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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey nice to meet you :D
« on: September 23, 2012, 03:17:16 PM »
HAHA My tag says newbie but I finished the game a couple of times. and I got some more things to share with ppl on this site :D

Introduce Yourself / Hey nice to meet you :D
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:25:56 AM »
Hi im c00ld0c26 and Im a bully fan from 2007 or 2008 and I played the game first at ps2 and correctly in PC SE Im starting to make my own bully 2 story , Im also going to be a myth hunter soon (As soon as bully 2 comes out ima buy it and find as many myths I can I mean if it will come out) , what else should I say? Well I fainly registered to the site.

Bully 2 Discussion / Re: Bully 2 - My Ideas
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:03:30 AM »
Nice story but where is the tutorials? I mean its just the start of the game you bring a quite difficulte mission. I think there should be easy missions at first. Who knows maybe someone bought bully 2 before he bought bully 1 and he dosnt know how to play.It will take him for ever to pass that mission

Bully 2 Discussion / Re: Bully 2 Chapters 1 - 6 Mission ideas (2% done)
« on: September 22, 2012, 03:54:38 PM »
Now that was awesome man that seemed so real i actully want that to happen you are a talented writer

Ty Ima countinue it tommarow.

Bully 2 Discussion / Re: Bully 2 new clique suggestions
« on: September 22, 2012, 11:34:11 AM »
^ I never liked the idea of a biker clique because I always thought they'd be a greaser/punk mix... it's like why bother when we already have them as their own separate cliques? Can't help but feel the same way about a skaters clique.
(I'm thinking the punks are the dropouts here, since R★ basically just changed the name "Punks" to "Townies" before the release of the game.)

And I would absolutely hate a gangster clique... the removed character Ian annoyed the fuck out me (audio files, people), and if this clique existed and the members acted like he did, I'd go batshit crazy.

A hick clique sounds funny, but I'm not sure I'd like them in the game... same with hippies... and a goth clique never appealed to me for whatever reason. A cheer-leading clique... heh. I'd like to think it'd be the opposite of all the other groups; all female with one guy. Still, I feel this is group would be too much like the jocks. :P

... I should just walk away from this thread. I feel like I'm gonna be bitched at for being hard to please. :laugh:

Bro rockstar changed the punks into the bullys not into the townies. the dropouts were changed into the townies...

Bully 2 Discussion / Bully 2 Chapters 1 - 6 Mission ideas (20%)
« on: September 22, 2012, 11:18:35 AM »
Note : Leave a reply so I can know if pepole like my story :D

Note : After hes parents came back from there 1 year honeymoon they decided to send him back to bullworth after the few months of the vacation from school. After those few months they send Jimmy is back to bullworth. What happend in those months in bullworth?  You will need to read the story to know.
Note : Admins , If you count this as a plot story then you can move it there , but please contact me before doing so

Chapter 1 : "The second fall of Jimmy hopkins?"

Mission 1  name : "The second year of Jimmy hopkins begins , the very first basics"

Cutsence : Jimmy get dropped off by hes parents to bullworth. In hes very first step In school he Hears a scream of a nerd.

Cutscense ends.

Now Jimmy needs to go to the x on the map : the boys dorm yard.

As Jimmy steps into the yard a cutscene appears :

Earnest , Melvin , and Algie getting bullyied by Tom and Trent.
Jimmy yells : Hey Tom , Trent stop or I will have to hurt you.
Tom yells : Beat it Jimmy!
Jimmy : Dont say I didnt warn you.

Cutsence end

Jimmy needs to beat up Tom (this is the fighting guide) Jimmy get teached all the basic moves.
Then all the last year combos and wins the fight.

Cutsence : Trent runs away. Earnest says to Jimmy : Thank you Jimmy , later.
The nerds walk away and Jimmy is heading to the dorms and just before he enters the doors
Jimmy hears Trent yells : Hey Jimmy guess who is here!

Jimmy turns around and see's the whole bully clique runs towereds him

End of cutsence

Jimmy has 3 seconds to run behaind the boys dorm there he meets petey who tells him to hide in the trash can. Jimmy hides there and the bullys come to petey.
Trent : Hey head boy where is Jimmy?
Petey : Jimmy jumped on the fence and ran out of bullworth.
Trent : Damn we will get him next time!
The bullys go away.
Jimmy gets out of the trash can and asks petey : What happend? Why does the bullys dont listen to me?
Petey : While you were gone 2 new cliques came. 1 . Is the "Commando's"
Jimmy cuts petey and says : Wait the "Commando's"? How old are they? 8?
Petey : They got a childlish name but they are really strong , they are the only cliques in school that knows to make air guns. The second cliques is the....
Jimmy cuts petey again : Sorry petey I got to go I guess the "Commando's" are the reason no one listens to me , Its time to teach them a lesson.

Cutsence ends.  Note : Mission 2 starts automatic

Mission 2 : "The second year of Jimmy hopkins begins , the very first basics 2"

Jimmy needs to get into the school and look around for a "commando" as he finds one on the second floor a cutscene starts :

Jimmy is about to punch the commando in the head from behaind but petey stops him in the last second and says : Jimmy dont. They have air guns.
Jimmy : I dont care fuck the "commando's"
The commando guy hears what Jimmy said and turns around (Hes name is Ralf)
Ralf : Listen jerk , fuck off , or im gonna shoot you with my air gun!
Petey whispers to Jimmy : Jimmy you can beat them up later I got a plan Just apologize
(Here you got a guide how to apologize same as in bully 1.)
After apologizing Ralf goes away.
Jimmy : Im gonna spray hes locker.
Petey : I got a spray can on me take it.
Jimmy takes petey's spray can.

End of cutsence

Then Jimmy needs to spray Ralf's locker.


after a few seconds Beatrice shows up crying and say's that mandy stole her homework.

End of cutsence

Jimmy goes to the girls lockers lockpicks mandy's locker.

Gets back to school and bring beatrice's homework to her and she kisses him.

@ Beatrice Now likes you
@ + 5 Nerd
@ - 5 Bully
@ 5$

Mission 3 : "A New year on the left foot"

Cutsence :

Jimmy walks in school while Johnny comes to him saying that the Goth's stole hes bike
Jimmy says : I dont care handle it on your own.
Johnny : Jimmy you must do it!
Jimmy : Or what?
Then edgar shows up Yells looks worried and cutts Jimmy's and Johhny's conversetion : Jimmy you got to help us!!!
Jimmy : Edgar what are you doing here?. You dont belong to the school.
Edgar : That is not important ,listen the Goth's got Zoe!
Jimmy gets worried and suprised says : What?! When? How? Who are those Goth's?
Edgar says : They are a new cliques in the school , anyway that dosnt matter we must save Zoe!
Johnny : The greasers will come to help too , they will pay for stealing my bike!
Jimmy : Johnny , Edgar bring as much pepole you can from your clique and I will bring russel , meet me here in a few minutes.

