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Bully Modding / Re: About ps2 modding
« on: November 21, 2018, 05:05:07 PM »
SimonBestia is actually correct in mentioning that trying to load all animations causes problems. I've known about that myself but didn't think of mentioning it though I probably should have.

The PS2 version of the game does also have limitations on size of the img archive plus the archive is a slightly different format too as it is split up into chunks rather than one large file. That is also because the hardware has too many limitations vs a pc.

This is primarily one of the reasons why I never supported console modding of any kind since I personally consider it kinda pointless when you can do that to the pc version and often get far better results.

Script Modding / Re: Bully Scripts library decompiled release.
« on: November 21, 2018, 03:10:23 PM »
Went ahead and made this topic a sticky. :)

Bully Modding / Re: About ps2 modding
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:48:28 PM »
The PS2 version of the game uses a slightly different structure to it's lua files. I am hoping to get enough free time to get around to decompiling the PS2 version of the game so the lua sources can be uploaded here for comparison to the PC version. I might also upload the WII version of the scripts too but all this depends on whether or not I can get the proper time to do this in the coming weeks.

Here is a method you can try to see what I mean. Extract the PS2 version of the lur files and make a brand new scripts.img for the PC version using those. Try running the PC version with the PS2 version scripts and you will see that there actually are differences in how the scripts are coded. The functionality for the most part is the same but there are some extra missions and other things the PC version has that the PS2 version doesn't have.

News & Updates / Re: Member Inventory
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:24:02 AM »
Oh man, now I am totally cracking up.

Introduce Yourself / Re: It's back 😢
« on: October 23, 2018, 01:21:10 AM »
Yeah, Red is very much alive. He and I have been staying in contact. Far as c00ld0c goes....been a long time since I heard that particular .name.

Welcome back regardless and I can only give a partial answer as to why it was down in the first place. The forum and possibly the server itself got hacked and AJ had problems with it after he tried to bring it back up. The forum never worked quite right after that and ended up going down fully. As to why it is back. AJ still sees potential in this place as do I, Sweg and several others.

I just hope we can bring things back close to how they were before if not better. The staff is currently discussing what to do in order to make that happen and it is probably going to take a lot of hard work on everyone's part but I think it is doable. There has always been something almost magical about this forum and I know a lot of other people think the same thing.


Would like to see what the two of you are cooking up once it's out. The two of you always were a good team so good things are bound to happen.

LUA Scripting Help / Re: Decompiling .lur files
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:50:22 PM »
The scripts have long been decompiled. A modder by the name of Fred Tetra was the very first person that decompiled the scripts although his scripts that he sent me were very incomplete due to not having a fully working decompiler. His decompiler if memory serves was a modified version of LUADec and he never shared the sources of that with anyone.

I was the second person that decompiled the scripts and I managed to get nearly every line of code aside from a few minor things missing: mostly just locals and a few declarations here and there. Pablo from the Bully MP team (No clue if he is even still with the team as it has been a long time since we last talked) also managed to decompile them and shared what he did with me and I compared his results to my own and was able to fill in some missing blanks on my own script versions. He also shared with me the sources to his decompiler which I in turn literally rewrote almost fully from the ground up but never completely finished it as that was just before the time that I decided to retire from modding.

I still have my scripts and I can also release decompiled versions of the console versions too as I have decompiled those if anyone is interested. SWEGTA shared with me a couple of late beta versions of the game (WII) that I plan to decompile once I get around to it but that has been on the backburner due to too many things going on in real life plus the backlog of unfinished projects that I am kinda swimming in at the moment so it has not been high on my priority list. If I get the chance to decompile those I will only release those versions if he says it is okay since I recieved those from him and I will not go behind his back to release something that I don't have the green light to release as I was trying to assist him with a few things on a project of his and then things kinda skidded off track for me and I never finished my part of that.

But I can and will release what I personally have decompiled from the other versions of the game and will get all of that uploaded as soon as I can get everything neatly organized for everyone along with a few other things that I never got around to actually releasing that has been done for quite a long time now. Just bear with me and you will see a full decompiled scripts release that can be learned from and used by everyone.

