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Mod Releases / Bully scripts library decompiled release.
« on: January 03, 2021, 03:31:53 AM »
Bully scripts library decompiled release.;sa=view;down=224

Disclaimer : I do not claim to be the one who decompiled any of these scripts. These were decompiled by Fred Tetra and were given to me years ago by MadmaN as a source to learn on how to script bully from R's own scripts. These scripts are mostly decompiled but are not 100 percent complete as several lines are missing in each script (except for some shorter ones which are fully intact).

I have asked for permission to release these, and new and more improved/updated version might be released in the future by other members as time goes on but in the meantime I hope you guys will do with these.

Script Modding / Bully Scripts library decompiled release.
« on: November 21, 2018, 12:04:24 AM »
Disclaimer : I do not claim to be the one who decompiled any of these scripts. These were decompiled by Fred Tetra and were given to me years ago by MadmaN as a source to learn on how to script bully from R's own scripts. These scripts are mostly decompiled but are not 100 percent complete as several lines are missing in each script (except for some shorter ones which are fully intact).

I have asked for permission to release these, and new and more improved/updated version might be released in the future by other members as time goes on but in the meantime I hope you guys will do with these.

BB Podcasts, Speedruns & Livestreams / Podcast 5#
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:25:32 PM »

Link :

Where we disscuss the latest Bully/Rockstar news, possabilities, and bully mods and much more.
Going live soon.

Bully Modding Archives / Here it goes...
« on: August 04, 2014, 08:40:07 PM »
One by one all modders leave or are forced to stop modding for some reason.
Now im one of them.
This is one of the reasons I dont post a lot anymore, from like 20 posts a day I went to 2 every few days.
Anyway this is the problem.
I cant save any games, something got messed up with my savings.
The games I cant save with includes Bully, and ATM my main focus is RUSSELL MOD, which I MUST have savings in order to countinue.
I dont have any interests at any of my other mods until im done with RUSSELL MOD, simply because it will be something new and unique which hasn't been seen yet.
I dont really know how to fix this...
So far, its a goodbye for modding.
And look at my singature.... Quite ironic when I think about it.
I will work hard to fix this issue to get back.
This is not over.

Bully 1 Discussion / Gary Smith still roams Bullworth Academy?
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:01:32 AM »
Ive been testing out a mod in bully, and while I was collecting coords around the school building, the secrantary said : "Who ever has questions about the new school schedule (or something familier), please ask student Gary Smith"

Here is the wierd part :

It was my 100% save, meaning its in Endless summer chapter.
I did not mod the game to make her say that.

What do you think?

Bully Modding / Every Modders Nightmare
« on: May 28, 2014, 06:23:49 AM »
Yes.... I am talking about Lua File Corruption.

Mysterious is its way. How it happends? I have no idea. Why it happends, we also dont know.
Perhaps MadmaN himself could be the only one in this community who could give an answer, or some clue.

Why am I talking about this?
Well... I want to make more awareness of this problem which strikes down hours, days, weeks, months even YEARS in some cases of hard work.
Figuring out all you need just for the whole thing to collapse.
Ive expirienced this a dozens of times.
Once it is corrupted, it cannot be used.

Ive noticed a few levels of corruption, I am no way near 100% right, but that is what ive gathered from those occasions :

Level 1 - You must copy the code, delete it and paste it again in the same file.
Level 2 - You need to copy the code into a different file.
Level 3 - You cannot copy the code, you must write the code in a different file, typing the entire thing again.

Here are a few of my mods which has suffered from this :

Russell Mod - Main script got a level 3 corruption 2 times. 2 side scripts got a Level 2 once. 1 Side script got a level 3.
WWE Mod - Main script got a level 3 one time, unfortuantly, it was accidently deleted from the computer (not in the recycling bin).
Bully Myth's and Legends - Each of the monster scripts has suffered a level 3 LUA corruption.

What do we do if our file gets a level 3 corruption?
Nothing, were fucked.
Yet there is a cure, but it must not be forgotten.
Since what happend to Russell Mod, which consisted the biggest amount of code I have ever scripted in my entire modding career (if you can call it like that :P )
I make a backup file every 100 - 500 lines of script I make and keep the old backups as well.
Thing is, at some point, you have like 10 - 20 files and its hard to keep track.