Cutsence ends.

Jimmy needs to find petey he walks to the boys dorm and sees him watching TV.

Cutsence :

Jimmy yells : Hey petey!!!
Petey turns around sees Jimmy and says : What happend?
Jimmy : They got Zoe!
Jimmy kicks the TV and the TV brakes.
Petey : Calm down who did this? I can get them expalled.
Jimmy : Those Goth's!!
Petey : I will expell them all.
Jimmy : No that will be an easy punishment.
Petey : So what are you going to do?
Jimmy : Find russel and beat the crap out of them , I came to ask you where is he.
Petey : Oh but Russel got beaten up by the Goth's 3 days ago , Hes at the hospitol.
Jimmy : What?!!!!
Petey : Yes they came to him with shovels and smacked him.
Jimmy : I dont have time to waste im going to meet Edgar and Johnny they will help me.
Jimmy walks away ignores everything in hes way.
Petey : Can I come to? Jimmy.... , Oh never mind.

End cutscene


Jimmy waits at  the main school building for Johnny and Edgar to come.
Johnny walks in the room with Norton and Lefty.
Edgar comes a few seconds later with Otto and Henry.
Edgar : Jimmy where is russel?
Jimmy : He got beated up a few days ago by the Goth's , hes laying in the hospitol for who knows how long.
Edgar : Oh damn it!
Johnny : We dont have time lets go kick those Goth's!
Jimmy : Okey , Johnny lead us to the Goth's turf.
Johnny : Follow me!

End cutscene.

Jimmy , Lefty ,Norton , Edgar , Otto and Henry follow Johnny to the school Basement.
As they enter 2 Goth's attacks them after they beat the Goth's  (Goth's are stronger then  the townies and the jocks that means that they are the new rulers of the school but in this mission they are weak as a small prep because its only the start of the game) They countinue to the next room.
In the second room 3 Goth's start to attack Jimmy and the others after beating them up they head to the next room.
in the 3rd room 3 Goth's came all armed with shovels that deal 2x more damage then bats (extreamly strong).
After They beat up the Goth's They head into the next room and they can hear Zoe!.
Zoe : Help! Jimmy! please help!.
Jimmy screams : Zoe!!!!
The Goth's hear that and as Jimmy and the others head to "The hole" The Goth's are ready with shovels (6 Goth's) after Jimmy and the others beat them all Jimmy unties Zoe. (A new feature that should be in the game is to tie students and untie them XD)

Cutscene :

A big Goth enters the room (Big almost like russel) He knocks off Edgar , Johnny , Lefty , Otto , Henry and Norton easly with no effort and then kicks Jimmy in the nuts Jimmy falls on the ground as the big Goth says : Bring me my shovel.
AJ (a Goth) : Yes Bog(Bog is the big Goth's name)
AJ hands Bog the shovel and Bog is about to hit Jimmy with the shovel but in the last minute he gets shot by an air gun.
Ralf : Hey Goth's its payback time!
Jimmy stands up Wakes up all the others and they run away leaving Ralf and hes "Commando's" fight the Goth's.
Zoe : Thanks Jimmy!
Zoe kisses Jimmy while the others are leaving the area.

@ -15 Goth
@ +5 Greaser
@ + 5 Commando's
@ 30$ Dollers

Mission 4 : "Jimmy's items 1"


Jimmy walks to the library as he notices Earnest he walks to him and asks : Hey Earnest where is my slingshot I borrowed you last year?
Earnest : Well.... hmm..... lets say.....
Jimmy yells : What?
Earnest : Tom stole it from me , Im sorry! , Dont hit me!!!
Jimmy : Damn you , Im going to get my slingshot.

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to find Tom as he finds him in the parking lot of the school a cutscene begins :

Jimmy : Hey Tom give me my slingshot.
Tom : Your slingshot? The only slingshot I have is Earnest's slingshot.
Jimmy : Well its mine , give it!
Tom : Not gonna happen.
Tom runs away and jumps on hes bike and tries to escape.
Jimmy : Damn those bully's
Jimmy Steals pedro's bike and chase Tom.

End cutscene.

Jimmy needs to chase Tom no need to hurt him just follow him while he drives as fast as he can.
Tom also trows fire crackers and stink bombs on Jimmy in the chase.
Jimmy chases Tom to Tad's house and the gate closes.
Jimmy didnt make it and fell on the gate , while Tom made it and is in tad's yard.
Jimmy needs to open the gate.
Jimmy walks into Tad's yard as he sees Tom Trent and Ethan with Justin , Bif , Derby , Tad , and Bryce


Jimmy : Tom what the fuck are you doing hanging with the preps?
Tom : Shut up , you aint getting your slingshot Jimmy.
Jimmy : We will see about that.

Cutscene end

Jimmy needs to fight Bif , Ethan , and Trent.


After he wins , Tom and the preps go inside the house and locks it.
The preps and Tom open the windows and start shooting Jimmy with slingshots.
Jimmy Jumps into a bush and see's Fatty.
Jimmy shouts : Fatty.
Fatty shouts back : Yes Jimmy?
Jimmy shouts : Come over here fast!
Fatty runs to Jimmy and asks : Yes?
Jimmy : Do you got a pair of spuds here?
Fatty : Yes I do here take one.
Jimmy : Okey , you see those preps over there?
Fatty : Yes coolio.
Jimmy : Help me  beat them all with the spuds.
Fatty worried : Ah.... are you sure we wont lose?
Jimmy : No we wont.

Cutscene end.

Jimmy needs to aim and shoot all the preps in the same time a dodgeing tutorials shows up (It teaches you how to dodge slingshots and ect.)
After Jimmy and Fatty shoot all the preps only Tom is left now Jimmy needs to break Tad's door and enter hes house.
Jimmy breaks the door , enters the house and a cutscene starts :

Jimmy : Wow Tad is a damn rich , that bitch.
Fatty : Jimmy my mom told me that I need to go to sleep at 07:00 so I need to go , later coolio.
Jimmy : Later fatty.
Tom : Hey Jimmy think you can beat me up?
Jimmy goes up stairs and says : Tom your going down.

Cutscene end.

