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NES Character Revenge

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on: March 31, 2013, 04:06:58 AM
I was daydreaming at my keyboard, nearly dozing.  I’d been writing some more violent and juicy stuff for my story, but had been at it awhile, and was just about nodding off.  But a peculiar sound brought me alert.  I turned in my swivel chair and got the shock of my life....There were people standing there, and lots of them, right there in the room !

“Uh...Who the Hell are You People ?”, I asked in my best threatening tone.

“Don’cha recognize us ?”, the one who seemed to be the leader said. 

“Ummm....No.  Should I ?”, I answered, trying to think of a way I could call the Cops.

“Well, how about now ?”, he said moving toward me with a limp. “Don’cha remember, you had me fall off the school building.  ‘Bout broke poor Ray’s back.  It’s a wonder it didn’t fuck me up more than it did.”

I shook my head in bewilderment.  “No....That can’t be....You’re not.....”

“Oh, but I am”, the fellow said, and as he came closer, I could see he wasn’t much more that a kid.  In fact, most all the people crowded in the room were kids. “I’m Tony Calderone.  This here’s Nick”, he said, pointing to a boy directly behind him, “And here’s Constantinos, and Laurent.  And over there’s the Bullies, and the Preps, and the Jocks, and the Nerds....”  He continued to name off groups of people, and as he did, they were suddenly there, impossibly crowding into the room. 

“Wha...What do you want ?”, I asked, for lack of anything else to think of saying.  This was all so surreal. 

“We got a beef with you”, Tony said.  “We’re tired of you fucking us up in your stories.”

Nick stepped forward.  I saw his face was a mass of scars and contusions.  “You had me punched so many times in fights, I’m always gonna look like this !”

Constantinos piped up, “Yeah, now I gotta wear a Colostomy Bag since you had me shot in the Guts !”

“I have gotten a cracked pelvis from all of the Parkour”, complained Laurent.

“You had my Jaw broken”, Pinky spoke up, with a muffly voice.

“You had a guy PISS on me after beating me up !”, raged Derby.

“You had me RAPED !!”, burst out Zoe.  “What kind of a Perv Writer does that ?!?”

“YOU HAD MY NUT BLOWN OFF !”, screeched Algie.  Funny I hadn’t noticed him before.  Where the hell had he come from ?

“You made me crazy.  Now I’m Insane.”  That from Kurt.

The mass of kids parted, and the Jocks marched up, carrying a stretcher.  The kid on it looked up at me with hate in his eyes.  It was Jake.  “You had me Paralyzed.  I HATE your stinking GUTS !”

This couldn’t be happening.  “But.....None of your are REAL !”, I said desperately.  “You’re just Characters in a Story, for God’s Sake !!”

“Oh, we’re real, all right”, Tony commented.  “As for what we want....”  Here he trailed off.  Suddenly I noticed weapons in their hands.  Bats, Boards, Lunch Trays, Trash Can Lids, even Books.  Then, even more sinister, Spud Guns.  Lots and lots of Spud Guns. 

“As for what we want”, continued Tony, “We want Revenge.”

They closed in on me.
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Reply #1 on: March 31, 2013, 04:16:43 PM

Yeah, They're Pissed.

Comments welcome here, since this was just a short-short.

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Reply #2 on: March 31, 2013, 06:51:14 PM
It gave me a good laugh, alright.

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Reply #3 on: March 31, 2013, 07:56:16 PM
XD They sure look angry

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Reply #4 on: April 22, 2013, 01:42:35 PM
I was sitting on my crapper today when suddenly Tony and Nick appeared in my bathroom.

“Hey, Little Privacy, Eh ?”, I shouted.

Tony ignored me, instead going off on a tirade.  “What the Fuck did you have our girlfriends kidnapped by those loser Townies for ?”

I sighed, covering up my privates with the newspaper I’d been reading. “Uh...It’s called a Storyline ?  The Story’s been gettin’ a little stale since you whipped Jake.  Gotta keep the readers interested, y’know ?”

“By Stealing Our Girlfriends ?”, He yelled, his eyes bugging out.  “What the Fuck Is Wrong With You Man ?  You Got It Out For Us Or Something ??”

