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Prank Squad

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on: November 24, 2013, 03:03:55 PM
Prank Squad
Time: 5 minutes until curfew
Johnny: One time I put mashed potatoes in Sheldon's bed.
Peanut: One time I put an egg under Damon's pillow.
Hal: One time, I put a stinkbomb in Ray's room.
*The preps come*
Derby: Hey Johnny, here's a present
*Derby throws Johnny the "present"*
*Johnny opens it and gets hit in the face by an egg*
*The Preps start laughing*
Johnny: Why'd you do that man?!
Derby: I heard you guys constantly prank the other kids at the school, but you won't get away from that with us.
Algie: *laughing*
Norton: Get out of here, Algie.
Algie: *Groaning*
Derby: Any way, we have a party to throw tomorrow night!
*All the preps cheer and walk away*
Johnny: Those guys are such Jack-offs!
Lefty: Tell me about it, one time they put a whoope-cusion on my seat in Mr.Galloway's class!
Norton: We need to prank them really hard!
*Earnest walks by*
Hal: Hey dudes, I heard Earnest makes prank items! Let's go ask him.
Johnny: Hey Earnest!
Earnest: Please don't hurt me-
Johnny: I won't hurt you, unless you hurt me, anyway I heard you make pranks, is that true?
Earnest: Not exactly, I made the itching powder, that's the only thing.
Earnest: I know a place down-town that is a comic store, most people don't go there, because they think its dorky.
Johnny: It is!
Earnest: I know it is, but they sell prank items there, you can buy alot of pranks there, the Preps go there once everyweek.
Earnest: I'll come up with a plan tomorrow.

Karl: Get to dorms, now!

*The greasers go to their dorm*

Ricky: So what will we do, Johnny?
Johnny: We should make a pranking group.
Vance: How about Prank team?
Johnny: No, that's to unoriginal...
Hal: What about Prank Squad?
Johnny: That's sounds better, we'll go with that.
Hal: Good, than it's final.
Lefty: Bu-
Hal: Screw you, it's final!
Lefty: Ok.
Johnny: Let's get to bed guys.
*Norton hears someone at the door*
Norton: Guys, someone is at the door!
*Johnny opens it and sees Gord*
*Johnny socks Gord in the face and knocks him out*

*The boys goto sleep and the next day starts*

Johhny: Guys, let's get up, we should see what Earnest is planning on doing.
Hal: He left a note on the door.
Note: Guys, meet me at the library -Earnest
Norton: Let's go...

*They talk while getting to the library*

Hal: I hope Earnest has something useful to say...
Norton: Most of the time when we hear him talking, he's fantasizing about Mandy or some crap.
Johnny: Let's just talk to him anyway, its not like he is Algie, that kid thinks he's cool, since he beat Troy with one punch.

*They enter the Library*

Earnest: There you guys, are, Anyway I know a way to get free pranks!
Johnny: How?
Earnest: You need to join the Grotto's and Gremlins fan club
Johnny: Heck no, I'm not a pimple riddled geek, like Fatty.
Earnest: If you want to prank the preps, it's your only choice, amigo.
Johnny: *groaning* Fine, but only because it'll help us prank the preps.
Earnest: Great, I sent a servant to buy costumes, he should be here any second...

*Melvin walks in with a bag of G&G costumes*

Melvin: Is the entire group pranking the preps?
Johnny: Yes.
Melvin: Good, because these costumes cost me 146.50$
Melvin: Bring them with you, dress in them, and we'll be to judge.

*Johnny is given an Elf Costume*
*Hal is given an Viking Costume*
*Norton is given an Orc Costume*
*Peanut is given an Undead Costume*
*Lefty is given an Gremlin Costume*
*Vance is given an Werewolf Costume*
*Ricky is given an Hero Costume*
*Lucky is given an Princess Costume*

Hal: Atleast it fits me.
Johnny: I feel undignified
Lucky: What do you think I am, a Cross-Dresser?
Earnest: Guys, stop whining, Just follow me to the comic store, and The Geekiest Shopkeeper will give you a club card.
Hal: I'm hungry, can I goto the Yum Yum Market?
Earnest: No, Algie and Fatty told me a cannibal works there.
Earnest: Just follow me, please.

*They leave the library and goto the bike area, during the walk, they talk*

Norton: Earnest, why do we need to wear these ridiculous costumes?
Earnest: Norton, It's for your own good.
Hal: Earnest, just get there quickly, the preps are staring at us.

Derby: Look at that pile of dorkwad wearing a princess outfit!
*The preps laugh*
Lucky: Screw you rich kid!
Seth: Boys, no fighting! And you kids better not wear those outfits all day, you look ridiculous.

*they arrive to the bike area*

Johnny: Earnest, you better be fast at bike riding, because we're effing fast at this crap.

Earnest: I'll catch up...

*While getting to the comic shop, the road is blocked from police*

Cop #1: Sir, I'm giving you 3 seconds to open the door or else, we'll kill you.
Cop #1: 1
Cop #1: 2
Cop #1: 3

*The cop breaks the shop door down and kills the cannibalistic shopkeeper*

Cop #2: Sorry kids, you need to take a different path.

Johnny: I know one.

Cop #2: okay then, go...

*Johnny and the greasers take the other path, the racing track that leads to new coventry*

Hal: Do you think we should've left Earnest?
Vance: He said he'd catch up.
Hal: Yeah, but would if Johnny decides to go home and do something else instead?
Earnest: Don't worry guys, I catched up.
Johnny: We're gonna take a left right... Now!
Earnest: We're almost there...
Johnny: Earnest, I know where it is.
Vance: What is the dorky shopkeeper gonna say?
Earnest: He'll let you guys in the club, since your outfit matches the dresscode.
Johnny: We're there!

*They enter the store*

Zach: Woah, thats alot of people you recruited, Earnest.
Earnest: They found a "interest" with the game, right guys?
The Greasers: "Yeah"
Zach: I'll add you guys to the club, Earnest will write down your names.
Zach: Have a look around down there...

*They go in the basement and don't like it*

Johnny: This place is like if I wanted to be a virgin for the rest of my life.
Hal: Don't worry about crap like that, we aren't geeks or nerds in any way.

*Earnest comes down*

Earnest: I wrote the names down, anyway I'll tell you the plan.

*Earnest closes the door*

Earnest: We both hate the preps, right?
Johnny: Yes.
Earnest: And you wanna prank them really hard right?
Johnny: Yep.
Earnest: Since today is Saturday we are able to stay the night here, Zach closes the store at 1:00 AM, he sells alot of prank stuff, you name it.
Johnny: Whoope Cusions?
Earnest: Yep
Hal: Fake pump breasts?
Earnest: He used to...
Vance: Stink Bombs?
Earnest: He bought them off Fatty, but yeah.
Lucky: Basically every prank item?
Earnest: The only things he doesn't sell are fake pump breasts, and kick me signs.
Earnest: You can take the costumes off now...

*They take off the costumes*

Johnny: What do we do exactly?

Earnest: For beggining pranks, I know what you can do...

Johnny: What?

Earnest: Since I'm good at chemistry, I can make really elaborate pranks, we need to goto the Harrington House and replace their N'ns with this barf candy.

Vance: One time I went to a party, and they mixed a bowl of N'ns and that barf candy, We should mix it, by putting the bard candy on the bottom and the N'ns on the top.

Earnest: Since the party is tomorrow night, we should start tonight.'

Hal: What should we do now?

Earnest: Right now its noon, so you guys can go.

*The greasers leave*

Johnny: Sounds like we're going to have a good pranking time tonight.

Johnny: Let's go home and start throwing rocks at the hobos or something.

Hal: I wanna see the dead cannibal that works at the yum yum market.

Johnny: What are you a necrophiliac, lets just go home and watch tv.

*They bike to the blue balls bar*

*They enter the place*

Johnny: Jimmy, what are you doing here?

Jimmy: Enjoying my self, and watching Fame or Shame.

Johnny: Why? So you can stare at Lazlow's tiny ****?

Jimmy: No, because I wanna see people win or lose.

Jimmy: Well gotta go, gotta see Ted.

*Jimmy leaves*

Johnny: Let's watch...

Hal: Screw it, lets just watch our team's football game.

Ricky: It looks like our team is winning, as usual...

Announcer: Thompson throws the ball to Olsen, Olsen runs to the goal and gets sacked by Vercetti.

Hal: This is going to be lame...

*To be continued*

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Reply #1 on: December 02, 2013, 02:56:06 AM

Johnny: This game is boring, our team won as usual...
Hal: I'm pretty sure Earnest should be here by now...

*They hear a pounding at the door*

*Vance opens it to be welcomed by Bif*

Bif: A little wimp of yours said you hobos would try to ruin our lifes.
Earnest: That- That's not what i sai-
Bif: Shut up wimp!
*Bif socks Earnest in the face*
Johnny: God damnit Bif, you beat up a "friend" of ours, you taunt us at our home, you make fun of my woman, you little son of a bitch, I'll-

*Bif gets knocked out by a bottle thrown from Handy*

Handy: Ye- bastardes throwing eggs at me, no more, see you later, ginger kid!
Johnny: Holy crap, is he ok?
Ricky: He's bleeding, he might be in the hospital for 3 weeks.
*Johnny picks up Earnest*
Earnest: Thanks Johnny, any way; I didn't tell all of them, Bif was standing on the outside, he wanted to know why he saw you guys go into the shop. He went to New Coventry to taunt some hobos, when he heard you guys talk, he dragged me over here and opened the door, I saw a hobo come from behind, and he threw the bottle at Bif.
Peanut: Wow, Earnest you have a big mouth, jerk.
Earnest: I did say I didn't tell all of them!
Johnny: He's right, he didn't, which means they still don't know about this event. Let's head over there right now!

*They leave the bar and get on their bikes*

Earnest: I'm a little hurt from that beating, he tried to break my legs.
Peanut: Let's hope not to let YOU get beaten, we need you for this prank squad.
Lucky: I'm getting bored of these Preps, I wish they weren't here.
Johnny: We're lucky that crazy hobo threw that bottle at Bif, or else we would be toast.
Earnest: Him, I help that guy... Sometimes, I gave him a dollar for a scratch card, and it was a 100$ win, he said he started living in the old tenements down where Lola used to live.
Johnny: Please don't invite him to our prank squad, he's stupid and useless.
Earnest: He saved your guys' butts from the preps, don't be harsh on him.
Hal: Johnny, would Earnest be considered part of our prank squad?
Johnny: I suppose, since he's helped since we started the group.
Earnest: We're there!
Johnny: That was fast.
Earnest: Perfect, its midnight, which means Derby isn't home!
Johnny: Isn't this Harrington House?
Earnest: I used to be friends with Derby after Jimmy beat the Jocks, we split up after the Dropouts incident.
Peanut: Well, lets get started!

