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Author Topic: Blips Tutorial  (Read 1663 times)

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Blips Tutorial
« on: July 25, 2015, 01:58:18 PM »
Well we all know about blips and how to add them right? They're an interesting entity to spawn and have lot's of functions many don't know about how blips work and which ones do certain things. Today I will discuss that, how blips work and exactly what blips do.

Well the first being the normal blip spawn's you add them by placing

Code: [Select]
Blip1 = BlipAddXYZ(477.5798, -107.3748, 16.6911, 0)
This adds a blip to the map, it's location is in bullworth town and it should show up as a yellow (X) I know Unknown has a topic like this but I am just updating how they work.


1. Blue cross
2. Prefect dot (only peds)
3. Big yellow cross
4. Dollar
5. Orange/Grey bell
6. Grey bell
7. -
8. Save book
9. Garage
10. Grocery store
11. Bike store
12. -
13. Haircut
14. Clothing store
15. Totem? (unused)
16. Parked bike
17. Yellow arrow
18. Sleep zzZZZ
19. Errand
20. Race
21. -
22. Tattoo
23. Hobo
24. Red star
25. Yellow star
26. Red cross
27. Ally dot (only peds)
28. Bus stop
29. Yellow cross
30. Blue cross
31. Big yellow cross
32. Yellow star
33. Red star
34. Red cross
35. Transitor
36. Rubberband
37. G&G Card
38. Gnome
39. -
40. -
41. Crash game

BLIPRADAR+ARROWCOMBINATION: (Color depends on blip type)

1. Radar blip only
2. Color arrow only
3. Radar blip only
4. Radar blip and color arrow
5. Radar blip and color arrow

Here is a list of blips, the blipaddxyz is how you add them now let's get to spawning an Enemy blip or floating blip. The floating blips are blips that are used during enemy fights or during missions where they want you to pay attention and use an object. Like in Show Down At The Plant the floating yellow blips appear over the shields and many are wandering how blips float? How does a blip float over an enemy? I know Unknown covered this but I found more about them.

Code: [Select]
Enemy = AddBlipForChar(Enemy, Blip, Float, Map Float)
The third numder in adding blips is adding the Float for the blip inside gameplay.
                                         X                Y                Z               BLIP FLOAT      MAP BLIP
Code: [Select]
Blip1 = BlipAddXYZ(544.2261, -158.2819, 16.3520,            0,                       2)
PickupCreateXYZ(301, 544.2261, -158.2819, 16.3520, "CherryBomb")

If you need the player to find an object and doesn't exactly know where it is you use the Blip Float. Here is the thing, AddBlipForChar is only used for character's and BlipAddXYZ can be used for anything, Prefects are created using AddBlipForChar and following path's.

Prefects have a completely different blip though, they are added as stealth ped's I can't get in depth into that right now because I don't have the stealth ped lua file but I will soon.

So using this information you can also create stealth ped's and enemies that follow a certain path or placement. Adding the circle blips is another thing they can be added by just using BlipAddXYZ(Blip,Blip Float,Map Blip). The way this is used ingame is by setting the XYZ then using the blip's float which is the circle on the ground. Then the Map blip usually show's up as a Circle can be any color I think. If this need's to be moved thank's I am seriously confused about where tutorial's need to be lol. Since this is the script modding section IDK.  :cool:
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Re: Blips Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2015, 03:32:22 PM »
Neat tutorial, but you should atleast credit the people who found or created that blip list.

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Re: Blips Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2015, 06:47:05 PM »
I was actually planning on doing that I just need to update the post. 8)