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The Intentionally Placed Moneybag$ Portal

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on: July 11, 2015, 11:52:19 AM
---The Intentionally Placed Moneybag$ Portal---

One fine day in Avalar, Spyro The Dragon, along with his best buddy Sparx were roaming the Summer Forest Home World. Of course, since Spyro saved this world after defeating Ripto, along with his other monsters Crush and Gulp, there wasn't much else to do after collecting EVERYTHING there was to be collected here until..................................

Spyro: "What the?"

Spyro looked dead ahead, and noticed a portal he hadn't seen before. It was right near the water area, the same area where Moneybags had been to teach Spyro how to swim. Spyro charged towards it, and stopped right at the entrance.

Spyro: "Woha, hey Sparx, check this out buddy, I've never seen this portal here before."

Spyro read what it said on the portal entrance.

Spyro: "Moneybag$, hmm Moneybag$ is spelt with a dollar sign, weird."

Sparx suddenly randomly went crazy.

Spyro: "Oh Sparx take it easy, I know I know it's not THAT weird, that greedy bear is all about money, took him long enough to actually put it in his actual name!"

Spyro and Sparx then had a dilemma, should they enter the portal or should they stay the hell away from that dastardly greedy bear. They decided to go in it.

Spyro: "LAST ONE IN IS A GNORC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sparx was last, and was the Gnorc.

Whilst in the Portal, Spyro was flying, and randomly looked down, and saw a Total Treasure total, then looked up since it was the same total as before. Then everything went black for a second, and then Spyro and Sparx were at the start of the Moneybag$ portal world.

Spyro: "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sparx's eyes began to widen in shock, this place looked so wrong.

Spyro: "Sparx, would you LOOK at this place, there are HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE gold statues of Moneybags, and look at the size of those Money Bag pouch thingys, he must have millions of gems in there!"

Sparx suddenly accidently fainted in shock.

Spyro "Sparx? Oh man, this place has already got to him, poor little guy."

Suddenly somebody spoke behind him.

"Don't worry about him Spyro, he'll be fine."

Spyro: "What the...who?"

Spyro turned round instantly to see..........................MONEYBAGS!

Moneybags: "SPYRO, how funny to see you here, well it is good to see you old friend."

Spyro: "Moneybags, dude, what is going on here, where did this portal come from?"

Moneybags "Heh heh, I'm so glad you asked, you see I've ALWAYS WANTED my very own portal, and just before you defeated Ripto I secretly striked a deal with him, I gave him what he wanted, the bombs, and he gave me my own portal which has been secret until now, a splendid deal don't you think?"

Spyro: "You wanna know what I think, I think you are a crazy greedy no good piece of....."

Moneybags: "Don't do any further Spyro, there will be NONE of that in my world, for you see my friend, if you happen to unleash foul language like that, you immediately have to pay a fine, that is of course ahem a small fee."

Spyro glared at him, and his glare became increasingly madder.

Moneybags: "Oh, um why are you looking at me like that, I...er...you..see...I...um..well I've gotta be going now...um toodles!"

Moneybags ran away, but Spyro charged after him, and flamed his butt over and over again until they reached the exit portal.

Spyro: "You see this exit portal, how about I charged that butt of yours right through it, and hope you land in the water when you appear
out of the other side!"

Moneybags: "No no no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

The promise happened, the bear went swimming, and Spyro then got Sparx, and they high tailed it outta the Moneybag$ portal to safety, it was far too weird in there for them.

Once Spyro and Sparx were out of the portal, Spyro checked on Sparx.

Spyro: "Sparx, you okay buddy, please be okay!"

Sparx woke up, and started flipping his wings in excitment, and pointed towards the portal.

Spyro: "I think I know what you are thinking."

Spyro charged round to some steps, and started to jump up them to get a bit higher up, this was the place where Hunter teached him the gliding, and hover. He jumped over the Moneybag$ portal, and gave it the biggest headbash he could do. The portal was destroyed spectacular fasion.


Spyro: "Dude, we couldn't bear that portal, especially with the high opinion of yourself!"

Moneybags "Heh heh, well played with the bear pun since I'm the bear, and you couldn't bear me."

Spyro: "You've got that right pal, I think you need to retire, then JUST MAYBE we might be able to put up with you more easily."

Moneybags: "I guess I have no choice, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what could my new career be?"

Spyro: "Dude, don't ask me, you'll think of something."

-----A Days Later-----

Spyro is sitting in his deck chair, and Elora brings a present for him.

Elora "Hey Spyro, since you've done so much for Avalar, everyone chipped in, and got you a present, we really hope you like it!"

Spyro looks at present.

Spyro: "Wow, thanks you are the best, and so are everyone who got me this gift, I'm gonna open it right now!"

Spyro opens the present to reveal a TV.

Spyro: "Wow awesome, a TV, they have these in Avalar?"

Elora: "You bet, the Professior made one since, you know, he's the brains around here, though he's lost his small pencil again."

Spyro shakes his head.

Spyro: "That dude, and his small pencil, he really should get a larger one."

Elora: "Er yeah, anyway you wanna watch TV now, let's see what's on the box."

Spyro: "Alright, turn it on Elora."

Elora places the TV in front of Spyro, and turns it on.

TV: "Welllllllllllllllllll well well hello there everyone!"

Spyro: "WHAT THE........................"

TV: "It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, my very first TV show, starring me, Moneybags. This show is all about the Moneybags, and those precious precious gems, I bring to you, my show entitled MoneyBags I Want Money Money Money In A Small Fee World!"

Spyro: "WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sparx sees this, and faints again.

Spyro to Elora: "TURN IT OFF, TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Elora dives to the TV, and turns it off.

Spyro: "That darn bear, I told him to retire from all this money business ugh."

Elora: "The bear never gives up, what a dork!"

Spyro: "I'm so mad at that bear now!"

Elora walks next to Spyro, and gives him a kiss on the head.

Spyro: "What was that for?"

Elora: "Well...................you are mad, so I thought that may of made you feel better?"

Spyro goes red, and accidently torches the TV.


Spyro: "Sorry Elora, just got embrassed, but atleast I don't have to watch that greedy bear again on the box!"


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