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Bully Modding Archives / Re: So uh... who's still active?
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:55:28 PM »
I simply retired from any game modding. Been doing game modding in general since 1990 and well.....after that much time.....one kinda wants to do other things.

Besides...for a long time in the beginning it was mostly a one man show here on BB until I taught a few members some of the things I know and pretty much let things go from there.

I have been turning my talents to writing a massive Bully fanfic along with doing all of the renders/artwork for it and after that is done....I might see about porting Bully over to Unreal Engine and make a playable version of my fanfic after that is out. No idea when the fanfic will be done since I have this feeling the first story will end at around 1,200 pages and currently at page 370 without any sign of coming anywhere near the end. The sequel will take place in the GTA: San Andreas world and feature the surviving characters from the first fanfic in a crossover of sorts with the gta characters. Should be fun.

Besides...being both an admin and a modder imo creates a conflict of interest for me. Even though I have been very very lax on my admin duties as of late...but trying to remember to get on the ball when I can.

Bully Modding Archives / Re: Locked Nodes
« on: November 24, 2015, 09:08:07 PM »
OH man. This thread is making me crack up laughing. Normally I would be irritated that someone is copying my posts and trying to make it sound as if they are being original but man.....sounds like someone is desperate to be 'noticed'......

Nothing like having some entertainment. :)


Just a friendly piece of advice here m8. You might wanna try being a bit more original with your posts rather than copying someone else's. Might get you a bit further here.
OH man. I apologize, always wanted posts like yours.
You made me realize I do not need to copy your post to be a little more "original"  :'( :'(

I really impressed me with you team, not even me "banned" It made me a bit confused.

I wanted to see one more thing, not only for you madman, but for everyone!

Forgive me?

Forgiven man....

If anything...I actually feel honored that you went through so much work to actually copy what I have already said long ago. I actually am considering that a compliment so.....no worries m8. No harm done.

While I am currently still in retirement from modding...I am willing to assist you in learning more about the game. All you have to do is just ask and I will try to do what I can. That is what I am here for. Don't let the admin tag scare you....I don't bite......much....lol.

Bully Modding Archives / Re: Locked Nodes
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:04:28 PM »
OH man. This thread is making me crack up laughing. Normally I would be irritated that someone is copying my posts and trying to make it sound as if they are being original but man.....sounds like someone is desperate to be 'noticed'......

Nothing like having some entertainment. :)


Just a friendly piece of advice here m8. You might wanna try being a bit more original with your posts rather than copying someone else's. Might get you a bit further here.

Requests / Re: Johnny Vincent 100% mod
« on: October 19, 2015, 01:36:02 PM »
Time isn't actually frozen in that mod or any others. It just moves a lot slower and the clock is not shown. You have to do a little bit of extra coding to fully freeze time to the point where you don't even get to night-time.

Time is done via the STimeCycle file and it is still referenced by the main game files whether you choose to load it in your lua script or not. Just figured I would put that out there for just incase no-one realized that yet. ;)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey.
« on: October 08, 2015, 07:34:45 PM »
Welcome to BB. If you need any help with modding, just ask. We are all here to help you out and just hang to have some fun.

Always great to have another member in our ranks.


In regards to the Wiki...I have also found it a very useful resource for my own fanfic Bullworth of the DEAD that I am currently working on. Actually have all of my attention focused on writing that, doing all of the 3d renders/art for it and will be distributing it as a pdf ebook even tho it is still a fanfic. Chuck and RedBlaster have been looking over drafts that I have been updating both with.

Could maybe be a possability for the Bully wiki to be expanded to include an index of known fanfics based around the bully universe since anyone that loves the game and also loves reading...would find that very useful. Would undertake that myself but I have little time to spare due to being too busy with that and some other projects that I reallly need to get finished. Namely some bully mods since I am returning for a while to modding again and working to release a formerly cancelled mod due to popular demand and the fact that I want to see it through to the end.

