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Bully 2 Discussion / Classes in Bully 2
« on: March 30, 2013, 03:47:09 PM »
What kind of classes would you like to see in Bully 2?
Mine would be History since it's my favourite lesson in real-life and it provides a challenge to some people.

Community Stories / The tale of Cassandra
« on: October 06, 2012, 07:13:21 AM »
This is going to be my main story so hope you enjoy! If you have comments post them here and not on my story: http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?topic=13411.0

My mum drove the car, I looked outside and saw a sign that said 'Welcome to Bullworth' I put my head down, "sweetie what's wrong?" My 'sweet and caring' mum asked she can be nice at times, "I don't know maybe because your moving away with your new husband and your just leaving me at some boarding school.." I felt like crying I can't believe my mum's leaving me while she's moving to Hollywood to live in some big house, "honey I've already told you this he already has 4 kids and 4 kids is enough I don't want more kids in the house!" My mum shouted, I glared out the window, I looked in my bag and saw my diary I don't even know why I brought this I haven't wrote in it since I was about 11 years old, it had my full name on it 'Cassandra Lucas' but most people call me Cassie, I don't know much about my family I only know my mum, she was an only child so I have no aunt's or uncle's and my 3 past step-dad's shame I don't even know my real father, I don't know what he looks like or anything.. I held back the tears, we arrived at the school. I got out of the car and so did my mum, "okay Cassandra I need to go now honey, hug?" Despite how much I hate her, I love her at the same time. "Gonna miss you mum.." I got the suitcase, my mum got back in the car and drove away.
I didn't even know where I was I looked around until I heard heels clicking on the floor, "you must be the Lucas girl." The lady said, I turned around "pleasure too meet you. Welcome to Bullworth Academy! Ah.." The Lady sighed, "I'm Miss. Danvers and I know you'll be very happy here, very happy indeed.." I just nodded slowly oh this is going to be a joy ride with this school, "anyway I can't spend my life waiting around for little girls." Miss. Danvers said not sounding too exciting to be here and did she say 'little girl' I just turned 16! I'm not little no more, excuse me lady I can drive a car now. Miss. Danvers carried on the conversation "I've got a man to make happy, the headmaster is expecting you Cassandra in his study." Oh the thrill of meeting the headmaster at his study, I walked forward "okay.." I softly said with my Jersey accent, "his study is over there Miss. Lucas. In the main building don't keep Dr. Crabblesnitch waiting he's a brilliant man.. Brilliant." Miss. Danvers said, oh gosh is this teacher in love with him or something, I walked in.. Nice place around here nothing like perverted teachers and students, snotty girls and small kids around the school yep this is going to be a breeze all right. I ignored all the stares from everyone, I could hear one red-head girl gossip to a girl with glasses on, I entered the building and walked into the office. Miss. Danvers led me in the main office with the headmaster.
"Ah yes so you must be Cassandra." The old headmaster asked, I didn't have time for this the man is a joke "yeah but call me Cassie please?" I sat down on the chair, "no I will call you by the name your parents gave you." Crabblesnitch said, I sighed. Crabblesnitch had a file of my crimes from my last school back in Jersey, "now let me see, oh, you've done alot of naughty things haven't you, tagging the school wall, getting in a big fight with a girl and disrespecting staff, oh I'm scared of you Miss. Lucas!" Crabblesnitch sarcastically said putting his hands in the air like he was defending himself, "come on give me a break!" I said sighing, "yes your quite the nastiest little girl I've ever encounter!" He yelled at me, again what's with all the teachers calling me 'little girl' I'm not a little girl! "So tell me why should I waste my time on you?!" The headmaster asked. "I don't know," I said with no expression on my face, "because it's my calling, it's what I do, you excel in causing trouble, and I excel in fixing little girls like you and making you into a respectable member at our community here at the academy, you fix that nose clean Miss or I shall clean it myself." Oh gosh! "Miss Danvers are you back yet?" I heard cups, "yes headmaster and I've got your tea." Suck up. "You are good too me Miss. Danvers," Miss. Danvers put the tray of tea on the table. "No more than you deserve headmaster," I shook my head at this, "take our new friend Lucas here and show her around the school." The headmaster asked, the women nodded her head "certainly headmaster. Come along Miss I haven't got all day!" Seems her attitude changes when she talks to someone other than Mr. Crabblesnitch, I got up "oh and Miss rememeber you will have a clean nose, so keep it clean or we'll clean it for you."
Well looks like I going around the school myself since Miss. Danvers has to stay at the office even though Crabblesnitch told her too show me around oh well I'm not arguing, I walked down I slightly afraid of this school I mean my other school was bad but this school is probably worse, I walked outside and walked forward turning left and right too see which one is the girls dorm. I also saw a car arrive by the school with a kid with a buzz-cut to his hair, guess I'm not the only new kid thank goodness, I walked into the dorm. I saw a teacher glare at me "why aren't you in your uniform young lady?" Well least she said 'lady' and not 'girl' "um..I'm new here." I said to the old teacher, "oh right, well I'm Miss. Peabody and I think your rooms upstairs let me show you." The teacher began to walk I followed closely behind, we arrived by the room and I saw the two girls I seen before going into the headmaster's office, "ladies here's your new room-mate." The teacher told the girls, she exited the room. The red head introduced herself "Christy Martin, nice too meet you." She smiled, I smiled back, "Angie Ng." Angie smiled as well, "well my name is Cassandra Lucas but please call me Cassie." I smiled to them, hey I need friends in a dump like this school, I looked in the wardrobe at the uniform I had to wear, "should we go out while you get changed?" Christy asked, I nodded.
(Moments later)
"Ugh I hate this uniform." A green short skirt, with white socks and black school shoes also with a green tie I slightly changed the uniform by putting a black tee top under the white blouse, "you can come in now!" I said through the door, the two girls came in "oh you look good in that uniform!" Angie said, I nervously said thanks.
Well first part took me an hour to do but thanks for reading. :) I know you know nothing about Cassandra/Cassie but you will. :)

