on the weekends.

Trent Northwick

Mean and full of Zits is Trent, and keen photographer too [irony]. This kid is a Bully and takes a good liken to New kids and the weak..Its only fun and he's at Bullworth to become a real man.

Bucky Pasteur
Another Nerd!...He is a easily spooked lad and wants to run for school student president.

She is the Girlfriend of Johnny Vincent ,the Leader of The Greasers and is sort after bit of skirt. She manipulate's the Boys for what she wants and leaves Johnny hanging.

  He's seen in a few trailers as Jimmy only friend[the kid with the short hair]..as you enter Bullworth this kid is the first and what seems only friend there is in the school.
Gary's obsessed with "taking over the school," and he represents what everyone seems to think Bully is about: remorseless, sociopathic hatred. So it's fairly obvious even from the start that he's destined to be the game's villain.

Queen bee of the Bullworth cheerleaders and super Bitch.

A female nerd often struck with cold sores, Beatrice is often picked on by the more attractive girls at the school. She is a very kind young lady and often helps the younger students.

Bullworths Biggest Bully. Not the sharpest knife in the draw but this guy packs some Super Evil Punches.

Support Staff:

Mr Luntz
He's the head of Bullworths Ace janitorial staff. Don't mind his creppy dimener....

Nurse McRae
- Bullworths campus infirmary is headed by Nurse McRae, fully commited to aid the good health of all Bullwoth students. With acutely thorough examininations and innumerable vaccinations, Mrs McRae has become something of a surrogate stepmother to the young boys and girls at Bullworth Academy.

Mrs Carvin
She is the Schools Librarian, If you want a book then this is the woman you will have to see. But please keep it down as you will be in a Library or she clips you around the ear like a mad woman

Miss Peaboy

Bullworths Hall monitor and a Fan of Turning the school into a Boy Free zone as they cause too much trouble.


Edna is the schools wonderfull dinner lady, her meals are to die for as only she knows what to add to give it that little something extra.


Lazlow - He has been noted on the credits of this game, wether he provides a voice is left to be seen.

School Curriculum: [ what we know so far]

Bullworth Offers an outstanding curriculum across a complete catalogue of Scholastic subjects. From Mathematics to the fine arts, our Faculty of commited professionals will stop at nothing to ensure your child is well-learned.
After the 9 o'clock bell rings, students must be in class and no exceptions will be made Or you'll be chased by prefects/staff as soon as they see you and they'll take you straight to the principal's office :!:

[You'll be allowed to be a half hour late, once that is up you can not enter class]

It has been said that there are 5 levels in each class, complete each level to unlocka new item.

-Chemistry, Science is the backbone of any good education, and in Bully you'll quickly learn the rewards of receiving high marks in Chemistry. Basically, this minigame is an adaptaion of the popular PaRappa the Rapper- style timed button pressing that so many games utilize. Experiments are conducted by mixing the chemicals assigned to a series of button icons that must be hit in the correct order. Press the wrong button and your experiment will quite literally blow up in your face. After completeing a few levels of chemistry, you'll be able to make a variety of fireworks in the chemistry set you have in your  dorm room
[this aids you in pulling pranks as the  Fire cracker is a useful tool]

-English, Language skills are as important in Bully as they are in real life. English classes are basically timed "word jumble" minigames, where you must form a specified number of words from a random selection of randomly placed letters. By excelling in English, You'll learn new expressions that make your day-to-day dealings with your fellow students and teachers easier. For example, learning a new aplology might help you explain that you were no way that student that put the cherry bomb in the toilets.
Also a better vocabulery aids you in wooing the girls and your apology skills will increase when confronted with bullies and teachers .

-Photography, This is another mysterious class, Your Photography skills are closely tied to the YearBook and Photo album features. R* has revealed that taken certain pictures of events and people will unlock additional content in the game.
 [Expect to use your skills here other things with cameras]

Bullworths Athletic department helps develop the mental and physical toughness that gives our students the leading edge both on and of the field, The Athletic Program consists of:
Wrestling: This helps you learn new combat and fighting moves.
Dodgeball- This class has Dodgeball levels, a tribute to the NES classic Super Dodge ball
and American football

The departments crown jewel is the Schools American football team, The BullWorth Bull Horns. Dr Crabblesnitch is a big sports fan and if you can't add 2 and 2 but can knock 5 teenage boys to the ground in sports then you'll sail through the other classes with a free pass.