Anyways....Any questions just pm one of the staff...Chuck..Chrissy...Cobra...Red...SWEGTA or myself and we will be more then happy to help with anything that you have questions about regarding BB or even modding....tho I try to have modding questions sent directly to me to avoid putting the rest of the staff in the position of trying to help with something that is more suited to a modder then an admin...heh.

Oh and SodaCat.....

I can personally tutor you on learning lua if you want. I have taught quite a few modders already and they each ended up developing their own unique modding styles and mods.  I try to make myself available to help any new members we have with learning about modding....teamwork (that one is definately a must) along with just being a friendly person they can talk with about anything thats on their minds. You will find a lot of members here are very much like myself in that regard. DaBOSS happens to be one...SWEGTA is another....and so on down the list. Chuck is basicly the closest thing to a wise sage that you will find here and I like to think I am not too far behind him on that one...haha but all in all...this is just a great community to be part of and to make new friends at. There is far more then just Bully Modding discussions here. Lots of other areas to explore if you feel like putting on your explorer hat and looking around. I would imagine you may already have done so as a guest before so...it is all cool.


Lol it's not really hard to mod a cave man could do it  :a-cheer: Just try it out you will open doors for yourself in the modding community.

Actually, not everyone has the same capability or capacity to learn the same things. Everyone is different!  :cool:

That was one of the ideas but I don't know if that will be implemented here. It all depends on how much time I get to even work on this. So far I myself have had almost zero time to work on it where DaBOSS has gotten one heck of a nice headstart over me on it. But....we will see what happens....I can't promise anything nor will I commit to any set release date for anything. Tho atm we do have a rather functioning setup that works pretty well.

Modding Questions/Help Archives / Re: Menu and Tables dicussion
« on: September 26, 2015, 08:15:16 PM »
Give me a day or two and I will see about making a tutorial for you.

DaBOSS and I both have our own unique ways to do tables and menus.

There are several ways you can do a table and I will teach you DaBOSS's way as his way is just a bit more efficient then my own.

Far as Menus go, Both my way and his are pretty much the same on efficiency.

The thing you need to remember when working with tables, you cannot have a table go past a certain size...if it goes beyond that size then you will get crashes and other problems in the game...this is due to the limited address space in memory that Bully has. The easy way to get around this limitation is to split things up into multiple tables.

The easiest way to do all of this is to just use the built in index system...but the index system is really only good for testing and not something I reccomend for use on a release due to the fact that indexes cause you to use more code to get it looking just like as if tables were used.

Anything can be placed into a table. you can even place an entire lua code into a table all on its own in order to make it easier to access certain functions.

A typical table....this is how DaBOSS does his....will start much like the following:

Code: [Select]
function main()
  sensitivity = 0.1
  table = {
    --  Table Start

To call from a table like this one you would use the following code. Please keep in mind that this is just a real quick and dirty example and not intended to be used directly.

Code: [Select]
  if IsButtonBeingPressed(2,0) then
                  s = s - 1
                  if s < 1 then s = table.getn(name) end
                elseif IsButtonBeingPressed(3,0) then
                  s = s + 1
                  if s > table.getn(name) then s = 1 end

This is just a loose and quick example to give you a basic idea. I know several ways to create tables and several ways to call from them.

If I know DaBOSS...he may try to help out here as well since he has pretty much developed tables into a literal artform all on his own and his style of doing tables is a very good one. Much better then my own personal style (if I do say so myself...and I DO!) and I have moved to using his method since it is very efficient.

I will try to help out more with this IF I get the time since I have been extremely busy the past couple weeks due to outdoor projects I need to get finished before winter gets here....almost done too... :biggrin:


If you want....since this will give you a rather nice start for this, I can give you what I have when I started working on a similar mod way back a couple years ago. I never released the code to anyone and more then willing to let you use it for your mod. You don't even have to credit me for it since it was mostly test code I was messing around with while trying to figure some of the lua internals out for the game...since a local multiplayer is of no real use to me personally. Tho, here is a tip for you and an offer if you decide to take this up....

