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Is there any ways to mod bully so that i can grab everyone in the game?

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I just want to grab everyone in the game. Adults, girls, kids, and all the ungrappable clique like russell bif darby.

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hey i know that im late but u can make that possible by editing their stats in pedstat.dat , for example if u want to grab Russell, go to pedstat.dat, go to the last line and you'll see STAT_B_RUSSELL_A, now keep going to the right until  you see this " 100   100   unarmed " , just lower the number to 0, for example "0     0   unarmed" and you can grab russell now, lowering the number decreases the chance of them reversing your grabs, now do the same thing for Bif, his stat line is STAT_P_BOXING_Bif, u can do this for Male peds only, its impossible for Females even if u decrease their grab reversal numbers cuz theyll always kick your nuts, but this is possible by changing their gender in ide.img ,hope this is clear and sorry for replying to a post from January lol 


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