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Bully Modding / A warning to everyone..
« on: February 17, 2016, 09:44:43 PM »
From now on.....

If I see ANYONE making fun of, bullying, or insulting another member just because they don't have a 'PERFECT' grasp of English......I WILL start handing down bans that last forever.

I have had enough of this nonsense.

BB is NOT an English only community and if YOU can't respond to someone that is having a hard time communicating in a specific language, then...do them a favor and DO NOT RESPOND!!

One of us will try to see if we can talk to them.

Otherwise...all you are doing is just giving OUR community a very bad reputation. One that means we will bully anyone into submission if they don't have full mastery over English....

Consider yourselves WARNED!!.

Alright....As some of you know I am in the process of writing a book of which I have put the info and some renders in a different thread. This story however that THIS thread is about is not related to the book in any way other then the fact I have popped a few characters from the book over to this story in a sort of crossover to the Bully universe. Couple names changed and some other things changed to prevent them from being confused with the book.

Anyways, I will be posting information here about the story and what it is about....along with wip renders (non final) to show what renders for the story will look like as this is a bully fanfic.

This story is based off of a dream I wrote about in the weird dreams thread quite a long time ago and seeing as ppl really liked reading about that dream of mine, I decided to just write a full fanfic based on that dream for all of you here on BB. Think of this as my gift to all of you for being there for me and quickly accepting me as part of the family back when I joined a few years ago.

I will release the story here in the form of a pdf and done up like a archival ebook. This will be a exclusive BB story and I am doing this for fun while I work on my other projects. I hope everyone likes this and I look forward to hearing comments from everyone as well as everyone's thoughts about the plot..characters..etc.

Now...on to the juicy stuff.
Bullworth of the DEAD
Characters List This is for the main characters only and I will add a second list as I complete if for the other characters in the story.

Wolf - Wolf is a character representing myself in personality. He is 19 almost ready to turn 20 and is the main protagonist of the story. He is the boyfriend of Meiyo and is always cool. calm and collected no matter the situation. He can however be pushed too far to where he goes into a full blood lust mode and will at that point attack his enemies in a savage way. He happens to be a skilled kenjutsu practitioner and is skilled in a wide variety of firearms due to his family having several members who served in the military that taught him everything they knew about guns, explosives, and various military only vehicles.

Meiyo - She is the same age as Wolf and shares many of the same skills that he does. She also happens to be part human and part fox (decided to alter the Bully universe to include anthromorphic characters) and has not only a deep love of Wolf, but also is loyal to him and will gladly give her life to save him if the situation arises where she would have to do that. She, like Wolf is a final year student at Bullworth Academy and would have graduated (along with Wolf) if both had not been held back a couple years and with the exception of Russell, happen to be the oldest Bullworth students. She also has a little sister who also goes to Bullworth Academy and is very very protective of her since both of their parents were killed in the zombie apocalypse and as such she and Wolf look after her.

Makoto - She is the 9 year old sister to Meiyo and is generally fun loving and more then a bit obnoxious at times. She does have hand to hand fighting skill and some kenjutsu skills but generally doesn't take part in any direct fights with the zombies for the most part since unlike her older sister Meiyo, she isn't physically strong enough to take on a full grown zombie by herself without help. She is good friends with Karen and is in all of her classes.

Karen - You all know who she is. I retained her personality for this story as best as I could and her already existing background also applies here. I won't bother repeating what everyone likely already knows on her...other then I will state that she does have a bit of a temper and won't hesitate to curse out any adult or student that gets on her bad side. She takes a similar role regarding the zombies that Makoto takes. She was originally going to be a zombie that gets killed in the upper level girl's bathroom like in the dream I wrote about...but decided to not have her as a zombie so Makoto could have at least a couple friends of her own and not just be extra baggage to the group.

Damon - As with Karen I kept him much like his game counterpart. However, he has a tense peace between Russell and Johnny and other Bully characters due to his being a jock and his being very territorial. In this story he is a final year student at Bullworth and is hoping to earn a football scholarship so he can play with the pros.

Johnny - He is much like his game counterpart however I changed his fighting style to modern kung fu with only a couple street fighting moves/stances instead of the style he used in the game which was a mix of street fighting/brawling and several martial arts.

Derby - He is like his game counterpart and very very snobby towards everyone that is NOT in his tax bracket. He still has an obsession with money and power even though money no longer has any meaning during a zombie apocalypse when survival is more important then money or following the laws of the land.

Russell - He also is like his game counterpart and I gave him a backstory as well. In this story he is actually older then Wolf...he is 20 and is STILL far from graduating from Bullworth Academy due to his poor intelligence and grades. He is extremely loyal to Wolf and Meiyo and is loyal to the group due to being saved from certain death by Wolf and Meiyo very early in the story. While the majority of the main characters have no driver's license they all still drive various vehicles anyways since the law for driving without a license does not apply here due to the fact that most of the population is dead or turned into zombies. He has basic knowledge of firearms and prefers hand to hand combat. He also happens to be rather strong and is one of the strongest characters in the group with the exception of Wolf who is far stronger then him due to being in exceptionally great physical shape. His temper is even shorter now and when enraged he goes on a total rampage shouting his trademark "Russell SMASH!" and doesn't stop until his enemy is defeated or dead.

Seth - He is the only prefect/staff member to survive the initial stages of the zombie apocalypse and has an even nastier attitude. He is very power hungry and considers himself above everyone else and plays a big part in this story. He also now has no qualms about killing another person to assert his authority over the situation. He has an immense hatred for both Wolf and Meiyo.

Jack - He is a character created solely for this story. He is a old friend of Wolf's and has provided him with the means to access some of the military bases (all abandoned) to get supplies and weapons. He also is a former 1 star general in the army and now like the rest is fighting to survive. He is in his early 40's.

Earnest - He is the leader of the nerds clique in the game and is among some of the surviving students in this story. He is afraid of Meiyo due to accidently pissing her off one day and ended up being stuck head first in a very dirty toilet with a trashcan over him.

Algie - Same personality as his game counterpart and pisses himself even more now due to his morbid fear of the zombies. He is a natural coward who would rather run then face his deepest fears head on and defeat them.

Beatrice - She is among the nerds that survived the initial start of the apocalypse and is attracted to Wolf due to his being the leader of the group and his laid back personality. She is jealous of Meiyo and wants to replace her as Wolf's lover.

Mandy - She also has an attraction to Wolf but only because she absolutely hates Meiyo. She also prevented Meiyo (like with Beatrice) from being on the cheerleading team out of jealousy over Meiyo being more athletic then she is. She also refuses to fight any zombies and constantly orders everyone else to do it for her.

Trent - He is one of the bullys that survived the start of the apocalypse and is loyal to the group like Russell is. He finds that he loves fighting the zombies and thinks that it is much more fun and rewarding then bullying the students and so finds a new hobby.

Bif - He survives the initial apocalypse along with the rest of the preps due to their being holed up in harrington house the whole time. He has a rivalry with Wolf and Russell and wishes to fight both in a even up fight. He loses some of his feelings for ppl that are not in his tax bracket (unlike Derby) as he realizes there are more important things then money and status. He doesn't much like Meiyo due to her half human and half fox appearance and as such is always rude to her when he gets the chance.

Lola - She is still Johnny's girl and now is fiercly loyal to him and he to her. She will eagerly fight the zombies and even seems to enjoy doing so as a way of getting back at the people she hates.

Kim - She is a 11 year old exchange student from japan. Her only friends so far are Makoto and Karen and she follows them around a lot. She is a quiet reserved girl who has a surprising amount of skill in karate due to her family having their own private dojo which is overseen by her father who is also her teacher. She has a excellent grasp of english due to taking lots of english classes at her school back home and has little trouble fitting in here at Bullworth Academy.

Troy - He manages to survive the initial apocalypse because he was down in the basement bullying fatty at the time and

Zoe - She has a bitter rivalry with Meiyo and while she doesn't have affection for Wolf as a potential girlfriend, her rivalry with Meiyo is based on her thoughts that Meiyo is both prettier then she is and is a better fighter. Zoe tries to start random fights with Meiyo most of the time that they are in the same room. She is missing Jimmy very badly due to the fact that she considers Jimmy to be the only guy that actually did like her for who she was rather then just thinking of her as another pretty face.

Melody - She was in her dorm room sick in bed and was spared the initial start of the apocalypse. She happens to like Makoto a lot and tries to be a friend to her. She however

Pinky - Like the rest of the preps, she survives and is holed up at Harrington House with the rest of them. She is in denial about the apocalypse and thinks the zombies are just people who refuse to believe that it isn't halloween yet. She also doesn't like Meiyo at all and considers her a freak of nature.

Zack - He is among some of the towns people that have survived and thinks this zombie apocalypse is wicked. He constantly refers to his large stash of zombie invasion comics for hints on what to do next.

Gary - He is using the apocalypse to gather followers so he can get revenge on Bullworth Academy and all of the surviving students for being kicked out the year previously. He has taken a big dislike in particular to Wolf and will do whatever it takes to take him down even if it means going after Meiyo or her sister. He has developed a psychotic personality by this point and considers himself to be the next hitler.

more characters will follow soon
Story Plot
Basic plot for now

This story takes place one year after the game Bully: Scholarship Edition. Jimmy Hopkins has moved on to another school because his work here was done. Petey also moved to a new school where he didn't have to worry about being bullied all the time and is now doing pretty well for himself. Gary however was kicked out of Bullworth Academy and has since developed a psychotic personality and wants revenge against the school for being kicked out. Wolf and Meiyo are in the school gym training with one another when the apocalypse starts. They try to gather survivors from the school and plan to locate other survivors as well as try to find the families of some of the surviving students. Can their group survive against the zombies? Will their group tear itself apart?


Here is the girl's dorm attic as it looks now with my tender loving care

Here is a custom laptop that Wolf uses which comes in handy in several situations in the story


to be added soon


to be added soon

TUTORIALS / How to add Blips
« on: October 24, 2014, 10:30:47 PM »
Here...this is from my own personal notes which I have shared this with a few people as well.

BlipAddXYZ(float X, float Y, float Z, integer, blipType, BlipObject)

Code: [Select]
BlipAddXYZ(-615.17401123047, -65.581802368164, 59.661098480225, 0, 0, 7)

The last number in the code above is the number to change to one of the following in the Blip Legend below.

Blip Legend:

  • 0=Yellow X
  • 1=Blue X
  • 3=Yellow X
  • 4=$
  • 5=Grey Bell
  • 6=Grey Bell
  • 8=Book
  • 10=Shopping cart
  • 11=Wheel
  • 13=Barber pole
  • 14=Blue shirt
  • 15=Golden shop
  • 16=Bike shop
  • 19=Post office
  • 20=Trophy
  • 22=Trailer
  • 23=Yellow "H"
  • 24=Red star
  • 25=Yellow star
  • 26=Brown X
  • 29=Yellow X
  • 30=Blue X
  • 31=Yellow X
  • 32=Yellow star
  • 33=Red star
  • 34=Brown X
  • 35=Transistor
  • 36=Rubber band
  • 37=G&G card
  • 38=Gnome


Figured I would get this started since I have focused ALL of my attention to doing the much anticipated MEGA-MOD which will be a first for the community as well as something that will give the game a lot of replay value.

