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Suggestions & Feedback / Phoenix
« on: May 26, 2020, 04:37:14 PM »

This is one of the forums that I have adapted to the most for a long time, it is sad to see how this community is "dead" lately.

I am creating this topic to post messages every day (or almost) to try to revive this forum a little. The name "Phoenix" refers to the bird, which in this case, revived from the ashes.

Grand Theft Auto Mods / San Andreas cutscene characters converted to game
« on: January 08, 2016, 09:25:35 PM »
Questions&Answers :

What's the point of doing this?
1)Cutscene characters are way more detailed than the ones used in game.
2)All these years and nobody has yet to convert without bugs (models look like penguins)
3)Some time ago navetsea made HD textures for most of San Andreas' characters, but since game models are low quality, you couldn't really enjoy them.

Are you conversions bug free?
Yes, my mods are bug free since I used exactly the same verticle weights as Rockstar used in their cutscene models. Although, if you found a bug, please let me know and I'll try and fix it as soon as possible.

Do you take requests?
Yes, name the cutscene character you want to see in game and I'll start working on it as soon as I get a free moment.

Is it OK if I use your mods as a base for my own mods?
Yes of course! This is one of reasons why I'm doing it.

Grand Theft Auto Mods / Animations Tutorial
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:03:01 PM »
Animations Tutorial

This is a tutorial by me (DarkHero) to play an animation in Grand Theft Auto V The Steps are below:

Natives.h - and click on natives.h.

Step 1. Download Natives.h from Narive DB Above

Step 2. Go to script.cpp
Step 3. Use this as a template:
STREAMING::REQUEST_ANIM_DICT("[email protected][email protected]@base");
while (!STREAMING::HAS_ANIM_DICT_LOADED("[email protected][email protected]@base"))
AI::TASK_PLAY_ANIM(playerPed, "[email protected][email protected]@base", "base", 8.0, 0.0, -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0);

This will play the animation in a case option for example like in the Native Trainer Base.
All you need to do is change this lines "[email protected][email protected]@base" to whatever animation you want and the "base" bit is where you put the other part of the animation.
All the animations in the game are below also if you need any help with this or its not working for you please comment your problem below with your source code.
Animations List (AnimationsList.txt) -
Enjoy!  ;D
Any Problems you have or any requests just comment down below.
Hope This Tutorial Helped, Thanks.  :P

Grand Theft Auto Mods / Audio
« on: January 05, 2016, 12:13:33 PM »
This topic will document all audio-related materials. All audio is planned to be packaged with the final release, including radio station and SFX files. It will be going to be big but it will be much more convenient for the end user. Script audio and radio stations are mostly completed. Engine, horn, and door sounds for some vehicles are currently incorrect but there exists a hardcoded structure of sound to vehicle association and the conversion from III to VC is mostly completed. The next and final big step is completing the SFX file. Many people have contributed to this file but there is a lack of documentation on how to recreate this to ensure accuracy and completeness. I am in the process of associating all III's SFX file to VC's and documenting as I go, including updating the article on SFX at

Code: [Select]
III     VC      Description
0       0       horn
1       1       horn
2       2       horn
3       3       horn
4       4       horn
5       5       horn
6       6       horn
7       7       horn
8       15      door open
9       16      door close
10      17      door open
11      18      door close
12      19      door open
13      20      door close
15      21      car reverse gear accelerate
16      22      car reverse gear rolling
17      23      engine start
18      24      car on wet road noise
19      25      car skid default
20      26      car scrape soft
20      26      car skid dirt
21      27      emergency vehicle siren
22      28      emergency vehicle horn siren
23      29      ambulance siren
24      30      backup beeper
27      32      door close
27      32      door open
29      33      tire collision
32-36   42-46   footsteps default
37-41   496-500 footsteps grass
42-46   501-505 footsteps dirt
47-51   506-510 footsteps wood
52-56   511-515 footsteps metal
57-60   516-519 footsteps water
61-64   520-523 footsteps sand
65      48      explosion grenade
66      49      explosion molotov
67-68   50-51   fire pistol
69-70   74-75   fire m4
71-72   90-91   fire mp5
73      54      uzi, drive-by
73-74   54-55   fire uzi
75      56      halt fire uzi/mp5
75      76      halt fire m4/ruger
77-78   57-58   fire sniper
79      59      explosion mine
79-80   59-60   fire rocket
84      64      begin fire flamethrower
86-87   66-67   fire shotgun
88      77      reload pistol
90      78      reload m4
90      78      reload mp4
90      78      reload shotgun
90      78      reload uzi
91      79      reload rocket
92      80      reload sniper
93      92      collision 0, 1, 5, 26, 31
98      97      collision 2, 7, 23, 24
99      98      collision 3
100     99      collision 4
101     100     collision 9
102     101     collision 10
102-107 101-106 car door left ajar
108     107     collision 11
109     108     collision 8, 12
110     109     collision 13
111     110     collision 14, 15
112     111     collision 16
116     115     collision 17
121     117     collision 18
122     118     collision 20
126     122     collision 21
130     126     collision 22
131     127     collision 25
131-135 127-131 footsteps hedge
136     132     collision 27
137     133     collision 28
140     136     collision 6
145     141     collision 30
148     144     car scrape hard
150     146     glass crack
152     148     glass shatter? cannot test
157     153     engine fire
158     154     car scrape grass
158     154     car skid grass
161-162 359-360 pickup pickup
165-166 361-362 buy pickup
167     156     gun shell drop hard
168     157     gun shell drop soft
169     158     bullet hit character
179-180 165-166 bat fight
181     167     hit but not kill ped with car
181-184 167-170 fist fight
186     177     car bomb tick
187     178     bomb armed
189     180     "we got a"
190     181     "this is"
191     182     "respond to a"
192     183     "crime"
193-205 198-209 numbers
206     184     "in"
207     185     "north"
208     186     "east"
209     187     "south"
210     188     "west"
211     189     "central"
212     190     radio
284     278     engine steady
285     277     engine steady
286     269     engine steady
287     270     engine steady
288     271     engine steady
289     272     engine steady
290     273     engine steady
291     274     engine steady
294     288     engine idle?
295     287     engine idle?
296     289     engine idle
297     290     engine idle
298     291     engine idle
299     292     engine idle
300     293     engine idle
301     294     engine idle
305     37      engine smoke
309     313     skid? cannot test
313     316     car scrape water
323     324     car splash in ocean
323     324     character fall in water
323     324     collision 19
324-325 325-326 body squish with car
329     329     rocket click
330     330     sniper click
331     331     rhino canon turn
333     332     jump land
334     333     fall land
335     334     bomb blip? need to test
336     364     race countdown
336     365     race countdown
336     366     race countdown
337     367     race start
337     368     race start
337     369     race start
340     336     hydraulics all at once
341     337     hydraulics individual side
342     338     hooker bounce
372     374     menu select option with clicking and enter
376     374     menu change sliders, except audio
376     374     menu select option with clicking and enter
378     376     menu go back
383     380     menu sfx change slider
386     378     menu save file not present
456     47      explosion car