Now Jimmy needs to beat up Tom (Tom has a boss hp meter in this mission)
Jimmy needs to beat him after he beats him Jimmy needs to try to take the slingshot from hes hand (Press r till he takes it) Then Jimmy has to press the button appears on the screen fast or Tom will drag him trought the window.Jimmy takes his slingshot and a cutscene starts :

Jimmy : This ends now!
Tom : Bring it.
Jimmy pushes Tom trought the window and Tom almost fell down , Tom holds the window.
Jimmy : Who is the boss? Ha? Me I am the boss , say it now!
Tom : You are the boss!
Jimmy : Now I want you and your shit bully's to listen to Russel and me from now on , understand?!!!
Tom : Yes! Just dont let me fall!
Jimmy gives a hand to Tom and lifts him up.
Tom : Sorry Jimmy.
Jimmy : Bye , Im out of here I need to get the rest of my stuff.
Jimmy walks away

Cutscene end.

@Earned the super slingshot.
@ +100 Bully's
@-10 preps.

Mission 5 : "Jimmy's items 2"


Jimmy walks to the boys dorms as he see's Norton
Jimmy : Where is my skateboard I borrowed you last year?
Norton : Its mine now.
Jimmy : Did I hear right? Its yours?
Norton : Yes its mine , now fuck off.
Norton pushes Jimmy , Jimmy falls and Norton runs out of the boys dorm.

Cutscene end

Jimmy needs to run after Norton as Jimmy and Norton enter the greasers area (the entarance where the mascot statu is at) Lefty and Hal attack Jimmy. after Jimmy wins he countinue to the auto shop where Norton spills oil on the floor and Jimmy cant pass.
Jimmy has 20 seconds to get in the greasers area from the parking garage.
After Jimmy got there in time Jimmy gets attacked by Norton using the skateboard as a weapon. (same damage as bats) After Jimmy beats Norton 2 prefects come and try to bust him.
Jimmy needs to press "R" as fast as he can (2x harder pressing the "R" cuz the 2 prefects try to bust him in the same time.) After Jimmy fainly released from the prefects hands he runs to the dorms

@Earned the skateboard.
@-10 Greasers.

Mission 6 : "Jimmy's items 3"


Jimmy walks in the dorm as he looks under his bed , he remembers putting hes camera under his bed and forgot it there. So he checks if the camera is still there and its not there. He see's petey and asks him : Petey where is the camera I left under my bed last year?
Petey : Oh right I forgot to tell you , the police had a search on this room for some reason and the cops stole it.
Jimmy : Guess what , im going to take it back , later petey.
Petey : Good luck Jimmy.

Cutscene End

Jimmy needs to go to the police station at old bullworth near the city hall.
As he enters he needs to beat up the main guard.
As he beats him up (the cop cant bust Jimmy during this fight only fight him , and other cops cant get involved in the fight)  After beating him up, Jimmy uses the cops ID to enter the cops section. Searching for the cops clothing room. Jimmy has to sneak while 6 cops are patrolling around a place that is half size of the inside of the asylum.
As Jimmy finds the clothing room he enters and disguises as a cop.
Jimmy goes to the Chief's room and takes his camera.

Cutscene :

As Jimmy takes his camera the chief enters the room and see's him , the chief says on the police radio : All units in police station code 21(I just made up a number XD).
Jimmy jumps out of the window and starts running.
Jimmy see's Russel driving in hes bike and yells : Russel drive!!!
While Jimmy hangs on hes bike.
Russel starts driving like crazy as the police chase them.

Cutscene end.

Jimmy is in super slingshot mode same mode as in "The candidate" from bully 1 and another mission the mission that he and gord rides a bike and greasers are trying to kill them XD.
Jimmy's goal is to shoot all the nerby cops , cops dont have range weapons in bully so they need to get close to Jimmy with their bikes , it takes them around 4 seconds to do so , then they start punching Jimmy (100 = Jimmy's hp when full. A cops hit = 5 hp) The cops hit Jimmy every 5 seconds they are close to him. After Jimmy fainly lost them he tells to Russel to stop and gets of the bike.

Cutscene :

Jimmy : Russel , warnt you in the hospitol?
Russel : I just got out of the hospitol  , when Goth's were waiting for me outside but I smashed them all! (Russel does hes attack sound "wha" or someting like that).
Jimmy : Okey Russel I need your help my correct goal is to take down the prepes , can you help me?
Russel : Yes but Russel needs some rest.
Jimmy : Sure , anyway gotta go , later.
Russel : Bye Jimmy.

End cutscene.

@eEarned the digital camera.
@Earned the police officer uniform

Note : The more cash I give in the end of the mission means that the mission is more difficulte.

Mission 7 : "Hattrick vs Galloway 2"


Jimmy walks near english class , as Mr.galloway calls him.
Jimmy goes to Mr.galloway and asks : Yes Mr.Galloway?
Galloway: Jimmy , you got to help me! , Mr.Hattrick is running for Old bullworth mayor Job.
Jimmy : So?
Galloway : He is going to get revenge on me and Dr.Crabblesnitch
Jimmy : Well what do you want me to do?
Galloway : Ruin hes speech at the city hall , It starts in 4 minutes.
Jimmy : On my way.

End cutscene

Jimmy has only 4 minutes to get to the city hall.
After Jimmy arrives in time he has to climb up to the city hall roof (The place he sprayed the bullworthless).
Jimmy climbs up there and Jimmy needs to hit Mr.Hattrick 20 times.
On the roof of the city hall there is a door where Jimmy can hide.
As Jimmy hits Mr.Hattrick 3 times , A cop appears scanning the area on the city hall.
Every 3 hits the same happends for the rest of the speech but , The cops can climb to Jimmy's floor so he must hide every few seconds from the cops.
If the cops bust him once he auto fails the mission.
As Jimmy knocks off Mr.Hattrick , Jimmy goes down from the city hall roof and heads to the school , but Cops block hes way.
Jimmy jumps on a bike and needs to lose the cops.
After Jimmy loses the cops (When the trouble bar is full - red) he goes back to the school to tell Mr.Galloway about hes Succsses

Cutscene :

Jimmy walks to english class
Jimmy : Mr.Galloway are you there?
Mr.Galloway : Jimmy did you , succ , succ succseed?
Jimmy : Yes sir , why are you talking wierd.
Mr.Galloway raises his hand as he has a alcohol bottle in hes hand.
Jimmy : You should really stop drinking.
Jimmy leaves the room.

End cutscene

@Earned the commando sniper custome.
@Your Slingshot does more damage.

