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Bully 2 Discussion / Bully 2 confirmed?
« on: November 11, 2009, 10:15:30 AM »

The Gaming Liberty recently interviewed Shawn Lee about his work on the infamous Bully game developed by Rockstar. Although the interview is to come in the near future, we can post an excerpt from the interview in which Shawn Reveals some information that will have fans of the Bully game very, very excited indeed:

TGL: So far you’ve worked on two games, The Getaway and Bully, would you be open to composing for other games in the future?

Shawn Lee: “Yes. It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future….”

With this information, speculation will be rife regarding when the game is set and who is in it etc. Will it continue following Jimmy and the rumoured “college years”? We will have to wait and see!

Bully 1 Discussion / Bully Causes Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death
« on: October 01, 2008, 10:47:33 PM »
Got my 360 in late 07, still fine.

Bully 1 Discussion / bully coming to PC
« on: August 23, 2008, 10:17:22 PM »
The people demand a Columbine mod... jk.

PC gamers always get the good stuff a lot later than the rest but it's understandable i guess, with all the piracy and whatnot.

^Different years.

Quote from: DGAF;63040
nah i wouldn't say it was either but it won it. The story mode is too short, i bought it at 8am on the day of release and had it finnished by 1pm. I did give it another play through on veteran, well i tried, i think i'm half way through, its so fuckin hard!

Yesterday i finished the game on regular, now i'm trying veteran and yeah it's really hard. Just when you think you killed every enemy on the screen, they just spawn out of nowhere, not to mention the frag fest :mad:

Btw i just got the mile high club achievement yesterday, took me forever. I shot the last guy right in the head with 1 sec left, then i went fucking ballistic!!!!! By far the hardest achievement i got.

Quote from: DGAF;63011
CoD4, you need this in your life.

I got the game of the year edition a couple of weeks ago and the multiplayer is truly awesome, although sometimes all the martyrdom deaths, campers around every corner, air strikes etc. are kinda frustrating. Which makes me think CoD 4 is more about gimmicks and less about skill sometimes, but still a great game.

If you had an hard time with the 2nd Biology class just wait for the 5th one, i completed it with 5 seconds left... it's kinda tricky but doable.

Bully 1 Discussion / Is it just me or is this website dead
« on: February 17, 2008, 10:19:53 PM »
The months before and after Bully's release were pretty cool, i sure hope R* makes Bully 2.

And btw... that possibility doesn't seem unlikely - read the blue square:

Bully 1 Discussion / New preview, screens & video
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:46:37 PM »
Quote from: Znib;61487
I was gonna do it today but thanks sooo much for updating the
Bully: SE thread with this info

No problemo!

Bully 1 Discussion / 9999 carnival points??
« on: January 28, 2008, 06:40:26 PM »
No clue... I guess you end with a shit load of carnival tickets and no place to use them =P

Bully 1 Discussion / New preview, screens & video
« on: January 16, 2008, 08:23:34 PM »
Video - Multiplayer minigames:


This week we found ourselves at Rockstar’s office in downtown Manhattan checking out one of the titles they have been working on lately; no, it’s not GTA IV. Instead, we were walked through a bit of both the Wii and Xbox 360 versions of Bully: Scholarship Edition, the next-gen translations of the popular PS2 title which has sold just under 2 million copies. Although we didn’t get to play the game ourselves, we got to see how things have come along thus far, and with two months before release, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s worth checking out if you’ve never played the game before.

For those who have never played the original, the game follows Jimmy Hopkins, a grade-A troublemaker who’s been sent to Bullworth Academy, a highly reputable boarding school, to get straightened out. In the walkthrough of the Wii version, we are introduced to Dr. Crabblesnith, the headmaster, who makes it clear that if you don’t keep your nose clean, he’ll “clean it for you.”

As we were told, the game isn’t so much about being a bully as it is “navigating the social strata” as it was put to us.  Which is pretty much the case, as you are bullied right out of the gate as the new kid at school.  The basic story premise is unchanged, short of the 8 new missions and 4 new classes (Biology, Music, Match, and Geography), but we’ll touch on that later.

The Wii version’s biggest change is obviously in the controls, which they said they didn’t want to make too exaggerated. “You shouldn’t have to be flailing your arms around,” which is an understandable concern for a 20-30 hour game. We saw a bit of combat, which was gesture based, with targeting duty assigned to the C-button, grabbing done with the Z-button, and the nunchuck and Wiimote acting as the left and right fists, respectively.

The controls for the Wii didn’t seem to be anything especially innovative, but considering how straightforward of a game Bully is, there isn’t much to innovate upon when it comes to controls. They merely get the job done. The graphics are pretty comparable to the PS2 version, and even though the game has a month before final internal submission, don’t expect the Wii version to blow you away, as expected given the hardware limitations.