Community Stories / Bullworth adventures of Jimmette and Binky
« on: September 02, 2012, 04:32:07 PM »
Me and Binky decided to write a story about what we would do if Bullworth was real, Binky will be updating this story as well with her POV so with out further of do! Story time! :)
(Jimmette's POV)
I was on Bully-Board as usual, I was talking to Binky who I nicknamed Binkster we replied to each saying how cool it would be if Bullworth was real, I looked at the time it was about 1:30AM In the morning, I yawned and typed back on B-B that I was going to bed, I switched my laptop off and put it back and went to bed.

(Hours later)
I woke up, but it felt weird as usual there was no walls by me, and I looked at the time it was 8:00AM in the morning I moaned, "I don't wake up this early!" I yelled, I put the clock down I looked over the room, I saw someone else by me I backed up a bit, she woke up she looked shocked when she saw me, I talked "um..Hey!" I waved, "my name's..Just call me Jimmette!" Suddenly she looked up at me, "holy crap! I know someone on Bully-board named Jimmette!" The girl said, I gasped, "wait are y-you..Binky?" I asked, she nodded, I squealed and hugged her tightly "oh my hey! We've met!!" We cheered but then suddenly looked around, "um..You realize we are in Bullworth?" I said still in shock, we then screamed movie style, Mrs. Peabody then came into our room "what's going on in here?!" Peabody asked curiously, I sighed "nothing!" I quickly said, Mrs. Peabody just walked out the room, "well..We're in Bullworth Binky!" I squealed, I walked over to the wardrobe and looked at the uniforms, "ew..Oh well!" I said happily, I grabbed the clothes and went to the girls' bathroom. I changed and was face to face by Mandy, "oh it's Mandy!" I sighed, she just walked off, I left the girls' dorm.

I'm still doing Binky's POV If that's okay Binkster :DD
(Binky's POV)
I got changed I left the girls' dorm, 'I wonder if I'm technically new here?' I thought, then Jimmette ran up to me "can you believe we're here I'll admit I'm kinda scared!" Jimmette said in a worrying tone, I sighed "don't worry as long as we've got each other's backs we'll be okay!" I smiled, a prefect then walked up to us, "I see you've got your uniform on! Dr. Crabblesnitch request's to visit it him!" I muttered then walked on with Jimmette.

We arrived at the office and we walked in, he gave his usual talk about keeping our nose clean.

(Jimmette's POV)
I looked at the school timetable, "okay I have chemistry first you?" I asked Binky, she looked at her timetable, "English! See ya!" Binky said, I waved to her.

I arrived at the class and sat down, "wait I can't do chemistry to save my life! I'ma bout' to fail now!" I said to myself a bit to loud, I just shrugged it off. I tried to do chemistry but it kept failing.

(Binky's POV)
I arrived 30 minutes after the bell, Mr.Galloway saw "Binky your first day and you're late!" He yelled, I sighed and sat down I saw Christy next to me, "hey!" She started the conversation, I just waved at her, she giggled. I just rolled my eyes, "please shut up Christy!" Christy gasped, "wait how do you know my name?" She asked, I rolled my eyes and ignored her.

Ah I probably sucked since I'm not the best writer I just thought of the idea today and I asked Binky and she agreed what do you think? :DD   

Bullworth Experiences / Stupid Bullworth adventures with Jimmette
« on: August 31, 2012, 01:00:31 PM »
Just thought of the idea just then, I'm starting the game again and I'll take you through my stupid thoughts, okay let's start. 8)
Stupid Bullworth adventures with Jimmette- Welcome to Bullworth.
Miss. Danvers appears out of no where, I'm at Hogwarts!