Atm I am focusing on creating a safe enviroment for texture creation/testing in order to speed up the process instead of the grueling task of testing in-game as most modders do.

I have spent the past three days so far FULLY recreating the entire bully world map in 3ds max and have some pics to share of this rather large task due to what I have had to go through in order to get this to a usable stage.

As most of you know the game has a LOT of individual models from the exterior stuff to all of the interiors and their props and this makes for a LOT of work for anyone wanting to attempt modding on this sort of scale. This mini project of recreating the bully world map in 3ds serves me TWO purposes. First is to use as a development platform for texture testing and the secondary purpose is to use with my renders that I will be creating at the same time that go with a zombie apocalypse story series I will be writing based off of a continuing dream I have had of which I have already wrote a small bit about in the weird dreams thread which some of you will likely remember.

For the renders part I will be redoing EVERYTHING in the map in ultra HD as far as the models go and there is a lot of merging and new textures that will have to be made due to merging various objects....as well as injecting every single interior directly INTO all of the building structures on the map with workable doors...etc as well as jumping up their poly counts to a higher level and adding things that happen to be missing.

I have most of the world map reconstructed at this stage but still need to add other things back to this such as doors for the exterior stuff....some of the landscape is still missing and around 140 textures are missing from the final shot I will be linking in this post. While I do have every texture used in the game it is a pain figuring out which textures are for which item since as everyone knows, nothing is named as it should be in the game and one object can have 4 different names...but still referencing the same thing...which leads to a lot of confusion specially with texture and model modding.

I also will release this as a texture development system for those that use 3ds max and wish to use this for their own textures as this method makes for a great way to mod textures without the time hassle of constantly messing with the .img archives in order to test a single texture or several at a time.

At a later date when I have enough of these compiled...I will release also a full set of texture templates for every game texture that also will aid in scratch made textures along with seam guides as well which I will explain another time....since texturing is a VERY exact process and for a texture to look good without any visible seams...you have to know exactly where the seams start and end.

I will update this topic periodically on the status of this project and I will state NOT to expect a x-mas release even though I am shooting for a pre-release of just the textures only for the MEGA-MOD and then add the rest in installments as this will be a rather large mod...and hosting for this will be a problem since I still have to talk to AJ about seeing if he will grant permission to host it here due to its size that is projected to be around 5+ gb when I get finished with it.

Think of this as MY version of the fakefactory mod for hl2...only for BULLY instead.

Please keep in mind that I did NOT merge any of the individual models into one giant mesh. I have kept them seperate since I intend fully on modifying every single one of them and hope to turn all of this into full HD...no idea if the game will support that yet or not but I can only try.


Current Mod status for the MEGA-MOD:

  • HD Textures -in progress
  • HD Models - in progress
  • Scripting - planning stages
  • New Map Additions - planning stages
  • Beta Boys Dorm rebuild - planning stages
Anyways...here are the screenshots of my recreation of the BULLY world map:

and here is that giant mess with most of the textures applied (stock ones)

Bully Modding Archives / Player Selector Mega Mod - Cancelled
« on: September 12, 2014, 02:19:29 PM »


After talking at length with Rise....I have decided to go ahead and cancel all work on this mod effective immediately.

One of the reasons for this is because I take teamwork very seriously and if at least ONE person on my team doesn't agree to something...then I will simply not take that action.

The other reasons for cancelling all work on this mod is simple: I am noticing a lot of bad feelings about this mod and the constant arguing and comparing it to super mod...etc etc etc and I just do not want to see conflict here on the forum.

I know this may anger some members here but this decision is for the best since in all reality, super mod does all the same things and while yes we do have working strafes and most of the fighting styles fully working....Rise simply believes that the community as it currently is just does not deserve access to a mod that we all have worked so hard and long on since there is simply just way too much arguing and constant begging (I have been getting a LOT of pms about this mod for some time now begging for early releases or a unfinished release and even begging for the source code) and while this may seem totally out of character for me to do this, I just cannot in good conscience release a mod that will just cause a lot of pointless squabbling and and contests over who has the best mod , which mod is most popular, who is the best modder, etc since those contests...while fun once in a while...really serve no functional purpose and just causes people to take sides and then things escalate from there.

The GTA community went down that same EXACT route and if we are not all careful...the Bully modding community will head down that exact same path and I don't want this to happen. The bully community has given me so much over the time I have been part of it and I have tried to give back the same in return.

So...that being said..I will be focusing on other mods and will immediately start work on finishing up the mega mod instead.

The mega mod will have a basic model selector but the functionality will be exactly the same as in the demo and no further since I will NOT release the other more refined stuff for the player selection if Rise is not ok with it and I will NOT release any of that behind his back. He has been a very faithful friend and team mate and I just cannot backstab him in that manner so I will ask that anyone wanting model selection to just stick with using the super mod instead.

The extra features that psmm was to have listed on this topic WILL be added to the mega mod like the vehicle selection...the menu systems.....the cheats....custom weapons....weather changing...mission selecting..etc but the core code for the psmm will remain out of the public eye and IF and a big IF...IF the community can show patience.....stop with the constant give me this , give me that, please release this early, please do this mod, etc and stop the conflict...and actually learn to work together...then Rise MIGHT change his mind later on and allow the full core code to be released in the form of a standalone single mod.....but this will be totally Rise's call to make and NOT mine. He did a lot of the core code anyways and rightfully owns the right to decide whether it should be released or not.

I do not want anyone to take this update personally and start rage posting or sending angry pm's or asking WHY I won't release the mod...since everything is explained here.

I am altering this topic so it no longer reflects a possability of a release since I don't want to confuse anyone and I am sorry if this makes anyone sad or angry...but this is the decision I and my team have come to and the reasons are very valid. I am sure quite a few members here that know my team and myself well will agree with this decision and support it and I ask that everyone else to please do the same.

I just don't want to spend all of my free time diffusing potential arguments over this mod when I can be using that time to finish writing my novel and making new and exciting mods for others to enjoy. This mod has just caused way too many problems and the community did kinda over hype things a lot with it which did not help matters any.

I will update the original mega-mod topic with new information in the next few days and with new screenshots showing progress and get that released hopefully by or before xmas and continue my modding duties in that manner.

Even though I still am uncertain about my future being here after next wed.....at the same time I still want to help expand BB and make changes that everyone approves of to see where we can go since we have the potential to get larger then the GTA Community.

I have been turning over some ideas in my head for some time now and figured I would see what everyone else here thinks and pretty much go from there.

My ideas are simple. Due to the increasing popularity of the modding section and the fact that we get people from all over the world posting here. I was thinking about seeing if we could start making new sections on the forum that basicly mirror the modding section totally...same forums and categories....but be for providing support to people in their home languages.

For example....we get quite a few modders from brazil/south america where Portuguese  seems to be a primary language. Plus we get some modders from japan....some probably from russia....some from germany.....etc. We also have some modders who primarily speak spanish and I figure that due to the language barriers we tend to get here when it comes to new modders asking for help.....maybe it is time to consider having help sections geared towards specific languages too which might help a great deal and maybe expand things for us here.

I know some of us ...modders and non-modders alike are able to speak read and write more then one language and I believe it is doable to attempt this and maybe even some non-modders can provide some help with this by simply translating some posts written by say a modder with everything needed....pm the translated post to the modder who then can post it....etc. Maybe go from there.

What do you all think about this? Since I feel it is time to start considering this seriously.

I myself can speak read and write german, some japanese (kanji primarily but learning hiregana and katakana) and attempting to learn finnish (bit difficult).

Online translation services are sketchy at best and usually don't do the best job so it makes the person even harder to understand.....so please post below and let me know what you think about this idea.....IF everyone is pretty much all for attempting this, I can create and sort out the forums side of everything and put this into action so implementing it is no problem....but actually making this work depends on everyone else and primarily those that think we should give this a try.

MadmaN's Insane Asylum / Story Renders *BIG WIP & Ongoing project*
« on: September 17, 2013, 04:49:40 AM »
As some of you know I am in the process of writing a story that happens to be something I have been working on for a long time now. This thread will give everyone a preview of the story plot, the characters as well as show some of the renders that will be in the story too since I plan to get this published and am not only writing the story but also doing all of the artwork too. Not many authors also do their own artwork and since art is a passion of mine, I plan to have fun with this.

There are some historical facts mixed in with pure fantasy so if some facts are a bit off....don't worry about it since this is a pure fantasy story rather then a historical account of feudal japan.

There are both human and anthromorphic characters in this story which gives the story a lot of diversity in the various races that inhabit this fantasy world.

This story will not be just one book but it actually will be between 3 and 5 books total with about 300-400 pages per book and each book will have plenty of renders scattered through the many chapters to help give the reader a visual representation of the story in order to give a nice visual reference to what is going on.

*basic plot*

The story takes place around spring of 1720 which is during the Tokugawa period and focuses on the main character of Setsu Megumi who is a 15yo samurai on a quest to find the murderers of her father who was a samurai of extraordinary skill and was respected and feared by many due to his skill not only as a warrior but also skill in diffusing potentially hostile situations without even drawing his blade.

The Tokugawa shogunate sends a group of samurai who murder him in his sleep due to his breaking with tradition and training his daughter (Setsu) fully to become a samurai which was heavily disliked by many samurai including the shogunate and the Daimyo who were in control of the other lands in japan.

Setsu after her father's murder goes on a quest to track down and exact revenge on those who took her father from her and starts off the quest with a fellow samurai from her own clan and mother figure (dubbed for now the fox girl) who brings her own young daughter along with them on the quest. They shortly after meet up with two rōnin who are also half sisters (first one is dubbed cheetah girl and the second is half cheetah and half snow leopard). The encounter with the first of the two ends in a fight between the fox girl and the cheetah girl who are evenly matched and the fight is considered a draw with both becoming close friends and the cheetah girl then joining Setsu on her quest. They meet up with the half sister shortly after in the town they are staying at and while that encounter also starts off with a fight it is quickly diffused with the half sister also joining Setsu's group.

They spend a lot of time at a abandoned dojo which was located by the group during their journey to nagasaki which was the first place they were going to look for information and clues to the wherabouts of the samurai who were hired to kill her father. Setsu having basic wood working skills works with her companions to repair the abandoned dojo and use it as not only their base of operations and home but also as their training ground too in order to improve one another's skills.

The quest will take Setsu about 3 1/2 years to complete after which she becomes a highly respected samurai much like her father and gains through training skills that are nearly on par with his own. Her companions remain with her since they become almost like a family due to their strong ties and help support one another and each will die to protect the others without thinking twice about it.


Below are several renders I have done that illustrate the characters as well as their world which does have a few historical places but that is where history stops and fantasy starts.

These renders are NOT in any specific order nor are they spoilers for the full story which is a very long one and these are just to give a general idea of how things are progressing so far.

Near final shot of the group.

