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Title: Can't get script mods to work on Android
Post by: vladone1997 on July 07, 2021, 01:23:51 PM
I tried to install some skin/fighting style selector mods, but for some reason, they don't work, even though I followed the instructions. I went to the game's data folder, opened the "files" folder inside, created a "BullyOrig", created a "Scripts" folder inside "BullyOrig", then moved the script files to "Scripts", but the game still uses the default script. Is there any other step I have to take in order to make the game use the scripts in the data folder rather than the ones in the obb file? I run the game on a Galaxy Note 10 Lite via VMOS. I tried an Android 7 virtual machine and an Android 5 virtual machine, but mods don't work on either. The same thing used to happen when I was playing on a Galaxy S8 running Android 9.