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Introduce Yourself / HEY! it's me Sheldon!
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:33:43 PM »
So if the rest of what I'm going to say sounds like absolute verbal diarrhea then it probably as  I'm pretty much typing down the first thing that pops it to my head to make this a worthy introduction. My name is Molly but I go by Mole or Morty. I'm 22 years old so that probably makes the oldest person in the world. So I've played Bully for a few years now I didn't really get into until I turned 18,  so I'm a bit of a novice and while I've played several times I'm still pretty bad at playing it but I enjoy the game and that what matters. Bully has pretty been my go-to game for everything! Bored? Play some Bully. My favourite mission by far is Smash it Up! and my least favourite has got to Nutcrackin' I mean that's only so many times you listen to Deck The Halls, Little Drummer Boy & Jingle Bells without wanting to pull your hair out!

But anyway I'm going to stop now!

Cheerio!  :euro:

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