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Bully 2 : Story Missions

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on: July 30, 2015, 11:13:19 PM
I made a separate post to add missions.
So here are the chapter 1 missions well some that I thought of. Well for the most part Zoe's story is the one that I thought of first because she was my original character to use.

Zoe's Arc

New Generation Bullies/NGB
Tiny Tabby Northrop- Leader - 6'5 - Looks like Russell.
Tabatha White - 2nd In Command - Davis's Kid - 5'3
Brenda Martin - Clique Member 5'2
Lisa Robinson - Clique Member 5'9
Tammy Gurney - Clique Member 5'6
Trina Northwick - Clique Member 5'3
Emma Miller - Clique Member 5'5
Olivia Martin - Clique Member 5'4
Well they are the N.G.B that bully many kids in the eastside of campus. They hang around the Garage/Autoshop - Which it has updates from Bully. More gates and way more building's built to hold more classes and car's/bikes.

Chapter - 1 Expect the unexpected in New Bullworth
Mission 1 - Introduction/Beginning
Zoe just arrives at bullworth and Jimmy just dropped off James.
Zoe : So this is the school you went to it's enormous.
Jimmy : Yep this is the junk school I went to when I was younger.
Jimmy : You should enjoy most of it but if you have a problem don't be afraid to teach someone some manners.
Zoe : Okay Dad, Why are you always so violent, laughing*.
Jimmy : Because when growing up these back stabbing maniacs always caused me trouble and I garuntee the same asshole's children go here and they behave just like their parents. "Bully old character's reference."
Zoe : Okay sure if I have a problem I'll protect myself.
Jimmy : Also it's a new day and age stay away from those type's of girls.
Zoe : No No, I like boy's dad, jeez never have I thought of that.
Jimmy : That's even worse stay away from that damned westside campus! Err I meam behave yourself.
Zoe : Laughing* Thank's for telling me crazy, I'll be sure to stay um in my books.
Jimmy : Right work first then all the other crap comes second. Okay we're here Zoe hope you have fun, I'll be leaving town for the year for vacation with your mom.
We're only going one state away, Uncle Petey should call me if you have any problems
Zoe : Okay bye Dad and I love you,
kisses Jimmy and Jimmy gives Jimmy a hug.
Jimmy : Oh hey Petey long time no see got kind of tall their don't you think laughing*
Petey : Very funny Jimmy, and everything is going good with Angie.
Jimmy : Yep I wish I could see lil Panna, she was such a tough cute kid not like you though.
Petey : Whatever Jimmy, and Panna is doing fine atop by and see her sometime.
Jimmy : Alright Petey, I'll be back next year see you then and if Zoe has any problema call me first thing!
Petey : Alright later Jimmy.
Zoe and Petey Wave*
Petey : Well hello little Zoe hows the baby doing!? Smiling*
Zoe : I'm not five looks annoyed*, it's going okay altough Dad is as crazy as ever.
Petey : Laughing* Jimmy haa alwaya been the bad kid, kind of like Panna always getting into trouble.
Petety : Well I have to get back to the office, being principal is harder than ever.
Zoe : Don't worry it'll pass soon, I hope I don't get like this with my work.
Petey : Don't worry, you'll be fine just stay away from the bad crowds! The older kids dorm grades 9 - 12 are on the right enter and your room and locker have a name on it. Your outfit is also on your dorm bed, your Dad prepared you well for this laughing*.
Zoe : Okay thanks, see you around Uncle Petey.
Tasks going to the dorm and exploring the school.
Zoe enter's the dorm and is greeted by Panna.
Panna : Well if it isn't Miss goodie two shoes!
Zoe : Panna hi!, I haven't seen you ever since you went to Juvi!
Panna : Yep I finally got out during the start of the school year.
Zoe : Great don't go back, and what're you doing now?
