Life after BULLY? Check out what happens in The Bullworth Never Ending Story.

The Bullworth Never Ending Story

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Reply #1245 on: April 09, 2015, 11:24:35 PM
“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN”, Chad crowed into the dropdown microphone at the center of the Boxing Ring.  “In This Corner, The Current Bullworth Boxing Champion, The Leader Of The Preps, The Wise Sage Of Harrington House, The Greaser Destroyer....TAD SPENCER !!!!”

Tad bounded up off his corner stool and danced around, to the cheers of the Preps assembled around his corner at the North-East section of the Ring.  The rest of the crowd, which looked to be nearly the rest of the School that was jam-packed into the Glass Jaw, issued hisses and boos, to which Tad blithely ignored as he strutted around. 

When the noise subsided, Chad continued, “And, In This Corner, The So-Called Hero Of Bullworth, The All Mighty Mediator, A Greenie In His First-Ever Boxing Match, The Underdog....TONY CALDERONE !!!!”

Cheers, shouts, and whistles broke out as Tony rose from his stool.  Not wanting to look unsure, he gave the crowd a fleeting smile as he raised his gloved hands high over his head and touched his Boxing Gloves together. While he realized that Chad’s use of the term ‘Underdog’ was meant to demean him, he also realized it was the truth. As much as he tried to maintain his confidence, he knew he was going to be in for the fight of his life.

The Preps were once again using their Sound System for this fight.  Curiously, they had not used it for Tad’s fight with Hal, although there didn’t seem to be any reason why they hadn’t. Tony approached to center of the Ring, where Chad was standing, all done up in a Referee outfit with a black bow-tie.  Tad approached confidently from his corner, and the two glared at one another as Chad gave out the instructions.

“All right Gentlemen”, Chad intoned, “Protect yourself at all times, make this a clean fight, don’t hit lower than the belt line.....When I say ‘Break’, I want a clean break.....In the event of a knock-down, you will be directed to go to a neutral corner.  Okay, touch gloves and come out fighting at the bell.”

They both were topless, without any headgear, like professional boxers.  Tad had on his fancy Boxing shorts with the gold trim, while all Tony could scrounge up was some old Sweat Pants. Tad, with a cruel snarky grin on his face as he mashed his Gloves against Tony’s, said, “You’re going to pay for this, Calderone !!  This is all your fault, you and your stinking Agreement !!”  With that, Tad turned and danced back towards his corner, while Chad moved away.  Tony backed up to his corner was and leaned with his gloved hands on the ropes.

The bell rang to open the first round, and the two fighters approached each other.  Over at the scoring table by where the Preps were , Parker Ogilvie was doing the play-by-play with a microphone attached to several speakers about the Gym.  Parker did this quite often, and Tony supposed he would retain his neutrality in calling the fight, otherwise a riot would would surly break out.  As the round started, the two fighters circled each other.  Parker began to call the Round One action.

"Spencer jabs a couple of rights. Calderone is evading the jabs. Slow pace in the first 30 seconds.  Calderone tries a hook to the ribs. Spencer evades.  Both fighters on the move.  Spencer lands a short right to the body, Calderone counters with a shot to the shoulder.  Good straight left by Spencer.  Now a clinch.  Both fighters are not doing much now.  But now, both fighters move in and swing.  Both are misses.  Now Calderone lands a left to the side, now a counter to the chest by Spencer."

The bell rang then to signal the end of the round.  Tony went to his corner.  Laurent handed Tony some water, which Tony swirled and spit into a bucket.

"Looking good out there, Tony....Keep after him", Laurent said encouragingly. Nick, standing nearby with Melody and Karen, tugged at Laurent and motioned.  Laurent understood, and said, “Try for his ribs, where the Greasers hurt him.” 

"Oh...Yeah", Tony replied, realizing that Tad couldn’t be completely recovered from the attack as yet, it was probably why he wasn’t being as aggressive as Tony assumed he would be.  Either that, or Tad was just playing with him in order to wear him down.

Over in the other corner,  Bryce was wiping off Tad. "Kinda started getting to you there towards the end.  Better watch that left hook."

"He's moving more than I thought he would", Tad replied. "But I'll get him.  Time to show him some real stuff."  Tad replaced his mouthguard, and the bell rang for Round Two.  Both fighters moved back out into the ring, and Parker resumed the Round Two commentary.

"Spencer charges and opens with a double jab and then a hook to the body.  Combination inside by Spencer.  Now Calderone evades, stepping back.  Spencer follows, trying trying to box Calderone against the ropes.  But now, Calderone lands a hook to the ribs.  Spencer backs up.  Both fighters are on the move now, circling the ring.  Now a sudden hook to the body from Spencer. Now Calderone is flicking a jab.  Good 1-2 from Spencer.  Calderone lands another left hook. Left to the body by Spencer, answered by a left to the body from Calderone.  Spencer lands a right.  Calderone is backing toward the ropes, covering up.  Spencer lands a hard left at the bell."

Both fighters returned to their corners at the sound of the bell.  Tony had a small cut on his right temple.  Laurent washed the spot, and Tony spit in the bucket.  “You are letting him get too close”, Laurent said.  “Remember what I showed you with the evade !”

“I’m trying, Dammit !!”, Tony retorted.  “He’s just so damn fast.”

“Then, you must be faster”, Laurent told him.  “Remember the ribs, keep working on them !”

Over in the other corner, Bryce said, “That was good, you had him on the ropes.  Get him a little quicker this time and you can finish him off.”

“I’ll run him into the ground”, Tad sneered.  “He’ll get so dizzy, he won’t know which was is up.”  The bell sounded for Round Three, and both fighters moved in.  Parker resumed his play-by-play.

"Both fighters stalk each other.  30 seconds into the round, no blows thrown yet.  Now, Calderone misses a wild left.  Spencer lands a good right hook to the head, then a straight left by Calderone.  Both fighters on the move again.  Another 30 seconds gone by, now they close in again.  A flurry of punches from Spencer.  Calderone is covering up, blocking the blows.  Now Calderone is jabbing occasionally, but it's short ! Lead right from Spencer, but Calderone evades !  Calderone gets in a gut punch and Spencer backs off !  Calderone follows, but Spencer evades !  A flurry of missed blows by both fighters at the bell !”

Both fighters returned to their corners.  There was a lot of crowd noise, as the Students felt the tempo pick up near the end of the round.  Tony slumped down on his stool.  He was a little out of breath as Laurent gave him a drink and wiped him down.  “There is a crack in his Armor !”, Laurent declared.  “Those punches hurt him !”

“Yeah, but not enough”, Tony said.  “He’s tougher than people think.  It’s gonna take a whole lot more.”

Over in the other corner, Bryce was telling Tad to land his punches better.  “He’s evading too well, you got to get an uppercut in or something.  Make him see stars !”

“I’ll make him see the Moon”, Tad responded.  “Next time he moves in, I’ll trick him into going high while I go low.”

The bell sounded for round four, and the fighters once again took the ring.  Both had determination, and both had speed.  However, only one had experience.  Parker resumed his commentary.

"Both fighters are wary, circling, circling.  Now a flurry of punches from both, but nothing landing consistently. There's a nice left inside by Spencer. Combination to the body and head from Calderone. Spencer gets in a couple of shots, now the two back off.  Circling again, circling....Spencer appears to be taunting Calderone.  Calderone moves in, throws a roundhouse.  Spencer ducks, and lands a right uppercut !!  Calderone reels !!  Still on his feet, Calderone backs up.  Spencer follows, a left to the body, a right to the head.  Calderone on the ropes !  Calderone is being punched, left, right, left, right !  He’s Down, He’s Down !!  Calderone is down !!”

