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Bully 2 Plot

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on: July 04, 2015, 03:43:49 PM
These are just /my/ ideas, so I hope you find the plot I have in mind interesting enough to read. :)

A couple years went on and Jimmy was still head of Bullworth Academy, Petey was still head boy, but unfortunately Dr. Crabblesnitch passed away due to cancer. It was the start of a new school year and the students and faculty were waiting for the new Principal of Bullworth Academy to arrive, along with Ms. Danvers. They were standing outside of the school building to welcome him, as Jimmy noticed a black car parking outside the school gates. A tall man with a scar across his right eye, everyone noticed he looked almost familiar to a certain ex pupil of the academy. The man slowly walked through the black gates and stared at all the pupils who were standing outside the building, he walked inside the building and headed up to Dr. Crabblesnitch's old office. The man closed the doors and walked to the speaker to speak into it.

"Hello pupils and teachers of Bullworth Academy, my name is Mr. Smith and I am your new Principal. I suggest each and every one of you obey my orders and follow the rules of the school, no questions asked. Oh, and I would like to see the famous Jimmy Hopkins in my office immediately. That is all, get back to your normal school day."

Jimmy groaned and looked at Petey who was standing beside him.

"Mr Smith? I told you he seemed a bit too familiar, Jimmy." Petey said with a worried tone.

Everyone started walking away to do their own thing as Jimmy slowly walked up to the Principal's office, wondering why Mr. Smith needed him. Jimmy knocked on the door as Mr. Smith opened it quickly.

"Come in, child." Mr. Smith extended his arm to welcome him inside his new office.

As Jimmy walked in and sat down, Mr. Smith walked behind his desk and also sat down. Jimmy was having a bit déjà vu.

Mr. Smith began to speak. "So, Hopkins, I hear you're quite popular within this town, yes? Charming."

Jimmy nodded and smirked over at the man. "You could say that." Jimmy replied.

"Well, I'm having none of your nonsense while I'm here. You understand? I don't need all the attention brought to you all the time. You've had your two years of fame. Oh, by the way. When you leave, I suggest you tell all your peers that a certain boy will be returning to the school next week." Mr. Smith continued. "You may know him, his name is Gary. You know, the boy you almost killed on top of the school building?"

Jimmy gulped and immediately ran out of the office without saying a word. He wasn't scared of Gary, it was just the fact he is related to the new Principal. Jimmy couldn't afford to be expelled again, so he will have to try and be nice to Gary. Until he can find a way to get rid of the mean Principal, at least..
This will be continued soon, probably either tomorrow or Monday! I hope you're enjoying this so far, I just need more ideas. Thanks for reading. :)

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Reply #1 on: July 19, 2015, 02:00:23 AM

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Reply #2 on: July 19, 2015, 04:05:26 PM
Nice plot sis