-Art, A good art education feeds both the soul and mind, and is key for the development in Bully. Art classes provide another tribute to video games past, this time the puzzle game Qix, the abstract arcade classic in which you draw lines and shapes on a flat playfield. By exceling in Art, you will learn new "emotional" interaction, like how to woo girls and perhaps steal a kiss or two.

-Auto Shop, Rockstar is vague about how this class actually works but they say this class will improve your "mechanical skills". These skills will help you unlock accessories to upgrade your bike and skateboard, among other things...

-Maths, No info on Classes mini game.. But the teacher seems to be a authoritive figue and always gets his students to meet there goals, by any means!

-History, No info on Classes mini game..Bullworths Principle Dr Crabblesnitch took this post as his first teaching job at Bullworth.

-Biology, No info on Classes mini game..Dr Slawter
is very into his dissections so expect a lot of fluffy animals on a cold slab to play with.

The Schools Facilities:

There are ample boys and girls restrooms on campus, with lavatories on each floor in the main academic hall. Our Bathroom facilities are impeccaably maintained by Bullworth's Ace janitorial staff, led by Mr.Luntz. Students are expected to help by always being neat and considerate with there bathroom mannors.

There are lockers for the students to store things,
Jimmy can brake into certain Lockers and leave a parting present like a stink bomb that exploads in the victims face and causes them to vomit.

-The way you brake into lockers is simliar to the way the warriors broke into shops/gates..

The school campus is realistically large, consisting of all the buildings you'd expect to find at a school,l it includes:
-common rooms, with a TV,Dart board, pool table and arcade machine - which can all be used
-Dorm rooms
-Teachers housing
-Main school building: Including Big Hall
-Outside Sports field

There are many Trees and trellises that Jimmy can climb and use objects from to get to higher ground.

The Rules:
If these rules are broken it leads to swift punishments as there is in place [like GTA] a meter system that once goes all the way it will result in the head teacher tracking you down.

-Starting A Fight
-Attacking a teacher
-Attacking a female student, [ this will result to a swift kick in the balls ]
-Skipping classes [ teachers will notice your absence]
 -staying up too late [screen goes blurry after 11 pm and you lose control of character]

-Roaming the grounds of Bullworth Academy to places you're not permitted is a big gamble. The prefects here are unapologetically strict -- and they have no problem whatsoever showing gamers and fellow Bullworth students just how strict they are.

-Using what Rockstar has dubbed "the Trouble Meter," Bully constantly gauges what kind of nuisance Jimmy is making of himself. Visible at all times, the meter is divided into three different zones (yellow, orange, and red) and reflect what sort of punishment will likely be coming his way.

-Examples of ways to fill the meter include being later to class (yellow), giving classmates wedgies (orange), or punching a prefect in the walnuts (red).

-But what happens when the meter actually turns different colors? Well if it's yellow, Jimmy is only viewed as a nuisance --- a guy who will attract a prefect's glance if he gets too close to one.
Once the meter hits orange, however, prefects will chase Jimmy around the school until they catch up to him (perhaps even teaming up with as many as three prefects at a time).

If the meter ever turns red, however, that when as Rockstar puts it, "All hell breaks loose." Prefects and Teachers from all over the place will systematically hunt Jimmy down with reckless abandon. The only way to escape is to find a good hiding space and wait until things calm down.


-Mowing the school's Football field
-shovelling snow
-Scubing Grafiti of the wall

Once players are caught, Jimmy's situation gets much worse.
 In the beginning our hero may only get a verbal warning or two but can definitely be surprised with a physical reprimand if he's too problematic. If Jimmy has been attending his English classes, he'll have a better chance at talking his way out of trouble, but even good speaking skills won't be enough to spare the rod if he's been too much of a hooligan.
Of course, it is possible that clever users may be able to "give the prefects the slip," but if they're caught again, don't expect too many high-fives.

If Jimmy is busted and can't get out of it, then he can kiss any contraband he has goodbye.
After being escorted to Principal Crabblesnitch's office, players will then have to listen to a lengthy lecture about how they messed up and why they shouldn't do whatever it is they did again.
If users get caught after 11pm then they luck out a bit as Crabblesnitch doesn't like to be disturbed in the late hours.
Gamers will, however, be ushered straight to their room. But sometimes even that isn't enough -- the principal has devised all manner of community punishments to teach us ungrateful kids a lesson.
Shoveling cars out of the snow or mowing the football pitch are just a few of the ways punished users can expect to spend their time.

When Jimmy is doing his punishmeant he has to do it with in a time limit to earn back some trust with the school's staff and prefects.

Get caught up to no good 3 times and you will have to do a Punishmeant.