Since the Bully Multiplayer team has no intentions at this time to incorporate full coop play or ai...etc into their mod for online play...maybe WE as in the BB modders can all team up and add to this project and maybe even help you out a little bit with it. This would be a great exercise for everyone on practicing REAL teamwork together and come up with something we all can be proud of being part of.

We could all chip in little bits to make the local multiplayer fully able to do coop play so that if say one of you has a friend or two over at your house ....then you could fire Bully up and play through the entire game in a full coop mode that works. Mind you...there would be a couple minor hurdles to overcome such as proper usage of cameras so that it would be more usable due to no actual splitscreen mode...least not that I ever found yet.....and go from there. Then you would have a seriously unique mod to be proud of doing work on.

You don't have to do this....it is just a cool suggestion for you to think over since...while I am technically retired from all modding....I am more then willing to still do a few mods here and there.

Oh and btw, DaBOSS and I resurrected the PSMM mod and we will be finishing that off fully for everyone. We already have complete ide bypass working for all peds including player (minus a couple hiccups) and I am trying right now to get time to add to the project and code up some other things that will be needed for this to be fully working. Trying to go for a full game integration so this will not break anything in the game and allow you to play through the entire game without having anything break on you. DaBOSS and I will explain all of that in a seperate thread as soon as we feel the time is right.

: he thinks you got him banned because you brought up the subject of a possibility of his alt accounts(WHICH WAS TRUE).

Actually, We on the staff knew about this before anyone even mentioned anything. I myself knew of the alternate accounts at the same time that King Cobra found out about it. King Cobra and I talk on almost a nightly basis and we keep a close eye on things like this. Chuck and Chrissy are also keeping an eye on things too. This is our job as staff here. Plus, I know several ways to find out the real ip of anyone using a proxy or vpn anyways. I will however NOT state how I do this as a good magician never gives away his secrets.... 8)

So he hates me that way? But I never did anything to him.

Little saying for ya m8,

"He who tries to please everybody pleases .nobody."

Don't worry about whether or not this or that person hates you. I myself have a LOT of enemies ..believe it or not....but this is due to another part of my background that still kinda haunts me till this day......due to being a former hacker....but I was a greyhat hacker rather then a whitehat or blackhat. Needless to say...I have a rather large amount of people that royally hate my guts and would love to piss on my grave if I were to ever die.

I simply don't let it get to me. I concentrate on those who are worthy of my attention and friendship. Friendship is something I take very seriously due to my own personal code of honor that I strictly bind myself to. Anyone here that knows me will back me up on this one too.

Only focus on those that are nice to you and enjoy being around you and enjoy your work. The people that have nasty things to say about you....just turn your back on them and simply ignore them.

This is just like another saying that has a long history with the internet: "Don't feed the trolls!"


Not a problem m8.

Just doing what I do best. Helping people out.

Plus...I just can't stand to see someone entertain thoughts of quitting. I never have...never will either. I just never went to that school og thought...so I don't know how to give up.

It is just like I tell my close m8 Red.....

"Break my arms and I still got my legs. Break my legs and I will use my tongue and dick and crawl along. I never stop."

Script Modding / Re: LUA Nodes
« on: September 26, 2015, 02:16:24 AM »
Does anyone know, the crazy bite grapple action node?

and I had already put all of that on the Node-O-Matic, but I still can't find the crazy bite action node?
Here is the crazy bite node, but it is still not complete yet, the node after that /Medium/... is still missing
Any Idea guys?

I suggest trying something along the lines of playing around with the path something like this:

Code: [Select]
Play around with the path a bit because the paths are your clue here. I myself never really put much effort into figuring out all the fighting style moves....was never a big thing for me due to the fact that as the player, there are a LOT of limitations that are hardcoded in.

For example...the peds have the full range of attacks...light medium heavy super along with evades. Player only has light and heavy and this is due to the limitation of only 15 buttons per controller...due to this being a console port. If this was not a console port...the player would have the full range of moves and we wouldn't have to resort to calling them manually like this.

