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Author Topic: How to have defeat prefects and other authorities without a full trouble meter  (Read 1936 times)

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A neat little glitch that makes life at Bullworth a lot easier. ;)

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Nice find on there PainTrain! I've played Bully for a while now,and never realised of that...Great eye!

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I've also noticed that when an adult is getting out of a vehicle, you can attack them without getting a red wanted level too.

Also I get that this is a topic about glitching not modding, but if you're interested in this sort of thing you may like my trouble meter mod too. Creative name isn't it? You can only get red when you fight an authority figure, and even then they can't bust you. They start fighting you instead for resisting arrest.

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These bugs are good for when you're surrounded by boring teachers ... lol I do not know if you know or if you added this bug in the video, sorry, but I have not seen the whole video:

You must climb some platform when you're up there, you can "kill" the teachers and the police, because while you're up there, they do nothing! I always do that when I'm surrounded by these guys is very good.
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