Nick just stood there, saying nothing, with a mean look on his face.  He was slowly smacking his fist into his other hand.

I sighed again.  “No, I don’t ‘Got It Out For You’, it’s just a Story.  Everything will turn out all right in the end, you’ll get your girlfriends back all in one piece.”

“Why You Treat Us Like This ?”, Tony raged on, not even hearing what I was saying.  “Haven’t We Been Through Enough SHIT Already ?”

“Well, what would you have me do ?”, I said, “Make a boring story so nobody would read about you ?  How would you like that ?”  For a character not to be read about was akin to death for them.  If no one read about them, they don’t exist.

“Just make us fight Mad Bombers, or Rich Powerful Assholes, or Crazy Clique Leaders, then !”, Tony pleaded. “But don’t take it out on our Girls !”

“They’re just incidental characters”, I said firmly.  “You’re the Hero of the story, after all, it is ALL about you, just as your Creator intended.  And as for you”, I said, directed towards Nick, who was growling low in his throat, “You’re lucky I even revived you from that story that never got finished, or else you’d be Dead now.”

“Incidental Characters ?”, Tony said in shock.  “No, Man, they’re our LIFE, don’cha understand ?  They’re what keeps us going !  They’re the reason why we put up with the crap you make us do !”

I wiggled my fingers in front of his face.  “No, you’re Wrong.  THESE are what keeps you going.  As long as I live and type, YOU live.  Maybe you don’t understand that.”

“ARRUGH !”, Tony screamed in frustration. “Maybe that’s so, Writer Man, and maybe we gotta rescue them, I suppose”, he said, waving his fist in my face. “But better nothin’ happen to them, Nothing !!....Or we’ll be back, you can count on it !!!”

With that, he stormed out of my bathroom, followed closely by Nick, who was still shooting mean, challenging looks at me.  Maybe I should give that boy more dialogue,  I thought.  He looked downright scary.

Naw, I thought, reconsidering.  I didn’t need to hear both of them complaining at me.

Peace restored, I picked up my paper and resumed my Shit.  Kids.  Next time, Maybe I should write about little Sponges and Plankton.
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Reply #5 on: May 25, 2013, 04:38:25 AM
I was looking at the text on the screen.  Life sure was tough for these Bullworth kids.  Well, guess it was my job to write them through the best I could.  Those that would do evil, I couldn’t much control what they did, but I could try to minimize the damage.  It was a tough job, taking care of a multitude of characters in any story, but somebody has to do it....Somebody has to look out for their welfare, and see that the good will win out in the end.  Otherwise, the good along with the evil will just disintegrate into the ether of forgotten literary endeavors, never able to have any closure to guide them through all the readers....

“I Say There, What The Fuck, CHAP ?”

Interrupted in my thoughts, I spun my chair around.  Even before I could look, I knew who that was, just by the annoying sound of their voice.  Derby was standing in the doorway, arrogance bleeding from him as blood does from the cut throat of a freshly slaughtered pig.

“What do you want, Derby ?”, I sighed.  “Thought you were in England, where I sent you.”

“Why Did You Write Me Out Of The Story, You Pauper ?”, Derby seethed, spittle foaming from his mouth in a very un-prep-like fashion. 

I leaned back and rolled my eyes.  “I sent you off to safety, which was better than you deserved.”

“What Do You Mean By That ??”, Derby sputtered, his pinkish face growing red.

“By all rights, you oughtta be in Jail”, I said, “After what you did to Kurt, not to mention breaking Pinky’s jaw.”

“That’s My Business”, he sniffed.  “You Had No Right To Interfere !”

“I have every right”, I answered mildly.  “I’m the Writer.”

“You Took Away My Clique And Gave It To That Sniveling Spencer Bastard !”, he raged.  “Why Did You Have To Do That ?  I’m A Major Character !!”

“You ought to feel lucky that’s all that happened to you”, I said, growing impatient with all this foolishness. “You better get back to where you belong, before I get really nasty.”

“Oh, And What Are You Going To Do, Writer-Man ?”, Derby sneered.  “I’m The Boxing Champion, You Know, And You’re Just A Skinny Wimp !”