The blow had caught him under the jaw, stunning him.  Tony had stumbled backwards, arms flailing, barely keeping his balance.  Tad moved in, throwing another punch, then another.  Tony tried to throw his own punch, but his suddenly weighted arms betrayed him.  Tad easily evaded Tony’s attempt and sent a blow into his unprotected Stomach, then leveled another punch that connected and Tony fell to the mat.  Chad ran over, telling Tad to “Go to your corner”, and then  proceeded over to count Tony out.  Cries of stunned disbelief surged through the crowd.  Tony barely heard the crowd as he fell in what seemed to be slow motion to the mat.  Down but not yet knocked out, he managed to hook his arm on the second rope as he fell.  Everything seemed at once surreal, as it had been in his dream.  And just like his dream, he heard Karen screaming from outside the Ring, “GET UP, TONY, GET UP !!!!”
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Reply #1246 on: April 10, 2015, 02:43:17 AM
“ONE !!  TWO !!  THREE !!......”, Chad intoned, starting his count.

But in the suddenly surreal slowed down time, Tony latched on to Karen’s voice, even as the other crowd noise seemed to diminish.  At once it seemed, a kind of clarity came to him.  The answer was there before him, as it had always been there.  All he had to do was get up. 

“FOUR !!  FIVE !!.......”, Chad continued, as Tony struggled, using the rope to pull himself up to a sitting position.  He threw up his other arm to grab the top rope.

“SIX !!  SEVEN !!......”, Chad continued the count, but before he could get further, Tony hauled himself up to his feet.  With disappointment showing on his face, Chad stopped, and then gave the mandatory standing-eight count.  Without asking if Tony was Ok to Box, Chad moved off and said, “OK, FIGHT !!”  Tad moved in, a bit pissed that Tony hadn’t stayed down.  Didn’t this peon know when to quit ?

Tony knew he had to stay on the move for the rest of the round.  He stumbled away from Tad, who began to chase him about the Ring.  Using the best evade moves that Laurent had shown him, he managed to duck Tad’s punches for the 45 seconds it took for the bell to sound, ending the round.  Tad stopped chasing him, shaking his gloved fist at Tony before going to his corner.  Parker only resumed his narrative then, saying lamely, “That’s....The end of the Fourth Round !”

Over in Tad's corner, Bryce said, "Good Show, Tad ! You got him now !  Finish Him Off !!"

Tad swirled water in his mouth and spit in the bucket.  “I will, if they don’t throw in the towel.  I'm gonna take that Peon and finally put him in his place.”

As Tony plopped down on his stool, Laurent looked at him with anxiety.  “Merde !  Are you all right ??”

“Just give me a whiff of those salts, and wipe my head”. Tony replied.  “I’ll be fine.”  Laurent did as Tony asked, and taking a whiff of the salts, his head cleared.  He knew exactly what he had to do.  He had even worked on the scenario while training with Nick.  It was all before him, his dream had already told him.  Tony glanced at Nick by the Ringside.  Nick was patting his stomach.  Tony nodded his understanding.  The Belly. 

The bell rang for the Fifth Round.  Tony stood up, ready to do what he had to do....A little Subterfuge. “Go Get 'Em, Tony-O”, a voice encouraged.  Tony looked down and saw the speaker was Hal, and nodded.  He glanced over at Karen and gave her worried face a reassuring smile.  “Knock His Block Off !”, Karen encouraged, as Tony headed out into the Ring.  Parker resumed his commentary as the crowd noise ramped up.

“Umm, all right, the fight is still on.....Calderone seems a bit shaky on his feet, but he’s moving around.  The fighters circle each other, looking for an opening.  30 seconds now, and no punches yet.  Spencer moves in, Calderone back-pedals, evading a punch....Make that two punches.  A swing and a miss by Calderone.  Neither fighter is getting close to the ropes.  Calderone looks tired, spent...But manages to keep moving.  A minute into the round, and Spencer closes in, looking for the payoff.  Calderone stumbles, Spencer throws a huge punch. and...and....Oh My !!  Oh, My Word !!”

The ruse worked.  Tony pretended to stumble backwards, dropping his defense.  Tad moved in for the kill with an evil smile, and unloaded a mighty punch towards Tony’s head.  But Tony evaded it at the last split-second, ducking underneath.  As Tad’s punch hit only empty air, Tony powered his own left punch deep in Tad’s unprotected belly, pushing him backwards.  As Tad doubled over from the unexpected blow, Tony followed that with a huge roundhouse right blow to the side of Tad’s face.  Flung sideways, Tad fell in a heap to the canvas. 

Bedlam erupted from the Student spectators as Tad went down.  Chad froze in the Ring, a look of dismay on his face.  Tony started to move off to his neutral corner, but then realized Chad was just still standing there.  “What are you waiting for ?  Count Him Out !!”, Tony shouted.  Chad still didn’t move, and his frightened eyes darted about. 

“Youse Heards The Man, Count Him OUTS !!”, Peanut shouted from the ringside, leveling a Spud Gun at Chad.  “Do’s It NOWS !!”

Chad backed towards to where Tad had fallen and was laying senseless on the canvas.  He knelt and said nervously, “Uhh....One...Two...Three....Four....Five....Six....Seven....Eight....Nine....Ten.....You’re....Um...Out !”

Fresh pandemonium greeted the announcement.  Tony had won the fight, although Chad would not be announcing him as the victor.  He sat down by Tad with a dazed look on his face.  The other Preps at Ringside were in stunned disbelief, and Vanessa screamed and fainted.  Too late, it occurred to them to pull their weapons and perhaps try to reverse the outcome.  Peanut had already anticipated their treachery and had sent the Greasers around from both sides of the Ring to get the drop on them with their own Spud Guns. 

“Drop 'em, NOW !!”, barked Norton.  Faced with armed Greasers from both sides, the Preps let their Egg Guns fall to the floor.  The Preps were herded back against the wall and guarded.  Only then did Tony approach the ropes on their side, stepping over an unconscious Tad.  Only Human, he coudn’t help but gloat.       

“That’s Right Losers, Who’s The Badest ?  ME !!  Who’s the Toughest ?  ME !!  Who’s The Man ?  ME !!”. Tony crowed.  “ME, Losers, ME !!  The Champion, Number One !!  I’m The Boss Now !!”
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Reply #1247 on: April 12, 2015, 05:16:56 AM
Pinky had watched surreptitiously from the back of the Glass Jaw as Tony knocked out Tad.  Because of the crowd, she had held off on her planned confrontation with Bryce.  It would have been hard to get his attention anyway, as he was the the main handler looking after Tad between rounds.  She stood back in the shadows around some of the newer kids who didn’t really know her.  Pinky silently cheered when Tony defeated Tad, although she remained back while the crowd of Students slowly dispersed bit by bit from the Glass Jaw.

Tony had climbed down out of the Ring, and was confabbing with Karen, Nick, Melody, Laurent, and Ray.  A portion of the Students were clumped around them, and an almost party-like atmosphere prevailed.  Pinky walked unnoticed through the crowd around to the other side of the Boxing Ring.  The remaining Preps, downhearted and disarmed, were at last being allowed to remove the unconscious form of Tad from the Ring, being guarded by the Greasers as they did so.  Pinky saw Bryce and approached him.

“Time enough for games, but no time for me, I see”, she said harshly to a startled Bryce.  “What, didn’t expect to see me here ?  Just like you haven’t bothered to see me all week ?”

Bryce gulped.  “Pinky....This isn’t the time...We have a situation here...”

“So, when is the time, Bryce ?”, Pinky asked angrily.  “Tomorrow ?  Next week ?  Whenever you feel like having a Booty Call ?”

“Please, Pinky, not now”, Bryce almost pleaded.  “Can’t you see that Tad’s hurt ?  We have to get him to the Clinic....Got to take care of the Clique now....”

“Oh, Fuck the Clique !”, Pinky suddenly retorted.  “How many of you are left now....Four ?  That’s less than half of what you were.  Tad’s schemes have brought all of you to ruin, can’t you see that ?  There’s no respect left now.”

Vanessa, who had recovered from her faint, said, “Why don’t you just leave us alone ?  You’re not even....”

Pinky glared at her, cutting her off.  “Why don’t you shut your trap, Slut, before I beat your bony ass again ??”  Vanessa mumbled something, but went silent.  Pinky turned her attention back to Bryce.  “Well ?”

“Look, I’ll come see you in a couple of days, Ok ?”, Bryce said.  “This is just a bad time...”

“It’s ALWAYS a bad time”, Pinky retorted.  “And you know what ?  If you don’t have time for me, I don’t have time for you.  We’re Done !”

