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List of character names in my two stories.

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on: May 02, 2012, 08:36:19 PM
Rise of NCS:

Andrew Bursch (Leader of NCS)
Dustin Jackson (Second in command in NCS)
Andres Sanchez (Hitman of NCS and main character)
Martin Gonzalez (Member of NCS and Andres's best friend)
Josh Torrini (Hitman of NCS)
Michael Hughes (Member of NCS)
Marlon Stone (Member of NCS)
David White (Member of NCS)
Chris White (Member of NCS)
Rest of NCS (There's aproximately 30 NCS members but only the important ones are named)
Nate (The beta character that didn't make it into Bully did make it into my Bully fanfiction lol)
Jonathan Andrade (A new member of the preps, he and Derby are both leading the clique)
All Preps (Every single preppy from Bully appears in Rise of NCS)
Jimmy Hopkins (We all know Jimmy Hopkins duh, he makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the story)
Silvia Giordano (Main character of Silvia's Problem who appears in Rise of NCS as a minor character)
Zoe Taylor (We already met her in Bully she appears in my stories)
The Skaters (The Skaters from The Adventures of the Skaters appear in Rise of NCS)

Silvia's Problem:

Silvia Giordano (Main character)
Zoe Taylor (We already met her in Bully)
Gia Franz (Leader of the Divas)
Lauren Mitchel ( 2 Member of the Divas)
Pinky Gauthier (We already met her in Bully except she hangs with the Divas now)
Jessica Ellis ( 3 Member of the Divas)
Ian (The beta character from Bully's files is a supporting character in Silvia's Problem)
Andres Sanchez (Main character of Rise of NCS who appears in Silvia's Problems as a minor character)

I'll be updating the info...

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