In answer, I turned back to the keyboard and typed in, ‘In London, Derby got hit by a Double-Decker Bus.’

Derby saw what I typed, and his eyes bulged.  “YOU WOULDN’T DARE !!”

My finger hovered over the ENTER key.  “Just try me.  If you aren’t gone in the next 5 seconds, that’s what’s gonna happen.  Allright ?  Five....Four....Three......

“ARRRRRAUGH !!!!!”, Derby yelled.  “You’ll Pay For This, Writer-Man !!!”  In a flash, he disappeared.  Presumably, back to England. 

I sat, lost in thought.  Just why had I let him get off easy ?  Derby was just about the biggest slime in the story, and I gave him a free pass ?  What the hell was I thinking ?

You Know What, I thought to myself, Fuck It.  I punched the ENTER key. 
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Reply #6 on: August 26, 2013, 06:15:23 AM
These are funny shorts.   :laugh:

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Reply #7 on: August 28, 2013, 08:58:10 AM
I was relaxing on my back deck, or attempting to, when I found myself in a conversation with Constantinos, who just appeared out of nowhere, as most characters do.

“I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you”, he said out of the blue.

That was pretty laughable, considering Constantinos had next to no fighting skills whatsoever, but I decided to humor him.  “So, what’s your beef, Chief ?”

“Well, umm....I’m glad you hooked me up with a Girlfriend...Never thought I’d get one, ever.  The Sex is really great and all....”

“I’ll bet it is”, I remarked snidely.  “I hear Psychopathic Sex is really a trip.”

“That’s just it !”, Constantinos said, sounding pissed off.  “Why did you have to make her so Nuts ?  Why couldn’t just have a normal girl ?  Haven’t I been through enough ?  This is so depressing.”

I glanced over and saw him moping, his self-pity coming on hard.  I felt sort of sorry for the twerp, but then again, some things are just pre-ordained.  I sighed and said, “You know, just about every girl I met or knew at your age was a total nut job.  There is something  inherently wrong with the female species that makes them that way, and I’ve never figured out just what that is.  I tried to stay away from them, but the Hormone thing finally got me.  You know how that is,”

“Um...Yeah”, he said morosely.  “All the time.  But why me ?  All those other guys have normal girlfriends.”

“Do they really ?”. I said.  “Maybe you haven’t done your reading about them too closely.  They’re all nut jobs, it’s just a matter of degree.  As a teen, I had to go through a whole slew of crazy bitches, one after another.  My first girlfriend was a real whacko, kinda like yours.  What you’re dealing with now will be of help to you later, trust me on that.  Whatever don’t kill you makes you stronger, as they say.”

“I guess so”, he said morosely, then added wistfully, “We can’t last, can we ?”

“Afraid not”, I told him.  “You’re bound to get caught stealing for her, or she’s gonna get caught with all the stolen goods, and that’ll be the end of it.  That’s how these things go.  Smart thing would be for you to stop what you’re doing.  But you won’t, you know.”

“Yeah....I know”, Constantinos said miserably.  He went silent and appeared to be in a funk.

At that opportune moment, Dedrie Phillips came charging through my back door on to my deck.  “Why, did you have that TRAMP Bethany Jones seduce my Gally-Bear ?”, she demanded.

Why didn’t these people just stay in the story where they belonged ?   “Duh, because she can ?” I replied.  “She IS a Tramp, and that’s what they do, you know.”

“But why have her come after MY Man ?  Why not have her go after the JANITOR ?  That little BITCH deserves DIRT !!”, Ms. Phillips fumed.  “That’s more her type !”

“Y’know, your relationship history isn’t so clean either”, I pointed out.  “And, that was going on a long time before I got here.  You’re going to have to deal with Bethany yourself, before she steals your man.”

“Big help you are”, she said angrily, and stomped off, muttering, “I just won’t stand for it, I won’t !”

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw others starting to crowd my deck...Johnny Vincent, looking pissed, Tad Spencer, looking confused, and a whole slew of others coming wanting to air their grievances, over their relationships no doubt.  Even Ted Thompson was standing on the sidelines, a worried look on his face.

