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on: October 28, 2006, 11:09:06 AM
Hey - you're the new kid!
Yeah, what's it to you?
Friendly, aren't you?
Gimme a break, loser.
Hey, relax friend, you're all pent up.
Go easy, or they'll put you on medication.
They did to me. Boy - nearly sent me insane.
That's fascinating... now if you'll excuse me.
I said relax, friend.
Get off man.
Listen to me tough guy,
you just arrived at the toughest school in the country
and I'm offering to be your friend.
Trust me, in a place like this, you're gonna need friends.
So it's up to you. You gonna play nice, or what?
Yeah, sure.
Good. So, how about I show you around? /9 09! 19= 29Y 39u 49 59 69 795 9Q 9a 9} 9 9 9! 9Y 9i 4ͫ    BD
Hey - you're the new kid!
I guess so...
Friendly, aren't you?
Gimme a break, dickhead.
Hey, relax friend, you're all pent up.
Go easy, or they'll put you on medication.
They did to me. Boy - nearly sent me insane.
That's fascinating... now if you'll excuse me.
I said relax, friend.
Get off man.
Hey, listen to me tough guy,
you just arrived at the toughest school in the country
and I'm offering to be your friend.
Trust me, in a place like this, you're gonna need friends.
So what are you gonna do. You gonna play nice, or what?
Yeah, sure.
Cool. So, how about I show you around? ~- ~-! ~-5 ~-Q ~-m ~- ~- ~- ~-- R-I S-Y T-y U- V- W- X-Y Y-i 4ͫ $   BD
Feeding time at the zoo... OK, here's the deal...
Over there we got the nerds.
Of course they're complete social outcasts.
They look pretty harmless.
They're actually sneaky bastards. Their turf is the library.
And those are the preps.
They're all money and condescending attitudes.
Yeah, massively inbred and completely brainless.
Very observant, Jimmy boy.
Now over there are the greasers...
they think they're tough.
Or at least try to look tough.
Wouldn't advise messing with them... at least not yet.
They hang by the autoshop.
And last but not least:
the jocks.
These guys rule the school.
Definitely avoid them.
Whatever, I'm not afraid of some dumb 'roid monkeys.
You'll learn.
C'mon. Let's go. q>3 r>39 s>3Y t>3 u>3 v>3 w>3    x>3= y>3q >3 >3 >3 >3 >39 >3Y >3u >3 >3 >3 v>3 w>3  4ͫ    BD
Hey, how you doing? You must be the new kid.
I'm Pete, Pete Kowalski.
Jimmy Hopkins and don't ask how I'm doing.
I've been here five minutes and already people want me dead.
Even my parents didn't hate me this quickly!
Well... welcome to Bullworth. It's a dump.
Great, I've been expelled from anywhere halfway decent.
"Yeah I've been expelled from anywhere halfway decent
'cause I'm really bad".
Give up the tough guy act, pal.
Hey man, what's your problem?
Well, A.D.D., primarily, but also life, my parents,
this school, western civilization,
but really, honestly, enough about me.
Oh, I see you've met the dorm's mascot.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Femme Boy",
the girliest boy in school.
Petey haven't you got some imaginary friends to go annoy?
Why don't you leave me alone, Gary
Look at you! "Leave me alone Gary!
I'm really self important now that I've finally hit puberty!"
What's your problem?
I'm just being nice to the new kid
as he passes through Bullworth
on his inevitable journey to prison.
Look, I gotta unpack.
Would you guys mind getting outta here?
Oh, now look what you've done, Pete!
Jimmy can't stand you already.  PL  PL1  PLM  PL}  PL  PL  PL  PLY  PL PL PL PL PL1 PLY PL PL PL PL PLE  PLm  PL  PL  PL  PL  PL=  PLe  PL  PL* PL 4ͫ P   BD
You seem to be making yourself
quite comfortable here my boy.
I'm just trying to fit in.
By fighting?
By making a nuisance of yourself?
That is not the Bullworth way boy.
Yeah, you could've fooled me.
I said you could have fooled me.
This place is full of bullies and maniacs.
Nonsense. That's just school spirit.
High jinks.
Why, in my day, we felt nothing of castrating the new boys.
I want you to stop this nonsense Hopkins,
I want you to behave yourself.
You might learn something.
Fine. Can I go now? Sir.
On your way.
Hey - I saw you sucking up to Crabblesnitch.
Shut up.
Screw you new kid!
This is what we do to teachers' pets around here.
You better not... ow!
Come here you little...
Yeah, come and get me. [H [H% [HI [Hi [Hy [H [H [H [H L\H M\HM N\Hu O\H P\H Q\H R\H S\H9 T\HU U\He \H \H \H* \H \H \H \H5 4ͫ  P *  BD
So it's a good idea, right?
Yeah, OK, alright sure... I'll do it.
Hey, man, what's going on?
Not much.
I was just telling Petey here about my idea
to take over the school.
I mean,
my plan for us to take over the school.
What plan?
Don't worry, Jimmy!
It's just a little something I came up with.
It's sink or swim, my friend,
and if you're good at swimming,
you've got to let the losers drown.
Why don't you guys leave the thinking up to me?
What? What? What? Dur.
Can't you say anything else?
You know what, Petey,
you were right - Jimmy is pretty dumb.
What'd you say about me?
Whoa, nothing, no, no, no!
All I said was that you had to be pretty dumb
to get expelled from so many schools, that's all.
Relax, James,
all he said was that you must be dumb,
or maybe you're all messed up
because you came from a broken home.
What'd you say about me, dwarf?
Come on, dude. Chill.
No, no, no, no....
Gary's taking everything out of context, man.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't lie, Petey. Don't you lie.
Because you know what happens to liars?
No, no, I'm not lying.
We kick them in the balls.
Come on, Jimmy,
let's go see how good you are
with this new slingshot I heard you had.
Don't worry, friend, nothing escapes my notice.
I hear everything.
You and me, we can do things. ka la! maM nam oa} pa* qa ra sa a a) aY a} a a a a    a% aE paa qa ra sa ta ua5 vaI wau xa ya a a a aM a a a a a a% vaQ wa xa 4ͫ    BD
So, you're the new kid, huh?
Everyone is talking about you.
Oh are they? And what are they saying?
Errr, nothing.
Just that you're friends with that sociopath, Gary.
Sociopath, it means... never mind,
forget I said anything.
I need you to help me.
Wait. You need me to help you?
I've got some library books that need to be returned
but I'm too scared to go to my locker.
Do I look like a librarian?
No. Listen. I need your help,
pretend we're friends, walk with me.
I'll pay. I'll pay you two bucks.
Two bucks... are you crazy?
Make it five.
No. Two bucks?
Great. Five bucks. Let's go buddy. z z! zE zq z z z z z z- zQ z z z z z! zI zi z} z 4ͫ   "  BD
Where is this dirty old perv?
You know, you're not very nice, Gary.
And you're a loser, Petey...
one of life's unfortunates.
Get out of here, you little scum.
So I guess the rumors are true, Jimmy.
Your dad does live on campus.
You jerk!
Let's leave this guy to his welfare payments!
Come on! Let's get out of here!
Just get out of here kid.
Why should I?
Because otherwise I'll kill you.
What's your problem?
That's a long story. You got any liquor?
No. I'm 15.
Well, what about drugs?
Then why shouldn't I kill you?
Alright then tough guy, kill me.
You know what kid - I like your style. You've got guts.
When I was on that ridge in Korea,
watching my buddies get killed by friendly fire,
I could have used somebody like you.
Yeah? Thanks.
But I bet you can't fight.
You do me a favor and I'll show you some real moves
- classified moves - real special army stuff...
Just get me a part for my radio...
and I'll show you what the army taught me.
What, like how to get shot by your own side?
Exactly. vP vP% vPQ vPq vP vP vP ¾vP    þvP =vP! >vPU ?vPy @vP AvP* BvP CvP DvP EvP% FvPA vPI vPm ¿vP ÿvP ĿvP ſvP) ƿvPQ ǿvPe ȿvP ɿvP CvP DvP EvP% FvPU GvP 4ͫ    BD
Go on, Petey, go cry to the teacher.
Tell them I was nasty to you.
Shut up Gary. You're such a jerk, man.
Oooh, am I, Petey... oh, you're SO cutting.
I'm really upset. Actually, I think I'm gonna go cry.
Then I'd be just like you. Cry, little girl...
Oh, look out, here comes Jimmy.
Just knock it off, Gary. You're out of line.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize
I was hanging out in the girls' dorm. Silly me.
Shut up, man. You're boring.
Boring? I'm boring?
You're none too interesting yourself, friend.
Look, I'm sorry. Both of you.
I apologize OK?
I just get a little over-excited. Forgive me.
Forget it. It's cool.
Anyway, I've got a good idea for some fun.
Let's go out and torment someone really helpless
and unfortunate - that homeless guy.
Come on.
You coming little Petey? Come on, I'm sorry.
I'll give you a kiss if that's what you want.
Shut up.
Then come on. *, ,) ,M ,y , , , ,= ,m /- 0- 1- 2- 3-1 4-U 5-i 6- 7- 8- - -E -Q - - - 4ͫ  8 '  BD
Sorry... sorry about that Petey...
Get out! Stop Gary, I'm trying to watch this.
Ahhh! Swim team! Intellectual stuff...
So tell me, Petey, do you like watching the girls
in their swimming costumes?
Does that fuel your filthy little fantasies...
Gary - just get out of the way.
Oh, Marion, show me your breast stroke again!
Or wait... do you like the boys on the team?
Yeah, right, Gary.
Which is it, Petey?
I see you guys are getting along as usual.
I'm just toughening him up.
Turning him into a man. Or a woman.
Or something...
Hey Jimmy, hey Petey.
Ahhh, Pee Stain! Good to see you.
Listen, Jimmy, I need a favor.
Bucky went to the auto shop
to get some parts for his science projects.
He hasn't come back yet.
I think he might be in trouble... please.
Why don't you go yourself?
I've got homework... OK, I'm frightened,
and I've got a weak bladder.
I think the bullies might have gotten him.
Please, I'll pay...
I say do it - it's a good chance to show Russell
who's in charge around here.
Now run along Pee Stain, before you mark the carpet.
Yes, we've got to take care of Russell and his boys
then after that, take care of all the other cliques.
Soon this school will be ours.
I don't want the school.
Yeah, well I do, pal, and I intend to get it.
Now go help that dork.
And what are you gonna do?
I've got planning to do.
Knock it off... sorry... stop... sorry... Nr, Or,) Pr,] Qr, Rr, Sr, Tr, Ur,9 Vr,m r, r, r, r, r, r,E r,Y r,u r, r, Ss, Ts, Us,- Vs,] Ws,} Xs, Ys, Zs, [s, \s,E s,e s, s, s,  s,1 s,M s, s, s, s, 4ͫ H   BD
Give it back!
Or what?
Or... well, just give it back!
Are you threatening me, metal mouth?
No, I just... just give it back!
You can't just steal things from me!
Unfortunately for you my pig-ugly friend,
that is EXACTLY what I can do.
In fact, I can do anything I like in this place.
Anything at all. Ciao, spotty.
Give it back...
And you should stay out of the girls' dorm, you little perv.
I see you, undressing me with your eyes. Sicko.
You wish.
Please, will you help me?
Do I have to?
Yes. It's vital. She's stolen my lab notes.
Without them I'm gonna fail chemistry
and I'll never get into med school.
Now I won't find the cure for cancer.
Basically the future of the whole world
rests on those notes!
What's in it for me?
Well... if you get them back, I'll, I'll kiss you!
Uhh, that's OK.
OK, but if you don't I'll tell the whole school
you're some kind of sad sicko
who spies on girls getting changed in their dorm.
Relax. One set of lab notes coming up. E E E! EE Em E E E E  qEA rEe sEy tE uE vE wE xE1 yEa zE E E E  E) EA Ey E E E E 4ͫ P    BD
Here's the super slingshot. ~n~I think you'll need it.
Cool. Thanks. K K= 4ͫ    BD
Move, nerd.
How original. Call me a nerd.
What next, four eyes?
Sticks and stones may break my bones
but words will never hurt me!
All right, you asked for it.
What's this, Class Per-is-dent...
Class PRESIDENT dummy!
It says Class President.
That's you?
I'm the most suitable candidate I know.
Yeah, so's your mom...
Yeah, right.
Oh no!
Don't forget to wipe.
How's the campaign Earnest?
You'll vote for me, won't you?
Yeah... not a chance.
What if I pay you?
Pay me? Now you're talking.
I always knew I was a born leader!
Yeah, but unless you buy everyone's vote,
you're never gonna win.
Because they're definitely gonna
ruin your speech at the debate.
Ohhh... unless I had a security manager...
oh please! Please! Please! Please!
I don't know, security managers,
they cost a lot of money...
Oh, I have money. I can pay you.
Good. I've always been a politician at heart. ^ ^ ^5 ^Q ^y ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^- ^Y ^u ^ ^ ^* ^ ^ ^  ^% ^E ^m ^ ^ ^ ^ ^1 ^Y ^} ^ ^ 4ͫ l   BD
Mom, why d'you marry that phony?
What is wrong with you?
I can't believe this.
You must be the Hopkins boy.
Where did you come from?
We've been expecting you.
Welcome to Bullworth Academy.
I'm sure you'll be very happy here,
very happy indeed...
Anyway, I can't spend my life
waiting around for naughty little boys.
I've got a man to make happy.
The headmaster is expecting you Hopkins
- in his study.
His study is over there, boy!
In the MAIN building.
Don't keep Dr. Crabblesnitch waiting
- he's a brilliant man.
Brilliant. 8 9% :A ;] <} = > ? @  A m       A =   ] 4ͫ X  #  BD
Ah, yes, so you must be Hopkins.
Uh huh.
What? Uh huh what?
I meant, yes Sir.
Very good. Now let me see...
You've done a lot of naughty things, haven't you?
Vandalism, graffiti, bad language, violent conduct, disrespecting staff...
Oh, I'm scared of you, Hopkins.
Come on, give me a break.
Yes, I've never met a boy like you.
Never in all my life.
Hopkins, you're quite the nastiest
little boy I've ever encountered.
Tell me, why should I waste my time on you?
I don't know.
Because it's my calling.
It's what I do.
You excel at causing trouble
and I excel at fixing little boys like you.
At making you into respectable members
of our community here at the academy.
I've got a good feeling about you, boy.
A feeling you and I are going to be great friends.
You keep that nose clean, boy, or I shall clean it myself!
Miss Danvers, are you back yet?
Yes, Headmaster. And I got your tea.
You are good to me, Miss Danvers.
No more than you deserve, Headmaster.
Take our new friend Hopkins here
and show him around the school,
and get him properly attired.
Certainly Headmaster.
Come along boy, I haven't got all day.
And boy, remember, you will have a clean nose,
so keep it clean, or we'll clean it for you. M3 M3% M31 M3I M3a M3 M3 M3    M3- [N3M \N3u ]N3 ^N3 _N3 `N3 aN3% bN3A cN3U dN3u N3 N3 N3 N3) N3a N3 N3 N3 N3 N3A aO3e bO3 cO3* dO3 eO3 fO3) 4ͫ d   BD
There you are!
Come on, I found something incredible.
Hold on. Relax, man.
I can't keep getting in trouble.
I can't get expelled again.
It's always about me with you! Me, me, me.
I'm thinking bigger picture, and you're worrying
about getting into trouble?
You know what? You really are something.
What bigger picture?
I'm... we are gonna take over this school.
WE are not taking over anything right now.
Time and tide wait for no man, my friend,
but it seems they do wait for a wanna-be tough guy
who is nothing but a little girl.
You're full of it.
So you keep telling me, look, now come on.
I promise you, after this,
things are never gonna be the same again!
Oh, I'm so excited,
I should have stopped taking those pills ages ago.
Yeah right. Whatever you say, Gary. J,7Q K,7Q L,7QA M,7QY N,7Q} O,7Q P,7Q Q,7Q R,7Q! ,7QM ,7Qe ,7Q ,7Q ,7Q ,7Q- ,7QU ,7Qm ,7Q ,7Q O-7Q P-7Q Q-7Q= 4ͫ    BD
Hey, what's going on?
Not much - I was just lying here,
wishing I could be more like you.
But I'm cursed.
Yeah, really.
Yeah - cursed by brains.
Do you know what torture it is
to be thinking ALL the time?
No, of course you don't.
Yeah, you're cursed, you're great... whatever.
What else is going on?
Not much - let me see - uhh, it's Halloween.
All the prefects are at some party and the teachers are
'entertaining' - I use that word loosely - the kids.
No, I'd say the opportunities for fun are pretty much nil.
What do you have in mind?
Come on. You'll see... qHj qHj qHjE qHjm qHj} qHj qHj qHj qHj mrHj nrHj! orHjU prHjq qrHj rrHj srHj trHjU urHju 4ͫ (    BD
Me Russell!
Ahhhh! /ɮ% 0ɮ% 1ɮ% 4ͫ    BD
You happy now, jerk?
Ecstatic! I love to watch two morons
beat the crap out of each other!
Why did you do it Gary? I thought we were friends!
Friends? You and me?
I've taken dumps that had more brains than you, 'friend'.
No. I'm taking over this school.
And you're just a liability.
See you around, moron.
Well done, Jimmy
Yeah great. What a waste of time.
You alright, Russell?
Look, I never said anything about your mom,
or farm yard animals.
You didn't?
No. But I want you to stop bullying weak kids.
Because there are a bunch of kids around this place
who need a beating and you're picking on the few who don't.
So I want you to leave me and him alone.
Oh, OK. Sorry. Bad Russell. > > >A >e > > > > >9 R>U S>i T> U>* V> W> X> Y> Z>I [>Q > > > 4ͫ    BD
So, Jimmy boy - here we are - the hole
- the place where this school separates the men from
the boys, the wheat from the chaff and all that nonsense.
OK - so what's that got to do with standing up to people,
keeping them in line?
This is where I stand up to you, my friend.
What are you talking about?
I know you hate me, Jimmy-boy,
I know you've said all that stuff about me behind my back.
What are you talking about?
Don't play innocent with me -
you wanna run this school, I wanna run this school -
only one of us is going to make it - and it's gonna be me...
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and morons, I give you...
Ah, man!
Me Russell!
Gary - now I hate you!
I know! Russell, go beat that little jerk
who said that nasty stuff to me about
your mom and those barnyard animals!
What?! Come here! Russell wants vengeance! )F| *F|- +F|e ,F| -F| .F| /F|1 0F|Q 1F|u F| F| *F| F|1 F|q F| F| F| F| F| .G| /G|I 0G|q 4ͫ 0   BD
Hey, Beatrice, what's wrong?
Two things.
Firstly, my cold sores are totally acting up again.
What? Eww - gross.
Secondly, Mr. Hattrick saw me writing in my diary during class
and he took it and he locked it in his desk.
And he says he's gonna give it to the principal tomorrow.
If anyone sees what's in there, I will just die.
It's really personal.
Yeah, well, nothing like having the whole
school know your deepest secrets.
Makes your teenage years go by in a flash.
Yeah well, you'll soon find out.
Me? Why?
In the diary, I talk a lot about you and me.
What! There is no you and me.
Yeah, yeah there is. See,
first you rescued my notes from Mandy,
and then we fell in love, and you brought me flowers
and wrote me poetry, and showed this kinder,
sensitive side that soon
the whole world is gonna know about.
We're like doomed lovers.
Enough! OK, I'll get your book back.
Then, we can kiss!
The cold sores aren't contagious
once they start to scab over! mP nP! oP1 pPi qP rP sP tP5 uPi P P P P  P1 P= Pm P P P rQ sQE tQa uQ vQ wQ xQ yQ  4ͫ   !  BD
School rules are quite clear on this subject. Quite clear.
No alcohol on school grounds.
You're drunk.
I can smell it on your breath.
I'm not drunk.
Drunk, in charge of children.
What kind of monster drinks in front of children?
A parent?
A disgraceful one, yes!
You've got a problem, haven't you?
I'm just under a lot of pressure.
Well, I'm a kind and supportive colleague, Galloway,
and as such I think it is my duty to get you sacked.
Do whatever you want, Hattrick. You always do.
The head will find out about this.
You OK, sir?
Aaah, Jimmy! No. I'm not OK.
I'm half drunk, and about to get fired. Fantastic!
I'm a washed up old drunk, and I'm only 34.
English you see, is a difficult subject to teach.
I've tried any number of things to dull the pain
- yoga, meditation, needle point,
looking at dubious sites on the internet.
But nothing dulls the pain like Scotch.
Come on Sir, put that away.
Are you mad? This is manna from the gods.
Gimme that.
Let's get rid of this before you get busted.
That's very kind of you Jimmy.
Ms. Philips is the only teacher
to know about my vice - take it to her
- she will know what to do. Y> Y>A Y>e Y>y Y> Y> Y> Y> Y>- UY>= VY>Y WY> XY> YY> ZY> [Y>M \Y>u ]Y> ^Y> Y> Y>  Y>E Y>y Y> Y> Y> Y> Y>M Y>] [Y> \Y> ]Y> ^Y> 4ͫ \ p   BD
That kid? Never seen him before.
He looks kinda dumb.
"This is a warning Hopkins. I'll let you off this time, but next time you're going to the principal's office."
Go to the Principal's office.
You're dead new kid, dead.
Hey... you wanna play Grottos and Gremlins some time?
Hello there ma'am.
Go to the Principal's office.
Rusell hates new kids.
Hey check it out. A new boy.
Who cares? Let's go tell Russell, we'll get a little party together.
Hey new kid. I'm the boss.
Hey, there's a new kid. Wonder what his name is? !0  O۹ ) - A 5ˑ Tg $G G7 >7A 0׃=Y En} gMo F>Oo ͒o o% 4ͫ ( E  BD
That's Russell's locker. Let's break into it and steal something. That'll teach him.
Careful around the prefects. They don't have much of a sense of humor.
Didya see that?
You! Go change into your uniform!
Run along now child.
Oh Jimmy, you're such a loser.
You're here to learn, not to goof off. Get to class.
Whoa! Take the stupid chocolate.
See you later.
Block & Lock On
Go to the boys' dorm.
I hate that Constantinos guy even more than the nerds.
Let's go to the caf... I'll show you the local wildlife.
Let's go to the caf, I'll show you who's who.
You should probably change into your uniform if you don't want to get in trouble.
That's Russell's locker. You know, the big ape who almost put you in the hospital.
Don't let the prefects see you break any rules. They'll hurt you.
You're dead new kid, dead.
He took my chocolate... please get it back.
Have you got it yet?
Someone stole my one-eyed elf and I need him for tonight's game.
Did you find him yet?
Come on, let's break into it and steal something. That'll teach him.
Did you get the chocolate?
Thanks... uhm... wanna make out?
Remember me? You're dead!
Here we are... the boys dorm. You'll learn to love it.
Ground Kicks
Head Butt
Now fight the bully.
Match the buttons to perform the actions listed.
Heavy Attacks
Oh man, there's that weird chick Eunice. Let's have some fun with her.
Get the new kid! Beat him down!
Where's your uniform young Hopkins?
Did you get it?
You. New kid. Money.
If I don't get that elf back I'll never hear the end of it from Algernon.
I really need that Elf for tonight's quest Jimmy. We're going into the sewers!
That's enough of that! Break it up!
Ooooh. So you wanna scrap?
There he is. Show him what you're made of Jimmy.
Aaaah! Gary!
You actually kissed her?
Oh my God, oh my God!!
I'll give you five bucks if you get it back for me.
Hey you! Break it up!
We don't have a bar in the dorm, just a soda machine.
I have my eye on you new kid.
Go. See what she wants.
Now humiliate the bully.
Grapple Punches
Chapter I
Guess what time it is? Yep, time for a beatdown!
Ahhh NOOO!
Could you get it back for me?
Aw, come on.
Why are you not in your uniform young man? Go change immediately!
What are you doing?
Sure... I'll give you the chocolate, if you pay.
I didn't want them anyway.
Hey ugly! Where's the library?
Thanks! Now I'll be able to get level six and max out my mining skill.
"Making New Friends and Enemies" %1  DT Y t I ~ ~l z  * Y e     ,  0.  w I %}  *- Tgu t  y $%! JH= H f-k Ч ɯ )    9 n(I n(Q l*] *u ++ V+ 27 K7 J79 CJ7a s7u ܗ7 y7 b7 7E *8m 168 ]8 ^8 ;^8 Ќ8  P8E 8a u8 )8 C(H [ _ jn   nU   ne   ] o   l]+o   ,o   ,o   'No- NoM 2;Ooq S Z 4ͫ x H  BD
Go to your bedroom.
Change into your uniform.
You should probably change into your uniform if you don't want to get in trouble.
Get a drink from the soda machine.
Go to your room and change into your uniform.
Go to your dorm room.
We don't have a bar in the dorm, just a soda machine.
You harassed Gary.
Gary was knocked out.     %9 d2 J [email protected] 8    \EE "K] 4ͫ x O  BD
That's Russell's locker. Let's break into it and steal something. That'll teach him.
Careful around the prefects. They don't have much of a sense of humor.
You! Go change into your uniform!
Come on psycho, this way.
Oh Jimmy, you're such a loser.
You're here to learn, not to goof off. Get to class.
Come on, little brain, this way.
Whoa! Take the stupid chocolate.
See you later.
Hey, Hopkins you psychotic gimp, this way.
Hey Jimmy, follow me.

You attacked Eunice.
Gary was knocked out.
You attacked Russell.
You attacked Russell's goon.
You left the school hallways.
I hate that Constantinos guy even more than the nerds.
Let's go to the caf... I'll show you the local wildlife.
Let's go to the caf, I'll show you who's who.
You should probably change into your uniform if you don't want to get in trouble.
That's Russell's locker. You know, the big ape who almost put you in the hospital.
Don't let the prefects see you break any rules. They'll hurt you.
You're dead new kid, dead.
He took my chocolate... please get it back.
Have you got it yet?
Someone stole my one-eyed elf and I need him for tonight's game.
Did you find him yet?
Come on, let's break into it and steal something. That'll teach him.
Did you get the chocolate?
Thanks... uhm... wanna make out?
Remember me? You're dead!
Here we are... the boys dorm. You'll learn to love it.

You can fill up your balloons with water at any fountain or sink.
Stay inside and explore the school hallways.
Oh man, there's that weird chick Eunice. Let's have some fun with her.
Get the new kid! Beat him down!
Did you get it?
You. New kid. Money.
If I don't get that elf back I'll never hear the end of it from Algernon.
I really need that Elf for tonight's quest Jimmy. We're going into the sewers!
That's enough of that! Break it up!
Ooooh. So you wanna scrap?
There he is. Show him what you're made of Jimmy.
Aaaah! Gary!
You actually kissed her?
Oh my God, oh my God!!
I'll give you five bucks if you get it back for me.
Hey you! Break it up!
We don't have a bar in the dorm, just a soda machine.
I have my eye on you new kid.
Go. See what she wants.
Explore the school with Gary.
Check out the cafeteria.
Break into Russell's locker.
Talk to Eunice.
Get Eunice's chocolates back for her.
Pick up the chocolates.
Return the chocolates to Eunice.
Hide in the garbage bin to escape the prefect.
Guess what time it is? Yep, time for a beatdown!
Ahhh NOOO!
Could you get it back for me?
Aw, come on.
Why are you not in your uniform young man? Go change immediately!
What are you doing?
Sure... I'll give you the chocolate, if you pay.
Jimmy, this way.
Oh no, not again.
I didn't want them anyway.
Hey ugly! Where's the library?
Thanks! Now I'll be able to get level six and max out my mining skill.
Hey Jimmy, let me show you around this prison.
Greet Russell.
Apologize to Russell.
Pay off Russell. %1  DT Y I * ~l z  * M 5 Y }  N! KUC / !&  "& % #& A $& ] %& } ,  0.  w  %M  * TgE te  y* $% JH  HY f-ky Ч ɯ  g;$ 0h+       -Q 27 K7 CJ7 s7 y7! b7q 7 *8 168  ]8E ^8U ;^8q Ќ8 P8 8 u8   )8A   A]   A   A   A   C   C   C "_[= jnq n n ] o l]+o ,o5 ,oM Aw-o Mo 'No* No 2;Oo o= /7xq 07x 17x 4ͫ L    BD
You were late for class.
Don't be late. Get to class before 9:30am. k# 4d 4ͫ    BD
What are you crazy or something?
Hey, stay away from me...
I saw him, he ran towards the fountain.
Hahaha... whatcha gonna do?
Don't let Davis get away.
This kid won't let up. Hurt him!
I'll get him.
You can't reach me up here moron.
Davis is getting away.
Davis got away.
Davis is getting away.
:tri: - Pick up weapon.~n~ ~n~You can throw bricks or garbage lids at enemies.
:l1: - Lock onto the target.~n~ ~n~:r1: - Throw weapon.
~L3~ - Crouch.~n~ ~n~You can hide behind objects using crouch.
Get the new kid! Beat him down!
... and then I shot him right in the face.
How'd you like a little slingshot, tough guy?
You're a wimp, new kid.
Hey guys, let's teach this new kid a lesson.
You've earned the Slingshot.
Please hurry, I'm hypoglycemic!
Thought you had me this time, didn't ya?
That wasn't funny.
Funny, you don't look so tough now.
Doesn't seem like such a good idea now, does it? ?u  ˎv %  1 ' Q !} @ ( . $ ×! ×= ×Q ×] y   K7I 5<8m M8 s8 8 -] [Z+o= ,s-oa ފqo `o ho 4ͫ  ?  BD
Mess them up with the slingshot. Mr. Burton's sure to work them hard if they screw up their exercises.
It's like I was hit by something!
All right.
Come on, let's go down to the football field
I didn't tell you to stop.
Come on, can't you even break a little glass?
You! With the slingshot! I see you!
That's not the way to do it you jerk.
And you know what, I bet you can distract them without getting caught.
Watch the jocks run a lap.
What are you? Stupid?
That's pathetic.
I don't care! Run a lap you sack of old pants.
Hit the prefect. Let's see what happens.
But you don't understand, I just got hit.
Why are you stopping you damn slackers?
Can you hit them with the slingshot?
The bullies are about to start practice with Mr. Burton.
Go hide in that tree so you can mess with them.
That's not a bad shot.
I'm going to take a seat on the bleachers to watch the fun.
Hey you! What are you doing?
See those bottles?
I guess you don't suck.
You do have some talent.
You knocked out Mr. Burton.
Shoot out the windows of the bus, Jimmy.
Knock the jocks out with your slingshot.
Hide in a tree and wait for football practice.
Failed to get back into the tree.
Get back into the tree.
Shoot out the bus windows with your slingshot.
Get back to shooting windows.
You used the wrong weapon to destroy the windows.
What are you doing you lazy guts? Get going!
Why do you keep doing stupid things?
The tree Jimmy.
You gonna do it or what?
C'mon, let's go down to the football field.
Just awful.
Hey, see if you can knock out the windows in that bus.
Look, it's Russell's goons. They work out here with Burton after class. He HATES it when they stop their drills though.
Are you blind or something?
Someone's messing with us sir.
Follow Gary to the old school bus.
Go to the football field.
You pissed off Gary. He is leaving.
Gary was knocked out.
You were spotted.
Climb the tree and wait for football practice.
Use the slingshot on them from a tree.
It was a rock, a rock hit me sir.
It's not my fault! Something hit me!
Are you slow or something? Get in the tree.
I guess you are good at something.
But Mr. Burton, something HIT me.
Here we are, and no prefects around. Perfect.
What exactly are you aiming at?
That's pathetic. Run another lap and quit bitching. Go!
Man you suck.
Hahah - nice work. I love watching people get brutalized.
You know what being lazy gets you? It gets you another lap you lazy guts.   )1 m 7S u v 5K + ) ( U j  ]    \,  ؝,  ˛ RQ d h \p  A u  % G /G  ) C E e Bv SZ" # [% >%/5 '/i Q2 7 ` 7 K7! 75 ZM7Q #w<8 <8 ]8 f_8M M8m ": ": C O G HQ uFU5 bP`= ٔbq n 8n >n n!   [+oI   +oq   &,o   *No   o   _o o] 4ͫ     5  BD
Not this way.
Wow... you really showed them.
I have to goooooooooooo!
No way man! That's for girls!
I always wondered what it'd be like to be big and tough and really stupid.
Jimmy! I can't go with all that noise.
I've been thinking a lot about snails recently. They're slimy.
You guys are making me nervous!
Yeah ok. See ya.
I feel much better now.
Heehee... stop tickling me and I'll show you.
Hey Algernon... I heard you wet your bed again.
Hey, Trent just said they went into the bathroom.
What's his problem.
I really really really really really have to go!
Algie was knocked out.
Algie wet himself.
The school is closed.
Cover me! I'm going in!
Those guys are bad... we should go another way.
Could you guys keep it down? I can't concentrate!
Help me guys.
Here it is.
No more messing around.
Just you wait, you'll be sorry.
Algernon... didn't I tell you you weren't allowed in here?
Mummy told me to always wash my hands.
Let's get 'em.
Do you really have to pee when you get nervous? I do. I get nervous a lot.

Take out the bullies.
Escort Algie into the school.
Take Algie to the school bathroom.
Take Algie to his locker.
Escort Algie back to the library.
Keep the bathroom clear.
Take Algie to the other bathroom.
Wow... I never really knew what to expect.
I really have to pee, but I'm scared. Will you please stand watch? Last time I went in there they made me eat a urinal puck.
I've already wet myself once this month. If I do it again, they'll never let me hear the end of it.
You know Lola? She's really hot and actually talked to me the other day. I think maybe she wants to be my girlfriend or something. Haha...
Hey Jimmy... did you ever play Grottos and Gremlins? It's really keen. You can like totally be a cool hero who kicks ass and stuff.
Ah! Feels so good! Oh my God, thank you! Aaaaaaaaah!
Hey, you want a soda? I'm parched.
Hey... were there two people in that stall?
Can we find a washroom?
My mom calls me 'Prince Algie'... she says I'm really special. Like a prince, you know.
Thanks Jimmy. Here's the cash. I'll tell my mom that not everyone at Bullworth is mean.
There's no lock in here... I can't go if I don't feel secure.
I can't go in there. That's for girls.
Oh there you are. t  :L  9 U ם, y r, j- - 9 (P] diu $ & QG ןH }= uU     7 7 p75 p_7m &8 '8 zj;8* 2<8 ٍ_8 _8= JJ8Q
I was just looking for one of those.
Thanks kid. Ok... now... let's train.
Just what I wanted.
I suppose you want to train again.
You shouldn't hit Gary or Petey.
Learn new moves from the hobo.
Don't forget to bring me a transistor when you come back.
Good to see you haven't forgotten me.