“Pinky...Wait...”, Bryce entreated, but Pinky had already turned and was walking away.  She stopped briefly though, to say something to Peanut.  “There’s more Weapons, upstairs, stashed in that little room behind the Bar in the big Trophy Room”, she told him, “And some at Harrington House, and Spencer Mansion too.  Make sure you get them all.”

Peanut, to whom Pinky had never ever spoken to before, was somewhat surprised.  But he said, “We’s will round them alls up”, and touched his cap as a sign of thanks.  Pinky merely nodded and walked away, out of the Glass Jaw and out of the Prep life.  Less than a year ago, she had been the Queen of the Preps, but tonight, she was splitting from them forever.

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Beatrice was in her room at the Girl’s Dorm, packing.  Most of the girls, but not all, had gone to the big fight over at the Glass Jaw, and it was real quiet.  It was to be her last night at Bullworth Academy, and she was glad of it.  Regretfully, her plans to snare Nick Penty had not worked out, but there would be plenty of Med School boys to fill up her empty nights in her near future.  She was glad to be leaving.  This place had never been anything but heartbreak and trouble, pain and misery.  Even her own kind had shunned her.

At last she was finished.  Only one thing was missing, however.  Her Diary.  Beatrice sighed.  She would have to go find Mandy and see if she would return it to her, like she said she would.  She didn’t want to go clear down to the Jock’s Clubhouse, however.  Mandy might beat the living shit out of her if she so much as dared to venture into Jock Territory.  But then she hit on a plan.  Since most everyone had gone to the big fight at the Vale, she would wait outside for Mandy to come back.  Then, she would ask Mandy to return her Diary.

Beatrice waited near the Front Gates.  To pass the time, she fell by on an old familiar standby, reciting the elements from the Periodic Table.  It served to calm her nerves.  About the time that twilight was beginning to settle over the Vale Valley, a few of the Students began trickling back from Bullworth Vale, and by the time Beatrice was reciting the elements for the 25th time, a larger group was making it’s way back to the School.  Beatrice almost missed seeing Mandy in the group, and sprinted after her, catching up to her where the Dorm pathways intersected the main walkway.

“Mandy !”, she puffed, “Wait !”

Mandy turned around and stopped.  “Oh, it’s you”, she said disdainfully.  “What do you want, Zit-face ?”

Beatrice no longer had Zits, but she let that pass.  “You promised you’d return my Diary.  Can I have it back now ?  I’m all packed to leave tomorrow !”

“Oh, that”, Mandy said.  “Sure, you can have it back, Metal Mouth...Tomorrow, when School is over, and I see your bags sitting right here and you ready to leave.  Not one minute before.”

Beatrice no longer had braces either, but let that go by also.  “So...You’ll bring it to me then ?”, she said weakly.

“No, you’re going to come get it from ME”, Mandy informed her.  “School gets out at Noon tomorrow....I’ll be waiting up on the front steps of the School with your stupid Diary.  If you don’t show up to get it, I’ll just pass it around for everyone else to read it.”

“Oh, No, you can’t !”, Beatrice exclaimed, stricken.  “Please don’t do that !”

“Then don’t be late”, Mandy told her with a snarky smile, and then turned around an walked off, leaving Beatrice standing there with her eyes bugging out. 

Mandy laughed to herself.  She was going to return the Diary tomorrow, all right, and that Bitch was going to be in for one big nasty surprise.

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The final day of Summer School at Bullworth Academy dawned bright and hot, making the Students glad that it was only a half a day of class.  Fresh from his victory over Tad from the night before, Tony found out he won another battle...He got an 82 on his Math final.  Along with his easy Finals in Geography and Biology, that got him three credits closer to his eventual graduation.  Karen, Melody, and Nick were forgiven their absentees during the Summer and allowed to take their finals.  It marked the first time that Melody had returned to School since her kidnapping, and the first time that Nick had returned since the rescue.  All three took their finals in the Staff Room that morning, away from the rest of the Students, and they all did well enough to score their credits. 

When the School let out at Noon, many kids skipped Lunch to finish packing.  More than half were leaving Bullworth to take the three-week break away before the start of the Fall term.  One of the Students that was leaving was Beatrice.  But first, she desperately wanted her Diary back that Mandy had promised to return to her.  Wheeling her suitcase out along the Girl’s Dorm pathway and out on the wider pathway that led to the front gates, she could see her ride was already here in the long line of cars waiting on the road.  She wheeled the suitcase over to the car and loaded it in, telling her prissy Aunt Alice that she had one more thing to get and that she would be right back, to which her Aunt replied testily to hurry up, since it was going to be a long trip.

Beatrice re-entered the School grounds and hurried towards the School.  She could see Mandy waiting impatiently on the front steps, holding something.  Focusing on Mandy, she didn’t pay any attention to the groups of other Students that were clustered about on the Front Quad.  She approached the steps and said to Mandy, “All right, I’m leaving now.  Can I please have my Diary back ?”

“Here, take it, Four-Eyes”, Mandy said, thrusting the Diary at Beatrice. 

Beatrice took her Diary, leafing through it quickly to make sure none of the pages ware missing.  “Oh, it’s all there”, Mandy told her.  “Pretty interesting reading.  You should publish it.”

“Oh, no, I just couldn’t !”, Beatrice said, clasping the Diary to her chest.  “I’d just die if other people read it !”

“Oops, too late”, Mandy said with a satisfying grin, “Other people are already reading it.”

Beatrice’s face froze in fear.  “What....What are you talking about ?”

“I made copies”, Mandy smirked.  “Look around !”

Mandy pointed to the groups of gathered Students on the Quad that Beatrice hadn’t paid any attention to.  Beatrice could now see that each group was gathered around in clusters, holding something and apparently reading it and laughing. 

“NO !!”, Beatrice cried, “You Didn’t !!”

“I did, half-tits”, Mandy replied.  “Now, everyone can enjoy your little exploits.”

Beatrice gazed in horror at the gathered groups.  As if on cue, the Jocks noticed her staring, and began to point at her and laugh.  The Bullies also began to point at her and made racy comments.  Her eyes moved to the other direction and saw the Greasers, laughing and pointing at her, and nearby was the Nerds, slapping their thighs and doubled over with laughter.  Another group, that of all girls, was giggling and pointing at her.

“AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH !!!!!!”, Beatrice screamed.  Tears leaking from her eyes, she ran blindly towards the front gates in shame as the other Students jeered and cat-called.

“And Don’t Come Back !”, Mandy cheerily called after her.  The Diary clutched to her chest, Beatrice stumbled out the gates of Bullworth Academy, never to return.

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All that afternoon saw an exodus from the School, as about half the kids packed up to leave and were picked up by various relatives.  Most of the newer kids left for their homes, with exceptions of the remaining Reform School girls of Whitney, Hayley, and Carla, who had no real homes to go off to.  As for the rest of the Girls, Binky was staying also, even though she was still stuck in the Clinic for a few more days.  Jessica decided to go stay with Ricky and the Greasers instead of traveling home, and Amber was now living with Russell at his house.  However, Nina, Paige, Jimmette, Claire, Joan, Misty, and Hanna all left for their homes until the new term started.  All of the new boys also left for home, Alex, Dave, Art, and Dylan among them.  Eddie and Geoff, the two misfits, left Bullworth and would never return.

Of the regular Non-Clique kids, Ray, Gordon, Trevor, and Eunice were all leaving for home.  Too poor to continue to stay at the In & Out Motel on their own dime, the Bullies all went off to their homes (such as they were), Wade traveling the farthest to his Mother’s home in Liberty City.  Most of the Nerds were also traveling home for the brief time until the new term started, only Melvin delayed his departure for a couple of days to fabricate a special object that Peanut had requested him to make.  Algie, still working as the Beardless Fat Man at the Carnival, was torn between going home to his Mommy and staying with his fat crush Paris....In the end, he elected to remain, as just walking down the Midway these days was exhausting.