News & Updates / Re: Member Inventory
« on: September 15, 2018, 12:06:37 AM »
It will take some time though for people to come back and start being active again after so much time. We are almost starting from scratch again as far as jumpstarting life back into the community.

But it's like the old saying "If you build it, they will come" so...we will see what the future holds. Long as just a few of us continue to be active or semi-active, this place will never truely die.

Modding Questions/Help / Re: Act.img modding
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:15:58 PM »
It has been a very long time since I last poked through all of the files but If you can give me a few days or so (got too much going on atm) I will have a look through all my bully modding files and notes and see if I can dig some things up.

I will caution you..... modding the .cat files has been attempted by many modders and every single one has come up to the same roadblock I myself have in trying to make sense of them. Rise to Honor (former modder who is no longer welcome on the forum) and I had gotten the farthest in figuring out the file structure of the .cat files.

The .cat files are actually archives and they are encoded/compressed in a manner that I haven't been able to identify though I suspect that they may function similar to .img archives which are simply just "container files" rather than proper archives like .rar or .zip. I made several attempts at trying to analyze them and as far as I can tell the files consist of several binary animation blocks (Which are seperate files btw) along with a plaintext index file that not only indexes those animation blocks but also acts as sort of a config file too so the game knows which animations to play for specific characters/actions and as such I very strongly suggest that you do not try hex editing them because hex editing those files will cause no end of problems including corrupting the game entirely which I myself have done on several occasions which requires a complete uninstall - reboot - reinstall - reboot in order to fix.

Since this forum has only recently been brought back, we are going to have to give it some time for people to find their way back and for new members to pop in and there is a strong chance that someone will come along that just might have the right skills that the rest of us lack in fully decoding those files.

There is actually only a few things that has not been figured out properly yet as far as modding the game. 1: Creating new sound files. We can extract and decode the sounds, music and so on but replacing them so far isn't possible just yet.  2: fully editing the .cat files which I explained above. 3: decoding and re-encoding the .ipb and .idb files which are encoded a special way and the same encoding is used for both filetypes. The .idb files are encoded versions of the .ide files which the devs goofed on including the .ide files as those are not even used directly by the game. At least, not on the pc version. The console versions near as I can tell do not have those files loosely included like in the pc version of the game. The .ipb files are encoded .ipl files which are exactly as they sound. They are Item Placement Lists which tell the game what items to spawn in the world map or even in the interiors and when to do so. Those files are why I was never able to finish my map editor that I had started long long ago for the game. I do still have the unfinished sources to the project but I don't see any chance anytime soon of being able to properly finish and release it due to not having crucial information thats needed.

Sorry for the somewhat long unexpected reply but hopefully what I posted helps a little bit and sheds some light on this. I just wish I had a much better answer for your question but this is the best I can do.

News & Updates / Re: Member Inventory
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:25:36 PM »
Yes it has. And it feels good to have a home again!

Modding Questions/Help / Re: Console modding
« on: September 05, 2018, 07:11:11 PM »
Modding on the consoles isn't supported due to the level of difficulty in doing so. The scripts for the consoles are also different than the PC version so nearly every mod for the PC version will most likely not work for either of the console versions of the game. There is also the fact that to mod a console version you either have to have a mod-chip capable console or a disc image of the game that can be played on the various emulators that are available.

I personally refused to support console modding for these same reasons as well. Though, things might change in regards to that since things are slowly being restarted here to get the community back on track.

Requests / Re: Area code changer mod?
« on: October 26, 2016, 10:40:13 PM »

Fred only partially decompiled the lua scripts which are the versions that I released to a couple people and then later on most others ended up with those. Far as the actual game exe goes, the closest I personally have gotten to actually decompiling it was just taking the steam version of the exe and unpacking it so most of the stuff inside could be read easier as far as function names goes and other random bits and pieces in ascii.

far as what DaBOSS said above about the areacodes, yes that is also doable but for someone that wants a simple quick and easy solution...a trainer is the best approach. For someone that wants to go a bit more deeper into the rabbit hole...the lua way works. I am currently trying to locate my copy of that trainer and as soon as I find it I will post it here at an attachment for everyone to enjoy rather than as an actual upload into the upload area.