Here is a shot of the small town where everyone comes together for the first time. You can see a castle in the background which is based off of the real castle that exists today in japan. This render is not finished due to a crash that prevented it from finishing. Also in this render the daughter of the fox girl sports a different hair style which was changed to the one in the render up above this one.

Here is a standalone final shot of Setsu Megumi whom I might add wears different styles of face paint during the course of the story. She wears it in remembrance of her father and never is seen without it.

The following just to be on the safe side I went ahead and censored it (even tho I hate censorship) as this is a full scene from the story when the girls are all relaxing at a hidden waterfall.

This next is also from the same scene as above but is one of the hilarious moments in the story in which the cheetah girl does something that really annoys the fox girl and she ends up getting shoved into the water far below in retaliation.

This render is a preview render and is NOT a finished render.

This render is another scene from the story and is when the fox girl and cheetah girl happen to have their fight at the start. This is a mostly finished scene but needs to have some edits due to a few issues with the model meshes as well as lighting.

This next one is just another view of the group from a garden path located near nagasaki
All fur is disabled in this render due to the time it takes to render it properly.

I will update this topic with new renders as I get time to make more.

Modding Section Rules / Biblio-Techa Mods Modding Team *RULES*
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:10:19 PM »

I will be placing some rules here that is in regards to the Biblio-Techa Modding Team which I lead and these rules WILL be taken seriously or the person breaking the rules will be booted from the team. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this and this goes for everyone that is currently a member of the team.

  • If someone mentions a mod they are working on OR a mod idea they are going to work on, DO NOT go ahead and release a mod that is based around or is identical or uses elements of that person's mod or idea WITHOUT their permission first. IF you are given permission then proper credit(s) to the modder in question needs to be clearly mentioned in the mod release topic. Any topics from this point on that are found to be breaking this rule will be subsequently removed without notice and the topic creator will be punished accordingly.
  • Work as a team when assigned to a mod because this will only be a team if everyone gets into the spirit of teamwork and works together on things. Anyone not working with others on the team will be booted from the team and not allowed back in.
  • DO NOT take credit for someone else's work or even ideas. Anyone found to be taking credit for work and/or ideas other's came up with first will be booted from the team.
  • NO bashing anyone. This goes for bashing anyone on the team as well as anyone thats part of the modding community in general. If anyone has a problem with another person then please send a PM to a staff member and it will be taken care of without a rude public display that really isn't needed.
I will update these rules later today when I get the chance.

Mod Releases Archive / Player Selector Mod (demo)
« on: June 05, 2013, 04:18:16 AM »
The Bully Scholarship Edition Player Selector Mod.

This mod was a very long time coming and is a tribute to the great NTAuthority who deserves credit for being the one who originally came up with this mod (his was a scripthook rather then a full blown lua mod like this) and is a testament to over a year of hard work by myself and Rise To Honor in making this mod even possible.

Rise To Honor also was the first to figure out the code that made swapping models possible.

For now we are releasing the demo of this mod that allows only 15 peds to choose from including changing back to Jimmy simply by selecting him.

This post will be updated later on when we release the final version so for now please enjoy.


Bully Modding Archives / Important message regarding newbies......
« on: April 20, 2013, 02:30:32 AM »
I am going to add to the modding section rules here and also post a brief message due to recent events and as such everyone should take this seriously.

 If I am out of line for doing this Chrissy...feel free to let me know.

  • NO bashing newbies.

There are some members here that have been getting more then a bit harsh with the newbies and I realize that newbies can irritate or annoy people with the numerous questions they have even if it is the same question over and over.....The one thing I DO NOT tolerate is harsh treatment of new modders/members because it is not justified and in a lot of cases will just scare them off. I always try to help everyone that asks for help and I always am patient. I would like to see others try to do the same thing. We were all newbies once and I have a feeling that some have forgotten that fact.

Any further harsh treatment of newbies will be swiftly dealt with by the staff since this is one of the main things that has caused the GTA community to be a rather horrible place for any new modders...and one of the reasons why I forever left it. I do not want to see the bully community have the same thing happen.

Please consider the above a extra rule added to all of the modding section rules that have been posted thus far.

I am leaving this topic unlocked so anyone can post their thoughts about this but any harsh posts will be deleted without warning.

I decided to go ahead and release my sources for the multi-bodyguard mod since I plan to take a different direction with this mod.

This source works quite well but is a bit cumbersome since I wrote this when I was experimenting with different ways to have multiple bodyguards as well as assign different fighting styles to them.

There are some bugs with this script which is also another reason why I am releasing it since this is being released so people can learn a more advanced way to code a custom mod for Bully.

The bugs are: only 2 health bars show for the bodyguards at any given time ....I never figured out how to fix that part since I can't force more to show nor can I stop them from showing up. The other bug is only one bodyguard will attack if you get attacked but they all will follow you everywhere you go.

I can fix the other bugs but like I said, I will be going another direction with this mod and using different code and I have commented this code very heavily to give people a easier time understanding what everything says and is for.

All of the bodyguard code except for one section for the peds...one section for hte fighting styles and so forth can be un-commented at any given time. Do not try to use everything uncommented because it will simply crash the game.

The bodyguards are all there....this is setup as a entire clique bodyguard mod. The preps clique including the dog is there...the dog also has the prep boxing style assigned to him/it/her and it walks around on two legs like the other peds and will box....all the jocks are there..and so on.

Please have fun with this mod and if you intend to release a modified version of this please release both the compiled mod and the sources so others can learn how to do this based on your additions. Also please do not take my name from the credits since I worked extremely hard on creating this mod and it is the first of its kind so if you modify anything and release it...make sure to add a line at the top area with the rest of the credits that says -- Modified by: your name here.

Here is the source:

Multi Bodyguard Mod v1 by: |XF|-MadmaN [AR]

UPDATE - edited the script to match the fixed one posted by Red Blaster a few posts down so that anyone using this one will have the proper script.

Code: [Select]
-- Multi-Bodyguard Mod V1 BETA
-- By: |XF|-MadmaN [AR]
-- Please do not modify the above author name and if you wish to release a modified version of this
-- then just add a line that says: -- Modified by:

GlobalImportScript("SObjTest.lua") -- Globally loads the Debug Menu for BULLY
ImportScript("Library/LibTable.lua") -- Imports the libtable Library Script
ImportScript("SZone.lua") -- Imports the SZone Debug System Script

