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Mod Releases / Re: V3 Free roam Boss styles - Difficulty increase - Population change
« Last post by Micha on March 04, 2021, 07:07:18 AM »
Yeah, you're probably right. I'll take that into account for the future. It would at least prevent me from posting countless unnecessary posts. It would probably make my life easier too. With Mediafire I've only been able to change the name, but it's probably still preferable to simply change links than spam posts.
I haven't used the forum's built-in downloads, so I'm not sure.

I just use other sites like Google Drive or Github, which allow me to update stuff without changing the link.
Can't remember if Mediafire allows you to do that.
Mod Releases / Re: V3 Free roam Boss styles - Difficulty increase - Population change
« Last post by Micha on March 04, 2021, 04:47:43 AM »
Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. The only issue is that for every download that is approved, a mod release post is automatically posted and I wasn't able to delete previous ones. Is there a way to prevent that?  Because I agree that it can be annoying if my posts keep filling up the forum.
LUA Scripting Help / Re: Someone help me to find a animation.
« Last post by SimonBestia on March 04, 2021, 03:13:32 AM »
Should be this:
Code: [Select]
/Global/Ambient/Scripted/ShakeFist/Shake, Ambient.act
LUA Scripting Help / Someone help me to find a animation.
« Last post by SHAPADO1245 on March 04, 2021, 02:13:25 AM »
In this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJqf4uY2WIE

You see the animation, if anyone know how to put this animation in a code please send me a reply.
Bully Modding / Bully Clique joiner ps2 mod
« Last post by Darth maul on March 03, 2021, 11:14:57 PM »
OK so it will take me a little bit time the mod is for ps2 version i am not good modder but i will trry to complete it fast  :) :) :)
I'd suggest editing your post instead of making multiple ones for each different release, to avoid clogging the forum.

Other than that, clever idea to just combine things that many people always end up modding in their game, anyway.
Mod Releases / V3 Free roam Boss styles - Difficulty increase - Population change
« Last post by Micha on March 03, 2021, 03:32:51 PM »
V3 Free roam Boss styles - Difficulty increase - Population change


Hi, Iím Micha and this is me trying to dip my toes into the modding world.  What Iíve tried to do with this mini-mod basically is put together most of the commonly requested things by bully players. That being: the spawning of missing characters into freeroam, adding most of the missing boss-styles to most characters, increasing the difficulty of the game, and making it that different cliques spawn into places like the boy's dorm and school area as well as some additional stuff.  Iím basically posting what I wish I could have found more easily when I first played Bully, which is an easy way to make the game even more fun and difficult.

This is the V3 Version of my previous mod, it adds: a trigger.img file containing changes to population meaning that if you have issues using the img tool to insert the population.dat folder inside of it, you can just use this in your DAT folder instead. It also adds a new difficulty that is almost identical to the base game for those who enjoy the base game the best, fixes the issues with the Comfortable difficulty in the v2 version and rebalances a bunch of stats in the files as well as some minor things I overlooked. This is most likely the final version since I can't think of what else needs to change or can be added.

To ensure that I cover everyoneís preferences as much as possible Iíve created multiple difficulty scenarios with different pedstats files, ranging from close to the base game to hard. In multiple of those scenarios, Iíve also added other optional additional choices such as having Peanut, Gord, and Nortonís have mini-boss health and Bryceís boxing Bryce health as well as the choice to have stronger versions of the Clique leaders in Complete Mayhem. Iíve also increased the number of Preppies spawned in Old Bulworth Vale and allowed other cliques to roam in the school area as well as alongside some other things. All to ensure that you could have the best gameplay experience that suits you best.

Download Link:


How to install

The files included in this mini-mod include an ide.img, which needs to replace the ide.img inside the objects folder inside your local Bully files. Within the difficulty section, you'll find many pedstats.dat files with different scenarios, choose on to your liking and use it to replace the og pedstats.dat file which you can find by opening the config folder and then the dat folder in your Bully local files. The PedPop.dat file can be found in the same place and can be replaced by the one inside this zip file.