This invasion of my privacy was really too much.  Why didn’t they just stay in the story and deal with the problems that I wrote them into, instead of being a bunch of Pussies ?

I sighed.  I really need another, more remote, place.

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Reply #8 on: September 09, 2013, 04:20:34 AM
I think Karen Should Get Revenge On Her Psychopathic Writer !!!!!! 

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Reply #9 on: September 21, 2013, 04:03:37 AM
“AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!  What Are You Doing To Me ??”

Constantinos was back.  Little Twerp.  “So, what’s the matter ?  Can’t handle things ?”, I smirked.

“You’re Making Me INSANE !”, he spewed, his eyes bugging out.

“Coming from a Depressed Psychopath, I’d say that was an Improvement”, I replied, unperturbed.  “But you can blame Alex for giving me ideas about you.  Why don’t you go bug him ?”

“I CAN’T !!!”, he screamed.  “Australia don’t exist in my world !”

He was right about that.  “Well, Alex has been traveling lately.  China, England....How about them places ?”, I asked hopefully.  “Derby’s in England.  I sent him there”  And had him run over by a Bus, I didn’t add.

“Nooooo !”, Constantinos moaned.  He hung his head.  But soon he looked up hopefully. “Could you....Send me to a place, too ?   And Tiffany ?”

“I could, but I won’t”, I replied, not without a bit of sympathy.

“Why Not ?”, Constantinos implored with beseeching eyes.

“Because”, I said patiently, “You need to learn your lesson first.”

“What Lesson ?”, he moaned again.  “Haven’t I been through enough ?”

“Obviously not”, I replied, “Or you wouldn’t be with some Nut-Job little Whore.  Listen, you think I LIKE writing about the two of you and your whacko mental defects ?  Like I told you before, you and her aren’t going to last.  She’s way over the edge.  I keep you with her, and you two will someday be off murdering people for kicks.  Rather, she’ll have you doing all the dirty work, while all she has to do is diddle herself when you get caught and take the fall.  Just like what’s happening now.”

“Whatta you mean ?”, he sniveled, close to tears.

“You’re protecting her, you know, but it’s not gonna work”, I said. “She’s gonna get caught with them books, and then what ?   She’ll be gone, and you’ll still have to face the music.”

“Ooohhh, what ever is going to become of me ?”, he lamented sadly.

“Relax”, I said, growing rather weary of all this.  “Once you learn not to ditch your friends, the only people at the school who actually give two shits about you, you’ll be able to get your redemption....And even more.”

“What....What does that mean ?”, he asked in confusion. 

“You’ll find out”, I said, eager to get back to my writing.  “And....Tell you what.  I’ll even give you a chance to do the right thing.  Leave it up to you to do what you used to do best.  If you don’t...There will be a Happy Volts in your future.”

“I....I don’t understand”, he said miserably.

“You will, when the time comes”, I said.  “Wait for it.  In the meantime, get back to the Dorm.  You’re still suspended, remember ?  I don’t wanna have to put Seth a-whalin’ on you again.”

That got him motivated to turn and poof away in a cloud of dust.  I turned back to my keyboard, to get on with it.  Next time, I vowed, I would write about Happy Pigs in Space.  At least, Pigs didn’t have mental problems.

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Reply #10 on: October 05, 2013, 01:57:48 AM
I heard a noise out on the Patio, so I waited patiently.  I'd been expecting her, but not so soon.

In hobbled Deirdre Phillips.  She was on crutches.  Which was a pretty neat trick, considering she had a broken arm also.  "I'd like a word with you", she stated frostily.

"What ?  You beat that slut that was messin' with your man", I said.  "What more do you want ?"

"You didn't have to drop me off a building !", she moaned.  "I've got two busted kneecaps, a broken arm, my stomach hurts, fingernail punctures in my wrists, and a splitting headache !"

"Oh, but I think you came out ahead", I told her.  "You maced Bethany Jones in the eyes, broke her nose, knee'd her in the guts, made her bust her hand, Jammed a shoe down her throat, pushed her out a window which resulted in a badly broken leg, some back injuries, and a really neat head injury which will keep her unconscious with a concussion for the rest of the story.  That little Bitch won't be messin' with Mr. Galloway no more.  I'd say that was a good evening's work, all around."