--l_0_0 = 60

MissionSetup = function()
  DATLoad("6_02GDORM.DAT", 2)
--  local l_1_0 = 270 -- X Coordinates
--  local l_1_1 = -110 -- Y Coordinates
--  local l_1_2 = 6.4000000953674 -- Z Coordinates
  AreaTransitionPoint(0, POINTLIST._6_02G_SPAWNPLAYER)
--  AreaTransitionXYZ(0, l_1_0, l_1_1, l_1_2) -- Areacode (0) with the XYZ Coordinates Locals as Defined above. Locals are always defined first for every function
  AreaSetDoorPathableToPeds(TRIGGER._BUSDOORS, true)
  TextPrintString("Bully: Scholarship Edition Multi-Bodyguard  Mod v1 BETA.", 4, 1) -- Mod Title Screen
  Wait(5000) -- Waits 5 Seconds
  TextPrintString("By: |XF|-MadmaN [AR] ", 4, 1) -- Author name(s) goes here
  Wait(5000) -- Waits 5 Seconds
      gMonitorAllies = true
  -- Unique Model Status Code Start (freeroam) -1: not in freeroam 1: in freeroam (this number can be changed to a higher number to spawn multiple copies of the same ped)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(2, 1) -- Zoe
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(3, 1) -- Beatrice
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(4, 1) -- Algernon
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(5, 1) -- Fatty
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(6, 1) -- Melvin
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(7, 1) -- Thad
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(8, 1) -- Bucky
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(9, 1) -- Cornelius
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(10, 1) -- Earnest
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(11, 1) -- Donald
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(12, 1) -- Damon
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(13, 1) -- Kirby
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(14, 1) -- Mandy
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(15, 1) -- Dan
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(16, 1) -- Luis
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(17, 1) -- Casey
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(18, 1) -- Bo
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(19, 1) -- Ted
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(20, 1) -- Juri
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(21, 1) -- Peanut (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(22, 1) -- Hal (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(23, 1) -- Johnny (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(24, 1) -- Lefty (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(25, 1) -- Lola (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(26, 1) -- Lucky (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(27, 1) -- Vance (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(28, 1) -- Ricky (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(29, 1) -- Norton (greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(30, 1) -- Gord
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(31, 1) -- Tad
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(32, 1) -- Chad
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(33, 1) -- Bif
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(34, 1) -- Justin
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(35, 1) -- Bryce
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(36, 1) -- Bryce (boxing)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(37, 1) -- Darby
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(38, 1) -- Pinky
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(39, 1) -- Angie
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(40, 1) -- Parker
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(41, 1) -- Jerry
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(42, 1) -- Otto
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(43, 1) -- Leon
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(44, 1) -- Duncan
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(45, 1) -- Henry
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(46, 1) -- Gurney
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(47, 1) -- Omar
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(48, 1) -- Zoe (alternate outfit?)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(49, 1) -- Max (prefect)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(50, 1) -- Seth (prefect)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(51, 1) -- Edward (prefect)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(52, 1) -- Karl (prefect leader)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(53, 1) -- Theo (Orderly)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(54, 1) -- Miss Peabody (HallMonitor)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(55, 1) -- Mr Burton (Gym Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(56, 1) -- Mr Luntz (Janitor)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(57, 1) -- Mr Galloway (English Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(58, 1) -- Edna (Cafeteria Cook)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(59, 1) -- Miss Winston (Secretary)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(60, 1) -- Mrs McRae (Nurse)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(61, 1) -- Mr Hattrick (Math Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(62, 1) -- Mrs Carvin (Librarian)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(63, 1) -- Ms Phillips (Art Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(64, 1) -- Mr Slawter (Biology Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(65, 1) -- Dr Crabblesnitch (Principal)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(66, 1) -- Sheldon (student) (Little kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(67, 1) -- Christy (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(68, 1) -- Gloria (student) (Little kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(69, 1) -- Pedro (student) (Little kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(70, 1) -- Constantinos (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(71, 1) -- Ray (Student) (fat kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(72, 1) -- Ivan (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(73, 1) -- Trevor (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(74, 1) -- Eunice (student) (fat girl)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(75, 1) -- Russell (Bully) (freeroam model)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(76, 1) -- Dr Bambillo (shop owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(77, 1) -- Mr Sullivan  (shop owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(78, 1) -- Ms Kopke  (shop owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(79, 1) -- Ms Rushinski  (shop owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(80, 1) -- Ms Isaacs (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(81, 1) -- Bethany Jones (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(82, 1) -- ORourke (fireman) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(83, 1) -- Officer Monson (Cop) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(84, 1) -- Zack Owens (Comic Store Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(85, 1) -- Trent (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(86, 1) -- Tobias Mason (Bike Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(87, 1) -- Mr Grant (Hobo)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(88, 1) -- Mascot (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(89, 1) -- Mr Oh (Grocery Store Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(90, 1) -- Christy (winter) (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(91, 1) -- Edgar (Dropouts Leader)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(92, 1) -- Luis (Wrestling) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(93, 1) -- Mandy (winter) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(94, 1) -- Pinky (winter) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(95, 1) -- Beatrice (winter) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(96, 1) -- Lola (winter) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(97, 1) -- Officer Williams (Cop) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(98, 1) -- Jimmy (Wrestling) (Player)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(99, 1) -- Davis (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(100, 1) -- Mr Breckindale (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(101, 1) -- Mr Doolin (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(102, 1) -- Troy (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(103, 1) -- Nate (Fire Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(104, 1) -- Mr Carmichael (Shop Owner)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(105, 1) -- Nicky Charles (Shop Owner)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(106, 1) -- Mr Watts (Chemistry Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(107, 1) -- Miss Abby (Shop Owner)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(108, 1) -- Mihailovich (Shop Owner)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(109, 1) -- Kirby (Football Uniform)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(110, 1) -- Ted (Football Uniform)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(111, 1) -- Dan (Football Uniform)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(112, 1) -- Damon (Football Uniform)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(113, 1) -- Freeley (Carnival)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(114, 1) -- Dorsey (Carnival)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(115, 1) -- Hector (Carnival Midget) (DunkTank?)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(116, 1) -- Osbourne (Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(117, 1) -- Chad (Boxing) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(118, 1) -- Justin (Boxing) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(119, 1) -- Parker (Boxing) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(120, 1) -- Maria Theresa (Barber) (Rich Area)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(121, 1) -- Bob (Generic Wrestler) (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(122, 1) -- Fatty (Wrestling) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(123, 1) -- Chuck (Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(124, 1) -- Ian (Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(125, 1) -- Fenwick (Asylum Patient) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(126, 1) -- Neil (Autoshop Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(127, 1) -- Mr Svenson (Mailman)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(128, 1) -- Denny (Tattooist)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(129, 1) -- Mr Galloway (Asylum Model) (English Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(130, 1) -- Gary (Final BOSS) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(131, 1) -- Krakauer (Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(132, 1) -- Mr Moratti (Barber) (Poor Area)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(133, 1) -- Bif (Boxing) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(134, 1) -- Petey (student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(135, 1) -- Mr Smith (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(136, 1) -- Rat
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(137, 1) -- Melody (Little Kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(138, 1) -- Karen (Little Kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(139, 1) -- Gordon (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(140, 1) -- Brandy (Midget)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(141, 1) -- Pitbull 1
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(142, 1) -- Lance (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(143, 1) -- Crystal (Carnival Worker)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(144, 1) -- Mr Martin (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(145, 1) -- Ethan (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(146, 1) -- Wade (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(147, 1) -- Tom (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(148, 1) -- Mr Ramirez (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(149, 1) -- Mr Huntingdon (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(150, 1) -- Otto (Asylum) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(151, 1) -- Mr Wiggins (History Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(152, 1) -- Floyd (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(153, 1) -- Leon (Asylum) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(154, 1) -- Henry (Asylum) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(155, 1) -- Fatty (Chocolate) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(156, 1) -- Stan (Grocery Store Clerk) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(157, 1) -- Handy (Shop Owner) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(158, 1) -- Gregory (Orderly)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(159, 1) -- Pedro (Halloween) (Little Kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(160, 1) -- Gary (Halloween)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(161, 1) -- Lucky (Halloween) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(162, 1) -- Donald (Halloween) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(163, 1) -- Parker (Halloween) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(164, 1) -- Casey (Halloween) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(165, 1) -- Petey (Halloween) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(166, 1) -- Angie (Halloween) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(167, 1) -- Pinky (Halloween) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(168, 1) -- Damon (Halloween) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(169, 1) -- Gordon (Halloween) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(170, 1) -- Ivan (Halloween) (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(171, 1) -- Trevor (Halloween) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(172, 1) -- Bif (Boxing) (Beat up?) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(173, 1) -- Vance (Halloween) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(174, 1) -- Thad (Halloween) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(175, 1) -- Pinky (Winter) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(176, 1) -- Russell (Beat up) (Bully)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(177, 1) -- Tad (Winter) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(178, 1) -- Bryce (Winter) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(179, 1) -- Justin (Winter) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(480, 1) -- Angie (Cheerleader) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(181, 1) -- Christy (Cheerleader) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(182, 1) -- Pinky (Cheerleader) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(183, 1) -- Mr Buba (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(184, 1) -- Mr Gordon (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(185, 1) -- Mrs Lisburn (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(186, 1) -- Fatty (Dungeon Master?) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(187, 1) -- Betty (Punk Barber) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(188, 1) -- Lightning (Fighting Midget) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(189, 1) -- Zeke (Fighting Midget) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(190, 1) -- Alfred (Skeleton Man) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(191, 1) -- Paris (Bearded Fat Lady) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(192, 1) -- Courtney (Mermaid) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(193, 1) -- Delilah (Siamese Twin #2) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(194, 1) -- Drew (Painted Man) (Freakshow)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(195, 1) -- Castillo (Worker) (TownsPerson)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(196, 1) -- Edgar (Gym) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(197, 1) -- Gurney (Gym) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(198, 1) -- Jerry (Gym) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(199, 1) -- Leon (Gym) (Dropouts)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(200, 1) -- Hal (Gym) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(201, 1) -- Norton (Gym) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(202, 1) -- Peanut (Gym) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(203, 1) -- Vance (Gym) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(204, 1) -- Bo (Gym) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(205, 1) -- Damon (Gym) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(206, 1) -- Juri (Gym) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(207, 1) -- Kirby (Gym) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(208, 1) -- Algernon (Gym) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(209, 1) -- Bucky (Gym) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(210, 1) -- Thad (Gym) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(211, 1) -- Parker (Gym) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(212, 1) -- Justin (Gym) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(213, 1) -- Tad (Gym) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(214, 1) -- Gord (Gym) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(215, 1) -- Earnest (Not sure) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(216, 1) -- Ted (Not sure) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(217, 1) -- Johnny (Not sure) (Greasers)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(218, 1) -- Darby (Not sure) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(219, 1) -- Pitbull 2
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(220, 1) -- Pitbull 3
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(221, 1) -- Edna (Makeup) (Cafeteria Cook)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(222, 1) -- McInnis (Mill Worker)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(223, 1) -- Johnson (Dock Worker)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(224, 1) -- Thad (Pajamas) (Nerds)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(225, 1) -- Sheldon (Pajamas) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(226, 1) -- Pedro (Pajamas) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(227, 1) -- Ivan (Pajamas) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(228, 1) -- Trevor (Pajamas) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(229, 1) -- Mr Burton (Disguised) (Gym Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(230, 1) -- Mandy (Towel) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(231, 1) -- Bo (Football) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(232, 1) -- Casey (Football) (Jocks)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(233, -1) -- Punching bag
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(234, 1) -- Officer Monson (Cop)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(235, 1) -- Constantinos (Winter) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(236, 1) -- McInnis (Construction Worker)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(237, 1) -- McInnis (Construction Worker) (Alternate?)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(238, 1) -- Officer Williams (Cop)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(239, 1) -- Bryce (Boxing) (Beat up 1) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(240, 1) -- Bryce (Boxing) (Beat up 2) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(241, 1) -- Chad (Boxing) (Beat up 1) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(242, 1) -- Chad (Boxing) (Beat up 2) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(243, 1) -- Bif (Boxing) (Beat up 2) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(244, 1) -- Justin (Boxing) (Beat up 1) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(245, 1) -- Justin (Boxing) (Beat up 2) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(246, 1) -- Parker (Boxing) (Beat up 1) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(247, 1) -- Parker (Boxing) (Beat up 2) (Preppy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(248, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (Geography Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(249, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (Music Teacher)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(250, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (X-mas Elf 1) (Fake Santa Mission)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(251, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (X-mas Elf 2) (Fake Santa Mission)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(252, 1) -- Hobo Santa (X-mas) (Rudy)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(253, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (Fake Santa)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(254, 1) -- UNKNOWN NAME (Fake Santa) (Alternate Model?)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(255, 1) -- Petey (NutCracker Costume) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(256, 1) -- Eunice (Halloween) (Student)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(257, 1) -- Melody (Flower Costume) (Little Kid)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(258, 1) -- Pedro (Flower Costume) (Little Kid)
  -- Ped Creation Code Start
-- NOTE: The below sections are all commented out except for one and ONLY one may be active at any given time. More then one
-- will result in a script crash.
-- Make sure that whichever section is enabled....you also edit the lower ActionTree section to match the section here.
-- Do the same with the other areas like for the healthbars and radar blips. For those sections the amount of lines have to be the same amount as the
-- ones in these sections and the local declarations must also match too or you will not see your peds in the radar. This allows you to keep an eye on them
-- and they also will follow you wherever you go in the map except for areas that ban either sex from entering an interior.... 
  -- Jocks Clique  
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(12, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Damon
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(13, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 2) -- Kirby
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(14, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 3) -- Mandy
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(15, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 4) -- Dan
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(16, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 5) -- Luis
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(17, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 6) -- Casey
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(18, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 7) -- Bo
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(19, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 8) -- Ted
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(20, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 9) -- Juri
-- l_1_2 = PedCreatePoint(88, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 9) -- Mascot
    -- Preps Clique
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(30, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Gord
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(31, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Tad
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(32, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Chad
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(33, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Bif
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(34, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Justin
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(35, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Bryce
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(220, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Dog
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(37, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Darby BOSS
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(38, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Pinky
-- l_1_2 = PedCreatePoint(40, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Parker
-- Greasers Clique
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(21, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Peanut
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(22, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Hal
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(23, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Johnny (BOSS)
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(24, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Lefty
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(25, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Lola
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(26, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Lucky
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(27, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Vance
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(28, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Ricky
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(29, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Norton
-- Nerds Clique
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(27, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Earnest (BOSS)
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(22, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Fatty
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(23, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Melvin
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(24, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Thad
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(25, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Bucky
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(26, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Cornelius
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(21, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Algernon
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(28, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Donald
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(29, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Beatrice
-- Bullies Clique
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(75, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Russell (BOSS)
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(102, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Troy
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(99, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Davis
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(85, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Trent
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(145, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Ethan
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(146, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Wade
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(147, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Tom
-- Students (non clique)
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(67, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Christy
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(66, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Sheldon
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(68, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Gloria
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(69, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Pedro
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(70, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Constantinos
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(71, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Ray
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(72, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Ivan
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(73, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Trevor
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(74, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Eunice
    -- Girls!
    l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(67, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Christy
    l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(2, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Zoe
l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(3, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Beatrice
l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(14, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mandy
l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(25, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Lola
l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(38, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Pinky
l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(39, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Angie
l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(68, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Gloria
l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(74, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Eunice
l_1_2 = PedCreatePoint(137, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Melody
l_1_3 = PedCreatePoint(138, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Karen
l_1_4 = PedCreatePoint(187, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Betty
-- Teachers & Staff (Authority)
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(54, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Miss Peabody
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(55, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mr Burton
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(56, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mr Luntz
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(57, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mr Galloway
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(58, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Edna
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(59, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Miss Winston
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(60, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mrs McRae
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(61, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mr Hattrick
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(62, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mrs Carvin
-- l_1_2 = PedCreatePoint(63, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Ms Phillips
-- l_1_3 = PedCreatePoint(64, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Mr Slawter
-- l_1_4 = PedCreatePoint(65, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Dr Crabblesnitch
-- Dogs!
--  l_0_3 = PedCreatePoint(49, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 1) -- Dog
--  l_0_4 = PedCreatePoint(50, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 2) -- Dog
-- l_0_5 = PedCreatePoint(51, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 3) -- Dog
-- l_0_6 = PedCreatePoint(52, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 4) -- Dog
-- l_0_7 = PedCreatePoint(53, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 5) -- Dog
-- l_0_8 = PedCreatePoint(54, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 9) -- Dog
-- l_0_9 = PedCreatePoint(55, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 6) -- Dog
-- l_1_0 = PedCreatePoint(56, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 7) -- Dog
-- l_1_1 = PedCreatePoint(57, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 8) -- Dog
-- l_1_2 = PedCreatePoint(58, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 9) -- Dog
-- l_1_3 = PedCreatePoint(59, POINTLIST._BEGGINING, 10) -- Dog

