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Bully NES FanFic Parameters***
« on: November 24, 2010, 12:14:27 PM »
Our Bully FanFic main story body, “The Bullworth Never Ending Story” is now finished, having reached 850,000 words.  The Villain Jake was defeated in the main story body, Chapters 1-6.   Following this were four bonus chapters, 7-10.   The Parameters for these followed the main story as the Summer progressed..

Tony’s Story begins the School year 2007-08, after the Bully video game leaves off.  The School year begins after Labor Day 2007and ran to the first part of June 2008.  No actual dates were used much in the story, with the exception of the holidays in the story....Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, May Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, & Labor Day.

Several characters have left the story. Gary, the villain from the past year who tried to take over the School....Jimmy, the hero who saved the school from Gary......Johnny, the Greaser Clique Leader who left for Detroit.....Earnest, the Nerd Clique Leader who was sent to a Sex-Addiction Clinic......Beatrice, who has finally enrolled in a real Prep School......Edgar, the head Townie......The Mysterious Hobo, Mr. Grant, who was beamed up by Aliens.

Some characters have left during the course of the story. Lola, who left to join Johnny in Detroit right before Christmastime......Pete, who was shot in the eye with a pellet by Jake and was removed to a special Hospital in Boston......Big Darrell, a new character, who savagely abused Zoe and receives some big-time payback for it.....The entire group of Townies, locked up as a result of their failed assault on the School, but who then return in the Summer to their old haunts in Blue Skies, and to new crimes, as some Characters returned.

And, there are some new Characters.  Laurent, a boy from France recruited for his running back ability to the Jock’s Football Team.....Kurt, a boy from mysterious origins whose secrets are gradually revealed during the course of the story......Nick, a boy from Los Angles who is an expert fighter on many different levels.....Steve, a Greaser who quit partway through the school year to open his own Bike Shop.....Bob, a character who is brought to Bullworth for the Jocks after the failed Townie attack.

There are other new Characters who have minor roles in the story.....The Rocker Clique, (headed by Kurt), includes Tibo, Benny, Jero, Bonz, Grungy, and Winkie......Eddie and Geoff, two friends who have come to Bullworth, but don’t care to fit into any Clique.

Several of the Characters are away from the School, but still in the story.  This includes Jake, who has been in hiding at one place or other while he cooks up, and carries out, plans to take over the School.....Algie, who escaped from the Asylum, and was locked up in Jail, then back to the Asylum, then escaped again, going to hide at the Carnival....Vance, who had gone to live on Pirate Island, but has returned.....Steve, who is running the afore-mentioned Bike Shop.

There are several things that the kids at Bullworth don’t have that we take for granted in the real world throughout most of the story.  Chief among these is Cell Phones.  They also don’t have access to the Internet, and rarely are allowed to use computers.  These are keeping within the parameters of the original Bully story.  Our explanation for this is that the whole Vale Valley in in a ‘Dead Zone’, surrounded by Mountains, where it is difficult to get signals in and out.  They also aren’t allowed to use landline phones.  There is only one phone line to the School, and that goes to the School Office, with an extension to Crabblesnitch’s Office.  There is no Cable TV, but there are TVs in Bullworth that can receive a couple of channels from the outside world.  Some of the residents of Blue Skies have small Satellite Dishes, but these are Illegal in the Vale Valley.  There are Walkie-Talkies, but these are mostly controlled by the Nerds. (Jake stole some of those from the Nerd’s stash in the Basement of the Dragon’s Wing, later Sid and the Punks bring stolen ones in).  The more sinister reason advanced for this enforced lack of communication in our story is that the rich and powerful are limiting contact with the outside world as a way of controlling their interests in the Vale Valley.

Most all of the kids at Bullworth are now from 13-18 years old, with the exceptions of Sheldon and Pedro, the last ‘little kids’ left in our story.  Their ages are pegged at between 10-12 years old.  Most of the boys and older girls are from 16-18, and the younger girls (Karen, Melody and Gloria) are 14-16 years old. There are also some older youngsters (18-25 years old) who are mostly Townies, and the Punks, who are older, in their mid-20's to 30's. Note that Russell is believed to be 20, the oldest student at the Academy.