Panna : Well i'm the dorm Prefect, I gotta get back, after I'll show you around, Hey you jackasses stop that fighting before I break your faces!
Zoe laughs and enters her dorm
The player is then prompted to put on a uniform
Panna : So I see you're all dressed up so let's get to the school it's still 7:00am anyway.
Zoe : Okay that'd be fun!
Panna : Let's get to it then.
Your prompted to follow Panna to the school
Panna : So how's Jimmy doing?, I heard he just got out of Juvi to. I saw him their but you know him always busy.
Zoe :Yeah he just got out, he never speaks he isn't like my Dad at all.
Panna :Yep good old Jimmy, hopefully he get's along with his classmates.
Panna and Zoe enter's the school
Panna : Damned young kids stop with that now! Get off of her damnit, Zoe i'll be back sorry.
Zoe : It's fine you go handle your business i'll explore myself.
Player is prompted to explore the school
Tiny Tabby : Hey cough up the money chump!
Zoe : Tiny uhm hi gulps*.
Tiny : Hey Zoe long time no see, sorry thought you were one of those other chumps.
Zoe : Can you take me around Panna had to go handle some stuff.
Tiny : That jerk left you alone, whatever i'll help you Squeek. Ah man used to love that name for you.
Zoe : Laughing* I remeber we used to call you big bertha.
Tiny : Oh god please don't, I just got these loser's to learn my new name.
Prompted to explore school with Tiny
Madelyn : Hey hey, I need help please!
Zoe : What's the problem?
Madelyn : One of the kids stole my books please can you hwlp me?
Zoe : Sure I can be of assistance i'll find them!
Prompted to confront the theif
Aubrey : So I took the books from that loser laughing*.
Zoe : Hey give them back you jerk now!
Tiny : Yeah before I make change!
Aubrey : Uh oh, Riley help!
Riley : You wanna peace of me! Rahhhhhh!
Tiny : Bring it on!
Aubrey : Try and catch me loser laughung*.
Zoe : Hey get back here! Tiny are you okay!
Tiny : Sure I got this prick, take care of the other one!
Prompted to follow Aubrey
Zoe : No where to run to huh?
Aubrey : Shit bring it on dork, watcha wanna uhm do!?
First fight inside the game.
You're prompted a fight tutorial, which has a completey different layout from Bully
Zoe has a four punch hook combo which the player is prompted to do
Aubrey is a preppy and is also a boxer
Aubrey dodges the first four punches
She has a uniqe evade like the B striker preppies from Bully but has a mixture of A/B Striker fighting moves
Aubrey swings back with a two jab combo knocking Zoe back
Zoe get's back up then you're proopted to block her next attack which is a two hook combo
Then a boss health meter appears
You're prompted to defeat Aubrey
Then you're prompted to humiliate her
Zoe : You were a push over huh stupid dork.
Aubrey : Uhhhh, my Dad will sue your stupid ass.
Player is prompted to go back to Madelyn
Madelyn : Thanks for the help, here's an award for your grattitude!
Zoe : Cool and sure someone has to teach bullies a lesson.
Tiny : Alright it's all over now, man that Riley is no joke. I had to throw water in her face just to hide and run away.
Zoe : Crap so she's coming for us!
Riley : You damned, get back here now, i'll make punching bags outta you!
Zoe : Run!
Prompted to hide in a locker or trash can, stall or class room.
Riley : I'll find you bastards soon enough better count on it! Fuck now I gotta use my gym towel.
Player is prompted to explore the school
Tiny : That was close, now let's explore the class rooms.
Player prompted it's getting late and it is 30 mintues to class
Player prompted that it's time for class
Kids talking about Zoe
Teacher/Mrs.Bailey/Science Class
Mrs.Bailey : Okay get to work children.
You unlock a new type of weapon from your first science class the cherry bomb
Prompted to do class work
Class completed/Prompted to do second mission or explore
Spice Girls/New Generation Preppies
Sydney Harrington - Leader
Riley Taylor - Second In Command