What was interesting was one of the newly added offline multiplayer mini-games. The two Rockstar reps went head-to-head in a race to dissect a specimen in the new Biology class. Using the Wiimote to slice and dice open the subject seems to be a fun change of pace, and fondly reminds us of Trauma Center.

Though it looks as though it could become a tired game with time, after repeatedly using the scalpel to cut around the stomach, intestines, or what have you. It’s a lot of “cutting around,” and we’re not sure how long that could go on enjoyably.

The most lasting impression was left by the Xbox 360 version, which we saw afterwards. As soon as it was fired up, we saw that there was a vast improvement over the PS2 version made in terms of the graphical presentation, which was explained by the involvement of developer Mad Doc, who did the actual conversion.

The Xbox 360 version doesn’t run on Rockstar’s Rage Engine. Instead it runs on a proprietary Mad Doc engine, and the extra coat of next-gen polish is evident in the new trees, surface textures, and smoother character models. It almost appears as though it was originally developed for the Xbox 360, although it would be at the lower end of Xbox 360 titles visually. The graphics look that much better when compared to the PS2 and Wii versions.

There were a few glitches, like purple floors and serious clipping issues, but the game still has some time to get the kinks worked out, so it’s hard to make definitive knocks on an unfinished product.

We got see one of the new missions, “Rudy the Red Nosed Santa,” which features a whiskey breathed Santa, claiming to be the real St. Nick merely having fallen on hard times, tasking Jimmy with finding ornaments to spruce up his shack of a “workshop.” While out gathering ornaments scattered throughout the area, he was ambushed by elves sent by rival Santas in the neighborhood. After retrieving all the ornaments, you have to take pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap, but they have to be smiling when you take it.

What’s amusing is that these kids are sitting on this drunken Santa’s lap in an alleyway in what appears to be a pretty shady part of town. One would have to ask, where the hell are these kids’ parents? There are 8 new missions, with a few of them taking place in the winter, a part of the game they thought was especially overlooked in the original.

The Rudy the Red Nosed Santa mission wasn’t especially memorable as far as the actual mission is concerned, and was perhaps a little too straightforward and seemingly too easy of a task. The Santa himself, however, was priceless, and made the mission wholly worth watching.

Rockstar claims that this next-gen release isn’t about the money, since the original saw favorable sales. Instead, they said that when the game originally came out, it was at the tail end of 2006, when many people who might have been interested had already made the jump to next-gen, and weren’t looking back on the PS2 any longer.

Above and beyond the additions already listed, there will be new unlockable items and clothing, additional 2-player offline mini-games, new music and ambient dialogue, and Xbox 360 achievements. Bully: Scholarship Edition will be on store shelves on March 4, but we should be back with some hands on time in a few weeks time, so stay tuned.


Xbox 360:


Enjoy :)


Bully 1 Discussion / Scholarship Edition 1st look
« on: January 04, 2008, 09:23:38 PM »
Release date, price, new features and screenshots: :D

Rockstar Games is best known for its Grand Theft Auto series, but Wii and Xbox 360 owners will soon discover another worthy title in its library. Bully: Scholarship Edition arrives on Wii and 360 on March 4 in the US and March 7 in the UK. Both version are priced at $49.99 and include the original game along with a bevy of extras.

Developed by Rockstar Vancouver, Bully puts you in the shoes of precocious Jimmy Hopkins. Stuck in Bullworth Academy, a stuffy private school for youths, Jimmy must deal with the common problems of youth. There are various cliques from jocks to geeks to socialize with (or avoid), girls to woo, classes to ditch, teachers to mock. This is a game of social networking and in that way a tongue-and-cheek attempt at simulating adolescent life in school.
Learning how to deal with the various cliques is crucial for your survival.

Added to the original PS2 version are:
eight new missions,
four new school classes (biology, music, math and geography),
new unlockable items and clothing,
new two-player offline minigames,
new awards and, of course, Achievements.

With Bully: Scholarship Edition just two months away, we should get an in-depth look at the game soon. Until then, you can check out our review of the PS2 version to get an idea of what to expect when Bully: SE hits shelves in March.

Bully 1 Questions / Spicing Up The Game?
« on: January 03, 2008, 09:11:07 PM »
Stop playing the PS2 version right now and wait for Scholarship Edition, that should do the trick.

Bully 1 Discussion / Script.
« on: August 09, 2007, 09:53:11 PM »
Kinda hard to read at times... anyway:

Btw welcome to the forums.

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