*They enter the house*

Earnest: *Whispering* did you bring the barf candy?
Vance: Yep.
Earnest: *Whispering* did you bring the whoope cusion?
Lucky: Yeah.
Earnest: Good, I brought a special tape for the party!
Johnny: Shhh, what is it?
Earnest: Its The flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe.
Johnny: Crap...
Earnest: Not the one that you think, its a specially edited version, I took every picture of every shock site off the web, and put the trailer for the movie they were supposed to be watching.
Peanut: You are one kid with alot of time on his hands...
Norton: I'm bringing something... Big...
Earnest: Norton, where'd you get all those pranks from?
Norton: I found it in Bif's dorm room.
Earnest: Well, we got a party to destroy, so yeah...

*Earnest replaces the FoRMP tape with the pranked version*

*Hal empties the bowl of candy and puts the puke ones on the bottom, and the real ones on the top*

*Norton replaces Pinky's perfume liquid with the nostril-destroying smell of stinkbomb juice*

*Peanut puts a whoope cusion under Derby's seat*

*1 hour after the mass pranking, later*

Earnest: Man, we pranked so much parts, yet it looks so safe...

Hal: Let's leave before Derby comes back.

Earnest: I'm pretty sure he won't.

Seth: You kids, get to your dorms, Now!

The Group: Yes sir.

*They head to their dorms*

Johnny: What a stressful day it was today...

Hal: Can't wait to eat some pot pies from the cafeteria tomorrow!

Johnny: Hey, Ricky how would you know if Bif is going to be in the hospital for 3 weeks?

Ricky: My Mom has a medical proffession, she told me a glass bottle to the back of the head can take 3 weeks to heal, while in the hospital.

Hal: Guys, someone is knocking at out door.

Johnny: Ricky, hand me my switchblade...

*Johnny opens the door to see Derby*

Derby: What did you do to Bif?

Johnny: What are you talking about?

Derby: This little weasel was being loud with his dorky friends and I heard him when I was watching the Swim Team.

Earnest: Please don-

*Derby knocks Earnest out cold*

Hal: Derby, leave us alone, we didn't do anything to Bif.

Derby: His body was laying infront of the blue balls bar, where you guys normally hang out!

Constantinos: Derby, shut up, we are trying to sleep!

Ray: Yeah man, we want to get some darn rest!

Derby: I'll deal with you guys tomorrow, bad night!

*The boys goto their beds and sleep*

Johnny: Guys, today is our last day of school!

Hal: Oh yeah, thats what, I left my Ifruit at the bar yesterday.

Peanut: Someone has been knocking on our window for a half hour...

*Johnny uncovers the window and sees Jimmy*

Johnny: Can anyone read lips?

Lefty: I can, he's saying "Guys, we found a problem outside!"

Johnny: Let's go then...

*They leave the dorm and go behind the dorm*

Johnny: What's wrong, Jimmy?

Jimmy: I found a letter from Derby on the floor.

Jimmy: "Dear greasebags, I will deal with you after my party after school, meet me at your bar.

Jimmy: Anyway, Gotta goto Mr.Galloway's class...

Johnny: Boys, let's goto the autoshop and fix some bikes and cars.

*5 hours of fixing vehicles, later*

Hal: Man, I can't wait to fight the preps at our bar.

Johnny: School hasn't ended yet, we need to tell Constantinos to film the party.

Constantinos: You mentioned me, Johnny?

Johnny: Yeah, we need you to disguise as a prep and we'll give you this video camera.

Constantions: What's my offer?

Johnny: 35$, now just do it, please.

*Constantinos runs to the dorms*

Hal: Constantinos better help...

Lucky: He should, I'm not sure why he wouldn't...

Johnny: Guys, just shut up and wait.

*Constantinos runs towards them with all aquaberry brand clothing*

Johnny: Here's your camera, send it to your phone and post it on bleeter, we'll get the message.

Constantinos: I'm on it...

*Constantinos' pov*

Constantinos: I hope Pinky will like the fact that I'm dressed like this now...

Derby: Hey boys, look a new partner.

Chad: Esquisite clothing, Constantinos.

Constantinos: Thanks!

Constantinos: Where's Bif?

Derby: I don't want to talk about it.

Constantinos: *thinking* why do the Greasers want me to film the Preps' party?

Pinky: Who's the new kid?

Derby: You don't recognize him?

Pinky: No?

Derby: He was the mascot for the football game!

Pinky: Really? The one who beat the living crap out of the Jocks?

Derby: I think so...

Pinky: Well, he sure is brave...

Tad: I'll turn on the movie, Derby.

Gord: I'll get the candy...

Derby: I'll sit in my seat.

*Fart noise from whoope cusion*

Derby: What the hell?

Pinky: I forgot my perfume!

Constantinos: *Thinking I just started filming before that fart sound, maybe Johnny put laxidants in Derby's soda or something...

Gord: I love how divine it is when it is already in the bowl, just need some eggs...

Derby: No, Gord, don't add eggs to the candy...

Tad: I'll put it in the Cdi

Tad: This thing is a piece of crap now... Atleast we got a wireless controller.

Pinky: Oh my god, I just threw up from some really bad smell,  I think the perfume expired!

Tad: It's on. . .

Derby: What in the heavens!?

Constantinos: Oh my god, this is grotesque!

Chad: There's... Something... in this... cand- *Chad pukes*

Derby: These pictures of diseased genitalia and harlequin babies is to much for me...

Derby: Fuck this party, the greasers are up to something!!!

*Derby slams the door*

Constantinos: Let's send to bleeter...

*Greaser's POV*

*The greasers are at the bar*

Hal: We got the video...

*They watched what happens until Derby leaves*

Johnny: Damn, Earnest knows some disgusting crap...

*They hear pounding at the door*

*Johnny answers it and gets pounced*

Derby: You sick fuck! You wouldn't believe how angry I am!

*Derby punches Johnny until Hal pummels Derby*

*The other preps come in and fight the Greasers*

*Gord sets the walls on fire*

*Johnny throws Tad through the Window*

*Bryce pins Peanut down*

*Norton burns Gord with the fire*

*Chad assists Bryce against Peanut*

*Johnny chokeholds Derby and burns his vest*

*Hal picks up Bryce and pile drives him*

*Norton grabs Chad by the legs and throws him into a bleeding Tad*

*Derby retreats, where he is stopped by a group of hobos*

*To be continued*

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Reply #2 on: December 29, 2013, 11:41:24 PM
United with the Rich

Handy: We won't take crap from you rich babies ever again, we beat up your soul-less friend, now we will beat you up, Blondie!

Derby: Please sir, I didn't do anything to you!

Handy: Take that back, fool, your little friends threw eggs at us, stole our money, laughed at us, its our turn for a turnover!

*Police sirens are heard*

Handy: We'll deal with you rich brats later, gotta run!

*The hobos run away*

*The fight ceases and everyone runs away*

*Johnny trips on his shoelaces*

*Derby slips on a puddle*

Cop #1: Stay right were you 2 are!

*After a questioning they're sent to community service*

Johnny: Why do we have to pick up trash on the road of New Coventry?

Derby: Because of your sick rat fiends.

Johnny: No, because of that "clever" prank you had there!

Derby: Can't argue with that...

Johnny: Lets just pick up this crap and get the hell out of here.

Cop #2: Its okay boys, you've done enough for today, comeback for the next 2 Sundays, or else its time in the madhouse. 

*Johnny starts talking with Derby*

Johnny: I've made a group of people that prank our enemies, wanna join?

Derby: Why not? I've always wanted to prank you guys!

Johnny: No, you imbecile, only people that aren't in our group!

Derby: Oh, maybe...

*They finish their work and get to their places*

*Johnny goes to the greasers' dorm*

Ricky: Johnny, we have alot of bad news, the blue balls bar burned down!

Johnny: How?

Ricky: I'm not sure, but Derby came a bit before you arrived and said Earnest started the fight.

Hal: We and the preps got intercepted by the Jocks, they tried to kill all of us.

Peanut: They took our switch blades and pointed it towards our necks, they were *this* close to slitting Norton's throat.

Johnny: Let's teach the steroid users before the book worms, what do you guys say?

*They agree*

*They hear knocking at the door*

*Johnny opens it and sees Derby*

Derby: We're part of your pranking group.

Derby: We can do planning in my or Tad's house, are you folks in?

*They Agree*

*Derby leaves*

*The Greasers sneak towards the Gym*

Lucky: I can see the damned steroid users.

Johnny: Lucky, we can all see them.

Lefty: It looks like Algie just beat up Kirby, damn how did he get so strong?

Hal: He rambled about some bs about being from the future and how we all died because of a riot.

Vance: We should focus on the Jocks, not the Nerds.

Norton: I assume the preps have higher quality prank supplies than us.

Johnny: They do, but we have strength.

Damon: What are you garbage divers doing here?

Johnny: Shut up you steroid using wimp.

Damon: *Starts sounding intimidated* W-what do you mean, I-i don't use steroids...

Hal: You're stuttering, you obviously use steroids.

Juri: Get out of here, fat-ass, this is our territory!

*Norton socks Juri in the face*

*Damon picks up Johnny and throws Johnny*

*Hal charges into Damon*

*Bif sees the fighting and helps the Greasers*

*Bif uppercuts Damon*

*The 2 jocks are beaten*

Juri: I'm coughing blood because of you bastards!

Damon: I can't believe I got this beaten...

Bif: I heard you guys didn't get me nearly killed, I beat the guy who did this to me down...

Johnny: I'm uhh... Glad to see you're not dead...

Bif: Look at the back of my head...

*They see hair removed and bandages where the glass punctured*

Norton: Does that explain your bruised face?

Bif: That loser beat me bad...

Ted: You son of a bitch, guys lets get them!

*The Jocks beat the greasers and Bif up and drag them into the club house*

*Ted aims his switchblade at Johnny's throat*

Ted: You will not attack my friends like this again, do you understand you weak son of a bitch?

Johnny: Yes-yes I understand Ted.

Ted: Liar...

*Ted attempts to puncture Johnny's throat with the switchblade, but Johnny dodges and kicks the blade out of his hand*

*Johnny hears Hal gargling*

Hal: J-j-j-Johnny!

Casey: Goodnight, fat ass!

*Casey finishes Hal*

*Johnny picks up Ted's switch blade and stabs Ted's cheek*

*Ted punches Johnny into the face and knocks him down*

*Ted aims his switchblade at Johnny forehead*

Ted: You attempt to kill me, you greasy Italian homos-

*Bif slams Ted with a sledgehammer*

*Norton takes down Casey and knocks him unconscious*

*Lucky knocks down Kirby and Dan*

Johnny: Hal!

*Hal has a puddle of blood under his stab mark*

Hal: F-forget about my fat ass, J-Johnny.

Hal: Remember m-me, b-b-but don't t-t-t-tell the prefects...

Hal: T-that I was murd-dered in the club... They ca-

*Hal dies*

*The greasers shed quiet tears after they saw Hal die*

*Midnight in the race field*

Bif: I built a fanciful tomb for Hal, lets put him in here.

