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Why Trevor during Halloween mission uses B_Striker_A fighting style?

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Maybe rockstar forgot to change the fight style of Trevor

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The original script for bully might've had Ethan set as Trevor because the bullies were aggresive non cliques you can see this with Ivan/Troy in the game files. Or as when a character puts a costume on they end up getting strange brute strengh who knows.

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an error in the coding? i don't know

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It's simple, and has nothing to do with the script. Trevor (like every other ped) has a separate model for his halloween outfit. His halloween model uses that different style. Why? Maybe R* wanted to make halloween night scarier, or they were rushing through and just gave him some generic style.

You can see them both in /Objects/default.ide:

73   GN_Boy02   GN_Boy02_W   0   Large   STUDENT   STAT_GS_MALE_A   Straf_Male   null   null   null   1   /Global/GS_Male_A   Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act   /Global/AI   Act/AI/AI.act   N_Trevor
171   GN_Boy02_Ween   GN_Boy02_Ween   0   Medium   STUDENT   STAT_B_STRIKER_B   Straf_Male   B_Striker   F_BULLY   null   -1   /Global/B_Striker_A   Act/Anim/B_Striker_A.act   /Global/AI   Act/AI/AI.act   N_Trevor