Safety & Security

Bullworth's on Campus Security
Its top Notch. Our Long-Running senior leadership Prefect initiative creates an enviromnent where bigger, Stronger and Older Students can serve as big brothers- with an ingrained responsibility to protect and police the smaller and more frail.

These guys love themselves and dishing out tough love.

-The preppies serve as the schools law inforcers and if you start a fight, attack smaller kids and girls. They will come after you in force, If you miss a few classes they will want to take you down.

-They are also  Dr. Crabblesnitch the Princcipal's henchmen

When being beaten up Jimmy can run to these guys and the Bullies will back of and wait till later get you...

Bullworth's Off Campus Security

On weekends, when students are permmited to venture into town, you rest assured that the local Bullworth Police department is keepinga close and scrutinous eye on them.  Additionally Bullworth's quaint, working-class
townsfolk are always a picture of hospitality when it comes to their special little vistors from the nearby Academy

Bullworth's Fire safety

Smoke alarms are installed to cover every area of the Academy, and surprise drills are held regulary to ensure orderly evacuation in case of a actual fire. Fire prevention ad precautions are something we take very seriously at Bullworth.

Setting off a  fire alarm to clear a building. Also
Jimmy can also put out fires if you feel its the right thing to do or if its a part of a mission.

Interaction with Other Characters:

There are more than 100 unique NPCs in all, plus scores of nameless fillers to supplement them.

Other kids often go to you for help when they are getting picked on by Bullies.

Social Cliques/ gangs:
There are many different groups that kids belong to:

-Jocks: These guys are normally found on the playing field or surrounded by cheerleaders.They're tough, strong and gormless, but then you don't need brains to win in a fight. If they get the chance they'll use some of their favourite sporting equipment against their enemies: dodge balls, baseball bats and footballs are never far from the jocks' hands. You can't miss the jocks strutting around campus, most of them are about twice the size of the other kids. To make matters easier they usually dress in their sports kit, either Bullworth sweats or a Bullhorns football jacket.

-Nerds: They like to hang out in the school Library..They Wear Green

-Greasers: They are located down by the Garage with there Motorbikes.....They Wear Blue with a black leather or denim jacket

-Drop-Outs/Bullies: you'll find these guys in the town's shopping centre, They are the schools Bullys and they make everybodys life a living hell at the school...They Wear plain white shirts

-Preppys: You can spot them with there smart cordinated clothes, these guys are the most privlage group. These guys and gals have a beach house available for their use and there own private dorm Harington hall which is a privlaged place to be...They Wear Blue


Making friends with one group causes trouble with the next, Picking on nerds will win you the respect of Bullies but the nerds can fight back.

When you complete a mission with one group you will gain more respect and this will effect how members of the group see you around school.
your overall goal in Bully is to become a well liked pupil and to survive the school year .

Theres Plenty of the missions involve defending Nerds, often from Greasers - eventually, you develop different relationships with each clique.

 Bullsworth is a mixed gender school and there seems to be a variety of girls

-Kisses from girls gives Jimmy confidence and strength and Health.You gain kisses from wooing the ladies

-Girls like sensitive boys and jimmy will have to show his caring side like doing favours, giving presents like chocolate and flowers, becoming more educated to get his ladies

- Jimmy is always happy to help a girl in need and with a problem.
He seems to be the boy who likes the ladies most in the school.

A Random interaction from a button when with a girl involved Jimmy walking into a flowerbed, picking a bunch of flowers and presenting them to a girl.

You can indeed fight with your fellow peers

-During a fight, players can humiliate opponents with:
Punches[Boxing], A Slap across the Face, Indian burns ,charley horses, headlocks,the nose-pull, Hitting the opponents in the face with there own hands.
or stop a fight by apologizing.

-You can Stuff kids in lockers and Garbage Cans!

- You can Place Kick me signs on kids backs, the rest of the school follows this command with glee and boots to the ass.

-Give a Swirlie [A dunk in the Bog]in the Toilet or in the changing room.

- The game has fights but no animated bruising, bloodshed or death

-You can hide in lockers, Garbage Bins when on the run from a large group.

Enimies have a health bar and when it reaches zero vanquished foes lie on the floor for a while and then pick themselves up and scurry off,

When fighting it builds you "Trouble Meter" up but use a weapon and it increases More.

You can use vicious Combos to humiliate opponents

Jimmy starts of with a limited amount of moves at the begining of the game, But as you progress so does your fighting skills:
-You learn some moves in Gym
- Strange as it seems Jimmy also learns more moves from an Angry Hobo in Town that fights you and teaches you.

Jimmy can befriend people and pay them to protect him when he gets attacked.