Defeated and Weaponless, the Preps left for their own homes outside the Vale Valley, only Tad remained in the Vale Clinic.  Vanessa stayed on alone at the Spencer Mansion until Tad was released the following day, then she took him to her Parent’s home in New Haven.  They all knew that some newer Preps were signed up to come to Bullworth the next term, and the Preps could be rebuilt and eventually become a force to be reckoned with in the future.  Pinky also left the Vale Valley to go home to be with her Father, since her quirky Step-Mother was divorcing her him in order to suck as much money out of him as possible before the corruption Trials. 

The Greasers were staying on, not at the School, but at the Blue Balls Bar and the refurbished apartments above it along with Johnny and Lola in New Coventry.  Mr. Neil locked up the Autoshop tightly before heading off to parts unknown, probably to further investigate his wild conspiracy theories regarding the Government and Aliens.  He had kept it a secret of what he had witnessed almost two years ago, that of the Hobo Mr. Grant being pulled into the sky by a beam from the small, fenced-in area next to the Autoshop’s back lot.  One day, he just knew that the mysterious Aliens would would return to the skies over Bullworth. 

The Jocks, however, were staying on.  The new season was due to start soon, and there was no time to slack off in their training.  Some of the players were foreigners anyway....Luis, Juri, and Laurent, and it would be just too far to travel to their homes before having to return.  Mandy stayed on too, having already assembled her Cheerleading Squad for the coming year.  There was still something she was keeping an eye on also, and soon something would happen that would leave the Jock’s hope of a championship season seriously in doubt. 

Within a day, the School Campus became like a Ghost Town, as even the Teachers fled the School.  Only Nurse McRae and Mrs. Peabody remained to look after the Girl’s Dorm and any injuries that might be encountered.  Mrs. Carvin locked up the School Library and left, no one would be checking out any books until the new term anyway.  Edna the Cook left also, the remaining Students would all have to eat in town, which wasn’t really much of a change anyway.  With no troublemakers to deal with, the Prefects left town also.  When they returned, it would be as employees of the School, as they were now too old to be classed as ‘Students’ under the new system.

Only Mr. Galloway continued coming into the School, overseeing the business of the coming enrollment for the new term.  Christy continued to come in and help out in the Office at the now-empty School.  Soon though, the place would be filled with workmen, as the third-floor renovations got underway, there would be more classrooms and some new courses and new Teachers coming in for the fall.  Ms. Phillips would be discharged from the Clinic soon, and would eventually return in time for the new term.

Nick would continue his recovery at the Boar Inn, and Melody would stay there with him.  Tony and Karen were also staying around, but just for a few days.  Since most of the Students had departed the School for the time being, Tony deemed it safe enough for them to take another trip to the Islands in the Narragansett Bay, using Spencer’s yacht as they did the last time.  But, before that could happen, something strange was to come up, compelling Tony to take an unexpected trip back to a place he had hoped never to have to visit again.
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Constantinos prepared to put his plan to free Tiffany from the Hospital into action over the weekend.  During his time in Boston, Constantinos had bumped around in some of the seedier places in the Dorchester area of Lenox Street, not too far from the Hospital.  In that time he had run into some interesting characters, and because of his ability to blend in and be unobtrusive, discovered ways to make a little cash and hook up with people who could provide him with what they would need once he was able to sneak Tiffany out of the Hospital.

Tiffany had made remarkable progress since waking from her coma.  Even though Nurse Kronos had told Constantinos that her recovery could take much longer, Tiffany was actually up and walking around within a few days, and by week’s end, she was taking regular walks around the halls of Ward C with Constantinos by her side.  In fact, her progress was so good that she was due to be moved to a regular room after the weekend, and would probably be discharged soon after.  Constantinos knew he had to act fast before that happened.  Since Tiffany was technically still a Juvenile Prisoner of the State, there was the very real possibility that she would be taken back to Reform School.

Several things had to be done during the past week, and Constantinos had managed to get those done.  First, he had to get Tiffany a set of clothes, which was the easiest part.  He merely swiped them from a Thrift Store, like he had been doing for his own clothes.  The next thing was a bit harder, stealing a Cell Phone.  Not that he needed one to call anyone, but did need it to take pictures for the thing they both needed the most....Fake ID’s.  But he did manage to get one, taking a picture of Tiffany wearing the ‘new’ blouse he had swiped for her, set against the backdrop of the light-blue Hospital wall in her room.  Tiffany then took a photo of Constantinos against the same backdrop.  The final thing he needed to do was to find a seedy Nerd-ish someone to actually make the Fake ID’s.  This proved to be easier than he thought, as there were plenty of them in the Roxbury area.  With those in hand, all he needed to do was to check out the Bus Schedules.

Come Sunday night, they took their chance.  Walking Tiffany around the halls as he normally did, they surreptitiously left the area of the Coma Ward, stopping at the first Restrooms they encountered so Tiffany could change into the street clothes.  Constantinos had bunched up some extra pillows and blankets on Tiffany’s bed and dimmed the room’s lights to buy them a bit of extra time in case anyone checked the room. Tiffany stuffed the Hospital Gown in the trash, and then they then hurried quickly to the nearest elevator that would take them to the Basement level.  Once there, Constantinos escorted Tiffany through a rat’s warren of corridors towards the back exit.  As they hurried down the last narrow corridor towards the exit, a lone Janitor watched them go.  When they hit the bar to open the door, a small alarm went off.  As they burst out the door to the night, the Janitor went to a nearby control panel and shut the alarm off.  Going down to the open door, the Janitor looked after the retreating pair as they crossed the Hospital grounds and smiled.  The name tag sown on his shirt read LUNTZ.

“I’m Free !”, Tiffany exclaimed as they cleared the lights of the Hospital, “We’re Free !”

“Not yet”, Constantinos said, “We gotta keep moving.  You all right ?”

“Oh, Yes !”, Tiffany said happily.  “Where are we going ?”

“To the Bus Stop”, Constantinos replied.  “Where else ?”

Navigating a maze of streets, they wound up a a Bus Stop that Constantinos had already scoped out.  There was a brief wait for the City Night Bus, which gave a tired Tiffany time to rest before they boarded.  Riding their way around various stops, they eventually wound their way around to South Boston, where there was a large Bus Station nearby.  Walking a few blocks, they entered the huge building that was bigger than the School.  Constantinos consulted the schedules for the next Bus leaving the city.  Then he went and bought two tickets to New York from a bored-looking clerk. 

They had to wait a couple hours on the Bus.  By now, Tiffany’s absence had probably been noticed.  Constantinos nervously wondered if Tiffany was important enough to raise an alarm and start a city-wide dragnet, then decided not.  His Voice of Reason, silent for all these weeks, suddenly piped up.  “You got this, Boy....Don’t Worry !!"  After that, the Voice of Reason went silent once more. 

When the Bus arrived, they boarded it and soon left Boston behind forever.  Eventually, a few years down the road, Constantinos would meet up with Tony Calderone and several of his former schoolmates once more in Liberty City.  Life is funny like that sometimes.
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“Now, where is it we’re going ?”, Nick asked a bit irritably, trying to keep up with Tony.

“Though I told you, we’re going to the Graveyard”, Tony answered as they crossed under the North Bridge, the sound of the Dam waters cascading over the spillway becoming louder.

“Graveyard ?  Why the Hell back to that place ?”, Nick asked.  It was early in the week, just a few days after the end of Summer School.  Tony had went to the Boar Inn after waking up, blabbering about some dream he had just had, telling Nick he had to come with him right now, that it was important. 

“Because of my dream, I told you”, Tony answered.  “They want to see us.”

Nick could just imagine who, but he asked anyway.  “Who are they who want to see us ?”

“Why, the Monks !”, Tony exclaimed.  “Didn’t I tell you ?”

Nick stopped walking.  They were at the fork in the trail now, to the left led to the Church and Graveyard, to the right was the Dam, which had escaped being blown to smithereens just a scant three months ago.  “Well, you were going on with so much gibberish, I didn’t catch it all.  The Monks ?  Really ?  What on Earth would you want to go back an meet with those...Ghouls...Again ?  I sure don’t.  Once was enough !”