Please, be safe with your scripts, make backups and hopefully there will be an answer soon.
Good luck and happy modding.

Bully Modding Archives / Possible Beta left over move?
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:37:53 PM »
Okay so, while using Machinima Maker Mod, ive noticed that if you press "grab" while using the fighting style "J_Melee" (Casey and Bo) there will be some sort of a power tackle with a small charge to the opposit side.
Like Casey will half courch and lean with he's body and then jump leaning he's body to the enemy in full power, impacting them with he's shoulder.
I have no idea if this was discovered or not, but hopefully it'll be usefull.

Video Stories / Gary's untold adventure - Episode 1
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:25:25 PM »
This is a mini machinima I am making, until The Live Of Johnny Vincent will get enough voice actors and I will be able to kick it off.
It might be a bit confusing but in Episode 2 u will understand better and it'll be clear.

Enjoy :

Bully : Gary's untold adventure - Episode 1

Community Stories / Channel is back - NEED VOICE ACTORS :P
« on: November 22, 2013, 02:45:10 AM »
The Channel is back on track and I will need voice actors for the upcoming Season 2 of the Life Of Johnny Vincent.
I will put 2 times more time and effort into the second series and the storyline will be major based, unlike the first season which the storyline was quite simple.
Hopefully each episode will turn out to be around 10 - 15 minutes and I will get enough voice actors for the show.
I need both boys and girls for the voice acting.

Explanesion Video :

The Channel is Back - VOICE ACTORS NEEDED

BB Hall Of Fame / Hall Of Fame Nominations.
« on: November 19, 2013, 12:37:49 AM »
Oh yeah I'm a hall of fame member  8)

Bully Modding Archives / WWE Mod announcement
« on: November 10, 2013, 02:57:42 PM »
Ive decided to make a new mod.
I will keep working on my current mod, but this mod will come alongside, while the big project with DaBOSS will take first place in the most importent and invested of all of the projects.



The mod lets the player fully customize fighting matches, with you being 1 of the opponets.

You will be able to chooce between around 50 area's to fight in.

You will be able to chooce to play as and fight againts any bully character.

You will be able to chooce the fighting style of your opponets.

There will be a reversel system.

There will be pinfalls (You will need to get your opponet's Knock out meter to a certain spot and then press lockon + c to do Johnny's special kick to do a pinfall and a 3 count. If the KO meter will not be enough, you will get to around 1 or 2 but not 3)

Submissions (Still trying to figure out how to do that)

WWE moves from diffrent styles (Boston crab, powerbomb, and Jock moves aswell)

KO meter - in this mod, you wont be able to kill your opponet, there will be a special KO meter which must be under a certain point to get a full 3 count.

Finishers - Will figure this out

Entrances and theme songs - I got an idea in my head.

Ability to make 3 opponets, 4 opponets, tag teams, tornado matches, and hopefully even a steel cage, hell in a cell and maybe even an elimination chamber.

(MAYBE) Bully championship titles.

Ability to request to be inserted into the mod as an opponet! (Meaning any B-B member can ask me to add him into the game as part of the mod and be an opponet)

Special unique stats for the opponets.

Possability of making the grand Royal Rumble match.

Come backs (When you get a sudden boost and then you do a few cool moves while running and totally kickin ass the other opponet)

Possability of a unique Bully wrestling custom story.


I have no idea how much time will take for the mod to be ready but it will be eventually.

Mod Showroom Archives / First ever custom story missions
« on: November 09, 2013, 11:14:14 AM »
2 of the Russell Mod Beta custom missions.
They got a few bugs, well the mod is beta but, I am planning on fixing them all after my big project.
So here it goes :

First ever custom missions for BULLY

Bully : First ever made custom missions - Russell Mod Beta

Bully Modding Archives / Modding absent?
« on: October 29, 2013, 04:24:35 PM »
Well... I got a big ass project now to do, and it may fix a lot of problems that have happend lately, therefore im sad to inform that almost all my mods will be on hold.