Jimmy's Equipment:

This is the stuff Jimmy can use in the world of Bully. He can Buy things from various shops or possibly steal them?

-Baseball bats
-Fire crackers
-A Sling shot
-Fire extinguisher
- A Camera
-Cricket bats
-Itching powder
-Stink Bombs
- Banna peals
-The Spud Cannon: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8UO6lmoN9Ac
-Carbage Can Lids
-Snow Shovel
-Crabs [animal]

Jimmy can destroy many things in the game:
-Lawn gnomes

The School Year:

-The game consists of 5 chapters
- The school year changes from season to season as there is snow, the game has a weather engine
- When its time for festivive holidays the schools dorms are decorated.

In Autumm is when the students settle into there studies.

In Winter at the north east of the country it can get blighty cold so make sure your child is well prepared with winter coats, scarfs, gloves and the like. The plus side off this season is the wonderfull snowy campus.

In Spring the weather is beeming and every young mind is on summer holidays, not to worry as the distracting feeling is squashed with the spring semester workload. Bullworth makes sure your child is focused on there school work above all else.

- Heres how a typical school day goes:
9am - 12pm | First Period

12pm - 1pm | Lunch

1pm - 4pm | Second Period

4pm - 7pm | Free Time

7pm - 11pm | Evening Free Time

11pm - 8am | Bed Time

-You start the day Once Jimmy's alarm goes off it's time for him to get up and eat breakfast, wash himself down, and get ready for his classes at nine. Luckily the save point is located right next to Jimmy's bed so players can always secure their progress as soon as they wake up.

-If there's enough time left Before Class starts at 9:00 , players can pull up their mini-map and look for yellow crosses. These yellow crosses signify uncompleted tasks -- giving Jimmy something to do if he's bored. Additionally, tasks can be assigned by teachers, friends, and cliques. Keep in mind that you'll want to be respected by these other groups.

-Once it's lunch time, players can go to the cafeteria to hang out or head into the courtyard for something fun. Uncompleted errands can still be accomplished during this period too. During this part you are free to persue the storyline with helping peers or pulling pranks, but
Get caught by a prefect or a hall monitor and you'll get it.

-The School Periodes 1 and 2 are Identical too each other in what you do, with the exception of the class you are in.

-During free time Jimmy can do what he wants and Visiting the town is what he can do at this stage, To Play and stretch his legs.

-Because there's an evening curfew that demands all Bullworth students to be on campus by 7pm, players will have to make it back to the academy before the deadline.
 Despite this time frame's quiet facade, this is the period where most students do the most plotting against each other -- giving Jimmy the chance to make more money for his next visit into town. It also gives him something even more important: respect.

Bed Time- After 11pm, the strictest of curfews takes effect. Any pupil caught wandering around after this time is in hot water and will be sent straight to their rooms. That's okay, though, a good night sleep is exactly what Jimmy needs

The Missions

A large portion of the game will be devoted to performing favors in order to gain respect from the local cliques. Like Grand Theft Auto, story missions are spread out all over Bullworth's campus Day and Night and are activated by stepping into familiar colored circles. Once started, these missions are told in a very GTA-like fashion with a number of in-game cutscenes, plenty of dialogue, and some occasionally-bizarre requests.

There are 5 chapers for you to progress through, There are around 50 missions and 25 side missions [ Note Rockstar seemed unsure about the precise number]

Chapter:1the first chapter ping-pongs between helping out with Gary's cruel pranks - which help familiarize you with the school - and protecting a clique of nerdy kids from the school's jocks and bullies (for a fee, of course).

Chapter:2 Exploring the town and meeting the preppies and teachers too.


Warning Spoilers:

-Arrival at Bullworth-
 Jimmy's first task is to find his dorm room and change into his school uniform - prefects and teachers will bust him if he is not wearing it on campus. On the way there, a quick cut-scene introduces you to Russell, a hulking idiot renowned as the biggest bully in the school. On Arrival of the school Jimmy enters the playground and is set upon by a group of  Bigger boys that want a bit of the New Kid. But a few chinese burns and punches later and they've been humiliated into submission, Jimmy might be the new boy but heres no pushover.
In his room, Jimmy can change clothes

-note this could be a cut scene or your first mission maybe a training mission.

-unknown title 1-

helping the cafeteria cook do her job. A morbidly obese middle-aged woman with a mucus problem, the cafeteria lady sends Mr. Hopkins out on an errand to help her collect ingredients for her next dish. After sneezing and coughing into the food she's already preparing, she'll give you the list of items and then off you go to find them. For missions like these, no fighting or confrontations are necessary -- it's just your basic fetch quest with a time limit.