Several storylines ran on multiple characters. Tony is the Main Character, followed by Jake, Kurt and Nick.  Their friends have secondary storylines to them, such as Pete, Constantinos, and Laurent.  Third in line are storylines about the Clique Leaders and their members.  There are also storylines about the adults, Mr. Luntz and Mr. Smith chief among them (They play a rather prominent role near the end of Chapter 6), and Mr. Galloway and Ms. Phillips.

The final 4 Chapters follows our characters through the Summer.  Some characters return, such as Johnny & Lola, and Beatrice from the original Video Game story.  A whole new Clique, this one of girls, arrives at Bullworth from Reform School under guard.  And Technology will finally come to the Vale Valley.  A horrible thing happens on the night of the Independence Day Celebrations, and Tony, Nick, and their friends have a new and desperate Mission on their hands.

As of now, we have completed all 10 Chapters.......
Chapter 1 -- The School Bombings.
Chapter 2 -- The Great Clique War.
Chapter 3 -- The Valentine’s Bloodbath.
Chapter 4 -- The Townie Assault.
Chapter 5 -- The Bullworth Redemption.
Chapter 6 -- The Final Showdown.
Chapter 7 -- The Endless Summer.
Chapter 8 -- The Daring Rescue.
Chapter 9 -- The Binding Agreement.
Chapter 10 - The Bullworth Resolution.

Tony is our main character.  He arrived at Bullworth a couple of weeks late after Labor Day to start the School year.  His Mother thought Bullworth would be a great place to send her troublesome young teen.  He is ‘befriended’ by Jake, who is also new to the school, but has managed to set up a clothing scam operation in the short time he has been there, stealing clothing from the School Basement that was intended for the School Store.  He offers to cut Tony in on the deal.  Jake’s real aim though, like Gary before him, is to take over the School.  Tony is basically a decent kid who has been caught up in bad situation.

Tony goes along with Jake for awhile, then decides to strike out on his own, stealing some Aquaberry clothing to sell to the Preps.  When Jake finds out, he got pissed at Tony for usurping his clothing operations, and tries to run him down with a car stolen from the Autoshop, which he wrecked, bringing the Prefects. This bit of Grand Theft Auto caused to Jake to go underground to avoid being caught.  Hiding out, he plans his revenge. 

Jake is a very complex character.  We know that he is Schizophrenic….And that he craves both power and admiration.  Right after he arrived at Bullworth over the Summer, he began his smuggling activities, not just to gain cash, but to gain control of the School.  But Jake, bright as he might be, makes mistakes because of his anger and impatience.  Without his meds, Jake slipped deeper into paranoia, and planned out and executed the bombings.  He planned it to start a Clique War, and in that way, in his deluded mind, he would be able to step in and take control.

What he didn’t figure on, though, was the interference of the Police, and the lockdown of the School would screw his grand plan.  He then came up with another plan.  He changed his identity and appearance, called the Clique Leaders together, and claimed the bombings were the work of Terrorists, thereby controlling them with fear.  This worked for awhile, and Jake hatched a new plan.  He eventually turned up at the Carnival under the name of Ace Adams, and from there equipped the Cliques with all sorts of Weaponry, especially the newly-stolen Air Rifles, then with the help of a totally unexpected source (Algie), came up with a way to incite a REAL Clique War…..The plan  was to step in and somehow halt the fighting, save the School, and be everyone’s hero.

However, this also fails when Pete steps in and stops the fighting and disarms the Cliques.  Enraged, Jake shoots Pete, wounding him severely.  Barely escaping, Jake quits the Carnival, takes on yet another identity, Leo Cash, and sets up yet another diabolical plan to gain control of the School.  His new plan involved having the Cliques turn against themselves.  At first he arranges for the queers in each Clique to be outed, causing disruptions from within.  Again he has an unexpected aids to his plans, and the Cliques began to fracture.  Then he came up with a way to incite wholesale panic by hatching a successful plot to dump blood on the students at the big Valentine’s Dance. 

Standing at the gates of the School, ready to take control of the situation and the School, Jake is thwarted by Tony, who stops the panicked fighting and reveals Jake as the source behind the Bombings, the Clique War, and the Bloodbath.  Enraged once more, Jake shoots Tony and causes him to fall off the roof of the school before once more making his escape.  Now, Jake must come up with a new plan....No more Mr. Nice Guy.  Even though he has failed to accomplish his goal so far, he is sure that his next plan will somehow succeed.