Auditory Experiences / Hit in the nuts/Humiliated while on the ground
« on: August 25, 2012, 11:53:43 AM »
If this has already been done then remove the topic.
I just thought of the idea and I don't have any mods or voice files, so if I miss any out sorry, I'm doing this one at a time so here I go!
Trent: Stupid piece of..Ugh.. (Kicked in the nuts)
          I feel the need to.. (Humiliated)
Tom: Oh my doo dad's (Kicked in the nuts)
        Oh hell that's so nasty (Humiliated)
Wade: Oohh..Friggin' Balls..ugh (Kicked in the nuts)
          Gonna make you eat my fist! (Humiliated)
Ethan: Ugh..(Kicked in the nuts)
          That's unacceptable! (Humiliated)
Davis: Friggin' hell! Ugh.. (Kicked in the nuts)
         Oh my god I'm gonna puke! (Humiliated)
Troy: Oh my..Not the hot spot! (Kicked in the nuts)
        What's up?! (Humiliated)
Melvin: Ugh..Right in the Jabberwocky! (Kicked in the nuts)
          Ugh gross! (Humiliated)
Bucky: I'll take a atomic wedgie over this! (Kicked in the nuts)
          Ew germs! (Humiliated)
Fatty: Uh..Please no! My legacy! (Kicked in the nuts)
         Oh yeah so mature! (Humiliated)
Algie: Uh.. Critical hit! (Kicked in the nuts)
         No spitting! (Humiliated)
Thad: Oh nuts! (Kicked in the nuts)
         That's unsanitary! (Humiliated)
Donald: I think I'm broken..Ah! (Kicked in the nuts)
            Why spit?! (Humiliated)
Cornelius: That's just un-gratingly painful (Kicked in the nuts)
               Ugh! Toxic! (Humiliated)
I'll do more later. when I can be bothered

Community Stories / Karen's Teddy bear adventures!
« on: August 17, 2012, 12:19:51 PM »
Hello guys I thought I should do this because it would be a amazing, if you got any story request's ask me I don't bite all right story time (Extra notices) Genre: Humor that's it :)
I was laying in Karen's dorm room waiting for her to get back from her classes at Bullworth, I was sitting at the end of the bed staring out the window; Karen doesn't know I'm real I'm just a teddy bear for her to hug well she thought wrong, I heard the school bell ring I quickly checked the clock in the room it was 3:30 PM school is over, I smirked it was time for Karen to come over that is if she isn't hanging around with her stupid friends Melody or Gloria I wanted to go to the beach! I saw Karen come back it was time, "come on teddy let's go to the beach!" Karen said to me, I secretly smiled. She was hugging me tightly, I hugged her back.

We arrived at Bullworth Vale by the beach, I saw one of the boys in wear the white polo shirts "Karen why did you bring your teddy to the beach?!" He shouted, Karen replied "I just wanted to bring it Wade, why you shouting at me!" Before Karen could react, Wade stole Karen's teddy, Karen was shouting and yelling at Wade but he just ran under the pier bridge on the beach.

(Karen's POV)
I cried "why me?!" She shouted, I saw Jimmy walking my way "Jim help me! Wade stole my teddy, yes mine!" I yelled at Jimmy worryingly, Jimmy saw me cry "I can help where is it?" He asked, I pointed on the beach "be careful Jimmy!" Karen shouted.

(Teddy's POV)
I wish I could slap Wade in the face right now! He was trying to pull my eye out! Gross it really hurt I saw that new kid run over "hey what are you doing with Karen's teddy bear?!" Wade evilly smirked "nothing Jim boy," he replied. Jimmy just punched him in the face I fell on the ground, the new guy won and picked me up and ran over to the path, he gave me back to my owner Karen, "thanks Jimmy!" Karen said happily, she gave him 10$ we went home, "I'm never taking you out again!" Karen said to me, I cried.

 :laugh: This is not a serious story I was just thinking of doing a humor story, so if you got a story request feel free to tell me, peace out! :-* 

Bully 1 Discussion / Favorite character personality
« on: August 14, 2012, 04:14:37 PM »
Apart from your favorite character, who's personality from Bully do you like best! Try and do minor characters you know main people who were more involved in the story like Jimmy, Pete, Gary; Etc You can also add one clique leader's personality.
Mine: Algie (Type of guy you just want to hug :wub:)
Ethan (Ninja obsessed :ninja:)
Earnest (Why doesn't anyone love him, I would give him the biggest hug ever if he was real! :wub:)
Beatrice (She's not like most girls, she doesn't care about looks she cares about her future)
Troy (Every time I see him I feel sorry for him he has the craziest personality ever, that's why I love him!)
So what's your favorite personality? :)


Bully 2 Discussion / Bully 2 new clique suggestions
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:39:30 PM »
Some clique suggestions for Bully 2 for example Skaters, Goths; Etc
I don't know about you but I think there should be a cheer-leading clique. :a-cheer:  :laugh:

Bully 2 Discussion / Mission ideas
« on: August 10, 2012, 12:07:58 PM »
Here is the topic where we talk about mission ideas, for example should there be more sneaky missions or more combat missions, tell me your ideas all so think of the name you would give it. :)

Introduce Yourself / Hello! I'm new here
« on: August 10, 2012, 07:07:50 AM »
Hello everyone; I'm new here and my name is StillAJimmyFanGirl:p When I first found this web-site I always wanted to sign up so I did, I'm been a fan of the game Bully since 2007, so yeah there's my info and I promise I'm no Mandy :a-cheer: I'm a very nice person, well glad to meet you all. :)

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