Mission 8 : "Paintball all night! 1"

Cutscene :

 Jimmy walks in the second floor of the school building.
Jimmy hears someone calling him.
Cherl : Hey , Jimmy , piss....
Jimmy : What do you want?
Cherl : Come , I wanna show you something.
Jimmy : This better not be a trick.
Cherl : Just come...

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to follow cherl (the commando guy) to the upstairs (The commando's base)
As he steps in the base a Cutscene appears :

Jimmy : What the fuck is this place?
Cherl : This is the commando base.
Jimmy : And why are you showing me this ugly place?
Cherl : Chill , I just want you to see a place you will really like.
Jimmy : What ever .
Cherl : Over here.
Jimmy Walks after Cherl to another room.
You can see a bunch of commando's playing paintball in a training area that looks awesome and its huge.
Jimmy : Sweet!
Cherl : Should we play?
Jimmy : Its on!

End cutscene

Jimmy starts with 5 Commando's on hes team , All he needs to do is to shoot once with the paintball gun on the enemy team.
After Jimmy and his group wins the mission ends.

@A Sniper paintball gun will be in your room once a day. (It has 10 shots each shots does 15 damage to Jimmy 100 = Jimmy's max health.)
@+30 Commando
@Jimmy can now play as Sniper in "Paintball training" (Thats the name of the game) for cash (50$ each game)

Mission 9 : Jimmy vs Johnny


Jimmy walks near the bike shop
Bike seller : Hey champ!
Jimmy : Yeah?
Bike seller : You got a challange
Jimmy : I aint got time for challanges
Bike seller : Then you must return your trophy from last year
Jimmy : Okey I will race , Where is the challanger?
Bike seller : Right behind you
Jimmy turns around
Johnny : Hey , Hopkins your trophy is mine
Jimmy : What problem do you have with me now?
Johnny: I saw you with Lola! , You kissed her! , I saw you!
Jimmy : I told you last year , I dont care about that slut
Johnny : Lies! lies!
Jimmy : What ever lets get this over

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to race Johnny
From the bike shop to New Converty (Where greasers trow fire crackers at him all round town) then to Skies Industrial Park and back (That means Jimmy needs to drive again in New converty where 3 greasers follow him on bikes and trow fire crackers on him) Jimmy wins the race.

@ -20 greaser
@ 60$
@ Bike races unlocked

Mission 10: Bullyworthless


Jimmy walks in the dorms and goes to his bed and sees a note :

"Jimmy wouldnt that be cool if you take a picture of the spray you sprayed last year on the city hall and post it online for the whole world to see?"

Jimmy : Hmmm that would be cool (talking to himself)
Jimmy walks towereds the dorms door.

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to go to the city hall's statu as he gets there , he needs to take a picture of the spray.

Cutscene :

While Jimmy takes the picture a Goth is sneaking on him and takes hes wallet from his pocket , Jimmy notices that and runs after him.
The Goth gets on a bike and starts driving away.
Jimmy drives after him.

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to drive with his bike after the goth without losing him.
As Jimmy arrives to new converty he see's the Goths beating the crap out of the Townies every where like the war in bully 1 when the preps fights the greasers all around new converty but you can  see that the Goths wins without any effort.
After Jimmy fainly got the Goth and the Goth has no where to run a cutscene starts:

Jimmy : Okey bitch , give me my wallet!
Hery (the Goth) : Fuck you hopkins its mine!
Jack (the goth from the third mission) : Hey Hery!
Jack trows a steel ball above Hery.
Hery drives away from the ball.
The ball explodes and made the big iron fence behind Hery fall and made him a way to escape.
Jimmy : You aint going no where.
Hery : See ya , assholl!
Jimmy drives after Hery

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to drive after Hery and follows him to the place where Jimmy fight Johnny in bully 1 "Fighting Johnny vincent" mission.
Jimmy fainly got him but then a cutscene starts:

Jimmy : I got you Hery now give up!
Hery : No I got you HAHAHAHAHA!
Hery : Look around hopkins your surrounded.
Jimmy Looks around and see's the Nerds , the Preps the Greasers , The Jocks , The bullys and the Goths surrunding him.
Hery : Anyway Its time to kick your ass!
Hery gets off his bike.
Jimmy gets off his bike to .
Bog(the big Goth from mission 3) : Its over.

Edgar and Russel shows up with : Henry , Duncan , Gurney , Jerry , Leon , Omar and Otto

Edgar : Jimmy.... Were here to help you!
Russel : Russel smash who ever try smash Jimmy!
Bog : Bring it on monky! , your mom must be ugly as shit.
Russel : Russel SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to fight along with Russel and the Townies
At start the whole Nerds cliques go first at the same time and try to beat Jimmy , Russel and the
After the nerds got beaten up the same happends but with Bully's
After the Bully's got beaten up the same happends with preps.
After the preps got beaten up the same happends with Greasers
After the Greasers got beaten up the same happends with Jocks
After the Jocks got beaten up a Cutscene starts:

Bog : Time is up! Jimmy! , you have beated almost every school cliques , Now its time for the strongest of all!
Bog : Walks to Russel and stands 5 meters away from him.
Russel : Russel SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Russel tries to bump into him with hes head but fails and hits a car and gets knocked off.
Bog : I can beat up Russel so easly , do you think you can beat me hopkins?
Jimmy : Yes I beated up Russel to and every one of the school cliques last year , Ill do the same with you!
Bog : Are you just acting brave with the Townies and Russel watching your back?
Jimmy : No! , you must pay for all have you done , stop turning everyone againts me!
Bog : Look behind you hopkins , you got no one left.
Jimmy turns around and sees the Goth's beat up the Townies.
Jimmy turns back to Bog : Me and you! one on one!.
Bog : Okey if you want to die so soon.