-- Bodyguard ActionTree Code Start

-- Preps
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/P_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_A.act") -- Gord
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/P_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_A.act") -- Tad
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/P_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/P_Grappler_A.act") -- Chad
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/P_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_A.act") -- Bif
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/P_Striker_B", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_B.act") -- Justin
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/P_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/P_Grappler_A.act") -- Bryce
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/P_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_A.act") -- Dog
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/BOSS_Darby", "Act/Anim/BOSS_Darby.act") -- Darby BOSS
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Pinky
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_2, "/Global/P_Striker_B", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_B.act") -- Parker
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/G_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/G_Striker_A.act") -- Peanut
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/G_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/G_Grappler_A.act") -- Hal
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/G_Johnny", "Act/Anim/G_Johnny.act") -- Johnny (BOSS)
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/G_Melee_A", "Act/Anim/G_Melee_A.act") -- Lefty
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Lola
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/G_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/G_Striker_A.act") -- Lucky
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/G_Melee_A", "Act/Anim/G_Melee_A.act") -- Vance
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/G_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/G_Striker_A.act") -- Ricky
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/G_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/G_Grappler_A.act") -- Norton
-- Nerds
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/N_Ranged_A", "Act/Anim/N_Ranged_A.act") -- Earnest (BOSS)
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/N_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/N_Striker_A.act") -- Fatty
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/N_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/N_Striker_A.act") -- Melvin
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/N_Ranged_A", "Act/Anim/N_Ranged_A.act") -- Thad
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/N_Ranged_A", "Act/Anim/N_Ranged_A.act") -- Bucky
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/N_Ranged_A", "Act/Anim/N_Ranged_A.act") -- Cornelius
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/N_Striker_B", "Act/Anim/N_Striker_B.act") -- Algernon
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/N_Ranged_A", "Act/Anim/N_Ranged_A.act") -- Donald
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Beatrice
-- Bullies Clique
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/BOSS_Russell", "Act/Anim/Boss_Russell.act") -- Russell (BOSS)
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Troy
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Davis
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Trent
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Ethan
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/GS_Fat_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Fat_A.act") -- Wade
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Tom
    -- Students (Non Clique)
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Christy
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Sheldon
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/GS_Female_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Female_A.act") -- Gloria
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Pedro
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Constantinos
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/GS_Fat_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Fat_A.act") -- Ray
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Ivan
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/GS_Male_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Male_A.act") -- Trevor
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/GS_Fat_A", "Act/Anim/GS_Fat_A.act") -- Eunice
    -- Girls!
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/J_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/J_Grappler_A.act") -- Christy
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/DO_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/DO_Striker_A.act") -- Zoe
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/N_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/N_Striker_A.act") -- Beatrice
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/J_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/J_Striker_A.act") -- Mandy
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/G_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/G_Striker_A.act") -- Lola
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/P_Striker_A", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_A.act") -- Pinky
    PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/P_Striker_B", "Act/Anim/P_Striker_B.act") -- Angie
    PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/J_Mascot", "Act/Anim/J_Mascot.act") -- Gloria
    PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/BOSS_Russell", "Act/Anim/BOSS_Russell.act") -- Eunice    
    PedSetActionTree(l_1_2, "/Global/G_Melee_A", "Act/Anim/G_Melee_A.act") -- Melody    
    PedSetActionTree(l_1_3, "/Global/G_Melee_A", "Act/Anim/G_Melee_A.act") -- Karen    
    PedSetActionTree(l_1_4, "/Global/G_Grappler_A", "Act/Anim/G_Grappler_A.act") -- Betty
-- Teachers & Staff (Authority)
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_3, "/Global/TE_Female_A", "Act/Anim/TE_Female_A.act") -- Miss Peabody
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_4, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Mr Burton
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_5, "/Global/CV_Male_A", "Act/Anim/CV_Male_A.act") -- Mr Luntz
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_6, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Mr Galloway
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_7, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Edna
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_8, "/Global/TE_Female_A", "Act/Anim/TE_Female_A") -- Miss Winston
-- PedSetActionTree(l_0_9, "/Global/TE_Female_A", "Act/Anim/TE_Female_A") -- Mrs McRae
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_0, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Mr Hattrick
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_1, "/Global/TE_Female_A", "Act/Anim/TE_Female_A") -- Mrs Carvin
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_2, "/Global/TE_Female_A", "Act/Anim/TE_Female_A") -- Ms Phillips
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_3, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Mr Slawter
-- PedSetActionTree(l_1_4, "/Global/Authority", "Act/Anim/Authority.act") -- Dr Crabblesnitch
--Bodyguard ActionNode Code Start
-- PedSetActionNode(l_1_0, "/Global/2_B/Empty", "Act/Conv/2_B.act")
-- PedSetActionNode(l_1_0, "/Global/BOSS_Russell/Default_KEY/RisingAttacks/HeavyAttacks/RisingAttacks", "Act/Anim/Boss_Russell.act") PlayerAI
-- PedSetTaskNode(l_1_0, "/Global/AI", "Act/AI/AI_DARBY_2_B.act")
    -- PedSetTaskNode(gPlayer, "/Global/PlayerAI", "Act/PlayerAI.act")
-- test code start
-- PedSetAITree(gPlayer, "/Global/DarbyAI", "Act/AI/AI_DARBY_2_B.act")
    -- PedSetActionTree(gPlayer, "/Global/BOSS_Darby", "Act/Anim/BOSS_Darby.act")
    --PedSetMaxHealth(idDarby, 500)
    --PedSetHealth(idDarby, 500)
    -- PedOverrideStat(gPlayer, 38, 70)
    -- PedOverrideStat(gPlayer, 39, 70)
    -- PedSetInfiniteSprint(gPlayer, true)
-- test code end

-- Player ActionNode Code Start
-- Ally Blip Code Start
    l_2_7 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_3, 6, 2, 2)
    l_2_8 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_4, 6, 2, 2)
l_2_9 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_5, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_0 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_6, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_1 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_7, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_2 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_8, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_3 = AddBlipForChar(l_0_9, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_4 = AddBlipForChar(l_1_0, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_5 = AddBlipForChar(l_1_1, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_6 = AddBlipForChar(l_1_2, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_7 = AddBlipForChar(l_1_3, 6, 2, 2)
l_3_8 = AddBlipForChar(l_1_4, 6, 2, 2)
-- Infinite Sprint Code Start for Allies
    PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_3, true)
    PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_4, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_5, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_6, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_7, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_8, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_0_9, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_1_0, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_1_1, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_1_2, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_1_3, true)
PedSetInfiniteSprint(l_1_4, true)
-- Ped Recruit Code Start
-- This section defines the bodyguards. Instead of the model ids..the locals for each bodyguard are instead used.
-- it goes like this: for the first line gplayer (jimmy) is linked to l_0_3 which is christy as defined up above.
-- then the next line has l_0_3 linked to Zoe. This is the only way to have multiple bodyguards in bully and the only issue is that
-- the one linked to jimmy will attack first if jimmy is attacked....and if they are attacked then the one linked to them will
-- attack..and so on down the list. Think of this as a domino effect or chain reaction.
    PedRecruitAlly(gPlayer, l_0_3)
    PedRecruitAlly(l_0_3, l_0_4)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_4, l_0_5)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_5, l_0_6)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_6, l_0_7)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_7, l_0_8)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_8, l_0_9)
PedRecruitAlly(l_0_9, l_1_0)
PedRecruitAlly(l_1_0, l_1_1)
PedRecruitAlly(l_1_1, l_1_2)
PedRecruitAlly(l_1_2, l_1_3)
PedRecruitAlly(l_1_3, l_1_4)
-- This is the Ped Guard Ped code section
-- This Section allows all bodyguards to attack anyone attacking the player and this feature is beta for now
-- It is used like this: PedGuardPed(Ped ID, Ped ID) First ped id is the ped that does the guarding. Second ped id is the ped you want them to guard
-- Code start
PedGuardPed(l_0_3, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_4, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_5, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_6, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_7, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_8, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_0_9, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_1_0, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_1_1, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_1_2, gPlayer)
PedGuardPed(l_1_3, gPlayer)
-- Code end

-- Ped Healthbar Code Start
-- This section is for the ped healthbars and is buggy. ATM only two can be shown on the screen at any time...and as of this
-- mod release...cannot be removed from the screen either. So I left this code intact and will update this mod when I figure it
-- out.PedSetTaskNode(l_0_8, "/Global/AI", "Act/AI/AI.act")
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_3, true, "N_Christy", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_4, true, "N_Zoe", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_5, true, "N_Beatrice", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_6, true, "N_Mandy", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_7, true, "N_Lola", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_8, true, "N_Pinky", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_0_9, true, "N_Angie", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_1_0, true, "N_Gloria", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_1_1, true, "N_Eunice", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_1_2, true, "N_Melody", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_1_3, true, "N_Karen", false)
PedShowHealthBar(l_1_4, true, "N_Betty", false)

PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_3, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_4, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_5, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_6, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_7, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_8, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_0_9, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_1_0, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_1_1, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_1_2, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_1_3, true)
PedSetAllyAutoEngage(l_1_4, true)
-- Vehicle Locals Start
-- l_2_0 = 202 -- Truck
-- l_2_1 = -10.12 -- Truck
-- l_2_2 = 5.6007623 -- Truck
-- l_2_3 = 195 -- domestic
-- l_2_4 = -10.12 -- domestic
-- l_2_5 = 5.6007623 -- domestic
-- l_2_6 = 179 -- policecar
-- l_2_7 = -10.12 -- policecar
-- l_2_8 = 5.6007623 -- policecar

