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Resident Evil Series / Resident Evil Past,Present,and Future
« on: April 12, 2015, 01:45:30 AM »
So right now,i love Resident Evil HD Remaster,Still wishing for a Resident Evil 2 and even Resident Evil 3 remake,but as of Resident Evil Present,i love Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition's arrival to PC,while i also own Resident Evil Revelations 2,Episodes 1-4,Both Bonus Episodes 1 and 2,All DLC costumes aside from japanese jacket exclusive costumes for Claire and Barry.

But of course i still also got Raid Mode characters Hunk and Wesker,Although i play Moira since she's like my favorite. XD,i pretty much have Resident Evil Revelations 2 boxset/disc/retail disc,except digital,and missing a Raid Mode Throwback Pack.

And as for the future,Still wishing for remakes,everything to reach current gen and PC. Im in love with Resident Evil,and hope it carries on for as long as it can. :D

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