"But...I didn't want to fall off a building !", she moaned.  "That was Scary !"

"Be glad you did, otherwise you'd be gettin' arrested right about now for Attempted Murder", I told her.  "Look kinda suspicious, like maybe you pushed her out the window on purpose."

She considered that silently for a moment.  then, "I...I guess you're right, writer-man", she said, "But this still hurts a lot."

"That's what I hear, Love Hurts", I said, trying to keep from laughing. "You can just chill, take the rest of the summer to heal up, and everything will come out just fine.  You'll have your Gally-Bear back none the wiser, and Miss Jones won't be bothering either of you again."

"Well....I suppose it's for the best", she said.  "That little Tart made me So Angry !"

"See, everything will be just fine", I said, and added, "Oh...You might want to destroy those nude paintings, so nobody does this again.  They're still in the Art Desk."

"I can't destroy Art !", she exclaimed, aghast.  "That is just SO wrong !!"

I shrugged.  "Well, at least, uh...Find a better place to hide it.  Maybe at your Apartment, or better yet, a safety deposit vault at the Bank....Just saying."

She nodded, lost in thought.  Then she said, a bit bitterly, "I suppose you want me to thank you."

"No Thanks necessary", I said jovially.  "I take care of all the characters, least to the end of the story.  After that, you're on your own....Unless someone else starts writing about you."

She clumped off, pausing at the door.  "Does any of this stuff ever happen to you ?  In your world, I mean ?"

"Sure does", I said.  "A writer writes from experience, you know that.  But the neat thing is....In a story, everything heals faster.  You'll see.  You'll be up and around in no time at all.  Just skip to the end of the story and find out."

With that, she nodded and left.  I heard a crash then.  Ms. Phillips had walked off the edge of the deck.  I sighed.  Sitting down at my word processor, I wrote her into the Clinic, again.

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Reply #11 on: November 23, 2013, 12:47:41 AM
“So, do I get my Redemption ?”, a saucy female voice asked.

I looked up over the edge of the tub, and sighed.  “Pinky, I’m taking a bath.  Couldn’t this wait ?

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, you know”, Pinky said, coming closer.  “Say, you’re really....”

“Never mind that”, I said hastily.  “What were you asking now ?”

Somewhat disappointingly, Pinky said, “I want to know, if I get my redemption now.  I went and asked Bryce to get those Shields and take them to help Tony, so he could rescue those....”  Her face took on a sour look.  “Other Girls”, she finished.

“Well, what do you think, Pinky ?”, I asked back, putting a rag over my privates so she wouldn’t be getting any ideas.  “Do you think you deserve redemption ?”

“I would think so, after all YOU’VE had me bouncing from guy to guy the whole last YEAR”, Pinky replied accusingly.  “You have any idea of how messed up my life is right now ?  And it’s all YOUR FAULT.”

“Well, hardly”, I said, and added, “I only write ‘em as I see ‘em.  And, you were VERY unhappy with Derby.  As for Kurt, well, he was already crazy to began with, so he sorta wrote his own ending.  And, Tad...Eh, you really didn’t love that boy anyway.”

“So, why can’t I have who I really want ?”, Pinky pouted.  “Why can’t I have Tony ?’

“You know why just as well as I do”, I said.  “He already has somebody, for a very long term, as it’s going to turn out.”

“You could change that”, Pinky said insistently.  “You could have them break up, or have her get....”  Pinky stopped and bit her lip.

“Killed ?”, I asked her.  “Is that what you really want Pinky ?  For me to Murder her ?  Just because somebody loves a boy you want, she should die ?”  I shook my head.  “If that’s so, why did you go to somebody to help Tony rescue her ?  If you did nothing, perhaps Karen WOULD get killed, and that would solve all your problems, now wouldn’t it ?”

“I...I...”, Pinky faltered, then sighed.  “I guess not.  It’s just that....Tony said something about getting redemption, and....”  She turned beseeching eyes to me.  “ I’m so tired of being miserable.....And....I need redemption, too.”

“And you will have it”, I said, my bath water getting cold.

“But How ?”, she wailed.  “Everything will be still the same, and I’ll be alone !”