“Because....”, Tony explained, the dream memory surfacing in his mind.  He was in the Dome again, yet it wasn’t the Dome...The landscape was the same, but different.  Ahead of him was a strange-looking structure, one that Tony was sure he knew.  It’s double doors were open, but it was black inside, oh, so black.  A hooded Figure in a black robe stood before the opening, a Figure Tony knew and yet did not know, the fish-white hands, the red glowing eyes set back in the shadow of the robe’s hood, the bluish upside-down cross glowing on the figure’s chest.  The figure spoke to Tony’s dream mind, “YOU MUST COME.  ONLY YOU HOLD THE KEY TO WHAT WE NEED.  OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU KNOW.”  The Figure gestured inside.  “YOU MUST COME SOON, AND BRING YOUR FRIEND LIKE BEFORE.”  The Figure turned then, seeming to float inside the dark interior as the double doors slowly closed, blocking the Figure from view.  The structure became more familiar to Tony, it was...was..“.....The Mausoleum !”, Tony finished up.  “Not the Church this time, but the Mausoleum !”

“Huh”, Nick commented.  “You and your dreams.”  He shook his head.  “What the Hell do I have to do with all this ?   This here’s your compulsion, not mine.”

“I don’t know....Maybe you have to be there, for some reason”, Tony said.  “Maybe we both do, for them to communicate with us....Anyway, what’s it matter ?  They’re not gonna hurt us...They woulda done that already, when we was there the first time.  Besides, we owe them...They did help some in finding the girls”, Tony pointed out.

Nick expelled some air through his cheeks.  “All right then...Let’s go.  But whatever they want, I ain’t gonna like it.”

The boys moved down the pathway to the Churchyard and to whatever awaited them there.
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Tony and Nick accessed the Graveyard by the Church through the rusted gate.  Walking up the pathway, they turned right at the Obelisk and continued on forward to the large building set behind the Church that was the Mausoleum.  As they approached, a definite change in the weather ensued...Where the day had been sunny and pleasant, it suddenly became overcast and darker.  A cool wind picked up that ruffled the boy’s hair.  At the same time, from the top of the Obelisk, strange rays began emanating from the capstone downward, imprinting a Pentagram in the circle all around it, showing up as blood red.  Suddenly the rays shifted, shooting instead towards the Mausoleum’s double doors. causing them to glow.

“Nice”, Nick muttered.  “How we supposed to get in now ?”

“I think it’s an invitation”, Tony exclaimed.  “So...Just like before....”

Tony stepped forward and pounded the Devil’s Code onto the doors, six bangs, a pause, then six more bangs, another pause, then the final six bangs.  At once the doors began to lurch, not inward but outward.  Tony and Nick stepped back as the doors slowly opened.  From within the dark interior, a chant began to issue.

 goagheadlo, goagheadlo, goaghedlo, goagheadlo, goagheadlo, goaghedlo, goagheadlo, goagheadlo !!!!!!

The boys tentatively walked into the dark interior.  When they were but a few steps inside, the large Mausoleum’s doors began to close, and the chant abruptly ended.  The boys drew their flashlights and stabbed them ahead in the darkness, but just like in the Church Basement, they revealed little.  As the doors closed, the boys began walking forward, slowly moving the flashlights from side to side.  Along the walls on either side were Crypts from floor to ceiling.  A pervasive cold set in, making them shiver, as they filled their lungs with the chill air and exhaled.  All of a sudden, the hooded figure of a Monk was revealed in front of them only a few feet away.  Tony and Nick came to a stop.

“THAT IS FAR ENOUGH !!”, the hooded figure intoned.  By their flashlight beams, they could see that it was as it had been before, all robed all in black, with a hood that covered the whole of it’s head.  There was just a slit where It’s face would be, and the boys could see glimpses of the hawkish nose and red eyes set into the white death-mask of it’s face.  Again, the feature that could be seen the clearest by the boys was the large upside-down Cross the figure wore around it’s neck, the virtual copy of the one in the Church Alter.  It’s dark blue light shimmered in the flashlight beams.

“We are here”, Tony said tentatively.  “Did you wish to see us ?” 


Tony was taken aback.  He had come to think of this Cross-wearing figure as the Head Monk.
 “What do you mean ?”, Tony asked, “Aren’t you the Founder of...Your Group ?”  It somehow escaped him just what name the Head Monk had called themselves.


A bare memory registered in both Tony and Nick’s minds of their last encounter with the Monks, and that memory increased slightly as the blue light of the upside-down Cross on the Hooded Figure’s chest shimmered and pulsed briefly.


“So what’s this got to do with us ?”, Nick suddenly asked.


“So....What happened to your Founder ?”, Tony asked, intrigued.


The upside-down Cross on the Hooded Figure’s chest shimmered as the Head Monk said that, leading Tony and Nick to think that the shimmering bluish substance in the Cross was what he meant.  The red eyes of the Head Monk bored in on Tony. 


Tony thought.  Just what did the Head Monk mean ?  The upside-down Cross on the Figure’s chest shimmered brighter, and seemed to beam the dark blue light at Tony.  “GRASP HOLD OF YOUR FRIEND, AND HELP HIM TO REMEMBER !”, the Head Monk directed Nick, and Nick grabbed ahold of Tony’s arm. 

Then it came to him, crashing into his conscious mind in horrifying detail that he had strove to suppress.  The awful image of that decayed face in the shredded hood, strips of waxy flesh peeling off of the bone-white skull, it’s eyeless sockets staring up into his from the stuck Lead metal tray.  Reacting in horror, Tony had fallen back from that nightmarish figure, and even though he had tried to convey what he had seen to others, he had pushed the memory to the back of his mind in the days since, occupied as he was with trying to save Karen and Melody from the clutches of the Townies. That horrible image was in..... 

“The Morgue !!”, Tony cried.  “The Morgue Vault at Happy Volts Asylum !!  That’s Where Your Founder Is !!”

The bluish light from the Cross subsided, and Tony’s revulsion from the images receded.  Tony felt dazed, but in a burst of clarity, suddenly understood that the lead-lined vaults of the Mortuary had, at the same time, both hidden the Founder from his Brother Monks and protected the Founder’s corpse from the contamination of any subtile nuclear fallout so prevalent all around the World since the old above-ground nuclear testing blasts days of the 1940s through the 1960s.  But something else puzzled him.  Tony asked, “But...How...How are you going to ‘Renew’ the Electi, even with this ‘Substance’ from your Founder ?” 

The Hooded Figure didn’t say anything to that, but just raised It’s arms, palms outstretched.  Both boys watched as the robe slipped down it’s forearms.  They were fish-white, as were the hands, with very long, bony fingers.  The dark blue light of the Cross shimmered faster, and a reddish light flooded the Mausoleum, revealing a half-dozen beings grouped behind the Hooded Figure.  Unlike the other Monk Figures the boys now remembered seeing earlier, these were dressed in white robes, and underneath their hoods showed whitish feminine faces.


”How...How is all this possible ?”, Nick muttered to Tony, not really expecting an answer.

“ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE UNDER THE CARE OF THE ULTIMATE”, the Hooded Figure intoned.  “WE ARE THE MONKS OF THE ORDER QUANTUM ELECTI !!”  At that pronouncement, there was a swelling of voices from further back in the Mausoleum that was still in darkness.

 goagheadlo, goagheadlo, goaghedlo, goagheadlo, goagheadlo, goaghedlo, goagheadlo, goagheadlo !!!!!!

The Hooded Head Monk raised a hand and the chanting subsided.  “FOR YOUR HELP, YOUNG HEROS OF BULLWORTH, THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO FOR YOU.”

“Well...I don’t know that there’s anything that we really need right now....”, Tony began.


The upside-down Cross on the Hooded Figure’s chest suddenly began to pulsate, literally shooting out the dark blue light in the direction of Tony and Nick.  Before they could turn and flee from the light, they were frozen there, as had happened to them before.  The light played up and down their bodies, and an overwhelming healing feeling spread through them.  Then the intensity of the blue light diminished, but stayed steady.  The Head Monk spoke again.


The blue light elicited a hypnotic power over the two boys.  The intensity of the light built once more until it culminated into a blinding flash as the chanting reached a crescendo.

abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi, abbidomi !!!!!
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The next thing Tony and Nick knew, they were sitting outside the Mausoleum on the stone pathway.  The Mausoleum doors appeared shut tight.  Tony then noticed it was going on dusk.   Just how long had they been inside there ?  Or maybe they had been sitting out here ?

