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Author Topic: Trainers Without Viruses?  (Read 2689 times)

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Trainers Without Viruses?
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:56:47 PM »
You are not being rude so no worries.

First off...I will give you a brief education on this subject since this seems to confuse a lot of ppl....

First off...every trainer out there will be picked up by some antivirus products as a trojan or virus....I will vouch for the fact that it is safe to ignore that since this is what is called a false positive. Trainers are detected falsely as viruses due to how they are compressed and encrypted. The reason for them being encrypted is to prevent other trainer release groups from stealing another group's trainer and claiming it as their own. As a result most antivirus applications will then flag the trainer as a virus because it's structure and signature is similar. They also get flagged as viruses due to the fact that trainers modify the cached memory of a game which is also similar to how some viruses function (I know this due to being a former hacker myself and am well versed in how viruses work).

I will also add that if you are using norton antivirus or any norton product for that matter....if would be in your best interests to check into other products because norton has been ranked as one of the worst for the past 10 years or so due to its frequent false positive detections and the fact that it really is bloatware due to how it can hurt the performance of your pc.

That being said.....there are several clean sites for trainers that routinely check their files for viruses and so forth and they also warn that trainers are detected falsely as viruses due to their nature as I said above....the two best sites to check are and The direct link to the bully section in cheat happens is:

and the direct link at is : which is for their bully section too.

Always remember this tho....antivirus programs are not always 100% right when they say they are detecting a virus. The easy way to tell if it is a false positive is the detected virus name will be some generic name like win32.backdoor.trojan or somthing along those lines. Viruses these days are rarely ever distributed with a game trainer and are usually distributed with software cracks which is why using cracks is discouraged by quite a few ppl and not because of the legality of using them.

Hopefully that helps somewhat and if you have any further questions....feel free to pm me and I can answer things in more detail.  8)
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