“Not for long”, I replied, deciding that I would only get rid of her if I revealed a bit about her possible future.  “There’s someone....Who has loved you, from afar, for a very long time.”

She wrinkled her nose in a cute sort of way.  “It’s not one of them Nerds or anything like that, I hope.”

“No, nothing like that”, I said.  “He’s a fine specimen of a boy, matter of fact.  You might say, he’s been under your nose all along, just been to shy to ever tell you.”

“Well.....Who is it ?”, she asked, somewhat eagerly. 

“I can’t tell you that, you know”, I said.  “I’ve said to much already.”

“But....But....How will I know ?”, she asked.  “How can I find out....?”

“You’ll never find out unless you get back to the story”, I replied, “before your lose your chance, moaning to me about how shitty things are....”

Without another word, she turned and was gone, just like that.  I reached for the faucet to run in some more hot water.  Every story has got one, I thought, A Crazy Bitch.  Then I remembered, and checked myself, forgetting momentarily.  This story had more than one Crazy Bitch......
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Reply #12 on: December 06, 2013, 11:10:12 AM
"What the Hell, Dude ?"

Constantinos was back. 

"Now what ?", I asked wearily, not really caring if there was an answer.

"Like, I done what you said, I went and helped out my friends, and that....that....Nutty Girl comes after me again !  I did what you said, I thought I was getting my redemption !  Now I'm Damned again !"

"Are you really ?", I said, making an observation.  "You could have turned her down.  So why didn't you ?"

"You know why !", Constantinos said accusingly.  "It was because....because.....Well, you know why !"

I silently laughed to myself.  "You know, you almost did turn her down.  Right up to the last second, I thought you would.  But, you didn't.  And the why of that was....Is Tiffany needs redemption too."

"What !?", Constantinos squeaked.  "What the Hell do you mean....?"

"This time was different", I said.  "Did she make you steal for her, or pull you into her twisted fantasies ?  Did she have to get off over those swiped books to get off on you this time ?"

A particular pinched look came over Constantinos' face.  "I......Um......Guess not, not this time.....What does that mean ?"

"You know.....Well guess you don't", I said conversationally, "That she brought a book along with her ?"  Constantinos shook his head, still not comprehending.  "She dropped that book when she saw what you were doing.  At that moment, YOU became the focus of her Fantasy.....Not a story, not just a character in a trashy love novel, not some imaginary lover....It was just you this time she had the hots for.  That's why you did it.  Cuz you see, maybe now, that she needs a chance to be redeemed herself."

Constantinos tried to let what I said sink in.  After a while, he said, somewhat hopefully, "So....Does that mean, like....She's normal now ?  Like other Girls ?"

"Hardly", I said, laughing.  "She's still a Klepto, and has serious mental problems, mostly associated with her childhood.....But I have a feeling you may find all that out soon.  Because, maybe she will actually talk to you now, instead of being.....Well, like she was being."

"And so....Maybe we could be together, is that what you're saying ?", he said, a bit hopeful.

"Maybe", I said.  "The story you are a part of isn't decided yet, there is no fixed ending in sight.  Your true redemption may not be just helping your friends, but helping another gain their own redemption."

Constantinos was silent.  I could almost hear him trying to puzzle things out in that dark cavern he called his mind.  An infinite amount of time went by before he said, "But...There's problems....All those stolen books up in the attic.....I'm still suspended, and I won't turn her in.....How are we gonna.....?"

"You'll figure something out", I said, stifling a yawn.  It had been a long night.  "I'm sure of it.  But, you better get back to the Chem Plant, don'cha think ?  It's not over there, and maybe you can still make a difference.  It might even help."  I couldn't say any more without telling him what might or might not be.

"Ok.....Sure", he said, and turned to go....But not with his usual morose air, I noticed.
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I was expecting her.  Or, one might say, shocked her into a command performance.

Lola was right in front of my desk in an instant, or so it seemed to me.  To them, the characters, they had to travel quite a long time before they became self-aware enough to break the shell of their own insecure world and journey to mine.

She looked pissed, her hands on her hips and dark eyes flashing fire.  “Johnny’s SHOT”, she said dramatically, “He’s SHOT BAD.”