Petey was knocked out.
Hobo Training Missions~n~unlocked.
Look for the hobo behind the old school bus.
Find a transistor.
Take the transistor to the hobo.
That'll do. You ready to train?
Uppercut unlocked
Leg Sweep unlocked
Heavy Kick unlocked
4-Hit Combo unlocked
5-Hit Combo unlocked
Medium Combo 4
Medium Combo 5
Roundhouse Kick unlocked
Overhead Punch unlocked
Leg Sweep Combo
Heavy Kick Combo
4-Hit Combo
5-Hit Combo
Medium Combo 4
Medium Combo 5
Roundhouse Kick
Overhead Punch
Transistors can be found hidden around the world.
You shouldn't hit Gary or Petey.
You angered the Hobo.
You better try that again.
Gary was knocked out.   _!) ,IBU `Dm Kr ڿ e  y %) |U ] e U/q [e" Z# Z# Z# w7! CE C] Cu C C C C C C pY pY) pY= pYQ pYa pYq pY pY pY* }   ` >$8l B/m +un9 w~Y 4ͫ   "  BD
Get them Jimmy! Hurt them!
Come on Bucky... fight back.
You shoulda paid us Bucky.
Jimmy! Please don't let him hurt me.
Shut up ya damn kids, before I beat ya!
What's his story?
Maybe he just never graduated.
Oh no... there's more...
Haha jerks! I have a friend now!
I'm gonna make you and your boyfriend pay for this.
Nice to know that there's a violent crazy old man on campus.
I love beating you up Bucky.
You've earned the Skateboard.
Find Bucky and help him out.
Bucky was knocked out.
Dammit kids, keep it down!
It's that crazy hobo. What's his story?
Who's the smart guy now, huh Bucky?
Oh, what are you a wimp Bucky?
Protect Bucky from the bullies.
Help Bucky get into the garage.
Help Bucky escape the auto-shop area.
Escape with Bucky.
Bully Respect -10
Nerd Respect +5
Yeah get him, make those bastards pay!
You know I don't like smart kids.
Bucky... you're pathetic.
This looks really really bad.
Thanks a lot Jimmy. If you want I'll do all your math homework from now on.
We've done it! We beat them!
Gaaaaahhhhh! Baaaaaah! I'm crazy and I'm going to kill you. h  Au ! ď A  a m { IB rbD -  * PE b} r* f% 91 22! 7= T7] 8 T_8 OQ> je ke le) meU hm h z^n r$n Jn 7n  KGn1 o Ԓo 4ͫ x   BD
I'll be right there... just have to get something from my locker.
... and discrete too. Such a gentleman. SIGH
You've run out of stink bombs. Get some more.
Those other girls just don't appreciate what hard work it is to always be beautiful.
Return the lab notes to Beatrice.
Break into Mandy's locker and get the lab notes.
Go to the gym.
Give the chocolates to Fatty.
~R3~ - Crouch.~n~ ~n~~R3~ + :l1: - Run while crouching.
Get some stink bombs from Fatty.
Hide somewhere before you are seen.
Break into Mandy's locker and get the lab notes.
Return the lab notes to Beatrice.
Rig Mandy's locker with a stink bomb.
Beatrice now likes you.
There's some creepy pervert in the change room.
Not so loud.
Hey! I heard you could hook me up with a stinkbomb?
Oh Jimmy! Thank you! You're wonderful!
Getting something back for from Mandy's locker for a friend.
Grab the stink bombs.
Beatrice was knocked out.
Hey, Gary! I need to get something from Mandy's locker.
Hey! You! That's my answer sheet! Help! I'm being robbed.
Here Beatrice. Got your lab notes.
You attacked Beatrice.
I'm not surprised. You know, you should put a stink bomb in there. It'd be funny.
Get one from Fatty. He knows everything about stinking.
There's a BOY in here! SHRIEK
Nerd Respect +5   5I!I  0} ڝ, 7b  9b 1 ;b e =b y >b  ?b  b  b % b Y ’b  q{*  ߾   MGE #iq )6 ) 587 w8) M=8i B3G 2n* rn $oA ]we 4ͫ     @  BD
I won't mince words, my friends. This school needs help.
I will NOT be discouraged!
Ouch! That's just not right!
The triumph of brains over brawn!
Do not despair- salvation is here, my friends.
While my opponent may also be more popular.
Abusive Prefects - GONE !
That sports are more meaningful for your future.
A vote for Earnest means a vote for.
Money no longer wasted on silly musicals or crafts.
Hey! Up there! On the balcony!
Pardon the interruption.
You've earned the Super Slingshot.
Please stop it!
My help.
Go to the auditorium balcony. Earnest's speech is about to begin.
Nerd Respect +5
Jock Respect -5
By choosing me as your leader-
we will usher in a new era of education.
Than decent textbooks and competent teachers!
Earnest said you could borrow this special slingshot. Her name is Wendy. Use her gently.
good-looking and muscular.
What's going on???!!?
Let me tell you.
Bullworth will be the model for a pure academic curriculum.
I feel your pain, my children.
Where was I?
What have sports done for you, except-
My opponent would have you believe.
No, no, no! this can't be happening!
I've been beat up just as much as you!
The speakers have all been destroyed.
You missed Earnest's speech.
Let me repeat.
In closing, remember a vote for E...
Please... ignore them.
It's time for change for the better.
Ow! Why is this happening?
How many of you out there feel abused by society? Let down by the establishment?
This thing, this tool used by the Jocks to manipulate the masses...
Lackluster teaching - GONE!
He just doesn't have what it takes to be President!
Earnest is too humiliated.
Keep Earnest safe for the duration of his speech.
Use the Super Slingshot to scare off any hecklers or intruders.
Now... as I was saying....
Physical Education - GONE !
Ouch! This is intolerable.
...means a vote for me.
Cause pain and misery!
And have the attention of the school bimbos.
Someone get this off my stage NOW!
Thank you everyone, good night.
This is so unfair. You're all such brutes... I give up... sob.
Right here.
Hey! Stop it!
There are some who claim I don't represent the masses.
Here take this... we rigged up a super slingshot for you. *  dc0 = +R ] CT @u W X  k % w E x y   <  M!  |% ], M *, a m G3 J3 ,Q ל ǟ- jia  ۩ fq {$ F%Q %u G *Xi j : ̊+- bE+Y 7y 7 7 27 7 87 7) #85 4<8 <^8 ܁8 S9) D>I D> n $ln n n% 0nA :n] _n ڒ   o v-o hMo   1No-   $oA   o}   4ͫ  8 '  BD
Almost there.
Oh... that's a fire extinguisher in plain view. Maybe that could be used to cool the furnace.
What's this switch do?
Would you hurry there Jimmy?
We can't get in there. How can we get at the switch?
I'll get this one so you can go open the door over there.
If you could lower the furnace temperature a bit, I bet the steam would stop.
~R3~ Crawl
This is a little different from how I remember it... you better lead the way.
Quick, before it heats up again.
Looks like I'll have to hold this down to turn off the power, while you climb through and get the switch.
Those two guys!
Huh. A steam leak... I've heard of those happening but I've never seen one.
There has to be a way to get into the cage.
Keep spraying until the furnace cools down.
Not here, follow me.
Oh yeah? Let's get him!
It's right down there.
You're really going to like this Jimmy.
I think that switch over there controls the door.
Hey Jimmy, see if you can knock the broom over somehow, make it hit the switch.
Jimmy you dunce, use your slingshot to hit the broom.
Gary was knocked out.
Do not attack Gary.
Follow Gary.
Help Gary take the bullies down.
Meet Gary by the basement.
Enter the school basement.
Find your way through the basement.
Hey idiots! Jimmy's gonna kick your ass! Right Jimmy?
Now here's another switch, I used to... whoah! Live wires!
Jimmy... over here.
How about you climb through that hole and press the switch?
Watch out?
I had a key to the basement, but I left them in my other pants. Although, I think Trent over there has one. Let's go get it from him.
That cage wasn't locked before.
We make a great team Jimmy. b0  g  &θ y ob - z P 6׽ O    epy  sj   P 1 47I n7a v]8} w]8 _8 8 ۢ8Q QA RA TdE ys3_ zs3_ {s3_ |s3_ }s3_=
It isn't halloween for real if no one throws a dead rat at a girl. Will you do it Jimmy?
Take this kick me note and stick it on the back of one of those nerds.
No you look fine. Don't be a baby.
Ha that was sort of funny.
Stop whining, let's go.
OK, here's the plan... I'll light this bag of crap on fire.
Stop playing with it, just catch it.
No no, I look like a jerk.
Dude, you suck.
Itching powder is awesome. I'll give you some if you use it on some loser.
There... throw the rat at the fat girl.
Hehehe... it'd be totally funny if you threw some eggs at someone.
You blew it Jimmy.
Gary, you're one disturbed individual.
I made some stinkbombs yesterday in chemistry class. Would you field test my design?
I got this Volcano 4000 but I'm kinda scared to set it off. Will you please do it?
First giant pink bunny rabbits, now this... what's happening to this school?
Ah yes... The Volcano 4000, my favorite trick firework.
Nice one loser. See ya'.
The cool thing about marbles is that people slip on them and almost break their necks.
Rat versus Jimmy.. rat is winning.
Looks like the rat is smarter than you.
"This sign says ""kick me"". I'm sure you know what to do, right?"
Let's go get Pete. I got him a real nice costume.
Guys I look like a jerk.
Jimmy you're stupid. Come on Pete, let's go.
Let's go find some of those pranks I smuggled onto campus earlier.
Sorry Pete, there's no room back here.
Set it off near those guys.
Well done.
Hurry up... what, are you afraid of a little rat?
Shut up bitch.   R a 8S * %u 'u 9  U Q 1и y s * ,  ) ,q d   &i F H kj 6bq k7 K7 M7  X7E 3<8a 3<8 n }po    ىqo) @o9 Qoq 4ͫ  8 '  BD
It isn't halloween for real if no one throws a dead rat at a girl. Will you do it Jimmy?
Take this kick me note and stick it on the back of one of those nerds.
No you look fine. Don't be a baby.
Ha that was sort of funny.
Stop whining, let's go.
OK, here's the plan... I'll light this bag of crap on fire.
Stop playing with it, just catch it.
No no, I look like a jerk.
Dude, you suck.
Itching powder is awesome. I'll give you some if you use it on some loser.
There... throw the rat at the fat girl.
Hehehe... it'd be totally funny if you threw some eggs at someone.
You blew it Jimmy.
Gary, you're one disturbed individual.
I made some stinkbombs yesterday in chemistry class. Would you field test my design?
I got this Volcano 4000 but I'm kinda scared to set it off. Will you please do it?
First giant pink bunny rabbits, now this... what's happening to this school?
Ah yes... The Volcano 4000, my favorite trick firework.
Nice one loser. See ya'.
The cool thing about marbles is that people slip on them and almost break their necks.
Rat versus Jimmy.. rat is winning.

Put your halloween costume on.
Find some pranks to play.
Gary was knocked out.
Petey was knocked out.
Looks like the rat is smarter than you.
"This sign says ""kick me"". I'm sure you know what to do, right?"
Let's go get Pete. I got him a real nice costume.
Guys I look like a jerk.
Jimmy you're stupid. Come on Pete, let's go.
Let's go find some of those pranks I smuggled onto campus earlier.
Sorry Pete, there's no room back here.
Set it off near those guys.
Well done.
Hurry up... what, are you afraid of a little rat?
Shut up bitch.
Gary   R a 8S * %u 'u 9  U Q 1и y s * ,  ) ,q d   &i F H kj 6bq υ" ' ' ⷘ* 㷘* k7 K7I M7 X7 3<8 3<8 l{Ra nm }po ىqo @o Qo M4x 4ͫ  ?  BD
It isn't halloween for real if no one throws a dead rat at a girl. Will you do it Jimmy?
Alright, let's go to the teachers' lounge. You lead on.
Here ya go boy... How about a little trick for a treat?
Take this kick me note and stick it on the back of one of those nerds.
No you look fine. Don't be a baby.
Ha that was sort of funny.
Stop whining, let's go.
OK, here's the plan... I'll light this bag of crap on fire.
Stop playing with it, just catch it.
No no, I look like a jerk.
I've been kicked in the balls, reported to the principal, and now you guys are messing around with dog crap?
Dude, you suck.
Itching powder is awesome. I'll give you some if you use it on some loser.
There... throw the rat at the fat girl.
Hehehe... it'd be totally funny if you threw some eggs at someone.
Ha ha! Nice one, Jimmy.
Okay, get ready!
Hey! What are you doing to Chester?
You blew it Jimmy.
Gary, you're one disturbed individual.
I made some stinkbombs yesterday in chemistry class. Would you field test my design?
I got this Volcano 4000 but I'm kinda scared to set it off. Will you please do it?
First giant pink bunny rabbits, now this... what's happening to this school?
Ah yes... The Volcano 4000, my favorite trick firework.
Don't worry, it'll be funny!
Nice one loser. See ya'.
Wait for him to take a dump, and then...
The cool thing about marbles is that people slip on them and almost break their necks.
I'm outta here!
Rat versus Jimmy.. rat is winning.
Wait for the alarm to stop.
You've earned the Red Ninja Costume.
Pick up the bag.
Looks like the rat is smarter than you.
"This sign says ""kick me"". I'm sure you know what to do, right?"
Let's go get Pete. I got him a real nice costume.
Guys I look like a jerk.
What the devil is going on out here?
Whatever, Pete. Ok, let's do this Jim. I'll explain the rest later.
Get over here you little mutt!
That's gross!
Let's go find some of those pranks I smuggled onto campus earlier.
Oh! God! Damn Kids!
:x: Skip
Protect Gary from Chad.
Pull the fire alarm.
Gary was knocked out.
You ruined the prank.

:tri: Drop bag
Sorry Pete, there's no room back here.
What... what the hell?
Set it off near those guys.
Okay, here's the deal. We're going to feed Chad's dog some of this rancid meat.
Well done.
Hurry up... what, are you afraid of a little rat?
Shut up bitch.
Help Gary with the dog.
Head to the teachers' lounge.
Drop the bag in the marked location.   0 a -1 1 R 8S E %u m 'u  9  U  1и  d 1 s  ,  lE1 9 ɛ +Q  , d  y & F! OG] H} j kj t0k% 6b9 [J!a !E. Z25 k7 K7 M71 X7i k7  7* l8 *58 3<8- }8u $> A A C C vk8W   cZ n   n)   0nU   }poq   po   ىqo   @o   Qo- OɣzA Pɣz] Qɣz 4ͫ   C  BD
You ran out of stink bombs. Try again later.
Get more fire crackers.
Return to Thad for a reward.
Egg ~i~ students.
Student Powder Prank Complete.
Fire cracker ~i~ student.
Hit ~i~ students with stink bombs.
You ran out of itch powder. Try again later.
Fire Cracker Prank Complete.
Egg 3 students.
Trip ~i~ student with marbles.
You already hit that person.
Cause ~i~ students to itch.
Cause ~i~ student to itch.
Get more eggs.
Light Volcano 4000 near some students.
Fire cracker ~i~ students.
Volcano 4000 Prank Complete.
You already hit that person.
Throw dead rat at ~i~ girl.
Fire cracker 3 students.
Student Marbled.
Hit ~i~ student with stink bomb.
Donald: Joke firework are so cool.
You ran out of fire crackers. Try again later.
Trip 1 student with marbles.
The Volcano 4000 didn't get anyone, try again later.
Get more stink bombs.
Marble Prank Complete.
Girl Ratted Out Prank Complete.
You already hit that girl.
Students Stanked Out.
Cause 3 students to itch.
You ran out of "Kick Me" signs. Try again later.
You have already hit that person.
You ran out of Eggs. Try again later.
Get another Volcano 4000.
Itched Out.
Pedro: Tee hee hee, prank.
Trip ~i~ students with marbles.
Throw dead rats at 3 girls.
Throw dead rat at ~i~ girls.
You dropped the "Kick Me" sign.
Pedro: Funny stuff, no?
"Kick Me" Prank Complete.
Hit 3 students with stink bombs.
Donald: Take one of these and create an explosive situation!
Get another 'kick me' sign.
Justin: Egg, eggs, eggs!
Get more itch powder.
You dropped the Volcano 4000.
Egg ~i~ student.
You've unlocked~n~~mission~ The Big Prank.
Pedro: Stick this sign to the back of a Student.
Student Fire Crackered.
Eggciting Prank Complete.
Great work.
Stink Bomb Prank Complete.
You ran out of Marbles. Try again later.
Note attached.
Get more marbles.
Slap student with "Kick Me" sign.
Pranks: ~i~ / 5
Get more ammo.
Student Egged.
Find some pranks to play on students.
You already hit that person. `  ۱1 ouM am ,; d á+ ) * ! wA oU y  j T2*  o" 6# ],D$9 'Y ֛(y 49) - S. 1 &2  3I W03i Az?3 v5 Pb!8 ; ; ֎^>9 Z?Y [email protected] sC oD 1H J j~YK5 B LY jMy NO *΍Q ~Q f6R  T jY\] m_} e e ~j ~k l %mQ _Yemm .n \r r s9z { ̹{ (|= }Q W ~e ~y J 4ͫ $ X  BD
Rawr! NOW you gonna HURT!
I'm gonna tear you apart!
That's it you little maggot. Russell is going to smash you to itty bitty bits.
You is dead!
I smash you.
You were knocked out.
Beat up Russell. xd   *A - = H\H] }1k 댫, 7 m Ko ts* 4ͫ H   BD
Check the staff room.
:tri: Enter School
Yes I did, and I didn't read it... much.
:tri: Read Diary
That new Jimmy boy is so bad. Bad teeth, bad hair, bad smell, bad attitude! And yet, there's something about him that is just so alluring. I told Bucky about how I felt and he didn't seem happy at all. That makes me a little sad because Bucky's been such a great friend, I'd hate to think that something or someone in his life is not treating him well...
Oh I knew it! I walked by him today, and he looked at me! He's such a free radical... How I'd love to pair his electrons! The whole thought of us making sweet organic chemistry just sends shivers down my spine!
:tri: Open Door
Retrieve the diary.
:tri: Get Diary
Must have missed it.
That's ok Jimmy... you're my hero.
You attacked Beatrice.
Lose the prefects before returning to Beatrice.
Beatrice has been spotted.
Check the lockers by the staff room.
Kiss Beatrice.
:tri: Exit School
Check the math room.
:tri: Exit
Enter the school through the rear window.
Locked. Check the lockers by the staff room.
Return the diary to Beatrice.
Locked. Check the staff room.
Check the math room.
Did you like the part about you being like a Roman Emperor.
Oh there you are... did you get it? \u q  +1 D] 7!i !} ! ' *44 씡6 \M7 l8 lC= f}IY I X K* a^N 0W X nUh ]K*k! ^K*kQ _K*k `K*k aK*k >n o! 4ͫ \  ?  BD
Of course of course... and normally I would never interfere.
You'll see, he won't get away with it this time.
Very good. Best be off to class then... and thanks.
I hope you are wrong, for the sake of Bullworth.
Hitting the sauce, are we?
Here they are. I think that's all of them.
I tell you he's a drunk.
You! With the bottle!
But we must think of the children.
I don't like intruding in the private lives of my staff.
What's what?
Galloway is clearly a bad influence... just look at this young man.
Yes Miss, I try my best.
Please, take this.
You are quite useful aren't you?
Get that kid!
Those bottles are around here somewhere.
I don't believe you're old enough for that.
These are very serious allegations Mr. Hattrick
You better not have led me on a wild goose chase Hattrick.
That child had a bottle!
riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay...uhm... yesh.
Underage drinking? Oh you're in big trouble now.
Hey, stop right there.
Jimmy, you're the only one I can count on to do this.
That is completely unacceptable... if what you're saying is true.
Galloway's been recruiting students I see. Well, we've got him now.
You've earned the Camera.
What have we here, Hopkins?
Just imagine! Drinking in his class room.
I don't smell anything. Come on.
What's that?
... maybe I should join the army... wouldn't be any worse than thish dump...
My patience is wearing thin.
... you know where you can shtick it Hattrick? I'll tell you where you can shtick it...
A drunk? I'm not surprised.
Thanks Jimmy.
Moby you bastard! Where are you you big white tub of whale blubber?
They are here somewhere. He's thinks he's clever, but not clever enough.
You're welcome Ms.
I wish he would just quit drinking. I really do.
We are getting nowhere, Mr. Hattrick.
Find the bottle in the cafeteria.
Find the bottle in the bathroom.
Find the bottle in the trophy case.
You attacked Ms. Philips.
The school closed.
Find Galloway's hidden bottles.
Take the bottles to Ms. Philips.
I got you, you alcoholic miscreant.
Oooh... Dr. Crabblesnitch is gonna love this.
Get over here!
What's that you have there?
Our young friend here has been helping Mr. Galloway.
He's trying to hide the evidence!
Probably not Ms. This is the last one by the way.
...brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs... I think
And WHY do you have booze?
I'm sure he's around here somewhere.
Alcohol! Where did you get this?
Hmmmm... there's something fishy here.
I'd offer you a sip... but it's probably not a good idea.
The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft awgly... eshpecially at Bullworth.  o" A qc u 0 * t t  1 HBM JBi   !͛ 4% DA #Y ]} g0 s %G mz$! 4ia gj} j   ) e * (/ 7 75 K7e =7 I7 X7 7  b7i 7 n8 \_8 V85 *8M k8 E* E E E! EA EY rE} 'un r   o [+o ,o   9po1   ;poi   ~po   ;po   qo- oM
Oh shut up, kid, it adds flavor to it.
You wanna give it a go?
Try and get some bits in it.
I've got performance anxiety.
Get used to it, kid. You're a man.
It's all downhill from here, my friend.
Anyway, what do you want?
Nothing. The head sent me.
He did? Oh yeah.
I need you to go to town
and pick up some meat and other things for me.
Otherwise I'm gonna have to put one of
Ms. Philips' cats in the casserole again.
Um, let me see.
I need some meat from Yum Yum Market,
oh, and a razor from the barber's for my 'stache
and um, oh yeah, some new knickers from Worn In.
I've had these on since last term.
Hurry up, go take my bike,
it's that fine machine out there by the school gates.
Right... she's gross. f:5 f:5 f:59 f:5U f:5a f:5 f:5 f:5 f:5 f:5 f:59 f:5M f:5i f:5 f:5 f:5 f:5 f:5 f:5A g:5u g:5 g:5 g:5 g:5- 4ͫ H H  BD
Hey you, little thief, aah, my asthma...
Sir - are you OK?
I just got robbed by a dorky kid,
and I'm having an asthma attack...
of course I'm not OK.
Hey, I'll tell you what, I'll give you
five bucks and some comics
if you help me get my stuff back from that punk.
You've got a deal. KN KN- KNE KNm KN KN KN KN KN1 4ͫ X   BD
Got the eggs, Hopkins?
You bet.
Then give 'em to me.
Take them.
Smashing! Now, tell me Hopkins...
is it true you said I was inbred?
Because first cousins is legal, my friend. Legal.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, and just because my elder brother
doesn't have a chin and ended up in a lunatic asylum,
doesn't mean anything.
Whatever, Tad. Your family is your business.
Don't lie Jimmy -
you said Tad was probably a hermaphrodite
with that much inbreeding.
A hermaphro what?
Don't act dumb.
You said his mom was also legally his aunt
and that he probably had webbed toes.
I don't... well, just only on one foot.
Tad - you're not going to take that kind
of crap from this scumbag, are you?
You've been rude about mummy.
Let's get this pauper. X X X) XA XQ Xy X X X Y Y YY Yu Y Y Y Y  Y% Y9 Yi Y Y Y Y Y= 4ͫ    BD
Look - there he is!
I was wondering if you'd show up Hopkins.
Nice Aquaberry sweater... tres chic...
wow... you look a bit like my gardener at home...
Yeah, so what?
Yes, well enough about gardeners, or any domestic help.
Listen, me and the chaps were planning
a little revenge hit on old Hattrick
- we don't like what he did to that old soak Galloway -
a chap can have a drink if he bloody hell wants to.
So, my friend, are you, as they say, in?
Sure. Are you English?
Well, no. I just speak this way because I'm very insecure -
you see my father is a self-made man,
so I pretend to be old money,
but in fact, I'm really nouveau riche.
But less about me, dear boy - listen -
we're going to egg that old codger's house.
Smashing! You go get some eggs
and meet me and the chaps back at my house. E\g F\g G\gI H\gu I\g* J\g K\g L\g) M\gQ \g \g \g \g \g \gY \g \g \g \g J\g1 K\g= L\ga 4ͫ    BD
Hey Pete. Where is everybody?
Oh, Jimmy. It's you.
I guess you want to kill Gary,
now that he turned most of the school against you
and got those rich kids to throw eggs at you.
Gary'll get what's coming to him...
what's wrong with you?
Well, you're sitting around watching
TV by yourself like a loser
... someone crap in your bed? What's wrong?
Well, for one moment, I had friends.
Just one moment. You and Gary.
Yeah, Gary's a snake, and you're a psychopath,
Aw, come on.
and you both bullied me mercilessly,
but at least I wasn't left out.
Now, I'm back on my own and
I'm too cool to be a dork,
and I'm too dorky to be anything else.
You're not on your own... where is everybody?
At the bike race in Old Bullworth Vale,
by Shiny Bikes at the beach.
Bike race?
Why didn't you say so? Come on... 6n  6n % 6n = 6n I 6n m 6n 6n 6n  6n  h7n ) i7n Q j7n q k7n  l7n  m7n  n7n ! o7n 1 p7n Y q7n } 7n  7n  7n  7n  7n I 7n i 7n y 4ͫ    BD
I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
You think I'm dumb? Who's dumb now?
I'm dumb. I'm dumb. Real dumb.
Hey, egg kid, egg kid, help me out, please!
Easy Russell, calm down, calm down.
Sit. Good boy.
Thank you! Thank you!
Jeez, that dumb kid's really strong.
Hey...be good, be good.
Not you, Einstein. Not you!
So, how did everything work out with ~n~those eggs?
Not like I was hoping.
Never trust a rich kid...
Too bad, too bad. Was it that jerk Tad?
You know his parents are at a party
at my boss's house right no
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Recover Melvin's lost Character Sheets.
Return the sheets to Melvin.
Some hero you are. Come on, I'm right here.
All right, you've got something of Melvin's. Give it up.
I'm done running. Now I beat you.
Please help us Jimmy!
You won't miss this. You can always reroll.
What game?
Eat marbles, nerd-lover!
There's no such thing as magic, dweeb.
Here, I brought you a drink!
I didn't know you played nerd-games Jimmy.
He kicks you in the nuts. Then you kick him in the nuts, until one of you gives up. If you win, you get the sheet. If not, we keep it.   R 5  R \ l  _ 9 q +  b  '  v 1  U y  2  5  I! BA SWCi D n n n n% nQ q # e  z$= F] Gy w/k d. bp ܱ* }1 a ȯ a l! #7 x7 57I UK7U ]L7q ]M7 {8 k;8 8    J81 WKhM Khq ]Kh Kh cKh 4i   4i-   &nM   kn}   n   n   n 1
You know how I never make any mistakes in your class, in fact, sometimes I catch your mistakes.
Do you wear it everywhere, sir?
but they're just awful. I mean really bad. I wonder who it could be.
It didn't come easy, I'll tell you that.
Looks like... Dr. Watts.
Though I can't say I care for the food here.
Is that what you guys are talking about huh?
Hello Edna... hello Dr. Watts.
All the time.
Ohmigod, is that the cafeteria lady over there?
I suppose my mastery of the fascinating subject of chemistry could quite affect a young woman.
Will you leave us alone?! Can't you see we're on a date here?
Oh look, it's Edna.
That one was special, but it drove away.
What is it?
You know, the science of sports dieting is very complicated... isn't that so, Mr. Watts?
Sir! I have a question about my grade. You only gave me an A, there must have been a mistake.
Drink it all. It's good stuff!
Hey look, it's Edna... let's go say hi.
Your coffee is getting cold, Wattsie.
Uhm... Edna... you seem very edgy. You may want to consider taking some sedatives or something.
I'm surprised to see you in a restaurant like this... a chef of your repute.
I'm feeling... not... good. I better go.
Help! I am being beset by an economic redistributor!
Got the Candy.
Whoa... I'm... feeling a little light... headed.
I think so... let's go check.
Let's get out of here!
I mean, kids are so silly, I hate most of them, the obnoxious little brats.
Hey... is that Dr. Watts? With Edna?
Are you... like... coming up with biological experiments for the school food?
Uhm... yeah... ah... sounds like you've... ah... given it some thought.
Couldn't mistake her anywhere... who's she with?
I'm having a lot of difficulty sleeping because of this problem.
Mr. Bucket had to go to a dentist convention.
It seems a student has been leaving muffins in my class room when I'm not there
Come on!
Edna, you really do look... smashing tonight.
I'm outta here.
Hahah! Can you imagine if they did? Like if they made a mold golem or something?
Ow! Let's get out of here.
So it is.
What was that? Let's go!
Ohmigod Edna, I'm so sorry.*Did you like cut your face when you shaved or something?
Anyways, I must get back to my lab.
Hello Dr. Watts. Hello Edna. Lovely day isn't it?
What are you guys doing here?
Oh my dear doctor... I am very passionate in my love of chemistry.
All right, here's your money you bastard.
Don't worry about it... it's probably nothing.
Yeah, that's probably it. Have some more coffee.
Return the items to Edna.
Oh great... I have something to talk to him about.
Get Edna's items.
Go back and protect Edna's date.
Got the Sedatives.
Keep students from ruining Edna's date.
It's all I think about when I'm cooking away in my kitchen.
Oh look over there!
Lay off the sweet doubloons!
Must be... the fumes... from the... lab.
What the!? Let's go.
I'm scared! Let's get out of here, Algie!
A blue car!
You're like totally addicted huh? Well... I've got some candy, but you'll have to pay for it.
Ah! There you are. About time.
You're undermining the market economy with your lawless behavior.
Edna, what are you doing?*You stink like cheap perfume... like did you drink a whole bottle or something?
The food? Well... it certainly is nothing like your cooking.
Ahh, it's so great to finally be out of the kitchen!
A date?
Get out of here you little brats, before I get my cleaver
What the hell is your problem? Are you jealous of us?
Ah, the foolish infatuations of youth.
Did I ever tell you how much I admire your lab coat Dr. Watts?
Yeah, you're a scientist, you should be able to help us eat right... right?
Got the Perfume.
Get the perfume from the staff room.
Get the teachers away from the staff room.
Get some candy.
Get some sedatives.
Get back to Edna.
Do not disturb the date. Hide in the tree.
Keep students from disturbing the date.
You have hit the teachers.
Meet Edna at the Chez Louis café in the Rich Area between 3PM and 10PM.
You attacked Edna.
You did not hide in the tree in time.
Get back on the branch.
You already have chocolates. Get the rest of Edna's items.
Edna's items: ~i~/~i~
Rummage through the garbage for some sedatives.
Get the rest of the Edna's items.
The students disturbed the date.
Hahaha! I know... I've spent many years slaving away to get this good.
What are you doing here Hopkins? Get out!
Dammit, I need some candy NOW!
Oh hi Edna!
You know Edna, I was quite surprised when you asked me to have coffee with you.
the beads of sweat on your forehead and the way your lab coat clings ever so snugly to your backside.
So could you please explain to me what I did wrong?
How'd you get Dr. Watts to go out with you Edna?*Like did you drug him?
Anyways, Edna, maybe you could give some recipes to my mom some time?
Hahaha! That'd be so cool. It'd like shoot slime bolts out of its eyes. It'd be awesome!
Hey Edna, you know I really love the food you cook.
Oh yes. I mean no. I mean... it's obvious isn't it. Uhm....
Let's go!
It's so tasty, and I think I've gained 25 pounds of pure muscle since I started eating it.
I never knew you were interested in chemistry.
Oh yes. Me too. I imagine they'd be constantly thinking about your bald head,
Like I said, I only got an A and I always get an A+.
Child! Leave. Now!
Awful you say? Why you... ah... I mean... I don't know who it could be. Hahaha...
I've seen those before.
Your mom still cooks for you?
Look, it's Dr. Watts. H  Y e " E/ 0 m1  1 % kkR U R  6S  t  ?u  u U Ž  ߘ   ^  ^ I  * "  ! Y") B UC f#-  #3. ! <8] 6^8 nځ8 W8 _8I 2: 2=* 3= 4= 5= 6=1 7=I 8=y ^:H IS qX LZ) x^U 5bq ï&c o|h >i ^**l) LnM ѓn ԓn n hn ?nQ n n RHnE pn n HGn% Xoi P   oy lT   o  o  s]+oa ^+o oo po    o% KʒoI 4ͫ    0 F  BD
Make sure you wash all that paint off, girls.
Oh well... I guess I'll have to order a new one. Where did that catalog go?
You are in a WORLD of trouble young man.
That was a fun class Miss.
Turn around and show your face, you little monster!
This is impossible!
Your room is disgraceful. You will tidy it up first thing tomorrow morning.
Hey Angie! Check this out.
You attacked Mr. Burton.
You alerted everyone of your presence.
We're being watched!
Would you be QUIET?!? I'm trying to get my beauty sleep.
Hey... show me your other pictures.
There are better ways to meet girls.
Here we go.
So soft.
Yes Miss Peabody!
There's no escape for YOU!
Have you finished your homework?
You can't see any tanlines can you?
Does he have my robot?
There's a BOY in the dorm!
I sure hope there's no math requirement for cheerleading college.
Who took my robot?
He's kinda cute though.
What's he doing in here?
Of course Miss Peabody!
Who borrowed my bathrobe? You know, I actually need it.
Girls! Please go to your rooms!
Get out of here you creep!
Oh yes Miss.
This is so exciting?
Oh these are nice.
I'll see you soon Jimmy.
Everybody! Calm down.
Is everything ok in there girls?
Pass me the soap.
Is it the football team?
You pervert, get out of the girls' dorm!
Yes Miss!
What's going on?
Enter the girls' dorm.
Collect the pieces of "laundry".
Escape the girls' dorm.
Take the "laundry" to Mr. Burton.
Don't get too close.
Burton will like these.
Girls, please keep quiet.
I hope these are worth all the trouble I just went through
This is the picture I'm putting into the yearbook. Does it make me look fat?
Is that Jimmy?
Everyone being good I hope?
What is going on in there?
Never realized how fancy these things were.
What is it?
I feel so clean.
Remember girls, no foolishness!