Ok.... really big post. But I don't have Steam. I have Facebook and Youtube only. But why is AfterLife saying everything in opposite? Like "leecher/leeching" whatever that is. But what is up with him?

I do apologise for the length of the post...that is also something else I am kinda well known for.

To put this in another perspective for you. AfterLife seems to think he is the sole authority over the modding community. He is NOT.

If anyone is the sole authority over the modding community as it is...that would technically be me since I am the one that pretty much restarted the community in the direction it has gone so far. AfterLife is just one of those few that seem to think that fame and their position in whatever community they are in as being the most important....and barking orders to everyone else while never following those same rules themselves.

While I can't prove this...I do suspect it though, I do believe AfterLife like several I could mention...but I won't....was attempting to compete with modders like myself...DaBOSS....SWEGTA and others who have gone and made names for themselves. He likely wanted to do the same in order to 'bask in all that heavenly glory' and thing is....While I can't personally speak for anyone else, I have never tried to make any name for myself. It simply was just something that happened as a side effect of doing something I loved.

I and the rest of the staff here hold the final word on anything authority related dealing with the modding community. AfterLife does NOT.

You have to stand up for your principals and never let anyone get you down or stop you from doing something that you want to do.

This is the lesson I have TRIED to teach everyone here when I took charge of the modding community back when I laid down the groundwork for the model that I wanted the community to use. It is unacceptable for ANYONE to bash someone who is simply trying to learn to mod.

Think of it this way m8....Do singers and songwriters bash other singers for doing covers of their songs? Hell no they don't. If anything, most feel honored by that. While that material may belong to someone else, they are putting their own spin on that material and thus giving it a slightly different feel. Modding is no different. Nor is art.

AfterLife is also someone that I call an Elitist. Elitists in general...are all asshats and think they are better then everyone else at whatever they do.

I myself have never thought of myself as superior or better then anyone here. Hell...I may have started the current model of the modding community...I may have introduced everyone to things like lua as well as letting out details about the game internals...but I am not better then anyone here. If I were to call anyone here better then me...I would have to say on mod creativity alone and skill...DaBOSS would easily blow past me on that. Sure...I may have done lua longer then he has.....but he IS better at it then I am since he keeps himself motivated and keeps on practicing his coding skills. I myself rarely code anymore since I have been trying to get away from it (after doing programming for roughly 26 years I just want to do other things) and concentrate on the three things I love above all else....Writing...Art (ps and 3d) and helping people in need. Those are the things that I consider myself to be better at.

I don't know. But, enough is enough!

@ UltimateGamer9.......


Time for me to be blunt and to the point.........

Why in the world are YOU even paying attention to the crap that AfterLife is even saying? All he is doing is being a bully. Plain and simple. And you are being the victim by allowing him to get to you.

I have been watching you very very carefully since you came here to BB, and personally, I think you have been doing your best by actually trying to learn something and just having some fun releasing your own version(s) of whatever mod that you feel like releasing.

YOU are NOT a retard, leech, thief or anything else. YOU are a modder who is a member of the Bully Modding Community and one of the few that seems to actually get the whole point behind modding in general.

It is NOT about the fame or glory or any of that nonsense. Modding is about having fun and making friends....maybe even learning something new in the process. It is also NOT about who is better then whom.

Think of it from my perspective if you will.....When I came here, I was a complete unknown to everyone here. There was NO modding community at that point and mods were just a theoretical thing being discussed by the members here along with a bare handful of hex edit mods being traded in secret on youtube. I took charge since I seen a community where I could help out and light the way for everyone to hopefully follow. I introduced everyone to the joys of lua modding after my friend Fred Tetra was nice enough to share what he had managed to decompile even if the scripts were largely incomplete. He never asked for anything in return and I have not either. I never asked for the level of fame that I apparently have gotten, but being in the position I am in....it kinda comes with the job so...I got used to that and moved on with trying to help people out.