The following is for opcode 018D (ADD_CONTINUOUS_SOUND). The assignment is fairly arbitrary and many cannot be 1-to-1 because some of GTA III's sounds are made up of more than one SFX (while there are no sounds like that in Vice City) and its sound range differs from most sounds in Vice City.

Code: [Select]
III     VC      Description
403     472     Meeouch Sex Kitten Club
404     473     Sex Club Seven
406     480     Salvatore's place
410-411 475     Mr. Wong's Laundrette, sounds need to be combined
412     477     Roast Peking Duck
413     478     Cipriani's Ristorante
441     481     Old school hall
443     482     Warehouse rave

Grand Theft Auto Mods / [WIP|SA] San Andreas Remapped
« on: January 02, 2016, 03:26:16 PM »
San Andreas Remapped Mod

About the mod:
San Andreas Remapped, is a mod made by me DarkHero that aims to increase the overrall variety and detail of the entire state of San Andreas by simply adding more objects to the map, the mod is still a Work in Progress wich means what you see now is far from the complete project. In this early release only a few areas of Los Santos are changed.
IMPORTANT: The mod is being built on the PS2 version of the map, due to the less amount of objects it allows for more creativity and freedom, only Los Santos is different between PC and PS2, the rest of the map is the same on both versions of the game.
If you wish to use San Andreas Remapped for any Mods/Projects please contact me first via PM for permission.
- Los Santos: (done)
- San Fierro: Work in progress
- Las Venturas: Not started
- Country: Not started
- Desert: Not started


Bully Modding / Bully: Scholarship Edition Complete Styles
« on: November 27, 2015, 11:05:26 AM »

Figured I would get this started since I have focused on making styles of full fights, I am focusing on finding all Nodes.

I have spent the past  last weeks so far FULLY trying to make some complete styles.

The most of you know many people have done some complete styles and released more quasse none of them added some animations ... such as sitting on the sofa, lean against the wall and smoking, etc...Nevertheless I want to find some other animations that I do not know , because I want to make the mod as if it were playing with a non- playable character with their full styles, without missing any. This will cause people not get tired of fast to play, because you will be able to do what all other students (computer controlled) do.

Parts of animations, I'm already testing some animations because if you do not do it right , your character will do the famous Gauges called "T" It is not difficult to fix , the only problem is that my Luac not compile things right, so I have to go in a cafe or at the home of a cousin, friend, neighbor to compile and move on to a USB stick.

I have most some Nodes in order to test, but I knew if all are functional, I always get half of my day trying to find some Nodes, however I 'm not very good to do this. Sometimes I sin " help" to some of my friends because they are too good to do that. I have already done some styles , however I have not yet released why I have to make sure that they this 100% functional when I realize that is 100% functional, it will disponibizar to download. Then, wait for I think you'll like it.

Thanks for all the people who will approve me on this project.

Please keep in mind that this project (in my opinion) no is so easy because I get half my day doing it.


status for the -MOD:

BOSS_Darby (In progress)
B_Striker_A (In progress)
G_Johnny (In progress)
Nemesis (In progress)
P_Striker_A (In progress)
P_Grappler_A  (In progress)
G_Striker_A (In progress)
G_Grappler_A (In progress)
N_Striker_B (In progress)

G_Melee_A (In progress)

J_Mascot (In progress)

Bully Modding Archives / Locked Nodes
« on: November 21, 2015, 03:01:03 PM »
Figured I would go ahead and put this up since atm I am working to figure out how to go about unlocking the styles in the game.. etc .. and I have figured out where most the scripting is for them and how it works

There is a way to make the fighting styles and other similar character mods much easier by editing a single file and without any hex editing....and that would be default.idb which is located inside ide.img. That file is actually a encoded version of default.ide which is a plaintext version of the same file but the plaintext version is somehow overridden by the .idb version which atm I am trying to figure out how to decompile that back to the plaintext .ide using a few methods I used to use during my gta san andreas modding days in the beginning since Bully uses a lot of the same file formats and from what I can tell...the same game engine.

Anyways, cool to finally get off my butt and register here after being a lurker forever, and cool to meet all of ya!

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