Girls! Remain calm! Please remain calm!
Don't stay up too late now.
Why do you keep worrying about being fat? You look good.
Of course Miss.
Yes, thanks for this laundry. Here's some money for your troubles.
Yeah... you're right. I'm being silly.
I think we'll have to start medicating you.
How am I supposed to know what a cosine is? s  0 5 u,R A .S  5 = 3 ! < 9 B ۓ@ ܓ@ D Q    YfI 8!q  H m{$ t|$ % & H9 ƞiU Ufju Xfj} ! S Y- Sn* ,˯1 7m 47 jN7 7 j8 n8 <8 A=8 t]85 \_8Y _8q 8 S8 ע8 _:< _:<9 ba ]ny 'n D>n Kn nE nY | oy +o i,o ,o 4t-o -6o No NoI Ooi VHqo # o & o   ro1   ؓoa   4ͫ    BD
So you came?
I bet you think I'm funny, don't you? A laughing stock...
Not really. I mean you dress a little weird but...
Yeah. And everyone is laughing at me. All of you. At me.
What are you talking about?
Don't play dumb with me. Have you had her?
Who are you talking about?
I bet you have.
Have you had her?
What are you doing? Who?
Lola! That slut... that slut... I love.
No man.
She's cheating on me, man. I know she is.
The little slut. It's killing me. Me, dying over a broad.
Oh man, I knew this was coming.
What are you talking about?
She's with that rich kid, Gord. I know she is.
How do you know?
Will you find out for me? I can't take the suspense...
meet me at the underpass near New Coventry tonight.
We'll get evidence. Bring a camera and then we'll settle this.
Once and for all. ~T T T TY T T T T T= TQ Ti T T T T T- TQ Tq T T T T- Tq 4ͫ t   BD
What's this Gord kid got that I ain't got?
Uh... nothing.
You think it's funny, don't you?
You think I'm a joke...
Well, my little friend, I'm the king around here.
I know. You're the king.
But my queen is a slut,
and now everybody's laughing at me.
Well, not anymore.
I'm not laughing.
Good, good, kid.
You and me, we're going to teach
young Gord to keep his dirty paws off
my woman. My queen.
Get him to the abandoned building
in New Coventry behind Union Hall.
I'll be waiting there to school that little weasel.
I'll be there. Am Am1 !AmE "Ami #Am $Am %Am &Am 'Am Am% Am= AmU Amm Am Am Am Am Am) Ama 4ͫ    BD
Hey, big fella, how's it going?
Fine. Where's Johnny?
Why, are you guys dating now?
Then who cares about Johnny? I'm here.
Listen, sweetie, I need a favor.
I'm meeting Tad in a while,
and I think a few of the boys might get the wrong idea.
Especially your boyfriend Johnny. He's so jealous and immature.
Do you think you could you hang around,
and make sure they don't beat Tad up while we're talking?
Do you think you could do that for me, sexy?
Yeah, I can do that.
I'm meeting Tad in the alley behind the medical center...
it's sort of a study date...
Oh man... % % †%1 Æ%M Ć%q ņ%y Ɔ% dž% Ȇ% B% C%- D%q E% F% G%  H%% I%e J% 4ͫ d   BD
So, Chad, honey, listen, it's just a hundred bucks.
That's nothing to a man of your means.
Oh but Lola, I'd have to steal it off of my father.
But LOLA, I thought that me and you...
Shut up, fatso.
Big-boned, not fat.
I thought you liked me! You said you did.
I do, I really do.
Some friend you turned out to be.
You must think I'm really cheap. Just a cheap slut.
Well, that's it...
No, no. No, but Lola! Wait.
Lard ass...
Ridiculous... women... look at you both. You're pathetic.
But I thought she liked me!
I don't believe this! You both better get over it.
Listen, we gotta get out of here before Johnny Vincent
sees you hanging out with his girlfriend.
Algie, you take the girl's bike. Chad, you better pedal for both of us.
I've got a feeling I'm headed for a fight. w* w*9 w*e w* w* w* w* w*% w*= Yx*e Zx* [x* \x* ]x* ^x*% _x*E `x*} ax* bx* x*5 4ͫ    BD
Amigo, I need your help.
Johnny and his goons were hassling me about Algie.
That guy's gone even crazier.
He thinks Algie is trying to put the moves on his girl.
Algie? And Lola?
I know - it's crazy - everyone knows Algie likes blondes.
Listen, find Algie, and get him back here
until Johnny comes to his senses.
Where is he?
I don't know.
I know he was working on a math project for Hattrick with Cornelius
... maybe he knows where Algie is.
Cornelius. You know... the scrawny kid in the acting club?
He did an amazing Juliet in the school play.
I think he has a 4.0 grade point average. a6 b6 c6) d6a e6 f6 g6 h6 i6E 6m 6} 6 6 6 6    6I 6y 4ͫ `   BD
Hey, good looking.
What's up?
Ooh, you're so angry, but I think you've got a softer side.
Haven't you caused enough trouble?
That's not fair. I'm a nice girl. I'm nice to everyone. Now everyone hates me.
Look, I'm sorry.
Well, OK... but now Johnny and his boys won't even speak to me.
Boys can get really jealous when they find out you've been kissing another boy.
It wasn't like that! I'm not like that!
But I left all my things in the abandoned tenements where they hang out.
My address book, my keys, my perfume, my lipstick, even my laundry.
Everything. Now I've got nothing. I don't have much money.
That's too bad.
Maybe you could get them back for me?
You want me to steal your stuff back from a bloodthirsty mob of angry greaseballs?
I'd be very grateful, Jimmy. Very grateful. H8 H8 H8) H8i H8 H8 H8 H8= H8 H8 H8 H8 H8Y H8 H8* H8 H81 4ͫ  p   BD
Huh, there he is - my hero!
What's your problem now?
If you really cared about me, you'd fight for me.
First of all, I'm not sure I really care about you,
and second, what do you think I've been doing?
Tad fights for me, Gord fights for me, Johnny, well, he certainly fights for me.
In fact, they're all about to fight for me, right now. Everyone apart from you.
Who's fighting?
Tad and all the rich kids are coming here to fight Johnny and his boys.
All because of me. I'm like Helen of Troy.
So, there's going to be a big fight? A winner-take-all sort of thing?
Yes, everyone's involved, apart from you.
I'm Helen of Troy and you're more interested in boys called Troy!
Whatever, see you later. WYQ WYQ! WYQ= WYQu WYQ* WYQ WYQ5 WYQ WYQ %XYQ &XYQ 'XYQe (XYQ )XYQ 4ͫ    BD
So, you must be pretty proud of yourself.
You taught those rich scum a lesson.
They're rich, weak bullies. It was easy.
They picked a fight with me, and I showed them who's boss.
And Gary got them to pick that fight, so maybe you'll show him, as well.
Gary's an even bigger problem. He'll have to wait.
What's this throwback want?
A haircut? A nice strong man to cuddle up to? Who knows?
Jimmy Hopkins, right? My friend Johnny needs your help.
Then tell your friend Johnny to come and ask for it.
Nobody tells Johnny anything. Johnny Vincent does the telling.
Well, he doesn't tell me what to do.
Now beat it, greaseball, you're causing an oil slick.
I said he needs your help, man.
Do I look like a charity service?
You're gonna pay for this.
What is wrong with this place?
Everyone here either needs help, wants to beat you up, or both.
Well, you know who Johnny Vincent is though, don't you?
No, and I don't care.
He's the head of the greaser clique.
Get friendly with him, and he could help you get to Gary.
Yeah maybe... I'll tell ya something Pete, this place blows.
Tell me about it. )s *s1 +sY ,s -s .s /sI 0sQ 1sq s* s *s! se s s s s s5 sY .s /s 0s 1s 2s] 3s 4ͫ 8 X  BD
I told you! I was the daddy. Got it? I'm in charge, you do what I say!
Alright... I give up... you can have her.
Who? What are you talking about Johnny?
Lola. You win. She's yours.
This has nothing to do with her, man. I don't care.
You can keep that slut for yourself.
What? You don't want her? Then why did you do this?
Why did you fight... just to prove you're tougher than me?
That's right, and don't you or your boys forget it.
I'm tougher than you, so maybe now you'll stop bullying everyone.
You work for me now. gb hbM ib} jb kb lb mb) nba ob b b! 4ͫ  `  BD
Who won? Me. Jimmy Hopkins. That's who.
Who won?
Jimmy Hopkins.
Correct. That's right, ladies. Me. I'm the daddy, now.
You treacherous little snake. You think you're tough, huh?
You don't need any more of this, Johnny.
You laugh at me, you turn on me, you get it on with that harlot, who I, I, love?
I'm gonna destroy you!
All right, calm down man. It's cool. You lost. No big deal. We can all be friends...
You're done, kid. Finished! {qI |qI- }qI9 ~qIA qII qI] qI qI qI qIY qIu qI 4ͫ P   BD
Of course I love you Johnny.
No, you don't.
Love is complicated.
It didn't seem complicated between you and that Gordo kid. I'm gonna kill him.
Johnny! Please. We've been over that... he's sweet, but it was so, innocent.
Get off!
Oh, I love it when you get angry, Johnny. I really do. You're so... bestial.
Hey, Jimmy!
What are you doing here?
Looking for you, Johnny.
At Lola's house?
Be nice to each other... you know what I like about you two...
you're both so straightforward. So quick to judge. So fast.
Ain't no one fast like me.
Really? So you could beat Jimmy in a race?
I heard he was pretty fast.
This little twerp? Gimme a break.
Ooh, I think we've got a little challenge. I just love challenges...
they make me so... excited. n n! n5 nM n n n nM *n] 'ne (n )n *n +n ,n -nA .na /n 0n n n n1 4ͫ  x   BD
Mr. Galloway - should you really be doing that?
Oh Jimmy. No, I suppose not, but life is unfair.
You promised Ms. Philips!
Oh, God. What kind of world do we live in
where I get punished for a minor indiscretion,
and Hattrick gets away with taking bribes from his pupils?
He does?
Yes - he sells advance copies of tests to the sons of his rich friends.
And nobody says a word.
Wait, what rich friends?
Well, Derby Harrington for one!
I can't believe he's selling tests!
What if I got evidence of him doing this?
Then I'd never need to drink again!
Alright. Let me see what I can do. Sq Sq5 Sqi Sq Sq Sq Sq- Sq9 Sq yTq zTq {Tq |Tq    }Tq9 ~Tqa 4ͫ    BD
Oh, it's you.
Is that any way to greet your new boss, Harrington? Well... is it?
Hmmm, uh, no.
No, what?
No, Sir.
That's better. At ease, girls.
Listen, boss, those grease monkeys are making life very difficult for Gord.
That's because Gord was showing one of their girlfriends a good time.
Some leader you turned out to be.
Father says leadership is about looking after those you lead.
He taught me that right before he laid everyone off.
So what do you want me to do?
Send them a message, all over their dirty little slum.
Why should I?
Because you're the boss.
Exactly. I'm the boss, and I'll go send the message. w$hz x$hz   y$hz z$hze {$hzy |$hz }$hz ~$hz $hz    $hzU $hz} $hz $hz $hz $hzY $hzm %hz 4ͫ    BD
I must be a better person, I must be a better person, I must be a better person.
Oh God - I am pathetic!
Hey, Mr. Galloway.
Go away. I don't want to have another group therapy session with those people.
If I have to pretend to be someone's mother one more time, I'll...
oh, hi Jimmy.
Um, what on earth are you doing here?
Ms. Philips sent me - she's really worried about you
- come on - let's get out of here.
Oh. Uh... uh... I can't right now Jimmy.
I'm late for my regression therapy as it is.
It's fantastic. I've discovered I really do hate myself.
Hattrick was right. I am a loser.
No, you're not. Don't be ridiculous. Come on.
We can't let bullies like Mr. Hattrick win.
OK Jimmy. r:A r:AU r:Aq r:A !r:A "r:A% #r:A9 $r:Ae %r:A r:A r:A r:A! r:A] r:A r:A r:A 4ͫ    BD
Hey, Miss Philips.
Hey Jimmy.
So what really happened to Mr. Galloway?
Where'd he go?
It's a sad story, but sometimes when grown-ups get upset,
they respond in the wrong ways and well,
small problems get bigger
and that's really the thing about being an adult.
Miss, I'm not five. My mom's been married five times
and I've been expelled from seven schools.
He's a drunk!
Stupid man couldn't control himself. Damn him!
I love him.
But that wretched ogre Hattrick guilt-tripped him
into committing himself into the asylum to get dried out.
If only someone could get in there, and tell him to get out.
I'll take care of him.
Why don't you go?
Because that loveless scumbag Hattrick told them not to let me in.
Said I was a bad influence.
Don't you worry Miss. I'll get him out.
OK. Meet me near the asylum tonight.
I'll be there.
And Jimmy -
Yes, Miss Philips?
It's Ms., not Miss.
Oh, right. jy jy jy) jyU jyi jy jy jy jy- jye jy jy jy jy jy jy1 jyq jy jy ky ky- kyM kyy !ky "ky #ky $ky %ky 4ͫ t    ;  BD
Oh Gord, you really know how to treat a girl.
Oh Gord, you and your cheap thrills.
Who's that guy who keeps following us?
Hey there hot stuff.
I knew it, I just knew it!
OK, I think you're getting it.
I know a better place... let's go.
I see where this is going you little strumpet.
What was that? Did you hear something?
No no... the hooks are in the back.
You not done? Get me those pictures.
Do not leave Bullworth Town.
Sure does. Whatcha gonna do with me?
Who's that skulking around over there?
Easy there sailor... you think I'm that easy?
A stalker! How exciting!
Yeah. It's a little stuffy in here and I'm going home. See ya'.
Not for too much longer I hope.
Hahaha... I'm coming to get you baby.
Hey you! Are you spying on us?
You didn't take enough pictures.
Come over here you little vixen.
Just you wait and see.
Kissy kissy baby.
You're loving it baby.
Looks like I caught you Lola.
Come on, I'm dying here. Could you get the pictures?
Hey there, Gord-baby.
I told you to get some pictures, Jimmy. Pictures.
Evening chaps. My date and I need a little privacy if you know what I mean... mind helping us out?
... but... but... oh well.
Here are the pictures, Johnny. Lola's a bit of a slut it seems.
Look, that creep's been following us.
Return the photos to Johnny.
Don't let them see you.
Take photos of Lola holding hands and getting gifts from Gord.
Take photos of Lola kissing and holding hands with Gord.
Take photos of Lola kissing and getting gifts from Gord.
Take photos of Lola kissing, holding hands, and getting gifts from Gord.
Take a photo of Lola getting gifts from Gord.
Take a photo of Lola holding hands with Gord.
Take a photo of Lola kissing Gord.
Take the pictures to Johnny.
Are you sure you've done this before?
I don't think so... but I do feel a little... exposed.
You left Bullworth Town.
Like this.
Sure thing.
I can see you. I know you're there.
It's getting kinda hot in here, don't you think?
Greaser Respect +5
You attacked Gord.
You attacked Johnny.
You attacked Lola.
Photograph Gord giving Lola a gift.
Photograph Lola and Gord holding hands.
Photograph Lola and Gord kissing.   3t 5 t ] 9   v  b   M = y Ď! &D ֜  UgE ^y  5Q& G C1 :6U n7y 7 37 J7 7 7 W7M 7i 8 |;8    g8- ٢8q 1^> [#{C KH KH cMHY R {V {V {VI DEaq da n 8n Rn Un O   o- Ւ   o= Pqoe r 5u Кu 8u e^z N*z!   YR   {M   4ͫ 0   BD
Yeah ok Johnny.
I won't let you get away with this.
That's my bike you common scum. I want it back!
No! Cousins are legal... oh... you mean Lola?
Sure thing Johnny.
Lead Gord to Johnny at the bike park.
Ahh... I got some of that burning hatred out of my system. Here's your cash... now scram.
Yeah. My woman. Now you pay.
What's all that ruckus? Let's get out of here.
Get him!
Stop now... and I won't report this.
Thanks Jimmy. You're a good kid you know. Here's your money... see you around.
Give me back my bike!
Bike Park unlocked.
You ran out of time.
You're losing Gord. Go back for him.
Johnny was knocked out.
Well hello Gord. Seems like you've been messin' where you ought not.
What is he doing with my bike? Stop! Thief!
Find Gord in Bullworth Town.
Prep Respect -5
Greaser Respect +5
Help Johnny beat up the preps.
Provoke Gord and get him to follow you.
You have lost Gord.
Gord was knocked out.
I'll get you, you thieving bastard! 1  U  ݢ = ^ q K! z  grI m % &* h r) E L] 0)u u) 57 2<8 !(;9 tFY wFm ZcI p[Q .T c 2n    4ͫ     :  BD
Chad. Step on it!
You can thank me for saving you later, but I seriously can't be seen with you losers.
Leave me alone you brutes!
Uhm... no.
Crazy kids!
You're worried about YOUR reputation?
But... but... I was just helping Lola study. Honestly. I'm so scared.
Good, I'm getting tired. Give me a minute to catch my breath.
Guys! They're over here!
Algie, you're in soooo much trouble with Johnny Vincent and his boys.
Is that Algie.... On a girl's bike?
Good job Jimmy... you do have your uses after all.
Watch out!
Come on! We know you know where he is.
Yeah I believe you, but Johnny's not quite so reasonable.
Oh wonderful! You found him!
Anyways, you're in luck. Earnest sent me to get you out of here.
Well, thanks for all the help Jimmy. Perhaps you could come over to the observatory and play a game or two of Grottos and Gremlins with us sometime?
I was hoping you'd say that
We've been building this Jimmy. You might find it useful.

You're not getting away with this, I'm getting Johnny!
I'm outta here!
Where is Algie, you walking beanpole?
You guys, take care of this pathetic excuse for a human being.
Shut up Gary. You guys get Algie and bring him to me at the clubhouse.
Oh thanks so much Jimmy. Hey. I was lying when I told Johnny that Algie is at the pizza parlor. You've got to go help him!
It's a trap! It's a trap!
Would it help if I got off and pushed?
We're nearly there Jimmy, just hold them off a little longer.
Cornelius was knocked out.
Algie was knocked out.
Earnest was knocked out.
You attacked the nerds.
Greaser Respect -15
Nerd Respect +5
Help meee! Please! Anybody!
There they are, on those bikes!
Oh damn.
Don't worry about it, but we should get back to the library.
What? Well he's gotta be around here somewhere. Lets go find him
Get lost! This ain't none of your business!
I found them guys! They're over here.
He's at the pizza parlor, ok? Please let me go now...
You guys, you take care of these two losers.
Here they come - I'll hold them off, just try not to crash into anything, Chad.
I told you he knew where Algie was.
One down!
I think we've lost them.
Look around for Cornelius.
Defend Cornelius from the greasers.
Travel to Algie in New Coventry.
Hold off the greasers.
Take Algie to Earnest. `Q  +R  u ۚ m t* - > q y &ս S% s19 ;I &u 0Q& j o y 
uhm.. ah... taking out the trash?
... I just love wrecking things with my hammer.
Use Norton's hammer to get some of Lola's items.
You got Lola's Lipstick.
Return the items to Lola.
That's right greasebag. You know smoking's bad for your health.
Boys! It's Jimmy! Back me up.
Maybe I do, but this time I really mean it.
Looks like that's what I have to do.
Whoa! What are you doing here?
Get Lola's Perfume.
Collect Lola's items.
You got Lola's Keys.
"[angry] ""What are you doing here?"
Get Lola's Lipstick.
Greaser Respect -15
Find a way to knock down the walls.
Get Lola's Keys.
You got Lola's Perfume.
:tri: Enter Tenements
You got Lola's Address Book.
You attacked Lola.
Defeat Norton.
You got Lola's Laundry.
Get Lola's Address Book.
Get Norton's sledgehammer.
Whoa... what... who's that?
Alright just keep sleeping you jerk... I'll find something else to do.
Thanks honey. You're great.
Hey Ricky, could you get me... hey! Hopkins?!?
Get Lola's Laundry.
"[mutter] ""... oh baby... come over here."
I'm gonna smoke your ass with my boot.
I bet you say that to all the boys.
Leave the Tenements.
Enter the Tenements. H0  ס ) ] ﺪ * ߝ  z :$A Diq + : j# ݏ/ 8    l;81 @9= u"BU Hm \TO uO %T qV N&Z ] /b) 2acE Dfa 2n 7
There's some get 'em!
Let's go around here.
You're going down!
Get that scum.
Where's Johnny?
Thanks man!
Hahaha no... I'll enjoy the work out. Just make sure he doesn't interfere.
Don't let Peanut get away.
Get back to New Conventry and find Peanut.
All right men. This is it. Time to show those lowlife scum their proper place.
If you don't stick it out, I'll make sure no good school will ever accept you.
Don't worry Jimmy, I got your back.
All right Gord, back me up.
Where is everybody? Help!
Let's go!
Say your prayers bitch!
Defeat the greasers.
Get him!
Get outta here!
Finally you show some balls.
You bastards are all going down.
You ain't making it out of here alive.
The guy who's gonna kick your ass.
911 is a joke!
He can try.
Get back to New Conventry and find Peanut.
Look around for Peanut.
Get back to the alleyway.
You ran from the fight.
Help me!
Go! Get to Johnny, we'll cover your back.
I'm done with you chumps! Now tell me where Johnny is so I can finish him off!
You sure you don't want us to help you with them, Johnny?
Come on!
Somebody please help me!
Damn... cops here too.
Johnny, first I'm taking out your bitches, then I'm coming straight for you.
I know where he is, but I ain't telling you nothing!
He who?
Peanut got away.   ޘ  }3 9 C Q , e y \C ͛ =j ) ̛} 2֜ \  D%9 N&I g|0e $57} 7 7 ?7 NI_8 P8  85 8I !HY KK OK L n n "sn ́nq n n ^Qn o  o pro  No] #o { 4ͫ  0   BD
That's really nice.
See I told you those guys aren't all jerks.
Awh... whenever I go outside I get beat up... and snowballs thrown at me.... I hate winter.
To make it a little more interesting for everyone we've hidden them all around town.
The risk reward ratio only adds to the enjoyment, my young poor friend.
... so Harrington House has purchased Christmas presents for the student body. m7 7 :<8I n n ooM 4ͫ @ 8   BD
Just great.
Hello Miss.
Go to the Principal's Office.
Would Jimmy Hopkins please come to the Office, Jimmy Hopkins to the office.
I know. You are very lucky your mom is so nice. You may go now.
I'll make this quick. Your mom has sent you a Christmas present.
Oh there you are, Jimmy. 8N  M  '! 5E 7 0n jo% 4ͫ   3  BD
That wasn't very nice Johnny. Not nice at all.
Are you getting tired of this yet Johnny?
I'm still going to beat you.
You've got a lot of payback coming.
You never should've touched her.
Hey... this is supposed to be off.
Jimmy I want to help, but I can't get by these guys!
Watch out Jimmy.
I'm turning the magnet off.
Lure Johnny under the magnet.
Take out the greasers.
You'll learn to keep your hands off my girl.
Defeat Johnny Vincent.
How do you like that greaseball?!
Right in the face!
Better start running!
Who left the magnet on?
I'll show you! I'll show everybody!
One more down!
Jimmy's MY friend!
I told you I was the Daddy. Got it?
You're nothing but dirt Jimmy.
You got busted.
Fighting Johnny Vincent
Get back on the Bike: ~i~
How do you like that?
All right... I give... she's yours.
This has nothing to do with her. I don't care. Keep her. She's yours.
Come on Johnny, aren't you going to finish me off?
All right boys, good work... I got him where I need him.
All right Johnny, I ain't running any more.
Forget the cops, we're going to settle this now.
You maggot!
Hey Jimmy! Help me get to the crane!
Fight Johnny Vincent.
Outrun the cops.
Don't let Johnny get away.
You're lucky Jimmy... I'll kick your ass later.
That's all of 'em! I'm getting to the crane!
Hahaha! That's what you get for messing with Jimmy!
Let's see how you do in an even fight.
You're nothing.
Jimmy! Can you get rid of these greaseballs!
I'm coming for you!
He's gonna get all of you greaseballs!
I'll teach you to laugh at me. %J  c 5 Mv A "Ŗ q mޘ Rڹ ۹ _  M Y Bm Ж z -  ۨ  A D%Y N&u NG ҞH h i i  j xb9 'M g,i 7 *7 y7 ҅7 {Y7Q +8 m8 'w<8 1<8 X/@- /M9 OU *ci n n n n) ,oU ooi ^o *o o 4ͫ  @   BD
"Heh-heh, look at 'em!"
Check it out! They're coming
The fuzz! Let's go!
Oh no, we're in trouble now.
Get outta here! The cops!
Hahaha! Now we're in for it. Hahaha! LOSER!
It's the cops! Run.
Oh crap, now we're in for it. Hehe. kb  F 7A !]8Y ׊ny Mn ,o +oo 4ͫ @ x   BD
Sometimes, I like to take it slow.
Haha! Watch out for falling trees.
Come on, we're leaving.
I hope so Jimmy.
3! 2! 1! Go!
All right Jimmy... you won... of course, my bike wasn't tuned right. I'm gonna head to the shop and do some work on it.
Ready boys? Time to really prove you can race!
He's so dreamy.
You hit Lola.
Wow Jimmy you're fast. Are you always that fast?
Lola now likes you.
Greaser Respect -15
More bike talk? I'll meet you guys later.
Look where you're going dumbass!
See you around, Lola. Y  *!) - Q - m H 2i Q$j  EA )U Eų7i J W wn ) o Mo% 4ͫ T  1  BD
On your marks...
And HOPKINS wins!! Nice job Jimbo.
Hopkins wins!
Everybody get set...
That's why I'm here.
BMX Helmet unlocked.
3... 2... 1... Go!
Yeah, there are sign up sheets outside.
All right, get ready.
Hey kid... just so you know, there are more races coming up.
Stage 2 Race unlocked.
Stage 3 Race unlocked.
Stage 4 Race unlocked.
Stage 5 Race unlocked.
Stage 6 Race unlocked.
Stage 7 Race unlocked.
Bullworth Academy Race complete.
Bullworth Town Races complete.
Come to do some racing?
When are these races?
OK cool
Good luck. You'll need it...
New Coventry Races complete.
Bike Helmet and Jersey unlocked.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the boxing ring.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the theater.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley by the junk yard.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the school parking lot.
So you think you've got a few more races in you huh?
Well, you've come to the right place.
Just put your name down on this list.
Since you only have one win, you'll have to compete in this neighborhood.
The more races you win, the more neighborhoods you can race in.
Just meet the other racers after school, in the alley behind the boxing ring.
Racing league
Old Bullworth Vale
Bullworth Town
New Coventry
School grounds
Every night. Just sign up before hand.
You ready to race?
The winner is James Hopkins!
You here for the race?
Oh yeah?
Hey, there are races every night if you're interested, sign up sheet's outside.
Can I help you with anything?
Which course would you like to race on this time?
Bullworth Vale Races complete. 0  1  1 = 1 Q !i  ] Vo  H j"9 j"U j"q j" j" j" pε2 )ص2 m7) w75 W7Q ;8m ;y q; ƫ\ 3\ 4\5 5\ 6\ y\ y\Q y\} y\ y\ y\= Dk Ek Ek Ek Ek ~&n n! .n9 3nY iqou o q q 's1 4ͫ  ;  BD
Hey! Only athletes are allowed in here.
Hmm... maybe I can use this to my advantage.
Thanks. I'll be sure to visit you often.
What, war footage and natural disasters doesn't do it for you?
Enough talking. Let's fight.
Why not, I can always use this place to crash.
It's a pretty cool game... it's all about killing things and taking their stuff.
I always said I'd give my bottle rocket launcher to whoever beat Fatty's high score. Here, take it.
Never! Malker the Brute will never allow it!
What are you doing here? You can't join our party.
What was it called? Grottos and Gremlins or something like that?
Whatever. I'm better than any of you losers.
Dude, that's my sister you're talking about.
OK you won. I guess you can use the clubhouse.
Get back to the nerd hangout.
This sucks. There's never anything good on TV.
What's going on sir?
Oh yeah? How about we beat you in a game of dodgeball?
Beat Fatty's ConSumo high score of 1,010 lbs.
You lost the tournament.
You left the club meeting.
You guys having fun?
I want you gone. Get lost.
Sounds good, how about you introduce me some time?
Alright, I won. Give me my prize.
No no no! You can't use diplomacy to make the elf princess do that.
Hey! What are you doing here?
... man she was nice looking.
I'm here to beat you up and evict you.
Give him a chance. Let him join if he can beat Fatty's ConSumo high score.
Nice place you guys have found. I think I'll take it.
Get rid of all the Greasers.
Get rid of all the Preppies.
Get rid of all the Jocks.
Get rid of all the Dropouts.
You've got a new hideout.
New Save Location~n~unlocked.
Get rid of all the Nerds.
You've earned~n~the Townie's Hangout.
You've earned~n~the Greaser Hangout.
You've earned~n~the Jock Clubhouse.
You've earned~n~the Nerd Clubhouse.
You've earned~n~the Beach Clubhouse.
You failed to take over the club house.
You've earned~n~the Boxing Outfit.
You shouldn't fight in the store.

The Bottle Rocket Launcher is available in your room.
Thanks, I might check it out.
Uhm... there's a little problem. Your parents have to be members of the board for you to be eligible.
Of course I can.
Yeah... hey... what are you doing in here?
The club meeting is downstairs. Go ahead.
Tell you what old chap, we'll give you that old abandoned beach house. Should be nice once you clean it up.
What do you want Hopkins?
You shouldn't fight the nerds.
You lost the match to the Jocks.
Meet the jocks at the gym.    v   - ]   < % J!y Y,  i-  -  - U -  G ^ a5 Y P]H 9  щg! m/1 7Q %x7i >7 F7 YU7 4<81 *<8U <8y `آ8 i8 ;:1 t;:Q ;:q ;: ;: ;: ;: [;: ^;:A a;:i e;: g;: A RzK  6O5 P[] T$ce y_n Tn g+o1   .NoE   LOou   YPo   fo x5 ~ zY 9} 4ͫ T    BD
Whoa dude, you got some balls talking like that. But alright, let's do this. D 4ͫ (   BD
What, war footage and natural disasters doesn't do it for you?
This sucks. There's never anything good on TV.
I want you gone. Get lost.
Nice place you guys have found. I think I'll take it.
What do you want Hopkins?  E %x7y i8 fo 4ͫ  H  BD
Hey! Only athletes are allowed in here.
Thanks. I'll be sure to visit you often.
Whatever. I'm better than any of you losers.
Dude, that's my sister you're talking about.
OK you won. I guess you can use the clubhouse.
Oh yeah? How about we beat you in a game of dodgeball?
Sounds good, how about you introduce me some time?
Hey! What are you doing here?
... man she was nice looking.    v  - - ] G ^ 9 >71 4<8i *<8 4ͫ    BD
I can't believe he beat you. Wow.
I always said I'd give my bottle rocket launcher to whoever beat Fatty's high score. Here, take it.
Now this is pretty cool.   Y, ) U$ 4ͫ  (   BD
Maybe but my daddy only has more mistresses than yours.
You? Yes, we do mind as a matter of fact.
Hello gentlemen, mind if I join you?
My trust fund is bigger than your trust fund.
Well, I'm staying so you better get the hell out of here then. Ö  /7= v]8m 'n v-o 4ͫ   2  BD
I've got daddy's checkbook with me.
Really? I'll take that pompous bastard down a notch.
You looking for math help too, son?
Yeah, did you bring the goods?
Hey... what are you doing there?
Top dollars for top grades... makes sense to me.
Bye bye, fatty!
And as for you Galloway, there better not be anything to that drinking business.
You guys looking for something?
... as he so richly deserves.
Don't worry. He'll be here soon, I'm sure.
And to think I trusted you, Hattrick. You're fired.
Don't skulk around kid, come over here.
Is that so? Then you might want to look at these.
Of course. I trust you have my fee?
Richly doesn't begin to describe it.
That bastard's trying to rat on us!
To get evidence, climb onto the auto-shop rooftop.
Quickly, take a photo of the prep selling tests.
To get more evidence, go to the school gym.
Hide in the pool stands.
Take a photo of the prep and jock together.
Follow the prep.
Take a photo of the prep and Mr. Hattrick together.
Return the photos to Mr. Galloway.
What's this?
Yeah, do you have the tests?