-Defend Bucky-

A cut-scene shows a pupil nick named "Pee stain" of the nerds begging Jimmy to help his friend Bucky, who's getting beaten up by bigger kids. You need to get to Bucky before its too late and take on the Bullies to rescue him. Succeed and you'll earn more respect from "The Nerds".

-The Big Prank-

First you need to catch fellow student Chad's Dog. Then you feed him some rancid meat and wait for it to shoot out the other end. Finally, you put the "End Result" in a paper bag , sneak it outside the teachers room and set it on fire. The fire alarm goes of and a cut-scene shows the confused teacher opening his door and and stamping out the fire. Messy!..Classic...

-Panty Raid-
Jimmy is caught wandering around Bullworth town at night by an embarrassed looking teacher, who's comming out of the local "Adult" shop carrying a paper bag. The teacher agrees not to bust him in exchange for a favour. He wants Jimmy to sneak into the girls' dorm and steal some of there underwear. Blimey. Off you go back to school where you can climb into the dorm through a window. You then need to sneak room to room avoiding been spotted by both shrieking girls and scary teachers, gathering pairs of knickers.


Jimmy decks himself in a skeleton costume and hits the school ground, where it's mayhem, There are stink bombs and screaming students everywhere. Your mission is to play 5 pranks on your fellow students. Our Favorites? Smashing Pumpkin, throwing eggs at people and sticking a "kick me" sign on someone's then watching them getting done by the prefects.

-That Bitch-

One of the popular girls, Mandy, has stolen the lab notes of the Nerds. She [Nerd] begs Jimmy to get them back for her, in return for a kiss. Eurgh! First off, you need to buy some stink bombs of Fatty, one of the other pupils. Then you need to sneak into the Girls Locker room. Once in there you can find Mandy's locker, pick the locker, and let of a stink bomb inside. When Mandy opens the locker she Vomits all over the floor.  

-Russell in the Hole-

It's evening and Jimmy is sent a message telling him to goto the School gym.[Me thinks its from Gary] Once he gets there he relises it's a set up. He's surrounded by kids baying for blood and is pushed into a make shift pit where the Biggest Bully in the School, Russell, is waiting for him. He's heard that Jimmy has been spreading rumours involving his mum......
Russell is very strong, and will knock you down with ease if you let him get close, but he is also as thick as a plank, and will launch a bull-like charge which, as long as you step aside as late as possible, will see him run into the wall and stun himself - at which point you can get in a flurry of attacks until he recovers the few wits he possesses. When you've dealt with Russell, you and he become friends, and a plot-twist ensues. We won't spoil it by being too specific.

-unknown title 2-

This mission sees Melvin, the fat Nerd, exhorting to retrieve his "Grottoes and Gremlins" character sheets, which have been stolen and distributed among four bullies. In the version of the HUD we saw (Rockstar says the HUD still isn't finalised), they showed up as yellow crosses on the mini-map; the mission simply consisted of chasing them down one by one, then beating them at combat.

-unknown title 3-

Jimmys caught up with Algy the Nerd, whose whereabouts you had to determine by saving his mate Cornelius from a bunch of Greasers. Eventually, you discover Algy and his geeky mate Chad, with Lola, girlfriend of Johnny Vincent, head of the Greasers. Legging it on two bicycles - with Jimmy on the back of one - you're soon pursued by Greasers and must keep them at bay using your slingshot and fire-crackers, while the pursuing Greasers chuck eggs and snowballs at you.

-Lola's race-

Lola is the Girlfriend of Johnny Vincent head of the Greasers and she has set her two favorite boys a task to see who's a faster racer. Jimmy has to race Johnny along with other bikers to see who's the best....

-unknown title 4-

The Science Teacher is jealous of his wealthy students possible Award winning plant, So he sends Jimmy on a task ,the poisoning of a rare and giant Venus flytrap that the student owns,  To get into the atrium, however, we've got to look the part, and Jimmy's buzz cut and in-your-face demeanor don't exactly scream "refined individual."

So you'll first have to hit your own dorm room to change clothes. You unlock more outfits by completing random tasks or taking them out of lockers. Once the prep-approved vest was on, you will have to sneak out of the school to get a smooth new haircut.

