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Greasers Vs Preppies Rivarly Returned

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on: September 01, 2016, 10:09:49 PM
This Is Full Entertainment And Experiences Plus My Imagnization
So I Thought Greasers And Preps Fued Died Down A Little bit because last summer in my game things was all cool around bullworth well besides the bullying and fighting obviously eventually the preps and greasers decided to just ignore each other. Over the summer me and Darby got together to lead the preps together and we were doing it big I mean party's in the Harrington house flashy cars (supermod) clothes I never experienced so much power before. Darby has a big part  with that right now I am the second richest student in bullworth next to Darby so i got a journey to go Anyways in my game summer is over and its close to fall so some students return to the school like Bob, Bob is on his of school again because last year after he dropped out from frustration of his grades I guess I don't know me and Bob never talked we just kept mutual respect and never interacted anyways after school is out I drive my car to the boxing gym to hit the bag and spar but when I leave I see johnny walking around the area just running up to stuff and destroying it eventually ted sees him and attacks him I guess johnny was jealous that me and darby had so much money and success coming in and basically running stuff around bullworth but this set off a bigger rivarly then ever I guess it was our fault because we attacked first and everybody knows how Johnny's pride but I didn't have anything to do with the attack ted was just standing up for what was right and plus johnny basically provoaked it I knew after the fight things weren't gonna be pretty around the school and town anymore so I drive back to the school in my car and i meet up with bif and were on our way to the harrington house we took the way to where the greasers hang out because I thought I had a pass from Johnny (no I don't mean school pass a pass is words we use in the hood that if you're cool with a og from a hood you are basically good there  ) but I guess not we felt so much tension as we walked thru and seconds later I was snuck by Ricky and I defended myself and the entire group johnny included just came from every where just attacking us me and bif did take them out tho because it wasn't I had to use my spud gun time to time but we made it out safely my trouble meter was up also so we had to split up and run from prefects I don't know what I'm gonna do with this because I never wanted this fued to even happen  I don't see any peace happenin I don't even feel safe going by their side of  town without my spud gun


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