See you at midterms.
What are you looking at peon?
You know he drinks on school grounds. Think of the children, Dr. Crabblesnitch.
Alright, I'll pay. You drive a hard bargain.
But I... I... I... Oh.
I sure hope he shows up. I need to get my grade up.
Do you have my cash?
Yes I am.
What? You took pictures?
Thanks for the cash chaps.
Greetings. Did you chaps bring the money?
Drinking? I will terminate the employment contract of any staff member found corrupting children. Morality is the most important lesson we can teach the youth.
It's that fat, evil hypocrite selling test answers to rich kids. Fire him!
I have the pictures and a copy of the test sir. Seems Hattrick's selling tests to almost everyone.
You didn't get any pictures Jimmy? Oh.
There you are sir.
Money money! Hahahaha!
Why do we need these tests? I just copy my work from you guys.
You didn't take the picture in time.
You were spotted.
You attacked Mr. Galloway. n1  u  5 ' m l w ( U! ۘC% - y # d % G) HU L ^p* g* 1 1= 1q 1 1 1 1 19 7a "7q ,7 8 $]8 ^8 L_8) _8] ەny pn 1n .n Dn Mn [nI (2-o fMoA FOo 8po cִo iZo    @zM @zu @z 4ͫ    BD
Get back to New Coventry.
Tagging unlocked
Greaser Respect -15
Prep Respect +5
I've been messin' around, for sure, but I'm quite good at it. What's it to ya'?
Somebody's gonna get their freakin' legs knocked out.
Travel to New Coventry.
Lay down your tag.
Lay down 5 greaser insult tags in New Coventry.
Spray a greaser tag.
You can now buy spray at the grocery store.
Buy some spray paint at the grocery store.
You need more spray.
You ran out of time.
Tags: ~i~
Lay down some greaser insult tags.
Complete the tags on the rooftops for a big payoff.
Who could ever call this art?
You can't buy any more spray.
You left New Coventry. *  Ex! N55 N5M =7a x8 F F  F% *FY Fq F F F F ,F .F9 onq \| ]| 4ͫ p  2  BD
The Watcher! The Watcher has awoken!
Ooh! A newcomer. How exciting.
I'm sorry, visiting time is over.
Go on... get in there.
Awh man... I better check that out.
What just happened?
Move along.
Did I tell you my theory about the Florida election?
Don't try to be tough and insult us kid.
Thank you so much.
Get moving.
I should probably break that up.
"The Watcher! He watches everything we do, waiting for just the right moment. Please save us."
Jimmy, I really appreciate this. Thank you.
Let's be friends... but don't anger the watcher.
Maybe you can protect me from the Watcher.
A visitor? From the sky. Are you here to save us from the Watcher?
Man, the last thing we need is some sort of Watcher stampede again.
Alright, back to your rooms!
I think I'll just follow you for a while.
Don't worry Miss.
Jimmy! I'm glad you made it.
Are you off to the Blaydon races?
What are you doing?
Hey... wanna buy some Nigerian yellow cake?
Alarm! Alarm! They're breaking out!
Get back in there.
What's that commotion?
Don't let the orderlies spot you or you'll be thrown off the property.
Travel to the asylum.
Sneak through the asylum and find Mr.Galloway.
Find a back way out of the asylum.
Find a way onto the asylum grounds.
:tri: Lower the Ladder
Get inside the asylum without being spotted.
Escape the asylum.
Destroy the statue's power source without being seen.
Meet Ms. Philips near the asylum.
You're supposed to be sneaky.
Me too. I'm so happy to have my Gally-bear back.
What's going on over there?
It's the patients' 'outside time'... get them some fresh air and all that. Now run along.
Very well sir... please follow me to the front desk.
Flee! Flee to save your souls!
What are you talking about?
I'll just follow you around because I'm crazy.
Please hurry... and try to talk some sense in to him. I'll be waiting for him at the asylum gates.
Get going... go go go.
Travel to the observatory tunnels. 0  {,R - oR Q yt y M `ݹ ЗC Μ, 3.  ԽI M^a M#q   }) ||] & /QG H j= Vjm  u7 }7 `7 7 ;8) 8U w8m d; GG;F G;F H;F% J;FM K;Fu K;F K;F K;F KQ w\9 ~n] Qo    o ݔ   o o oM #,oq =Oo oo ۉqo- ~I 4ͫ h   BD
Aah, Hopkins, good to see you.
Make it quick, Earnest.
Now, as our new leader, I have something I need you to do for me.
I mean... look, do you want to take down the jocks or what?
Of course I do.
Yes, well I have a plan.
OK, what is it?
Well - what I need are some inappropriate pictures
of someone they care about.
You want pictures?
Yes - it's a complicated plan alright,
I need some naughty pictures of that Mandy girl.
I'm sure you do, but what does that got to do with this?
Well this... this is purely for the purposes of this plan.
I'm not like that at all.
You want me to get incriminating pictures of the head cheerleader,
just for your plan?
The kind of pictures that could land me in jail, or worse?
It's not easy being the boss.
Man, this better be good. r r% rA r r r r r r {rQ |rq }r ~r r r% re r r r r% rI 4ͫ L  "  BD
I may be a loser but at least I've got loser friends to hang out with.
We wouldn't let you into our gang, Pete,
because you're weird!
Weird! Look at you!
You've got a weak bladder.
Hey, Algie, I need some help.
I've got a plan to take over these jock scum.
Hey, Jimmy.
So what do you say, Algie?
Us? Help you?
Yeah. Think of everything
I've done for you since I got here!
You? You're like a bouncer.
We're a bit above helping people like you...
I mean get real. Durr... pee stain!
Now you need my help!
Well, you know what you've
got to do now, don't you?
What, beg?
No... get to Earnest.
He runs that clique with a rod of iron.
You get him on your side,
and you've got the rest of them eating
out of the palm of your hand.
How? By joining the trigonometry club?
No - that would never work.
You've got to show him who's boss.
You might be on to something.
See you later.
Hey, wait, Jimmy...
Can I come for once?  M ]  5  E  M  m    !  "  #  $ A % ] i      ! M q  "  #  $  %  & 5 4ͫ |  !  BD
Oh, here he is! Mr. Big.
Oh, can't you just get lost!
Or help?
We're trying to get out of here.
Come on, muscles, we've not got long!
What are you talking about?
The jocks are coming! To kill us!
Oh, thanks to you and your sordid little pictures.
You wanted them! You're the sicko!
A healthy interest in sexual matters
is natural during puberty, bud.
That's why I was having those dreams.
Anyway, this is not important right now...
I am about to die. We all are!
When are they coming?
What about your famous defense system?
Oh, it's broken OK...
Can't you fix it?
I need a bit of time... but we
have no time. We're dead! Dead!
I love you my friends!
Look, you fix it, I'll hold up the jocks.
Now where's that gun thing?
Get out here you sickos!
We're coming in you dorks!
We're ready for you nerds!
DOOMED! These feelings are natural,
and I'm about to die for them!
Just go fix the defense system
and I'll take care of the goons.
Come on you wimps!
We're coming to get you!
Get out here you sickos! ;$ <$ =$= >$I ?$m @$ A$ B$ C$ $A $i $ $ $ $  $) $U $q $ @$* A$ B$ C$ D$= E$Y F$y G$ H$ I$ $    $- $E $a 4ͫ    BD
Oh, hey Jimmy.
Hey, Pete.
Yo Jimmy, I'm over here.
Gimme five, dude.
Ahh, no.
Yeah, well, cat, looks like your homies
took care of some lames for us.
What are you talking about?
Don't get fresh wit' your homies!
Can you please talk normally?
This is my normal style of rapping, bro.
Alright. Enough. WHAT'S MY QUEST?
Ah right. Salutations, Sir James.
It seems my clever brethren have taken control of the funhouse at the carnival.
Well done... all that education and now you run a fun house. Genius.
You simple-minded, noble foot soldier!
The football team is going to be there this afternoon.
You could really cause them some problems.
OK, explain it to me on our way over.
There's not much to explain, just access the control rooms
through the maintenance doors... then do your thing.
Moon walk, oh yeah..... a= a= a=% a=A a=Y a=e a= a= a= ^b= _b=! `b=M ab=u bb= cb= db=9 eb=e fb= gb= b= b== b=u b= 4ͫ 8   BD
Hey Jimmy... I've had a brilliant idea. Another one.
Many are called, but few are chosen.
Luckily for you - I've chosen you to help me carry out this little masterpiece.
My finest work!
What are talking about, you lunatic?
I'm talking about what we're always talking about, amigo.
About bullying the bullies.
About my favorite dish - revenge!
Revenge! Against who?
Who do you think? The football team!
Those over-developed, under-brained lords of our little manor,
reduced to a bunch of sniveling wretches.
Bowing down to my...
You mean OUR.
I meant our superiority.
Us, ruling, like gentlemen, over the peasants.
Us, yes, you ruling, of course... me offering some sage advice,
doing all the thinking, that sort of thing.
Merlin to your King Arthur!
Whatever... what's the plan?
Well, first we need you to get the school mascot costume.
And how do you suggest I do that?
Well, go follow them, wait for us to distract the gorillas!
Go... while we still have hope! }W ~W= We W W W W5 WU W} W W W W5 WM Wa W} W W W W- WM Wm W* W W 4ͫ    BD
Yes, Candy from Ohio, you would be a fair queen for me,
in that little thong and with those massive piles of silicone.
Initially you'd think, 'Who's that handsome stranger?'
Then I'd walk into the bar,
impress you with my suave-ity... errr,
my suave-ability... err how suave I was.
I'd look up and say, 'What's a nice girl like you, doing in a place like this?'
And you'd say, 'Take me to the hay barn...'
Hey Earnest.
What's that you're reading?
Nothing, nothing... just some, some history homework.
Cool. Can I see?
It's personal.
Personal history? Sounds interesting.
Err, yes, well, you wouldn't understand...
anyway, listen the big game is today.
Operation Trojan Cow is ready to proceed.
Operation Trojan Cow?
It's my master plan!
My spies have already been gathering the information
that will bring about the downfall of the jocks at this school.
So I guess I'll be needing this.
Does this work?
Yes! Rendezvous with my agents in the field. !p !p= !p !!p "!p #!p    $!p5 %!p &!p !p !p !p% !p9 !pM !py !p !p !p !p! #!p9 $!pq %!p &!p '!p 4ͫ  ( %  BD
The thing is Pete... now that I'm cool,
I'm not sure we can be friends any more...
I'm messing with you.
Real funny Jimmy. Well, when you're done with this place
a career on the stage awaits,
maybe, maybe like a male stripper or something, huh!
So umm... what about Gary?
I haven't seen him, but whenever I hear
somebody say I used to be a girl and had a sex change,
or that my mother slept with Crabblesnitch to get me in here,
I think to myself...
What a jerk. You know he even called me a dork.
Well I guess he's not always wrong.
Is that what you really think?
Whatever, Jimmy.
You know I stand up for you and you still think I'm a dork.
You're a jerk.
And you're a dork so we're equal.
Whatever, I'm leaving.
Now maybe next time you'll watch where you're going.
What did you do that for?
Oh, I'm sorry, psycho, did I hit your boyfriend?
Yeah, psycho. You gonna try to kick our asses now?
No. I think I'll do that more publicly.
Oh, I'm really scared right now, I'm really scared.
I take down line backers every day, pal.
Whatever pretty boy, you'll get yours.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Go have some fun in the communal showers...
oooh I just dropped my soap... please pick it up for me!
Petey get up ...
I think we found some new people to have some fun with. !Hm !Hm- !Hm] !Hmi !Hm !Hm !Hm !Hm !Hm) T"HmI U"Hmu V"Hm W"Hm X"Hm  Y"Hm Z"HmM ["Hmu \"Hm ]"Hm* "Hm "Hm "Hm) "HmE "HmQ "Hm "Hm "Hm "Hm "HmA Z#Hmy [#Hm \#Hm ]#Hm ^#Hm! _#Hm] `#Hmi a#Hm} 4ͫ t H  BD
Maybe now you'll listen to me.
Here, here just take it.
You're just like everyone else, picking on the little man.
I'm not like everyone else, honestly.
Now listen. We both want the same thing...
to teach those jocks a lesson.
From now on we're buddies.
You have a funny way of showing friendship!
We're friends, we work together. "H\ "H\% "H\A "H\ "H\* "H\ "H\ "H\! "H\Q 4ͫ  P  BD
Earnest, what are you doing? Give it up, dork. You work for me now.
You're pathetic. You've defeated my weakest compadres.
You've just met your match!
I want us to be friends! I need your help!
I've had friends like you -
the kind who treat you like dog muck on their shoes.
No thanks, bud.
Come on!
It's my brains against your brawn.
Welcome to hell, Jimmy Hopkins! W WI W W W W W- WA WM qWu 4ͫ 8   BD
That's right, losers!
Ah Jimmy! You did it, you did it!
I'm king of the school!
You beat them all in front of everybody.
Thanks for your help, Petey.
Ahh, this is gonna be great! 8} 8} 8}) 8}Q 8}m 8} 8} 4ͫ @   BD
Who is that gimp?
Yeah... who is that gimp?
Oh it's that little squirt Hopkins.
Yeah, that squirt Hopkins.
You're dead Hopkins.
Yeah, dead Hopkins.
Why don't you stop repeating everything he says,
and get on with it? /p /p /p9 /pa /p /p /p /p 4ͫ T  #  BD
I know. It's funny.
I'm the girl in the dirty pictures. Ha ha.
What are you talking about?
Don't pretend you don't know.
Everybody knows...
Knows what?
There's posters of me all over town.
Oh, those.
Now everyone thinks I'm a slut.
Great. My parents will be so proud.
I'll probably get expelled.
Look, it could be worse...
How exactly could it be worse?
I mean, sure, I've been a bitch at times,
been nasty, but I don't deserve this...
My life is over.
I mean I've always wanted
to be a model, but not like this.
Everybody's laughing at me.
I can't bear it.
Everybody's always laughing at me.
Well, maybe you're not as insecure as I am.
OK, I just wanted to be popular...
and now everybody hates me.
Well I guess I deserve it.
I'll tell you what, you wait here.
I'll get rid of those posters for you...
or at least cover them up.
Would you? I'd do it myself,
but I can't deal with it.
I'm really losing it here.
Here you go.
Oh Jimmy, what took you so long? Thanks.
No problem.
Oh man, I can't believe this! My first time with a teacher...
Aww man, this is gonna be great!
Hey Jimmy. What are you doing here?
Nothing... what are you doing here?
Well - it's a little awkward.
But since you've been such a good friend to me...
Ms. Philips, she's asked me... me, of all people... she...
can you believe... she's asked me on a date!
Wait, she asked you? I think you're mistaken.
Ahh, what?
Yeah... I mean,
I think there's been some sort of mistake.
You sure you haven't been hittin' the bottle again?
No... I mean, yes, I am sure.
Well OK then.
Hitting the bottle...
Lionel, you came... you look great.
So do you, Deidre.
Thank you.
Wait.... wha...?
Jimmy! What are you still doing here?
Ahhh, what do you mean?
This boy is an angel! He's been magnificent.
And he is so cute!
Cute... nice.
Come on, Lionel, let's go.
Bye Jimmy.
Jimmy - you should get back to school.
Wait! Miss Philips! Aww, man... [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],= [email protected],M [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], :@,) @,a @, @, @, @, @,) @,Y @, @, @, 7A, 8A,  9A,% :A,5 ;A,I A, ?A, @A, A,  A, A,I 4ͫ    BD
Jimmy... you've interrupted me...
Oh - sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Can I see?
Sure - take a look -
I think I have finally caught the essence of what it means to be a banana.
I really feel my work is moving forward.
Here's the thing... art is lost on me. I've always been more into music.
You know, having thoughts for another really makes your work glow.
How do you mean?
When people do things, incredible things,
when people blossom and grow, that really moves me.
You know what I mean.
Not really...
I'm in love Jimmy, and I want to make tonight very special.
Would you mind going to collect a few things, while I work my muse out?
A dress, some perfume and my pearl necklace from the jewelers,
not too much... I must look my best tonight.
Tonight! Wow... of course! Is this legal?
Of course it's legal. Whatever can you mean? Go on, my dear, hurry... -/m -/m) -/m9 *-/mU -/me -/m} -/m -/m -/mE ,./m -./m ../m /./m    0./m% 1./m9 2./my 3./m 4./m    5./m9 ./mi 4ͫ $ @ (  BD
You are in a WORLD of trouble young man.
Did you get the sketches done for the dance yet?
Ohmigod this is disgusting! I'll have to go change. Ohmigod.
Mandy what happened? You're a mess.
Don't touch me you perverted twisted sicko peeping Tom creepy son of a bitch!
Are you in there, Karen?
What did I come to do here again?
Oh yeah, the sketches for the dance.
Me neither. That's like soooo weird.
You attacked Mandy.
You were spotted by Mandy
You attacked Earnest.
Yeah, I bet.
I've got some nice pictures for you.
Hopkins I see you there! You're so not getting away with this.
Oooh... I can't wait to see them. I'm an avid student of anatomy you know.
Can't wait to get out of these clothes.
Why does this stuff always happen to me?
No, I'm over here. Come check this out.
Get out of here you sleazy sick slimy pig! Get OUT!
Keep trying. Maybe one day you'll get it.
Maybe it's because you're such a bitch?
Ah, much better... now I'm ready to dazzle everyone with my charisma and popularity again.
Jock Respect -5
Don't get too close.
This is soooo annoying.
Get out of here you creep!
Where did they go? It's like there is a thief in the laundry room or something.
You pervert, get out of the girls' dorm!
Get some pictures of Mandy.
Return the pics to Earnest at the library.
Return to the pictures to the library.
Enter the girls' dorm.
Get one more photo.

This is much better. I hope it doesn't make me smell like a nerd.
Fine fine fine! I'll go get the stuff for you in the bathroom.
Ah, much better... now I'm ready to dazzle everyone with my charisma and popularity again.
Some weirdo threw something at me. I just can't believe it. .S  yt - 2Cu a 4    -  !  = % e    !       {E <M  )P& [H  _gj9 we } x  g$Y _+,m 7 47 j8 8 R   EA R   Ea R   E QS QS i en 'nA n Pqo 4ͫ  ` ,  BD
Go away Jimmy!
Open the security door.
Earnest! The air compressor is malfunctioning!
Hey, losers, mind telling me where your fearless leader is?
You better tell me where Earnest is.
Alert! Barbarians at the gate!
Leave us alone! Bully!
Where's Earnest?
What are you even doing here Jimmy?
I invented that!
Forget it Hopkins! You're not getting in without the key-code.
Awake! Awake! We are under attack!
Jock Respect +5
Nerd Respect -100
Ok, ok... it's 1138.
Enter the observatory.
Hey, can you tell me where Earnest is?
Fall back!
Your door is gone Earnest! Now I'm coming for YOU!
Hey guys, I need to know where Earnest is.
He's at the observatory, but don't tell him I told you.
Destroy the transformer.
Observatory Door
Get the key-code from Thad.
It's our brains against your brawn and we'll win!
Leave now Jimmy and spare yourself!
"The observatory, he went to the observatory."
Pull back! There's too many of him!
Ask the nerds about Earnest's whereabouts.
Get on the spud cannon.
Make your way to the observatory.
Go to the side alley beside the library.
Can't we just play Grottos and Gremlins?
You like spuds?
Get out of here Jimmy!
What's up nerdlings? Where's Earnest?
I'm afraid your diplomacy skill is too low. We won't tell you.
He was

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Hey, Derby.
Hey, Johnny.
Hiya, Jimmy.
Whas'up brother?
Hey, Chad.
So, I'm like... 'Yo, it's Jimmy!'
Yo man, what's going on?
Oh, hey, girl, you're looking great.
Great, thank you for that sugar, darling.
Alright boys, that's all I got to say.
Later Jimmy.
See you later.
Bye guys.
Hey Jimmy, what's going on?
Everything. I did it man. I took over this dump.
These morons - are my morons now.
That's great... just don't turn into a jerk.
How could I? Hey baby, how you doing?
What'cha doing later?
Just remember Jimmy - not everybody likes you.
Correct... they LOVE me.
Well what about Gary?
Gary? Forget about that twerp.
Dude, it's me now, I run this place and you're my friend, so please try to be cool.
Ah man, you're bringing me down.
Come on, let's go milk this thing for all it's worth.
We might even find YOU a girl. {T |T }T! ~T1 TE TU T} T T T T T) T9 TM T] Ti T T T T TA T] T T* T T TE Ti T 4ͫ  x   BD
You had enough? You want some more? Come on big guy!
You still think messing with me is a good idea?
No. No, no.
Good, that's what I thought.
Now... what made you think it was a good idea in the first place?
Awww man, I hate that school.
My parents couldn't afford to send me there
and now I'm stuck in this dump of a town.
Gary said we'd make them all pay.
Wait a second... Gary? That backstabbing two-faced sociopath put you up to this?
I bet he said you two would take over the school or some crap...
Hey, how'd you know?
Because he told me the same garbage.
Didn't do me any good either.
Come on. You're going to help me make him pay for his lies. d9 d9= d9q d9 d9 d9 d9  d9= d9m >e9 ?e9 @e9- Ae9E Be9m Ce9 4ͫ  H  BD
Man, we don't have to fight. Just help us get back at Gary.
He's the one who set us all up.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, some punk school kid comes in here
and takes out my boys and tells me we don't have to fight. Right!
Alright, fine. We'll do it your way.
Ya know, you're pretty tough for a kid who goes to school.
And you're really dumb for one who doesn't.
You're dead, punk.
You're pathetic. Shut up and fight. ͜S ΜSA ϜSe МS ќS ҜS ӜSQ ԜS ՜S 4ͫ  h  BD
Hey, whatcha looking at?
Hey Zoe.
You wanna have some fun, tough guy?
What kind of fun?
Not that kind... I only date older men, or junkies.
They're so romantic.
C'mon... what's wrong with me?
Well , everybody hates you, you're a little twerp,
you dress terribly, but apart from that, nothing!
Oh, OK... good.
Why don't we play a little game... come on.
By older men I hope you don't mean Mr. Burton.
Hey! ݼ!~ ޼!~ ߼!~) !~Q !~i !~ !~ !~ !~ _!~M `!~a a!~ b!~ 4ͫ    BD
They're probably leaving their filth everywhere. Disgusting.
I... think... I... might... faint...
Thank you Jimmy... if you have any late fees I think we can just forget about them.
... this smells... like... Edna.
Those filthy rats have no respect for my beautiful library.
... I'm getting sorta dizzy here.
Jimmy... use that poison gadget thing.
You ran out of time.
You attacked the librarian.
Yes those crates. The rats appeared once those books were delivered.
Those critters are even worse than the students.
I don't think that's good for my lungs.
I want you to kill every single one of them Jimmy. All of them.
I did that a long time ago... I mean, thank you Ms.
Are you alright Jimmy?
Please Jimmy, step up the extermination.
Come on child! Use the rat poison.
Hopkins. Would you please use that rat poison type gadget?
Kill those... those... dirty RATS!
Well done Jimmy... now bring that awful poison contraption over here.
Nerd Respect +10
Clear the library of rats.
There! I see one! Aaaaha!
That can't be good for me.
I'm feeling a little woozy here.
These crates?
Things are getting... blurry.
That rat poison smells awful...
Jimmy... Jimmy... can you hear me?
I saw one nibbling on a book! Kill it!
Check the delivery crates to see if any of them are still lurking in there!
Everything seems to be fine Ms. I think I got them all. 0  p1 E 1 m 1 t ) CQ FN} FN 4֜ % i5 Meja | 7 S7 2<8% H=8M ]8 kV8 (TC ;AX n5 nU Snu +o ,o* r-o 9po Fqo vדoI !o 4ͫ  ` ,  BD
No way man. We've been busy with the townies.
Where'd you hide those trophies you thief.
Hurry up... can't be late for the party at the docks.
Man, I hope one of them bites the librarian.*She's such a cow.
Yeah.*And Johnny says that you're no friend of ours anymore, but since you got him out I'll let you walk away from this meeting.
No way man.*After the townies been saying all that stuff about Lola and made Johnny crazy, we don't care about those stuck up jerks.
I heard rats like to actually eat books. Man, wouldn't that be awesome?
Alright Vance, did you guys steal the preppies' trophies?
Hahaha!*Rats in the Library.*Awesome!
Hehehe!*All the little nerds running around, screaming like girls.
Hahaha! Better hope you don't get rabies.
Get proof of who stole the trophies.
Travel to the docks.
Photograph the townies with the stolen trophies.
Return to the boxing gym.
Find the prep's stolen trophies.
Go to the warehouse in Blue Skies Industrial Park.
Get a picture of the townies with the rat crate.
Go to the greaser hangout in New Coventry.
Destroying stuff will get you caught.
You were spotted.
Find the townies putting rats in the crates and get a picture.
Hey!*Quit squirming!
We gotta remember to put a few airholes in the crate.
The townies? What do you mean?
Yeah ok.
Now get outta here.
Get in there you little sucker.
Man, I hope these little guys don't have fleas.
Ow!*It bit me.
We'll see about that.
Townies, eh? I think I know where to look.
Hey, tell me about the preppy trophies.
The townies?*Really?
Well... since I already beat you, I guess I'll believe you.
Townies have spotted you.
You left the docks.
You've been spotted.
Get back to the docks.
Prep Respect +10
Yeah, they've been spreading rumours about Johnny. That's what made him go crazy.
Alright, come on.*They're burning those trophies down at the docks.
I can just imagine the look on their face when they get another crate of rats!
I guess I better get some proof then.  N 5 m0 e 7u ROv m  @ E J   $-  p- pU *pm p p p p pQ p -p* .p     E% a  s 4& ^H ٨  71 \7a 8 9<8 :R? ;R?   
I'm free you wankers!
I love her! That's not crazy!
Schoolboys. Let's mess 'em up.
Thanks for getting me out Jimmy.
Damn... they're locked.
Yeah... anyways... I gotta find Lola, see if it's true or not. See ya'.
Talk to the guard in the control room.
Sneak past the orderlies and find Johnny Vincent.
Be careful not to be seen by the orderlies.
Get to the laundry room and find the orderly outfit.
Get to the control room.
Travel to the asylum.
I can believe that.
You should've given up glue sniffing like I did.
Thanks for getting me kid. Hey, let's go out the back way. Follow me.
I think I might have broke something.
Get an orderly uniform from the laundry room.
Jimmy, you gotta get me out of here.
Man... this is so boring.
You can't keep me locked up! I didn't do nuthin' wrong.
All right Johnny... have fun.
I Dunno. Don't care, but he sure does yell a lot huh?
Here's someone who isn't one of us. Beat him!
You left the asylum.
You gotta get into the control room to open the door.
I'm not crazy. Let me out you pigs!
Open the cell room doors.
Could I get a little help here?
What are you waiting for?
Anything going on?
Some of the local kids said they'd gotten together with Lola. I went a little crazy.
I'm free! I'm free!
Get back to the asylum.
Get back inside the asylum.
You do NOT have permission to be here.
What's with the new kid in Block B?
Don't they all. I guess we'll have to knock him out with the ether.
The Dropouts set me up.
Looks like a quiet shift.
How'd you get in there to begin with?
Hey Jimmy, I'm hurtin' here.
Ain't nothin' crazy about what I did and you know it. You'd have done the same.
Get outta here or I'm calling the cops.
Waitaminute! Who are you? Where am I?
"Sure, let me buzz you in."
Yeah, keeps going on about how he's not crazy and how he got framed and blah blah blah.
You want your break?
Are you that new guy?
Greaser Respect +10
Help Johnny escape.
Escape the asylum with Johnny.
:tri: Unlock cell doors
Find a way out of the asylum.
Exit the asylum.
Johnny was knocked out. 1  9u  u A Yv e p  f: R SU T  a  S  &A r |  $ /H5 7iq ej ٧j J `* DY F Odz7 H8 ف8 ځ8 q8Y {mvAq ;I n* AFn n oI YQ   oe  o o /-o v-o) MoU .No "oo ͉o ^o $vu1 ){I ){a ){m ){ ){* ){ ~ 4ͫ   9  BD
Jimmy is that you? Thank you.
I think the flames are getting out of control.
Jimmy you pyro scum, you gonna pay!
Now Kirby, get out.
I'm getting out of here.
Aaaaah! I'm stuck!
I don't know... but I saw some weirdo downstairs.
What's going on?
Is everybody safe? Ohmigod Jimmy, please get them.
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Thanks Jimmy.
Where do you think you're going?
Jock Respect +10
You ran out of time.
The townie is getting away.
The townie escaped.
You attacked the students.
Get the fire extinguisher.
Search the gym for the pyromaniac.
Catch the townie before he escapes.
Put out all the fires before the cops arrive.
Save all the students.
Talk to Mandy.
Don't let the townie get away.
There are no fires downstairs.
I'll check it out... you get out of here.
Uhm... Jimmy... would you mind helping me again? Please?
You're not wanted here school boy.
That's more like it.
Hahaha! I lit a little fire under your butt didn't I.
I hate that school! Hate it hate it hate it!
Bullworth is run by psychopaths! You know that!
No problem, Mandy, you'll be ok.
I regret NOTHING!
I hope no one's getting hurt. Oh Jimmy, won't you save them?
There he is, get him!
Outta my way schoolboy!
Be careful Jimmy.
Get lost brat.
Somebody help me!
Who set fire to the gym?
Thanks man!
Where are the others? Is everyone ok?
Jimmy! Please save the gym! Please!
Hey new guy.
Burn baby burn! Ahahaha! I told you you'd all be sorry for expelling me.
Oh Jimmy! Thank you!
What happened, Mandy?
"Hey guy, help me out here!"
The gym! How could you do it!?
Jimmy! The fire! Please get the fire!
Jimmy... over here!
Admit it! You wish you'd done it yourself.
You're nothing but a terrorist Hopkins!
Oh, thanks a lot. I could've done that myself.
Over here! Help me please. l0  0 1 1 nR e S t    v =Ѹ <8= '<8 n 8wn ~n in       o5 +oM ,o} 0-o xeMo 4ͫ L  #  BD
Hopkins, I know you're up to no good!
Burton always goes to the can when he goes running. We've got to make sure he uses this one, and send him on a trip.
Ah... much better.
Ewwww... what's that smell?
Meet Zoe at the park in Old Bullworth Vale.
You attacked Zoe.
Sabotage the potties.
Meet Zoe at the park in Old Bullworth Vale.
Burton finished using the potty.
Burton finished his run.
I am NOT going in there.
Heh. Thanks. He sure had it coming.
Did you get them?
No shenanigans Hopkins! I'm watching you.
Destroy the potties before Mr. Burton finishes his run.
Sabotaged the porta-potty.
That arrogant bastard's going down!
Yeah, I got them. Now what?
Return to the park.
Hide in the last potty.
Push the porta-potty over the ledge.
Zoe now likes you.
Get the boltcutters.
Travel to the hardware store in Bullworth Town.
Get the boltcutters.
Ram the tractor into the potty.
I'll take care of this... you make sure he doesn't use one of the other ones.
I bet Hopkins is behind this somehow.
This sounds like it's going to be good.
Damn vandals.
What's going on out there?
Man, that's pretty nasty.
See anything exciting?
Return to Zoe to exact revenge on Mr. Burton.
You left the park. p1  Nv - K *  [E  c ) }E _Uu } ˛ Kٜ G% [i $E `O4 o7 8 7%9 < v@ FE 'J] Y6Ku |=ZK HM ,n n9 ޔ   oe z o ( o =No eqo
Hey Russell, I need your help to bust into the dropouts' hideout.
Damn... they're locked.
Only if Russell gets to destroy.
Travel to Russell's house in Old Bullworth Vale.
Hey Russell, I need your help to bust into the townie's hideout.
Alright, this is a good time to show you my new toy.
Get on the scooter.
Follow Russell.
Now what?
I Smash!
You are falling behind.
Russell got too far away. v+R  p I e    9 Q e u   4ͫ   #  BD
All right, let's go.
Now that we have the power restored, we've got get to the chem plant... .
I love it when you talk all tough.
I guess you better get outta here then.
Hey dumbass. You gotta find the reset switch first. In the slaughterhouse. Dumbass.
We don't like your kind around here.
Get the switch, dumbass.
Take that punk to school!
Enough of this messing around.
We gotta be careful they don't notice us.
We gotta go through the Red Star building.
Well, let's do it.
Hurt him! Hurt him bad!
I don't think he wants to talk to you. And you can't get in while the power is out anyways.
Smashing into to our barricade like that? Completely out of control. Are you crazy?
Oooh! That's gotta hurt.
Get him from behind!
This gate is controlled by an electronic security switch... I think it's in the office.
That's it. Finally you found the right button to press.
I don't think I can beat all of them.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
You gonna get that switch or what?
I've got to talk to that Edgar kid.
What do you mean?
He's Edgar's right hand man... he's the only one with a key to the plant.
Hehe... boom!
Uh oh... this doesn't look so good.
I'll get this switch, you go get the other one.
Wipe that stain out!
He's still here! Get him!
... and to do that, we've got to take on Omar.
We gotta cut through the train yards.
Show him what we got for him! {vt  #Au  %Bu i  a޹ zd  % i' M 6 i   * c^,  e#-  (% A 'H h V+ h.1 7 67 M7 h7! 7I 7q 7 j;8 t<8 )^8 |8I fna 6n rUn >Oo Yo 4ͫ l  4  BD
All right, let's go.
Now that we have the power restored, we've got get to the chem plant... .
I love it when you talk all tough.
I guess you better get outta here then.
Hey dumbass. You gotta find the reset switch first. In the slaughterhouse. Dumbass.
We don't like your kind around here.
Hang on Jimmy...
Get the switch, dumbass.
Take that punk to school!
Enough of this messing around.
We gotta be careful they don't notice us.
We gotta go through the Red Star building.
Well, let's do it.
Hurt him! Hurt him bad!
You'll see.
I don't think he wants to talk to you. And you can't get in while the power is out anyways.
Smashing into to our barricade like that? Completely out of control. Are you crazy?
Oooh! That's gotta hurt.
Get him from behind!
This gate is controlled by an electronic security switch... I think it's in the office.
That's it. Finally you found the right button to press.
I don't think I can beat all of them.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
You gonna get that switch or what?
I've got to talk to that Edgar kid.
What do you mean?
He's Edgar's right hand man... he's the only one with a key to the plant.
Hehe... boom!
Uh oh... this doesn't look so good.
I'll get this switch, you go get the other one.
Wipe that stain out!
The power plant generators are overloaded.
Reset the generator switches to restore the power.
You attacked Zoe.
Reset both generator switches.
Reset the breaker.
Reset the breaker located inside the Wonder Meats building.
Go to the Red Star building.
Find your way around to the chem plant.
Find Omar and get the key to the plant.
Get to the chem plant entrance.
Go to the trainyard and find a way around.
Get the key to the chem plant.
Find the switch to let Zoe through.
He's still here! Get him!
... and to do that, we've got to take on Omar.
We gotta cut through the train yards.
Show him what we got for him! {vt  #Au  %Bu i  a޹ zd  % ]a M i' e 6     c^,  e#- % (= iY i 'H h% V+A h.Y 7 67 M7 h7I 7q 7 7 j;8 t<8 )^8= |8q —g= ×g= ėg= ŗg=    Ɨg=! e I) f IM g Ie h I i I j I k I l IA m Iq ߀k fn 6n rUn >Oo YoI 4ͫ    BD
You won't be able to get through this way.
We've got all of Blue Skies Industrial Park blocked off. You'll need to go through the Red Star Industries lot.
It looks like the power outage reset these gates. We'll have to go the back way around.
There's a back alley from the trainyard. Let's go!
There's no way through this barricade. You'll have to find another way around.
This power outage must have reset these security gates. You'll have to find another way around.
Now that we've got the power restored, we've gotta get to the chem plant.
And to do that, you're gonna have to take on Omar.
Who's Omar?
Omar is Edgar's second. He's the only one with the key to the chem plant gate.
Where can I find Omar?
He usually hangs out around the Gloop Oil container.
Alright, let's go.
This gate is locked. Without power, there's no way to open it again.
This gate is controlled by an electronic switch. It must be around here somewhere.
This gate is controlled by an electronic switch inside the security office.
Be careful. Edgar has a couple of the guys in there keeping track of who goes in and out.
Edgar's a bit paranoid, isn't he?
There's a reason he was put in the asylum, Jimmy.
You know he's insane, but you hang out with him anyway?
Jimmy, you just drove a car built by nerds into our barricade.
Now you plan to fight your way through our complex to confront Edgar, the toughest bastard I've ever met.
I wouldn't exactly say that YOUR grip on reality is all that firm.
What's that supposed to mean?
Don't worry, I like 'em a bit crazy. Just don't start frothing at the mouth.
I just washed this shirt.
Get to the chem plant entrance.
Hold :l1: and press ~L3~ to crawl. = =1 = = =9 = = =A =y U= V= W= X=1 Y=I Z= [= \=9 ]= ^= = =5 =y = =1 =U = = = 4ͫ    BD
Hello, Zoe. Your betrayal will not be forgotten.
Bite me, Omar. Jimmy needs to talk to Edgar.
No one sees Edgar until the plan is complete, Zoe. Especially not this outsider.
I'm going to see Edgar, Omar. You might as well just give me the key.
You want the key, Hopkins? You'll have to take it.
I'm here to see Edgar.
No one sees Edgar until the plan is complete. Especially not an outsider.
Gaining access to Edgar isn't as easy as you may have thought, Hopkins.
Each and every member of our order will gladly fight to keep you from him.
Alright. Bring 'em on.
I can't go up there with you, Jimmy.
What? Why not?
I've already done more than I should have. They're my friends. I. . . I just can't.
Alright, Zoe. I'll see you when I come back down with the key.
No. I'd better go. Good luck with Omar, Jimmy...and with Edgar.
Defeat Omar.
First group, engage!
Second group, engage! Do better than your brethren!
Don't let him win! Everyone dogpile the bastard.
I'll have to take care of you myself!
The entrance to the chemical plant is now open.
Omar n1= o1=5 p1=e q1= r1= s1== t1=Y u1= v1= 1=E 1=a 1= 1= 1= 1=9 1=} 1= 1= 1= s2= t2= u2=I v2=} 4ͫ @   BD
You can't buy anymore spray.
You got the paint.
You tagged City Hall.
You got the photo.
Townie Respect +50
Greaser Respect -60
Jock Respect -60
Nerd Respect -60
Preppy Respect -60
Travel to Bullworth Town City Hall.
Climb the side entrance wall without being spotted.
Climb to the top of City Hall.
Photograph the tag from the street.
Get back to the boy's dorm.
Buy some spray.
Take the photo from here.
Travel to Bullworth Town City Hall.
Return to your dorm room.
Lay a tag on City Hall. @Y  ! 9 U m     C D E= Ga  h f <[ kK> u% 4ͫ D  !  BD
Hahaha... You can't beat me with your weak hands.
You know, you're alright Jimmy.
Alright! Let's fight!
You think a pipe will take me down? I don't think so.
Heh... using tools. You're a clever monkey aren't you?
Better run now!
Ha... nice try kid. You'll need more than that to beat me.
Nothing like a chemical peel for your skin, huh Jimmy?
~R3~ Crawl
Good idea kid. Let's see what you can do with that.
Yeah ok. See ya.
Save yourself. Run.
Poor little Jimmy taking an acid bath.
Keep talking, it won't help you.
You want some fun huh!?
Using a pipe won't help you Jimmy, I'm still gonna kick your ass.
Search the chemical plant for Edgar.
Follow Edgar.
Defeat Edgar.
Hold down :l1: to use the shield to block Edgar's blows.
You can pull more shields off the wall.
Rip the pipes off the walls to use against Edgar.
That stings, doesn't it?!!?
I'm gonna break your face!
Haha... you're not as strong as you think you are kid. You're going to need more help.
I'll show you how it's really done.
You think you're smart huh?
This is going to be fun.
The fun's over here Jimmy!
Come on Jimmy! Step up!
There you go. Now maybe you'll have a chance.
Whatever, man - you're gonna get hurt. M  0 9 q1 ] 5S y Au { (  Oo ~po p[o o 4ͫ p @ (  BD
I wish I could see their faces when they come in tomorrow.
Requesting back up. Seems we have a situation here.
It's punk hunting time. You boys in?
All right Jimmy... here we are....
Come on Jimmy... is that all you got?
OK... enough... you win.
Wreck it! Wreck it all!
Wait, isn't Tad's last name Spencer?
This is the best date ever!
A warehouse full of expensive looking junk.
Zoe was knocked out.
Zoe $:~i~
Your Score~n~$~i~
Zoe's Score~n~$~i~
Time's Up!
You beat Zoe's score.
Who'd pay for this junk?
I'm winning Jimmy! Pick it up!
Yup... and now we're going to play a little game. Whoever smashes up the most stuff wins.
Enter the warehouse.
Smash more stuff than Zoe.
Meet up with Zoe.
There's more stuff to smash on the second floor.
You didn't beat Zoe's score.