*Norton and Johnny put Hal's corpse in the grave*

Bif: Let's put some stuff he liked before dying...

*Lucky puts a hamburger in the coffin*

*Bif puts 1000$ cash in the coffin*

*Johnny puts a envelope in the coffin*

*The rest of the greasers put what they had to offer in the coffin*

Bif: Lets put the lid on and bury him...

*They put the lid on, dig a 6 ft hole and put his coffin in there*

Johnny: Don't look back guys...

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Reply #3 on: June 18, 2014, 04:50:24 AM
When Cliques Collide

*The Greasers make their way to their dorms after burying Hal's corpse*

Johnny: Ted beat me badly...

Peanut: That's not the worst, part, Hal is dead...

Bif: We'll be extremely lucky if we don't get in trouble for this...

Ricky: The Jocks are critically damaged. If that's the case, than we need to worry about what the nerds might start coming up with...

*Nerds' POV*

*The Nerds are talking loudly in their dorm*

Earnest: Algie, bring me your news.

Algie: The Jocks were critically beaten, this can be our chance to beat them up worse and force them to be our slaves.

Earnest: Great, lets send our knights to the Jock's place, first we need to bring our Spud Cannons, collect potatoes from the yum yum markets, and while you're at it, try to snag some bottle rockets from the industrial area, after we have our supplies we will take control of the Jocks area, and have them as our knights for battles against that new prank squad with the Preps and the Greasers! *Maniacal Laughing*

Thad: That's the best idea you have ever come up with, Earnest!

Donald: That might actually work!

*Squads' POV*

Peanut: What should we do about the nerds?

Derby: I listened in on a conservation between the nerds, they're going to take the Jocks' area...

Johnny: Crap...

Johnny: We're going to need spies, who's the quietest person here?

Peanut: I am, one time Jimmy was talking to Ms.Phillips and he was going to get her some stuff, I was going to be the one doing it, but alas, the jerk beat me up...

Johnny: Derby, what were they talking about?

Derby: They were going to buy potatoes and steal bottle rockets so they can take the Jocks' area and then use them as their soldiers so they can basically take over the school...

Johnny: Peanut, I'll send you to Yum Yum Market tomorrow, bring your slingshot.

Peanut: Okay, Johnny.

Johnny: Lefty, I'll send you to the industrial area, that's were the nerds will be sneaking to tomorrow.

Lefty: Alright, Johnny.

Johnny: Lets get to bed...

*They all sleep except for Johnny*

Johnny's Thoughts: I hope that we don't get caught for Hal's death...

*Johnny falls asleep*

*The next morning*

Peanut: Johnny, wake up.

Johnny: Do you have your slingshot?

Peanut: Yes.

Johnny: Lefty do you have yours?

Lefty: Yep.

Johnny: Okay, as soon as the nerds leave their dorm, we must follow them to their locations.

*Nerds' POV*

Earnest: Melvin do you have your spud cannon?

Melvin: Yes sir.

Earnest: Thad do you have yours?

Thad: Yes sir.

Earnest: Alright, lets get going...

*Squads' POV*

Johnny: Their door opened.

Norton: Do we go now?

Johnny: Yes.

*The Squad leaves their dorm and sees Melvin and Thad leaving*

Johnny: Derby, did Earnest mention Melvin and Thad leaving in their plan?

Derby: I didn't hear them say it.

Johnny: What ever, let's follow them to their designated areas.

Johnny: Go ahead, Lefty and Peanut.

*Peanut's POV*

*Peanut followed Melvin to Yum Yum Market*

*Melvin talking to the new Clerk*

Melvin: You heard the stuff we need yesterday, right?

Clerk: Yes, I'm on it.

*The clerk comes out with a box full of spud cans*

Clerk: Don't tell anyone about this...

Melvin: I won't.

*Peanut leaves the store and calls Johnny*

Peanut: I saw Melvin take the potatoes, do I attack him?

Johnny: No, when its night, we'll sneak into their base.

Peanut: Okay.

*Lefty's POV*

*Lefty biked his way to the industrial area, behind Thad*

*Thad talks to Edgar*

Thad: You have the bottle rockets, correct?

Edgar: Of course.

*Edgar enters his house and leaves with a crate of bottle rockets*

Edgar: Here you go, nerd.

Thad: Thanks, here's your cash.

*Thad leaves the industrial area*

*Lefty calls Johnny*

Lefty: Thad left with a whole crate of bottle rockets, do I beat him up?

Johnny: No, we'll steal their supplies at their base, we got a third operative going towards the observatory.

*Lucky's POV*

*Lucky is sitting in a tree waiting for the 2 nerds to come towards the observatory*

Earnest: Algie, do you think any one knows that we're doing this?

Algie: No, If someone did, they would intervene already.

*Thad is seen coming through the tunnel towards the asylum*

Thad: Got the bottle rockets.

Earnest: Excellent, put them in the observatory.

*Melvin is seen walking from the football field*

Melvin: Got the spuds.

Earnest: Perfect, we will start our attack on the Jocks at night.

*The nerds enter the observatory*

*Lucky calls Johnny*

Lucky: I saw them put the supplies in the observatory, they said they're going to attack the Jocks TONIGHT!

Johnny: Crap, we need someone to enter there right now!

Lucky: They just entered the observatory...

*The branch Lucky is sitting on is cracking*

*Lucky falls because the branch broke*

Johnny: Lucky? LUCKY!?

*Nerds' POV*

Fatty: Did you hear that?

Earnest: It sounds like someone screamed, lets see what happened.

*The nerds leave the observatory and see that Lucky was knocked out*

Fatty: He was using his phone, he called Johnny Vincent!

Earnest: That must mean he was spying on us... Let's imprison this spy.

*The nerds lock him in one of the rooms of the observatory*

*The following night*

*Squads' POV*

*The squad are in the path near the observatory*

Johnny: Vance, you got the slingshots?

Vance: Yep.

Johnny: The nerds are leaving the observatory...

Melvin: That spy shouldn't have blown his cover, what an idiot.

Earnest: You're right!

Earnest: Fatty and Algie, I'll trust you two to guard the observatory, in case the squad finds they're way here.

Fatty and Algie: Yes sir!

Johnny: Guys, we need to distract the 2 dorks.

*The door is heard opening and closing*

Johnny: Never mind, we can get over there.

*Johnny gives Norton a boost and Norton climbs through one of the windows*

Johnny: Open the door for us once you've dealt with the nerds.

Norton: Got it.

*Norton's POV*

Algie: I'm hearing something in the upstairs hallway, You stay here.

Fatty: Okay.

*Norton hides in a closet*

Algie: Come out, come out where ever you are...

*Norton creeps out and silences algie and knocks him out*

*Norton drags Algie into the closet*

Fatty: Whats taking Algie so long, I'm going to find him, he's probably torturing our prisoner...

*Norton picks up the spud cannon that Algie dropped and knocks Fatty out*

*Norton drags fatty into the closet and looks on the ground and sees a key*

*He locks fatty and algie in the closet and unlocks the front door*

Johnny: Great, hand me the key.

*Norton gives the key to Johnny*

Johnny: Where did they trap Lucky?

Unknown Voice: Help, HELP!

Johnny: The voice is coming from upstairs, lets get there!

Unknown Voice: Someone Help Me, The Nerds Locked Me In Here!!!

Johnny: It's Lucky!

Peanut: Unlock the door!

*Johnny unlocks and opens the door*

Johnny: Lucky?

Lucky: Johnny, untie me!

*Johnny unties Lucky*

Lucky: We should get back at the nerds!

Johnny: Just steal their supplies and lets get the f out of here!

Norton: They're coming!

*The Greasers hide*

Earnest: Get going you gorilla!

Casey: Okay, okay!

Norton: *whispering* all of them entered, jump out the window

*The Greasers jump out of the window silently*

Johnny: Forget their supplies lets get the hell out of here!

*The Greasers run to Harrington house to see Derby*

Derby: You guys are in huge trouble...

Johnny: What happened?

Derby: The police found Hal's dead body, they're making high assumptions that you *points at Johnny* are responsible. they also think this was a bounty.

Derby: You might be expelled tomorrow

Johnny: This can't be!

Derby: Would I joke about it?

Derby: Get out, right now...

*The Greasers leave Harrington house to be surrounded by police*

Chief: Put your hands in the air boys, which one of you is Johnny Vincent?

*None of the greasers answer*

Chief: Answer or else we will start using pepper spray!

Johnny: It's me, sir...

*The police start beating the greasers*

Johnny: Stop, please!

*Johnny gets knocked out*

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Breaking The Long arm of the Law

*Johnny wakes up in a prison cell*

Johnny: What the hell?

Cell Mate: Shut the fuck up!

Johnny: Hey, you better watch your mouth!

Cell Mate: Kid, you don't know what I've done?

Johnny: No...

Cell Mate: I've fucking raped and killed in Liberty City!

Johnny: Okay then...

Cell Mate: Don't make me whoop your ass...

Guard: Hey, quiet down!

Johnny: *thinking* How did I get here?

Cell Mate: Hey kid, If you want to be cool, you need to know who I am...

Johnny: Who are you?

Cell Mate: My name is TJ, I was a gangster who lived in Liberty City, I was heavily associated wit' gangs n shit. I'd kill and have sex a fuckin' lot. I got arrested when I ran to this shit hole, the cops started beating me badly. Who you be?

Johnny: I'm Johnny Vincent, a guy who is the leader of a gang we call the Greasers, my girl is named Lola, I went through a lot of stuff lately, I got split apart from my gang after some fags killed one of the people in my gang.

TJ: That sucks man.

Johnny: You know a way out of here?

TJ: Hell no, this prison is in the ghetto part of this place, you'd get killed as soon as you illegally leave.

Johnny: Have you tried smashing the toilet with a giant rock?

TJ: *laughing* This ain't a fucking movie kid, those pipes are way too small to fit even a baby in there.

Johnny: Have you ever seen them?

TJ: Not exactly, but I'm highly sure that shit ain't gonna work.

Johnny: Is it possible to break these metal beds?

TJ: To what? Escape?

Johnny: Maybe...

Guard: Do we need to separate the two of you?

Johnny: No, no!

Guard: We have a special cell for you, Theodore James.

*The guard take TJ out of his cell, leaving Johnny alone*

*Johnny looks at the toilet*

Johnny: God Damnit, its one of those metal toilets!

Guard: Vincent don't make us go in there!

*Johnny waits several lame hours until lunch time comes*

Guard 2: Come on Mr.Vincent, its Lunch time.

*Johnny had pulled off a huge part of the wall off, it was a cracked piece of the wall*

Guard 3: We'll deal with the rest of the inmates, escort Vincent.

*The Guard walks into the cell and Johnny knocks him out with the rock*

*Meanwhile in the surveillance room*

Guard 4: Shit, someone has been knocked out in Vincent's room!

Guard 5: Sound off the alarm!

*The Prison alarm goes off*

Johnny: Oh no!