The Trigger.img file needs to replace the one inside the DAT folder. It basically does the same thing as the population.dat folder but is easier to add to your game and compatible with the Anniversary edition. It adds multiple things such as adding other cliques to the school area outside the school building, greasers in alleys, more Preps in Old Bullworth Vale, and some other stuff. However, if you are using mods that use the Trigger.img I suggest inserting the population.dat file inside it with an img tool instead.

The Population.dat file is a bit more tricky, you'll need an IMG-tool to insert it inside the Trigger.img folder located inside the DAT section. You'll need to open the Trigger.img file and replace the population.dat file inside of it with this one. This will increase the number of preps spawned in Old Bullworth Vale and allow other cliques like the jocks to spawn within the school grounds. If you feel uncomfortable messing with the files like this, that's completely fine, the rest of the mod works perfectly without it.

Here is a link to install the IMG-Tool: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=63

Changes to characters and movesets:

The first changes Iíd like to go through are the ones made to the ide.img file. All the clique leaders have been added to free roam as have missing or deleted characters such as Pete, Gary, and Bob. Most of the missing boss styles have also been added to their respective characters. The only exceptions are Ted and Darby, whose boss move sets Iíve added to their Complete Mayhem versions, but not to free roam.  I had my reasons for that, because Tedís moveset is buggy at times and can get stuck and Darby requires that you either add his Boss AI or remove his dodge stats which affects his boss fight in chapter 2 (I did, however, ultimately create a second ide file with Bossdarby in freeroam if you prefer that version). Russel was given his Russell_102 moveset that uses some of his boss moves instead of his boss moveset for similar reasons to Darby.

An additional significant change Iíve made is that I separated the stats of certain characters in both ide.img and pedstats files. What this means is that Iíve created new stats for characters like Norton and Casey separate from their original STAT_G_GRAPPLER_A or STAT_J_MELEE_A for example which was shared with other characters. This has allowed me to make them stronger than characters like Hal and Bo who have a smaller body type. This has also allowed me to create stronger versions of the clique leaders for Complete Mayhem since that mission uses different character models. Other example of small changes include adding Ms. Peabody as a prefect as well as changing Bryceís moveset to P_Striker_A to basically turn him into Boxing Bryce (since the P_Striker_A moveset is probably the best in the game aside from some bosses and Jimmy) and giving Bob a stronger moveset.


The changes I made to the PedPop.dat file, allow students from other cliques to spawn into places like the boyís dorm (except for prepís because theyíre obviously sleeping in their fancy houses) as well as the school halls inside the school. It also spawns a few teachers in the school halls and area during class hours and curfew to ensure good little boys and girls behave.
With the Population.dat file, Iíve ensured that other clique members can spawn in the school area (outside the school building), during class and curfew teachers are now also more guaranteed to spawn there. It also increases the number of preps spawn in Old Bullworth Vale (rich area) to a similar number as the number of greasers that spawn in New Coventry and adds a few students, such as jocks that spawn in the town hall area (I did this because normally you see little of the jocks in-game if you donít go to the gym).

Changes in difficulty:

   When it comes to the changes in difficulty I made, I created multiple different scenarios in different pedstats.dat files of which you can choose what you like best. I personally like the game to be much harder, with high increases in attack rates, blocks, and dodges but still like to keep the classic Ďbeatemupsí feeling it has and without increasing health by all that much. However, if you want the game to be even harder with a high increase in health or prefer to have it closer to the base game I made sure to cover all these different options.