Jimmy $:~i~~n~Zoe $: ~i~
Zoe will accept your gifts.
You sure know how to have a good time, Zoe.
Isn't this exciting Jimmy?
Cheap trash.
Looks like you're not as tough as you pretend, huh Jimmy?
Take that!
Come on Jimmy!
This feels so good.
See you around Jimmy.
"This is the BPD, we're coming in!"
Come on... we're going to the Spencer Shipping warehouse.
It makes it much more satisfying that all this is Spencer Shipping. 0  ?Kv A 1    y  "B v%- -  3.  C9 7Ga i * ˲e S& @E0 AE0 4 27% 57A F8] 8 7=; 7=; 7=; G<1 =e ~`J 1P vlb n n n n) ni 3-oy Mo Mo 5
Hey, Jim, this is your turf. What the hell's going on?
The whole place has gone mental.
Yeah, it's your old friend Gary. He's the one causing all the trouble.
The kid's a complete psycho,
and now he's got the teachers and prefects on his side.
So, we run in there, try to stop the fighting,
and find a way to deal with Gary.
Alright, one question.
How are we going to stop a load of kids
from beating the crap out of each other?
It's America!
We go in there with threats and bribes until we get what we want.
If all else fails, we beat the crap out of everyone.
That's why I brought along back-up.
Russell... likes to hurt people... for peace!
Then it's a plan. RD RD= RDa RD* RD RD  RD RDI RDq fRD gRD hRD iRD jRDA kRD} lRD mRD nRD 4ͫ    BD
What the hell are you doing here?
Looking for you, Zoe. I think I'm in love...
Don't be ridiculous... haven't you heard?
Heard what, my love?
The school has broken out into a massive fight.
Every gang and faction is fighting each other...
Oh man, I gotta go.
How am I going to deal with this?
I'm gonna need some serious back up.
Where's Russell? Where's your buddy Edgar?
Russell has been holed up
in the Wonder Meats slaughterhouse,
hiding from the cops.
He's worried about going to prison
after stealing that bike.
Russell can comprehend prison?
Wow. Look, I'll see you later.
Well, what about love?
It'll have to wait, Zoe. Duty calls! nI nI) nIY nI nI nI nI    nI nI! nI9 nIa nI nI nI nI nI nIE nIe nI nI* nI 4ͫ  x /  BD
Aah, Hopkins.
Now, I'm not one to give into popular sentiment.
You can tell that by your clothes.
I'm saying, you dress great.
Irrelevant... as I said, I am not a people-pleaser,
but in your case I'm going to make an exception.
An exception? Cool.
Yes - you are without a doubt the least popular boy
in this school right now, even that fat child
who wets himself is more popular than you.
Coincidentally, it has also come to my attention that
you are a filthy, dirty, foul-mouthed awful little vandal.
Yeah well, we already knew that.
Very droll. A comedian 'til the end.
Well you'll have to pursue your comedic talents elsewhere boy;
Bullworth is not for you.
I'm not the one who's funny. You know what's funny?
You. You're a joke, you old creep.
You and your stuck-up, lame-ass school,
with its bullies, sex-pest teachers.
This place is a dump and you're a big-nosed freak.
This school rewards losers and bullies.
I just stand up to them.
You painted obscene graffiti on the town hall, boy.
I have it on good authority it was you.
Oh yeah? Then who squealed? Tell me that.
A commendable pupil did feel the need
to tell me you were responsible for this outrage.
Gary Smith!
Look, I may have painted a few jokes on the town hall,
but that kid likes to torture people.
Gary Smith is the next head of this school.
He is responsible, courteous
and not afraid of being an unpopular leader.
You are blind, old man. Blind.
And you are leaving.
I tried to contact your mother, but she's still off on a cruise.
Until I hear from her,
I will have to let you stay here in your room,
but you may not wear the school uniform
or attend classes.
Ah, you gotta be kidding.
You are leaving the academy
to attend to your education elsewhere.
Now get out.
Whatever, man. $M: %M: &M:I 'M:q (M:} )M: *M: +M:    ,M:! M:Y M: M: M: M:9 M:] M: *M: M: M:! )N:I *N:u +N: ,N: -N: .N: /N:U 0N: 1N: 2N: N: *N:% N:a N: N: N: N:  N:1 N:I N: /O: 0O: 1O:    2O:! 3O:A 4O:a 5O: 6O: 4ͫ 8   BD
The thing is - if I win, you're just another punk.
You win and you'll be sent away even quicker
for beating up the head boy.
Why'd you do it, Gary?
Because I can. Because making little people like you
and the morons who run this place
eat out of the palm of my hand feels great!
But I never did anything to you.
You would have - if I'd given you the chance.
Face it, I'm smarter than you.
Oh, congratulations. You're smarter than me.
You hate everyone and everyone hates you. Genius.
The head likes me. I tied him up,
turned his dumb school into a battleground,
got kids expelled - unfairly, put several others into therapy,
and he still likes me!
You're such a loser.
Well, at least my mom doesn't make her living on her back.
You're dead! ? ?9 ?i ? ? ? ? ?5 ?Y ? ? ? ? ?A ?q ? ? ? !?) 4ͫ    BD
Smith! I heard the whole thing. You're expelled.
Come and untie me boy!
Yes, Sir!
Sorry, didn't see you there.
You know, I think I may have judged you too unfairly boy...
Yes, a little rough around the edges,
but you're a diamond, boy. A diamond.
Thank you Sir.
Now take out the trash would you, Hopkins?
My pleasure.
So it was you who took on this monstrous little wretch, was it?
What a hero, a lone wolf...
Uh huh... well, no. To be honest Sir,
I did have a lot of help from some friends.
Like this girl, Zoe, she got expelled
because she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her.
Burton? Well, he's fired! I hope he rots in hell!
And a guy named Peter Kowalski. A good friend of mine.
Never heard of him.
Yeah well, he keeps quiet. He's kinda shy.
Shy! The boy must be a genius.
Why he should be head of the school!
Pete? Great idea!
Now about that letter to my mother?
What letter? 7X 8X5 9XQ :Xa ;X X ?X- X] Xm X X X X X5 Xa X X XY ?X} @X AX BX 4ͫ    BD
Smith! I heard the whole thing. You're expelled.
Come and untie me boy!
Yes, sir!
Sorry, didn't see you there.
You know, I think I may have judged you too unfairly boy...
Yes, a little rough around the edges,
but you're a diamond, boy. A diamond.
Thank you sir.
Now take out the trash would you, Hopkins?
My pleasure.
So it was you who took on this monstrous little wretch, was it?
What a hero, a lone wolf...
Uh huh... well, no. To be honest sir,
I did have a lot of help from some friends.
Like this girl, Zoe, she got expelled
because she complained about Mr. Burton hitting on her.
Burton? Well, he's fired! I hope he rots in hell!
And a guy named Peter Kowalski. A good friend of mine.
Never heard of him.
Yeah well, he keeps quiet. He's kinda shy.
Shy! The boy must be a genius.
Why he should be head of the school!
Pete? Great idea!
Now about that letter to my mother?
What letter? ?q ?q5 ?qQ ?qa ?q ?q ?q ?q ?q- [email protected]q] [@qm \@q ]@q ^@q [email protected]q `@q5 [email protected]qa [email protected]q [email protected]q @q @q) @qY @q} @q @q @q 4ͫ  `  BD
Why'd you do it, Gary?
Why not? I won, I tricked everyone,
starting with you, the head, the loser kids in town
and the prefects. Me! I won.
You are sad, man.
I might be sad but I run your world, moron...
and don't you forget it.
You did all my dirty work for me, Hopkins.
You're like a puppet, only dumber!
Whatever. Let's finish this. v2(~ w2(~ x2(~ y2(~5 z2(~] {2(~ |2(~ }2(~ ~2(~ 2(~ 2(~M 2(~u 4ͫ P    BD
Go meet with Mr. Crabblesnitch at his office.
You have been expelled. t, t[5 4ͫ d x   BD
Jimmy! There you are! I don't know what to do and I smell like meat.
Come on... we gotta get to the school. All hell's breaking loose.
Your attention please: Jimmy is complete human trash.
Just waiting for the word.
Press :tri: to talk to Russell.
This is going to be fun boys.
There's just a single suspect.
Gain access into the Wonder Meats factory.
Rescue Russell from Wonder Meats.
Escape out of Wonder Meats with Russell.
Lose the cops and hide in the tunnel.
Rubberduck in position.
Thanks Jimmy.
Russell was knocked out. \ 0  p*R M " TC V ; }9 v'] w' x' y' 3  7 u]85 ךPI 4ͫ   D  BD
Get off my little buddy!
Jimmy! There you are! I don't know what to do and I smell like meat.
Come on... we gotta get to the school. All hell's breaking loose.
Weapons are for prefects only.
How does it feel to be expelled for the last time Jimmy?
Damn... they're locked.
Edgar, we'll take out the gang leaders. Without them, Gary's got nothing.
Jimmy, beating up people doesn't make anybody like you.
Why do you try Jimmy? You think you have a chance?
Your attention please: Jimmy is complete human trash.
I'd tell you what people say about you Jimmy but I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings. Hahaha.
You! What is that in your hand?
Gary said you'd turn up. There's no way you're getting in.
I beat you once, I'll beat you again.
Find the rest of the faction leaders.
Meet Edgar inside the school.
Defeated Earnest.
Defeated Ted.
Ted. I need you to help me.
It doesn't get any better than this.
I told you I had a plan Jimmy.
Don't worry. Russell will get it.
Get lost Jimmy! You ain't nothing!
Oh... it's the thug. Don't worry boys, I'll deal with him.
You're getting really tiresome Derby. Cut it out.
Slow down so Russell can smash you!
Search the school buildings for the faction leaders.
Take out the greasers.
Take out the preps.
Take out the nerds.
Take out the jocks.
Take out Gary.
So is it true what they say Jimmy? About you and those animals?
Awh, did I hurt your feelings Jimmy?
You're sick in the head Jimmy, and everybody knows it.
Gary you little bitch! Come out!
You're just asking for it.
Pinky told me you were a horrific kisser, Jimmy.
Slow as always, eh Jimmy?
We've got the suspect. Pinned him in the vicinity of wonder meats.
Thanks Jimmy.
What the hell are you doing Johnny? Why are you taking orders from Gary?
James, I've been waiting. Let the games begin!
You fool! You don't see it. Gary's got a plan. A great plan.
Edgar, go help get everyone calm down. I've got some business with Gary.
HA HA HA! This is the best!
You've left the school grounds.
Return to the school.
Russell got knocked out.
Find the last faction leader.
Give it up Jimmy. You're pathetic.
Jimmy you know your mother never loved you, don't you?
You don't get it. With my brains and his lack of morals nothing can stop us.
You idiot. Gary's plans are all a load of crap. I should know.
Whatever. I'm going to stop you both.
That... kinda... hurt.
That was incredibly satisfying.
You're finished you buncha bitches.
Shut up Jimmy! You left us and everything went down the toilet.
It was laughably easy to manipulate you. Does that bother you Jimmy?
It's too late, Jimmy - everyone hates you.
Understood. Good luck.
Earnest, you nerd, what are you THINKING?!
He's a Bullworth student.
Hey Derby, someone's here to see you.
RRRRAAARRR!   \ 0  p*R i R zS p  - } " " JB- B >B YC ~% Q u   g$-   ^ p  5 ] &Hi ƝH   *)    *)A *)] *)u *) *) >7 *7 ͅ7% Yȳ7a 7 8 m8 s]8 u]8E ]8Y ']8    _8 8! ^8q u,: 3L ^Y \ e n   ]nE   ]n   hn   n #nA n] R   o j   o o s-o9 KFqoi ֊o s\o #o o 4ͫ X  "  BD
And once we were friends it was all so clear. You had your lust for power, but without the intelligence to back it up. Using you as a pawn was so wonderfully obvious.
So sad, so hopeless, just needing a friend. Any friend. You were so easy to manipulate Jimmy.
Heads up!
No school will take a child with your history. No prospects, you'll end up begging for money on the streets, if you're lucky.
Exciting isn't it Jimmy! Do you have the guts to keep this up?
If you've proved to be one thing this year it's slow. You'll never catch me, Hopkins.
Awh, you should've seen that coming!
Awh, did little Jimmy get hurt?
Just give up, Jimmy, before you get really hurt.
Does it hurt? Looking back at all the time you wasted over the last year? All the time you were working for me.
Are you having fun yet Jimmy?
After you're expelled from here for your antics over the last few weeks you won't have anywhere left to go.
I told you to give it up.
While you were off wasting your time with whores like Lola, I was in the dorm, planning.
Chase Gary.
Defeat Gary.
No wonder your mother left you here, she must be so embarassed by you, Jimmy Hopkins.
Careful! Don't hurt yourself.
While you were racing bikes, while you were playing at the carnival like a child, my plan was coming together
Let Jimmy have his fun, let him play his childish little games with Earnest, Ted, Derby, Johnny and Edgar, and just wait for the right moment to swoop in and take it all.
Got something for you.
You're too trusting, Jimmy. From the start you were pathetically naive.

You're supposed to follow Gary.
You were knocked out.
Gary got away.
Special delivery.
Look out! Hahaha!
It was like lining up dominos, it all fell together so perfectly.
Poor little Jimmy, all alone at big scary Bullworth. Under fire from Russell and his goons, desperate for help.
Any regrets Jimmy? Looking forward to the wasteland that your life is about to become?
I can take you, Hopkins!
~left~~lstick~~right~ B  ~e * R  S !   t*  E M!m Q Z 9 ] 6$ G >I >Y #)#i 7q 27 7 z7e 8 H81 C#J} rc rc rc (n ~n h   o    fMoQ ro %o! zr= 4ͫ P  BD
"Rich Kid Blues"
Billy Crane's Travelling Carnival.
Bullworth Town unlocked.
Bully Respect +100
Nerd Respect +10
Preppy Respect +25
Chapter II

The Bullies are now your friends. 8»4 G    G! f0JI 5(Qe 5(Q} 5(Q +W 0g v 4ͫ 8   BD
Nerd Respect +10
Prep Respect +100
Chapter III
"Love Makes the World Go Around"
New Coventry unlocked
Preps are now your friends.
q[^ s[^ /E- 30= P&1a ,9V} cfY 4ͫ 8   BD
"A Healthy Mind In a~n~Healthy Body, and Other Lies"
Chapter IV
Bully Respect -20
Greaser Respect +100
Nerd Respect +10
Greasers are now your friends.
q 39 (?I -?a 4?y G *.x 4ͫ 8   BD

The Jocks are now your friends.
Jock Respect +100
Nerd Respect +10
Blue Skies Industrial Park unlocked.
Chapter V
"The Fall and Rise~n~of Jimmy Hopkins, Aged 15"  #   ;uY7- ?uY7E [email protected] %pR } 4ͫ $    BD
Chapter 6
"Endless Summer" J4 |z 4ͫ   #  BD
In this assignment I'd like you to pay particular attention to the emotions you experience and try to get them onto the page.
Very pleasing work Jimmy.
It's all right Jimmy... I have days like that too.
The principal has informed me of some drawings in the boys washroom. Apparently the sense of detail shows real promise.
That's excellent Jimmy. Mind if I keep it?
Shall we get started then? And please, no talking.
This is very good. Have you ever been privately tutored?
Looks like you're having difficulties today. Don't worry... it'll come.
Ah Jimmy... can't concentrate today?
Ah... here we are again. Please get out your sketchbooks.
Art Class Instructions
:tri: Exit
:x: Continue
Such passion in your work Jimmy. Very moving.
Jimmy I don't think you're really feeling it today are you?
Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm Ms. Philips and it is my pleasure to induct you into the world of arts.
Speed Boost
:x: Try again :cir: Instructions :tri: Exit
Power ups
Well done Jimmy... you've completed all the assignments. If you'd like to come back to work on your skills you're very welcome.
You've certainly captured my character I think... you're very talented.
What's the matter Jimmy? Is your mind elsewhere?
Clear Enemies
The objective of Art Class is to draw boxes with your paint brush to expose the hidden picture. Claim as much of the canvas as possible without getting in the path of enemies.
:x: Start :cir: Instructions :tri: Exit ' u  -ϸ ;Ѹ D Y ˛ :S ; M cu  6 f) J|/ #/ Q1 R3  7 S7Q xX7 HxB rE    VE JdI! [N1 0V= X^I 宓iy Rn _+o  [oY jp H q ;Ny vye 4ͫ    BD
We've got a lot of work before us today!
Please go to your lab stations.
Ah, James. Hurry up and get a table
Excellent work today, Mr. Hopkins.
Oh right... I didn't give one did I? Oh well.
Please leave your assignments on my desk as you enter.
You may have a future ahead of you, young man.
You're a regular budding scientist Mr. Hopkins.
Don't get too creative now, and for God's sake don't eat anything.
Satisfactory work James. I'll see you next class.
The coursework is done gentlemen, you may go. Those of you with a keen interest in the subject may return and do work for extra credit.
Get Ready
Try Again
Last Chance
Take care to follow my instructions precisely, as we will be working with volatile chemicals today.
What are you doing in here? Oh right... class.
Press the correct button as it passes through the box in the middle of the screen. SX  Au -  Q BSCy $ u gz$ ĦE #7y >7 l8 I@ ;O
Why don't you finish them here in class? That way you'll have more free time.
Don't worry James... failure is just a natural consequence of trying.
You're a feisty one aren't you James?
Well done James. Well done indeed.
The curriculum demands that you do these vocabulary... uhm... assignments.
Ah, you have the makings of a Poet Laureate, James.

I'm afraid I can't give that a passing grade.
Hahaha... I'm afraid I can't allow that.
Do the assignment and be quiet. I'll just be sitting here drinking my... tea.
Well done. I can't help but wonder how you'd do with a more challenging curriculum.


:squ: Delete
:x: Select
:r1: Scramble
Hmmm... maybe you should spend a little more time reading James. Would do you good.
Uhm... hello class.
Looks like it's time to do the second assignment. If you finish before time I'll let you go early.
Come on James... just apply yourself a little harder.
Real learning is unstructured, that's what I've always said.
Ah... you remind me of myself at your age. So full of hope. So full of vigor.
I've heard reports that some of you have been helping each other on the assignments... an admirable show of team work.

:tri: Exit
Find as many hidden~n~ ~n~words as possible using~n~ ~n~the scrambled letters~n~ ~n~before class ends.
Time: ~i~:~z~

So nice to see your spirit before it's beaten out of you... still... I can't allow that.
Well Jimmy... I suppose you don't have to come back any more unless you feel like it.
All right... you know the drill.
Hahaha. Well, I'll let this one slide James, as I don't want to stifle your creative spirit.
It's all right James... you can always do the assignment next class.

:cir: Info *  K U > z B SVCE h[}    *   *    ,  -  .  /  0  1  2  3  4  5  ) 5 A M Y e q y   2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  :  ;          ! ) 8 1 9 9 : A ; I a ? i @ q A y           >   8$  r9 w 4m *l        % - 5 y= zE {M |U }] ~e m u }      *       ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~!  ~! ~! ~!% z~!- {~!5 |~!= }~!E ~~!Q ~!Y ~!a ~!i ~!q ~!y ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~! ~!    ~! ~! ~!! ~!) ~!1 ~!9 ~!A ~!I ~!Q ~!Y ~!a ~!i ~!q "y w" w) x) y) -/ Od7/ $8/ I}3 .>7 7E }7] d8 ;8   _8A   hU8    : [? [?% [?- [?5 [?= [?E [?M [?U [?] \?e \?m \?u \?} \? \? \? \? \? \?* \? \? \? \? \? \? \? \? \? \?   ]? ]?! ]?- ]?5 ]?= ]?E ]?M ]?U ]?] ]?e ]?m ]?u ]?} ]? ]? ]? ]? ]? ]?* ]? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^? ^?% ^?- ^?5 ^?= ^?E ^?M ^?U _?] MAe |Em Iu eDJ lK M 8O   P P #1V! #1V) #1V1 #1V9 #1VA #1VI #1VQ #1VY #1Va S$1Vi T$1Vq U$1Vy V$1V W$1V X$1V Y$1V Z$1V [$1V \$1V $1V $1V $1V $1V $1V $1V $1V $1V $1V  $1V Y%1V Z%1V% [%1V- \%1V5 ]%1V= ^%1VE _%1VM `%1VU a%1V] b%1Ve %1Vm %1Vu %1V} %1V %1V %1V %1V %1V %1V* %1V _&1V Y c f"Jh n  o9 `Z+o ,o մo \Hta ]Hti ^Htq _Hty `Ht aHt bHt cHt dHt Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht aHt bHt cHt    dHt eHt fHt! gHt- hHt9 iHtE jHtQ Ht] Hti Htq Hty Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht Ht gHt hHt iHt jHt kHt lHt mHt nHt oHt pHt Ht TaUz    n} 4ͫ l   BD
Great work Jimmy... it really shows your sensitive side.
I have no more assignments for you Jimmy. I'll miss these afternoons we've spent together.
You failed this class.
Return to the classroom.
New yearbook photo added
New yearbook photos added
Successful class photo taken
Successful class photos taken

Take pictures of students for the yearbook.
Take pictures of the banners located around the school grounds.
Go to the marked locations around town to take panoramic photos.
Take photos of hobos or dogs in New Coventry.
Take photos of the freaks in the carnival.
Find some hobos or dogs and photograph them.
I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear that this is the last assignment I have for you.
I'll be handing out your cameras and first assignment in a moment.
I was looking over your last assignments and some of you have real talent. It really was a treat.
I'm very pleased with your progress Jimmy. You show real promise.
You know Jimmy, you have a bit of a rough edge but I really think there's something special about you.
Nice work Jimmy... you're quite the photographer.
Take a photo of the main school building.
Take a photo of the Bullworth statue.
Take a photo of the Bullworth Dam.
Take a photo of the beach lighthouse.
Take a photo of the carnival.
Take a photo of Bullworth City Hall.
Take a photo of the old Bullworth Church.
Take a photo of the burger joint.
Welcome back everybody. I hope none of you forgot your cameras.
Welcome to photography class, I'm Ms. Philips.  "j= bI cI dI eI fI gI1 hIU iI] jI I I II Iy Y7 *8 J8M o8 8 '8i g g g g% gQ gu g g o po9 4ͫ    BD
Cars are for seniors!
What the hell were you thinking about Hopkins? Not your work, that's for sure.
You'd better bring your 'A' game next time, Jim. I won't have slackers in here.
Jim, go stand over by the bike workstation.
OK son, you're learned what there is to learn. Anytime you want to come tool around you're welcome to.
You're pretty useless. Get out of my sight.
You're a step above the usual brats, son. Good show.
Try Again
Last Chance
What part of shut up and work didn't you understand?
You have some real skill there son.
Alright kids, I'm in a good mood today so just shut up and get to work.
Alright kids, I'm in a crap mood today so just shut up and get to work.
You're showing promise Hopkins.
If you're ever in doubt what to do, it's best to keep your mouth shut and keep working... so get to it.
You gotta walk before you can run, boyo.
You failed this class.
You passed this class.
Match the controller inputs to fix the bike.
Get Ready
You unlocked the Basic BMX
You unlocked a new BMX
You unlocked a new BMX
You unlocked a new BMX
You unlocked the best BMX
You kids don't know how ignorant you are. There's so many schemes and plans within plans. Anyways... shut up and get to work.
I thought you weren't a loser Hopkins. I guess I was wrong.
Wait, I don't get to work on cars?
Okay. See you next time, Jim. "  0  v q ̛ % PGa G ( ( ʄ7 2A7! 7I t8 `8 *;8 H_8q ne g k_j oj pj gk! gkA gk] gky gk jn sn9 1ny +o 4ͫ p   BD
I'm ready!
Ride the coaster?
Roller coaster rides! Only $3!
Those things make me nauseous.  D4 a) aM 4ͫ @+    BD
Shae Archibald
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Baron Vaughn
Clint (AKA Henry):
Justin Mortelliti
Dr. Crabblesnitch:
Ralph Gunderman
Dr. Slawter:
Kurt Rhodes
Mr. Hattrick:
Charles Turner
Mr. Galloway:
Robert Stanton
Mr. Burton:
Michael Boyle
Dr. Watts:
Jarel Davidow
Miss Danvers:
Lori Funk
Kathy Rossetter
Angus Hepburn
Ms. Philips:
Blair Ross
Emire Lena
Brandon Gill
TJ Del Reno
Ben Curtis
Kevin Cahoon
Jason Fuchs
Dimitri Michann
Joe Aro
Tobias Mason:
Dennis Ostermaier
Edgar Munsen:
Jan Milewicz
Adam Chandler-Berat
Geoff Wigdor
Andrew Gehling
Bif Taylor:
Andrew Rannells
Lloyd Floyd
Constantinos & Mascot:
Mathew Stadelman
Cory Anker
Ted Thompson:
Alex Cendese
Zack Owens:
Adam Sietz
Cai Oglesby
Leonard Spinelli
Chaz Stevens
Mr. Wiggins:
Gary Yudman
Bethany Jones:
Lane Keough
Anim Ali

Jimmy Hopkins:
Gerry Rosenthal
Gary Smith:
Peter Vack
Pete Kowalski:
Matt Bush
Derby Harrington:
John LaVelle
Johnny Vincent:
Rocco Rosanio
Dan Houser
Cory Lake

Jeff Rosa
Duncan Shields
Joseph Nasrallah
Justin Bullard
Mike Slett
Peter Grant
Breogán Zazpe Tejedor
Carola Berens
Christopher M Bengner
Ferruccio Cinquemani
Gabriel Bienzobas Mauraza
Nicolas Klimoff
Sean Macaluso *k  *k  IT% ^>- 6{A IrmI eQ :Y Qa    i    }     SZ 1 N $ e *" / \ = = =! =1 =A =Q =e =u = = 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8% 85 8I <9] =9q >9 ?9 @9 A9 h ?' ?' ?' ?'  ?'% ?'= ?'M ?'e ?'q ?'y >R  4 * U& V& |O ( ( (% (= (M _*a ?fi W t t t t 6"! 4" p" # # # #% #9 #I #] #q # p$  & }' ~' G2P' f' ) PP) x(+ ,  ,! X}-) -1 -E -Y -i -y - - -* - - z- . s/    s/ /- 05 U1E Ж1M EE1U 4e 4q 4 !4 "4 #4 $4 %4 &4 '4 <5 5- 65 d7= Pg9E Pg9M Pg9] Pg9q Pg9 Pg9 Pg9 Pg9 Pg9 Pg9 &N: :: :   ǀ;   H<   |=)   |=5   |=I   |=Y   |=q   |=   |=   |=*   N?   {@   wB   /C   %SD   5E 5E 5E% _=F5 F= FM gGe Hy 6YJ lЛJ mЛJ nЛJ* oЛJ pЛJ qЛJ rЛJ sЛJ tЛJ! uЛJ5 $KE .‹MY /‹Mi uN} P GP HP IP JP KP   LP MP1 NPI OPY PPq ʮP ˮP ̮P ͮP ήP ϮP ЮP ѮP ҮP   ӮP MP1 NPM OPq PP QP RP SP TP UP VP% ЯPE ѯP] үPi ӯP ԯP կP ֯P ׯP دP ٯP SP1 TPI UPY VPi WP XP YP ZP [P \P ְP װP! ذP= ٰPI ڰPe ۰P} GϮP a6S b6S yS EST EST EST EST EST EST EST% *U9 t~VA u~VQ v~Va w~Vm x~V y~V z~V {~V* |~V }~V ~V ~V ~V ~V ~V) ~V5 ~VE ~VY ~Vq V} zV {V |V }V ~V V V V V  V V) V5 VI VU Ve Vq V V V V V V V V V V! V= VQ Ve Vq V V V V V V V V V V V% V5 VM Va V} V V V V V V V V V    V! V1 VA VQ Ve Vy V V V* V V V V V V    V V% V1 VE VQ Va Vq V V V* V }V ~V V V V  V V1 V= VQ Ve ˜Vy ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V- ˜VA ˜VM ˜Va ˜Vm ˜V} ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ˜V ØV ØV ØV  ØV ØV- ØVE ØVY ØVi ØVy ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV ØV- ĘVE ĘVQ ĘVe ĘVq ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV ĘV% ĘV5 ĘVA ĘVY ĘVe ĘVy ĘV ŘV ŘV* ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV) ŘV= ŘVQ ŘVe ŘV} ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV ŘV kQW $W mX    mX mX) mX= mXM mX] mXq mX mX mX nX nX nX nX nX nX  nX nX- nXA nXQ nXi XX} XX XX XX XX XX XX XX   XX XX1 1YA DYI YQ B[Y VP[a WP[q XP[ YP[ ?\ @\ |M] /] )^ 0_ 93_ :3_! ;3_! <3_)! =3_A! >3_U! ?3_i! @3_}! A3_! B3_! 3_! 3_! 3_! 3_! 3_" 3_" 3_" 3_1" 3_A" d`Y" 6ai" Sia}" ZK
Accuracy Upgrade unlocked.
You are now more accurate with your weapons.
You are now more accurate with your weapons.
You are now more accurate with your weapons.
Round 1
Round 2
Final Round
Score: 0 - 0
Score: 0 - 1
Score: 1 - 0
Score: 1 - 1
:tri: Back
:cir: Jump
:squ: Pass
Defeat your opponents by hitting them with
the ball. Dodge or catch enemy throws to
gain possession. Use teamwork and execute
combination moves to gain the upper hand.
Good Luck!
You lose
OK you feckless maggots. We're playing dodgeball. Here's how it's done.
Keep throwing the ball at the other team (:x:) until you knock them out.
The less fruity of you can combine this with running and jumping to get stronger throws.
Stay on your side of the court. Try and dodge the ball! ~n~ It's called dodgeball, you twit.
If you've got even a little skill, you can catch the ball when it comes to you (:x:).
When you're knocked out, go to the other side of the court and assist your team.
Don't hog the ball, especially if you suck. Pass it (:cir:) to your teammates.
Now, play ball! And no crying!
Time to play some dodge ball.
Hopkins, you're with the other weaklings.
Try not to cry when you lose.
It's you against those lazy greaser bums.
It's too bad you both can't lose.
Alright, so you've played those other losers.
Now you'll have to face some real sportsmen.
We'll see how good you really are.
These guys are pretty nasty so be careful.
I can't believe it! You've beaten all the other teams.
There's no more matches right now, get lost!