 Now you'll have to hop onto a ditched bike and ride across a bridge into the streets, where patrolling police officers can apprehend you and punt you back into class. After sneaking into the barber, you choose a stylish new 'do and make it back into the prep's dorm.
After Jimmy gets the code to the Harrington Hall dorms by forcing a preppie to give him the code while he flushes his head down the loo, Jimmy makes his way there.
As he enters he has to beat down a few Preppies with a cricket bat then destroy the Plant with the poisen next to it..
 If Jimmy does this he'll get a reward and the other student will be left in tears with the teacher left with the best plant in school.

-unknown title 5-

Some kids have stolen a nerds, Melvins, DnD cards..First you'll have to speed across the playground and hurle multiple stink bombs at a jock to get back some of the cards then Jimmy has to partake in Rushambo contest [ That contest is where you have to kick a guy in the balls the hardest you can then the other guy does it too you untill one guy stands..it was made famous by South Park]

-Eggs-alent Payback-
When a little girl called Karen comes up to Jimmy one evening with an idea, he instantly spots a potential to earn some fast cash. The girls' dorm has been egged a few times recently and Karen is convinced that the boys are responsible. She asks Jimmy to return the favor by egging the boys' dorm. Who could resist a sweet little girl's request, especially when there's $10 in it and the chance to have some fun making a mess of the school?

-Crab Hunter-
Mr. Martin runs a seafood restaurant in Old Bullworth Vale, and his customers seem very keen on crab at this time of year. In fact he's almost run out and needs somebody to dive into the local estuary and find some more for him. Jimmy is an accomplished swimmer and $20 is too much to ignore -- looks like he'll be getting wet.

-We Need A Hero-
One day, when Jimmy's out and about looking for kicks in Bullworth town, Officer Morrison, the local policeman approaches him. It seems that an abandoned tenement building has caught fire and Officer Morrison is struggling to get on top of the blaze by himself. Does Jimmy feel like saving the day? For $25, he's definitely the kid for the job.

OutSide of Class:

The Town Of BullWorth-

Located in the beautiful tree-swept New England, The Town of Bullworth is an inspiring, Picturesque setting in which to learn is to play. In-town, your child's pocket money will support a vibrant community of shops and local businesses, where clothes, recreational items and other necessary provisions can be purchased.
As the game progresses so does the enviroment and you can explore a near by town, later on in the game after the first chapter.

Bullworth Town has:
-A Beach
-High street
-residential area

The Town is 5 times bigger than the school.

There is a Beach house that Jimmy gets once he beats the Preppy Boxing Tournement,
 Aside from containing a fully 3D arcade game that plays like a simplified WipeOut, the house is useful for when you're in town late at night and just need a quick place to crash. And given that there are bus stops all over town - which take you to school instantly - you don't need to worry about missing classes, either.

-Once outside the academy, players can hop around into all sorts of different zones. Clothes shops, fireworks stores, candy outlets, and a number of other places to buy things can be patronized as much as users want. But that isn't all there is to see. Hair dressers, pool halls, and tattoo parlors can also be visited if you have enough coin, and during the summer months, Jimmy can even get a part-time job mowing lawns or shovel snow in the winter.

-There are hidden areas and alternative routes to explore at the school grounds of Bullworth.

The entire Bullworth region town and school is comprised of over 900 acres of well-manicured rolling lawns, hills and of course our cherished decidous trees, which provide a spectacular color show every Autumm.

In Bullworth there are some pretty hilarious store names in the town (one of the barber shops is called "The Happy Mullet"),


- Pulling pranks is always fun like: Letting of Stink Bombs and exploding the toilets.

- Grottos & Gremlins is a board game enjoyed by the students[ Kind of like Dungeons and Dragons]

- You can tag the school and Town walls with your own Grafiti.

-Jimmy can Get a Job to earn money: Paper Boy, Lawn Mower man ......more to come

Jimmy's Transport
You can ride various:
-Go Karts
-Lawn Mower
around campus and Town...

-There seems to be Cars in the town But I don't think you can steal them.

-The town and School are littered with Bikes you can, erm Borrow them :twisted:

-It seems you can customize Jimmy's wheels.

IF all else fails the strategic placement of bus stops for quick travel back to Bullworth is very useful if you lose your bike by miss placeing it or some bigger kid taking it.

Jimmy can slide down stair banisters for a quick way to get to where he wants to go, He can also swim around the town and school and dive around pounds to collect crabs:

Customisation Of Jimmy:

Jimmy wears the required school uniform when at class. There are different versions of the uniform that Jimmy can wear

In gym Jimmy is required to don the right gear for the activity

The screenshots and Trailer show Jimmy wearing different pieces of clothing out side of class Like,

-head gear/Hats

[all can be switched in Jimmys room]

During the winter months Jimmy can be seen doning warmer clothing.
Expect to see different wardrobes for different seasons.

