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Author Topic: > Unacceptable Behavior <  (Read 13182 times)

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> Unacceptable Behavior <
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:14:16 PM »
The B-B staff and I have taken notice of some recent cruel behavior by certain members.
On B-B it's completely unacceptable to make fun of another person simply based on their limited english vocabulary.

I was actually surprised at a set few of people who decided to engage in this kind of shit. I really expected more.
Bully might be a videogame about bullies, but there is no possible excuse to start pushing around people yourself. It might be fun for YOU but just step take and take a second to consider the feelings of the person that you're making fun of.

As someone who wasn't raised in the US, I didn't have english as my default language throughout my childhood (which a lot of people can probably tell by my pronunciation at times).
Nonethefuckingless, I'd at least expect a modicum of respect from people that I myself respect.

Now imagine if my english skills were even more lacking, and I came to this forum for guidance on how to mod a game that I like... Only to be made fun of repeatedly by a handfull of people.
We want to keep the modding section a pleasant place to use for discussion, but if this keeps up then we'll be starting to hand out bans to anyone who decides to pick on another user for no valid reason.

Misunderstanding what someone else is trying to say doesn't justify ridiculing them.

This is just poor display. Grow up.

- The B-B Staff

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Re: > Unacceptable Behavior <
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2016, 02:20:45 AM »
There also will be warnings and other action being taken on any further unacceptable behavior by anyone towards any member that is trying to communicate but not being understood that well. The staff will deal with this as we see fit and I will also ask that everyone please just cut it out already.

We are a community that is supposed to be banded together via our shared liking of the game Bully. We are supposed to welcome any and all members and try to help them out....NOT bully them into submission just because they don't have a perfect grasp of english. Last i remember...this board does NOT have any rules anywhere stating that this community is english language only.

If you see someone trying to communicate with us in english...and their post(s) are difficult to understand, then...please try to respond to them in their native language if you are capable of communicating with it and see if you can help them out.

Further bad behavior in this are will no longer be tolerated by the staff.

Consider this a warning from all of the staff and not just SWEGTA...because we in the staff are ALL a team and we expect the rest of you to also act like a team. If you cannot...then it may be best to find another community elsewhere where rude behavior is acceptable.