End cutscene

Note : Jimmys Hp sets to 200 (full hp with 100% kiss bonus due the fact that bog is strong as hell) at the start of the fight

Jimmy nees to beat up Bog.
Bog moves : Normal moves : Uppercut(10 hp damage)  , Knee uppercut (15 Hp damage)  Mounted punches (2 hp damage each , up to 10 punches each attempt, will auto stop after Jimmy blocks 1 punch)

When holding : DDT (10 hp damage , Jimmy is stunned for 3 seconds on the floor , Slow motion) Backbreaker (20 hp damage , will use only when Bog has low health  , Slowmotion)

When enemy is not 1 meter close : Spear (Slowmotion , Only when enemys is about 2 - 3 meters away , 15 hp)High knee (10 hp , only when enemy is 2-4 meters away)

Opponet on ground : The big splash (5 hp , When bog is half hp left) kick (2 hp)

Special : Bear hug (takes 5 hp every 2 seconds , Jimmy needs to press R 4 times harder then prefects R when trying to bust him , If Jimmy fails at the R eventually 25 Hp is taken from Jimmy , only used when bog has low hp)

After Jimmy hits bog and bogs hp stands on 10 a cutscene appears :

Bog spears Jimmy and stands up , puts his foot on Jimmys stomech and shouts :

I knocked Jimmy hopkins! , Im stronger then Jimmy hopkins! , Who ever will be a friend of Jimmy hopkins will be beated up! understood?!

the Nerds , the Preps , the Greasers , the bully's (except Russel) , and the Jocks and the Goths Cheer Bog.
Bog : Now lets leave the trash for some time for himself.
Bog and the whole school except Russel leaves.
Russel : Jimmy is okey?
Jimmy : I dont think I feel so good , those Goth's they got someone with them from the outside , they cant be that strong on there own.
Edgar shouts : Jimmy!
Edgar runs towereds Jimmy
Edgar : Jimmy are you okey?
Jimmy : I dont think so...
Edgar : Damn it , I dont feel good either , those Goths are really strong.
Russel : Ugh , Russel Smash Goths!!!
Jimmy : No Russel we need a plan.
Petey : Jimmy!
Petey runs to Jimmy
Petey : Are you okey?
Jimmy : No
Petey : What happend?
Jimmy : I got beaten up
Petey : How did you got beaten up??!
Jimmy : That dosnt matter right now , We need a plan those Goths are not like any other of the school cliques they are stronger and smarter.
Petey : I heared a new city is opening soon.
Jimmy : So?
Petey : There is going to be a new school , Maybe you can get help from there!
Jimmy : Sure sounds like a plan.
Russel : Smash later Jimmy.
Petey : Later
Edgar : Bye Jimmy , see you around
@ -100 Bullys (except Russel)
@ -100 Greasers
@ -100 preps
@ -100 Jocks
@ -100 Nerds
@ -100 Goths
@ Jimmy lost all of his cash

Chapter 2 Intro:

Jimmy : That Bog kid really gets on my nervs. There is no way im gonna lose to this kid.
Its time to think about a plan to take down those Goth's but first of all I need to take over 6 other faction : Nerds , Bullies , Preps , Greasers , Commandos , and Jocks. Afcourse that the Jocks have sub-factions : Football Jocks , Baseball Jocks , Soccer Jocks , And Wrestling Jocks.
So many factions , with not a lot of time.

@Unlocked Bellside vale (The new town with the new school)
   Status :
    Respect :

Note : The respect status's is for both schools unless I mention it isnt

Bullies : 0
Greasers : 0
Preps : 0
Jocks (Bullworth Jocks only) : 0
Goth's : 0
Nerds : 0
Commandos : 85
Townies : 100
Football Jocks (New school only) : 0
Soccer Jocks (New school only) : 0
Wrestling Jocks (New school only) : 0
Baseball Jocks (New school only) : 0
Police : 50

Chapter 2 : Making a plan , and some other shit.

Mission 1 : Go see the princial 2

Cutscene : You can see Jimmy wakes up and Ms. Danvers says on the PA :
Jimmy hopkins to the principal office please.
Jimmy : Oh man , what does that old man wants now?

End cutscene :

Jimmy needs to go to the principals office as he goes there he meets Ms. Danvers
Ms.Danvers : Jimmy the principal is waiting for you.
Jimmy : Yeah sure
Jimmy enters the principal room. (Pressing the action button near his door)


Dr.Crabblesnitch : Well is it Hopkins the school hero
Jimmy : Well not anymore
Dr.Crabblesnitch : What happend?
Jimmy : Nothing sir.
Dr.Crabblesnitch : Anyway it seem that your mother has sent you a present , she wanted me to deliver it to you personality , since im a trustfull man.
Jimmy : I guess.
Jimmy takes the box opens it and you can see a cellphone in it.
Jimmy : Cool! thats a new smartphone!.
Dr. Crabblesnitch : There is more.
Dr. Crabblesnitch hands Jimmy a bag
Jimmy opens it and pulls out a bunny halloween custome.
Jimmy : I guess I need to go buy a halloween custome.
Dr Crabblesnitch : Well run along , keep your nose clean hopkins.
Jimmy : I will .....(Resisting a bit) sir.

End cutscene :

A phone guide pops up with 4 tasks : 1 . Call hes Mom 2. find Petey and add hes number 3. Send a text to his father 4 . Order a halloween custome (from 3 choices : Pirate , Serial killer , Knight )

@Cellphone - Smartphone

Mission 2 : Trick and prank

Cutscene :

Jimmy walks in the boys dorms and meets Petey
Jimmy : Hey Pete
Petey : Hey Jimmy , ready for halloween?
Jimmy : Well strangely my custome didnt arrive yet.
Petey : Let me see the order.
Jimmy takes out his phone and shows petey the order (You dont see the order just Jimmy showing pete the phone)
Petey : Those kind of orders can take days.
Jimmy : Shit , No way im dressing like a bunny
Petey : Well...
Jimmys phones rings and cuts Petey
Jimmy pickup the phone
Jimmy (Cellphone) : Hello?
Delivery guy (Cellphone) : I got a delivery outside of bullworth for Jimmy hopkiss
Jimmy (Cellphone ) : Its hopkins! , Im coming.
Jmmy hangup and go outside of the dorms.
Petey : Okey Jimmy meet you later.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to go to the gate of bullworth as he arrives he needs to take the delivery.
Delivery guy : Thanks for shoppinp first order is free off charge.
Jimmy needs to go change to his custome.
and then go outside of the dorm.

Cutscene :

Petey waits for Jimmy outside of the Dorms
Petey : Hey Jimmy , lets prank some pepole.
Jimmy : No , I need to make the bullies mad to get a chance to control them.
Petey : Well lets prank them.
Jimmy : Good idea

End cutscene:

Jimmy needs to go and beat up sheldon and take his water gun
then spill all the water out of it and then go to the bathroom and pee in it.
After Jimmy did all that he needs to go and shoot the bullies 3 bullies with it.
Then he needs to get a fire cracker from the storage room (unless he already has some)
and plant it in the toilets , Trent arrives and a cutscene starts :
Trent closes the door and **** in the toilet then the fire cracker explodes (you know the rest)
Jimmy goes to the gym and steals a bag of footballs from the boys lockers room (if any jock will see you holding the bag he will attack you for stealing the balls) Jimmy plants the football balls in davis's locker and a cutscene starts :
Davis walks with Ethan inside the school and picklockers.
Davis : Wait I got a little hammer in my locker we can use it.
Ethan : Okey lets go
They go to the the locker opens it and the football balls fall over them and they fall to the ground.
Jimmy walks to them and takes Davis's wallet
Jimmy : Nice cash thanks , later
Davis : Jimmy is that you? , your going to pay for this!