“Whoa”, Nick muttered.  “Freaky...I remember going in there....What happened ?”

“Damned if I know”, Tony said.  “I.....Can’t really remember.”

“Think you gave them what they wanted ?”, Nick asked, getting to his feet.

Tony got up too.  “I expect so....They let us go again, at any rate.”

“Huh, that’s strange”, Nick said.  “My Jaw feels better.”  He flexed it, and then felt his neck.  “Funny, that doesn’t even hurt.”

Tony felt around on his ribs, which had always given him trouble since falling from the School overhang roof onto Ray.  “Yeah, these don’t hurt either....Odd.”  He felt around his face.  “It’s just like Tad didn’t land any punches a few nights ago, either.”

“I feel like my old self”, Nick said, and to prove it, he jumped up and executed a roundhouse kick in the air before touching down back on the pathway. 

“Yeah, I do too”, Tony commented, feeling his upper left arm where he had been shot by Algie’s Air Rifle last Christmas Eve, and also his shoulder where he had been shot with the Air Rifle wielded by Jake at the Valentine’s Dance.  It felt normal, and there was nothing there, not even any scars.

Tony then Noticed something else.  In the growing twilight, he could see two lines of white powder marks, running from the Mausoleum doors clear to the Obelisk Circle.  “Look !”, Tony exclaimed.

Nick saw the whitish powder lines too.  “I say, let’s get the Hell away from here, sound like a plan, Brother ?”

“Hey, I’m with you Man, let’s friggin’ go and get gone”, Tony answered.  The boys quickly exited the Graveyard, hurrying past the Graves and Crypts of the long-dead and out through the frozen-with-rust Iron entry gates.  Their Spirits lifted the further away from the Graveyard they got, and soon even the Church Steeple was lost from sight.

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Tony’s Cell Phone rang, and it wasn’t Karen calling...It was Algie.  In the rush and crush of events, Tony had forgotten to get back to Algie on what he had asked for so long ago.  But, Tony had at least had stopped by and had a parlay with Melvin at the Dragon’s Wing as he worked on some really weird-looking object he said he was making at the request of Peanut.

“Um...T-Tony ?”, Algie stuttered, “Did’ja talk to Melvin ?  What did he say ?”

“Um, yeah...I did”, Tony replied, “And I clean forgot to get back to you, something important came up.  But, yeah, I talked to him Saturday about it.”

“Wh...What did he say ?”, Algie asked, almost fearfully.

“Well, it’s like this...And this is only if he convinces the rest of the Nerds to go along”, Tony began.  “You may be taken back as a Probationary member of the Clique, come the new term.  But there will be several conditions that you will have to agree with.”

“Erm...uh, what conditions are those ?”, Algie asked nervously.

“Welp, let’s see”, Tony sighed.  “First off, you won’t be allowed to have or carry any weapons of any kind, not so much as a Apple from the Cafeteria.”

“No Weapons ?” Algie nearly blubbered.  “How will I defend myself ?”

“It won’t be so bad”, Tony told him, though he knew that was a lie.  Algie would become the most bullied kid on Campus should he return to School.  “Things are changing here...Have changed.  You can seek protection, even hire protection, if the price is right.  But we’ll discuss that later.  Let me tell you about the other conditions, Ok ?”

“All right”, Algie said, somewhat mollified.  He knew he couldn’t come back scott-free from all his crimes.

“Secondly”, Tony said, “You won’t be allowed to live with the other Nerds at the Observatory, but you may hang at the Library if you choose to.  You will have to bunk in the Boy’s Dorm, or you can just stay nights over at the Carnival, like you’ve been doing.”

“I...I don’t expect they’re going to trust me right away”, Algie said, regret sounding in his voice.

“I wouldn’t expect so either”, Tony said, and Continued, “Next conditions are....You are stripped of any and all of your ranks and titles, be it in any Battle Games or Grottos & Gremlins standings.  You will have to start over at the bottom, just as any newbie Nerd would have to, subject to orders from Melvin or ANY of the present established Nerds.  Further, you won’t be invited to participate in any activities, at least not yet....You’ll still have the status of ‘Outcast’....Those things will be for the Nerds as a Clique to decide whether to lift those restrictions or not in the future.  Also, you won’t be allowed to work on projects of any kind of Weapons or Explosives, not even Stink Bombs or Meelee Weapons.”

“That...That’s pretty tough restrictions”, Algie almost whined, “But...I guess that what after I’ve done, I can’t blame my....Former Brothers.”

“I’m kinda surprised Melvin is going to stand up for you on this”, Tony said, “But I did tell him that you provided Valuable Information on the Townies and Jake.  I think that Melvin understands, at least, what drove you to do what you did...I imagine having parts blown off yourself can be pretty traumatic.”

“It sure was”, Algie sniffed, remembering.  “I almost became just as bad as that Rat that did this to me.  But, I’m a better person now, you’ll see !!  Everybody will see !!  I can...I can do favors for people, get them free passes to the Carnival, and Rides and stuff.  I...I really miss School....And the others....I’ll make it up to them, somehow, I promise !”

“That’s good to hear, Algie”, Tony said.  “I hope it all works out for you.”  Tony went on to tell Algie that he had talked to Mr. Galloway, and the School wasn’t going to prefer any Charges against him, and that Police Charges had been dropped by Chief O’Rouke against him, citing mitigating emotional distress under pressure.  This greatly relieved Algie, for he could come out of hiding now and be able to start clean. 

As Tony ended the conversation, he reflected on whether he was doing the right thing by interceding in Algie’s behalf, and then decided, what the hell....While a select few kids deserved no second chances, many others did.  This would mark a turning point in this fat kid’s life...And chances were, it could turn out the right way.

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“Did you gets it, Nut ?”, Binky asked anxiously.

“Sure, gots it rights here”, Peanut told her, showing her a package.  “It’s in dat box.”

Binky looked at the box that Peanut had.  “Well, shows it to me...Take it out.”

Peanut opened the box and pulled out the strangest-looking contraption that Binky had ever seen.  It was shaped almost like a hollow prosthetic leg.  It was made with a seeming maze of aluminum tubing and foam padding, with a lot of latches and small hinges.  Binky looked at the thing with a mixture of wonder and uncertainty.

“Will that...Thing even works ?”, she asked with doubt in her voice.

“Shoulds”, Peanut told her.  “I give all the measurements I tooks to Melvin to haves him makes dis thing.  Only way to knows it to try’s it....Com’on, let’s puts it on.”

“All rights...Just be careful”, Binky told him.  Peanut pulled her blankets aside, and gently moved her left leg to the edge of the bed.  Then he undid the latches on the contraption and opened it up, lifting her casted leg and foot and placing it in the object.  Closing it back up, he latched it back up.  Binky’s leg, cast, and foot was now snugly fitted inside the strange-looking contraption. 

At the top of the thing, the tubing padded by the foam circled her leg snugly just below her knee, and would bear the most weight for her support while standing.  Her ankle and foot, encased in the cast, was held in place by the maze of latches around the tubed structure.  But the most unusual part was the bottom, which was raised up four inches by a spider-web of supporting tubing, as she had requested, so that when she stood, it would match the height of her booted right foot.  Short as she was already, she had no intention of appearing any shorter during the time it would take her broken foot to heal.

Peanut then helped her from the bed to test out standing with the contraption, and wasn’t at all surprised to see her still wearing her right high-heeled Greaser boot.  Peanut stood her up, and though she felt a bit wobbly, she could tell to her great relief that the unusual-looking leg brace was going to work.  With Peanut’s help, she took a few unsteady steps around the bed.  She then threw her arms around Peanut, a smile lighting her face.

“It’s Perfects !”, she said, “Just Perfects !  I can’t waits to get outs this ole Clinic now !!"  Peanut hugged her in return, he was glad to see her getting back to her old self. 

“Um....Lola sez dat she’ll be able to gets you some new boots in your size by the time youse gets dat cast off”, Peanut told her.

“Really ?”, Binky exclaimed, “She do thats for me ?”