*Johnny picks up a stun gun, the keyring and a baton and darts out of his cell*

Guard 3: Vincent is escaping his cell, over!

*The prisoner that Guard 3 was checking starts choking Guard 3*

*The guards all try to stop Johnny*

Johnny: There has to be an exit somewhere!

*Johnny goes upstairs and unlocks the door to the roof*

*Johnny sees the mountains that go towards City Hall*

Johnny: Oh crap... What am I going to do?

*Footsteps from the stairwell echo*

Johnny: Screw it, I have to get out of here, now!

*Johnny vaults himself over the fence leading to the edge above the rest of the prison*

Random Prisoner: Hey Kid, you won't get out of here alive, accept it!

Johnny: Shut up!

*Johnny manages to climb off the wall to the ground*

Random Prisoner: Hey kid, I'll help you out, but you gotta help me escape too!

Johnny: Okay, okay, tell me what you're going to do.

Random Prisoner: There is a burrow in the stone wall I've been digging since I got here, but the guards
took away the metal shard I got.

Johnny: So?

Random Prisoner: I need you to get a sharp piece of metal to give to me, I can't do it myself, or else I'll be executed.

*Johnny hears the front door of the main prison opening*

Johnny: Shoot!

*Johnny runs and hides from the guards*

Johnny: *thinking* I bet that guy was lying, he probably wants to kill me after I escape, I need to think.

*Johnny checks his pockets, he discovers a few chunks of metal*

*thinking* Okay I'll have to give this one to him, and get him caught.

Random Prisoner: There you are, you have something?

Johnny: Yeah, I was lucky to have this on me... *Johnny gives the Prisoner the shard*

Prison Guards: You are surrounded Prisoner Grant!

Prison Guard #3: Put that weapon down and step back from it, or we will use force!

Random Prisoner: You'll never take me alive! *He runs towards a gap in the prison wall but trips from panicking*

Prison Guard #2: Mace him, he's had his last strike.

*The Guy starts gagging as he covers his eyes with his hands, the prison guards restrain him and escort him to the main prison*

Prison Guard #2: We still need to find Vincent!

Prison Guard #3: He is just a school boy, he probably went back to his cell, like a little runt he is.

*The prison guards leave*

Johnny: Jesus, I'm leaving NOW.

*Johnny crawls through the gap in the prison wall*

Johnny: No wonder he wanted that thing to be broken, he was way to fat for that damn gap.

*Johnny runs into the forest, towards the City Hall*

*3 Hours later*

Johnny: God, I am soo hungry, I still have this prisoner outfit on, If I'm seen with this on, I'll be back in Prison...

*Johnny takes off his Prison outfit, revealing his underwear*

Johnny: Damnit... I'll have to make it to the Tenements, or else I'll be laughed at, like last year. *Johnny looks up and sees the walls of the city from across a large river*

Johnny: I'll have to do this... For Lola! *Johnny sprints and swims through the large river, rendering himself very cold*

Johnny: Jeeze, Getting some clothes on will totally save me.

*Johnny walks towards where New Coventry would be*

*As Johnny crawls over the Brick Fence, he sees the Tenements*

Johnny: Perfect!

*Johnny darts into the Tenements, throws on his leather jacket, his slacks, his shoes, and his gloves, and then leaves*

Johnny: Okay, time to go to school...

*Johnny gets on his bike and rapidly pedals towards Bullworth Academy*

Johnny: I sure hope the guys are okay, they got beat up by those damn pigs too.

*Johnny is stopped by Max*

Max: Mr.Vincent, didn't you kill that fat kid a few days ago?

Johnny: No, I can tell you who did, though, and I swear on my life that I'm not lying.

Max: Oh really?

Johnny: Yeah, it was one of those Jock scum, It was some tall blonde guy with a baseball cap.

Max: That sounds like Casey, I'll tell Dr.Crabblesnitch about this, keep your nose clean at all costs.

Johnny: Okay. *Johnny realizes something*

Johnny: I haven't talked to Lola for a while!
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Unhappy Reunion

*Trying to find Lola*

Johnny: God, where the hell is Lola?

Johnny: Maybe she's at the auto-shop...

*Johnny runs to the auto-shop*

Johnny: Boys?

Karl: Mr.Vincent! What are you doing here?!

Johnny: Sorry, sir, It's a long story why I'm here...

Karl: I don't care, you should be in the boy's dorm, the headmaster is saying that criminals are escaping the nearby prison, you must stay safe!

Johnny: Yes sir!

*Johnny runs to the Boy's dorm*

Johnny: (talking to himself) Jeeze, I hope that I was the only one who got imprisoned.

*Johnny enters the Greasers' room*

Johnny: What? No!

*Johnny realizes that all his friends are gone*

*Johnny starts to break down*

*the following evening*

Johnny: God damnit! What am I gonna do!

Johnny: I'm gonna need Jimmy's help, he can help me.

*Johnny walks to Jimmy's dorm room and knocks*

Jimmy: What? What are you doing here Johnny?

Johnny: It's a long story...

Jimmy: I know what happened, but how'd you get here?

Johnny: I broke out, through a crack in the wall.

Jimmy: Can you come in, I don't want that eavesdropping ass Derby to come.

Johnny: Okay.

*Jimmy closes the door to his room*

*Johnny discusses that he had escaped through the prison wall, and that his friends might be in trouble*

Jimmy: Are you crazy? Let me remind you that you named your group the prank squad, not the criminal

Jimmy: And second, the Greasers have been expelled, YOU were the only one imprisoned, not expelled, however.

Johnny: Oh. So they're at New Coventry?

Jimmy: Yes.

Johnny: God damnit! How can we get re-enrolled?

Jimmy: I don't know buddy, but remember this; this is something Thad told me: "The higher you come, the harder you fall."

Johnny: Well it was nice talking to you Jim, see you whenever.

Jimmy: See ya.

*Johnny leaves, to be stopped by Derby*

Derby: You son of a bitch!

Johnny: What's up Derby?

Derby: You got Bif expelled, some leader you turned out to be!

Johnny: Derby, this isn't my fault, this is Ted's fault, you idiot!

Derby: From what Bif told me, you guys angered the Jocks, especially you!

Johnny: Just shut up Derby, I got a plan.

Derby: I'm not listening to you, Johnny.

Johnny: Than get your stuck-up ass lost, rich boy!

*Derby tries to punch Johnny*

*Johnny knocks out Derby with the nightstick he stole from the prison*

Johnny: Heh, didn't know I still had this.

*Johnny carries Derby into Harrington House*

Johnny: This is why you should've calmed down.

Johnny: Alright, time to go downtown... Literally...

*Johnny hears the Entrance to Harrington House slam open*

Earnest: Johnny Vincent, get down here, and face your fate!

Algie: Yeah, Pretty boy!

Johnny: *whispering* Alright, I'll have to flank them.

Donald: Are you sure he went in here?

Earnest: Donald, I saw him go in, we will sweep if he doesn't comply within 2 minutes.

*Johnny jumps off from the balcony and hurts himself*

Johnny: Ow, god!

Fatty: You move and you're gonna die!

*Fatty aims at Johnny with a spud gun*

*Johnny punches Fatty in the gut and takes the spud gun*

Fatty: You'll never take me, pretty boy!

*Johnny knocks Fatty out and puts him in a dumpster*

Earnest: Charge!

*The nerds charge into Harrington House*

Bucky: I'll watch the front!

*Johnny pounces Bucky and beats him up*

*Johnny gets a hold of a key that Bucky has*

Johnny: (reading the key) Greaser Prison

Johnny: What? I thought they were at New Coventry! The "Greaser Prison"?

*Johnny flips it over to see that its in the Blue Skies Industrial Park, and puts it in his pocket*

Johnny: Great.

*Johnny hears someone behind him*

Earnest: Say goodnight, amigo.

*Earnest knocks out Johnny*

*Johnny wakes up in the observatory dungeon, and sees the Jocks chained up and staring at him*

Damon: Look what you got your dumb ass into.

Dan: You try to prank us, and you get us imprisoned and you get your friends expelled.

Johnny: I know a way out, but none of you are coming with me.

Ted: I hope you are kidding, we've been in here for 2 days.

*Johnny pulls out the key, and sees it perfectly matches the chain lock*

Damon: Where did ya get that?

Johnny: I'm not telling you.

*Johnny frees himself and goes toward the front door and hears something*

Algie: I hope the new prisoner is awake!

*Johnny hides right next to the door*

Algie: Johnny?

*Johnny throws Algie towards the Jocks, and Algie starts to get beat up*

Damon: Take that, boy!

Ted: We're going to destroy you!

*Johnny closes the door and locks it behind him, and he leaves through the window*

Johnny: Ok, I can use this nerd's bike right here...

*Johnny bikes towards the Industrial Park*

Johnny: Jeeze, I haven't been here since last year, lots has changed.

Johnny: I'll have to ask someone if they know where my friends are...

*Johnny sees Duncan and goes up to him*

Johnny: Hey buddy, you know where the Greasers are?

Duncan: You talking to me, school boy?

Johnny: Yeah.

Duncan: I ain't telling you nothing.

Johnny: Come on, I don't have time for this, I'll pay you, to tell me where they REALLY are, if I find out you're lying, I'll beat your ass.

Duncan: Really? Alright buddy, I'll tell you, they're not here, they should be in New Conventry, now... Where's my money, boy?

*Johnny just bikes away to New Coventry*

Duncan: Give me my money you hobo!

*Johnny quickly bikes to the Greaser's home*

*Peanut recognizes Johnny*

Peanut: Johnny?

Johnny: Yeah, Peanut?

Peanut: How'd you get back from the jail?

Johnny: That's a long story.

Peanut: They put you on death row once you turn 18!

Johnny: Ok, how'd you find that out?

Peanut: The Headmaster told us.

Johnny: Where are the rest of the boys?

Peanut: In the house, we all got drunk last night, we thought you died when the jail you went to got out of control...

*Johnny enters the house to see Norton lying on the couch asleep*

Ricky: Johnny!

Lucky: Johnny, you're alive?

Vance: Oh boy, it's nice to see you!

Johnny: Yeah. It's nice to be back with you guys!

*Norton wakes up*

Norton: Johnny? Is that you?

Norton: Man, I've never had a hangover before... When are we gonna prank someone, we only did it to the preps.

Johnny: I was at the school earlier today, those dorks captured me, and locked me in their dungeon, they had a key called "Greaser Dungeon" which is going to be in the Industrial park, we need to do something before they get here.

Peanut: They might have started some "alliance" with the Townies. In that case, we should do something involved with money, those losers will almost literally do ANYTHING for money.

Vance: We can't have it involve the Preps, Derby got really pissed when he found out Bif got expelled too.

Johnny: No, I got a better idea...

Lefty: What's your idea?

Johnny: We will have to hope they have a drinking party.

Peanut: Johnny, they always have drinking parties. That's why they are always in a "good mood"

Johnny: Okay then.