Alice Taylor
Julia Guathier
Aubrey Spencer
London Ogilvie
Jasmine Vandervelde
Gabriella/Gabriel Vendome
Elizabeth/Liz Montrose
Alexis/Lexy Morris
Mission 2 - Start of a long and crazy drawn out year
Alice : Laughing* You got beat up by the new girl you need more classes!
Aubrey : Shutup Alice she caught me off guard, we need to teach the fresh bitch a lesson!
Sydney : What's this I hear about fighting? Where the highest breed of nepitism and snobbery we take down these poor illiterate scum.
Sydney : Aubrey how could you be so pathetic in losing to a low class loser.
Alice : Samething I was saying she's weak! She needs more training!
Aubrey : Maybe I do, i'll train way harder and take  down that scum.
Sydney : Liz and Julia find that scum and take her down.
Julia : Ugh I don't want to get my brand new 300$ aquaberry shirt dirtied but whatever.
Liz : Forget your shirt we have to beat that jerk to a pulp!
The school is shown and it has many updates and two new floors.
Zoe : Man this school lunch is garbage!
Liz : So you're Zoe nice to meet you, trash pit.
Julia : Let's just get this over with I don't even want to touch this trash again!
Zoe : Crap, I gotta get the hell outta here!
Player is prompted to run to the nearest hiding placement
Liz : Comeon new scum, don't be a prissy fit.
Julia : Heh she's forgotten her lunch, wait a minute?!
Julia : Got you, you little wench now for some payback!
Prompted with a fight
Defeat Julia and Liz
Panna : Hey you little jerks get away from her now!
Julia : Crap prefect, lucky bitch will get you next time you wench!
Liz : Yeah will get you nasty trash!
Panna : Hey get back here now, and face your punishment!
Zoe : Ugh god this school really is crazy!
Lexy : So you think you're going to get off that easily? Here's something special for you scum turd!
*Rotten Egg Splatter*
Zoe : Ugh you bastard, i'm gonna kick your spice preppy ass!
Prompted to chase after Lexy
Lexy : Alright girls purge the new girl with a barrage of egg yolk *laughing*.
Prompted to take cover
Zoe : Crap man using eggs as a weapon what a bunch of stuck up jerks!
Prompted to pickup a trash can cover and protect yourself
Zoe : Perfect now I can run toward them!
London : Ew laughing* Guess after this I have to wash the trash blood off my aquaberry sweater!
Zoe : Bring it on preppy loser!
Prompted to fight London
London is a grappler and uses Grapple A for preppies and Striker B stance and Striker B for a fighting style also.
Well since it's a new game i'll introduce hyper combo's
Hyper combo's and rage mode
Rage Mode - Intracite system that happens during half health, gives the ped a boost,stamina, and power.
Hyper Combo - A chain of combo's that do large amounts of damage.
London is an extremely fast boxer her hyper combo's reduce a large amount of health.
London uses the Rage Mode system and introduces it.
Prompted to grapple her and throw her down.
London : Shit get off me you damn turd!
Zoe : Not until I break your damn face!
Prompted to do ground mounted hit's
Since London is a black belt in jujitsu she can reverse many of your grapples.
Defeat London!
Threw half the fight London can goes into Rage Mode.
Her fighting moves do 40% of damage to the player.
Mostly blocking and evading her moves would work against her.
London Defeated!
Zoe : Good guess you preppy trash aren't all the great!
Lexy : Just because you defeated London doesn't mean anything!
Lexy : Your about to get sent to that blue collar school in the sky!
Lexy is a Melee type of fighter, she uses both Grappler and Striker moves
Lexy also has a finisher move called a death blow which reaches your kidney's kind of like Derby's original boss style.
Lexy Defeated
Prompted to Leave the Harrington House Manor
The Harrington House is updated also with many new rooms and a lot of new boarders which are mostly preppy kids.
Mission Completed/ -10 Preppy Respect