“Sure”, Peanut told her, “And, everybody’s gonna chip in to get youse some killer boots.  Da whole Clique respects youse now cause of how youse scrapped with dem Preppie scum.  You is the new Greaser Queen !”
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Tony and Karen again held up their departure because of a big event that was going to be happening at the end of the week.  Lola was going to make her singing debut at the Blue Balls Bar on Friday night, and as the news leaked out via Christy, the suspense built among the remaining Students.  Already a well-known Legend in the Vale Valley for her ability to lure boys with the promise of sexual fulfillment of their wildest fantasies, the speculation built to see (and hear) if she could also entice with a sweet singing voice. 

As the week passed, the expectations built, until just about all the Students planned to go.  As the big day arrived, many wondered if Lola might encounter any stage fright while giving her performance.  At 7 PM that evening, an exodus of Students left the School and trekked over to New Coventry.  For many of them, it marked the first time they had ventured into New Coventry, as they wound their way under the Railroad overpass, past the lone Yum-Yum Market in the area, turning left at the new Radio Station WPIG, passing the Chinese Restaurant and heading East past the Final Cut, strolling down Coventry Avenue past the Golden Horseshoe to arrive at the Blue Balls Bar beyond. 

Other Patrons were already there from the Greasers Tennament areas, and soon the place was packed.  It turned into standing room only as the lights dimmed down for the first song of the act.  Lola, dressed in her Greaser black leather and knee-high boots, took the stage in the shadows before anyone knew, and backed by Winkie and Christy along with the Axel Flowers Band, started into her first song, which was naturally all about her.

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.
And little man, little Lola wants you....
Make up your mind to have, no regrets,
Recline yourself, resign yourself, you're through.”

“I always get, what I aim for.....
And your heart and soul, is what I came for !”

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.
Take off your coat, Don't you know, you can't win.
You're no exception to the rule,
I'm irresistible, you fool, Give in.”

“I always get, what I aim for.....
And your heart and soul, is what I came for !”

“Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.
Take off your coat, Don't you know, you can't win.
You're no exception to the rule,
I'm irresistible, you fool... give in...
Give in, you'll never win.”

Whatever Lola Wants- Sarah Vaughan

There was stunned silence as Lola finished the number for a few seconds, then the crowd broke into spontaneous applause.  A few whistles and catcalls sounded at her saucy performance.  The lights came up and Lola nervously took a small bow with a tentative smile.  As the first notes struck up for her next number, she removed her Greaser jacket, and shook out her hair, giving her a more relaxed look.  The next song was a humorous one, but still a bit racy.  Lola started singing..... 

“Let's make a Sex Tape, the camera's in the corner,
Or else use your Cell Phone, and make sure the light is good.
Unless you don't wanna, we don't have to, I mean yeah,
I kinda wanna, I sorta think we should.”

“Let's make a Sex Tape, I wore my purple push-ups,
Get down to your boxers, sit down over there.
I wore extra makeup, do you think I look trashy ?
I want this to be perfect, please don't mess up my hair.”

“Don't you want to have something to prove that we're in love, Y'know ?
Just something we can show to all our disbeliving friends,
Don't you want to have something to prove that we're in love, Y'know ?
Just so we'll know forever, that true love never ends,
So let's make a baby.....I mean a Sex Tape !
Didn't mean a baby, really meant a Sex Tape, You're barely seventeen,
I'll just take my shirt off, Didn't mean to scare you,
It's just I mean I love....You know what I mean.”

“Don't you want to have something to prove that we're in love, Y'know ?
Something we can look at forever down the line,
Don't you want to have something to prove that we're in love, Y'know ?
Cause I am yours, and you are mine....”

“Get ready, a Sex Tape, It's gonna be so special,
At least it is something, to stop us getting bored,
I'm ready to do this, I really really love you,
Forget about the Condom, go on and press RECORD.
Woah, Ho, Woah, Ho, Ho, Ho !!!"

"Let's Make a Sex Tape" - Phoebe Strole

There was thunderous applause when the song ended.  A few calls of “Yeah, Baby !!” sounded out, along with a few other rouchy shouted comments, but it was all in fun.  Tony turned to Karen, who he had ridden over on his bike, and said, “Whoa, she sounds really good, huh ?”, to which Karen replied, “Don’t you be getting any ideas, Mister !” in a playful way.  Tony had already gotten more than just ideas a couple of times with Lola, and was glad that there hadn’t been any sex tapes made of those encounters.  The lights dimmed for Lola’s final song, coming back up a bit to reveal Lola in a swanky sleeveless top.  She looked a little hesitant as she began the slow, mournful song.

"It’s six a.m.
And we’re still up.
Drinking cheap wine from a Solo cup.
We talked all night,
And yet I’m wide awake.
We see the end.
There’s no debate.
We’ve got a clear expiration date.
And if I fall,
My heart is bound to break.
You’re beautiful,
A beautiful mistake.
But you’re a chance I must take.
My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.”

“The sun comes up.
The summer flies.
Whiskey, and laughter, and sea blue eyes.
A summer full,
Of feelings I can’t fake.
It’s been so long,
Since I could feel,
Anything that’s remotely real.
I open up,
Allow myself to make,
A beautiful,
A beautiful mistake.
I try to hold on to each day.
My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.
But time keeps sliding away.
Cause nothing this good is meant to stay.”

“In looking back,
I never knew,
How far I fell in love with you.
I’m stuck inside,
These memories I can’t shake.
I see that I was happy then.
And though I don’t know how or when,
You’re one mistake,
I need to make again.
My beautiful,
My beautiful mistake.
Someday we’ve got to remake,
That beautiful,
That beautiful mistake.”

Phoebe Strole - Beautiful Mistake

Somehow, Tony felt that Lola was singing to song directly to his heart.  It had been pretty obvious since the Chem Plant Raid that she was wholly devoted to Johnny now, word had gotten around that they were getting married.  And, Tony was forever devoted to Karen, those times with Lola had indeed been a mistake.  But, at least it hadn’t a really bad mistake after all, as it made him appreciate Karen all the more.  At any rate, Tony’s guilt was somewhat soothed as Lola finished the song and left the stage to thunderous applause.  She had been a Hit.

The Flowers Band continued to play after Lola departed, and some of the crowd began to disperse.  Lola went to Johnny and embraced him tightly in relief.  “I Did It !!”, she exclaimed.

“Never a doubts, Lola-Bear”, Johnny told her, “I’se is so Proud of yous !!”  Lola’s eyes began to leak tears of happiness.  This was the first shining moment of her life. 

A man approached them out of the crowd.  “Hey there....I’m Nash Graham, Promoter.  You this girl’s Manager ?”

“Um...Yea’s, I is”, Johnny replied, “Ands, her future intended, too.  Why’s do youse ask ?”

“How would you like to take this marvelous voice out on tour ?”, the Promoter asked.  “I can get you bookings all over the North-East with that kind of sensational singing !”

Lola grasped Johnny, her eyes big a wide.  “A Tour ?  Oh, Johnny, what do you thinks ?  Should We ?”

“I’se thinks we could, if’n dat what you wants”, Johnny replied.  He turned to the Promoter.  “Tells us what you gots in mind.”

The World spun away as Tony, Karen, and much of the School crowd left the Blue Balls Bar, while Johnny and Lola talked to the Promoter about their fabulous future.

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Reply #1258 on: April 30, 2015, 07:48:46 AM
Tony again gazed out over the water of the Narragansett Bay.  It had been less than three months since he and Karen had been here last, but it felt like years, due to all the stuff that had happened over the Summer.  They had left the day after Lola’s smash singing debut at the Blue Balls Bar, still giving them about 10 days to sail around the Islands and Ports of the Bay before they had to head back.

Since Tad Spencer had turned the boat over to him for $1 last spring, Tony had no qualms about sailing off with it again.  Tad might be having second thoughts about that deal, now that Tony had beaten him at his own game.  But there was nothing Tad could do about it, Tony held title to the boat now, at least until next Spring.  By then, maybe they could fight a re-match for ownership of the boat to the winner.  Tony was confident that he could beat Tad in the Ring again if it came to that.