Tony not only has been working on stopping Jake, he has been delving into the darker side of just who controls the corrupt Bullworth Academy and why.  He is being aided by his friends and by Jimmy Hopkins, who he has broken out of Jail.  A new boy, Nick, arrives after Christmas.  Nick is a master of many different fighting skills, and in short order, beats Damon, Norton, Derby, and Russell.  Nick is his own man, and doesn't side with any Clique, but he does aid Tony and his friends often.  Much new information is revealed, to the surprise of Tony, who finds that the roots of Bullworth's problems go deeper that anyone imagined.  As the Prep Clique goes to war with itself and then seemingly re-groups, they are dealt a crushing blow by the new Rocker Clique in a failed attack.

As Jake gathers the Townie forces for an all out attack on the School, More of the origins of Kurt are revealed, and the evil Jake makes a stunning disclosure as to his reasons for wanting to take over the School.  When the attack fails due to the Jock's last stand at the Football Field and a mighty disruption by Mother Nature, Jake makes his escape once more and realizes that he must take over the Towns in order to gain control of the School, and is going to enlist the darkest element of all in the Vale Vally to achieve his goal....The notorious Punks.

As Tony uncovers the secret of Pirate Island, he finds that the knowledge gained puts him and his closest friends in great danger.  A heroic figure re-emerges and is aided by a pair of unlikely allies in his quest.  The Evil Jake allies with the Punks and plans a dastardly scheme that not only will put the School at risk, but the entire Vale Valley and the Towns of Bullworth itself.

As Tony and his friends triumph in the final battle, it is found that everyone must go to Summer School at Bullworth.  Even though the evil Jake has been defeated, there are still dilemmas that Tony must solve.  A few past characters are returning to Bullworth, and many new ones too.  A new crisis faces Tony at the conclusion of the Independence Day celebrations, one that holds the seeds of a potential personal tragedy that could alter his entire future life.

As Tony gathers his friends and forces for a desperate assault to rescue the kidnapped girls, the entire balance of good vs evil in the Vale Valley can go either way.  The last horrible secret is uncovered to explain why such evil had overtaken the Vale Valley.  Tony is aided by unlikely and mysterious allies to defeat the final wrongs that have cast their vile shadow over them, and in the process will earn his own personal redemption.

Tony knows he must fashion some sort of agreement among the Cliques, or else things will return to their evil ways at Bullworth Academy.  Building on the cooperation of the successful rescue, he goes to each Clique to negotiate an agreement that he hopes will be everlasting....But can he succeed where all else has failed ?  The Agreement is signed, but will that be enough to prevent more violence and restore peace at last to Bullworth Academy ?

Shortly, the Agreement is tested when Biff is savagely attacked inside the School late one night.  Hal of the Greasers is indited in the attack, but proven in court to be innocent.  A sneaky Tad gets Hal to box in the Ring and easily defeats him, but that isn't good enough for the Preps, as they plan and execute a two-pronged sneak attack on the Greasers.  Enraged, the Greasers strike back in just revenge and leave the Preps all tied up.  Tony convenes a Clique Council to impose sanctions on the Preps, However Tad issues a challenge that Tony feels compelled to accept, and the outcome will determine the future course of  Bullworth Academy.
That’s a short synopsis to our story.  I plan on updating this post with future events as they occur.  We have here quite possibly the best and certainly the longest Bully FanFic on the Planet.  Now that it is finished, feel free to read it at your leisure. 
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Re: Bully FanFic Parameters***
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2010, 12:40:31 PM »
You will notice other shorter FanFics in the "Community Stories" section. (Such as  ‘Trent and Kirby’ and ‘Nick’s Story’).  These are free FanFics open to anyone without any of the conditions or restrictions noted above.  They are more like short stories where anyone can post to check out their writing skills.  We have also added video stories to the section. Any and all characters may be included there.

There is a followup Story to the NES, entitled "To Live Or Die In Liberty" that chronicles the adventures of Tony and some of his friends in Liberty City, set to a few years later. 

There is also a FanFic entitled "Shadows of Bullworth" in the making, which will be restricted to certain members who are part of the project. 

You are welcome to post any new FanFic in the "Community Stories" section that you wish.
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