End cutscene : 

Jimmy needs to go back to the dorms
Once he and Petey enter the mission ends.

@Halloween custome (Which that you chooce to order)

Mission 3 : Making a plan


Jimmy walks in the new town near the new school
Derek : Hey , your Jimmy hopkins right?
Jimmy : Yeah , What is it to you!?
Derek : Your the bitch Gary warned us about.
Jimmy : Wait , Gary? That little backstabbing bitch?
Derek : Yeah , now beat it.
Jimmy : Wait , how do you know gary? he got expalled and now his at his home away from here.
Derek : Actully , he studies here , now you really should fuck off
Jimmy : No , listen gary is a moron , he is going to make a school fight or something like that.
Derek : No , hes just the most populer student in school , last warning fuck off or I will make you fuck off.
Jimmy : Dude the same thing happend last year! , Gary tried to fuck pepole up , making them do what he wants , and then making them fight each other.
Derek : Why should I believe you?
Jimmy : You know what? come with me I will prove you.
Derek : Sure lets take my bike and what ever you brought.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to take a bike from the school bike parking and lead Derek to Russel's house
As Jimmy arrives a Cutscene Appears :

Russel beats up 4 preps in his yard as Jimmy and Derek are watching him.
Jimmy : This is Russel , an old friend.
Derek : I am no match for him.
Jimmy: Russel! , go get your scooter were heading to edgar
Russel : Okey Jimmy.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to drive to skies to meet edgar at the chem plant.
As he arrives a cutscene appears:

Edgar is seen hanging out with otto and henry , then they get attacked by Norton ricky and peanut , Norton was with hes sledgehammer.
Norton : Hey townbitches , your going down.
Edgar : Yeah think you can take me down with a hammer huh?
Norton : This is gonna be fun.

End Cutscene

Jimmy and Russel needs to help edgar and the townies beat the greasers while Derek stands back and watches (Since he isnt Jimmy's friend and still dont respect him). As they beat ricky and peanut a Cutscene appears:

Norton smacked the hammer in Jimmy's head Jimmy falls down on the ground.
Russel : Leave my little buddy! wha!!!
Norton : Later!
Norton runs away leaving the sledgehammer behind.
Edgar runs to Jimmy and helps him get up on his feet.
Edgar : Hey Jim are you okey? that was one strong hit you got there.
Jimmy : Oh damn , I forgot.... the moves the Hobo teached me last year.
Edgar : Maybe I will teach you some of our own movies?
Jimmy : No thanks Edgar, I need something that is special.
Edgar : Any Ideas?
Russel : What about Russel smash moves?
Jimmy : No Russel , the bullies are using your moves already.
Derek : I hate doing this but.... well , My friend has an uncle who is in the commando.
Jimmy : That can fit in!
Derek : Well.... you can meet him soon , I will let you know in a few days.
Jimmy : Okey thanks Derek. Now lets go pepole , we are heading to bullworth.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to drive to bullworth while he is driving he needs to call petey and tell him to wait outside of bullworth.
As Jimmy arrives there a Cutscene appears:

Petey walks to Jimmy
Petey : Hey Jimmy , whats up?
Jimmy : Petey we got no time listen up , I need you to bring me gary's filles.
Petey : I cant do that without a good reason.
Jimmy : Okey you aint gonna give me it then I will get it myself. Derek , Russel , Edgar , wait here.
Edgar : Jimmy forgot to tell you something.
Petey : What?
Edgar : He dosnt know how to fight anymore.
Petey : Really why?
Edgar : Well he..... [Fade]

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to go in the school , and active the fire alarm. Once he did that he has about 5 seconds to get the hell out of there , Miss danvers heads over there. Jimmy has 30 seconds to run to the secutery. As he arrives there he speaks in the PA system and says : All students can now go back to there dorms , all classes are cancled untill tommarow. Jimmy has 5 seconds to go and run out of the secutery area.

As Jimmy runs out of the secutery area a Cutscene appears:

Dr,Crabblesnitch is seeing opening the door of hes office and runs down the stairs trying to make the students go back to there classes but fails.

End Cutscene

Mean while Jimmy needs to go to hes office and snatch the filles.
As Jimmy snatches the filles and leaves Dr.Crabblesnitch's office a Cutscene appears :

 seth see's him and tries to bust him. Jimmy runs away from him and go back to the school's gate.
Jimmy walks towereds Derek , Edgar , Russel , and Petey.
Jimmy : I got it!
Derek : Got the filles?
Jimmy : Yes! , Now here this : Gary's smith's record fille. Vandalisem , Manipulating students , adults , teachers , prefects and Dr.crabblesnitch. Making a school into a battle ground. Bad behavior , Trash talk.
Derek : Let me see that
Derek takes the filles from Jimmy.
Jimmy : you see?
Derek Looks closely at the filles.
Derek : Yeah I see this  , I cant believe he manipulated me!.
Jimmy : Okey Derek tell me everything you got on gary.
Derek : Gary is planning a school fight.
Jimmy : Thats the same thing he did last year.
Derek : I ment 2 schools fights each other.
Jimmy : Oh shit bullworth againts your school?
Derek : Yes!
Jimmy : Damn.
Derek : You got untill the end of the year to control both schools.
Jimmy : This is crazy , I have no choice tought.
Derek : Well I got to go , Come and visit me bro here is my number.
Jimmy : Okey , bye.
Petey : Did we just make a plan?
Jimmy : Yes we did , We are gonna smash soon right Russel?
Russel : Russel smash pepole , for peace!
Edgar : So Jim , Is this meeting is over?
Jimmy : I guess.
Edgar : Okey Later Jim.
Jimmy : Bye Edgar
Russel : Smash later Jimmy.
Petey : Lets go Jimmy.
Jimmy : To where?
Petey : To talk about your grades.
Jimmy : My grades?
Petey : Just kidding.
Jimmy : I tought you are Dr.Crabblesnitch for a second.
Petey : Later Jimmy.
Jimmy : Bye.