Russell Mod (Play as Russell with his boss style moves + Custom Storyline with 10 missions on first release and 90 more on updates + Survival mode) will be half on hold, since I will still do minor scripting for it.

A mod me and Red has been working on, I will be able to keep working on it.

Myth's and Legends mod, sadly I wont be able to work on it currently at all, but I will get back to it when I can, and I will release it, count on it Walter

And a few mods which I have barely started.

I hope the project goes well, if it does, it will fix so many problems.
Wish me luck

Bully Modding Archives / The hall of mods, register them today!
« on: September 08, 2013, 12:54:58 PM »
Admins, if you have a problem with this topic, please inform me and delete it/ move it to any where, I am doing this to save confusions and argues.

The Idea behind this topic

Basicly im gonna list all the mod ideas (Not released ones) that you guys have, and if someone pops up an idea, he comes here and checks if someone already thought about it.

The 2 ways to sign up your mod

Post here - You will be listed as the mod owner in the topic itself

Pm - You will not be listed in the topic itself (while ur mod will be listed) but you will be listed at my own personal list and I will not tell anyone about this until you offically decide to put your name on the mod but basicly everyone will see that someone already took the mod idea. This is good for modders who dont want to fully reveal their mod yet.

The list

Bully Myth's and Legends - c00ld0c26 and Walter20210

Zombie Edition - Bully-Board Modding Team, Biblio-Techa Modding Team

SuperHero MOD - SWEGTA

2 VS clique mod - PM sent, will not be listed

Gary's Revenge - PM sent, will not be listed

Russell Mod - c00ld0c26

Air Force Pack: Pack of cool aircraft - PM sent, will not be listed

GTA Character Peds - PM sent, will not be listed

Giant Robot Mech Walker w/ Laser Cannons and Rocket Launchers - DaBOSS54320

GTA Character Switch Mod - Mick3Mouse and Rise To Honor

Bully Beta Mod - Walter20210, Rise To Honor, DeadPoolxyz, c00ld0c26

Camera Mod - DaBOSS

WWE Mod - c00ld0c26

The life as Earnest Mod - perfectozzyozborne

Boxing Mod - Mick3Mouse

How do you know this is safe?

I promise you that this is COMPLETELY safe.
Here comes a list that will tell you why this is safe :

Once a member posts or pm's me about it I will take a screen shot and add his mod with his name to a txt file on my computer so no one can get to it. I will also send the modder a copy of the screenshot and I will also provide the screenshot in case needed, and I will help the modder to keep his mod as secret as possible.

Just to make it clear, I have nothing to do with your mod ideas, and I have my own mods ideas and my own codes and I can basicly make pretty cool mods. I insist that you sign up your mods right here so you can protect it from getting stolen. I have nothing to do with your mods and if you think Im gonna steal them then that would be unlogical since as said by MadmaN "Every modder who will steal a mod or create a mod that he heard another member talking about will be booted of the team and will get a ban" - That would be suicide and I wont do anything like that stupid just to release a mod, and get kicked from the team and be banned.
The reason I am doing this is to make sure to avoid as many cases of this kind as I can

I promise you in 100% that I will NOT mention the modder who makes the mod or even talk about it and I will keep it safe, the only information I need is the mod's name in the pm. I will not share any further information about your mods.

If your mod does get stolen and it is not listed on this topic and you dont have a screenshot of you sending a message to me about the mod in a certain date, then you will propebly be screwed since you have no actual proof that you found the idea first, well this is where I am here to fix.

Why should I trust you?
The reason you should trust me to keep your mods safe are :
1. I promise not to talk about the mod in any way and I will not reveal the mod maker
2. Doing such a stupid thing like stealing a mod will get me kicked from the B-B modding team and a ban from the only community that I actully care about.
3. I respect you and the admins and the admins respect me back and I do hope that you guys respect me back aswell. As a sign of respect to the whole community I am making this topic to save confusions and trouble.
4. I care about people's mods, ideas and hard work, and I will never do anything to take that away from another member and I will act when I see something like this happening to another member which I hope that wont happen.

apply to countinue the list..
I really hope this will save us a lot of argues and trouble.

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