I looked up over my writing glasses at her.  “I already know this”, I said.  “So ?”

“YOU did it”, she accused me.  “YOU made this happen !”

“Ehh....Matter of degree”, I told her.  “Johnny had it in mind to go after that Townie.  He sorta wrote that part himself.  I just put down the words.”

She looked at me uncomprehendingly.  “Serious ?  Are you Serious ?  Why would he want that, want to get shot ?  That doesn’t make any sense !”

“Sure it does”, I replied, then backtracked some.  “Maybe getting shot wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but when it comes to you, Johnny doesn’t quite think things through.”

“Comes to ME ?”, she asked, with a trace of presumed innocence, “What do I have to do with it ?”

“You have Everything to do with it”, I told her.  As I expected, she didn’t quite understand what I was getting at.  Most self-absorbed people usually don’t.  “Lola, how long have you known Johnny ?”

Well, I had her there.  Many characters have a real murky past, at best.  If nobody had ever written a backstory for them, they really had nothing to recall....Like their family or childhoods.  Most of their memory only started at the time they were first written about.  “Umm...I don’t know....”, she said worriedly.  “I....I should know....”

“Well, I can tell you”, I said hastily, not wanting her to freeze up from trying to access and process memories she didn’t have.  That would have been ugly.  “It been Years.  And, in all that time, how often have you drove that boy nuts by breaking up with him and cheating on him ?”

Her face gained a reddish color that hadn’t been there before. “Not...Not that often.  Can I help it if boys are attracted to me ?  Pinky thinks she’s hot shit, but I look better than she does....”

“Lola, you not only attract boys, you go after them”, I told her.  Using my fingers to tick off the times, I said, “There was Gord, even before I started writing about you.  Then there’s Kurt, and then Tony....”

“Ok, Ok !”, she said, sounding agitated.  “So I....Have a little fun...It’s exciting, that’s all.  It doesn’t mean anything !”

“Excitement, huh ?”, I said ironically.  “Was it exciting when you lured all those boys into getting attacked by Piff the Skull ?  That worked out real well, didn’t it ?  Was real exciting, wasn’t it....Until you got attacked yourself.”

“Do you gotta to bring that up ?”, she said crossly.  “My tummy still hurts from that.”

“Point is, Lola, that you do things far worse to Johnny than I could ever dream up”, I told her. “Do you know that for all the time Johnny has existed, he has never cheated on YOU ?  Not Once.  And yet you go and play your breakup and makeup games, mess with his mind.  You’re the one whom he idolizes, and yet you treat him like a Bum.  Johnny’s probably the most decent character in the whole story...He never lies, is a straight-up guy, and knows what he wants outta life...Assured in everything, except when it comes to you....For you make him crazy.”

“Well...So what ?”, Lola said, “I make lots of boys crazy.  I can’t help that.  It’s just...How I’m written, I suppose.”

She still didn’t get it. “Say, weren’t you in another story, just recently ?  By another writer, one who put you on Video ?”

“Um...Yeah...Guess I was”, Lola said, remembering.

“You cheated on Johnny there, too”, I said.  “Dumped him for Luis.”

“I did ?”, she asked, then remembered.  “Oh....Yeah, I did.”

“Bet that story was really exciting”, I commented.  “Up until the time you and Luis were eaten by Zombies.”

Lola shuddered.  “Ghastly things.  I’m glad I had another story to come back to.”

“Johnny died there”, I went on. “You left him, and left him no choice.”  I didn’t add that most everybody died or got eaten in that story anyway, even though it was a great one.  “And, Johnny is gonna die here, too....Unless you save him.”

Lola was shocked. “You’d kill off Johnny ?  Why would you do that ??”

“Not me”, I told her.  “Don’t you get it ?  Johnny takes chances for YOU, takes risks for YOU, to keep YOU impressed, to keep YOU excited, so you won’t leave him.  Tell me, while you both were in Detroit, did you cheat around on him ?”

“Oh...No”, Lola shuddered.  “It was far too nasty there, worse that here....Really bad, BAD people there....”

“And, did Johnny take unnecessary risks while he was in Detroit with you ?”, I persisted.  “Ever ?”

