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How to increase/decrease the fighting moves/punch damage amount

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As stated above, is there any way to increase the damage scale of the NPC's certain punches/grapple moves or even Jimmys, (the Damage Scale in pedstat.dat doesnt work btw) , for example, Casey and Bo's (J_Melee) final third punch to face deals 0 damage while normal shoving to peds and to Jimmy reduces health with is absolutely ridiculous lol , and Russell's punches deal much more damage compared to other bullies so is there a way to increase it for them as well ?

(i know u can do it via lua, but i dont know how to do it for free roam peds.)

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I don't know where what you are looking for is located, but I would honestly recommend finding a way of doing it in lua if possible.

It's the primary coding language that Bully is based on and the more you discover the more you can mod. Plus those mods will run in a more native fashion using lua.
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Just use this function in your lua script, example: PedSetDamageGivenMultiplier(Damon, 2, 2.00)
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