Jimmy can have different hair styles:
- Buzz cut [ the short hair that is commin in most Bully media]                         http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c15/Iceman1988/8d3c9061.jpg
-wavy hair      http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c15/Iceman1988/bully-20060831040449871.jpg

-There are a selection of different shops in town to buy things from, that can be used to customise Jimmy.
-like barbers
-Tatoo parlor
- various clothes shops

Stat System-

There is a large stat system that follows Jimmys Progress throughout the school year. It can tell the player how girls find him and what subjects he needs to brush up on.

It is a very impressive stat tracking feature (that monitors almost every statistic you can think of)

Money - He was left at Bullworth by his Mum with only 50$ to last him
so Jimmy has to perform odd jobs and no doubt he will use it too buy the latest, coolest clothes and various other Items Because he has to.

Jimmy can pay Bullys off not to bother him..He can also pay for some protection as well.

If you have the green you can buy presents for the girls if you want.

Jimmys Bedroom

Jimmy's bedroom, it's quite an interesting hub. In addition to the aforementioned chemistry set, there's also a closet that allows you change clothes whenever you want (be it casual threads, a school uniform, hats, or even pajamas).
Picking the right clothes can be a very important choice, as what you wear and when you wear it not only affects how cliques and prefects react to you, but also your overall well-being (forget to dress warm in the winter and you'll slowly freeze -- altering your performance).

-Jimmy's room serves two other functions as well.
 1.) It acts as a trophy case of sorts, by collecting mementos of various accomplishments on (in the form of posters, pennants, and other objects that slowly fill your room) and
2.) It's where you sleep. Sleeping isn't something you can just skip either, as staying up too long before your next day will make you drowsy -- blurring the screen and making it harder to see. It also slows down your reaction times and overall running speed.

Next-door to Jimmy's dorm-room is the boy's common room, with a TV, pool table and arcade machine - which can all be used (Canis Canem Edit is packed full of mini-games) - and a soda dispenser, which restores health. Scripted schoolboy shenanigans and the odd cut-scene......In the morning once Jimmy wakes up Prefects tell him to get ready for class once he enters that room.

The Games Controls:

The Games Controls:

- Grapple/Throw

- Punch/Kick

- Jump

- Sprint/peddle faster on bike

R1 - Throw Stink Bombs/ FireCrackers / Block attack

L1 - Look onto Person you are Fighting with / Interacting with People

L2 + R1 - Scroll Through Items

R3 - Go into Stealth Mode

L3 - Look behind you

Left Analogue Stick - Move Jimmy

Right Analogue Stick - Move Camera/ Pick Locks

-By locking onto people with the L1 button you can access the interaction button comands on the bottom left of the screen and it reveals their health status via lighted circle at the bottom of the enemy's feet.
Although there are tons of greetings and interactions, you either select a friendly or aggressive action by pressing the CIRCLE of X button.

- An Agresive action could either be a quick putdown to a bully or a pinch to a girls bottom.

-Although a nicer option is always better as a friendly action results in a greeting, apologies and flattery.......

When Jimmy attacks: when you press a button, how long and hard you press it  determines what happens next.

 Early on in the game, Jimmy, the 15 year-old protagonist, can only perform a shallow selection of moves -- your standard punches, a grapple (Circle), Block (R1), kicks when an opponent is down (Square again)... things of that nature --
but as our hero continues to work his way up the ladder, a number of new maneuvers will open up (the majority of which will be taught to you by attending gym class or from a hobo who's also a fighting expert). When powered all the way up, even the Karate Kid's nemesis Johnny Lawrence will fear you.

The SQUARE button can cause pranks, such as wedgies or stuffin a kid in a Garbage can. Why not put a kick me sign on a kids back..an order fellow students are happy to follow.

-Perhaps the most inviting thing about Bully's combat system, though, is that it isn't just limited to combo moves and a series of repetitive attacks. Even in the early version we sampled, Jimmy can already pull off humiliation moves from the start (press circle when prompted after you've done enough damage). These humiliations put an automatic end to the fight and add a bit of visual "oomph" to the action.
The Games mechanics are a halmark of features used in various R* games:

-The fighting engine is a simplified version of the one in "The Warriors" game.
 Instead of heavy or light attacks you do Taps and holds. This can be used for Combos as tap-tap-hold or something else can produce a combo attack.

-You can also disarm students that have a weapon.

-3 or 5 hits from a baseball bat degrades the weapon and it disapeers.