Johnny: Well I'm really tired right now, I escaped prison, I got knocked out, and I barely escaped getting mugged, any of you volunteering for this?

(None of the Greasers say anything)

Johnny: Well okay, I guess we'll just sleep in.

Peanut: Johnny, it's 2:47 PM, we can do something.

Johnny: Like what?

Peanut: I dunno.

*Johnny walks to his room and falls asleep*


Hal: Is this what you came down to?

Johnny: Hal? Is that you?

Hal: Of course Johnny, I can't believe what you got your ass into.

Johnny: Come on Hal, It's been a really rough week.

Hal: You do realize, you can just wake up now, and redeem the fact that Casey killed me.

Johnny: But bu-

Hal: Johnny, we don't give up, we're all Greasers, great hair, great chicks, and good mechanics, the only thing you're seeing are the bad things in life, that's what is keeping you guys down. Where I am, is the place I would've inevitably went to.

Johnny: Hal, if you know about it what should we do?

Hal: Take a rest, when you guys feel better, redeem me, redeem yourselves, and make Bullworth proud!

Johnny: Ok Hal. I feel much better already...

Hal: Maybe now is the time...

*Johnny abruptly wakes up*

Johnny: Woah, is it night already?

*Johnny checks the alarm clock*

Johnny: 11:00 PM...

Johnny: There's no way about 8 hours passed away in a whole minute!

*Johnny walks into the living room, and sees the greasers barely waking up*

Norton: Johnny? Is it time?

Johnny: Yep boys, get ready.

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Party in the Hood

(The greasers are in the house)

Johnny: I got a great idea, we aren't gonna prank the Townies, we're gonna become cool with them.

Norton: For what? We're not at a warfare, we're here to have fun, to prank people.

Johnny: We ARE gonna have fun Norton, we're gonna go to one of their parties.

*The greasers start to get happy*

*The lights go out in the house*

Johnny: Crap, someone is in the basement.

Peanut: Let me go, Johnny, I'll go check it out.

*Peanut goes down the basement stairs*

Peanut: Who the heck are you?

*Johnny hears a familiar voice in the basement, and he runs down there*

Johnny: TJ?

TJ: Hey, you're that kid from the prison, Johnny right?

Johnny: Yeah...

Johnny: How the hell did you get here?

TJ: How did you get here?

Johnny: I escaped through a tunnel.

TJ: So did most of the prison, you guys ain't safe.

TJ: I was ready to... uh....

Johnny: Look TJ, I know you're a criminal. You should go to the Rich part of town.

TJ: The hell, I thought all of you were a bunch of punks who were throwing rocks at me.

TJ: They was wearing weird Green vests.

Johnny: Looks like we're on the same page.

TJ: What?

Johnny: Those are the nerds of the school.

TJ: They were throwing rocks at me from a rooftop.

Johnny: Hey listen, we're going to a party wanna come?

TJ: Hell yeah, lets go.

*They go upstairs*

Ricky: Who the heck is this?

Vance: Oh crap, you're that guy from the paper, you killed that one guy.

TJ: It don't matter kid, I won't hurt you.

*They go to the Townie houses*

Clint: Hey Johnny: Look's like you became one of us.

Johnny: How did you know that?

Clint: Those dorks who tried to get us to beat you guys up and trap you in our garage told us.

Johnny: Oh.

TJ: Yo, where's the party at, boy?

Clint: Looks like we got a cool guy here, follow me guys.

*They follow Clint into Zoe's house*

Gurney: Hey you brought the new guys here!

Clint: Yep.

Gurney: Make yourselves at home.

*Johnny and Peanut walk into the backyard*

Johnny: Gonna take a smoke.

Unknown: Hey look the loser came!

Johnny: Gary?

Gary: Hah, looks like you got yourself into a dumb situation again.

Peanut: Shut up Gary!

Gary: My god, you guys are idiots. *laughing*

Johnny: You're one to talk, Gary.

Gary: At least I don't kill one of my friends and try to claim a bounty.

Peanut: You don't have friends, Gary.

Gary: Shut up, Greasebag.

Gary: I got a great idea. You idiots are gonna rue the day.

Johnny: What are you talking about, No-friends?

Gary: You're too stupid to find out.

*Gary runs away*

Peanut: God damn I hate Gary.

Johnny: That dork got what was coming to him, I can't believe I thought working with that idiot was a good idea.

Johnny: Gonna go inside, gotta take a piss.

*Johnny after taking a piss sees TJ talking to Zoe*

TJ: Boy, I remember when I was in School, that was the worst chapters of my life.

Zoe: Tell me about it.

TJ: There was a time that some dork in the Larping Club told me he'd kick my ass, and I ended up giving him a wedgie so bad that he couldn't walk straight.

Zoe: Dang, you're crazy.

TJ: Hell yeah I'm crazy.

Johnny: *whispering* I don't want to know what's gonna happen tonight. I probably know anyway.

*Johnny goes back outside*

Peanut: Who was that weird black guy with you earlier?

Johnny: You mean TJ?

Peanut: Yeah.

Johnny: He was some guy who I met in the prison, he said he was a criminal, I'm pretty sure he was on deathrow.

Peanut: Man. We could definitely use him against the nerds.

Johnny: Yeah.

Duncan: Hey guys, come in, something cool is goin' on.

*They walk inside to see something on the TV*

*The TV starts having some weird interference*

*They see Earnest on the TV screen*

Earnest: Hey Johnny, It looks like you escaped from my dungeon, and you ended up getting Algie into a coma. We are going to take over the school, now that you and your idiot friends aren't doing anything about it. *Then starts talking to himself* How do I end this transmission?

*The TV continues to the movie it was playing*

TJ: Who the hell was that?

Zoe: He's one of those dorks at my school, he got Johnny and the others into trouble.

Johnny: How did you find that out?

Zoe: One of those dorks told me, they said that the Greasers fell into their trap.

TJ: Hah, I bet I could beat his ass without touchin' him.

*Edgar leaves from the basement to see the Greasers and TJ*

Edgar: What are these idiots doing here, and why is that guy here?

Clint: Edgar, they wanted to party, they left Bullworth.

Edgar: Explain that other weirdo then.

TJ: They invited me too, kid.

Edgar: Ok... So you guys heard about the nerds trying to get us to pretty much trap all of you, right?

Johnny: Yeah.

Edgar: I kinda helped them with some bottle rockets, the only reason was; was because they payed me. They then thought I'd help them for free at that point. That dork Earnest told me if I don't help them, that they're gonna take over ALL of Bullworth.

TJ: How the hell would they pull that off?

Edgar: I don't know.

Omar: Aren't we here to party?

Edgar: Hell yeah.

*Johnny ends up drinking, which easily gets him drunk, and he collapses in the backyard*

*Johnny wakes up in the morning*

Johnny: The hell happened?

*Johnny sees a bottle of rum in his hand*

Johnny: Jeeze, I didn't even drink half of the bottle.

TJ: Man, that Zoe girl is hot!

Johnny: What? Did you...

TJ: Yeah boy, I got lucky last night, she's 18 right?

Johnny: Yeah... She got held back a couple times before being expelled.

TJ: Thank god. Come on, your homies left, they went well... Home.

*Johnny and TJ go to the Greasers' house*

Peanut: Johnny, remember how Gary told us about a plan he had?

Johnny: Yeah.

Peanut: He's trying to ally with the Nerds.

Johnny: To be expected, well I wonder how that's gonna turn out.

TJ: Is he one of those dorks?

Peanut: Pretty much, TJ.

*To be continued*

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The Eve of War

Norton: That little bitch Gary couldn't convince Earnest to do anything, how could he do that?

Johnny: Gary won't do anything, Norton, relax.

TJ: Is Gary that one kid who Mr.Smith always talks about, I met Mr.Smith in prison

Johnny: Yeah.

TJ: That little shit got his ass into a lot of trouble last year, what could he do in the span of a season?

Johnny: Not much, he's banned from the school.

TJ: Okay, but so are you guys.

Ricky: You know what? I think its time we get our shit together and start to attack those dorks.

TJ: Hah, with me, that's gonna be easy wit' a capital E.

Ricky: I bet.

*They hear a car pull up from infront of the house*

*Johnny looks out the window to see Derby*

Derby: Johnny! Get out here!

*Johnny leaves to see Derby with the nerds*

Derby: We are all going to take over the school, you must accept our invitation, or you will be destroyed!

Johnny: Get out of here Derby, this is our territory.

Derby: Or what?

TJ: What you say, Kid?

Derby: What was that poor man?

*TJ grabs Derby by the neck*

TJ: I'll beat you like my daddy did to my momma.

Johnny: TJ calm down!

TJ: Stand back Johnny boy, shit's gonna get real.

*TJ punches Derby in the face, instantly knocking Derby out*

Tad: You psycho! Quickly boys get Derby and step on it!

*Justin throws an egg at TJ's face, Bif picks up Derby's body and they drive away*


TJ: Those fucking kids, they got yolk all over my face! God fucking damnit!

Johnny: Calm down TJ...

TJ: No, no, NO, those kids need to learn how the REAL WORLD is!

Johnny: They'll find out, just mellow.

TJ: Alright, man, those fucking kids gonna rue the day...

Johnny: Hey boys, get on your bikes, we got a fight to start.

*The Greasers and TJ all get on bikes and chase the preps*

*Preps' pov*

Tad: I think they're following us.

*Bif looks back*

Bif: Crap, they are!

Tad: Parker, step on it!

Parker: On it!

*Justin starts to throw eggs at the greasers*

*An egg almost hits Johnny, but misses*

Johnny: You're lucky that didn't get in my hair!

Justin: It will!

*TJ throws a brick at the back window of the car*

TJ: Take that rich boys!

Bif: We're gonna get you, hobo scum!

*They start chasing the Preps through Old Bullworth Vale*

Tad: Leave us alone, losers!

Johnny: We're gonna kick all of your asses!

*Justin throws an egg at Vance and hits him*

Vance: Damnit! It got in my hair!

Justin: I'm gonna be CRACKIN some jokes now, EGG head!

Johnny: Shut up rich boy!

*Prep POV*

Derby: Where am I?

Bif: That hobo knocked you out.

Derby: Of course, are Chad and Bryce still "doing it"

Bif: Yeah, text them right before you make it past the park.

*Greaser POV*

Johnny: Come on guys, keep up! You've done this before!

*They do the turn next to the bike store*

TJ: The hell those two boys carrying?

*The Prep car passes Chad and Bryce*

*The Greasers and TJ all fall off their bikes from Chad and Bryce carrying a rope*

Bryce: We got you!

Chad: *laughing* paupers!


*TJ scares off Chad and Bryce*

TJ: Yeah, run away you little pansies!

TJ: Let's chase those assholes!

Johnny: Come on boys, lets go!

*Johnny and the gang all chase the car to Tad's house*

*They see the car next to the garage area*

Derby: There they are, they followed us! Get them!