-- -- vehicle spawns start
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(297, l_2_0, l_2_1, l_2_2)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(296, l_2_3, l_2_4, l_2_5)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(295, 179, -10.12, 5.6007623)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(294, 174, -10.12, 5.6007623)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(293, 192, 5.2368, 5.4483881)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(292, 197, 5.2368, 5.4483881)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(291, 201, 5.2368, 5.4483881)
    -- VehicleCreateXYZ(290, 205, 5.2368, 5.4483881)
    -- AddBlipForCar(297, 0, 4)
-- Vehicls spawns end 
-- DO NOT EDIT the sections under this line unless you know what you are doing!
F_MissionSetup = function()
  LoadAnimationGroup("Russell") -- Russell Animation Group
  -- Fighting Style Animation Groups Start
  LoadAnimationGroup("P_Striker") -- Preps P_Striker Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("Boxing") -- Boxing Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("Straf_Prep") -- Prep Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("STRAF_WREST") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("B_Striker") -- Bully Fighting Style Animation Group (B_Striker)
  LoadAnimationGroup("TE_FEMALE") -- Female Fighting Style Animation Group (adults) 
  LoadAnimationGroup("DO_Striker") -- Dropouts Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  LoadAnimationGroup("DO_StrikeCombo") -- Dropouts Fighting Style Animation Group (striker combo) 
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Nerds") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (straf?)
  LoadAnimationGroup("N_Striker_B") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  LoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Adult") -- Adult Fighting Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("G_Johnny") -- Johnny BOSS Style Animation Group
 -- Straf Animation Groups Start
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Girls") -- Girls Straf Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Douts") -- Dropouts Straf Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Greas") -- Greasers Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("LE_ORDERLY") -- Asylum Orderly Fighting Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_CRAZY") -- Asylum Crazy Fighting Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_JOCKS") -- Jocks Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("SNERD_I") -- Nerd Animation Group (fighting?)
  LoadAnimationGroup("SNERD_S") -- Nerd Animation Group (fighting?)
-- MISC Animation Groups Start
  LoadAnimationGroup("Halloween") -- Animation Group for the Halloween Flags and props
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Adult") -- Adult Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("LE_Orderly") -- Orderly Animation Group (authority)
  LoadAnimationGroup("F_Preps") -- Preps Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("G_Grappler") -- Greasers grappler Animation Group (fighting)
  LoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Mascot") -- Mascot Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("IDLE_JOCK_A") -- Jock Idle Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("Earnest") -- Earnest Fighting Style (straf?) Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("G_Grappler") -- Greasers Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (grappler)
  LoadAnimationGroup("G_Striker") -- Greasers Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (striker)
  LoadAnimationGroup("Nemesis") -- Gary BOSS Fighting Style Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("N_STRIKER_B") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  LoadAnimationGroup("Straf_Wrest") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("J_Grappler") -- Jocks Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (grappler)
  LoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Principal") -- Principal Fighting Style? Straf? Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("Authority") -- Authority Fighting Style Straf Animation Group
  LoadAnimationGroup("C_Wrestling") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
  -- SetFactionRespect(1, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(2, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(3, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(4, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(5, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(6, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(7, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(8, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(9, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(10, 0)
  -- SetFactionRespect(11, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 1, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 2, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 3, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 4, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 5, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 6, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 7, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 8, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 9, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 10, 0)
  -- PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 11, 0)
  -- PedSetGlobalAttitude_Rumble(true)
  -- Vehicle Owner Start
  --VehicleSetOwner(297, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(296, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(295, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(294, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(293, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(292, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(291, gPlayer)
  --VehicleSetOwner(290, gPlayer)
-- Vehicle Owner End

--  Animation Loading End --
--  GameSetPedStat(gPlayer, 38, 30) 
--  GameSetPedStat(gPlayer, 11, 80)
--  PedSetActionTree(gPlayer, "/Global/G_Johnny", "Act/Anim/G_Johnny.act")
  -- PedSetAIButes("Boxing")
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 3) -- Female Teachers
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 8) -- Female Teachers
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 9) -- Townsperson
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 10) -- Townsperson
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 11) -- Townsperson
--  PedSetFaction(gPlayer, 7) -- Townsperson
  -- PedSetFlag(gPlayer, 113, true)
-- AI Atributes Load --
--  PedSetAIButes("Russell") -- This sets the AI Attributes to be used. Currently the only known ones are: Boxing, Default, 5_B, 3_B, Russell, 1_09
--  PedSetAIButes("Russell")
--  LoadActionTree("Act/Anim/J_Grappler_A.act")
--  LoadActionTree("Act/Anim/LE_Orderly_A.act") -- This loads a actiontree into active memory
  ClockSet(9, 30)
 -- collectgarbage()

F_UpdateGlobalHatred = function()
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 1, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 1, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 1, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 13, 1)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 4, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 4, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 4, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 13, 1)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 2, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 2, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 2, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 13, 1)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 5, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 5, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 5, 0)
 --PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 13, 1)
-- extra stuff
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 1, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 1, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 1, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 1, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 1, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 1, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 2, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 2, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 2, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 2, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 2, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 2, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 3, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 3, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 3, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 3, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 3, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 4, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 4, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 4, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 4, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 4, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 4, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 5, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 5, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 5, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 5, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 5, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 6, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 6, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 6, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 6, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 6, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 7, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 7, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 7, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 7, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 7, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 7, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 8, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 8, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 8, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 8, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 8, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 9, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 9, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 9, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 9, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 9, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 10, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 10, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 10, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 10, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 10, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 10, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 11, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 11, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 11, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 11, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 11, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 12, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 12, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 12, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 12, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 12, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(1, 13, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(2, 13, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(3, 13, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(4, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(5, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(6, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(7, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(8, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(9, 13, 0) 
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(10, 13, 0)
 PedSetTypeToTypeAttitude(11, 13, 0)
-- Faction respect code start 
 SetFactionRespect(1, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(2, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(3, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(4, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(5, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(6, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(7, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(8, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(9, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(10, 100)
 SetFactionRespect(11, 100) 
--  DisablePOI(true, true)
 AreaSetPopulationSexGeneration(true, true)
 AreaOverridePopulation(96, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8)

-- Start Mission Cleanup --
MissionCleanup = function()
-- Unload Animation Group(s) --
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Russell") -- Russell Animation Group
  -- Fighting Style Animation Groups Start
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("P_Striker") -- Preps P_Striker Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Boxing") -- Boxing Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Straf_Prep") -- Prep Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("STRAF_WREST") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("B_Striker") -- Bully Fighting Style Animation Group (B_Striker)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("TE_FEMALE") -- Female Fighting Style Animation Group (adults) 
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("DO_Striker") -- Dropouts Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("DO_StrikeCombo") -- Dropouts Fighting Style Animation Group (striker combo) 
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Nerds") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (straf?)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("N_Striker_B") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Adult") -- Adult Fighting Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("G_Johnny") -- Johnny BOSS Style Animation Group
 -- Straf Animation Groups Start
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Girls") -- Girls Straf Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Douts") -- Dropouts Straf Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Greas") -- Greasers Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("LE_ORDERLY") -- Asylum Orderly Fighting Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_CRAZY") -- Asylum Crazy Fighting Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_JOCKS") -- Jocks Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("SNERD_I") -- Nerd Animation Group (fighting?)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("SNERD_S") -- Nerd Animation Group (fighting?)
-- MISC Animation Groups Start
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Halloween") -- Animation Group for the Halloween Flags and props
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Adult") -- Adult Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("LE_Orderly") -- Orderly Animation Group (authority)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("F_Preps") -- Preps Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("G_Grappler") -- Greasers grappler Animation Group (fighting)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Mascot") -- Mascot Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("IDLE_JOCK_A") -- Jock Idle Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Earnest") -- Earnest Fighting Style (straf?) Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("G_Grappler") -- Greasers Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (grappler)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("G_Striker") -- Greasers Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (striker)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Nemesis") -- Gary BOSS Fighting Style Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("N_STRIKER_B") -- Nerds Fighting Style Animation Group (striker)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Straf_Wrest") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("J_Grappler") -- Jocks Fighting Style Animation Group (straf) (grappler)
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("NPC_Principal") -- Principal Fighting Style? Straf? Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("Authority") -- Authority Fighting Style Straf Animation Group
  UnLoadAnimationGroup("C_Wrestling") -- Wrestling Straf Animation Group
--  Animation Loading End --
  ClearTextQueue() -- Clears all queued text in active memory
  EnablePOI() -- Enables the POI Interface
  gMissionRunning = false -- Terminates Mission Script
  shared.gMissionEventFunction = nil -- This is for shared events
  WeatherRelease() -- Releases the Weather Settings
  PlayerSetControl(1) -- Sets Controller to be used for player
  PlayerSetPunishmentPoints(0) -- Sets Punishment Points.   

main = function() -- Function Call
  F_MissionSetup() -- Mission Setup Function
  F_UpdateGlobalHatred() -- Sets everyone to hate eachother and fight.
  gMissionRunning = true -- This tells the game that this mission is running.
  while gMissionRunning do -- This instructs bully to execute further tasks while the mission is running.
    UpdateTextQueue() -- Updates the state of text stored in active memory
    Wait(0) --Waits
   end -- End Statement

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Script Modding / *RELEASE* - Bully LUA Script Sources (just a few)
« on: December 25, 2012, 09:04:14 PM »
Here are some Bully LUA Script Sources to play around with.

You will need a proper IDE for editing these files if you want to use color coding to make the code easier to read. Notepad++ is one that I highly recommend since it has support for lua.

I have some lua code plugins for notepad++ that I can upload here as well to this topic.

This is NOT a complete release of every script in Bully. Bully has over 500 total lua scripts and I only have maybe about half in usable form. I am for now just releasing a small handful of intact rewritten script sources for people to play around with. I also will release a mod source for one of my mods that is fully commented so people basicly will know what various parts of code does.

TestAlly.lua - This is a test script that is part of the debug menu system. This just spawns a single ped and recruits them as your bodyguard.