On the subject of running, Jimmy has multiple speeds when moving. In addition to just walking forward, players can also jog by holding down the X button or break into a full sprint if they tap the button repeatedly. Naturally, since Jimmy is a kid and kids never get tired, there is no stamina to worry about and you can run as fast as you want for as long as you want indefinitely.

Jimmy has a GTA style map on the top right of the screen to tell him where to go

ALL Bully Images can be viewed here
Image Thread

-Note this will be updated from time to time when New Info comes-

-Note All my info featured is from Reliable sources-

 Did I miss anything or got it wrong, What more do I need to add?
If I have left anything out Post it here and I will add it, providing you have the source to back it up :wink:
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Reply #1 on: August 15, 2006, 12:36:09 PM
Good stuff. But there is a idication of Jimmy Wearing diffrent cloths:

In the Trailer, when Jimmy and his freind throw a rock at the window, you can see that Jimmy is wearing diffrent cloths.

Alot of good info man!  :D

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Reply #2 on: August 15, 2006, 01:14:13 PM
Nice work Znib

Can anyone pitch in and add info to this, we could make a huge summary of Bully in one topic. I'll help, after football training :)

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Reply #3 on: August 15, 2006, 02:20:01 PM

I'm trying to summarize all the info in one topic but keep overlooking things,

Once we have done it each time theres new info we can put it here for everybody new and old.

I'll take the info and it can be put in the first post and expand on.

[AS a Note I know this is gonna stolen, My info+ the format...by fans or people againts the game to use it :twisted: ]

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Reply #4 on: August 15, 2006, 07:11:52 PM
Bullworth Academy Is a  New England Prep school where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

wasnt the school an American prep school  not an England prep school? cus thats what it says on many websites

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Reply #5 on: August 15, 2006, 07:14:54 PM
Quote from: bully15
Bullworth Academy Is a  New England Prep school where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

wasnt the school an American prep school  not an England prep school? cus thats what it says on many websites


New England is a place in America,


But I'll add America with it too :D

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Reply #6 on: August 15, 2006, 08:21:33 PM
Quote from: bully15
Bullworth Academy Is a  New England Prep school where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

wasnt the school an American prep school  not an England prep school? cus thats what it says on many websites

Isint the game taking place in Carcer City? I heard thats where it does  :roll:

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Reply #7 on: August 15, 2006, 08:24:39 PM
Quote from: NCAR
Quote from: bully15
Bullworth Academy Is a  New England Prep school where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

wasnt the school an American prep school  not an England prep school? cus thats what it says on many websites

Isint the game taking place in Carcer City? I heard thats where it does  :roll:

Back it up  :wink: Mate Back it up :twisted:

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Reply #8 on: August 15, 2006, 08:30:45 PM
Quote from: Znib
Quote from: NCAR
Quote from: bully15
Bullworth Academy Is a  New England Prep school where the moto is Dog eat Dog and the students are full of that school spirit...
Its also situated near a small town.

wasnt the school an American prep school  not an England prep school? cus thats what it says on many websites

Isint the game taking place in Carcer City? I heard thats where it does  :roll:

Back it up  :wink: Mate Back it up :twisted:

I heard about it in some low budget PC magazine. It said "Bully, a game by Rockstar, takes place in a High School in Carcer City. Carcer City is where Manhunt took place."

Im 99.9% sure thats what it said.  :D  New England would be kinda dumb because Rockstar is know for making up Cities.

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Reply #9 on: August 15, 2006, 09:10:11 PM
Low Budget PC mag..................Since there isnt a PC version how would they get any Info?

Cough GTA LONDON  :twisted:

I have a link to where it says New England :P

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Reply #10 on: August 15, 2006, 09:13:27 PM
Quote from: Znib
Low Budget PC mag..................Since there isnt a PC version how would they get any Info?

Cough GTA LONDON  :twisted:

I have a link to where it says New England :P

yea, low budget PC mag dosent really cut it. I would rather a fictinal City, but nothing and i mean NOTHING will stop me from buying this game  :D  :D  :D

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Reply #11 on: August 16, 2006, 05:56:01 AM
I heard the rumours that it was in Carcer city but i think it was the conspiracy theorists at work- trying to find a link between Bully and Manhunt.

I'm 90% certain i've read somewhere that Bully is set in a fictional city in a fictional school tho

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Reply #12 on: August 16, 2006, 08:47:57 PM
great info Znib!!

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Reply #13 on: August 17, 2006, 06:57:15 PM
Great info, can't wait for this game  :D

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Reply #14 on: August 19, 2006, 01:26:13 PM
I completely agree with all the above posts. Great info man.