*Justin and Gord start throwing eggs at the Gang*

TJ: I have had a-fucking nough of these egg-throwing rich bitches!

*TJ climbs up onto the Garage and grabs Justin by the neck and throws him onto the Prep car*

Gord: You crazy man!

TJ: You little assho'

*TJ punches Gord in the face*

Johnny: TJ, let us in through the gate.

TJ: Alright, Johnny boy.

*TJ opens the gate to Tad's house*

Johnny: Spread out guys, they'll expect us to be bunched up together, go into groups of 2.

TJ: I'm with Johnny

Lefty: I'm with Vance

Peanut: I'm with Norton

Lucky: I'm with Ricky

Johnny: Alright, go!

*The greasers all spread out to attack the preps*

*Tad stands up from his balcony*

Tad: You have no authority to do ANY property damage!

TJ: Yeah, says who?

Tad: My Daddy!

TJ: Hah, I'll show you who's your daddy!

*TJ charges for the front door, and breaks it open*

TJ: Get in Johnny boy.

*TJ and Johnny sweep the inside of the place*

TJ: Hey, got a Bag?

Johnny: For what?

TJ: Lootin'

Johnny: No, TJ we're not here to steal.

TJ: Well I am!

*TJ runs into the kitchen and picks up a bag*

TJ: You coming or what?

Johnny: No.

TJ: More for me!

Johnny: *whispering* Why did I ally with this guy?

*Johnny runs upstairs*

*Tad is carrying an Old hunting rifle pointing towards Johnny*

Johnny: What're you gonna do, shoot me?

Tad: If you don't get your poor-ass out of here!

*A window breaks behind Tad*

Tad: Oh no! My Bedroom window!

*Johnny rushes up towards Tad and takes the gun out of his hand*

Tad: Don't make me call my Daddy!

Johnny: Where is your "daddy"?

Tad: At Carcer City...

Johnny: *laughing* your dad is at THAT place?

Tad: He's trying to buy acres of land there!

Johnny: Do you think I care?

*Johnny checks the cartridge*

Johnny: What the? Are these paintball cartridges?

Tad: *laughing* You idiot!

*Johnny shoots Tad with a paintball*

Tad: Ow!

*Tad gets up and punches Johnny*

*Johnny shoots another paintball at Tad, this time in the eye*

Tad: OW!

*Tad falls down the stairs*

Derby: Johnny!

*Derby rushes at Johnny, punching him in the face, and knocking Johnny to the ground*

Johnny: TJ!

TJ: Comin'!

*Derby starts beating Johnny up*

TJ: Get yo' hands off him bitch!

*TJ picks up the paintball gun and shoots Derby in the head*

Derby: OW you Pauper!

TJ: The fuck is a pauper, white trash?

Derby: You!

*TJ realizes he shot a paintball*

TJ: The fuck, is this a paintball gun? Damn it, I wish I could fire a live round!

*TJ kicks Derby in the face*

Derby: Hah, you won't ever save Bullworth, you let prisoners free, you kill people, and you vandalize homes!

Johnny: Says who?

Derby: Says Earnest.

*Johnny knocks out Derby, again*

Johnny: This scumbag ain't worth saving, lets leave this place.

*TJ and Johnny leave, to see Earnest and the Nerds at the front gate*

Earnest: Where are your friends now, amigo?

Melvin: Huh?

Johnny: You little dorky... *Johnny starts going crazy*

TJ: Hey you mess with Johnny you mess with me.

Earnest: Says the guy who got arrested for petty theft at a liquor store.

TJ: Hey, that don't mean nothin'. *Tj starts to get embarrassed*

Melvin: Hey Earnest, let's go, Johnny and that loser criminal are too stupid to waste time on.

*The nerds leave in a van, with a jock driving notably*

Johnny: Great, they took my boys, and they brainwashed one of the jocks.

TJ: Well Johnny boy, it looks like its up to you and me.

Johnny: Did you really get arrested for petty theft?

TJ: Yeah... I was surprised my criminal record had nothing to do with it.

TJ: Hey Johnny Boy, We can Hijack on of the vans here, since I know how to drive should we do it?

Johnny: We got bikes, TJ.

TJ: Oh, I forgot.

*TJ and Johnny bike all the way to the Blue Skies Industrial Park, at Zoe's house*

*Leon is sitting on the porch smoking*

Leon: Hey, You're those guys from the party last night.

TJ: Yep.

Leon: And you're that guy who banged Zoe?

TJ: Hell yeah.

Leon: Damn, Jimmy ain't gonna be happy.

TJ: Who's Jimmy? I'll teach that boy how I was raised in Liberty City.

Leon: Alright, forget it. From what I heard those nerds are trying to take over the whole city.

TJ: *laughing*

Leon: It's ridiculous ain't it?

Johnny: Well It ain't gonna happen.

TJ: Hell, I bet they ain't gonna make it past the School Grounds.

Leon: Hey Johnny, We are in your guys' little team, where's the rest of the Greasers?

Johnny: They got captured... Earlier today...

Leon: How did you let them get captured?

Johnny: I don't know...

TJ: I bet that little prick Gary is behind it.

Leon: Gary? That kid hasn't been seen for weeks.

Johnny: Hey listen, I'm gonna sneak in to their "base".

TJ: You crazy, Johnny, you'll get your ass beat.

Johnny: I'm stronger than those dorks, TJ.

*Johnny gets on his bike and rapidly speeds to the Observatory*

Johnny: Okay, it looks like the nerds are having a meeting.

*Nerd POV*

Earnest: Fatty and Melvin, I want you two to guard the gate, in case Johnny or Theodore makes their ways over here.

Fatty & Melvin: Yes sir!

*Johnny's POV*

Johnny: *whispering* crap, they got Fatty and Melvin guarding!

*Johnny whips out his slingshot and knocks out Melvin and Fatty*

*Johnny sneaks into the Observatory*

Earnest: I don't know about that Gary, that would get us expelled too!

Gary: Come on, it's a smart idea!

Earnest: Sorry, can you state the plan again, maybe I got something confused.

Gary: Alright. Just this one time... I think it would be a good idea that after we get a hold of the whole city, we get my Grandfather to pay the Mayor for us to control it. I promise I won't sabotage it. First, we need to capture all of the Greasers, we still have Johnny and that criminal to capture.

Earnest: Don't forget Jimmy.

Gary: I'll deal with Jimmy personally.

Thad: Johnny is almost impossible to capture, he beat up Bucky and stole the key for the Townie dungeon.

Gary: Did you seriously believe the Townies would ally with you guys?

Thad: Yeah, we payed them for the bottle rockets.

Gary: Come on, you'd need to pay those losers before hand, assuming Johnny isn't making friends with them.

Earnest: Okay.

Gary: Alright.

Algie: One question, can we torture Johnny after capturing him?

Earnest: Yes, Algie.

Earnest: Here's our full hand plan thanks to Gary: We'll capture Johnny and Theodore, then we'll turn the Preps into grunts, and have them own Old Bullworth Vale, have the Jocks own the Industrial park, have you own Bullworth Town, and We'll own the School.

Gary: Perfect, and then I'll teach Jimmy a lesson he'll never forget.

*Johnny runs out the door and bikes back to Zoe's house*

Johnny: *heavy breathing* They're gonna- they're gonna capture TJ and I.

TJ: What? How?

Johnny: I don't know.

Leon: How are they gonna take the city?

Johnny: They're gonna have the Jocks fight you guys, they're gonna have Gary holding city hall, they're gonna have the preps own Old Bullworth Vale, and they're gonna have Earnest own the School.

Leon: Oh my gosh, they have the worst security ever.

TJ: How are we both gonna stop this?

Johnny: It's simple, give ourselves up.

TJ: What?

Johnny: They're gonna execute the plan faster like that, and look what I got...

*Johnny shows TJ his key*

TJ: Sweet, give it to me, they're gonna expect you have it, I'll put it up my sleeves.

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The Beginning of the End

*They walk down the path to the observatory*

TJ: You sure this is gonna work?

Johnny: Trust me TJ, it's gonna work, we gotta be in there for about 2 days.

TJ: Shit, man. This gonna be worse than prison.

Johnny: Maybe.

*They see the nerds driving up towards Johnny and TJ*

Earnest: Going somewhere?

Johnny: *Acting afraid* N-no...

TJ: *Acting afraid too* Ah shit...

*Melvin aims a spud gun at Johnny*

Melvin: Get in the van guys.

*Johnny and TJ enter the Van*

*Melvin scratches his head*

Melvin: Jeeze, Fatty and I both passed out earlier.

Earnest: How?

Melvin: I don't know...

*TJ looks at Johnny, and Johnny smiles*

*They drop TJ and Johnny off at the observatory*

Earnest: Melvin, cuff them.

Melvin: Hah, you're gonna be in here for the rest of eternity.

TJ: I bet...

*Melvin cuffs TJ and Johnny and puts them in the dungeon*

Damon: Look what you got your dumbass into AGAIN!

TJ: Shut up, boy.

Damon: Who are you?

TJ: It don't matter, you ain't gonna be seein' me for long.

*Fatty enters and cuffs TJ and Johnny next to each other*

Fatty: Have fun.

TJ: *Whispering to Johnny* Are you sure this is gonna work

Johnny: *Whispering back* Yes.

Ted: Johnny, you lost, all of your friends got captured earlier today, and that guy too.

TJ: Kid, you don't know shit, so shut up.

Ted: You talking to me?

TJ: No, I'm talking to the fucking tooth fairy, retard.

Ted: I know more than you, tough guy, you don't even live here.

Johnny: Calm down guys.

Ted: What ever...

TJ: God, this is so goddamn worse than prison.

Ted: They don't feed us, they give us water.

Johnny: Are you serious?

Ted: Yes.

*Johnny thinks*

Johnny: *Thinking* I bet Ted is trying to get us to free him and the Jocks, so they can beat me and TJ up, and run away.

Johnny: Well, there's nothing I can do.

*The dungeon door opens, and Gary walks in*

Gary: The following people will be leaving this room: Ted, Casey, Juri, Luis, and Damon.

*Algie, Melvin, and Fatty unlock the 5 jocks from their posts*

*The dungeon door closes*

Johnny: What's going on?

Kirby: I don't know... I think they're torturing them... They broke both of my pinky fingers with pliers.

TJ: Oh god...

Kirby: Gary has been doing this since about 4 days ago.

Bob: They whip us on our backs with Gary's riding crop.

*Juri is heard screaming in pain*

*Gary can be heard saying*

Gary: Deal with it, bitch!

*The dungeon door strangely opens*

Bucky: Ted, kick Theodore in the face, knock him out.

TJ: You ain't gonna do sh-

*TJ falls to the ground, with his nose bleeding, knocked out cold*

Johnny: No, noooo-

*Johnny gets knocked out*

*About 9 hours later, 4:00 AM*

Johnny: *moaning* Where am I?

TJ: In this random room, not the prisoner room!

