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Author Topic: NES Character Revenge  (Read 5733 times)

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Re: NES Character Revenge
« Reply #15 on: May 30, 2014, 08:07:14 AM »
A figure came through the door and blinked.  “Now What ?”, he said uncertainly.

I swiveled around.  “You’re in the Writers Den, Ricky”, I told him.

“What the Hell...”, Ricky sputtered.  “Where’s the Blue Balls at ?”

“Maybe you needed something here ?”, I suggested.

“I donno...What the Hell’s goin’ on”, Ricky said, shaking his head.  Eventually, he looked around the room. “Whats place is this ?

“Told you.  It’s the Writer’s Den”, I said patiently.  “What is it you want to ask me ?”

“Ask Yuh ?”, Ricky echoed, still looking around.

“Yes, ask me”, I reiterated.  “Characters usually come in here to ask me something...Or complain.  So what do you want to know ?”

Ricky stopped looking around and his eyes narrowed.  His gaze swung to me.  “Characters ?  Eey...Are you that Writer Man ?”

“That’d be me”, I said, glad to get that out of the way.  “So, what do you need ?”

"I donno...But, I just got a date for later.”  He eyed me closely.  “Did you do that ?”

“I sent her your way”, I told him.  “The rest was all you.”

Ricky considered, and then frowned.  “You ever had a broken heart, like bottom of the barrel, I hate my life type of stuff ?”

“Sure”, I answered, “Who hasn’t ?  Was that your question ?”
“No...I guess the question would be....Can I have somethin’ with this Jessica ?”, Ricky asked.  “I mean...I’m sick of bein’ such a loser wit the Ladies.  Girls are useless, dey just screw you around.  Whats if I goes out with her and she donts like me ?”

“Really don’t think that’s going to happen”, I said mildly.  “After all, I did invest some time writing about it.  I don’t usually like wasting my time on dead-end characters.”

“So....It’s for real ?”, Ricky asked, “I get to have a Girlfriend ?”

“As real as it gets”, I assured him.  “Just don’t blow it by not paying attention to this one.”

“That is Awesome !”, Ricky exclaimed, “I didn’t think I’da ever be happy again !”

“She’s all yours”, I said grandly, “Through the end of the story.  After that, it’ll be up to another Writer Man to keep it going.”

“No Shit ?”, Ricky said rather than asked.

“No Shit”, I agreed. “That all you wanted to know ?’

“Um...Yeah, guess so !”, Ricky exclaimed.  He turned to go. “Hey...How do I gets back to New Coventry ?”

“Just go out the door”, I told him.  “You’ll be right there.”

Ricky happily opened the door and left.  After a bit, I turned back to my desk, wondering how long he would hold on to this one.  Past the end of my story, at least.  It would be someone else’s problem after that.  Thinking that made me smile.
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Re: NES Character Revenge
« Reply #16 on: August 27, 2014, 11:24:54 PM »
Constantinos appeared again, dressed in an ill-fitting Army uniform.

I looked up.  "So, I see you're back."  It was just a statement of fact.

"You brought me back", Constantinos sniffed resentfully.  "I wanted to stay with Tiffany."

I let that slide.  Course I'd brought him back.  "Don't you have some kind of mission ?  From your other self ?"

Oh....Yeah, that", he said distantly.  His eyes looked suddenly glazed.  "What is it, anyway ?"

"I don't know", I replied.  "Don't you know ?"

"Umm......Sorta.  I guess.....", Constantinos mumbled.  He looked down then, and noticed his shirt.  "Did I....Uh, join the Army, or something ?"

"I don't think so", I told him.  "Isn't that outfit part of your plan ?"

"I....Don't know", he said in a confused sort of way.  "Do you know ?"

"Me ?", I retorted.  "Why would I know ?"

Constantinos focused his eyes on me then.  "You're....Supposed to know.....You're the Writer Man....Ain't you ?"

"All I know, is you showed up in posting #1131 dressed up like that", I said.  "I just write what I see.  I don't know what's in your...Mind."  Other Mind I almost said. "I assume....You have a plan ?"

Constantion's eyes flickered and blinked.  It looked like there was a little War going on behind them.  Then they cleared.  "Yes....A Plan....A Mission, actually."  His voice was slightly different.  Stronger.  "Revenge on that Fucking Leon Retard that shot Tiffany."

"Ah....Yes.  Nasty business, that", I said smoothly.  "Just what are you going to do ?"

"You just watch", Constantinos said, rather defiantly, "Watch and See, Writer Man.  I'll take care of him for keeps !"

Constantinos whirled, took two steps, and vanished.  I was left looking at empty air at the space where he had been.

Fascinating, I thought.  So that is what that 'Voice Of Reason' business is all about.  He has an "Alter"....Better known as MSD -- Multiple Personality Disorder.

I turned back to my keyboard.  This was going to be good.

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Re: NES Character Revenge
« Reply #17 on: May 23, 2015, 09:55:45 PM »
"HEY JACKASS !!!!!", the voice said loudly.

I'd been expecting this, though I didn't know just when.  Personally, I didn't care whether or not I ever saw Derby Harrington again.  I certainly had no plans to ever write about him ever again, mainly because I don't like rich turds.  Turds in general I can put up with, but rich turds just turn my stomach.  Literately.

"I was wondering if you'd show up", I said resignedly, not even wanting to look at the rich turd.

"You Killed Me With A Stupid Britt Bus !!", he accused.  "I Look Like A Fucking Zombie !!"

"You're not dead, or else you wouldn't be here now", I told him, and then I did reluctantly look at him.  He WAS a real mess.  In fact, he was in some kind of futuristic wheelchair contraption of some sort.  "I just had the Bus hit you, I didn't write that it killed you."