If you're interested in knowing what the different difficulty scenarios offer I made sure to cover the general changes I made in small overviews of each one. This section, however,  is not as important as the previous information and if you've read everything until now you already know everything you need to know.   So only read this if you're specifically interested in a certain section

A brief overview of different difficulties:

a.   Absolute Original
b.   Original
c.   Base and Classic

        - medium
        - Harder
d.   Comfortable
e.   Default-Michaís choice
f.   Congenial
g.   Daring

h.   Grim
i.   Hard
j.   Redoubtable

Absolute Original:

The absolute original version is the newest version Iíve added that is almost identical to the base game. However, unlike the name implies there are still some small balance changes Iíve added to make the game a bit more interesting.
This version uses most of the original health for all the characters unlike all the others, even Damon is at his original health of 375 and Johnny at 300. However, Iíve added some balance changes that I still felt were necessary. Ted has 350 health instead of his original 200 HP, to ensure he is not a complete weakling; the same logic was applied to Norton who also has 350 HP.  (Which is unlike the other versions, which increase Ted's and Damon's health to to 500 for example)

Iíve also added a bit more health to some other characters, to ensure there is a proper progression in Hit points based on the size of the characters. In the og game this difference was mostly 10 HP and a maximum 20 HP in the case of the Greasers, which mostly meant one single hit of difference. This is the reason for which Iíve increased characters like Hal and Chad to 175 and 150 HP respectively; this way youíre able to visually see theyíre a little bit tougher. The same logic was used in  increasing the health of most of the larger muscular jocks like Casey and Juri , to reflect the fact that theyíre super muscular jocks.
Johnny and Ted also have their HP increased to 500 in Complete Mayhem, to ensure that you have at least a mini boss fight at the same level of Derby against them in that mission.

Additionally, if you prefer this approach with the more traditional health of Bully but want a type of gameplay that could challenge and punish you more. Inside the Absolute original folder Iíve added a scenario called Hyper Aggressive mode. Which keeps the traditional health and block stats of the Absolute Original version but significantly increases attack rate stats for all cliques.


I also made sure to include an Almost original and an altered original version. These are pretty much the same as the og game with even the boss' health being kept nearly the same. The only real changes are balance changes to the health of some characters based on their size (the main example being huge peds). I made sure to include this for those who enjoy the base game as it is. The main difference between these versions concerns the health and stats of bosses as well as the differences in health between certain characters. (Difference with the absolute original is that, some characters like Damon were still buffed from 375 to 500 for example, same as Ted.  Also some of the other stats of bosses like attack rates; I created the absolute original version to remove even those things in case people did not like that).

Base and Classic:

   When it comes to base difficulty and classic my main idea was to keep most of the classic health of most characters in the base game.  However, while Iíve kept things as such with most smaller characters Iíve made some significant changes I felt were necessary.
The main change is that most characters that have a huge body type have had their health increased to 300, examples include jocks such as Casey and Juri. When I first played the game I always thought it was weird that these huge sporty meatheads had almost the same amount of health as smaller characters, so this change was a must for me. I also changed the health of some individual characters:

- Johnny, Damon and Ted have had their health increased to 500
-Norton to 400
-Characters like most Grapplers who arenít huge such as Chad as well as characters like Peanut and Bo have been given 200 health while Hal has 225.
-Most Bosses have also had some significant health buffs and other changes to make them more interesting to fight against; the Boss version of Norton for, instance, is also additionally faster and will kill you in 2 hits.

Iíve created in total three difficulties for the base and classic, Base being closer to the base game. Base Medium, which increases attack rates, dodge, and blocks to around 90. As well as Base yet Harder which increases most attack, block rates at around 200  and dodge rates for the Preps to around 200 as well.
There are always exceptions with some characters and bosses, for example in the harder version Damon has 800 attack rate to ensure he could be a threat to the player (as much as possible anyway, since Jimmy is braindead op no matter what).

For all those difficulty versions I have also added scenarios that add additional mini-boss health to characters like Gord, Peanut, and Norton and increase Bryceís health to 500 to fit his Boxing Bryce stats as well as increasing Damonís health even further to 675. (The extra health for characters like Gord is because he is the main focus of the Beach Rumble mission for example)
Iíve also added an additional scenario, for all these difficulty versions, which increases the health and stats of all the clique leaders in Complete Mayhem, to turn them more into legitimate boss fights each (other changes include giving Earnest a guaranteed Spudgun). There is also a scenario that combines the miniboss health and this scenario.
I even made an additional scenario that nerfs Jimmyís weapon damage by 50% for those of you who agree that especially the slingshot is way too overpowered.