When I can get a chance to do so, I will post a special script for everyone that enables all of the areacodes without breaking the game in any way and allowing you to also play through the game normally if you desire but yet also trigger any areacode for warping purposes. This is something that I have been meaning to do for some time now but kept pushing it back due to other more important projects to focus my attention on.

Requests / Re: Area code changer mod?
« on: October 23, 2016, 09:07:08 PM »
I have a trainer that never was released that lets you change areacodes and spawn inside them.

There is a catch with this trainer only works with the steam release and you HAVE to have invincibility turned on or else when spawning into other areas you will die from the long drop.

If you want this I can upload it. It was created by a friend of mine and a former member of this forum before he was banned. I have the only surviving copy of this trainer as it never was never released.

and DaBOSS also is right. You can also modify the areacode(s) via a custom script. can only use the areacodes that are enabled. The beta test part of the map isn't enabled nor are quite a few others and my trainer is the only way you can get into those areas without editing another script.

Mod Showroom / Re: fastman92 processor
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:01:10 PM »
I will jump in here and make a couple corrections.

First off...the imgtool IS Fastman92's creation and NOT mine. All I did was make a couple additions to it (just a couple additions to the code to experiment with a couple ideas I had at the time) along with the batch files to automate things but I made the grave mistake of not crediting Fastman92 with being the imgtool creator.

Even bothering to release that was a big mistake on my part and it was due in part to the intense pressure I was under to continue helping the community out when there was very few that were at the time. Because of this I removed my customized version of his tool since the last thing I want right now is for a total flamewar to go on and possible accusations of 'theft' by Fastman because I highly respect his work and what he has done both in the GTA community AND the little bit he has done here too.

So...anyone that has downloaded the customized version I did..please just delete it and use the original one by Fastman as everything that both do is exactly the same and I would rather that his name and credits are fully preserved. I refuse to accept ANY credit for that tool as it would be wrong for me to accept something that I don't deserve nor earned. I am sure Fastman would agree with me on that.

The batch files that I created however can still be kept and used and those were only just to as I said automate the process for those that are less savvy about working with the command line and nothing more.

I would like everyone to try and get back on topic here and not bother with any speculation nor insults...accusations or whatever. The point is I made a big mistake and I took the steps to correct it once I realized what I actually did and I would prefer the whole matter to be dropped.

Bully Modding Archives / Re: Entire LUA Folder [RELEASE]
« on: October 10, 2016, 12:34:14 AM » is time for me to get involved here and while I really don't want to have to do this...I cannot make any exceptions for anyone.

Afterlife (BullyLover13)

I have long suspected that you were indeed AfterLife but had no way to prove it. You just managed to break a very important rule that all forums take seriously and come back under a new identity after you were banned for breaking rules over and over.

While it does sound like you have indeed put the past behind you and all that and while you are being nice at the moment, I cannot excuse the fact that you still circumvented a permanent ban and because of this...regardless of the fact that you have moved on, may want a second chance to do things differently....I cannot make any exceptions...not even for you. If you are given a chance to come back...then we would have to make this exception for every single person that breaks the rules enough to warrant being given a permanent ban.

I will be nice and leave this topic and post up because the files you are sharing seem to be safe as I have checked them out just to be sure. But this account and any further ones you attempt to make will be banned again on sight.

This topic is now locked.

Forum Questions/Help / Re: Logging in
« on: May 29, 2016, 02:52:36 PM »
Well...I know that the cookies for BB are controlled mostly via the SMF forum software that is used here and since AJ had to quickly put something back up for most likely has not been properly setup yet and is probably last on the list. AJ has a bit of work to do before things will be back where he wants them so...for now if you want to have something similar just have your browser save your login name and password so it just auto fills the fields and all you have to do is just click login. This is similar to how cookies function only you have a single step you have to do instead of everything being done for you. I have my browser set to auto fill teh fields so I can login.

I personally have no issues otherwise and have not needed to login twice. But then...most of the time I just simply leave BB open in a tab in my browser and since my rig is on 24/7 and is rarely ever shut down....I don't usually have to worry much.

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