Jimmy's Arc

Mission 3 - Jimmy's return to Bullworth
Jimmy Sr. : Alright Jimmy since you've been in alright of trouble recently I'm only going to tell you this once.
Jimmy Sr. : If I hear any trouble about you during this school year will be sending you to military school.
Jimmy Jr. : I'll be fine dad I'll try and behave myself.
Jimmy Sr. : You better I am tired of dealing with you! I'll make sure to have your teachers call me each month to check up on you.
Jimmy Jr. : Okay can I go now.
Jimmy Sr. : Sure have a good first day son and please stay out of trouble.
Jimmy Jr. : Alright see ya later Dad.
Prompted to walk to the new main building
Grease - Similar to Outsiders
Tony Vincent
Larry Romano Jr.
Jason Williams
Dominic Pucino
Christian Medici
Logan De Luca
Eli Lombardi
Noah Mancini
Nathan Esposito

Noah : Hey new stuff you need some help?
Noah : Oh crap your Jimmy's kid right, right nice to uh meet ya.
Jimmy Jr. : Yeah and what's up, can you tell me where the main campus is?
Noah : No problem I could even walk you their if it isn't a problem.
Jimmy Jr. : Sure guess this school isn't all bad like my Dad says.
Noah : Oh trust me it's worse than your dad says.
Prompted to walk with Noah to the School
Noah : It's Tony so glad to see him.
Tony : Noah my man glad to see ya, who in the hell is this?
Noah : It's Jimmy's kid he just got to the main campus.
Tony : Great who the hell runs this school isn't a secretary supposed to meet the students.
Noah : Guess things have changed now, due to the short staffing.
Tony : Short staffing my ass, of course that slut is probably givin the new headmaster a clean nose.
Noah : Could be that also guess will go and see.
Mrs.Cleo : *Mhhm* Uhm what are you students doing in the main office.
Noah : We're here with the new kid Mrs.Cleo as I can see you guys are busy.
Mrs.Cleo : Mind your business Noah, Ah yes young Hopkins nice to see you.
Jimmy : Why do I have a feeling of Deja vu?
Prompted to go to the boys dorm

Darby Harrington Jr.
Jaiden Morris
Cliff Taylor
Lewis Montrose
Mathew Vendome
Tevin Vandervelde
Stewart Ogilvie
Vincent Spencer
Wendell Gauthier

Prefects East Dormitory
Alexander The Fourth - Alex Ludwig
Bruce Banner
Alton Braxton
Andy Newton
Charlie Cillian
Calvin Cillian
Brydon Carter
Johnny Vincent The Second - Johnny's first son, with Lola.
Tony Vincent second son, With Mandy

Tony : Shit I'm going to be late for my class can't let my big bro see me gotta go.
Noah : Aw man and the fun just started, see ya dude.
Jimmy : See ya tony.
Derby's youngest son is introduced
Darby : Hello poor scum how pleasurable of a time it is to meet you.
Noah : Look you stuck up rich jerk just let us threw.
Darby : Boy's I think we have a bad mouthed one here let's teach him some as my Daddy likes to say manners. *Laughter*
Stewart : You disgust me you nasty turd!
Fight Threw the Tutorial
Defeat The Preppy
Alexander : Hey you boy's better get to your classes this instant!
Darby : Run!
Noah : Shit Prefect just chill out since your new.
Alexander : You boy who might you be?
Jimmy : My names Jimmy uhh nice'd to meet you.
Alexander : Ah your Hopkins boy, just because your his son doesn't mean you can engage in foolishness now get to your dorm.
Jimmy : Sure I'll be right on my way.
Enter New Dorm Prompt
The boys dorm has four main floors since the addition to a lot of new students.
Noah : Alright so since your new here I guess I show you to your dorm room.
Prompted to go to your dorm.
Visual - On the second floor near the bathroom hearing screaming.
Jaiden : Yes yes, give that loser a nice bath from his stinky smell.

Dexter Jones
Eden Papadopoulos
Elliot Trudeau
Ezekiel Pasteur
Gavin Johnson
Fergus Anderson
Francis Johnson
Hubert O'Connor
Harry Carlson