Why, You...You...." he flubbered., red iin the face.  Course, he was red in a lot of places, I noticed then.  "You...You....YOU LOW-LIFE ASSHOLE !!!", he said finally, spitting out what he wanted to say. 

"You shouldn't be complaining", I said, "I still COULD kill you, y'know."

"A-HA !!", Derby said triumphantly, "No, You Can't !!  The Story Is Done.....You Said So Yourself !"  His disfigured face gleamed in victory.  I wondered if anyone had bothered  to tell him just how bad he really looked. 

"You're wrong there", I said, an reluctantly hauled myself up out of my comfortable chair.  I headed over to my writing desk.

"Where Are You Going ?", Derby demanded.  "What Are You Doing ?"

"Just gonna fire up my Word Processor", I answered.  "Guess I'll just have to write a Sequel."

"You...You Wouldn't Do That !", Derby said, desperation creeping into his voice as the import of what I said sunk into to his self-centered mind.  "I Won't Have It, You Understand ??"

I acted like I didn't hear him.  Ignoring him only made him madder, and a little fearful, since his couldn't very well get up to stop me.  "YOU HEAR ME ?", he practically screamed, as the monitor lit up.  "You're RETIRED now, You Don't Wanna Write No More !!"

"Now, where did you hear that ?", I said, laying my hands on the keyboard.  "A true writer really never quits, we just take breaks from time to time."

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH !!!!!", Derby yelled, and this time he sounded like a Girl.  I sorta smiled at that.  With an effort, he managed to turn his wheelchair contraption around and then disappeared in a sudden cloud of smoke.  Just the kind of cowardly thing I expected someone of his sort to do.

I took my hands off the Keyboard.  I really wasn't ready to write any sequels just yet.  Maybe though, someday.

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Re: NES Character Revenge
« Reply #18 on: July 06, 2015, 08:37:52 PM »
A handsome fellow came through the outer doors, stopping inside the room.

Looking about, he said, "So, this is where it all happened....All that I went through."

I had only met Tony Calderone once before, but I could see now what made him so attractive to the Ladies.  "Welcome, Tony.....Hope things are going well with you !", I said.

"Oh, they are now", he said cautiously.  "I'm just living out the Epilogue, I guess....Unless you're going to write new troubles for me...."

"Not to worry", I said joviality, "Not more mad bombers, no more Townies, no more Punks.  I figure you went through enough already."

"You sure ?", Tony asked suspiciously.  "I though I would be having more trouble from Tad...."

"Oh, sure, but you can handle that, easy", I told him.  "Why, you're really set now, with a healthy Nick as Enforcer, and those new boys to help out, be your troops, so to speak.  And with those Bugs...Listening Devices....You are going to be Invincible for the next two years at Bullworth."

"Uh, huh", Tony said, absently fingering something in his hand.  "So, I can be a Dictator, when all I really wanted was to be a normal kid in a normal School."

I shook my head sadly.  "Bullworth was never a normal School", I said, "Wouldn't have been a story if it was."

"Then...Why was I brought there ?", Tony asked, "What was the point ?"

"You'd have to ask Mercury that", I said.  "He was the one to create you, not me.  But you would have rather existed than not existed at all, now wouldn't you ?"

Tony deliberated for a moment.  "I...I guess so", he finally answered, shrugging.

"Well, way I see it......You got the girl, you got the fame, and you get the peaceful School you wanted in the end", I told him.  "Not to mention a bright future ahead......Look, Tony, Every kid goes through his or her own hell in teenager mode.  Most make it through, but others don't.  Some even off themselves.  It was looking like Constantinos would, there for awhile.  But you know, adversity can make one stronger....And a pretty effective leader, too.  Look at where you're at now, would you have believed that just a School Year ago ?  That you would become the strong person that you are now ?"

"I, uh....Hadn't really thought about it much", Tony said.  Then he looked over at me.  "Tell me something.....Why the dreams ?"

"Being a main character means more examination of the inner workings of the mind", I said. "In your case, you were given dreams to help you along.  Now, everybody dreams, of course....But it's to the degree of how those dreams are interpreted and remembered.  In your case, those gave you just the edge you needed to overcome the obstacles you had to face in the story, which were many."

"Yeah, they were, at that", Tony acknowledged, still fiddling with a object in his hand.  "A Mad Dog who portended to be an friend and then tried to run me over, a place full of whacked-out mental nut-jobs, and a group of pissed-off former students who decided to come after our girls."

"Do you even have those dreams anymore ?", I asked, knowing the answer.

Tony considered.  "No", he finally said, "Guess I don't.  But that doesn't mean that they won't come back, does it ?"

"I would say it's rather doubtful", I said, "For I don't think you will be faced with your destruction, or the destruction of those close to you, for the rest of your time in Bullworth."

"So....No more bombings, kidnappings, rapes, other super-violent stuff, huh ?", Tony asked.

"Nope", I replied.  "That was kinda the point of the Story, to resolve all that nonsense and get rid of the truly evil ones at Bullworth Academy, now wasn't it ?"

"I, uh, guess so", Tony admitted.  "It's gonna be nice to have a more normal School life."

"Plus, you get to continue on", I pointed out, "And you and Karen will have real privacy now, for your last couple of years before you both head off to College.  What could be better than that ?"

That decided Tony.  He slid the knife back in his pocket.  "Ok, you convinced me."  He headed for the door, turning before he left, to say, "See you in Liberty City, then."  With a short wave, he was gone.

"No thanks are necessary", I said to the empty room.  "None at all."

Turning to my Word Processor, I began my story edits.

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