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Forum Questions/Help / Bumping?
« on: March 23, 2019, 09:16:32 PM »
Im new to forums altogether and i got a warnig for bumping recently

Can some explain the concept of 'bumping' please?

Requests / More characters?
« on: March 05, 2019, 11:31:28 PM »
Can someone pls make an ide where there are more characters and prefects are still there
For some reason when i try to edit the ide.img with hxd hex editor, my game crashes
Here are the characters i want without alternate outfits
.Johnny Vincent FULL STYLE
.Darby Harrington FULL STYLE
.Ted Thompson FULL STYLE
.Earnest Jones FULL STYLE With spud gun if possible
.Gary Smith FULL STYLE
.Pete Kowalski FULL STYLE???

NOTE:Pls dont put russels full style

Thanks a bunch

SWEGTA's Playground / Bullymods.net
« on: January 25, 2019, 02:00:05 AM »
Oh boi, i just want to download some mods...     :-\
Please can someone tell me what's going on wit the site, the last time bullymods.net had a problem, the issue was          resolved fast and stated, but thid time its been unavailable for the past month or so!!!

Is there any way to have two script.img files in the same folder on android?
It keeps on asking me to skip or replace.

Requests / Can anyone do a mobile bully respect mod?
« on: January 09, 2019, 07:59:14 PM »
The mods on mobile r limited so i was just wondering if daboss and deadpoolxyz (or anyone else) could make a port of the faction selector mod for mobile. It still works on mobile but the mod menu doesnt show up. Thats not really a big thing... im not asking for a mod menu. You know how in the mod when u open the game up you get a random character from only three cliques and the respect u have would be the respect of that clique. So far when u open the mod up there are only five cliques u get, greasers, preppies, nerds, jocks and townies. I would really like it if someone would add the bullies and non cliques... or maybe even cops, prefects, teachers and adults

Signing out
*mic drop*

Im just curious to know who u hate and who u love


Non clique:
Favorite: Ray
Least favorite: Constantinos

F: Zoe
LF: Lola

F: Tom
LF: Davis

F: Damon
LF: Damon

F: Algie
LF: Melvin

F: Chad
LF: Bryce

F: Vance
LF: Peanut

F: Jerry
LF: Clint/Henry

F: dude who says "nervous trembling good"
LF: Dude with glasses

F: dude who says "damn u jimmyyyy"
LF: the black cop (no racism implied)

F: Mexican/Spanish guy who wants a house on the hill and a monkey
LF: Woman in blue dress

Whats urs?

Bullworth Experiences / Found pedro in the boys dorm
« on: January 09, 2019, 06:51:46 AM »
 I was just playing bully today and i saw pedro in the boys dorm in his pajamas... so i beat him up (couldnt help myself)
 So basically what happened is that i greeted him outside and while he was in the middle of talking i walked into the boys dorm and found him there finishing off his sentence i think that triggered the glitch somehow... but i tried the same thing with him and it didnt work, then i tried it with sheldon and the same result happened.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing before? And does anyons know how to trigger the glitch or is it just some kind of unexpected random encounter...

SpyWhale signing out.......
*mic drop*

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