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It All Ends at Halloween...

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on: December 22, 2015, 03:04:43 AM
It All Ends at Halloween
*There will be a story involving a character's end, it goes down to halloween*

Day One: Earnest's Hard Time

*Earnest is in a cell with a washed up and old prisoner*

Prisoner: Hey Boy, what you in for?

Earnest: Attempted murder...

Prisoner: Really? I was the Santa for last christmas.

Earnest: That's great...

Prisoner: Don't you talk like that to me!

Earnest: Go to sleep.

*The Prisoner gets mad*

Prisoner: You are going to regret talking to me like that!

*Hours into midnight...*

*The prisoner grabs a hold of Earnest*

Prisoner: You don't ever talk shit like that!

Earnest: What are you doing?!

Prisoner: Teachin' you a lesson!

Earnest: Go. To. SLEEP!

*Earnest kicks the prisoner in the face*

*The Prisoner cracks his head open from falling on the concrete ground*

*The prisoner is knocked out*

*Earnest carries the prisoner's corpse and puts it on his bed*

Earnest: Go to sleep, amigo.

*The following morning, there's a huge puddle of blood in Earnest's cell, a whole group of guards rush into Earnest's cell*

Guard #1: Earnest! Wake up!

*Earnest freaks out, as he sees a giant puddle of blood in his cell*

Guard #2: Earnest, you are going into a special room today...

*Guard #2 brings Earnest and puts him into Solitary Confinement*

*Earnest had been dehydrated, so immediately when he was put in the cell, he started to hallucinate*

Unknown Figure: Hey Earnest...

Earnest: What? What do you want from me?

Unknown Figure: I am one of your ancestors, I just want you to be with me...

Earnest: How?

*The Unknown Figure takes a prison shank out of Earnest's pocket*

Earnest: You, you want me to...

*Earnest quickly slices down his wrist, and passes out*

Death #1: Suicide from Insanity

Casey's Hard Time
*Casey is in the Basketball court in the prison*
*Casey hears about Earnest's suicide*

Casey: What a little bitch, why would he kill himself?

Prisoner #2: He probably went crazy, little punks like him always snap.

Prisoner #3: Yo Case, heard you was in fo' murder?

Casey: Yeah...

Prisoner #3: Well I is in for Stealing shit, you aint as hardcore as I is.

Casey: Piss off, kid.

*The random prisoner leaves*

Prisoner #2: That kid is fuckin' skittish, he tried to steal a bong from the smoke shop.

Casey: What a freak.

*Casey plays basketball with some prisoner friends he had made*

*The Prison bell rings, signifying lunch is ready*

*Casey and his friends run over to the canteen, to eat lunch*

Prisoner #4: Did ya hear that we eat better than those snotty ass kids at Bullworth Academy?

Casey: I'd believe it, the weirdo who served lunch at my school would kill my art teacher's cats to use them for stew.

Prisoner #5: Shit dawg, that's fucking crazy.

Casey: Tell me about it, and she apparently uses piss for our cooler drinks.

*The prisoners are disgusted*

Prisoner #5: Shit dude, that's a little too much info.

*Casey leaves to take a piss, ironically*

*The lights go off in the bathroom*

Casey: Ah, what the shit happened?

*Casey hears someone walking up to him*

Unknown Prisoner: You think I ain't cool? Huh? You wanna die?

Casey: Bring it on, bitch!

*The prisoner, which turns out to be Prisoner #3 charges at Casey with a prison shank*

*In the dark, all that can be heard is the sound of grunting and stabbing*

*Prisoner #3 exits the Bathroom, and turns on the lights*

*What can be seen is the mutilated corpse of Casey's body, with the words "Fuck You" carved in Casey's forehead*

Death #2: Shanked

Part 3 will be tomorrow
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Reply #1 on: January 03, 2016, 03:52:51 AM
A Gang
*Johnny and Peanut are hanging out together*

Johnny: Someone said Casey and Earnest got killed in the prison.
Peanut: What a surprise... That prison is as bad as that one in Carcer, the one everybody died in.

*TJ comes over to see Johnny*

TJ: Yo, Johnny boy, what's up?
Johnny: What's up TJ?
TJ: I heard some bat-shit crazy things is happening at the prison.
Johnny: What, the 2 pricks we fought died?
TJ: Not just that, but there's a gang that's operating in the prison.
Johnny: Do you think we should stay indoors?
TJ: Yeah, get yo girl too, I don't want my friends to die.

*TJ and the Greasers leave the area, going into Johnny's house*

*In the prison*

Prisoner #3: So what's yo sayin, is that yo want me to go in yo' gang?

Unknown Prisoner: Yeah, is that a yes or a no?
Prisoner #3: Bitch, I ain't joinin no ratchet ass gang!
*The Unknown prisoner whistles, signaling the gang members*
Prisoner #3: Yo, wha? Where'd you get all dem boys?
Unknown Prisoner: Get this punk, he calls us a ratchet ass gang.
Prisoner #3: All right man, chill I'll be one of you guys.
Unknown Prisoner: I was hoping you'd agree with us. Tonight is a special night. This gang makes up over half of the prison, I'll have you know, we have some of the guards on our side, willing to let us free.
Prisoner #3: What are we gonna do?
Unknown Prisoner: We just have to leave the prison, within 20 minutes.
Prisoner #3: Soun's cool man, but what are we doin this fo?
Unknown Prisoner: Some bitch named TJ escaped prison and got an appeal.
Prisoner #3: Is that what this is about? Man that's fuckin' stupid, just one man ain't worth the risk!
Unknown Prisoner: It looks like we have a disagreement, boys, get him.

*A stampede of prisoners start beating up Prisoner #3*
*Eventually all that can be seen is Prisoner #3's crushed skull, with his brains scattered all over the concrete floor*

*The following night*
*The guards' room*

Guard #1: Alrighty, tonight's the night, men. We have Prisoner #8632 explaining his plan.
Prisoner #8632: I have my gang planning on getting all prisoners back into the prison, including Theodore James, Johnny Vincent, and any other people we have noticed escape.
Guard #2: Sounds like a plan, young man.

* The guards open up the cages for the prisoners from the gang*

*Prisoner #8632, which happened to be the leader, commands all the gangster prisoners to rebel*
Prisoner #8632: All right men! ATTACK!

*The prisoners overpower a guard and take a bunch of weapons off of him*

*One of the prisoners take a handgun and fire at another guard*

*The prison alarms set off*

*Eventually, the whole cell block is filled with armed cell mates*

*Warden room*

Warden: What the fuck happened?

Guard #4: The cell doors opened, one of the guards let the prisoners free!

*The warden brings a can of teargas with him*

Warden: Take this you animals!

*The warden throws the teargas into the crowd*

*The warden runs back into the armory*

*The prisoners break down a gate leading to the exit*

Prisoner #8632: There's the exit door!

*About 30 prisoners leave the prison, before the door automatically shuts*

Prisoner #8632: Take those vans!

SWAT Member: Hold it there!

*Prisoner #8632 shoots the SWAT member in the face and gets on the armored vehicle*

*The prisoners drive out of the prison, undetected from police helicopters*

*To be continued*