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Lap Time: ~f~
I'm collecting for the Prefect Benevolent Association.
Building Egged.
My services ain't free pal.
Zack Owens
:tri: Ride the Coaster - $1
You gotta pay the toll for being on our turf
Please insert the~n~game disc and close the~n~disc tray/disc cover~n~to continue.
Spike Hawk - Blond
Spike Hawk - Green
Spike Hawk - Blue
Spike Hawk - Red
The Nerds are now your friends.
Checkered Party Hat
You've earned the ability to give better taunts.
Hold :l1: and press :cir: to ~s_taunt2~ taunt.
You can now deal with bullies from a distance.
I'll bet those eggs would make a great omelette.
Only a rotten apple would throw apples at someone
I'd get rid of that snowball before it melts.
This is like a normal slingshot, only better.
Looks like a textbook of some kind.
Looks like a character sheet.
No monkies were harmed in the making of this monkey wrench!
This is a fine looking bat. Bet it will hit a lot of balls.
Careful you don't put someone's eye out with this slingshot.
It's a red ring
It's a blue ring
You could launch a spud into orbit with this spud gun!
This is the launcher that launched 1000 bottle rockets!
Looks like some medicine...
Make sure you dodge if you see this ball coming at you
Franky Buchwitz's Rockin' Polka Party! Banned in 30 states. Parental Warning: Contains polka music.
High quality paint. Great for all sorts of art projects.
Twice the size of a regular Beam Cola, and 10X the caffeine!
Use this as a weapon? That's just not cricket..
This shield will protect you from all manner of foam padded swords
I've always hated wolf plates
Nice bush..
Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down with?
Small and round, don't leave them lying around or someone might slip.
Don't eat this. You'll vomit.
It's true, candy is dandy.
Nothing says "make out with me" like a bouquet of flowers.
Looks very nice, but don't stand close when it explodes.
The highest grade imported itching powder.
Death Robo Comic. He is such a hero!
A magazine about scantily clad women and the things they get up to.
A highly collectible piece of cardboard.
Cheaply made teddy bear. Great for saying "I care."
Beautiful string of what looks like pearls.
Gorgeous red dress, designed to excite the imagination.
This fashionable fragrance is sensual yet confident, with just a hint of desperation.
A big chunk of un-cooked meat.
Just slightly freezerburned, and smells a bit off. But maybe with just the right seasoning...
This key will unlock the gate to Tad's yard.
An old radio transistor.
Coursework lab notes. Riveting reading indeed.
A gleaming can of soda pop. Refreshing and delicious.
A bottle of prescription medication.
You are too young to drink this.
A load of "laundry".
Scandalous photos, sure to cause a stir.
The prank classic.
Bag of dog feces. Nasty stuff. Don't forget to wash your hands.
TEMP: Super Spudgun description
Hopelessly dorky, this jacket belongs to Algernon.
The diary of a nerdy teenage girl.
A crustacean. Tasty for those who are not allergic.
TEMP: Dossier description
Red stick of lipstick belonging to Lola.
A razor destined to shave the hair of Edna's face.
Exchange your tickets for fabulous prizes.
Cheap plastic trophy. Engraved with the name "Jimy Hoppins".
This handy tool could be used to cut bolts, chains and other metal fastenings.
A bag of laundry.
What better way to display school spirit than wear this outfit?
TEMP: Scrub Brush description
TP Roll
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~* Handles better on rough terrain
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
It's a rubber band. It's in good condition. What else do you need to know?
Lola's little black book. It looks pretty full...
A small ring of keys.
A commendation for exemplary class performance. Even Prefects must show it respect.
A key for the foyer door located inside of Harrington House.
Bead Bracelet
Errands will always give you a reward. Watch for the ~ambient~ on the radar.
Final Lap
Dress Code
Yard Stick
Bag of Marbles
Fire Crackers
Can of Spuds
Pack of Bottle Rockets
Stink Bombs
All lockers perfumed.
Lumberjack Hat
Shortbeaked Cap
Tradesman Cap - Blue
Tradesman Cap - Brown
Cowboy Hat - Brown
Spray ~i~ greaser tags.
You got Fake ID.
Get the package.
Start your engines!
Place 1st to win
Race Over
You won the race!
You placed 2nd
You placed 3rd
You placed 4th
You placed 5th
You placed last
You get to advance to the next race.
You failed to beat the Space Pirates!
Hurry Up!
Running Shorts
:x: - Gas~n~ ~n~:squ: - Brake~n~ ~n~:x: + :squ: - Power slide
Beach Rumble
Slowly rotate the left analog stick in the direction of the arrow to open the locker.
Get back to Mrs. Lisburn.
:tri: Use
Candy returned.
Good Boy
Take pictures of carnival attractions.
Red Bandana
Narrow Studded Punk Brace
Square Studded Brace
Wide Studded Punk Brace
Spiky Studded Punk Brace
Leather Archer Brace
Black Restraint Brace
Black Bracelet
Fighting Johnny Vincent
Please insert the~n~game disc and close the~n~disc tray/disc cover~n~to continue.
:tri: Plant fire cracker
Hold :r1: to target the mailbox and release it to throw the paper.
Tap :l2: or :r2: to scroll through your weapon wheel and equip your papers.
Calm down big fella. Maybe you should go pick on someone else.
Zoe: $~i~
Photo Album unlocked
Yearbook unlocked
Extra Photo Album unlocked
Digital Camera unlocked
Carnival Bonus unlocked
Harassing Adults
Record Store
:tri: Use cannon
Second Place
Bike garages can only store one customizable bike.
You were robbed in your sleep!
Someone stole your shoes!
Your trouble meter is located to the right of the radar and fills as you commit crimes.
Prefects will try to bust you on sight if they see you.
The prefects are the red dots on the radar. Watch out for them.
Devil Horns
Swirly Successful
You've unlocked the~n~~vendetta~ Prep Challenge.
You didn't hit anyone. Try again later.
A bike is already stored in the garage.
A bike garage can store one customizable bike.
Press :tri: To get Russell's Eggs
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3
Chemistry 4
Chemistry 5
Hattrick vs. Galloway
Gnome Hat
Gnome Trousers
Gnome Tunic
I'm Telling!
Chapter ~i~
Round ~i~
Time's Up
Knock Out
You Win
Last Round
Round Time
Hold :squ: to knock him out
You've earned~n~Extra Punch Damage
Please select your beverage.
Return to the bathroom.
Patient captured.
Rat Poison Sprayer
$~i~ damage inflicted.
Jock insult
Bike stored successfully. You must now save your game at a save point to save the bike.
Arm Band
This Is Your School
Return photos.
Poor Handling
Simple Forks
Increased Stability
Regular Forks
Hah - take it you wimp!
~i~ Lockers Picked.
Viking Helmet - Plastic
Preppy small tag
Total Cost
Return to the Dropout for a Reward.
~i~ Tickets
Greaser large tag
Drop the flowers on the grave.
:x: to continue
Authority KO
Get Eunices Chocolates.
:tri: to exit
Help! Police!!
Remember - Follow the ~objective~ on the radar to reach your goal.
Jock Boss Fight
Class has started. Get to class before 9:30am or you will be become truant.
Class has started. Get to class before 1:30pm or you will be become truant.
Total Liar
Score: ~i~
Make ~i~ delivery.
Halloween Pranks
Firefighter Helmet unlocked.
Rich Area Clothing Store
Go to the boys' dorm.
Return to Ivan for a reward.
Hmm... an incident where you made someone cry. Have you no empathy?
You are to obey and respect our staff at all times Hopkins.
I put a costume in your closet. Put it on.
It seems you're not man enough to do well in Mr. Burton's wrestling class.
Honest labor doesn't agree with you, it seems. Otherwise you wouldn't be such a failure in shop class.
All this fighting. What is it? Video games?
You were seen pushing someone into a trashcan Jimmy! Care to explain yourself?
You should treat officers of the law with all due respect.
I'm starting to feel pretty good about myself.
Would it be too much to ask you to embrace the spirit of Christmas and be good for once?
Let's see what your rap sheet says.
Don't you get tired of coming here Hopkins? Don't you?
He stole my bike man. Can you get it back for me.
He can try, but he won't break down the door... muahahahaha!
Perhaps we should make you pay for all the things you break. Would you like that?
Hey, Jim, I got some homework to do.
"He's a jerk, he humiliated me."
Tall Ship
Bikes Stolen
Punches Connected
Punches Thrown
~i~ of ~i~ Radio Transistors Collected
:tri: Start Conversation
:tri: Slide
Black Ninja Outfit
Red Ninja Outfit
:x: to fire.
Green Ninja Outfit
You failed to explore the shipwreck.
The Bullies are now your friends.
Impromptu Mask
Miss Peabody
Getting busted by the police will start you at the nearest police station.
Get busted during class time or curfew and the cops will drop you off at school.
Win the race.
Egg the girls' dorm.~n~Hits: ~i~ / 3
You pig!
~i~ checkpoint remains
Miss Danvers
Arcade games are now free.
You got Karen's bear.
Oi! Get away from her you bully!
The prep challenge is represented by a ~vendetta~ on the radar.
Complete the challenge and you will earn a new save location.
Very Tired
Character Sheets
Egg the greaser's building.
Get the other patient.
:tri: Place flowers
Collect some flowers.
You can crawl through openings in walls and fences.
Crawl under the fence by pressing ~R3~ when you are close to the hole.
Once you start crawling, you can use the left analog stick to move.
Put out the fires in the tenements.
Take me someplace private...
In the beginning...
Jimmy: I bet Tad's gonna like this shirt.
Rubber Band Ball unlocked.
Bring the bike to Otto.
Ivy League - Copper
Ivy League - Auburn
Ivy League - Chestnut
Ivy League - Chocolate
Stupid T-Shirt
Apologize to students harassing you and they will leave you alone.
Get rid of would be bullies by using your shove taunts.
Apologize to prefects for small crimes and they will leave you alone.
You can now deal with bullies from a distance.
Apologize to police for small crimes and they will leave you alone.
Steal a Nerd's book.
Two Can Hat
:x: Continue
Christmas Is Here
:l1: - To target~n~ ~n~:r1: - Throw weapon
Super Spud Gun
Out Of Stock : ~$~
Beach Shorts
3/4 Shorts - Tan
Cargo Shorts
Soccer Shorts - Snow
Soccer Shorts - Emerald
3/4 Shorts - Brown
3/4 Shorts - Black
Whatever, dude.
Bullying Little Kids
Hold :x: - Mow~n~ ~n~Left analog stick - Steer~n~ ~n~:squ: - Reverse
:squ: - Reverse.
:tri: - Finish job.
Pleasure doing business with you, Jimmy!
Poor Area Haircut
Purchased bikes are stored in garages.~n~ ~n~Look for the ~bike~ on the radar.
You can only store bikes that you have unlocked or bought in the ~bike~ garages.
You are forced to attend class if you are busted during class time.
Getting busted can earn you a trip to see the principal.
No New Items Selected
Flat Top - Copper
Flat Top - Auburn
Flat Top - Chestnut
Funhouse Fun
~i~ of ~i~ Tombstones Destroyed
Miss Abby
:x: to start
:tri: Operate Reapers
Bikes you unlock in shop class are stored in garages. Follow the ~bike~ on the radar.
A maximum of 2 bikes are stored in garages whether you buy or unlock them.
Eat this, it's good
Pumpkin Head unlocked.
Barbed Wire
Bulletin Board~n~ ~n~Important notices~n~are always posted~n~up here.~n~ ~n~Check back often~n~for new messages.
To New Students:~n~ ~n~The principal's~n~office is located on~n~the second floor of~n~the school.
To all Students:~n~ ~n~Curfew is at 11pm.~n~ ~n~If you are caught after curfew, you will be~n~sent to your room~n~immediately.
Class Schedule~n~ ~n~Morning classes start~n~at 9am sharp and end~n~at 11:30am.~n~ ~n~Afternoon classes~n~resume after lunch~n~at 1pm until 3:30pm.
Not Funny~n~ ~n~Will whoever filled~n~my locker with water balloons please not~n~do it again?~n~ ~n~- Algernon
Errands~n~ ~n~Some people will~n~offer you ~errand~ errands.~n~ ~n~Look for the ~ambient~ on~n~the mini-map and~n~talk to them.
Lost Popularity~n~ ~n~If found, please~n~return to Beatrice.~n~ ~n~Love - Mandy
Science Club~n~Homework Help~n~ ~n~We will help anyone~n~with their homework,~n~except Mandy.~n~ ~n~- B.
Beware~n~ ~n~Crazy old man~n~behind the school.~n~May have rabies.~n~ ~n~Don't feed him!
Cheerleading Tryouts~n~ ~n~Beatrice, you didn't make it.~n~ ~n~Again.~n~ ~n~Love - Mandy
Problem Teachers?~n~ ~n~If you see any English teachers behaving inappropriately,~n~please see me.~n~ ~n~- Mr. Hattrick
Lost Pet Rat~n~ ~n~His name's George.~n~Last seen near~n~the cafeteria.~n~ ~n~I miss him.~n~ ~n~- Bucky
Roleplaying Guild~n~ ~n~Looking for new members.~n~ ~n~Especially girls.~n~ ~n~ - Contact Melvin.
Gym Class~n~ ~n~Tired of being a~n~wimp?~n~ ~n~Better get your butt~n~to gym class.~n~ ~n~- Burton
Jobs~n~ ~n~Want to make extra cash?~n~ ~n~Follow the ~job~ icon~n~on the world map.
Need Money?~n~ ~n~Harrington House employs poor students for menial work.~n~ ~n~Please see Chad or Gord.
Pillow Fight~n~ ~n~Tonight.~n~Girls' dorm.~n~ ~n~No boys allowed.
Rubber Bands~n~ ~n~There are 75 rubber bands scattered throughout the world.~n~ ~n~Collect them all for a special prize.
Wet Proof Sheets~n~ ~n~Now available!~n~ ~n~Algernon and others who may need them,~n~see Miss Peabody.
Lost Letter~n~ ~n~I lost a letter from~n~my mummy. Please~n~return it.~n~ ~n~- Algernon
Museum Trip~n~CANCELLED~n~ ~n~Money needed for football team.~n~ ~n~- Burton
Harrington House Social Event~n~ ~n~Monday at 7:00 PM.~n~ ~n~By invitation only.
Astronomy Club~n~ ~n~Meeting postponed~n~due to jock attacks.
Mascot Assaulted~n~ ~n~Beating up the~n~mascot is funny,~n~but not allowed.~n~ ~n~- Burton
Bad Math Grades?~n~ ~n~See me and we can~n~work something out.~n~ ~n~- Mr. Hattrick
Football Team~n~ ~n~If you miss practice, don't bother showing~n~up again. Broken~n~bones is no excuse.~n~ ~n~- Burton
Lost Cat~n~ ~n~Black Cat, answers to name of "Malevich".~n~ ~n~Please return to Ms. Philips in Art Room.
Sorry Russell~n~ ~n~Please don't hurt me.~n~ ~n~- Pedro
Notice:~n~ ~n~Please DO NOT~n~pick the flowers~n~from in front of~n~the girls' dorm.
WARNING:~n~ ~n~If the prefects catch anyone hitting or teasing girls, they'll be sent straight to the principal's office.
You dumb cow!
:x: - Pedal~n~ ~n~:squ: - Brake~n~ ~n~:cir: - Bunny Hop~n~ ~n~:tri: - Dismount
Tap :x: repeatedly to pedal faster.
Press :tri: when you're close to a bike to get on.
Afternoon class is about to start. It goes from 1pm until 3:30pm.
Pull back on the left analog stick and tap :x: to pop a wheelie.
Push forward on the left analog stick while holding down :squ: to perform an endo.
Pull the left analog stick back while in the air to perform a backflip.
:x: - ~s_sorry~ Apologize~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_humil~ Humiliate
:x: - ~s_sorry~ Apologize
The Big Prank ~mission~ is only available on halloween night.~n~~n~Sleep and you'll lose your chance to complete it.
Use this to go skateboarding
Tuxedo Jacket
Duffel Coat
LS Casual Jacket
Use this to fire all sorts of projectiles
When your trouble meter fills, prefects will try to bust you on sight.
Prefects are the red dots on the radar. Watch out for them.
Move close to Constantinos and hold :l1: to target him.
Spandex Bike Shorts unlocked.
Fire Crackers are now~n~available from your chem set
Stink Bombs are now~n~available from your chem set
Itching Powder is now~n~available from your chem set
Full ammo is now~n~available from your chem set
Your chem set is now~n~ available all the time
Buy / Trade
Spray greaser tags.
You've earned the ability to apologize to prefects for small crimes.
Hold :l1: and press :cir: to ~s_shove~ shove taunt.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_sorry~ apologize.
Spray ~i~ tag.
:l1: + :x: - Do the Cow Dance~n~ ~n~Use the Cow Dance to get Jocks to leave you alone.
Get a life you dork!
A high power projectile weapon
Enter scope mode by pressing ~dup~ twice.
Bully ko'd.
Go to the alley next to the junkyard to race between 7PM and 7AM
Hey kid, wanna help me find my lost medication? I'll pay.
Fighting? Again? I suppose when you hang out with those carnival types that's not surprising.
So nice of you to drop by my office on your way to prison, young man.
You know we can't associate with you until you wear some proper clothes... hmmm?
You've been disrespecting the prefects. That is entirely unacceptable.
Jimmy Hopkins we're really getting to know each other. Isn't that nice?
We shall see, my friend. I only give people what they have coming to them.
Those rats are driving me nuts! One of them ate my smokes. Kill 'em for me. I'll pay ya' good money.
One moment, I'll get your record.
Mouthing off to the police Jimmy? It will land you in jail one day.
Seems even something as reprehensible as photo journalism is beyond you.
Back so soon Hopkins? Do you ever learn?
It would seem you suffer some sort of anxiety about sports? Why else would you fight our star athletes?
Sliding down bannisters is not appropriate behavior for a Bullworth student.
Nerd insult
Your new safehouse is located on the beach by the lighthouse.
Test Area
Person Ballooned.
Aquaberry Vest
Urban Parade Sweater
Lambswool V-Neck Sweater
LS Training Jacket
Aquaberry Sweater
"Jimmy can you help me, please?"
Can you help a buddy out?
Picking on the nerds Jimmy? I agree, they are loathsome but that doesn't justify beating them up without permission.
Ah. Breaking into lockers. I see. You are intent on becoming a criminal, it seems.
I think it all goes down at the motel.
Hey - You need any help?
I was a prefect once and I will not abide by you being obnoxious to them.
Finally, everything is sorted out... more or less.
Trash cans are for garbage Jimmy, not people.
Keeping the nerds in line is perhaps acceptable, but you should not let yourself get caught.
Mr. Burton tells me that you've been doing abysmally in dodge ball.
Much like real life, the strongest will prevail.
Water Balloons
Real scum. And that old creep thinks he can tame me.
I need to go to the motel but I don't want to go alone. Would you please walk me there?
Go show those paupers what you think of them. Go on.
Hey, you wanna do my driveway when you're done?
I have to get it back, will you help me?
Jimmy... the Bullworth bedtime is not a suggestion, it's a rule.
Hey there!
:tri: Dunk
Hey... wanna delivery job?
Hey Jimmy... I need to get back to the girls' dorm. Would you please walk me home?
Why do you have to break into lockers Jimmy? Why?
Hey! Don't hit my customers.
Thanks kid. You're alright.
It's not an air compressor you dolt. Don't you know ANYTHING?
Johnny Vincent is a bad influence Jimmy. I want you to stay away from him.
Writing rude words on walls is naughty Jimmy. Didn't you mother teach you anything?
Shoving people into the garbage! Have you any idea of the health implications.
I used to have crabs in my bath tub.
If you have to beat up the nerds, could you at least have the decency to do it out of sight.
Well... I don't suppose labor will really help the situation, but it's worth a try.
No rest for the wicked certainly applies to you, it seems.
Don't let him get the spud cannon. It is the key to our defenses!
Problems with over developed pituitary glands and brains the size of peas.
:tri: Pull alarm
Do the thing to get the Fake ID.
Hey Jimmy, I appreciate you doing my job for me.
Hey! That's my customer!
Looks like I'll have to confiscate some of YOUR stuff. Maybe then you'll get the message.
If you injure anyone on the football team you will be in serious trouble young man.
Gambling for money Jimmy? I'm not surprised.
Another fight? How many this week Jimmy? How many?
Sometimes I miss that jerk, you know?
You shouldn't have these things.
I can't beat that jerk up. Will you do it for me? Please?
Carnival rides have always fascinated me you know. Please take some pictur
Figthing with the carnival workers? Trying to get their jobs hmmmm?
You are dismissed.
You've gotten into a lot of trouble so soon Jimmy. Is it a cry for help?
(:tri: :squ: :x: :tri: :squ: :x: :tri: :squ: :x: :cir:)
Hit a girl and the prefects will bust you instantly if they get hold of you.
All right you lazy bums... look alive!
Great work, Jimmy boy.
Girls don't like you. It's a fact. I suppose that goes a long way to explain things.
I've just taken control of two of the school's worst cliques, but I know there are bigger problems just around the corner.
Hey, spare some change?
There is no call for being flippant with the prefects Jimmy.
I'm beginning to get very tired of your shenanigans Hopkins.
... and that's the last I want to hear of you Hopkins.
What should I do to improve your attitude young James? You better pay a visit to the punishment prefect.
Who're you calling maggot, maggot?
Take out those satelite dishes. They're cutting into my business.
Our curriculum does not include breaking things. If it did, you'd be a star student.
I never meant for things to turn out this way. I just wanted to control a couple of psycho kids and be left alone.
:tri: Apply glue
Hey there junior, thanks a bunch.
Ah dodgeball... how I love the sound of boys crying in the morning.
There will be no more complaints about you from our staff. Do I make myself clear?
You again Jimmy? I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
They stole it and I can't get it back. Please help.
You remind me of him when we were young.
You seem to be constantly in trouble Jimmy.
Follow the ~mission~ to start a new task.~n~ ~n~Press ~dright~ to view available tasks.
Notice that the ~mission~ on the radar blinks.
Remember - Once you start a task, you cannot access your save book.
Incognito Hat
The ~class~ on the radar is the location of your class.
Morning classes start at 9am and go~nbsp~until 11:30am.
Use the clock in the top left corner of the screen to keep track of time.
:tri: Hide
Billy Crane's circus has been complaining about you. Imagine that!
I see the police had to bring you in.
The police have been wasting their time on you it seems. Perhaps we should just be done with you and put you in jail?
Time to look at your record again.
I need you to get this package to Spazz industries right away man.
Hopkins! That is the wrong way!
I see... Jimmy... the nice men from the asylum are just trying to help you.
Wow. Thanks Jimmy.
That'll be all Hopkins. You may go.
I love crabs.
The fire alarm is there for safety reasons, not so punks like you can amuse themselves.
Bully Respect -5
Greaser Respect -5
Greaser Respect +5
Jock Respect -5
Jock Respect +5
Nerd Respect -5
Nerd Respect +5
Preppy Respect -5
Preppy Respect +5
The Greasers are now your friends.
Baseball Toss
:tri: Lift
:tri: Look
You ran out of Eggs. Try again later.
Don't hurt me!
Go take a football from the Jocks at the field.
:tri: Open
Remember - Follow the ~objective~ on the radar to reach your goal.
Buy Outfit
:tri: Use
Stuff ~i~ student into garbage can.
Kill ~i~ dock rats.
:tri: Ride
Go to the alley behind the boxing ring to race between 7PM and 7AM
Go to the beach to race between 7PM and 7AM
:tri: Take
You dropped the Ball. Get it.
You did not make it in time.
:squ: :squ: :x: :cir:
Poor Handling
EL Frame
Lighter and more agile
SS Frame
Remember - Hold :l1: to target your opponent.
Grotto Master
None Available
You already lockered that student.
Inventory Full : Free
Burns and Shades
Glamor Pants
Glamor Jacket
Get off the bike.
Welcome to the General store.
:tri: ~a~
Good luck. You'll need it.
If you go camping, beware of evil intent.
Stay home, read a book.
Do not throw glasses if you live in a stone house.
You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
If you need to get the point, sit on a tack.
The best marmalade is made from forbidden fruit.
A house without a toilet is uncanny.
If you're on high cliff, don't jump to conclusion.
Isn't it about time you got a job?
You're wasting your life.
Consider a career in politics.
Running behind a car is exhausting.
If you live in a glass house, change in the basement.
Two wrongs do not make a right, but 3 lefts do.
Do not argue with the person packing your parachute.
When things go wrong, don't follow along.
Don't forget to change your socks.
Confession is good for the soul but bad for your reputation.
Never test the depth of the water with both feet.
If you put your face in fruit drink, you may get punch in nose.
To make life interesting, believe everything you hear.
Consider trying less hard.
You're a winner. No really. You are.
Have you considered running away from your problems?
The smarter you think you are, the less likely it is that you're right.
Get over yourself. Jerk.
The answer to your question is: maybe.
Don't be so self-centered.
You need a haircut.
Before you act, check with your mother.
Get a life.
Help! I'm trapped inside this machine!
All signs point to: no chance.
Just give up.
You're smart and handsome, just like your mom always says you are.
If people flatter you they're probably lying.
Beware of angry men carrying weapons.
Consider this: no turkey ever voted for an early Christmas.
Bully is as bully does.
You're doomed. Sorry.
Regular showers are a good thing.
No one likes a whiner.
Believe the best of everbody. It saves you so much trouble.
By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach.
However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.
It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.
What exactly is your problem?
You're not all that.
Consider the possibility that no one likes you.
You might as well keep trying. It might make you feel better.
If you don't try, you can't fail.
Travel broadens the mind, if you have one to begin with.
All signs point to: you suck.
Surprisingly, you may succeed in the end.
What you really need is some sort of medication.
Peeing your own pants only keeps you warm for a short while.
Bad advice causes mistakes, then laughter.
You can definitely fool some of the people some of the time.
If your house is burning you might as well try to stay warm.
Love is blind; friendship closes its eyes.
You won't get anywhere if you think you're already there.
It's a good time to stop waffling. Maybe.
The weather pays no attention to criticism.
If you expect nothing, you won't be disappointed.
Whatever it is you're looking for, it'll be in the last place you look.
When in charge, think. When in trouble, delegate. When in doubt, mumble.
Nothing is impossible for a man who doesn't have to do it himself.
Don't mistake a short memory for a clear conscience.
Forgive your enemies - it really annoys them.
If you're on time, people will think you have nothing important to do.
Stand up to be seen. Speak up to be heard. Shut up to be appreciated.
80% of people consider themselves above average.
Keep trying.
The greatest danger could be your own stupidity.
Avoid taking unnecessary gambles. Lucky numbers: 12, 32, 28, 31, 44.
You may attend a party where strange customs prevail.
You are almost there.
Soon you will have some new clothes.
Don't trust fortune tellers.
Just imagine you'll succeed.
Everything is not yet lost.
Tomorrow will be a nice day.
You should go to bed early tonight.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life, such as it is.
Don't blow out another's candle to make yours shine brighter.
There's never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over.
Facts don't stop existing just because they're ignored.
To err is human, to blame someone else even more so.
If life gives you lemons, give life a raspberry.
If life gives you lemons consider going into the citrus business.
Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
To know nothing is bad. To not wish to know anything, worse.
The pen is mightier than the sword, especially if properly sharpened and in the hands of a well trained ninja.
A man's home is his castle, only less resistant to catapults.
Big words prove nothing except that you have a big mouth.
If you're a real jerk all the time, people might not notice you're useless.
No plan survives contact with the enemy. Plan accordingly.
If at first you don't succeed, consider giving up.
Today, tell someone you love them. You might get lucky.
It's only going to get worse.
You will be involved in a fight soon.
Don't bring your wife to a bun fight.
Being rude is no substitute for being right.
The reality is: the customer is not always right.
If you don't succeed, you run the risk of failure.
A bird in the hand is better than a bird on the roof, unless it has really sharp claws.
Right now, somewhere out there, someone is making out with a girl.
It's hard to prophecy, especially about the future.
Do you know who your friends are?
Boxing is a gentleman's sport, but only if gentlemen play it.
You're not paranoid - everyone really does hate you.
They say they're your friends, but they laugh at you behind your back.
You're not as dumb as you look. That would be impossible.
In later life, you will find somewhere you fit in and belong. Jail.
Have you considered getting plastic surgery? You should.
One day you will be very famous, like many serial killers.
Let's hope you will*grow into your face.
Your face is your fortune. You will live in poverty all your life.
What you looking at bitch!
It's a yard stick. Use it to measure yards
It's a stick that requires 2 hands
It appears to be the lid from a garbage can
It's a brick.
They're marbles. I'll bet you could get into some mischief with those.
These playful explosives are legal even for kids to own.
This can of spuds would be perfect for anyone with a spudgun.
Really useful if you have a bottle rocket launcher.
Smells like the boys' locker room.
~i~ people stuffed into lockers.
Return to Casey for a reward.
Escort Christy to the motel.
Checkpoints complete.
You didn't hit anyone with any Water Balloons. Try again later.
Bully Respect -10
After School
Football Field
Before School
Townie Respect -25
Townie Respect +25
Greaser Respect -10
Greaser Respect -20
Greaser Respect -25
Greaser Respect -75
Greaser Respect +25
Greaser Respect +50
Left arm
Right arm
Upper body
Tags complete.
Jock Respect -10
Jock Respect -20
Jock Respect -75
Jock Respect +10
Jock Respect +15
Jock Respect +60
Hey Geekboy!
:cir: REAPER
Clothing Article
Revenge on Mr. Burton
"Burning Schoolhouse" firework
Spikes! - Blond
Spikes! - Green
Spikes! - Blue
Spikes! - Red
You failed to smash any grave stones.
High Scores
Nerd Respect -75
Nerd Respect +10
Nerd Respect +15
Nerd Respect +20
Nerd Respect +50
Nerd Respect +60
:tri: Start "~a~"
Smash grave stones.
Preppy Respect -10
Preppy Respect -15
Preppy Respect -75
Preppy Respect +15
Preppy Respect +60
You didn't get the crabs in time. Try again later.
Obstructing Authority
:tri: Plant stinkbomb
A used photographic camera.
Go See the Principal
Stuff ~i~ students into lockers.
What you lookin' at?
Greaser knocked out.
School Hallways
Orderly Uniform
Black Ninja Costume unlocked.
You already canned that student.
Banana Seat Bike
Rough 'n Rich Shirt - White
Rough 'n Rich Shirt - Blue
AB Casual Polo - Black
AB Casual Polo - Brown
AB Casual Polo - Blue
~copyr~ 1995 all rights reserved
Socializing with people is a good way to find out what they want.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_greet~ greet her.
get ready for~n~FUTURE Street Race 3245~n~coming next summer to an arcade near you!
Accept Style
Return to Casey for a reward.
Aquaberry Boots
Country Boots
Locker perfumed.
Package delivered.
You failed to stuff anyone into a locker.
The Candidate
Wearing your school uniform is a rule that prefects enforce.
~dleft~ ~dup~ ~ddown~ ~dright~ to move.
Constantine: If you do it I'll give you my lunch money.
:x: Accept :tri: Exit
Scroll through your weapon wheel with :l2: or :r2: and select your camera.
With the camera equipped, press ~dup~ to enter aiming mode.
Scroll through your weapon wheel with :l2: or :r2: and select your camera.
Hold :l1: to target a student with the camera.
Make sure they're facing you. With :l1: held down, press :r1: to take a photo.
You are not targetting a student. Get close to a student and press :l1:.
Nerd Hideout
All pictures taken.
~copyr~ 1995 Rockstar Arcade
Rich Area Bike Shop
Hey loser, out of my space!
Tad's House
You cannot hold any more. Your inventory is full.
A cleverly disguised trick football.
This package has to get where it needs to go.
A pass key to enter the Chem-Ex Silo.
A ticket to gain entry to Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival.
The daily Bullworth News.
A ball made from rubber bands. What will they think of next?
Speed: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Accel: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~~n~Handling: ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~ ~bullet~
Escort Complete
:squ: take picture
Long T-Shirt - White
Long T-Shirt - Dark Blue
Long T-Shirt - Light Blue
Long T-Shirt - Red
Long T-Shirt - Yellow
Long T-Shirt - Green
Long T-Shirt - Black
Long T-Shirt - Gray
New Flannel Shirt
Inventory Full : ~$~
Press ~dup~ to enter aiming mode.
The jock clubhouse is located beside the football field.
The current ~save~ on the radar is your new clubhouse.
If the ~objective~ is on a different floor, it will appear as a ~blipup~ or ~blipdown~ on the radar.
~dup~ - Enter aiming mode~n~ ~n~:r1: - Toss toilet paper
Tap :l2: or :r2: to scroll through your weapons.~n~~n~Press :l2: and :r2: together to unequip them.
Hold :l1: to lock onto your target.
Use the right analog stick to switch targets. Press :r1: to fire.
Right analog stick - Aim your shot~n~ ~n~Hold :r1: - Charge your shot~n~ ~n~:r1: - Fire slingshot
Jealous Johnny
Errand Complete
Firefighter Helmet
Hold :squ:
Do you want to replace your current bike/scooter?
Dropout large tag
Arcade Race
Heart Throb - Copper
Heart Throb - Auburn
Heart Throb - Chestnut
Heart Throb - Chocolate
Small Special Increase - $2
Large Special Increase - $4
Return to Casey for a reward.
Return to the mailman.
You didn't get the Bike.
Player Stats:
Luxury Stud Hat - Gray
Luxury Stud Hat - Brown
Luxury Stud Hat - Black
Panama Hat
Porkpie Hat
Top Hat
Swirly ~i~ student.
You Win
You passed this Race! Congratulations!
:tri: Straighten painting
Destroy the enemies on screen by shooting Nuts at them.~n~Avoid flying into the trees or you will lose a life.
Hornets - Destroy 10 Hornets to fight a Bat.
Bats - Destroy 3 Bats to fight an Eagle.
Eagle - Destroy the Eagle.
Salmon - Avoid the Eagle's Salmon Attack.
Egging Complete.
Pick ~i~ lockers.
This is the first set of forks
This is the second set of forks
Times Up. You KO'd ~i~ White Shirt Bullies.
Edna Mask unlocked.
Make ~i~ deliveries.
RnR Shorts - Black
RnR Shorts - Burgundy
RnR Shorts - Green
RnR Shorts - Tan
RnR Shorts - Blue
Fat Sneaks - Gray and White
Skate Shoes - Green
Skate Shoes - Red
Skate Shoes - Brown and Tan
Fat Sneaks - Gray
Fat Sneaks - Red and Gold
Blue Runners
Fat Sneaks - Black and Red
Brown Runners
Skate Shoes - Black
Remember - When you see the ~s_humil~ on the social menu, you can humiliate your opponent.
You failed to get the bike to Otto.
x~i~ ~a~
Flowers smashed.
:x: - ~s_greet~ Greet~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_humil~ Humiliate
:x: - ~s_greet~ Greet~n~ ~n~Get close and press :cir: - ~s_humil~ Humiliate
Start your engines!
Deliver to Spazz Industries.
Pumpkin Head
Pass out outside and you'll wake up in the same spot.
You are getting tired. Be in bed by 2am or you'll pass out on the spot.
Pass out indoors and you'll start at the nearest bed or hospital.
Greaser egged.
Maria Theresa
Shop 1
Shop 2
Shop 3
Shop 4
Shop 5
Pocket Change: ~$~
You've got a Book.
:cir: :squ: :cir: :squ:
You failed to do any tags.
Collect all the crabs.
:x: Buy :tri: Exit
:tri: Push book
You're not supposed to be in here!
Uh... Well...
Get out! NOW!
Poor Area Clothing Store
Press the SELECT button to view your world map.
Nerd Respect -100
Harassing Girls
Pick ~i~ locker.
:tri: Buy drink
You didn't get the greasers off the roof.
Nerd Respect +100
You are too far from Miss Abby.
Greaser Hideout
Gold Suit
Curfew begins at 11pm and continues until you go to bed.
Give the hobo the pills.
Swim around the buoy and back.
Use the right analog stick to accelerate, pull back on the left analog stick to climb, push forwards to descend. Left and right to turn.
Use the :x:/~w~ button to accelerate, pull back on the left analog stick to climb, push forwards to descend. Left and right to turn.
You need an aquaberry sweater.
Cheerful Reindeer Sweater
Why don't you give daddy a kiss.
Press :tri: :x: followed by (:tri: :cir: :x: :x:)
Bear returned.
Return with the photo.
KO ~i~ white shirt bully.
Hey you!
What are you doin' on our turf!
Class starting soon
Glass House
You were busted.
Photo received.
Get me some TP pronto! I have to get out of here.
Press :cir: when you are close to the railing to hop it.
Get back on your bike.
Green Ninja Costume unlocked.
Egg the boys' dorm.
Tight Running Shorts unlocked.
Bullying Adults
Fancy Angst Boots
Cowboy Boots
Fashion Boots - Tan
Fashion Boots - Brown
Workman Boots
You're a little twerp!
The red ring around the clock is your timer. Get Algie to the bathroom before it runs out.
Tap :x: repeatedly to sprint.~n~ ~n~Hold :x: down to run.
Return to Algie.
~i~ lbs.
The Rumble
Mountain Bike
Press :tri: to keep the ball up
You won 1 Ticket
You won ~i~ Tickets
Violence - Elderly
Pirate Hat
What's shaking?
Welcome! I can help you satisfy all your geeky needs.
Grocery Store
Stronghold Assault
Tickets: ~i~
:tri: Keep-ups
Paper Route
Egg the girls' dorm.
:tri: Activate
Gnome Costume unlocked.
You're not too bad yourself...
Novelty Watch
Ammo for the sling shot
Exit free aim mode by pressing ~ddown~.
Another racer has finished. You have 30 seconds to finish.
Knock him out
You lose
Edna Mask
Thank you Jimmy for my Chocolates.
Greaser Respect +100
:tri: Exit
O.k - OKAY - take it, just don't hurt me.
Press :tri: :x: followed by (:squ: :squ: :x: :cir:)
Lawn Mowing
You have a little something for a special girl?
You failed to get to the last island.
:tri: Open
Wrestling Uniform
Gold Lamé Suit unlocked.
Get to the last island.
Good Boy - Copper
Good Boy - Auburn
Good Boy - Chestnut
Good Boy - Chocolate
Satellite dishes destroyed.
Help Petey
Orderly Boots
Orderly Pants
Orderly Shirt
Harassing Authority
Remember - The ~objective~ will appear as a ~blipup~ or ~blipdown~ if it's on a different floor.
All fires out.
Building egged.
2nd Floor Bathroom
Bike Jersey
Bullworth Letterman Jacket
Bullworth Sport Jacket
You failed to do any tags.
Tires 1
Tires 2
Late For Class
Nicky Charles
To start a task, stand on the yellow glow and press :tri: when prompted.
Lunch Time
Flattery won't help you here, boy.
Package given.
Return to the race track.
Find Algie's jacket.
The Big Prank Available.
Press :r1: to view purchased clothing
You failed to deliver the package in time.
Cost: ~$~
~i~ checkpoints remaining
Cranks 1
Cranks 2
Apology Bonus unlocked
Social Bonus unlocked
Apology Bonus unlocked
Social Bonus unlocked
Apology Bonus unlocked
Boxing Outfit
:tri: Exit
Old Worn Boots
Work Boots
Motorcycle Boots
Army Boots
Pick up the TP.
Worn Flannel Shirt
Report Card
Frame 1
Frame 2
Red Ninja Boots
You're a dick!
Wrestling Shoes
Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3
Photography 4
Photography 5
Spray ~i~ prep tags.
Return the lost kid to his dad.
Return with the photo.
Target with :l1: to bring up the social menu.~n~ ~n~It appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.
When you see the ~s_humil~ on the social menu, press :cir: to humiliate the bully.
You need to get closer in order to humiliate your opponent.
You can only ~s_humil~ humiliate when your opponent's health is low.
Tap :x: to let go of your opponent.
Dark Side Baseball Jersey
Tiki Shirt
Hawaiian Shirt
Bad Photo
:tri: - tripod
Green Ninja Boots
Kill ~i~ dock rat.
Viking Helmet unlocked.
Hopkins... Get over here!
Bike Race
Press :tri: followed by (:squ: :squ: :tri: :squ:)
Lawn Mowing: Park 1
Lawn Mowing: Park 2
Lawn Mowing: Park 3
Plant chocolates in Trevor's locker.
Photo delivered.
~i~ Unit
Lawn Mowing: House 1
Lawn Mowing: House 2
Lawn Mowing: House 3
Get close to one of the students and hold :l1: to target them.
Get behind them and press :squ: to place the kick me sign on their back.
Water Balloons unlocked.
Grade Averages