*Johnny sees a small room, what looks like a storage room, unlike the prisoner room*

Johnny: Where the heck are we?

*They hear Earnest's voice on the mic*

Earnest: Hey boys, feeling confused, I bet you are... Both of you are too dangerous together, there is a door that I'll open in only one condition, if one of you survive a fight... to... the DEATH!

TJ: Really, I ain't doing nothing.

Earnest: Then you will stay in here, and starve to death, I won't open the door for any case.

*TJ checks his sleeve*

Earnest: *laughing* I'm not stupid, Theodore, you should've thought about this.

TJ: I'm gonna kill your ass!

Earnest: You'll only leave this room if you kill Johnny, this is a time of despair for you two.

TJ: Sounds cool.

Johnny: What?!

TJ: Sorry buddy, but I gotta do this...

*TJ charges at Johnny, and socks him in the stomach*

Johnny: *puking*

TJ: That's all you got?

*TJ starts kicking Johnny on his sides*

TJ: Come on, Johnny bring it!

*TJ lifts Johnny by his neck and punches Johnny in the face*

*Johnny starts to go into a time of hysterical adrenaline*

*Johnny aggressively charges into TJ, punting TJ into the concrete wall*

*Johnny starts throwing brutal punches into TJ's face*

Johnny: There's no way you beat Johnny Vincent MOTHER FUCKER!

*Johnny headbutts into TJ's nose, fracturing it*

*Johnny starts to rip out hairs from TJ's beard*

*Johnny rams his fist into TJ's stomach, to which he hears TJ scream in extreme pain*

*TJ starts to cry in pain*

TJ: Just- just kill me kid, you are already saving the people I've hurt, I'm a bad person, I killed innocent people, I raped women, I'm no good, you are good, just end it.

*Johnny collapses in guilt, and starts crying*

*The door noticably opens*

Earnest: You've dealt enough pain, boys, lets let you two calm down.

*TJ gets up and squeezes Earnest's neck so hard that Earnest's eye vessels start to bleed*

TJ: You know what kid, you are trying to get a innocent kid to kill someone, let's let that person be you!

*TJ throws Earnest into the room*

TJ: Johnny, let's settle this by taking out our rage on this bitch.

*TJ and Johnny starts brutally beating up Earnest*

*They leave the room, leaving Earnest having his body severely injured, they close the door to the room*

TJ: I'm so sorry Johnny...

Johnny: I am too...

*They both cry and hug each other*

TJ: From now on, we are cool, I'd kill myself before killing you.

Johnny: Trust me, I'd do that.

*They realize... they're at the Blue Skies Industrial park...*

*To be continued*
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The War of Bullworth, Summer of 2006

*Nerd POV*

Donald: It appears that Earnest has been brutalized at the Industrial Park, from now on, I'll be executing the orders, alright boys?

Nerds: Yes sir!

Donald: At ease. So we already occupied the School, which wasn't very hard, considering the fact that Jimmy has no clue whats going on, so we can continue our march to the industrial park and Old Bullworth Vale with no resistance.

Fatty: Donald, what about the Dropouts?

Donald: Those losers are asleep right now, Fatty, Ted and the Jocks are going to be sent to the main building, the Dropout hangout.

Donald: Old Bullworth Vale isn't going to be very difficult to take, considering that most of it is already owned by the preps, but they are already insisting on giving up.

Gary: What about New Coventry?

Donald: New Coventry will be the easiest to take, no clans hang out there, and as for Gary, he's gonna be taking the Downtown.

Donald: Algie, Fatty, and Melvin, escort the Jocks to the Blue Skies Industrial park, put them in the Cruiser.

Algie, Fatty, and Melvin: Yes sir!

*TJ and Johnny's POV*

Johnny: We gotta get to the observatory, our supplies are in there.

TJ: Alright, but we gotta be careful, those fucks might be up to something.

*Johnny and TJ see a car emerging from the bridge near the asylum*

Johnny: Oh crap! That's the car that they took my buddies away with.

TJ: You think your friends are in that Plant?

Johnny: They might...

*TJ and Johnny bike to the Observatory with 2 random bikes*

TJ: We gotta infiltrate their inventory without being caught.

TJ: I'm gonna give you a boost, try to find a circuit breaker.

*TJ gives Johnny a boost and Johnny sees a box*

Johnny: There it is.

TJ: Alright, I'll let you over, I'll pull myself over.

*TJ and Johnny make it over the fence and turn off the circuit breaker, turning off all of the lights in the observatory*

TJ: Quick! Get to the basement and get our stuff!

*Johnny sprints into the observatory, runs down the basement and sees a backpack full of usefull things*

Johnny: This might be it!

*Someone walks into the basement*

Thad: Is anyone down there?

*Johnny lures Thad deeper into the basement and blinds Thad by taking off his glasses*

*Johnny escapes with the backpack*

Johnny: Got it!

TJ: Great, let's go!

*TJ and Johnny run away, quickly enough to escape a oncoming vehicle, the ones that held the Jocks*

*Johnny opens up the backpack to find Spud cannons, Bottle Rocket Launchers, Keys, and a map*

*The map marks where the Greasers are imprisoned, which is in the Chem-O lot*

Johnny: Wow, what idiots, they keep all important stuff in a backpack?

TJ: Hell, I would've expected something harder, listen, we need backup, we kicked our asses pretty bad.

Johnny: You can say that again.

*TJ and Johnny walk into the School grounds, and walk to the boys dorm*

TJ: Hell, you gotta be like a fuckin' trillionaire to go here.

Johnny: Not really, the tuition for a high school term is like 3,000 dollars.

TJ: Seriously?

Johnny: Yeah.

*TJ and Johnny sleep in the Greaser's bedroom*

*The following morning, Johnny and TJ healed a lot faster than they thought*

Johnny: Man, TJ, you look a lot better than yesterday.

TJ: You're telling me.

Johnny: Listen, remember that Jimmy kid that kid mentioned two days ago?

TJ: Yeah?

Johnny: He's one of the toughest kids in the school, we can really use him on our side.

TJ: Alrighty, I ain't tellin' him about the... well you know...

Johnny: Forget about it TJ, you're enjoying your time that night.

*Johnny knocks on Jimmy's door*

Jimmy: Johnny? Wow you look pretty messed up... who's this?

TJ: I'm Theodore, but you can call me TJ.

Jimmy: Nah, I'll call you Theo.

TJ: What ever...

Jimmy: What do you want, Johnny?

Johnny: Jimmy. A lot of stuff is going to happen today, Gary is back, he's part of that nerd gang thing.

Jimmy: What? Are you serious?

Johnny: Yeah, he's planning on taking over the CITY not just the school

Jimmy: How'd he work that out, he couldn't take over the school like a few months ago...

Johnny: He has an alliance with everyone except you, the townies, and Russell's friends.

Jimmy: Oh crap... Well, I was hoping to finish that kid off. I guess I need to do it again, I'm down guys, let's go get Russ and his crew.

*Jimmy, Johnny, and TJ go to the Bully's hangout*

Trent: Johnny? How are you not in prison?

Jimmy: Forget about it, he didn't do anything wrong Trent.

Trent: Ok.

Russell: Jimmy, you wanna hang out?

Jimmy: We can't right now Russ, Gary is back...

Russell: What? I thought Gary got smashed.

Jimmy: He is, he's trying to take over the city, he has the Jocks, Nerds, and the Preps trying to take it over.

Russell: Russell give smash to all dorkwads! Russell is angry!

TJ: You go Russell! Let's go!

*The boys get on bikes*

Jimmy: Wait. Where are we going, Johnny?

Johnny: To the Chem-O lot.

Jimmy: Alright.

*A long, boring, unneeded bike scene later*

*They make it to the Chem-O lot*

Russell: Those kids look pretty angry *Russel is looking at the dropouts*

Edgar: Jimmy, did Johnny tell you what's going on?

Jimmy: Yep.

Edgar: I got all my boys ready and down to the war of '06.

Johnny: Ready... Set... ATTACK!

*They charge into the Chem-O lot*

Damon: We got intruders, Kirby and Dan take those suckers down!

*Kirby fires a spud at Johnny*

*TJ throws a brick at Kirby*

Kirby: Hey!

*Jimmy shoots Dan with his slingshot*

*Russell charges into Kirby, knocking out Kirby*

Edgar: Look!

*Bob, Juri, and Bo all charge towards the gang*

*TJ punches Bo in the face*

*Juri pile-drives Duncan into the ground*

Edgar: Get down, bitch!

*Edgar knocks Juri to the ground*

*Johnny does his special throw to Bob*

Jimmy: Guys, let's hurry, I know what directions to go!

*They make it about 50% of the way before a blockade forms*

*The same small Jocks come back to form a blockade*

Kirby: You guy's ain't going anywhere.

Omar: Oh really?

*Omar takes out his bat and knocks out Kirby*

Dan: Stand back!

*Russell picks up Dan and throws him on the ground*

Bo: Wa-Wait!

*Jimmy beats up Bo*

Jimmy: Come on, we still have a bit of a way to go...

Russell: Why does place have to be so far away?

TJ: I don't know Russ.

Russell: Only Russell friends can call Russell Russ.

TJ: We are friends Russell.

Russell: Okay.

*They make quick progress to the main building*

Russell:That's a lot of mad kids.

*Most of the male jocks besides Ted stared at the gang*

Ted: Face it, Johnny, you're friends aren't coming back.

Jimmy: Face it, Ted, you're dead.

Ted: Jocks! Beat these noodle armed dorks down!

*The Jocks besides Ted attack the gang*

*Damon and TJ get into a fisticuffs*

*Jimmy starts to fight Bob*

*Gurney and a few other dropouts start beating up Luis*

*Juri punches Russell in the stomach*

*Johnny and Casey face each other*

Johnny: You're dead!

*Johnny punches Casey in the nose and kicks him in the knee*

*Johnny starts kicking Casey multiple times*

*Russell knocks-out Juri*

*TJ breaks Damon's arm, and makes Damon fall to the ground*

Damon: OW!

TJ: Shut up kid!

*TJ kicks Damon in the face, knocking him out*

*The Dropouts beat up Luis*

Jimmy: Russell and Edgar you and your boys stay here, me and Johnny got some business to deal with.

TJ: What about me?

Jimmy: You too, Theo, in case these guys get back up.

TJ: Okay.

*Johnny and Jimmy chase Ted into the plant*

Ted: You'll never take me alive, losers!

*Ted goes down the elevator*

Johnny: Damnit!

Jimmy: Johnny, this way!

*Jimmy and Johnny climb down the pipes*

Ted: You won't save your friends, Johnny, you're nothing.

*Jimmy picks up a pipe from the wall*

Ted: Looks like we got a fight!

*Ted picks up a pipe and knocks Jimmy to the ground*

Jimmy: Ow!

*Johnny disarms Ted and trips Ted*

*Ted kicks Johnny in the groin*

Ted: Good luck with Lola.

Johnny: Screw you!