“Um...No.”, Lola said.  “Johnny said we had to be real careful there....He did good, we made a lot of money....But...”

“But it was too much, wasn’t it ?”, I asked the obvious, “And you convinced him to come back here, because YOU weren’t in control there.  You couldn’t play your games on him, mess with his feelings....”

“NO !”, Lola said.  “That’s not it at all....I was....Afraid....”

“Afraid you’d never control him again ?”, I said slyly.  “Look, you get written like a Slut because that’s the kind of behavior you’ve made a pattern out of.  But YOU can change that.  Johnny’s been shot....But you can save him.”

“Me ?  How can I save him ?”, Lola said.  “I can’t save anybody....”

“Sure you can”, I told her.  “By being there, everyday, for him.  By giving him a reason to fight back and a reason to heal.  To know he has you, and will always have you.  Otherwise, he will give up, and....”  I left the last part unsaid.

Lola was pensive.  Maybe, I thought, she was beginning to understand.

“I...Uh, should be getting back”, Lola said finally.  “Johnny needs me.”

“So you should”, I said.  She turned and was gone in an instant, presumably back to the Third Level.  I looked at the blank screen, of the story yet to be written.  There was still hope yet for Lola, I thought.  At least, the World she returned to had no Zombies.

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She appeared in a slow glow, sort of like someone turning on one of these new florescent squiggly lightbulbs.  But really, she never fully materialized, just got to a point and didn’t get any more solid.  I had seen that effect before.  It was of someone on the brink of Character Death.

“Am I....Dead ?”, she asked softly, somehow looking and not looking at me.

“Not quite”, I told her.  “A little deeper, and those Pellets would have really tore you up.”

“I feel so.....Lost”, she went on.  “Like....”  She looked down at herself.  “I’m....Bleeding...”

“Not anymore”, I told her, “That’s been stopped.”  And just like that, it was.  Her ghostly arms snaked around her stomach, ghostly hands gripping it, and she moaned.

“Why....Why would you kill me, Writer Man ?”, she begged.  “I just found love....After all this time....”

“You’re not dead, Tiffany”, I reassured her, “Just hurt.  And don’t blame me.  You are the one who ran into the line of fire.  Honest, it was a real surprise to me as my fingers typed the words.”

She cast a vacant look at me, through me.  “But...That’s not how things work”, she said hollowly.  “The Writer Man casts our fates...Isn’t that so ?”

“Most of the time, yes”, I told her.  “But sometimes a Character just goes off on their own...A strong impulse, emotion, sexual fever....Craziness...”

She laughed abruptly.  “Crazy....That’s what I am, isn’t it ?  A nut job, whacked-out bitch, Klepto....A real....Psycho....”  Her face fell, and she turned her beseeching eyes to me, looking at me and not through me for the first time.  “That’s why....Why I was in Reform School, wasn’t it ?  Because I did....Something....Ohhh, I can’t remember....”

“It will come to you, and soon”, I soothed her, not wanting her to realize the large void that was her past as no real backstory had been written for her yet.  “It will come to you, with Constantinos’ help....”

“Constantinos”, she said suddenly, “Where is he ?”

“He, uh...Left the Story for a little bit”, I told her, but added quickly as a look of alarm spread over her features, “But he’ll be back.  He’s going to help you understand things....And you’re going to help him too.”

“Help...Him ?”, Tiffany said, confusion shadowing her ghostly eyes.  “Help him...How ?”

“Constantinos has...His own Demons”, I said, “Just like you do.  He needs you and you need him.  Together, you can both find your redemption....Apart, neither of you will.”  I paused, not really knowing if she had any clue to what I was telling her.  Many characters had only the barest of insight to their lives, usually as little or as much as the Writer allowed them.  “You...Need each other....”

“For our redemption”, she murmured, her voice growing faint.  She yawned suddenly, her eyes fluttering.  “I’m very....Sleepy....”  Her image began to fade.

“Go to sleep”, I said.  “When you awake, the healing can begin.”

“Healing...Yes...”, she whispered.  Her ghostly image became transparent, and then disappeared.

I sat alone, the cursor blinking on the blank page.  Their futures were yet to be written.


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