Unlike last time, they had not sailed off alone.  They had invited Nick and Melody along, and after some discussion, both had agreed.  Nick really felt that it would do Melody a world of good to get away from the Vale Valley for awhile, since her rescue she had not fared near as well in dealing with her kidnapping and repeated assaults as Karen had, and added to that was the fact Nick had been seriously injured during her rescue. 

So it was for the first few days, they did all they could to pamper Melody and bolster her spirits.  Since her rescue, she had become practically a hermit, first at the Clinic while Nick recovered, and then at the Boar Inn where she rarely left the room.  In fact, she was very near being a ‘Basket Case’, suffering from what had become known as PTSD.  It took some convincing, but once they headed down the river from Blue Skies and out into the Bay, Melody seemed to relax, coming out of the cabin and out on deck at the urging of Karen.

A few days into their trip, they sailed up the Providence River from the Bay, and stopped in at a Marina. Tony and Nick went ashore for some take-out, amusingly at a place called Lola's Cantina, nestled between the Whiskey Republic and The Hot Club Bars.  Karen and Melody stayed on the boat while they were docked and waited on the deck chairs until the boys returned.  Melody seemed much more relaxed than when they started out, and Karen thought it was time for a little girl to girl talk.

“You seem to be doing better”, Karen observed.  “How are you feeling ?”

“Oh....Ok, I guess”, Melody answered, staring towards shore where Nick had gone.  “Still a little nervous, maybe....I keep thinking, that....”  She trailed off.

“Thinking what ?”, Karen asked, “That something like what we went through might happen again ?”

“Well....Yes....I mean....Anyone could grab us again, when we go back...It’s not safe there, anywhere...”, Melody stammered, finding it hard to express her fears.

“Look, Mel, you can’t be thinking of it that way”, Karen told her.  “Those Bastards that did those awful things to us are gone, they’ll be locked up the rest of their miserable lives.  There’s nobody else in those towns that ever bothered us like that.  If you keep on being afraid, then those low-lifes win.  The way we beat them for good is to live our lives free from the fear of what they did to us.”

A tear rolled down Melody’s cheek.  “It just seems so easy for you....”

“It’s not easy”, Karen said.  “Every day, I remember what those Pigs done.”

“Then....How do you....Cope ?”, Melody begged.  “How do you push down the fear ?”

“Because, I survived”, Karen told her, “WE survived.  Every day, the fear is a little less....But you have to get out and LIVE, you can’t hide yourself away, always dwelling on what happened.  It’s over, and we lived.  We can’t change what happened, but we can change what WILL happen....With our lives, how we live them, from now on.  We were wounded, but we can heal.”

“Can we ?”, Melody asked sadly.  “What about, when we go back, how will others treat us, gossip about us, whisper behind our backs ?”

Karen sighed.  “Well, for the record....Most everyone has been real nice to me, real compassionate....But there’s bound to be a few who will be snarky.  All I can tell you, is we focus on what we have....A couple of real fine boyfriends, for one, who will stand by us, no matter what.  A couple of guys who have real character, and wouldn’t dump us over like Omar thought they would.  We’re actually the winners here, Mel....We are gonna be stronger for what we we went through.  So, it really don’t matter what anybody else says.”

“I hope you’re right”, Melody said.  “It’s still going to be tough, going back.”

“Don’t worry, you got me and Tony, and most important, you got Nick”, Karen said, “And we all got your back.  Nobody is gonna do that to us again, Ever.”

A silence ensued, broken only by the lapping of the water against the boat.  “Look, the boys are coming back”, Melody ventured. 

“They better be bringing us something good to eat, I’m starved”, Karen said.

“Me, too”, Melody said, and broke into a smile. “I’m really hungry.”

Tony and Nick indeed returned with some good eats, and after awhile they headed back southward into the Narragansett Bay to resume their Island hopping.  Though most were gone from the School and would be until the new term started, and Tony had deemed it safe to leave for awhile, there were still a few things that would happen in the Vale Valley before their return.

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Christy left the School Office early in the afternoon.  It was mid-week, and there had not been much to do.  Most of the new registrations had been processed for the new term, and there had only been a little filing to do.  She didn’t go to her apartment, however....Winkie was on the road, doing a two-night gig with the Alex Flowers Band.  Christy had the idea she could try to find Pinky at the Boar Inn and see if she wanted to go to Shinjo’s for lunch, so she headed off walking towards Bullworth Vale.

It had been awhile since she had been over to the Vale.  Walking West on the Boulevard, she was startled to see Mr. Martin out in front of a newly-remodeled Crab Shack, hosing down the pavement out in front.  It had been quite awhile since she had spoken to him.  She approached cautiously and stopped.

“Ummm.....Hello, Daddy”, she said in a meek voice.  “How did you get the Crab Shack back ?  I thought it got foreclosed.”

Mr. Martin turned to her and stopped spraying.  Christie was afraid he would be gruff with her, but Mr. Martin smiled.  “Hello, Angel”, he said warmly.  “It was, but I managed to get it back, free and clear, with a little help.  I’m open for business once again.”

“Well...That’s great, I guess”, Christy said.  “But you know, I graduated, so I’m not in School anymore....So, you don’t have to pay my Tuition now.”

“I still gotta pay for Wade, though”, Mr. Martin remarked, “Probably for a long time, since he probably won’t be Graduating any time soon....Or at all.  Just where is that Brother of yours, anyway ?  Still up to no good ?”

“Erm...He went home to see Mama during the break”, Christy told him, and immediately regretted mentioning her Mother.

“Still a Mama’s Boy, is he ?”, Mr. Martin said sourly. “Ungrateful young Pup.”

“Daddy, don’t be like that”, Christy said.  “Our family’s already ripped apart enough already.”

Mr. Martin sighed.  “I suppose you’re right.  It’s just....A Man works all his life, tries to give the best to his family....See that his children have the best opportunities....Then it just all just blows up.”

“But, I’m doing Ok”, Christy told him.  “I graduated, got a job, and I have a really good boyfriend looking out for me now.”

“Better than that Prep-Scum who took advantage of you, I hope”, Mr. Martin said.

Surprised, Christy blurted, “You know about that ?  How did you know ?”

“I hear things”, Mr. Martin said shortly.  “Hard not to, in a place like this.”

There was silence for a moment, then Christy asked, “Daddy ?  Did you ever hear who beat up Bif in the School that night ?  Do you know ?”

Mr. Martin didn’t answer right away.  Instead, he resumed spraying the walk.  When he did answer, it was in a musing tone.  “Whoever beat up that Trash didn’t go far enough.  I woulda killed him if I’d known just how bad he degraded you.”

It was an ambiguous answer at best, making Christy think that her Father knew much more about Bif’s beating than he was letting on, but she let it go...For once, she was afraid to actually find out if there was any truth to what she was thinking.

Mr. Martin stopped spraying.  “So, this fellow you got, he treat you all right ?”

“Oh, yes, the best !”, Christy said, relieved.  “His name’s Winkie....Well, his real name’s Bruce....He’s a Musician, and he gets regular work.  In fact, we may be going out on tour together real soon with this new singer.”

“Well....That’s real fine, I suppose”, Mr. Martin said.  “If you do leave....Stop around and see me before you go.  I’d like to meet your fellow.”

“I will, Daddy”, Christy promised, and she meant it.  It was long past time for the estrangement from her family to end.

“And, keep it touch, wherever you go”, Mr. Martin continued.  “I’ll be right here, for a long time to come, now....Trappin’ and Sellin’ Crabs.”

Christy promised she would, and they said their goodbyes.  Christy continued on to the Boar Inn, where she found Pinky, who was glad for the chance to go out to Lunch like they used to in days gone by.  Christy noticed that Pinky was not wearing her blue Aquaberry outfit, and commented on it.  Here she got the second shock of the day when Pinky told her she had quit the Preps for good.

Christy was aghast.  “Well, what will you do then ?”

“I’ll just be a Non-Clique, like you”, Pinky answered, as they neared Shinjo’s.  “Maybe I can find me a decent boy, who will treat me as a Princess like I deserve !”

The two girls went into Shinjo’s for what would turn out to be their last Lunch together.  While catching up on the latest gossip and happenings, neither one would know just what their futures held for them.


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