@ +30 Baseball Jocks (Derek is from the baseball Jocks clique in the other school)

Mission 4 : Setup as your advantage

Cutscene :

Jimmy makes out with Zoe at her room in the girls dorms while the door is closed.(naughty Jimmy  ;))

Trent : Zoe! Im coming for you!
Jimmy : What does trent want from you?
Zoe : I dont know.
Jimmy : Zoe , were you cheating on me?!
Zoe : No!.
Jimmy : What ever I am leaving , go spend time with your loser boyfriend.
Jimmy opens the door and bumps into Trent.
Trent : Look where your going.
Jimmy : Oh just shut up!
Jimmy walks toweres the exit but hears something :
Zoe: Dont leave me alone!
Trent : But I love you Zoe , mind showing me some good time huh?
Jimmy : Oh damn it.
Jimmy runs to Zoes room but the door is locked
Mrs.peaboy heads down going outside of the girls dorms , you can hear Dr.Crabblesnitch calling her on the phone.
Jimmy hided fast enought so he wasnt cought.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to go to Chrissy's room (at the second floor) and take a pin. While Jimmy enters the room Chrissy is with the back to him (with her face towereds the wall) she puts on a shirt. Jimmy needs to sneak and take the pin from her table. as Jimmy takes the pin he needs to run to the Zoe's room and break the lock using the pin. as the door is unlocked a cutscene appears :

You see trent knocking Zoe on the floor , not letting her move.
Jimmy : Leave her alone!
Trent : Come and get me if you can!
Jimmy : Your dead!
Jimmy helps Zoe get on the ground while Trent runs out of the dorm and exists the door.
Zoe : Thanks Jimmy!
Jimmy : I will come back , Gotta teach that bastard a lesson.
Zoe : Goodluck Jimmy!
Jimmy runs out of the dorm.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to run after Trent outside of the school.
As Trent gets to the school's gate he jumps on his bike and drives away.
Jimmy needst to take a bike (there will be 1 near the school gate) and chase him.
They drive all over town and then Derek Calls Jimmy
Jimmy needs to pickup the phone or the mission will fail.
Jimmy picks up the phone and Derek speaks to him while he chases Trent.
Jimmy : Derek its not a good time to talk right now.
Derek : No Jimmy its the perfect time.
Jimmy : Okey but do it fast , im chasing someone here.
Derek : I know , The bullies are gonna set you up. They planned the whole thing , they are gonna set you up at the baseball field.
Jimmy : Okey , Derek this is not gonna happend. I want you and your clique at the baseball field. Bring baseball balls and a lot.
Derek : On it. Meet you there.
Jimmy : Bye
Jimmy hangup and countinue chasing him.
As the call ended Jimmy and Trent fainly got to Derek's school.
They drive all the way to the baseball field.
As Jimmy gets into the football field a Cutscene starts :

 Jet (A bully from Derek's school) hits Jimmy causing Jimmy to fall from the bike.
Jet takes the bike
Jet : Okey Hopkins its pawning time.
Crowd (Bullies) : Get him! , Pawn his head off!.
Trent trows Jet a Iron ball (Same ball the Goth used in "Bullyworthless" mission.
Jet catches the ball and starts driving around.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to take a baseball bat from the wall and avoid Jet's attacks.
Jet cant trow the ball at him since its heavy , so he drives close to him and fast hits him with it causing Jimmy to stunn a bit from its waight and then explode in his hands.
After Jimmy takes the baseball bat every 30 seconds one of the following buttons will pop up on the screen : Computer : A  , D , W , S , Q ,E  Xbox : X , A , B ,Y , RB , LB.
If Jimmy presses the button in time (The button will appear only for 1 second) you will see that Jimmy is swinging his bat while a baseball Jock trows a ball to him and Jimmy hits Jet with the ball.After 10 Balls Jet is knocked out.

Cutscene :

Jimmy : Okey Losers! , Who won? Me! , who just kicked your ass? Me!.
Jimmy kicks Jet in the ribs.
Jimmy : Who win? , who is the boss now huh?
Jet : Y...ou
Jimmy : Correct! , You wont have your ass kicked tommarow.
Jimmy turns around to the other bullies in the crowd.
Jimmy : Im the daddy now! understand?
Henry: Your dead now hopkins!
Jimmy : Shut up and go put some make up on your face girly.
Henry : Its.... not .. a .... Its not make up its paint!.
Jimmy : What ever Gothbag.
Henry (Speaking in a walkie talkie) : Gary we got a situation here , Hopkins is in the school.
Jimmy : Your dead Henry
Henry : Bring it.
Gary : Oh! , Its the morron!.
Jimmy : Gary! , Last year wasnt enough for you!?
Gary : Well , I guess I didnt have enough , I just love ruining your life.
Jimmy : Well quit it!
Gary : Get him boys.
6 more Goth's show up and 2 Nerds with an electric shock (Not a real shocker like the police have , They just made a stick from plastic or something and used that shocking little thing inside the pens that shock you when you press on it , well the same thing but strong enough to stun the enemy)
Henry : Lets get him!
Jimmy : Oh crap!
Jimmy starts running away.

Next mission starts automaticly

Mission 5 : Bustin out

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to run away from the Goth's and the Nerds he enters the main school building and Locks the door he enters from. Jimmy has 1 minute and a half to find the roof exit.
After finding it , Jimmy needs to slide of the roof on (well I dont know how its called in english its suppose to be some kind of an iron pipe that pepole have on there roof and it goes all down to the floor outside)
Jimmy runs to the schools gate and as he gets to it a cutscene appears :

The gate is locked and Jimmy cant get out and Herry , Jack and 4 other nerds from the new school armed with the shockers cought Jimmy in the corner with no where to run.
Jimmy : Okey you wanna fight? Lets finish this right now
Jimmy (In heart) : Oh fuck , There is no way I can beat them all
Russel : Smash you! Smash you! , whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Russel runs toweres Herry , Jack and the nerds scaring the shit out of them making them run away.
Jimmy : Thanks Russel , now lets get outta here.
Russel : Whaaaaaaa!
Russel crashes into the gate and opens it.
Jimmy : Russel go send a messege to Edgar tell him that I have taken controll on the bullies from both schools.
Russel : Okey
Jimmy : Later Russel.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to return to bullworth as fast as he can. after about 1 minute 2 goth's start to
chase him on bikes trowing eggs at him.
As Jimmy returns to school the mission ends.

@ +100 Bullies (Both school's bullies)
@ 80$

Mission 6 : Combat Training N some shit.