*Johnny and Ted get into a pipe fight*

*Johnny whacks Ted, but Ted blocks Johnny's attack with his pipe*

*Ted does a similar attack which gets blocked*

*Johnny decides to disable Ted and then hit him in the head, which knocks Ted to the ground*

Johnny: That was really easy!

Johnny: Give me the key, now!

Ted: H-Here...

*Ted hands Johnny the key to the "prison chamber"*

Peanut: Johnny?

The Greasers: Johnny!

*Johnny and the greasers leave the "prison chamber*

Jimmy: Good job! Alrighty, Ted, you are not going to listen to Earnest's plans, right?

Ted: No! Of course not, I was in it because he'd pay me.

Johnny: What ever, you're gonna help us save Bullworth.

Ted: Of course, what ever you say, as for Casey...

Johnny: We'll see what happens to Casey.

*Nerd POV*

Donald: So I heard the Jock kingdom is being raided?

Fatty: Yes sir, Ted had sent us an alert.

Donald: We need to block off the school, with the Prep key.

Melvin: Are they still allied?

Donald: Derby has told us yes, hey have you disabled the authority of the school?

*Algie and Bucky come in with the tied up prefects*

Donald: Now listen, all of you, you guys will be paid 100$ individually every week if you don't do any intervention against us, but against the gang, do you hear me?

Karl: Ok.

Seth: Yep.

Max: Sounds good.

Edward: Whatever.

Donald: Good, send them back on their shifts.

*Algie and Bucky free the prefects*

*Gang POV*

*The Greasers walk down from the Plant*

TJ: Nice going!

Ted: Alright guys, I'll drive you guys to Old Bullworth Vale, I'm pretending that the "raid" is still happening, they are barricading the school.

TJ: Alright.

*About 10 minutes of leaving the Chem-O Lot later*

Ted: Alright, they are all guarding Tad's house, they got "rifles"

TJ: Why did you use quotes?

Ted: Don't you remember, they're using paintball rounds.

TJ: Oh yeah.

*A paint ball hits the window*

Ted: Shoot, lets get going!

*TJ gets shot by a paintball*

TJ: Ow!

Jimmy: Russell! Break the gate down!

*Russell destroys Tad's front gate*

Lucky: Look, there's guys sniping from the 2nd story windows.

*Jimmy shoots a slingshot at Gord, causing him to drop his "rifle"*

Johnny: Charge!

*The whole gang spreads out in Tad's yard*

*TJ, Jimmy, and Johnny run into Tad's house*

Jimmy: Where's Tad?

*They hear an actual round from a rifle get fired*

TJ: Oh shit!

Tad: I'll kill all of you!

*Jimmy picks up a frying pan*

Johnny: What are you doing?

Jimmy: Testing a rumor...

*Jimmy charges at Tad, with the Frying pan aimed towards the muzzle of the rifle*

*Tad fires, the bullet reflects off of the pan, causing the bullet to miss, Jimmy smacks Tad to the ground with the pan, and disarms him*

Jimmy: Don't be using guns, bitch.

*Jimmy empties the cartridge*

*Another gunshot is heard*

*Jimmy's back leg gets grazed by a bullet, Jimmy pretends to play dead*

Derby: My first kill!

Johnny: *whispering to TJ* Do you think I can do the same trick as Jimmy?

TJ: I don't know, Maybe.

*Johnny notices that Derby only had one round*

Johnny: Never mind.

Johnny: You're an idiot, Derby.

*Johnny chases Derby upstairs*

Johnny: Derby, come on I beat you up yesterday.

Derby: That doesn't matter, pauper.

Johnny: Come on, we all know Gary is going to backstab you.

Derby: No he isn't. Yes he is.

*Jimmy runs upstairs*

Jimmy: You motherfucker!

*Jimmy tackles Derby and starts punching him*

Derby: Get off me!

*Derby throws Jimmy off of him*

*Johnny kicks Derby in the face*

Johnny: Take the keys from him, its obvious Derby has them.

*Johnny, Jimmy and TJ leave Tad's house*

Norton: Let's go, Johnny, we beat all of those prep losers!

Ted: You got the key?

Johnny: Yep.

Ted: All right!

*the gang gets in the van*

*Ted drives towards the School*

Edgar: You guys got a plan for entering?

Ted: They barricaded the front of the school.

Johnny: It's a good thing I have this key.

*Johnny unlocks the front door, letting the whole gang inside*

Ray: You losers are gonna die!

Ivan: Wow, you guys are losers!!!

Russell: Shut up fatty!

Ray: Oh no!

*Ray runs away*

Karl: Get out of here, criminal scum!

TJ: Or else what, bitch?

Karl: You'll get an ass-whooping!

TJ: Oh really?

*TJ punches Karl in the face and knocks him to the ground*

TJ: What kind of prefects are you, weak-asses.

*TJ and Russell chase the corrupted prefects*

Johnny: They have no more places to run, they're fucked.

*The gang run towards the gym, where they get assaulted*

Earnest: This is for beating me up!

Earnest: FIRE!

*The small nerds all fire spuds at the gang*

Edgar: Ow!

Edgar: We're gonna get all of you!

Earnest: Unlikely!

Earnest: Fire!

*Edgar and the Townies get knocked down*

Edgar: Ow... You guys go on ahead...

*The greasers shoot down the nerds with their sling shots*

*Earnest retreats to the observatory*

Johnny: Get him!

*They all get to the observatory to see Donald using the Super Spud Cannon*

Donald: Take this!

*Ricky got shot by a spud*

Ricky: Ouch!

Johnny: I think you need to shoot something to disable the spud cannon.

Jimmy: Oh yeah, the "Transformer" I remember that from last spring, destroy it!

*Johnny fires at the Transformer, destroying it*

Donald: Oh crap...

*All of the Greasers fire rocks at Donald, devastating him*


*Algie, Fatty, and Melvin are all firing at the greasers*

*Johnny single-handedly takes down all 3 of them*

Johnny: The door is locked!

*The greasers all toss firecrackers at the door*

*The door breaks*

*Johnny and Jimmy enter*

Earnest: Looks like you fools don't stop at once.

Gary: It's too late, I already have downtown controlled.

*Johnny and Jimmy laugh*

Earnest: It's time for your defeat.

*Earnest activates a weird robot suit*

Earnest: Nerd-o-Tron 6.800 Activate!

Nerd-O-Tron: System Activated. Target Acquired...

Johnny: Shoot, watch out!

*The Suit fires a mini-torpedo at Johnny and Jimmy, but misses*

*Johnny tries to fire a sling-shot rock at the suit*

Nerd-O-Tron: Insufficient. Metamorphic Materials do not have the proper abilities to damage the suit.

Johnny: Shoot...

Nerd-O-Tron: Target Acquired...

*a mini-torpedo gets fired*

*Johnny runs behind the suit, which causes the suit to get damaged*

Nerd-O-Tron: Warning. Explosive Damage detected. Battery Level has been lowered.

Earnest: You fools! Don't do that! You can destroy this whole observatory! Think man! Think for the people!

Nerd-O-Tron: Target Acquired.

*another Mini-Torpedo gets fired, and goes towards Jimmy*

Jimmy: Shoot, shoot shoot!

*Jimmy causes the torpedo to hit the suit*

Nerd-O-Tron: Imminent Alert! Fatal Damage to suit detected Battery dangerously low.

Earnest: Stop doing that, you fools!

Nerd-O-Tron: Mega-Torpedo activated.... Target is Acquired...

Johnny: Run!!!!

*Johnny and Jimmy run out of the observatory*


Jimmy: Where's Gary?

Gary: Say goodnight, losers!

*Gary is seen driving away*

*The observatory is seen crumbling before the greasers*

Ted: Wow. We got to get out of here. Now!

*They get on a nerd vehicle and chase Gary*

*Gary fires a shot at the car, causing the windshield to shatter*

Johnny: Oh crap!

*They go through out New Coventry, Gary tries to get Ted to crash*

Peanut: He's heading towards City Hall!

*Gary runs towards the ladder*

Johnny: I'll deal with this you guys stay here...

*Johnny climbs up the ladder to City Hall*

Gary: Johnny. You will not win! Face it, your life is over! Accept it!

Johnny: No!

*Gary and Johnny start to get into a fight*

*Gary causes Johnny to trip, causing him to hang off of the railing of City Hall*

Gary: Hahahahah, Johnny you are a loser, you have a slutty girlfriend, stupid friends and a bad life, say good night Johnny Vincent...

Johnny: *whispering* I'm sorry, Hal...


*Gary is heard gagging*

Johnny: What?

*Jimmy pulls Johnny up from the railing*

Jimmy: Derby shot Gary, let's go!

*Gary is seen falling off of city hall*

*Johnny and Jimmy climb downstairs*

*TJ and Russell come back*

*To be once more, continued*

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Reply #10 on: September 20, 2015, 07:31:10 AM
Judgement Day

Mayor of Bullworth: Today is a very precedential day in Bullworth indeed. It appeared to have been a very bizzare week this week. It started out with a murder occurring in Bullworth Academy, of Hal Esposito. Rest in peace for him. To which a group of kids, who call themselves the Greasers, loosely based off of Elvis Presley's looks; got expelled. The leader of this group Johnny Vincent has been sent to the prison of New Hampshire, but has strangely escaped, but yet so has someone else, Theodore James. These two men have managed to take down an operation running throughout the Borders of Bullworth Academy. Ralph Crabblesnitch what say you?

Dr.Crabblesnitch: I have heard some nasty things about Johnny Vincent, he has been widely known for gang-violence through-out mostly New Coventry. Jimmy Hopkins was a hero, but Johnny Vincent is a Redeemer. I have multiple  people who are getting promoted and expelled:
Casey Harris, you have been expelled for the murder of Hal Esposito, and you are forced to accept a 50,000,000$ Charge from Hal's parents you are put on deathrow and to prison.
Earnest Jones, you have been expelled for the attempted murder of Theodore James, Johnny Vincent, and Jimmy Hopkins, you are being sent to prison.
As for Johnny Vincent and the "Greasers" they are all as I happily state, Re-Enrolled into Bullworth Academy. Johnny Vincent, I hope to see an improvement on your behalf.

Johnny: Yes sir.

Mayor of Bullworth: For the Chief of the Bullworth Police Department, he has got a special announcement.

Chief: Theodore Earl James, you have been released of all charges, as you have done a great civil service to a whole city in the span of a week, I am impressed, and I am also pleased. I hope you improve on your behavior, "homie"

TJ: *laughing* Yes sir.

*Johnny and Lola kiss*

*As The Greasers, Russell, Jimmy, TJ, The Preps and Derby, and the Dropout all look happily*

-This was a story written by Pete Kowalski, thank you for reading my fan-fiction, I hope you enjoyed it.


Johnny: If there's anything I learned, its this. Don't trust the first person that comes to you, experiment with people. That's a true cocktail for friendship.

Peanut: That's right, good night everyone, and have a great day.


(Just a reference to something)