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All Cliques Mod

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on: May 06, 2019, 10:26:44 AM
These are mods that I've been working on & still not done, yet. But, I would like to show how it would turn out & what would be expected on this project I've been making. First of all, these mods aren't as one which means they're separated mods (obviously). Another thing is, these mods aren't any "NPC MODS." All of the things in here will be manual & will not affect gameplay at all.

• These mods includes:

- Full Fighting Styles (not complete, yet). Strafing & P_Striker_A evades are for temporary use only. I will find the right anims.

- NPC animations, behaviors & most of the things relevant (all manually controlled).

- Model Swapping. Alternative outifts are included & some special characters are included particularly on one of the cliques.

- Other options as well (Disable/enable features).

- Other miscellaneous things to considerate. Running, knockout & other mechanisms to be explored.

• So far the finished cliques are the:

- Preppies
- Greasers
- Dropout

Note: To be real, I haven't started the others quiet yet. By the way, it's just easy to do, just going to replace & add some things a bit & there!

These mods would be released around the whole month or just maybe this week if effort has applied throughout. Oh, I didn't plan to include the Nerds clique but if anyone would like to, then I'll add (I'm just modding for the sake of the art of fighting but oh well). So, I'll upload previews & updates whenever I got to finish, polish & release one of these mods. Have a great time  :biggrin:
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