Code: [Select]
ImportScript("\\Library\\LibTable.lua") -- imports the LibTable library
ImportScript("\\Library\\LibPed.lua") -- imports the LibPed library
local l_0_0 = false
MissionSetup = function() -- basic mission setup function which is used in almost all bully scripts
  local l_1_0 = 270 -- X coords
  local l_1_1 = -110 -- Y coords
  local l_1_2 = 6.4000000953674 -- Z coords
  PlayerSetHealth(200) -- gives the player 200 health
  AreaTransitionXYZ(0, l_1_0, l_1_1, l_1_2) -- teleports the player to the sidewalk outside the boys dorm
  local l_1_3 = 25 -- Lola (this is her model id number)
  local l_1_4, l_1_5, l_1_6 = PedGetPosXYZ(gPlayer) -- gets coordinates of the player on the map
  local l_1_7 = PedCreateXYZ(l_1_3, l_1_4 + 1, l_1_5 + 1, l_1_6) -- create a ped (Lola) and spawn them near the player
  PedRecruitAlly(gPlayer, l_1_7, true) -- recruits the spawned ped as a bodyguard (local l_1_7 is assigned to model id 25 which is Lola)
  PedMakeAmbient(l_1_7) -- makes the spawned ped ambient
MissionCleanup = function() -- mission cleanup function
end -- end statement
main = function() -- Main mission function
  repeat -- This makes the script run until the bodyguard is dismissed, attacked by the player or the player is busted
    Wait(0) -- wait 0 seconds
  until l_0_0 ~= false
  Wait(3000) -- wait 3 seconds
  MissionSucceed() -- ends mission


Code: [Select]
local l_0_0 = false
local l_0_1 = 0
local l_0_2 = false
local l_0_3 = nil
local l_0_4 = false
local l_0_5 = false
local l_0_6, l_0_7 = nil, nil
local l_0_8 = false
local l_0_9 = false
local l_0_10 = false
local l_0_11, l_0_12, l_0_13 = nil, nil, nil
local l_0_14 = 0
local l_0_15 = 0
local l_0_16, l_0_17 = nil, nil
local l_0_18 = {}
local l_0_19 = nil
local l_0_20 = 1
local l_0_21 = 1
local l_0_22 = false
local l_0_23 = 0
local l_0_24 = 0
local l_0_25 = false
local l_0_26 = true
local l_0_27 = false
local l_0_28 = {}
local l_0_29 = false
local l_0_30 = false
local l_0_31 = false
local l_0_32 = false
local l_0_33 = false
local l_0_34 = 0
local l_0_35 = false
local l_0_36, l_0_37 = nil, nil
local l_0_38 = false
local l_0_39 = false
local l_0_40 = 0
local l_0_41 = 0
local l_0_42 = 0
local l_0_43 = 0
local l_0_44 = 0
local l_0_45 = 0
local l_0_46 = 0
local l_0_47 = 0
local l_0_48 = 0
local l_0_49 = 0
local l_0_50 = 0
local l_0_51 = 0
local l_0_52 = 0
local l_0_53 = 0
local l_0_54 = 0
local l_0_55 = 0
local l_0_56 = 0
local l_0_57 = 0
local l_0_58 = false
F_CheckInitialPOI = function(l_1_0)
  local l_1_1, l_1_2, l_1_3 = AreaPOIGetPosition(l_1_0)
  if DistanceBetweenCoords3d(l_1_1, l_1_2, l_1_3, 274.30499267578, -70.682403564453, 5.9864101409912) < 5 then
    if not l_0_10 then
      l_0_10 = true
      return true
      return false
MissionSetup = function()
  DATLoad("1_01.DAT", 2)
  ClockSet(8, 30)
  shared.lockClothingManager = true
  if GetMissionAttemptCount("1_01") > 1 then
    l_0_0 = true
  if not l_0_0 then
    shared.gOverrideSchoolGates = false
    shared.gFrontGateOpen = false
    PAnimSetActionNode(TRIGGER._TSCHOOL_FRONTGATE, "/Global/1_01/Gates/BarUpHold", "Act/Conv/1_01.act")
    PlayCutsceneWithLoad("1-1-1", true, true, true)
    GeometryInstance("ScGate01Closed", false, 301.43899536133, -72.505897521973, 8.0465698242188, true)
    GeometryInstance("ScGate02Closed", false, 225.92799377441, 5.7981600761414, 8.3947095870972, true)
    local l_5_0 = -9.9879999160767
    local l_5_1 = 21.420000076294
    local l_5_2 = 30.059999465942
    AreaTransitionXYZ(22, l_5_0, l_5_1, l_5_2)
    PlayerFaceHeading(270, 1)


MissionCleanup = function()
  ToggleHUDComponentVisibility(21, false)
  if shared.gSecretaryID ~= nil and PedIsValid(shared.gSecretaryID) then
    shared.gSecretaryID = nil
  gMissionRunning = false
  shared.gMissionEventFunction = nil
  if l_0_3 then
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(102, l_0_40)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(99, l_0_41)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(85, l_0_42)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(145, l_0_43)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(146, l_0_44)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(75, l_0_45)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(50, l_0_46)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(59, l_0_47)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(69, l_0_48)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(139, l_0_49)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(72, l_0_50)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(73, l_0_51)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(24, l_0_52)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(26, l_0_53)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(34, l_0_54)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(32, l_0_55)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(16, l_0_56)
  PedSetUniqueModelStatus(12, l_0_57)
CB_RenderObj = function()
  misObj = MissionObjectiveAdd("1_01_StandGround")

main = function()
  --gEunice = PedCreatePoint(74, POINTLIST._PRINCIPALROOM, 2)
  --PedSetPosPoint(gEunice, POINTLIST._1_02_EUNICE, 1)

  CameraFade(500, 0)
  SoundPreloadSpeech(gPlayer, "NARRATION", 101, "supersize", true)
  until SoundIsSpeechPreloaded()
  CameraFade(500, 1)
  until not SoundSpeechPlaying(gPlayer, "NARRATION", 101)
 -- TextPrintString("You win!", 4, 1)
  MissionSucceed(true, false, false)
  PedSetActionNode(gPlayer, "/Global/Player", "Act/Player.act")
F_CreatePeds = function()
  Prefect1 = PedCreatePoint(13, POINTLIST._PUNISHTEST_P1)
  PedFollowPath(Prefect1, PATH._PUNISHTEST_PATH2, 0, 1, F_CallBack)
F_CallBack = function(l_6_0, l_6_1, l_6_2)
  if l_6_2 == 2 then
    PedAttack(l_6_0, gPlayer)


Code: [Select]
local l_0_0 = false
local l_0_1 = nil
local l_0_3 = 0
local l_0_4 = nil
local l_0_5 = false
local l_0_6 = false
MissionSetup = function()
  DATLoad("6_01.DAT", 2)
  DATLoad("3_08.DAT", 2)
main = function()
  PlayCutsceneWithLoad("6-0", true, true)
  if ClothingGetPlayer(1) == ObjectNameToHashID("S_Sweater5") then
    ClothingSetPlayer(1, "B_Jacket6")
  if ClothingGetPlayer(4) == ObjectNameToHashID("S_Pants1") then
    ClothingSetPlayer(4, "B_Pants2")
  AreaTransitionPoint(14, POINTLIST._6_01_BDORM, 1, false)
  CameraFade(500, 1)
  TextPrint("6_01_EXPELLED", 4, 1)
  shared.gPlayerInitialArea = nil
  MissionSucceed(false, false, false)
MissionCleanup = function()
  if l_0_0 then
    PlayerSetScriptSavedData(3, PlayerGetNumTimesBusted())
    PlayerSetScriptSavedData(14, 0)
F_PlayerGetOutOfBed = function()
  if l_0_4 then
    return 1
  return 0

Bike_Gen.lua - This is a library script ran by other scripts that spawns random bikes on the bully world map.

Code: [Select]
F_VehicleGen = function()
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(513.21002197266, -152.52000427246, 5.2109999656677, 15, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(599.25, -12.78600025177, 6.3959999084473, 90, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(518.20001220703, -32.770000457764, 6.2399997711182, 190, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(485.29998779297, -79.319999694824, 5.4000000953674, 180, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(552.15002441406, -367.70001220703, 2.2349998950958, 140, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(522.72497558594, -487.27499389648, 4.3070001602173, 340, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(238.06100463867, -439.70001220703, 2.6329998970032, 20, 281, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(223.51300048828, -303.35000610352, 5.4650001525879, 180, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(129.80000305176, -407.79699707031, 2.6289999485016, 275, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(118.05000305176, -517.75, 3.319000005722, 30, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(12.75, -448.54998779297, 0.43200001120567, 225, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(219.0299987793, 424.41598510742, 4.8899998664856, 235, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(139.94999694824, 424.36999511719, 8.0349998474121, 342, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(276.04998779297, 207.31799316406, 6.1680002212524, 270, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(349.20001220703, 124.88800048828, 5.375, 90, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(396.75, 148.60400390625, 5.2069997787476, 90, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(401.31100463867, 189.78999328613, 6.6490001678467, 0, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(387.93301391602, 393.29000854492, 21.471000671387, 0, 280, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(482.10000610352, 430.21600341797, 18.05299949646, 90, 279, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(603.45001220703, 393.61599731445, 16.471000671387, 90, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(547.82000732422, 247.16700744629, 16.893999099731, 90, 274, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(332.13000488281, 270.67001342773, 5.9499998092651, 90, 282, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(445.29998779297, 236.5, 9.6999998092651, 90, 282, -1, -1, true, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(498.17001342773, -18.719999313354, 7.25, 0, 293, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(588.90002441406, -139, 6.9800000190735, 0, 297, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(467.9700012207, -204.32000732422, 4.1900000572205, -15, 286, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(548.57000732422, -455.08999633789, 5.4000000953674, -15, 296, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(487.19000244141, -384.2200012207, 3.3299999237061, 75, 294, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(429.67001342773, 163.66999816895, 7.1500000953674, 90, 297, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(317.55999755859, 401.48999023438, 25.729999542236, -30, 292, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(434.39999389648, 486.23999023438, 24.340000152588, 0, 286, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(576.25, 457.2200012207, 19.520000457764, 0, 293, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(310.79998779297, -328.48999023438, 3.5899999141693, 0, 294, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(161.33000183105, -375.48999023438, 3.9900000095367, 100, 291, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
  VehicleCreateCarGenerator(60.419998168945, -462.30999755859, 5.9699997901917, 135, 291, -1, -1, false, 0, 0, 1500, 45000, true)
F_VehicleGen = nil

SCloth.lua - Library script that controls the clothing outfits

Code: [Select]