Cutscene :

Jimmy walks outside of Derek's school.
Jimmy see's Derek and walks to him.
Jimmy : Hey Derek.
Derek : Hey Jim , My cousin can see you now.
Jimmy : Okey lets go.

End cutscene

Jimmy needs to drive to New Converty and meet Derek's cousin in a hallway.

As Jimmy arrives there a Cutscene appears :

Bob (Derek's cousin) : Hey Derek!
Derek : Hey couz , this is the kid I told you about.
Bob : You must be Jimmy. My son told me a bit about you.
Jimmy : What son?
Bob : Ralf.
Jimmy : Ralf from the commando's?
Bob : Yes , where do you think he learned how to fight?
Jimmy : I never actully saw him fight.
Bob : Thats because he uses his stupid guns all the time. He shouldnt use them every time he goes for some kind of a mission.
Jimmy : I guess.
Bob : Derek you can go , I will talk to Jimmy from now.
Derek : Later.
Bob : Hey kid?
Jimmy : Yes...?
Bob : You got some drugs? , Alcohol? , cigarrets?
Jimmy : No Im 15.
Bob : You better get some if you want to be trained.
Jimmy : You mean the kind of shit that can take me to Jail?
Bob : Just go!
Bob Lifts a brick and almost throw it at Jimmy but Jimmy ran off.

End Cutscene

Jimmy needs to travel to the Spencer shipping werehouse in Skies. As he arrives there , he needs to break as much stuff as he can. He has 5 Minutes to find 3 boxes of drugs.
After Jimmy gets the 3 boxes of drugs he needs to get back to Bob. As he passes the bridge to new converty a Cutscene appears :

Jimmy runs to and passes the bridge and a cop is standing by , Jimmy drops a box of drugs and the cop is after him.

End Cutscene

Jimmy has a full trouble bar. He needs to lose the cops before returning to Bob.
After losing the cops , Jimmy returns to Bob and a Cutscene appears :

Bob : Got the drugs?
Jimmy : Yes , this is the last time I do stuff like that for you.
Bob : Then you will need to have only 1 basic move.
Jimmy : Okey , Okey.... I will do more later.

End Cutscene

Jimmy learns the new move.

@ +5 Baseball Jocks
@Unlocked a new move
@Find another box of drugs and you can train for another move.

Mission 7 : Plan out , date in

Note : This mission can start only from the hours 1 PM to 5 PM


Jimmy walks outside of the main door of the school.
Jimmy see's Petey : Hey Petey
Petey : Hey Jimmy , whats up?
Jimmy : Its time to take over those preps.
Petey : Great! , Should we call Edgar  , Derek and Russell?
Jimmy : No , Im doing this on my own.
Petey : Great so we should....
Jimmy's Phone rings
Jimmy pickups the phone and says : Hello?
Zoe : Hey , Jimmy
Jimmy : Oh... Hey Zoe , Whats up sweet thing?
Zoe : Well... do... do... you want to go out?
Jimmy : Ah... Sure why not
Zoe : Okey then I will meet you outside of the school gate at 7 PM?
Jimmy : Well , I... Ca... Okey 7 PM
Zoe : Yes! , You are the best. I am waiting for our date... Later Jimmy!
Zoe hangs up
Jimmy puts his phone back to his pocket
Petey : There is no take over today right?
Jimmy : No , Im going on a date with Zoe
Petey : Okey.. Have fun.

End Cutscene

Jimmy has untill 7 PM to go get a new hair cut and clothes.
The player can go to every clothing shop , he can and buy what clothes that he want.
Same goes for haircuts.
Remember : Picking the kind of clothes that fits Zoe will increase your date's sucssess rate.

After buying all the clothes and getting hair cuts Jimmy needs to go to the school gate.
As he gets near the school gate a Cutscene appears :

Zoe see's Jimmy and says : Hey , Jimmy! You look nice
Zoe blushes (If Jimmy dosnt buy the kind of clothes that fit Zoe then she will only say : Hey, Jimmy!)
Jimmy : Thanks , Baby. You look great.
Zoe : Thanks , Now lets go.

End Cutscene

Zoe : Lets go eat.

Jimmy now needs to call a texi with his phone (A guide of it pops out)
When the texi arrives a manu shows up : Jimmy needs to chooce to go to 3 diffrent resturants :  (1) An expensive resturant in old bullworth vale near the boxing gym. (2) A little diner (3) A resturant called "Eat N Rock". Jimmy needs to chooce "Eat N Rock" Any other option will fail the date. The texi driver drops Jimmy and Zoe at Blue skies near Eat N Rock. Jimmy enters the resturant and a Cutscene appears :

Jimmy and Zoe are eating while in the background you can hear Rock music. Jimmy and Zoe are seen having fun.

End Cutscene


Jimmy and Zoe are outside of the resturant then peanut and Vance comes towerds them.
Vance : Hey Jimmy. Nice girlfriend. Mind if we take her for a couple of minutes?
Jimmy : Back off.
Peanut : Your Choice

End Cutscene

Zoe steps a few steps behind Jimmy , Jimmy needs to beat them up.
After he beats them up he needs to call a texi or walk with Zoe to the bus station.
As Jimmy gets back to school a Cutscene appears :

Zoe : Thanks for the most awesome date ever. I will remember it for ever.
Zoe Kisses Jimmy and goes away.

@Jimmy can now date any girl that likes him (Correctly only Zoe and Beatrice likes him)
@Having good reletionship with a girlfriend gives him diffrent prizes : 75% : Zoe : a Townie suit Beatrice : A nerd outfit. Pinky : 500 dollers. Lola : Extra bonus kiss (You will get 50 more extra hp points while kissing Lola , If you kiss a normal girl you will get a normal bonus). Mandy : Membership card to the Jocks gym , You can work there for extra punch damage and to make your health bar bigger.Trish (A Commando girl) : A super air gun (has 50 bullets shoots 2 bullets a second each bullet is 20 hp) Venesa ( A Goth girl) : Goth suit.
100% : Zoe : A Crowbar (Good for breaking locked doors and lockers , 15 hp per hit). Beatrice : Nerd Shocker (From the mission Bustin out). Lola : 100 extra hp bonus. Mandy : Access to the VIP training room , where you can train on your attacking speed , running speed and learn how to do the Jock tackle. Pinky : A car (Unusable untill Chapter 5 when Jimmy becomes 16) Trish : Air machinegun (Shoots 10 bullets in 1 second each does 8 hp damage). Venesa : Learn how to do the "Spear" (does 15 hp damage and forces the enemy to fall),

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