Finding Johnny Vincent
Press :cir: to Continue
~rstick~ Rotate
Inventory Full
Get Galloway to a shower to sober him up!
:tri: Use chemistry set
HEY --!
The Diary
You didn't do any damage. Try again later.
Bike Race Signup
Give me back my book!!
:tri: Use
1st Place! Winner!
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th Place
6th Place
Grand Prix - Race 1
Grand Prix - Race 2
Grand Prix - Race 3
Grand Prix - Race 4
Grand Prix - Race 5
Grand Prix - Race 6
Grand Prix - Race 7
Grand Prix - Race 8
Grand Prix - Race 9
Short and Shaggy - Copper
Short and Shaggy - Auburn
Short and Shaggy - Chestnut
Short and Shaggy - Chocolate
1st Floor Bathroom
All packages delivered.
Race to all the checkpoints
Hits: ~i~ / 3
~i~ / 4 photos taken.
Violence - Authority
You can relax now. Lefty's got your back.
~a~ : ~a~
Chemistry Lab
Weapon Violence
Get a photo of a tagger.
The Jocks are now your friends.
Chess Club
~dleft~ ~dright~ Navigate
Drama Club
Defend Bucky
Keep out of trouble boy. Next time I won't be so lenient.
Prep House
Football Team
Girls' dorm hit.
Girls' Grass Hockey Team
:x: Start~n~:tri: Exit
Love and Hate
Bike Helmet
You need more paint. You can buy some at the grocery store.
Package Delivered.
You tagged ~i~ spots.
Picture taken.
Fire extinguished.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
The Eggs
This is your final warning, Hopkins.
Metal Shop Club
Dodgeball vs Preps
Dodgeball vs Greasers
Dodgeball vs Jocks
Dodgeball vs Townies
Dodgeball vs random
Hit ~i~ person with snowball.
Rat killed.
You ran out of eggs. Try again later.
Dunce Cap unlocked.
:tri: Purchase clothes
Hits: ~i~ / 3
You failed to stuff anyone into a garbage can.
Car smashed.
Wrestling Team
Fast Food Outfit unlocked.
Swim Team
Escort Complete
:tri: Open
Reputation by Faction:
Put your gym uniform on to attend class.
Demerit Added
~right~ ~left~
The Paddle
Stink Bomb
Press ~dright~ to scroll through available tasks.
Press ~dleft~ to view your current available class.
Break and Enter
Gym Shoes
Cheap Dress Shoes
You Failed
Nerd small tag
Oi, small fry!
You didn't KO any Bullies.
:tri: Leave
Lock Picked.
Lost kid returned.
Ungh... I don't feel too good.
Get TP from the janitor's storeroom.
Package delivered.
:tri: Get fortune, only 25~cent~!
You're not wearing a helmet. If the police see you, you'll get in trouble.
Find a helmet and wear it on a moped to avoid getting in trouble.
Pulling Alarm
You Passed
Warning! This feature requires DTS compatible hardware to be connected. Proceed?
Warning! This savegame is set to use DTS. This requires DTS compatible hardware to be connected. Please select whether you want to proceed using DTS or STEREO output.
:tri: Clean
:tri: Climb
:tri: Close
You've upset her. Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s-sorry~ apologize.
Bike Shorts
:tri: Read comic
Take it easy man... I'm outta here.
Boxing Glove
Boxing Glove
Last Place!
a supercharged potato
When you're knocked out, you fail your task and are taken to the nearest medical facility.
After being knocked out, you will start at the nearest medical facility.
Getting knocked out in the boys' dorm will restart you in your room.
FAT ~i~
GRY ~i~
IVN ~i~
JIM ~i~
MAD ~i~
OTO ~i~
PTR ~i~
TAD ~i~
ZOE ~i~
You ran out of eggs. Try again later.