Comfortable presents a difficulty between Base and default, it increases the amount of health by a similar amount as default such as preps being around 150, greasers at 200, and jocks at between 200-400 depending on size. While increasing attack, block rates by a more moderate amount; mostly around 90. The exception as usual are bosses and clique leaders and some characters like Damon.

Default-Michaís choice:

   This is basically the difficulty in which I prefer to play the game, with some increases in heath and a similar increase in attack rate as in the harder version of the base difficulty at mostly around 200. Examples of increases in hp include the preps at around 150, greasers at 200, and jocks at between 200-400 depending on size. Characters like Damon and Norton have 750 and 650 health respectively.  Also, the Complete Mayhem version of clique leaders is stronger and most bosses are harder. Basically as stated before, my goal is always to make the game harder but still keep most of its ďbeatemupsĒ aspects; which is also what makes it fun. I want to still keep the fun aspect for players and not make it unplayable.


Congenial keeps attack and block rates more moderate at around 90 but increases health by more than default. I made this version because I thought the increase in health between default and daring was maybe to high and it needed a version in between. Changes in health include:

-Nerds have between 90-115 health
-Bullies have around 150 health
-Preps have around 200 health
-Greasers have around 300 and the highest average attack rate
-Jocks have around 500 health for larger jocks and around 300 for smaller ones.
-Townies have between 250 and 450 health, Gurney is the exception at 750.
-Damon and Bif have around 1000 health and Norton has around 850
-Most grapplers have higher health than other clique members.

Daring version:

This version is for those who want a more significant increase in health, while attack and block rate is increased in a more moderate amount of mostly 90-100. The health on the other hand is increased by a large amount. Preps have between 200-300 health, Greasers between 300-500, and Jocks between 600-700 (smaller ones have less at around 300). Boss like characters like Damon and Bif, however, have a massive amount of health ( as much as 2000 for Bif and 1500 for Damon ). For clique leaders like Johnny and Darby whose boss fight health is capped at 500 and 300 in the mission scripts, their freeroam version has more moderate health at around 500 and 700, while their Complete Mayhem version is significantly stronger. In this version, characters take longer to be defeated and lose some of the gameís beatemups aspects, and it is not exactly my cup of tea. However, if you like this approach this one is for you.


Grim provides the same increase in health as congenial but also adds a large increase in the amount of attack block rates, as seen in other versions, at around 200. The dodge rate for preps is also increased to around 200. This version provides a significantly more difficult experience but is not as difficult as Hard mode. If you were originally disappointed by how easy the OG game could be, I hope this version can satisfy you.


This version is quite hard, it combines a large increase of health as seen in daring and a large increase in attack, block, and dodge rate as seen in default. 1 v1 you should probably be fine because no matter what I do Jimmy continues being unreasonably broken, but against groups itís a whole lot harder. Some missions become really hard. If you really want a much harder challenge than in the base game, this one is for you.


GOOD LUCK, this one increases health by a lot and attack and block rates by even more. Preps also have really high dodge rates, making them dodge and counter almost anything.

I would like to thank you for trying this out, it's pretty much my first time posting anything here. If there's anything that needs to be improved I'm all ears. I hope you are able to enjoy the game even more with this.

See you around,

Mod Showroom / Re: Darby and Johnny BOSS BETA Mission Showroom
« Last post by SHAPADO1245 on March 02, 2021, 10:36:34 AM »
Mod Showroom / Re: Darby and Johnny BOSS BETA Mission Showroom
« Last post by Ming on March 02, 2021, 10:32:52 AM »
Cool :a-cheer:

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