You may want to think about something here m8. If AfterLife is bullying you online.....this is called cyberbullying btw....and if this is going on via youtube....then the simple solution will be to just totally avoid looking at ANY video he makes.....NOT pay any attention to anyone else trying to get YOU to pay attention to HIM.

You can also just leave youtube and make a channel on twitch and give yourself a fresh start there. Youtube is full of mostly trolls anyways. I never pay attention to the comments and I really don't care one bit about anything someone says about this or that I have done.

Take it from me man....I have been 'around the block' way more times then I care to count, but I still keep on pushing ahead. Want to know why I do this? It is because I have a tight circle of friends that lend their support to me whenever I need it and I do the same back to them when I can. Many here that communicate with me daily can back me up on this one. I don't care one bit about anything another person has to say about me. I know the quality of my work and I am happy with where it is at. If someone doesn't like it....oh well. Their loss...not mine... If they want to accuse me of stealing this or that...then fine....it is their OPINION...but unless they can back those accusations up with hard facts that can be proven over and over....then all those are...are just opinions that don't hurt me at all. You may want to try and think the same.

Doing a mod from a tutorial does not make anyone a thief. All you are doing is just trying something out to get the feel for it...and putting YOUR own spin on what has already been done. Hell, I do things like that all the time. I take something that has been done before, do my own version of it and if it is good enough to share with people, then I release it.

DaBOSS releases his work as opensource. This means that anyone can take anything he has released and do whatever they like with it. Changing a few lines from something on a tutorial and releasing it is still modding. It is NOT theft. AfterLife is just blowing smoke at you and messing with your head.

People like AfterLife glorify in hurting other people just because they are miserable themselves. I should know, I was a bully myself once way way back when I was in 3rd grade .... so I have a somewhat unique perspective on why bullies do what they do. I was miserable and it felt damn good back then to make other people miserable.....so I could feel better about myself. That was before I had a very very serious change in heart about that and vowed to be the bully's bully.

I ask you to reconsider and release mods in order to please YOU. What everyone else thinks about YOUR mods is irrelevant because as long as YOU are happy with YOUR work...then in the end....that is all that matters.

Sorry for this long assed reply to your topic and I know most people skim the majority of what I write due to being too lazy to actually read, but if you need someone to simply talk to in private about all of this, fire a pm off to me and we can chat on steam and I can explain things a little better and even tutor you with your mods. I do think you are on the fast track to being a good modder and I really don't like to see someone just up and quit when the going gets tough.

I NEVER quit. No matter what. This is something that a LOT of people here know me the most for. 


And AfterLife is much more superior. While I took everything here. Yes, I am a retard that takes ideas :'( . So I'm leaving B-B tomorrow in my time zone. Anything to say before I leave?

If AfterLife is so much superior, then why can't he return here? You are more superior to him because you have the balls to try something you never did before.

As I said above, I can tutor you with lua if there are some things you want to learn. I have NO problem with this. I have taught quite a few of the modders here how to code with lua and I can certainly teach you some new tricks as well.

Trust me man...Do NOT just give up and quit like this. You have a community here that WILL support you. I know I will no matter what and...no...this has nothing to do with my admin position here....but just because I was once like you too. I started in game modding way back in 1991 after the release of Doom 1 for dos. I also had people trying to blow smoke up my ass about this or that being crap...or this or that being stolen from xx person or xx mod...whatever.

Everyone HAS to start somewhere. You can't just get up one day and smack yourself on the head and say: "Well DUH! I will create the biggest and most awesome mod to trump all others!" It just simply doesn't work that way. It just takes a bit of time in order to find your groove with modding. This is the same for anything you try to do either for the first time or something you try to do over and over in order to get better at it. There will always be people that try to bring you down and if you allow yourself to go down and give up...then that person gets exactly what they want.

Besides, why be afraid of AfterLife? He can't do a thing to you anyways. All he is is just a wannabe that thinks modding is all about the whole glory thing. I never seen it as glory...and I have done game modding SINCE 1991. That is 24 years I have been doing this. Been doing Photoshop for the exact same amount of time too and I have not stopped yet. Heh.

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