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Hollywood - Copper
Hollywood - Auburn
Hollywood - Chestnut
Hollywood - Chocolate
Out Of Stock
Bullies KO'd: ~i~
Garbage Pickup
Press :cir: to keep the ball up
Hopkins. You've passed my class. Come back whenever you feel like teaching these wimps a few things.
This what you looking for?
Thanks for the help kid.
My jaaaaaaacket! They took it.
You better not engage in any reckless street racing. I hear there's a lot of that going on.
With Russell pacified, I could be forgiven for thinking my troubles at Bullworth were over
Go see the punishment prefect. Perhaps he can improve your attitude.
"Please, you're the only hope I've got."
I do not want to see you back here, for any reason.
I don't understand why you have to fight Johnny Vincent's friends. You seem so alike. Is it over that girl... what's her name?
Equip your marbles and press :r1: to throw them onto the football field.
You will respect young Harrington and his associates. The Harringtons have been fine Bullworth men for generations.
I need you to take pictures of all those filthy taggers.
This is your only warning. Don't mess up again.
I will take this hooligan paraphernelia.
You seem to be on a fast track to a conviction for assault.
If you could confine your painting to art class and not walls, I'd be very grateful.
Is it true that you're the best locker stuffer at the Academy? I'm not sure I believe you.
I hope this will be your last little visit Hopkins.
Defend the spud cannon! Don't let him turn it on the door!
It behooves a Bullworth man to keep away from scum like the local children.
Jimmy... violence is not a proper way to channel the frustration you feel about your mother.
Making students cry is no laughing matter Hopkins.
There are rats everywhere in that building. It's really a pity. Would you do something about it?
Follow me, I'll get you a roof.
You're doing badly in photography. Jimmy... what are you good for? Anything?
How do you like it so far, James? This is only the beginning... muahahaha!
Cool Jimmy. Thanks.
Clown Shoes
You'll have to stop all this brawling you engage in.
You look like a nice boy... won't you get me out of here?
All this fighting will simply have to stop.
You think it's a good idea to act up Hopkins? At this time?
I am not a fan of confiscating things, but you leave me no choice.
Vandalism, destruction, disrespect... you're bound for a borstal if you don't smarten up.
Showdown at the Plant
Carnival Date
Help Gary
Well... if it isn't young James Hopkins. In trouble again.
I mean I don't want to say we're going to live happily ever after or anything like that, but life is certainly going to get easier
You seem to think it's pretty damn funny to pull fire alarms don't you?
It's been reported that you've been throwing newspapers at people.
Getting into fights with the school lowlifes? I'm not surpised as much as disappointed Jimmy.
I got to get my friend out of class, he's got to help me with my homework.
You're credited with rampant vandalism and destruction. Impressive.
Someone's starting all these little fires all over the place. Go put 'em out will you? I need to get something to eat.
It appears you're too stupid to speak your native language properly.
Your rap sheet gets longer by the minute it seems.
Stuff ~i~ students into garbage cans.
Victims: ~i~
Clashing with the prefects again? Will you ever learn?
Thank you so much young man.
Oh that's so gross!
I constantly hear your name associated with misdeeds Jimmy. I don't like it.
I lost my dog, will you help me?
Hopkins. You're done.
Could you find my dog for me?
The mental health people had to be brought in to bring you under control? Outrageous.
Nerd 'piece
You Win
You gotta get rid of those satelite dishes for me... cable's better anyways, you know?
So here I am, at probably the worst school in the country,
The building I live in just got condemned. Everyone out on the street. It's awful.
Break those dishes for me and I'll make it worth your while.
I suppose you're too busy trying to steal Mr. Galloway's alcohol to pay any attention?
Do not go the wrong way!
Hey! You're looking for radios aren't you?
I betcha there's a treasure on those islands by the pirate ship. Why don't you go check it out?
Jimmy, don't be a brat. Put it on.
I'd think you'd do well in wrestling class, given your love of violence. But no.
Have you ever been to a sunken pirate ship? I bet there's something really cool out there.
I would recommend not tangling with Johnny Vincent and his friends too much. One day they may be your colleagues in some menial job somewhere.
A bit of excercise for you, eh Hopkins?
Staying up too late is known to cause aggression and bad behavior.
A slightly used digital camera.
School Shorts
Bullworth Gym Shorts - Blue
Bullworth Gym Shorts - White
Bullworth Gym Shorts - Red
Thanks big guy, you're a good kid you know!
They just keep stealing. Don't they have any respect?
I need you to use that camera of yours to take pictures of those no good graffiti hooligans.
Mr Hopkins I am of the opinion that some good works would do you a world of good. Go see the punishment prefect.
You've been stealing bikes? What's next, cars?
Nice shovel, loser!
Your aggro management won't save you Hopkins!
Didn't do my homework again, would you help me out?
Do. Not. Fight. The. Prefects. Am I making myself clear?
Disrespecting teachers will do you no good at Bullworth, young man.
I see the football team has had to keep you in line.
Your costume Jimmy. Put it on.
Lets have some fun with these water balloons. See how many people you can hit with 'em ok?
You've actually made someone vomit. That's just disgusting.
Hey, I know a place you can stay.
Mr. Watts tells me you're a complete failure.
Hopkins eh? I was hoping I wouldn't see you for a while.
Everybody hates you Jimmy. Everybody.
Lemme tell you about this radio I once saw.
Do you not know that gambling is a surefire way to ruin?
There is a price for bad behavior Hopkins.
Perhaps a small personal loss will drive home the point.
Dunk Him!
If your health bar empties, you'll be knocked out.
If your health bar empties, you'll be knocked out and sent to the infirmary.
Your Health Bar is low. Drink some pop to fill it up.
:tri: Play game
Throwing eggs at cars. Really Jimmy? How juvenile.
Ms. Philips tells me you falling behind in photography class. Do you have anything to say to that?
My camera broke and I need some gritty pictures of the rides.
Just because you think you're 'the daddy' doesn't make you special in my eyes.
Jim, you're a stand up fella. Thank you.
Have you ever thought of becoming the school mascot? Then you'd be somebody.
:tri: School Bus
Avoid running over the flowers or you'll lose money.
Avoid destroying the birdbaths and potted plants or you'll lose money.
The ~job~ on the radar represents a job. Follow it to earn some extra cash.
Press ~dleft~ to scroll through your available jobs.
Notice that the ~job~ on the radar blinks.
Press :tri: to access the save book on your desk and to save your progress.
Your save book is represented by a ~save~ on the radar.
There is a save book in the principal's office that you can use.
Valentine delivered.
Snowball Challenge Complete
Build up your Special Trick Points
It was an accident, I apologize.
Crash Helmet unlocked.
Smash the car up as much as you can.
Awww... That's sweet.
:squ: CAMERA 1
:squ: CAMERA 2
Thing Done.
Boys Dorm
You don't have enough money.
Crash Helmet
Violence - Little Kids
:tri: EXIT
Move Jimmy with the left analog stick. Move the camera with the right analog stick.
Depending on how hard you push the left analog stick, Jimmy will move at different speeds.
Press ~dright~ to display your current goal.
Weed Killer
You don't have any Meat for Sparky.
You can't hide there when they can see you!
Bullworth Town Bike Race 1
Bullworth Town Bike Race 2
Bullworth Town Bike Race 3
Bullworth Town Bike Race 4
New Coventry Bike Race 1
New Coventry Bike Race 2
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 1
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 2
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 3
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 4
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 5
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 6
Bullworth Vale Bike Race 7
Bullworth Academy Bike Race 1
BMX Helmet
Flower delivery complete.
You get tired at 1am. Be in bed by 2am or you'll pass out.
Spray ~i~ prep tag.
Hah hah hah - you are a riot!
Press :cir: to jump out of the tree.
:x: LOCK
Player Skill Points:
Your health bar is located to the left of the radar.
Approach the soda machine and press :tri: when prompted.
Drinking pop will restore your health.
The coast is clear... Lead on, captain!
Grand Prix
Bring bikes to Otto for cash.
Use :squ: to use the shovel.
Use :l1: to block.
Wrong Part of Town
:x: to accelerate
~lstick~ to steer
:r1: to fire your rockets
:squ: to reverse
:cir: OPEN
TEMP: Burning Schoolhouse Firework description
Return to Pedro for a reward.
Gym 1
Gym 2
Gym 3
Gym 4
Gym 5
You think you can take me?
Bullying Girls
Give hobo some change.
You are falling behind.
:tri: Reset
Bring it!
You've earned the ability to apologize more effectively.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_sorry~ apologize.
Game Master Hat
Game Master Tunic
Bring orderly back to theater.
You want a piece of me!
You can save pictures to your photo album, which is found on the pause menu.
You can now take photos of students for the Yearbook, which can be found on the pause menu.
You can now store 15 photos in your photo album.
Use your digital camera to take color pictures.
You will now earn double tickets at the carnival games.
Bike Jump Distance
Sling Shot Hits
Total Detention Points
Press :tri: :x: followed by (:x: :x: :tri: :x:)
- Hall Pass
Collect ~i~ flower.
If anyone becomes aggressive towards you, you can try to apologize to them.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_sorry~ apologize.
Most bullies will want something before they leave you alone.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_pay~ pay him.
Apologies can also be used on adults, prefects and other students.
Hey Jimmy...
Get an orderly from Old Folks Home.
:tri: Spike the cooler
You have unlocked TBD.
Skull Mask
Skeleton Pants
Skeleton Shirt
:tri: Read Bulletin Board
:tri: Turn on
Indoor Go-Kart Track
Steal a Jock football.
The disc tray/disc cover~n~is open.~n~Please close it to continue.
Jammie Pants
Skull Jammie Shirt
Get to Class
You beat the time.
Press :tri: followed by (:x: :tri: :cir: :x: :tri: :squ:)
Hah hah! Run away to mommy!
Destroy ~i~ satellite dishes.
Ballooning Complete.
Fires: ~i~
Thanks for the walk Jimmy... Tad's got nothing on you
No Helmet
Custom Outfit
A festively carved halloween pumpkin.
Cheating Time
Student Lockered.
:tri: :squ: :x: :cir:
Paper Route Intro
Graduation Hat
Get your sumo to grow as much as possible~n~by eating good food and avoiding bad food.
Healthy Food - Increases health
Rotten Food - Lowers health
Blowfish - Avoid at all costs
Sumo - Bounces you around
Lawn Mowing
Legend :
:x: - Gas~n~ ~n~:squ: - Brake~n~ ~n~:cir: - Horn
Great smashing.
Take photo of dirty cop.
You Lose
Deliver the package.
Move toward the locker and press :tri: when prompted to start lockpicking.
Caesar - Copper
Caesar - Auburn
Caesar - Chestnut
Caesar - Chocolate
Prep Hideout
If you forget what your objective is, press ~dright~ to display it on the screen.
Lola's Race
Go to sleep
Keep an eye out for glowing bulletin boards. You can find some useful information on them.
Press :tri: when you're beside a garbage bin or a locker to hide.
Hide successfully and your trouble meter will drain.
You can look around with the right analog stick when you're hiding.
Once your trouble meter is empty, prefects will leave you alone.
The bike races are open from noon until 11pm. Look for the ~race~ on the world map to sign up.
Use the ~bus~ bus stops to get back to school quickly.
Pulling the fire alarm is against school rules.
You've earned the ability to attend photography class.
Press ~dup~ to enter camera mode.~n~ ~n~Press :r1: to take a photo.
The school closes at 7pm. Being in here after hours is trespassing.
Slow Speed
Normal Cranks
Increased velocity
Fast Cranks
Nerd Hideout
Harassing Students
Move toward the tree and press :tri: when prompted to start climbing.
Climb the tree with the left analog stick.~n~ ~n~:cir: - Jump off
:tri: - Sit on branch~n~ ~n~:squ: - Turn around~n~ ~n~:cir: - Jump off
Harass Galloway into the shower.
Sometimes, people will want you to run an errand for them.
They will have a blue arrow above their head and appear as a ~ambient~ on the radar.
Target Petey with :l1: to see what he wants.
The errand details appear under the :x: icon on the social menu.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to accept the ~errand~ errand.
To complete the errand, follow the ~ambient~ on the radar.
Cook's Crush
PEA ~i~
Follow the ~ambient~ to get pranks that you can play on other students.
You've earned the Go-Kart.
To get girls to kiss you, you will have to find flowers or chocolates that you can give to them.
> < -
; = -
:r1: / :r2: -
Bike returned.
Boxing Boots
Dunk Tank
Hold ~L3~ to look back and see what is behind you.
Press :x: :cir:
Swirly ~i~ students.
Thanks man!
Thanks! Here you go!
All greasers knocked out.
Your bed becomes available at 7pm. Follow the ZZZs to get back to your dorm room.
Use your bed to go to sleep and wake up fresh at 8am sharp.
Main Map
:tri: Tilt painting
Freak Show
Prank Failed
:tri: to exit
The pirate got the best of you. Try again later.
Clown Wig
You can break into any locker that has a red lock icon in front of it.
You can hide in any locker that has a blue lock icon in front of it.
You're trespassing. Watch out for authority figures.
The ~objective~ on the radar is your destination.
Notice that the ~objective~ on the radar blinks.
You failed to get the bear.
Press :r1: to throw your weapon.
Egg the Preps.
Hey, stop that!
Stop fighting!
Hey, stop or I'll call the police!
Bracelet - Gold
Bracelet - Silver
Bracelet - Steel
Bracelet - Onyx
Student Canned.
Snowballed~n~Victims: ~i~
Press :l2: or :r2: to scroll through your weapon wheel and equip the slingshot.
Ride your bike into the garage to store it.
Nice Outfit
You can't buy a health pickup when you're at full health.
You can't buy a special pickup when your special meter is full!
Fling your Poo to knock down Bananas to eat. Eating Bananas gives you more Poo. Avoid Spiders.
Monkey - Shoot down Bananas for more Poo.
Bananas - Shoot down for more Poo.
Spiders - Avoid touching the Spiders.
:x: to fling Poo.
You're really pissing me off!
Yellow arrows are used to highlight your goals.
Crash Helmet unlocked.
Go-Kart Street Race 1
Go-Kart Street Race 2
Go-Kart Street Race 3
Dropout medium tag
I'm sorry
Destroy ~i~ satellite dish.
Is this the one you want?
What can I do for you kid?
You don't have enough money.
Enjoy your purchase.
Changed your mind, did you?
See you next time.
Take your time and browse.
Out of stock.
Sorry, that's just a floor model.
:x: Buy :tri: Exit
:x: Purchase :tri:Cancel
:x: Talk :cir: Exit
Hey you! What the hell you think you are doing! Get out of my store!
Hello kid, up for some new rags?
Hello kid, you look like you need some new clothes?
Oh dear, you look fabulous!
Hello kid, you are in need of a haircut?
The work of a master artist!
You can't carry any more.
Great work. You've Planted the Chocolates.
Smart - Copper
Smart - Auburn
Smart - Chestnut
Smart - Chocolate
Fast Food
Rats in the Library
:tri: Buy admission ticket - $1
You failed to kill any rats. Try again later.
School Mascot
All right. Don't do it again!
You did not get the photo.
Preppy Respect +100
Cost ~$~
BMX Champion
Gym Strip
You exited your go-kart.
:tri: Play darts
You stayed up too late. Get some sleep!
Spray tags on school grounds.
Spray tags in industrial area.
Press :tri: :x: followed by (:tri: :squ: :x: :cir:)
~i~ Units
Welcome to the Fireworks store.
Pick ~i~ lockers.
:tri: Drink
Bio Lab
Highly collectible figurine made in some Peoples' Republic or other.
:x: - ~s_pay~ Pay~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_shove~ Shove
Pirate KO'd.
Out Of Stock : Free
You smashed ~i~ spots.
The black ninja costume gives you the ability to appear almost invisible to authority figures.
Bethany Jones
Kissing Bonus unlocked
Aquaberry Watch - Gold
Aquaberry Watch - Steel
Aquaberry Watch - Silver
Aquaberry Watch - White Gold
KO ~i~ white shirt bullies.
Return for a Reward.
Faux Hawk
Stick the "Kick Me" sign on Casey's back
Spray ~i~ tags.
Pirate Hat unlocked.
Nerd Fortress
Return the dog.
Save Algie
Errand Complete
Art Room
Flat Hawk
Earned Tickets.
You have Sobered Up Galloway.
Find and return the dog.
Incognito Hat unlocked.
Discretion Assured
Last Minute Shopping
Secret Unlocked
Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5
Bandit Mask
Return the bike.
Strange Hat
Blah blah...
Galloway Away
English 1
English 2
English 3
English 4
English 5
Used to mark the graves of the deceased.
Prank Complete
Soda Hat unlocked.
Welcome to the Bike store.
Move toward the tag target and press :tri: when prompted.
Press :x: to use the spray can to tag.
Use the left analog stick to trace the pattern.
You can tag any visible tag target as long as you have spray paint.
Equip a stink bomb or fire cracker and tap :r1: while running to toss it behind you.
Tap :r1: to toss your weapon behind you while running.
Get into the tenements.
Force him down!
Move the left analog stick or the right analog stick in the direction of the arrow to keep the ball in the air.
Tag sprayed.
Janitors Room
Found pills.
Right arm
You should stay on your bike.
Cheat mode OFF
Cheat mode ON
You're not allowed back here.
Commiting crimes fills your trouble meter. If a prefect sees you, he'll try to bust you.
Busting In Part I
Photo taken.
Metal T-Shirt
Creepy Clown T-Shirt
T-Shirt - White
T-Shirt - Blue
Fool Hammer T-Shirt
T-Shirt - Red
T-Shirt - Yellow
T-Shirt - Green
T-Shirt - Black
:tri: Back
Ivy League
Return to Bucky with Eunice's gift.
Get off the bike.
Equip your skateboard, get close to his car and press :tri: to skitch.
Shooting Gallery
Island 3
As long as you have spray, you can lay a tag down at any tag target.
Galloway Away Intro
Truancy means you're skipping class. If a prefect busts you, he will send you to class.
You got too close. Try again later.
Fade - Copper
Fade - Auburn
Fade - Chestnut
Fade - Chocolate
:tri: Exit
Cheat activated
Italian Shoes
LS Casual Moccasins
LS Casual Sneakers
Aquaberry Loafers
RnR Suede Sneakers
Good Photo
Save Russell
Victims: ~i~
Press Circle to Buy
:tri: Spray perfume
Forks 1
Forks 2
Graffiti Clean-up
Go back to get a Reward.
You killed all the rats.
You passed out.
Army Cap
Army Bucket Hat
Army Wool Hat
Spike Hawk
:r1: Take Photo
BB Gun
Enter the BMX park.
After giving a girl a gift, kiss her with :r2: + :squ:.
Crabs: ~i~ / 6
Christy has stopped following.
Right Arm
:x: Save to Photo Album
You've earned the ability to give better shove taunts.
Hold :l1: and press :cir: to ~s_shove~ shove taunt.
You got your Slingshot back!
You got your Super Slingshot back!
You got your Bottle Rocket Launcher back!
You got your Spud Gun back!
TAD: We can't let you in without a proper Aquaberry's shirt. Come back when you're dressed properly
Useful and stylish means of transportation.
Eunice's gift delivered.
Please insert an Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®) or an Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2) into controller port 1 to continue.
Fire cracker a toilet.
Do you want to fight this guy?
You think that was pretty funny, don't you punk?
I don't know what you are talking about, but I love your toilet cologne!
That's it! I am going to finish this!
Please don't!
We should work together!
Bring it on tough guy!
Meet me outside the auto shop at 3:15 and I'll show you how things are done at bullworth!
Get outta here loser!
Don't think so
Ok then, see ya later
Rocket Launcher
Find the lost kid at the Carnival.
:tri: Stuff
Please insert a DUALSHOCK~rtm~ analog controller or a DUALSHOCK~rtm~2 analog controller into controller port 1 to continue.
Bully Respect +100
Equip your eggs using :l2: or :r2: to scroll through the weapon wheel.
To throw an egg through a window, press ~dup~ to go into aiming mode.
Use the left analog stick to aim.~n~ ~n~Press :r1: to throw the egg.
Timer: ~i~
Arcade Race Area A
Arcade Race Area B
Arcade Race Area C
Collect ~i~ flowers.
Werewolf Mask unlocked.
Wait for Christy here.
Boxing - Challenger 1
Boxing - Challenger 2
Boxing - Challenger 3
Boxing - Challenger 4
Boxing - Random Challenger
:tri: Ride the Ferris Wheel - $1
A Little Help II
A Little Help III
A Little Help IV
A Little Help V
A Little Help VI
Movie Tickets
Multiple yearbook photos added
~g~Looks like rain...
~g~Each time you beat your previous record for the two laps
~g~a larger ~y~REWARD ~g~will be awarded!
You left the race track.
Christy delivered.
Melody: If you do it I'll give you my lunch money.
Classic Watch
Black Digital Watch
Black Sports Watch
Blue Sports Watch
Low Profile Watch
Final Showdown
Mascot Suit
Mascot Head
You Failed
Miss Winston
Help! Someone!
Bullworth Hoodie - Gray
Bullworth Hoodie - Blue
Team Zip-Up
Bullworth Zip-Up - Green
Cafeteria Kitchen
Kill the dock rats.
Detective Jimmy complete.
Dunce Cap
Smash It Up
Officer Monson
Demerit Cleared
Fling your Poo to knock down Bananas to eat.~n~Eating Bananas gives you more poo.~n~Avoid Spiders.
Hit ~i~ person with water balloon.
~g~Do two laps of the dirt track, ~y~passing through ~g~the ~y~CHECKPOINTS ~g~as you go!
:cir: for instructions
You Passed
Bullworth Visor - Classic
Bullworth Visor - Green
Bullworth Visor - Red
Keep an eye on your ally's health bar on the right side of the screen.
If Gary is knocked out, you will fail your current task.
Race Over
Egging Complete.
:tri: Sleep
G & G Costume unlocked.
:tri: Turn off
:tri: Tag
~i~ Swirlies delivered.
~i~ of ~i~ Gnomes Destroyed
Russell In the Hole
Wool Hat - Boarder Style
Wool Hat - Urban Style
Press :tri: followed by (:squ: :x: :tri: :cir: :x: :squ:)
Get the next package.
Hit ~i~ people with water balloons.
:tri: Deactivate
Press :tri: to Exit
Carton of Eggs
Super Slingshot
"G&G" Character Sheet
Red Ring
Blue Ring
Bottle Rockets
Spray Paint
Super Soda
Bag of Marbles
Joke Candy
Big Novelty Watch
Devil Horn Hair Band
Angel Halo Hair Band
Beaded Bracelet
Checkered Party Hat
Clown Wig
Clown Trousers
Clown Shoes
"I'm with Stupid" T-Shirt
Some incredibly strange hat
Girlie / Car Poster
Rock Band poster
Box of Chocolates
Bouquet of Flowers
"Volcano 4000" Firework
Itching Powder
Comic Book
"Sizzle" Magazine
"G&G" Collectible Card
Prize Teddy Bear
Ms. Philips' Pearl Necklace
Ms. Philips' Red Dress
Bottle of Perfume
Edna's Meat
Tad's Gate Key
Radio Transistor
Lab Notes
Beam Cola
Prescription Bottle
Galloway's Bottle
"Kick Me" Sign
Bag o' Poo
Super Spudgun
Algie's Jacket
Beatrice's Diary
Lola's Lipstick
Edna's Razor
Prize Ticket(s)
Prize Trophy
Bag of Laundry
Mascot Outfit
Scrub Brush
"Banana Seat" Bike
Green BMX
Basic BMX
Blue BMX
Mountain Bike
Old Lady Bike (Edna's)
Retro BMX
Rubber Band
Lola's Address Book
Lola's Keys
Teacher's Note
Harrington House Foyer Key
Return Eunices Chocolates
Time's Up!
When will you learn?
Relax... you're going to get some help....
You're under arrest!
Zip Up Black Hoodie
Sevener Black Hoodie
Conduct Hoodie
Jimmy: $~i~
You have returned the patients.
Smashed ~i~ / 34.
:x: - ~s_pay~ Pay~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_humil~ Humiliate
:x: - ~s_pay~ Pay~n~ ~n~Get close and press :cir: - ~s_shove~ Shove
Rat killed.
licensed by Rockstar 1995
$0.50 to continue
:x: YES
You're alright...
Football delivered.
You got too close. Try again later.
~rstick~ Rotate :r1: Zoom
Authority Alert
Photo taken.
Press :x: to Start
Beat up the bully.
You failed to Swirly anyone.
Violence - Girls
Go to the principal's office.
Nerd Boss Fight
~i~ of ~i~ Pumpkins Smashed
Stink Bomb
Vitamins to the head
Brick to the head
Eggs, grade A goodness
Snowball Fight!!
2 Handed stick
Lid. Use this to whack people with
Perfume ~i~ locker.
Now swim back to the docks.
Heart Throb
Jock Hideout
Cheer Leading Squad
Player Reputation
"Kick Me" complete.
Return to Castillo for a reward.
Wrong Way!
The old man has wandered off.
You failed to extinguish the fires.
Fries Headpiece
Minimum Wage Pants
Minimum Wage Shirt
Good Luck Wrist Band
Wide Wrist Band - Black
Wide Wrist Band - Brown
Wristband - Black
Wristband - Brown
You didn't do the thing. Try again later.
You failed to kill any rats. Try again later.
Hit ~i~ people with snowballs.
Swirlies: ~i~
Please insert the~n~game disc and close the~n~disc tray/disc cover~n~to continue.
Bike Air Time
Press :tri: followed by (:tri: :squ: :x: :squ:)
:tri: Start "~a~"
Snow Shoveling
Stay down, bitch!
Stolen book delivered.
Photo cheating girlfriend.
Demerits: ~i~
Cheap Digital Watch
Accelerate, Brake or Reverse
Invert Look in 1st Person :
Your new safehouse is located by the football field.
Ballooning Complete.
I've got you this...
Officer Williams
TEMP: Water Balloon Description
Paper Route
You've earned the ability to exchange a gift for a kiss.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to give ~s_flower~ flowers to Angie.
Hold :l1: and press :x: to ~s_kiss~ kiss her.
Cowboy Hat - Black
Flat Top
Go to the alley behind the theater to race between 7PM and 7AM
That's it - run you chicken shit!
Morning class is about to start. It goes from 9am until 11:30am.
You've got a football. Now run.
What's up?
Defender of the Castle
Take Christy back to the girls' dorm.
While wearing the mascot outfit you will not be able to use any of your projectile weapons.
Halloween Costume
You suck.
Blow it out your ass, stink breath!
Up yours!
Return with the cargo.
You are now a much better kisser.
Jacket returned.
Skater Beanie - Black
Skater Beanie - Red
Skater Beanie - Gray
:tri: Take drink
Pinky: I'd really like a token of your appreciation, you know?
:tri: Wrestling Fight - min. $1 bet
:tri: Customize bike
Crew Cut - Copper
Crew Cut - Auburn
Crew Cut - Chestnut
Crew Cut - Chocolate
Pull the fire alarm.
~a~'s yearbook photo added
This bear is rather solid
Press :tri: followed by (:tri: :squ: :squ: :x: :cir: :tri:)
Jock Respect +100
Gym Class
Lead the way, boss!
You got some Fire Crackers!
You got some Bottle Rockets!
You got some Eggs!
You got some Stink Bombs!
You got some Potatoes!
Press :tri: for Russell to help you up the wall
Smash the car.~n~Smashes: ~i~ / 11
:x: :x: :tri: :x:
TP delivered.
Canada: Swearing in French has been outlawed in Montréal.
China: Rescuing a drowning person is not allowed as it would be interfering with their fate.
USA: In Alabama, it is forbidden for a man to beat his wife more than once a month.
Sweden: Twenty percent of all road accidents in Sweden involve a moose.
Canada: Dildo is a town in Newfoundland, Canada.
USA: The IRS employee manual includes provisions for collecting taxes in the aftermath of a nuclear war.
UK: Scotland is estimated to have been Europe's biggest persecutor of witches, putting to death over 4,000 alleged witches in the 17th and 18th centuries.
UK: Every month the Thames water treatment plants remove over a ton of pubic hair, whereupon it is taken away to a landfill site and buried.
Germany: In WWII, the Germans lost 126 generals. 84 of these were executed by Hitler.
France: In 1778, fashionable women of Paris never went out in blustery weather without a lightning rod attached to their hats.
Zanzibar: The shortest war there has ever been was between Britain and Zanzibar during 1896. It lasted for 38 minutes.
Italy: In 1892, Italy raised the minimum age for marriage for girls to 12.
UK: In Chester you are allowed to shoot a Welsh person with a bow and arrow provided it is done inside the city walls and after midnight.
Italy: To "testify" was based on men in the Roman court swearing to a statement made by swearing on their testicles.
Greece: Aeschylus, the Greek poet and dramatist, was killed when an eagle flying overhead dropped a turtle on his head.
Glamor Shoes
:tri: Get hair cut
Tag sprayed.
Go to the Principal's office
You can now start a game of dodgeball from the boys' change room.
Penalty Shots
Boys' dorm hit.
:tri: to tag
Depending on your task, you will receive positive or negative respect from the factions.
To see your faction respect rating, press the SELECT button and go to the status page.
Escort Algie back to the library.
~g~New Record Set!! ~w~~1~ minutes ~g~and ~w~~1~ seconds.
School Slacks
Bullworth Gym Pants
What the hell are you wearing?
Fireworks Store
TEMP: Rat Poison spray description
:tri: Start "~a~"
Kiss a girl and you'll get a 25% health bonus.
Kiss a girl and you'll get a 50% health bonus.
Kiss a girl and you'll get a 75% health bonus.
Kiss a girl and you'll get a 100% health bonus.
You can kiss girls without having to give them a gift.
Make food deliveries.
:tri: Save
Press the :cir:|~w~ button when running to ~h~sprint
Press the :x:/ ~w~button when running to ~h~sprint
Press the :cir:| ~w~button to fire the sniper rifle.
Get a bike.
Return to Casey for a reward.
Weapon Fired
The Big Prank
You can mix chemicals in here
Get a bike.
Cap - Blue
Cap - Purple and Black
Cap - Red and Tan
Cap - White and Black
Cap - Yellow and Black
Cap - Black and Red
:tri: Class
:tri: Change clothes
Super Slingshot, has a scope
Bottle Rocket Launcher
Bottle Rocket
Black Bomber Jacket
Leather Jacket
Old School Punk Vest
Army Jacket
Arctic Camo Jacket
Forest Camo Jacket
Bullying Authority
The Setup
Soda is now free.
Spray prep tags.
:tri: Ride coaster
Starting Outfit
A melee weapon with a good range
Get me outta here.
Get spotted by an authority figure in the girls' dorm and you'll be thrown out.
Return to the orderly.
:x: Accelerate~n~:squ: Reverse~n~:r2: Hand Brake
Grand Prix - Race 10
Victims: ~i~
Skate Shoes - Black
Country Shoes
Brown Loafers
Urban Loafers - Brown
Urban Loafers - Black
Riot Shoes - Classic
Riot Shoes - Caramel
Riot Shoes - Chocolate
:tri: Balance
:tri: Use
Fire Cracker
Go to the girls' dorm.
Spud Gun
Come on man, chill out.
:tri: Plant football
Violating Curfew
Prison Uniform
Have you considered a career in the medical profession?
Place flowers on husband's grave.
~i~ Ticket
Authority figures are the red blips on your radar.
Come on, follow me.
Balloon ~i~ people.
Delivery Bike
Get into Harrington House.
During Endless Summer you can complete all the tasks that you may have missed.
Damage: ~i~ / 11
Press Left Right to change style
:x: Exit
:tri: Pick lock
Salvage the dock worker's cargo.
Team Sweatband - Blue
Team Sweatband - Blue
Team Sweatband - Red
Team Sweatband - Red
Team Sweatband - White
Team Sweatband - White
Let's Get Ready to Cow Dance.
Cow Dance Success
Cow Dance Failed
Pressing :l2: and :r2: together will equip and unequip your skateboard.
:x: - Ride~n~ ~n~:cir: - Ollie~n~ ~n~:squ: - Stop
Uh huh, sure.
The Gym is Burning
There are currently no tasks available.
Girls Dorm
Money ~$~
Sent to Class
Chem Plant
Vandalism tag
When you are busted, you will lose some of the items you had.
Return with the bear.
Power Wedgie
Rats: ~i~ / 18
Do this OBJECTIVE ~i~
Try again later.
He's not your target. Get closer and hold :l1:.
FUTURE~n~Street Race~n~2165
Thanks Jimmy...They're beautiful!
You failed to get the photo.
Boxing Shorts
Boxing Tank Top
Prep Egged.
This will end your~n~current task.~n~~n~Are you sure?
Maximum Capacity
Escort Complete
The carnival closes at 1am. Make sure that you finish your date with Pinky by then.
You ran out of Water Balloons. Try again later.
Clean Shave
Buzz Cut
:tri: Get music tracks
Hey! Leave him alone!
Go to the school parking lot to race between 7PM and 7AM
A projectile weapon
BMX Track
~dup~ Increase Bet~n~~ddown~ Decrease Bet~n~~dleft~~dright~choose~n~:x:Start~n~:tri:Exit
Place your bet:~n~~$~
You Won!
Sorry, better luck next time
Notice that the ~mission~ on the radar blinks. This is the task location.
Notice that the ~class~ on the radar blinks.
Talk to orderly.
Left Arm
Shipwreck explored.
:x: + :squ: - Power slide
Using Prank
Student Snowballed.
Don't lose Davis. He's the ~enemy~ on the radar.
Astronomy Club Vest
School Sweater
Bullworth Vest
Take a picture of the romantic couple
Tuxedo Pants
LS Casual Pants - Gray
LS Casual Pants - Black
Aquaberry Slacks - Slate
Aquaberry Slacks - Cream
:cir: Store to Custom Outfit
Tiny Swimsuit unlocked.
See things that are far away
Get Pedro's candy back.
Restaurant Manager: Hey Man!
That Bitch
Bo: Thanks Man!
:tri: Pull book
:tri: NO
Grab your opponent with :tri: and drag him over to the garbage bin to stuff him in.
Bike returned.
Faux Hawk - Blond
Faux Hawk - Light Brown
Faux Hawk - Medium Brown
Faux Hawk - Black
Return to the restaurant owner.
House Of Mirrors
Remember - Follow the ~class~ on the radar to get to class.
Oh god, please don't hurt me!
Race the Vale
Follow the ~bus~ on the radar to take the bus back to school.
Crew Cut
You didn't do the thing. Try again later.
Look around Old Bullworth Vale for the ~race~ go-kart street race.
Get Up: ~i~
Custom Outfit 1
Custom Outfit 2
Custom Outfit 3
Custom Outfit 4
:x: or :cir:
You win
Make sure you're dressed nicely or girls won't want to kiss you.
Destroy 4 satellite dishes.
Small Health Increase - $1
Large Health Increase - $3
:cir: CLOSE
Here's to you Ms. Philips
:tri: Start ~a~
:tri: Sleep
:tri: Ride the Squid - $1
The best way to kill a rat is to hit it with your slingshot.
Once a girl likes you, she will always accept your gifts and want to kiss you.
Egg the boys' dorm.~n~Hits: ~i~ / 3
Go-Kart Track 2
Just back off.
Pedro: That was cool man!
Escort Miss Abby to the tenements.
Super Slingshot
You did not perfume the lockers.
Open Door
Get the last package.
Greetings from...
:l1: Block :x: Dodge :squ: Punch
Open Gate
I'm sure you're mistaken.
The hobo gave you a transistor.
Use the chem set in your room to make fire crackers.
You now get double of everything from the chem set in your room.
Your chem set is no longer limited to one use per day.
Cop Bike
:tri: Art class
:tri: Chemistry class
:tri: English class
:tri: Gym class
Punk Hoodie
Army Sweater - Green
Army Sweater - Black
Hoodie - Black
Hoodie - Blue
Hoodie - Gray
Rock On Shirt
Rocker Hoodie
:tri: Photography class
:tri: Shop class
Making a Mark
I've got something for you if you wanna trade....
Aquaberry Shirt
Zip Sweater - Crimson
Zip Sweater - Slate
Zip Sweater - Forest
Zip Sweater - Coal
This bike is now available in your garage.
New Bike unlocked
Crab collection complete.
Souvenir Shop
Standard Wheels
Ultra Wheels
Return for a Reward.
Black Cowboy Hat unlocked.
Plant chocolates in Gloria's locker.
Press :tri: :x: followed by ( :cir: :squ: :cir: :squ:)
You are out of Packages. Try again later.
Eunice is no where to be seen. Try again later.
Too slow.
:x: - ~s_greet~ Greet~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_shove~ Shove
Try to lob the TP into the stall.
Kill the rats in the tenements.
Dishonorable Fight
Angelic Halo
Find the dog.
Boxing Outfit
Spray ~i~ greaser tag.
Here you go...
The bike was worth $~i~.
Hockey Jersey - Black
:squ: to kick
Get outta my face!!
Cut-Off Jean Shorts
Cut-Off Camo Shorts
Desert Cargo Shorts
Camo Cargo Shorts
You better watch yourself - next time I'll kick your ass
Fork over some coin!
Money lost: ~$~
Reward: ~$~
The Preppies are now your friends.
Dropout Hideout
Go to the grave.
:tri: Skitch a Ride
Knock out the greasers.
You can access your moped from any ~bike~ garage.
:tri: Play darts
Maggot, you're going to mow the lawn at Bullworth.
Most children stop writing on the wall once they were old enough to walk.
Get me some toilet paper and don't tell anybody about this.
These so-called townies are a bad influence even for you. Do not mix with them.
A little physical labor might set you straight. I think you're worth a try.
I'm starting a tagging campaign and I want you to help me. You in?
Thatta, boy.
The customers will love these ones.
Here! Throw these eggs at someone. Then you'll be cool.
Get him before he damages the transformer!
Brawling with your social betters Jimmy? It won't do you any good.
Telling off the police is indicative of a criminal disposition Jimmy. I would stop it if I were you.
Warehouse Manager: Hey Man!
I'll just bring up your permanent record.
You deliver these and I'll have time to go visit my special friend.
Students ought not to fight Jimmy. That includes you.
Don't be foolish. We can't let you in without an Aquaberry shirt.
Look where you're driving kid!
I'm embarrassed to ask, but I want to put chocolate in someone's locker. Will you please do it for me?
Boxing Challenge
I got a delivery... want to make some money?
I know a place you can stay.
You've been fighting the prefects I understand. This is unacceptable.
Well well well, if it isn't Hopkins.
You've been causing trouble in... the toilets? What are you thinking?
Are you crazy or something?
I am this close to expelling you Jimmy. I've had quite enough all your antics.
What exactly is it you've been doing with Lola, Jimmy?
You shouldn't fight with Harrington's friends Jimmy. Any one of them may be your boss one day.
Mr. Burton tells me you haven't been applying yourself in wrestling class.
Thank you Hopkins, you're a credit to the school.
I know where you can find a nice radio.
Hair Salon
Taper - Blond
Taper - Light Brown
Taper - Medium Brown
Taper - Black
Derby Harrington's father has called me to complain. Have you ANY idea what this could mean for the school?
... and I suppose I better take this.
Are you some sort of socialist Jimmy? Why else would you cause trouble with Derby's friends?
Expelled again and beaten by Gary. Man, I've got to sort this out fast.
Is it that you miss your mother that much already Jimmy?
Causing property damage? Who do you think you are young man?
Do you enjoy making people cry Jimmy? I am getting worried about you.
Time to pay back the faculty for all their kindness.
Look who the cat dragged in, the young delinquent himself.
The loons all got out. Can you help me get them back?
Here boy! Here boy!
Now, go and think about what I've said.
I hear you're mechanically apt but I'm not sure I believe it. Care to prove me wrong?
Oh thank ya, thanks a ton.
Even basic mechanics seem beyond you. You're unlikely to ever get a job at this rate.
Alright Hopkins, that's enough.
I'll pay you if you get the runaway crazies back here. Who knows what they'll do.
Here you go.
"Jimmy, please help. He's humiliated me."
Why are you not in your costume?
When you're old enough I'll make sure you get in the union.
You should get to bed at a decent hour Jimmy. Your mother would want it.
Oh look who's decided to join us today.
Thanks so much. You're quite the little helper!
It seems the concept of private property has been eluding you.
I bet you can't beat my swimming record. You're just don't have the poise.
Making people cry is not a game... well... it is not a game for you.
A teacher had to physically apprehend you.
Appreciate it son.
Hey Jimmy, think of it as job-training day.
Give up Jimmy! You'll never make it. You are outmatched on all fronts... well... other than brawn.
Someone needs to write some mean-spirited graffitti in New Coventry. Not me obviously. They'd beat me up.
Hey Jimmy... how fast can you stuff losers into lockers?
Why is it you can't seem to keep your nose clean? Don't answer that.
Why don't you put all this energy of yours into supporting the football team?
You seem to be a very violent young man.
Hey kid... I could use your help.
Flat Hawk - Blond
Flat Hawk - Light Brown
Flat Hawk - Medium Brown
Flat Hawk - Black
Pulling the fire alarm is a serious offense. It will have to stop.
Do not tangle with the football team Jimmy. They're better than you, plain and simple.
Bikes is where it's at. Go send a message to that car driving scum.
What on earth are you wearing? That's not Aquaberry.
I can't believe he did that... Will you help me?
You've forced the staff to drag you in here. Quite extraordinary.
but now I guess I'm certainly going to live the good life.
See those smokers on that roof by the gas station? I need you to clear them off while I go get a coffee.
It's been a while since someone egged the girls dorm. I'd do it myself, but I prefer to hire a peon.
You didn't tag any spots. Try again later.
Tags complete.
Army Cargo Pants
Jeans - Casual
Ratty Jeans
Crisp Jeans
Track Pants - Green
Track Pants - Black
Desert Cargo Pants
Get close to some students and press :r1: to light and drop the Volcano 4000.
Now stand back and watch the fun.
You had to be tranquilized to be brought in? Maybe you should slow down a little Jimmy.
You are not to mix with the local children Jimmy. It just leads to fighting, as you well know.
Goodbye Hopkins.
Having trouble concentrating in Ms. Philips class?
You've been assaulting students... in the washrooms! That's just sick.
That will be all Hopkins. You may go.
I'd like you to mind what I've told you... perhaps a small loss will help you in that regard.
I want everyone to give their best boys. Their best.
Chemistry seems far beyond you Jimmy. Perhaps we should get you a tutor?
Thanks kid, you're not too bad.
Take Peter's package to Beatrice.
Island explored.
English class does not seem to be your strength. You really are a hopeless brute, aren't you?
Edna has been saying kind things about you. Personally, I don't see it.
You seem intent on claiming the spot as Bullworth's number one troublemaker.
This one looks a little mutated. Oh well.
Those greasers are a bunch of stuck up idiots. Go egg some of them for me okay?
Hey, thanks a lot big guy.
Everyone's putting chocolate in everyone's locker and I want to do it too... but I don't know how to pick the lock. Will you help?
Jimmy, rails were made for HOLDING ON not for SLIDING DOWN!
Someone keeps egging our dorm. I think it's time someone egged the boys' dorm.
How many kids can you stuff in garbage cans really fast? Not very many I bet.
I would've thought you could at least manage to pass photography class. But no.
That guy should get a taste of his own medicine. Want to help me?
What exactly have you been doing in Chemistry class? Certainly not learning anything by the looks of it.
Seems like even Ms. Philips can't see any good in you.
The Tenements
Well well well... what have we here. If it isn't young Hopkins again.
Several prefects have noticed your propensity for violence.
Peel off one stinking layer and there's another even smellier one beneath.
Are you still trying Jimmy? You are bloody minded, I have to give you that.
Mouthing off to the teachers Jimmy. I mean really? What were you thinking?
Good. Hopkins, you're with the wimps.
Would you please dress appropriately?
Even dogs find you loathsome it seems.
Arrested again, eh? I suppose you think of that as a good early start?
Seems like you lack the artistic talent to even pass art class.
Looks like someone got busted!
So here I am, suddenly the king of the school.
You've been cutting quite a swathe of destructions it appears.
Move toward the tag target and press :tri: when prompted.
Explore the shipwreck.
Riot Shoes - Black
Urban Walker Classic
Budget Basketball Sneaks
Urban Walker Canvas
Fill a water balloon.
:x: Begin tagging
Wrestling Helmet
Gym Shorts
Gym Shirt
Do you want to exit?
Find the hobo some pills
Stop that!
Cut it out!
Yo Jimmy!
Better luck next time!
Gnome Boots
Nothing to see here, move along!
What are you looking at?
You're next, kid!
I'm A Star
KO the pirate.
Greaser insult
Smash up Harrington House.
Press :r1: to purchase more clothing
Townie Respect +100
:tri: Grand Prix Race 1 - $1
:tri: Grand Prix Race 2 - $1
:tri: Grand Prix Race 3 - $1
:tri: Grand Prix Race 4 - $1
:tri: Grand Prix Race 5 - $1
Hey Baby
Algie has stopped following.
Press Up Down to change color
Egg the greasers
Short and Shaggy
:tri: Disable Miners
~i~ people stuffed into garbage cans.
Ran out of time.
Wait for Algie here.
Preppy insult
Stuff ~i~ student into locker.
Having Weapon
erm, um... it wasn't me!
~i~ of ~i~ G&G Cards Collected
Errand cancelled
Harassing Little Kids
Get Up
The Townies are now your friends.
You were knocked out.
You did no damage.
Welcome to Bullworth
:tri: Get hint
Rigged Ball
Key Card
Admission Ticket
Rubber Band Ball
Aquaberry Cruiser
Don't be a bully. The prefects will bust you for this type of behavior.
Panty Raid
Ok, here...
Bright Side Baseball Jersey
Soccer Polo - Snow
Soccer Polo - Emerald
Rugby Jersey - LB
Rugby Jersey - Celt
Football Jersey - Green
Football Jersey - Black
Hockey Jersey - Blue
Hit people with water balloons.
Welcome Kid! Choose your prize.
You don't have enough tickets for that one.
Egging Complete.
Sorry dude.
You failed to Pick any lockers.
Werewolf Mask
Light it and see what happens
:x: Restart "~a~"
T-Shirt - Gray
Undershirt - White
Undershirt - Black
Undershirt - Blue
Undershirt - Gray
Staff Room
Lost Cargo complete.
You looking for some backup?
Toliet Fire Crackered.
Plaid Punk Pants
Ripped Jeans
High Cuffed Jeans
Pistol Pants
Black Cargo Pants
Forest Camo Cargo Pants
Jogging Pants
Find the transistor part for the Hobo and in return he'll give you some combat training.
Find more hidden transistor parts and return to the Hobo for more training.
Place 1st to win!
Boxing Ring
Return to the Jock.
Escort Mrs. Lisburn to the park
You have unlocked the pirate hat.
Don't beat up the Prefect!
Ran out of time
Left punishment area
Get back to work! ~n~~i~
You think I'd be interested in you? Get a life.
Hey Hopkins! Get over here!
:squ: GOBLIN
:tri: Start purchasing
The Big Game
You already have that bike. Are you sure you want to replace it?
:tri: Exit
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10
Round 11
Round 12
:x: - ~s_pay~ Pay~n~ ~n~:cir: - ~s_shove~ Shove
Preppies Vandalized
:cir: for help
Auto Shop
City Races unlocked.
Great work. You've Planted the Chocolates.
You Suck!
:l1: Rotate :r1:
Left arm
:cir: Load
You win
:l1: DOOR 1
:l1: DOOR 2
:l1: DOOR 3
:l1: DOOR 4
:l1: DOOR 5
:l1: DOOR 6
:l1: DOOR 7
:l1: DOOR 8
When your trouble meter fills, authority figures will try to bust you on sight.
Hide in lockers and garbage bins to reduce your trouble meter.
Wrestling Gym
Errand Failed
Perfume ~i~ lockers.
:squ: Save
Pills delivered.
This is the first set of Tires
This is the second set of Tires
The dog is following you.
~dleft~ ~dright~ Navigate :tri: Exit
Get Karen's bear.
You made it.
:tri: Spin globe
Townies Challenge
Greasers Challenge
Jocks Challenge
Nerd Challenge
Prep Challenge
Tobias Mason
:tri: Pick
It was an accident, I apologize.
This is the first set of cranks
This is the second set of cranks
Bullworth Cap - Classic
Bullworth Cap - Team
Bullworth Cap - Green
~i~ of ~i~ Rubber Bands Collected
Ball Cap - Blue and White
Ball Cap - Black
Ball Cap - White
Ball Cap - Quartered
Ball Cap - White and Green
Ball Cap - White and Blue
Toliet Fire Crackered.
Violence - Adults
:tri: Cancel :x: Confirm
Deliver Bucky's valentine to Eunice.
Picked: ~i~
Press :squ: to keep the ball up
A Little Help
Collect ~i~ crab.
Prison Pants
Prison Shirt
Detention served.
Lips Long T-Shirt
68 Long T-Shirt
Urban Sports Long T-Shirt
Black Ninja Mask
Black Ninja Pants
Black Ninja Jacket
This is the first Frame
This is the second Frame
:tri: Exit
Red Ninja Mask
Red Ninja Pants
Red Ninja Jacket
Green Ninja Mask
Green Ninja Pants
Green Ninja Jacket
Black Ninja Boots
Lightning - Blond
Lightning - Light Brown
Lightning - Medium Brown
Lightning - Black
I'm A Star - Blond
I'm A Star - Light Brown
I'm A Star - Medium Brown
I'm A Star - Black
Wait while Galloway sobers up.
Comic Klepto
You've gained a demerit point!
You hit that person already.
Clothier: Welcome. Try our vest! It's very popular among the Prep boys this year!
:tri: Strike Out - $1
:tri: High Striker - $1
:tri: Splish Splash - $1
:tri: Shooting Range - $2
~dup~ - Zoom in~n~ ~n~~ddown~ - Zoom out~n~ ~n~:r1: - Fire
Cook's Date
Rat Killer complete.
Miss Abby escorted.
Bandana - Blue
Bandana - Red
Bandana - Black
Gift Shop
Newsie Hat
Old Time Racing Hat
Unionist Hat
You can buy the aquaberry sweater at the ~clothing~ clothing store in Old Bullworth Vale.
Follow the ~objective~ to go to your dorm room and chjange into your school uniform.
White B-Ball Shoes
Classic White Sneakers
Low Tops - Black
Low Tops - Gray
Low Tops - Green
Low Tops - Red
Low Tops - Brown
Shiny White Sneakers
Fat Sneaks - Black and White
The Escapist complete.
Mortar Board Hat unlocked.
Satellite dish destroyed.
Green Bomber Jacket
Black Hooded Jacket
Jean Jacket
Brown Jacket
Return photos to the cop.
Press :l2: and :r2: together to unequip your weapon.
Collect ~i~ crabs. 9(  N+   $J ) D T  X U  *    - s ] a  "  e   -  =  Q  e  y   E  ^O  m  1    ' A  M q ] Ӛ/ e /  0  md0 1 d0  0  0  }+1 } ,1  -1 U ~l1 q n1  1  1 a [2  +R  *R =   zR    R    wS    / T  #T e [email protected] y "e "e u2t y4t  4t xt zt t U 'u u    v PNv   q Ö } )ǖ 3    - *I } 6L  2  ї ! ]X 9 ޚ u h  Xۘ 1 bܘ u ݘ  L  L % L = L Q L a L y L  L   θ  Ѹ 1   S  =T  ݹ M c u  y)  ~  -     ] Z  y  ) }    1 3 Q y 8  k  y   w    I i ?  1  $E $Y $i  >     (  ! 3! Џ!! `# ?% &HB :B CI Cu TC* [C kD= ?HU ݡVe Z5]q A|] wb !s *- &}A I ū] }   m g J*  +  2 $C% $C9 [ɍM ja )q r Ls Ms s s5 se Pt Qt! RtA! St}! ! H ! ! B.1" J.4E" ;Y" :By" r{J" Z" R" |" k" 'M# (e# )}# *# 1# 5# # $ I$ !}$ !$ !$ !% !Q% !y% !% !% !& !]& !q& !& !& !& !' !Y' !' !( !A( !M( "( "( "( "( "E) ") ") #) #* #Q* #* !#* "#* ##+ $#U+ %#+ &#+ #, #A, #, #, #, #%- #a- #- #*- #- #$- $$   . %$Q. &$u. '$*. ($. )$ / *$-/ +$Y/ ,$/ $/ $0 $Y0 $q0 $0 $0 *$0 $y1 $1 )%Q2 *%2 ,%}3 -%4 .%q4 /%4 0%4 1%5 2%m5 =w0*5 "45 E6 !6 16 *A6 U6 i6 y6 6 6 ?&6 {6 |6 }6 ~ 7 )7 A7 ]7 i7 |iu7 #7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7  8 !8 58 PI8 Q]8 Rq8 S8 T8 A8 8 ~2)9 U=59 ̋IE9 c9 e9 }j9 >9 d9 9 %: 5: U: m: : : : : j: Ru   ; ; (m; 72}; m1?; n1?; T%J1< KA< 'kV< o< J~< K~< L~< M~< N~ = E)= == M= 0a= q= `= G= = 0= 1=  > i> > > > Ȧ? F? =Q? K]? .? !*@? ?e? o? o@ o @ ~@ *׈%@ S[email protected] T[email protected] U[email protected] V[email protected] W@ s @ l@ l@ l@ F@ @ Y A YA Y-A Y=A YIA YQA YaA YmA Y}A YA ?A F U> *F V> F W> F X> F  F F // G eG %G [email protected] EG + aG  }G @, G , G , %H \, UH j, H '- I f- EI g- I g- I i- J - mJ - J *- J *- K - IK - K 3. K t)2 K I5 K NJ5 L hQ5 L yQ5 -L 5 AL ? mL llC uL TR L {_ L (a *L uh L #!m L Nq L WPr L ݞr M ~ M EM >z mM ) M <' M =' M %Է 5N t IN : qN [ }N 4  N  N L N z& N ;' N ` O ` UO @uh O u O O O 0 O sM P -P eP P ~. P " Q w6 -Q ߻ UQ mQ d Q h   Q M; Q T Q T R T R T 5R [ QR w eR w *R w R w 5S w iS H S  S N׻ S  S 0 S T T =T *QT ?"iT ?"yT ?"T ?"T ?"T ?"T ?"T <U hU 6!U b9U bU bU CY*U U U EV 3V 3V ?W 9W QW iW bW *DW qW +W W uW ϲ W :W uDX uDqX EX 6JX 8PTX yY yyY yY yeZ yZ yq[ y[ yI\ y\ y] rym] sy] tyU^ uy^ vy%_ wy}_ xy_ yy1` zy*` {ya yua ya yb y]b yb yc yc yc y9d yd {e %e qe e *e ¥f åYf ĥ*f :f "^,g "-Eg Kyeg ng vg vh v!h Zѽ5h eh h 2h N"h .   i aEi ii i i j Ej ۻyj j S   j S   j S   !k o Uk v'ik #?k Ek W Xl 0Fz1l zAl r l Bl Q)m 4um 4՜m A[n an +սn \o @]Eo

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Reply #5 on: October 28, 2006, 11:44:10 AM
We're expected to read all that? Not this kid!! :lol:

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Jesus! That was awsome dude! Did you write that all by yourself?

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No...he obviously had some kind of PC program that opened up all the info on the disc. That's a cut & paste job.

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Quote from: AjaxWarrior;19507
Jesus! That was awsome dude! Did you write that all by yourself?

Quote from: ZanyD;19510
No...he obviously had some kind of PC program that opened up all the info on the disc. That's a cut & paste job.

only 2 programs and a lot of patience and handwork

it's for documentation, you can read through it, but it's easier to search through it, for example the thing with the "cheat-mode", etc ..

i've more stuff here, but i can't post it yet, have to work it out

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What programs did you use?

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wow, sum1 has sum spare time lol u cud of been playin the game instead of doin that, unless u aint got it yet

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Quote from: AjaxWarrior;19516
What programs did you use?

text editor and dreamweaver

atm i am working with hex workshop on the txd's

you also can use img tool v2.0 for some *.img files, that have a *.dir file to it

would be great to see others doing it too, if you remember, before the game was out, i asked in this forum that people should make a file list of the dvd so that we could prepare for it, but no one did :roll:, so now we european's have to do it .. :p

ps.: here is the file list i wanted before the game's release:

.... REV.TXT
.... AMBS1.BIN
.. DAT
.... PED.DAT
.. DAT2
.. HDT
.. LS
.. LSW
.... 1_09.TXD
.... 2_01.TXD
.... 2_02.TXD
.... 2_05.TXD
.... 2_R03.TXD
.... 2_S04.TXD
.... 3_05.TXD
.... 4_05.TXD
.... 4_06.TXD
.... 4_S12.TXD
.... 5_01.TXD
.... 5_05.TXD
.... 1_11X2.TXD
.... 2_S02.TXD
.... 1_S01.TXD
.... 2_07.TXD
.... 4_G4.TXD
.... 1_G1.TXD
.... 2_S05.TXD
.... 5_07A.TXD
.. FE2.TXD
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Sorry for posting this in an old thread, but I'm kind of new and wanted to reply lol. Thanks for all that work posting the text of the game into the thread. That must have taken forever! It helps a lot for the fanfic I'm helping my little sister with. We have to go through the dialogue though and figure out who says what in the game lol. The text here is kind of confusing because it's all jumbled up. I'm relieved that a few things are recognizable and we know who said what.

Does anyone know the random things the characters say as you walk past them or talk to them? Could someone help us by posting the dialogue from one or two characters at a time? Thanks!

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Restoring this to the Auditory Experiences Section.
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Reply #14 on: October 23, 2012, 04:10:56 PM
There was a 4 hit combo that was removed from the game? I never knew that why did it got removed?


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