scloth = function()
  local l_1_0 = true
  local l_1_1 = false
  local l_1_2 = true
  local l_1_3 = false
  --                   FriendlyName                        Head             Torso             LeftWrist        RightWrist       Legs              Feet
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Underwear",     "CLT_Undies",     "Hair",           "P_SSleeves11",   "none",          "none",          "SP_Briefs",      "SP_Socks",        l_1_3, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Starting",      "CLT_Start",      "Hair",           "B_Jacket6",      "none",          "none",          "B_Pants2",       "P_Sneakers2",     l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Uniform",       "CLT_Uniform",    "Hair",           "S_Sweater5",     "none",          "none",          "S_Pants1",       "P_Sneakers2",     l_1_3, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Boxing",        "CLT_BOX_OUTFIT", "Hair",           "SP_BOXING_T",    "SP_Boxing_G_L", "SP_Boxing_G_R", "SP_BOXING_L",    "SP_BOXING_ft",    l_1_3, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Boxing NG",     "CLT_BOX_NG",     "Hair",           "SP_BOXING_T",    "none",          "none",          "SP_BOXING_L",    "SP_BOXING_ft",    l_1_3, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Wrestling",     "CLT_WRS_OUTFIT", "SP_Wrestling_H", "SP_Wrestling_T", "none",          "none",          "SP_Wrestling_L", "SP_Wrestling_ft", l_1_3, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Mascot",        "CLT_MASCOT",     "SP_Mascot_H",    "none",           "none",          "none",          "none",           "SP_Mascot_B",     l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("MascotNoHead",  "CLT_MASCOT",     "Hair",           "none",           "none",          "none",          "none",           "SP_Mascot_B",     l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Orderly",       "CLT_OLY_OUTFIT", "Hair",           "SP_Orderly_T",   "none",          "none",          "SP_Orderly_P",   "SP_Orderly_B",    l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Halloween",     "CLT_HALLOW",     "SP_Ween_H",      "SP_Ween_T",      "none",          "none",          "SP_Ween_L",      "B_Boots1",        l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("PJ",            "CLT_PJ",         "Hair",           "SP_PJ_T",        "none",          "none",          "SP_PJ_L",        "SP_Socks",        l_1_3, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Prison",        "CLT_Prison",     "Hair",           "SP_Prison_T",    "none",          "none",          "SP_Prison_L",    "P_Boots2",        l_1_3, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Grotto Master", "CLT_DM",         "SP_DM_H",        "SP_DM_T",        "none",          "none",          "B_Pants2",       "P_Boots2",        l_1_3, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Gnome",         "CLT_Gnome",      "SP_Gnome_H",     "SP_Gnome_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_Gnome_L",     "SP_Gnome_ft",     l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Fast Food",     "CLT_Fastfood",   "SP_Fries_H",     "SP_Fries_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_Fries_L",     "P_Boots2",        l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Gold Suit",     "CLT_Rocker",     "SP_Goldsuit_H",  "SP_Goldsuit_T",  "none",          "none",          "SP_Goldsuit_L",  "SP_Goldsuit_ft",  l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("BMX Champion",  "CLT_BMX",        "SP_BikeHelmet",  "SP_BikeJersey",  "none",          "none",          "B_Pants2",       "P_Boots2",        l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Gym Strip",     "CLT_gym",        "Hair",           "S_SSleeves4",    "S_Wristband4",  "S_Wristband3",  "S_Shorts1",      "P_Sneakers1",     l_1_3, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Ninja_BLK",     "CLT_NinjaBLK",   "SP_Ninja_H",     "SP_Ninja_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_Ninja_L",     "SP_Ninja_Ft",     l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Ninja_WHT",     "CLT_NinjaWHT",   "SP_NinjaW_H",    "SP_NinjaW_T",    "none",          "none",          "SP_NinjaW_L",    "SP_NinjaW_Ft",    l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Ninja_RED",     "CLT_NinjaRED",   "SP_NinjaR_H",    "SP_NinjaR_T",    "none",          "none",          "SP_NinjaR_L",    "SP_NinjaR_Ft",    l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Columbus",      "CLT_Columbus",   "SP_Colum_H",     "SP_Colum_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_Colum_L",     "SP_Colum_FT",     l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Nutcracker",    "CLT_Nutcracker", "SP_Nutcrack_H",  "SP_Nutcrack_T",  "none",          "none",          "SP_Nutcrack_L",  "SP_Nutcrack_FT",  l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Elf",           "CLT_Elf",        "SP_Elf_H",       "SP_Elf_T",       "none",          "none",          "SP_Elf_L",       "SP_Elf_FT",       l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Marching Band", "CLT_MBand",      "SP_MBand_H",     "SP_MBand_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_MBand_L",     "SP_MBand_FT",     l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Nascar",        "CLT_Nascar",     "SP_Nascar_H",    "SP_Nascar_T",    "none",          "none",          "SP_Nascar_L",    "SP_Nascar_FT",    l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("80 Rocker",     "CLT_80Rocker",   "SP_80Rocker_H",  "SP_80Rocker_T",  "none",          "SP_80Bracer",   "SP_80Rocker_L",  "SP_80Rocker_FT",  l_1_3, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Panda",         "CLT_Panda",      "SP_Panda_H",     "none",           "none",          "none",          "none",           "SP_Panda_B",      l_1_2, l_1_0)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("Alien",         "CLT_Alien",      "SP_Alien_H",     "SP_Alien_T",     "none",          "none",          "SP_Alien_L",     "P_Boots4",        l_1_2, l_1_1)
  ClothingDefineOutfit("NerdJimmy",     "CLT_Nerd",       "SP_Nerd_H",      "SP_Nerd_T",      "none",          "SP_NerdWatch",  "SP_Nerd_L",      "SP_Nerd_FT",      l_1_3, l_1_0)
scloth = nil

STimeCycle.lua - This is the timecycle script. This controls whether Jimmy passes out after curfew...etc and so on. Passing out CAN be disabled by correctly editing this script.

Code: [Select]

main = function()
  until not Alive
F_AttendedClass = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
F_MissedClass = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
F_AttendedCurfew = function()
  if not PedInConversation(gPlayer) and not MissionActive() then
    TextPrintString("You got home in time for curfew", 4)
F_MissedCurfew = function()
  if not PedInConversation(gPlayer) and not MissionActive() then
    TextPrint("TM_TIRED5", 4, 2)
F_StartClass = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
  local l_6_0 = PlayerGetPunishmentPoints() + GetSkippingPunishment()
F_EndClass = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
F_StartMorning = function()
F_EndMorning = function()
F_StartLunch = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
F_EndLunch = function()
F_StartAfternoon = function()
F_EndAfternoon = function()
F_StartEvening = function()
F_EndEvening = function()
F_StartCurfew_SlightlyTired = function()
F_StartCurfew_Tired = function()
F_StartCurfew_MoreTired = function()
F_StartCurfew_TooTired = function()
F_EndCurfew_TooTired = function()
F_EndTired = function()
F_Nothing = function()
F_ClassWarning = function()
  if IsMissionCompleated("3_08") and not IsMissionCompleated("3_08_PostDummy") then
  local l_23_0 = math.random(1, 2)
F_UpdateTimeCycle = function()
  if not IsMissionCompleated("1_B") then
    local l_24_0 = GetCurrentDay(false)
    if l_24_0 < 0 or l_24_0 > 2 then
F_UpdateCurfew = function()
  local l_25_0 = shared.gCurfewRules
  if not l_25_0 then
    l_25_0 = F_CurfewDefaultRules
F_CurfewDefaultRules = function()
  local l_26_0 = ClockGet()
  if l_26_0 >= 23 or l_26_0 < 7 then
    shared.gCurfew = true
    shared.gCurfew = false

This should be enough script sources to get people started with learning lua and trying out their own bully mods. Any questions should be posted in this forum section and Red or I will try to answer them as best as we can. We will not respond to requests in this section. Requests need to go to the requests forum section where they belong and IF one of us or another modder has the time to make a requested mod....we will do so.

I will hold off on posting more script sources until I see where this goes since this is quite a large step for most of the community to attempt at this time....but this is the revolution of bully modding since now all hex editing should be stopped and people should give it a try to learn some lua modding instead. Everything that can be done via hex editing can be done via lua as well and is pretty easy to pull off for most things. Some things are a bit harder to do but I will do what I can to help everyone new to lua understand how things work with this new form of bully modding.


To COMPILE a script just open a windows command prompt window and type luac -o ArcRace1.lur scriptname.lua and just replace scriptname.lua with the script you want to try out. This will compile the script and name it ArcRace1.lur which is the script for the boys dorm arcade machine. Scripts like 1_01.lua need to be named the same as their compiled versions are (1_01.lur in this case) or any script with lib in the name.

I can explain more about this as needed.

For now....I hope everyone has had a great xmas and enjoy this gift since it has been a very long time coming.

Mod Releases Archive / *RELEASE* - Bully LUA Compiler
« on: December 25, 2012, 05:43:30 PM »
I am proud to present to you the Bully LUA Compiler that Red and I have been keeping under tight wraps for a long time. Now it is being released to the community for use in compiling custom Bully scripits.

This compiler is basicly a custom compiler that works for the custom version of LUA that Bully uses and is the only one that will work for the game. The standard LUA compiler will not work unless you have a compiler binary that is the exact same version as the LUA version used for bully which is LUA 5.0.2 for which no downloadable windows binaries exist for that compiler.

I included a ReadMe file in the archive along with the web installer of the visual studio 2008 runtimes that are needed to run this compiler since the compiler was compiled with the debug flag attached to it and as such will not run unless you either have a version of visual studio 2008 installed that provides the proper .dll files needed....or you install the proper version of the visual studio 2008 runtime. Failure to do either properly will give you a side-by-side error which will frusterate most people.

I recieved a copy of this compiler from my silent modding partner Fred Tetra (Starwars KOTOR modder) and have kept the compiler just between Red and myself due to how big this is...and because I have been slowly rewriting the incompletely decompiled LUA scripts that are used in BULLY. I will be providing a bare handful of working rewritten script sources to start everyone off with to see how things go...and will release more a bit later once people start familierizing themselves with LUA scripting.

I also am releasing my First issue of the Bully Modding Magazine which is a companion to this because it focuses pretty heavily on LUA modding to give modders a idea what LUA scripting is all about for Bully.

The script sources will be posted in the scripting section and I must ask everyone that posts there to keep the topics to help or questions or whatever to LUA scripting and nothing else...also any requests...etc need to go to the proper forum as usual to keep things here nicely organized.

Download the fixed version here - This version should have every bug fixed and should work proper now. Please redownload the package from this link.

Mod Releases / Two modding tools for Bully Fonts and ingame Text
« on: December 20, 2012, 10:30:29 PM »
Two modding tools for Bully Fonts and ingame Text


Here is the Bully: Scholarship Edition Coordinate Grabber that I have been promising everyone for a while now and I apologise for taking so long to get this cracked out. I happen to have a lot on my plate due to the sheer amount of work I have taken on for the modding community and currently only have a couple modders helping me out here and there as help is needed. Red Blaster happens to be my partner in testing these mods out and helping figure out some of these mods and with all of his hard work things are starting to get done finally.

So that said, I am happy to present this mod for everyone to use. This mod is designed specifically to grab coordinates from within the game and is meant for modders that wish to mod the .dat files located inside of trigger.img which controls the item placement of most of the world map for props, weapons, vehicles, spawn points, doors, peds, etc and will be very useful for custom spawn points and the like.

The usage of this little tool is very simple: just install according to the ReadMe.txt included in the archive and run the script via the arcade machine in the boys dorm and once the about text finishes showing on the screen simply press your run button to get coordinates. I have made the coordinates non invasive and as easy to read as possible. They show the XYZ coordinates as well as the area code for the current area you are in. I will be releasing very soon a complete list of all areacodes in the game but for now I will let everyone have fun finding them on their own and experiment with them in modding.

This is the ONLY script for bully that does this and no other script or even trainers will get this information for you this accurately. If someone does wish to make a external trainer that does the same they are more then welcome to do so but this in my opinion is a better way to get the coordinates from the game and no better way then to use the game's built in scripting to achieve this.

Fred Tetra deserves credit for showing me how to get coordinates from inside the game and I have created this easy to use script based on what I was shown by him. Red Blaster was the first person to get a copy of this coord grabber long before I decided to release this and was the primary tester for this and deserves credit for that too.

Bugs list:

  • There are none!

  • Shows the coordinates in the format of XYZ : Area Code
Controls: X-BOX Controllers

  • Pressing A on the x-box controller shows the coordinates for the exact spot Jimmy is standing
  • Pressing A and holding it will continuously display coordinates
Controls: PC Keyboards

  • Pressing your run key will display the coordinates for the exact spot Jimmy is standing
  • Pressing and holding your run key will continuously display the coordinates

You can find the download here: http://www.bully-board.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=40

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