Dexter : No please don't do it I don't like the smell of that no!
Jimmy : Hey you jerk leave him alone!
Jaiden : Oh and what might you do about it?
Jimmy : Aren't you to rich for these types of things or is your money as tight as your ass?
Jaiden : You disrespectful little blue collar scum!
Jaiden : I'll beat you into one of us!
Defeat Jaiden
Jaiden is a boxer like all the other preppies but he uses a southpaw style
He shifts as he swings similar to the original P_Grapple_A style
Jaiden Defeated
Noah : Holy crap you beat up the hall monitor, ah man your in big trouble!
Jimmy : He shouldn't have been such a heartless jerk!
Dexter : Thanks oh thank you if you ever need any assistance in your work just tell me or my brethren.
Jimmy : Sure cool.
Prompted to pick up the dormitory keys from the hall monitor
Johnny : Whoa x3, are you kids serious even though that hall monitor is jerk you can't do that.
Johnny : I don't wanna see this type of behavior again now give me the keys and I'll take your to your dorms.
Jimmy : Wait I forgot to tell you I'm new I just got assigned my dorm room.
Johnny : Wait your Jimmy's kid right, ah man my Dad can't stop talkin about all the wild stuff they used to do.
Cut-scene showing new boys dorm
Noah : Alright so this is the dump, I hope you enjoy it ha!
Jimmy : Man it is kind of a dump wish they'd clean up the place!
Noah : Well dealing with bullworth it's usually gone to stay that way.
Jimmy : Alright I'll change into my new uniform.
Noah : Great then after that I'll show you around the dump.
Prompted to get dressed Time (8:00am)
Prompted class times (Math - 9:00am)
                                    (Science - 9:40am)
                                     (Language - 10:30am)
                                     (Lunch - 11:30am)
                                     (History - 12:45pm)
                                     (Music - 1:40pm)
                                      (Gym - 2:10pm
                                       (School Closing - 3:00pm)
Mission Completed/Preppy Respect -10

Mission 4 - Getting to Know Your School
Prompted to go to the school from your dorm. (8:00am) One hour before classes start, don't be late or theirs hell to pay!

Tony : Alright Nathan did you get the joke candy?
Nathan : Yeah sure aw man they look so tasty!
Tony : Look their for pranking not for eating got it!
Nathan : Okay x2 got it!
Jimmy : Hey what are you guys up to?
Tony : Where just gettin' ready to pull a prank on the preps you in?
Jimmy : Yeah sure, what're you guys gonna do?
Tony : Where gonna give those losers some joke candy.
Tony : Go into the school and give those losers the joke candy.
Jimmy : How am I supposed to do that?
Tony : Their rich jerks, ah Nathan go wit' em.
Nathan : Alright comeon and hey my names Nathan nice to meet ya.
Enter's the School - The Eastside Campus is very large and updated blah blah you get the idea
Nathan : Alright here's how it goes, make a big fuss about the candy then they'll take it.
Jimmy : Okay doesn't seem to hard.
Jimmy : Aw man this candy tastes so awesome to bad I'm the only one who can afford it!
Jaiden : What?!, how did you get candy from Al's Candy your to poor give it to me, Now!
Jimmy : Okay sure please don't hurt me!
Jaiden : I do what I want let's go boys!
Nathan : Alright you got em buncha stuck up idiots.
Jimmy : So what next?
Nathan : Trust me there is a ton of things to do in this school.
Sammy Balton - Young Kid
Sammy : Hey I am in need of assistance!
Jimmy : Sure what's the problem?
Sammy : The preps took my lunch money and they wont give it back!
Nathan : Sure x2 we can get em back but for a fee.
Sammy : How much are we talking I only have ten bucks.
Jimmy : I'd say 6 bucks, I hear lunch is only 3.50.
Sammy : Okay sure, they're downstairs near the old water fountains next to the bathroom.
Jimmy : Alright let's go!
Prompted to go to the fountains
Mathew : Do you know the little jerk told me I'd better give it back.
Mathew : What a disrespectful little savage, how dare how talk to me that way.
Lewis : These new children need discipline from their savage ways I'd say we teach them!
Jimmy : Hey are you the jerks that stole that kids money time to pay up you rich weak bullies.
Mathew : Yes we are but you are going to have to catch us first run!
Prompted to chase the two preppies
Mathew : Wendell throw the marbles and get them down!
Wendell : Heh this is going to be to easy!
Jimmy and Nathan : Woah!
Jimmy : Dammit, Nathan comeon we cant let them get to the prefects!
Jimmy : Come're you scum turd!
Mathew : Get your filthy scum hands off me!
Nathan : Get ready for a ton pain!
Prompted to fight Mathew and Lewis
Lewis : Get your filthy hands off of him now!
Mathew and Lewis Defeated
Prompted to return to Sam
Sammy : Ah thanks gentleman your to kind!
Jimmy : Yeah x2 Now pay up.
Sammy : Sure here you!
Prompted for money hud - You just got 3.50$, money is added each time you steal, work, or find it.
Jimmy : That was awesome, anything else to do?

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